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No Family to Love

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Steven POV


There I was, standing on the edge of the roof getting ready to jump. I have nothing left to lose now, my family never cared about me. Amethyst calling me a stupid human baby, Garnet trying to convince my mom to adopt, Pearl poofing me and calling me a mistake, and worst of all, my dad said he didn't want to lose my mom to a baby. Those memories have made me realized something: I'm not a human or a gem. I'm a Freak! An Abomination! A Mutant! I'll never feel accepted being a human and being a gem. I think it's time I just end it all. And to make sure I stay dead, I’ll have to land straight on my gem. That way, it'll shatter and I'll never cause problems again.


Third Person pov


As Steven was getting ready to jump, a yell stopped him in his tracks.




Steven reluctantly turned around and saw Connie six feet from him with tears in her eyes. Dr. Maheswaran along with Lapis and Peridot ran to Connie and were horrified at what was going to happen. Dr. Maheswaran walked slowly past Connie and opened her arms.


“Steven, please come here.” said Dr. Maheswaran


“WHY?! So I can still be a burden to everyone?!” said Steven who was crying really hard. Connie walked closer to Steven.


“Steven don't do this. P-please.” said a crying Connie


“I'm sorry Connie. I just can't keep living on in this world, knowing I'm nothing but a hybrid freak!” yelled Steven. Lapis then spoke up.


“Steven! You are not a freak! You're my best friend and I don't want you to kill yourself. Please come down.” said Lapis


Steven turned away from them and walked closer to the edge. When he looked down, he saw two security guards and a nurse looking at him. Lapis knew Steven would be able to stop her from grabbing him and she wouldn't have enough time to grab him if he jumps. Peridot then spoke up to try and convince him to not jump.


“Steven, when I came here, I tried to kill you but you still tried to get me to turn away. Eventually, you made me change my mind about the Earth and now I'm a crystal gem. If Rose tried to do the same thing you did, I'd probably wouldn't listen to her and I would still continue my mission. Steven, you are a special person and it doesn't matter if you belong or not. What matters the most is that you act like yourself. You never have to live up to anyone's standards.” said an emotional Peridot


“Steven, you helped me love the earth and made me realize that everything Homeworld has taught me is a lie. Just Like Peridot said, you never have to live up to anyone's standards.” said Lapis


Steven was still hesitant, he still needed one more person to tell him otherwise and that person was Connie.


“Steven, before I met you, I didn’t have any friends. No one offered me friendship before. But after I met you, you've made me realize that everyone is special and I don't have to act like a sheep in the herd. You're a part of my life and I still want to grow with you despite all the obstacles we face together. So please, just step down and we'll get over this together.” said Connie


Steven at this point was crying over the realization that he doesn't need his family to love him. If he still had friends, that's all he needs. Steven was now crying from this realization. Dr. Maheswaran got more closer until she was in arms length.


“Please Steven, get off the ledge and everything will be alright.” said Dr. Maheswaran


She slowly wrapped Steven in a hug until it was safe and pulled him to her chest. She slowly cradled him as she kneeled down leading to a group hug with Connie, Lapis and Peridot. Steven for once felt safe.

“Don't worry Steven, no one will hurt you ever again.” whispered Dr. Maheswaran as the sun rose above the horizon. The clouds created an orange haze, signaling the first step of a new chance at life.