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No Family to Love

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Finished with the group hug, Dr. Maheswaran brought Steven back to his room. Nurse Banks and the security guard came back and asked if they needed to prep an isolation room for Steven in case he tried to kill himself again but Dr. Maheswaran simply said it was not needed. Dr. Maheswaran placed Steven back on his bed, went to her office and came back with a syringe.


“This sedative will help calm your nerves Steven.” said Dr. Maheswaran. Steven nodded but then asked her a question.


“Dr. Maheswaran, has my family visited?” said Steven with fear in his voice. Dr. Maheswaran noticed the dread in his voice.


“You don't have to worry about them Steven. When I learned what she did to you, I kicked them out. They hurt you Steven and shouldn't be near you.” said Dr. Maheswaran


“”I understand. I don't want to be around them anyway.” said Steven


She injected a sedative into Steven in his right arm so he could relax for a while. Dr. Maheswaran motioned for everyone to follow her outside. She closed the door and turned towards the worried bunch.


“I...I’d n-never thought he'd try to k-kill himself.” said Lapis as she hugged herself. She couldn't believe her happy and youthful friend would turn to suicide to try and solve his life problems.


“Everything will be alright Lapis.” said Peridot as she hugged her.


“Connie, I need you to watch his room for a while, just to monitor him and tell me when he wakes up. I need to go back to my office and try and contact his relatives.” said Dr. maheswaran


“Sure Mom.” said Connie. Dr. Maheswaran walked back to her office. Lapis and Peridot suddenly remembered Pumpkin who they left at the barn for two days.


“Connie we'll be back. We have to go check on pumpkin.” said Peridot


“Okay you guys, I'll be waiting.” said Connie


Lapis and Peridot nodded and walked towards the exit. Connie sat on the chair beside the door to Steven's room and looked back. Seeing him like this broke her heart so much. She didn’t bother to wipe the tears from her eyes.




“Now THAT was sweet flying!” said Andy Demayo. Andy has just flown in from Alaska to Beach city after checking in on his farm in Alaska. He decided to come back to see his cousin Greg and his son. The last time he saw them was thanksgiving and that was months ago. In his mind, that was too long for family. He parked his plane in front of the barn and looked around for anyone.


“Bark! Bark!” Andy turned around and saw Pumpkin who was jumping around.


“Oh hello there Pumpkin. Say, where's blue and green?” said Andy as he petted Pumpkin


“Mr. Demayo?” Andy looked up and saw Peridot and Lapis walking up to him.


“Ah Lapis, Peridot. Great to see you.” said Andy. Pumpkin turned around and ran up to Lapis who picked him up and began to pet him.


“What are you doing back here?” said Peridot


“I decided to visit my favorite nephew and his dad. Where are they by the way?” said Andy


Lapis and Peridot stood there frozen, not knowing if they should tell him the truth or not. Pumpkin was getting scared of his owner's lack of movement and whimpered.


“Ah you guys?” said Andy. Lapis spoke up.


“Greg is probably at his car wash but Steven… he's… the hospital.” said Lapis. Andy's face was a look of horror.


“What?! Is he okay?!” said Andy


“He okay Physically but Mentally….he’s not.” said Peridot


“Huh?” said a confused Andy


“Do you remember Pearl?” said Lapis


“The medium short one with her gem on the forehead?” said Andy


“Yes. You see Mr. Demayo, four days ago, she attacked Steven.” said Peridot


“What do you mean Pearl attacked Steven?” said Andy with a cold and quiet voice.


“For years Pearl hated Steven for causing his mom's death. So in a fit of rage, she attacked him causing him to go into a coma.” said Peridot. If she told him he poofed, it would just confuse him so she decided to settle on a shorter story.


“WHAT?! How could she blame him over something he couldn't control?! What about Greg?!” exclaimed Andy


“Greg… he didn't even bother to protect his son. In fact, Steven told us he saw a memory from his mom's gem and it showed Greg talking to Rose how he didn't want to lose her to a baby.” said Peridot


Andy was filled with rage right now and was steaming. This was evidenced by the red in his face and his knuckles turning white from clenching. His nephew was hurt and Greg didn't even bother to protect him?! He needed to see Greg NOW.


“If you guys can excuse me, I need to pay my cousin a little visit.” said Andy as he walked between the two gems towards the car wash. Peridot didn't know that she unlocked a raging beast in Andy.


Car Wash


Greg was stirring from his sleep and when he woke up, there were beer cans all around him. This was the first time in his life that he's gotten drunk. It was the only way to cope with the possibility of his son being taken away.

If I wasn't so focused on how the gems thought of me, none of this would be happening! I should have just taken steven before he was poofed by Pearl!" Greg ranted to himself. He was going to take another sip of beer when someone was banging on his door.


Greg dropped his can and went to open the van's back doors. In front of him was his cousin Andy but with a terrifying look on his face.

"Andy? What are you doing here?"

Andy immediately grabbed Greg by the collar of his shirt, pulled back his fist and punched him, right in his nose. This sent Greg tumbling to the ground but Andy wasn't finished. He threw another punch to Greg's gut causing to bend forward in pain. A kick to his kidney and Greg was on his back, wheezing from the pain.

"ANDY, WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO YOU?!" yelled Greg. His cousin stood over him with a cold look on his face.

"I should be asking you the same thing! The green and blue gems told me what happened to my nephew!" Said Andy

Greg's eyes widened at the revelation. But Andy wasn't quite done talking.

"How could you let that happen to your son?! If I was there, I'd beat that white gem till my fists were bleeding!"

"Andy I-I-I couldn't stop pearl! It happened way too fast and besides, she's much more stronger than me!" Greg tried to rationalize his failure but Andy wasn't having it.

"SO WHAT! You still could've have tried But no! You decided to wuss out and let your son get hurt!" Said Andy

Greg realized all the mistakes he's made as a father and all it took was a beating and rant by his cousin.

"You never loved him Greg.You’ve always hated him for causing your wife to pass away, I bet you wished he died thinking your wife would come back and stay with you forever. If my parents were still alive, they'd give you the same advice but with a more brutal butt-kicking." Said Andy. He then grabbed a cloth from his pocket and wiped the blood off his fists.

"I'm going to the hospital to visit Steven. And when Dr. Maheswaran tells me he's all right, I'm taking him with me. He's certainly not going to get any love from you." Said Andy as he walked to the hospital, leaving a devastated Greg on the ground.