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No Family to Love

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“Knock, Knock.”


Steven stopped his conversation with Connie and saw that Uncle Andy was at the door. That brought a smile to his face.


“Uncle, what did Dr. Maheswaran tell you?” said Steven


“Told me you're all fine and after one week, you'll be released.” said Andy


“That's great!” said Connie. Andy nodded and pulled a chair to Steven's bed.


“Say Steven, I've been talking to the the doctor and been thinking; how would you like to go to Alaska for a while?” said Andy


“REALLY?!...But what about-”


“I talked to your father few hours ago and said it's alright with him.” said Andy


Connie was on verge of tears right now about the possibility of losing her best friends forever but knew it was selfish for her for wanting him to stay. If he stayed, his condition might get worse and a trip to Alaska sounded great for him. Steven was happy and sad at the same time; he wanted to go but he didn't want to leave behind his family. He couldn't forgive Pearl right away but he understood Amethyst, Garnet and his dad were just grieving. After all, they did end up loving him.


“Better yet, if Lapis and Peridot want to, they could come with us.” said Andy sensing his nephews sadness.


“Thanks Uncle Andy.” said Steven with starry eyes. Uncle Andy nodded happily and went to get some supplies from the hardware store to do a routine check up on his plane, leaving Connie and Steven alone. Steven wasn't oblivious to Connie's sadness and spoke to her.


“Connie...if you don't want me to leave, than I coul-”


“No.” said Connie. Steven was confused.


“You deserve this Steven. After everything you went through, you deserve a break from all this magic stuff.” said Connie


“But you'll be all alone.”


“No I won't. I've been friends with Jeff since you encouraged me to talk to him. I've been teaching him fighting moves I've learned from p-” Connie bit her tongue before she could say her name.


“Well Connie, we do have a whole week before I leave so let's make the best of it.” said Steven


“Let's do that.” said Connie


Hardware store


Andy came out of the store with a bag of supplies for the plane. He couldn't wait for Steven to experience Alaskan wildlife; the plants, the animals, the weather-.


“Mr. Demayo!” Lapis and Peridot were running up to him.


“Is Steven alright?!” asked Lapis


“He's fine. He just woke up and doing fine.” said Andy


“Oh that's good. We were on our way to visit him when we saw you.” said Peridot.


“Say, how would you two like to come with me and Steven to Alaska?”


“Where?” asked Peridot


“It's a state thousands of miles from here. I just think Steven could use a break from all this gem stuff for a while and since you two are quite attached to my nephew, i just thought you'd like to come with him.” said Andy


“I agree, Steven's mental state will not improve if he continues to stay here. Could we bring Pumpkin?” asked Peridot


“Of course. We'll be leaving a week from today. You three will love Alaska” said a smiling Andy.