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No Family to Love

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Ruby was currently running through the forest with tears in her eyes. After she saw Sapphire’s vision of Steven being taken away from them, the emotional turmoil in her head caused Garnet to unfuse. Ruby just wanted to run to the ends of the earth, hoping the answer to fix their family would be there. She just kept on running until she felt a hand grab her wrist, immediately stopping her.


“Ruby stop!” said Sapphire


“How can I Sapphy?! Our baby is going to be taken away and there's nothing we can do about it!” said Ruby with steam coming out of her head.


“Look Ruby, I know-”


“How can you be so calm Sapphire?! Steven will never forgive us and it's all our fault!” said Ruby. She collapsed onto her knees and started to silently cry into her hands. Sapphire kneeled down and placed her hand on Ruby's shoulder. As a result, she looked up at her lover.


“You did not see the rest of my vision. Yes, he is taken by Dr. Maheswaran and it will take time for Steven to forgive us. But at the end of my vision, I saw all of us hugging each other meaning he was able to forgive us in the end.” said a calm Sapphire


“Even Pearl?” said Ruby with a growl. Sapphire nodded.


“Yes, he manages to forgive her even after all the horrible things she's done and said to him.” said Sapphire.


Ruby chuckled.


“Just like Rose, he also has a forgiving heart.” said Ruby


Sapphire helped Ruby to her knees and both of them hugged in which a bright light enveloped them both, leaving behind a tearful Garnet. She phased her shades on and walked back to the house.


This won't be fixed until everyone is brought together. Thought Garnet


Prime Kindergarten


“Smash! Bash! Thud!”


Those were the only sounds in the kindergarten and the person responsible for it was an enraged and depressed Amethyst. Smashing rocks was the only way for Amethyst to calm down. She'd get mad, smash something and everything would be over. But this was different, the whole team could split apart and it was all stupid pearl's fault! Amethyst was busy making a rock replica of Pearl as best to her ability and once she was satisfied of her work, shapeshifted into purple puma, grabbed a boulder and threw it at the stone Pearl.


“BOOM!” The replica exploded into a thousand pieces bringing a smile to Amethyst's face.


“Take that Pearl! What do you think Ste-” Amethyst stopped herself from saying his name, realizing he wasn't there and might never forgive them. Not being able to cope, she ran back to her hole and pulled her knees up to her chest. She hugged them and started to rock back and forward, thinking about the horrible stuff she once said about him months before he was born.


" I can't believe you're leaving for a stupid human baby!" Amethyst shut her eyes tight, wanting to forget about that awful memory. But it did the opposite. Instead, it triggered a forgotten  memory of hers that she longed to forget about. But fate refused to answer her prayers and had to remember that morning.


Thirteen years ago


Steven was just a year old and began to walk around. But he could barely speak, only babbling and giggling was his form of communication. Steven and Greg were staying with Vidalia until Greg could find a home for them to live in. It was o'clock at night at night Steven was in his crib in the living room, waiting to be tucked in for naptime when he saw someone come into the house. His eyes widened when he saw it was Amethyst and happily extended his arms toward her. But it was the complete opposite of Amethyst. She glared at him and marched up to him. This brat was responsible for the death of the only gem that cared about her! Steven was not frightened because he was completely oblivious to her anger and inner turmoil.


“Ame!” said Steven. Amethyst was not impressed. She looked around and saw a coffee maker in the kitchen. There was fresh coffee in the pot. She then got the most brutal idea in her head and turned to Steven. She picked him up and walked towards the kitchen. She sat Steven down on the floor, shapeshifted herself taller and grabbed the pot of coffee.


“This is for Rose.” said Amethyst and dumped the boiling pot of coffee on Steven.


“WAHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Steven who was in excruciating pain from the heat. He was flailing about on the floor, wanting to get rid of the pain. Amethyst just stood there with a cold look on her face. Steven's skin was starting to peal and his wailing became louder.


“STEVEN!” Amethyst heard Greg coming down the stairs and panicked. She quickly grabbed a chair and placed it near the coffee maker and placed the pot on it's side, Making it seem he grabbed it and it spilled on him. She ran out the kitchen door and ran into the night.


End Flashback


Amethyst was appalled at how cruel she was to Steven at such a young age and wished she never did that to him. Like she planned, Greg believed Steven was the one who spilled the coffee and immediately took him to the hospital. The doctors said he could have died but luckily he survived. They gave him painkillers to ease his pain which also erased his memory of what happened because when Garnet and Amethyst came to visit him, he was happy to see Amethyst.


“I am a defective Gem! I should have just stayed in the ground and never come out! I'M SO SORRY STEVEN!” screamed Amethyst which echoed in the kindergarten. She began sobbing into her knees, regretting all the bad things she said about him and done to him. What would the Famethyst think of me now? Thought Amethyst.




Amethyst looked towards her holes entrance and saw that it was Garnet holding out a hand to her.


“Go away Garnet.” said Amethyst.


“I'm not leaving without you.” said Garnet


“Face it Garnet. It's over! Pearl poofed Steven, Dr. Stupid is going to take Steven away and this team is BROKEN!” exclaimed Amethyst. She went farther into her hole and looked at her knees.


“The tea-Family is not broken. There are painful wounds that need time to heal but not broken. But the family will stay like this until we do something about it.” said Garnet


“Garnet, I was the one who poured the coffee on Steven when he was a baby. Just leave me here.” said Amethyst


She waited after fifteen seconds and looked up. To no one's surprise, Garnet was still there but surprisingly with a stoic face. Amethyst realizing her efforts were futile, crawled out of her emergence hole.




Amethyst fell to the floor from the powerful slap given to her by Garnet. She opened her mouth to protest but immediately bit her tongue, knowing deep down she deserved it. She got up and saw Garnet standing over with a cold stoic face.


When we make up things with Steven, you will tell him what happened. The first thing to fix this family is honesty.” said Garnet.


Amethyst quickly nodded to avoid another hit from the terrifying leader.

“Let's go, we have two more family members to get.” said Garnet. She and Amethyst walked towards the warp pad.