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No Family to Love

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“Why couldn't I get over her? Why? Why?”


Pearl kept asking herself that while sitting on one of the floating rocks in the strawberry field. After Rose came back, she was excited at the fact that the love of her life was back in her life again but she completely forgot about Steven. Poofing Steven made her realize something; she was a defective pearl. Admitting it, she hated Steven for the first five years of his life just for existing. But overtime, she managed to love Steven like a son.


“Oh god! Now I remember!” said Pearl. She too had done something horrible to Steven.


Flashback, twelve years ago


It was the middle of the night and Pearl was currently watching Steven at the temple. The materials for building the house were there and they managed to build Steven's bedroom. Pearl was currently watching Steven sleeping in his crib. Greg needed someone to watch Steven in order to work full-time at his car wash but Garnet was off on a mission and Amethyst was off sobbing about Rose at the kindergarten so Pearl quickly volunteered. Greg was suspicious at her sudden request but thought that maybe she was getting around to tolerating his son. He didn't know that Pearl had a hidden agenda for his son.


“Are you in there Rose?” asked Pearl. She missed her former lover deeply and vowed to release her love from this fleshy creature! Carefully, she picked up Steven (for Rose's safety, not Steven's) and lifted up his blue and white striped pajama shirt. There laid the Rose Quartz gem in Steven's navel.


“We’ll be together again. I promise.” said Pearl as she grabbed at the edges and started to pull. No matter how much she tried, she just couldn't free the gem. Her gem pulling also caused Steven to wake up. He started to giggle from the tickleness from the gem yanking.


“Hahahaha!” giggled Steven. Pearl at this point was angry at Steven for two reasons: Rose is still stuck onto him and he just woke up. This caused her snap.


“STEVEN, JUST SHUT UP!” said Pearl as she slapped him backhanded across his face. This caused a red mark to appear on his left cheek and a tooth flying out of his mouth. A small trickle of blood came out the corner of his mouth.


“Wahhhh! Wahhhhhhh!” screamed Steven as he squirmed in Pearl's hands. Pearl was appalled at her cruelty towards the innocent youngling and ran towards Greg for help.


End Flashback


When Greg asked Pearl what happened, she simply told him that Steven climbed out of his crib and landed on his face. He took her word for it and didn't ask anymore questions. Pearl was horrified at her actions and started to cry very hard. What would Rose think of her?!


“Oh god! How could I have treated Steven so badly?! I slapped him when he was just a toddler!” said a hyperventilating Pearl.


“WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!!!” yelled Pearl.


“You're a crazy horrible gem who should have stayed in Homeworld.” Pearl turned around and saw Amethyst and Garnet standing behind her. They heard the whole story and were not happy. Garnet walked forward and forcibly picked Pearl up by the collar of her shirt. She phased off her glasses and had the most angriest look on her face (same angry look from mirror gem). She brought Pearl very close to her face and said


“You EVER hurt my cutie pie again, you'll be wishing to be shattered. Do you understand?” said Garnet. Pearl quickly nodded and was dropped down.


“Let's go. We're heading to Greg's van.” said Garnet as the group headed to the war pad.


Car Wash


When the group got to the Carwash, it was a mess. Cans of alcohol were scattered about, vans doors were wide open and the disturbing part was the amount of blood on the ground. It led to the office. The Crystal Gems ran towards the office and to their relief, found Greg sitting in a chair and stitching up his wounds.


“Greg, what happened?!” asked Amethyst


“Andy happened.” said Greg with a sigh. He had dry tear trails on his face.


“Andy?! As in Andy Demayo your cousin?” said Pearl.


“Yeah, that cousin. He came back to Beach City for a visit, found Lapis and Peridot. They told him what happened to Steven so he came by and kicked my butt.” said Greg


“What?! He can't do that.” said Amethyst


“I deserved it, for not protecting my son.” said Greg. All three gems looked around the room, wanting to avoid the guilty stare.


“It won’t even matter now. He told me he'll be taking Steven away at the end of the week.” said Greg. All three gems were shocked.


“He won't take my baby away from me!” said a crying and angry Pearl.


“We have no choice Pearl! If we even try and get to Steven, Dr. Maheswaran will have CPS take him away and we might never find him again!” said Greg


“Then let's kidnap him! Yeah, that's what we'll do. We'll take him when Andy's not looking and runaway to a secret place like the kindergarten or Mask island.” said Amethyst. Garnet shook her head.


“And after that? How will Steven feel being with a family who hurt him?” asked Garnet. Amethyst looked down upon realizing the truth. Pearl wasn't willing to accept the cold reality of truth.


“You're wrong Garnet! You're future vision is being hindered by Ruby! Like I said before, you only fuse for strength!” exclaimed Pearl. Garnet was shaking with anger and began to advance on Pearl. Greg stopped in front of her which stopped her walk.


“Garnet wait! She's just mad, that's all. I bet she didn't meant it.” said Greg. Garnet wasn't convinced.


“I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to my baby! I know he'll forgive me when he sees me!” said Pearl as she began to sprint towards the Hospital.


“PEARL STOP!” yelled Garnet. She knew something bad was going to happen.