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No Family to Love

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The sun was beginning to drop down into the horizon. It was getting late and soon, everyone would be in their homes to rest. Except one...


Pearl was already ahead of the group due to her headstart. She sprinted between and on top of buildings to get to the hospital. The only thing that kept her going was the possibility of never seeing Steven again. She was just about to enter through the front door when she realized Dr. Maheswaran banned her from seeing Steven so she decided to climb up the building to Steven's room. Climbing up by the ledges of the windowsills, she found Steven asleep and alone. Grateful that she wouldn't face any trouble, she carefully opened up the window and began to step through, but in the process, tipped over a vase full of flowers onto the floor, creating a large crash.


“Stars!” said Pearl.


At that moment, Steven's eyes began to flutter open.


30 minutes earlier


Steven had just gotten to sleep after saying goodbye to Connie. Her dad came back to pick her up, leaving her Mom, Uncle Andy, Lapis and Peridot in the hospital. As he began to dream, he opened his eyes and saw a valley full of pink flowers and grass and there in the middle of it was his mother; Rose Quartz. But what she was doing was very out of the ordinary, like she was praying to someone. Slowly, Steven walked up to her, now being able to hear what she's saying.


“Please let him be alright. Please let him be alright. Please let hi-”


“Mom?” asked Steven


Rose quickly turned around and was crying.


“STEVEN!” exclaimed Rose as she ran up to her son and gave him a bear hug. Steven felt safe in his mom's bosom and hugged back. He felt hot tears on the top of his head.


“Thank goodness you're alright Steven! When Garnet told me you were being hurt in your gem, I thought I would lose you.” said Rose as she sat down and placed her son in her lap. Steven, upon remembering his time in his gem, started crying very hard and grabbed hold of his mother like there was no tomorrow, giving the biggest hug he could muster. Rose was confused by her son's sudden change of mood and hugged him back.


“Steven what's wrong?!” asked a worried Rose


“I saw everything Mom! All those memories of yours! You said my family loved me!” yelled Steven. Rose didn't know what he was talking about and questioned him further.


“What do you mean Steven?” asked Rose. Steven wiped his tears with his left arm but it did nothing to stem the flow of tears.


“I saw what the reactions of my dad and the gems were! How Amethyst called me a stupid human baby, Dad saying he didn't want to lose you to a baby and Garnet trying to convince you to adopt instead!” said a sobbing Steven.


Rose was horrified by Steven's revelation of what he experienced inside their gem. If she knew this would have happened, she would have just told Greg to keep Steven from the gems until they could overcome their leaders “death.”


“I've tried to live up to you Mom but even Pearl thinks I'm not enough!” said Steven.


“Steven! Like I said, you are not required to live up to me-”


“Then how come the gems make me feel like I have to live up to you?!” said Steven who pushed himself out of her lap and started to back away. Rose got onto her feet and stretched out her arms toward her son in an act of forgiveness.


“I also know how gems change their appearance. How they feel changes how they look. When I saw the gems in your memories, they looked much younger looking which means between then and now, they grew up because of me! They're sad and angry at me! Blaming me for your death! That's the reason they look so grown up!” yelled Steven


“Steven listen! I don't know what you saw but it's not what you think!” said a begging Rose


“Steven please! Let me make it up to you! Allow me to come out of our gem and I'll-”


“NO! I bet you want that so you want to hurt me again!” yelled Steven. Rose looked hurt at his statement and tried to get closer to him.


“Steven! I'd never hurt you! Said a crying Rose Quartz


“I bet you want me to DIE so you can live. Never having to worry about a organic FREAK like me!” yelled Steven as he turned around and started running in the opposite to who knows where. Rose was absolutely horrified at what Steven just said, thinking she wanted him dead just so she could take her place as leader again. All she wanted to do is hug Steven forever and never let him go till he felt safe and well again. She began running towards Steven with tears flowing off her face.


“Steven! Please come back! I'm sorry!” screamed Rose. Steven ignored her. He just kept running, wanting to escape the cold hard truth of reality.




The loud noise caused Steven's dream powers to stop working. He opened his eyes, trying to figure out what was the cause of the noise. He spotted something white coming through his window. His vision cleared up but then, his eyes widened upon realizing who it was.


PEARL! She's come to poof me again! Thought a terrified Steven.


After climbing through the window, Pearl looked around and saw Steven sitting up in his bed. She rushed towards him.


“Steven you're awake!” said Pearl. Steven on the other hand, was not as enthusiastic as Pearl. He was scared for his life.


“Get away from me!” yelled Steven. He scrambled out of bed, landing on the floor with a thud. He quickly got onto his feet and faced Pearl.


“Steven! It's me Pearl.” said Pearl


“You're here to poof me are you?!” said Steven who summoned his shield and backed himself into a corner. Pearl kept approaching him.


“What?! Steven, I'm sorry for hurting you so much and it comes from the deepest of my heart! But I'd never hurt you again!” said Pearl. Steven wasn't convinced.


“You lie! You just want to get my guard down so you'll stab me with your spear! So you can be with my Mom again!” said a hyperventilating Steven. He was slagging down onto his butt. Pearl was shocked at his outburst but understood why. She was about to open her mouth again when the light came on.

“What are YOU doing in here?!”