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No Family to Love

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Pearl quickly turned around but didn't react fast enough to see the small water fist hit her right in the stomach. That fist came from Lapis who had the most terrifying glare on her face. Pearl landed onto a table causing it to break into a thousand pieces. That's when Dr. Maheswaran rushed into the room to see what was causing all this noise.


“What in heavens was that- STEVEN!” said Dr. Maheswaran when she caught a glance of her youngest patient. He was currently sitting in the corner with his knees up to his face and rocking back and forth. Dr. Maheswaran grabbed him and held him close to her body. He grabbed onto her as if his life depended on it. As Dr. Maheswaran comforted Steven, she too glared at Pearl.


“What are you doing here you clod?!” asked an angry Peridot


“I thought I told you that you were banned from seeing Steven!” said Dr. Maheswaran


Pearl got up onto her feet and met them with her own glare.


“I'm here to take Steven from you.” said Pearl.


“I think not! You lost that choice when you abused him!” said Dr. Maheswaran


“I know that and I'm sorry! I just want to make things up with him!” said Pearl


“You're not sorry. You just want him back because he's the last remaining link to your precious leader.” said Lapis. Pearl was getting frustrated because they were not cooperating with her. Pearl then summoned her spear and aimed it at the group.


“I'm only going to say this once; give me Steven.” said Pearl


Dr. Maheswaran simply hugged him closer.


“No.” said Dr. Maheswaran point blank. Pearl was getting ready to charge, Lapis summoned her wings for an infinite number of water and Peridot simply stayed back in front of Dr. Maheswaran to protect her from Pearl. A gauntlet appeared out of nowhere and it hit Pearl in the face, poofing her instantly.


5 minutes earlier


Garnet, Greg and Amethyst rushed towards the hospital to stop Pearl from committing a grave mistake. They rushed into the hospital and were about to head deeper into the building when someone familiar blocked their entrance to the hallway.


“What are you three doing here?!” asked Andy


“Andy you don't understand?!” said Greg


“No, you don't understand. I told you; you weren't allowed to come close to Steven! Wasn't that butt kicking I gave you earlier enough?!” said Andy


“We understand the rules but you see Mr. Demayo, Pearl is heading to Steven's room right now to kidnap him!” said Garnet


“Yeah right! I've been here the whole time and I haven't seen that child abuser anywhere.” said a doubtful Andy


“She can climb up buildings dude!” said Amethyst


“Don't make me laugh! What is she; Spiderman?!” asked Andy


“You know what Andy?! I'm going to keep my son safe so just get out of my wa-”




Greg was interrupted by the sound of a gun cocking. Andy had his right arm in the left side of his jacket. He pulled his hand and in his hand was a 44. Magnum (same gun used in Dirty Harry simply because I like the movie) which he pointed at the floor.


“I have a concealed weapons permit for this gun and I WILL use it if necessary.” said Andy.


Andy's threat made all three back off by a few steps. They didn't know how to handle this situation when they heard a large crash 2 stories up.


“What was that?!” asked Andy. Garnet saw this as an opportunity and smacked the gun across the room. She, Amethyst, and Greg ran down the hallway, slammed open the door and up the stairs.


“HEY!” yelled Andy as he retrieved his firearm and ran after them. Garnet burst open the 2nd story door and rushed to the location of the loud sound. She noticed a light up ahead. She stopped in the doorway and saw an upcoming confrontation between the two former homeworld gems and Pearl. Seeing no other choice, Garnet fired a gauntlet at Pearl, poofing her instantly. Her gem landed on the floor, making everyone in the room look at her with a stunned look.


“It had to be done.” Garnet simply said. Eventually, Amethyst, Greg and Andy caught up with her. Amethyst walked into the room and picked up Pearl's gem.


“What do we do with her?” asked Amethyst as she held Pearl with both her hands. Garnet walked up to her and Amethyst held the gem out to her. Garnet looked at it for a few seconds then bubbled her and sent it to the temple. Amethyst was shocked at this act and was about to question her when Garnet interrupted her.


“She needs time to think and clear her head. We'll let her out after a few days.” said Garnet. Amethyst sighed with relief but glanced at Steven who was in Andy's arms right now. Amethyst just wanted to hug his number one fan and never let him go but she had to force herself not to hug him. That would just make things worse.


“While I'm thankful you handled that woman well Garnet, I'm still going to have to ask you to leave. Considering the circumstances. Also Mr. Demayo, I think it's best you take Steven tomorrow. The sooner he gets out of here, the better.” said Dr. Maheswaran


“Absolutely.” said Andy


“I guess we'll be on our-”


“Wait!” said Steven. Everyone turned towards him after he interrupted Garnet.


“Uncle Andy, Dr. Maheswaran. Could I talk with my family for a few minutes since I'll be leaving soon?” asked Steven


Dr. Maheswaran almost instantly wanted to forbid his request but seeing his sad eyes and since this was his father and two of his closest family members, she guessed it was the right thing to do. She looked at Mr. Demayo who slowly nodded and turned towards the group.


“You have 6 minutes to talk. We'll be right outside the door if something happens Steven.” said Dr. Maheswaran. Steven nodded so she motioned for Andy, Lapis and Peridot to leave the room. Lapis didn't want to leave Steven alone but a tugging by Peridot calmed her nerves. Once the door closed, Amethyst launched towards Steven in a big hug. She wept as she hugged him tighter towards her body. Garnet and Greg soon joined in on the hug and Steven hugging them back made the group hug way better.


“I'm so,so,so,sooo sorry Steven for not protecting you Steven! I should have made some kind of effort to defend you!” said Greg.


“Me too Steven. I let Pearl's rant on me fusing just for strength impair my judgement. I should have protected you as well.” said Garnet.


“S-Steven. Just to let you know, I hurt you real bad as a kid. I spilled the coffee on you be-because I was so angry! I'm such a bad gem! I'm so sorry!” said Amethyst. Steven sat on the bed listening to all their apologies and shocking revelations. He took a deep breath and spoke.


“I understand why you did it Amethyst but I need to ask you, do you still hate me?” asked Steven.


“Of course not, I care about you Steven! You're my best friend and number one fan. I'm so sorry!” said Amethyst as she dived into him for another hug.


“Steven, having you was the best thing to happen to me. It made me realize that I had to grow up someday and having you made me open my eyes.” said Greg


“Same thing with me Steven.” said Garnet


“I won't be forgiving you guys. Just not right away. I feel like I need time to myself to think things through but in time, I will forgive you.” said Steven. All three were relieved. Greg began ruffling up his son's hair.


“Of course Stu-ball. Take all the time you need.” said Greg. Steven then remembered about a certain gem as well.


“I don't know if I'll be able to forgive Pearl though.” said Steven. Garnet placed a hand on Steven's shoulder.


“Like Greg said Steven, take ALL the time you need. We understand.” said Garnet. Steven smiled and hugged her who returned the hug as well.


“Where are you heading dude?” asked Amethyst


“Alaska. Uncle Andy told me it's beautiful this year and I'll be able to live on his farm for a while.” said Steven


“I bet you'll have fun.” said a smiling Garnet


“Come on everyone. I think it's time Steven gets his rest.” said Greg. All four got into a big group hug that would be the last hug for a while. Greg knocked on the door which was opened by Dr. Maheswaran. Steven waved goodbye to his family and was taken to another room due to the debris in his room. As Steven tucked himself in and closed his eyes, he was relieved to know that some of his family didn't hate him. He still didn't know if Pearl hates him, sees him as his mom or legitimately loves him.


“Goodnight... yawn.. everyone.” said Steven.

“Goodnight Steven.” said Lapis and Peridot who came to say goodnight to him. Lapis turned the lights off and left a sleeping Steven to his dreams.