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No Family to Love

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Steven opened his eyes and again found himself in the same place where first poofed and just recently, fought with his mother. Feeling guilty about treating his mom so badly, he got up and looked around for her, wanting to apologize to her. His first clue to finding her was a path of roses leading over a hill of pink grass. Walking up the hill, he was able to hear someone crying and sobbing close by. Steven started running up the hill. What have I done? Thought Steven as he got to the top and looked for the source of distress. At the top was flat ground but the most notable thing was Rose Quartz on her knees crying her heart out. Two small streams of tears were running down her face and onto the ground, creating a small river that was going down the hill. Tears were starting to prick through Steven's eyes because of how sad his mom was and decided enough was enough. Walking up to her slowly, he called out to her.


“M-mom.” said Steven


Rose stopped crying and just stood there, not turning around because she wanted to know what else her baby would say.


“I'm sorry.” said Steven.


Those two words made Rose turn around and grab her son in a tight hug. She sobbed into Steven's head, making his hair wet, but Steven didn't care. All he did was return the hug as best as he could.


“I'm so sorry Mom for blaming you!” said Steven.


“No Steven, I should be the one who's apologizing not you! You were right; I left my family before I was sure they could manage without me. I'm such a selfish gem!” exclaimed Rose but Steven wasn't having it.


“No mom, it's not your fault! You protected my home so people like my dad could live and for that, you're pretty awesome.” said Steven. Rose smiled at his grateful comment but still had some regret inside her.


“I'm sorry for saying that you wanted me dead.” said Steven. Rose just hugged him tighter.


“It's alright son. You did go through a horrible ordeal and you weren't thinking clearly. Why don't you tell me what's going on with you?” said Rose as she sat Steven down in her lap.


“Well tomorrow, Uncle Andy's taking me on a trip to Alaska.” said Steven. Rose was confused at this “Uncle Andy” person.


“Oh yeah, you never met him. His name is Andy Demayo and he's dad's cousin. But they're kinda like brothers so that's what I call him my Uncle.” said Steven.


“I never knew your father had any other relatives. So what is this place called Alaska?” asked Rose


“It's a U.S. state that has lots of wildlife and plants. Uncle Andy told me some time in Alaska will help me clear my head and take my mind off gem things.” said Steven. Rose knew what he was referring to and didn’t ask of it.


“Well I hope you have fun.” said Rose. Steven was soon being engulfed by a bright light.


“It seems you're waking up Steven. Just remember that I'll always be with you.” said Rose.


“Thanks for the advice Mom.” said Steven. Then in a flash, he was gone.


“Steven? Wake up buddy.”


“Steven looked up and saw it was his uncle with a bag in his hand.


“Morning Uncle Andy.” said a cheerful Steven.


“Morning Steven. Come on get dressed. Dr. Maheswaran taking us in her car to the barn to save time. Your little friend is also at the barn to say goodbye.” said Andy


Steven got out of bed and took a look in the bag. In it were shoes, pants, his pink and yellow shirt and a pink sweater.


“It'll be cold up in the sky and in Alaska so these are necessary. I'll be outside while you're changing. Knock when you're dressed.” said Andy as he went outside and closed the door. Steven changed out of his hospital clothes and into the shirt, shoes and pants. He decided to put on the sweater at the barn since it wasn't that cold outside but once in the air, the temperature was going to drop. He knocked on the door, signaling his uncle that he was all dressed.


“Ready to go Uncle.” said Steven. Andy smiled.


“Well come on. The sooner we get to Alaska, the better.” said Andy. They both went to the elevator and down into the lobby. Walking out of the waiting room they spotted Dr. Maheswaran in her car.


“Glad to see your doing alright Steven.” said Dr. Maheswaran. Steven nodded and climbed into the backseat of the car with Andy riding in the front. During the ride, Steven twiddled his thumbs, wanting to ask his uncle a question but didn't want to offend him.


“How long will I be gone Uncle Andy?” asked Steven.


“You won't be gone forever buddy. Once your father and those gems get their head straightened out and start thinking clearly, we'll see if we can get you back with them.” said Andy


Steven was relieved at this bit of news and noticed that they've arrived at the barn where Lapis, Peridot and Connie were waiting for them. The occupants from the vehicle hopped out.


“Hi you guys.” said Steven.


“Hey Steven, can't wait to see this Alaska place!” said Peridot. Lapis nodded and turned to Steven.


“Steven. Are you alright after what happened last night?” asked Lapis


“I'm alright Lapis. Thanks for asking.” said Steven.


Dr. Maheswaran viewed the old airplane with discomfort.


“Uh, Mr. Demayo. Is this plane safe to fly?” asked Dr. Maheswaran


“Of course it's safe. Let me show you the rest of it.” said Andy as he toured the plane with Dr. Maheswaran. Lapis and Peridot went to go get pumpkin leaving Steven and Connie.


“I guess this is goodbye.” said Connie as a tear left her eye. Steven wiped the tear from her face.


Don't worry Connie. It'll just be visit. My uncle told me I'll be back soon till he feels it's safe for my family to take care of me again.” said Steven. Connie smiled and began to blush.


“What?” asked Steven.


“I want to give you something as a trip for the road.” said Connie


“What is it?” asked Steven


“This.” Connie placed a quick kiss on Steven's lips causing both the children to blush. Steven was shocked and had a goofy smile on his face. Wow thought Steven


“Does look suitable to fly so I think it's alright for Steven to go up in that plane.” Dr. Maheswaran was just making sure that Steven was being kept safe.


“Steven. Time to go.” said Andy. Steven turned to Connie and hugged her.


“I'll miss you Connie. Jam Buds forever.” said Steven.


“Jam Buds forever.” said Connie.


Andy then shook Dr. Maheswaran's hand.


“I can't thank you enough Doctor for keeping my nephew safe.” said Andy


“It was no problem. I'm a parent of a child also.” said Dr. Maheswaran

Andy led Steven to the plane where he picked him up and placed him in the back. He secured his seat belt tightly, double checking it to make sure. Andy got into the pilot seat and started the engine. Lapis came out with Peridot on her back with Pumpkin in a baby harness on her back as well. Soon enough, the plane started riding the ground and lifted off with Lapis following close by. Steven waved at Connie who waved in return. There went Steven going off in the early morning sun for an Alaskan adventure.