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No Family to Love

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“Quack! Quack!”


Steven awoke from his nap to find himself next to a group of ducks flying in a V-formation. Steven fell asleep five hours earlier on a six hour trip to Alaska. They just crossed Anchorage an hour ago and were nearing Andy's farm that was located in the North Slope of Alaska near a city called Barrow which was five miles away from Andy's farm. Steven was just looking at the ducks when he heard a high pitched voice.


“Stay away from me you tick infested clods!”


Steven looked behind him and saw Peridot waving her hands at the ducks biting her hair. Lapis was just laughing.


“Come on Peridot! They're just playing!” said a laughing Lapis.


“Ow! I don't think biting is playing Lazuli!” said Peridot as she waved the ducks away from her. Steven laughed and turned back around at the pilot seat.


“Uncle Andy! How much time till we arrive?!” said Steven


“Glad to see you're awake Steven! And to answer your question, we're already here!” said Andy as he began to descend. Steven looked down and saw a strip of grey that was in between two large fields of crops. At the end of the runway was a large barn and what looked to be a large cabin. As the place began to lower in height, winds started to shake the plane. Steven held onto his seat for stability.


“Don't worry! Just a little turbulence!” said Uncle Andy


Once the plane touched down, the wheels bounced a little but then landed firmly on it's wheels. Uncle Andy had the plane lower in speed until it was 10 miles per hour. Steven looked ahead and saw a young woman standing near the end of the runway. The plane then began slowing and slowing until it came to a complete stop, just 8 feet from the end where there were growing corn cobs.


“Here we are Steven! Welcome to Alaska.” said Andy as he helped Steven down. Lapis landed down next to him and lowered Peridot to the ground.


“While that was a great experience in the sky, I never want to do that again.” said Peridot


Steven looked around and saw a whole bunch of crops, flowers and green grass all around him. It was also chilly out so he was glad he put on the sweater before the flight.


“Mr. Demayo, back so early?” said the young woman. She had mocha skin, auburn skin and teal eyes. Her clothes consisted of jeans, a jack that had a white shirt underneath it, boots and gloves.


“Well Karen, I had some unexpected business to take care of in Beach City, but never mind that, I want to introduce you to these three.” said Andy as Lapis, Peridot and Steven came up to them.


“Steven, meet Karen Powers. She's a farmhand and helps take care of the animals. Karen, this is my nephew.” said Andy


“Hello Karen.” said Steven as he raised his hand.


“Hello Steven.” said Karen as she shook his hand. She turned her attention towards the two strange looking girls.


“Hello Karen, name's Lapis and she's Peridot.” said Lapis


“Pleasure to meet you two as well.” said Karen


“Say Steven, why don't you go to the stables and check out the horses with Lapis and Peridot. Karen and I have to move the plane into the barn.” said Andy


“Okay Uncle. C'mon you guys!” said Steven. All three walked to the stables while Andy and Karen pushed the plane to the barn.


“Uh, Mr-”


“I know what you're thinking Karen; why are those two girls blue and green. Well to answer your question; there from outer space.” said Andy


“Really?!” said Karen


“Yeah. How do you think they got here? Lapis carried Peridot on her back. There named after rocks I guess.” said Steven


“And Steven?”


“Is part rock. Don't know how that worked but it worked.” said Andy.


Andy opened the barn doors and began wheeling the plane into the barn.


“I didn’t know you had a nephew Mr. Demayo.” said Karen


“Me neither until recently. I haven't seen my cousin Greg in years and I was kinda stunned he had a son.” said Andy.


“What made you bring him here? Does he have any other family” asked Karen. They pushed the plane to the middle of the barn, walked out and locked the barn door. Andy then turned to her.


“Karen whatever you do; don't mention his family to him or to the other two.” said Andy with a serious voice. Karen looked at him with confusion.


“Huh? Why not?” said Karen


Andy sighed, then said “When I got to Beach City, Lapis and Peridot told me that Steven was attacked by one of his legal guardians which placed him in the hospital.” said Andy


“Oh god.” said Karen as she covered her mouth.


“It's true. His guardian blamed Steven for causing his mother's death who she adored greatly and took out her sadness on Steven.” said Andy


“Poor Steven.” said the nineteen year old girl.


“Gets worse; his dad and two other guardians didn't even try to protect him. His friend's mother was the only person who seemed to care. She forbade them from having contact with Steven and I made SURE to give my cousin a piece of my mind.” said Andy


“So you brought him here so he could clear his head after what happened?” said Karen


“Uh-huh. He deserves a little time for himself. I'm also going to bring his friend here as well when summer starts. I made an agreement with her mother that she'll be kept safe but I'll be keeping it as a surprise for them.” said Andy


“Don't worry Mr. Demayo. Secret’s safe with me.” said Karen. Andy smiled and noticed that the sun was going down. Karen noticed too and freaked out.


“oh shoot! It'll be dark soon and I do not want to drive in the dark. I’ll come back tomorrow morning. Have a good evening Mr. Demayo!” said Karen as she walked to her car.


“You too Karen. Drive safe!” said Andy


“I will!” said Karen as she drove onto the road and towards Barrow city. Better check on Steven thought Andy as he walked towards the stables.






That was the only thing Steven said when he saw the horses. There were seven horses with variety; two stallions, one thoroughbred, three mustangs and one lusitano. All seven horses were in their own stalls with clipboards showing which horse was male or female and listed their names. He looked at the clipboard to a stall slowly walked up to one of the female stallions and raised his hand to her.


“Hey there Buttercup, name’s Steven.” Slowly but surely, Buttercup came up to Steven, smelling his hand for a few seconds. Satisfied, she licked his hand, meaning she was allowing Steven to pet her. Steven felt her muzzle which was really soft and warm with her mane feeling like human hair. I wonder if animals like me so much because of my gem thought Steven.


“I must say, these are beautiful creatures.” said Peridot as she looked at the lusitano with intriguing eyes. Lapis nodded.


“If Blue Diamond wanted, she'd probably have some gems take some of these horses to the human zoo. She'd find these horses to be beautiful and lovely.” said Lapis


“Getting to know them are we?” asked Andy as he walked in. He smiled at Steven slowly petting Buttercup.


“A real beaut isn't she? Had her for two years.” said Andy. Buttercup then walked away from Steven and went farther into her stall. She lowered her head down getting ready to sleep.


“Looks like she knows when it's bedtime.” said Andy. Steven nodded and yawned.


“C'mon Steven, time for bed. I already have a room ready for you in the house.” said Andy. All four went to the house to get a full night's sleep and see what was in store tomorrow.

I'd like to thank Lady Shadow92 for giving me inspiration for Karen Powers. Ideas will be greatly appreciated. :)