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No Family to Love

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The Next Morning


“Neigh” said the horses out on the grass munching on their breakfast. Steven's eyes fluttered from the sound and rose up from his bed. His room consisted of a queen size bed, dresser for his clothes, bathroom and pictures of animals around his room. Lapis, Pumpkin and Peridot shared a room with all three sleeping on their bed.


“Time to get up.” said Steven. He rubbed his fist over his eyes to clear his vision and got out of bed. He went into the bathroom and walked into the shower. In the mirror, he saw scars from which came from the corrupted gem that poofed him at the training arena. He still remembered the event that changed everything.


Steven screeched with pain while getting impaled by a drill parasite. The Monster stood over him, bringing tears to Steven's eyes, thinking he was going to die.


“Looks like this is it” said Steven and poofed.


Steven tightly shut his eyes, not wanting to remember the horrible event which led to now. He wrapped himself in a towel and began changing into his pants and signature star shirt. After he was dressed, he opened his bedroom door and went downstairs where there was something clearly cooking in the kitchen evidenced by the sounds of sizzling and the movement of pots and pans. Steven walked in and saw Uncle Andy making eggs on a skillet. Andy looked next to him and saw Steven which put a grin on his face.


“Ah Steven, Good morning.” said Andy


“Good morning Uncle.” said Steven


“I'm glad your up, just making an omelette with eggs. Here's your plate.” said Andy as he passed a plate of breakfast to his nephew.


“Thanks Uncle Andy.” said Steven as he began eating his breakfast. The mushroom, hand and cheese omelette sure was delicious. After finishing his breakfast, he took a sip of milk and turned to his uncle.


“So Uncle Andy, what are we gonna do today?” asked Steven.


“Oh I was thinking of teaching you how to ride a horse.” said Andy


“Really?! I get to ride a horse?!” asked a starry eyes Steven.


“It'll be fun. Do you think Lapis and Peridot will like to join?” asked Andy


“I don't know but I'll ask th-”


“AHH! Get off of me you giant clod!” yelled a familiar voice from the living room. Steven and Andy quickly hopped out of their seats and to the living room. In the living room was Peridot pinned to the ground by a St. Bernard dog which was taller and bigger than Peridot. The dog was licking Peridot's face, covering her in drool which she did not like.


“Bark! Bark!” said the dog


“Will one of you two get this animal off of me?!” screamed Peridot. Andy went up to the pair and grabbed the dog by it's collar.


“Alright Beethoven that's enough.” said Andy. Beethoven whined at being pulled away from his new friend but turned his attention towards Steven. He walked towards him, sniffed him to make sure he was friendly and began licking his face.


“Nice to meet you too boy.” said Steven.


“Grrr.” Peridot stood up and wiped dog drool off her face. Lapis and Pumpkin then came down the stairs into the living room as well.


“Peridot why are you all wet?” asked Lapis. Peridot wiped extra drool from her body and sighed.


That is why.” Peridot pointed to a giant dog who Steven was playing with.


“Ahhh. So cute!” said Lapis as she began to pet Beethoven. Pumpkin carefully came up to the gigantic creature. Beethoven looked down and saw Pumpkin pawing at his legs. He looked Pumpkin over and began to lick him as well. Pumpkin and Beethoven were now best buddies.


“What's his name?” asked Lapis


“His name's Beethoven. Got him from a friend over two years ago when he was just a pup. Been with me ever since.” said Andy as he scratched Beethoven's head.


“You guys, Uncle Andy says he'll teach us how to ride a horse!” said Steven.


“That sounds like fun.” said Lapis


“No way am I riding an animal. You guys can do whatever you want but leave me out of it.” said Peridot.


“Let's head to the stables. I'm sure Karen will be there.” said Andy. The group went out of the house and towards the stables for an exciting day.