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No Family to Love

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Karen was already out in the stables tending to the horses. She was busy brushing Biscuit, one of the mustangs when she heard someone come in.


“Mornin Karen.” said Andy


“Mornin Mr. Demayo.” said Karen. She then turned to the Lapis, Peridot and Steven.


“Mornin to you three as well.” said Karen. Beethoven ran up to her who got petted on his head by Karen.


“Say Karen, I'll be teaching these two how to ride a horse. Could you help?” asked Andy


“Of course!” said Karen as she went to the supply closet and took out four saddles. Steven went up to Buttercup’s stall who was happy to see him.


“Hi their Buttercup.” said Steven. Buttercup happily licked his hand and allowed him to pet her nose. Karen smiled at this scene.


“Well Steven, looks like you've found your horse. Which horse will you be riding Mr. Demayo?”


“I'll be taking Triscuit (Thoroughbred) for this ride. Lapis, you'll be taking Ruvik (Lusitano), and Karen, you can choose any horse to ride.” said Andy


“And which horse will Peridot be riding?” asked Karen


“None because I do NOT ride animals.” said Peridot. Everyone chuckled at her response. Karen opened Buttercup's stall, placed and fitted the saddle on her and guided her towards the open field leading out of the stables. Andy did the same to Ruvik and Triscuit and had them exit out of the barn.


“I think I'll be taking Storm (Stallion) for today Mr. Demayo.” said Karen


“Well alright then, let's head out.” said Andy


The group headed out into the field closed off by picket fences which placed the field in a circle. All four horses were busy munching on grass when Andy brought Buttercup to Steven. Andy then picked up Steven, placed a helmet on his head since he was a beginner and gave him instructions on horseback riding.


“Alright Steven, to get Buttercup to walk; use both your lower legs to squeeze the horse lightly behind the girth area which is behind the front legs. If she starts to run, say whoa sit deep in your saddle and use your weight to signal to Buttercup that a stop is coming. If she doesn't respond, say whoa again and pull back on the reins. I’ll be right beside you.” said Andy


“Got it Uncle Andy.” said Steven with a deep breath as he improved his posture. Andy got onto Triscuit and had her stop beside Steven and Buttercup.


“Just do what I do Steven.” said Andy. He squeezed both his legs and Triscuit started walking. Steven did the same thing and Buttercup started to walk as well. For Steven, it was very exciting to ride a horse. Andy and Steven were riding along the fences of the field with Lapis and Karen following close behind. Lapis got a hang of riding Ruvik with the help of Karen. Peridot, Pumpkin and Beethoven simply watched behind the fence. After riding three times around the field, Andy decided to teach a new lesson to Steven.


“Well Steven, now that you've managed to walk a horse, we're going to start trotting. Shorten your reins and give Buttercup short, brisk squeezes with your legs, but remember, if she starts to run; pull back on her reins.” said Andy. Steven took a deep breath and started giving Buttercup short squeezes with his legs. Steven was terrified of anything more than a walk but managed to calm him himself and focus on riding. It was at this time that Andy stopped Triscuit and simply watched on as his nephew was learning how to ride a horse. Lapis wasn't comfortable of horse trotting so she got off the horse and also looked on as Steven was riding Buttercup around the field. He would continue to do this for two weeks when he managed to fully ride Buttercup and just as good as Andy and Karen. This was the start to a wonderful Alaskan adventure.

Next Chapter, we see Pearl being released from her time out bubble.