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Yes, They're All Safe

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“Villians have entered the grounds and consequently been subdued, waiting for police arrival. All heads of classes to check dorms. All Might to cover Eraserhead. Nezu.”

The text had come sometime after two in the morning, the pros that weren’t already engaged awoken by the alert. Villains made a habit of trying to break into UA; though they never got far. Taking them down was almost standard procedure by now, to the point that the alarms weren’t even raised unless things truly got out of hand. Toshinori had been heading down to the scene of the fight but the text made him abruptly change direction. Class 1-A were on the opposite side of the school grounds, which was a small mercy really.

At this hour the dorms were eerily quiet, even the late night crammers asleep. A sweep of the common areas came up clean, meaning he could move on to checking the students’ individual rooms. The doors didn’t lock for the sake of “stopping fraternisation” as Aizawa had put it, but Toshinori still felt awkward pushing each one open. Granted, Tokoyami and Aoyama hadn’t woken and he’d never even crossed the threshold but he had a feeling some other students wouldn’t be so kind; Todoroki came to mind. Plus, it had definitely felt as though Dark Shadow had been lingering somewhere just out of the edge of his vision.

His worry about that came to a grinding halt though when Toshinori pushed open the door to Midoriya’s room only to find it completely empty. He hurried to the bedside, finding nothing and so quickly back-tracking to turn the light on.

Young Midoriya!" he called, hushed but still audible.

There was no reply but clearly no one was in the room. The bed was unmade but not disturbed. It was almost like the boy had gone to the bathroom but Toshinori had checked those and no one was there.

Calm down, calm down,’ he told himself sternly, flipping off the light and moving on to the next room. ‘He’s probably studying on the roof…or watching the pros.

That seemed more likely but Toshinori couldn’t run there to confirm. He had to check on all the other students first. Part of him wanted to run straight to Bakugou’s room because if Midoriya was gone then maybe Bakugou was too - those two were always in the wrong place at the wrong time - and how could he explain losing the boy twice? But that would waste time; better to check every room on the way. It would be quicker in the long run, as well as give him a full grasp of the situation. Was one student missing, or several?

Mineta’s room and the dorms on the third floor were cleared far quicker than the first two. Reaching the fourth floor, Toshinori knew Bakugou’s room would either be the first or last room he checked, the choice weighing heavily on his mind. He eventually left it til last, easing open each door and mentally ticking off the students before reaching the room he really wanted to.

Taking a deep breath, Toshinori entered the room. The blanket was a crumpled mess on the floor; that was the first thing he saw, heart leaping into his throat. Then it reached his ears, the odd breathing rhythm. It wasn’t one teenager peacefully sleeping, no, there was something off about it.

Swearing under his breath, Toshinori jogged to the bed, ready to wake Bakugou should he find an intruder. He then very nearly tripped over the blanket on the floor because there was an intruder...of a sort. If by intruder he meant Midoriya Izuku. Because there he was, here in Bakugou Katsuki’s room, fast asleep. Toshinori had to take several moments to let that sink in. Young Midoriya was asleep in Bakugou Katsuki’s bed and, from the looks of it, he was more than welcome. Midoriya was curled up against Bakugou’s chest while the other boy had a leg thrown over Midoriya’s waist and an arm wrapped possessively around his back.

“My, my,” Toshinori whispered, wondering how they’d all missed this.

He then allowed himself a sigh of relief and a smile, picking up the blanket from the floor and tossing it over the boys. That was a mistake though, Toshinori suddenly becoming the victim of two very angry red eyes. “...the fuck? All Might?”

“Young Bakugou,” he murmured, confirming his identity but apparently not getting himself off the hook.

“What the fuck are you-”

“There’s a villain on the school grounds.” Bakugou went to leap up but Toshinori pinned him down with a hand. “The threat has passed, the pros handled it. We’re now simply doing a headcount of the students.” He nodded at Midoriya. “I was worried when I couldn’t find him in his allocated room.”

Bakugou tensed, like he suddenly realised they could get in trouble for this, that this was exactly the kind of behaviour Aizawa had told them not to take part in.

“As I said, it’s merely a headcount,” Toshinori said, fighting back a smile as Bakugou slowly caught on. “My message to Aizawa will be that all the students are accounted for and safe. I wouldn’t be wrong now, would I?”

Bakugou made a grunt which he assumed was supposed to be a form of thanks, Toshinori stepping back and preparing to leave. Midoriya stirred at the noise though, nose scrunching up and tucking himself further into Bakugou’s neck. “Mm...Kacchan…?”

Bakugou pulled the boy in tighter, as if to protect him, to ensure himself he was safe. “Go to sleep shitty Deku.”

Toshinori took that as his cue to leave, even if he did hear what was definitely a press of lips to a forehead, possibly a cheek. Well, well, what an interesting discovery. In comparison, sweeping the rest of the dorms felt painfully dull. He’d reported to Aizawa the exact message he’d told Bakugou he would; after all, it felt nice to have a little secret of his own. But that didn’t mean he wouldn’t tease young Midoriya about it sometime in the very near future.

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It wasn’t that often that Aizawa actually had a day off. Even on weekends he tended to get pulled into either hero duties or something would come up at UA. To actually have a day in which he could do something as mundane as grocery shopping was a godsend.

Of course, naturally, that was why he had to bump shoulders with someone before he had so much as reached the store. He went to apologise only to be met with a fierce,

Huh?! What the fuck do you think you’re-”

“Kacchan, that-...”

Both voices came to a sudden halt as they recognised the person they were facing. Aizawa was equally as surprised, but not because the pair had recognised him in his civilian clothes but rather because Midoriya and Bakugou were holding hands. And clearly had been for some time. And had also been out for awhile because Bakugou had two water bottles shoved in his pocket and Midoriya was holding a stick of cotton candy that was definitely being picked at from both sides.

Bakugou noticed his lingering gaze on their joined hands first, scowl intensifying. “Oi, got a fucking problem?”

Kacchan!” Midoriya’s tone was halfway between a gasp and a scold, though he was avoiding Aizawa’s gaze and subconsciously curling further into Bakugou’s side - interesting.

Aizawa waved a hand. “You’re not in school so I don’t care.”

Midoriya beamed, hiding it in Bakugou’s shoulder, the other boy scoffing. “Really shithead? You’re fucking shy now Deku?”

“That’s mean Kacchan,” came the muffled reply.

Bakugou’s eyes went skyward and Aizawa very much decided it was time to go. Although, not without tacking on a warning, “Since I know this is a thing between you now, expect some changes to the dorm rules.”

Midoriya nodded fervently while Kacchan reluctantly let himself be tugged away with a sneer. “It’s not like All Might doesn’t let us sleep together anyway.”



Bakugou looked ready to let sparks fly as he turned around, Midoriya hastily trying to step between them. “Mr. Aizawa, that’s not...I mean, it-...well...Okay, we do’s…we, uh...I…”

Oblivious to his teacher’s building rage, Bakugou cut into Midoriya’s ramble. “Oi, Deku!”

Midoriya spun around, squeaking when a pair of lips crashed into his. How Bakugou managed to kiss Midoriya while flipping Aizawa off remained unknown, the teen eventually breaking away only to grab Midoriya’s hand and drag him in the direction they’d originally been heading. Midoriya, for his part, had seemingly forgotten all about Aizawa, laughing at something and holding out their cotton candy so Bakugou could take a bite. It made Aizawa want to drown himself. He then remembered what Bakugou had said and no, he’d drown himself on Monday after having an important discussion with a certain someone.




Being one of the last to arrive in the staffroom was pretty normal for Aizawa; he had held the position of last-to-arrive for years before All Might had come. Damned too good-doer. But today was clearly one of those days where All Might had turned up on time, which was excellent because-

“All Might.”

“Yo, Eraserhead! What-”

All Might suddenly seemed to become aware of the aura Aizawa was giving off, stammering and backing away while the other teachers got as far away from the action as possible - while still remaining in the room, of course.

“Would you care to enlighten me on exactly what you know about the relationship between your star pupil Midoriya Izuku and Bakugou Katsuki-”

All Might scratched his neck awkwardly. “Well, I-”

“-and why Bakugou told me you explicitly gave them permission to sleep together?

“...oh shit.”

Yes, ‘oh shit’ indeed.

Oh, and the “Bakugou, swap with Kirishima” order had gone down explosively well...In that Bakugou refused to move and then moved on to refusing to allow Midoriya to swap desks when he offered in an attempt to stop the argument. Explosions ending up going off until the Principal and All Might had been called down. Aizawa had to admit, Bakugou presented his argument well; he and Midoriya never distracted each other in class, they were working together better now, and they “didn’t understand the reason for the move”. Aizawa’s eyes had narrowed at that but he’d had to give in because he would never out a student - or anyone for that matter - and from the rest of Class 1-A’s expressions, they didn’t know about what was going on between Bakugou and Midoriya.

Fine. They’d won this round, but damned if they were going to weasel their way out of him tightening dorm rules.


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“That was really strange how Mr. Aizawa had that blow up, wasn’t it Deku?”

Izuku jumped a mile at Uraraka’s voice, most of Class 1-A heading back to the dorms now that their classes were done. A couple had errands but most preferred to get changed first anyway. He stumbled a little as he tried to think of a response. It wasn’t that he and Kacchan were keeping what they had a secret, it was just that...well, they were. They both wanted to test the water first before announcing it and even then the thought of “announcing” it made Izuku’s skin crawl because he wasn’t ashamed and his classmates weren’t mean but that didn’t mean they also didn’t like to tease endlessly and he’d rather not deal with that. He couldn’t threaten to blow them up the way Kacchan did. Not that Kacchan was too successful these days anyway; most of 1-A just blinked at him and barrelled on.


He jumped, scratching his neck sheepishly. “Ah, sorry! I’s probably because he saw us together on the weekend.”

Izuku froze. That...he hadn’t meant to say that.

Luckily though, it seemed as though everyone interpreted his answer the wrong way, groaning or doing some variation of slapping their foreheads. “You guys go at it even outside the classroom?” Kaminari asked in disbelief.

“Why would you guys even hang out on a weekend anyway?” Ashido demanded.

Izuku was stammering over an answer when Kacchan cut in, clearly having peeled himself away from his conversation with Kirishima. “Because our mothers are best fucking friends,” he snarled, everyone else nodding along in understanding. Izuku managed a smile at Uraraka, who looked like she knew there was more to it but wasn’t bold enough to ask. He’d tell her, he promised himself. Just...not yet.




Izuku frowned when he heard his dorm door being pushed open. It was not long gone eleven and while he’d packed his books away and had shifted to the bed, he was still running formulas over in his head. He knew who it would be, even before he recognised the footfalls.


He was met with a scoff. “Don’t. No fucking teacher’s gonna tell me what to do.”

“But we really shouldn’t…” Izuku protested, even as he moved over to let Kacchan in.

Kacchan flopped on top of the covers, an arm loosely slung over his waist. “Then tell me to fucking go away.”

Izuku pouted, knowing Kacchan had won. He would never kick his...boyfriend? - he assumed that’s what they were - out and, really, he didn’t want to. No, he’d rather brush their noses together and let their fingers interlace. He pressed his lips against Kacchan’s, biting back a soft gasp as Kacchan drew his bottom lip between his teeth, sucking teasingly. When they broke away, Izuku very much ignored the hungry look on Kacchan’s face, focusing instead on how downright exhausted he looked. He examined the bags under his eyes with a frown.

“You did extra training with Sero and Kaminari, didn’t you? Then tutored Kirishima and did your own workout routine.” He rested his forehead against Kacchan’s. “Go to sleep, Kacchan.”

Kacchan grumbled but that was all, head sinking down into the pillow even as he ushered Izuku a little closer to the wall. He’d once complained about Kacchan being a bed-hog but then the blond had mumbled something about if he was on the outer edge of the bed, it meant he was closest to both the window and the door and so could better protect Izuku in the event of a villain attack. It had made Izuku’s heart swell and maybe he’d had to blink back tears so he definitely didn’t complain anymore.

That wasn’t to say they shared the bed well. One single bed for two teenage boys didn’t always work out. Sometimes it was like they slotted together perfectly, other nights it was a constant battle of push and shove. And Izuku knew that for a fact when he awoke and realised he was definitely trying to shove Kacchan away with a foot while rolling over. He quickly pulled said foot back and tried to convince himself he was comfortable where he was….he wasn’t, but Kacchan didn’t look that comfortable either.

Perhaps it was good that Izuku didn’t fall back asleep completely, good because it meant he was aware of the instant Kacchan started tossing in his sleep, hands shaking, the occasional gasp escaping. His heart broke, reaching out and calmly trying to rouse the other boy. Kacchan didn’t have nightmares that often but when he did, they were bad. And who could blame him? Being kidnapped by villains wasn’t something any child should have to go through.

“Kacchan, Kacchan!” Izuku called, shaking him slightly. “Come on Kacchan, it’s me.”

He had to bite back a yelp as a hand lashed out, not trying to hit him exactly, but trying to hit the person Kacchan was seeing in his dreams. His palms were starting to crackle and Izuku hissed. Being rough only made him worse, Izuku knew, he’d tried, and yelling didn’t much help either, just startled the other boy and usually made him start up a mantra of “die, die, die!”. He just had to get Kacchan to open his eyes; if he could do that, the battle was won, it always was.

“Kacchan, please,” he begged, cupping Kacchan’s cheek and thumbing it gently, flinching at the ever increasing sparks going off. “Kacchan, come on, it’s me...Deku. Please, Kacchan, help me.”

Something in there must have done the trick, whether it was his name or the soft cry for help, Kacchan finally waking fully and cracking his eyes open. Their gazes met and then Kacchan was biting back a sob, bottom lip pulled between his teeth as he punched the pillow furiously. Tears streamed down his face but he made no sound.

Izuku reached out a hand. “Kacchan, it-”

“Don’t touch me!”

It sounded harsh, an order, and it was but the reason behind it was so much more devastating.

Don’t touch me because I’m about to break. Because I don’t want to cry in front of you. Because I’m still not sure if I can stop myself from thinking you're an enemy. Because I don’t want to hurt you.

Izuku sighed, sitting up a little to look at the alarm clock next to his bed. 01:47 stared back at him. Seeing that the punches had stopped, Izuku carefully reached out, hand in Kacchan’s sight the whole time, before letting it settle on his forearm. “It’s late. You need more sleep.”

Kacchan huffed, turning to face the other way and messily scrubbing his face. “I don’t need fucking sleep.”

Izuku smiled despite himself. “Everyone needs sleep Kacchan.” He tugged Kacchan back towards him, shifting closer and slipping a leg between his. “Heroes need sleep.”

“Fucking shit ass heroes,” came the mutter, making him laugh. It coaxed the tiniest smile out of the Kacchan too, who scoffed in resignation before fisting a hand in the back of Izuku’s sweatshirt. “Then you better sleep too nerd.”

“Y-yes!” Izuku promised, knowing full well he wouldn’t until he’d made sure Kacchan was truly asleep once more...which took nearly an hour, the blond often starting just as he was about to doze off. Finally though, finally, he was fast asleep, breathing deep and even against his shoulder.

Of course, that was when the door was pushed open. Followed by footsteps and then a reprimanding, “Boys.”

Izuku hastily threw a hand up, making a sharp shushing gesture. “All Might, please…”

“Young Midori-...” All Might trailed off, coming to the bedside and squinting at something in the faint light sneaking in around the blinds. “He’s been crying.”

Izuku’s eyes immediately fell to Kacchan, worrying his bottom lip. “I...He-...not a lot! And only sometimes! It’s...well, you know...Kacchan sometimes has dreams-, no nightmares since the, uh...w-which I think is completely understandable because, know, villains can be-”

Deku!” Izuku yelped, a hand clapping over his mouth. “What the fuck are you-...” Kacchan then noticed the other figure in the room, groaning loudly. “Get lost All Might.”


All Might laid a hand on Izuku’s shoulder, effectively silencing him. “It’s alright. Young Bakugou is tired and under a lot of strain.” He gestured between them. “I will allow this only on the ‘sometimes’ nights, do you two understand?”

“Y-yes,” Izuku whispered, bowing his head.

Kacchan was less meek though and more angry, throwing a glare Izuku’s way. “You told him?!”

“I-I wanted you to stay!”

Kacchan blinked in surprise before flushing, Izuku being able to make out the colour on his cheeks despite the darkness - it filled him with a flash of pride. “F-Fine.” Kacchan then scowled at their teacher. “Then I have…” he waved a hand, too embarrassed to say it because he wasn’t weak - Izuku rolled his eyes there, “those...every fucking night, understand?”

“Young Bakugou!” All Might spluttered.

Kacchan just grinned. “What? Are you trying to tell me I don’t? How the hell would you know?”

All Might shook a finger at him. “Because Young Midoriya doesn’t lie. Don’t push it. I’m not the only one being assigned to do these random dorm checks.”

“Then I’ll kill the rest of them.” Izuku slapped his forehead but didn’t object too much when he was dragged down and tucked into the crook of Kacchan’s neck. “Now, leave us alone.”

Kacchan yelped as he was smacked upside the head but All Might had disappeared from the room before he could even consider retaliating. He rubbed the spot sourly, Izuku pulling his hand away to place a kiss there before yawning widely. “No more interruptions until morning, okay Kacchan?”

“Yeah, yeah, shitty Deku. I fucking got you.”




The sparring match was intense, as it always was between those two. Bakugou and Midoriya may have been getting along better and perhaps they weren’t enemies but they certainly weren’t friends. They were rivals first and foremost and it showed in the way they trained, constantly pushing harder than everyone in the class. It wasn’t that everyone didn’t want to be the Number One Hero - they did - it was just that the history between those added that little extra spark.

Kirishima let out a low whistle as Bakugou fired off a concise explosion that Midoriya barely dodged. “They’re really into this today, huh?” he asked, pointing excitedly.

“We’re supposed to be studying their strategies!” Iida reminded him with several firm shakes of his hand, Kirishima pouting sourly.

“Their performances are sharper today,” Todoroki admitted. “They haven’t sparred one on one in several weeks though; perhaps that’s what motivating them.”

There was a collective gasp as Midoriya shot into the air, coming down with a flying kick only to have Bakugou dodge and slam him into the ground. He tried to escape but Bakugou had him pinned by the wrists, a leg folded across his thighs. They were both panting with exertion but it was obvious who the victor was.

“I wish Bakugou would pin me down like that,” Kaminari sighed dreamily, some people groaning, others nodding. Mr. Aizawa looked like he’d rather be anywhere else - anywhere.

Kirishima gave a firm nod. “Right? He’s so manly and-”

“ Bakugou kissing Midoriya?!”

There was a beat before Hagakure’s words sunk in, everyone suddenly flying to their feet and racing to the barricade and...holy shit, yes. Bakugou was undeniably kissing Midoriya, hands no longer pinning him down but rather interlacing their fingers.

“No way,” Ashido breathed in disbelief.

Uraraka gripped the railing tightly, eyes wide. “Is he...Did Deku get a choice or…?”

Then came the undeniable sound of Midoriya’s voice, nothing but a squeak. “K-Kacchan, not in class!”

Uraraka choked, as did several others because “not in class”?! So they did this elsewhere? Often? Sometimes? When? For how long?

Bakugou pulled away, scoffing. “You’re such a nerd. Fucking looking like...that, fuck.”

Midoriya looked puzzled but everyone else was fighting to stop their jaws from dropping because Bakugou had literally just admitted that seeing Midoriya like that had turned him on; a lot.

“Oh my god,” Kirishima breathed, watching Bakugou get back to his feet, cheeks flaming red.

“Midoriya did say they were caught together on the weekend,” Tsuyu pointed out bluntly.

“So that’s what Midoriya meant!” Kaminari screamed, suddenly reminding the two on the training field just who could see them. Midoriya went so red they thought he might implode, head buried in his hands, very much ignoring his classmates. Bakugou, on the other hand, already had threatening little ‘pop, pop, pops’ coming out of his hands, as if daring them to comment.

“Kacchan, don’t,” Midoriya pleaded from behind his hands. “We’re already gonna be in so much trouble from Mr. Aizawa!”

Bakugou still looked ready to fight, only grinding his teeth when Aizawa made his entrance and he looked mad. “We don’t distract each other in class, didn’t you say Bakugou?”

“Mr. Aizawa, does that mean you were aware of this...relationship?” Iida managed after a stumble. “If so, as class rep I find it entirely irresponsible that I was not informed! Had I known the new dorm rules were in response to this I could have-”

“Oh shit! Do you think they got caught doing it?!”
“I’d bet on it!”
“I’ll take that!”
“Hey teacher, why didn’t you tell us?!”
“They’re our friends!”

“Deku, fucking go.”





Kirishima had never known that Bakugou was such a sneak. He’d considered him to be the type of guy who just faced his problems but once Class 1-A had ganged up on Mr. Aizawa, he’d taken off, Midoriya on his heels. With sparring being their last class of the day, the pair had disappeared and no one had seen them since. Kirishima suspected they’d both be getting a slap with detention come Monday but for now they were safe.

Returning to the dorms, he was actually surprised to find Midoriya doing his homework in the common area; he thought for sure he’d be hidden in his room like Bakugou obviously was. “Oi Midoriya, you’re here!”

Everyone else quickly barged through the doorway upon hearing that, questions coming out at a hundred miles an hour and Midoriya looked like he was becoming more and more overwhelmed. Kirishima felt sorry for him; he clearly didn’t know which question to answer first. In the end, it was Uraraka who got a direct response, probably because she sounded so despondent.

“Deku, why didn’t you tell us?”

Tell me’ was probably more accurate but Kirishima thought that bit better left unsaid.

Midoriya’s hands flailed wildly. “I-I-I was going to, I promise! I just...uh, well, you see, I...I didn’t know if Kacchan and I could...I mean, we had a lot of issues to-...and I…”

“You wanted to see if it would work first,” Uraraka surmised, Midoriya nodded intently.

“Yes, we-”

“So, tell us, tell us,” Kaminari interrupted, elbowing Midoriya. “How good does Bakugou kiss?”

Midoriya flushed from the tips of his ears to his neck. “W-what?!”

“Yeah, does he set off explosions when he comes?” Jirou asked with a smirk, Iida horrified and immediately chastising her.

“Who asked who? And Bakugou looks like a biter, is he? Or are you secretly into that Midoriya?”

Midoriya looked like he wanted to melt into the couch and, yeah, Kirishima maybe understood why he’d wanted to keep it a secret now. He stepped closer, placing a hand on Midoriya’s shoulder and squeezing it reassuringly. The smile he got was so thankful. “Kirishima.”

“Just…” Kirishima scratched his neck awkwardly. “ about you don’t answer any of that and just tell us how long?”

Midoriya relaxed under his hand. He looked all ready to answer, but was denied the chance by another voice cutting. “Three and a half months.” Bakugou looked ready to kill as he strode through the room, shoulders tense. “Now leave my fucking boyfriend alone and keep your fucking noses out of our business.”

There was some indignant and surprised hollering - three and a half months?! Boyfriends?! - but Bakugou merely let off some warning explosions.

“What the fuck did I just say?!” He pointed a finger at Midoriya. “And if I find you extras fucking embarrassing the shit nerd again I’ll fucking kill you!”


Bakugou had been keeping the relationship a secret too because he knew how shy Midoriya was. Not because he was ashamed or possessive but because he cared about how his - apparently - boyfriend felt. The room went very quiet as that sunk in for several people. Bakugou gave a concise nod before rounding the couch, yanking Midoriya up and taking his spot before pulling the shorter boy into his lap. Midoriya weakly stammered a protest but Bakugou just ignored it, flipping open the notebook he’d brought with him and comparing it to Midoriya’s. “What the fuck did you get for number five?”

And just like that, Midoriya forgot their presences and tapped his own answer, smothering a laugh when Bakugou frowned and then pouting when Bakugou pointed out he’d used the wrong formula. Kirishima smiled; they had this.