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“The country is so green.” Shou was fanning himself with scrap paper torn from his sketchbook as he took in the scenery around them. Hills sloped gradually and the flat marshes were busy with farmers working in the midday heat.

“And hot,” Ritsu narrowed his eyes, trying to ignore the feeling of sweat between his fingers as he gripped the wheel.

“That’s mostly summer, not the country,” Shou remarked. Ritsu shot at glare at him.

“Yeah, okay .”

Shou grinned to himself. Ritsu shot him another glare, but Shou didn’t take it seriously, not when Ritsu’s tangled hair stuck to his sweaty forehead like that. But Shou was sure he didn’t look any better; his hair was practically deflating with loose strands hanging over his eyes. He ran his fingers through the back where it was starting to stick to his nape.

Shou reclined into his seat, folding his hands behind his head as he watched his boyfriend. Shou thoughtfully hummed along with the pop song replaying on the radio. Furrows were starting to form between Ritsu's eyebrows. Something about the curve of his cheeks and the pointed look he shot at the road was endearing to Shou.

“We can stop, we’ve been driving for awhile.” Shou offered. Ritsu glanced at him with a hum. He thrummed his fingers against the wheel.

“Maybe—I can keep going until we get to the next town,” Ritsu offered. Shou rolled his eyes. This guy needed to rest. Ritsu was never best at reading himself, Shou didn’t know if it was annoying or charming.

Both, Shou thought.

He propped his feet on the dashboard. Ritsu quickly slapped his legs down.

“Hey—It’s my rental—,“  Shou shot back,

“It’s a rental ,” Ritsu practically scoffed. He grinned and made a gesture that said you-aren’t-going-to-win-this. Shou huffed and crossed his arms as he sunk into his seat.

“We should stop, you seem tired,” Shou said. He leaned over, letting his cheek press into Ritsu’s shoulder as he looked at the gas meter.

“I’m not tired. It’s just hot,” Ritsu settled one hand between Shou’s shoulder blades as he steered.

Shou looked up to Ritsu, “And it’s making you tired.”

“It’s just driving.”

Shou wanted to punch the driver. Stubborn fuck, he muttered. He sunk back into his seat. He looked up to Ritsu, posture tense. Shou watched with a thoughtful hum. A single drop of sweat rolled down Ritsu’s jawline, hanging onto his chin before dripping onto his shirt’s collar.

Shou smiled behind his hand, eyes eager with a growing idea.

He flicked his index finger.

Ritsu’s shirt rode up for a moment as a phantom feeling ran down from his navel. Ritsu made a surprised noise and a flush rose to his ears. He glared at Shou; Shou sweetly smiled up to his boyfriend. He could feel the building density of Ritsu’s barrier, but they knew Ritsu’s barrier wasn’t enough for him.

Cute, he smugly thought to himself. He pointed at Ritsu’s jeans and flicked his wrist. The button popped open and this time Ritsu yelped.

“Suzuki, I’m driving!”

The stern tone in his voice withered as Shou smiled, tugging the zipper down. He flattened his palm and made a smooth gesture. Invisible pressure stroked across his clothed dick. Ritsu bit down on his lip and with an impatient huff jerked the car to the side. Shou hit his head against the arm of the door, rocking forward as Ritsu moved back into the lane. Ritsu stifled a laugh as Shou rubbed the side of his head.

“Don’t think that’ll stop me,” Shou challenged, a cocky grin matching the confidence in his gesture. Ritsu’s barrier gave easily to Shou; Ritsu narrowed his eyes and couldn’t help but think it always did. Another phantom pressure teased Ritsu through his pants, eliciting a muffled grunt.

“Suzuki,” he grit, “It’s too hot for this--and I’m driving,” he eased down on the brake and was thankful no other cars were around as he tried to stop his boyfriend’s attempts.

“You need a break,” Shou leaned closer, into Ritsu’s space, planting an open-mouthed kiss on his neck. Ritsu pushed Shou away. Shou noted Ritsu’s poor attempt to hide his grin. Shou gripped his wrist, pulling it down from his chest so Ritsu’s fingertips met his lips.

Ritsu couldn’t ignore the sweat on his back anymore.

Shou leaned in, his free hand gripping the diving stick, fingers firm around its head. He had that sort of shit-eating grin that only looked provoking with the hood of his eyes and the right tilt of his head. Air conditioning rustled their hair and the sun bled through the glass windows.

“You should pull over,” Shou said.

Ritsu couldn’t hear the sound of the rental car’s slowing engine or that recurring pop song. He tensed into the wheel and tried to ignore the tent in his jeans. Shou’s lips were hot against his fingertips. He jerked his leg up as pressure wound and tenderly squeezed his groin.

Ritsu looked away from Shou, pulling his wrist out of Shou’s grip.

He flipped on the turn-signal.




Ritsu parked the car to the side of a dirt road. Tree branches leaned over, casting the car in shadows. Loose blotches of sunlight speckled through the leaves.

Ritsu hurried to unbuckle his seatbelt while Shou leaned his seat back, pulling himself up the cushions as he watched Ritsu climb over and straddle him. He tugged at the bottom of Shou’s shirt. Shou pulled it off and tossed the shirt into the back seat.

Turning back, Shou admired the way Ritsu’s shirt stuck to his toned stomach. Shou’s splaying fingers slid up the flat of his abdomen, playing with the light happy trail, and moving past his navel. The fabric inched up as he slipped his fingers to his chest. He pulled the shirt over Ritsu’s head, then pulled him down, ghosting his breath against his neck before he planted hurried kisses across his collar.

Ritsu unzipped Shou’s pants, playing with the belt loops on his torn-up jeans as Shou lifted his waist from the seat, letting Ritsu tug his pants down to his ankles.

Shou kicked them off and Ritsu hurriedly removed his, already half-erect in his briefs.

The pleather creased under their combined weight. Ritsu’s shadow fell over Shou as he leaned over him. He gripped the shoulder of the chair, Shou’s hair tickling his wrist.

Shou’s hand was hot through the fabric. He began to slowly stroke; softly squeezing around the base, running his fingers to the tip and back down. Ritsu let out a shaky breath, impatiently grinding into the friction. Shou’s free hand played with the elastic band, moving in teasing circles to the jut to his pelvis, down into his briefs, moving back up and down.

Ritsu leaned down into Shou’s collar. Shou tilted his head to the side as Ritsu’s teeth grazed his skin; starting from the edge of his jaw, tongue against his rapid pulse, down to his neck. Teeth slowly sunk into the pale skin until Shou sharply inhaled. Ritsu tasted salt, and the tang of copper. He ran his tongue over the bruises and a stray bead of blood, then moved down to the lean curve of the shoulder, sharply biting down until a shudder shook through Shou.

“These look good on you,” Ritsu muttered. His slender fingers spread over one of the bites, gingerly pressing on the wound. “Punishment for that shit while I was driving,” Ritsu chided with an amused chuckle; the type of that sounded like it rolled off his tongue and curled with the shape of his mouth as he chastely kissed the irritated flesh.

Shou laughed. He couldn’t help but think it was such a kind punishment. He ducked to meet Ritsu’s lips. Their teeth clicked together. His tongue swiped his gums, licking and moving desperately, relishing the feeling of how Shou’s tongue curled against his.

Ritsu moved his sweaty hand off pleather shoulder. The chair audibly protested.

“Gross,” Shou pulled away with a chuckle. He leaned into the warmth of Ritsu’s hand resting on the jut of his pelvis.

When Shou pulled the elastic down, exposing Ritsu’s dick to the open air, Ritsu visibly tensed. Shou grinned, the flat of his palm moving against head of Ritsu’s dick, teasing along the slit and running his thumb down the shaft. Pleasure curved Ritsu’s brows; furrowed in anticipation; tense and withholding above his partner.

Shou gave it a firm squeeze and Ritsu made a soft noise. Shou shifted, the seat trying to grip his skin as he moved down, his knees hitting the glove box as he stroked Ritsu’s growing erection. Twitches and trembles jolted through Ritsu. His torso arched gracefully under the speckles of sunlight that scattered in through the branches and windows.

A finger trailed between his thighs, slipping under the blue fabric, rubbing between Ritsu’s balls and entrance. Shou’s eyes watched Ritsu shudder as he teased in circles around his hole. Pausing to reach for his bag by his feet, Shou pulled out the lube and a condom. Ritsu rocked his hips, encouraging Shou’s hand to move against his exposed cock.

“Hurry up,” he hissed. Shou hummed and continued to move at his own pace, hands patiently sliding lower.

Ritsu’s eyes had a sedated glaze, and the small creases by the corner of his eyes showed he anticipated him. The way he looked down at Shou made his stomach roll. Shou grinned so wide his dimples showed, stupidly pleased with himself. The warmth bundling in his chest made the heat from the sun pale in comparison.

Ritsu’s whole body relaxed as two fingers slid into him. Shou felt Ritsu’s dick twitch in his grip.

“You’re still soft from this morning,” Shou wiggled the fingers inside. “Wow, your asshole is just taking my fingers!”

Ritsu grumbled, “Don’t be so genuinely impressed.”

“Don’t be like that,” Shou smiled. He slipped another finger in, curling inside. His knuckles pressed into his inner walls. He settled on a slow, deep rhythm. Shou felt Ritsu’s toes curl by his thighs and could see how his thigh muscles tensed.

“You’re so hot, I love when you get impatient,” he kissed the flat of his stomach. “Your asshole and dick are twitching so erotically, can you feel that? Can you?”

He was gasping shallowly, preoccupied with the pressure building in his abdomen. He barely gritted out an irritated, “Stop asking stupid questions and just put it in.”

Ritsu could feel Shou’s taunting curl of a grin. Shou’s teeth grazed down the side of his waist. His rough fingers stroked up and down Ritsu’s shaft, sliding down to squeeze his balls. His other hand continued to prepare Ritsu’s entrance. Ritsu felt so exposed with how easily Shou played him.

“Put what in?” Shou asked in a low voice.

“Don’t—,” Ritsu’s breath hitched. Shou’s fingers felt pleasantly invasive. He knew how to move inside him, spreading him open, fingers stimulating by the way they pressed inside. They purposely hit the spot that made his body want to curl into itself and deliberately missed with every other thrust. “—Don’t ask stupid questions, Suzuki.”

Blue eyes watched how Ritsu’s jaw grew slack. Sweat made his bangs stick to his forehead, the pale slit of his old scar visible. Beads of sweat gathered and dripped from his black hair. Ritsu felt Shou’s eyes savor the way his whole body anticipated; eyes hungry, hands ready to dominate.

Shou’s lips ghosted down, kissing the tip of his cock. Ritsu wasn’t sure when Shou removed his hand from his dick. The heat felt disorienting.

“Say my name,” Shou hummed, lips still pressed against the tip, eagerly dripping pre-cum. His tongue swiped out. Ritsu’s knees trembled, aching from straddling for so long and from Shou’s teasing.

Ritsu eyes looked hazed even with the stubborn furrows between them. His hands were clenched at his sides. The windshield exposed Ritsu’s whole figure yet neither acknowledged it. Shou always knew it was Ritsu who was eager and impatient, more so than himself. Shou softly squeezed his thigh, silently coaxing.

“Suzuki,” Ritsu groaned. He clenched his fists. Shou’s tongue played with his urethra, swirling around it, curling around and under his head. “Suzuki, god—,” he panted. Shou enjoyed the way Ritsu unconsciously leaned forward, pressing him into the chair. Trapped between Ritsu's thighs and the seat, his hair flattened against the pleather.  The visceral sound of Shou’s fingers entering, stretching him slowly, made Ritsu's stomach tight.

“Just do it,” Ritsu practically whined. He was unraveling; hips lurching forward, heated eyes glowering at Shou, yet oozing submission hinted by the drag of his teeth over his lips and the expectancy of his breath. His fingers found the nape of Shou’s hair, tugging through the ginger locks.

“You look pretty close,” Shou chuckled. His breath was humid. Ritsu cock ached. Something inside him needed Shou. “You don’t want to finish fir—,”

“Just fuck me Shou!”

Shou’s lips parted around Ritsu’s cock, sucking firmly as his fingers thrust in simultaneously. The tension was heavy in Ritsu’s abdomen; it became the heat, the red in his cheeks, and the curve in his spine. Fingers moved, slick and knuckle-deep inside him. Shou’s tongue wrapped around his cock; down the side, tonguing the underside with the broad flat of his tongue, sliding up so the tip drew circles on the head.  He keened with his erect dick in Shou’s mouth, hips stuttering, ready to release—

Shou pulled away with a pop. Ritsu peered at him through his lashes. His whole body felt thrilled and incomplete. The hand once on his thigh was back around the base of his dick, gripping tightly.

Ritsu’s fingers were needfully pulling his hair. Shou ignored the stinging on his scalp.

“You’re dripping so much, but not yet,” he swiped precum down Ritsu’s erection. Ritsu’s whole body wound tighter at the low thrum of his voice. “I want to make you come from the inside.”

Ritsu shuddered at the statement. Excitement twisted his expression that was halfway between frustration and compliance. Blue eyes leered at him from below, but Ritsu found himself feeling as if he were exposed beneath them.

Shou grinned and flashed Ritsu the condom before tearing it open. Ritsu leaned in to the window, smearing the glass’ clean surface. Heat soaked through the glass. His eyes watched as Shou unrolled the condom, scooting up to position his dick between his ass cheeks. Shou folded his knees up onto the chair, more comfortably positioning himself underneath Ritsu.

He tugged Ritsu’s hand, threading his fingers through as he brought them to his lips, planting a soft kiss on his knuckles. Ritsu straddled his hips, Shou's dick was warm against him, and they revealed the suspense.

“Tell me if this position is uncomfortable,” Shou murmured. Ritsu wanted to roll his eyes but just found himself easing down. Shou’s palm was searing into the curve of Ritsu’s hip. Shou’s hands felt sturdy as they helped guide him down.

He took Shou easily. The size of his cock filled him. Ritsu squirmed. He slowly began to rut, taking Shou down to the base. Ritsu sighed into the sweltering air, eyes fluttering closed when his thighs rested flush on Shou. Shou’s grip squeezed the soft flesh of Ritsu’s hip, urging him as deep as he could go.

“I’m going to move,” Shou said. He shifted his hips up from the seat, moving in a circular motion, not yet thrusting, just slowly opening his partner up. Ritsu found it hard to think. His mind felt frayed. He wanted to cum, edging closer to demanding Shou finished his fun.

Ritsu began to stroke himself, deciding on his own pace instead. The sensation of his entrance opening, greedily taking Shou’s dick, made waves of pleasure churn in him. Shou smiled to himself, enjoying the mess his boyfriend was as he rode him. He couldn’t resist the way his lips parted, tongue peeked out, his hair tangled, or the way his face was flushed to his ears.

He pulled Ritsu’s hand away from himself. Ritsu practically growled.

Shou laughed light-heartedly. Both hands on Ritsu’s hips, he dropped his own hips so his erect cock in the bright red latex stood up, barely pressing into the entrance. He cocked an eyebrow at him as if to teasingly motioning, “Ready?”

Shou thrust up and Ritsu’s knees collapsed, the whole weight of his body falling down onto him. “I told you, I want to make you cum from the inside.” Shou’s voice was like the window’s glass; hot to touch and heat discernible from a distance. Ritsu’s hands scratched down Shou’s chest and arms. Regardless Shou was smiling, an insatiable one that drunk up the way Ritsu was assenting above him.

“Shut up Shou, you idio—,” Ritsu let out a guttural groan. The sound of their flesh slapping together filled the car, the vehicle rocking. Every thrust was hot, the type that ebbed from the point of pleasure, and felt white as it traveled up through his nerves and shook his joints.

“Right there,” Shou grunted. He moved Ritsu up on the chair and continued to penetrate to the hilt. Ritsu's bare skin pressed against his own left no room to breathe. He kept Ritsu’s hand tightly wound in his own, making his partner lean forward into his chest while he thrust up, aiming for his prostate. Ritsu let out a sultry moan against Shou’s collar.

“You don’t know how good you look,” Shou spoke between his breaths. He craned his neck forward to kiss the top of Ritsu’s head. The car’s air was oppressive as it grew thick and muggy. “When you look like that, when you look at me like that I just want to make you mine. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand you, Ritsu, I love you.”

Their hands squeezed together. Ritsu felt Shou trembling against him.

“I love you, Shou,” he chuckled breathlessly,  “Just shut up for once and let me cum.”

Shou nodded as he pressed another kiss to the top of his head. He bent his knees, lifting his hips up, taking Ritsu with him. He was balls deep inside him, Ritsu’s hole squeezed tightly around his erection. He watched the way Ritsu’s back arched, his chin tilting up as words were tempted to fall out between the moans and whines. Shou throbbed inside him, and he pulled out, psychically keeping Ritsu afloat before he slapped his hands down on Ritsu’s thighs, forcing him down onto his cock.

“AH—!! T-that’s—,” Ritsu groaned. He bit his lower lip, stifling the soft gasps and sharp inhales. Shou panted as he thrust up, eyes fixated and hip aiming precisely. Ritsu was only capable to concentrate on the heat simmering inside. The pressure was reaching its peak; his insides growing tight as his whole body seemed to ache and strain as Shou hit his prostate again and again. Shou’s expression was consumed with passionate fervor.

“I’m going to cum,” Ritsu’s fingernails dug into Shou’s skin. “I’m going to—,” his breath caught in his throat and the white-hot sensation invaded his senses. He moaned, his free hand slapping against the window. Cum shot out, dripping onto Shou’s bare chest. Shou slowed his thrusts. Ritsu’s whole body sagged on top of him.

Sweat beads rolled down his tan skin, his chest expanded as he inhaled steadily through the post-climax. Shou pulled Ritsu down onto his chest, wrapping his arm around his shoulders, and in a single motion rolled to switch places. He pulled Ritsu up the chair, spreading his legs up to hook over his shoulders. Shou's knees pressed awkwardly into the seat's cushion, but he was too distracted with readjusting his dick inside Ritsu to care.

Shou rolled his hips. Ritsu twitched under him.

“Wait, it’s too hot Shou,” he held up a hand. Shou leaned forward and chastely kissed his open palm instead.

“I haven’t cum, besides, I know you aren’t tired yet,” he purred and pressed his hips into Ritsu’s. He enjoyed the way he felt Ritsu’s legs tense over his broad shoulders. Ritsu's movements were sluggish but started to match Shou’s. Shou began to pick up the pace with deliberate, slow thrusts. His hand teased around the base of Ritsu’s soft cock. “Don’t worry,” his voice was hoarse. “I’ll do the work.”

The way Shou spoke went straight to his abdomen, feeling like crackling sparks inside him. Ritsu’s head rolled to the side as he felt Shou push back in. He noted the trees keeping the rental in the shade and how the light scattered through the leaves. He noted how the world condensed as pleasure clouded his vision. Shou’s fingers continued his foreplay, starting with his nipples, tugging at the sensitive flesh, then traveling down, fingers mapping the slope of his waist and the arc of his spine. Ritsu shivered and gripped his own bangs. Blood was rushing lower, his dick growing with every thrust.

Ritsu knew it would end up like this. Shou would come while penetrating him; Ritsu would still be hard, and they would continue to poke and tease and whittle each other down until they were both exhausted, left feeling raw by one another.

Shou settled a faster rhythm and positioned his hips low to dig his cock into Ritsu. Ritsu gasped, then a soft moan forced its way past his lips.

“You—ah—take too long,” Ritsu spat as he threw his head back. His eyes screwed shut and his jaw locked. His hair spread like ink across the seat cushion.  Shou snickered. A hand caressed Ritsu’s inner thigh.

“I just have to get my fill of you first.”


“I told you we shouldn’t keep going,” Ritsu said. “And I told you its too hot,” he sighed and sat back into the passenger seat. Exhaustion and discomfort from the cramped positions seeped into him. Shou chuckled from behind the wheel.

“It’s alright, we’re late on a vacation,” he beamed and buttoned his pants. Ritsu scoffed. He turned to the window, smiling into his hand. Shou fiddled with the car’s mirror settings before he turned out of the trees. The rental rolled down the narrow road and stars started to glow in the soft blue sky through branches. The evening air grew cool. Ritsu cracked open his window to bask in the breeze, worry falling away.

His shirt stuck to him, and his hair was standing up, and mugginess from the day’s heat still lingered in the car. Shou played with the volume dial. Ritsu leaned into the car door, watching the different flora as they passed by. From the corner of his eyes, Shou was smiling; a composed and tender smile. He was scanning the road, looking a little too pleased in his wrinkled clothes.

Ritsu watched with a grin, his eyes drooping as the evening grew dark. He fell asleep in the passenger seat, watching Shou steer, and the weight of the chilled air subduing him.