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Erasing Our Distance, I Request From You...

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You couldn’t tell the difference anymore. The temperature seemed to be fluctuating and your brain was in a hazy mess. You barely had much strength to move, let alone escape the cocoon-like darkness you were encased in. That was until you noticed a strange sort of warmth wrapped around your body and opened your eyes groggily.

Dark eyes bored into you – strained and weary, but frowning with concern.

“Sho-” You winced at the sudden flick against your forehead.

“You idiot.” The hand in front of you slowly returned to its original position, securing your body close against the scruffy, dark haired male. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

You pursed your lips, unsure how to respond to him in your current position. Cheeks flushed red at the little space available on the bed. “W-Where are we?”

“In the infirmary. Don’t dodge the question now,” Shouta muttered sternly. “How long have you been have you been doing this?”

You hesitated until Shouta called your name gruffly.

“…A month.”

“A month,” he repeated with a disapproving frown. “No wonder why you collapsed during class.”

The distance between the both of you grew smaller.

“Why would you do something reckless and stupid like that?” His words were harsh, but you could sense the evident worry in his voice. Shouta’s eyes fixated on you intensely, awaiting your answer.

“I wanted… to become stronger,” you admitted.

The cold shudders were completely erased once Shouta pulled you closer.

“That doesn’t mean you have to push yourself,” he grumbled.

“But I have to. Everyone else was working so hard. I want to prove that I can pull my own weight too.” You bit your lip. “Even… if I don’t have a quirk.”

“Was this because of the comments from the media?” At your lack of a response, Shouta sighed. “You shouldn’t listen to them. You have proven your own strength on numerous occasions.”


“Do you even realise how worried everyone was when you fainted during class? What would you do if it had happened during a fight against a villain? Do you expect the other heroes to come flying in to your rescue?”

You fell quiet and Shouta let out another sigh. “I’m just saying… know your limits and work from there. If you weren’t worthy enough to be a hero, you wouldn’t have been accepted into Yuuei as a teacher in the first place.”

His hand came to rest on the back of your head.

“You know that kid, Midoriya? All Might isn’t the only hero he looks up to.” Your head perked up at Shouta’s words. “He said your lessons were really informative and interesting.”


“Uraraka thinks you are really patient and nice. Iida said that you were very responsible as a teacher. And though Bakugou wouldn’t admit it, he’s probably impressed that someone like you was able to hold your own ground in a fight,” Shouta smirked. “And a conversation.”

You stared at him with wide eyes.

“To put it simply, the students really look up to you. And I’m sure they pretty much know that you care about them too.” His hand gently caressed your head. “So as their teacher, stop doubting yourself and making them worried.”

Tears spilled over eyelids. The next thing you knew, you were sobbing against Shouta’s chest. He held you close on the bed, caressing your head gently.

“And don’t blame yourself for what happened with the villains back then. What happened wasn’t your fault,” he said softly. “You had no idea about the situation.”

The memory of Shouta in the hospital resurfaced.

“I’m alright now. Most of my injuries have healed up already.” His hand moved to tilt your face upwards, connecting your teary gaze with his softer one. “So don’t cry anymore.”

You sniffled. His thumb brushed the tears threatening to spill over. His forehead leaned down against yours. “You’ll get a fever too, you know. If you stay any longer…” you whispered.

“Doesn’t matter,” Shouta breathed. “At the worst case scenario, I won’t have to show up for work for a day or two.” His gaze grew half-lidded. “If that happens, I’ll be counting on you.”

Warmth spread across your cheeks. The sound of your own heartbeat echoed loudly in your ears. Temperature fluctuated in the warm embrace of the hero known as Eraserhead.

Your one and only hero.

“Was it true though?” You asked curiously. “That you were… worried about me?”

The atmosphere suddenly shifted.

“…What do you mean?”

“Well, you’re not usually this affectionate whenever we went out together. And you always appeared uninterested whenever we were in front of others, so I thought…” You paused at Shouta’s dark gaze. “… Shouta?”

You gasped in surprise upon being pinned onto the mattress. His form hovered above yours. Your own heart almost caught itself in your throat at the sudden intense gaze directed at you.

“You know the answer very well,” Shouta muttered darkly.

You swallowed hard. His grip on your wrists showed no sign of relinquishing their hold. “Looking at your condition at the moment, you probably won’t be able to move for some time. I would say you have zero chances of escaping now.”

His face lowered closer to yours. Dark eyes bore into yours.

“I hope you’re prepared,” Shouta breathed against your lips. “For starting this.”

In that instant, the distance between both him and you was erased.