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Sometimes, Deadpool would be away for work, doing who only knew what illegal things. Other times, he’d be with Peter nearly non-stop for days. They had sex, of course, but they also did a wide variety of other things.

Wade was insistent on learning more about Peter’s abilities. Often, he did that when Peter was least suspecting, making it so that Peter couldn’t hide anything. This lead to Wade coming up with tips and tricks for Peter to use.

“You rely on your ability to sense incoming attacks too much,” Wade scolded. “You need some basic self defense moves under your belt.”

“Why? I can handle the average attacker.” It wasn’t like he was going out fighting crime every night.

“Maybe you can, but if you learn it, you can teach it to others.”

And that was how Wade would sell it, dangling the idea of Peter helping other omegas to protect themselves. Slowly but surely, Peter was learning how to fight in a combination of his own powers, and efficient use of technique. It was an odd feeling, given his history. He tried not to think too much on it.

On the days that Deadpool didn’t show up, Peter took regular clients. Not having to deal with rule breaking or violent assholes was nice, for a change. Unfortunately, Wade had ruined Peter. The entitled comments the other alphas made grated on Peter, testing his acting abilities while around them. Not to mention, the sex was bad. Just a bunch of regular schmucks grunting while mindlessly thrusting into a warm hole.

It was both comforting and irritating in its normalcy. When Wade would show up again, it left Peter almost excited to jump into bed once more. Wade noticed, because of course he did, but he didn’t say anything about it. Peter was relieved that his desires weren’t brought out in the open, but also annoyed that they had been pegged in the first place.

Their games in bed continued, getting all the kinkier. Wade pushed Peter, who responded with more excitement than he ever thought that he would. He kept telling himself it was all because of the money. It was a good excuse to hide behind, but ultimately, it was untrue. Not that he let himself think on that much.

They’d become an odd sort of friends with benefits, sharing only tidbits of their lives with each other. Still, it was enough to build up a certain amount of trust between them. Which was how Peter found himself allowing his current predicament.

There was a trunk in the room opposite the bed that contained all manner of kinky equipment, though it was rarely used. Wade had been excited at the discovery of the spreader bar and immediately requested its use. Thus, the thing had been attached to Peter’s ankles, keeping him spread and accessible.

However, Wade didn’t stop there. Peter was on the bed, on his back, with his wrists and the spreader bar attached to the headboard. This meant he was bent in half, with an easy view of his own feet. It also meant that his ass and cock were on full display with no hope of covering up or shuffling away.

Peter’s job was to be naked and fuck. The position shouldn’t have affected him much, but it did. Knowing how open he was, how vulnerable, how on display… it left him feeling more than a little embarrassed. He did his best to hide that, however, not wanting to give Wade any more power than was already provided.

“You can break out of that, right?” Wade asked.

“In a heartbeat,” Peter confirmed. It was all cheap aluminum and scrap leather products. They didn’t capture him so much as encourage him to maintain the position he was in.

“Good.” Wade walked over with a collection of toys. “The challenge for today is: if you can cum untouched, you can request any position you want from me.”

Peter shivered. He rarely won these games, but when he did, Wade followed through. He let Peter be in the dominant role if that was what he wanted. Having command over an alpha, even if it was freely given, was addictive. It kept Peter coming back for more, and perhaps that was Wade’s goal.

Whatever the case, Peter was ready to win.

Something cold and slippery pressed up against his hole and he forced himself to relax around it. It slipped inside without trouble. It was small and smooth. Peter was surprised that Wade hadn’t picked one of the more intimidating looking dildos.

“So the trick is I have to cum on something I can barely feel?” Peter asked. “Seems unfair.”

“Oh, I’m making this more than fair. Don’t worry.”

It was at that point, the thing hummed to life. The vibrations were sharp and demanding. Wade’s aim was impeccable and he easily pressed it against that sensitive spot deep inside. If Peter hadn’t been tied down, he would have come off the bed at the feeling of it.

“So responsive already,” Wade laughed. “It’s on low.”

Fuck!” was the only thing Peter could get out.

“Is it too much?” Wade started moving the thing in tiny circles, as if that would somehow lessen how intense it was. “You aren’t tapping out already, are you?”

“Guh!” Peter trashed around as much as he could, which only really succeeded in making a mess of his hair.

“Give it a little bit, it’ll get easier.”

Peter’s legs were trembling and it felt like every nerve in his body was being zapped. The sensation was too much to be called pleasure, but was just shy of pain. He couldn’t rationalize it. His mouth worked but nothing came out.

After what felt like an eternity, but was likely only a few minutes, Wade’s words came true. The feeling became bearable, and warmth started spreading through him in an unstoppable force. He heaved in air as he slowly became more aware of himself.

Tears were streaking down his face and his cock was hard. His stomach was clenching and unclenching at random and without his control. Locked in their position in the air, his feet were tense and drawn back, toes trembling and taut.

All the while, Wade oh-so-carefully rubbed the damnable thing along Peter’s prostate, never speeding up or slowing down, just maintaining that which Peter was slowly becoming accustomed to. He was, frankly, worried about what would happen once he got used to it. After all, Wade had pointedly mentioned it was set on low.

“Doing better?” Wade asked.

“Fucking sadist,” Peter wheezed.

“You want to stop?”

“Fuck no.”

Wade laughed while he brought up his free hand and ran it lovingly along one of Peter’s trembling thighs. “I love seeing you work so hard to overcome the odds. A core of steel in you…”

Usually when Wade said such cheesy things, Peter was quick to find ways to shut it down. So in retaliation, Wade said them in scenarios where Peter’s mind could barely keep up long enough to form a scathing response. This meant Peter was left having to just accept the words, letting them wash over him, unable to stop them from sinking in.

Peter moaned, his memories wanting to prove why those words weren’t true, but his thoughts were too scattered. His focus was brought quickly back to his predicament and how all his trashing did nothing but cause more rubbing and more lightning being shot through him. He couldn’t escape it.

“What do you want?” Wade all but purred as he kissed along the tender skin of the crease between Peter’s leg and ass. “You want to beg me to stop, or beg me to touch you?”

Both, but Peter refused to give in that easily. He gritted his teeth and breathed through it, focusing on the building tension and warmth inside of him. That was his way out. All he had to do was follow that to the top and let himself spill over. Then he would win.

“You’re leaking so much,” Wade murmured.

Once it was pointed out, Peter could feel the wetness leaking from him and dripping onto his stomach, a trail inching its way up the slope of his body and towards his chest. The damn thing was milking him. If he didn’t cum soon, he’d orgasm dry, if he did at all. There was no telling if Wade would accept that or claim Peter was faking it.

Since they both knew Peter would try to fake it if he could. He was stubborn, not a saint in these situations.

Peter concentrated on flexing his inner muscles, causing his cock to jump. If he could get a rhythm going, it would offset the lack of touch and allow him to push higher towards the edge. Ride the edge long enough, and your body will eventually fall over.

“Ohhh, now you’re getting the hang of it.” Wade grinned into the hard muscle of Peter’s thigh, letting him feel it. “Trying to dance yourself to orgasm, little willy?”

“Shut up…” Peter growled. He didn’t want Wade’s idiotic ramblings throwing him off his concentration.

Wade tilted the thing up to press harder into Peter’s insides, hard enough that Peter could feel the dulled vibrations in his belly. He cried out as more pre-cum leaked out of him and his legs jerked. Unrepentant, Wade sank his teeth into what flesh he could reach of Peter’s ass.

“Oh, fuckin— FUCK!”

His outburst just caused a happy hum from Wade, who slowly let off the pressure, leaving Peter’s mind crumbled. When he could focus again, it was to find his desire sky high, the pressure so tight, but it needed that extra to push. With great strength of will, he started flexing the right muscles again.

“Mmm, you’re doing so well. Good boy. Keep it up and you get a reward.”

Peter didn’t want to respond to those words. He didn’t want to bask in the praise being given to him. But he was too far gone to remember why, and his mind was too loopy to keep his omega under control. He purred as his eyes rolled in his head, all but wallowing in the words he was normally so ashamed to crave.

“That’s right. You’re so good. So strong. You look so perfect spread out like this.”

Fuck, it felt good. So good. The words were like a solid presence, soothing over his skin like a balm. His mind drifted away in the pleasure of them, compounded by the stark need of his body. He yearned for more of it.

“More…” Peter breathed.

“Good boy,” Wade growled, and then he turned up the vibration.

Peter’s mouth fell open, but the scream choked off in his throat, his lungs unable to determine if they wanted to make noise or desperately suck in air. His entire body trembled under the onslaught. His orgasm so close it was painful, but still not enough to tip him over the edge.

“Do you want to win?” Wade asked, voice so low Peter could feel it rattle around in his ribcage. He desperately nodded his head, unable to speak as he fought to suck in air.

“Do you want to show me how good and strong you are?”

Peter whined, his hands clenched so hard that his nails dug into his palms. His body bucked and jerked, desperately seeking the release that was so close.

“Then all you have to do is…”

“Please…” Peter slurred.


And just like that, Peter did, crying out his release as he spilled onto his stomach, his dick jerking with each spurt as he chased after his pleasure. When he was finally spent, Peter almost did scream at the feeling of the thing still buzzing inside of him. He tried to form the words to beg for it to stop, but it came out jumbled and pitiful sounding.

Something must have gotten through, because it was turned off and removed. Peter sagged in his bonds, heaving for breath, his body still quaking constantly. He felt absolutely soaked in sweat, and his own ejaculate was still sliding up his body, making even more of a mess of him.

Wade undid the restraints, easing Peter down onto the bed, where he lay in a boneless puddle. Wade murmured pleased words as he soothed his hands over Peter’s exhausted muscles, and licked Peter’s torso clean. For a long time, Peter just floated, enjoying the peace of such an exhaustive scene.

When Peter finally came back to himself, he opened his eyes to see Wade sitting above him, scarred fingers stroking through Peter’s hair. Wade grinned down at Peter. “You won.”

Peter grinned lazily. “I did.”

“What is your reward?”

Ten minutes later, Peter was lounged in the chair, one leg thrown over the arm of it from where he was sprawled. One hand held the glass of water he was nursing, the other ran idly over the pitted plains of Wade’s head.

“It’s peaceful like this,” Peter mused. “I like it when you’re quiet.”

On the seat between Peter’s legs sat Wade’s chin, his mouth wrapped around Peter’s cock. Wade wasn’t allowed to move. He was just to stay like that, warming Peter’s cock, not saying a word. Peter took a sip of his water and studied the man below him.

He had expected Wade to be angry or reluctant to assume such a submissive position and maintain it for so long. However, Wade’s eyes were half lidded and his pupils blown. He looked far gone in his own headspace, seemingly content with just the feel of Peter’s fingers.

Wade’s cock hung heavy and unfulfilled between his bare legs. He wasn’t allowed to touch. He was only allowed to keep his hands on his elbows behind his back. It left Wade as an object for Peter’s whims.

It left the omega in control and the alpha acting as a silent sex doll.

“Such a good boy,” Peter mocked. “How good you are for me, obeying my commands.”

Wade’s eyelashes fluttered and his cock twitched, but he otherwise didn’t move. Peter smiled and dropped his head back to rest on the back of the chair. He closed his eyes and sighed in contentment.

He could get used to winning.




“What’s that?” Peter asked as he plopped down at the kitchen table to eat.

Aunt May slid the card over to him with a smile. “An old friend of mine from college is getting remarried.”

It was an invitation, expensive looking and embossed in gold lettering. Peter noticed the hand written note that came with the invitation still sitting in front of his aunt. He knew that she kept in touch with a lot of old friends, but rarely got to see them. Peter raised his eyebrows at the location.


“She appears to have married into a well off family this time.” Aunt May chuckled. “She seems to think we’re all still young. She has a full tour set up as a package for anyone attending the wedding! Can you imagine?”

Though she was trying to brush it off, Peter noticed the wistful tone of her voice. “How much is a plane ticket?”

Aunt May laughed the question off, picking up the card and walking over to stick it to the fridge. “Too much to splurge on, that’s for certain.”

Peter propped his head in his hand. “You deserve a vacation, ya know.”

“I’ll make up for lost time when I retire.” She winked as she collected up the rest of the letter and stashed it away.

They both knew that retiring wasn’t an option. Her and Uncle Ben had cashed out their 401k multiple times in order to make ends meet over the years. It had been that money that kept a roof over their heads and paid for the repairs on the house.

It had also put Peter through school.

He thought about how much he had saved up over the years. It wasn’t much, and it was supposed to go towards buying equipment he could tinker with to prove his worth as an inventor. Still, it’d be money well spent if he could give something back to Aunt May.

He made a mental note to look up how much it would cost to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii.




“I’ll have a job coming up soon,” Wade informed as they made their way into Peter’s room.

“Oh?” Peter did his best to keep the disappointment out of his voice. Airfare and hotel costs for the Hawaii trip was more than he’d expected. Without Deadpool’s endless pockets filling Peter’s, he likely wouldn’t get the funds together in time.

“You sound disappointed,” Wade happily noted, walking up behind Peter to pull them together. “Gonna miss me?”

“Gonna miss the money.”

“I’m wounded!” Wade cried as he ran his leather clad hands up under Peter’s shirt.

“Yes, poor you.” Peter rolled his eyes while at the same time settling further back against Wade’s broad chest.

“If you need the money so bad, have you thought of taking a look into mercenary work? You got the powers for it, and it pays well.”

“I’m not gonna kill people for money.”

Wade chuckled. “Doesn’t always involve killing, per se. There’s a lot of reasons people hire those outside the law to handle things for them.”

“Mmm…” Peter didn’t address that part, not sure how he felt about the business in general.

“Ahh, if you did something good, you’d feel bad about taking the money, hm?” Peter could hear the smile in Wade’s voice. “My little hero.”

“Shut up,” Peter growled, trying to focus his mind on the hands running along his skin and not the moral conundrum of money versus ethics.

Wade obliged by running a hand down inside Peter’s shorts, but it didn’t stop him from talking. “What if it’s a poor little alpha in need?”

“What do you mean?”

Warm leather wrapped around Peter’s cock, stroking him slowly, squeezing in all the right ways that spoke to the intimate knowledge they had with each other now. “I mean, what if it’s an alpha that got himself in trouble. Pissed off the wrong people, and now they’re threatening him. He can’t go to the police, so what does he do?”

Peter hummed, thinking it over. The idea of an alpha getting in over his head based on his own ego was one he liked. They deserved the consequences to their actions. Peter rolled his hips, seeking more of the touch Wade was offering.

“Like that thought, do you?” Wade’s voice was low and rough with arousal. “What about the part that comes after? When you fix the alpha’s problems and then he has to pay you an obscene amount of money. Imagine the look on his face when he realizes it was on omega that saved his pompous ass.”

Peter sucked in air, and thrust a little more insistently into Wade’s hand. He could see it. The look of shock and debasement flashing across some rich alpha’s face when Peter revealed himself to be an omega. An omega now rich with entitled alphan money because only he could fix the problem. An alpha at the mercy of an omega.

“I could help, you know,” Wade purred. “I could set you up with the right missions, take you along with me. I could use your skills. All we have to do is sabotage a drug ring, create a distraction, save the kidnapped family member — stuff like that. Nothing bad. Just enough work to fix a problem and then rake in the dough.”

Peter felt warm all over, his mind spiraling high on physical pleasure mixed with his self righteous imaginings. It all seemed so easy. Using Deadpool as a contact meant an extra buffer to keep Peter out of it. It was a dirty fantasy he’d always wanted and never allowed himself to dream of.

“Imagine…” Wade whispered, his breath hot against Peter’s ear, his hand quick and insistent on Peter’s cock. “Imagine all those petty corporate alphas begging you to fix their mess. Imagine the look in their eye as they pay an omega to fix their problems.”

Peter gripped at the arms around him as his legs grew weak. He was so close to the edge. His lungs heaved as he panted. There was something warm, yet hard growing growing in his chest, radiating outwards. He wanted what Deadpool was offering. He wanted that satisfaction, and the freedom of the money that came with it.

“Taking back what you deserve.”

Peter moaned as his legs shook.

“A hero to those truly in need.”

“Ah!” Peter came, spending himself inside the spandex of his shorts, and all over Deadpool’s glove.

The mental image Wade had painted swirled in Peter’s mind, riding on a cloud of bliss. He wanted it. Oh, how he wanted it. His skin tingled just at the thought of it. He allowed himself to revel in the fantasy of it for as long as he could before reason and self doubt grew once more to overtake it.

“I can’t…” Peter whispered, though mostly to himself. He pushed away from Wade, shucking his now dirty shorts and making his way over to the chair to recover.

Wade’s shoulders drooped almost cartoonishly. “Why not?”

“I’m not trained for this, I have no disguise, and I have a lot to lose. Besides, what happens when I’m overrun by numbers or by another super stronger than me? You heal from everything. I don’t.”

“I’ll be with you the whole time! We can split the cash, 50/50!”

“A person like me doesn’t just magically produce that much cash. It would be suspicious, which means I couldn’t even spend it. What use is money I can’t spend?”

“I’ll forge a lottery ticket receipt for you. A fake company payout for getting hit by a car.” Wade walked over and dropped to his knees in front of the chair. He pulled his mask off of his own volition before diving in and licking clean the leftover cum still smeared on Peter’s crotch. “I’ll be there every step of the way. I’ll protect you.”

Peter closed his eyes and dropped his head back against the cushion of the chair. His hands idly stroked over Wade’s head as he enjoyed the worshiping the merc’s tongue was performing. It was tempting, what was being offered. So painfully tempting…

“You act like there’s already the perfect job lined up,” Peter pointed out.

“Mmm… There will be. He hired someone else, but that person’s a coward. Eventually, they all come to me.” Wade moved on to sucking bruises into Peter’s inner thighs.

“I can’t afford to be shot.”

“I don’t need you for that part of the job, Baby Boy.” Wade cut his eyes up with a wicked grin. “I need someone who can break in from the top of a building while I cause a distraction. If you’re upstairs stealing back what was stolen, that means I don’t have to hack and slash my way upstairs to get it.”

“Are you trying to bribe me into this by saying you’ll kill people if I don’t go with you?”

“No, no, no, Baby Boy. I’m saying it’ll take me a lot longer to come up with a plan if I can’t go in guns a blazin’. Time is of the essence, you see, which is why he’ll come to me in the end.”

“What exactly was stolen?”

“An experimental drug formulated to cure a very rare cancer that resides in the six year old daughter of the millionaire alpha who’s gonna pay us.”

Peter felt like he’d been doused in ice. “Why would someone steal that?”

Wade rested his cheek on Peter’s smooth thigh. “Because said alpha made a deal with a very notorious gang lord to get the funding needed to start his company. He underestimated how difficult it would be to pay back that debt without it being noticed in an audit. So instead of taking the money from his own pocket, he decided he was badass enough to not have pay anything back at all. Let’s just say this is a past due letter.”

“If all he has to do is pay back the money, why would he give it to mercenaries instead?”

“Because the payback is based on a percentage, and his company is doing very well. We could get a hundred grand. The gang lord is looking at two mil.”

“So he’s still not paying up, even though his daughter’s life is on the line?”

A feral grin spread across Wade’s face. “Exactly. Don’t you think he deserves to pay out for us saving his little girl’s life? And at a fraction of the cost!”

Something cold and hard settled over Peter like a second skin. “I think he deserves to pay us one hundred each.”

Wade surged forward, bringing their faces a millimeter apart. “Perfect,” he whispered against Peter’s lips before pressing them together in a hard kiss.

Being a hero, saving the day, it was always a thankless job full of too many hours and too little funds to support it. But this? Maybe Deadpool knew what he was doing after all.