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Peter stared at the suit in his hands, uncomfortable in its familiarity. The colors were different. Instead of the gaudy blue and red, it was a deep blood red and inky black. There was no symbol or spiderweb patterns. Yet, there were open places for such things to be added. The suit was surprisingly simple in its design, following only the panel colors of a costume Peter thought he had long forgotten.

The worst offender was the mask. The shape of the eyes were exactly the same. It was haunting, in a way, the blank whites of the large eyes stared up at him with whispers of the past. Surely it wasn’t coincidence that the suit Deadpool had made was so similar?

“How did you come up with this look?” Peter asked.

“Hm?” Wade was running around his studio apartment, gathering the things they needed for the mission. It had only taken their mark a week to finally give in and call Deadpool to finish the job. “I based it off a costume I saw a long time ago. Put my own spin on it, same as I did mine. You like it?”

Peter slipped one of the gloves on and moved his hand around. It was a perfect fit, the material a nice blend of breathable and flexible. “It’s well made.”

Wade preened under the compliment. “Can you still sticky-sticky through the material?”

“Yes,” Peter said as he stuck his fingers to the wall beside him just to verify.

“You want to go over the layout of the building again?” Wade asked, strapping his katanas in place.

“No, I have it memorized.”

“Such a teacher’s pet,” Wade teased.

Peter rolled his eyes. “I’m being professional, unlike others among us.”

“I’m hurt! You act like I never have a plan.”

“Says the person playing eeny meeny in his weapons closet.”

“I have a lot of options!”

Wade continued to ramble on about all the options he had, and Peter largely ignored it. Instead, he finished getting dressed and testing out his movement in the new suit. He had brought his webshooters with him, and slipping them on felt oddly heavy. He had no intention to use them, but it was better safe than sorry.

Looking in the mirror, Peter assessed himself. He was like a darker version of who he once tried to be. It was disconcerting in its accuracy. He had burned his suit for the purpose of never being reminded of it again. Yet, there he was, on the cusp of revisiting a part of his life he had long ago abandoned. Except this time, with worse intentions.

“That costume does amazing things for your ass,” Wade growled appreciatively. He walked up behind Peter and took two big handfuls of it. “You look good, Butt Bunny.”

“That is not even a thing people say.”

“It totally is.”

Peter rolled his eyes and pushed away, but was secretly appreciative. Wade had a talent for breaking Peter out of his moods before they could overwhelm him. It was helpful to not get trapped in his own head sometimes. Especially now, when they had a job to do.

“Have you ever used a grappling hook?” Wade asked, tossing a device to Peter.

“No, but I think I can get the hang of it.”

A grin stretched at Wade’s mask. “Good, ‘cause I’m gonna teach you how to travel by rooftop tonight.”

Peter snorted. “Oh, my. However will I keep up?”




The top floor of the building held surprisingly clean and well stocked labs, considering the outside of the building looked like it was falling apart. Peter recognized setups for making all kinds of drugs, which was likely funding a good portion of the gang’s business ventures. There was a niggling part of him that wanted to destroy the setup for good measure, but he couldn’t afford to make an enemy out of the gang.

That was something hard won experience had taught him. Something his teenage self couldn’t have appreciated the value of.

It had been easy to break into the building. Crawling up along the bricks outside, sneaking in through a window that was already half falling in, and then breaking the security door that lead to the starkly clean labs. Finding the right lab proved to be just as easy. It was simply the only one not making illegal drugs.

It was also the only one occupied. All of the “employees” were supposed to have gone to the safe room the minute Deadpool had set off a loud and flashy bomb that looked like it did more damage than it had. It was protocol to keep the lab workers safe from attacks.

Apparently, this scientist and his nervous looking assistants could care less about their safety.

“Oh, good! Tour guides! You can help me find what I’m looking for,” Peter said as he strolled into the room. The assistants had the correct reaction and hustled their way into a corner, trying to hide. The scientist, designated by his lab coat and a shirt that literally said “I’m the one in change here” turned around to glare at Peter.

“I’ve got no time for interruptions!”

“And I have no time to get in your way.” Peter held up his hands. “I’m just here to take back something stolen.”

“That’s not my problem. Take that up with the thugs.”

“I think I’ll just take it, if it’s all the same to you.”

“You keep your filthy hands off my work!”

“I’m perfectly hygienic,” Peter argued as he walked over to the filing cabinet in the corner. They should have a folder containing the information he needed, and it would make finding the actual product, and any necessary equipment needed to transport it, a lot easier.

Spidey sense flared and Peter whipped around in time to spot the scientist pulling out a gun. Peter’s old instincts were apparently not dead, because he instantly shot out his wrist and webbed the guy’s hand to the wall, clogging the up the gun in the process. The scientist cursed quite a lot, trying to yank his hand out of the webbing. A futile effort. Peter webbed the guy’s other hand to his chest for good measure.

Someone started crying. Peter looked over to see one of the assistants curled up on the floor, bawling his eyes out and rambling half coherent things about how he never wanted this job. The woman beside him just looked completely and utterly done with the world. She could be useful.

Peter pointed to the woman. “Help me out and I’m out of here faster.” Another explosion on the first floor echoed through building, sending dust falling from some of the deteriorating corners of the ceiling panels. “And so is the guy downstairs.”

“Don’t you fucking dare!” the scientist screamed.

The woman sighed, flipped her boss the bird, and walked over to the filing cabinet with Peter. “I assume you’re looking for the cancer research?”

“That’d be the one!”

“Claire I will have your head for— MMPH!” Really, the guy was lucky that Peter was still so familiar with the right amount of webbing to use to make a gag without accidentally suffocating a person.

“I appreciate it,” Claire monotoned as she pulled out a folder, handed it to Peter, and then went to go pack up the goods. With her help, Peter was out of there in a matter of minutes, once he’d verified he had the right stuff.

All in all, it had been an easy in and out mission. Some of the people downstairs were injured, but mostly from friendly fire due to Deadpool running around like a chicken with his head cut off. The first two stories of the building were a mess from the scatter bombs, flash cotton distractions, fireworks, smoke bombs, and people shooting holes in the walls after getting blinded by flash grenades.

Peter was more than happy to have taken the easier part of the mission. Wade was full of himself when they met up afterwards, a few miles away. The mission had gone off without a hitch and he boasted about how it was easy money.

“I was right, yeah? No big deal for you, right?” Wade was all but bouncing up and down with excitement, like a dog looking for praise from his owner.

“Let’s celebrate after we get the money.” Peter looked Wade up and down. “Maybe we should wash the blood off of you first.”

Wade looked down at himself in time to see his body push out one last bullet. It tinked onto the rooftop as the hole in his skin easily healed over. “Ah! Good idea. Don’t wanna mess up the carpets in our mark’s fancy office.”

An hour later, Deadpool was cleaned up and they had bypassed the security system of the large office building in order to make their way into their employer’s office directly. The secretary was the only one to see them, and she went scrambling for cover at the sight of them. Peter decided not to wait on her to press the button to unlock the doors, so he just kicked them open, mechanical bits flying everywhere in his wake.

Wade was noticeably turned on by that. Peter ignored it.

“Was that necessary?!” The alpha was standing behind his desk, body tense and teeth bared. He was trying to look intimidating, but the slight shaking in his hands gave his fear away.

Peter walked over and dropped the box and the file folder onto the desk. “As requested. And an added bonus on what they discovered while working with it.” Peter tapped the folder.

The alpha took a deep breath and straightened out his suit. “You’ve done a good deed today, and saved my daughter’s life. Perhaps thousands of lives with this information being back in the right hands.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Wade waved his hand in a circle. “Let’s get to the exchanging of funds.”

There was a look on the alpha’s face that Peter wanted to punch off of it. One that said he saw the other two as people less than worthy of his time and attention. “Your little stunt is all over the news already. You may have done the world a service by bringing me this, but it will be pointless if you escalate things into a war between my company and a group of thugs.”

“I’m sure you can handle a few thugs.” Wade grinned.

“Do you know how much this is costing me already?”

“Are you trying to stiff us on the money?” Peter’s voice was dark and quiet.

“I’m saying that I will being spending a lot of money on added security in order to fix this mess you so called ‘professionals’ have created.”

“Ah, I get it,” Deadpool said as he swaggered a little closer. “You’re trying to haggle the price down.”

Peter let out a huff of a laugh and crossed his arms. “Sure. We can haggle. That will be one hundred thousand dollars.” He tipped his head to the side. “For each of us.”

The alpha gritted his teeth. “Can’t you get it through your thick heads? I can no longer afford two hundred—” Just like that, there was gun in his face, and his words stumbled to a stop.

Wade hummed. “You pay us less, and we take out the cost in the form of a body part. Don’t worry. It won’t be one you really need.” He flicked his eyes to the man’s crotch.

There was a tense silence as the alpha considered his options. Sweat formed on his brow as he stared down the barrel of the large gun. He swallowed audibly before speaking in a valiantly steady tone. “I’ll go open the safe.”

“You do that!” Wade cheerily replied.

The alpha took his time, likely trying to think of some way to get out of his predicament. Peter walked around the man’s desk, noting the expensive leather chair he had in place of a regular office chair, and how his desk was full of the most expensive gold plated items. To top it all off, there wasn’t a single picture of the man’s family, or mementos of any kind.

He probably doesn’t want his other women to see proof of his family, Peter thought to himself, assuming the worst of the man.

“Here.” The alpha slammed down a box onto the corner of his desk. “Just take it and leave.”

Peter smiled, not that it could be seen. He pushed himself back to sit on top of the desk, pulling one leg up to his chest and left the other to dangle in the air. He leaned back on his arms, keeping his eyes firmly on the alpha as he addressed Wade.

“You have what you need to check the money, right?”

“Always on me!” Wade happily replied. He rummaged around in one of his pouches and then set to work, humming to himself as he went.

The alpha scoffed at them. “You take me for an idiot?”

“I do,” Peter replied.

The man growled and took a few threatening steps forward, trying to be intimidating by looming over Peter. With just a small amount of super strength, Peter lifted his foot, and used his toes to shove the alpha into his fancy chair. The man coughed and immediately tried to stand back up, but Peter shoved him back down, pinning the larger man in his seat with the ball of one foot.

“You don’t seem so grateful, given that we brought you information that can ‘save so many lives.’”

The alpha growled. “And how do I know that anything in that folder is useful, or that you even brought the right medication?”

“Oh? Is that what you’re worried about?” Peter asked in his most patronizing voice. “Here, let me read you the fine print.” He picked up the folder, flipping it open to the long data printouts. “Don’t worry, I’ll summarize it in layman’s terms so you can understand.”

So as Wade meticulously went through the money, Peter read off the details of the medication. He kept the alpha pinned in place, with enough force to guarantee a bruise to remember him by. When Peter finished his summary he looked up to find the alpha angry enough that he was ready to pop a blood vessel.

A thrill ran up Peter’s spine at the sight. The alpha was furious, rich, powerful, and utterly helpless against the power of one toe on Peter’s foot. It was such a rush, he nearly felt dizzy from it.

“Do you need me to explain it again?” Peter mocked. “I can drop it down even further. Maybe explain it elementary terms?” He tossed the folder back onto the desk. “The medicine goes into the body and pew pew, it kills the cancer cells.”

Wade laughed. The alpha in the chair snarled. Peter’s chest felt warm.

“We’re all good,” Wade announced.

Peter dropped his foot. “It was a pleasure doing business with you.”

“If you’re not careful, you’ll both end up in prison one day,” the alpha threatened. “Uppity beta scum.”

Peter slowly slid off the desk, and hooked a finger into the neckline of his suit. He stretched it out just enough for the smell of his sweat to waft into the room before letting it snap back into place. Every gender had a distinct undertone to their smell, something musky and cloying that was identifiable once you learned how to notice it.

The alpha’s eyes went wide when the smell reached him. He looked stunned and disbelieving. “You’re—”

Peter was on the man in an instant, hand wrapped tight around the alpha’s throat. He kept the momentum going until the chair flipped, forcing the alpha into an awkward position, his body half in the overturned chair, and half on the floor. Peter loomed over the man, hand squeezing tight enough to scare, but not enough to cut off air. Yet.

“I’m the person who saved your daughter’s life. You should be grateful to me.” Peter applied a little more pressure and listened to the man wheeze for air. “Tell me how grateful you are.”

The alpha clawed at Peter’s arm to no avail. The sight of him on the floor, vulnerable, fighting for breath, unable to fight back… Peter’s breathing kicked up and his skin flushed under the suit. He felt intoxicated.

“Say it,” Peter whispered.

“I’m… gr— ack! Grateful…” the alpha wheezed.

A tremor worked its way through Peter’s body. “Good alpha,” he breathed and let go, leaving the man to choke and gasp for breath as he tried to roll himself out of the chair.

Walking away, Peter noticed Wade’s very prominent bulge in his pants. The box of money was tucked up under the merc’s arm and a lewd grin was stretching his mask.

“Let’s go,” Peter said, acting as if he wasn’t just as ready to fuck as Wade was.

“Oh, this is gonna be a good night!” Wade cheered as he followed after.




The moment they were back in Wade’s apartment, they were tearing each other’s clothes off. Peter had Wade pinned to a wall, forcing him into silence by kissing hard enough to click their teeth together. Scarred hands left trails of fire along Peter’s skin, arousal suffusing every cell in his body.

Peter was practically buzzing with energy. He clawed at Wade’s skin, his hands unable to stay still, and definitely unable to stay gentle. He wanted to hurt Wade. He wanted to fuck Wade. He wanted to see Wade cry.

Giving into impulse, Peter threw Wade onto the bed, forcibly ripping the rest of the man’s costume off, uncaring that it would need to be sewn back together later. Wade shuddered in arousal, his cock already rock hard. Peter pinned the larger man to the bed. He was panting for breath, his blood pumping fast in his veins, his eyes intense and focused.

“You want me to be Ceveo tonight,” Wade said, a pleased grin on his face.

“You got a problem with that?”

“None at all.”

Peter flashed a feral grin before flipping Wade over and yanking his hips back, forcing him into the presenting position — forcing Wade to play the part of needy omega. Peter raked his eyes down the sloped back, the taut ass, the steady thighs… It was perfect.

“This suits you,” Peter all but purred.

Wade wiggled his ass and that was when Peter noticed it. The flare of something peeking out between Wade’s cheeks. Peter ran his fingers along the rubbery texture of it and Wade hummed at the barely there feeling.

“This… is…”

“I figured you’d be looking to plow into some alpha ass tonight.” The smug grin could be heard in Wade’s voice. “I also figured you wouldn’t have much patience. So I’m all stretched and full of lube, ready to go whenever you please.”

“You wore this all night?” Peter asked as he pressed against the base of the plug.

“Sure did.”

“How perfect…” Peter breathed. He leaned over Wade’s body, sinking his teeth into Wade’s neck as he slowly pulled out the plug. Wade moaned and twitched under the sensations. “I’m going to fuck you until you break.”

Wade whined. “Please.”

Peter didn’t take it slow, and he didn’t wait for Wade to adjust. Instead, Peter tossed the plug to the side, gripped Wade’s hips, and slammed home on a single quick thrust. Wade jerked forward under the force of it, the air forced out of him in a harsh grunt.

“Oh, yeah, baby. Give it to me!” Wade gasped.

Peter wrapped his fingers around the back of Wade’s head and shoved his face into the mattress. “Don’t talk. Just shut up and take it.”

A cacophony of alpha voices rattled around in Peter’s head, spewing the same words. Except this time, it was Peter speaking them. This time, it was an alpha getting pounded in the ass. This time, an omega was in control.

The rhythm Peter set wasn’t about pleasure, not Wade’s and not his own. It was about dominance and revenge. He thrust forward beyond the limits of what a normal human body could handle, but he knew Wade could take it, could heal any damage Peter’s blinded need caused. All Peter could focus on was the broad muscled body below him quaking under the power of Peter’s strength.

Wade had a mouthful of sheets he was biting on, making sure any sounds he wanted to make were muffled. His moans were forced into staccato beats every time Peter’s hips slammed home. His breathing was ragged as he tried to suck in air past the hard press of his face into the bed. Both of his hands were gripped white knuckle tight as he tried to keep his trembling body still.

And between his legs, his cock drooled almost constantly, throbbing with unfulfilled want. But Peter wasn’t about to give Wade such pleasure. Not yet. Not until he’d had his fill.

“Do you like be taken by me?” Peter questioned. “Do you like submitting your pitiful ego to an omega?”

Wade did his best to nod under the weight of Peter’s hand. He moaned again, and his hole twitched around Peter’s pistoning dick.

“You should. This is where you belong. On bottom. Begging for the blessing of my attention.”

Something halfway between a grunt and whine escaped Wade’s mouth, muffled further by the fabric beneath him.

Peter wasn’t certain how long he spent plowing into Wade’s ass. It was like a trance, or a meditative state. He just kept taking, as hard and fast as he wanted, enjoying the visual of the large man under him being utterly destroyed. It was perfect.

But orgasm snuck up on him eventually through the power of constant stimulation. It warmed his skin, tightened his belly, and kicked up his breathing. He didn’t slow down and he didn’t focus on it, but eventually, it spiked, rolling his eyes into his head and making him shudder with release.

He took a few moments to enjoy that as his cock filled Wade’s hole. Then he slowly sat back on his heels, hands sliding down to rest lightly on Wade’s ass. Peter watched intently as his cock softened and allowed little trails of cum to slip out of Wade. It was a lovely sight.

Under Peter, Wade gasped for breath and shivered almost constantly. He was far gone in his own headspace after being so brutally taken. Likely, he was sensitive enough to feel Peter’s seed leaking from his loose hole. Peter ran his thumbs softly over Wade’s skin and listened to the man moan in response.

“You didn’t cum,” Peter softly noted. “Good. I’m glad that you remembered that this was for my pleasure and not yours.”

Wade made a desperate noise, wiggling around as his untouched cock bounced between his legs. Peter let himself gradually slide out of Wade and then sat back to watch the alpha maintain his position. He looked used, wasted, filthy, and desperate. Peter loved it.

Sitting back on the bed, Peter curled one leg under him and the other he propped up in front of him. He called to Wade, allowing the man to crawl around to face Peter. Wade’s pupils were blown and tears hovered at the edges of his eyes. He was still trembling slightly, but his face… Oh, his face was the picture drunken desire.

“You look like a bitch in heat.” The words tumbled out of Peter, no longer to be restrained. “Just ready to hump anything that your dick can find.”

Wade whined and his hips thrust into empty air. A sadistic grin found its way onto Peter’s face.

“Don’t worry. I’m kind. You can hump my leg like the filthy little whore that you are. Would you like that?”

Wade nodded quickly and crawled forward as Peter leaned back on his arms, watching with joy as the alpha further debased himself. When Wade lifted one hand Peter clicked his tongue.

“No. No hands. No words. You’re nothing but an animal. Act like one.”

So Wade kept his hands on the bed as he awkwardly positioned himself up against Peter’s leg. Still, he didn’t delay. The moment his drooling cock met Peter’s skin, he was rubbing against it with abandon. Peter let his eyes droop, and his head lolled to the side as he watched.

The buzz of his lingering high was extended in the face of Wade’s mindless actions. Peter’s eyes roamed over the broken skin, the misshapen lumps, the tears hovering in Wade’s eyes. The whimpers Wade made as he thrust against Peter like a horny dog sounded like music.

Peter couldn’t help but reach out and run his fingers lightly over the rugged skin of Wade’s bald head. The soft touch in contrast to Peter’s harsh treatment seemed too much for Wade. A second later he was dumping his load all over Peter’s leg, grunting with the effort to keep quiet.

“How naughty,” Peter said. “You got your filth on me. Clean it up.”

Shaking, Wade pulled back enough to bend down and lick up his own cum. He was diligent and thorough, continuing to lap at Peter’s skin long after it was cleaned of Wade’s mess. Peter ran his hand gently over Wade’s temple.

“Good boy,” he whispered.

Wade whined at that and crawled forward, headbutting at Peter’s stomach. Giving in, Peter lay back and allowed Wade to curl up between Peter’s legs, head nuzzled into softer part of Peter’s stomach. Peter ran his hands soothingly over Wade’s head, neck and shoulders.

“Shhh,” Peter breathed into the now quiet of the room. “You did very well. So good for me. So good…”

Alphas couldn’t purr, but Wade seemed to attempt to. Peter smiled at that and closed his eyes, letting the slow petting of his hands sooth him as well. At some point, exhaustion overcame them both, and they drifted off into a well earned sleep.