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Peter went careening into the house, stumbling over his own feet in excitement. It was still morning, so Aunt May was not expecting him to be awake yet. She gaped at him and his rumpled clothes as he charged into the kitchen, one hand placed over her heart.

“Goodness, Peter! What’s going on? Were you out all night?”

Not even bothering to answer, Peter ran up to May, put them into dancing position and started waltzing her around the kitchen. She laughed, pleased to see him in such good spirits, something he rarely was the past few years.

“Are you going to tell me what happened, or are you going to dance with me all morning?”

“Both!” Peter said with a grin. He twirled her away before bowing over her hand. When he stood back up, he pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket. “I played the lottery!”

Aunt May blinked. “You what?”

Peter handed over the ticket with his payout information on it. “I didn’t win-win, but I still won a decent amount!”

She blinked down at it in shock for a long time before whispering, “Ten thousand dollars?”

“Ten thousand dollars!” Peter cried happily.

“Oh, my! Oh, goodness! Peter!” Aunt May was beside herself as she pulled Peter into an excited hug. “What are you going to do with it?”

Peter pulled back and gripped at May’s arms with a huge grin. “You’re going to Hawaii.”

Aunt May gaped. “Peter, no! This is your money, I couldn’t possibly… It would cost nearly half of that just to go!”

“This is more than enough to buy some things I’ve had my eye on. Please let me do this for you.” Peter put on his best pleading eyes.

“Now don’t give me that look!”

Peter cranked it up a notch and added a little lip quiver.

“There are better things this could be spent on!”

“Absolutely not!” Peter argued. “The best thing in the world to spend it on is you.”

May teared up and huffed at Peter, unable to get out any further words. She pulled him into a hug once more, dropping a big smack of a kiss on his cheek for good measure. “You’re the best son anyone could ever ask for.”

Peter pretended like that didn’t choke him up as well. “I love you, Aunt May.”

“I love you, too!” She pulled back and cupped his face in her hands, tears hovering on her eyelashes. “I haven’t been on a vacation in years…”

“You’re going to Hawaii,” Peter said, grinning wide.

“I’m going to Hawaii…” she repeated, voice soft with wonder.

“You’re going to Hawaii!”

“I’m going to Hawaii!”

They collapsed into giggles and hugs and more dancing around the kitchen. Later Peter would surprise her with a brand new luggage set to travel with, and she would scold him for spending even more money on her. The look of wonder and excitement on her face was totally worth it, though.




“So if you need me, I’ll be here to take the bad Johns, though that shouldn’t be too much of a concern anymore. Otherwise, I’ll be focusing all my time on a single client.”

Alex had her arms folded across her chest, one finger tapping at her elbow as she considered Peter. It was obvious she didn’t quite trust his new business plan. “Does this have something to do with you two disappearing for hours on end during the night?”

“He likes to switch up locations…” Peter dodged.

“Or how Jason has been walking around in a daze because some mysterious benefactor paid for his sister’s medical treatment?”

Peter looked away, unable to keep eye contact for that one. “Oh? That’s great to hear…”

“I can’t just stick my head in the sand if you’re getting yourself in some kind of trouble.”

“It’s fine, I promise. I know what I’m doing.”

“I wish I could believe that.”

Peter looked over to give her a half smile. “Nothing more dangerous than selling my body to alphas.”

Alex gave him a conflicted look and Peter immediately regretted saying it.

“I’m sorry, Alex. I didn’t mean it like that. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”

“I get it, Peter. I do.” Alex sighed, her eyes going unfocused around her rapid thoughts. “You gotta do what you can to survive in this world…” After a moment, she refocused back on Peter. “That doesn’t mean I’m not constantly worried about all of you getting hurt. I can only do so much to protect you, and only then if you’ll let me.”

“I know…”

“I realize this isn’t anyone’s dream life, so I’m not going to stop you from pursuing other avenues, just… Don’t get yourself killed, alright?”

“I’ll be careful,” Peter promised.

“I’m holding you to that.”




Peter preferred staying close to the brothel in case he was needed. Thus, his training sessions often ended up taking place on the roofs of the surrounding buildings. Wade had procured special paint filled bullets to practice with. They stung like a son of a bitch, but they didn’t break the skin. It was Peter’s job to learn how to keep one step ahead of the firepower.

The problem was, Wade didn’t hold back. His theory was, that if Peter could learn how to win against a fight with Deadpool, he could win against a fight with anyone. Wade wasn’t satisfied unless Peter made it to the end of a session without a single bit of paint on him. That very, very, very rarely happened.

This also meant that Peter lost a lot of the games, since the stakes had moved from sex to training. It definitely made Peter more motivated to win during the matches, and Wade would push Peter’s boundaries during his requests afterwards to keep Peter trying harder.

This was why Peter was currently on his knees, with Wade’s cock buried in his throat. Attached to his nipples were clamps, connected by a chain. The middle of that chain was connected to a tight cock ring at the base of Wade’s dick. If Peter pulled back, the chain would tug at his abused nipples. If Peter pushed forward for what relief there was to be found, it meant choking on the cock in his mouth.

This lead, of course, to Peter alternating between sinking down to stop the tugging and pulling back to breathe. The circumstances of his predicament forced his mouth to fuck Wade. Peter flexed his hands repeatedly from where they were bound behind his back, trying to stay focused.

For the other problem was, that the pain and submission was making Peter somewhat loopy, as much as he didn’t want to admit it. That wouldn’t have been enough to compromise him normally, but his damnable newfound praise kink was . The more Wade talked, the more Peter got lost to the fuzzy spiraling headspace that was happening to him.

“You’re so perfect like this.” Wade’s voice was soothing and almost melodic, like it was trying to hypnotize Peter. In a way, it was succeeding. “I love watching you overcome the odds and win.”

It said something about Peter’s personality that things like that would send pleasure shooting up his spine. He pulled back for air and grunted at the warm pain that tugged at his chest. It caused spit to burble around his lips. Wade ran a finger along Peter’s already glistening chin.

“How pretty…” he mused.

Peter probably looked like a destroyed mess — flushed, covered in drool, his hair sweaty, body straining under the debasing position. Yet, hearing Wade say that those things Peter normally should have been embarrassed about, ashamed over, were somehow treasures that Wade sounded in awe over… It was like a drug, sending Peter’s mind spiraling high on endorphins.

One scarred hand slowly brushed through Peter’s hair, pulling it back to allow Wade a better look Peter’s now glassy eyes. “Has anyone told you how breathtaking you look? How no matter what you do, you still look like a work of art? You should be told that every day of your life.”

Peter moaned and his eyelashes fluttered. Normally, when Wade went too far in his praises, Peter would shut it down, unable to handle such elaborate words. But currently, he wasn’t able to retaliate. All he could do was sit there and listen, allowing the words to spiral through his body in a rush of arousal.

“Fuck, you’re irresistible. I could be inside you every day for the rest of my life and not get enough of you.”

Peter shivered and struggled for air. He shouldn’t want this. He shouldn’t want these words. But oh how good they felt. His eyes unfocused as he methodically moved his head back and forth, finding a rhythm that allowed him to breathe. The pain, the tension, the struggle for air, the pleasure of the words, the heat of his skin, it all blended into something so thick he could drown in it.

“So good,” Wade breathed. “You’re so good.”

Thoughts were as thick as syrup, and when Peter blinked, it felt like slow motion. His limbs were loose around him, no longer straining or fighting, just following along with what was happening. He let suffuse him, take him over, fill him up.

“Are you ready for me to fuck your throat now?” Wade asked.

Peter nodded as best he could in his position. Wade taking over felt like the best idea in the world. Peter just wanted to sit there and feel and take and melt.

Gentle hands gripped Peter’s head and locked him into position. Peter rolled his eyes up to see the bulk of Wade hovering over him. Wade looked just as drunk as Peter felt. He took a deep breath, preparing himself for Wade to take over. With a content growl, Wade did so.

It was far more intense with Wade going as fast as he pleased. Peter struggled not to gag as cock scraped at the insides of his throat. His chest felt warm, a constant ache spreading out from where the clamps were jerked on over and over again. His body involuntarily twitched this way and that in protest, but Wade’s strong hands kept Peter in place. Spit and tears dripped down his face with abandon.

“You’re so amazing,” Wade panted. “So strong to keep up with this.”

Peter gagged but forced himself to relax. Wade moaned deep in his chest at the feeling, his hips picking up the pace. The metal links of the cuffs on Peter’s wrists clinked as his arms jerked, automatically wanting to push Wade away in order to breathe properly.

“Just a little more,” Wade encouraged. “You can do it.”

With great strength of will, Peter forced his body to settle down and his throat to stay open. His eyes unfocused as his mind spiraled away from him. He was dizzy, but Wade’s hands kept him from falling. It was so much easier to accomplish such hard tasks with Wade there to help.

“Yes, just like that, so good… You’re so strong…”

Wade hissed and thrust forward far enough that his balls pressed up against Peter’s chin. He shuddered and twitched, desperately wanting to cum, but the tight cock ring held it back, only allowing a small trickle of precum. Wade held the position as long as he dared before he took two quick steps back, yanking the clamps off Peter’s nipples in a single solid jerk.

Peter cried out and doubled over, coughing and gasping for air and his body trembled from the flare of pain mixed with the oxygen he had been struggling for. There was a clatter of noise as the clamps and cock ring dropped to the floor. Then Wade was kneeling in front of Peter, pulling the shivering form into the broad expanse of Wade’s embrace.

“You did it. You were amazing. So good. So, so good.”

The words left Peter a boneless mess, leaning entirely on Wade for support. His body hummed with pleasure and satisfaction. He enjoyed succeeding. He loved beating the odds when they were against him. And secretly, he felt such deep satisfaction when he pleased Wade.

The cuffs holding Peter’s wrists in place fell away. He was scooped up into strong arms and carried to the bed. Wade was careful and almost reverent, settling Peter down in the sheets like he was made of glass. It was a stark contrast to how hard he would take Peter. Selfishly, Peter loved both of the ways he was treated.

“Are you ready for a reward?”

Peter nodded as best he could, humming in happiness at the idea of receiving a gift. His legs were easily lifted and placed onto Wade’s shoulders. His body folded itself without protest. Wade’s arms coming down on either side of Peter’s head to cage him in felt like safety. When that textured and throbbing cock slid inside of Peter, his jaw dropped in a silent scream, his head digging back into the mattress.

“That feel good, Baby Boy? That what you needed?”

Peter whined in response, his hands clawing desperately at Wade’s skin.

“It’s okay to want this. It’s okay to enjoy it. Don’t let anyone take that from you.”

Before Peter’s mind could process those words, Wade was slamming into Peter’s with abandon. That time, Peter did make noise, punctuated by the force of Wade’s hips meeting his ass. That low burn of arousal inside of him, the dull ache of pain still lingering, spiked to abrupt and cloying pleasure.

Peter thrashed his head around, needing some kind of outlet for the very sudden and strong sensation. However, Wade didn’t seem to like that. One hand made it’s way into the hair at the base of Peter’s skull and pulled his head to a stop, forcing Peter to face Wade’s intense gaze.

“I want to see you. I want to watch your face as you feel me. I want to see how you look when you're desperate for release.”

Peter whined and his back arched, his torso writhing around as Wade unrelentingly hit all the spots that drove Peter crazy. Still, Wade’s grip was strong and unforgiving. Peter’s face stayed within view, and the reverence in Wade’s eyes was too much to bear. He squeezed his eyes shut, not wanting to think about all the things Wade was divining from Peter’s drunkenly desperate face.

It wasn’t long before that buildup happened inside of him, tightening his belly, sending fire through his veins. He was desperate for more. Wanted to seek out relief that had been delayed for so long already. He tried to voice that but it came out guttural and nonsensical. Apparently, Wade spoke that language.

“You want it that bad already?”

“Yes!” Peter gasped.

“Take it. Touch yourself.”

Peter didn’t have to be told twice. His hand shot to his dick immediately, setting up an insistent pace, seeking relief as soon as possible. His chest rumbled with relief, his stomach quivering with anticipation. The weight of Wade’s gaze was a heavy thing that Peter was aware of even through his closed eyes.

“That’s it,” Wade growled. “Take it. You look so fucking hot like this.”

Why did Wade have to say such things? Why did his voice sound like Peter was somehow special instead of a dime a dozen whore?

Fuck, you’re so hot. Look at your face. Look at how much you want it.”

Peter tried to turn his face away, but Wade’s grip kept it in place. He panted for breath, the tense need in his stomach reaching a high point. His hand sped across himself with abandon. Wade murmured encouraging things that Peter couldn’t even focus on enough to make sense of.

With a snap of Wade’s hips, Peter was tumbling over the edge. It felt electric somehow, spreading through all of his nerve endings like static. He shivered at the intensity of it, warm wet strips of his own ejaculate painting his stomach.

“There it is…” Wade breathed, enthralled as he watched Peter. “The beautiful agony of a tiny death.”

Peter’s eyes fluttered open, meeting intense blue ones in a daze. Wade slammed home again, forcing Peter’s face to contort in a myriad of ways at how sensitive that felt. With the high of release still making Peter loopy, he could appreciate what Wade was seeing.

Wade’s face as it tensed and slackened, the way he looked desperate, in pain, in ecstasy, and blissed out in various stages and combinations. It was something intimate and private, almost too embarrassing to look at, yet too fascinating to look away from. It transformed Wade’s scarred face into a work of art.

When Wade pressed into Peter and paused, gritting his teeth and grunting his release, Peter found his fingers moving of their own accord. They brushed across the planes of Wade’s face, tracing that look of mingled joy and pain.

“How pretty…” Peter mused, voice wispy and drunken.

The statement caused something vulnerable and broken to flash across Wade’s face. He immediately hid his expression away in the crook of Peter’s neck. Peter let his legs ease down to cross over Wade’s back, his arms slid around Wade’s shoulders, one hand cupping the back of the scarred head.

They stayed that way for a long moment, breathing each other in and floating on that soft cloud of satisfied urges. Whether or not Peter felt warm tears drip onto his shoulder was never spoken of.




Peter took a chance and sent a text to Harry, letting him know that Peter was free for the night. Wade was still out on a mission in another country doing things Peter didn’t want to know about. In the meantime, he was just waiting to hear from a few of their local marks to see if things got bad enough for them to call in the big guns.

Since all was still silent, and the brothel was as safe as it had been since Wade had first shown up, Peter was bored. It was a long shot, trying to get time with Harry, which was why he was so surprised when he received a call.

“I don’t know if I’m up for going out to dinner tonight,” Harry said, voice sounding beyond exhausted.

“I was thinking more of a night in. Pizza and bad movies?” Peter all but held his breath as Harry mulled it over. “C’mon, Harry. For old time’s sake. Just a single night to relax and not think about anything else.”

Harry breathed out a laugh. “Yeah… It does sound nice…”

Peter grinned. “Then don’t skimp out on the toppings, I’ll be there in no time.”

There was a defeated groan on the other end of the line. “ Fine . I’ll let security know you’re coming.”

It was a fun night. Despite the bags under Harry’s eyes and the secrets Peter knew he couldn’t confide, they goofed off and provided loud commentary to the actors on the screen. It was nice, like a moment out of time, where they could be carefree teenagers again without worrying about the problems of the world.

Everything went well until Harry received a call. His good mood vanished in an instant. He stood up and paced away before answering, but he was unaware of how good Peter’s hearing was.

“Hey, Dad. Everything okay?” Harry asked with false cheer.

“Nothing’s been okay since I’ve been locked up in this room. The nurse is trying to kill me, and my damn assistant is useless.” Norman sounded angry and gruff, unlike the man Peter had met in his past.

“You gotta let them do their jobs. Everyone’s there to help.”

“They hell they are. If you weren’t such an idiot, you’d be screening them better.”

Harry took a deep breath, and with a surprisingly calm voice, asked, “Was there something you needed?”

“I was notified you let a whore up to your room.”

Peter gritted his teeth and Harry tensed up completely. Just because Peter did sell himself for money, didn’t mean he liked it when people automatically assumed that was the case. Harry’s voice was forcefully happy when he responded. “I did have a guest drop by, yeah. You remember Peter Parker, from high school.”

“That damned omega again. I thought you had grown up enough to tell when people are trying to use you for your money.”

“He’s doing great!” Harry replied with over enthusiastic cheer. “He asks about you a lot.”

“Oh, I just bet he does. Get your head out of your ass, Harry. If you’re going to be taking people to your room, it should be someone worth talking about in the papers, not some omega prostitute scandal waiting to happen.”

“Yeah, you sound tired. Get some rest. I’ll say hi to Peter for you.”

“This is what I get for having a beta as a son.”

“Love you, too. Goodnight.”

Harry ended the call in the middle of an angry tirade on the other side. He muted the phone before putting it back in his pocket. By the time he turned back around, there was a smile on his face that almost looked believable.

“Dad says hi. He’s sorry he missed you.”

Peter put a smile onto his face in return. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah…” Harry walked back over to fall bonelessly back onto the couch. “Same old, same old. He’s really addled these days…”

“I’m sorry to hear that…” Peter looked away, trying not to think about the past. A single phone call had ruined their night of forgetting their troubles. Hearing Norman spout such things about Peter hurt. He had suspected it, but the man had always been polite to Peter’s face. The reality of the situation was not something he enjoyed knowing.

“He wants me to get married,” Harry confessed, dropping his head back against the cushions.

Peter raised his eyebrows. “I didn’t think you were seeing anyone.”

“I’m not.”


A bitter laugh fell from Harry’s lips. “He keeps trying to set me up on dates with alphas. Says it’ll be best for the company to marry in someone strong so that the Board will take me seriously.”

Peter gaped. “But… What about your preferences?”

Not once in all their friendship had Peter seen Harry date someone male. He was a boob man, as it happened, which was rather noticeable when looking his secretary. It was easy to guess that Harry didn’t have the option to search for a female alpha (uncommon as they may be). Norman refused to employ any omegas or any female alphas. They were considered an “old fashioned family company” and thus it let them get away with a lot of sexist hiring policies

“My preferences don’t really come into play. I’m supposed to marry for the company and eventually adopt an appropriate alpha child for the company.”

Jeeze, Harry…”

Harry ran a hand through his hair before seeming to shake off his bad mood. He looked over at Peter with a smirk. “You remember that time we ran off to Vegas after graduation?”

Peter scoffed. “Do I? You lost so much money gambling, I thought your dad was going to fly out just to kick your ass.”

That had been right after Peter had lost his scholarship. He’d been so depressed that Harry had practically kidnapped Peter and forced him into an impromptu vacation to lift his spirits. It had ended up one big drunken blur of night clubs, failed gambling, and too much room service, in Peter’s memory, but it had effectively distracted him from the world, if only for those few days.

“Sometimes I wish we could hop on the jet and run away like that again,” Harry admitted.

Peter grinned. “I think you’ve earned the right to a vacation.”

“Oh, I know I have.”

They spent the rest of the night reminiscing over the last of the pizza, taking a vacation in the form of their memories. Peter just hoped it was enough of a break to help lift Harry’s mood, even if just a little bit.




“You friends with the Osborns, or you aiming to be a high class call boy now?” Wade asked abruptly.

Peter looked away from his computer to blink at Wade who was lounging on his couch and cleaning one of his giant guns. “You stalking me now?”

“Just keeping an eye out for potential trouble.”

“Uh-huh…” Peter focused back on his typing. “Anyways, Harry and I went to highschool together. We barely see each other these days, but we’re still friends.”

“So should I take them off the watch list?”

Peter’s fingers froze mid keystroke. The “watch list” was a list of alphas that had a good chance of needing Deadpool’s services, but in such a way that Peter would be willing to help. If the Osborns were on the list…

“Why…” Peter paused, unsure if he really wanted the details, but his curiosity getting the better of him.

“Daddy Osborn seemed to think himself invincible some years back. He tried to put himself above every crime boss in the city, like he was attempting to one up Kingpin or some shit. Anywho, that bit him in the ass, obviously, so he holed himself away under the pretense of getting sick.”

“Does Harry know?” Peter asked, voice barely audible.

“It’d be weird if he didn’t. Frankly, that’s probably why he’s keeping you at arm’s length. The night you popped over there being the exception, since there was a big meeting happening at the time. Nobody was looking for potential blackmail options that night. He probably knew that, too.”

Peter’s lips felt numb and his fingers cold. If Harry was being pulled into all of that… No wonder he was so worn out… “What can we—”

“Don’t.” Wade’s voice was hard and brooked no argument. He set his weapon down and jumped up off the couch to walk over to Peter. “This isn’t your fight, and there’s nothing you can accomplish by getting involved.”

“I can’t just leave Harry to—”

“He knows what he’s doing better than you do. They have experience with those kinds of people and know how to negotiate their way out of it. Do you?” Wade wrapped arms around Peter’s shoulders, leaning down to sit his chin on top of Peter’s head. “I love you being a hero, but you can’t save everyone.”

Peter's hands slid into his lap as his eyes went distant. “I’m not a hero,” Peter whispered.

“You could be,” Wade pointed out. “People are starting to notice the unknown masked person working with the nefarious Deadpool. I’m sure any hero out there would love to save you from me. If you nab one of the rich ones you could—”

“No!” Peter closed his eyes and tried to breathe through his sudden panic, shoving thoughts of Iron Man forcibly out of his head.

“Why not?” Wade asked.

“You know why not.”

“I doubt Tin Man even remembers you.”

No, Wade.” Peter sighed and brought one hand up to grip at Wade’s arm. “Besides… You’re right. Other than breaking the law to catch people that will just be released days later without properly obtained evidence, nothing I can do will help.”

“Which is why it’s easier being on the bad side of the law.”

“I suppose…” Peter leaned his head back against Wade.

“So do you want to take them off the list?”

Peter thought about the phone call with Norman and the harsh words he had said. If he wasn’t just an addled old man with a disease, and instead was a pompous alpha who just hated omegas… Anger flared through Peter’s system. He’d been so focused on curing the Osborn’s rare disease in the past, and had felt such guilt over his failures. Was any of that real? Had there ever been a genetic disease, or was it all just a cover prepared in case things went south?

All of the Osborn’s troubles, all of Harry’s stress, all of Peter’s guilt… In the end, it was because of Norman’s egotistical greed. Did Peter even know them at all? What all was Harry hiding from the world? Was he going to just go along and let himself be wrapped up in criminal dealings?

If so, then it’d be best if Peter kept an eye on him — to either discover the truth, or to protect Harry from Norman’s machinations. At the very least, Peter wouldn’t feel bad taking Norman’s money if they were ever called in.

Peter’s voice was bitter as he thought about the harsh things Norman had said about the manipulative omega whore that Harry still spoke to. “No… Keep them on the list.”

Wade laughed.