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It was still early in the day for Peter, but he had already escaped the house in order to hole up at Wade’s apartment. Aunt May was back from her trip, and the neighbor was over to hear all about it. Since Peter had been informed of every last detail ten times already, he’d excused himself from the house and went to find something to distract him.

He was happy for Aunt May, he really was, and the look of excitement on her face as she talked about it all was well worth it. However, there were only so many times Peter could handle hearing the same story about the bartender that flirted with May before he just couldn’t take it anymore.

So that left him lazily clicking around the internet as Wade assembled some device Peter didn’t even want to know about. There was an update for one of his legal jobs, and he looked it over. He was bored, so he may as well.

“Hey, I think I’m gonna go out and stop by this shop,” Peter said.

“You still doing that Secret Shopper job?” Wade held something up to the light and inspected it. “We can fake a better job for you, ya know.”

Peter shrugged. “I dunno. I kinda like getting people fired for being rude to omegas.” Wade laughed at that. “Wanna go with?”

“Baby Boy, I thought you’d never ask!” Wade cooed.

Peter rolled his eyes as he accepted the job order. As he was clicking away, a notification popped up, showing a clip from a recent news conference about the alpha that had been killed. Peter couldn’t seem to stop himself. He clicked on the link.

There was a woman on a podium, surrounded by mics. She looked sad, but had her shoulders squared and her chin up. The suit she had on was finely tailored. “My father was a good man. These accusations against him are false, and I will do whatever I can to prove that.”

Anger, hot and bright, swelled in Peter’s chest. His teeth clenched as he listened to the woman drone on about how good of a person her father had been, as if Peter hadn’t seen with his own eyes the kind of monster he really was. Peter was barely able to even understand half of what she was saying.

Then, another woman in the audience forced herself through the crowd and started screaming at the top of her lungs in order to be heard. “HE KILLED MY SON! HE’S A MONSTER!”

Security rushed forward to catch the woman who was shoving her way through the crowd, trying to force her way onto the podium to attack the alpha’s daughter. Said daughter crinkled her nose, as if the woman in the audience was too disgusting to look at.

“I am sorry your son’s case remains unresolved, but my father did not—”


The woman on the platform held onto the podium with a white knuckled grip. “Perhaps your son’s case would have been solved if his ass didn’t have dozens of conflicting DNA in it.”

The crowd erupted, some on the side of the daughter, some on the side of the mother. Reporters were shouting questions over each other in an intelligible squabble. The two women continued to shout at one another, and even more security tried to pull the daughter away from the mics.

A hand descended into the laptop’s screen and closed it. Peter looked up at Wade’s carefully neutral face. “No need to focus on that, Petey.”

“If we had tried to send him to jail instead, would he have gone free by now?”

“Don’t worry about that kind of stuff. He’s dead now. It’s fine.”

“It’s not fine. It’s a debate.” Peter spat the word like the curse that it was.

“Maybe it needs to be. Maybe people need to see the divide a little more clearly.”

Peter looked away, not sure how he felt about that.

“C’mon. Let’s go ensure the rights of shoppers everywhere, and I’ll buy us dessert on the way.”

Given that there wasn’t much else Peter could do except uselessly obsess over things, he agreed. It took some time to snap Peter out of his mood, but Wade was a decent distraction. By the time they were within sight of the store, Peter was successfully ignoring the ever present anger still burning in his gut.

Wade had agreed to wearing plain clothes over his suit, but still had his mask and gloves on. After some nagging, he agreed to pull the hood up around his face to hide the very obvious fashion choices that screamed “I’m a criminal!” Peter couldn’t say too much, since he was wearing his suit under his clothes as well. Mostly because the moment night fell, he wanted to websling around the city. That always managed to calm him down.

“So what do we do? Wander around the store and see if they offer to help us?” Wade asked, finishing off a tacodog he’d nabbed from a street vendor.

“Yeah, I have a list of things I have to look out f—” Peter stopped in his tracks. Down the street, he could hear screaming and fighting.

“Whacha hearing?” Wade mumbled around a mouth full of bread.

“There’s trouble down past the street corner…” Every instinct Peter had said that he needed to go help. What if it was a big problem? What if the police weren’t there yet? What if there wasn’t a hero nearby?

Wade swallowed his food. “Do you really want to get involved in a street scuffle? It could be gang related.”

“Yeah… It could be…” Peter had rules now. He had to keep his head low, not make enemies, and definitely not be seen trying to be a hero.

“I’m sure the cops are on their way. That’s what they get paid to do.”

“You’re right…” but Peter’s voice was distant as he focused on hearing more of what was happening.

“She’s going to kill him! Someone help!”


“Momma, stop! Please!”


“What’s happening?!”

“Get away from me!”

“Why are you doing this?”


Before Peter even realized it, he was running. Shit, I shouldn’t get involved. Of course, he also couldn’t do nothing. He had to at least assess the situation. Maybe break up a fight and make sure the innocent bystanders were okay until actual authorities arrived. Surely it was just a scuffle. Nothing big. Nothing nefarious.

Turning the corner, Peter found himself stunned for a moment. The scene before him made no sense. People were either running away, or desperately trying to contain those who were fighting. The problem was, the people being violent didn’t make any sense.

Upper class moms, teenage girls with flower crowns, coffee shop workers — about five of them that Peter could see. All of them had their teeth bared, snarling, their hands curled into fists or claws, their faces wild and hate filled. Many of them were covered in blood.

And the victims of their attacks were all tall, broad, empowered, well off men… Alphas. They were all attacking alphas with murderous intent.

“What the hell…” Peter whispered, forcing himself to walk forward. He could at least web some of them to the wall or something.

There was a group of four piled on top of a woman who was still trying to attack a man that was soaked in blood and clutching both hands over his eye. To the side was a little girl. She was crying and begging her mother to stop. Someone was holding her back from the mother’s obviously blind rage.

Peter headed to them first. He needed to make sure the woman didn’t accidentally hurt her child. However, he didn’t make it halfway there before he noticed his body reacting to something. Heat coursed through his veins, and his mind felt fuzzy. He stumbled as his skin started to go numb.

He came to a stop, panting for breath. His heart rate felt out of control. Sweat started trickling down his back and the world took on a sharp and bright quality even as the edges of his vision began to blur. It was at about that point he recognized what he was feeling.

With that realization came the anger. Intense, boiling anger that pulled up from the very depths of him. It rushed through him, filling up his chest to near bursting, shutting down all rational thought before it could really happen. Hate, discontent, and wrath warred for dominance in his mind.

It felt so untethered at first. It was all there without an outlet. He questioned himself — asked what it was that caused such rage within him.

No. Not what. Who . The same people that always caused him to feel this way. The same ones that caused everyone to feel this way. The alphas that ruined the world and held all omegas under their boot like so much dirt.

His mind seethed with barely contained rage. He would rip them to shreds. Every last one of them. When none of them were left, his anger might finally be assuaged. Once they were gone, he might finally be safe. They would all be safe.

Peter took a deep breath through his nose, allowing his heightened senses to pick up the scent of all the alphas in the area. There were far too many for his tastes. Far too many to be safe. No matter. He’d see to their end soon enough.

Looking up at the world around him, Peter saw red. Everything around him was a screaming, writhing, mess of violence. He watched it all in slow motion — the blood splatters, the thud of impromptu bludgeons, the screams of pain. A hard smile stretched across Peter’s face as he took a step forward.

Abruptly, someone was fighting him. The person reeked of alpha. Peter snarled, happy to take his aggression out so soon. He threw the alpha into a wall, charging after them a moment later. His newfound focus paired well with his spidey sense. He dodged all incoming attacks with ease, and focused on landing blows that would cripple.

The alpha lashed out, unrelenting, aiming for Peter’s joints, trying to immobilize. Did the alpha think so little of Peter that they assumed lethal force was unneeded? Peter would soon relieve them of such misconceptions.

Bones cracked in a satisfying manner under Peter’s hand. An arm, it looked like. Good. They deserved to experience pain before they died. They deserved to be crippled so they couldn’t hurt anyone ever again. They deserved to be dead.

Peter lifted his other hand, formed a fist, and let it fly. However, the damn alpha rolled out of the way, leaving Peter to bust apart concrete instead. He roared, unhappy that his prey dared to continue to fight, to try and live another day. He forced extra speed into his body, sending a flurry of attacks at the alpha, flaring with irritation when half of them were blocked or dodged. He would enjoy finally eviscerating this alpha.

Blows landed on Peter; he saw when they happened, and his body stumbled when they unbalanced him. He didn’t feel them. His body still moved, and that was all that mattered. He just needed to keep moving until he ripped the alpha to shreds. Literally.

The alpha picked Peter up and planned to throw him. So, Peter stuck his hands to the person in return, letting the momentum carry them both into a roll on the hard cement below them. Peter ended up on top, one hand pressed firmly on the alpha’s torso, another gripped tight to a shin that had tried to kick him off.

With a growl, Peter yanked his arm back and ripped the leg clean off at the knee. The alpha below him screamed, and it felt satisfying. Warm blood soaked into Peter’s clothes, spreading over his skin like a caress. He grinned, feral and crazed.

It felt good, making sure the alpha was neutralized.

Throwing the leg to the side, Peter stood up to assess his prey. His eyes skipped across the alpha’s form. Tall, large build, too many muscles, clothing soaked red with blood… Peter wanted — deserved — to see the look of pain and fear on the alpha’s face, but something obstructed it. Snarling, Peter bent down and ripped the fabric off.

What he saw gave him pause. Torn and disfigured skin, so unlike the perfect alphas Peter was used to. And the face wasn’t twisted in pain and fear, or even anger in return, but in worry. Peter stumbled back, his mind having a hard time rationalizing what he was seeing.

But it didn’t matter, right? The confusing alpha would die of blood loss. There were others that Peter could kill. Others that would be truly satisfying. With every alpha death, the world was that much safer. Peter turned to go seek them out, but something caught hold of his foot and sent him tumbling to the ground.

Peter whipped around with a snarl at the alpha still trying to fight. He was on the man in an instant, hands forcing their way through fabric and skin to sink into the alpha’s stomach. Peter leaned over so their faces were close, so he could see the details of the alpha’s pain at last. Peter bared his teeth.

One weak and shaky hand lifted up and gripped Peter’s arm. “Don’t… hurt… them…” the alpha wheezed out. “Petey… stop.”


Shock and confusion helped cool some of the inferno roaring through Peter’s mind. Sound started filtering in once more. Sounds of fear, loss, and agony. Peter blinked and suddenly he was aware of the person under him. Wade. He’d just killed Wade.

Peter yanked his hands back as his stomach flipped. He stared at his arms in horror. Blood and gore covered them. It covered all of him. He was dripping in the proof of his sin. Panic shot through him like lightning.

Help. Peter tried to speak the word aloud, but his lips wouldn’t form it. He made a guttural sound instead, and it left him seeming even more the rabid monster that he’d become.

Blood burbled from Wade’s lips as he tried to keep talking, trying to calm Peter down, but air could no longer fill Wade’s lungs. Tears stung Peter’s eyes as his body began to tremble violently.


Bending forward, Peter gripped the sides of his head and screamed.




Peter woke groggy and disoriented. Peeling his eyes open, he looked around the dimly lit room in confusion. Where was he? It took a long while before the syrupy sluggishness in his mind cleared enough to assess the room.

Plain white walls, no furniture within sight, small space, a single cot in the middle of the room, a metal door with no knob that sat flush with the wall… A cell.

Peter sucked in air and sat up abruptly, but that was a bad idea. His head swam and his vision blacked out for a moment before slowly coming back. He gripped his head and moaned. What the hell happened?

An audio speaker popped and then a voice was entering the room. “Just stay calm and take it easy. Nobody is here to hurt you.”

The voice was unfamiliar. Peter looked around the room, searching for the hidden camera, but he was still having trouble concentrating. He swallowed on a dry throat and his tongue felt heavy when he spoke. “Where am I?”

“In a secured facility.”


There was a long pause in response to that. Then the person asked, “ How much do you remember?”

Peter blinked. What was the last thing he remembered? They were going to the shop for his job… There had been screaming… Then…

“No. No no no…” Peter curled in on himself from where he sat on the cot. He rocked back and forth, trying not to think about his blood covered arms and the organs spilling onto the sidewalk. “What did I do?”

“Hey! Deep breaths. Stay calm.”

“Calm?” Peter choked out, tears already running down his face. “I killed him!”

“Listen to me, okay? Deadpool is alive. It takes a lot more than that to keep him down.”

Peter took a shaky breath, not sure he believed the disembodied voice. “How?”

“I have literally seen him flattened by a steamroller, and then talking a mile a minute the next day. He’s alright. More importantly, he kept you from hurting anyone else until I got there.”

That opened up so many other questions, but Peter was distracted by the memory of his anger. It had been so… consuming . He’d never felt anything like it. And it happened for absolutely no reason.

“Hey… Listen to me. Can you focus on my voice?”

Peter looked up, staring at the empty room around him. “What…”

“Are you still feeling it now? Whatever it was that made you go crazy?”

The importance of that question wasn’t lost on Peter. He took a moment to really assess himself and compare how he was feeling to how he’d felt before. “No… I feel… groggy and heavy. Tired.”

“That’s probably from the tranq I hit you with. You shook it off way faster than you should have.”

“Yeah… My body does that…”

“Maybe your body processed out whatever else was in your system causing the violent actions. We think it’s airborne, given the circumstances. That’s why you’re in a sealed in an airtight room. So stay put, okay? This is for your health and everyone else’s protection.”

Peter’s stomach roiled and he nodded. He was a danger to the general public. Flashes of the fight blipped through his head, but he could barely remember it. He just remembered snapping out of it enough to see himself covered in blood and Wade being unable to breathe.

“We’re working on a plan. Stay there until I say so. There’s a minifridge with water in the corner behind you… for the cottonmouth.”

Peter nodded. Before it occurred to him to ask who he was speaking to, there was another pop from the speakers and all was silent once more. It should have been concerning to be locked in such a room by unknown people, but Peter couldn’t really blame them. He was just as afraid of himself as they were.

Looking down, Peter noticed he was in a hospital gown and scrubbed clean. At least he didn’t have to look at the consequences of his actions. A morbid part of him wanted to check under his nails to see if there was anything that had been missed. He shoved the thought from his mind and carefully stood up, making his way over to the fridge.

There were also protein drinks to be had, and by the time he’d finished off one of those and a full bottle of water, he felt mostly like himself again. His mind ran over what happened time and time again, trying to make sense of it. If it was airborne, how far had it spread? And why did it affect some and not others?

Peter sat cross legged on the cot and stared into space, obsessing over the blips of sounds and images that he could remember. The most prominent memory had been smell. The smell of alpha, the smell of fear, the smell of blood. It had surrounded him then, and he allowed it to torture him with the memory of it once more.

The door in the corner clacked and Peter jumped at the sound. A few seconds later, Wade burst through the door, making a beeline for Peter. Tears were in Peter’s eyes in an instant as the memory of his anger towards Wade’s alpha flashed through his mind. He tried to shove Wade back, but there was no strength in his arms. Peter really, really wanted to be held, despite everything, and Wade was complying.

“I could hurt you!” Peter choked out.

“The fact that you’re even saying that means it’s fine.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Shhh, it’s not your fault.” Wade rubbed soothing hands up and down Peter’s back and encouraged Peter to bury his face into Wade’s neck. “I’m okay. I can heal from anything. The important part is that you didn’t hurt anyone. So everything’s okay.”

“I hurt you!”

“It doesn’t matter if you hurt me.”

“Yes, it does!” Peter sobbed, clinging to Wade with shaking arms.

Wade made a happy little noise. “It’s hard not to be addicted to you when you say stuff like that, you know.”

Peter scoffed, but allowed Wade to pull them into a kiss. It was hard and desperate and oh so soothing after everything that had happened. More than anything else, it managed to help put Peter at ease. Wade pressed their foreheads together, his hands holding Peter’s face, the leather on his thumbs gently stroking Peter’s cheeks.

“You’re okay,” Wade whispered. “Everything’s okay.”

Everything was definitely not okay, but Peter appreciated the lie for the time being. Still, his mind couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, couldn’t stop considering the consequences of what he knew. “If whatever caused this is airborne, it means we won’t know where it is until it’s too late. Does that leave me locked in here?”

“I’ve got a plan for that.” Wade pulled something out of a pouch. It looked like an odd metal face shield that would only leave his eyes free of obstruction with a clear sheet of glass. “This filters absolutely everything. In fact, it filters so hard you could be underwater with it for a decent amount of time. Sucks the oxygen right out of it.”

Peter eyed it dubiously. “Where did you get that?”

“Now, now. Don’t ask questions I can’t answer.”

When Peter opened his mouth to argue, Wade dropped one last kiss and then placed the device over Peter’s face and hit a button. Bands of metal crawled along his skin to secure the thing to the back of his head before the seal kicked in. Peter took a deep breath and found it odd to breathe air that had literally no smell at all. It was definitely a high grade device.

“Comfy?” Wade asked.

“I’ll live.” Peter’s voice came out oddly metallic sounding. After running his fingers over the device he dropped his hands into his lap, shoulders sagging. “Wade… I need you to tell me what happened.”

“C’mon.” Wade took hold of Peter’s wrist and pulled him off the bed. “I grabbed a spare costume for you. Let’s get you changed and I’ll introduce you to Clint.”

Peter was still irrationally nervous to leave his quarantined room, but nothing bad happened. Once Peter had real clothes on and was stepping out into the rest of the building they were in, someone else was waiting on them. Peter gaped (though it couldn’t be seen), immediately recognizing who it was.

“This is my friend Clint,” Wade casually introduced.

“Aren’t you Hawkeye?” Peter asked.

Clint gave a brief nod. “I am. Glad to see you’re doing better.”

Peter looked between the two of them. “How…”

“It’s a weird friendship,” Clint answered.

“I have an emergency call button,” Wade said. “I hit it so he’d know to come help. You were still out of it, so you don’t remember him showing up.”

“Oh…” Peter cut his eyes away, uncomfortable in the knowledge that someone from the Avengers had seen him like that.

“We’re lucky the tranq lasted as long on you as it did.” Clint propped his hands on his hips and eyed Peter’s costume. “We barely got you quarantined in time before you started trying to shake it off.”

“What about the other people who were affected?”

“Anyone going crazy got hit with a tranq as well. They should still be down for the time being.”

“Were they all… more than human as well?” Peter asked the important question he was dying to know.

“Uh… No…” Clint looked uncomfortable.

“The common factor of all those affected,” Wade cut in. “Is that they were all omegas.”

Peter’s eyes widened. “What?”

“They were all in a blind rage. You were the only one who snapped out of it and stopped moving.”

And that was only because the guilt of killing Wade had overridden the intense anger. Peter’s mouth suddenly felt dry. Why was there something out there that only affected omegas in such a way?

“Can you describe what happened?” Clint asked as he led the way into another room in order to record Peter’s answer. Peter did his best to explain everything in as much detail as he remembered.

“We need to get a brain scan on one of the people affected to better understand what’s causing it,” Peter summed up, his mind already churning through what he knew. “If it was an adrenaline spike, we’d be able to tell by their vitals if we get to them soon enough. Were they apprehended?”

“No, actually, I tranqed everyone that was fighting.” Clint continued typing as he talked. “It was only about a two mile radius. Luckily there was a hospital in the area. Everyone was moved there fairly quickly except for you. There were a lot of injuries going around.”

Peter shook his head, alarm bells just starting to go off. “If it’s adrenaline based, it could wake them up early as well. Then that hospital is going to be flooded with still affected omegas that don’t know what they’re doing.”

“If we call this in, it’s going to cause an uproar. Nobody is going to believe that something caused a bunch of omegas to go ‘feral.’ Besides, they weren’t attacking random people, they were specifically attacking alphas. All of them.”

“Of course they were.” Peter waved that off. It was obvious that untethered anger would immediately find a link to an alpha. Peter could clearly remember thinking that any alpha would do. It wasn’t like he was the only one with such grievances.

No, there was something else that was missing. Something that kept nagging at him. He thought about the area that they were in during the incident. He mapped it out in his head. The nearest hospital was—

Peter paled. “I have to get to the hospital!”

“Whoa whoa whoa!” Wade jumped in front of Peter. “We can send some people over to check—”

“You don’t understand!”

“It’s safer if you stay here,” Clint agreed.

“Wade!” Peter gripped the man’s arms in panic. “With that many people going in, they’d have to call in help. My aunt is on call. That’s the hospital she works for!”

Peter knew his eyes were wide and wild, his chest heaving in panic and anxiety. Clint looked unsure of Peter’s condition, but Wade didn’t even hesitate. He handed over Peter’s mask and immediately started searching for his grappling hook.

“We’re not that far from there. Let’s go.”

“Wade!” Clint jumped up from the desk he was sitting at. “This isn’t a good idea. He’s going to have negative affects to whatever was in his system—”

“Call in backup, my avian friend. We’re goin’ on ahead!”


But they were already gone.




It was a lot later in the day than Peter had realized, and by the time they made it to the hospital, it was pure chaos. Patients and nurses were locked inside rooms, and police were slow to respond, busy as they were still trying to clean up after the first incident. That was the only upside, as Peter wanted to get the omegas restrained before they got themselves shot.

On the third floor, Peter found a group of four omegas beating themselves bloody while trying to get into a barricaded room. At the other end of the hallway were a group of nurses locked inside an exam room. They tapped on the window to get his attention.

“Who’s in the room at the end of the hall?” Peter asked.

“The hospital director and a few doctors. They look ready to kill them. What’s going on?”

Both of their voices were muffled — Peter’s because of the filter and the nurse’s because of the window — but at least they could communicate. The group of omegas at the end of the hall barely paid them any mind. One of them threw a punch and something cracked. Peter just hoped it was the door and not someone’s bones.

“It’s airborne and it only affects omegas,” Peter answered. “It’s a blind rage they’re in, and they just associate the anger with the first thing that comes to mind. It can take hours for it to wear off.”

“Everyone’s mad at doctors for one reason or another!” one of the nurses cried. That was true, and with most doctors being alphas, it just compounded the problem.

“If it’s an extended adrenaline spike, that could cause severe organ damage if we don’t get it under control,” another nurse pointed out.

“Do you have somewhere you can contain them if we get them there?” Peter asked.

They discussed it amongst themselves, and then came to a decision. The plan was for Peter to get the nurses downstairs to the decided upon room, prep the other nurses in the wing, and then bring the omegas to them. The last part of the plan was dependent on Wade.

“Don’t hurt anyone,” Peter reminded.

“I got it. I got it.” Wade started rolling down the neck of his suit to make sure his scent glands were exposed. “Just get everyone else ready. I’ll collect up as many as I can.”

Wade started down the hallway as Peter helped the nurses towards a stairwell. Down the hallway, Peter could hear Wade’s voice calling, “Heeey! I’m a mean old alpha! Look over here! Come and get me!”

They made it to the second floor without much incident. However, they encountered a bedpan wielding omega in one of the hallways. Peter webbed her to the wall and they kept going. She screamed wordlessly at them as they passed. Peter noticed her rapid breathing, bloodshot eyes, and spittle flying from her mouth. It was creepy, but also concerning.

The nurses insisted on a few stops to bang on some supply closet doors. That successfully rooted out a few other people in hiding, and thus more help for setting up the room. By the time they all hurried inside their destination, everyone knew exactly what to do. They set to work getting beds prepped and needles ready with proper meds.

A nervous squeal echoed down the hallway. Peter poked his head out to see Deadpool booking it with a hoard of angry omegas chasing after him.

“This is like 28 Days Later!” Wade yelled. Peter couldn’t help but agree.

“Take a lap. I’ll grab them one at a time.”

“Are you serious?!”

“You got a better idea?”

“You suuuck!” Wade called as he ran by, his voice trailing off.

Peter grabbed a woman at the back of the troop and grappled her into the room. She thrashed and screamed, kicking him in his shins multiple times. He’d definitely be bruised from that. One of the nurses rushed over and jabbed her with a needle. Slowly, she became lethargic enough to get her on a bed in order for the other nurses to strap her down and set up an IV.

“Get fluids going in her first, then hit her with the oxytocin. We’ll dose them little at a time to see what they need. Keep an eye on vitals. We need their blood pressure down as soon as possible.” The head nurse started barking specific orders to people and everyone ran around like a well oiled machine. They just might be able to do this.

“You ready for another?” Peter asked.

“I will be by the time you wrestle her onto the bed.”

Peter stepped back out into the hallway. Deadpool stumbled around the corner just in time. There was another woman wrapped around his waist, her feet dragging along the floor as Wade kept running. It was slowing him down, but he was still keeping ahead of the other eight he’d collected behind him.

“Can’t I just throw you this one?” Wade complained.

“No. Don’t throw anyone. Keep to the plan.”

Wade huffed in annoyance but obediently jogged past. Peter grabbed the next one. It was a slow, yet high stress process. Peter wasn’t sure how long it took, given he was entirely focused on the task at hand. Wade was slowing down by the time there were three left, which ended with him rounding the corner with the omegas attached to him, using nails and teeth to rip chunks out of him. Peter winced at the sight.

“Can you hold them down long enough for me to move them in?”

“Anything for you, Baby Boy.”

It was a nasty scuffle, but Peter managed to get them all in the room and strapped to a table without the omegas hurting anyone other than Peter and Wade. After that, Peter had to go get the one still webbed to the wall and bring her inside. That created a new problem. They were out of beds.

“How many more were brought in?” Peter asked.

“We’re not sure,” admitted the head nurse. “You’ll need to get to the database. There are likely still some people on first floor and in surgery from the incident. They need to be informed of what’s happening. It could cause anyone under anesthesia to crash.”

Peter looked around at the beds and the occupants thereof. They were all covered in bruises, wounds, and blood. Some of them were still fighting against their bonds, others were struggling to breathe, one was shaking and crying uncontrollably. It was a horror show.

“I’ll take care of it,” Peter promised. “Just look after them.”

“You’re leaving?!” one of the other nurses froze in panic. “What if there are more?”

“We’ll be putting this room on lockdown,” the head nurse refused to even address the concerns of the other and just spoke to Peter. “I’m going to seal it for disease lockdown so we’ll be on our own air supply.”

“I’ll let everyone know.” Peter left the room and let them do what they needed. Looking over, Peter assessed Wade who was still leaning on a wall and catching his breath. “You okay?”

“I’m already healed. It’s fine.” Peter wasn’t sure about that given the blood still dripping down Wade’s outfit. “What’s the plan?”

“We need to track down any other omegas in here. I’m going downstairs to pull up the database at the intake desk. Can you check the rooms on this floor for more nurses? We need people informed as fast as possible.”

“On it. I saw some people peeking through windows on my laps.”

“I’ll meet you downstairs.” Peter ran for the stairs without a second thought. The database should also show what nurses were checked in as working. He needed to see if Aunt May was inside the building or not.

Finding the intake desk wasn’t too hard. There was a lot of commotion going on around it. Multiple people in the waiting room were blocking the doors that led into the rest of the hospital, including nurses and sick patients. Across from them were police officers yelling at them to move aside. That was when Peter heard her.

“I will not have you attacking sick and injured patients!” Aunt May declared.

“You are all obstructing officers of the law!”

“I take my own oath very seriously,” May returned. “And I will not have you endangering the lives of these patients!”

“Your patients are blatantly attacking police officers!”

One of the officers strode forward, intent on May, as she was the one most vocal about their stand off. The need to protect his family shot through Peter so hard his ears rang with it. He sprang forward in an instant, leaping over the intake desk to get between the two groups.

Peter knocked the officer near Aunt May back into the others and webbed them together. When they started yelling, Peter gagged them with quick shots of webbing. The whole thing barely took any time at all, but he was panting for breath and his spidey sense kept up a low buzz of alarm. Perhaps whatever had affected him still wasn’t completely out of his system.

After a moment of trying to calm back down, Peter noticed that it was silent. He looked over to find everyone staring at him in shock. He took a deep breath and did his best to not look at Aunt May. Thankfully, the gas mask would alter his voice, and the costume mask hid his face.

“We have a lot of those affected contained on the second floor, but the nurses there are out of room. We need more space for the rest, and I need to look over the intake data to find everyone.”

May looked Peter up and down, assessing him. She seemed to finally approve of what she saw and looked over to a fellow nurse. “Annabelle, help him out. I’m going to do what I can for those stuck here in the waiting room.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“And sir,” Aunt May addressed Peter.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Thank you for protecting those patients.”

Peter nodded and was finally able to let go of some of the tension in his shoulders now that he knew Aunt May and the others were safe. He followed the other nurse back over to the intake desk and they set to work, trying to account for all of the omegas who were tagged as being part of the incident earlier that day.

At final count, Peter was grateful that almost all of them were in the room on the second floor. One was in surgery and Annabelle sent someone there asap to warn the surgeons about the possible conflict in anesthesia. That left one unaccounted for, and one locked in a room on the ground floor already.

They worked with a few other harried nurses to find a new room they could put on disease lockdown. Two of them ran off to go set it up, and another ran to security to try and find the last missing omega. Peter headed to the room that the other was locked in.

Finding the right room was easy. It was the one where someone was screaming and pounding on the door. Peter busted the lock and swung the door open. He didn’t have to wait long on the omega inside. She immediately charged him, trying to escape the room. He wrapped himself around her to hold her down. She wiggled so much he was concerned about hurting her.

Just as he was about to head towards the designated room, a whooshing noise filled the hallway, drowning even the omega’s screams. With two loud clunks, the last person in the world Peter wanted to see landed in front of him.

“Helpless, useless omega. Can’t even take care of himself, and he wants to save others?”

“Listen, you can’t be out here like this in the middle of your heat. It’s dangerous. He could have…”

A wounded noise clawed its way up Peter’s throat. His grip on the woman in his arms tightened and she shrieked in response.

“Put the girl down,” Iron Man said.

Peter couldn’t get enough air. His breathing picked back up and his ears rang. It was suddenly much harder to keep hold of the woman in his arms. His muscles locked up but felt weak at the same time. Peter took a step back, struggling to remain in the present, and not think about all that happened in the past.

“I said…” Iron Man took a threatening step forward. “Put. Her. Down.”

The woman howled her displeasure, but Peter refused to release his grip. To be honest, he wasn’t sure if his muscles would even obey him if he gave them the order. Iron Man had no idea what was happening. All he knew was that the new merc working with Deadpool was holding captive a desperately fighting omega.

Metal rang and suddenly Wade was standing in front of Peter, katanas drawn. “Baby Boy, they’re ready for you in room 134. Keep moving.” Wade’s voice was calm and soothing.

Peter wasn’t sure how Wade already knew about the plan, but he didn’t ask, just decided to follow directions and keep to the plan. Perhaps Wade had already found the other omega and delivered them to the prepared room. Peter focused on that and took an unsteady step backwards.

“I don’t know what the hell you two think you’re doing,” Iron Man said as he raised his hands. “But you’re not going anywhere with that woman.”

“We’re helping!” Wade argued.

“Like hell.”

Iron Man’s suit whined and Peter let go of the omega on instinct. He webbed Tony’s hands together a moment later, but it was enough time for the woman to make a run for it. Luckily, she went straight for Wade who stumbled a little when she plowed into him. He tossed his katanas to the side lest she impale herself on them. Peter ran past them slammed the heel of his hand into Tony’s chest. With a metallic bang, Tony was pushed off his feet and slid a decent distance away along the floor.

Peter squared off against the Avenger but wasn’t aware of his shaking until Wade’s hand lightly dropped onto Peter’s wrist. It was at that point Peter remembered to breathe.

“Take the nice lady to the nurses,” Wade said.


“No buts. She’s gnawing my ear off.”

Peter glanced over to realize that wasn’t a joke or exaggeration. She was honestly trying to claw his face off and was using teeth on what she could reach. Wade’s mask was oddly stretched and askew. Other than that, he seemed oddly composed for having been attacked so often since arriving at the hospital.

“Sorry…” Peter rasped. When he moved, the world felt unsteady.

“Let me handle this. You take care of the patient.”

Peter nodded and walked around behind Deadpool in order to find the best way to pull the woman off of him.

It was about that time Iron Man was back on his feet. “What the hell is—”

“Tony!” Hawkeye jogged into view, breathless and anxious looking. “Stop! They’re friendly.”


Clint slid to a stop between the two opposing sides, panting for breath. At that moment, the omega successfully ripped Wade’s ear off and blood sprayed the hallway. Peter quickly had her restrained once more as Wade tried to hold his ear in place long enough for it to reattach. Amazingly, Wade kept himself from cursing or lashing out at the pain. He just stayed perfectly still and unusually quiet. Peter realized that was all for him, to help keep him calm in the face of Iron Man.

It made him feel sick.

Tony looked between the exasperated Clint, the freely bleeding Wade, the violently struggling omega, and the tense and quiet Peter. “What the fuck is going on?”