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In a conference room in Avengers Tower, Peter nervously bounced his foot as he sat in one of the many chairs around the long table. The seat beside him was filled by Wade, but the others were dotted with members of the Avengers who were available. Peter did his best not to make eye contact, as he felt incredibly awkward about the entire situation.

Tony stood at the front of the table, explaining the incident to the others and how Peter and Wade had been involved. Not that Tony was using Peter’s name. He didn’t know it. Not that it mattered to Tony, who had immediately pegged Peter as Spider-man, effectively squashing all hopes that Wade was right and Iron Man didn’t remember what happened.

Tony remembered, and it left Peter sick to his stomach.

Wade was a silent and supportive shadow, never really leaving Peter’s side. It was a bit much, but Peter was grateful. Peter’s sullen glare only did so much. He made sure the others could see that, too, having taken off his fabric mask to facilitate it. The gas mask was still on, hiding his face, and only letting them see brown hair and brown eyes. Good luck to them finding anyone in New York City with only those descriptors to go by. Peter was confident in the safety of his privacy.

The others were giving Peter surreptitious glances, trying to figure him out. Black Widow was on a Stark pad, blatantly looking up information on Spider-man, uncaring that Peter could see her doing it. Captain America was guiltily looking over at the information occasionally as well. Peter tried to ignore them all, but that left him focusing on Tony, which he didn’t want to do, but should, given the situation.

“I’ve obtained a few scans of those still under the effects of the substance.” Tony pulled up a 3D holographic for them to see of a brain, with one part of it highlighted red. “In all of them, the amygdala was in overdrive, and it flooded their systems.”

“Flooded it with what?” Steve asked.

“Cortisol, epinephrine, norepinephrine, and AVP.”

“So, stress and adrenaline,” Natasha summed up.

“But isn’t adrenaline a fight or flight response?” Clint asked. “They were all fighting. Nobody was running away or hiding.”

“Exactly,” Tony agreed. “That’s where the AVP comes in.”

Steve sighed. “Tony, please, in layman’s terms.”

“Arginine-vasopressin, AVP, is a neurotransmitter in the amygdala that causes maternal aggression. All sexes and genders have it, but in omegas, as we know, it produces at nearly twice the rate. Stimulating that region in an omega would cause extreme anxiety and the need to fight off invaders to protect themselves and others.”

Tony pointed red spot in the image. “But this isn’t just stimulated, it’s out of control.”

Peter leaned forward, suddenly intent on the new information. “You mean to tell me that the fact that omegas have a stronger aggressive response is a well documented fact?”

Tony waved off Peter’s concerns. “Scientific fact and societal expectations are two different things and always have been. You wanna make a change? Join one of the many omega rights groups.”

Peter gritted his teeth, beyond unhappy at Tony’s patronizing tone. The others didn’t seem to thrilled with it either, and it occurred to Peter that perhaps Tony was known for speaking to people in such a way.

“The point is,” Tony continued. “This isn’t about just negating the effects of adrenaline, which the hospital is currently attempting with oxytocin, and fluids to flush it out of their system. The real problem is finding a way to bring the amygdala back to normal function and to block the AVP.”

Is there a way to block it?” Natasha asked.

“They’re in animal trials right now to find better psychotropic options, but animals trials is a far cry from human application. I can get my hands on the data and start formulating what I can, but it will still take some time.”

“Which means we need to work fast and find out who’s doing this and why,” Steve said.

“It’s obvious why.” Peter rolled his eyes and sat back against his chair, arms folded across his chest, looking the picture of sullen.

Everyone looked at him like it was impossible for him to know the motivations behind the attacks. “You have a theory?” Steve politically asked.

“This was a trial to see how it worked.” Peter glanced around at all of them, annoyed that they weren’t catching on. “They intend to build up to a bigger scale. They want to make this an incident nobody forgets. One where the whole world is looking.”

“Why?” Clint asked.

Why?” Peter scoffed. “An incident in a city this large where omegas attack alphas would be talked about globally for years to come. It would be an upheaval of society as we know it, making omegas more terrifying than alphas are now.”

“But how can you guarantee they would attack alphas?” Natasha asked.

“Because every omega has a grudge against at least one alpha. Whatever that stuff is pulls up anger hard and fast, and the mind will attach it to the first thing it thinks of. An omega’s mind will always think of alphas first. Omegas will always assume that an alpha is the biggest threat to their safety and the safety of others they care about.”

A table full of alphas and betas stared at Peter in shock, as if they were just now realizing the plight of an average omega’s life. Peter glared at all of them.

“Everyone’s so damn focused on the big picture,” Peter ranted. “The Avengers only think about saving the world and as many bulk lives as possible. Nobody ever considers the effect the world has on the individuals. Villains don’t just appear in a puff of smoke. Something created them. Something affects their lives and causes this level of retaliation. Except this time, your villain is also considering the lives of other individuals, oppressed by a system everyone just goes along with.”

“You’re saying this person thinks that what they’re doing is helping?” Steve asked.


“Helping the little guy,” Tony mused as he flicked rapid fire through other data and images in front of him. “Is that what you do now? Steal from the rich and give to the poor?”

“Back when I thought the world was worth me helping it, I did whatever I could.” Peter’s voice was dark. “I’ve been alleviated of that misconception.”

“Do you agree with this person’s method of forcing change?” Natasha asked Peter bluntly.

Peter thought about what it felt like being that out of control, or attacking and hurting people that he definitely did not want to hurt. What would have happened to his mind if Wade hadn’t stopped Peter from killing someone else?

“No,” Peter said. “But I understand why they think it’s a risk and a sacrifice worth making.”

The words hung heavy in the air, the others not sure what to think about that. Wade stretched and yawned, seemingly unaffected by the tense atmosphere. Tony’s eyes all but bored a hole through Peter’s skull through the holograms. At last, Tony closed everything down and looked at Steve.

“You take everyone else and search for what you can at the site of the incident. I’ll work on something to counteract the gas, which means I need Bruce.”

Steve shook his head. “You’ll need a different lab partner. He’s still busy.”

“This is important!”

“So is what he’s doing.”

Tony huffed in annoyance and ran a hand through his hair. “I at least need a competent assistant.”

Everyone at the table did their best to avoid eye contact with Tony. Peter rolled his eyes and volunteered. “I can do it. You want to keep me here under observation anyways, right? This way I’ll at least be doing something productive.”

Tony frowned at Peter. “I don’t have the time to teach you everything, kid, but I appreciate the offer.”

“Ooo, now you’ve done it!” Wade chuckled to himself and sat back to watch.

It was that attitude — that exact attitude — that caused Peter to lose his chances at a decent education. Because alphas just assumed that omegas didn’t know what they were doing. Because alphas just assumed that omegas were being needy attention seekers when offering to help.

Peter’s chest felt ready to rattle apart and his throat tightened against his instant response. He couldn’t lose his cool, not after being affected by the substance. Any rant of a retort he could come up with would be brushed off as just the effects of whatever was still flushing out of his system. No, he needed to keep this simple, and put Tony in his place as soon as possible.

So Peter, with barely contained anger, shot a glob of webbing onto the table and scowled at Tony. “Analyze that.”

There was a pause before Tony simply said, “Jarvis.”

“Yes, sir,” a disembodied voice responded. A few seconds later, a new holographic screen popped up, feeding the results of the webbing’s compounds. Tony’s eyebrows lifted.

“I made that when I was fifteen,” Peter said, voice hard. “In my garage. With spare parts. I rendered the elements I needed myself and built the components myself.” Peter leaned forward and waited until Tony looked over to make eye contact. “Go fuck yourself.”

Clint snorted and Wade giggled. Natasha slapped her hands on the table and stood up. “Looks like that’s been sorted out, let’s get going.”

Everyone wasted no time in running out, leaving just Tony, Peter, and Wade alone in the conference room. Tony awkwardly cleared his throat. “We can head over to the lab.” He looked at Wade. “But not you.”

Wade opened his mouth to say something, but Peter held up his hand. “No distractions. Go find something to do.”

Wade pouted and kicked at the floor like a sullen toddler. Tony gave them an odd look for such an interaction, but he didn’t say anything. He led the way to the lab and Peter followed along silently. It didn’t take long to get the layout of the lab and understand where Tony wanted to start. Despite Peter’s earlier harsh words, Tony didn’t seem to be overly aggressive in return. Or at least, not more than his usual bluntness.

They worked for a long time without conversation, only talking when discussing the next phase of research and testing. Peter didn’t have a lot of practical experience in a lab and had to ask how to work certain machines. Still, he was a fast learner and kept up with ease.

It was a few hours in that Tony finally started poking into Peter’s business again.

“So why didn’t you go to school for this?”

“Are you serious?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Peter gritted his teeth and set something down a little too hard. “My scholarship was given to an alpha with worse grades than mine, because an omega shouldn’t have been applying to such esteemed universities.”

Tony took a moment to think about that before replying. “Mercenary business is pretty lucrative. You can’t take that money to pay for college?”

“At where? A community college?” Peter scoffed. “Even they would be questioning how someone so poor suddenly had the money to pay everything in cash. But even assuming I did manage to make it through, who is going to hire an omega with a bachelor’s in something other than teaching?”

“Education is education, kid.”

“Except it’s not.” Peter stopped and turned on Tony. “Maybe when I was a kid, I thought that was how it worked, but it’s not. I learned that the hard way after high school when the only jobs I could get were charity cases. When I cycled through all the programs that would hire me, it left me with no further options and the bank threatening to take the house.”

“So you turned to mercenary work?” Tony asked sardonically.

“No, I turned to the only job male omegas can do — selling my ass to alphas with violence issues. I’m about the furthest thing from a ‘kid’ that you will come across, so let’s move past that, shall we? I’m not who I was eight years ago.”

Tony finally looked uncomfortable. A dark part of Peter enjoyed that. He started moving again, going back to work. “I did prostitution for three years before Deadpool found me, so I’d say that’s a step up.”

“There have to be other options.”

“Are there? Would your company’s HR hire a person like me? And if they did, would it be as more than a janitor?”

Tony shuffled around awkwardly. He didn’t know. Tony may have owned the company, but he didn’t micromanage it. Other people took care of those things and he left it in their hands. He barely paid attention before Iron Man, and most certainly didn’t after. Peter was 100% certain of that and Tony didn’t argue it.

Silence resumed between them and Peter preferred it that way. He didn’t particularly enjoy having to wallow in his own bitterness against the world. He hated having to deal with people who assumed the world was better than it was. People who couldn’t understand the lives omegas lived because of the blindness that accompanied their own privilege.

Sometime later, Peter hit the button on the centrifuge and then stepped back with a sigh. His eyes were tired and he felt light headed. Of course, all of the blood that was spinning was his own, as he tried to pull out components of omega cells to better understand why the compound only affected his gender.

Tony glanced up at Peter. “You need to eat.”

“I’m fine…” Peter mumbled.

“No, you’re not. You’ve lost a decent amount of blood just now. You need sugar, at the very least. I have a mini kitchen down the hall that’s attached to my workshop. Eat anything you’d like. I’ll watch that.” Tony nodded at all the things Peter had going. “It’s a waiting game for you right now anyways.”

“Alright…” Peter didn’t really want to take off the mask to eat just so Tony’s cameras could get a clear image of his face. However, he could at least take a sandwich outside or something.

The kitchen was easy to find, and walking in revealed Wade to be bustling around the area already. “I figured you’d come find food eventually.”

“I don’t know if I’m up for anything heavy,” Peter said, dubious of Wade’s usual grease laden food choices.

“I figured.” Wade pulled a salad from the fridge and placed it on the bartop counter. “Spinach for iron, hardboiled eggs for protein, mushrooms because they’re good for you, and bacon for yumminess.”

Peter raised his eyebrows at it. That was probably the most healthy thing he’d ever seen around Wade. To be honest, probably the healthiest thing Peter would ever eat. Wade slid a bottle of something fancy looking over by the bowl.

“Red wine vinaigrette? It looks posh as hell.”

Peter chuckled a little as he sat down. “It does.” He paused, his hand hovering over the mask on his face.

“I disabled the cameras a while ago. No worries.” Wade reached over and hit the button on the mask, causing the metal brackets to slide across Peter’s skin and slot back into the bulk at the front before the airlock released. “And the Tower’s been filtering good air in for the past few hours just in case.”

“How did you get around Tony’s system?” Peter asked.

Wade grinned, his own mask rolled up over his nose to show his teeth. “Not the first time I’ve done it.”

Peter took a deep breath, appreciating the smell of food and how it helped to remind him just how hungry he was. “Thanks for making me something.” Peter wasted no time in accepting the fork handed to him and digging in.

“Somebody’s gotta take care of you when you’re distracted,” Wade happily replied, pulling out a bottle of water for Peter as well.

Peter ate methodically and Wade propped his elbows on the counter, chin in his hands, to watch. It seemed to please him just to watch Peter eat. Perhaps a few months ago, Peter would have found that odd. Now he just accepted it as part of Wade’s (admittedly unique) personality.

When Peter finished off his salad, Wade slid over a piece of very expensive and elaborately decorated cake. “This looked like it was for a special occasion, so of course, I ate it.”

Peter rolled his eyes. “And you wonder why Tony hates you.”

“Ohhh, I know why Tony hates me, and it’s for far more than a lost cake.” Wade grinned and sliced off a piece for Peter. “Try it. It’s good.”

It was good. Peter’s eyes rolled back in his head when he took the first bite. Perhaps getting sugar in his system wasn’t so bad.

“That’s a nice face.” Wade hummed in appreciation.

Peter smirked. “Yeah?” He licked his fork clean, deliberately slow.

“Mmm, you’re gonna get me all worked up.”

“How awful,” Peter said in the least remorseful voice possible.

Wade walked around the counter and pressed himself up against the back of the chair, letting his broad shoulders surround Peter who leaned back into it. Wade’s warmth and presence was a much appreciated comfort after such an awful day. Peter let some of the tension release in his shoulders, closing his eyes and just relaxing for the first time in hours.

The body behind Peter shifted, and then he felt the fork being taken from him. There was a clink of metal on porcelain and then Wade’s warm breath on Peter’s ear. “Open.”

Peter let his eyes slit open, and then his mouth followed, opening enough to allow Wade to feed Peter more of the cake. He swirled it around in his mouth, relishing the taste of it, feeling a trickle of warmth start to seep into his skin at the knowledge of being served by Wade.

They continued like that, Peter staying pressed against Wade’s warmth, and Wade diligently feeding Peter bite after bite of cake. When only the back end of it was left, Wade stripped off his glove, picked it up with his fingers, and placed it manually on Peter’s tongue. Peter opened his mouth wide to accommodate the girth of Wade’s digits.

Wade didn’t drop the piece and pull back. No, he pressed it down against Peter’s tongue, smeared his fingers around Peter’s mouth, and dragged his thumb along Peter’s bottom lip. Peter languidly swallowed the bite and cut his eyes up to Wade who placed his fingers back in Peter’s mouth to have them licked clean. Wade was very obviously affected by their game.

When Wade slowly slid his fingers from Peter’s mouth, he swiped his thumb across Peter’s chin to scoop up a smear of frosting and suckle it clean. Wade hummed his pleasure at the taste as Peter licked his lips.

“Good?” Wade asked.

“Very,” Peter responded in a voice already dark with sex.

Wade’s eyes flashed, and instantly he was pulling Peter from his seat and over to the entrance to Tony’s workshop. “Do you know why Tony actually hates me?”

Peter raised an eyebrow. “So many guesses come to mind.”

They stopped in front of a very plain looking robot. It was less refined than Tony’s usual suits, and looked like it had been hidden away in a cabinet that Wade had dug it out of. All sorts of things were scattered on the floor by the open doors of said cabinet. Peter flicked his eyes around the mess and then back to the robot. He was still a little uncomfortable around anything that reminded him of Iron Man, but thankfully the robot was different enough to not trigger him too badly.

Wade pulled what looked like a remote from his pocket. It had a 3D display similar to the Stark pads, allowing for a multitude of different options.

“I found this years ago. Played with it, too.” Wade grinned, looking overly pleased with himself.

“What is it?”

“Horny teenage Tony’s greatest invention: a sex bot.”

Peter almost choked. “You’re lying!”

Wade hit a button on the remote and a crotch panel slid aside. Out popped a metal dick that locked into place. A second later, lube started oozing along the surface. Peter gaped at it.

“Holy. Shit.” What Wade had said suddenly occurred to Peter and he let out a startled laugh. “No wonder he was mad at you!”

“Mad is not a strong enough term.”

Peter looked over to see Wade wiggling out of his pants. “What are you doing?”

“You’ve had a stressful day,” Wade reasoned. “I thought you’d like to watch this thing go to town on me.”

“Wade… We really shouldn’t…”

“It’ll make you feel better!” Wade happily sing-songed.

Without further ado, Wade dropped to all fours and hit a button. The robot dropped to its knees and pressed forward, sinking onto Wade without any other preparation. Wade grunted at the forced stretch, but the robot seemed programmed to pause until the muscles relaxed enough to let it in. Once it was fully seated, it stopped moving.

Wade looked up at Peter, eyes already glassy with arousal, dick hard and heavy between his legs. “You like?”

Peter held out his hand and Wade obediently handed over the remote. Peter scrolled through the options as he casually walked around the spectacle of Wade being penetrated by a sex robot built by Tony Stark. It was both comical and arousing.

“How many times have you snuck in here to use this?” Peter asked.

“I lost count,” Wade replied, honestly.

“Dirty little slut.”

Wade moaned and his cock twitched, happy that Peter was already in headspace. Peter couldn’t let Wade have all the fun, though. After all, this was about helping Peter to feel better. And what would make him feel better would be debasing an alpha in the home of an alpha he couldn’t stand to be around.

Peter hit a button and the robot took firm hold of Wade’s hips before starting up a brutal rhythm. Wade grunted with each crash of metal against his ass. Peter hummed to himself as he watched Wade’s body tense, both enjoying the rough treatment, and trying to push through it.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

“Yes,” Wade huffed out. “Oh, fuck.”

“You shouldn’t have too much fun, ya know. That seems to get you in trouble.”

Wade made a disgruntled sound, but it was nothing compared to the noises he made at Peter’s next selection. One of the robot’s hands let go of Wade’s waist, and reached around to take firm hold of Wade’s cock. In a strange move that only mechanical digits could manage, a finger lined up against the tip of Wade’s cockhead. A soft motorized noise sounded, but it was drowned out by Wade’s guttural cry.

There was a clicking noise and then the robotic hand moved away to reveal the tip of a sound sunk deep into Wade’s dick. Unrelenting, Peter pressed another button and the robotic hand moved to the base of Wade’s cock, wrapping around it in order to attach another device. Once settled around the girth of Wade, a thin band shrank to a tight grip, making Wade’s cock bulge around it.

Words tried to come out of Wade’s mouth, but it was hardly more than a strangled noise of half formed syllables, his eyes wide, and his mouth hanging open. Peter smiled as he toyed with the remote. The robot took hold of Wade’s wrists, pulled them tight behind his back, and used them as leverage to pound even harder into Wade.

Peter strolled over and crouched down in front of Wade to watch the desperate looks flash across the man’s face. “Good?”

Wade whined, spit already dripping down his chin.

“How long do you think you can keep this up? How long before someone comes looking for us to find you like this?”

“Guh… Fff…” Wade shuddered and his cock bounced, which only seemed to make him all the more sensitive.

“I wonder if they’d just leave you here and walk away. Or if they’d stop it and lock you up, never letting you find release.”

Wade panted for breath and his eyes begged Peter for release. With great force of effort, he managed to get his mouth to form a single wavery word. “ Please…

“Already?” Peter chuckled. “Absolutely not.”

That caused Wade to tug against his bonds, but the robot was an immovable force. Unsurprising, considering its maker. Peter simply watched until Wade managed to calm back down and accept his treatment. The smell of alpha filled the room as Wade began to sweat.

“Or is it that you want something more?” Peter let his fingers brush over Wade’s throbbing dick. “Do you want me to jerk you off?” He wrapped his hand around Wade’s girth in a firm grip. “Even though you won’t be able to cum?”

Wade made a strained noise in his throat that got louder as Peter slowly pumped his hand up and down Wade’s shaft, squeezing enough that Wade would feel the press of the sound inside of him. Peter’s lips parted against quickened breath, his eyes drooping in desire. Watching Wade’s face was a joy. It flashed from pleasure to pain to desperation in waves.

Peter ran his thumb up and over the head of Wade’s cock, circling his nail around the trembling bit of metal poking from the tip. Wade whined, overstimulated and denied. It left Wade dependent on Peter. It left Wade at Peter’s mercy.

“You’re right,” Peter said. “This makes me feel better. And you, heh, you just love it when I strip you of control.”

Wade nodded in a way that said he would agree to anything as long as Peter took mercy. That wasn’t going to happen. Peter smiled and hit a button on the remote. A faint humming noise echoed through the robot, but Wade more than balanced out the quiet with his half-scream half-moan as the metal dick in him started vibrating.

“Maybe I should leave you here. Go back to work. Come check on you when I need to relax.”

Wade’s mouth worked, but only garbled words fell out in return. He looked like he both did and did not want Peter to follow through on the threat. Peter could understand. He wanted to walk away, content in the knowledge that Wade would wait as long as it took for Peter to be satisfied. Of course, the part of Peter that had come to truly care for Wade couldn’t leave him on his own.

So instead, Peter pocketed the remote and slid his fingers up Wade’s cheeks, pulling the mask up and off of Wade’s face. He let it fall to the ground without much thought, his eyes riveted on Wade’s contorted features and watery blue eyes. Peter slid his thumb in a barely there touch along Wade’s lips.

“Do you want to taste my cock?”

Wade nodded and a greedy noise echoed in his mouth as he stretched it open wide. Peter smiled and stood up, pulling himself from his pants. He was already hard, extremely aroused by the proceedings, but thus far had been only focused on Wade. Still was, really, as Peter gave it hardly a second thought as he pushed his hips close to Wade’s face, only intent on seeing Wade’s mouth stretch.

Thus, it was almost a shock to feel warm and wet sliding over his cock, a needy tongue already doing its best to please him. Peter hissed and pushed a little further into Wade’s mouth, just enough to watch Wade’s throat work as he fought to override his gag reflex. Peter ran soothing hands over Wade’s head.

“Good boy.”

Wade shivered and his eyes went distant. His mind was shutting down under the onslaught of stimulation and the submissive actions. It sent a rush of satisfaction through Peter to see it. He couldn’t get over how amazing it felt to have an alpha so devoted to his desires, no matter how dominating or cruel they tended to be.

The hard thrusts of the robot jolted Wade’s body, causing Wade’s mouth to fuck Peter uncontrollably. However, it was a small movement, and Peter wanted more. He gripped Wade’s head to steady it, and then started pushing in at the pace he wanted, as deep as he wanted. It was all about his preferences, and Wade did whatever necessary to accommodate that.

Peter watched Wade’s drooling mouth with pleasure. It was stretched wide, the lips dragging in an odd way, and spit was being forcibly shoved down Wade’s chin. There was no grace in it, just a pitiful contorting of features trying so hard to give what was being demanded.

“I’m better than you,” Peter said, his breath coming hard and fast now. “I’m smarter than you, stronger than you, faster than you. I’m the only one that knows what you need and how to treat you. You’re beneath me.”

Some part of Peter’s mind screamed that he was going too far, but it was drowned out by waves of lust. Wade made a strangled sound and his body convulsed, but nothing made it past the sound in his dick. He was having a dry orgasm from Peter’s words and ministrations, but the orgasm was being ruined by the cock ring and the sound that refused to let anything by.

Tears dripped down Wade’s cheeks as his body shivered relentlessly. It was amazing to watch, and Peter was so enamored by it, that his own orgasm caught him unawares. With a grunt through gritted teeth, he shoved himself down Wade’s throat and stayed there, forcing Wade to swallow desperately around Peter’s cock lest he choke on Peter’s seed.

Peter rode the waves of pleasure as long as he dared, twitching at every movement of Wade’s throat. Finally, he pulled back and allowed Wade to cough and gasp for air. Spittle dripped from his quickly softening cock, but he could care less. He was too distracted by the utterly destroyed look on Wade’s face.

“Perfect…” Peter whispered.

Wade looked up at Peter like he was some kind of deity that had blessed Wade with something amazing. Of course, he looked so far gone that there was a chance that his mind was indeed thinking such fantastical and disjointed thoughts. That left Peter feeling incredibly satisfied.

Crouching back down, Peter watched Wade’s face as it struggled to handle the treatment it was undergoing. The sight of it left Peter buzzing with pleasure as afterglow infused his system. When it seemed like Wade was finally getting control of himself once more, Peter decided it was time to up the ante. He was far from done with Wade.

Peter pulled the remote from his pocket and hit a button. A chest panel of the robot opened and a spindly metal arm with a single attachment came out. The attachment was a clear sheath with soft nubs all along the inside. The arm folded its way around Wade’s body and then slid onto his dick, setting up an even stroking motion.

Just to mix things up, Peter picked a higher vibration option on the metal dick in Wade’s ass, and a new thrusting pattern to accompany it. Wade’s eyes went wide, a tinge of fear in their depths. That sent a thrill through Peter, which was intensified by the noises Wade began to produce at his new treatment.

Peter lovingly stroked the backs of his fingers along Wade’s cheekbone, smearing the tracks of tears to be found there. “Do you like it?”

Wade’s eyes rolled and he didn’t respond. His body shook and jerked, and he keened at how intense the pleasure inflicted on him was. Still, Peter did not relent. It wasn’t time for Wade to find release.

“Answer me,” Peter demanded. “Are you happy right now? Are you enjoying yourself?”

It took three attempts, but Wade finally managed a garbled yes in return.

“Good. I like you like this. I like how out of control you are of your own body. I like that you can think about nothing but sex right now, no matter what might happen. I like that you can’t find release unless I give it to you. I like you being in heat.”

Wade jerked again, and the vein along his cock throbbed. He choked out a moan as yet another dry orgasm was ruined. The longer Wade went, the more frequent they would become — teasing at a release that he would continue to be denied. Peter’s skin tingled at just the thought of it.

Time slipped by, but Peter barely noticed. He was entranced by Wade’s face, the shaking of that large body, and the bits of ejaculate that managed to leak out around the sound. Wade was far gone, his mind having shut down coherent thought long ago. All he could do was stay trapped in that position and let himself be worked over at Peter’s discretion.

At long last, Peter allowed the sheath of soft material to stop rubbing and fold back away inside the robot’s chest. Peter ran his fingers delicately over Wade’s red and tender cock. It was hot to the touch and twitching around with need. Peter flicked his thumb over the protruding bit of metal. Wade keened.

“So perfect,” Peter breathed. “We should do this more often.”

A dreamy look tinged Wade’s face, underneath the pulled tight lines caused by hyperstimulation. Wade enjoyed it. He loved getting owned and destroyed by Peter. It left them both riding a high they couldn’t get from anyone else.

Peter gripped the slippery tip of the sound and carefully pulled, bit by bit, watching Wade’s face at the feeling of smooth metal sliding inside of his dick. When the sound was removed completely, Wade’s cock drooled precum onto the floor in a continuous stream, causing the alpha to whine pitifully.

Peter dropped the metal rod. It clinked onto the floor where it landed and rolled away. Peter didn’t give it a spare thought. Instead, he reached down and hit the latch for the cock ring, allowing it to open and fall away. It hadn’t even hit the floor before Wade was yelling, a single guttural sound.

Wade came untouched in thick ropey strips on the floor. It lasted a good while, his whole body shaking with the intensity of it. Even after it had passed, cum still dribbled from his cock like a leaking faucet that just wouldn’t stop. Peter reached forward and massaged Wade’s balls, encouraging what was backed up to continue to release so that Wade wouldn’t be sore later.

Sometimes, Peter found it odd how much he wanted to care for Wade even as he wanted to hurt the alpha. It seemed contradictory, but then, his world rarely made any kind of sense. Perhaps it was fitting, all considering.

The robot kept up its thrusts even as Wade lost his strength and hung limp in its unwavering grip. Peter wanted one more full release. He slid his hand up and started pumping Wade’s shaft again. Wade whined at the feeling, but Peter shushed him.

It took another few minutes, with Wade’s shaking increasing and fading out in waves, before he finally peaked again. He shot another full load, but the tight swelling in his balls eased to a degree that Peter was happy with. At last, he hit the button to stop stimulation. The robot’s cock disappeared back inside of itself with a soft hum and a click.

There was a button that simply said “clean up” and Peter selected it. The robot moved to pull Wade upright against its chest and held the alpha in place with one metal arm. Little spindly bits protruded from its sides with wet wipes and began to methodically clean the lube, cum, and drool from Wade.

When it was finished, Peter had it return to standby. Wade bonelessly fell forward, but Peter was prepared. Scooping the exhausted alpha into his arms, Peter walked them out of the workshop and back into the minikitchen. There was a couch in the corner of the room that Peter laid Wade out on.

Though Wade wasn’t coherent, he mumbled something at Peter, and it sounded pouty. Peter sat down on the floor and brushed his fingers across Wade’s head until the large man settled back down. Peter whispered nonsensical phrases about how well Wade had done. Wade had a content little smile on his face as he fell asleep.

Afterwards, Peter gathered up Wade’s pants, gloves, and mask, putting them all back onto the limp Deadpool. Peter knew that Wade wouldn’t like waking up to find his skin exposed to anyone that might happen to stop by the kitchen, especially Tony. Peter kept the mask rolled up over Wade’s nose, however, to facilitate breathing. He also dropped a bottle of water on the end table by Wade’s head for later.

It was at that point Peter remembered to stuff himself back inside his pants. Wade had simply been that distracting, that Peter forgot about himself.

Peter stared at Wade for a moment afterwards, trying to determine what it was that he felt about the kind of games they played. Or even how Wade himself felt about it all. What exactly had they become to each other?

A question for another time, Peter scolded himself.

Pulling his phone from his pocket, he checked the messages that kept pinging in. Multiple ones were from Harry, asking if Peter was alright. He sent back a message guaranteeing that he’d been at home and was fine. The response from Harry was immediate, proving that he was still awake and obsessively checking his phone. Peter felt a tinge of guilt at being one more thing for his oldest friend to stress over.

There were also texts from Aunt May, letting Peter know there was an incident at the hospital and she was going to be staying the night there to help the next day as well. Peter sent her a text back and told her to make sure she took care of herself as well as the patients.

On the upside, that meant he could work all night without May worrying about where he was. On the downside, she’d be exhausted once she finally made it back home. One more step to being forced into retirement because her body could no longer keep up.

Peter ran a hand through his hair and shook such thoughts from his head. He had other things to focus on at the moment. Grabbing his gas mask, he headed out and back to the lab.

“You find everything you needed?” Tony asked as Peter walked back in.

“Yes.” Much more, in fact.

“Good. Your spinner is done.”

“Thanks.” Peter walked over to the centrifuge but was distracted before it made it there. A 3D rendering of something was hovering off to the side of the room. “What’s that?”

Tony glanced up and over to the image before looking back at his work. “We found the remains of a device at the center of the affected area. I’m having Jarvis run the pieces and reconstruct it to see if there are any defining markings to find out where it came from.”

There wouldn’t be. Peter knew that because he knew what the device was.

Back in high school, a scientist at Oscorp had created a new device to distribute vaporized product into a room for medicinal reasons. It did it at a faster rate, with a specific spin that helped coat a room equally in as little time as possible. It had multiple applications, but they wanted a new design for the product.

Harry had spent months coming up with a design to impress his father with. In the end, Norman had chosen something from one of his alpha employees. The prototypes and test products Harry had spent so long creating never saw the light of day. Of course, they never ended up branded with the Oscorp name, either.

Tony couldn’t possibly know that the device was something connected to Harry Osborn, but Peter did.

“Do you know something?” Tony asked, snapping Peter from his thoughts. He looked over to see Tony eyeing Peter’s reaction suspiciously.

“No. I’ve never seen it before. I was just studying it in hopes of recognizing it later.” Peter walked back to his station to continue his work.

“Sure…” Tony didn’t sound convinced, but it didn’t matter. Peter wasn’t going to budge.

There was no guarantee that Harry was the one behind the incident. In fact, it made no sense at all. Why him? What could he possibly gain from it? No, it was more likely that someone inside Oscorp was using the derelict containers for their own purposes. However, if the Avengers started looking into Oscorp, they’d find out about the criminal activity Harry was linked to.

It wasn’t Harry’s fault that he was entangled in his father’s machinations. Peter would do what he could to keep Harry out of jail. That meant Peter needed to track down the culprit himself. Once he knew who the criminal was, then they could be turned over without any further investigation.

The minute he could get out from under Tony’s eye, Peter would set to work.