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As Peter walked across the room to retrieve a bottle of water from the fridge, he could feel Wade’s eyes on him. When Peter’s legs stuttered and his breath hitched, he could feel Wade’s smirk. With great strength of will, he managed to make it back to the couch without incident, head held high, walking at a slow and steady pace.

Wade grinned, not paying attention to the lewd noises and images flashing across the TV. Peter carefully sat back down in his spot between Wade’s legs, only whining a little as he lay back on Wade’s chest. Thankfully, Wade hadn’t argued Peter’s request for full nudity between them, and the skin to skin contact felt like bliss.

Pressing his face into Peter’s hair, Wade took a deep breath. “I can smell it,” he said, his voice taking on a hint of drunkenness. “Admit it, my methods work.”

Wade’s “methods” for accelerating Peter’s heat had been watching porn on the couch while cuddling. Also, anal beads. Peter shifted around and felt the evil things inside of him squirm in all the right ways. It was a barely there touch on his prostate along with a constant pressure on his insides that took the edge off the ache that usually accompanied his pre-heat.

Frankly, Peter was a little mad at how well things were working out. Porn and sex toys just seemed like a ridiculous combination for what was a serious problem. Yet, there he was, flushed, horny, craving more. Stupid Wade and his stupid methods.

Peter refused to answer Wade and instead chugged his bottle of water. One of the many problems with heat was how thirsty he always ended up. It was the body’s way of hydrating in preparation for the amount of slick and sweat he’d end up producing. Still, it was annoying to feel constantly parched even as he chugged bottle after bottle of water.

Wade slid his hands around Peter’s chest and stomach, taking his time to make sure he caressed every inch of skin. Peter couldn’t help but squirm at the feeling of it, and the beads inside of him shifted with the movement. He was so full of slick already that the tiniest of movements would set them in motion.

“How much longer until it hits?” Wade asked, his voice deep as it rumbled its way into Peter’s ear and down his spine.

“I don’t know…” Peter mumbled.

That was a lie. Peter normally didn’t wait this long to do what needed to be done. He was well past his usual threshold of tolerance. It had been a very long time since he’d allowed himself to fall this far into his heat without doing something about it.

Most of the reason for that was because Peter wanted to see if Wade could really hold off. It was some kind of twisted need to prove to himself that Wade wasn’t some magical alpha that broke all the rules. Eventually, Wade wouldn’t be able to hold back. Eventually, Peter’s no would be useless.

Even worse, a small part of Peter was enjoying it. He liked feeling safe and comfortable in Wade’s arms. He liked the buildup of need and desire that was slowly numbing him to all else. He liked the anticipation of knowing how good the sex would be with Wade. The scientific part of Peter wanted to see just how far out of control his mind would get.

It was both terrifying and exciting. He had no idea how to feel about any of it, so he just sat there and tried to ignore it. As if he could somehow put off the inevitable and live in that state of anticipation forever.

Wade pressed his face against Peter’s neck, his nose pressed against the scent glad as he breathed in deep. “You’re nervous.”

Peter cursed. “How do you do that?”

Wade chuckled. “I just pay attention, that’s all.”

Not knowing what to say to that, Peter just grumbled and tucked his face into the couch cushions. He didn’t want to talk about it. They both knew why Peter hated going into heat, and talking about it wasn’t going to help his current anxiety. Even if Wade could somehow magically overcome his biology, Peter wouldn’t stop wondering if he was really in control of the situation or not.

“So,” Wade said in an annoyingly reasonable voice. “We are two consenting adults that have consented to have sex with each other and have a history of enjoying really long and rough sessions.”

“Your point?” Peter mumbled into the cushions.

“If we both fall into mindless sex and have no control over it, what does it matter? Aren’t we doing exactly what we set out to do?”

“It’s not the same.”

“That’s true. You’re a lot stronger than me. You could wrap your legs around my waist and snap me in half like a twig!”

Peter twisted around in order to glare at Wade. “That’s not funny!” Peter had hurt Wade while out of control. It wasn’t something to joke about!

Still, Wade was smiling. He brushed his fingers along Peter’s cheek. “Should I be mad at you? It was a situation that was out of your control, but we both came out of it alive and healthy. It was a man-made chemical that went well beyond what the body can normally handle, and you still managed to snap out of it. You overcame the odds while they were stacked against you. Do you want me to hold a grudge over that?”

Peter was conflicted, and he felt it show on his face. He understood what Wade was getting at. An alpha falling into rut was just as compromised as an omega in heat. If everything happened according to plan, would Peter still blame the alpha for not being in control? If an alpha in rut couldn’t be trusted, did that mean an omega in heat couldn’t be trusted either?

It was a complex issue, and not one Peter felt ready to address in his current condition.

“Baby Boy, if I give in to my instincts, all that’s going to happen is some really boring sex. And I can understand if you’re miffed about that afterwards, but is that reason to hate me for it?”

“I don’t want to hate you…”

“This right here is the present. This is me . You’ve been around me when I’m in rut already. All your heat can do is pull that out of me again. Was I a mindless brute?”

Peter closed her eyes. “No…”

“Then what’s different now?”

“I was in control.” It was a whispered confession and the basis of all his fears. Even with the worst of alphas, even in the middle of sex, even when they were in rut, Peter was always in control. Peter was aware and capable.

He didn’t feel like that at the moment. His body felt too hot, his mind felt like it was swimming in syrup, his instincts were at odds with themselves. If something happened, Peter didn’t feel confident in his ability to do something about it.

“You don’t feel in control right now?” Wade asked.

Peter didn’t want to answer, so he stayed silent. Not that it mattered. Wade could see right through Peter. He peeked his eyes open, looking at Wade’s soft face and the quirk of a smile on scarred lips.

“Then I guess you’ll have to trust me.”

Trust. It was almost laughable. When was the last time Peter fully trusted anyone? In many ways, he still didn’t trust Wade, or feel like he knew much about the man at all. But when it came to intimacy? To Peter’s safety? To Peter’s overall comfort?

Peter did trust Wade with those things. Wade had proven himself time and time again. Eventually, Peter couldn’t deny the truth of it. When it came to Peter’s emotional, mental, and physical health, there was no one he trusted more than Wade Wilson.

“Okay…” Peter whispered.

Wade looked far too pleased with himself as he pulled them together into a kiss. In strange juxtaposition to their very serious conversation, someone on the video that was playing let out the most over the top moan. Peter wanted to complain, but his thoughts scattered at the feeling of Wade’s hands roaming across his skin once more.

Thick fingers slid down the valley of Peter’s ass and pressed against the dripping hole, shifting the beads once more. Peter sucked in a breath and rocked his hips, desperate for more already. Wade grinned against Peter’s lips.

“Since your heat is taking so long. How about we play just a little?”

Damn. Peter was more than ready to just get things over with after their discussion and deal with the fallout later, but he was loath to admit that, not after denying how close he was for so long. So instead, he allowed Wade to reposition him so that he was straddling Wade’s lap and leaning on Wade’s shoulder.

“There you go. Just like that. Stick your cute little butt out there for me.”

“Shut up,” Peter grumbled.

Wade was undeterred and was just oozing happiness as he twirled his finger around the string hanging from Peter’s ass and started to tug. Peter grunted as the first bead pulled at his muscles and then popped out, dripping with slick. It had hardly taken any effort, given how wet he was.

Taking firm hold of the single ball outside of Peter’s body, Wade twisted it, causing those still inside Peter to twirl in odd ways. He squirmed at the feeling, but that didn’t help at all, as he was very sensitive at the moment. The feeling of it all shot straight to his cock.

“Too bad you’re not ready yet,” Wade said as he teased out another bead, causing Peter to shudder. “If you were, I could just start fucking you already.”

Peter bit his lip and forced himself not to say anything he’d regret. Maybe once Wade had them all out, he’d be unable to follow through on his implied patience. Wade would eventually break. He’d be dying to fuck before Peter ended up begging for it.


Such hopes were shattered when Wade started pushing the beads back inside once more. A whine built in Peter’s throat, but he cut it off. Wade hummed and started grazing his teeth along Peter’s shoulder.

Once all of the beads were back in, Wade’s finger followed. Peter did make a noise that time, loud and abrupt. With Wade’s finger alongside the beads, it almost felt like enough of a stretch. Peter’s body yearned for more, screaming at Peter that he needed to be filled.

Wade swirled his finger around, pressing along the aching skin like a relieving balm while shifting around the teasing beads. Peter bucked his hips, his cock wanting to feel something and his ass begging for more attention. His hands wrapped tighter around Wade’s shoulders, fingers digging into flesh.

“Is it too much?” Wade asked it like he knew better, and they both knew he did. “Should I go slower?”

Peter moaned in distress, but it didn’t deter Wade. His finger slowed down, gliding along Peter’s insides at a pace Peter didn’t think the restless Wade would be capable of. Peter’s breathing kicked up again and sweat started gathering along his spine. Bright, tight, and burning settled in Peter’s belly, but it was going nowhere fast — just there as a constant reminder of what Peter wanted.

“Do you want more?” Wade asked, his voice dark with promise. Peter nodded, his mind slipping away from him already, causing him to forget why there was a delay in the first place. “Maybe if I touch you a little, you’ll get in the mood.”

“Please,” Peter breathed. That sounded like the best idea in the world. Yes. He needed to be touched. He needed to be filled. He needed more .

Wade’s other hand wrapped around Peter’s very hard cock. In the background, someone in the video started expressing their approval. Like some kind of strange hive mind, Peter followed suit as he uncontrollably thrust into Wade’s hand.

“Oh, yes! Yes!”

A deep chuckle was the response, along with a flood of pheromones that left Peter’s head spinning. Wade was happy, interested, and so very aroused. It pleased something deep inside of Peter. It filled him up with champagne, leaving him inebriated and tingling all over.

Wade’s hands remained slow and methodical, working Peter over, building up pressure, sending his desire sky high. It left Peter teetering on the edge, drowning in how close he was instead of actively working for release. Normally, he would have complained, or tried to physically push things along, but it was like he was nothing but putty in Wade’s hands, helpless to the man’s ministrations.

The finger inside of Peter started purposefully moving in such a way that the beads continuously shuffled over that spot inside of him. It sent jolts of pleasure through him, numbing his mind to all else but the sensations buzzing along his nerve endings. He murmured words that he was barely coherent of saying.

“You sound like you’re close, Baby Boy.” Wade’s voice was almost a growl, his body reacting hard to being surrounded by a cloud of desperate omega. “Are you finally ready?”

“Please,” Peter whined before panting for breath. His body was trembling, full of too much pressure and not enough release.

Wade slid his finger out and Peter let out a wild noise of distress at the loss of it. The hand on his cock picked up the pace in return as Wade once more took hold of the sodden string hanging out of Peter. He knew on a deep level that Wade was pleased. It probably hung in the air as Wade shed pheromones like a smoke stack. It helped keep Peter calm and allowed him to focus on his orgasm that was finally, blissfully, close.

“Tell me when you’re going to cum,” Wade demanded and Peter’s body sang with the need to obey. Listening to Wade was a great idea. Wade had the best plans. Peter could trust Wade.

“Ah!” Peter thrust his hips, whining at the lack of something filling him in the ways he wanted. The beads taunted him with what he didn’t have.

Wade’s grip tightened just the slightest bit and his finger tugged gently enough for the beads to press against Peter’s entrance without slipping out. Peter clenched his muscles, wanting to feel more, wanting to finally push past that barrier holding him back.


“Tell me,” Wade instructed once more.

Peter curled forward, holding onto Wade as if he was the only thing keeping Peter grounded. Pleasure, sharp and insistent and undeniable, built high within Peter, tensing his stomach, making him dig his nails into flesh.

“I’m! It’s! I!” Peter choked, unable to get out any further words even as his jaw hung open.


Peter let out all of his breath in the form of a guttural noise of relief. Just before the first spurt of cum could make it out of his dick, Wade tugged on the string, pulling the beads out at a steady pace while Peter came. If there had been any breath in his lungs, he would have screamed at the intense sensation of his ass sliding open and closed around each bulb as he came hard onto Wade’s stomach.

The beads fell to the couch with a wet thunk, followed by a trickle of slick. Peter shuddered as his body tried to make sense of how intense that had just been. His skin felt like he was touching a live wire and his mind was spiraling off somewhere far from earth. He sucked in air as his body trembled with aftershocks.

It took some time before he became aware of Wade’s hands gently rubbing over Peter’s skin, reverent and soothing. Soon after, Peter noticed other things, like how painfully empty he felt, and how hard his cock still was. He whined, burying his face into Wade’s neck and taking a deep breath of the scent gland to be found there.

Alpha smell flooded his system and helped him no longer feel like he was on the verge of tears. His body still ached and felt upsettingly unfulfilled, but he no longer felt terrified of the feeling. After all, his alpha was there. His alpha would take good care of him. There was no need to to worry.

Fuck, Petey, if you even knew what you smelled like right now…”

Unable to think of any words to respond with, Peter pressed his body closer, needing the contact, needing to find a way to get Wade to hurry. Wade groaned at the feeling of Peter clinging to every bit of skin available.

“You ready?” Wade asked.

Peter sunk his teeth into Wade’s neck and the larger man hissed at it.

“I’m going to fuck you until you melt, okay?”

See? Wade had all the best plans. Peter purred, nuzzling his face along rugged skin, nipping at the parts that begged for his teeth.

There was a moment of disorientation, then movement, and then something soft under Peter’s back with Wade’s weight pressing down on top of him. The bed. Ah, yes. Beds were a good idea. Soft but firm. Plenty of room. Ideal for mating. Wade had the best ideas. Smart Wade.

Peter squirmed, trying to find what he wanted. Maybe he could just wiggle around until Wade’s cock slipped inside. Why wasn’t it inside already? A strange whining noise built in Peter’s throat, his body displeased with the delay.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me right now,” Wade groaned.

The weight lifted off of Peter and he clawed at Wade’s skin in distress, wanting it back. Before he could even think about forming words, he was flipped over onto his stomach. The feeling of the fabric on the sensitive head of his cock caused him choke on air before rutting against the sheets.

Present,” Wade ordered.

Excitement and electric arousal shot through Peter. Yes. Present. Smart alpha, remembering what was best. Peter immediately slid his body into position — chest to the matress, ass in the air, legs hip length apart, his arms gripping the sheets above his head. Slick dripped from his hole, sliding down over his taint in ticklish little drops.

A tongue swiped along the trails of slick. Peter jerked at the sensation of it before pressing back into it. It felt amazing, and it thrilled him to know that his alpha enjoyed his body, but it wasn’t enough. Peter’s hole pulsed with the need for something to fill it.

Then, like a prayer answered, Wade shifted positions and pressed against Peter’s entrance. There was barely any resistance. As Peter cried out his satisfaction, Wade easily slid inside. The feeling of being filled had Peter’s eyes rolling back in his head.

“Oh, sweet Odin you’re so hot inside.” Wade’s voice was strangled as he slid out and back in. “You’re pulsing. Fuck.”

Peter could hardly focus on that. All he cared about was the feeling of being full, of the delicious glide of Wade’s cock inside of him. Alphan chemicals being absorbed by his omega body, finally feeling satisfied that they were doing what Peter’s body demanded. It was a rush. It sent him flying so high that Peter wondered if he’d ever fall back to earth.

Maybe he didn’t want to. Maybe he wanted to stay in that state of euphoric bliss where nothing else in the world mattered. Not his past and not his future, not their gender or their sex, not their social status or the pressures of society. It was gone, obliterated in a rush of hormones and chemicals pumping through their veins.

Peter could just give in and not have to worry about what it all meant. All he wanted was his alpha and all his alpha wanted was him. What did anything else besides that matter?

“Wade…” Peter breathed out, his thoughts on the matter weaving through the word. Wade bent over, pressing their skin together as his hips thrust into Peter, strong and unstoppable.

“You’re so perfect, Peter. So perfect.”

The words flowed through Peter on a tide of satisfaction. He barely even noticed the sensation caused by Wade pressing on all the right places. Peter was too distracted by relief and contentment.

“I’m gonna fuck you all night.”


It was funny. Though Wade held true to such a promise, Peter never felt pushed past his breaking point like he had the times before. He never felt overstimulated or sore. Instead, he just gushed more slick and happily rode wave after wave of pleasure, only wanting the feeling of Wade moving inside of Peter to never end.

Time passed, but Peter was only aware of it in strange ways. Like when he noticed that the noises from the TV had stopped or that items from the nightstand had fallen to the floor. Wade flipped their positions occasionally, and Peter marked time with that as well. As long as Wade was in him, or touching him, then Peter was unaware of the world. The seconds in which Wade stopped those things to move around felt excruciatingly long to Peter, however.

Peter became more aware of the world when Wade finally stopped moving. He was still inside of Peter, still rock hard with a confused knot that didn’t know if it should swell or deflate pressed against the outer rim of Peter’s entrance. However, Wade had stopped moving, choosing instead to just wrap around Peter and nuzzle close, Peter’s back to Wade’s stomach.

Wade bit at Peter’s neck. Not hard enough to break skin, but hard enough to tease at the thought of marking. Peter’s eyelids fluttered at the sensation, his body undulating, and purr pulling up in his chest. Wade groaned at the response.

“You tempt me too much…”

Peter was supposed to tempt, wasn’t he? He was supposed to beg to be marked and kept so they could do this again and again . That sounded like heaven. Peter wanted that. More pressingly, he wanted to keep going. But Wade was still. Why was Wade still?

“More,” Peter complained.

“Hah… You’re gonna have to give me a minute. I’m doing all the work, ya know?”

Was Wade saying that he was tired? Was that really what was happening? That he couldn’t keep up with Peter? That was unacceptable. If Wade wouldn’t give what Peter needed, then Peter would just have to take it.

With that thought in mind, Peter had them rearranged in an instant — Wade on his back as Peter straddled scarred hips. Wade was staring at Peter with wide eyes full of lust. They both groaned at Peter sank down onto Wade’s reddened cock.

“You know, you’re supposed to see a doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours,” Wade wheezed.

“I want more ,” Peter said, his voice still dazed from the syrupy feeling of his heat.

“I’m starting to think you’re a little pent up.”

Peter wrapped his hand around Wade’s throat, bracing his weight against it. The pressure wasn’t enough to stop Wade from breathing, but it was enough to make in impact. Wade’s eyes went wide and he sucked in a breath. Peter felt Wade’s cock twitch inside of him.

“I chose you because you could keep up,” Peter stated, his eyes heavy as they roamed over Wade’s prone body. “Strong, capable, relentless. You give me what I want, or I take it.”

Wade moaned, and his hands moved to grip Peter’s thighs. “You chose me?”

“Yes. My alpha.”

Something flashed in Wade’s eyes. Something vulnerable and hopeful. Whatever emotions Wade was feeling, he pushed them back down, focused only on the present. His hands ran along the skin of Peter’s thighs. “Then take what you want.”

Peter lifted himself up and then back down to finish with a grind of hips that teased at Wade’s knot. The move pulled a growl from Wade’s throat and that pleased Peter to no end, so he did it again. And again.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Wade moaned.

“You can’t die,” Peter huffed. He’d made a good choice in alpha. A safe choice, in all respects.

Peter’s body wasn’t amused at the slow pace, so he gave in to the urge to go faster. He had to brace more of his weight on his hand, but Wade didn’t seem to mind the pressure on his throat. In fact, he seemed to rather enjoy it. Peter smiled to himself, happy that his alpha was so accommodating and easy to please. They made a good pair.

Wade made all kinds of noises at the sight of Peter riding him. It felt so nice, knowing that he was being looked upon in such a way. The words Wade praised Peter with matched the faces Wade made. He was truthful and enamoured. It pleased something deep inside of Peter that rarely saw the light of day.

Usually, Peter kept such thoughts and feelings locked away, deep down and hidden. It was painful and stifling and left him filled with anxiety. At the moment, he couldn’t remember why he did such things. It all seemed so petty and unimportant. Peter liked how he felt now, with the world narrowed down to just him and Wade, with their words and actions holding no need for complexity.

Peter felt happy, and he wanted to stay that way, drowning in the pleasure of their union for as long as possible.

Closing his eyes, Peter tipped his head back and let himself be overwhelmed by the feeling of Wade filling and stretching him. His free hand found its way to his cock. It demanded attention, so Peter gave it, content to simply give in to his body’s urges. For a time, he just let himself drift in the feeling of pleasure that was being provided to him in so many different ways.


“Ffffuh… Baby Boy, you look so amazing right now.”

A smiled pulled at Peter’s lips and he allowed it to spread across his face with ease. “You make me this way.”

Wade groaned half in pleasure and half in pain. “Heat-you is the fucking best.”

“Just me…” Peter mumbled to himself. “Just you. Nothing more…”

“I could get used to that.”

Peter hummed a pleased agreement before he curled forward, braced his legs, and started up a hard rhythm. He clenched the muscles in his ass to create more pressure and friction. He increased the speed of the hand on his own cock. He wanted them both to cum, hard and fast enough to obliterate words and sent them back into mindless, languid humping.

Wade’s fingers gripped Peter’s skin with more strength and his hips jerked up to meet Peter’s movements. They were both panting, sweating, and desperate for each other. The feeling of another orgasm built hard and fast. Peter curled into it, letting it rip through him with mind numbing force.

The knot that was teasing Peter began to fill and harden. Peter pressed down on it, letting it slip inside of him. They both made noises at that, enjoying the feeling of Wade’s knot locking them together while Wade filled Peter with seed. It was a deeply satisfying feeling.

A hand curled into Peter’s hair and pulled him down until their lips met. They devoured each other, drowned in one other, lost all concept of time or space. All that mattered was them, that moment, their bodies. It was bliss.

My omega,” Wade whispered it so soft it sounded as if it had fallen from his lips unbidden.

Again, Peter’s lips said as they moved along Wade’s, trying to coax out more heavenly words.

“Your alpha,” Wade murmured, as if that was easier to admit. His hands slid along Peter’s skin, worshiping, claiming, seeking permission.

Peter slid his lips along Wade’s jaw, down the scarred neck, and over to the solid foundation of muscle. He wrapped his mouth around Wade’s scent gland. He pressed his teeth down, biting with force, not relenting until he tasted blood. Wade trembled under Peter, a wave of conflicting emotions filling the air and filling Peter as well.

Mine. Peter purred against Wade’s skin, his tongue licking at the wound even as it quickly healed over. Wade pulled Peter back in for a kiss, licking the blood from Peter’s lips. Wade claimed Peter’s mouth, his body, his mind, and his omega, but much to Peter’s disappointment, Wade refused to claim Peter’s skin with a bite in return.




When Peter woke, he instantly regretted his state of consciousness. Everything hurt. It felt like he’d been hit by a truck. His muscles ached, there were healing bruises just everywhere, his jaw was sore, his cock felt like it had lost a layer of skin, and his ass was on fire. To top it all off, he was starving and his throat was parched.

Cracking open one eye, Peter squinted into the diffused light of the room. Wade was beside Peter, still holding them close together in a pile of arms, legs, and various dried fluids. Peter wrinkled his nose at that. It made him aware of how dirty his skin felt, which was just another added discomfort.

When Peter shifted to try and find a more comfortable position for his sore body, something rolled down the bed and plunked on top of his head. He looked up, already grumbling, but was surprised to find that the object in question was a bottle of water. Above it, still maintaining their positions, was a pile protein bars. Peter didn’t remember when Wade had done that. In fact, Peter didn’t really recall when they’d finally passed out.

As Peter carefully pulled the items down to him and started devouring them, he contemplated what he did remember. Surprisingly, most of it. Sure, some of it was just a blur of non-stop sex, but anything important was fresh in his mind.

Like how Peter had repeatedly tried to bond mark Wade because the man kept healing the bites. Wade hadn’t once stopped Peter from doing it. However, despite Peter trying multiple different approaches, Wade never returned the favor. Peter rubbed at the smooth skin of his neck.

Not that the mark would have taken. Though his healing ability was slower than Wade’s, it would still eradicate a bite mark before it scarred unless they wanted to take out a chunk of skin, which Peter knew Wade would refuse to do. Honestly, just thinking about bond marking should have sent Peter into a panic like it normally did, but…

But he remembered the look on Wade’s face every time Peter left another bite. Wade was so desperate to be claimed and wanted, but refused to push something like that on Peter without consent prior to their mating session. The sex crazed omega side of Peter had trusted Wade implicitly, and it was a trust well founded in and out of heat.

Peter wasn’t sure how he felt about all of that. Whatever had been building between them had come out in very clear cut ways during Peter’s heat. Of all the things he had expected to happen, enforced honesty with himself wasn’t it. Still, life was far too complicated for Peter to be able to come to a conclusion on what to do with it all.

If Wade woke up to Peter saying he didn’t remember anything, Wade would roll with it, Peter knew that. If he ignored the conversation, Wade wouldn’t pry. It wasn’t ideal, and Peter didn’t want to do that to Wade, but Peter wasn’t ready to face how much he still cherished the moment when he claimed Wade as his. Or how happy it made Peter to be claimed in return.

Wasn’t being claimed a bad thing? Weren’t you supposed to dislike the feeling of being owned?

Except, it didn’t feel like ownership. It feel like a connection, something deep and solid and fulfilling. Wade would never assume to having dominion over Peter’s person. The only thing Wade ever seemed to want was to cherish Peter and give him whatever he asked for, even if he didn’t know what it was he needed yet.

Peter brushed his fingers ever so lightly along Wade’s temple. The alpha didn’t even stir, still exhausted from their very long foray in bed. It allowed Peter to study the man’s face, soft with sleep and unburdened by Peter’s responses to their interactions.

Wade wasn’t beautiful, but he also wasn’t ugly. He wasn’t perfect or flawed. He was simply a person like everyone else was. Just as complicated and multilayered as anyone they passed along the street, but also just as easily forgotten to those that didn’t know him.

Peter knew Wade, however, and Peter found that he couldn’t so easily forget. For Peter, Wade was simple, yet a constant conundrum, unable to be fully understood. It was both relieving to know that Wade was just an average person, and terrifying to be aware of how many facets the man contained.

“My alpha,” Peter mused, tasting the words in a more coherent state. Being so lost to his base desires during his heat was something that bothered Peter, but not for the reasons he’d thought it would. He had enjoyed how he viewed the world during his heat, and how freeing it had been.

Yet, life wasn’t that simple. Perhaps it could be, for just a day, but then it had to end. Knowing that left Peter feeling rather melancholy.

Knowing that, deep down, Peter had already chosen Wade as a mate was scary. It left Peter feeling anxious, worried, conflicted, and… safe. Something in Peter was still content with the knowledge of it and he couldn’t find it in him to reject that.

“Maybe…” Peter said to himself. He needed time, but Wade would give him that time. When everything was over, they could revisit the conundrum. For now, all Peter really wanted was more sleep.

Curling back into Wade’s all encompassing body, Peter promised to himself that he would take a very long bath later, and let himself drift back to sleep.