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Worthy of Love

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After kicking the door closed and kicking off her shoes Bea backed Allie gently against the wall, their lips fitted perfectly together. Their bodies pressed against each other, moved against each other, feeling each other. Bea grabbed the back of Allies neck as she almost growled into the kiss as Allie whimpered in pleasure. Pulling back slightly warm brown eyes burned into bright blue, everything felt new and different yet familiar at the same time. The day had felt like a dream, as if it couldn't really be happening although glancing at the ring that now occupied her finger Bea knew it had all been very real.

“I've wanted to do this all day, since the very first second I saw you all I wanted to do was kiss you…like this.” Bea whispered as she leaned a little closer, whispering the words gently in Allies ear before she slowly and delicately kissed Allies cheek. Allies lips curled up into a smile as she felt Beas lips so soft against her skin, the most delicious feeling that had ever existed she thought. 

“And like this.” Bea continued as she warmly and delicately kissed her forehead. Allie closed her eyes, the wall behind her felt like the only thing keeping her upright at that moment her head was in such a whirl already.

“And…” Bea murmured. “Like this.” As she trailed her lips into a single soft kiss on Allies neck.

Allie was sure that the temperature in their room had just increased significantly as she felt Beas soft breaths against her skin before she started to kiss her way from the base of her neck upwards. Her kisses were warm, soft and filled with more tenderness than she thought she'd ever experienced before.

“You've thought about this all day haven't you?” Bea whispered her lips millimetres from Allies ear.

“Hmmmm.” Allie hummed, all words seemed to have made a swift exit from her brain as an uncharacteristic wave of shyness washed over her as she closed her eyes tightly. 

“Look at me.” Bea whispered before pulling back slightly as she trailed her fingers down Allies arm. Entwining their fingers she raised their joined hands to her lips kissing her fingers while her other hand ran gently through her hair. Bea watched her as if she held the stars in her hands, all day the only thing she'd wanted was to wrap her up in her arms and never let go; protecting her, loving her.

As Bea kissed her again Allie could hardly hold herself back any longer, she felt as if she was exploding inside. She ran her fingers through her soft curls in response wanting to make Bea feel as protected as she did, needing her to feel the same warmth that was blossoming throughout he whole body.

“I've missed you so much since last night, that had to be the worst idea I ever had.” Allie mumbled. “I couldn't bare the thought that you might change your mind…that you wouldn't show up.” She admitted feeling rather foolish for allowing her thoughts to have wondered there.

Bea couldn't believe what she was hearing, Franky had mentioned that Allie had been nervous but she hadn't thought for a second that she'd managed to convince herself that she wouldn't be there, waiting for her. 

“That was never going to happen beautiful, I'd have learnt to walk on water, grown my own set of wings and flown there if that's what it would have taken to get to you. Nothing has ever felt so right, will ever feel as right as being able to call you my wife.” 

Beas words were enough to light Allie up from the inside out until they kissed again, soft lips sought out soft lips as they melted together both their hearts racing with excitement.

“I want to kiss every inch of your body.” Allie pushed Beas jacket off her shoulders pinning her arms in place until she released her hold on Allie and allowed it to drop to the floor. “But we seem to have a problem.” Allie smiled, a shy smile that Bea hadn't witnessed from Allie for a very long time. “I'm afraid all these clothes are getting in the way…don't you agree?”

Bea didn't have time to answer as Allie crashed their lips together as she started to unbutton her shirt. Bea had rolled her sleeves up earlier in the day and hadn't bothered to roll them back down when she'd hastily pulled her jacket back on before they left. Pushing the soft material off her shoulders it hit the floor softly landing on top of her jacket revealing an expanse of smooth, tanned skin and a bra that was little more than two shells of lace held together by a suggestion of silk. Allie sighed, a hint of a moan underneath it at the sight in front of her. Reaching up Bea cupped Allies face in her hands, leaning in she kissed her hard before licking her tongue into her surprised mouth. It took a few seconds before they found their pace but as soon as they had they almost devoured each other. The feel of Allies warm, wet tongue toying with her own made her want to pick Allie up and carry her to the bed. Finally winning the battle for supremacy Bea could only wonder if Allie had just given in. Allie would never admit it but seeing and feeling Bea take charge always made her melt a little more each time. Taking a little more of the advantage she had Bea pushed Allie back against the wall, almost knocking over the vase of fresh flowers that sat neatly on the small table beside them. Allies hands roamed the surface of Beas bare skin down to her waist. Pausing briefly before her long slender fingers found their way to the button and zip of her trousers, finally allowing then to slide gracefully down her legs and pooling at Beas feet.

Their kissing became heavier with laboured breathing, Allie responded to Bea taking the lead with greedy hands. As she tried to grab Beas ass, breaking the kiss Bea backed away and out of Allies eager reach. For a few silent seconds they stared at each other, their eyes saying everything that words never could before Bea stepped forward again her hands gently stroking over the silky material of Allies dress. The intensity in both their eyes switched from playful to lust in a matter of moments as they both clutched and caressed the curves of each other's bodies. Allie felt herself being pinned tightly against the wall again by Beas hips as her once hardly auditory moans became louder as soft lips kissed the length of her neck. Beas hands found their way behind Allies back searching for the zipper of her dress. Taking a single step back and with a gorgeous grace that only Allie had ever witnessed she deftly peeled the dress away from Allies trim body. Watching her Bea was almost mesmerised by the vision that stood right in front of her. Seeing Allie in only her lingerie set her heart racing even faster and another wave of heat caressed her skin before she stepped out of and kicked to the side her forgotten about trousers.

“You're so beautiful.” Bea said as her eyes caressed ever inch of bare skin that was on full view to her. “Let me show you what a kiss really means.” She said softly. As their lips met again Allie was powerless to resist the urge to close her eyes as she succumbed to the electricity that now passed between them. Allie wanted fire, it was all she'd ever wanted and needed and the one thing she'd never found with anyone else but Bea. She felt that fire right down to her soul as her whole body felt as if it may burst with happiness. Allies hands softly stroked all of the almost naked body that belonged to her wife as Bea held her with almost nothing but that kiss. She was so warm, so alive. Their skin was a furnace burning hotter than ever, their limbs moved with molten desire.

“Allie.” Bea whispered as she pulled back a little the need for oxygen making her feel dizzier than ever. “Do you have any idea how much I want you right now?”

Allie smiled as she cocked her head to one side. “Babe every touch is telling me everything loud and clear believe me.”

“Then you really won't mind if I do this.” Bea said, her voice husky, seductive, as she reached round and unclipped her bra before that too was discarded and added to the pile of clothes already on the floor.

Allie always loved this side of Bea, had always been grateful when whatever door in her brain that still made her shy away sometimes closed and she took the lead, seducing her with every gentle touch or kiss. When that other door in her mind opened there was no stopping her. Allie was deliriously happy, being almost naked and exposed to the woman she wanted most in the world always had the same effect. As she stood with her back to the wall, the windows in their room still open, she could feel the warm sea breeze tenderly caressing all the exposed skin it could reach as Beas warm hands explored and caressed her with enough love to bring tears to her eyes. Even in the ever growing darkness outside she could see the beautiful sky speckled with stars out of the corner of her eye. The sea shimmering below it in the light of the moon. Feeling Beas fingers gliding over her body left her with the feeling that the whole landscape had been created just for them.

Bea rested her hands on Allies shoulders before gently turning them both in the direction of the bed and guiding Allie backwards towards it. The bed bumped into the back of Allies knees and she lost her balance, both of them tumbling onto it. Bea adjusted her position quickly so she hovered above her, smiling down on her before kissing her face tenderly. Allie reached up brushing her fingers down Beas cheek.

“Not that I'd ever complain about having you this close I'm certain that this position is hardly practical.” Allie grinned, too many times they'd crashed onto their bed and one of them had had to climb over the other or wriggle themselves free unceremoniously. “And I still think you're wearing far too many clothes.” She giggled as they both moved to the middle of the bed unfazed by the need to make themselves more comfortable.

“Then maybe you should do something about that.” Bea answered, the smile in her voice evident to Allie even if she wasn't looking directly at her face in their dimly lit room.

Allie wasted no time in removing the last fabric barriers that remained between them, adding them to every other item of clothing they had already discarded. Laying back against the mattress her head sank into the pillow as Bea moved to lavish kisses on her body. Her soft skin against her lips and the moans of pleasure leaving Allies mouth were like music to Beas ears. The natural scent of her skin mixed with the delicate smell of her perfume filled Beas senses and she felt her whole body quiver with anticipation. Everything they had together was all Allie had ever wanted in her life. When they disagreed, argued because one of them was being stubborn and refused to be swayed from their train of thought it was still everything she never thought she'd be worthy of. Cupping Beas face in her hands she kissed her, putting as much tenderness and love into it as she could; it was like reaching in and holding her heart in her hands.

“Bea.” Allie whispered. “I wish I could trap this moment in a bottle.” 

Bea nodded in understanding. “Tell me.” She whispered in return.

“I wish tonight never had to end. That we never have to return to real life or a stuffy bar. I don't want to be stuck in a hotter than hell kitchen because the chef is having a melt down over his own menu choices. I don't want you to have to sit hunched over that bloody computer even if you do get the orders done quicker than I ever have. Don't you ever get tired of miserable customers that always have something to complain about?”

“I do.” Bea murmured softly as she trailed kisses across her breasts before she clamped her hungry mouth around one of the erect buds circling her tongue around it.

Allie closed her eyes and arched her head back into the pillow amazed somehow at the intensity of the electricity that still passed between them. Their third Christmas together would come and go but she was more certain now that nothing between them would ever change. The tips of Beas fingers felt like graceful butterfly kisses as they reached the delicate skin of her thighs as Allie gasped in delirious pleasure. Another gorgeously warm breeze danced in through the open window and blew smoothly over their naked skin. Bea caressed her body with her lips and her hands. Everything and nothing at the same time had changed, everything had come together better than even Allie had expected. She felt free and loved and wished her life could have always been like this. The knowledge that if it had she'd never appreciate the small things in the same way always had the power to make her regret that thought. Everything they had she wanted more than anything, wanted to keep moving forward and improving their lives. Her dreams had always included having a family, something she'd once given up on until it was right there in front of her. Now she had a daughter who she'd support fiercely and a wife she'd give her own life for to keep her safe. The electric feeling they had always shared was so much better than any dream she'd ever had.

As Bea worked her way back up Allies body she pushed her further back into the mattress. The lust and pleasure in Allies eyes only added more fuel to the ever increasing fire that burnt within her. She never had to worry that she'd ever see hate and resentment looking back at her, she'd never cower in a corner or lock herself in the bathroom again. Allie allowed her to just be herself because who she really was had always and would always be the person Allie wanted her to be. The kisses they shared were soft and sensual instead of rough and hateful, had never been forced on her and not once did she ever remember wanting them to stop. 

Bea gently slid her fingers inside Allie wanting more than anything to pour her soul into hers, to show her that she didn't just love her but that she'd never leave. As she moved her fingers with more purpose her thumb rubbed skilfully against Allies clit making her gasp. As she felt her climax nearing her breathing became more ragged as she luxuriated under Beas touch. All afternoon she'd felt as if she might burst in frustration, after all the tension of the morning all her worries that Bea would change her mind; all of that had washed away.

“Please, please don't stop.” Allie urged in a gasp as she ran her fingers through Beas hair. 

As her orgasm overtook her her body shuddered against Beas, she felt like a firework exploding in the hot night sky over the beach. Her whole body bursting in release feeling as if she were soaring high into the elements in the beauty of the darkened sky. Bea lowered her head to kiss her lips as her body heaved against hers.

“What's really in a kiss?” Bea whispered close to her ear.

“Heaven.” Allie moaned softly as her orgasm slowly subsided. She looked back at Bea through her half open eyes longing and desire clearly looking back at her. She felt safe and protected knowing that Bea loved her for who she was, that she always had and that was never about to change. Stroking her fingers through Beas soft curls her heart soared a little more before she closed her eyes as Bea showered her face with kisses. Her full lips like velvet on her skin as Bea lay beside her transferring more heat and love through their skin on skin contact. It felt like they were part of the same colour, the same fabric; the feeling of being so completely loved blew her mind a little more.

“Are you aiming for a wedding and then a funeral?” Allie asked breathlessly as she rolled onto her side to gaze at the owner of not only her heart but everything she was, everything she was still to become. “Because if you carry on like that I'm sure you'll be the death of me.” She smirked as she opened her eyes fully and draped her arm lovingly over the warm body beside her. “Although if I have to go I can't think of a better way.”

Bea rolled over onto her back and let out a breathy laugh, there had been a time that even in jest those words would have scared her to death. Reminded her of every time she'd imagined Harry forcing himself on her and finally tightening his grip on her neck. Allie pulled herself up enough to rest on her elbow her head resting in the palm of her hand as her eyes scanned the firm, tanned body that looked so gorgeous laying next to her. Her fingers danced softly over ever inch of soft, sweet skin that was in easy reach. When her breathing finally settled back to its normal state she leaned over placing a kiss on her lips.

“You know your silence makes me think that really is your plan.” Allie whispered before her lips curled back into a smile.

“Hasn't happened yet.” Bea smiled back at her. “But I'm not against giving it a go if you're up for it.”

Allie trailed her lips down her neck, drawing out a low moan from Beas lips as she continued further down on her journey. She kissed lovingly across her chest, over her toned stomach. Kissed and trailed her tongue along the inside of her thighs, each warm kiss a promise of what was to come as she felt the arousal rise in her body.

“I love you so much.” Allie said softly when they were face to face again, her fingers caressing the soft ever so tempting skin of her wife.

“I love you more.” Bea replied as her words trailed off into a soft moan as Allies fingers slowly slid over her skin and further down over her clit. 

Sliding her arm between Beas head and the pillow she cradled her head protectively in her arm as she watched a look of pleasure light up her beautiful face.

“You know you're stuck with me forever now?” Allie whispered in her ear as her fingers moved lower, entering her slowly.

“Allie!” Her name left Beas lips in a gasp.

“I'm going to be the best wife you could ever ask for.” Allie whispered, she hadn't needed a wedding and a ring to prove just how devoted she was to their life together. She hadn't needed a proposal that had taken her breath away, it was all just icing on the cake because Allie would never leave her side no matter how rough things got.

Bea trailed her fingers over her arm as she lost herself in the astonishing blue of her eyes, a shade she was sure she'd never seen in any other human except Allie. Maybe it was the colour that had first drawn her in, made her heart beat a little faster. As soon as Allie looked away from her it always had the same effect she'd crave to see the sparks of blue fire a millisecond later. Allie moved her fingers faster feeling Beas muscles tense up around them as she squirmed her hips, melting into every thrust.

“Allie…please.” Bea gasped back at her as her thumb circled her clit. 

Her beautiful brown eyes were wide open looking back at Allie, a look of intense desire radiated back at her.

“Allie…I…I…” She gasped again as her climax built passed the point of no return. 

Her orgasm erupted more fiercely than ever before as she cried out Allies name, her hand grasped her shoulder desperately trying to keep herself grounded as she shuddered almost uncontrollably and her eyes clamped tightly closed with pleasure.

“That was…that was…” Bea panted as she tried to catch her breath.

“Good?” Allie whispered.

Bea shook her head slowly against the arm that was still cradling her head, formulating even a single word was next to impossible as she felt soft lips on her face.

“Indescribable.” Bea finally breathed almost a minute later.

“Better than good then?” Allie giggled. “If we didn't have anywhere to be tomorrow I'm sure we could spend a whole day in this bed.” 

Bea didn't answer, she didn't need to as she brushed her lips tenderly over Allies, pulling her delicate warm body closer to her. Allie was the only reason something beautiful had been unlocked inside of her, opened her mind to world of endless possibilities. Kiss after delicious kiss passed between them after they finally made it under the covers cradling each other's bodies in their arms and drifting off to sleep.




The next morning they both woke up earlier than they had expected they would happily still resting in each other's arms. Bea lay wide awake, holding Allie close in her arms as her hand ran gently through her hair before she pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. Waking up next to Allie had always made her happy. Thinking back to the first time she ever woke up beside her even as scary as it was waking up with another warm body pressed against hers it had always felt right. 

“You think too much, you always have.” Allie mumbled her voice still raspy with sleep.

“Yeah…” Bea smiled back at her. “But its always you I'm thinking about, it always is…always was.”

“Even that first time you woke up next to me?” She didn't even know why she was asking, sure she knew the answer already.

“Even then.” Beas smile widened. “Even when your stinky self could have quite easily thrown up all over me. Even when I needed to pee and you almost had me pinned to the bed.”

“You still remember all that?” Allies expression changed so quickly that even Bea couldn't quite pin point the exact moment it happened.

“I do, I wouldn't change any of it and you know that. I wouldn't change any of it because without it we wouldn't be here right now…see you're an exceptionally bad influence Mrs Novak you even have me finally having to admit that maybe, just maybe everything does happen for a reason.” 

Allie wrapped her arms around Beas neck placing a tender kiss on her lips. “I love you so much.” She said barely above a whisper before she trailed her fingers across her cheek. “So in the cold light of another Christmas morning you have no regrets?”

“Not one.” Bea assured her. “Not unless we're about to dive into every time I was an idiot, pushed you away…thought sending you to live with Booms was the best idea I'd ever had once upon a time didn't I?” Bea pulled her closer, she'd been stupid more than once and regretted every single time. Pressing a kiss to Allies lips she knew they needed to get ready to face Christmas Day. They'd offered to help Franky out since they were the only two who knew what she had planned for that morning. 

"We'd better make a move, sooner rather than later." Bea said even though she hated to leave the comfort of their bed and Allies arms.

“If we really must.” Allie frowned, Franky was going to have some serious making up to them after dragging them out of bed this particular morning.




“Get ya asses in here.” Franky's whisper sounded more like a growl to both of them. “An keep it down everyone's still asleep, even the kids.” 

Closing the door silently behind themselves they followed Franky through to the kitchen. She had planned everything down to the smallest detail but right now she had managed to convince herself that something would go wrong. The ring would magically disappear, she'd forget what she wanted to say. Worse still Bridget would laugh at the idea. Planting herself firmly on one of the bar stools she was steadily talking herself out of asking.

“You remember telling me that Allie would never say no?” Bea asked smiling when she remembered how petrified she'd been even thinking about it. She'd created every worse case scenario in her own head and Franky had been there trying to reassure her that it would never happen. “Trust me Bridget loves you, Jesus she puts up with all your crap, long hours in the office; she's still right there with you. She'll say yes because you're her person Franky and if you stop trying to convince yourself otherwise you'll know I'm right.”

Franky nodded slowly, everything was in place all she needed was a little bit of help from Bea and Allie. She could do this, if Bea could there was no reason on earth why she couldn't.

Boomers voice echoed through the whole house a few minutes later followed by David's loud protest at being so rudely woken up. Within ten minutes everyone had congregated in the living room almost a reply of the year before as the presents were handed out. Boomer was as over excited as ever while Bea and Allie were trying to make their exit back to the kitchen as fast as they could. 

“Franky's sure everything is set up in the pool house?” Allie whispered to Bea as Michael appeared ready to make a start on breakfast. 

Bea shrugged her shoulders not wanting to let the cat out of the bag before Franky had a chance to ask the question that had been burning in her head for years.

“No need to whisper.” Michael chuckled. “Everyone is outside with the kids and Franky let her secret slip yesterday.”

Bea looked at her dad in disbelief, they'd been sworn to secrecy and then Franky slipped up. “Way to go Doyle.” Bea said under her breath as Allie laughed, not surprised in the slightest that Franky hadn't already burst a blood vessel; keeping other people's secrets she could do but her own were clearly a different story altogether.

Bea knew Franky had wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bridget soon after they first met. After giving her the brush off numerous times she'd still persevered causing countless arguments in the office giving Liz the new role as referee between them. It wasn't unusual for Franky to duck out of work or spend hours behind her closed office door daydreaming or planning none existent dates. Liz had continued playing peace maker the whole time they worked together. When Bridget had agreed to finally go on a date with Franky she'd almost been ready there and then to declare her undying love and devotion to her, except just for once she'd actually listened to Bea and slowed her roll. Taking time to actually get to know her had proved one thing to everyone around Franky that she was actually serious about another person for the first time in her life. Patience wasn't something Franky had ever been known for, her hot head and temper, just like Beas, had got her into some pretty sticky situations at times. Got her into a few heated arguments with Bridget yet neither of them had ever been tempted to call it quits and walk away. A year into their relationship the wheels had once again started turning in her head and then Bea met Allie. Bea had always told her that marriage changed people, in her experience it had, it changed her Harry had never been any different and everyone knew it even if they loathed to admit it to themselves or Bea. Franky's mistrust of Allie had kept her from looking for that all important ring, no matter how much she'd wanted to propose looking out for Bea had been her number one priority. Being ready to admit that yes she was completely ready to make an even more serious commitment had fallen by the wayside choosing to watch Allie, pick apart everything that ever came out of her mouth regarding Bea and questioning her motives. If there were a degree in being an idiot and over protective friend Franky would never have needed to attend a single class. She'd definitely have been awarded a first class honours degree with no questions asked. 

Franky had realised a long time ago that there had always been an unspoken agreement between her and Bridget, one day she'd be the one to ask. Seeing Bea and Allie so happy had reignited a spark in Franky. Both her and Bridget were overjoyed when Allie had said yes, maybe there was a small hint of shock and sadness in the mix. Franky had never intended to just get comfortable in their life together, how it happened without her ever asking the all important question before Bea had she still hadn't figured out but now the day was here. Bridget was her soulmate, the chemistry between them had always been undeniable. As Bea and Allie could testify life would always be better when you got to spend it with your best friend, the love of your life. Franky had hit the nail right on its head, “You don't marry the person you can live with, you marry the person you can't live without.” Franky had once said she'd never get tied down, being single and having as much fun in the process was all she'd ever cared about. That changed in a heartbeat the day she met Bridget. Time had almost stood still the first time they were alone together, it still felt like it slowed to a crawl when it was just the two of them. If Franky could be certain of only one thing ever in her life it was that she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bridget.

Bridget was clueless and totally baffled when Franky had said that Michael, Bea and Allie were taking care of breakfast. Maybe she'd go as far as to say she'd been a little pissed when she'd been told that Liz, Maxine and Boomer were taking care of the barbecue that everyone had agreed on for lunch. Bridget was always the first to admit that she wasn't the best cook but spending time with Franky in the kitchen had always been some of the best times they had when they were surrounded by friends. Franky might get snappy, throw things around and remind her just how hopeless she was but she'd never say no to helping her out.

Somehow Franky had managed to convince Bridget that eating their breakfast away from everyone else would give them just a little more quality time together. She hadn't seen the need after all it was Christmas Day, a day she insisted should be spent with the most important people in their lives. The more she had thought about it the more ridiculous it had sounded, but Franky's on the spot lie had eventually been enough to convince her that a little more time alone wasn't such a bad thing. Bea got Franky's attention letting her know that she'd better make a move over to the pool house if she was going to actually do this. Looking around at all their friends, the closest thing Franky had ever had to a real family she took a deep breath before guiding Bridget in the right direction. Sitting at the table that Franky had set perfectly much earlier that morning when sleep had seemed like a waste of her time Bridget became even more confused when Bea and Allie appeared. A full English breakfast along with champagne and strawberries were placed carefully on the table before they both disappeared again.

“Isn't this all the wrong way around?” Bridget asked as Franky shrugged. “Shouldn't someone else be serving them breakfast! It all seems a little selfish after all they only got married yesterday.”

Michael saved Franky from having to think of another excuse when he appeared with a breadbasket covered by a napkin. Smiling a him as he was walking away she quickly pulled it towards her. Lifting up the napkin she smiled even brighter seeing the ring box she'd passed onto him the night before. Franky had been so preoccupied with the actual logistics of her proposal everything she wanted to say flew out of her head as she glanced at Bridget who apparently had little interest in what Franky was doing at that moment. Sitting quietly for a few moments longer she knew it was no good trying to remember anything, her nerves had got the better of her and what she really wanted to say flew straight out of her head. Pulling the box out of its hiding place she opened it, took one last long look at it before getting down on one knee. Bridget never saw it coming before she realised Franky was no longer sitting opposite her. Glancing to her side she looked completely stunned.

“Gidge…” Franky paused for a few seconds cursing herself for forgetting what she wanted to say, and how the hell could she expect her to say yes if she wasn't even going to use her real name. Clearing her throat she started again. “Bridget, I had all these words worked out in my head, words that fitted together almost as perfectly as we do. Seems my brains gear box has got stuck in neutral cos I can't remember a single word. I know this ain't no romantic get away or a meal on a steam train, got my ass beaten to that.” She laughed nervously as her eyes darted from Bridget's face to the box in her hand. “I know it's not always been smooth sailing, things get complicated sometimes and I stuff up. Bridget…will you marry me?”

The “Yes!” She thought she heard didn't quite register somewhere between her ears and her brain until she looked up seeing the tears in Bridget's eyes. “Yes!” Bridget repeated realising that once was never going to be convincing enough for Franky.

“You said yes…I heard ya right?” Franky asked as her own tears began to escape her eyes.

Taking the ring from the box she slipped it on Bridget's finger before getting to her feet and wrapping her arms tightly around her shoulders. That simple one word answer was something that she'd never forget. Yes was from now on going to be her favourite word, at least until the day Bridget would say “I do.”