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Worthy of Love

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Is it really so wrong to want to be loved? All her life it’s the one thing she’d craved but never felt it, at least not from anyone other than her grandparents. Yes they loved her, she knew that. But now, in ever decreasing spiral of darkness she tries to call a life she can barely remember what that love had felt like. Her parents didn’t show her love, hardly surprising since it had always been evident that she had never been wanted. People had come and gone in her life, one or two had said they loved her but she didn’t feel it, some people use those three little words when they think they can get something they want from you, when they get what they want they just up and leave or toss you aside like trash. Allie Novak knows this all too well, but that craving to turn her life around a find the love she craved so deeply was eating away at her. “Who could ever love you?,” she thinks to herself. “Look at yourself, damaged, drug fucked goods, that’s all I am” a single tear falling down her cheek. Shaking her head to try and clear her thoughts she drags herself up from the step she was sitting on, turning around to look at her reflection in a store window, her reflection brings the tears to well up in her eyes and now she cannot stop them from escaping.

Why had she done this to herself again? Yes Allie had gotten clean and off the streets, but it had all felt too hard. She knew she had fucked up, Kaz had found her one night badly beaten huddled in a shop doorway, half off her face. She had taken her in, helped her get clean, given her a warm place to stay. That was six months ago, and now look at her, right back where she started from, all because she couldn’t believe that someone could actually care for her. Kaz had been like a mum to her and she had repaid her by throwing it all back in her face, doing a runner and straight back into the life she knew too well, “your just a junkie, a dirty street whore,” she said to herself. Heading off into the night to find her next customer and her next fix Allie had no idea that Kaz was looking for her, but Allie knew the city well enough to not be found if she didn’t want to be.

Kaz had spent two weeks looking for Allie, two weeks of sleeping a little during the day and spending most of the evening and all night looking, but she hadn’t found a trace of her. Everyone she spoke to and showed Allie’s picture to had said they hadn’t seen her, although she did get the feeling that some of them knew Allie and just didn’t want to say anything. Getting home just as the sun was coming up Kaz realised that she wasn’t going to find her on her own, she needed help. She put some coffee on to brew and turned her attention to her laptop, the police wouldn’t help, as far as they were concerned she had left of her own free will, she was an adult, and because of her past they had no interest in helping. Searching for private investigators and finding a couple local to her she looked at the first website, they mainly seemed to concentrate on tracing missing people online, no use to her, it’s not like Allie would be using any social media out there on the streets, she even left her phone behind when she left. Heading back to the kitchen grab a mug of coffee she stared out of the window, “oh Allie,” she said to herself shaking her head before returning to her laptop to check the next website.

This seemed much more promising, taking a note of the address as it wasn’t too far from where she lived, she decided to visit the office instead of calling. Draining the last of the coffee from the mug she she headed to bed for a few hours of much needed sleep.

Waking up with a start Kaz looked at the clock, 10:30am, she groaned and sat up. Heading back downstairs to the kitchen for more coffee before deciding that a shower and a change of clothes would be more appropriate than just heading over to the office of Wentworth Investigations. After a quick shower and clothes change she headed out, hoping that she could get some help. The office was only a 10 minute drive from her house, pulling up into the parking lot outside the office Kaz was hopeful, but didn’t want to get her hopes up too high, maybe they wouldn’t want to help, not when they found out who she wanted them to look for. She got out of the car and headed to the door, pausing for a moment before she entered.

Entering the office she scanned the small reception area, seeing an older blond woman sitting behind a desk, a couple of half glazed doors behind her to the right, a wooden door to the left and a couple of battered but comfortable looking chairs up against the wall.

“Good morning, I’m Liz, how can I help you today.”

“I’m hoping you can help me trace a missing person,” Kaz sighed

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” Liz responded, getting up from her chair, “if you’d like to take a seat I’ll get someone to see you as soon as they can.”

Liz approached one of the half glazed doors and tapped on it gently before entering.

“I’m telling you Franky I’m not interested, stop trying to set me up with your friends for gods sake”

“Oh come on Red, live a little will ya?”

Liz cleared her throat,

“Bea, there’s a woman in reception looking for a missing person”

“Well what do you know, someone has saved me from Franky, sure Liz send her in, and Franky, get back to work!”

Franky stuck her tongue out and rose from the chair she had been sitting in.

“Anything you say boss,” she said with a smirk and left Beas office.

“Shall I send her through now Bea?”

“Please Liz, and if you wouldn’t mind keep an eye on Franky will you?”

“Sure thing love”

Liz leaves Beas office and heads back to Kaz,

“Bea can see you now, before you go in would you like a coffee?”

“Please, black, no sugar”

“No problem, I’ll bring it in in just a second, go straight in.”

Pointing to the door she had just exited.

Kaz approached the door not knowing what or who to expect, all she knew was that Allie had to be found, even if she didn’t want to come back she had to know if she was still around. Opening the door she is greeted by Bea as she is getting up from her chair.

“ Hi, I’m Bea, Liz said you were looking for a missing person”

“Yes, that’s right”
Bea extended her arm to shake Kaz’s hand before offering her a seat. Bea returns to her chair just as Liz comes back with coffee.

“There you go, black no sugar, and I made you one Bea, thought you might be needing it what with Franky and everything.”

“Thanks Liz, you know me so well.”

Liz leaves and Bea turns her attention to Kaz, looking her up and down.

“Hey, sorry I’m Kaz, Karen Proctor, but everyone just calls me Kaz.”

“So, a missing person, I’m assuming that the police are unwilling to help.”

Kaz tells Bea about Allie, about how she found her six months ago, helping her get clean and giving her a place to stay. Then sh tells her about her just walking out one day and she hasn’t seen or heard from her since.

“I don’t have a problem looking for her, do you have a photo?”

“Yes, I have brought a couple with me”

Bea looks at the photos, “why is this young woman out there alone?” She thinks to herself.

“We’ll make a start on looking for her today, if you could just give me a few more details, but I do have to warn you that she may not want to come home?”

“Yes I understand that, I just need to know if she’s ok, you know, I kinda miss her to be honest”

After giving Bea the relevant details, age, height etc Kaz leaves the office a little more hopeful than she had entered it, even if Allie didn’t want to go home she needed to know that she was ok, and for her to know that if she ever needed anything she would always be there for her.

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Bea shoves her chair back and puts her feet up on her desk while she studies the details and the photo’s that Kaz had given her, closing her eyes for a minute as Franky bursts through the door.

“We got a case Red?”

“Franky, have you ever heard of knocking?”

“Yer course, but it’s not like your busy in here is it? What ya got there then?”

Bea hands over the details and photo’s of Allie.

“Shit Red, she’s hot! She’s missing?”

“Yes Franky, and if you cared to read instead of drooling over a picture you would know as much as I do!”

“Oh yer, errrr…..fucking hell, drugs and prostitution! You think we can find her? There’s a lot of places to hide out there, and you know if they don’t want to be found”…….. she trails off, looking at Bea who again has her eyes closed.

“Red, Red!”

“Fucks sake Franky, I’m thinking, not that you do that too often.”

“Oh thanks for nothin’, so you got a plan?”

“Well I know a few of the girls that work over in St Kilda, might start there tonight, about 9pm ok with you? Not that it livens up before 10pm, rather get in and get out so to speak.”

“Fine with me, we could check out a couple of the bars in the area, best to do that earlier.”

“Yes, you could be right, some of the shop owners might have seen her around to, so I say we finish up here by 2pm, head home, get some rest. I’ll meet you back here around 6pm?”

“No worries.”

Franky heads off back to her own office, slamming the door behind her.
Bea just can’t get Allie out of her head, picking up the photo’s again she just can’t believe how someone so pretty, no beautiful as Allie could choose to go back to that life.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Get a grip” she thinks to herself, “ She’s a missing person, you have a job to do” she scolds herself internally. Bea never usually notices how a person looks but there is something about Allie that she just can’t shake.

Liz knocks on Beas door and enters quietly.

“Everything ok love?”

“I don’t know Liz, I don’t know if we can find this missing woman,” she points to the photo’s on her desk, “take a look, any ideas?”

“Oh I’m no expert love, she’s a pretty young thing, all you can do is try, and knowing you there’s no way you’ll rest until you’ve exhausted every possible avenue.”

“It scares me Liz, she’s not that much older than Debbie, I just feel like, like…..oh I don’t know…..Christ….I just hope we find her.”


6pm, Bea pulls into the parking lot outside the office and sees Franky’s car already parked up. Franky gets out of her car and walks over to Beas.

“We takin’ the SUV?”

“Well yer, we ain’t takin’ our own cars”

“Was hoping you were going to say that, I’ll go get the keys.”

“Oy, Franky, grab the file I left on Liz’s desk will ya?”

Franky heads to the office to grab the keys and the file, returning after a couple of minutes.
Bea’s already waiting beside the SUV.

“You can drive Franky.”

“Wow, your trusting me?”

Bea punches Franky lightly on the arm before they both get in and drive away.
Reaching their destination Franky finds a good parking spot, looking around before getting out Bea spots one of the women she knows heading to a bar across the street.

“I’m heading over there, you take the bar up the street.”

“You going to be alright on ya own Red?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine, I’ve just seen Angie heading into the bar, no doubt if she’s in there a few of the other girls will be in there or not far away?”

“Ok, if you’re sure, ring me if you need me.”

With that Bea heads across the street to the bar, spotting Angie as soon as she enters.

“Hey Angie, long time no see”

Bea, Bea bloody Smith, what brings you to these parts?”

“Ahh, ya know, work and stuff, actually I’m looking for someone,” pulling a photo of Allie out of her pocket she hands it over.

“That’s Allie, looks better in the picture than she did last time I saw her”

“So you know her?”

“Yer, haven’t seen her for a couple of nights, last time I saw her she was on Grey Street, but I don’t spend much time there, prefer to stay near the bar!” She laughs.

“Grey street, thanks Angie.” Bea slips her 50 dollars before heading outside, she sends Franky a text.

Heading over to Grey Street, Allie was seen there a couple of nights ago

Heading over to you now, don’t get ya self into anything before I get there

They both reach their destination around the same time, looking up the street they notice a couple of girls out already and not wanting to waste time they head on over.

“Hi, I was just wondering if you’ve seen this young woman, goes by the name of Allie? “ Franky says.

“Yer sure I know her, but you won’t find her out tonight, had a run in with a punter last night and got pretty messed up, not sure where she’ll be.”


Walking back the way they came

“So what we gonna do now Red?”

“Take a look around, Kaz said she found her in a shop doorway, might be worth a try?”

“Yer, but can we get something to eat first? I’m starving!”

“Fuck Franky, you’re as bad as Debbie.”


After having a break to get something to eat it was soon 8:30pm, Franky and Bea head out to Grey Street asking everyone they met if they had seen Allie, no one had, or at least they were saying they hadn’t seen her.

“Red this is hopeless, she clearly ain’t out here, at least not tonight”

“You give up too easily you know that?”

“Na, I ain’t givin’ up, but come on she ain’t here.”

“Just a little longer yer, ten minutes, come on Franky.”

“What are you now, the patron saint of lost causes?”

“Ok,ok, you win, this time.”

They headed back to the SUV, on the drive back to the office Bea didn’t say anything, she couldn’t help but think that if they had just searched for a little longer they would have found her, she just couldn’t be bothered to argue with Franky. Arriving back at the office Franky handed the keys and the file to Bea.

“Right I’m out of here, later Red”

“Yer, see ya Franky.”

Bea went back to the office to drop the keys off. That feeling that she had on the way back was still there, she knew she was out there, it’s not like no one had seen her at all. Heading into her own office she clicked on the light and walked over to her desk opening the bottom draw taking out a new fully charged pre paid cell phone. Turning it on she scrolled to the contacts page, adding her own mobile number, office number and after checking the paperwork added the phone numbers Kaz had given her. She put the phone and the charger in her pocket and left her office turning off the light as she went. Heading back to parking lot after locking the office up she grabbed her mobile from her pocket to call Debbie.

“Hi mum, everything ok?”
“Yes baby, I’m ok, I might be a little late getting in, will you be ok on your own?”
“Mum….I’m 18 not 8” Debbie groaned
“I know, I know, but your still my little girl ya know”
“Yes mum, but I’m off to uni next week, then you’ll have the house all to yourself”
“You have to keep reminding me don’t ya?”
“Yep, but only because I can’t wait, you be carful mum”
“I will baby, I love you”
“To the moon and back”

With that Debbie hung up leaving Bea to her own thoughts. Putting her phone away she got her car keys out and got into her car, “she’s out there I just know it” she said under her breath before setting off back to St Kilda.

Parking up closer to Grey Street this time she got out locking the car, checking that she had the spare phone on her. Walking past the point that her and Franky had gotten to she didn’t see anyone around. She scanned all the shop doorways that she passed seeing no one until she got almost to the end of the street, in the last doorway she could make out someone huddled in it, walking a little faster she made her way over, stopping dead in front of the doorway it was her, it was Allie. Bea swallowed hard,

“Allie…..Allie Novak?”

“Piss off will ya, I’m not interested!”

Bea crouched down in front of Allie, she could make out the bruising and a few cuts on her face, she felt tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, blinking them away she spoke again,

“Allie, I’m Bea, Kaz asked me to look for you, she’s really worried about you.”

“Yer, well now you found me, so you can go back and tell her I’m not going home!”

“Allie, look at me…….please”

Allie lifted her head to look at Bea, her heart skipped a beat or two the moment she laid eyes on Bea, even in the half light of the street she couldn’t quite believe how beautiful this woman was, guessing her eyes were brown as they looked black in the light, but she couldn’t mistake her red curly hair and her well defined cheek bones.

“I’m still not going back, I…I just can’t, she helped me before and look at me now, I’ve thrown it all back in her face, she’ll hate me.”

“Allie, she doesn’t hate you, if she did why would she ask me to look for you?”

Allie just looked at Bea with a blank expression.
“Listen you don’t have to go back, here I have something for you,” taking the pre paid cell phone and charger out of her pocket she offered it to Allie who in turn still looked back at her with a blank expression.

“Please just take it,I put my phone numbers in there and Kaz’s, you can call me any time if you change your mind.”

Allie took the phone from Bea and put her head back down.

“Do you need anything?”

“A new life would be nice, maybe you could check e bay and buy me one” she said with a small snigger.

“If I could do that I would, but since it’s not possible how about I take you to a hotel and get you a room for a couple of nights, you need some rest”

“You….you would do that for me? You don’t even know me!”

“I want to help you, if you’ll let me”

Allie sat for a couple of minutes before trying to get up, Bea seeing her struggle stood up and held out her hand to Allie to help her up. Once she was on her feet they slowly made their way to a cheap hotel that Bea was aware of in the area, Bea went to the desk and paid for two nights, accepting the room key she help Allie up to the room. She opened the door and turned on the light, passing the key to Allie. For the first time Bea got a proper look at Allie, even in her present state she was beautiful, Allie couldn’t look Bea in the face.

“Listen, I’ll come back in two days ok? But if you want anything before that you have my numbers, call or text me? Do we have a deal?”

Allie just shrugged her shoulders.

“A simple yes or no is all I want to hear and then I’ll leave you to rest.”

“Yes, ok, I will……Bea….tha….thank you.”

Bea smiled at Allie and at the moment Allie lifted her head to look straight at Bea, their eyes met for the first time, in that moment Bea felt a lump form in her throat and her stomach started doing cart wheels, she had no idea what was going on, this was all so strange to her.
Bea turned to leave,

“I’ll be back in two days unless you need me before then.”

With that Bea left closing the door softly behind her, pulling her phone from her pocket she sent a quick text to Debbie telling her she was on her way home. She contemplated sending Franky a text but decided against it, she’d tell her in the morning that she found her, she really wasn’t in the mood for a pissed off Franky outburst right now. Leaving the hotel she couldn’t help but smile, she knew she would find her tonight.


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Bea awoke from a restless nights sleep, the sun streaming in to her room as she hadn’t been bothered to draw the curtains before she flopped down onto her bed the night before, she hadn’t even been bothered to get undressed. She had tossed and turned throughout the night, glancing at the clock on her bedside table more than once and groaning internally every time. She sat up, yawned and rubbed her eyes. Looking at the clock again, 7:18am, pulling herself slowly to the edge of the bed before stretching and yawning again. She sat there for a couple of minutes before she remembered, “I found her, I found Allie,” she said to herself and couldn’t help the small smile creeping onto her face. Stripping herself she headed to the en suite to shower, finishing with the shower she wrapped a towel around herself and brushed her teeth before heading back into her bedroom to get dressed. Pulling on black skinny jeans and a black shirt before brushing and tying her hair up in a pony tail, the smile still on her face.

“Morning mum, I thought I heard you moving about”

“Morning baby, why are you up so early?”

“Got a lot to do, I need to head out and buy a few more things I need for uni and I have to make a start on packing.”

“Oh yer, how could I possibly forget since you remind me so nicely almost every day! Do you need any money?”

“Well if your offering!.........”

Debbie walked over to Bea who had taken a seat at the kitchen table, placing a mug of fresh coffee down in front of her.

“Are you hungry?”

“Starving,” Bea replied before having a sip of her coffee.

“Right bacon and eggs coming right up, and you can tell me how your new case is going.”

Bea began explaining the events of the previous day while Debbie cooked. Placing two plates down on the table Debbie took a seat across the table from her mum.

“You found her!”

“I did, no thanks to Franky though, I love her like a little sister but when she starts throwing her toys out of her pram I could willingly swing for her,”

Debbie couldn’t help but laugh.

“But you found her, so where do you go from here?”

“Well first things first I’m going to eat my breakfast that you so kindly made me, then I guess I’ll head to the office and call Kaz.”

After breakfast Bea headed back to her room to get her phone, checking that she had no missed calls or texts before putting it in her pocket. Heading back downstairs to the living room to get her bag she pulled out her wallet to get some money for Debbie. Returning to the kitchen where Debbie was doing the washing up and singing along with the radio.

“I better get going Deb, I’ll leave this on the table for you”

“Thanks mum, you’re the best”

“Don’t you forget it,” she laughed.

“I’ll see you later, hopefully I won’t be so late tonight”

“Mum, you have a job to do I understand that, you finally found something you really enjoy doing and your so good at it, don’t worry about me”

“I always will and you know it, I love you”

“To the moon and back, and mum, text me if your going to be late”

“I shouldn’t be tonight, but then you never know.”

Bea picked up her bag and car keys and headed out for the day, hoping that she would hear from Allie at some point during the day.

Pulling into the parking lot outside her office it was quiet, not that she expected Franky or Liz to be around so early. Unlocking the office and heading inside she put her bag down on one of the chairs deciding that she would put some coffee on before doing anything else, as soon as she had finished her phone beeped, retrieving it from her pocket it was a text from an unfamiliar number, then she remembered that she hadn’t put the number of the phone that she had given Allie into her contacts. Opening the message she was relieved when she read the text.

Hi Bea, it’s Allie, thank you for your help, but please don’t tell Kaz where I am just yet.

Bea quickly typed out a reply

I’m so glad I found you, no need to thank me, do you need anything? I will have to tell Kaz that I found you, but I won’t tell her where you are until you are ready.

Receiving a reply almost instantly, but before reading it she picked up her bag heading to her office to sit down behind her desk.

I could do with a change of clothes, could you get some from Kaz for me?

Not a problem, I will phone her and ask her to bring you some clothes, anything else you need?

Will you come and see me?

If I don’t how will you get a change of clothes?

Course, I didn’t think, not feeling so great right now.

Allie you need to rest, I’ll be over later, and don’t worry, only I know where you are.

Just then she heard Liz and Franky both coming through the front door, Bea got up from her chair and went to her office door, leaning against the door frame.

“And what time do you call this you pair of lay about?” Bea laughed

“Shit Red, have you even been home? What’s going on?”

Bea shrugged her shoulders,

“When you’re ready Franky, my office!” Bea turned around and closed the door behind her walking back to her desk and sitting down, she threw her head back and stared at the ceiling. There was a tap on the door then Franky’s head appeared,

“Am I safe to come in?”

“My, my, Franky Doyle does actually know how to knock on my door!”

“So what’s up red?”

“Well if you come in and sit down I’ll tell you”

Franky slowly walked in taking a seat looking sheepishly at Bea.

“What ever it is I’m sorry.” Franky blurted out.

“What? No, Franky you haven’t done anything, actually I have”

Franky just looked back at her with a puzzled look on her face, “Bea did something, must be bad,” she thought to herself.

“Well last night after you left…..I….I kind of went back to Grey Street,………I found her Franky, I found Allie, I know you thought it was a waste of time but I had a feeling, I couldn’t shake it off so I went back and I found her!”

“ok, so you found her, you know it was a fucking stupid thing to go back there alone right? Where is she now?”

“She’s safe, but she doesn’t want Kaz to know where she is, so just for now I’m keeping that to myself, I know what your going to say so don’t, I just don’t want any slip ups and her running again.”

“Guess you know what you’re doing Red, do you need me to do anything?”

“Right now, nothing much, just stick round the office, I’ll have to go out a little later. Now get out of my office Franky, your making the place look untidy.”

“Hey, in my defence you did invite me in,” Franky got up leaving Bea’s office closing the door behind her.


Allie feels like death, last nights hit had worn off hours ago and now she just felt ill, really ill. She knew she could go out and score, one of the girls would give her something to tide her over and god did she want to, then her thoughts turned to Bea. Laying back down on the bed she couldn’t get her out of her mind, Red curly hair and brown eyes spinning around in her head.
“No, no ,no, I’ve got to stay here, she said she’d come back, said she wouldn’t bring Kaz. Just got to hold on and wait for her” she thinks to herself, before turning over and falling back to sleep.


Bea picks up the receiver of her office phone and dials Kaz’s home number, after few rings she answers,


“Hi Kaz, it’s Bea, I have some good news, and some maybe not so good news to tell you.”

“The good news please.” A hint of panic in Kaz’s voice.

“I found Allie, but….she doesn’t want to see you,”

“You found her, is she alright, does she need anything?”

“I found her last night, she’s a little battered and bruised, apart from being high she seemed alright. She asked if you would bring her a change of clothes over to me.”

“Yes, yes anything she needs, I’ll grab a couple of changes of clothes and things she might need, oh fuck her mobile, its dead, I don’t know where the charger is.”

“Kaz it’s fine, I gave her a pre paid cell last night, I’d already put my numbers in and yours, she can contact either of us if she wants to.”

“Oh Bea, I don’t know what to say, I’ll be over in an hour if that’s alright?”

“That’ll be fine, I’m not going anywhere today, see you later.”

Hanging up Bea really could use a coffee and a chat with Liz.

“Everything ok love? Franky said you found young Allie.”

“Yes, I did, Liz if anyone phones or calls in needing anything pass them on to Franky will you, I have a feeling that I’m going to be busy with this case”

“No worries love, but if you found her that’s it isn’t it?”

“It’s a bit more complicated than that Liz, I’ll fill you in after I’ve spoken to Kaz and I’ve seen Allie again, I don’t want to go into too much detail right now.”

45 minutes later Kaz enters the office.

“Bea’s in her office, she’s waiting for you just go straight in.”

Kaz smiles at Liz and heads over to Bea’s office door, gently tapping on the glass before slowly opening it.

“Kaz, please come in take a seat.”

“I can’t believe you found her so fast, how did you do it?”

“I know a few of the girls round St Kilda, through past cases of course so I took a chance.”

Bea filled Kaz in on how she had found her and that she had left her somewhere safe but didn’t want to go into too much detail. Kaz in return told Bea about what to expect because she knew Allie would be going through withdrawal.

“Bea, you could just tell me where she is, I know how to deal with this, you really aren’t prepared for what she is going to go through.”

“Kaz, I made a promise to her, if I turn up with you she is going to run, and I may not find her again, and even if I did she wouldn’t trust me, without trust this won’t turn out well.”

“I didn’t think of it like that, I’m just a phone call away if you need anything, but I mean it, make sure you turn up with everything you are going to need for a couple of days because you really won’t be able to leave her.”

“I will, don’t worry, I just have to go home and sort things out with my daughter, make sure she’s ok.”

“You have a daughter, Bea, you really don’t need to do all this!”

“It’ll be fine, she’s 18, and I have friends who will keep an eye on her for me, stop worrying, I did kind of know what I was getting into.”


Back at home Bea gets a few things together that she’ll need for a couple of days. Checking the contents of her fridge deciding that a trip to the supermarket wasn’t needed just then, “even Deb can’t eat everything” she thinks to herself.
She decides to send a quick text to Debbie

Deb will you be home soon I really need to speak to you

Then phoning Maxine,

“Hey Bea hon, how are you?”

“I’m fine Maxi, it’s just I’ve got a case and I need to be away from home for a couple of nights, could you check in on Deb for me?”

“Of course I will, this case I hope it’s nothing dangerous!”

“No Maxi, not dangerous, I don’t want to explained over the phone”

“As long as you’ll be ok, I don’t want to be worrying about you”

“Thanks Maxi, I’ll call you as soon as I can.”

As soon as she hung up she received a text from Debbie

On my way home now mum, won’t be long


When Debbie returned home Bea explained everything to her, Debbie was concerned but knew that even if she protested her mum would do what she had to do because it was the right thing to do. Bea had been through way too much in her life to back out of something just because it wasn’t a straight forward situation. She’d had it tough, but thanks to her friends she had come through it tougher and stronger than ever, the only thing that scared Bea was ever allowing herself to get close to anyone, it was just something she wasn’t prepared to do no matter what anyone said to her she was convinced that she was totally fine living the rest of her life alone, she had Debbie and a job she she loved, who could ask for more?


Making sure she had everything she needed she sent a text to Allie

I’ll be with you soon, do you need anything other than clothes?

Nothing I can think of

Ok, just going to make a pit stop for some food and I’m on my way, see you soon.

“I’ll see you in a couple of days Deb, Maxi will come by and check on you, I’ve got my phone so I’ll call you later”

“Mum, just go already, I’ll be fine”

“I know, I love you Deb”

“To the moon and back”

With that Bea left, heading to supermarket to grab some bottles of water and snacks, before picking up a burger and fries for herself and Allie, “just in case” she told herself.

Chapter Text

Bea pulled her car into the small parking lot behind the hotel where she had left Allie the night before, although she had taken everything on board that Kaz has told her about withdrawal and in the bit of spare time she had she had also done her own research, none of it painted a pretty picture, she hated drugs, that much she knew, but if she could help Allie where Kaz couldn’t she was more than willing to go through this stuck by Allie’s side. All she could hope for was that she herself would be strong enough, she didn’t want to let Allie down and that was the thing that she could not understand, she didn’t know her, never really spoken to her but at the same time she felt drawn to her, that feeling started the second she first saw a photo of Allie, whatever it was she was hoping that sooner rather than later she would figure out the reason. Getting out of her car she pulled her phone from her pocket so she could send a quick text to Allie.

I’ll be up in a few minutes

She closed the drivers door and went round to the boot to retrieve the bags, as soon as she closed the boot and made sure she locked the car her phone beeped

You are alone aren’t you?

Of course I am, just me a few bags that’s all I promise, I’ll knock, don’t open the door till I knock.

Putting her phone away she made her way round to the front of the hotel, walking straight up to the desk, she knew the woman who worked there, she’d helped her out a while back.

“Hey Bea, haven’t seen that young woman you left here all day”

“She needed to rest, do me favour can I get another two nights for the same room?”

“Sure thing, pay me later, I know I can trust you.”

Bea just smiled and headed off to Allie’s room, once she arrived at the door she put the bags down and lightly knocked on the door, not wanting to scare Allie, she waited but heard no movement, knocking a little harder this time she called out to her, “Allie, its Bea, open the door.”
This time she heard movement, the door opened slowly and Allie peered out at her,

“Hey, it’s just me and my bags see”

“Sorry, I just needed to be sure”

Allie opened the door and went back to sit on the bed. Bea collected the bags up and entered the room closing the door softly behind her.

Allie sat on the bed her head in her hands sobbing, Bea dropped the bags moving over to the bed kneeling down on the floor infront of Allie,

“Hey Allie, it’s going to be ok, I’m here now like I promised”

“You only want to help me because Kaz asked you to”

“Yes Kaz asked for my help to find you, she didn’t ask me to keep you safe, that’s what I’m trying to do, I found you, I could have just walked away and told her where I’d found you, but you know, I…I couldn’t do that, I’m here because I want to be.”

“W…why? You don’t know me, I’m a mess, nothing but a stupid messed up junkie whore, I tried I really tried……but….but I couldn’t do it, Kaz was there but in the end it meant nothing.”

“And maybe we can work out the reason why you feel like that when you’re feeling better, but right now we have to concentrate on you, making you feel better, that’s all that matters.”

“I hate all this, the drugs, the men, it’s not who I am, but no one wants who I really am, my parents never wanted me, and when I told them….they…..they.” Allies sobs got louder and she was crying uncontrollably, Bea couldn’t stand it, reaching towards Allie she wrapped her arms around her, Allie moved her hands from her face and wrapped them around Bea resting her head on Bea’s shoulder, they stayed like that for at least ten minutes until Allie’s sobs turned to sniffles.

“I’m sorry Bea, you don’t need to be involved with my mess, you can go, just leave me!”

Allie pulled away from Bea, but Bea didn’t move, she kept Allie wrapped in her arms, she couldn’t bring herself to let go, she could hear her heart beating faster and harder than it ever had before and it felt like a whole swarm of butterflies were having a party in her stomach, she didn’t understand what this feeling was it was all so foreign to her, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable feeling, it was just strange. A couple of minutes later she did let go, getting up from the floor she looked down at Allie who was just sitting there with her head hanging down staring at the floor.

“Are you hungry?”

“Maybe just a little, but I’ll only throw it back up so there’s no point in eating.”

“You should at least try a little, come on, I’m starving and I hate to eat alone”

Bea pulled out the bag that contained the burgers and fries.

“They’re still warm…..please…..try a little for me.” Bea pleaded

Allie slowly raised her head, dragging her eyes up from Bea’s feet, up her entire body until her eyes met Bea’s, “God could this woman be any more perfect” she thought to her self, forcing a small smile as she looked at Bea.

“I’ll try a little, but only cos you asked so nicely”


Bea moved back over to the bed and sat down beside Allie, handing over a burger to her. Bea really was hungry, even though the butterflies in her stomach were still there, she polished off her burger and fries in double quick time, Allie only managed a couple of mouth full of the burger and a few fries but Bea was happy that she had at least tried to eat a little. Reaching over to one of the other bags Bea grabbed two bottles of water,

“Here, you need to drink, can’t have you getting too dehydrated”

“How do you know? That I’ll get dehydrated quickly I mean?”

“Well Kaz told me a bit, but I’m not stupid I did a bit of research, don’t want you ending up worse than you feel now.”

Allie took the bottle and drank half of it in one go


“Yes a little,”

Allie quickly drank the other half of the bottle before throwing herself backwards on the bed.

“Are you really sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’m sure, I know it’s not going to be pretty, and to be honest no I don’t know from experience what it’ll be like but I’m willing to stay locked in this room for you, and while I’m on the subject of locked in can I have the room key? I need to lock us in”

“It’s on the bedside table”

Bea got up from the bed, grabbing the key and walking to the door to lock it, just as she did that Allie got up from the bed at lightning speed and ran into the bathroom only just making it to the toilet before she threw up. Bea put the key in the pocket of her jeans, got another two bottles of water and went to the bathroom, kneeling down beside Allie who could only groan, Bea held her hair back from her face just before Allie threw up again, that was how they stayed for over an hour, the only time Bea left her was to get a small towel to run under the cold tap so she could wipe Allies face and neck.

“Oh god, it hurts Bea, it really hurts”

The best part of that night was spent with both of them sat on the bathroom floor, Bea either holding Allie’s hair back, wiping her face or just trying to hold her and comfort her. Just before sunrise Allie started to become agitated, thrashing her arms out at Bea trying to get away from from her, but Bea wasn’t giving in until eventually she knew there was no point trying to fight her and let her get up, Allie raced into the bedroom straight to the door but it was locked.

“Let me out of here, let me the fuck out of here, you can’t keep me locked in here”

Then she started pacing, backwards and forwards, it was none stop, even when she started shivering uncontrollably, Bea really couldn’t do much, she tried to hold onto her but Allie would wriggle out any way she could.

“You stupid fucking bitch, can’t you see what you are doing to me? Let me the fuck out!”

This time Bea managed to get a tight hold on her, pulling her down to the bed and holding her as close as she could, the whole night Bea couldn’t shake off the butterflies in her stomach, it was crazy. Allie lay shivering in her arms for another 2 hours before Bea noticed that she had stopped, her breathing had evened out and she had fallen asleep, she held onto her for a little longer just to make sure she was asleep, when she was sure she was asleep she peeled herself away from Allie, she really could use a shower, grabbing her bag she went into the bathroom locking the door behind her. She took the quickest shower she ever had in her life, dressing herself in dark blue skinny jeans and a white t shirt. Going back to the bedroom she found Allie was still asleep, not wanting to disturb her she just sat on the end of the bed until she felt movement.

“Bea, are you still her?”

“Course I am, didn’t I say I wouldn’t leave you?”

“You did, but you were right here with me when I fell asleep”

“Sorry, I needed a shower, and I didn’t want to disturb you when I came back”

“I wouldn’t have minded, I still can’t believe you are still here”

“I made you a promise, I’m not leaving you”

Allie went quiet for a minute.

“I think I could use a shower, I stink, at least you only had to put up with me throwing up, last time I caused Kaz a right headache when I shit myself” she laughed.

“I think you might be better off having a bath you know, you might still be a bit unsteady”

“Hmmm, you could you right, could you check what Kaz sent over for me?”

Bea reached over to get Allies bag and placed it on the bed, Allie sat up and moved closer to Bea,

“Hope she didn’t forget clean undies” Allie giggled

“Guess you better check, I’ll go and run you a bath”

A little while later Allie entered the bathroom, Bea had her back to Allie and didn’t hear her enter, Allie couldn’t help staring at Bea’s arse, “fuck, get over yourself, she could never be interested in you” Allie thought to herself, just then Bea turned around and their eyes met, Bea felt her cheeks flush and she knew she was blushing, her eyes dropped to the floor and she shuffled off passed Allie mumbling

“I’ll leave you to it, give me a shout if you need anything.” She really was hoping that Allie hadn’t actually heard what she said.

“Oh, I so will” Allie replied with a smirk before shutting the door.

Bea knew that the worst of it was over but it wasn’t out of her system yet, she still had a long way to go, and she couldn’t stay here forever, she had to think, but it was hard, she didn’t want to go back to Kaz, maybe she would change her mind but Bea doubted it, she needed to find a safe place for her to stay but where? She couldn’t think, she was too tired to think, instead she dropped Debbie a text.

Hey Deb, hope everything is ok

She didn’t expect to receive a reply as it was still early so she crawled up the bed and lay on her back staring at the ceiling, her eyes lids felt so heavy and she dozed off.

Allie finished in the bathroom, still feeling a bit shaky and was still really tired, she couldn’t believe it, Bea asleep, she took a couple of minutes to really look at her, and god did she think she was gorgeous, right then she had an overwhelming urge just to kiss her, “fuck sake, she’s got a kid, if there’s a kid there’s a man around somewhere” she mentally scolded herself. But she couldn’t take her eyes off her, tiredness took hold of Allie and she had to sleep, climbing on the bed next to Bea she lay down and closed her eyes.

A couple of hours later Bea slowly opened her eyes feeling a weight over her stomach and legs, raising her head from the pillow she saw that Allie had an arm over her stomach and leg over both of hers. Bea really needed to get up but she didn’t want to disturb Allie so really tried hard to ignore the need to pee. She lay there for about five minutes before the realisation hit her, she liked laying there with Allie like this, it felt right, she felt safe and warm, that scared her, she had never in her life wanted to lay with anyone like this, “what the fuck is wrong with me,” she thought. She tried going over what Allie had said the previous day about her parents, “when she told them what?” She wondered, was it drugs then, had she had this problem for so long? She shook her head trying to clear the thoughts from her head, but she had to know and the only way she would find out was to ask Allie. She couldn’t wait any longer, she peeled Allie from her slowly so she could get up and use the bathroom.

Returning from the bathroom Allie was awake, she looked at a Bea

“You’re making a habit of this.”

Bea looked at her with a puzzled expression on her face

“Making a habit of what?”

“Leaving me while I’m sleeping,” Allie giggled.

“I didn’t want to, I just really needed to pee, I…I wouldn’t have left you if I didn’t need to.”

“Hey, it’s ok, so what else have you got hidden in those bags of yours?”

“Just snacks, we have to eat, you need to keep your energy up, are you hungry?”

“Honestly I’m not sure”

“Well I am!”

Bea grabbed a couple of bottles of water handing one to Allie before grabbing the bag full of snacks and emptied the contents on the bed before she flopped back down on the bed beside Allie.

“We really should eat.”




Chapter Text

Thirty minutes later Bea had totally stuffed her face with chips and chocolate, Allie only managing to eat a small bag of chips when Bea’s phone beeped.

Sorry mum, only just woke up, is everything going ok?

Thought I was the one who asked you that?

You did and it is, Maxi came over with Boomer and pizza we had a right laugh! How is everything going?

Better than I expected, although I may be away an extra night will you be ok with that?

Sure mum, I’m going over to the salon to spend the day with Maxi, Doreen and Boomer, stop worrying about me, how is Allie, things still bad?

We made it through the night, she seems a little brighter this morning.

Good, just concentrate on doing what you feel is right, I’ll call you later

Bea put her phone down and looked over at Allie

“Everything ok?”

“Yer is was just Debbie checking in?”

“Is that your daughter?”

“Yes, 18 going on 40,” Bea laughed

“Bet her dad is looking after her while you’re stuck here with me”

“Her dad! He’s long gone, trust me if he was still around I wouldn’t be sitting here with you now.”

“Tell me about her”

“Who? Debbie? What do you want to know?”


They were talking for over an hour until Bea realised that Allie had fallen asleep again, not wanting to disturb her she stayed on the bed grabbing her phone so she could check in with Frankie and Liz. Hearing that everything was fine in the office, Frankie had taken on a new case but nothing she couldn’t handle on her own. Ending her call she decided to call Maxine, she had always been her go to person when she needed advice or to just run ideas past someone. She smiled remembering how it was Maxine who had encouraged her to do something new, Bea had always loved working at the salon but after everything with Harry then the divorce she had become restless, Maxine was the best person to go to now.

“Bea, how is everything?”

“All things considered not bad, it was rough trying to get through the night, she’s asleep again now”

“That’s good then hun, but how are you?”

“I’m fine Maxi, but I need your advice”

“If I can help you know I will, what is it?”

“Well Allie can’t stay here forever, she doesn’t want to go back home, I need to find somewhere safe for her, any ideas?”

“Bea hun, you know I just might have a solution, can I call you back?”

“I’ll be right here”

“I’ll call you back within the hour, bye Bea”

Bea never got a chance to say anything else Maxine hung up, “hope that means she has a good idea,” she said to herself. Putting her phone down she looked back over at Allie who had now turned over onto her side facing her, she lay there silently studying get her, her blond hair that Bea thought way too long, and the green highlights did nothing for her, “nothing that a cut and colour couldn’t fix,” she thought out loud.

“Hmm, what about a cut and colour?”

“Oh, sorry, didn’t realise you were awake.” Bea felt her cheeks flush and she suddenly found the leg of her jeans very interesting.

“Hey Bea, what about a cut and colour? You sayin’ you don’t like my hair?” Allie said with a snigger.

“Just thinking out loud, but I reckon you’d look better with your hair shorter and lighter”

“Yer, you know a good hairdresser? And they need to be cheap cos I’m kinda low on cash”

“I might know someone, might even do it for free if you behave yourself.”

“Oh, I’m intrigued, ya gotta tell me who.”

“Never mind hairdressing, how are you feeling?”

“A little better I think, guess I’m lucky really I was only back on the gear for two weeks, couple of more weeks and it would have been worse”

“Lucky for both of us then” Bea laughed.

“Bea, ya know what, I’m hungry.”

“Yer, that’s good. There’s a deli not far away, will you be ok here if I go get us something to eat?”

“Lock me in won’t ya? Don’t want to be tempted to leg it, not after all you’ve done for me.”

“If that’s what you want, anything you fancy?”

“How about stripping you naked and fucking you right here,” she thought to herself. “Errr, no, you decide.”

“Ok, I’ll head over there now, but if you think of anything you want call me yer?”

“I could use a can of coke if you don’t mind,”

“Can of coke, got it.”

Bea got her bag and picked up her phone, retrieving the room key from her pocket she left Allie alone, making sure to lock the door behind herself. When she reached reception she didn’t recognise the guy behind the desk so just headed out to the deli. Ordering a ham salad sandwich and a chicken and mayo sandwich with two portions of chicken soup. She didn’t have to wait long for her order, after she paid she left the deli and went to the shop next door and picked up six cans of coke, then headed back to the hotel.

Stopping outside their room door for a second she called out to Allie before unlocking the door, once back inside she found Allie laying on her stomach head resting in her hands watching tv.

“That was quick,” Allie said in a more playful tone than Bea had heard from her yet

“I got lucky, must have timed it right, there was no one in the deli”

Handing the bag to Allie,

“Take you pick, I’m not fussy what I have, oh here you go handing her the other bag with the cans of Coke in it.”

“Bea I said one can of Coke not six.”

“Complaints, complaints, complaints” Bea chuckled.

Just then Bea’s phone rung, retrieving it from her bag she saw Maxine’s name on the screen

“Hey Maxi”

“Bea,” Maxine said excitement evident in her voice, “problem solved, Booms has got a spare room at her place that she wants to rent out, she said that Allie could have first refusal”

“Boomer? Is she sure? I mean she’s never even met her!”

“Booms says that if you trust her then that’s good enough for her, so run it past her, see what she says and let me know ok hun”

“Thanks Maxi, better go now, speak to you later”

“Speak later hun.”

Putting her phone down on the bed she looked over at Allie, she was happily sat at the edge of the bed, sandwich in one hand, can of Coke in the other. Bea smiled, she couldn’t help it, seeing Allie starting to look happy, like she imagined she had before this made her feel happy, like she had made a difference. Taking her time to study her, she looked so innocent, she couldn’t help but admit to herself that even with the bruising she was beautiful, and there it was again, the butterflies in her stomach, the lump in her throat, “this again” she thought.


“Yes, sorry, did you need something?”

“You were staring at me.”

“Was I? Sorry, I….I….I didn’t mean to,” her cheeks flushing again.

“That’s cute”

“Errr, what is?”

“You, blushing, do you always do that?”

“I don’t know, never noticed it happen before.”

“No! It’s been happening since last night, do I embarrass you?”

“No, not at all,” changing the subject quickly, “glad to see you eating”

“Yer, didn’t think I was hungry until I took a bite, are you going to eat or just stand there?”

Allie held the other sandwich out to Bea who took it from her and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Listen Allie, you can’t stay here forever”

“I’m not going back to Kaz’s”

“I’m not saying you have to, one of my friends, Boomer, has a spare room that she wants to rent out and she’s giving you first refusal if you want it, obviously you’ll want to see the room first and there’s no pressure, but it might be good for you to have your own space, and Boomers really easy going”

“Bea, your rambling.”

“Am I? Sorry!”

“Yes, but that’s quite cute to ya know,” Beas cheeks flushed again, “Boomer?”

“Her names Susan, she works with Maxine at the salon I used to work at, she used to bugger off every couple of months and then come back asking for her job back, we used to joke that she was like a boomerang, ya know, always comes back, and the name kinda stuck.”

“Hang on, you’re a hairdresser?”

“Not anymore, I used to be but I needed a change, so I got my certificate in investigative services then got my licence, and here I am, a private investigator at your service.”

“Wow, that was a big change”

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Most of the time, unless it’s some shitty online investigation, I leave Franky to do that kind of thing”


“Oh yer, Franky, she works with me, well she’s meant to work with me, sometimes it feels like she’s working against me.”

“So this room you mentioned, do you think Boomer would really let me stay?”

“I know she would, you’ll like her, she bloody funny….so how about tomorrow we arrange for you to see the room? I’ll take you over, you can meet Booms, might even take you to the salon to meet Maxi, what do you say?”

“I think I’d like that.”

The rest of the day they spent chatting about nothing and everything, time flew. Bea called Maxine and asked her to get Boomer to phone her the next morning to arrange a time to take Allie over. She phone Kaz to let her know how Allie was doing and to tell her that she had possibly found a place for her to stay until she was ready to go home, Kaz was happy that she was doing well but still a little upset that she didn’t want to go home, but she tried to understand. Before they both knew it it was 7pm.

“Allie, I fancy pizza, are you hungry?”


“That’s settled then I’ll call out for pizza and get it delivered to reception”

Bea called for pizza then called down to reception asking to be called when the pizza arrived. 40 minutes later the phone rang it was reception.

“I’m going to pick up the pizza, I’m not locking you in ok?”

“I’m not going anywhere, I don’t want to”

Bea smiled and headed off to collect and pay for the pizza.

“Everything ok Bea?”

“Yes, everything’s fine, oh yes I need to pay you for the extra nights before I forget.”

“Na Bea, forget it, have this on me”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind paying.”
“I’m sure, now get out of here before that pizza gets cold”

Getting back to the room she found Allie quite contentedly watching tv. They ate their pizza, watched tv for a while until Allie decided she was going for a shower. Bea decided that now was just as good a time as any to give Debbie a call.

“Hey mum, how’s things?”

“Good Ded, Allie’s feeling much better”

“Maxi said that she’s going to live with Booms”

“Wow, slow down, she agreed to meet Booms and look at the room”

“Yer but come on, once she meets Booms she’ll love her, who doesn’t?”

“Your probably right, but ya never know”

“Mum, can I meet Allie?”


“I don’t know, I just want to, she kinda took you away from me for the last couple of days, I’d just like to meet her”

Allie appears back out of the bathroom dressed ready for bed.

“Maybe Deb, it’s not up to me really is it?”

“So ask her”

“Ok, ok, I will, I better be going now Deb, I love you”

“To the moon and back, night mum”

“Night Deb.”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your phone call”

“Hey, you didn’t, you look tired.”

“I am a bit, but I’m going to watch tv”

“Well you do that while I go for a shower, I won’t be long”

Allie lay on her stomach watching tv while Bea was in the shower, by the time Bea was finished Allie was half asleep.

“Allie, get in bed before you fall asleep”

“Hmm, I’m not tired!”
“So that’s why you’re watching tv with your eyes half closed is it?”

“I’m not!”

“Yes you are, get your butt into bed and get some sleep”

“Yes boss” Allie giggled

They both got into bed, Allie under the covers Bea only having her feet under the covers, Allie was soon asleep, Bea on the other hand couldn’t sleep, she tried but the last couple of days were just going round and round in her head. Then there were the strange feelings she kept having, she couldn’t get her head round why it kept happening, she’d heard people talk about feeling like that when they were around someone they really liked, but Bea had only ever had it happen when she was around Allie, “Allie’s a woman, and I’m not gay” she thought to herself. She knew she wasn’t even doing a great job of convincing herself, but Bea was adamant that she was straight, “I’m not gay” she kept saying to herself until she finally fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Bea woke up after a few hours of restless sleep, picking up her phone and checking the time, 6:48am, she groaned loudly, but even that didn’t disturb Allie who was curled into Bea’s side, one arm wrapped around her waist and one leg laying over the top of hers, her head so close to Bea’s neck that she could feel her breath. She gulped down the lump in her throat, her heart beating so fast and so loud that she was wondering if she might have a heart attack any second, butterflies having another party in her stomach and now the realisation of yet another foreign feeling, a throbbing between her legs, something she knew she had defiantly never experienced in her life, not with Harry, not with anyone, well except for right here right now with Allie. She squeezed her eyes tight shut trying to ignore the feelings but it wasn’t helping. Half of her wanted to move, wanted to get away from Allie, run away and never go back, but the other half of her felt so comfortable, safe and secure that she didn’t care if she never moved from Allie’s sleeping embrace for the rest of her life. She turned her head to look at a soundly sleeping Allie, “god, she really is beautiful” she thought to herself, raking her eyes over every inch of her face as if she was trying to memorise it, like she might disappear before her eyes never to be seen again. She was lost in her own thoughts so much so that she didn’t notice that Allie had woken up.

“Bea, you’re staring at me again!”

“What! No….no I wasn’t….I was just thinking,” her blush matching the colour of her hair.

“Care to share?”

“Nothing for you to worry about”

“You sure? I’m a good listener.”

“No, it’s fine, I’m good.”
“Shit I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your space” Allie quickly moved to her own side of the bed leaving a disappointed Bea on her side of the bed.

“What time is it?”

Bea picked her phone back up to check the time, 8:09am, “where did the time go” she wondered.

“Just gone 8am”

“ wow, I had a really great sleep, how did you sleep?”

“Really good,” she lied not wanting to have to answer any difficult questions that Allie might throw her way if she said anything else. Allie sat up resting her back against the headboard.

“Sooooo, when do we have to meet Boomer?”

“Not sure yet, I’m waiting for her to phone me.”

“And there was me thinking that you would have it all sorted out so I couldn’t try to get out of it.”

“And why would you think that? It’s your decision, if you don’t want to meet her and look at the room you don’t have to, but I won’t let you back out there on the streets alone, so what am I going to do with you if you decide you don’t want to?”

“Well you could take me home with you!”

Bea just looked at her wide eyed, it’s not like she hadn’t thought of it that morning but shrugged it off, she knew she’d take her home with her in a heartbeat if she had to but really she could use some distance from Allie to try and work out what the hell was going on with her.

“I guess if things don’t work out with Booms I suppose I wouldn’t have a choice would I?”

“Bea, I was joking, I’m sure I’m going to love Boomer, and love living with her.”

“Errr, yer, think I’m going to go for a shower, if my phone rings will you answer it then give me a shout? Got no bloody idea what time Booms will call.”

“If your sure”

“Yes, I’m sure”

Bea rummaged through her bag to find what she needed then went into the bathroom for a shower.
Allie lay back on the bed, she could hear the water running and she couldn’t help letting her imagination wonder to not so innocent places, there was only a door between her and a very naked Bea, Allie knew she hadn’t locked the door behind her because she would have heard that. She couldn’t help drifting off into a Bea induced haze, wondering what would happen if she just walked into the bathroom and got in the shower with her right now, would she scare her off? She didn’t want to risk it, but she couldn’t stop thinking about it, imagining what she would feel like under her hands. Just at that second Beas phone began ringing and Allie nearly jumped out of her skin, rolling onto Bea’s side of the bed she grabbed her phone to answer it.


“Bea, is that you, you sound different”

“Sorry, this is Allie, Bea’s in the shower, hang on she asked me to shout her”

Getting up from the bed she went to the bathroom door and opened it just a little,

“Bea, phone”

“Thanks, I’m guessing it’s Boom’s, will you just tell her I’ll be there in a sec”

Allie closed the door and walked back to the bed.

“Bea says she’ll only be a second”

“Typical, only bloody woman I know who doesn’t take her phone with her everywhere she goes” Boomer laughed.

“So I’m guessing your Allie, am I right or am I right err?”

“You got it in one”

Just then Bea came out of the bathroom still wet with only a towel wrapped round her. Allie held her phone out to Bea her jaw almost hitting the floor, this was just too much, a half naked Bea stood right in front of her.


“Bea, so what times best for you? Maxi said I can take some time off to show Allie the room”

“How does 11am sound, that gives both of us plenty of time to get ready?”

“Sounds good Bea, Maxi wants you to go round the salon after, can I cadge a lift back?”

“Hey no problem Booms, we’ll see you at 11am then”

“Yer, see ya Bea”

“See you later Booms”

Bea tossed her phone on the bed.

“Hey that’s ok with you isn’t it, 11am, not too early for you? I thought we could get ready then grab some breakfast.”

All Allie could do was nod her head, too afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get any words out no matter how hard she tried. “How can she just stand there in just a bloody towel?” She thought to herself.

“Allie, are you alright?”
“Yes” was all she could manage to croak out.

Bea went back to the bathroom to finish getting ready, ten minutes later she was back in the bedroom.

“Bathrooms all yours”

Allie just nodded, grabbed her bag and took what she needed from it before going into the bathroom. Thirty minutes later she reappeared. Bea had her head down looking at her phone when Allie came back, she looked up and smiled at her.

“So, do you feel like going to get a late breakfast?”

“Why not?” Allie shrugged.

“Come on then, I think you could do with a change of scenery don’t you?”

“Oh I don’t know the scenery is pretty good from where I’m stood” she thought to herself, “you might be right.”

“So what are we waiting for?”

Bea got up from the bed and headed for the door, Allie followed her across the room and out the door. Bea locked the door behind them and started walking down the stairs, Allie couldn’t help but watch her, the sway of her hips, and that arse, oh god that arse, it took all her self control not to reach out and grab it. Reaching reception Bea turned round and looked at Allie who by now was walking with her head down trying not to let Bea know that she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“I know a great little coffee shop not far from Boomer’s place, I think we should go there, what do you think?”

“Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll go wherever you like”

And Allie really meant that, she would gladly walk over hot coals if it meant she could be with Bea, she knew she was in trouble, how could Bea ever be interested in someone like her, she knew what she was, seen her at one of the lowest points of her life, and she’d helped her not because she wanted to but because Kaz was paying her, even though Bea had said that Kaz had only asked her to find Allie, she couldn’t get her head round why Bea would willingly want to help her if there wasn’t something in it for her. No one wanted Allie, she was a fuck up, the relationships she had had in the past were not what she wanted, she never received the love that she craved so desperately, all she wanted was to feel loved and needed and in her 27 years never once had she ever felt that. She knew it would be stupid to think that she could ever have anything like that with Bea, just because it was what she wanted didn’t mean she would get it, and Allie knew too well that she never got what she wanted. She had so many questions that she wanted to ask Bea, most of them she was too afraid to ask, at least just now. Allie just followed on behind Bea until Bea came to a stop by her car, Allie hadn’t noticed that Bea had stopped walking and walked straight into Bea.

“Allie, where are you? What’s going on in your head?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking, didn’t see you there.”

“You sure you’re ready for this?”

“Yes, come on let’s just get going already”

They got into Beas car and drove away, 15 minutes later they pulled into the parking lot of the coffee shop. Allie hadn’t said much on the drive over and Bea was getting a bit worried about her. Bea nudged her out of her thoughts.

“Come on, let’s get a coffee and something to eat”

“Yer, lets, I’m bloody starving”

“Oh god, I’m out numbered, first Franky and now you, its like having three Debbie’s,” Bea joked.

“I don’t get it” Allie looked puzzled until Bea explained and then all Allie could do was laugh.

“You better feed me now!”

Entering the coffee shop they found a table, Allie sat down and Bea went to order, it wasn’t very busy and a couple of minutes later a waitress arrived with two coffee’s and two plates of pancakes.

“This places does the best pancakes I’ve ever tasted so tuck in.”

Allie gave her a small smile before starting to eat.

“Hmmm, you’re right these are really good.”

“Told ya.” Bea grinned back at her.

When they had finished eating they set off for Boomers, arriving with five minutes to spare. Bea sent a quick text to Boomer letting her know that she was outside waiting for her.

“May as well get out and stretch our legs while we wait”

Allie just shrugged before reaching for the handle to get out. Allie leaned back against the car her head hanging down, trying not to look at Bea, but she couldn’t help taking side glances at her when she stood right beside her. A few seconds later, she heard some one shouting and looked up.

“Bea” Boomer squealed excitedly as she ran towards them, wrapping her arms around Bea in a bear hug and lifting her off her feet as soon as she reached them.

“Booms…….fuck sake put me down will ya?”

“Oh,…errrr…..sorry Bea, I’ve missed ya”

“ well now I’m here, anyway, Booms this is Allie, Allie this is Booms”

Allie moved away from the car and turned to face Boomer, extending her hand expecting Boomer to shake it, boy was she wrong, Booms took a couple of steps towards Allie and pulled her into a hug.

“Good to meet ya, any one who’s ok with Bea is cool with me, and Bea don’t like a lot of people ya know!”

“It’s good to meet you to Boomer”

Boomer led the way to her house chatting excitedly with Bea as they went, once inside they followed her through the house until they stopped outside the door of the spare room. Boomer gestured to Allie to open the door.

“Right, well yer, it’s nothing fancy, but ya got a double bed and everything ya will need,…bathrooms just down the hall I’ll show you in a minute, my rooms across the hall so make sure ya keep the noise down right, ya want it don’t ya? Please say ya do blondie, I’d rather have someone who knows Bea than a stranger……yer….so what do ya think?”

“Well, Boomer…..I think…..I LOVE IT, when can I move in?”

“Yer, you mean it, like really mean it?”

Allie just nodded looking between Boomer and Bea with the brightest smile on her face, she couldn’t help that smile, in that moment she felt like the happiest person on the whole planet, living with Boomer would be different she knew that, but if there was a chance she would be able to see Bea a little more that suited her.

“Yesss, oh blondie we are going to have so much fun, we can have movie nights, and get the girls round, Bea you’ll be up for that won’t ya once Debbie leaves?”

“Booms, calm down will ya, and yer, I guess I’ll be up for a few girls nights, now come on, give Allie a chance to speak will ya?”

“Oh, yer, sorry blondie, I just get carried away sometimes ya know!”

“It’s ok Boomer, I guess I could move in tomorrow if that’s alright with you, I need to get my things from my old place first.”

Boomer spent the next twenty minutes showing Allie were everything was while Bea made herself at home in the lounge.

“Right, so Bea, can you drop me back at the salon? Ya know Maxine and Doreen can’t cope with out me.”

“No problem Booms, I was going to take Allie to the salon anyways, she was interested to see where I used to work, and Maxi would like to meet her. Let’s get going!”

Arriving at the salon, Boomer jumped out of the back seat and bolted into the salon.
Bea looked over at Allie,

“So are you ready?”

“I think so, I’m a little nervous to meet your friends”

“Don’t be, Maxi is lovely”
They got out of the car and headed into the salon, Allie following sheepishly behind Bea, a little nervous but enjoying watching Bea from behind non the less.

“Bea!” Maxine and Doreen said at the same time.

“Ladies,” she half turned to face Allie, “this is Allie”

Maxine closed the gap between them bringing Allie into a hug

“Good to meet you hun, I take it our Bea here has been taking good care of you?”

“Yes, she has, she’s been great”

Bea hadn’t noticed the small glances that Allie kept shooting in her direction, but Maxine was way more observant and spotted it instantly, she smiled a small smile to herself. They spent some time chatting before saying their goodbyes. Once back seated in Bea’s car Allie was quiet again, it didn’t go un noticed by Bea.

“Allie, are you sure you’re ok with everything?”

“Yes, I think so, it’s just going to be strange ya know.”

“Im sure you’ll soon find your feet,”

“I need to find a job, and how am I going to pay Boomer until I find a job?”

“Hey, stop worrying, it’s all in hand, now would you be ok if we swing by my office? I just need to check in, make sure Franky’s not running the place into the ground!”

“I guess, I can just wait in the car.”

“Hey come on, you’ve seen where I used to work, don’t you want to see where I work now?”

“Well, yes, I guess I am curious”

“That’s settled then.”

Arriving outside Bea’s office twenty minutes later Allie started to feel more nervous, Bea sensed a change in Allie straight away, reaching over the centre console she took Allie’s right hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze, Allie turned her head to look at Bea who was already looking at her, their eyes met and in the few seconds that they held each other’s gaze Allie knew she was already lost in a world that revolved entirely around Bea, nothing was going to change that now.

Chapter Text

Bea walks through the front door to her office, Allie hangs back a little nervously following her, looking around only seeing Liz, the door to Franky’s office is closed and it’s quiet.Liz looked up from the magazine that she was reading,

“Bea, are you back for good or just checking up on us?”

“Ha, don’t you mean checking up on Franky, I never have to worry about you Liz.”

Liz spots Allie by the door still unsure if she really should go in or not,

“So who do we have here then?”

Bea turned around seeing the nervousness on Allies face she takes the few steps back to her and places her hands on Allies shoulders,

“They won’t bite you know, well at least I know Liz won’t, Franky might if you ask her!” She laughs.

Allie lets go of a small nervous laugh not wanting to move from that spot, Bea drops her hands from her shoulders taking hold of her hand and lightly pulls her through the door.

“Liz, this is Allie, Allie this is Liz”

“Nice to meet you love, so it’s you that’s been keeping Bea so busy, that’s a god thing it’s been dead round here since she left, and you know she gets awfully cranky when she gets bored,” Liz laughs.

“So is Doyle hiding out in her office or has she not gotten her arse in here yet?”

Before Liz could answer Franky’s office door swung open

“Sup Smith, just can’t stay away from me can ya?”

“In your dreams Doyle”

“So who’s this then, you been keepin’ blondie all to ya self?”

“Franky!.....This is Allie, you know the person you wanted me to give up looking for!”

“Na red, I never said give up! I….well I just thought,….shit ok you win”

Bea looked over at Allie,

“See told you, Franky here is all bark and no bite,”

Allie giggled, that giggle got Bea every time she heard it, she just loved to see Allie smile, she loved hearing her laugh, their eyes met again, all that mattered right in that moment was Allie, Bea hadn’t even heard Franky trying to get her attention.


“What the fuck Franky, I’m not deaf!”

“Na but you were so caught up there with blondie you never heard me”

“Fuck are you on about Franky?”

“Never thought I’d see the day, you on your way over to meet me on the dark side Red?”

“Shut the fuck up Franky, my office now.”

Bea turned to Allie,

“Take a seat I won’t be long, that little shit needs sorting out, Liz will look after you, I won’t be long”

Bea disappeared into her office closing the door behind her, Franky sitting on Bea’s desk smirking,

“Hit a nerve there did I Red”

“Shut the fuck up Franky"

“Hell no, you’ve been gone for two days, you don’t call, you don’t write, I’m hurt Bea,”

“Franky, I’m not doing this with you now.”

“Doing what Red? I’m only askin’ what’s goin’ on, I mean the way you were looking at blondie out there, never seen ya look at anyone like that before, come on talk to Auntie Franky."

Bea rolled her eyes and shrugged before flopping down in her chair.

“Franky, nothing is going on, I’m doing my job and you know it,”

“Do I? I was under the impression that your job was to find her, not shack up with her in a hotel!”

“Can we let this go?”

“What ever you need Red, but if you need any advice I’m here, but come on tell me, what ya been up to?"


Franky just held her hands up in defeat.

“So anything new, how’s the case going you picked up?”

“All sorted, I left the file on your desk for you to give it the once over,”

“Nothing else has come in?”

“Na, I think people knew ya were away from the office and stayed away” she laughed.

“Oh well It’s Friday, think I’ll keep the office closed tomorrow, Allie’s moving in with Booms”

“Shit really, now that I have to see, I hope blondie’s made of strong stuff”

“I think she’ll be just fine.”

“So I just need to phone Kaz, let her know what’s going on, so if you don’t mind…..”

“Ok, ok, I can take a hint” Franky is halfway out of the door

“And leave Allie alone, you hear me Franky?”

“Right , got it, leave blondie alone.”


Bea calls Kaz asking if she can drop the rest of Allie’s things over at the office, Kaz agrees on the condition that she asks Allie to text her, Bea agrees to that, but reminds Kaz that she might still not be ready.
Bea was just getting ready to leave her office when she heard Frankie

“So blondie, fancy coming for a drink with me instead of hangin’ out with grandma Bea?”

“No thanks, I have my standards and you certainly don’t fall into them”

“I’m wounded! what does fall into your standards? Wouldn’t happen to be a certain red head?”

“Keep digging Franky, you might manage to dig your own grave.”

Liz can’t help but laugh, Frankie laughs as does Allie, Bea opens her office door a little smirk on her face. Franky turns to look at Bea,

“Oh shit Red, I like this one, can we keep her?” She chuckles,

“Think that’s up to Allie don’t you?”

“So Franky, Kaz is going to drop Allie’s things off here in a hour, can you handle that? You can both take off then and I’ll see you both on Monday.”

“Yes sure thing, I got it”

“Come on then Allie, let’s get out of here before I have to cause Franky some serious bodily harm”


Back at the hotel Bea is deep in thought while Allie is watching tv.

“Allie, you ready to get out of here?”

“Huh, I thought I was moving into Boomers tomorrow?” A slight look of confusion on her face

“Yer, but I was thinking, you could come home with me for tonight, we’ve got a spare room, and Debbie said she would like to meet you.”

“Really? I…errr…I don’t know, I mean….I’d like to….but…”

“That’s settled then, we’re going.”
“I don’t remember saying yes”

“You were going to though!”

“That’s presumptuous of you.”

Allie lies back on the bed never taking her eyes off Bea,

“So you’d rather stay here?”

“Didn’t say that.”

“So your coming home with me them?”

“Didn’t say that either.”

“So….what do I have to do to convince you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, right, will this make you agree with me then?

Bea launched herself onto the bed and started tickling Allie, Allie hated to be tickled,

“Bea, Bea….Bea…..stop, I give in”

“Yer, you mean it?”


Bea carried on tickling Allie and hadn’t even noticed that she had inched her way on top of Allie, not until she was gazing into Allie’s eyes, she couldn’t move, she just froze, her whole body felt like it was on fire, looking between Allie’s eyes and her lips, the urge to kiss her becoming stronger every second she lay there.

“Bea, I know I don’t mind but I kinda think you should get up now.”

“What! Shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…..” she trailed off, her face as red as her hair, she dragged herself off Allie and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to…..”

“Bea it’s fine, if you still want me to I’d love to go home with you, or you could go and I’ll just stay here, you can come and get me tomorrow.” She sighed as she finished her sentence.

“What, no, no I’m not leaving you here on your own…it’s settled then, get your things together and I’m taking you home with me.”

Allie quickly got up off the bed checking to make sure that she had got everything.

“I’m ready!”
“Before we go I have to tell you something, Kaz asked me to ask you to text her, I told her you might not want to, but I’ve passed the message on now.”

“I’ll, think about it, can we just go now?”

“Yer, come on”

Allie was just about to pick her bag up when Bea reached for it at the same time causing there fingers to brush, and they both felt it, a jolt of electricity shot through their bodies. Bea’s moth was dry, and she tried to swallow the lump in her throat, their eyes met briefly and once again Bea blushed, she knew she was blushing, and she hated it.

“I’ll get the bags” Bea managed to rasp out her voice much lower than before

“Want me to lock the door?”

“Please,” was all Bea could manage.

Leaving the room they went to reception, handed in the room key before making their way to Beas car. Bea unlocked it telling Allie to get in while she put their bags in the boot. Taking her phone out of her pocket she noticed a text from Frankie.

Kaz dropped blondies stuff off, I put it in your office, see ya Monday

She saw no need to reply to that so sent a quick text to Debbie

On my way home, bringing Allie with me hope you don’t mind her staying over. Decide what you want for dinner and we’ll order in

She put her phone back in her pocket and got in the car, she hoped Debbie wasn’t going to mind, she really didn’t want to stay in that hotel another night, tomorrow was going to be a fresh start for Allie and she wanted to get her away from the area today, “ no time like the present,” she thought to herself before she drove off heading for home, pleased that Allie was sitting beside her, she really didn’t want to leave her behind, she wasn’t sure why, but this felt right.

Chapter Text

Arriving home Bea jumped out of her car and went to the boot to get their bags. Allie froze, her whole body felt heavy, she wanted to be here, she wanted to be wherever Bea was, but now she was here sitting outside Bea’s home, knowing that Debbie was inside she was scared, she had meant to ask Bea how much Debbie knew about her situation, it was obvious that Bea had spoken to her but how much had she shared. Bea opened the passenger door, Allie didn’t move, she just stared straight ahead. Bea dropped the bags and crouched Down beside Allie, taking her hand in her’s,

“Allie, is everything alright?”

Allie didn’t answer, she just sat there. Bea placed her hand on the side of Allie’s face and gently turned her head so she was facing her, she had a vacant expression.

“Allie, sweetie, what’s wrong? Allie look at me, Allie?”

Bea hadn’t noticed that Debbie had opened the door and was standing there watching this exchange between her mum and Allie, she had never seen her mum look at anyone the way she was looking at Allie, she wasn’t quite sure what was going on, she didn’t want to intrude so slowly went back inside closing the door quietly behind her.

“Allie, please” Bea pleaded

“What, errr, Bea…..I shouldn’t be here, Debbie will hate me….I….I need to go!”

“I asked you here, Debbie isn’t going to hate you, why would you even think that?”

“She will, I’m disgusting,”

“Allie, stop! You aren’t disgusting, I don’t know how or why you ended up on the streets before Kaz found you, it’s not my place to ask, and I never will, if you feel able to tell me then I will listen, I will never judge you, I have my own demons, everyone has a past and things happen that we aren’t proud of, trust me when I tell you this, I have brought Debbie up to be kind, caring and compassionate, she won’t see you any differently than I do.”

“I want to believe you”

“You’ve met Frankie and Liz, they know why I was looking for you, they know where I found you and what you had been doing to survive, they haven’t judged you have they?”


“You met Maxine, and she knows as well, she didn’t judge you, she was pleased to meet you. Tomorrow your moving in with Booms, and as loud and annoying as she is she has a heart of gold, she will stick by you no matter what, she’ll never judge you. They are my friends, I wasn’t responsible for how they were raised, yet I know they will never judge you because that’s how they all are, so trust me, please, I’m responsible for the person Debbie is, and I know she would never judge you.”

“Are you sure?” Allie whimpered.

“Have I lied to you yet?”


“Then please, come inside, because if you don’t I’m going to have a very grumpy daughter on my hands if she doesn’t get fed soon, and trust me you really don’t want to deal with my grumpy food monster”

“Ok, but, you won’t leave me?”

“No, why would you even think that, plus it would be hard to leave you when you’re in my house don’t you think?”, Bea smiled at Allie and Allie giggled.

“That’s better, now come on”
Allie was still unsure but she knew that since she had first met Bea she had never given her any reason to doubt her, and no matter how unsure she was feeling right now she knew one thing, she wanted to be with Bea, Bea made her feel safe, no one had ever made her feel as safe not even Kaz had managed that, and it was a feeling that she never wanted to let go.


“Deb I’m home”

“I’m so glad, I’m starving, can we order pizza?”

“Yes Deb, what ever you want.”

“Great, I’m phoning them now,” Bea rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“See I told you, she’s a food monster, I have no idea where she puts it all.”

Bea flopped down on the sofa and groaned, gesturing for Allie to sit down. Allie perched on he edge of the sofa as far away from Bea as she could be, she was afraid of Debbie’s reaction to her being there and she didn’t want to give her any reason to get upset about her presence.

“Allie, relax already would you?”

She glanced over at Bea and dipped her head. Debbie walked back into the lounge,

“Pizza should be here in about 40 minutes, I ordered two 16”pizzas”

“How many people are you feeding Deb? There’s only three of us here.”

“I’m starving!” Debbie replied trying to look innocent.

Debbie looked at her mum then at Allie who shifted herself uncomfortably, she wanted to say something but didn’t know what to say.

“Right, so if this mother of mine isn’t going to introduce us guess I’ll have to do it myself,” Debbie extended her hand to Allie, “hi, I’m Debbie, you must be Allie, I hope my mums been looking after you better than she has me, leaving me to order my own pizza, totally out of order.” Allie giggled and shook Debbie’s hand. Allie began to feel a little more relaxed, but her nerves were evident to Debbie.

“You know you should make yourself at home Allie, god if your this nervous around me I hate to know how you’re going to be living with Booms,”

“Oh Boomers great, she’s so funny, I think I’ll be fine.”

“I love Booms, but she can go a little over the top sometimes, mum says her and Frankie are a bad influence.”

“Yer, I can see why she says that about Frankie,”

“If you think Boomer and Franky are bad sober wait till you see them after a few too many, how many times has Frankie hit on you when she’s under the influence now mum?”

“Debbie! I don’t think Allie needs to know that.” She blushes and throws her head back.

Allie doesn’t like the sound of Frankie hitting on Bea, not one bit, and she starts to feel a little jealous just thinking about it.

“So Allie, it seems that my mum has forgotten her manners, and she says teenagers have no manners, I’ll show you where the spare room is, follow me.”

Allie hesitates slightly looking over at Bea, who just smiles at her, she can’t help but wonder if this was planned on Bea’s part. After a few seconds she gets up and follows Debbie up stairs. Debbie stops outside the spare room,

“So here we are,” opening the door allowing Allie to enter the room first, she notices that once again Allie is looking a little uncomfortable.

“It’s ok ya know.”

“Errr, what?” Allie has no idea where this is going and she’s not sure that she really wants to know, but she’s here now.

“You like her don’t you?”

“Like w…who?”

“I’m not blind, I see the way you look at my mum” Allie just hangs her head wishing she could just disappear.

“I also saw the way she looks at you, I don’t remember seeing her look at anyone the way she looks at you……listen I don’t know if she’s told you anything about that poor excuse for a father I have, but give her time.” Allie looks up a little at Debbie not knowing how to respond.

“Maxi sees it to ya know, she told me, don’t look so worried, It’s strange, but it doesn’t bother me if that’s what’s worrying you. She deserves to be happy, I haven’t seen her looking so happy since forever, and since I know the only place she has been the last couple of days is with you I can only assume that it’s you that’s having that effect on her.”

Allie gives Debbie a small smile,

“I thought you would hate me.”

“Hate you? Why would I hate you?”

“How I’ve been living, most people don’t want me around them, they look at me like I’m the dirtiest thing they’ve ever seen,” Allie says honestly.

“Hey, I would never look at you like that, or treat you like that, my mum raised me to respect other people and not to judge them for the choices they have made good or bad.”

“You really mean that?” Allie asks cautiously.

“Yes, I really mean that.”

Debbie hears a knock on the front door.

“Hey come on pizzas here, and I really need to eat”

Allie follows Debbie back to the lounge and sits down.

“I’m not getting plates you know, so both of you tuck in, who wants a drink?”

“Mum, we both do, beer?” Debbie looks at Allie with raised eyebrows.

“Yer, that would be good”

“Three beers coming up, but don’t think your having more than one Deb”


Allie started to feel more relaxed as the evening wore on, even daring to sit a little closer to Bea than she thought she would dare. They had the tv on but none of them were paying it much attention to it preferring to chat, Debbie enjoyed telling Allie about some of things Boomer got up to, especially on a night out. Allie couldn’t help but laugh, Debbie had noticed that every time Allie laughed her mum would look at her, “yer, she likes her,” she thought to herself wondering if she even realised it herself.

“I’m off to bed, see you both in the morning, and Allie if you need any help moving into Boomers I’ll help”

“Thank you, I’ll keep that in mind”

“Night Deb, I love you”

“To the moon and back, night mum, night Allie” with that Debbie headed off to bed.

“You look tired Allie”

“I am a little”

“maybe we should go to bed, you need a good nights sleep ready to face Boomer tomorrow, trust me it’s never a good idea to face Boomer if you’re tired and cranky”

Bea reached for the tv remote and turned it off, standing up she help out her hand to Allie who accepted it and Bea gently pulled her up from the sofa.

“Did Debbie show you were the bathroom is?”


“Come on, I’ll show you”
Allie followed Bea upstairs trying hard not to stare at her arse but she couldn’t help herself.
She showed her were everything was, got her a spare toothbrush and a fresh towel.

“Goodnight Allie, if you need anything my rooms right across the hall” she pointed to the door.

“Ok, goodnight Bea.”

Bea went into her bedroom leaving Allie to get ready for bed. Allie sat on the bed thinking, did Bea really like her? She couldn’t stop thinking about what Debbie had said. She yawned, getting up and getting into bed, she missed having Bea next to her. She knew she would have to get used to that, she was going to be alone once she moved into Boomers. Turning off the lamp she slid under the covers sleep claiming her almost instantly.

Bea was finding it hard to sleep, she lay in bed her hands behind her head, she couldn’t get Allie off her mind, she was beginning to wonder if it was the right thing to let Allie move in with Boomer, Debbie was leaving next weekend for uni, the house was going to feel so empty. She knew she would still see Allie, but it wouldn’t be the same. She sat up, deciding to get out of bed and headed downstairs to get a bottle of water. On her way back to bed she could hear Allie mumbling, she stopped outside the door listening, she tapped on the door, “Allie,” she paused, still hearing the sounds from the other side of the door. She opened the door a little, “Allie, are you alright?” Getting no response she entered the room noticing that Allie was tossing and turning, Bea knew she was dreaming and by the looks of it it wasn’t a good dream. She approached the bed slowly not wanting to scare Allie, she bent over her, placing her hand on her shoulder, “Allie……..Allie.” Allie shot up, tears streaming down her face.

“Bea, is that you?”

“Yes, you were dreaming, are you ok?”

“I am now.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“Not really, but will you stay with me for a bit?”

“Of course I will, anything you need, I’m right here”

She lay down on the bed with her, Allie couldn’t help herself and moved closer to Bea, resting her arm over her stomach and her head on her shoulder, Bea moved her arm and pulled Allie in a little closer.

“It’s ok, you’re safe here”

“I know”

They lay there for a while, neither of them saying anything until they both drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Text

Debbie was the the first to wake the next morning, walking down the hall she noticed that the door to the spare room was slightly open, she didn’t want to be nosey but curiosity got the better of her, she peered through the gap in the door seeing her mum and Allie cuddled up together their arms wrapped tightly around each other, she smiled, “that’s cute,” she thought to herself. Deciding to head to the kitchen to make a start on breakfast. She knew that Allie had a busy day in front of her and wanted to make sure that she had at least one decent meal, and it didn’t hurt that she was starving anyway.

Bea woke up, slowly opening her eyes, she had forgotten where she was until she saw Allie lying next to her, she smiled to herself, it felt so good waking up with Allie in her arms, then it hit her, this would be the last morning she would wake up with Allie, she was struggling with what she feeling, it was confusing the hell out of her, “I’m not gay!” She said under her breath. She needed to talk to someone, her first thoughts went to Franky, “hell no,” she thought to herself she’d never hear the end of it. Maxi, I can talk to Maxi. She felt Allie stirring beside her, looking at a sleepy looking Allie she smiled, “good morning” she rasped.

“Mmm, good morning, yourself.”

“Feeling better this morning?”

“Loads, thank you for staying with me, but you didn’t have to stay all night,” she giggled.

“I fell asleep, do I make you feel uncomfortable?”

“You make me feel a lot of things, uncomfortable is not one of them.”

“Oh yer, like what?”

She couldn’t tell her the truth, she knew that she was falling for Bea, she couldn’t tell her that, she hadn’t even told Bea she was gay, the subject had never come up so why would she tell her?

“Doesn’t matter,” Allie mumbled.

“We should get up, we have a lot to do.”

“Yer, I know, moving day,” she didn’t want to get up, she had no idea when she would see Bea again after today, and the thought of not seeing her scared her more than anything.

Bea wriggled free from Allie’s embrace and got up.

“I’ll make a start on breakfast,” with that she left the room, a sudden feeling of sadness washing over her.

Walking into the kitchen she was more than surprised to see Debbie already cooking breakfast.

“How long have you been up baby?”

“Long enough to make coffee and start breakfast”

“What am I going to do without you?”

“I’m sure you’ll manage, and you’ve got Allie.”


“What!” She shrugged, “you just seem happier with her around that’s all I mean.”


“Speaking of Allie is she even up yet?”

“I have no idea.” Debbie just looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “yer mum, you know she’s up,” she thought to herself, she thought about telling her she’d seen them together and then thought better of it, not wanting to make Bea any more uncomfortable than she she already seemed.

Allie over heard their conversation, waiting a minute before she entered the kitchen in the hope that neither of them would guess that she heard them.

“Good morning ladies” Allie beamed.

“Morning Allie, did you sleep well”

“Yes thanks.”

“Take a seat, breakfast is almost ready”

After breakfast they all got ready for the day ahead. Bea decided that she would head over to the office and pick Allie’s things up, hoping that Allie wouldn’t mind her leaving her alone with Debbie.
It wouldn’t take her more than half an hour to get there and back, and she needed some time to herself, she was going to miss Allie and she just needed some time alone to clear her head. Walking into her office she stood there looking at four bags just sitting there. She felt miserable, how could Allie’s life be worth so little, she struggled knowing that this was all Allie owned in the world. She took the bags out to her car. Locked the office up and headed home.

Two hours later they were sat with Boomer in her lounge laughing and joking.

“I reckon we should go out tonight to celebrate,” Boomer said eagerly

“Booms, Allie might not feel like it.”

“No, no I think it’s a great idea”

“That’s settled then, I’m gonna call the girls and arrange it.”

Bea just shook her head,

“She gets over exited when a night out is on the cards”.

“I better make a move Allie or Debs will think I’ve forgotten about her,”

“Will I see you later?”

“Course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world, tell Booms to give me a call and let me know what time yer?”

Allie walked Bea to the door, she hadn’t left yet and she was missing her already, she wanted to pull her back and hold onto her, ask her not to leave, but she knew she couldn’t, that would have been a sure way to have her running for the hills never to be seen again.

Bea got in the car, she didn’t want to leave Allie but she had to, pulling her phone from her pocket she called Maxine.

“Bea, Allie all settled?”

“Um, yes I think so”

“What’s up hun?”

“Are you busy at the moment?”

“No love, what’s on your mind?”

“Can I come over? I need to talk to some one”

“Of course hun, come round I’m not busy.”

“Thanks Maxi, see you soon.”

On the drive over to Maxine’s Bea had no idea what she was going to say. She couldn’t stop thinking about waking up with Allie that morning, she couldn’t make sense of anything she was feeling, she’s straight that’s what she told herself, this made no sense, she’d never looked at another woman like she did Allie her whole life, but thinking about it she’d never been with anyone but Harry, she’d never had a chance to think of herself as anything but straight, she was so cought up in her thoughts that she was surprised when she found herself sitting out side Maxine’s. she dragged herself out of the car and up to Maxi’s front door, she was just about to knock when the door swung open.

“Bea hun, it’s so good to see you, please come in!”

“It’s good to see you to Maxi”

They walked through to the lounge, Bea took a seat on one of the sofas, Maxine went to the kitchen, returning with two mugs of coffee, handing one to Bea before seating herself on the sofa opposite her.

“So…what’s on your mind?”

“Just stuff”

“Stuff? You mean the Allie kind of stuff?”

“What? H…how do you know?”

“Oh Bea hun I saw the way she looked at you, and I saw the way you looked at her, in all the years we’ve known each other I’ve never seen you look at anyone like that.”

“I’m so bloody confused Maxi,” Bea admitted.

“That’s only to be expected love, tell me how does she make you feel?”

“Shit Maxi, she makes my head spin, it’s unbelievable, my stomach feels like there’s a whole swarm of butterflies in there, when she touches me it’s like a jolt of electricity. I miss her already Maxi. Last night she had a bad dream and I lay on the bed with her, I fell asleep, when I woke up this morning and it just felt so right waking up next to her, I wanted to stay in her arms forever.”

“Does it bother you that you’re having feelings for another woman?”

“No, not at all, I feel so safe when we’re together”

“Bea, you like her, there is absolutely nothing wrong with how your feeling, I think you need to take a chance, talk to her, there is nothing wrong with you, you deserve to be loved, maybe Allie is the person you are meant to be with. Talk to her, tell her how you feel.”

“Thanks Maxi, I have no idea what I’d do without you!”

“You’re more than welcome hun, I’ll always be here for you.”

“Has Boomer called you yet?”

“About going for drinks later? Yes, and I can’t wait, you are going aren’t you?”

“Course I am, I wouldn’t miss it. So I guess I’ll see you later”

“You will hun.”


Bea was the first to arrive at the bar, she felt slightly uncomfortable being there alone and she hoped the others would be arriving soon, she took a seat at the bar and ordered herself a beer. Not long after Franky arrived with Bridget.

“Jesus Bea, your eager”

“I thought Booms would have been here already, not like her not to be early when there’s alcohol involved,” she laughed.

“Yer, that true, maybe blondie is keeping her busy!”

“So what are you both drinking?”

“I’ll have a beer and you know Gidge will want a white wine,” getting the bar tenders attention Bea ordered the drinks while Franky and Bridget found a table.

Bea spotted them further back in bar and made her way over to them, passing them their drinks before taking a seat.

“So, everything alright with you?”

“Why wouldn’t they be Franky,” Bea replied knowing that she was going to have to put up with Franky’s teasing until the others finally showed up.

“Oh, I don’t know, thought you might be missing blondie already.”

“Piss off Franky, there’s nothing to miss,” she said unconvincingly.

“What ever you say Red.”

Bea knew too well that Franky could read her like a book, and she wouldn’t stop until she got it out of her.

“Franky leave Bea alone will you,” Bridget said sensing Bea’s discomfort.

“Oh come on Gidge, I’m only teasing.”

Bea was relieved when she spotted Liz, Maxine and Doreen enter the bar, she waved over to them, Liz went the bar while Maxine and Doreen headed over to them.

“No Boomer yet?” Maxine said looking a little shocked.

“Na not yet, bet she’s getting pissed off having to wait on blondie trying to make herself look hot for Bea,” Franky sniggered.

Bea picked up her beer and almost downed the remainder of the bottle, looking at Maxine to help her out.

“Oh come on Franky, how do you know she’s not trying to make herself look hot for you? Allie doesn’t know you have a girlfriend.” Maxine teased.

“Yer, whatever Maxi,” Franky rolled her eyes.

Liz returned from the bar with a tray of drinks.

“Here we go, drinks all round”

They heard Boomer enter the bar before they spotted her.

“Fuck sake blondie, were wasting good drinking time, why’d ya have to take so long getting ready?”

Boomer shot up to the bar, ordering two beers and a round of shots, Allie trailing behind her.

Bea turned to look in their direction, her jaw almost hitting the ground when she saw Allie dressed in a figure hugging black dress that stopped just before her knees and black heels.

“Earth to Bea, oi Bea…..Bea,” suddenly snapping out of it turning to face Franky who was wearing an all knowing grin on her face.

“Stop drooling Bea, its never a good look,”

“I wasn’t drooling Franky,” she snapped.

“Yer, you were, but who could blame ya, shit, blondie looks hot, don’t reckon she made that much of an effort if she wasn’t trying to impress a certain person, do you?”

Boomer and Allie arrived at the table not long after.

“Shots,” Boomer announced, placing the tray on the table.

“Boomer it’s too early for shots,” Liz complained.

“Na, it’s never too early for shots,” passing one to everyone before raising her glass with a loud “cheers”. They all downed them, every one pulling a face except boomer.

“Hey blondie, ya didn’t have to go to all that trouble for me ya know, maybe I forgot to mention, I’m already spoken for,” Franky chucked as she wrapped her arm loving round Bridget.

“Yer, and I thought I already told you Franky, I have have standards.”

“She got you there babe,” Bridget giggled before introducing herself to Allie.

Most of the evening passed in a blur for Bea, she was trying not to look at Allie but she couldn’t help it and it didn’t go un noticed by either Franky or Maxine.

Bea excused herself and headed towards the bathroom.

“What’s up her arse? I know Bea’s quiet but fuck, she’s hardly said a word all night,” Boomer said a little annoyed.

“Booms, hun, she’s got things on her mind, you know Debbie leaves for uni next weekend,”

“Oh shit Maxi, I forgot all about that, makes sense now.”

Bea had been gone five minutes already when Maxine whispered to Allie

“Maybe you should go see if Bea’s ok in there.”

Allie looked a little shyly at Maxine.

“Wouldn’t it be better if you went?” She whispered back.

“No hun, I think Bea would much rather see you than any of us,” she said with a knowing smile.

Allie nodded her head and excused herself from the table heading in the same direction Bea had taken off in, entering the bathroom she found Bea hands clenching the counter top, head down shaking her head. Allie hated seeing her like this, the fact that she didn’t know what was wrong making the whole situation worse.


No response.

“Bea!” She said again inching towards her slowly not wanting to scare her.

Still no response.

Allie kept walking towards her slowly until she was stood behind her, all she wanted to do was to wrap her arms around her but how could she? She didn’t want to freak her out. Instead she placed a hand on her shoulder and whispered her name in her ear. Bea raised her head and turned to look at Allie.

“Are you ok? You’ve been in here a while, Maxine is getting worried about you.”

“Oh, only Maxine worrying about me?” She said with a sad tone in her voice.

“No, course not, I was worried about you, what are you doing in here?”

“Just got a lot on my mind,”

“Worried about Deb leaving next weekend?” Her voice full of concern.

“Yes, amongst other things, Allie, I really need to talk to you,”

“I’m listening,”

“No, not here, will you come round to mine tomorrow?”

“Whatever you want, what time?”

“Well Debs is going out with her friends after lunch, is 2pm alright with you?”

“Sounds perfect, now can we get out of here before everyone starts talking about us?”she laughed.

“They already are,” Bea thought to herself. They went back to the table to the others, Maxine looked at Allie and gave her a wink, Allie returned a little smile.

Later as their night was coming to an end they were all waiting outside for taxi’s, Franky and Bridget leaving first, followed by Liz and Doreen as they lived close to one another. Bea’s taxi arrived,

“See you tomorrow Allie, goodnight”

“Goodnight Bea, 2pm I’ll be there.”

Maxine was sharing a taxi with Boomer and Allie so Allie didn’t have to deal with a very drunk Boomer by herself.

“She likes you you do know that don’t don’t ya hun?” Maxine said turning to look at Allie.


“Bea, she likes you, you must have noticed, it’s as plain as the nose on your face.”

They were both silent , then Maxine spoke again.

“I’m guessing she hasn’t told you anything about her ex husband and it’s not my place to say, but know this, I’ve never seen her look at anyone the way she looks at you, she’s scared, not of you, but what she’s feeling, I don’t think I need to ask what you’re feeling for her, am I right?”

“Oh god Maxi, I’ve only known her a few days and already it feels like I can’t go another second without seeing her, I’ve never felt like this about anyone before. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends but it never felt like this, and I’m scared to, scared that I’ll freak her out and never see her again.”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, you have to talk to her though,”

“She wants to talk to me, that’s why she asked me to go over tomorrow, I don’t know what to think, I’m so nervous, I want to tell her everything but I’m scared she will push me away, I couldn’t deal with that.”

“The only real advice I can give you with Bea is to take your time, talk to her, tell her everything you want to say, she’s never been one to judge, you know that already. It might be difficult, it’ll be just as difficult for her to open up to you, if not more so. But I’m pretty certain that everything will work out between you.”

Their taxi arrived, it took both of them to get Boomer into the taxi, arriving at Boomers Maxine helped Allie get her indoors before heading home. Allie was exhausted, but she was happy she was going to see Bea tomorrow. She went to bed, she couldn’t sleep, Bea was constantly on her mind, and she thought about what Maxine had said to her. She was too scared to think that maybe there was chance that she could be with Bea. Maxine was right though, she had to tell her everything, if Bea pushed her away it would hurt, but she had to be honest, she couldn’t keep it all bottled up. She finally fell asleep a couple of hours later.

Bea wasn’t doing any better, she was petrified, she felt safe with Allie, and she hated the fact that she wasn’t there with her right now. She missed her, that scared her, how could she miss someone this much after only spending a few days with them? And then there were the things Franky and Debbie had said, Debbie’s comments may have seemed innocent enough, and she wasn’t sure if she looking at it all wrong, but she couldn’t help but wonder if what she feeling really was as obvious as Maxine said it was. “Im just going to have to take the chance” she said to herself, she needed to know if this was just one sided, she hoped it wasn’t but then that scared her as well, what if Allie felt the same? She totally exhausted herself going over and over everything in her head, eventually she fell asleep, with nothing but blue eyes and blond hair on her mind.

Chapter Text

Allie was awoken by a loud crashing sound, jumping up and rubbing her eyes she suddenly remembered where she was, a wave of disappointment washed over her with the realisation that she wasn’t with Bea. God she missed her, she couldn’t believe how much she missed her. Dragging herself out of bed she went to investigate what the noise was. Seeing Boomer sitting at the kitchen table her head resting on her arms on the table.

“Everything alright Boomer?”

Boomer lifted her head slightly, groaned and put her head back down.

“Hangover that bad?” Allie giggled

“Don’t ask!” Was all Boomer could say

“Want some coffee, I’m going to make some.”

“Mmm, sounds good.”

Allie put the coffee on and decided that she wasn’t that hungry, opting to have toast for breakfast.
After she ate and washed what she had used she headed back to her room. She was a bag of nerves, she was seeing Bea later and didn’t want to look a mess, she took her time deciding what to wear eventually opting for light blue skinny jeans and a white tank top. After showering and getting dressed she applied minimal make up, picking up the phone that Bea had given her she went in search of Boomer. Finding her still sitting at the kitchen table.

“Booms, maybe you should go back to bed,”

“Yer, I guess, next time don’t let me drink so much right.”

Allie giggled, “as if you would take any notice of me Booms.”

Boomer went back to bed after taking some pain killers for her headache and Allie ended up in the lounge watching tv hoping that the time would pass quickly, she had no idea what Bea wanted to talk to her about, and that worried her more than anything.


Bea hadn’t slept all that well, she kept waking up, each time she woke up she had a feeling of disappointment knowing that Allie wasn’t there next to her. She knew she had to talk to Allie, everything she needed to say to her was playing on her mind, she wasn’t even sure if she could manage to tell her. She never found it easy to talk to anyone except Maxine and Franky, and sometimes she even found it hard to talk to Franky even though Franky had been there through most of the Harry’s abuse. She had to do it, she just hoped that Allie would hear her out before making a run for it. That thought scared her more, what if Allie walked away? What if Allie didn’t feel the same, yes Maxine was convinced that she did, but that wasn’t much consolation. She had to tell her everything, about Harry, she hated talking about that part of her life, even after all the work she’d done in therapy she still found that part of her life difficult to talk about with other people, but she knew that she had to be honest, if she wasn’t honest with Allie then how could she understand why she reacted to things the way she did! She got up, had a shower and decided that she would just throw on her usual blue jeans and white t shirt, they were only hanging around the house after all.
She made her way downstairs to put on some coffee and make Debbie her breakfast, she really didn’t feel like eating herself, her stomach was in knots and she felt sick, just the thought of telling Allie even half of what she had to say was making her feel ill.

“Morning mum, I’m starving,”

“Now how did I know you were going to say that?”

Debbie watched her mum, she could sense that something was off, debating with herself if she should bring it up or just leave it. Seeing her mum so tense made her mind up for her,

“Mum, what’s bothering you?”

“Err, nothing for you to worry about.”

“Mum, you look tense, something is clearly bothering you, so sit down and tell me.”

Bea looked at Debbie, knowing that Debbie wouldn’t let it go, how could she tell her own daughter how she was feeling? How would she react, Debbie’s reaction could blow any chance she could have of ever telling Allie how she felt. She couldn’t keep up the pretence so she sat down across the table from Debbie.

“I…I….I don’t know where to start!”

“The beginning is usually the best place mum,” Debbie giggled.

Bea just sat there looking at Debbie sheepishly.

“Ok mum, so I’m thinking that this is something to do with Allie,”

Bea didn’t know how to answer her.

“Mum, its obvious, you’d have to be blind not to see the way you look at each other. I’m not going to sit here and say that it doesn’t seem a little strange, but you seem so much happier when she’s around. I like Allie, honestly I do, and I’m guessing I don’t know everything that she’s been through. Do you even know everything she’s been through? Have you told her anything about dad? I’m only here for one more week, I’m leaving next Saturday. Honestly I’d be much happier if I knew you were going to be ok, and if having Allie around is what makes you happy then I’m happy. You need to talk to her mum.”

Bea didn’t know what to say, she could hardly look at Debbie.


“Ok, Deb, yer….your right, I do like her, I just have to be honest with her, I have to tell her everything about your dad and that scares the shit out of me.”

“Mum, I’m pretty sure that nothing will change the way she is around you, are you seeing her today?”

“Yer, she’s coming round after lunch.”

“Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m going out before lunch, we decided to spend the day at the beach so I’m going out after breakfast, you don’t mind do you?”

“No, why would I? Just have fun with your friends and stay safe.”

“I will mum, I love you,”

“To the moon and back Deb.”


Allie couldn’t sit still, she couldn’t concentrate on whatever she was trying to watch. She was pulled from her thoughts when she heard her phone beep.

Hey Allie, Debs gone to the beach with her friends, do you want to come over earlier?

She just stared at the message for a few seconds, unsure if she should go earlier, what if Bea wanted to get her out of her life? What did she want to talk about? Shaking her head she typed out a quick reply.

Give me 30 minutes and I’ll be there.

She didn’t know what she was letting herself in for, but she knew she had to find out, “it’s now or never,” she thought to herself putting her shoes on and grabbing her jacket.


Reaching Bea’s front door Allie hesitated before knocking, taking a deep breath she knocked lightly on the door. No answer. She knocked again a little harder, still no answer. Allie was both worried and frustrated, she knew Bea was in, her car was parked on the drive. Uncertain if she was being ignored or if Bea really hadn’t heard her knock, she knocked one last time deciding that if she got no answer this time she would just leave, it would hurt but there would be no point standing there all day, still no answer. She could feel tears threatening to fall, trying to blink them away, she turned around and started to walk away, really all she wanted to do was run and never look back, why would Bea do this to her? Why ask her to come over then just ignore her? She couldn’t make any sense of this, she stopped and turned to look at the house just one last time, feeling like her heart was being crushed. She was just about to walk away as the door flew open and a panicked looking Bea stepped outside.

“Ally, I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you, I was out in the garden, please don’t leave.”

“I thought you were ignoring me.”

“No, no Allie I couldn’t, I wouldn’t ignore you, please….I don’t want you to go,” she pleaded.

“You sure?”

“Totally, please come in, if I don’t talk to you now, I probably never will, and….well I need to do this.”

Allie nodded and turned back towards the house following Bea inside. She suddenly felt even more nervous than she had before, she had never felt nervous around Bea, but right now, not knowing what Bea wanted to talk about she felt like she was going to throw up.

“Can I get you a drink? I’ve got coffee, water, juice, beer and I think there are a couple of cans of Coke in the fridge if Debbie hasn’t already drunk them,”

“I’m not fussy, I’ll have whatever your having.”

“Make yourself at home, I won’t be a second,” she said walking back into the kitchen.

She had intended to get two bottles of water from the fridge, but spotting the bottles of beer and feeling desperately in need of something to soothe her badly fraying nerves, she grabbed a bottle a downed it in one. She grabbed two more bottles and went back to the lounge where Allie was patiently waiting for her, she handed one of the bottles to Allie before sitting next to her. Allie noticing that she was keeping more distance between them than she usually did when they had been sitting together.

“I know it’s probably a bit early,” Bea said raising her bottle to her lips and taking a drink.

“Yer, it kinda is, but if it helps you say whatever it is you want to say to me then I guess it doesn’t matter.”

They sat there in silence, it felt like hours to both of them but it was really only a couple of minutes.

“Allie, do you remember when I told you that Debbie’s dad was long gone?”

Allie suddenly felt a wave of panic course through her entire body, was Bea going to tell her that she was back together with him, she looked at Bea, feeling the tears in her eyes welling up in her eyes.

“Yer,” she croaked out.

“Can you promise me one thing, when I start to tell you what I need to say you won’t interrupt? It’s going to be hard enough to get this out as it is.”

Allie just nodded and looked away from Bea, it was just too hard to look at her no matter how much she wanted to.

“Well, like I said he’s long gone, he’s in prison, has been for the last two years. I met him when I was 17, all my friends had boyfriends, but really I wasn’t interested, then I met Harry and he was really sweet, he made me laugh and I guess I liked the attention. I’d been going out with him for about a month when he invited me over to his place for a meal, I agreed. After we ate he started drinking, he got pretty drunk, when I said I needed to get home he wouldn’t let me go, he dragged me to his bedroom and….well…he forced me, ……. He raped me Allie.”

Just trying to get those words out felt like her world was falling apart again, and she started crying. Allie couldn’t stand to see Bea crying, she moved closer to her and took hold of her hand giving it a light squeeze trying to give her a little reassurance.

“A month later I found out I was pregnant with Debbie, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I told Harry and he said we should get married, he even went with me to tell my parents, they were angry until Harry said we were getting married, his parents really didn’t like the idea and wanted me to have an abortion, but Harry went mad and told them it was his baby and he was going to stand by me. We were married the next month. He was really good to me until Deb was about six months old. He got a promotion at work and was working longer hours, then he decided that we were moving so he bought a house, saying that it was better for Debbie because she needed a garden. He even encouraged me to go to college to learn hairdressing as I’d told him it was something I was interested in. He started staying out more, going to the pub with his mates and coming home drunk, it started with a few slaps here and there then a punch or two. He said we needed more money, said he didn’t see why he should support me, after college I got a job working at the salon with Maxine. It really turned to shit when I started working, he was never happy with anything I did, the house wasn’t clean enough, his dinner wasn’t on the table when he came home, never knowing when he was going to be home didn’t really help. A few slaps and punches soon turned into all out beatings. I had plenty of hospital visits, cracked or broken ribs, a broken wrist or a broken arm. Luckily Debbie never saw what he did to me, but I know she heard it. I couldn’t stand to be near him, I tried hard to stay out of his way, not that I could do it all the time. When he wanted sex it didn’t matter what I wanted, he just took what he wanted, I was his wife and it was his right that’s what he always said.”

Allie was struggling to hold the tears back hearing all this, she couldn’t believe that Bea had gone through all that and she was still here, still fighting and trying to help other people.

“The last beating was three years ago, Debbie was out with Franky, Harry came home drunk from the pub, as soon as he walked in he demanded another beer, he said I didn’t get it fast enough and he punched me in the face. I had been keeping his dinner warm, he demanded his dinner so I took it straight to him, that wasn’t good enough, it wasn’t hot enough, I don’t remember much more about that night. All I remember is waking up in hospital a few days later, I had a punctured lung, broken ribs, a fractured jaw and a broken arm, I found out later that Franky and Debbie found me unconscious on the floor when Franky brought her home. I couldn’t take anymore, Debbie begged me to tell the police, and I knew I had to, next time I probably wouldn’t wake up. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder, he got 15 years. I divorced him, Debbie hates him, I sold the house and we moved here. I was getting really restless working at the salon, Maxine encouraged me to find something else I wanted to do, and I already told you how that turned out.”

Allie couldn’t take anymore, she burst into tears and wrapped her arms round Bea so tightly, they sat there and cried together until they couldn’t cry any more.

“I can’t even begin to imagine how hard that must have been for you to go through, but you’re still here, you’re stronger, he didn’t win you did, you did and he got what he deserved. No actually he didn’t because even though he got sent to prison he’s still alive!”

Bea looked at Allie, and threw her arms round her.

“I’m sorry, I had to tell you, as hard as it was for me to tell you, it must have been hard for you to hear.”

“It was, but I’m glad you felt able to trust me enough to tell me, now can we please have another beer? I think we both need one, and since we’re sharing, I think I should tell you how I ended up on the streets.”

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“No, Bea, I want to, I need to.”

Bea got up from the sofa, picking up the empty bottles and going to the kitchen, returning a few seconds later with another two bottles, she handed one to Allie and sat down, this time not putting any distance between her and Allie, both of them took a drink from their bottles before putting them down on the coffee table. Bea turned to Allie and took both of her hands in hers, looking her straight in the eye.

“You really don’t have to tell me anything.”

“No, I really do! So….when I was 16 I realised I was gay, a year later I decided to tell my parents, I was so sick of the never ending questions about why I didn’t have a boyfriend when all of my friends had one. My dad freaked and threw me out of the house, said they never wanted me, I was a mistake in the first place and that he never wanted to see me again. My grandma was still alive, she let me stay with her, she was so supportive, encouraged me to stay at school and graduate. When I finished school I got a job in a bar, I didn’t earn much but every little helped, my parents knew that my grandma had taken me in and they never came near her house, she said she didn’t care if they could treat me like they had then she never wanted to see either of them again. Three years later she died, my parents threw me out of her house and sold it. I had nothing, I lost my job. I was on my own on the streets, I made friends with some of the other girls that were on the streets, they always seemed to have money, so one day I asked them how and they told me. It freaked me out a little, but it sounded like easy money. The first time I did it I was so ashamed of myself, that wasn’t who I was, I cried for days. One of girls gave me something one night, she said it would help me forget what I was doing, it did, and I carried on sleeping with men for money, but the drugs took over, the more I used them the more I wanted. I got beaten up a few times, the drugs took the pain away. I just carried on living that life, I was out of control, then Kaz found me, took me in and cleaned me up. All I’ve ever wanted was to feel loved, I met someone, and honestly I thought I loved her and that she loved me. When I disappeared from Kaz’s it was because we had gone out, a guy who used to be a regular saw me, he followed us, then started asking if it was two for the price of one. She freaked out, asking me what he was talking about, I hadn’t told her, I tried to explain, she didn’t want to listen, said she hated me, never wanted to see me again and that she’d never loved me, it was just a bit of fun. I went back to Kaz’s she wasn’t home, I felt dirty, I couldn’t stand it, I just had to get out of there, so I ran back to the only thing I knew. Some guy roughed me up a couple of days before you found me, and…..well you found me you know the rest.”

They were both crying again, where all the tears were coming from neither of them knew, they just held onto each other until the tears eventually subsided. Neither of them wanted to let go of the other.

Chapter Text

After what felt like hours they finally let go of each other.

“Think that was a bit more intense than I expected,” Allie sniffled

“What did you think I was going to tell you?”

“I had no idea, but when you mentioned your ex I thought you were going to say you were getting back together, shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”

“Allie, I need to tell you something else,”

“Please say it’s not anything bad, I don’t think I can take it,”

Bea, looked at Allie, a slightly worried expression on her face.

“Na, forget it, it doesn’t matter!”

Bea stood up and walked into the kitchen leaving Allie totally confused, “if she could tell me all that what’s so bad that she can’t tell me?” She thought to herself. She got up and followed Bea into the kitchen, finding her staring out of the window.

“Bea, are you ok?”

“Mmm, yes why wouldn’t I be?”

“If you want me to leave I will, if you don’t want me around I’ll just go and I won’t bother you any more,”

Bea turned around to face Allie,

“Allie no, that’s not what I want, I just don’t know how to say what I want to say, I’ve…I’ve never felt like this before!”

Allie took a step towards her.

“Never felt like what before?”

Bea shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her feet.

“Are you trying to say what I think you’re trying to say?”

She shrugged again,

“Depends what you think I’m trying to say doesn’t it?”

“You know, I think I kinda like the shy Bea Smith,”

“Piss off, I’m not shy,”

“You so are,”

“Well….if I am it’s your fault!”

“Is that so, and why do I make you shy?”

Bea looked up a little, not really enough so Allie could really tell she’d even moved.

“Funny how you’ve never been shy around me before now,”

Allie took another couple of steps towards Bea.

“Would it help if I told you something first?”

“Depends what you want to tell me,”

“Bea can we just sit down again?”

“I guess, makes more sense than standing here.”

Allie reached out and took Bea by the hand leading her back to the lounge. Sitting down on the sofa just as close as they had been before. Bea still couldn’t look at Allie, her mind was racing at 100 miles an hour, she wanted to tell Allie what she was feeling, she just couldn’t get the words out.

“So, I’m thinking that we got the really hard stuff out of the way, so I’m just going to tell you, if you want me to go after I’ve told you what I need to say then I’ll just go and you’ll never have to see me again….. Bea, I really would prefer it if you’d look at me, but I’m pretty sure you aren’t going to, Jesus listen to me rambling on, so I’ll just have to spit it out….Bea, I… well I really like you, I’ve never felt like this before, when I’m with you I feel safe, it’s like all the bad stuff just fades away when I’m with you.”

They sat in silence, Allie couldn’t take the silence any longer. She stood up, tears welling up in her eyes again.

“I shouldn’t have said that, you probably hate me right now, so I’ll just go, I…I…I’m sorry.”

She turned away and almost ran for the door not realising that Bea had jumped up and was right behind her, she almost made it to the door when she felt Bea’s arms wrap around her waist stopping her in her tracks.

“Allie….. I don’t want you to go….. I… I really like you too, and it scares me, I’ve never felt like this before, ever. I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know how things are supposed to go, I’ve only ever been with Harry and look how that turned out! I’m scared Allie.”

Allie managed to turn around in Bea’s arms, now they were face to face, looking each other in the eye. Allie was the first to say something.

“Was that really that hard?”

“Yes.” Bea breathed.

“Bea, all I want is to be with you, there’s no pressure, I just want to be with you, no one has ever treated me like you do, right from that first night when you found me, you didn’t treat me like I was nothing, all my life people have treated me like I was nothing, but you didn’t.”

“I never will, you’re a good person Allie, I knew that as soon as I saw you, but I didn’t know why I felt like that.”

Bea let go of Allie and almost dragged her back to the sofa, they sat together just talking, laughing about Boomer and her hangover.

“I like this, I mean just sitting here with you. Allie, will you stay for dinner?”

“Do you want me to?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want you to.”

“What about Debbie?”

“Deb, are you joking, she called me out this morning about how I was feeling.”


“Hu hu, she told me I liked you, she said that you liked me, and that it didn’t bother her as long as I was happy.”

“Are you happy?”

“When I’m with you I am.”

“Actually, you know what, I think I better make a start on dinner, so are you staying?”

“Guess I am.”

Allie followed Bea into the kitchen.

“Do you want any help?”

“Na, but you can stay here and talk to me.”


“Mum, I’m home, hope dinners nearly ready cos I’m starving.”

“What a surprise!” Bea rolled her eyes.

“Did Allie come over? Did you tell her? Mum, you better have cos if I have to tell her I will.”

Debbie walked into the kitchen not knowing that Allie was there until she saw her sat at the kitchen table.

“Allie! Shit, please tell me she told you and I haven’t just put my foot in it.”

“Yes she did, and no you haven’t.”

“So…….does this mean when I leave next week I can stop worrying about her being on her own?”

“Deb, you know I am stood right here.”

“Well doh, I can see you, but there’s no point in asking you anything, it takes forever to drag anything out of you and you know it, it’s just easier to ask Allie.”

“I have such a charming daughter,” Bea laughed.

“Yer I am aren’t I? Have I got time for a shower before dinners ready?”

“If your quick you have.”

Debbie left them to it and ran upstairs for a shower.

After they ate dinner Allie kicked both Bea and Debbie out of the kitchen so she could do the dishes, Bea protested but Allie was having none of it. When she’d finished she returned to he lounge and sat next to Bea, cuddling into her side. Debbie looked over at them, “yep, they do look cute together”
She thought to herself. A little later Debbie said goodnight to them both and headed to bed.

“I guess I should be going, let you get to bed.”

“Do you have to go?”

“It is getting late, and Boomer might think I’ve got lost,”

“You could stay here, I didn’t like it this morning when I woke up and you weren’t there. You can go if you really want to, but if you don’t I can text Booms and let her know you’re staying here.”

“ you really want me to stay?”

“Yes, so are you?”

“Ok, you’ve twisted my arm”

Grabbing her phone Bea sent a quick text to Boomer letting her know where Allie was.

Bea got up, holding out her hand for Allie, turning off the lights as they went upstairs.

“Grab your toothbrush from the bathroom, I’ll find you something to sleep in.”

Allie looked puzzled.

“You don’t think I share the bathroom with Debbie do you, she takes forever in there. I bagged the bedroom with the en suit when we moved her.”

When Allie returned Bea passed her some pyjamas.

“Mind if I use the bathroom first?”

“No, course not.”

Bea got ready for bed and brushed her teeth returning to the bedroom and getting into bed while she waited for Allie.

“You sure you don’t want me to stay in the spare room?”

“Why would I want you to do that? I like sleeping next to you, and you have no idea how strange that feels because I’ve never wanted to share a bed with anyone.”

Allie got into bed, and snuggled up to Bea, turning off the lamp Bea wrapped her arms round Allie, they lay there in silence just enjoying being close to each other, both of them falling asleep pretty quickly, exhausted from all the crying they had done that day.

Chapter Text

Allie was the first to wake up the next morning, opening her eyes finding Bea still tightly wrapped in her arms. Allie was pretty sure that this was some all too real dream and that she was going to wake up soon in some cold damp doorway. She nuzzled her face further in to Beas neck, holding onto her as if her life depended on it, too afraid to move, because if this was a dream it was one she never wanted to wake up from. She closed her eyes again and just lay there, her nerves kicking in again, what if Bea woke up and decided that this wasn’t what she wanted after all, she was too lost in her own head and hadn’t noticed that Bea had moved slightly, she was awake and looking at Allie.

“Good morning Allie,”

“Mmm, Bea, is this just a dream?”

“Well if it is we must both having the same dream.”

“Can we just stay here like this forever?”

“As much as I really want to, and trust me I really want to, I need to pee more,”

Allie groand and pulled away from Bea slightly,

“Are you coming back to bed?”

“Allie, its Sunday morning, I have nothing to do, there is no where else I’m going to go except get back into bed with you.”

They untangled themselves from each other and Bea went to use the bathroom before returning to the bedroom and getting back into bed, half propping herself up on her pillows and pulling Allie in so her head was resting on her chest. Neither of them said anything for a while, they just enjoyed being together, Bea still couldn’t believe that holding Allie felt so right, so natural, she’d never wanted to be this close to anyone other than Debbie.

Allie was the first to break the silence.

“Are you sure this is what you want? We’ve only known each other a few days, what if you wake up one morning and realise that that you don’t want to waste any more time on on an ex junkie whore?”

“Allie, stop it, what you did you did because you had no other way to survive, and it wasn’t your fault, the people who should have cared for you abandoned you when they should have held onto you, made the effort to get to know the person you told them you were. I could never do that to Deb, if she came to me today and told me she wanted to be a circus clown, even if I didn’t like it I would still support her, I can’t imagine how any parent can cast than own child to one side. But you have to believe me when I tell you that I’m not going to let you go, not without a fight anyway, if you ran away from me I would look for you all over again, although I think you might find it difficult to hide from me!”

“Yer, but…I ran away when it got tough, I get scared and that’s the only way I know how to handle things, if you say you don’t want me I know what I’ll do.”

“Why would I not want you? You’re forgetting I already know the bad things you’ve had to do, it hasn’t changed the way I feel, if anything all it’s done is made me want to hold on to you even tighter. I’m not stupid enough to think that everything is going to be plain sailing, nothing in life ever is but I’m pretty damn sure that if something is worth having it’s worth holding onto and fighting for, and Allie, I’m quite certain that I would fight for you until the last breath leaves my body.”

Allie could feel the tears in her eyes, she didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t help it, no one had ever made her feel like she was safe, that she mattered to someone, Bea had scooped her up and pulled her out of the unbearable darkness that she had so easily found herself back in, treated her like she was a real person and not just a thing that could be played with then thrown away once she had had her fun.

“Hey, Allie, I didn’t mean to make you cry, I didn’t want to upset you.”

“You haven’t upset me,” she said through her sobs, “no one has ever cared enough to see me, and you see me, I don’t have a clue how else to respond, because I have never had anyone be so good to me before, I don’t know how I should feel or how I should act.”

“You know, we’re going to be a right bloody pair, I don’t even know if I can ever give you everything that you need, I don’t know if I can be enough for you, I know I’ve never wanted to be with with anyone before, so maybe we just try and work it out as we go?”

“Honestly Bea, right now just being with you is all I need.”

Bea got lost in her own thoughts for a while, she didn’t know any other relationship than the one she’d had with Harry and the thought of that made her question if she really could handle a real relationship, Allie might be quite content with what they had right now but the thought of taking things any further than they had now made her want to dig a hole a burry herself. Yes she guessed she could do the whole kissing, cuddling and hand holding thing, but she knew that sex had always been associated with pain and fear for her, and what if she could never go that far with Allie? Would Allie lose interest in her and just leave? She didn’t want to think about it but at the same time she couldn’t stop thinking about it, a knock on her bedroom door was enough to drag her from her thoughts and back into the here and now.

“Mum, are you awake? Is it safe to come in?”

“Deb seriously, I don’t know what you think I’m doing in here but what ever it is it’s safe to say I’m not doing it, so yes you can come in!”

Debbie opened the door slowly not even sure what she was expecting, a huge grin spread across her face when she saw her mum and Allie cuddled up together in bed.

“So, are one of you going to get up anytime this morning, because I’m starving and one of you really needs to feed me!”

Bea rolled her eyes and looked at Allie.

“See what I mean, she’s just a food monster, I have no idea how she’ll cope when she’s at uni.”

“Well I’m just going to have to eat as much as I can until I leave and then maybe I might just not waste away, now are you getting up?”

“Yes Deb, but Can I make a suggestion? Can we take Allie back to Boomers so she can get changed and then we can go out for breakfast, does sound ok to you?”

“If you two can get a move on you got a deal.”


They both got out of bed, Allie disappeared in to the en suit to brush her teeth and freshen up before getting dressed, then Bea went for a shower leaving Allie to get dressed. Allie decided that she would wait downstairs for Bea to finish. Coming face to face with with Debbie at the bottom of the stairs. Allie was feeling nervous, even after Debbie had said she was fine with them being together she was still unsure about being alone with her, the what if’s running through her head. Her legs felt like lead and she felt like she couldn’t move. Debbie just looked at Allie a little puzzled when she didn’t move.

“Allie are you alright?”

“Y… yes, I’m fine”

“You don’t look fine, you look like you want to throw up right now.”

“No, it’s….its….just, nothing it doesn’t matter.”

“Allie, its fine, whatever your worried about you don’t have to be, I thought it was pretty obvious yesterday when I came home how I felt!”

“Well, yes but, you’ve had time to think about things since then.”

“What is there to think about? It’s obvious to any anyone who see's you together that you like each other, and mums been miserable for way too long, so please just relax, as long as you don’t do anything to hurt her we’re good.”

“I’d never do anything intentionally to hurt her.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about do you, so come on and sit down, knowing my mum we might be waiting forever.”


They sat together waiting for Bea to make an appearance for another 20 minutes not saying much at all. Allie still couldn’t help but worry, Bea was closer to Debbie than anyone, she didn’t want to do or say anything that could make Debbie change her mind.

“So are you two ready to get out of here or are you going to sit there all day?”

“I could waste away waiting for you mum, why does it always have to take you so long to get ready?”

“I wasn’t that long, now come on or I’m going without both of you!”

Debbie didn’t need telling twice, she had her shoes and jacket on, Bea’s car keys in her hand and she was out the door. When Bea and Allie got to the car Debbie was sat in the back seat waiting for them.

“You two are too old and slow you know that right?”

“Hey, I’m not that old, and watch you say to me, I might change my mind about feeding you.”

Allie couldn’t help but laugh, she loved watching the way Debbie and Bea were together. They soon arrived at Boomers.

“You are coming in aren’t you?”

“Mum, I think Allie’s scared of Booms,”

“I am not, you can sit out here if you want, I’m going for a shower,”

“Allie take no notice, course we’re coming in with you, can’t miss an opportunity to wind Booms up about her hangover.”


Debbie was rather shocked at the speed Allie got showered and changed.

“Mum ya really need to take lessons from Allie, 15 minutes, it takes you longer than that to decide what to wear.”

“So you guys are going out?”

“Yer Booms, we better, they still haven’t fed me yet!”

“Ya think I could, um, like tag along, cos ya know Allie’s supposed to be living here now, and well, she stayed with you guys last night.”

“Yes, ok Booms, I can take a hint, and it was one night.”

Bea headed for the door followed by Allie and Debbie.

“Well are you comin’ or not Booms?”


After breakfast Debbie left to meet up with her friends and Bea dropped Boomer and Allie off. Boomer went straight in the house while Allie hung back with Bea.

“So, when will I see you again?”


“On what?”

“When you want to see me again.” Bea said dropping her head a little.

“And there ya go again going all shy on me.”

“Yer, well”

Bea leaned back against the car.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you every second of every day but I know I can’t, so I’ll just have to take what I can get.”

“That is just a tiny bit unrealistic,”

Allie couldn’t help but smile as she inched her way closer to Bea, not stopping until there were only a couple of inches between the. “Fuck it,” Bea thought to herself reaching out and taking both of Allie’s hands in hers entwining their fingers. Allie leaned in until her lips were ghosting over Beas ear.

“Can I kiss you?”

“Allie, you couldn’t have asked me that earlier?”

“I was going to, but then Debbie kinda interrupted us.”

“What if Boomer sees us?”

“Really, your bothered about Boomer?”

“I really have to go.”

“Ok, later then?”

“What if I don’t want to wait that long?”

“I thought you were shy?”

“Just kiss me will ya!”

Allie looked into Beas eyes, trying to find a glimmer of uncertainty, but she didn’t see any, leaning in she planted a gentle kiss on Beas lips before pulling away.

“Now you can go!”

Allie let go of Beas hands and turned to walk towards the house, looking back at her over her shoulder,

“I’ll call you later.”

A huge smile spread across her face as she walked towards the front door.

Bea felt like her legs were going to give way, she stood, leaning against the car as she watched Allie walk away.

“Not if I call you first,” she said under her breath.

Chapter Text

Arriving home Bea knew she had a lot to do but her thoughts kept drifting back to Allie and she was having a hard time concentrating, she sat down, “just for a minute,” she thought to herself, that minute turned into half an hour, her mind wondering back to Allie and that kiss, she closed her eyes and she could still feel her lips against hers. She stood up shaking her head,”fuck sake, pull yourself together you’re not a fucking teenager,” she mumbled to herself. Deciding that she had better get on with what needed doing around the house, she had to work the next day and day dreaming was never part of any typical Sunday for her, but she just couldn’t help it. She headed upstairs to get the laundry that needed doing, going back to the kitchen and putting a load in the machine before returning upstairs to change the bedding on hers and Debbie’s beds. Debbie’s room was a mess, she had started packing and there was stuff all over the place, looking at the mess she just shook her head before changing the bedding, then moving onto her own bed, the biggest mistake she made was to pick up the pillow on Allie’s side of the bed, she could still smell her on it, “get a grip, this really isn’t helping,” she told herself. She finished up and sat down on the bed retrieving her phone from her pocket sending a text to Allie.

Is it crazy that I miss you already?

Receiving a reply almost straight away.

If it is then we must both be crazy!

She smiled to herself, at least it wasn’t just her feeling it.


Two hours later the house was clean and most of the laundry was done, checking the contents of the fridge she headed out to the supermarket, she really needed to do the shopping an empty fridge only lead to a very unhappy Debbie. Halfway round the supermarket she heard a familiar voice shouting to her,

“Red,” Frankie shouted

Turning around she spotted a grinning Franky, Bridget at her side just shaking her head.

“Hold up, I want to talk to you,”

Franky quickly closing the gap between them.

“What’s so important that it can’t wait until tomorrow Franky?”

“Oh well ya know, just wondered what you’ve been to,”

“Really, what does it look like?”

“Na I don’t mean now I mean this morning!”

“What the fuck are you on about?”

“Come on Red, you know what I’m talking about.”

“No Franky I don’t, want to give me a clue?”

“I heard you had breakfast with blondie this morning.”

“Yer, then you’ll know I also had breakfast with Boomer and Debbie, what’s your point?”

“Well a little bird told me that blondie kissed ya!” Franky beamed with a cheeky smirk on her face.

“Fuck,” she thought to herself, feeling the blush rise over her face.

“And do you believe everything a little bird tells you?”

“Franky, leave Bea alone,” Bridget said in a pretty harsh tone.

Looking at Bridget with a frown Franky looked back at Bea grinning,

“This isn’t over Red, I’ll get the truth outta ya yet.”

Bridget pulled on Franky’s arm trying to get her to hurry up, Franky huffed and walked off, Bridget looked over her shoulder at Bea and mouthed “sorry,” before getting Franky’s attention once again.
“Oh god, tomorrow is going to be a bad day,” Bea thought to herself. She quickly finished up the shopping, managing not to run into Franky again, before returning home.


Once the shopping was put away Bea was restless, she tried watching tv, she couldn’t find anything to watch, she tried reading a book, that lasted for all of five minutes when she realised she kept reading the same sentence over and over again, so she grabbed her sketch book, even though her mind drifted off a couple of times to the interrogation she would get from Franky the next day she eventually put it to the back of her mind. She was pulled from her concentration an hour later by her phone beeping twice in quick succession, dropping her sketch book down on the coffee table she picked her phone up from the arm of the sofa seeking a text from Debbie and one from Allie. Choosing to read Debbie’s text first.

Mum, I won’t be home for dinner

She rolled her eyes before sending a reply

Glad you let me know, hope you’re enjoying yourself

Opening Allie’s text she couldn’t help but smile

I’m so bored, what are you doing

Nothing much

Want some company, we can do nothing much together

Won’t Booms miss you?

No, she’s gone out

What a coincidence I’m home alone to, want me to come pick you up?

If you want to

I’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Just the thought of seeing Allie again sent a rush of excitement through her body, putting her shoes on and trying to grab her jacket and car keys at the same time. 15 minutes later she pulled up outside a Boomers seeing Allie sat on the step waiting for her. Allie jumped up and rushed over to the car, quickly getting into the passenger seat. Looking Bea straight in the eye.

“You know, I really want to kiss you again.”

“Nothing stopping you!”

They both leaned in their lips meeting, Allie was just about to pull away when she felt Bea’s hand on the back of her neck pulling her in and deepening the kiss, seconds later she dropped her hand and pulled away dipping her head and blushing the same colour as her hair.

“Wow, Bea where did that come from?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged.

“Sooo, what do you want to do?”

“I thought we could go back to mine, order a pizza and watch a movie, unless you want to do something else, Debs not coming home for dinner.”

“You know what, that sounds perfect.”

15 minutes later they were sat on the sofa, Bea had ordered the pizza and they were looking for a movie to watch, eventually agreeing on a comedy, they sat back on the sofa and cuddled up together. 45 minutes later there was a knock on the door, Bea got up and went to the door, paying for the pizza and returning to the sofa putting the pizza box on the coffee table. After eating half the pizza Bea took the rest into the kitchen leaving it on the counter knowing all too well that Debbie would finish it off as soon as she got home. Grabbing two bottles of water from the fridge she returned to the sofa and cuddled back up to Allie. Bea couldn’t help but look at Allie out of the corner of her eye, she really wanted to kiss her again but Allie looked so engrossed in the movie. She sighed to herself.

“What’s wrong?


“So why did you sigh?”

“No reason.”

Allie turned to look at Bea.

“What’s wrong? Do you want me to go?”

“What! No, no it’s just……”

Bea turned to look at Allie, looking from her eyes to her lips, she couldn’t help it.

“You can kiss me, you don’t have to ask.”


Allie just nodded.

Bea leaned in connecting their lips, one hand instinctively reaching the back of Allies neck, the other snaking around her waist, both of Allies hands finding their way behind Beas neck. Allie licked Beas bottom lip asking for admittance which Bea granted, their tongues gliding together neither fighting for dominance, they only broke apart when they were both fighting for air.

“Fuck Bea,”

“Did I do something wrong?”

An overwhelming feeling of shyness overcoming Bea as she hung her head not wanting Allie to look at her.

“Fuck no, I just thought you weren’t ready for that yet.”

“Neither did I, but, it just felt right.”

“I’m not complaining.”

They cuddled back up together trying to finish watching the movie, both of them only really thinking about that kiss. The movie over Allie stood up,

“I think I better get going.”

“You don’t have to, you could stay over again.”

“I could, but I think a boomer would start asking questions if I stay again.”

“You’re probably right.”

After taking Allie home and sharing a few more kisses before Bea would let her get out of the car she arrived back home finding Debbie on the sofa finishing off the pizza.

“Where have you been?” Debbie asked.

“I just dropped Allie off.”

“Thought she might have been staying again.”

“Debbie, she’ll get sick of the sight of me if she’s here all the time,” Bea tried to protest.

“Are you kidding me, I don’t think she’ll get sick of seeing you anytime soon!”

“You think?”

“No, I know she won’t.”

“Well you know what, I think I’m just gonna go to bed, some of us have to work tomorrow.”

“Ok mum, see you in the morning, I love you.”

“To the moon and back, see you in the morning.”

Bea got ready for bed, sitting back on the bed she sent a text to Allie.

Wish you were still here, goodnight Allie

Putting here phone down and putting it on charge she received a reply, a smile plastered on her face as she read the reply.

Wish I was still there, I miss you already, goodnight gorgeous x

Putting down her phone and turning off the lamp she pulled the covers up and settled down into thoughts of kissing Allie, sleep soon claiming her.

Chapter Text

Bea was awakened the next morning by her alarm, groaning she reached out and turned it off. Sitting up she looked around her room all too soon remembering that she had in fact gone to bed alone, she should be used to that by now, she’d been sleeping alone for the last three years, and until Allie came kicking and screaming into her life she hadn’t given it a second thought, believing that she would spend the rest of her life alone. She had no desire to be with anyone else, maybe though that was because in her mind she just didn’t think she could ever trust another man, it had never occurred to her that she would ever be attracted to another woman. She smiled, that first night with Allie had changed how she felt, although she remembers the uncomfortable feeling she had that first morning, it truly hadn’t lasted long. Dragging herself out of bed she took a shower and got herself dressed for the day ahead. One reason she loved her job was that she never knew what she would be doing. Today however she knew she was going to have to deal with Franky first, and she really was not in the mood for her teasing.

Picking up her phone before heading downstairs she saw two messages, she groaned internally seeing the first one was from Franky, the second from Allie. Reading Franky’s message first,

You’ve got a lot to tell me later, and your not getting out of it.

Opening Allies message cheered her up

Good morning gorgeous, I missed you last night and this morning. Hope your day won’t be too busy x

Replying to Allie before leaving her room.

Good morning yourself, I missed you to, what do you have planned for your day?

She shook her head, she didn’t think she came anywhere close to being gorgeous. Putting her phone in her pocket she went downstairs to make breakfast, starting the coffee first she decided on scrambled eggs. Debbie came dragging her feet and yawning into the kitchen. Slumping down into a chair and resting her head on the table.

“Morning, what’s for breakfast?”

“Scrambled eggs, that’s if you’re going to stay awake long enough to eat it.”

“Yer, I will, I need food!”

Bea laughed, placing a mug of coffee in front of Debbie, before putting on some toast.

“Any plans for today Deb?”

“Yer, I gotta get on with some packing, I’m not looking forward to it.”

“By the state of your room I’d be surprised if you can find anything.”

“Don’t worry I won’t go away and leave it like that, I don’t fancy coming home for the holidays and having to do it.”

“I’m holding you to that!”

Placing two plates down on the table she sat down opposite Debbie.

“Are you seeing Allie today?”

She smiled at the mention of her name.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what she’s doing today.”

“You haven’t asked her?”

“She’s free to do whatever she wants you know.”

“Yes, but I bet she’d rather be spending the day with you.”

“I do have to go to work you know.”


Bea arrived at the office just after 8:30am, she’d always liked to get there first. As she was walking through the door her phone beeped.

I’m thinking that I need to look for a job, need to sort my CV out, not looking forward to that, I’ll go to the library and try and organise it.

Bea went to her office and sat down before replying.

You can come to the office and use the computer, I’m sure Liz wouldn’t mind helping you.

I wouldn’t want to get in the way

You could never be in the way. Why don’t you come over before lunch?

I’ll think about it.

Don’t think too hard will ya, I might hear the cogs turning from here!

Oh, your in a playful mood this morning

Yes well it’s your fault, will I see you later?

Try and stop me, see you at lunch time gorgeous x

Just then Franky came bursting through the door, Bea looked at the time 8:45am, “oh god she’s early,” she thought to herself, hoping Liz would be in soon.

“Why are you early Franky?”

“Oh ya know, kinda need a chat with the boss”

“Is that so?”

“So, blondie kissed ya, did ya like it?”

“What do you think Franky?”

“Well I know I’d like it, but I’m not talking about me, so did ya?”

“Yes,” was all she could say as she shook her head.

“So was that the only kiss?”


Just then Liz walked through the door, spotting Franky.

“Bridget kick you out of bed this morning”

“Na, just needed a word with Red.”

“So Red, this isn’t over…..I’ll get it out of you before the day is over.” She laughed walking out of Beas office and going to her own, slamming the door behind her.


An hour into their working day and they had already picked up a new case, the kind that Bea hated because it generally involved working late, and it meant having to work with Franky a lot more meaning she would have to put up with her constant teasing and questioning. Franky hated having to work late so she wasn’t pleased.

“Seriously Red you had to take it, who cares if some blokes wife is cheating on him?”

“It’s a job, I can always handle it on my own, but you don’t get paid for sitting around all day, no work no pay simple as.”

“Yer I know, so better give me a look at the details.”

Bea handed over the file and Franky stomped off back to her office.

They picked up a couple more straight forward jobs that were only going to take a couple of days at the most, before they knew it was almost lunch time. Sick of looking at her computer screen for one morning Bea went for a chat with Liz and a coffee.

“Everything alright love?”

“Yes, just need a break.”

“Everything ok with Allie, how’s she doing living with Boomer?”

“I think everything’s fine, I meant to ask, you wouldn’t mind helping Allie with her CV would you?”

“Course not love, hey you know Will, I bumped into him yesterday, he’s looking for someone at his bar, turns out the last girl he took on wasn’t reliable.”

“Hey you know I’m sure Allie said that she’d worked in a bar after she left school, maybe you could mention it to her.” Bea remembered everything Allie had told her but she didn’t want seem like she knew too much about her, not just yet anyway.

“So is she stopping in today, or have you not arranged it with her yet?”

“I think she’ll be in in a little while, I told her to come by before lunch.”

Bea flopped down into one of the chairs, rubbing her hands against her jeans, she was getting impatient, she wanted to see Allie, looking over at the clock 12:30, “maybe she changed her mind” she thought to herself. She could text her but she didn’t want to crowd her, she missed her, she couldn’t help it.

“Right I’m going to meet Gidge for lunch before she goes to work, are ya comin’ with Red?”

“Na, think I’ll pass”

With that Franky was out the door, Bea walked back to her office.

“You not going for lunch love?”

“Not really hungry Liz, think I’ll just work through.”

Bea went back to working on her computer mentally chastising herself for feeling sorry for herself.
There was a light tap on her office door, she looked up but no one opened it, she went back to looking at the screen again, she heard the tapping again, “fucking Frank,” she thought to herself, getting up from her chair crossing the room and opening the door and there she was Allie standing there looking a little upset.

“Allie what’s the matte?”

“I’m sorry, I thought I remembered the way to your office, but I got lost!”

“Hey, it doesn’t matter, have you eaten?”

She shook her head.

“Come on, Liz I’m taking Allie for lunch.”

“No problem love, I’ll see you when you get back.”

“Haven’t you been for lunch yet?”

“No, I brought my own today, had a bit of filing to catch up with and a few bills to get ready to be sent out, you can’t pay me if you don’t get the money in can you?”

Taking Allie by the hand she led her out the door coming face to face with Franky.

“Well what do we have here then?” Franky looked down at their joined hands and smirked.

“I’m taking Allie for lunch, if it’s all the same to you.”

“You’ll keep Red, but I still got questions.” She winked at Allie and walked into the office.

“What’s up with her?”

“I’ll tell you later, right now let’s just go and eat.”


An hour later they returned to the office.

“Allie love, Bea mentioned that you might have worked in a bar before, I know someone who is looking for someone in his bar, if you’re interested I can take you over to meet him.”

“Yes I did after I left school, but it’s been a long time.”

‘The offers there, let me know and I’ll arrange a time with him to take you over.”

“Thanks Liz, I’ll think about it.”

“Allie, I need a word with you,” Pointing in the direction of her office.

Once inside her office Bea just couldn’t help herself, wrapping her arms around Allie’s waist, pulling her in close and kissing her.

“Sorry, I just had to do that!”

“Do you hear me complaining?”

Taking Allie by the hand she led her to a chair in front of her desk, sitting down in the chair next to her.

“You should take Liz up on her offer, I know Will, he’s pretty easy going.”

“You think I should?”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt.”

“I’m going to be working a lot this week,” she sighed, “ I’ll have to work late.”

“Starting tonight?”

“No, tomorrow, haven’t worked everything out with Franky yet, so I’m free tonight.”

“What makes you think I am?”

“Sorry, you need time on your own, I just, well….I won’t get to see you much.”

“Bea, I was joking, I love spending time with you.”

Before Bea could say anything else Franky burst through her office door.

“Fuck sake Franky have you ever heard of knocking?”

“Yer, course, I was just hoping to catch the two of you,”

“What talking. Because that’s all we were doing.”

“Oh come on Red, was it one kiss or more than one?”

Allie got up from her chair

“You know Franky, did no one ever tell you that a lady doesn’t kiss and tell?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well you Franky are no lady, Bea on the other hand definitely is!”

Franky just stood there opened mouthed.

“I’m going to talk to Liz, arrange a time to go over to the bar and see about that job.”

Franky shook her head

“She got you there Franky, I’m impressed, Franky Doyle lost for words,” Bea laughed.


Liz phoned Will and arranged to take Allie over to the bar the following evening, she was nervous but Liz assured her that Will was great, and that she’d wait around to give her some moral support.
Bea and a Franky organised how they were going to work their new case. By the time they had finished it was 6pm.

“Time to get outta here Red.”

“Sure is, Debbie will be waiting to be fed,”

Leaving her office she wasn’t expecting Allie to still be there.

“I think Allie’s talents may be wasted working in a bar, she’s been helping me out, she’s a great assistant.”

“Liz, I’m sure she has plenty of hidden talents but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to work here, not unless I got rid of Franky.”

“Oh thanks Red, way to make a girl feel loved.”Franky protested.

“Come on let’s all get out of here.”


“Guess I better be getting back to Boomers,”

“Yer, I guess,” Bea said a hint of sadness in her voice.

Allie looked at Bea, her head hung down looking at her feet.

“You know, I can always text Boomer and let her know I’ll be home later if that’s what you want.”

“It’s not just about what I want Allie, if you want to go home you can, I’ll drop you off, save you from getting lost again.”

“Maybe I don’t want to go home just yet.”

“No!” Bea looked up looking Allie in the eye.

“No Bea, right now I’d rather be were ever you are since it seems your busy most of the week.”

“Come on then, get in, your coming home with me.”


As soon as they walked through the door the smell of food invaded their senses. Walking into the kitchen they found Debbie cooking.

“It’s about time you showed up, dinners almost ready,”

“Sorry boss, you could have let me know you were cooking.”

“Well I could have, but where’s the fun in that?”

“Hope your hungry Allie, there’s loads, guess you can take some home to Booms, if you’re going home?”

“Guess I will be, your mum’s going to be busy for the rest of the week.”

“The rest of the week errr…..that’s not tonight though is it?”

Allie just shrugged and looked at Bea.

“Anyway sit down already will you dinners ready.”

After dinner Allie helped Bea do the dishes even though Bea told her it wasn’t necessary. Debbie went to her room to do some more packing, although Allie thought she was just using that as excuse to leave them on their own.

“What time do you want me to take you home?”

“Trying to get rid of me?”

“No, not at all, I don’t want to get rid of you at all, I was hoping that you would stay, but you don’t have to.” Bea suddenly began feeling nervous.

“Bea, I can’t honestly think of anything else I’d rather do, but only if your sure.”

“Wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t would I?”

“Well I’d hope not.”

“Shall we just go to bed and watch tv?”

“I’m not going to say no, but I better text Boomer, she’ll be pissed if I don’t let her know I’m not going home.”

“Ok, I’ll go up now, don’t take too long with that text.”

“Oh I won’t.”

Allie decided that she’d give Bea a few minutes before she followed her. She sent a text to Boomer before turning the lights off and heading upstairs to join Bea.

“That took a long time to send a text,”

“Na, I just thought I’d give you a few minutes to get ready for bed,”

“As sweet as that is you didn’t have to.”

“I left you some pyjamas in the bathroom.”

Allie went to brush her teeth, returning from the bathroom pyjamas in hand. Bea looked at her with a questioning expression on her face.

“You know, as much as I love being in your pyjamas I have to confess that I really hate wearing them, so if you don’t mind, I’m just going to have to come to bed like this,” removing her jeans as she spoke and getting under the duvet and snuggling up to Bea.

“Now, are we really going to watch tv.”

Bea turned on her side to face Allie, wrapping her arms round her and pulling her in close.

“Do you have any better ideas?”

“Oh I do, I think I need some of your sweet kisses, just to remind me how good a kisser you are especially since I might not get any for the rest of the week.”

They lay there cuddled up together kissing until they were both so tired that they couldn’t stay awake any longer.

Chapter Text

Bea woke up before her alarm went off, the sun was barely up, and in the half light of her bedroom Allie looked so beautiful, she couldn’t deny it. Still wrapped up in each other’s arms, she loved waking up like this, she never thought she could feel like this. Then she remembered, for the rest of the week work had to be her priority, she never minded work taking over her life until she had Allie. She knew she was going to miss her, but she had to make work her priority, she loved what she did, but her job meant she had less time for her personal life. She pulled Allie in closer, wanting to feel her body against hers, she kissed her on her forehead and then it hit her, she wanted more, she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted, but she knew it was more than kisses and cuddles. Having Allie’s body so close to her’s ignited a fire within her that she was struggling to understand. Groaning she wriggled out of Allie’s embrace and went for a shower.

Allie woke up, reaching over to Bea’s side of the bed and finding it empty she sat up, she could here the water running, her mind wondering to not so innocent places, the door opening was enough to bring her back to reality. “Oh fuck,” she thought, seeing Bea for the second time standing in front of her in nothing but a towel.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No, I woke up and you weren’t here and I missed you.”

“I woke up before the alarm, just thought I’d get up.”

“Doesn’t matter, I just like waking up with you.”

Allie got out of bed and pulled on her jeans.

“I’ll leave you to it, I’ll go put the coffee on.”

“Coffee, really that’s the best you can come up with?” She muttered to herself as she walked into the kitchen. She knew that if she hadn’t left the bedroom chances were she would had ripped that towel off her and dragged her to the bed, and she didn’t want that, that was the one thing that would really get her kicked out of the house and out of Bea’s life forever. And she intended on sticking around. Allie stood staring out of the window completely lost in her thoughts, she didn’t hear Bea walk into the kitchen, crossing the kitchen she walked up behind Allie wrapping her arms around her waist and kissing her on the neck.

“Fuck Bea, did you have to sneak up, on me like that?”

“I didn’t sneak up on you, you were miles away, what’s got you so distracted?”

“Only you!”

“Me, really!”

“Yes you, it’s always you, but…um….I should get going.”

“No you’re not, I’ll take you home before I go to work.”

Allie turned round in Bea’s arms and wrapped her arms around her neck pulling her in for a kiss. Bea pulled her in closer just as Debbie made an appearance.

“Ugh, put each other down with you, it’s too early for that!”

“Oh hush up Deb.”

“I will, but only if you feed me.”

Bea shook her head pulling away from Allie.


Bea took Allie home before heading to work, surprised that Liz and Franky were already there when she arrived.

“What’s going on here?”

“I thought I’d come in early to get everything ready, and Liz needs to take off early to take Allie to Will’s bar.”

“What are you up to Franky?”

“Me, nothing, why do you always assume I’m up to something?”

“Maybe because you usually are.”

They day was dragging for Bea, she loved being busy but missing Allie was not helping matters.
She was bored with sitting in the car, watching people was more Franky’s thing than hers, deciding that she would throw Allie a quick text she didn’t see Franky pull up behind her.

Hope everything goes well at the bar

She jumped when Franky tapped on the window, looking up before rolling the window down.

“Jesus Franky,”

“Sorry Red, thought you could use some lunch,”

Passing a sandwich and a coffee to her, before walking round the car and jumping in the passenger seat.

“Any action?”

“Na, I’ve been sat here two bloody hours, but then I always get the boring crap.”

Franky laughed, “I’m so telling blondie that.”


“That you reckon she’s boring!”

“Franky you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

“Sure Red, ever thought it’s you that’s boring?”

“I am not!”

“Guess I’ll just have to ask blondie about that.”


Allie was nervous she’d been pacing the floor for the last twenty minutes, waiting for Liz to pick her up, she hadn’t worked in a bar for years. A knock on the door stopped her in her tracks, she opened the door to a smiling Liz.

“You ready love?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, but I’m really nervous.”

“It’ll be alright, I’m sure Will is going to love you.”

“But what happens when he finds out what I used to do?”

“Oh hey now, Will is like the rest of us, he took a chance on one of his bartenders, young Shane, poor kid got himself into a bit of trouble, all Will expects is for you to turn up and do your job, he’s not bothered about your past.”

“You sure?”

“Course love, now come on , we don’t want to be late.”

Arriving at the bar Allie took a deep breath, “you can do this,” she told herself.

Liz smiled at her as they headed inside, patting her on the the shoulder for reassurance.

Will was sitting on a stool at the bar when they entered.

“Hey Will.”

Will got off the stool and walked towards them.

“Liz, great to see you.” Hugging her before turning to Allie.

“And you must be Allie, good to meet you.” Extending his hand To shake Allie’s.

“It’s nice to meet you to,” she said nervously.

“Hey, there’s no need to be nervous, let me show you around the place, and then you can meet Shane.”

Allie looked at Liz and she nodded to her before taking a seat at the bar and ordering a Diet Coke.

Will showed Allie round then took her behind the bar to meet Shane.

“I’m sure Shane will be happy to help you settle in, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

Allie helped Shane behind the bar not noticing that Will had been watching her, she was great with the customers and seemed top pick the work back up quickly, not really needing to ask Shane anything.

Will sat down next to Liz and beckoned Allie over. Her nerves kicked in again as she approached him.

“Well Allie I’m impressed, the job is yours if you want it.”


“Yes, I’ve got the shifts covered for this week but if you want to work here, I’d love for you to start next week, I’ll ease you in, it’s quiet from opening time till five, and you’ll be working with Shane, so what do you say?”

“That’s fantastic, thank you.”

“I’ll let Liz get you home now, I’ll see you next week Allie.”

Allie was so happy, all she wanted to do was see Bea and tell her, then she remembered she probably wasn’t going to see her until the weekend.

“See, I told you Will was going to love you, you did a great job Allie.”

“Thanks Liz, you’ll never know how much I appreciate your help.”

“No worries love, now don’t you want to let Bea know how it went?”

Allie looked at Liz questioningly, Liz just smiled back at her. Allie doubted Bea had told Liz anything, Franky knew because of Boomer, maybe Franky had told Liz.

“I don’t want to disturb her while she’s working.”

“Whatever you say love, now let’s get you home, I’m sure Boomer will want to help you celebrate.”


The week had passed so slowly for Bea, and now it was Friday. She was not in the mood to be working late, she missed seeing Allie, the week had consisted of texts and a few phone calls between them. And Debbie was leaving the next day for uni. Hearing the passenger door open pulled her from her thoughts, as Franky got in.

“What do you want Franky?”

“Relax will ya, Gidge is working late so I thought I’d make myself useful and let you get off home early.”

“Really, and what do you want in exchange?”

“Nothin’ thought you would want to spend the evening with Deb and blondie, hey I can be thoughtful ya know.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind?”

Franky was already out of the car, bending down and looking Bea straight in the eye,

“Yer, now get out of here before I do change my mind.”

It was only 3pm, she didn’t need telling twice.


Pulling up in the drive she grabbed her phone and called Allie.

“Bea, is something wrong?”

“No, I wanted to know if you wanted to come over.”

“I thought you were working late.”

“I thought I was too but Franky told me to go home.”

“Give me an hour.”

“An hour?”

“Bea, we haven’t seen each other all week, I’m sure an hour won’t kill either of us.”

“Yer ok” she sighed.

“I’ll pick you up in an hour.”

Allie had other plans, running upstairs she had a quick shower and got changed, she threw a change of clothes in a bag, running back downstairs she almost collided with Boomer.

“Where’s the fire?”

“What? Sorry, I’m in a hurry.”

“Well doh, I can see that, you off to Bea’s again?”

“Yes, why?”

“Nothin’, just haven’t seen ya move that fast all week.”

“Ya need a lift?”

“You wouldn’t mind?”

“Na, Maxi closed the salon early cos it was dead, hasn’t been anyone in since 2.”

“Could you just drop me off at the the shops near Bea’s, I need to get something?”

“I can wait for ya and take you there.”

“Na, the shops will be fine.”

Boomer dropped her off and Allie headed straight for the florist, picking up a dozen red roses. It was only a five minute walk to Bea’s, so she knew she’d get there before Bea would leave to pick her up. Arriving outside the front door she took a deep breath before knocking, she heard footsteps and the door opened a very surprised Bea looking at her.



“I thought I was picking you up? And why are you standing there with one arm behind your back?”

“Well you could ask me in before you start grilling me.” She giggled.

“Yer, sorry come in.”

Allie walked in, turning round holding the roses out.

“These are for you.”

“Allie, you don’t have to buy me anything, but thank you their beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you?”

Bea blushed.

“I better put a these in some water.”

She went to the kitchen not noticing that Allie had followed her, she wrapped her arms around Bea’s waist whispering in her ear, “I’ve missed you.”

She finished putting the flowers in a vase leaving them on the counter beside her and turned around.

“I’ve missed you to.”

“Where’s Debbie?”

“I have no idea, but she won’t be far away.”

Bea wrapped her arms round Allie pulling her in closer, looking from her eyes to her lips.

“Bea, if you want to kiss me just do it already.”

Chapter Text

Debbie returned home an hour later surprised to find her mum cuddled up with Allie on the sofa.

“I thought you were working late again.”

“I was but Franky told me to come home.”

“That’s a good thing really, we have to get an early night, you are still driving me to Sydney aren’t you?”

“Deb I promised I would didn’t I?”

“That’s a long drive Bea, it’s what 9 hours?”

“Yes, but I need to know Deb gets there safely.”

“Hey, I know that, I was only saying it’s a long drive, so I guess you’re staying the night.” Allie sighed.

“Yer, you could come with us, if you wanted to.”

“I’d just be in the way.”

“No you wouldn’t, would she Deb?”

“Actually it sounds like a good idea to me, you wouldn’t have to drive back on your own.”

“So, are you coming with us?”

“Err, can’t really refuse can I?”

“Well you can, but then I’d be disappointed.”

Deciding on a Chinese takeaway for dinner as Bea really was not in the mood to cook. Allie helped Bea with the dishes after they had eaten, Debbie choosing to go to her room to make sure that she had packed everything.

“I better take you back home?”


“Well I don’t think one change of clothes is enough if your still coming with us do you?”

“I never thought of that.”

“I don’t think Boomer would be happy with you going home at 5 in the morning do you?”

“Oh god no!”

After picking up more clothes and letting Boomer know that she would be gone for the weekend they returned to Bea’s. Deciding that taking a shower and watching tv in bed was really the best option otherwise they would stay up later than was advisable, and be really tired when they had to get up. Cuddling up in bed choosing to watch a movie both of them just happy to get some time together.

The alarm woke both of them up at 4am.

“Bea it’s too early”

“Don’t you want to come with me?”

“Course I do, but it’s too early!”

“I’m going for a shower, don’t you go back to sleep.”

“I’ll try not to.”

After her shower Bea found Allie fast asleep again. Pulling the covers off her didn’t have the desired effect, knowing that she hated being tickled Bea knelt on her side of the bed and started tickling her,

“Bea, stop it!” Allie laughed.

“Are you going to get up and get in the shower?”

“Don’t want to.”

“Then I won’t stop”

“Ok, ok I give in I’m getting up.”

Debbie was woken up by Allie laughing, noticing the time she knew it was time to get up. She was excited to be going to Sydney, but she was going to miss her mum. She headed downstairs to kitchen finding Bea there already making a start on breakfast.

“Mum, why was Allie laughing?”

“She wouldn’t get up so I tickled her.”

“She is up now right?”

“Yes, she’s in the shower.”

“I’m going to miss you.”

“I know baby, I’m going to miss you to.”

“At least you’ve got Allie, I’m sure she isn’t going anywhere.”

“I hope not.”

Neither Bea or Debbie had noticed Allie walk into the kitchen.

“Bea Smith, I’m not going anywhere, thought I’d told you that already, or did you not believe me the first time?”

“Ha, told ya, you’re not getting rid of her that easily.”

The three of them sat down to breakfast together, after breakfast Debbie started bringing her bags down while Bea and Allie washed the dishes.

“Are you sure you’ve got everything Deb?” Bea asked sarcastically.

“Think so, why?”

“Just checking, not sure we’re going to get all of this in the car.”

“Mum! I haven’t got that much.”

“Ok Deb, if you say so, you can take it all out to the car.”

Debbie did find it a little difficult to get the last bag in the boot, but she did manage it after rearranging them.

“Ha, I did it.” She thought to herself.


Twelve hours later Debbie was settled in her dorm room, Bea and Allie were laying on the bed in their hotel room. Bea had been quiet since they had left Debbie, Allie knew it was because she was going to find it difficult to leave Debbie behind and being exhausted from the long drive also wasn’t helping. Allie wasn’t sure what to do to, and she knew nothing she could say would make her feel better. Allie started to doze off when she felt Bea turn over and put her arm around her pulling her closer.

“I’m glad you came with me.” She said as she nuzzled into Allie’s neck.

“I would go anywhere you asked me to go.”



They didn’t even get ready for bed, both of them falling asleep tangled together.

Allie woke up first not sure what time it was, not wanting to move from Bea’s embrace to check the time either. She lay there a little while longer before deciding that she really needed to check the time because they had promised to take Debbie for breakfast before they returned home. Untangling herself from Bea she looked at her phone, almost 7am, she knew they had fallen asleep early so decided she should wake Bea up.

Stroking Bea’s cheek she whispered in her ear, “Bea,”


“I think we should get up.”

“Yer, what time is it?”

“Almost 7am.”

“Guess we should then.”

They both showered and changed before checking out of the hotel and going to pick Debbie up. Spending a couple of hours with her before Bea said that they really had to set off. Arriving back at Bea’s just after 7pm.

“Do you want me to take you home?”

“If you want to,” Allie sighed.

“Actually I don’t want to, will you stay with me?”

“You don’t have to ask.”

Once they were in the house Bea decided to order a pizza.

“Do you want a beer?”

“Right now that sounds good.”

Bea got two bottles from the fridge handed one to Allie before sitting down next to her, she took a mouthful of her beer just as her phone started ringing, seeing Franky’s name on the screen she groaned.

“What do you want Franky?”

“Well that’s nice, I was just wondering how your doing.”

“I’m fine Franky, missing Deb, but I’m fine.”

“I’m sure blondie will keep you occupied,”

“Really, that’s the first thing you think of?”

“I just meant that you’ve got her around so you’re not on your own, that was your dirty mind that read more into it!”

“I did not!”

“Yer, Red you really did.”

“So was there anything else you wanted?”

“No just wanted to make sure you were ok?”

“Bye Franky”

“Later Red.”

Shaking her head she hung up and put her phone down on the coffee table.
The pizza arrived but neither of them were really all that hungry, only eating a couple of slices each.
Bea yawned,

“You sound ready for bed.”

“I am.”

“You go up, I’ll lock up for you.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Why would I?”

Bea kissed Allie on the cheek before going to bed. Allie took the rest of the pizza in the kitchen, putting it in the fridge and disposed of the empty beer bottles. Locking the door and turning off the lights before heading to bed. Bea was already asleep, Allie took her jeans off and got into bed beside her, cuddling into her side and falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Bea’s alarm sounded way too loud this morning as it dragged both of them from a deep sleep. Bea reached over and turned it off, flopping down on her pillow with a sigh.

“Anyone would think you didn’t want to get up.” Allie giggled.

“Oh yer, probably because I don’t want to, can’t we just stay here all day?”

“As nice as that sounds I have to start work today,”

“Shit sorry I forgot, nervous?”

“Mmm, just a little, but Shane is nice and I’ll be working with him this week at least.”

“Better get up then.”

“Are you working late again?”

“More than likely, Frankie will want to get home to Bridget.”

“Suppose she has better things to do than work.”

“And are you saying I don’t?”

Allie just shrugged and got out of bed, retrieving her jeans from the floor and putting them on.

“You better get ready.”

“Where are you going?”

“To make you some coffee, you know you’re grumpy if you don’t have coffee.”

Allie left the bedroom headed for the kitchen, putting a fresh pot of coffee on she sat down at the table. Losing herself in her thoughts she hadn’t realised that Bea was now standing behind her, wrapping her arms around Allie’s shoulders and kissing her on her head Allie jumped.

“No wonder you’re good at your job, you sneak around much too well.”

“I do not sneak around!” Bea protested.

“Yes you do.”

“Ok, if you say so, do you want anything to eat?”

“No, I’m not hungry, just coffee is fine.”

Bea poured them both a coffee and decided that she was just going to have cereal this morning. Finishing her coffee Allie stood up,

“And where are you going?”

“To get my bag,”

“You could always leave your things here you know, I don’t mind washing them for you, then the next time you stay over I won’t have to take you home just to pick a change of clothes up.”

“That’s presumptuous of you, who says there’s going to be a next time?”

Bea dropped her head and looked down at the table, thinking that maybe now Allie had a job she was just going to move on, feeling tears building in her eyes and trying to blink them away. “Why would she even want to be with me?” She thought to herself. Standing up from the chair she picked up their mugs and and the bowl she had used and dumped them in the sink, not bothering to wash them. Leaving the kitchen without a word she put on her shoes and jacket, picked up her car keys and bag.

“Bea, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I need to take you home and get to work.”

“Ok,” was all Allie said, putting on her shoes, Bea was already outside waiting for Allie, what she hadn’t noticed was that Allie hadn’t picked her bag up.

Arriving outside Boomers, Allie lent over to kiss Bea on the cheek, “call me when you finish work?”

“Yer maybe.”

Allie got out of the car and watched Bea drive away before she went inside to take a shower and get ready for her first shift at the bar.


Bea stomped into the office, heading towards her office door opening it and slamming it behind her.

She hadn’t even noticed that Liz and Franky were standing there. Franky wasn’t having it, bursting into Bea’s office finding her seated in her chair tears streaming down her face.

“Red, what the fuck, who’s upset you, I’ll kick their arse!”

“It’s nothing Franky, just leave it will ya?”

“Na, this isn’t nothing, so out with it.”

Bea didn’t want to look at Franky, she felt stupid, she wasn’t even sure what the hell all this was with her and Allie. She was confused, but she really didn’t want to tell any of that to Franky, just for her to take the piss out of her. And she was sure that Franky would take the piss, the tears just kept falling, she couldn’t help it. She wanted to be with Allie she knew that much, but the thought that now Allie was getting her life sorted out she didn’t feel the same, if she ever had.

Franky walked round to where Bea was sitting, spinning her chair round to face her and knelt down in front of her taking both her hands in hers.

“Bea, you don’t cry like this for nothing, tell me please.”

“It doesn’t matter Franky, I’ve just made a mistake that’s all, I’m an idiot.”

“This is because of Allie isn’t it? I’ll kick her fucking arse.”

“No, no Franky…….I…I want to be with her, b…but I don’t think she wants that,”

“What? Are you blind? I’ve never seen anyone look at someone the way she looks at you, you’d think you’d created the fucking moon and stars just for her.”

“No, Franky,” shaking her head.

“So tell me what happened.”

“I said she should leave her stuff at mine so I didn’t have to keep taking her home to pick up a change of clothes the next time stays over.”

“And?” Franky urged.

Bea sobbed, “she, well she asked me who said there would be a next time?”

“You took her home? Did she take her stuff with her?”

Bea thought about that, she couldn’t remember seeing her with her bag.

“I don’t know,”

“How can you not know? Did she have a bag with her when you left her?”


“Then I reckon it’s safe to say that she left her things behind.”

“You think?”

“No, I know.”

Silence descended between them for a minute before Franky spoke again.

“You know Bea, I think the two of you need to talk, and I know your not going to find it easy, but you have to tell her all this, this isn’t just the ‘I like you’ talk, know what I think? You’re falling for her and your falling for her hard and you don’t even see it.”

Bea just sat half looking at Franky trying to take in what she was saying to her.

“You want to see her all the time don’t ya? You hate her not being there when you wake up? Miss hearing her voice, her laugh, seeing her smile?”

“Yes, but”

Franky cut her off.

“There’s no but Bea, I know how that feels, I felt the same with Bridget, and you know what, it scared the shit out of me when I realised it.”

Bea couldn’t help but let out a small laugh

“Franky Doyle scared?”

“Yer, but if you ever tell anyone that I’ll deny ever saying it, then I’ll kick your arse.”

“Don’t worry, your secrets safe with me.”

“So now you’re going to dry your eyes, blow your snotty nose and go home.”

“Franky, I can’t, we haven’t finished working on this bloody case.”

Bea tried to protest but Franky was having none of it.

“Come on Red, we both know this is just a paranoid dick of a husband who thinks his wife is cheating on him, have we seen anything other than her going to bloody work and shopping?”


“So go home, clear your head then pick blondie up when her shift finishes, I’m not putting up with your bloody face all day looking like that.”

Bea knows Franky’s right and eventually backs down and goes home.

As soon as Bea walks through the front door she sees Allie’s bag, “bloody idiot” she chastises herself.
She couldn’t remember seeing Allie with her bag because she hadn’t taken it with her. Feeling like an idiot she kicked off her shoes and hung her jacket up. Taking Allie’s bag with her into the kitchen she deposited the contents into the washing machine setting it going.

Checking the contents of the fridge she remembered that she didn’t have time to go shopping the day before. Deciding to go to the supermarket, she knows she needs to talk to Allie, and cooking her dinner might make the conversation a bit easier, she leaves the house again and goes to the supermarket. She picks up the things she needed then decided that steak would be a good choice for dinner, she also picked up a couple of bottles of red wine.

She busied herself cleaning the house, doing her laundry and changing the beds. Getting everything washed, dried and put away leaving herself plenty of time for a shower before picking Allie up.


Arriving outside the bar at 4:40pm, she got out of the car taking a deep breath, she felt nervous, why had she doubted Allie, why hadn’t she paid more attention that morning? She felt like an idiot. Taking another deep breath she headed towards the door of the bar, as soon as she walked in she spotted Allie behind the bar serving a customer. She waited until she had finished before approaching the bar and sitting on a stool catching Allie’s eye straight away. Allie smiled at her, and walked over.


“Hey, yourself.”

“Shouldn’t you be working?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain later.”

Allie looked at the time.

“I finish in 15 minutes”

“Yes I know, I’m cooking dinner for you.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know, but I want to, and I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sounds ominous, have I done something wrong?”

“No, no…I, well, I’ve…I’ve been a bit stupid, let my brain run away with itself, and I just need to tell you, ok?”

“Can I get you a drink?”

“No, I’m good, I’ll just wait until your shifts over.”

Just then Will entered the bar from the office, spotting Bea talking to Allie.

“Bea, its good to see you, not seen you around for ages.”

“Oh, hey Will, I’ve been busy….work and Deb going to university, you know how it is.”

“I do, so you checking up on Allie here?”

“What? No, just thought I’d give her a lift home.”

“Relax Bea, she’s doing a really great job, think I’ll be keeping her around for a long time, well as long as she wants to stay.”

“That’s good.”

Will looked at the time, only a few minutes before Allie’s shift was due to finish.

“Go on Allie get out of here, its quiet and I think you’ve definitely earned a few minutes off.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, off you go, you two have a good evening.”

Will took off behind the bar smiling at Allie, stopping her in her tracks when he put her hand on her shoulder, he leaned in a little and whispered in her ear,

“Just be patient with her, she’s had a pretty tough time.”

Allie just smiled and whispered back,

“I know, and I will.”

With that she walked round the bar, seeing Bea stood waiting for her by the door, linking her arm with Bea’s

“Shall we go?”

Will looked over at them and just smiled as they walked out of the door together.


As soon as they entered the house Allie pulled Bea in to a hug.

“I missed you.”

Bea felt so guilty about the way she had been feeling that morning, she knew she had to tell Allie she just didn’t know how to say what she needed to say. She kept quiet for the time being wrapping her arms round Allle’s shoulders and pulling her in closer.

“I missed you to.”

Pulling away slowly, she took Allie by the hand and pulled her towards the sofa, Bea sat down pulling Allie into her lap, pulling her into a hug, and she knew right then that Franky was right, she was falling for her, and that scared her.

“Are you feeling alright Bea?”

“No, not really.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“I do, just not right now, you don’t mind do you?”

“Course not, when you want to talk about whatever it is that is bothering you I’ll be right here. Now tell me something, where did my bag disappear to?”

“I did what I said I was going to do, I washed your clothes and I put them away in my wardrobe, why?

“No reason, I could have done it myself, but thank you, why are you always so good to me?”

Bea didn’t answer, she knew the answer but still wasn’t ready to say it.

“Do you want a glass of wine?”

“Only if you do.”

“God, yes, I need one.”

Allie moved from Bea’s lap and sat beside her. Bea got up and went to the kitchen returning soon after with two glasses of wine.

“I’m going to start dinner, I hope steak is ok with you.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe I just want to spoil you!”

“Bea, you spoil me every time we are together, just being able to be with you makes me feel like I’m being spoilt.”

Bea couldn’t believe how stupid she had been that morning, Allie was a joker, she knew that and she shouldn’t have blown what she had said out of proportion. She went to the kitchen to start dinner, followed soon after by Allie, who just really wanted to spend as much time as she could with her.

“Need any help?”

“No, I want you to relax.”

While Bea was cooking they chatted about Allie’s first shift, Allie tried to get Bea to give her a clue what she wanted to talk about but she wasn’t giving anything away.

After dinner, they did the dishes together, Bea washing and Allie drying. Bea filled their glasses again, grabbing the other bottle and taking it to the lounge with them, placing it on the coffee table. They sat close together on the sofa, Bea taking Allie’s hand in hers. She swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, before speaking.

“Allie, this morning, when I said you should leave your things here, “ she trailed off.

“Yes, and I left them, Bea please tell me what’s wrong, you’re worrying me.”

“I let my thoughts and fears take over, when you made it sound as if you didn’t want to stay again. I know it was stupid, I got scared, I am scared, I hate it when you aren’t here, I miss you all the time, I think about you constantly.”

“Bea, surly you know by now that I feel the same.”

“I think I do, but, well when I got to work I was a mess, Franky, well Franky made me see what is right in front of my face, and then she made me come home.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Bea went quiet, trying to say what she needed to say, taking a big gulp of her wine trying to control her nerves. Allie could see that she was struggling, she put her glass down, took the glass that Bea was holding from her putting that down on the coffee table. Turning her body towards Bea and taking both her hands in hers.

“Bea, please look at me!”

Bea turned but suddenly felt exposed and really shy.

“Bea, I think I know what you’re trying to say, and I know I can say that because…..because I’ve been falling in love with you since the first time I saw you. I’m also scared, because I’ve never felt like this ever, and also because I don’t feel like I deserve to be with someone as kind, thoughtful and as loving as you.”

Bea felt the tears threatening to fall, looking Allie straight in the eye, she didn’t know what to say, right then she knew, Allie was the person she had needed in her life for so long, she was patient, considerate and had a heart of gold.

“How did I ever get so lucky to have found you?”

“No Bea, I’m the lucky one, you found me, you saved me. You make me feel things that I never thought were possible, I really don’t deserve you.”

Bea didn’t know what to say, all she could do was pull Allie into a hug knowing that she never wanted to let her go, never in her wildest dreams had she thought that she would ever meet anyone who made her feel again, she had felt so numb for so long, then Allie crashed into her life, taking her by surprise, she was lost in a universe that was Allie.

Chapter Text

Bea woke up the following morning alone in her bed, she missed Allie terribly when she didn’t stay. The previous evening Allie had said she thought it was best that she went home, Bea had tried to protest but Allie would have none of it, leaving a very confused Bea. Allie would normally always stay when Bea suggested it, but last night she had wanted to go home. She lay in bed trying to work it out, driving herself crazy. Picking up her phone and deciding to send Allie a text.

Good morning, I missed you when I woke up

She didn’t expect a reply, surprised when she received one almost straight away.

I missed you too, sorry I didn’t stay

Will I see you later?

Now that depends on how late you work doesn’t it?

If I promise to be home early will I see you?

You can count on it

That was all Bea needed to send her heart racing and her stomach to flip, making a mental note to tell Franky that they had to wrap their case up. She was tempted to call Allie, she wanted to hear her voice, but in the end she resisted opting to get out of bed and get ready for the day ahead.

Arriving at the office, the first one there as was usual she went to her office to make a start on writing her report for their client. Ten minutes later she heard Liz and Franky arriving, both laughing.

Since she had left her office door open Franky spotted Bea immediately, throwing a grin and a wink her way before heading to her own office. A few minutes later Franky appeared at Bea’s door, seeing that Bea was busy she cleared her throat getting her attention.

“Can I do something for you Franky?”

“I need to have a word is all.”

“Well don’t just stand there, you make the place look untidy.”

Franky took a seat across from Bea for a change waiting for Bea to speak. Bea finished up what she was doing and turned her attention to Franky.

“So, what is it that your so desperate to talk to me about?”

“Well I was going to ask you how you’re feeling today, but looking at your face I’m guessing you and blondie talked.”

“Yer, we did, and before you ask everything’s fine.”

“That’s good Red, so I reckon we need to close this case down.”

“Great minds think alike.”


“I had the same thought earlier, I’m writing up the report now, and besides, I kinda promised Allie I wasn’t going to work late tonight.”

“Fuck Red, she’s got you under the thumb.”

“Allie hasn’t got me under her thumb.”

“Umm, yer, she kinda has, Jesus I’m going hate to see you when she finally gets in your pants.”

“Fuck off Franky!”

The rest of the day passed pretty quickly, they picked up four new cases along the way, luckily nothing that was going to keep either of them out of the office for too long. Franky and Liz left a couple of minutes before Bea after she told them to go home early, it was only 4pm but she really wanted to go home. Just as she was locking up her phone rang.


“Hey Bea”

“Kaz, what can I do for you?”

“I was just wondering if you knew how Allie was getting on.”

“Umm, yer, she’s fine, she started work yesterday, hasn’t she been in contact with you yet?”

“No, I haven’t heard anything from her.”

“I could have a word with her for you.”

“So, you know where she is?”

“Yer, a friend of mine offered her her spare room, and Liz helped her get a job.”

“Bea……..oh, nothing it doesn’t matter.”

“Anything else I can help you with?”

“No, no I’ll call you in a few days.”

“Ok, bye Kaz.”

Bea did wonder what Kaz was going to say but she soon put it out of her mind, her need to see Allie much greater than worrying about that now.

She rushed home so she could jump in the shower and get changed, racing over to the bar arriving five minutes before Allie was due to finish, deciding not to go in choosing to wait by the car.

Allie had been looking at the clock every five minutes for the last hour, she couldn’t wait for her shift to finish, it had been quiet since 2pm and not only was she bored but she was missing Bea, she had been tempted to call her when she was on her break but not knowing if Bea would be busy or not was the only reason hat she didn’t. As soon as it was 5pm Allie grabbed her jacket and bag was out of there. As soon as she was out of the door she spotted Bea leaning against the car, she almost tripped over her feet trying to get over to her as quickly as she could.

“What are you doing out here?”

“Well someone told me that there was a new absolutely beautiful bartender working here, so I thought I’d hang around out here and see for myself.”

“Oh really? And have you seen her yet?”

“Na, don’t think so, guess I’ll just have to take you home instead.”

Bea stepped forward wrapping her arms round Allie’s waist pulling her in tightly and kissing her on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

“I missed you.”

“I missed you too, I was going to call you but I thought you might be busy.”

“Na, haven’t been busy all day.”

“As much as I’m enjoying this, do you really want to stand here for the rest of the day?”

“No, I think I’m taking you home with me.”

“Well come on then.”


After dinner they were sat cuddled up together on the sofa.

“Allie, Kaz called me when I was leaving work.”

“Yer, what did she want?”

“She wanted to know if you were ok, I told her you were, but maybe you should call her, she sounded worried.”

“I will, I just don’t feel ready to talk to her yet.”

“Ok, I’m not trying to pressure you.”

“I know, I will, it’s just…”

“Allie, we don’t have to talk about it.”

“Yer, any ideas what else we could do?”


Bea turned to face Allie, pulling her closer to her planting a kiss on Allie’s lips.

“Oh, so that’s how it is is it?”

“Huh huh.”

Allie wriggled herself free from Bea’s arms before standing up, Bea’s eye’s never leaving hers. Standing right in front of Bea she leaned down kissing Bea on the forehead, before straddling her.

“And what are you doing?”

“You asked me if I had any ideas what we could do.”

Resting her hands on Bea's shoulders, leaning in kissing her on the lips, Bea didn’t know what to do with her hands, she wanted this, more than anything, she didn’t want this feeling to end. She snaked one hand around Allie’s waist, resting her hand on her back, her other hand found its way to the back of her neck, pulling her in closer deepening the kiss. Allie trailed her hands slowly down Bea’s arms, gently licking her bottom lip asking for entrance, Bea obliged, their tongues gliding together. Bea’s mind was racing, and her heart felt as if it would burst right out of her chest. They only broke apart briefly when breathing was becoming a problem. Bea wanted more and pulled Allie back in kissing her as if her life depended on it. Bea’s hand found its way under Allie’s shirt and she dragged her nails up her back earring her a moan from Allie, that just made Bea want more. Allie’s hand found its way to Bea’s breast and she felt her tense up, she pulled her hand away immediately, and pulled back from the kiss.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I got carried away, it's too soon for that,” dropping her head and resting it on Bea’s shoulder.

“Allie, it’s ok,it's not too soon, it’s just that… I’m not used to being touched like that, I’m not used to any of this.”

“I shouldn’t have let myself get carried away thought.”

“Allie, please, look at me.”

She picked her head up resting her forehead on Bea’s looking her in the eye.

“I want this, I…I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do, I don’t know how I’m supposed to act?”

“Bea, I want this too, and honestly, we can go as slow as you need, I don’t want you to feel like I’m pressuring you into anything you’re not ready for.”

“But what if I can’t ever get passed this, what if I can’t ever give you any more than this, you deserve so much more than this, than me.”

Allie shook her head.

“You’re wrong you know, it’s you that deserves so much more than me, I’m a fuck up.”

“No Allie, you stop that, I’ve told you before that I don’t see you like that, and if I have to tell you that every day for the rest of my life then I will.”

“Planning on sticking around that long are you?”

“Yes, if you’ll have me!”

“You know I will.”

“Are you staying over?”

“Not sure that’s a good idea really, I might get carried away again.”


“I really don’t want you to change your mind….about us.”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.”


“No, so are you staying?”

“How can I refuse, I really miss waking up with you.”

Chapter Text

The rest of the week passed in much the same way, and soon enough it was Saturday afternoon. Bea was sitting in her office staring at her computer screen when Franky’s head appeared round the door.

“Red I’ve been thinking”

“I shouldn’t do too much of that you might strain yourself,” Bea laughed.

“Funny Red, very funny, but seriously, I think it’s time for a night out.”

“As good as that sounds I think I just want to go home and have a quiet night in.”

“Oh yer, another boring night in with blondie, come on it’ll be fun, ya remember what fun is don’t ya?”

“Franky!” Bea said only half protesting.

“Oh come on, ya can bring blondie along.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“God, don’t think too long will ya, I might die of old age before you decide.”

“I’ll text Allie and find out what she wants to do.”

“Fucks sake, you startin’ to sound like you’re an old married couple, ya gotta get permission to leave the house?”

“Fuck off Franky, have you asked Bridget yet?”

“Whatever Red.”

Franky retreated back to her own office.

Bea wasn’t really bothered about going out, much preferring to spend her evenings alone with Allie at home, but after thinking about it she decided that she was being a little selfish and that maybe Allie would enjoy a night out. Picking up her mobile she sent Allie a text.

Franky wants to know if we want to go out tonight, what do you think?

Knowing that she wouldn’t get a reply straight away she put her phone back down and turned her attention back to her computer screen, her phone beeped five minutes later.

I think I’ll do whatever you want to do x

I’m not really bothered

Do we know who’s going? X

I’ll find out

She left her office and knocked on Franky’s door, getting no response she walked in finding a rather frustrated looking Franky.

“What’s up with your face?”

“Fucking computer crashed, what do you want?”

“Allie wanted to know who’s going out tonight.”

“Usual, me obviously, Gidge will be late cos of work, Liz, Maxi and Booms.”

“No Doreen?”

“Na, she already had plans. So are ya coming or what?”

“I’ll get back to ya!”

Returning to her office she sent Allie a text letting her know who was going before going to get a coffee.

“Are you coming for a drink tonight love?”

“Not sure yet.”

“You and Allie got other plans love?”

“Huh, no, why do you ask?”

“Bea love, you have been spending a lot of time together,”

“Yer, I know.”

“You really like her don’t you?”

“I do.”

“It suits you love.”


“That smile on your face.”

Bea returned to her office just as her mobile started ringing, seeing Allie’s name flash up on the screen.

“Hey, so, I suppose we could go out for a little while if you want to.”

“Yer, but I’d rather have you all to myself.”

“Is that so?”


“Should you be even be phoning me aren’t you supposed to be working?”

“Yer, but Will said I could take a couple of minutes to call you, guess we should both get back to work.”

“I guess, I’ll pick you up when you finish.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know, I want to.”

“Ok babe, I’ll see you later.”

“You will, see you soon.”

Bea was grinning from ear to ear when she put her phone down. “Babe” she thought to herself, she kinda liked that.

Twenty minutes later Bea had had enough for the day, shutting down her computer she went through to let Franky know that they would be joining them later on, finding out where they were meeting and asking her if she minded locking up. Letting Liz know that she would see her later as she left the building.

Getting in the car she called Maxine

“Bea hun, what a wonderful surprise.”

“Hey Maxi, is the salon busy?”

“Not really, in need of a cut?”

“Na, not me, I kinda said I’d give Allie a cut and colour forever ago and it would be easier to do it at the salon if you don’t mind.”

“Course not hun, so you and Allie, everything ok?”

“Better than ok, I’ll be round after 5 that ok?”

“Sure hun, see you later.”

“See you later Maxi.”

Putting her phone away she set off for the bar. Arriving at the bar a few minutes later, heading inside and taking a seat at the bar her eyes landing on Allie straight away. Allie looked across the bar spotting Bea and instantly locking eyes with her, walking over she stopped right in front of Bea.

“Fancy seeing you here!”

“Did ya miss me?”


“So, remember when I said I’d give you a cut colour?”

“Vaguely, why?”

“How about after you finish here we head over to the salon?”

“Wouldn’t Maxine mind?”

“Not really, I already asked her.”

“I can hardly refuse an offer like that, you want anything?”

“Na, think I’ll just sit here and admire the view!”

Allie spotted a customer walking over to the bar and went over to serve them. A short while later she was finished for the day, saying her goodbyes to Shane and Will she walked over to Bea who was waiting by the door for her.

“So was the view to your liking?”

“Hmm, definitely!”


Maxine spotted Bea’s car pulling up outside the salon and went to the door to greet them.

“Bea, Allie, good to see you both.”

Entering the salon Bea telling Allie to go and sit down over by the basin ready for her to wash her hair.

“Either of you want a coffee?” Maxine asked smiling brightly at Allie.

“I’d love one Maxi,” Bea replied, Allie just shaking her head.

Bea walked over to where Allie was seated turning on the water and waiting until the temperature was just right, after wetting her hair she the applied shampoo massaging it into Allies scalp, she heard Allie moan and looked down at her, locking eyes with her for a few seconds, before going back to rinse the shampoo from her hair and repeating the whole process with the conditioner, turning the water off after she had finished and towel drying Allies hair, before ushering her over to another seat ready to cut her hair.

“So how much do you want me to cut off?”

“I’m completely in your hands, do what you like, I trust you,” Allie said with a wink as she looked at Bea in the mirror. Maxine watching the whole exchange between them with a smile on her face.

Picking up the scissors she started cutting Allie’s hair. When she had finished it was just below her shoulders, Bea looked at Allie through the mirror, their eyes meeting for a few seconds before Bea went to get the chemicals ready that she needed. 30 minutes later Allie was back over by the basin having the chemicals washed out of her hair. After drying and combing Allie’s hair she reached out for a mirror so she could show Allie what she had done.

“Do you like it?”

“Like it, I love it, you have really skilled fingers there Bea.” This caused Bea to blush, something not gone un noticed by Maxine.

“Are you two joining us at the bar later?”

“Yer, were going to stop by for a bit.”

“That’s good, we need some time to catch up.”

Bea thanked Maxine for letting her use the salon before pulling her into a hug. Grabbing Allie by the hand she led her out of the salon and to the car.

“I think I’m going to pick up a takeaway, anything you fancy?”

“Hmm, well I fancy you, are you on the menu?” Allie grinned and Bea once again blushed.

“Ok, so I’m thinking Chinese, what do you say?”

“Sounds good, but can we go to Boomers, I need some more clothes?”

“Yes, no problem, we’ll go there first and pick up the takeaway on the way back.”

Arriving at Boomers 10 minutes later, Bea saying she would wait in the car. Allie went inside and was greeted by Boomer a confused look on her face.

“Oi, I thought you had forgotten where you lived blondie!”

“Sorry, it’s just that Bea asked me to stay, think she gets a bit lonely all on her own.” Allie smiled glad she had thought of her reply quickly as she wasn’t sure how Bea would react if she told her the truth right now.

“You comin’ to the bar?”

“Yes, I just need to pick something up.”

“You going back to Bea’s?”

“Right now I am, I don’t know about later.”

“Ya should have just moved in with Bea, ya spend all ya time there.”

“Maybe Booms, but you asked me first.”

Allie picked up some more clothes and headed back to Boomer remembering that she needed to give her the rent money for her room. Telling Boomer she would see her in bit she left the house, getting back in the car with Bea. Picking up the takeaway they headed back to Bea’s.
Time was getting away with them, they both knew they would be late, showering and changing as quick as they both could, before Bea called a taxi. Arriving at the bar, neither of them had noticed that Kaz’s car was in the parking lot.

Chapter Text

Entering the bar they were spotted by Franky immediately.

“What time do ya call this Red?”

“We’re thirty minutes late,”

“Yer, and what were ya doing in that thirty minutes to make ya late?”

“Fuck off Franky.”

Boomer spotted them next.

“Oi, ya been wasting good drinking time Bea.”

Allie had already ordered them two beers, walking over to Bea and handing her one.

“Maxine and Liz are over there, do you want to go and sit with them?”

“I think we should,”

They walked further into the bar and sat down with Liz and Maxine.

“Allie, is that really you? I love your hair.”

“Thanks Liz, Bea did it for me earlier.”

"Relly suits her doesn't it? Bea hasn't lost her touch when it comes to hair has she Liz?"

"No, might have to ask her to tackle mine next time," Liz joked.

Franky and Boomer arrived back at the table, Boomer carrying a tray full of beer and shots, placing it down on the table.

“Come on bitches, time to get ya drink on.”

Allie giggled, Liz shook her head, Maxine and Bea just rolled their eyes while Franky stood there eyeing Bea.

“Red, need a word.”

“God Franky, I’ve only just sat down, can’t it wait?”

“Na, I need to tell ya somthin’.”

Leaving the table they headed towards the bathroom, Franky entered first, scanning the room to check they were alone.

“This better be good Franky.”

“I just thought ya needed to know that Kaz is in here.”


“She doesn’t look happy, been eyeing me up since I walked in.”

“Has she said anything to you?”

“No, but you should have seen the look on her face when you and blondie walked in, if looks could kill ya get the idea?”

“Oh come on Franky, it’s Saturday night, think you’re reading too much into it, it’s only a coincidence that she’s in the same bar.”

“Has blondie spoken to her?”

“I don’t think so, said she wasn’t ready yet.”

“Well, I just don’t like it.”

“So is that it?”

“Yer, should be getting back, Gidge should be here soon.”

Bea left the bathroom followed by Franky, walking back to the table she noticed Kaz sat over on the other side of the room, from what Bea could see she just looked like she was having a night out with friends, so she thought no more about it. Arriving back at the table just as Allie and Boomer were coming back from the bar with two more trays of drinks. Franky headed over in the direction of the door seeing Bridget had just arrived, pulling her into a hug and walking over to the bar to order her a drink before they headed back to the table.

“I hope this one is staying out of trouble Bea.”

“Hmm, more like causing it,” Bea laughed.

They all chatted quite happily for a couple of hours, Maxine watching Bea and Allie, noticing every slight touch they shared and every glance that passed between them, Bea noticed the smile on her face.

“Everything ok Maxi?”

“Of course hun, why wouldn’t it be?”

“I don’t know, you tell me?”

“I’m just going to use the bathroom, do ya want to leave soon?” Allie whispered in Bea’s ear.

Looking at Allie as she stood up Bea just nodded, watching Allie walk towards the bathroom, before returning her attention to everyone at the table. Allie had been gone about five minutes when Franky looked over and saw that Kaz was no longer sitting with her friends, getting Bea’s attention.

“Blondie’s takin’ her time in there, think ya should check on her don’t you?” Bea noticing that Franky’s eyes were darting over to the table where Kaz had been.

“Yer, I’ll see if she’s ok,” with that she left the table.


Allie hadn’t seen Kaz in the bar, preferring to keep most of her attention on Bea. She was slowly getting bored with having to share Bea’s attention, needing to use the bathroom she really wanted to leave, hoping Bea didn’t mind the suggestion. Reaching the bathroom she was quite surprised that it was empty as the bar was getting rather busy.

Upon leaving the cubical Allie came face to face with a pissed off looking Kaz.

“So where you ever going to let me know that you’re alright?”

“Kaz, I’m really not in the mood for this right now.”

“I can see that, all loved up with her, did she even pass on my message?”

“Yes, yes she did, she told me the same day, and I’ll tell you what I told Bea, I’m not ready to talk to you right now.”

“So I’m not good enough now is that it? Remember I’m the one the cleaned you up in the first place.”

“I know that, I’m not going to forget, you saved my life, I’ll never be able to repay you for what you did for me, but can’t you understand, I need to get on with my life my own way if I’m going to stay clean?”

“Oh so she comes in to your life flutters her eyelashes and you fall at her feet?”

“It’s not like that, I’m not having this conversation with you right now.”

“What happens when she dumps you like the last one? Did you even think about that? You gonna run away again?”

“Whatever I have with Bea is none of your concern,”

“So your fuckin’ her, should have know, what the fuck are you thinking Allie, when she’s had her bit of fun with you she’ll rip your heart out and throw you away, she’s no good for you Allie, you need to come home.”

“You’re so wrong Kaz, you have no idea how wrong you are.”

“And what exactly can she give you? She’s too old for you, she’s never going to love you, she’ll fuck you then fuck you over.”

“Shut the fuck up Kaz, I’m not listening to any more of your shit.”

Neither of them knew that anyone had been listening at the door until they heard it close with a loud bang. Allie rushed out of the bathroom back to the table, looking desperately at Franky when she saw Bea wasn’t there.

“Where’s Bea Franky?”

“You two had a row?”

“No Franky we haven’t, where the hell is she?”

“Headed for the door last I saw of her.”

“Fucking Kaz .” She thought to herself as she almost ran outside looking for Bea, finding her crouched down back to wall of the bar, her head in her hands sobbing. Allie stopped in her tracks, her heart feeling as if was going to shatter into a hundred pieces seeing Bea like that. Slowly she walked up to her.


No response except for the ever present sobbing. Crouching down in front of her she placed her hands on her shoulders.

“Bea, please talk to me?”

“What’s the point?”

“The point is that I want you in my life, none of what Kaz said is true, you know that right? She’s pissed off at me for not running back to her, and I guess you heard most of what she said?”

“She’s right Allie, I am no good for you, I’m a mess, I’ll only hurt you when I can’t give you what you need, you should go home.”

“I can’t do that, you see I want to be with you, and if you’re a mess what does that make me? I was always a mess until you found me, but if you like we can go home and be a mess together.”

Bea’s sobs turned into a sniffle, and she let out a small giggle. Removing her hands from her face to look at Allie. She stood up, taking Bea’s hands in hers and pulled her up before wrapping her arms around her waist, Bea wrapping her arms around Allie’s shoulders, their foreheads pressed together looking into each other’s eyes. Allie was the first to break the silence that had fallen between them.

“I don’t care what she says, I know it’s not true, she doesn’t know you. I doubt she ever really got to know me.”

“No? But I’m still a mess.”

“And I told you I don’t care, with you is where I want to be, now you wait here I’ll go and get my bag and let the others know we’re leaving, ok?”

“Yes,” Bea said barely above a whisper. “I’ll call a taxi.”

Allie apologised to the others saying Bea wasn’t feeling well, not wanting to tell them the truth for know, even though she knew Franky wouldn't let it go in a hurry, but that was for another day, letting them know that they were leaving and returned back to Bea, the taxi arriving a couple of minutes later.

When they arrived at Bea’s they were both tired and headed straight for bed, Bea was exhausted from crying, she cuddled up to Allie and fell asleep, Allie couldn’t sleep, she wanted to kill Kaz, she had no right trying to tell her what to do, and how dare she say what she had about Bea, she knew nothing about her. She pulled Bea in closer, “I love you,” Allie whispered before sleep finally claimed her.

Chapter Text

Bea was the first to wake the next morning, as was usually the case, the feel of Allie wrapped around her taking any thoughts of the previous night before they even had a chance to enter her head. She lay there no desire to move, watching Allie sleep, listening to her breath. She was very aware how much she craved waking up like this when Allie hadn’t stayed. Kaz’s words suddenly entering her thoughts. “No,” she thought to herself, she’s wrong, she knew that, Allie wasn’t just a bit of fun, and the more she thought about it the more she realised that she wanted Allie there all the time. She snuggled up to Allie her hand finding its way under Allie’s shirt, fingers resting against the soft skin on her back, her thumb tracing small circles. She was so caught up with the feel of Allie’s skin against her hand that she hadn’t noticed she had woken up. Allie lay there for a minute enjoying the feeling of being so close to Bea, and her hand on her back.

“Good morning babe.”

Bea’s smile grew when she heard that, moving her head a little so that she could look into Allie’s eyes.


“What’s got you smiling like that this morning?”


“What have I done?”

“Nothing much, you don’t have to do anything.”

“We don’t have to get up yet do we?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“Cos I just want to lay here with you.”

“Yes? Good thing that’s what I want to do to.”

They lay there in silence together, neither of them needing to say anything, just enjoying the feeling of being so close to each other.

Allie finally had to give in to the need to kiss Bea, planting a soft kiss against her lips.

“What was that for?”

“Does there need to be a reason?”

Beas hand traveled further up Allie’s back, dragging her nails lightly over the soft skin, her other hand finding its way to the back of her neck pulling her in closer, their lips ghosting over each other’s until Bea couldn’t resist anymore pulling her in closer and planting a soft kiss on her lips, soft kisses became way more urgent and deeper with more passion behind them that either of them had ever experienced before. Allie managing to flip them over so that she was straddling Bea. Breaking the kiss when the need for air became too much for them both. Allie looked deep into the deep brown eyes that she loved seeing her own desire being reflected back at her. Bea, suddenly experiencing an unexpected burst of confidence flipped them over, laying herself on top of Allie kissing her with just as much passion as before. Neither of them could stop, didn’t want to, as they kissed and roamed their hands over each other’s bodies as much as their current position would allow. Beas left hand some how managed to find its way between them and found its way to Allie’s breast, she took herself a little by surprise but realising where her hand was it felt right and she couldn’t stop herself from massaging it a little, feeling the nipple become erect under her touch, she felt her heart rate increase, the butterflies were back in her stomach and a heat was ignited in her core, “fuck,” she thought, she knew what she wanted, but was too scared to admit it, she hadn’t even realised that Allies hand had also found its way between them and under Bea’s shirt mirroring the exact same actions. Allie turned her head slightly breaking the kiss, breathlessly saying “we need to stop.”

Bea’s attention turned to Allie’s neck, kissing it softly and slowly until she reached her pulse point, gently nipping at it.

“Bea, as much as I’m enjoying this, and believe me I really am, we need to stop before we take this too far and we do something you’ll end up regretting and hating me for.”

Bea knew she was right, she stopped kissing her neck and rolled off Allie laying beside her on her back.

“I’m sorry Allie, I don’t know what came over me?”

“You don’t have to be sorry Bea, I just want you to be totally comfortable before we go too far,”

“How can you be so patient with me?”

Allie knew she had already fallen for her, she had been glad Bea fell asleep the night before because she knew that if Bea had heard what she had admitted last night she would have freaked out. She didn’t want to scare her away.

“I care about your feelings babe, I just want, no, I need you to be sure that what we do you are totally comfortable with. I would never want to do anything that you don’t want to do, you mean more to me than that.”

Bea didn’t know how to answer that, it felt so overwhelming to her that Allie could care so much about her feelings, that Allie wasn’t trying to pressure her into doing anything that she knew she wasn’t ready for, in that second she knew she wanted everything with Allie, she was just unsure how long it would take her to be really comfortable, would Allie get bored waiting for her to get over her own insecurities and just walk away. She shook her head trying to empty her thoughts, turning over and snuggling up to Allie.

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For just being you.”

“No Bea, I should be thanking you for allowing me to be here with you like this.”


After spending another hour laying in bed cuddling, talking and stealing kisses they had both gotten up, showered, dressed and had had breakfast.
Sitting at the kitchen together a comfortable silence had fallen between them, until Bea spoke.

“I really need to go shopping.”

“Want me to tag along?”

“Food shopping not too boring for you?”

“Not at all, or I can just go and leave you to it if you’d prefer.”

“Course I don’t want you to go.”

Bea didn’t know, and Allie wasn’t about to say, but she loved doing everything with Bea, she really couldn’t care less if they were doing something as simple as a grocery shop or washing the dishes, she wanted to do everything with her, share everything with her.

“I will have to go home later though, Boomers getting a little pissed at me.”

“Has she said so?”

“Well not in so many words, although she said I should have just moved in with you,” Allie giggled.

“She did?”

“Yer, but I am supposed to be living there and I’ve spent more time here with you, I told her you just get a bit lonely with Debbie away, she seemed to buy it.”

“God, I never even gave Booms a second thought, I don’t want things to be uncomfortable for you at home.”

“Don’t worry about it, she’s probably forgotten what she said yesterday by now.”

“What shift are you working next week?”

“2pm till 10pm, week after Will asked if I’d be alright doing 3pm till lock up.”

“I reckon Will likes you if he’s ready to let you help lock up.”


“He’s not normally so quick to trust new staff, but he has been let down a couple of times in the past.”

“He has mentioned that.”

“So shall we go and get the shopping done?”

“Anything you want to do is fine with me.”


After the grocery shopping they went back to Bea’s deciding that a sandwich was all either of them wanted for lunch.

They sat on the sofa watching tv for a short while when Bea’s phone rang, seeing Franky’s name, Bea didn’t really want to answer but knew that if she didn’t she would just keep calling, and turning her phone off would only result in her turning up on her doorstep.

“Franky, what’s up?”

“Nothin’ much, just wondering what the fuck was up your arse last night, running out of the bar like that.”

“Franky, I’m not talking about this over the phone.”

Allie looked at Bea a look of concern on her face.

“Ok, I’m coming round then.”

“If I tell you not to bother will that stop you?”

“Na, I’m guessing it’s got something to do with Kaz and blondie, is she there?”

“Yer, why?”

“Cos I’m not havin’ it, not havin’ anyone causin’ you trouble, ya don’t need anymore of that shit after that wanker you were married to.”


“Na, I’m leavin’ now, see you soon.”

Franky hung up not giving Bea a chance to say anything.


“Bea, what’s a matter?”

“Just Franky, seems to think I’m getting into trouble.”

“And that’s because of me isn’t it? I’m just going to go, might see you around.”

“Allie, no, I don’t want you to go.”

“Fucking Kaz started this, should have known she would cause trouble, she’s great at sticking her nose in when it’s not needed. Now Franky’s going to give me a hard time.”

Allie just ran out of the door, Bea just stood there, her brain hadn’t registered that she’d gone until she ran out of the house, Allie was nowhere to be seen. She turned round feeling empty, she’d gone and she had no idea where, and now she was going to have to face Franky and her attitude. She just wanted to curl back up in bed and cry, she wanted Allie and now she was sure she had lost her, it hurt, she couldn’t believe how much it hurt. She sat on the sofa lost in her thoughts tears streaming down her face until she heard a loud knocking on the door. Getting up, she knew who it was.

“Red, what the fuck, what’s happened?”

“Allie,….she….she’s……gone!” Was all she could get out between sobs.

Franky closed the door pulling Bea over to the sofa, sitting her down and hugging her until she finally stopped crying.

“What happened?”

“Franky, it wasn’t Allie, she hasn’t done anything, you believe that don’t you?”

“Bea, I want to, I really do, but look at the state you’re in, what happened last night?”

Bea told Franky everything that she overheard Kaz saying to Allie the night before, and almost everything that Allie had done and said to her, both last night and that morning, she left out the making out part, she didn’t need Franky's teasing. Franky sat there quietly listening until Bea had finished.

“So the fuck nut who got you to find her doesn’t think you’re good enough for her?”

Bea nodded.

“Have you phoned Booms? She could have gone home.”

“No,” she said quietly.

Franky got her phone from her pocket and called Boomer.

“Hey Franky,”

“Booms, how’s the head?”

“Don’t ask,”

“Is blondie there?”

“Na, thought she was at Bea’s.”

“Booms, if she comes back give me call, yer.”

“Huh, yer, no worries Franky.” Boomer hung up.

“Bea, it’ll be alright, trust me, she’ll turn up?”

“What if she back out there on the streets? I’ve got find her Franky, I can’t lose her.”

“Well fuck, you really have fallen for her haven’t ya?”

“I’ve got to go, I’ve got to find her.”

“Hold on, fucks sake, you need to stay here, calm down will ya, Booms is going to let me know when she turns up.”

“And what if she doesn’t?”

“Bea, listen to me, if she hasn’t shown up by tomorrow morning, I promise you we’ll look for her, I’ll help you search every inch of this city, but right now we need to wait, she could have just gone somewhere to clear her head, she wouldn’t just walk away from you like that.”

“And how would you know?”

“I’m telling ya, I know, she looks at you like you’re the most precious thing on this fucking planet, ya don’t even see it do you? She fucking loves you, are you really that blind?”

Bea couldn’t even think straight after hearing what Franky had just said. How could Allie love her? They hadn’t known each other that long, Franky had to be wrong. She’d go along with Franky for now, but if she didn’t turn up by the morning she wouldn’t even sleep until she found her.


Allie, had run out of the door, she had no idea where she was headed until she found herself in a park, she sat down on a bench, Kaz had caused this, Franky would lay into her, but worst still, she was going to lose Bea, all because Kaz thought she knew what was best for Allie. No Kaz wasn’t going to do this to her, she wasn’t going to let her ruin the best thing that had ever happened to her. She loved Bea, “fuck Kaz,” she thought to herself. Getting up from the bench, she knew what she was going to do.

Arriving outside Kaz’s house, she knew she was home her car was parked on the drive. She burst in and saw Kaz sitting on the sofa, seeing Allie she stood up,

“Oh, so you’ve come back, she kicked you out?” Kaz was sniggering.

That was it, Allie lost it, lunging towards Kaz her fist connected with her face, splitting her lip.

“You bitch, you think you can control me? Well I’m done.”

“Oh yer, and where are you going to go princess now she’s thrown you out?”

Allie’s fist connected with her face again, this time right in the eye.

“She hasn’t thrown me out no thanks to you, I walked out. But trust me I’m going back and even if I have to get down on my hands and knees and beg her to listen to me I will because I love her.”

Kaz, sitting on the floor just laughed.

“Yer, course you love her, what like the way you think she’s going to love you? Fuck sake Allie she’ll never love you.”

“You don’t know her.”

“And you think you do?”

“No, I don’t need to think I do, I do know her, better than I’ve ever known anyone my whole life. I never want to see or speak to you again.”

Allie turned round walked back out the door slamming it behind her. Bea was the only thing she had on her mind, she felt better after punching Kaz, but Bea was her priority, and that’s exactly where he was going, back to Bea, if she would still have her.

Chapter Text

After another 40 minutes of sobbing uncontrollably Franky finally managed to convince Bea that she should go and lie down, but only if Franky sat with her though.
After she fell asleep Franky headed back to the kitchen she needed coffee. She couldn’t believe that Allie would just leave like that, it made no sense. Sitting at the kitchen table with her coffee she wondered where Allie would go, she hadn’t gone to Boomers, would she go to Kaz’s, she couldn’t see that not since she had started all this crap. Will’s bar she thought, getting her mobile from her pocket and calling the bar, eventually getting Will on the line telling her that she hadn’t been in, but if she did he would call Franky back. She felt like kicking Allie’s arse right now, she hadn’t seen Bea like this since Harry, but Allie wasn’t Harry, no Allie actually put a sickeningly huge smile on her face. “Fuck sake blondie, where the fuck are you?” She said under her breath. At the same moment she thought she heard a light tapping on the front door, getting up from the chair she wondered through the lounge towards the front door, this time knowing for sure that she heard a knock. Opening the door Allie stood there, head bowed looking at her feet.

“Fuck sake blondie where have you been?”

“I…I…had…had to sort…it out!” She sobbed.

“Jesus, get your arse in here already will ya!”

She slowly walked in, not wanting to make eye contact with Franky.

“Right, sit down and tell me what the fuck is going on, I know what Kaz said last night, Bea already told me, and from what she said you sounded like you had sorted it out so why the fuck did you just run out of here?”

“I…I thought you were going to have a go at me.”

“Well I might have if you had been here.”

“I’ve sorted it.”

“Not with Bea you haven’t, but now I’m interested what have ya done?” She grinned.

“When I left I just walked around for a bit, I ended up in the park. I had so much going on in my head.”


“Well I went round to Kaz’s, she...she was a smug bitch, so I punched her, twice!”

“Fuck, hope you got a good punch in.”

“Yer, split her lip, and she’s going to have a black eye.”

“Shit, remind me not to get on the wrong side of you.”

“Where’s Bea?”

“Upstairs, she’s asleep, maybe you should go up, but don’t blame me if she goes mad at you when she wakes up.”

“Are you staying?”

“Think I might hang around for a bit, just in case you need me, now get up there, get this sorted out or I will kick your arse.”

Allie nervously made her way up the stairs, opening the bedroom door slowly, peeking round the door seeing Bea fast asleep. She crept into the bedroom, silently closing the door behind her and walking over to the bed. She really just wanted to take her in her arms, hold her and never let go. But she thought better of that opting to just sit on the edge of the bed. She felt the tears building in her eyes and she couldn’t stop them from falling. She sobbed into her hands not realising that Bea had woken up.

“I’m so sorry Bea, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I would never do that. I couldn’t do that. All that shit that Kaz said, it’s not true, I hate her, I’m never going to see her again, if she died tomorrow I wouldn’t care, I only care about you, I only want to be with you. I’ve stuffed it all up, didn’t I tell you I’m a fuck up? I fuck everything up, and now you hate me, and when you wake up you’re going to kick me out, and then….I’ll have lost the only person I’ve ever loved, will ever love.” She lay back on the bed on her side pulling her knees up to her chest wrapping her arms around them hugging them to her chest and couldn’t stop the tears even if she tried.
Bea had heard every word, when she heard Allie say she loved her she’d had to put her hand to her mouth to stop the sob. She couldn’t stand it anymore hearing Allie cry. Rolling over she put her arm over he pulling her to her.

“Allie, baby, please don’t cry, I don’t hate you, please, talk to me.”

“Bea!” Was all Allie could manage to say she was crying so hard.

Bea sat up, managing to pull Allie up into her arms, holding her tightly.

“Allie, please don’t cry.”

“B…but…you…don’t… want…me…now.”she spluttered out between sobs.

“Allie, I was scared, you ran out of here and I didn’t know where you where, I’m not mad at you. I was so scared that you wouldn’t come back, Franky made me stay here, and all I wanted to do was look for you, I’m so glad she made me stay here, you’re back that’s all that matters.”

Allie started to calm down.

“You’re not mad at me?” She sniffled.

“No, how could I be mad at you? Where did you go?”

“I went to Kaz’s.”

“I suppose she ran her mouth again.”

“She did a bit, I punched her….twice.”

“You did what?”

“I punched her, split her lip and she’s going to have a a bloody good black eye.”

“Why did you do that?”

“She ran her mouth saying I was only there because you had thrown me out. And because,…..well it doesn’t matter, I just punched her.”

“I heard what you said.”

“What? When?”

“When you were talking, I heard what you said.”

“I…I…shouldn’t have said it?”


“Do you want me to go?”

“No, I don’t want you to go, in fact I never want you to go.”

“I’d stay here forever if you’d let me.”

“Maybe you can, if you tell me one thing.”

“What? Anything?”

“Did you mean what you said?”

“I…I….err…yes…..I love you…I told Kaz that, she laughed at me…so go on you can laugh at me now!”

“I’m not going to laugh at you. Allie I can’t pretend that I’m not confused about how I feel, I am, but I do know that I can’t stop thinking about you all the time, that I can’t sleep when you aren’t here, I hate waking up without you in my arms, so I guess, and I should have done this before, why I ever thought you living with Booms was a good idea I don’t know…..”

“Bea, babe, your rambling.”

“Sorry, so, I guess, well….I’m trying to ask you stay.”

“What? You mean stay here with you, like, move in?”

“Yes, I should have asked you to the first night you stayed here.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, if you don’t your only going to spend more time here than you do at Boomers, and god I think she’s confused enough already, more confused than me even.” Bea giggled.

“Well in that case, I think I need to go and get my stuff and tell Boomer I’m moving out don’t you?”

Bea nodded her head and laughed.

“Shit, you know Franky’s still downstairs, what’s she going to say?”

“Probably something highly inappropriate, but nothing we can’t handle…together.”

“If you say so, I think she can be a little scary.”

“Franky, Na, she’s a pussy cat really, although she probably could scare Kaz if she gets out of line again, so are ya ready to face big bad Franky?”

“Err, maybe, if you go first.”

They left the bedroom, Allie hanging back a little, not really sure what to expect.

“Sup Red, have you two sorted things out, or do I actually have to kick blondies arse?”

“Everything’s fine, it always was, Allie thought you were going to have a go at her, did she tell ya what she did to Kaz?”

“Oh yer, I would have paid to have seen that, always thought there was something a bit off with her, especially that day she dropped blondies stuff off at the office.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not sure, she just seemed off, like, oh fuck I don’t know, can’t put my finger on it.”

“Franky will you do me a big favour?”

“Oh yer, like what? Need some bedroom advice?”

“Fuck off Franky.”

Franky shrugged seeing that Allie was laughing.

“Ok what’s the favour?”

“Will you take Allie over to Boomers, she needs to pick her stuff up, and tell a Booms she’s moving out.”

Franky looked puzzled.

“Where’s she going now?”

“She isn’t going anywhere!”

“Err, what? Oh…ooh, I get it, fuck Red, why didn’t you just move her in in the first place?”

“Piss off….I just didn’t think of it then.”

“And ya don’t want to answer Boomers questions do ya? Na, we’ll leave that to the expert…..ME!”

“Whatever you need to tell yourself Franky will ya do it or not?”

“Sure, sure, I’ll just tell Booms ya shacking up together so ya can get ya fuck on.”

“Allie will you just get her out of here please, or I may have to hurt her.”

“I think we better go Franky,” Allie giggled.

Franky got up from the sofa and walked towards the door.

“Come on then princess, better do what queen Bea says.”

Bea just stood there shaking her head.

Allie and Franky walked in on a very confused looking Boomer.

“Thought you said I had to phone ya when blondie came home, ya didn’t say ya were bringing her home.”

Allie looked between Franky and Boomer, raising her hands and shaking her head.

“I’m just going to pack.”

“Err, what’s she on about….pack? She only just moved in.”

“Well, Booms, blondies moving in with Bea, yer.”

“But she lives…….hang on…Allie and Bea? Na Bea ain’t no lezza, no offence Franky, but she ain’t.”

“Booms…..Bea’s just jumped on board the big gay bus!”

“But Bea ain’t gay!”

Franky sat there nodding her head, Boomer just sat there looking confused. Not long later Allie appeared with her bags.

“Got everything?”

“Yer, didn’t have that much to start with.”

“Allie, you never said you’re a lezza.”

“Booms, ya never asked.”

“So, you and Bea?”

“Yes Booms.”

“Ok…..hey we’re still mates right?”

“Yes Booms, mates.”

“Cool, ya better go then, have ya ever seen Bea get mad? Not Pretty!”

“I’ll keep that in mind Booms.”

“Better get you back to queen Bea then, Booms not exaggerating, a mad Bea is not a pretty sight.”


“You are sure that this is what you want aren’t you?”

“Allie, I’m completely sure, I just need to work everything out.”

“I can always stay in the spare room.”

“No Allie, you aren’t, have you forgotten already what I said to you?”

“No, no I haven’t but…..well I can get a bit carried away, you know that already.”

“As I recall it was me who got carried away this morning, you stopped.”

“Yes, but what if I don’t next time?”

“I don’t know, maybe next time I really won’t want you to anyway!”

Chapter Text

A week had passed and no one had heard from or seen Kaz, something Allie was pleased about, Bea had been expecting her to turn up at the office at some point, but it had been relatively quiet. Of course Franky had been taking the piss out of The whole Bea and Allie living together situation, throwing around more than a few inappropriate comments, one day when there was a new client waiting to see Bea. But Bea had shrugged most of it off, even managing to turn the tables on her more than once, something Liz found hilarious.

Another Monday morning had arrived much to Bea’s disappointment, almost throwing the alarm clock across the bedroom, Allie found it amusing, while Bea had gotten out of bed in a huff and gone for a shower. Allie just went downstairs to make a start on breakfast leaving Bea to calm down.

Unfortunately Bea had gone downstairs seemingly still in a bad mood, Allie was worried about her, she’d tried to get her to tell her what was wrong resulting in Bea snapping and Allie, she’d just sighed and left her to it going for a shower, by the time she’d showered and dressed, Bea had left for work leaving a very frustrated Allie behind, but she had decided that she would just leave it for now, she was going to get to the bottom of her mood one way or another. But Allie wouldn’t be home all week until after midnight because she was helping to lock up and she only had Sunday off. Sunday was always the quietest day at Wills bar, and as Bea was off that day Will had agreed that Allie could stick with Sunday’s off, for the time being.

Bea was still in a mood when she walked into the office, relieved that only Liz was there.

“Everything alright love?”

“Mmmm.” Was the only answer from Bea before walking into her office.

Liz was becoming more concerned, Bea had always opened up to her in the past, but for the previous three days she had been in a mood, she’d hoped that by this morning she would have worked through what ever was bothering her, now she knew That hadn't happened.

“Morning Liz, Red in?” Said Franky as she breezed through the door.

“Good morning Franky, and yes she’s in, still in a mood though!”

“Fuck sake, she hasn’t said anything?”

“No love, can’t you have a word?”

“Let me have a coffee first, but, I can’t promise I’ll be of much use, she threw me out of her office on Saturday.”

“Yes, I remember love, but this can’t go on, she’ll scare new clients away.”

Franky got herself a coffee and sat in one of the chairs resting her chin on her hand. Bea stomped out of her office and poured herself a coffee looking over at Franky.

“Don’t you have any work to do Franky?” Bea spat before stomping back to her office slamming the door behind her.

Franky looked at Liz, Liz just shook her head.

“Oh no, she did not just bite my head off like that for nothing, screw this! Wish me luck I’m going in, ya might want to get ready to call an ambulance, and I mean for me.”

Franky walked over to Bea’s office door, pausing and inhaling deeply before opening the door.

Sitting down in one of the chairs across the desk from Bea waiting for her to start ranting and raving at her, but it didn’t happen. Bea looked up from what she was trying to read and sighed.

“Go on then, tell me I’m acting like a spoilt brat.”

“Na, wasn’t going to say that, but I am worried about ya.”

“I’m fine Franky.”

“Clearly you aren’t, so spill.”

“It’s just…well the whole Kaz thing, I can’t help but think that she’s up to something.”

“Has she tried contacting blondie?”

“No, but I don’t think she’s going to take Allie punching her lightly do you?”

“She could have just realised that she needs to let blondie live her own life.”

“I don’t buy it.”

“Have ya talked to blondie about this?”

“And say what?”

“Red if we’ve noticed that your not yourself she will have to.”

“I was a mardy arse this morning, I left the house before she even finished in the shower.”

“Fuck sake Red, ya trying to scare her off before you let her in ya pants.”

“Franky! You always have to spoil it.”

“I think you should go home and talk to her, she’s not working till later right?”

“Yer, she doesn’t start till 3.”

“So take ya sorry arse home and talk to her.”

Bea sat thinking for a minute,

“Ok, your right, I shouldn’t be taking it out on you, or any one.”


Allie was trying to watch tv, but she couldn’t stop worrying about Bea, she thought that maybe she had done or said something wrong, but she really couldn’t think of anything, she’d be fine with her until that morning. She didn’t seem to have any cases that were bothering her, she’d said that most of the work they were doing at the moment was mainly tracing people and most of that was online. She couldn’t think of anything, she was so deep in thought that she hadn’t heard the door open and Bea walk in. Bea stood and looked at her, she looked so beautiful, she was a million miles away and Bea couldn’t resist walking up behind the sofa bending forward and kissing her on the cheek.

Allie jumped snapping her head round her lips ghosting over Beas.

“Babe, don’t sneak up on me like that!”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“What are you doing home?”

“Oh ya know, I wanted to see you.”

“Really, you didn’t earlier.”

“About that, I need to talk to you.”

Allie patted the sofa beside her gesturing for her to sit beside her. Bea walked round the sofa and sat down beside her sliding her arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer, Allies head resting on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry about this morning, I shouldn’t have taken my bad mood out on you, I really didn’t mean to.”

“So talk to me, I’m here for you, I’ll always be here for you.”

“You say that but…..”

“There are no buts Bea, I mean it, no one will ever make me change my mind about you, I told you already, I love you.”

“I know, and I’m sorry that I just seem so totally unable to get over myself, it’s not that I don’t know how I feel……I’m….I’m scared.”

“Of me?”

“What! No, no….that I’ll lose you……I can’t help it, it’s this whole Kaz thing, she asked for help finding you and I was happy to do that, then I found you…..and well, she didn’t seem happy when I didn’t drag you back to her, and I couldn’t, wouldn’t make you do what you didn’t want to do. Then that night at the bar, thank god it wasn’t Wills bar, when I heard what she said I thought you were going to punch her then, but I got scared that she’d talk you into going back with her and I ran, I heard everything, she’s not going to let you go.”

“I’m not going anywhere, I’m right where I want to be, she’ll never change my mind, especially after the things she said, you aren’t going to lose me, you could throw me out right now and I would sit out there on your doorstep until you changed your mind, I might have to beg and grovel at your feet a little, wouldn’t hurt would it? But I wouldn’t leave.”

“I can’t help it, I think she, well she seems to think that you belong to her, maybe she’s just over protective I don’t know, I just don’t understand why she can’t just let you be happy and be happy for you.”

“I doubt Kaz will ever be happy, when she was younger, well let’s just say she had some bad experiences, the stuff you have no control over because your too young, and she’s become a little bitter, almost certainly twisted, she needs to feel in control.”

“Even if that means hurting other people?”

“She’s not above hurting people, but she won’t hurt me, or you because I won’t let her.”

“I just feel like she’s going to do something, something I won’t see coming, something I can’t stop or lose control over the situation, I felt helpless with Harry, I didn’t know what to do, couldn’t get out of the situation I was in, it just feels like she knows how to wind me up, like she knows what Harry put me through and she’s playing the same games he did, if that makes any sense to you.”

“But how would she know?”

“Harry’s trial was in the newspaper, there wasn’t a great deal mentioned, and mine and Debbie’s names were never printed, but it’s still out there, I’ve come across it myself, I doubt you’d need to be a genius to link me with him.”

Allie giggled.

“Sorry I’m not laughing at what you said, I take that very seriously, it’s just, well Kaz certainly isn’t a genius, manipulative, bitter, twisted and a total bitch yes, genius defiantly not.”

“So you do get what I’m trying to say?”

“Yes I do, but she can’t get me to leave you by telling me what happened to you, you beat her to it remember, I didn’t leave then did I?”

“See, my head is all over the place, I don’t even know what I’m thinking half the time.”

“Are you going back to work?”

“Not much point really is there, why?”

“I might be able to help take your mind off things before I have to go to work.”

“Oh yer, and how you going to do that?”

“Oh I have my ways ya know, now you sit back right where you are and let me show you.”

Allie got up from where she had been sitting and straddled Bea, placing her hands on her shoulders before placing a long lingering kiss on her lips.

“Do you think that might help?”

“Maybe, if you keep doing it, how long before you have to get ready for work?”

“Couple of hours,” Allie winked at her.

“Oh well in that case you better come here then.”

Allie kissed her again, one of Beas hands found its way to the back of her neck, pulling her in closer and deepening the kiss, the other found its way round to her back, pulling her shirt loose from her jeans and up her back running her fingers up and down her spine, Allie couldn’t stop herself from moaning. When the need to breath became to much they rested their foreheads together.

“Fuck Bea what are you trying to do to me?”

“You don’t like it?”

“Are you kidding?”

Bea pulled her back into the kiss running the hand that had been on her neck gently down her arm, stopping at the hem of her shirt, running the other down her back and reaching the hem of her shirt started tugging it up, Allie broke the kiss and looked her in the eye.

“I need this off!”

Allie raised her arms allowing a Bea to pull it up and off.

“This really isn’t fair you know.”

“So do something about it.”

Allie looked into Beas eyes trying to see the uncertainty that she expected to see but there was none. She reached for the hem of Beas shirt and tugged it out of her trousers before unbuttoning it and sliding it down her arms. Allie placed a soft kiss on her lips before turning her attention to her neck, kissing slowly down her neck as Bea tilted her head to allow her better access, stopping at her pulse point lightly sucking on it drawing a light moan from Bea before kissing her way across her collar bone, down her chest to her left breast, kissing it through the soft material of her bra. Allie was totally oblivious to the fact that Bea had reached around her and unclasped her bra dragging it softly down her arms, Allie lent slightly backwards before removing it completely. Bea couldn’t take her eyes off Allie who just giggled,

“Enjoying the view?”

All Bea could do was nod, not trusting her voice, scooting slightly forward on the sofa, she scooped Allie up laying her back on the sofa before straddling her. She couldn’t stop her eyes from raking over Allies half naked body before slowly lowering herself over Allie, kissing her on the lips before turning her attention to her neck, kissing down to her pulse point nipping and sucking on it, Allie moaned Beas name. Allie was so turned on she wasn’t sure if she would be able to stop where she knew this was headed, but she was curious to see how far Bea would go. Bea felt like her entire body was on fire, every touch, every kiss no matter how light or fleeting sending a jolt to her core, it was something that was so unfamiliar to her, but at the same time very pleasurable and she wanted more, feeling the wetness between her legs made her wonder if Allie was feeling the same or just playing along with her. “Stop thinking about it,” she told herself, as she kissed along Allies collar bone and down to her right breast and sucking the already erect nipple into her mouth.

“Bea babe, as much as I really want this, and god do I want this we have to stop.”

Bea looked up at Allie, the desire in her eyes totally unmissable.

“You want to stop?”

“Babe we have to, I need a shower and to get ready for work, trust me if I didn’t have to go to work I would be taking you to bed any second now.”

Bea stood up, retrieving her shirt that was still on the sofa and putting it back on before picking Allies up from the floor and handing it to her. Bea stood looking at the floor feeling more than a little embarrassed,


“Bea, look at me, you have nothing to be sorry about, I want everything with you, but only if you feel ready.”

Bea looked her in the eyes, not sure that she could even tell Allie what she felt or what she wanted, instead she just turned, sat down and groaned.

“I do have to go to work.”

“I know, I’ll drop you off,”

“You don’t have to.”

“No, but I want to, and I’ll pick you up tonight.”

“No need, not tonight at least, Will said he was going to stay over and go over everything with me and he said he’d bring me home, you don’t mind do you? I don’t see the point in dragging you out if you don’t have to.”

“Course I don’t mind, you better go and get ready then, can’t promise I won’t drag you back to the sofa if you stay here.”

Allie had just started walking up the stairs as Bea said that, stopping and looking over her shoulder at Bea she winked, “later babe.”

Chapter Text

“Later babe,” that was all Bea kept hearing on repeat in her head all afternoon, she’d been trying to shrug those words off, but she couldn’t help thinking about what almost happened on the sofa, “god, the sofa of all places,” chastising herself. Trying to keep herself busy she’d cleaned the house from top to bottom, changed the bedding and gone to the supermarket, something she should have done the day before but Allie hadn’t wanted to go and Bea hadn’t wanted to leave her alone even though she knew Kaz didn’t know where she lived. Finally she sat on the sofa, grabbing her sketch book trying to concentrate on the drawing she had been trying to finish for the last few days. Hearing a knock on the door set her heart racing, “calm down idiot,” she said to herself dropping her sketch book back onto the coffee table, hearing the knock again and then Franky, “come on Red, I’ll be an old woman before you get here!”

Opening the door Franky didn’t wait to be invited in and barged passed her.

“Nice to see you to Franky, do you need something?”

“Just a chat.”

“About? Enlighten me!”

“Did you and blondie talk, or are you still in a bad mood? Like am I going to need to start coming to work in body armour or is it safe?”

“Fuck off Franky, and yes we talked.”

“So! Am I allowed to ask?”

“Sit down will ya, want a coffee?”

“Stop changing the subject.”

“I’m not I’m asking if you want a coffee.”

“Oh, ok yer I’ll have a coffee.” Taking a seat on the sofa she waited for Bea to return.

Bea handed her a mug and sat down in the chair across from Franky.

“Am I going to have to drag it out of ya?”

“Na, it’s just all this crap with Kaz, I just expect her to turn up and make things worse.”

“And what did blondie say?”

“Allie, thinks she’s bitter, twisted and a bitch!”

“Well she should know.”

“So ya feeling better. Judging by that grin on ya face I’d say you did more than talk.”

“Fuck off Franky, I’m telling you nothing.”

“Oh, now you’ve really got me interested, was it more than kissing?”


“Hmmm, so, let me think, there’s no way it involved taking anything off.”

Bea was blushing the same colour as her hair and Franky couldn’t miss that.

“Don’t tell me you got her top off? Ya did didn’t ya? But the bra, Na that’ll never happen!”

Bea just nodded.

“Fuck Red, what did you stop for?”

“Allie had to go to work, now can we drop this?”

“You need to stop thinking so much, you overthink everything, if your in the moment and it feels right, then, ya know, just go with it, if she’s put up with just lettin’ ya cop a feel I’m sure she can put up with ya tellin’ her to stop if you don’t like it.”

“Franky, please, did you actually want anything?”

“Oh yer, Gidge sent me to get ya!”

“What for?”

“She said your coming over for dinner even if you say no as your on your own.”

“And if I refuse.”

“Not an option, come on Bea, you want to see me in the dog house if I go back without ya?”

“Oh well, when you put it like that…..I’m just fine home alone.”

“Bea, please, ya know I love you, I’m just teasing you, I meant it though, just go with it, now please.”

“Are you going to keep teasing me all night?”

“No, honest, scouts honour, I’ll behave.”

“Can’t refuse then can I?”


Bea had actually enjoyed getting out of the house, Franky had tried hard not to tease her and she’d only slipped up twice earning her a stern look from Bridget. The evening had been good but Bea had missed Allie and Bridget had spotted that while they were eating, after dinner Franky had retreated to the kitchen to tackle the dishes almost throwing Bea out when she wanted to help, but Bridget had told her to leave it to Franky and have another glass of wine with her. She’d given in, if she knew anything she knew that Bridget wouldn’t tease her, and even though she didn’t know her all that well she could sit and chat with Bridget.

“Not the same is it?”

“I’m sorry, what isn’t?”

“Being out on your own when you get used to being with someone, I’m the same when I’m not with Franky.”

“It feels strange, missing someone other than Debbie, I honestly never though I would have anyone to miss.”

“I’m sorry Bea, you know I’m not going to start asking awkward or embarrassing questions, you just looked like your thoughts were a million miles away over dinner.”

“Yer, just a little.”

“We’ll have to organise dinner one night when Allies not working late, I really would like to get to know her, she must be good for you, you look happier than I’ve ever seen you.”

“Yes, she is, I just wish I could get past some of the crap that’s still in my head.”

“She’s not pressuring you to do anything you feel uncomfortable with is she?”

“Oh god no, if anything she stops me, it’s like she knows when I’ll start to feel uncomfortable before I do.”

“Honestly, you’ll know when your ready, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise especially a certain person who I know is listening to our conversation.”

“Gidge, you spoil all my fun,” an offended looking Franky walked out of the kitchen.

“Oh Franky, your face, we need a picture of that.”

“What time does blondie finish tonight?”

“She won’t be in till after midnight.”

“That’s rough, you ready to go home or are ya sticking around?”

Looking at the time Bea decided that she’d rather go home, if she stayed there any later she would end up having a few more glasses of wine and she wanted to keep a clear head, she was trying not to think too much about Kaz, but she couldn’t put her out of her mind completely.

“Think I’m ready to go if you don’t mind.”

“Na Red, we don’t mind, give me a sec and I’ll take ya home.”


Walking into the empty house Bea just sighed, getting a bottle of water from the fridge she switched the tv on flicking through the channels and eventually settled on a comedy show that she’d never heard of, once it had finished she decided to just go to bed and read. Bea had dozed off while reading her book, when Allie got home she found her still sat up asleep with her book resting in her lap. Allie couldn’t help but smile, she picked the book up and put it on the floor before trying to wake Bea up, she kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, Bea opened her eyes.

“Allie, what time is it?”

“12:17 you weren’t waiting up for me where you?”

“I was trying to, must have nodded off while I was reading.”

“You should lie down and go back to sleep, I won’t be long.”

Allie went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and had a wash, entering the bedroom Bea had fallen asleep again but at least she wasn’t still sat up, getting ready for bed she slipped into bed beside her, reached over and turned off the lamp before snuggling up to Bea, she was tired and almost instantly fell asleep. She was woken a short while later hearing Bea mumbling, she sat up realising that she wasn’t awake, she sat there for a couple of minutes listening, she couldn’t make everything out,

“No, she’s not going with you”

“I told you, no.”

“Leave her alone”

Allie knew what she was dreaming about but she wasn’t sure if she should try to wake her up, she didn’t need to as Bea sat bolt up right in bed tears streaming down her face.

“Bea….babe, you were dreaming,”

“Allie,” she turned to here and threw her arms round her clinging on to her as if her life depended on it.

“It’s alright, I’m here, what were you dreaming about?”

“It was Kaz she was trying to take you away,”

“Babe lay down with me, I promise you she’s not going to take me anywhere I don’t want to go.”


Allie pulled her back down in the bed turning over and cuddling up to her.

“I promise, I’m not going anywhere, I’m right here with you and that’s the only place I want to be.”

Bea pulled Allie as close to her as could and held her tight, Allie was tired but didn’t want to go to sleep in case Bea started dreaming again, but she felt her eyes closing, Bea was wide awake, but she kept quiet, just as Allie was falling asleep Bea released her grip on her a little pulling her head slightly back on her pillow so she could look at Allie better.

“I love you.”

Allie smiled

“I love you to.”

Chapter Text

Bea had forgotten to set the alarm the night before when Allie woke up she was still sleeping soundly beside her, she looked over at the clock, suddenly realising that it was gone 9am and Bea was late for work. Allie sat up, shaking Bea lightly but got no response, she shook her a little harder and still got no response, kissing her face instead Allie felt her start moving but she didn’t open her eyes,

“Bea, you need to wake up.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“Babe, your late for work!”

“Am not the alarm hasn’t gone off yet.”

“I think you forgot to set it, its after 9.”

Bea sat up quickly looking at the time,

“Fuck, Franky’s going to give me shit for this.”

“For oversleeping?”

“Come on you know she won’t believe that, she’ll think we were…..well you know.”

“Babe seriously, we know you over slept, who cares what Franky thinks?”

“You would if you had to work with her.”

“You go for a shower, I’ll call Liz for you and tell her you’re going to be late.”

Bea got out of bed and ran into the bathroom, Allie couldn’t help but laugh. Picking up Beas phone she called Liz.

“Bea love, everything alright?”

“Liz, its Allie, Bea forgot to set the alarm, she’s only just got up.”

“No problem, we aren’t busy, and Franky hasn’t got in yet, and I’m betting her excuse isn’t the alarm.”

“Thanks Liz, think I better go and make some coffee.”

“Tell Bea not to worry love and I’ll see her later.”

Hanging up she went to the bathroom door and opened it,

“Bea I phoned Liz, she said not to worry about being late.”

“Yer, but she doesn’t have to put up with Franky’s constant teasing.”

“Actually she said Franky isn’t in yet.”

“Franky late? Wonder if she had the same problem with her alarm,” she giggled.

“Maybe, I’ll make some coffee.”

She struggled to close the door behind her, she really could have just have stripped herself and got in the shower with Bea and had her right there. She wasn’t going to let on to Bea, but she was struggling, she wanted her all the time, the more time they spent together the worse that need got, but she had said that she wouldn’t pressure her into anything and she wasn’t about to change her mind and risk losing her because she couldn’t control herself. She went to the kitchen and put the coffee on, ten minutes later Bea appeared in the kitchen.



She poured her a mug handing it over.

“I might stay at work later tonight and make up for being late.”

“It’s up to you, you’re only home alone anyway,” she sighed.

“Hey, I thought you enjoyed working at the bar.”

“I do, I just don’t like working really late, I miss you.”

Bea finished her coffee, putting the mug in the sink and turning to Allie bringing her into a hug.

“I miss you to, but your on early next week aren’t you?”

“Yes, thank god.”

Bea kissed her on the cheek.

“I’ve got to go.”


Bea made it into the office five minutes before Franky strolled in, she was sitting on the edge of Liz’s desk when she appeared, grin plastered on her face.

“What time do you call this Doyle?”

“Oh yer, about that, Gidge forgot to set the alarm.”

Both Bea and Liz burst out laughing.

“Ok, what’s so funny?”

“Oh nothing, except that we really don’t believe that.”

“It’s the truth, honestly, phone Gidge, ya know she wouldn’t lie to you, don’t think she knows how.”

“Ok Franky if you say so.”

“Well…..I better get on with some work,” she headed off to her office leaving Bea and Liz still laughing.

“That was close love.”

“I know, but I really did forget to set the alarm, I was reading in bed trying to wait up for Allie and I fell asleep.”

“Next time remember to set the alarm before you pick a book up.”

“Oh, trust me I will.”


It was gone 8pm when Bea noticed the time. Franky hadn’t left until 7pm saying that she had almost finished up a report and needed to finish it. Shutting down her computer she thought she heard the door open, she shrugged it off until she heard it close, getting up from her chair she crossed her office stopping behind her door to listen, not a sound, she slowly opened her office door, no one there. Leaving her office she spotted a box sat a few feet away from the door, she walked over to it, seeing nothing more than just what looked like a bunch of papers and a few photo’s with an envelope sat on the top with Allie’s name on it, she picked it up setting it down on Liz’s desk, opened the door stepping outside to look around, there was no one there, no cars that she didn’t recognise, walking back inside she pulled her phone out and sent a text to Allie.

A box was just left for you at the office, on my way over to the bar.

Putting her phone away she switched all the lights off, picked up the box and left the office locking the door behind her and getting into her car, putting the box on the passenger seat. This had to be Kaz, she couldn’t just go into the office during the day like any normal person, but how did she know anyone was still there? Only one answer she could come up with that she watching the office, and if she was watching the office did she know where she lived, where Allie was now living, did she know where Allie was working? She was dragged from her thoughts by her phone, taking it from her pocket it was a text from Allie.

That’s strange, you don’t have to come over, but I would love to see you x

I’m coming over, I miss you

She put her phone away and drove over to Wills bar heading inside it wasn’t that busy and Allie was chatting with Shane, she spotted Bea and headed over to the end of the bar just as Bea was sitting down.

“You miss me that much?”


“So, a mystery box? What’s in it?”

“I don’t really know I didn’t look, just looks like papers and a few photographs, but it’s for you, there is an envelope with it with your name written on it.”

“You think Kaz left it don’t you?”

“Who else could it be?”

“No idea. Do you want a drink, my treat?”

“I’ll have a beer seeing as I’m here,” Winking at Allie.

“One beer coming right up for the gorgeous woman at the end of the bar.”

Bea blushed and gave her a shy smile.

“You’re too cute when you blush you know,”

“I am not.”

Will had just left his office seeing Bea and Allie at the end of the bar talking he headed over to them.

“Ladies, everything ok?”

Allie looked at Will,“I better get back to work.”

Will laughed, “what did I say?”

“I think she’s still a little scared of losing this job.”

“Na, not going to happen, I’d be the biggest idiot going to let Allie go, she works too hard, and she’s picked everything up so quickly.”

“She loves working here.”

“Not as much as she loves you, and before you say anything it’s obvious, you look good together, and that smile suits you.”

Bea just nodded a little lost for words.

“So anyway, how come your in here tonight?”

“Oh, just something strange happened before I left work and I needed to tell Allie.”

“Strange, sounds interesting want to tell me?”

Bea told Will everything that had happened that evening.

“So this Kaz, was the one Allie used to live with, and she’s not taking her leaving so well, she’s got no chance of getting Allie back ya know.”

“I know, Allie said that, but I can’t help thinking that she coming after her, after us.”

“I think she’s jealous, I mean I’ve never seen the woman, but look at you, your stunning Bea, who wouldn’t be jealous, and you have something she wants back. I hate to say it but maybe she thought that her and Allie had a future.”

“Shit, I never thought of that, I wonder if Allie even realised?”

“You know what, its dead in here, I think I’m going to let you take Allie home, and so I don’t look like I’m playing favourites I’ll let Shane go too, they both deserve it anyway.”

Thirty minutes later they were home, Bea had been quiet on the drive over and Allie presumed it was just something to do with the box and the way it had been left at the office.

“Come and sit with me, you can help me go through all this crap.”

“It was left for you Allie, I don’t need to see what it is.”

“No you don’t but I want you to, I’ve got nothing to hide from you, please?”

“Ok, but only if your sure.”

“I am.”

Most of it was just junk, notes Allie had written herself so she didn’t forget stuff, photos of her and her ex they went straight in the bin pile, a couple of photos of her with Kaz, Bea said that she should keep them, there was still a chance that they could sort this out, Allie said she didn’t want them but Bea put them to one side and told her to think about it later. Getting to the bottom of the box she found her driving license and passport, she laughed at the passport photo, telling Bea the only reason she got it in the first place was because Kaz had insisted she needed one. The last thing she found in the box were the few family photos she had managed to keep, managed to keep them safe even out on the streets, they were the most important things to her, a picture of her grandma and grandad together, one of them with her when she was around 12 and one of her and her grandma about six months before she died. Bea said that she was going to get her some frames to put them in, that made Allie cry.

“Kaz said that they were my old life and I should throw them away.”

“That’s crap, they are your family, always will be, they may not be around anymore but you can’t erase their memory and it’s good to have a picture to look at, I would never want you to forget them, and Kaz had no right saying that to you.”

Allie wiped her eyes, “how did I ever find you, you’re too good for me?”

“I think it’s the other way round, but I found you if you remember.”

Allie picked up the envelope turning it over in her hands a few times.

“Are you going to open it?”

“It’s probably just more of her shit, I’m not sure I want to open it.”

“It’s up to you what you do, but maybe reading it when you aren’t tired would be better.”

“Maybe I’ll read it tomorrow, and maybe I’ll just throw it away, soooo, are you coming to bed?”

“Oh I don’t know about that.”

“I’m insulted, are you saying you don’t want to snuggle up to this?” Pointing at herself.

“Now that has to be an offer I can’t resist, but I’m warning you I can’t promise that I won’t have to kiss you.”

“Oh ya better!”

Leaving the envelope on the coffee table they went to bed.

Chapter Text

They had been laying in bed for almost two hours and Allie had fallen asleep after a pretty heavy make out session, Bea on the other hand was very much awake and this time it wasn’t because of thoughts about what Kaz was up to, she really hadn’t wanted to stop but again Allie had put an end to it and now Bea was just frustrated. She turned her back towards Allie and moved herself as far away from her as she could but that wasn’t helping. In the end she got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink, sitting at the kitchen table she couldn’t get the thoughts of touching Allie out of her head. It was no good, she couldn’t take it any longer, she needed Allie, she needed more. Going back to bed she stood at the bottom of the bed looking at Allie, she looked perfect, she didn’t want to wake her up, “fuck it” she thought to herself.

The usual shy Bea had evaporated totally, stripping herself of her nightwear she climbed back into bed next to Allie gently pushing her over onto her back and straddling her. She knew Allie only ever slept in a t shirt and panties, and she was determined that they weren’t staying on for any longer than she could help it. Leaning down she kissed her nose, her cheeks, her forehead before kissing her on her lips. Moving to her neck she kissed her down her neck reaching her pulse point she kissed, sucked and nibbled it before she got any reaction from Allie,

“Bea …..what are you doing?” She said sleepily.

“I need you, I need to feel you.”

“Fuck Bea.”

She kissed back up the other side of her neck before planting a soft loving kiss on her lips.

“Are you sure about this.”

“I’ve never been so sure about anything, I can’t wait any longer.”

Allie wrapped her arms around Beas neck pulling her closer kissing her with more passion than ever before, their tongues gliding together until they had to break apart desperate for air. Bea pulled back dragging her hands down Allies sides until she reached the hem of her shirt slowly tugging it up Allie raised her arms and head enough for Bea to finally get the offending item of clothing out of the way. Bea looked down at Allie raking her eyes over every inch of exposed skin she could lay her eyes on.

“So beautiful,” she mumbled as she moved herself so she was laying between Allies legs, lowering herself so they were laying breast to breast, kissing down her neck and along her collar bone, slowly kissing down between her breasts before turning her attention to her right breast kissing it gently enjoying the feeling of the soft skin against her lips before licking lightly over the nipple and sucking it into her mouth, Allie moaned softly. Bea had no clue what she was doing, but she really didn’t care right now, all she wanted was to feel Allies skin against hers. She remembered what Franky had said about knowing when it felt right and going with it, and this felt right, so right. She kissed her way over to her left breast repeating what she had just done.

“Bea, please, come up here,”

Bea looked up at Allie before slowly kissing her way back to her face.

“Bea we really don’t have to do this,”

“Yes, yes we do, I want this.”

“If you start to feel uncomfortable you let me know and We can stop."

Allie wrapped her arms around her pulling her even closer than she thought possible, she just wanted to feel her skin against her own, Bea was trying to wriggle free from Allie but she wasn’t getting away.

“Allie” Bea wined.

Allie flipped them over, releasing the tight hold she had on her, trailing her hands up her arms, goosebumps raising on her skin. Raising herself slightly so she was hovering above her looking down between their bodies before leaning forward and kissing her, breaking the kiss to move onto her neck, kissing her way down until reaching her pulse point lightly nibbling on it, earning her a moan, kissing across her collar bone, down her chest and kissing her way across each breast before turning her attention to her left breast, swirling her tongue around the nipple before sucking it into her mouth, earning her another moan. Her hand finding its way to her right breast slowly kneading it before rolling the nipple between her thumb and finger. Her other hand trailing down Beas side making her shiver. Slowly dragging herself down Beas body kissing every inch of skin she could, she didn’t want to rush wanted to take her time, Beas frustration level slowly rising.

“Allie, I…I…need……” she trailed off

“What do you need?”

“You….I…need you to….touch me.”

Allie slowly kissed her way back up Beas body reaching her lips kissing her softly.

“Tell me if you want me to stop.”

Bea just nodded.

Trailing her fingers slowly down her body tracing small circles across her stomach her muscles twitching beneath her fingertips, before moving lower her fingers finding their way to her overheated soaking wet core.

“Please Allie,” she said almost pleadingly and opening her legs wider.

Allie ran her fingers through her soaking wet folds causing Bea to gasp, stilling her movement as she reached her entrance, skimming her thumb over her clit.

“Fuck Allie, please.”

“What do you want Bea?”

“I need you,…..inside me.”

Allie slowly entered her with one finger, stilling the movement to allow Bea to get used to the feeling, feeling her wriggle slightly she slowly started to thrust in and out of her.


Allie withdrew her finger adding another before thrusting back into her, stilling her movement again for a few seconds before picking up the pace, swiping over her clit with her thumb. Picking up the pace a little more she began circling her clit with her thumb before curling her fingers inside her feeling her inner walls start to convulse.

“Oh, fuck…….Allie,..I…I…”

“It’s ok, I’m right here, let go for me.”

That was all Bea needed before her orgasm ripped through her entire body, Allie holding onto her while helping her ride it out, slowing her movements before stilling completely and removing her fingers. Bea lay there breathing heavily trying to calm down, after a few minutes her breathing was returning to normal, she cuddled into Allie who was now laying beside her.

“Allie, that was amazing…..I love you.”

“I love you to, more than anything.”

Bea pulled Allie back on top of her before flipping them over.

“Bea you don’t have to.”

“I want to, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“It’s ok, just do what I did, you won’t hurt me, I’m not going to break.”

Bea crashed their lips together as she trailed her hand down Allies body to the waistband of her panties, dragging them down enough for Allie to wriggle her way out of them.she dragged her hand over her hip down the front of her thigh before slowly dragging her fingers up the inside of her thigh until she reached the place where she knew Allie needed her the most, slipping a finger between her already dripping wet folds she circled her clit making Allie moan loudly, dipping her fingers lower she slid a finger inside her, amazed at how hot and wet she was, before removing it and adding another finger slowly, she slowly began moving her fingers in and out feeling Allies hips begin to buck she quickened the pace, swiping her thumb over her clit.

“Fuck Bea, don’t stop, I’m so close.”

That spurred her on speeding up her movements more and circling her clit with her thumb. Allies orgasm ripped through her like nothing she had ever felt before, moaning Beas name over and over. Bea slowed her movements before removing her fingers and pulling Allie close to her holding her until she calmed down.

“God Bea.”

“Was it that bad?”

“What? No, that was….that was…I can’t even find the words to describe it.”

“So it was good?”

“Babe it was fantastic.”

They lay holding each other both slowly drifting off to sleep, the envelope on the coffee table long forgotten.

Chapter Text

Allie woke up an hour before the alarm was due to go off, arms and legs still tangled with Beas, her head resting against her chest she felt happier than she ever remembered feeling. She wanted to stay right were she was forever, her mind wondered back to the previous night the smile on her face growing wider. About twenty minutes later she felt Bea turn her head guessing she was looking at the time before feeling her move her head towards her kissing her on the head, She moved her head to rest against Beas shoulder.

“Good morning babe.”

“Mmm, good morning beautiful,” she replied sleepily, before pulling her closer.

They lay there in silence enjoying the closeness until the alarm made them both jump.

“God, do I really have to go to work today?”

“Well we could stay here all day but then you’ll have to put up with Franky teasing you.”

“Shit, that’s even worse than getting up, but ya know she’s going to tease me anyway.”

“Better get up, you go and have a shower, I’ll make breakfast.”

Allie untangled her self from Bea, much to her displeasure, even though she knew she had to get up she really didn’t want to. Allie got out of bed picking her shirt up off the floor and pulling it on turning to look at Bea.

“Come on get your lazy self out of that bed.”


Allie walked slowly back over to the bed before laying down on her side next to Bea looking her straight in the eye.

“Your not still shy are you,”

Bea just blushed.

“And there I was thinking after you woke me up like that you’d have forgotten about being shy around me.”

She lent over and kissed her.

“I’ll leave you to it.”

She got off the bed pulled a pair of shorts out of a drawer and put them on, getting to the door she turned to look at Bea before opening it.

“Better hurry up,” winking back over her shoulder before walking out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

As soon as Allie left the room she jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom grabbing a quick shower, wrapping a towel round herself she went back to the bedroom finding Allie sat on the bed with the envelope in her hand, 2 mugs of coffee sat on the bedside table.

“I think we need to open this,”

“Open it then.”

Allie shook her head,

“No, WE need to open this, come and sit down.”

Bea didn’t know why Allie seemed so nervous, had she done something that Kaz knew about and she’d not told her? Pushing that thought to the back of her mind she walked over to the bed sitting down next to Allie putting her arm around her waist and pulling her closer.

“Any idea what’s in it?”

“No, I can’t think of anything, I’ve got nothing to hide, I’ve told you everything, you believe me don’t you?”

“Course I do, but Kaz is up to something that is blindingly obvious.”

“I know, but I don’t know why, I never said I’d stay with her forever.”

“Maybe not but maybe that’s how she thought it would be, let’s just get it over and done with.”

Allie turned the envelope over and opened it, finding nothing but a photo inside, and it wasn’t like anything she was expecting, it was of Allie and Kaz, Allie vaguely remembers the night it was taken, they had gone to a party at one of Kaz’s friends houses, only the next morning she didn’t remember how she got home, thinking that she just got so wasted she couldn’t remember, and she certainly didn’t remember this picture being taken, Kaz was kissing Allie and not in a way friends kiss.

“Bea…I…I…don’t remember that ever happening.”

Bea was shocked but noticed that it looked like there was writing on the back.

“Allie turn it over.”

She turned it over, in bright red pen it said,

Your mine, you belong to me, you’ll be back here sooner than you think, back where you belong

“Bea you have to believe me, I don’t remember that happening.”

Bea was shocked, then she remembered what Will had said about Kaz thinking they had a future together.

“Bea, please talk to me.”

“Sorry…..I’m not ignoring you, just shocked, but Will said something to me yesterday.”

“What? What did he say?”

“He thinks that Kaz thinks that I’ve got something that she wants, that maybe she thought that she had a future with you.”

“Fuck, she’s more fucking sick and twisted than I thought, you can’t believe that I would want to be with her, you don’t do you?”

“That photo was obviously taken long before we even met, plus you look totally out of it. And do you really think that if I believed that I would still be sat here with you?”

“Probably not.”

“Listen, I’m going to take this to work with me, show Franky, see what she thinks, is that ok?”

“I guess, fuck Franky’s going to lay into me now.”

“No she’s not, I won’t let her, do you really think I can’t handle Franky?”

“I guess.”

“When I leave I’m going to lock the door, she could have followed me home, I’ll talk to Franky and then we’ll come back here,”

“I have to go to work.”

“I know, but not until 3 right, I’ll take you in, I need a word with Will.”

“Oh great, I’m going to lose my job for sure when he finds out I’ve got a twisted fucker stalking me.”

“No, Allie you won’t, Will is an ex cop, he still has mates on the force, and he’ll watch out for you when your at work.”

“Are you sure?”

“Have I lied to you yet?”


“And I’m not about to start right now, I love you Allie, she’s not going to get near you, I promise.”


Bea arrived at work before 8:30am, seeing Lizs’s car parked in its usual spot she pulled her phone out to call Franky.

“Sup Red?”

“Franky can you come into the office, like now.”

“Yer sure Red but now ya got me worried, gonna give me a clue?”

“I don’t want to talk about it over the phone.”

“Sounds serious, I’ll get my shit together and be right over, 15 minutes ok?”

“Thanks Franky.”

Putting her phone away she got out of the car and headed into the office. Liz was already sitting at her desk flicking through a magazine.

“Morning love, everything ok?”

“Yes and no, Franky’s on her way in.”

“You got Franky to come in early?”

“Yes, I will fill you in but I really need to speak to Franky first.”

“No worries love, oh, before you go, this was under the door when I got in this morning.”

Liz passed her an envelope, Bea Smith, written on it in red ink. Taking the envelope from Liz she went to her office, she recognised the hand writing, “fucking Kaz,” she thought to herself. She dropped it down on her desk and sat down waiting for Franky.

Five minutes later Franky walked through her office door. Taking a seat in front of the desk.

“So come on what’s so urgent that it couldn’t wait another half an hour?”

Bea slid the photo across the desk to her.

“When you’ve looked at it turn it over and read the back.”

“Shit, Bea, is this for real? Na, Na that picture was staged, blondies not even conscious by the looks of it. Fucking twisted bitch.”

“Tell me about it,”

“How she holding up?”

“Allies more scared that I don’t believe her than she seems to be of anything Kaz can throw at her.”

“You do believe her don’t ya?”

“Course I do, and even if I didn’t, it happened before we met, strange thing is is that I know Allie was seeing someone else before she did her disappearing act, she said she only dumped her when she found out what she used to do, but that’s another story, she never said anything about Kaz sticking her nose in, but then maybe she didn’t know.”

“Well I don’t know her as well as you do, and that fucking smile on ya face is sickening, so I know ya don’t believe anything that fuck nut is saying.”

“This was under the door when Liz got here,” picking the envelope up off the desk.

“Have ya opened it?”

“No, I was waiting for you to get here.”

Franky got up and walked round the desk sitting on the edge.

“No time like the present.”

Bea opened it removing a piece of paper inside, unfolding it and reading it out loud.

Allies mine, keep your hands off, I want her packed and out of your house by the end of the day.

“Shit, that’s fucked up.”

“You think?”

“So what are we gonna do?”

“You’re helping?”

“What do you think? We’re family ain’t we, and no one messes with my family.”

“We’re going to have to tell Liz everything, and we need to speak to Will.”

“Right so first things first, we need to find out as much as we can about Kaz, you still got all her details?”

“Should be in Allies missing person file, Liz can dig it out.”

“I’ll get the file and do some digging, you explained this to Liz and then get home, I’ll be over as soon as I can.”

Franky left Bea sitting in her office, the only thing that made any sense in her head was that Kaz was jealous, but why now? She hadn’t been jealous about her previous girlfriend, at least Allie said she hadn’t been. There had to be more behind this and she was going to get to the bottom of it one way or another. Leaving her office she filled Liz in on everything that had happened, before checking in with Franky who just told her to go home and make sure Allie was ok. Heading out of the office Bea asked Liz to make sure the CCTV outside the office was turned on and recording 24 hours, they didn’t normally bother but if it was Kaz hanging around she wanted proof.

Chapter Text

When she got home arrived home Allie wasn’t in the lounge or the kitchen, guessing she must still be upstairs she went straight to the bedroom finding her curled up on the bed cuddling her legs to her chest sobbing uncontrollably, she flew across the room sitting on the bed and pulling Allie into her lap.

“Allie, baby, what’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry…….”

“Sorry for what?”

“About Kaz, about that photo, about Kaz ever asking you to find me.”

“Hey, hey, listen to me, I’m not sorry about Kaz asking me to find you, I’m glad I found you, I don’t care about Kaz, about that photo, I only care about you, we’re going to get through this, we’ll find out what game she’s playing and we’ll sort it out, you don’t need to worry about it.”

“I should leave, then she’ll leave you alone if you don’t know where I am.”

“No, Allie, I want you to stay, you can’t leave, I won’t let you, I love you.”

“Even with all the trouble I’m causing you?”

“You aren’t causing me any trouble, this is all on Kaz not you.”

They sat there until there was a knock on the door, hearing it open and close.

“Red you here?” Franky called out.

“Up here, we’ll be down in a minute.”

“Yer, I'll make fresh coffee.”


“Hey come on you, go get a shower and come down when your ready.”

“I don’t want to see Franky, this is all my fault.”

“No it’s not, stop saying that, Franky wants to help, now come on, or I might have to drag you into the shower myself, and Franky would have a field day with that.”

“Yer,” Allie giggled.

“That’s better, I’ll be downstairs ok?”

“I’ll try not to take too long but I can’t promise anything.”

“Take too long and I might have to send Franky to look for you!”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Take too long and you’ll find out.” She threw over her shoulder as she walked out of the door.


Bea found Franky sat at the kitchen table waiting for her coffee in hand, she poured herself a cup and sat down across the table from her.

“What took so bloody long, havin’ a quickie were ya?”

“Piss off Franky!”

“Just kiddin’ with ya, but I know what that smile ya wearin’ means, and I want details but that can wait, at least for now!”

“So did you find anything out?”

“Yer, she’s a bit of a shady character.”

“How so?”

“Well I checked out her social media, ya know, start with the obvious, she’s associated with some pretty nasty people.”

“How do you mean nasty?”

“Well I did some digging couple of them have done time and at least one of them is a drug dealer.”

“This doesn’t make any sense, why would she be associated with a drug dealer?”

“Hey, just tellin’ ya what I found.”

“Yer, I know, this whole thing is outta hand, and I can’t see how Allie is caught up in any of this.”

“Me either, a drug dealer and helping a junkie get clean hardly go hand in hand.”

“Franky, I know you mean well but please, don’t refer to Allie as a junkie, you really don’t know what she’s been through.”

“Yer, sorry I shouldn’t have said that, so where is blondie anyway, makin’ herself look all sexy for yours truly?”

“Thought I told ya before Franky I have standards.”

“Yer ya did but ya can’t blame me for trying.”

“In your dreams Franky.”

“Oh, what ya sayin’ ya been dreamin’ about me?”

“God no, I don’t need to dream I have all I want right here,” she said walking up behind Bea and wrapping her arms round her.

“Fine I know when I’ve lost.”

“Allie, we need to tell you something’s that Franky has found out about Kaz.”

“Is this going to be bad?”

“It might be hard to swallow, but you have to tell us if you knew anything about what we know.”

Franky told her everything that she had dug up, Allie just sat there listening not believing half of what she was hearing, she couldn’t get her head round it.

“Your telling me that Kaz is friends with a drug dealer?”

“Afraid so.”

“Wouldn’t happen to be Tina would it?”

“Yer, so you knew all this time?”

“No, not exactly, I knew there was something I didn’t like about her, and….that photo, it was taken at her party.”

“This just keeps gettin’ better.”

“What are you thinking Franky?”

“That I need to do more diggin’, I have a funny feeling. I’m goin’ back to office.”

“Call me if find anything.”

“No problem Red, laters.”


Franky wasn’t going back to the office, she jumped in the car and headed off straight for Kaz’s house. She just had to hope that she didn’t make things worse than they were. Twenty minutes later she pulled up outside Kaz’s, spotting her car was parked on the drive she took a deep breath before getting out of the car and walking to the front door and knocking on it loudly. The door opened, as soon as Kaz saw who it was she tried shutting  the door in her face but Franky was too quick for her placing her arm against the door.

“What the fuck do you want,” she spat.

“You know what I want, I want to know what the fuck is goin’ on!”

“I just want Allie back.”

“Why? What’s this about?”

“You better come in, I’m not talking about this on the fucking door step.”

She opened the door and Franky pushed passed her.

“Can I get you a drink?”

“Na, I want to know why you’re doing this, blondie reckons you weren’t like this with her last girlfriend so why ya got a problem with Bea?”

“I don’t have a problem with Bea…..sit down please.”

Franky took a seat, waiting for Kaz to sit.

“You don’t have a problem with Bea? Ya have a funny way of showing it.”

“You have to believe me I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to put Allie through this, or Bea, but….”

“Spit it out already, I don’t have the rest of my fucking life to sit here.”

“I suppose you already know about Tina?”

Franky nodded.

“I met her just before I met Allie, at the time I didn’t know she was a dealer, she was always hanging around the girls on the streets and I got talking to her, she was always friendly and we got on. It wasn’t until Allie and her ex split up that I found out what she was, I tried to get her out of my life, but then Allie went missing, I couldn’t find her so I went to Bea as you know. I hate to have to say this but this is because of Allie being with Bea.”

“Oh yer, let’s blame it on Bea, are you really that fucked in the head?”

“No I’m not saying that, like I’m blaming her. Tina supplies a screw at Walford, Jake Stewart, when Allie didn’t want to come home Tina saw her with Bea, she knew about Harry being Bea’s ex and she said something to Jake. He must have told Harry about Bea and Allie. Tina’s been watching Allie and she told Jake about her moving in with Bea, she’s been watching them for Harry, taking pictures and Jake has been passing them on, he’s passing on messages from Harry. He blames Bea for him being in prison, he’s been beaten up a few times, pretty badly a couple of times so I’ve heard. And, well long story short he wants Bea to suffer, either I split them up or their coming after me. That photo, it wasn’t what it seems, everyone at that party was drunk, Allie was passed out, it was a dare, there’s never been anymore between me and Allie than friends.”

“So your telling me that this is because of Harry?”

“Basically yes.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

“Honestly, I don’t expect you to, I’m sure you can do your own detective work.”

“I will be you can count on that, trust me I’ll be back.”

“Will you pass a message on to Allie and Bea?”

“Not sure that’s a good idea do you?”

“If you change your mind tell them I’m sorry, and tell Allie I’m glad she’s happy.”

Franky got up and walked to the door, opening it just as she was about to walk out Kaz called to her

“I found these, Allie would want them.” Handing over a few photographs, “Their of her grandparents, I was going to bring them round to your office, not a good idea though really.”

“I’ll make sure she gets them, not sure how I’ll explain where they came from, I’ll be in touch.”

Franky left, not knowing if she could believe anything she had said, but knowing that she needed to at least look into it before saying anything to Bea or Allie.

Chapter Text

Bea had taken Allie to work and hung around for a while, Allie had managed to convince her not to tell Will, well at least for now she had. She’d promised to call her on her break before she convinced her that she was perfectly fine to be left. Leaving the bar Bea decided to go to the office for a while to find out if Franky had found anything else out. When she arrived Franky wasn’t in, Liz said she hadn’t seen her since she’d said she was going over to her house.

“She hasn’t called you?”

“No love, but I’m sure she’ll be back.”

“Fucking Franky, she never does what she says she’s going to do.”

A few seconds later Franky walked through the door.

“Fuck are ya doing here Red?”

“Never mind, where the fuck have you been, and don’t start lying either Franky.”

“Shit, we need to talk.”

“Ya don’t say, so out with it.”

“Na, not out here.”

“Don’t want to share in front of Liz, that’s really mature Franky.”

“It’s not that, fuck…Liz lock up will ya, Red ya better sit down.”

Liz looked at Franky a questioning look on her face, seeing Franky raise an eyebrow at her she knew that this was not going to be a conversation you wanted just anyone to overhear, she got up and locked the door, returning to her seat behind her desk her eyes darting between Franky and Bea.

“I don’t need to sit down Franky.”

“Yer trust me ya do, I’ve been to see Kaz.”

“What the fuck, what were you thinking Franky?”

“Just sit down already and I’ll tell ya, but before I do, Liz can ya call Will, ask him if he can come over?”

Bea sat down staring at Franky the whole time. This was going to set a whole shit storm off, Franky knew that and as much as she didn’t want to say anything she had to. After telling her everything that Kaz had said Bea just sat there for a while, staring blankly at Franky, shaking her head she tried to take in what Franky had told her.

“She could be lying.”

“Yer Red she could, but I need to check it out, and you need to be careful.”

“Careful……..your fucking telling me to be careful? The fucker is locked up and he can still get to me, get to Allie.”

“I know, calm down, I need to speak to Will, he’s still got contacts on the force.”

“Yer, fuck, I promised not to tell Will anything yet.”

“Your not breaking a promise, I didn’t say I wouldn’t say anything, I’m the one telling him.”


Thirty minutes later Will had been filled in on the conversation with Kaz.

“I certainly wasn’t expecting that Franky, I can tell you one thing right now I’m pretty familiar with the name Tina Mercado.”

“So what do we do?”

“Give me a minute, I’ll call Matt, I know they’ve been looking into the whole drug problem in Walford, no one has any idea how the place is being so easily flooded with drugs, the suspicion is that a guard must be involved but up until now none of them have stood out.”


Franky had just gotten off the phone informing Kaz that she needed to come into the office, she had put up a good fight but Franky had told her that it was either the office or another home visit, this time with a cop in tow, and if Tina was hanging around things would get really bad really quick for her, that was enough to make her agree to meeting at the office later that night. Bea had tried to insist that she needed to be there, Franky and Will eventually managing to convince her that it would be better for her to go to the bar and spend the evening keeping an watchful eye over Allie,at least until Will got back.

Kaz arrived at the office just before 7pm, she was a bundle of nerves, trying to stay alert and making sure that she wasn’t followed, when she entered the office she was surprised that Liz was being pleasant.

“Can I get you a coffee love?” Liz enquired.

“That would be good, is Franky here?”

“Yes, she’s in Bea’s office, she should be out in a second.”

“Bea’s not here is she?”

“No, no, no need to be so nervous, Matt’s a good cop, you just tell him everything you can.”

Kaz just nodded taking the coffee from Liz just as Franky walked out of Bea’s office, Will and Matt in tow.

“Kaz, please come into my office, this is Will Jackson, ex cop and Allie’s boss, this here is Matt Fletcher all round decent cop and the guy responsible for the investigation at the prison.”

They all walked into Franky’s office Matt getting straight to the point and having Kaz repeat everything she had told Franky. As she had expected he had a lot more questions than she had the answers to. Two hours later she was leaving the office, relieved that it was over for now, but knowing that she was going to have to spend time with Tina in the near future. Will assured Franky that he and Matt were going back to the bar and that they would sit down with Bea and Allie, just not tonight. They were going to fill Bea in but saw no need to worry Allie any more than she already was.

Arriving back at the bar Will got Bea’s attention without Allie noticing, gesturing for her to follow them through to the office, she waited for Allie to be distracted by a customer before following Will to the office.

“Is she lying then?”

“It seems from what she’s saying that she’s telling the truth, although we are going to need her to get us more information.”

“Are you sure that’s safe?”

“Wow, I thought you wanted to rip her head off Bea,” Will joked.

“Yer, well I did, but if Harry is behind this she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into already.”

“How’s Allie doing?”

“Still worried, she’s ready to smack Kaz again.”


“Oh yer, she’s already punched her, but that was because of somethings she said about me, us, it doesn’t really matter.”

“Got a live wire on our hands have we?”

“Defiantly, I better get back to her, she’ll come looking for me if I’m gone much longer.”

Returning to the bar Allie spotted her straight away.

“Sneaking around with Will now are ya?”

“He just wanted a word that’s all, nothing to worry about.”

“Why don’t you go home?”

“I’d rather wait for you to finish and take you home.”

“Babe you don’t have to, I’ll get a taxi home, I’d much rather you went home and rested.”

“I don’t need to rest, I’ve done bugger all all day.”

“Yer, but you could go home and warm the bed up,” she said with a cheeky smirk and a wink.

Will returned to the bar grabbing a couple of beers before taking a seat next to Bea sliding a beer over to her.

“Sticking around till closing are ya?”

“I was but Allie wants me to go home.”

“I’ll take her home, make sure she’s safe, I don’t mind.”

“Better ask Allie about that, she wants to get a taxi.”

Will called Allie over, finally talking her into letting him take her home.

“I’ll get out of your hair then and go home, I’ll be waiting for you in bed.”

Chapter Text

The next few days had passed relatively quietly, Bea had been into the office a few times just to catch up with Franky but nothing much had changed. Allie was getting pissed off, Bea had been into the bar everyday and spent a few hours there and every time Bea was there she was disappearing into the office with Will and another guy who she’d seen around a few times but didn’t know who he was was, she couldn’t work out what was going on and she wanted to know. It was Saturday, they were going to have the whole day together tomorrow and she was determined to get to the bottom of it.

Bea had been at the bar for an hour when Matt and Franky walked in together, they went straight to the office and Allie had noticed the look that Franky had shot Bea, she had just gotten off the stool she had been sitting on when something inside Allie had snapped, she walked round the bar stopping in front of Bea.

“So what the fuck is going on?”

“Allie……it’s nothing for you to worry about.”

“Oh really, you’ve been sneaking around, first with Will and now Franky and that guy turn up and you try sneaking off again.”

“Listen, I’m not sneaking around, it’s work, you don’t need to worry about it.”

“I’m not worried about your work, I’m worried about you, sometimes I feel like your not even listening to me.”

“I do listen to you, I’ve just got things on my mind.”

“So talk to me.”

“I will, but right now this isn’t helping.”

“Really! When are you going to talk to me? Tomorrow, next week, maybe the 12th of never.”


“No, ya know what just forget it, I know when I’m in the way and when I’m not wanted, I’ll get my stuff packed up tomorrow and I’ll be out of your way…..for good.”

“Allie I….”

“I don’t want to hear it, just do what you have to do and I’ll do what I have to do.”

She walked off back behind the bar leaving a stunned Bea literally rooted to the spot, she didn’t know what had just happened, she didn’t see Will walking over to her.

“Bea, everything ok?”

“What? No.” She could feel the tears forming in her eyes and no matter how hard she tried she was struggling to not let them fall, “I think Allie just dumped me.”

“Shit, Bea, go through to the office, I’ll go and get her, she needs to know what’s going on.”

Will walked behind the bar telling Allie that she was needed in the office, neither of them noticed Bea turn and walk out of the bar tears streaming down her face. She had no idea where she was going she just walked, the only thoughts in her head Allie’s last words to her, over and over on repeat. She found herself at the beach, sitting down on a rocks away from the few other people that were there she couldn’t get Allie out of her head, she’d kept what was going on from her thinking that it was the right thing to do, Matt and Will had both said it was better not to tell her anything until they knew more and now she had lost her, she was leaving. Her thoughts turning back to what Harry had always said, “no one could ever love you,” “you’re useless.” And right there in that moment she believing it again, Allie would leave and she would be alone again.

Allie and Will walked into the office, she looked round for Bea, looking at Franky

“Where’s Bea?”

“Thought she was out in the bar with you.”

“She was, but I thought she’d come back here.”

“She won’t be far away, sit down blondie your making the place look untidy.”

“So what’s all this about?”

Matt took over the conversation from there, Allie just sitting there a blank expression on her face.

“Allie….hey blondie,” Franky nudged her.

“So, this wasn’t all because of Kaz?”

“Jesus, were you listening?”

“I need to find Bea.” Allie ran out of the office into the bar, desperately looking around for her, Franky following her.

“Hey, she can’t be far away.”

“You don’t get it Franky, I told her I was leaving, she’s been distant, and I fucking told her I was leaving, how was I so stupid.”

“Listen we all say stupid things, ask Gidge, I let my dumb mouth run away with itself.”

“I know, but I’ve got to find her, Matt said he couldn’t tell us what was going on now without her, Franky you have to help me find her, you must know where she would go.”

Franky nodded, “stay here a minute.” She went back to the office, asking Will and Matt to meet her back at the office in a couple of hours, assuring them that Bea would be there before pulling Will to one side telling him that she needed to take Allie with her for a while. Will said it was no problem, it wasn’t like Bea to just leave without a word and he knew Allie seemed a little upset, he just told Franky that he would see her later and to tell Allie to take the rest of the day off.

“Come on then, lets go and find her, you better sort this out though or I will kick your arse.”

“I will, I just need to find her.”

They drove around for an hour, stopping at a few places Franky knew she could have gone but there was no sign of her.

“There’s only one place I can think of now.”

“You better be right this time.”

“Hey, you stuffed up here not me.”

“I know, and I need to tell her I’m sorry, I just hope she’s going to listen.”

Pulling into the car park at the beach Allie got out of the car,

“Aren’t you coming with me?”

“Na, she used to come here a lot when things were bad, try looking over where the rocks are, that’s where I’ve always found her.”

Allie turned and walked away towards the beach, seeing the rocks over in the distance she walked in that direction finally seeing a lonely figure sat down their forehead resting on their knees that were drawn up to their chest with their arms wrapped around them, red hair gently blowing in the breeze, she stopped for a second, this was all her fault, if she had thought before she had opened her mouth Bea wouldn’t be sat out here by herself now. She hated herself in that moment, all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around her tightly and never let go, swallowing down the lump in her throat and wiping away the tears that were building in her eyes she slowly began walking towards her again, stopping just inches in front of her.

“Bea….Bea baby, I’m so sorry.”

Bea didn’t move, didn’t say anything, just hearing Allie’s voice brought the tears back to her eyes. She wanted so badly to get up, be strong and just walk away but she couldn’t, her head may be telling her to but her heart kept her firmly rooted to the spot.
Allie took the last two steps forward that were between them, dropping to her knees in front of her.
And now she couldn’t stop the sob escaping, seeing Bea sat there right in front of her, looking so small and broken and it was all because of her.

“I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you, my mouth opened and a load of crap came out before I even knew what I was saying.”

The silence between them was deafening, neither of them said anything for what felt like forever even though it was in reality only a couple of minutes.

“Bea, please talk to me…..shout and scream at me…..tell me to fuck off.”

Still no answer from Bea. Allie stood up, looking down at her.

“I’ll go home now and pack, I’m sorry….I love you.” Tears streaming down her face she turned away, her feet wouldn’t cooperate, she just couldn’t walk away, not like this, only managing to move just a few steps away she sat down not even realising that Bea had lifted her head, resting her chin on her knees.

“Guess I better phone Boomer and ask if she’ll have me back, if not, well, I don’t even want to think about it. See I always told you what a fuck up I am, I’ve got nothing, I am nothing, why did you have to find me? Why did you even bother looking for me, you should have just gone home that night like Franky wanted you to.”

Bea’s heart was breaking hearing Allie speak through her tears, she couldn’t take it anymore, silently standing up and walking over to Allie she dropped to her knees behind her wrapping her arms around her.

“I couldn’t leave you out there, it didn’t matter what a Franky wanted, I had to find you. And Boomer won’t have you back because I’m not letting you go. I should have told you what was going on, I thought it was better not telling you until I was sure what was happening. I don’t want you to leave.”

Bea dropped her head resting it on Allies shoulder.

“I don’t want to leave, I don’t know why I even said that.”

“You’re staying then?”

“You trying to get rid of me now?” Allie managed a giggle as she was wiping her eyes.


“You know Franky’s waiting for us in the car park, she’ll be coming to find us soon if we stay here much longer.”

Bea let go of Allie standing up slowly and wiping her eyes, she moved so she was standing infront of her extending her hand Allie taking it as she helped her up pulling her in and wrapping her arms round her, resting her forehead against Allies.

“I shouldn’t have walked out like that, I just couldn’t stand the thought of you leaving.”

“I wouldn’t have gone really, but you should have told me about what was happening.”

“I know, if I promise not to keep anything from you again will you promise not to say you’re leaving again?”

“I’ll have to think about that,” Allie giggled.

Bea pulled her head back to look at Allie before pulling her in to a slow meaningful kiss. Neither of them noticing that Franky had made her way over to where they were, before clearing her throat.

“As much as I don’t mind waiting for you two we need to get going.”

Breaking apart they both turned to look at Franky, Bea speaking first.

“And what’s the rush?”

“We need to go to the office, Will and Matt are meeting us there, you buggered off and Matt needed to update us all, only someone decided to act like a stroppy teenager and take off.”

“Yer, about that.”

“Red, leave it, as long as you two are ok now can we just get going?”

Bea and Allie both nodded following Franky back down the beach hand in hand to the car park, all three of them getting in the car heading for the office. Arriving back at the office they went in, Liz smiling when she saw Bea and Allie still holding hands.

“Will and Matt are in your office love.”

Franky walked past them, grabbing a coffee and walking into Beas office, Bea turning to face Allie,

“You ready to hear whatever they have to tell us?”

“As long as your with me I’m ready for anything.”

Still holding hands they walked into Beas office, no idea what to expect.


“We’ve been doing surveillance on Tina Mercado, along with plenty of other dodgy dealings we now have evidence that she is involved with supplying Jake Stewart with a large quantity of drugs, and after convincing another guard to keep an eye on him we are aware of how he is getting the drugs into the prison.”

“So that solves the Tina problem and the prison guard, doesn’t solve the Harry problem does it?”

“I’m just getting to that Bea, if you’ll let me finish.”

Bea just looked at him and nodded.

“Jake Stewart is taking the drugs in, but its Harry that is selling them to the other inmates, got quite the little enterprise going by all accounts, but he’s getting sloppy. By the end of next week we should have all we need to take all three of them down. That will cause Harry more than a few problems, his mind is going to be on a lot more than how he can get at you or Allie.”

“You think he will forget about us? I can assure you he won’t.”

“Maybe not, but he won’t be in a position to try anything for a while. I have to get going now, but if you need anything let Will know and I’ll be in touch.”

Matt got up leaving the office. They all sat there for a few minutes before Will broke the silence.

“I think you should take next week off Allie, and hear me out before you say anything, it’ll be better if you and Bea are together, when a cop says they’ll have enough by the end of the week it just means they are playing it safe anything could happen and I’d feel better if you were together.”

“But I don’t want to let you down, you took a chance on me.”

“And you have done nothing to make me regret that, I just need to know that you are both safe, and I think as long as you are together your safer, as soon as we know this is over you can come back to work, Kaz isn’t the one you need to watch out for, not now, but Tina Mercado is a whole other story.”

“Will’s right ya know, and I think we should close the office next week, we don’t have anything on that we can’t do from home.”

“Yer, I guess you’re right Franky, but we have to stay in touch.”

“Course, I wouldn’t want it any other way Red.”

“So that’s settled then, we’ll close up now for the week, I’ll go and let Liz know, Will can you drop us back at the bar, left the bloody car there didn’t I when I….”

“Acted like a brat!”

“Thank you Franky.”

“Yer, no problem.”

They left the office finding Liz reading a magazine and sipping on a coffee.

“Liz, you wouldn’t mind having the week off would you?”

“No, there’s not a problem is there love?”

Bea explained the situation and Liz agreed that it was probably for the best. Bea and Allie went with Will to collect her car leaving Franky and Liz to lock up.


When they arrived home Bea didn’t feel like cooking so they decided to order pizza, Allie went for a quick shower while they waited for it to be delivered deciding that she would put pyjamas on instead of getting dressed again. The pizza arrived five minutes after Allie wondered back downstairs finding Bea sat on the sofa flopping down next to her and cuddling up to her. Once the pizza had been delivered and they had eaten Bea went for a shower choosing to throw on a baggy t shirt and sweats before returning to the sofa and cuddling up to Allie deciding to watch a movie but not really paying much attention to it getting more caught up in each other before Bea dragged Allie off to bed.

Chapter Text

Allie was the first to wake up, she pulled herself up to rest on one elbow looking down at Bea she couldn’t help but wonder how she ended up here, she couldn’t believe that someone so beautiful would ever in a million years take a chance on her, but here she was laying next to the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen in her life, she’d taken a chance on her, stayed with her when she could have just taken her back to Kaz like she guessed she should have done. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she hadn’t noticed Bea was awake.

“Is this payback?”

“Huh, payback, for what?”

“You were staring, is it payback for me staring at you?”

“God you remember me calling you out at the hotel for staring at me?”

“Yer, I do, and you were right.”

“I knew you weren’t just thinking.”

“I wasn’t going to admit it was I?”

“Err, ya just did.”

Bea lifted her head off the pillow capturing Allie’s lips in a loving kiss.

“So, we have to stay home whatever are we going to do for a whole week?”

“Well we could just stay in bed.”

“You’d love that wouldn’t ya?”

“I wouldn’t say no, but don’t we need to go shopping?”

“All of sudden my little Alliecat is becoming all domesticated?”


“Yer, don’t you like it?”

Allie thought for a second before grinning.

“It sounds perfect.”

“Have I told you recently how much I love you?”

“I can’t remember but I’ll never get tired of hearing it because I love you too, more than anything.”

“You do?”

“I do,”

“Sounds serious,”

“Oh it is,”

“Want to show me how serious?”

Allie ran her hand up Bea’s arm, over her shoulder before resting it on the back of her neck pulling her in to a heated kiss before softly pushing her back against the bed and straddling her.

“Oh I think I’m going to definitely show you how serious I am.”

Allie leaned down kissing her softly on the lips before kissing along her jaw and down her neck stopping at her pulse point to gently suck and kiss it, before kissing along her shoulder and down her chest stopping when she got to her left breast kissing it gently, Bea’s phone at that very moment started ringing,

“Ignore it, they’ll take the hint when I don’t answer.”

Allie groaned, “kinda killed the mood babe,”

“Only for a second it’s stopped now, so get back here.”

It started ringing again, Bea reached over and grabbed it mumbling under her breath before answering rather abruptly.


“Hey Red, shit, did I interrupt something?”

“Yer, something.”

“Sorry…..not sorry.”

“What do you want Franky?”

“Oh yer, Gidge wants to know if you and blondie are coming over for lunch?”

“And ya had to phone at this time in a morning?”

“Well yer, didn’t think you’d actually be busy with blondie.”

“Fuck off Franky.”

“So how far did ya get?”

“Not far enough!”

“Oooh, tell me more.”

“No way……I’ll ask Allie and I’ll let ya know, ok?”

“Ok, well don’t take too long….later Red.”


Bea threw her phone down.

“So I’m guessing that was Franky.”

“How did you ever guess?”

“What did she want?”

“She said Bridget wants us to go over for lunch, so what do you think?”

“I’ll do anything you want to do,”

“Well I wanted to do you, but someone’s ruined that…..I guess we should go really.”

“So that’s settled then, you call her back, I’m going for a shower, you could always join me when you’ve finished.”

Bea grabbed her phone calling Franky back letting her know that they would be over at one, hanging up she jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom. Allie had her back to the shower enclosure door, Bea slipped in unnoticed as Allie was just standing under the shower allowing the water to cascade over her body, Bea wrapped her arms around her waist pulling her closer and planting soft kisses on her shoulder.

“Mmmm, I didn’t think you were actually coming.”

“I’m not, but you will be.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Take it however you want to.”

Bea spun Allie around pushing her up against the tiled wall attacking her neck with her lips and her tongue, before moving lower kissing down her chest bringing one hand round to caress her right breast, moving her head lower to suck her already erect left nipple being rewarding with a moan. Bea’s other hand slowly creeping round from her back caressing her down her side and over her hip before slowly finding its way to the back of her thigh to lift Allies leg and wrap it around her own hip before trailing her way back to Allie’s wet folds running a finger gently over her clit.

“Fuck, Bea…..please.”

Sliding her finger easily down to her entrance and slowly entering her, finding Allie so ready she pulled out adding another finger thrusting in and out faster, flicking her clit with her thumb. She could feel Allie slowly starting to slide down the wall as she was almost unable to hold herself up, Bea removing her hand from her breast to snake it round her waist to help keep her upright, still thrusting in and out of faster.


Allie’s orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave, Bea helped her ride it out before removing her fingers and snaking her arm around Allie’s waist to hold her up. Her lips connecting once more with Allie’s neck.

“Fuck Bea, where did that come from?”

“You invited me, and I did say I wanted to do you,” she smirked.

“Fuck, what was I doing?”

“Think you were meant to be having a shower.”

“Oh that can wait, I need to feel you so bad.”

45 minutes later they finally had both showered and were getting dressed, deciding to go to a coffee shop for a late breakfast before going to the supermarket. After doing that it was almost time to set off to Franky and Bridget’s for lunch.


After lunch the four of them sat around in the living room the conversation flowing surprisingly easily after the week they had just had. None of them really wanted to talk about the situation but Franky was worried about Bea.

“Any idea why the dickhead would get involved with selling drugs?”

“He always thought he was better than everyone else you know that Franky, maybe it’s how he feels like he’s still got power.”

“Oh yer, sounds like him.”

“You think they can get this sorted out by the end of next week?”

“I fucking hope so, not looking forward to being home all day, at least you’ve got blondie to take your mind off it, Gidge still has to go to work.”

“You can come over anytime Franky, you know that.”

“Oh yer, and listen to you two getting ya fuck on, thanks but no thanks.”

“Oh poor Franky,” Allie giggled.

“So, this morning Red.”


“What exactly were you up to.”

“Nothing, you decided to call.”

“And after?”

Bea couldn’t help the blush that crept over her cheeks.

“Franky, leave Bea alone, or else!”

“Gidge…….ya spoil all my fun.”

Another hour passed before Bea decided that it was time to leave, Franky tried to protest bur Allie had agreed with Bea saying that they really didn’t want to outstay their welcome. Franky walked them to the car.

“Call me tomorrow yer, least then I can’t ruin the moment.”

“I’m sure you could find a way to ruin any moment Franky,” Allie said with a smirk.

“I’m hurt blondie,”

“You’ll live.”

“Right, text me when ya get home, stay safe you two.”

“We will now get ya arse back inside before Bridget sends out a search party for you.”

Franky headed back inside, waiting at the front door for Bea to drive away. Once they arrived home Bea texted Franky to let her know they were home while Allie got them both a beer before they settled down for the rest of the day on the sofa, cuddled up together half watching the tv, both their minds wondering if it really would take a week to resolve the Tina, Jake and Harry situation, and both hoping that it would be over quickly.


Chapter Text

The next few days passed uneventfully, Bea and Allie had spent most of it either in bed or just lazing around the house, Bea was getting bored and even Allie was becoming a little restless, not that they weren’t enjoying being together all the time, it was very far from it, Allie missed being at the bar, she enjoyed joking with the customers and Bea just missed going to the office, she enjoyed her chats with Liz and was even beginning to miss Franky’s teasing. They were sitting outside in the garden enjoying the peace and quiet.

“Babe, I was thinking.”

“What about?”

“About us.”

Bea looked over at Allie with a raised eyebrow

“Anything I need to know?”

“What, no, nothing serious, it’s just I know we’re both getting fed up being at home all the time, so why don’t we invite Franky, Liz and the others round?”

“Guess we could do that, what did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, thought we could think of something together.”

“Well I can think of something we could do right now that doesn’t require anyone but us.”

“Oh I bet you can, but right now I need a drink, want anything?”

“Only you to hurry up and come back.”

Allie went into the house to get a bottle of water for them both on her way back the phone started ringing.


“Allie, its Will, are you both at home?”

“Yes, is something the wrong?”

“No, quite the opposite, I’ve just got to call Franky and then I’ll be over with Matt.”

“Sure, I’ll let Bea know, see you soon.”

Allie went to the back door.

“Babe Will and Matt are coming over.”

“Huh, do you know why?”

“No, Will said he had to call Franky then they were coming over.”

“Guess that means they have news, shit, what if it’s bad.”

Bea stood up walking towards the house, grabbing Allies hand she dragged her through to the lounge, she sat on the sofa pulling Allie down into her lap.

“Err, babe, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, but if I keep you sat here with me like this I might be able to stay calm.”

“And you might get worked up.” She winked.

“I’m willing to take that chance if you are, I hate not knowing whats going on.”

“I know babe, but we shouldn’t have to wait long.”

They stayed sat together like that holding each other for fifteen minutes before there was a knock on the door. Allie pried herself away from Bea who was still unwilling to let her go.

“Babe, really, one of us has to answer the door.”

“Yes but I don’t want to let you go.”

“I’ll be right back, I promise.”

Bea gave in and let her go and Allie opened the door finding Franky standing there a huge grin on her face.

“Fuck sake blondie, you two always keep me waiting.”

“What can I say, I’m just irresistible,” Allie giggled as she stepped out of the way allowing Franky to enter, closing the door behind her and going back to sit next to Bea who pulled her into her lap.

“Put her down will ya Red.”

“Oh what’s up Franky, missing Bridget?”

“Fuck you, at least we know how to control ourselves in front of company.”



“I seem to remember one night at the bar not long after you got together you had your hand stuck up Bridget’s skirt.”

“Fuck you remember that?”

Franky threw her head back against the chair just as there was another knock at the door.

“Franky will you get that?”

“Anything, having to watch you two is sickening.”

Franky was greeted at the door by a smiling Will and equally happy looking Matt.

“Bea and Allie are here aren’t they?”

“Yer, makes me want to gag their all loved up in here.”

Will walked in before Franky noticed a very worried looking Kaz standing to the side of Matt. Franky grabbed Matts arm,

“You think her being here is a good idea?”

“She is involved, I need to inform you all together.”

“Na, not happening, not unless you talk to Bea first, can’t see her being happy her being here, she was trying to split her and Allie up.”

Kaz nervously spoke not making any eye contact with Franky.

“I don’t really want to be here, and I understand if Bea hates me after everything I put them through, but I want to apologise if she’ll let me.”


“I’ll stay out here, I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Kaz walked back down the drive and went and sat in her car.

“So are you going to let me in?”

“Yer I guess.”

Franky let Matt in closing the door and following him back to the lounge. After taking a seat Matt was the first to speak.

“Bea, Kaz is outside, we really should have her here.”

“Are you fucking kidding me, you want her here after everything she tried to do,” Allie spat.

“Allie, it’s ok, she was doing what she thought was right at the time.”

“But Bea, she tried to split us up.”

“I know, but it didn’t work did it?”

“No, but….”

“No buts, come on let me get up.”

Allie grumbled but stood up allowing Bea to get up.

“I’ll go and talk to her,” Bea said before walking out of the house.

She walked down the drive stopping at the passenger side of Kaz’s car, taking a couple of deep breaths before opening the door and getting in.


“It’s ok, I’m not going to have a go at you, what would that solve?”

“I’m sorry, if I’d have known what was going on I would have talked to you.”

“Well we can’t change what happened, I can’t pretend that I’m not angry, you should have said something, and I can’t promise that Allie won’t try to punch you again but I think you should come in, just let me get Allie to settle down before she sees you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yer, now come on, when we go in just wait in the hall for a minute, I’ll let you know when it’s safe.”

“Don’t think I want another punch, the first two hurt like a bitch.”

Kaz followed Bea into the house and hung back in the hallway. Bea pulled Allie up from where she was sitting before she sat back down pulling Allie into her lap and wrapping her arms around her feeling her relax into her resting her head on Bea’s shoulder.

“You can come in now Kaz.”

Allie tried to protest and tried to wriggle free from Bea but she was having none of it keeping her arms wrapped round her an planting a loving kiss on her lips, Allie calming down instantly. Kaz watched on, she could hardly believe how quickly Bea could calm Allie.

“Kaz, please take a seat, I promise this one won’t give you any trouble.”

Matt cleared his threat and stood up.

“This morning, we arrested both Jake Stewart and Tina Mercado, Stewart is still not saying anything but we have more than enough evidence against him to convict him. Mercado on the other hand is singing like a canary, she’s given up her own supplier as well as telling us about Stewart and everything she knows that Harry has been doing. We will be interviewing Harry (looking at his watch) round about now actually, he won’t be able to do anything to either of you Bea I can assure you of that, he’ll be in the slot for at least a month. After that, well he’ll have to watch his back when he’s back in general, he was by far the biggest supplier in the whole prison.”

“So at least for now this over?” A look of relief washing over Bea’s face.

“Pretty much yes.”

“You will be informed when the court case will take place, but that really only involves Kaz, so if you have no other questions I think it’s time myself and Will left you to enjoy the rest of your day.”

Will nodded and stood up,

“See you back at work on Monday Allie,”

“I can come back tomorrow.”

“No, you enjoy the rest of the week, your shifts are covered.”

Allie was surprised but didn’t argue, knowing that at least now they weren’t looking over their shoulders every time they left the house.

Franky stood up to leave,

“So that’s it then? Thank fuck that’s over.”

“Franky, Allie thought we should have everyone round, how does tomorrow sound to you?”

“Sounds good Red, what time?”

“Say about 7pm as long as that’s alright with Bridget.”

“Yer should be, see ya both tomorrow then.”

Franky left leaving only Kaz who was sat looking at her feet trying to get the courage to speak.

“Allie, I never wanted any of this.”

“No course not, you could have said something, could have told us, instead you had to play stupid games, how did you think that made me feel, trying to explain something to Bea that never happened and never would.”

“I know, I fucked up, I’m sorry and I miss having you around, but today, seeing you together made me realise that you’re happy, I hoped that it wouldn’t be like it was before for you, but now I know it won’t.”

Kaz looked at Bea,

“Look after her, and if you ever need anything just give me a call.”

She stood up,to leave, Bea speaking up before Allie could say anything.

“Why don’t you stay for lunch?”

“I couldn’t, Allie doesn't want me here.”

“Well I think you both need to talk, that we should all talk, you were there for her when she needed you and it’s about time we talked.”

“Only if you’re sure.”

“I am, you’re ok with that aren’t you babe?”

“I guess, at least I won’t try to punch her again, hurt my fucking hand.” She laughed.


Bea and Allie went to the kitchen to make a start on lunch, deciding that a salad would be quicker and neither of them could be bothered to cook.

“Why did you ask her to stay?”

“Because I think you need to talk, she was important to you, and you have to know that she really only wants you to be happy.”

“I am, as long as I’m with you I’m happy.”

“I know, so am I, but look at it this way, how do you think I would feel if Debbie didn’t want to speak to me again?”

Allie thought for a while,

“I get it, I do miss her a little.”

“I know you do, and I don’t want you to regret shutting her out, give her another chance.”

When lunch was ready Bea called Kaz through to the kitchen, they all sat down, Bea doing most of the talking to begin with but Allie soon joining in, by the time they had finished lunch they were all laughing, mainly at Allie’s expense. Before Kaz left they asked her if she would come over the next day around 7 for a get together, and she agreed after Allie said everything would be fine. Kaz left, leaving Bea and Allie to plan what they were going to do the following evening. Bea also phoning Liz, Maxine and Boomer inviting them over to celebrate their good news.

Chapter Text

The next morning neither of them wanted to get up, the prospect of a busy day doing nothing for their enthusiasm.

“Do we really have to get up?”

“Unfortunately we do, it was your idea to have everyone round remember?”

“Yer, I know, should learn to keep my mouth shut,” Allie groaned.

“We haven’t even decided what to make for dinner yet, any suggestions?”

“Haven’t got any vegetarians lurking amongst them have we?”

“No, why?”

“So then why don’t we do a roast dinner?”

“God, it’s a good thing Deb isn’t here, we’d have to make enough for an army if she was.”

“So Debbie likes roast dinners?”

“Huh huh, it’s her favourite, after pizza naturally.”

“Good to know.”


“Well when she comes home for the holidays at least I’ll have an idea what to cook.”

“Babe you could put anything in front of her, she’d eat it, she either has a bottomless stomach or hollow legs.” They both laughed.

“Guess we really should get up then, got some shopping to do.”

“Yer we have, I better send Deb a text, I need to phone her.”

“Didn’t she phone you a few days ago?”

“Yes, but…..I might have forgotten to tell her something.” Bea looked worried.

“Didn’t you tell her what was going on?”

“Yes and no, I didn’t tell her that Harry was involved, and……I wanted to tell her….that you’d moved in, but I didn’t and I need to sort that out. I know she likes you, I just didn’t know how she would take the us living together thing.”

“You really have to tell her…..if she takes it badly I can move out, it’ll hurt but I don’t want to cause you any problems.”

“I don’t want you to leave.”

“And I don’t want to go but if I have to I will.”

“I’m just selfish, now I’ve got you here I don’t want to let you go.”

“I know, but get up will ya? I’ll go and make breakfast while you have a shower.”

“Can’t I tempt you to have a shower with me?”

“You could but that won’t get breakfast or the shopping for tonight done will it?”

“Yer, you’re right, I’m getting up.”

Allie went to make a start on breakfast, Bea picked her phone up sending a quick text to Debbie asking her to let her know what time was best for her to call, before going for a shower.


Franky had been keeping an eye on the time all morning, and now she needed to head to the airport to pick Debbie up. She’d known that something was wrong when she’d last spoken to her mum but didn’t want to push her, instead deciding to phone Franky. She hadn’t wanted to go behind her mums back but she was worried, Franky had eventually told her what had happened and what was going to happen, as soon as they had heard about the arrests she had phoned Debbie and told her knowing that Bea wouldn’t do it. As soon as she’d heard she’d booked a flight back to Melbourne for the next morning, she had no lectures for the rest of the week and was up to date with her course work. Franky had agreed to pick her up and was happy to let her stay round at her and Bridget’s until it was time to go over to Bea’s for dinner because Debbie had wanted to surprise her mum and Allie. Bea might not have told her that Allie had moved in, she didn’t need to, Debbie had worked it out, maybe the fact that Allie was always answering her mum’s phone early in a morning and late at night was the biggest give away.

“Franky,” Debbie squealed as she went running towards her.

“Hey Deb, good to see ya, how’s everything?”

“Uni’s great, I’ve made loads of new friends, can we just get out of here?”

“Yer course we can.”

They headed to Franky’s car, throwing her bag on the back seat and heading off to Franky’s.

“So, I need to ask you something and I want a straight answer.”

“Go on.”

“Has Allie finally moved in with mum?”

“Hasn’t she told ya?”

“No, but Allie is always answering mum’s phone, I mean like at 7 in the morning and turned midnight, I know she stayed over a lot, but come on tell me.”

“Ok, but you didn’t hear this from me, yer she’s moved in, does that bother you?”

“No, it might be a bit strange her being there all the time when I’m home but it doesn’t bother me, she’s good for mum.”

“Yer she is, if you thought she was happy before ya should see her now since,….well ya know…..”

“Franky, gross, I don’t even want to think about that, she is my mum ya know.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.”

Just then Debbie’s phone beeped, a text from Bea.

Deb, let me know when the best time is to ring you, love you x

“What’s up Deb?”

“Mum wants to phone me,”

“Well we’re here now, I’ll stay out ya way so she doesn’t know ya here.”

“Thanks Franky, you’re the best.”

"Yer ya better believe it kid."

Debbie took her bag to the spare room and sent a text back to Bea.

Call me anytime, I’ve got no lectures today, love you too x

A minute later her phone rang.

“Mum, how are you?”

“Hey, Deb I’m fine, everything’s fine.”

“You don’t sound too sure mum.”

“It’s just I need to tell you something and…..I’m not sure how you’re going to take it.”

“Is it about you and Allie?”

“Err, yes.”

“Ok mum listen, I’m not stupid, she answers your phone all the time, has she finally moved in?”

“Yer….she has, does that bother you?”

“No, it might be strange when I come home, why’d it take so long?”


“Well I don’t know why you let her move in with Boomer, I need to go mum, got some things to do, love you.”

“To the moon and back baby.”

Debbie smiled before returning to the living room to find Franky.

“Everything ok kiddo?”

“Yes, she finally told me that Allie’s moved in, so ya don’t have to worry now about telling me.”

“Thank god for that.”


Bea made her way downstairs to the smell of fresh coffee and bacon and eggs. Allie had her back to the door waiting on the toast as she crept up behind her wrapping her arms around her waist and resting her chin on her shoulder.

“Have I told you this morning just how much I love you?”

“I think ya just did.”

“I told Deb about you moving in.”


“Hey, you don’t have to worry she's fine with it, she actually said she didn’t know why I let you move in with Boomer.”

“She did?”

“Huh huh, she did.”

“Right, sit down will ya breakfasts ready.”

“Yes boss,” Bea replied laughing.

Sitting down together at the kitchen table they ate breakfast planning the rest of the day ahead, Allie trying to eat and write a shopping list at the same time. After doing the dishes they set off for the supermarket. They picked up everything they needed as well as some more beer and a couple of bottles of wine and returned home to start preparing the evenings dinner. Bea was nervous about having Kaz round, hoping that Allie wouldn’t get mad at her, once everything was prepared they had a sandwich Bea deciding she needed a beer with hers, Allie opting for a cup of tea. They sat on the sofa for an hour before returning to the kitchen. Before they knew it it was 5:30pm.

“Allie why don’t you go for a shower first?”

“Argh, can’t we just shower together?”

“Na, not now, you can’t be trusted to behave yourself.”

“Me, if I remember correctly you started it the last time we were in the shower.”

“And if I remember correctly you invited me to have a shower with you, it’s not my fault if you just look so damn sexy when you’re in shower and I can’t resist you.”

“Is that so.”

“Just go and have a shower already will ya or we’ll never be ready for seven.”

“Ok, I’m going,” she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.”

Bea couldn’t help but laugh, “I’ll get you later,” she thought to herself.

When Allie had finished in the shower she shouted down to Bea to let her know the bathroom was free before starting to get changed. Deciding on light blue skinny jeans and a white top. She was just finishing applying her make up when Bea entered the bedroom.

“Well don’t you look just good enough to eat?”

“Maybe, but I gave you the chance earlier and you turned me down.”

“Yer, I remember, you don’t have to remind me.”

Bea disappeared into the bathroom to shower, when she had finished and was getting ready she looked at the time, 6:40pm. She rushed around to get changed pulling on black skinny jeans and a white shirt, leaving the top three buttons open on purpose, applying some light makeup and running downstairs just as there was a knock on the door.

“It’s ok babe, I’ll get it,” she shouted through to the kitchen.

“You better, I’m a bit busy in here.”

Bea opened the door to be greeted by a pair of smiling faces that belonged to Maxine and Boomer.

“Bea hon, its great to see you.”

“Maxi, I’ve missed you, and you too Booms, come in won’t ya.”

“Oi, Bea, what ya done with blondie?”

“I’m in the kitchen Booms,” Allie shouted through.

“Can I get you both a drink?”

Boomer asking for a beer and Maxine a glass of wine, Bea was getting the drinks when there was another knock on the door. Maxine shouted through that she would get it, opening the door to Franky and Bridget.

“Maxi, they got ya on door duty?”

“Not really, Bea’s getting some drinks.”

Franky went straight to the kitchen handing over two bottles of wine that she had brought with her before helping herself to a beer and getting Bridget a glass of wine.
Liz arrived at the same time as Kaz, Bea let them both in asking what they wanted to drink, and returned to the kitchen to get them and to let Allie know that Kaz was there.

“I don’t know what to say to her Bea, I can’t stop thinking about her trying to split us up.”

“I know, I thought we got past all that yesterday though, but you know it wasn’t all on her, give her a chance, for me, please.”

“Ok, I’ll try to play nice.”

Bea gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before taking her hand and leading her through to the lounge.
Bea chatted quite happily with everyone for the next five minutes before returning to the kitchen closely followed by Allie. Everyone had retreated to the dining room tucking into the meal that they had made when there was another knock on the door. Bea looked confused, even more so when Franky shot up out of her chair and almost ran to the door. Franky returned almost as soon as she left.

“Who was that?”

“SURPRISE!” Debbie shouted out.

“Deb!” Bea gasped, as she got up, from the table walking over to Debbie and bringing her into a bone crushing hug.

“How did you get here?”

“On a plane, it was the quickest option.”

“Sit down, I’ll get you a plate.”

“I can do it, you stay here babe,”

“No, you and mum both stay here, I can get my own food, as long as there’s plenty left.”

“Oh yer Deb, I think Allie cooked too much, hey did she know you were coming back?”

“No, I promise, the only person who knew I was here was Franky.”

“Oh, I should have known Franky was involved,”

“Hey in my defence if you had told Deb everything in the first place she wouldn’t have called me.”

“Mum you know she’s right, and it took you until this morning to tell me Allie had moved in, what would you have done if I had turned up and I didn’t know?”

“She’s got ya there babe.”

“Oh so now you and Deb are ganging up on me are you?”

“No, but she has a point.”

The rest of the evening went well, Franky and Debbie insisting that they did the dishes while everyone else chatted in the lounge with a few more drinks. It was almost midnight before everyone had gone home, Allie didn’t say much to Kaz but she promised to call her in a couple of days before she left.

“I’m off to bed now mum,”

“Ok, we’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight mum, goodnight Allie, oh and mum, remember I’m in the house will ya?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I think you can work it out for yourself,” with that Debbie headed up to bed leaving a confused looking Bea behind.

“Babe, I think she was asking us to keep the noise down.”Allie said with a smirk.


“Well, you can be a bit loud sometimes.”

“Oh like I’m the only one?”

“Not saying that at all babe,” Allie said with a yawn.

“I think we should be going to bed.”

“Yer I think you might be right, I’m so tired, it has been a busy day.”

“Go on then, you go up, I’ll turn the lights off and lock up and I’ll be right behind you.”

By the time Bea got upstairs Allie was in bed and already asleep, Bea got ready for bed and slipped in beside her, Allie automatically gravitating towards her resting her arm over her stomach and her head on her chest, a smile spreading across Bea’s face as she put an arm round Allie and drifting off into a peaceful sleep.


Chapter Text

Debbie was the first one awake the next morning, getting up she decided to shower and get dressed hoping not to disturb her mum and Allie. She wanted to make breakfast for them all deciding on pancakes she put the coffee on and turned her attention to making the pancakes, once they were ready she went upstairs knocking on her mum’s bedroom door and getting no response she knocked again, hearing nothing she opened the door and peeked in seeing them both still fast asleep cuddled up together, she couldn’t help but smile thinking how adorable they looked. She was happy that her mum had found someone that made her happy. Now her only problem was how to wake them both up, she thought for a second then walked into the bedroom and round to the side of the bed before launching herself across the pair of them, both of them waking up instantly.

“What the…..Deb, what are you doing?”

“I made breakfast for us all, so get up before it gets cold.”

“Getting up would be a lot easier if you got off us,” Allie giggled.

“Oh yer, just get up already will ya, if you don’t I can’t promise I won’t eat everything cos I’m starving.”

“Nothing’s changed then.”

Debbie got off the bed and left the room shouting at them to hurry up as she was halfway down the stairs.

“I suppose we better get up before she eats everything she’s gone to the trouble of making,”

“I wouldn’t care if she did, I’ve got everything I want right here.”

“Is that right?”

“You know it.”

“As much as I would love to stay here, we better get up.”

“Yer, I know.”

They eventually pried themselves from the bed and went to the kitchen, sitting at the table with Debbie after she passed them both a plate of pancakes and a cup of coffee. They chatted happily together before Bea said she was going for a shower leaving Debbie and Allie alone. They sat in silence for a few minutes, neither of them sure what to say.

“How’s everything going at uni?”Allie asked nervously.

“Great, I’m enjoying my course and I’ve made a lot of friends, we have parties every other weekend, just don’t tell mum.”

Allie laughed, “I’m sure she’d understand, you’re only young once right?”

“I guess, so how long were you actually at Boomers for?”

“Officially, about two weeks, unofficially about four nights.”

“I can’t work out what she was thinking packing you off to Boomers, it was obvious from that first night you stayed here she wanted you to stay.”

“I don’t know about that, I don’t think she knew what she wanted.”

“And what did you want?”

“Honestly, I just wanted to be wherever your mum was, not that I was about to tell her, thought she would have run for the hills if I had.”

Neither of them had noticed that Bea was leaning against the kitchen door frame listening to them, only catching the last part of the conversation. When she spoke they both jumped.

“Actually I wouldn’t have run for the hills, maybe the bottom of the street before I turned back.”

“Jesus Bea, don’t sneak up on us like that.”

“Maybe you two shouldn’t be talking about me then.”

“Why not? I think you’ll find you’re my favourite subject.”

Bea blushed the colour of her hair crossing the kitchen and resting her forehead on Allies shoulder before whispering in her ear,“And your always going to be my favourite subject.” Kissing Allie on the cheek then taking a seat beside her.

“Think I need a shower, and I definitely need to get dressed,” Allie said, before kissing Bea on the cheek and getting up.

Once Allie had gone Bea decided that now was probably the best time to speak to Debbie.

“How much has Franky told you?”

“About what?”

“About everything that’s been going on.”

“Before I tell you mum you have to remember that you were less than forthcoming when I asked you what was wrong.”

Bea just nodded, knowing that she hadn’t told her everything, especially about how Harry was involved, he was still her dad when all was said and done.

“She told me about Kaz trying to split you and Allie up and about that drug dealer and the prison guard, can’t say she went into too much detail.”

“So you don’t know that it was your dad who was behind it?”

“That prick! Sorry mum, but he is, what did he do?”

Bea explained the whole thing to Debbie, not leaving anything out this time.

“So he’s going to get more prison time then?”

“It looks that way, I never thought he would get into selling drugs, he might not get an easy ride in prison now he can’t get the drugs in.”

“Serves him right, I don’t care what happens to him.”

“He is still your dad Deb.”

“Na, he helped you to have me, that was the only thing he ever did. Can’t call that a dad, more like a sperm donor.”

Just then Allie walked back into the kitchen with a very puzzled look on her face after hearing only the last part of Debbie’s comment. Pouring herself another coffee before turning and leaning back against the kitchen counter her gaze landing on Bea instantly.
Debbie burst out laughing as soon as she looked at Allie.

“Oh my god your face.”


“We were talking about the prick, and you walked in just as I said he was a sperm donor.”

Bea shuck her head but said nothing.

“Oh, right, soooo, what are we doing for the rest of the day?”

Bea shrugged, “haven’t thought that far ahead.”

“Debbie, any ideas?”

“I say we just hang around the house watching movies and eating junk.”

“Works for me, better go and buy the junk food though.”

“What are we waiting for then, come on.”


After shopping for more junk food than the three of them could possibly eat they spent the rest of the day lounging around, taking it in turns to choose a movie. Ordering a takeaway for dinner because Debbie pointed out that hanging around the house being lazy all day did not require cooking and dirty dishes. Bea had objected saying that Debbie should be having home cooked meals since she was home but Allie and Debbie had ganged up on her her pulling sad puppy dog faces and she gave in. “Such a push over,” Allie had thought to herself.

Halfway through the evening both Bea and Allie had fallen asleep and Debbie had called Franky arranging to meet at Wills bar the following evening, Franky agreeing to call everyone else so that her mum didn’t find out what she was up to. Debbie wanted to spend a little more time with everyone before she left on Sunday afternoon and thought that a night out would be fun. And since she wasn’t planning on going home again before Christmas she wanted to have a night out with her mum. Debbie had watched another movie and they were still asleep so she decided to wake them up, shaking Bea lightly she woke Allie up instead.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s getting late, I was trying to wake mum up.”

“I’ll wake her up if you want to go to bed.”

“Yer, you’ll probably have more luck than me, see you in the morning.”

“Night Debbie.”

It seemed that Bea was dead to the world, it took Allie another five minutes to wake her up, and then another ten to convince her that they needed to go to bed, she sent her up to bed and she locked up before going up herself, finding Bea already in bed fast asleep, it seemed that lazing around all day just made Bea tired, Allie got ready for bed and snuggled up to her falling asleep not long after.

Chapter Text

Bea and Allie were woken up the next morning by Debbie bursting into their room two mugs of coffee and toast on a tray announcing that she was going out with friends and that she would be back late afternoon.

“Deb seriously it’s 7am.”

“I’m well aware of the time, I have to go out and you two can’t stay in bed all day, I’ll bring a takeaway home with me for dinner, don’t have a big lunch because I’ll be back at five.”

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing, I’m taking you both out tonight, no arguments so make sure you get your outfits sorted out before I get back.”


“No buts, I’ll see you both later.”

Neither of them got a chance to speak, Debbie left the room as quick as she had entered but at least more quietly.

“Babe, what was that all about?”

“I have no bloody idea.”

They looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“Is it always going to be like this when Debbie’s at home?”

“God, I hope not!”

“Since she went to all this effort I think the least we can do is eat our breakfast.”

“Toast is hardly a great effort ya know.”

“Yer but it’s the thought that counts.”

“So now your taking Debs side?” Bea pouted.

“As if I would.”

“Don’t believe ya.”

“Is that so.”

Allie turned on her side and pulled herself up onto her elbow, leaning over she kissed Bea on the cheek.

“Still don’t believe ya.”

Allie leaned over again this time capturing her lips in a very heated kiss, Bea brought her hand up to the back of her neck pulling her in closer, Allie was the first to pull away.

“Do you believe me now?”

“Think I need a little more convincing.”

Three hours later the tray was still sat on the bed side table exactly how Debbie had left it, the two of them wrapped around each other totally exhausted.

“Believe me now?”

“Hmmm……..I think I do.”

“You only think?”

“No…..I know I do.”

Two hours later they had both managed to drag themselves out of bed and had showered. Since they hadn’t had anything to eat they were both starving but they didn’t want to eat too much so settled on having a sandwich, Debbie would be home in just over four hours Bea had contemplated texting her to ask what she was picking up but decided against it at the last second.


4:59pm Debbie came crashing through the front door, walking into the lounge she found her mum and Allie laying on the sofa together fast asleep, she put the pizza boxes down on the coffee table before leaning over the sleeping pair and shaking her mum lightly. Bea dragged her eyes open a little.

“Deb, it’s not five o’clock yet is it?”

“Yep, time to wake up, both of you,”

Debbie disappeared into the kitchen to get some drinks leaving Bea to wake Allie up, when she returned with 3 bottles of water they were both awake.

“Deb we had pizza yesterday.”

“So, everyday can be pizza day.”

They ate the pizzas, Debbie eating more than either of them, before she ushered them both upstairs to get ready, telling them that they had to be ready for 7pm, and if they weren’t ready she would be dragging them both out of the house anyway, even if that meant they we’re naked. Allie had laughed but Bea knew from the look on her face she was serious, taking Allie by the hand she pulled her up the stairs.

“What’s the rush?”

“She does mean it, she really would drag us out of the house naked, you might be up for that but I’m not.”

“Better get in the shower then.”

They both managed to shower and get dressed with five minutes to spare, walking down the stairs together finding Debbie sat on the sofa tapping her foot impatiently.

“You made it on time, good thing I already called for the taxi.”


Arriving at the bar 25 minutes later Debbie was the first out of the taxi and inside the bar.

“She’s keen, wonder what she’s up to.”

“With Deb it could be anything.”

They walked into the bar hand in hand, it seemed unusually quiet for a Saturday night which they both found a little odd, even more odd there was only Shane behind the bar and Debbie had disappeared. Taking a seat at the bar Bea ordered two beers and they sat chatting with Shane for a while until the door burst open

“Sup bitches, time ta get ya drink on!”


“Oh, hey Bea, blondie, where is everyone?”

“Exactly what do you mean by everyone?”

“Errr, well ya know, it is kinda dead in here, yer.”

“That’s what we said, any ideas why it would be so quiet?”

“Me? How would I know?”

“It’s just a little odd you being here, not your normal bar is it?”

Boomer just shrugged, before turning her head to look towards the door when she heard it open seeing a grinning Franky walking in followed by Bridget.

“Red, Deb got ya here then.”

“Obviously if we’re sitting here, so are ya gonna tell me?”

“Tell ya what?”

“Oh I don’t know, how about what we are doing here?”

“Why ya askin’ me? Ya need to ask that daughter of yours.”

“Well I would but I haven’t seen her since we got here.”

The door opened again Maxine, Doreen and Liz walking in closely followed by nervous looking Kaz. Seconds later Debbie and Will appeared from the direction of the office, they were talking quietly, Debbie nodded to Will as he took off to the other end of the bar, Debbie walking over to where Bea and Allie were sitting.

“Ok young lady mind telling us what’s going on?”

“I told you we’re having a night out before I go back to uni tomorrow, I just thought that everyone should be here.”

“You could have just told us instead of sneaking around.”

“It was hardly sneaking, I just got Franky to call everyone, now come on the lot of you follow me.”

Debbie turned on her heels heading for the other end of the bar where Will had gone, everyone else following on behind her except Bea and Allie who chose to finish their drinks first. Bea extracted herself from the bar stool she had been sitting on, Allie spinning herself around Bea held her hand out to her.

“Shall we?”

“Well since Debbie went to all this trouble to get everyone together I guess we should.”

Allie took Beas hand and got off the bar stool. They walked hand in hand towards the other end of the bar being greeted by Boomer holding out two shot glasses, they took them from her both of them downing them. Allie scrunched her face up.

“Bloody hell Boomer, what the hell was that?”

“Ahhh, stop complaining blondie, there’s plenty more where that came from, Will’s put a free bar on for us.”

Debbie wondered over to them, passing them both a beer.

“Come on mum, ya can’t be mad at me, I just wanted to get everyone together, now come on enjoy yourself.”

Liz and Maxine were sat at a table, spotting Bea she waved her over, they walked over Bea taking a seat and pulling Allie into her lap.

“You two look so happy together, I never thought I’d see the day you had a permanent smile on your face love.”

“Yer Liz, I am happy, I never thought it was possible.”

Franky and Bridget walked over to join them followed by Boomer with a tray of shots.

“Come on ya light weights, get these down ya necks.”

“Oh god, this is gonna end up messy,” Bea groaned. They all grabbed a glass and downed the contents, Allie pulling another face making Bea laugh.

“It’s not funny, that tastes awful.”

“I’m sorry babe, you just look so cute when you pull a face like that.”

“Oh god, you two are enough to make me sick,” Boomer said making gagging noises.

“I reckon the shots will do that to ya Booms,” Allie laughed.

Debbie got Will to turn the music up, grabbing Boomer they started dancing, much to Maxine’s amusement. Kaz sat at the bar nursing a bottle of beer, unsure why Franky had called and invited her, she would periodically look over to Bea and Allie, they were laughing and joking with everyone, it was obvious to her that Allie was happy and the way they looked at each other she knew they were in love. She was angry at herself for not telling anyone what was going on, she was just about to get up and leave, she hadn’t noticed that Bea and Allie had left the table and were walking towards her, she got off the bar stool and turned around coming face to face with Allie, Bea standing behind her.

“Listen Kaz, this isn’t the right time or place to talk but we need to.”

“Yer we do, you’ve still got my number, give me a call when you’re free, both of you.”

“Your leaving? You don’t have to, we were hoping you would come over and join us.”

“Errr…..are you sure?” She looked directly at Bea who just nodded her head.

“Well we wouldn’t be over here if we weren’t would we?”

“I guess not….ok, I’ll stay a little longer.”

“That’s settled then, we’ll grab some more beers, can’t have ya sitting over here by yourself after Debbie got Franky to call ya.”

Kaz joined them, she felt a little uneasy to begin with but as the night wore on and the drinks flowed she started to relax more, laughing at Boomer and Franky who were more than a little drunk. By the end of the night they were all a little drunk, heading outside to wait for their taxi’s they all said their good nights, Allie promising to call Kaz at some point during the week to arrange a time for them to talk. As soon as they got home Debbie hugged them both and went to bed. Allie flopped down on the sofa pulling Bea with her.

“Do you think I’m doing the right thing talking to Kaz?”

“I think you need to hear what she has to say, we both do.”

“I think we need to go to bed.”

“I think you might be right, come on.”

Bea got up from the sofa, turning round and taking hold of both of Allies hands and pulling her up, turning the lights off as they went.

Chapter Text

Debbie woke up the next morning with worst headache she had ever had in her life, dragging herself out of bed and downstairs to the kitchen getting herself a bottle of water and some pain killers she sat at the kitchen table laying her head on her arms and groaning, “I’m never drinking again,” she thought to herself.

Bea and Allie were both awake laying in bed facing each other when they heard Debbie get up.

“Think she has a headache?”

“You can bet on it, she tried too hard to keep up with Booms.”

“How about you?”

“I have a bit of a headache, but it’s not that bad.”

“Snap, I’ve had worse, much worse.”

They lay there for a little longer before deciding that they needed to get up, Debbie was after all returning to uni later that day and Bea wanted to spend a little more time with her before she left. Allie made her way downstairs to make coffee, Bea heading in the direction of the bathroom to shower. Allie looked at a half asleep Debbie and smiled, “we’ve all done that to ourselves,” she thought before walking over to the coffee maker.

“Feeling rough Debbie?”

“Ohhh yer, ya know it, what about you and mum?”

“We didn’t try to outdo Boomer with the shots, got a headache not gonna lie but we’ll be fine after a coffee or two.”

“I’m never drinking with Boomer again, she’s a bad influence.”

Allie couldn’t help but laugh, “yer you think.”

“I’m gonna go lay on the sofa, shout me when the coffees ready.”

Debbie dragged herself away from the table and into the living room. On her way downstairs Bea spotted Debbie on the sofa her hands over her face.

“I hope you don’t drink that much while you’re at uni.”

“Na, never have, and I don’t think I’m going to drink again, well, not for a while anyway.”

“Want anything to eat?”

“No, I’m waiting on Allie letting me know the coffees ready.”

Allie appeared in the kitchen doorway, a mug of coffee in her hand.

“You two talking about me?”

“Na, is the coffee ready yet?”

“Yer, here I brought you a mug, thought you would be better off staying where you are, do you want anything else?”

“No, thanks though, I would have come and got it myself ya know.”

“I know. You hungry babe?”

“A little, think I’ll just have coffee and toast.”

Bea and Allie went into the kitchen leaving Debbie to nurse her hangover. Allie had insisted that Bea sit down and she would make the toast, passing her a mug of coffee she planted a soft kiss on her head before returning her attention to the task in hand. They sat and ate in silence before Allie excused herself to take a shower, Bea washed the dishes before checking the contents of the fridge, it was Sunday after all, their usual day to do the shopping. Allie returned to the kitchen fresh from the shower finding Bea still sat at the table.

“What time is Debbie’s flight?”

“4:30pm, she has plenty of time to recover.”

“So, what’s the plan?”

“We need to go shopping, I love Debbie to bits but have you seen that fridge, it’s like a wasteland, if she could eat it she has.” Bea laughed.

They sat together over another mug of coffee deciding that they would do the shopping then go out for lunch leaving enough time to take Debbie to the airport. Finding Debbie had fallen asleep they quietly made their way out of the house not wanting to disturb her. They were later than normal getting to the supermarket and it was pretty busy, Bea getting a little frustrated when they had to wait in line to pay for longer than she was used to. Allie couldn’t help but laugh at her as they made their way across the car park Bea in a huff because she hated waiting, then making matters worse some random man crashed their now empty shopping trolley into the one Bea was shoving towards the car, she just glared at the man who tried to apologise but she just continued walking towards the car Allie hot on her heels. Opening the boot she began placing the bags inside mumbling to herself about stupid people who don’t look where they are going.

“Babe, seriously calm down, it was an accident.”

“He should have been looking where he was going.”

Putting the last bag in the boot Bea felt Allie wrap her arms around her waist before kissing her on the neck.

“Does it really matter that much?” Allie whispered in her ear as she felt Bea relax in her arms.

Bea spun round looking Allie in the eye before planting a loving kiss against her lips, neither of them noticing that the man who had crashed his shopping trolley into theirs was stood a few cars away from them looking over in their direction.

“I guess it doesn’t matter, let’s go home.”


Debbie was awake and feeling a little better by the time they got home. They took the shopping bags into the kitchen, neither of them noticing that Debbie was no longer asleep on the sofa. Debbie walked down the stairs bag in hand and went to the kitchen.

“Oh yer, ya buy more food now I’m leaving.”

“It is Sunday Deb, how’s your head anyway?”

“Better, so what’s for lunch?”

“We were going to eat out if that’s ok, but can we just get this put away first?”

“Yer, I guess, but I’m starving here, don’t blame me if I waste away in the next ten minutes and all you find is a pile of clothes on the floor.”

“Such a drama queen,” Allie giggled while putting something in a cupboard. Bea just shook her head.

Twenty minutes later Debbie’s bag was in the boot and they were all back in the car on their way to Debbie’s favourite diner for lunch. Neither Bea or Allie were particularly hungry, Bea ordering a salad and Allie just fries, Debbie on the other hand wanted a double cheese burger and fries with a strawberry milkshake. They ate their food and chatted quite happily, mainly about Debbie’s studies, Allie totally in awe of how Debbie could reel off what she had already learnt in the few weeks she had been there. She was doing a law degree, it had always been a subject that she had found fascinating, but after everything her and Bea had been through with Harry she had become more determined to study law wanting to eventually specialise in family law. They were so caught up in their conversation that they hadn’t noticed the same man from the supermarket enter the diner taking a seat at a table only a few feet away from them, ordering a coffee and watching them.

“Shit, look at the time, we need to get going or you’re going to miss your check in Deb.”

“Mum calm down will ya.”

Bea paid the bill and they left getting to the airport twenty minutes before Debbie had to check in.

“If you need anything you will call me or Allie wont you?”

“Yes mum, and I’ll call you as soon as I get back to my dorm.”

“You better, I know your sensible, but I still worry about you.”

“Is she this bad with you when you go to work Allie?”

“Pretty much, but I don’t mind, I kinda like having someone worry about me.”

“Hey, I worry ok, I’m your mum, I’m entitled to worry about you.”

“Yes mum I know, now please just come here and give me a hug my check in desk just opened.”

Bea couldn’t hold the tears back, she was going to miss her, she didn’t think she would ever get used to Debbie leaving.

“Oh mum, come on, I’m not leaving for good, I’ll be back before you know it.”

“I know, I just can’t help it, I’m gonna miss ya.”

Debbie hugged her mum again before turning to Allie and hugging her, whispering in her ear, “look after her for me,” Allie whispering back,”I always will.”
Debbie picked up her bag heading for the check in desk, turning round once telling them to get out of there, and that she’d call later once she got back to her dorm. Bea took Allie by the hand entwining their fingers and they went back to the car. Allie drove them home knowing that Bea was upset and not in the right frame of mind to be concentrating on driving. When they had first arrived home Bea had gone to their bedroom to lay down for a while, Allie chose to leave her alone giving her some time alone choosing to read a magazine that she had been meaning to read all week. A couple of hours later Bea went downstairs finding Allie still engrossed in her magazine, taking a seat beside her she didn’t say anything, Allie looked up,

“Feeling better now?”

“A little, it’s stupid isn’t it? She’s an adult, she’s living her life and I get so fucking emotional every time she leaves.”

Allie threw the magazine down in the coffee table turning to Bea as she did taking both her hands in hers,

“It’s not stupid, nothing you feel will ever be stupid, she’s your daughter, you’ve been through so much together, it’s natural that you are going to miss her, and she will miss you as well. I will never think you’re stupid for missing her, if I’m honest the house doesn’t feel the same even to me when she’s not here, so stop trying to play down how you feel, I’m here for you if you need me.”

“Why are you so good to me?”

“Let me think, maybe because I love you, because you're my world, because you’re the only person who has ever treated me the way you treat me, because your loving and warm and kind and beautiful and funny, and did I mention that I love you?”

“All that hmmm?”

“All that and more, but I could go on for the rest of the day by which time I think I would have bored you to tears, and I don’t want to see you cry anymore today.”

Just then Bea’s phone beeped indicating a text, retrieving her phone from her pocket she saw a text from Franky.

We are back in the office in the morning aren’t we?

Yes we are, why? Are you thinking of pulling a sickie?

No, just double checking, see you tomorrow.

She placed her phone on the coffee table pulling Allie into her lap just wanting to be close to her, they sat like that just holding each other not needing to speak until Bea’s phone rang, Debbie’s name flashing on the screen, Allie retrieved the phone passing it to Bea. They spoke for a while before she passed the phone back to Allie saying that Debbie wanted to talk to her, hanging up Allie got off Beas lap heading for the kitchen Bea following her.

“Are ya hungry?”

“Not really, I think I could eat a sandwich though.”

“You sit down babe, I’ll make it for you, want a beer with it?”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Allie got two beers from the fridge and opened them handing one to Bea and placing the other down on the table before she turned her attention to making them both a sandwich, placing the plates on the table she took a seat next to Bea,

“I think we should have an early night, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right, I’m pretty tired, but we don’t have to if your not tired.”

“We’ve both got work again tomorrow, I think we need a good nights sleep babe, but on the plus side I’ll be home early, I’m starting at 10 all week because Will wants me to learn the stock take and orders and some other things, I finish at 5.”

“I can pick you up if you don’t mind waiting for me to get there, but you know we’ve got to get you a car, then I won’t worry about you so much.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing, about getting a car, I hate relaying on you all the time.”

“I don’t mind picking you up, I’m going to ask Franky tomorrow if she minds, but until we get you a car I could use the SUV and you could use my car.”

Finishing up their sandwiches Bea washed the few things they had used before locking up and turning the lights off, they headed up to bed both feeling really tired, closing the blinds in their bedroom Bea didn’t notice a dark coloured car parked across the street with someone sitting inside.

Chapter Text

Bea arrived at the office the next morning early as usual, a pile of post had been stacked neatly on Liz’s desk as she had been calling in everyday to check that everything was ok. She couldn’t be bothered looking through it so just went to her office, taking off her jacket and placing it on the back of her chair before walking back through to the reception area to put the coffee on and open the blinds, seeing Liz walking towards the door as she was doing it, she smiled and waved receiving a wave in return.

“Morning love, Debbie get back to uni ok?”

“Morning Liz, yes she did.”

“Oh before I forget, when I came in on Saturday morning there was a man looking for you, I told him to come back anytime this week.”

“Looking for me? As in actually looking for me?”

“Yes love, unless you know another Bea Smith that lives round here.”

“Did he say what he wanted?”

“Wouldn’t say, he said it was a personal matter and you were the only person he wanted to talk to.”

“Guess we’ll have to wait until he comes back to find out what all that’s about then.”

“He seemed familiar, like I’d seen him around but I couldn’t place him, so maybe it’s someone you’ve worked with before.”

“Could be, guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

The door opened and in walked Franky a big grim on her face.

“Morning, and look I’m five minutes early.”

“You turning over a new leaf?”

“Na Red, not gonna happen, just thought you’d have missed me.”

“I saw you on Friday and Saturday Franky, I don’t think I’ve had time to miss ya.”

“Seriously Red, you wound me, ya really do.”

“I’m sure you’ll live,” Bea replied laughing.

“Yer, but one day yer gonna admit that ya miss me.”

“Whatever Franky, but while you’re here I need a word.”

“Your office or mine?” Franky winked at her.

“I just wondered if you would mind if I used the SUV so Allie could borrow my car until she gets her own.”

“I don’t have a problem with that, bloody thing doesn’t get much use anyway.”

Bea decided that now was as good a time as any to look through the pile of post, nothing overly important, couple of bills, cheque’s from clients that she handed over to Liz for taking to the bank and the usual junk mail that they received. Retreating back to her office with a coffee she passed the time finishing up a report she should have finished last week but got distracted. Franky barged into Beas office a little after 4pm.

“So what are we doing about your car?”


“Thought ya going to use the SUV so blondie could have your car.”

“Yer, your point is?”

“Well why don’t we drop your car off at the bar now and I can bring you back here.”

“Actually that sounds like a good idea, just give me a sec and I’ll meet you outside.”

Bea grabbed her car keys and left the office, driving her car over to the bar Franky following in her car. Arriving outside the bar Bea got out walking into the bar spotting Allie instantly she walked over to the bar.

“Now what are you doing here at this time of day?”

“Maybe I just wanted to see you.”

“You couldn’t just wait for another hour?”

“Na, and I wanted to give you something.”

“Did you, what might that be?”

Bea held out her hand with her car keys in, dropping them onto the bar in front of Allie.

“Your car keys, don’t you think your going to need them?”

“No, I spoke to Franky and I’m going to use the SUV, she’s outside waiting for me, now you can drive yourself home.”

“Oh, you won’t be picking me up then?” Allie pouted

“I thought you didn’t like having to relay on me all the time.”

“Your right, I don’t, but I do like you picking me up.”

“I can just as easily send Franky back to the office and wait for you.”

“No, it’s ok, but am I actually insured to drive your car?”

“Yer, I added you to the insurance when you got your driving license from Kaz, sorry I forgot to tell ya, must have slipped my mind.”

“Speaking of Kaz, I think I’m going to phone her tomorrow.”

“That’s good, you need to talk to her. As much as I don’t want to leave I have to get back to the office, if I’m not out of here soon Franky will be coming looking for me.”

“I’ll see you home babe.”

“You will, I shouldn’t be late it’s been quiet all day.”

Bea left the bar, jumping in Franky’s car they drove back to the office. Franky headed into her own office leaving Bea talking to Liz for a while before she went to her own office to get her things before leaving for the day. She had spent longer than she had intended to talking to Liz, it was gone five when she left, leaving Franky and Liz to lock up. Getting into the SUV she drove home, happy to find that Allie was already there. Walking into the house she heard Allie in the kitchen, she took her jacket and boots off and and walked over to the kitchen leaning against the door frame just watching Allie.

“What ya doing?”

Allie jumped and turned around.

“Jesus Bea don’t sneak up on me like that! But to answer your question I’m making dinner as if you couldn’t guess.”

“You didn’t have to, we could have just ordered a takeaway.”

“I wanted to, besides you haven’t tried it yet, we might end up ordering a takeaway, you do like pasta and meatballs don’t ya?”

“Yer, I do, need any help?”

“You could set the table if you really want to do something.”


After they had eaten and washed the dishes they retreated back to the lounge and the comfort of the sofa, Bea sitting down while Allie lay on the sofa her head resting in Beas lap.

“Allie, can I ask you something?”

“You can ask me anything, you know that.”

“Well it might sound stupid now, I should have asked you this earlier but, when’s your birthday?”

“24th August, when’s yours?”

“26th December, but that crap, I already missed yours.”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m not big on birthdays anyway.”


“My parents never really celebrated my birthday, I told you they didn’t want me, it was different for my brother, they loved him, gave him everything he wanted.”

“You have a brother?”

“Yer, Alexander, he’s 4 years older than me, I think he loved me, he used to try and make my birthdays special, but he left to go to uni I only saw him a few times after that, I haven’t seen him since I was 18, he finished his degree and went travelling, he said he would be coming back to do a post grad degree, but when gran died that was that. I still miss him sometimes.”

“You could try to find him.”

“What would be the point? Mum and dad will have told him so much crap about me, he won’t want to see me. Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

“Yer, a brother, also 4 years older, but he lives in New Zealand, it’s where I’m originally from, my dad got a job here so we moved, after I married Harry, mum and dad split up, dad got a new job back in New Zealand and Andrew, that’s my brother, went back with him. Can’t say I actually know what happened to my mum, she hated Harry, she didn’t come to our wedding, I never saw her again. She’s never even met Debbie.”

“Do you still see your dad?”

“Oh yer, I try to go over a couple of times a year, I was thinking about going over for Christmas this year, we haven’t done that for a few years.”

“You should go and spend Christmas with your family, I’ll be ok on my own.”

“You are joking right, I’m not leaving you here on your own, if we go you’re coming with us.”

“I couldn’t, I’d just be in the way, and I don’t have the best track record with families do I? Look what mine were like.”

“Your family were idiots to ever let you go, but your in our family now, mine and Debs, and I’m never letting you go, ever.”

Silence fell between them for a while.



“I guess I should have asked you this like forever ago but……will you be my girlfriend?”

“I kinda thought I already was, but since you asked…….can I think about it?”

“What?” Allie sat up a completely blank expression on her face, she was just about to get up when Bea wrapped her arms around her tightly, pulling her into her lap.

“I was joking, what is there to think about, didn’t I just say I already thought I was, so yes.”

“Your sure?”

“A million percent sure you idiot, now I think we should go to bed, let me prove to you how sure I am.”

Chapter Text

Soon enough Friday had arrived again, Bea was sitting in her office organising things for the next week, they were again looking for a missing person, this time a teenage runaway, but after 3 days they had still had no luck finding anyone who had seen him. They had checked and double checked the usual places they found runaways and Bea was getting frustrated, she’d always found teenagers easier to find than adults. Her thoughts turning to Debbie, how easy it would have been for her to have had enough of her home life a few years ago and become a runaway. Turning her attention back to her computer screen Liz tapped on the door before poking her head round the door.

“Bea love, Kaz would like a word if you have time.”

“Huh, yer sure send her in.”

Bea had completely forgotten that Allie had said she was going to phone her and thinking back she hadn’t mentioned anything about it again, Bea had been so caught up in trying to find the missing teenager that she had forgotten to ask her if she had called her.

“Hey Bea, you don’t mind me dropping by do you?”

“Not at all, has Allie called you yet?”

“No, I was wondering if she had changed her mind?”

“Please take a seat, honestly I don’t know, she said she would call you on Tuesday, but I’ve been so busy here it completely slipped my mind to ask her. I think she’s been really busy this week at work, Wills been training her on the stocktaking and ordering side of things, she might just have forgotten herself.”

“I just wondered that was all, as long as she’s ok I understand if she’s busy.”

“I’ll mention it to her when I get home, anything else you need?”

“Well this might sound strange.”

“In this job nothing sounds strange to me anymore.”

“Well last week I kept noticing a man following me, it might be nothing, but I saw him on Friday when I came over to your house, and then again on Saturday sat outside the bar.”

“Could be a coincidence, but somehow I doubt it, have you seen him since?”

“No, can’t say I have.”

“All I can say is keep your eyes open, if you keep seeing him let me know, I can always have a word with Will.”

“Thanks, I better get going.”

“I’ll remind Allie to give you a call, don’t worry about it.”

Kaz just smiled, getting up from the chair she left. Looking at the time it was almost lunch time, she walked out of her office to find Liz walking back in, bag in hand.

“I went over to the deli to get us all some lunch, you weren’t going out were ya love?”

“No, I was just going to get a coffee.”

Liz went to Franky’s office and they all sat together eating their lunch, Franky and Bea trying to work out what would be their next course of action when the phone rang, Liz answered talking to whoever was on the phone for a couple of minutes before telling them to come in anytime before 4pm.

“New client for ya.”

“What is it this time?” Franky asked with a mouth full of her sandwich.

“Another missing teenager.”

“Oh god, this means twice as much work and we're gonna to have to split up, we don’t usually get two missing people at once.”

“Franky, I’m sure we can handle it as long as no one else comes to us with a missing person.”

They finished their lunch and both left the office, missing persons were a lot of leg work, Franky wasn’t keen on that but Bea loved it, she hated being in the office all day. A couple of hours later they had finally found someone who had recognised the teenager and gave them as much information as they could, they had to get back to the office, Liz hadn’t called so their new client hadn’t arrived. They had been back at the office for twenty minutes when their new client arrived. An hour later they had all the information they needed, it was almost 5pm and Bea wanted to get home, next week she wouldn’t be so keen to leave the office early as Allie would be closing the bar so she wouldn’t be home until after midnight.


Bea had almost run out of the office after calling a take out order into the little Italian restaurant that she loved, she had done a couple of jobs for the owner and he was always willing to do her a quick take out order whenever she asked. She’d ordered lasagna, jumping out of the SUV she ran in collected her order, paid and ran straight back out again, arriving home five minutes before Allie, giving her just enough time to prepare a quick salad and open a bottle of wine. She was just setting the table as Allie walked in, hearing her kicking her shoes off Bea walked out of the kitchen.

“Dinners ready.”

“What time did you get in?”

“About five minutes ago.”

“So you got a takeaway?”

“Well yes, but trust me you’re going to love it.”

Allie walked into the kitchen taking a seat at the table, Bea put the salad and lasagna on the table before filling both their glasses, and taking a seat across from her.

“I didn’t know there was an Italian takeaway round here.”

“Technically there isn’t, but I know the owner of a great Italian restaurant, he’s happy to do me a take out order when I ask.”

“And you’re only telling me this now?”

“I never thought of it before today.”

They ate their food and chatted about their days, Bea telling her about now having to missing teenagers to find and Allie telling Bea that she had mastered the ordering system that Will used and that he was letting her place the next order. They washed the few dishes they had used then retreated to the lounge with the bottle of wine to watch some reality tv program that Allie wanted to watch. Bea wasn’t paying attention to the tv anyway, she needed to ask Allie about calling Kaz, she wasn’t sure if she had just forgotten or was avoiding doing it again, as soon as the program finished Bea decided that it was as good a time as any, refilling their glasses again.

“Kaz came into the office this afternoon.”

“Hmm, yer, shit I was going to phone her wasn’t I? Was she mad?”

“No, she was just wondering if you had changed your mind, but that wasn’t the only thing she came in for.”

“Well she can’t be asking you to find me again, who has she lost this time?” Allie giggled.

“No one you idiot, she said she thought there had been a man following her, but she hasn’t seen him since last week.”

“That’s strange.”

“That’s what I thought, maybe she’s more scary than I thought and he’s been trying to crack on to her.” Bea laughed.

“Fuck….he’d be one brave bloke to try that, she’d probably beat the shit out of him.”

They both laughed about it, both of them really thinking that it was probably nothing.

“I’d better phone her, would it be ok if I asked her to come round here, or would you rather we met her somewhere more neutral?”

“I don’t mind, just phone her will ya, or she’ll be back at the office next week and I’m going to be so bloody busy I won’t have time to just sit and chat.”

Allie got her phone out of her bag and called Kaz speaking to her for ten minutes arranging for her to go over on Sunday evening, they always spent Sunday together and Allie was not giving up her Sunday’s with Bea for anything or anyone. They finished up their wine before Allie locked the house up and Bea went to wash the now empty glasses before they headed to bed.

Chapter Text

Allie was the first to wake up the next morning, picking her head up from the pillow she looked over at the alarm clock, 6:37am glaring back at her in bright red, she put her head back down and shifted herself a little so she look at Bea better in the morning light, “how did I ever end up here?” She thought to herself. She lay there for a few minutes more just looking at her, devouring every inch of her face with her eyes trying to commit every millimetre to memory, the feeling that one day this would all end, or she would wake up in a cold damp doorway or some derelict building and all this had been a dream still hung over her. She loved Bea more than she could every convey to her in words, and she was so scared that she would fuck up somehow and Bea would kick her out, and never want to see her again. She sat up shaking her head trying to clear her head of those thoughts that tormented her, looking back over a Bea she lent down placing a soft kiss on her temple before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom for a shower. Almost as soon as she had closed the door behind her Bea slowly opened her eyes, rolling over onto her back and stretching, hearing the water running in the shower she sat up, sitting back against the headboard she suddenly had the overwhelming urge to touch Allie. Extracting her self from the bed she walked over to the bathroom door removing her pyjamas as she went, she slowly opened the door, walking into the room and closing the door silently behind her. She opened the shower door without Allie even noticing, stepping into the shower cubical and closing it again, Allie had her back towards her standing under the water, she closed the small gap between them instantly wrapping her arms around her waist and kissing down her neck.

“Bea…..what are you doing?”

“I want you.”

“You’ve got me, I’m all yours for as long as you want me.”

“How does forever sound?”

“Like I’m still asleep and dreaming.”

Bea spun Allie around gently backing her up against the tiled wall, leaning forward and connecting their lips in a passionate kiss only pulling away when the need to breath became more urgent than the need to kiss her.

“Still feel like your dreaming?”

“God I hope not.”

Allie reconnected their lips this time in a much slower loving kiss, Bea had other ideas though she wasn’t just going to stand there kissing no matter how much she was enjoying it, she broke the kiss, kissing along her jaw and down her neck, across her collar bone and back up the other side of her neck, Allie moved her hands and rested them on Beas hips as Bea kissed back down her neck stopping at her pulse point gently kissing and sucking on it, earning her a low moan from Allie. Continuing her journey down Allies body she kissed down her chest down between her breasts, before turning her attention to her right breast kissing every inch of skin before sucking her already hardened nipple into her mouth while slowly dragging her hand up Allies body finding her way to her left breast gently massaging it before rolling the nipple between her thumb and finger.

“Oh…fuck…Bea we…we have….to….to…get ready…..f…f…for work.”

“Work can wait….I want you.”

Allie threw her head back against the wall as Bea carried on kissing her way down Allies body, over her stomach dropping down to her knees, she kissed over her left hip and down the front of her thigh, trailing her hand down her side over her hip and down the back of her thigh she gently pulled her right leg up and hung it over her shoulder before kissing up the inside of her left thigh stopping for a second and looking up at Allie, and god did she want to do this, she’d been thinking about it for days, she gulped down the lump that had formed in her throat before carrying on, plunging her tongue between her folds she licked from her clit down to her opening and back to her clit.


That was all she needed to carry on, circling her clit with her tongue Allie moaned loudly, spurring her on even more, bringing her hand down she entered her with two fingers at the same time sucking her clit into her mouth and flicking it with the tip of her tongue, she picked up the pace thrusting her fingers in and out and curling them inside of her she could feel Allie starting to slide down the wall as she came undone, Bea snaked her other arm round her trying to hold her up until she she road her orgasm out, removing Allies leg from her shoulder she stood up keeping a very unsteady Allie pinned to the wall planting a soft loving kiss on her lips.

“Where the fuck did that come from? Not that I’m complaining,” Allie said breathlessly.

“Was that ok?” A worried Bea replied.

“It was amazing babe, your fucking amazing.”

“I’m really not.”

“Trust me you are, you really are.”

Once Allie got her breath back and her legs felt less like jelly she spun Bea around.

“Babe we don’t have time for this.”

“Like you told me earlier… can wait.”

An hour later they had managed to actually shower, although being in the shower together was still very distracting, Allie had managed to get out of the shower and escape Bea starting something again, grabbing her towel she wrapped it round her and went to the bedroom to get dry and get dressed leaving Bea to get dry in the bathroom, by the time Bea went back to the bedroom Allie was dressed.

“Babe have you seen the time, you are officially late for work.”

Bea looked at the alarm clock 9:01am.

“Franky is going to give me so much shit.”

She got dressed quickly, tried to tame her wild curls without much luck, opting to tie it up in a loose pony tail and running downstairs throwing on her jacket and having a fight with her boots as she tried to pull them on, Allie followed her downstairs.

“Want to wait for coffee?”

“Don’t have time, I’ll see you tonight.”

She rushed over to Allie dropping a quick kiss on her lips and ran out the door. She was getting mad, the traffic was a mess, time was getting away from her. Finally she parked up outside the office, grabbed her things from the passenger seat she almost fell through the office door coming face to face with Franky the biggest grin on her face Bea had ever seen. Before Franky could say anything Liz spoke up first.

“Bea love, this young man would like to have a word with you.”

She turned around to face the chairs coming face to face with a blond haired blue eyed man who could have almost been Allies double. She stopped and just stared at him, not even noticing that he had extended his hand towards her,

“You must be Bea Smith.”

“Err, yes,” she managed to get out taking his hand and shaking it, “how can I help you?”

“I’m Alex…..Alexander Novak.”

“You…you’re Allies…brother.”

“Yes I am, I’m sorry, she has told you about me then?”

“Yes, yes she has, come through to my office, please.”

She turned and smiled at Liz, Franky now just looked shocked as Bea walked in the direction of her office followed by Alexander.

“Would you like me to bring coffee in for you both?”

“Please Liz….how do you take yours?” She asked Alexander.

“Black, one sugar please.”

They walked into Beas office, Bea gestured for him to take a seat as she sat in her own chair. Bea couldn’t believe Allies brother was sitting right in front of her, she didn’t know what to say. Liz knocked on the door and slowly opened the door, placing the coffees on the desk she asked if they needed anything else, Bea just shook her head and she left closing the door behind her.

“I guess this is a bit of a shock.”

“Yer, you could say that.”

“Listen I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been looking for Allison for some time.”

Bea looked confused.

“Oh I’m sorry, she hates her name, we all just call her Allie, bet you didn’t even know her real name.”

“It’s never come up in conversation.”

“I’ve spent the last two years looking for her, it wasn’t until recently that I was able to afford to pay someone to look for her, so I apologise if you noticed you were being followed, I just had to find her.”

“I only found out you existed a couple of days ago, she thinks you wouldn’t want to see her.”

“Oh believe me, our parents tried their hardest to make her sound like the most awful person that had ever lived, but she’s my little sister, I don’t care what she’s done, and I do know what she’s had to do in the past, and I’m glad she found someone like you to love.”

Bea just sat there, her head was a jumble of thoughts.

“It’s ok, I’m nothing like our parents, I don’t have a problem with her being gay, all I care about is that she’s happy, and I’ve seen you together.”

The realisation suddenly set in where she’d seen him before.

“That was you on Sunday in the supermarket car park.”

“Yes and I’m sorry for running into you like that, I did try to apologise but I think I made you a little angry, it wasn’t intentional.”

“I’m sorry, we were running late, my daughter was going back to university that afternoon and we were taking her to lunch before we dropped her off at the airport.”

“That’s your daughter? You don’t look old enough to have a daughter at uni.”

“ I had her when I was 18, anyway, how have you even seen her?”

“I was at the diner, you didn’t see me, I don’t remember a time I’ve ever seen Allie look so happy and relaxed as she was that day.”

“So, what is it you want me to do for you?”

“I’m not sure, I want to see her, but I don’t know if she wants to see me.”

“I think she does,….would you like me to pass your number on to her?”

“That would be great.”

He took his business card from his jacket pocket and slid it over the desk to Bea, she picked it up and glanced at it.

“You’re a lawyer?”

“That’s right.”

“My daughter is studying law, she plans to specialise in family law eventually.”

“You have a smart daughter, actually I have to go, don’t want to take up too much of your time, I’m guessing you must be busy.”

“Yes we are at the moment, I’ll speak to Allie as soon as I get home tonight, I can’t promise that she will call you, but I’ll call you myself if she decides not to if that would be alright.”

“Thanks Bea, you don’t mind me calling you a Bea do you?”

“Of course not.”

Bea walked him to the door saying either Allie or herself would call him, he left wishing her a good day, Bea turned back into the office locking eyes with Liz.

“That’s who was here last Saturday, I said he seemed familiar, that’s Allies brother?”

“Yes, its Allies older brother.”

Franky appeared at her office door.

“So Red, who was he?”

“Allies brother.”

“Jesus, you sure they ain’t twins?”

“No he’s 4 years older.”

“So why did he come to see you and not blondie?”

“Fuck sake Franky, enough with the interrogation?”

Franky just held her hands up in defeat.

“Ok, ok…..which one of the kids are you going out looking for?”

“Do you want to take the new case and I’ll stick with the first one?”

“Yer, whatever ya want.”

Franky went back to her office to collect her things before leaving the office, Bea went back to her office to collect the empty mugs before getting her things together and leaving the office. Her mind was all over the place, she had only just asked Allie about her brother and now she had met him. The rest of the day passed in a blur, her head wasn’t in the game, although she did manage to find out a couple of places she could look, and another teenager who said he knew the missing teen and had seen him around took her business card promising to call if he saw him. She went back to the office just after 3:30pm, Franky wasn’t back yet, she chatted to Liz for a few minutes before deciding to call it a day and headed home. She had to sit Allie down and talk to her not having a clue how she was going to react to the news that her brother wanted to see her.

Chapter Text

Arriving home Bea hung up her jacket, kicked off her boots walked over to the sofa dropped her bag down before flopping down onto the sofa and sighing. Allie wouldn’t be home for over an hour, she had to clear her head, this was a serious conversation she had to have with her and she couldn’t think of a way to tell her other than to just say her brother wanted to see her. It was too early to start making dinner so she decided to have a shower while she waited for Allie to get home. After she had showered she pulled on a pair of sweat pants and a t shirt and went back downstairs, grabbing a beer from the fridge before returning to the sofa to wait for Allie. She’d already decided what she was going to do, knowing what time she could expect Allie home was not a problem so she still had some time to kill, turning on the tv she flicked through the channels finally settling on leaving the news channel on, not that she had much interest in what was going on, she had enough going on not to worry about anything else. Glancing at the clock 5:15, Allie would be home in five minutes, give or take, so she went back upstairs to run her a bath, she would be tired maybe even a little stressed today since Will was letting her do her first order for the bar. Filling the bath using Allies favourite bubbles and lighting more candles than was probably necessary, before turning the radio on in the bedroom finding a station playing the most relaxing music she could find she went back downstairs reaching the bottom just as Allie walked through the door, their eyes met instantly.

“Bea, why are you home already?”

“Had a rough day, so I called it quits early, are you not happy to see me?”

“I didn’t mean it like that, I’m always happy to see you, you just hardly ever get home before me when I finish at this time.”

Allie closed the distance between them wrapping her arms around Beas neck and pulling her in for a kiss. Bea instinctively wrapped her arms around Allies waist and pulled her in closer. When they pulled apart slightly Bea was the first to speak.

“I missed you.”

“I missed you to, so much more than you will ever know.”

“I ran you a bath, thought you could relax while I cook dinner.”

“Mmmm, that’s very thoughtful of you,” Allie replied before kissing Bea again.

“Anything you fancy?”

“Oh you, definitely you.”

“I meant to eat.”

“I wouldn’t mind eating you, and after this morning…..”

“Allie, I am being serious.”

“I know, I’ll leave it up to you, I’m not fussy, I’m sure anything you make will be great.”

“Go and have your bath then, I’ll let you know when dinners nearly ready.”

Allie didn’t need telling twice, she gave Bea one last kiss before she disappeared up the stairs, stripping herself of her work clothes as soon as she entered the bedroom. The bathroom door was open and she could see the soft glow of the candle flames, she could hardly believe anyone would do all this just for her. Getting into the tub she lay back her head resting on the back of the tub her thoughts returning to her girlfriend downstairs who was now cooking them dinner, she’d had a long day at work and she had taken the time to do this, to make her feel special, make her feel that she was truly loved and wanted. She felt the tears building in her eyes, all her life all she had ever wanted was to feel what she was feeling now, she knew that she would go through all the crap she had suffered and worse all over again if it meant that right here with Bea, her shy, gorgeous, loving and very sexy Bea would be the end result. She hadn’t heard Bea walking up the stairs or walking into the bedroom she was too caught up in her thoughts, hearing Bea clear her throat was what made her look up.

“Babe, you scared me.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to, but dinners almost ready.”

“Yer….babe….thank you.”

“For what?”

“For all this, for just being you, I love you so much.”

Bea walked into the bathroom kneeling down at the side of the tub and taking one of Allies hands in both of hers,

“And I love you to, my beautiful girl, I never thought I could feel like this, ever, it’s me that should be thanking you for making me feel again.”

She dropped a kiss on Allies cheek before letting go of her hand and standing up,

“Now are you going to get out of that bath or am I going to have to pull the plug out?”

“I’ll get out, I won’t be long.”

Bea turned and walked out of the bathroom headed back to the kitchen. Allie pulled the plug and got out, drying herself off she pulled on a pair of shorts and a t shirt and went in search of Bea, entering the kitchen she found her sitting at the table waiting for her, taking a seat across from her they ate and told each other about their days, Bea obviously missing out the part about Allies brother paying her a visit. When they had finished they washed the dishes together, Bea got a couple of beers from the fridge, taking Allie by the hand and leading her through to the lounge, stopping long enough to turn the stereo on before walking over to the couch and sitting down. They both placed their beers on the coffee table before Bea pulled Allie into her lap.

“Bea what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, why?”

“You seem distracted, have I done something wrong, tell me, if I have give me a chance to fix it.”

“You haven’t done anything, I just need to talk to you.”

“Sounds serious, you aren’t breaking up with me are you, you know trying to let me down gently cos you think it won’t hurt so much if you do that, cos if you are I’d rather you just say it now.”

The tears were once again building in Allies eyes, that feeling of dread and rejection building in the pit of her stomach once more, but it seemed so much worse than she ever remembered it feeling.

“Allie, why would you even think that? I love you and I’m not about to let you go, ever.”

“So why do I feel like you are?”

“I just need to talk to you, I had a visitor at the office this morning, someone who wants to see you.”

“Is Kaz thick? We’re seeing her tomorrow.”

“It wasn’t Kaz, it… was your brother.”

“Al….Alex….he was at your office, but why…”

Bea wrapped her arms round Allie tighter, she didn’t know how this was going to go but she wasn’t going to let her go, she didn’t want her to run, unsure of how she was going to respond to hearing this, the last thing she wanted was for her to get scared and try to run.

“He said he’s been looking for you for the last two years, but it was only recently that he could afford help in tracing you. Remember last Sunday, that guy who ran into me? That was Alex, and at the diner while we were having lunch with Deb he was there to. He’s a lawyer now.”

Allie turned slightly so she could look at Bea seeing nothing in her eyes but love.

“But mum and dad.”

“He said they had tried to turn him against you but he didn’t listen to them, you know why don’t you? He’s your brother and he loves you.”

Bea released her hold on Allie and pulled his business card out of her pocket and handed it to her,

“He wants you to call him, but if you won’t I told him I would, I’m hoping you will though.”

Allie was quiet for a couple of minutes, just looking at the card in her hand.

“If I call him, you will stay with me?”

“I’ll do anything you want me to do beautiful.”

“I need to think about it, I’m not saying I won’t, it’s just too much to take in, I never thought for a second that I’d ever see him again.”

“I know, but can you imagine how I felt this morning coming face to face with him, it was almost like looking at you, except that he’s taller and male obviously. Liz said he called at the office last Saturday when she had gone in to check on things and she thought she knew him but couldn’t place him, now we know why, you look so much like each other.”

“We always did, people used to think we were twins.”

“Are you ok?”

“If anyone else had just told me what you have I think I would have bolted, but you, being with you makes me feel like I can deal with anything, so yer, I’m ok, as long as you’re here with me I think I’ll always be ok.”

They sat together, Allie still in Beas lap, a comfortable silence fell between them for a few minutes, before Allie stood up, holding out her hands to Bea who took both her hands in hers.

“Come to bed, I want you, I need to feel you.”

Bea looked up into her clear blue eyes, with just that one look between them Bea could swear she felt herself fall deeper in love with Allie. She allowed herself to be pulled up from the sofa and lead upstairs, forgetting about turning the lights off, because right now Allie was all she wanted.

Chapter Text

Allie had been awake on and off all night, Bea had taken her mind of phoning Alex for more than a couple of hours but as soon as she had fallen asleep it was constantly on her mind. Even being wrapped around her right now wasn’t calming her growing nerves now, she slowly extracted herself from Beas arms and got out of bed, throwing her t shirt and shorts back on she made her way downstairs suddenly realising that they hadn’t turned the lights off before they went to bed. She got a beer out of the fridge and went to sit on the sofa, curling her legs underneath her. She hadn’t seen her brother in nine years. She believed what Bea had told her, but she could help wonder how much he knew and that was what scared her the most, how much did he know, if he didn’t know anything about her past could she tell him, and if she had to tell him would he reject her. She finished the beer and put the empty bottle down on the coffee table. Looking over to the the only family photos she had left in the world, her only reminders that she had ever been loved before she met Bea. Her thoughts drifting off to when her and Alex had been younger, the trouble they got into together, the stupid things they did together, she smiled at the memories.

Bea woke up reaching over to Allies side of the bed finding her gone and the bed cold where she should have been, she sat up and glanced at the clock, 6:17am. She knew Allie had a lot on her mind and she was worried, she got up to use the bathroom throwing her t shirt and sweatpants on from the previous day and went downstairs in search of her missing girlfriend, finding her curled up on the sofa wide awake. Allie heard her coming downstairs but didn’t move.

“Allie,” Bea whispered.

She picked her head up, looking at her but not speaking. Bea walked towards her kneeling down in front of her and resting one hand on her knee and taking one of her hands in hers.

“Are you alright?”

“I guess, I just can’t stop thinking about Alex.”

“Have you decided what you’re going to do yet?”

“I think I’m going to phone him in the morning.”

“Babe, I hate to tell you this but it is morning, it’s gone six now.”

“Shit, I didn’t think I’d been down here that long.”

“You couldn’t sleep could you? You should have woken me up, you didn’t have to sit here by yourself.”

“I know, but you looked so peaceful, I didn’t want to disturb you, plus you were tired.”

“I may have been tired but I’m here for you, anything you need….besides it’s your fault I was tired.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining!”

“Still as cheeky as ever I see, come on, come back to bed for a while.”

“I think I will, you’re coming with me aren’t you?”

“Course I am, its Sunday morning, don’t we usually stay in bed together?”

Bea got up pulling Allie up with her, turning the light off they went back to bed, they got back under the duvet and both sat with their backs against the headboard, Allie resting her head against Beas shoulder, they just sat there for a while neither of them speaking, Bea was unsure what to say really, Allie was the first to speak.

“So are we still going to the supermarket this morning?”

“We don’t have to, I mean if you’re too tired I can go alone, and Kaz is coming round this evening.”

“Yer, I remember, I want to go with you, I like our Sundays together, it might just be shopping and laundry but any time we spend together is just precious ya know? I don’t care what we do, being with you means so much.”

“I know, listen I’ve been thinking since yesterday, I’m going to phone my dad and my brother, I think it’s about time I told them about us.”

“You don’t have to.”

“I know I don’t have to, I want to, I told you we got to New Zealand for Christmas, this time I want you to come with me and Deb, I’m not leaving you here on your own, and besides I’ve already met your brother, I think you need to meet mine, it’s only fair.”

“Hmmm, I can’t really argue with that can I?”

“No ya can’t, so right now I’m going to go have a shower and then I’ll make breakfast.”

After a quick shower Bea got dressed and went to the kitchen, leaving Allie to have a shower, she hoped that a long shower might help her clear her head a little. Half an hour later Allie appeared,

“I thought you were making breakfast.”

“Hmmm, I was going to but I was going to make scrambled eggs and I wasn’t sure how long you were going to be so I decided to wait for you.”

“Well I’m here now,” Allie crossed the kitchen placing her arms round her and kissing her on the neck.

“Mmmm, yes you are…are you hungry?”


Bea made breakfast for them both and poured the coffee, sitting next to each other at the kitchen table, after they had finished Allie had insisted on doing the dishes. They went about heir usual Sunday morning routine, after lunch Allie decided that it was now or never. She went to the bedroom to get Alex’s business card, sitting down on the sofa next to Bea she picked her phone up from the coffee table letting out a loud sigh. Bea took hold of her hand entwining their fingers, turning her head to look at Allie seeing the worried expression on her face.

“I’m sure it’ll be ok, why would he be looking for you if he really didn’t want to see you?”

Allie just nodded before dialling the number, the call was answered on the fourth ring.


“Alex, is that you?”

“Allie….course it’s me, I can’t believe you called, it’s so good to hear your voice, how are you?”

“Wow, Alex slow down, I’m fine.”

“Hey, how did you ever manage to get ya self such a gorgeous girlfriend?”

“Hey, keep ya eyes to yourself.”

The conversation between them flowed so easily, it was as if they had never been apart, all Allies nerves just melted away the second she heard his voice. They talked for over an hour, Bea had tried to get up and leave her to talk in private but Allie had been having none of it pulling her back. The conversation suddenly turned to them meeting,

“Allie, can we meet, and soon?”

“I guess that would be ok, but would you mind if Bea came with me?”

“Hey course not, besides I’ve already met her, I hope your not angry with me for going to her first.”

“No, it would have been a bit strange if you’d have just turned up here.”

“That’s what I thought, so sis, when would be a good time for you?”

“I’m not working until three every day next week, guess we could meet for lunch, but I’ll have to check with Brea, I know she’s pretty busy at work.”

“Ok, so let’s say lunch one day next week, my shout and no arguments, I have something to tell you that I don’t want to discuss over the phone, so you just text me when’s best for the both of you and I’ll book a table somewhere for us.”

“Ok, sounds good, and Alex…..I’ve missed you.”

“Hey I’ve missed you to, see you soon.”

Finishing the call she put her phone back down on the coffee table.

“Sounded like that went well.”

“Yer it did, he wants to meet up with us.”

“Are you sure you want me to be there?”

“Why wouldn’t I, and like Alex just said, he’s already met you.”

“Oh yer, like that wasn’t awkward.”

“Babe, please, I want you there, what day is best for you for lunch?”

“Doesn’t really matter, although it might be easier after Wednesday.”

They spent the best part of the afternoon cuddled up on the sofa Allie telling Bea stories about when her and Alex were younger, they both fell asleep for a while, waking up just before 6pm.

“What time did you say Kaz was coming over?”

“Around seven why?”

“I’m not cooking, are you?”

“For Kaz, no!”

“We’ll just order pizza then.”

Allie decided to call for the pizza just after six thirty, Kaz arrived just before seven, Bea answering the door.

“She hasn’t changed her mind about me coming over has she?”

“I hope not she’s already ordered an extra large pizza, so just come in will ya.”

The pizza arrived not long after and they all sat and chatted, Allie couldn’t keep her news in about Alex, to say Kaz was shocked was an understatement she didn’t even know Allie had a brother. Kaz had never really asked Allie questions about her family, unlike Bea who wanted Allie to remember the good memories she had, Kaz didn’t seem to think that holding onto the past was a great idea. Bea remembered that Allie had told her that she’d had a bad experience when she was younger and she had never asked anymore about it, Bea found herself thinking that she could have ended up more like Kaz if Allie hadn’t have come along when she did, she’d spent three years closed off from almost everyone except Debbie and the few close friends she had, in a way she felt sorry for Kaz, she knew all too well that a bad experience can and will stay with you but you have to choose if you’re going to let it take over your life, she nearly had, then along came Allie, she crashed through the wall that she had built up around herself and she had been powerless to stop her, not that looking back on it now she had any intention of stopping her, from the first time she had seen Allie there was something there, something that she was powerless to fight, “Thank god for Allie,” she thought to herself.

Chapter Text

Bea had been in her office for about an hour, Franky had already left to make fresh enquiries about the teenager she was looking for, her phone rang dragging her attention away from her computer screen picking up her phone and answering it, finishing the call she jumped out of her chair, picked up her bag and almost ran out of her office.

“Wow, slow down love, where’s the fire?”

“Can’t stop Liz, got to go.”

She ran out of the door, jumped into the SUV and drove off. After driving for ten minutes she pulled into a side street, jumped out and locked the SUV, she scanned the area quickly spotting who she was looking for and walked towards them. Looking the two teenagers up and down before she spoke.

“Thanks for the call,”

“Yer, no worries….think he’s had enough of being out here.”

Turning to the other teenager she looked closely at him, he looked tired and dirty, she guessed that he must be hungry, using that as an excuse to try to get him away from the area and hopefully to convince him to go home.

“Have you eaten today?”

“Na, haven’t eaten since the day before yesterday.”

“We could go and get you a burger, anything you want, how does that sound?”

“Fantastic…so you’re the person who’s been out here looking for me?”

“Yep, so are we going to go and eat?”

The teen nodded and smiled at his companion, Bea turned and started to walk away, looking over her shoulder he was following her, she walked round the corner to burger bar the teen by now right by her side, walking inside she went to the counter to order ordering him a cheeseburger a large order of fries and a Coke, ordering herself a coffee before returning to where he was sitting. They talked for a few minutes before the food arrived, he reminded her of Debbie how quickly he ate, in his case it was pure hunger. She was relieved when he said he wanted to go home, he ran away after a stupid argument with his mum and after a couple of days he didn’t think he could face her. He’d planned on buying a train ticket and going to Sydney, but then he’d lost his money. After another burger and another Coke he was ready to leave and go back to the office with Bea.

“You will be there when mum arrives won’t ya.” He had asked her nervously.
Bea had assured him that she would and he settled back into passenger seat for the short drive back to the office. Entering the office he had been really nervous but after laughing and joking with Liz he settled down. His mum couldn’t thank Bea enough for all she’d done, before taking him home, Bea telling him as they were leaving that she didn’t want his name coming back up anytime soon on one of her cases.

“Good result love.”

“ I hope Franky is doing ok with the other case,”

“Did Allie call her brother?”

“Yes, yes she did, we’re meeting him one day for lunch.”

“That’s good love, she’ll feel better having you with her.”

Bea had returned to her office to write up her report so she could close the case, she had spent most of the rest of the day daydreaming about Allie, she had planned on working late, but she didn’t really have anything much to do, Franky had called saying she wouldn’t be back in the office until the morning, in the end she had just decided to call round to the bar and try a grab a few minutes with Allie before going home. Allie was just about to have a break when she arrived which had meant that they had got twenty minutes together. Allie telling her that she had texted Alex and arranged lunch for Thursday which Bea had said was fine especially now they only had one missing person to find. Allie had joked that Bea must be off her game as it hadn’t taken her more than a day to find her, making her laugh when she’d said that maybe she just wanted to find her more after she’d seen her picture. She had left soon after Allie had finished her break, not looking forward to spending the evening alone, deciding that she would give Debbie a call after dinner and fill her in on their news.

Thursday morning arrived quicker than either of them wanted, Bea had been leaving Allie to sleep in until this morning, today was the day, Allie was finally going to meet her big brother after a nine year separation, she had been so on edge the night before that nothing Bea could do or say had helped. Waking up before the alarm Bea lay there for a while holding Allie in her arms listening to her breath, she figured that this was the calmest she was going to be for the rest of the morning, looking at the clock it wasn’t quite seven so she decided that she would turn off the alarm before it could wake Allie up. She must have dozed off for a while, the next time she looked at the clock it was just after eight. She was glad Allie was still sleeping soundly, turning slightly she reached over to grab her phone deciding to call Franky.

“Fuck sake Red have you seen the time?”

“Yes thanks, you’re lucky I didn’t call you an hour ago when I first woke up.”

“Seriously now is not the time to be calling for sex advice.”

“Fuck you, I don’t need your advice I do quite well on my own thanks, that’s not why I’m calling ya.”

“Ahhh, ya just wanted to her my voice, that’s what turns ya on,” Franky laughed down the phone.

“Can we just have a normal conversation just for once?”

“Are ya kidding, that’s just boring.”

“Franky listen, I’m not coming in until after lunch.”

“Stoppin’ in bed all mornin’, can’t say I blame ya.”

“No Franky, we’re meeting Allies brother for lunch at twelve, she was so nervous last night, and I just don’t want to leave her at home on her own ya know.”

“Oh right, I get ya, but ya know sex is the best way to get her to relax.”

“Fuck off Franky, I’ll see ya later alright?”

“What ever ya say Red, laters.”

She dropped the phone back on to the bedside table after having an idea, she slipped out of Allies arms slowly so as not to disturb her. She ran downstairs to put the coffee before making pancakes, taking the strawberries from the fridge she cut them up. Plating the pancakes and strawberries up she poured two mugs of coffee and went back to the bedroom, putting the plate and coffees down on the bedside table she leaned over and shook Allie gently.


No response.

“Babe, it’s time to get up.”

Allie fluttered her eyes open a small smile appeared when she saw a Bea leaning over her.

“What time is it?”

“Just after eight thirty sleepy head, time to get up.”

She turned on her back and slowly sat up.

“Your going to be late for work.”

Bea sat on the edge of the bed, passing her the plate she had prepared for her.

“I’m not going to be late because I’m not going to work until after lunch, and before you say anything else I already called Franky to let her know, now eat your breakfast.”

“You called Franky at this time in the morning, bet she gave ya shit,” Allie said with a mouth full of pancake.

“Hmmm, just a little nothing I can’t deal with, finish your breakfast and I’ll run you a bath.”

“I was going to have a shower.”

“Well we’re going to have a bath, so don’t argue.”

“Ohhhh, its We is it? I think I like the sound of that.”

“I bet ya do,” Bea replied with a wink.

She got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to start running the water in the tub adding Allies favourite bubbles, she was determined to try and keep Allie calm until it was time to leave to meet Alex, she really didn’t think she could stand a repeat performance of the night before, if Allie paced the lounge floor just once more she knew she was going to snap and the last thing she wanted was to shout at her, it wouldn’t look good if Allie was upset when they reached the restaurant. Poking her head round the bathroom door she saw Allie leaning back against the headboard coffee in hand. Walking back into the bedroom she picked up her coffee,

“How are you feeling?”

“Nervous, I don’t know what we’re going to talk about, and I’m really nervous about what he wants to tell me.”

“It could be anything, maybe he’s getting married.”

“Never thought of that, but I couldn’t go mum and dad would be there.”

“Babe whatever it is I’ll be there right by your side.”

Bea sat on the edge of the bed and turned to face her taking her hands in hers.

“I love you Alliecat, what ever it is you don’t have to face it alone, I’ll be there.”

“I know, I love you so much, why are you always this good to me?”

“Why do you even need to ask? Didn’t I just tell you that I love you, all of you, your beautiful, smart, funny and most of all you’re just you.”

“Sooo…are we having this bath or not?”

“You have to get out of bed first silly.”

Allie jumped out of bed stripping herself of her night ware and almost ran to the bathroom, Bea just shook her head and smiled, picking up her coffee mug and drinking half of it before getting up and stripping herself and going to the bathroom.

“Looks like you’re a bath hog from here.”

Allie sat up and shuffled herself a little further down.

“I’m not now, get in.”

Bea got in behind Allie and wrapped her arms and legs around her pulling her as close as she possibly could.

“Hmmm, I could stay here all day like this with you.”

“No thanks, I know sometimes I could use a cold shower but I draw the line at a cold bath,” Bea giggled.

They lay there together mainly in silence just enjoying being so close until the water started to go cold, Allie getting out first and wrapping herself in a towel before handing another towel to Bea. By the time they had got dressed it was almost time to leave the house.

“Babe promise you won’t leave me.”

“I promise, and have I broken a promise to you yet?”

“No, but there’s always a first time.”

Bea wrapped her arms around her and hugged her tight. Leaving the house a couple of minutes later, as soon as they set off Allies nerves started getting the better of her. Bea reached over and took her hand entwining their fingers.

“Can we just turn round and go home?”

“Not on your life, trust me he’s still going to love ya, but not as much as I do.”

Arriving at the restaurant twenty minutes later Bea parked the SUV, unbuckled her seat belt and turned to Allie.

“You ready?”

“I guess, can’t turn around and run now can I?”

They got out and walked over to the door hand in hand, Allie holding Beas hand much tighter than she normally would. As they walked in Alexander spotted Bea straight away, standing up from his seat he waved them over, Bea squeezed Allies hand as they walked over.

“Allie…it’s so great to see you, and Bea I’m so grateful you got her to call me, please sit down.”

Allie just sat there staring at him not sure what to say, grabbing Beas hand under the table.

“You look great sis, Bea must be good for you.”

“She is, she takes really good care of me,” Allie giggled looking at Bea.

A waiter handed them all a menu, Alex had already ordered a bottle of wine but as they both had to work they both decided to just have water. After deciding what to order Alex beckoned the waiter back over giving him their order. They all chatted as they waited for their meals and Allie started to relax a little more but still kept a tight hold of Beas hand until the food was brought over and she had no choice but to let go.

“So, Alex, you said you had something to tell me.”

“I certainly do, and for you to understand I have to start at the beginning.”

Allie just nodded. Alex started to explain, after her parents had kicked her out of her grandmothers house and sold it to a cash buyer no one knew where Allie had gone. After the funeral there was a Will reading a week later and that caused some trouble, her grandma had left the house to Allie plus $100,000 each to Allie and Alex. Their parents had sold the house for $150,000, and within a week had spent most of it. The firm of solicitors who were handling the estate forced them to sell their house when they couldn’t repay the money, plus the house was worth more than that, another $75,000. As Allie couldn’t be traced the money that was hers had been put in trust until she could be found and there it had sat for the last 8 years. Allie couldn’t speak, she was shocked, she had $325,000 that she had never known about. And she was angry, not at Alex, but her parents had left her to live on the streets when she could have had a roof over her head and money in the bank. She turned to look at Bea and that anger just melted away, she knew if she had had all that back then she may never have met her, and she wouldn’t change what she had now for anything, she couldn’t imagine her life without Bea.

“That’s a lot to take in Alex.”

“I know it will be, but I work for the firm of solicitors who represented grandmas interests, so I can get you an appointment as soon as you feel ready.”

“But grandma never had any spare cash, how could she leave us that much?”

“Sneaky old bugger wasn’t she, no one knew about her savings.”

“Changing the subject a little, do you still see mum and dad?”

“If you can call the occasional visit to the cemetery seeing them then yes, dad died five years ago and mum died two years ago, I didn’t see much of them after what they did to you, didn’t want to, I could never understand how they could do that to you.”

The waiter came and cleared their plates leaving them with the desert menus, all of them agreeing that they didn’t want anything else as they all had to go to work, deciding to have a coffee as Alex didn’t want to leave just yet, he really had missed Allie.

“Me and Bea thought that maybe you wanted to tell me you were getting married.”

“Na, I did that four years ago, Victoria, she’s a doctor, and you have a nephew, Kyle, he’s just turned one.”

“I’m an auntie!” Allie almost choked on her coffee.

“Yes sis you are, and I know Vicky would love to meet you, but there’s plenty of time for that, don’t want to scare you away when I’ve just found you again.” He laughed.

They chatted for a little longer Alex showing them pictures of his wife and son before Bea glanced at the time seeing it was 2:30 already, Allie said that she would love to stay longer but she had to get to work, and Bea had already taken the morning off. Alex understood saying that he would call Allie soon and arrange another day to get together, which she agreed to, Bea offered to pay for their meal Alex dismissing that idea as it had been his idea to have lunch. They said their goodbyes leaving Alex in the restaurant. Bea drove Allie to bar, arriving before her shift was due to start.

“Can you believe that all this time I had money?”

“Doing my job sweetheart nothing ever surprises me anymore.”

“It’s just too much to take in, I had nothing for so long, or at least I thought I did, and now I’ve got everything I ever wanted, I don’t need the money.”

“Babe, try not to think about it too much just now, at least not right now.”

“Your right, are you going to work late to make up for the time you’ve wasted on me today?”

“Hey, no time with you is ever wasted, now go on or Will be sending a search party out for you.”

Allie leaned over and gave Bea a kiss before getting out of the SUV and heading off to the bar.
Bea headed off to the office finding Franky was actually out chasing up leads on their missing person.

“Did everything go alright love?”

“Yes, you know I think it did, Allie has a lot to get her head around, like being an auntie for a start.”

Bea went to her office and gave Franky a call telling her to go back to the office and after she had filled her in on where she had got to in the case she could get off home and she would take over to make up for not being in till late. Franky arrived, there had been more than a few sightings of the teenager and a couple of people were going to call if they saw him again. Of course Franky was interested in how things had gone, Bea gave her the highlights before telling to get herself out of there, she didn’t need telling twice since Bridget would be home soon.

Bea spent a few hours out of the office, before she knew it it was almost 11pm, she headed back to the office quite optimistic that the case would be closed by the weekend. She pulled into the drive just after midnight, she had just got to the front door when Allie pulled up getting out of the car and walking towards her,

“Fancy seeing you here.”

“Hmmm, great timing I call it.”

“Me too, see anything you like?”

“Only you babe, only you.”

Chapter Text

It had been a week since they had met Alex, a full week and Allie was still struggling to wrap her head around what he had told her. She had called him again and arranged a time to go into the solicitors office but she hadn’t told Bea, secretly hoping that it was all a mistake and the money really didn’t exist. She’d been really quiet for most of the week and Bea hadn’t wanted to pressure her into making any decisions so had left her to it. That morning she had snapped at Bea and walked out of the house, leaving a very confused and agitated Bea behind, all she had done was ask if she wanted another coffee. If Bea was being honest with herself she was scared, scared she was going to lose her, she couldn’t stop the constant nagging in her head, it was driving her mad, she knew she had been a little distant and hadn’t paid Allie as much attention as she usually did. Allie was going to have a lot of money, she would be able to do whatever she wanted, so the feeling that she was going to just up and leave in her mind was justified.
Pulling herself from her thoughts she tried to call her, her phone going straight to voicemail, she left her a message and hung up. Finishing her coffee she left the breakfast dishes in the sink not bothering to wash them and left the house for the office.

It was still early, she was the first one there, she went straight to her office and slammed the door behind her, taking a seat in her chair and putting her feet up on her desk, taking her phone out of her jacket pocket she tried calling Allie again still getting her voicemail. She thought about sending her a text but what would be the point her phone was obviously turned off and she didn’t want to talk to her. Hearing Liz arrive she just sighed knowing Franky would be in soon and she really wasn’t in the mood for her. Liz tapped on her office door opening it just enough to poke her head in,

“Everything ok love?”

“If I say no will ya keep Franky away from me?”

“It’ll take a lot more than me to keep Franky out of your office love. Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

“Maybe later Liz.”

“I’ll leave ya to it.”

Liz closed the door behind her, turning around just in time to see Franky walking in her usual grin plastered on her face.

“Mornin Liz, see Reds early this mornin.”

“She is love, but I’d leave her alone for a while.”

“Oh yer, what’s she up to in there, havin phone sex with blondie?”

Liz shot her a glare and shook her head before taking her seat behind her desk.

“Ok, I can take a hint, I’ll leave her alone…..for now anyway.”

A couple of hours had passed and Bea still hadn’t left her office, she’d tried calling Allie another half a dozen times still getting her voicemail in the end she just sent her a text.

Please talk to me, let me know you’re ok. I love you x

Not that she expected a response anytime soon she threw her phone down on her desk, turning her attention to her computer screen and trying to get some work done.


Allie felt like shit, she was mad at herself for snapping at Bea, she hadn’t meant to, she didn’t even know why she had done it, “fuck sake she only asked if you wanted another coffee,” she said to herself. She had asked Will a couple of days ago if she could have the day off and after explaining why he was more than willing to help her out. She hated what she was doing, she hadn’t lied to Bea, she just hadn’t told her what she was doing so along with the now fast approaching meeting she was about to have she felt so guilty, pulling up outside the solicitors office she spotted Alex leaning against the wall waiting for her. She got out of the car and walked over to him.

“Hey sis, where’s Bea, I thought she would be here with you?”

“She’s at work, and I… well I didn’t tell her.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, guess I keep hoping that there isn’t any money, I don’t need it Alex, I’ve got all I need.”

“Come on, lets go in, Mr Stevens is waiting for you, everything is already in motion for the money to be transferred into your account all you need is to provide your proof of identity.”

“Can’t I just have it transferred to you?”

“Allie gran wanted you to have it, it was her final gift to you, she would be so mad if she heard you talking like this and you know it.”

“Yer I know, I still miss her ya know.”

“Hey me to, maybe we could go over to the cemetery after your done here, ya know, go and have a little chat to her.”

Allie smiled, she missed her gran, but she’d missed Alex just as much. They entered the office of Mr Stevens and Allie was even more nervous now than she had been when they met Alex, she wished she’d told Bea what she was thinking because right now she wanted her here, Bea made her feel safe, she kept her together when she felt like she was going to fall apart, she was her life, being without her long enough to go to work felt like a life time every day, and now she found herself in this office without her all thanks to her own stupidity.

After 45 minutes she was leaving the office, Alex in tow.

“Are you ok Allie?” Alex asked looking concerned.

“It’s too much, you said it was $325,000, how did it end up being $450,000?”

“Were you even listening? Some of the money had been invested earning you a profit, and then there was interest added to it.”

“Yer but…..fuck, I don’t even want it, I just want everything to be like it was before, with the exception of having you back in my life.”

“It’s a lot to take in I know, it’s a shock, you could just transfer it into a savings account and leave it until you really need it, you never know what might happen in the future, hey you and Bea might even end up getting married,” his serious tone disappearing with his last comment.

“Yer, or she could just tell me to leave.”

“Allie….where is that coming from? She loves you, even a blind person could see how much.”

“I just don’t want things to change between us.”

“And you think that because you have some money in the bank it’s going to change the way she feels? You are kidding me?”

“I don’t know what to think anymore……..will you still come to the cemetery with me?”

“Yer, come on, I think you need to get some of this nonsense outta ya head, and no one ever listened better than gran, we’ll take my car.”

They stopped at a florist on the way over to the cemetery, getting out of the car Allie took a deep breath to try and calm her nerves. Alex placed his hand on her shoulder giving it a squeeze before leading her over to the their grans grave.

“Hey gran, look who I found, our little Allie, she’s finally here, she’s in a bit of a tangle though, so don’t be blaming me when she chews both ya ears off.”

He gave Allie a small smile, “I’ll wait for you in the car,” he said as he turned and walked away.

Allie just stood there for a minute, trying to get her thoughts together before sitting down on the grass beside the headstone.

“Hey gran, I’m sorry it took me so long to get here, my life was a mess, but I bet you already knew that. I don’t know why you had to leave me all this money, I really don’t need it, I have everything I need. I met someone, her names Bea, she’s so perfect, you’d love her and I know she’d love you. She has a daughter, Debbie, she’s at university studying law. I know this might sound so silly but truly I can’t imagine being without her, she’s the love of my life, I never thought I would ever feel like this, I didn’t think it was possible. I know you always said that there was someone out there just waiting to find me, my forever person, and you know, I finally believe that, she is my forever. But I’m scared gran, what if she leaves me now because of all this money, I whish you were still here. I was so stupid this morning, I snapped at her for no reason and…..I’m sorry gran I have to go. I love you.”

Allie suddenly realised that she hadn’t turned her phone back on. Placing the flowers on the grave she stood up and started walking back to the car, taking her phone out of her bag and turning it on. When she got back in the car she saw a voicemail and a text, opening the text she knew she was being so stupid, Bea loved her, deep down she knew that, she’d made a mess and she was going to sort it out. Sending Bea a text was the first step.

Bea, I’m so sorry for snapping at you this morning, I’m ok, really I am. Are you at work? Can I take you to lunch? I love you too, so very much xx

Alex dropped her off back at the car, but she still hadn’t heard from Bea.


Bea looked away from her computer screen at her phone seeing a text from Allie she read it straight away. She smiled a little, but decided not to answer her straight away, she had been waiting hours to hear from her, a few minutes waiting to send a reply wasn’t going to hurt. Hearing a knock on her office door she assumed it was Liz after all Franky very rarely ever knocked on her door, the door opened and in walked Franky.

“Bridget started teaching you some manners finally?”

“Na Red, had manners all along, Liz asked me to leave ya alone so I did.”

“You listened to Liz? Wonders never cease.”

“So everything ok, had a fight with blondie did ya?”

Franky crossed the office taking a seat.

“No, she’s just been quiet since last week and I thought I was doing the right thing letting her think things through, but this morning she nearly bit my bloody head off.”

“Oh and let me guess you’ve been ya usual self, puttin distance between the two of ya?”

“Yer I guess, fuck, shouldn’t have been doing that should I?”


“Shit….I fucked up.”

“It’s ok Red, you’ve got the make up sex to look forward to.”

Bea just shook her head.

“Ok, I’ll leave ya to it, but try and sort ya self out, feeling sorry for ya self is not a good look on ya.”

Franky got up and left, actually closing the door behind her quietly. Bea thought for a moment before picking her phone up and replying to the text Allie sent her.

Forget about this morning, it really doesn’t matter. Lunch sounds great but are you sure you have the time? I love you beautiful girl xx

Before she could even put her phone back down she received a text

I’m on my way over now xx

Bea smiled, getting up from her chair picking her phone up and putting it in her pocket before walking out of her office to wait for Allie.

“You going for lunch love?”

“Yer, just waiting for Allie.”

“So ya feeling better now aye?”

“A little, just need to sort some things out is all.”

The door flew open and Allie walked in her eyes landing on Bea the second she walked in, walking towards her she flung her arms round her and hugged her whispering in her ear,

“I’m so sorry about this morning, I love you so much.”

“I know Alliecat, I love you to, more than you will ever know.”

Removing her arms from around Beas waist she took hold of her hand entwining their fingers and leading her out of the office and over to the car.

“I’ve been so stupid Bea, I thought I could deal with everything on my own but I know I can’t.”

“Allie we can sort it out, but right now I’m starving can we just go and get some lunch so you can get back to work.”

Getting in the car Allie knew she had to be honest.

“I don’t need to go back to work because I had the day off.”

Bea looked at her a little confused but didn’t say anything waiting for Allie to tell her why. Arriving at the diner they got out of the car, Allie grabbing her bag before they went inside, it was pretty quiet for a lunch time, but that was why Allie picked that diner, it never got busy until dinner time. They found a booth right at the back, far away from the few people that were already there so they could talk.

“I really am sorry about this morning.”

“I know, and I told you it’s forgotten.”

“You say that now.”

The waitress came over to take their orders, both ordering a coffee and grilled cheese sandwich. Bea took Allies hand across the table giving it a squeeze. Allie swallowing down the lump that had formed in her throat.

“I shouldn’t have kept it from you, I didn’t lie to you, I just didn’t tell you, but this morning I went to the solicitors office.”

“Ok, how did it go?”

Allie shook her head.

“It’s too much Bea.”

Allie retrieved some documents from her bag and and slid them over the table to Bea who looked down at them, turning the pages with her free hand, her mouth turning dry when she saw the amount that Allie had received.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“You aren’t going to leave me are you? I’ll give it all away, I don’t need the money I just need you.”

“Why would you think I would leave you? Allie, it’s me that should be worried, you can do anything that you want, and I’m certain you can find someone better than me.” Bea just hung her head, she felt like crying.

“What? No, I don’t want anyone else, I’ll never want anyone else. And there is nobody better than you for me."

The waitress brought their food and coffees over and left them to it.

“Alex took me over to my grans grave after we left the solicitors office. I told her about you, about Debbie. And I remembered something she used to tell me, she said that there was someone out there waiting to find me, and she was right, you found me, your my forever Bea I can’t be without you, I love you so much.” She sobbed.

“Hey, stop that, I’m not going anywhere, I’m here for as long as you want me to be here.”

“I’ll want you forever, there is no one else for me.”

They ate in silence, their hands still joined across the table, Bea extremely glad that they hadn’t ordered anything that required a knife and fork to eat. When they had finished Allie paid the bill much to the disapproval of Bea.

“Do you have to work this afternoon.” Allie asked a little sadness in her voice?

“I guess I could call it a day, why what have you got in mind?”

“Nothing much, I just don’t want to spend anymore time apart from you today, and I need your advice.”

“My advice, I’m not sure how much help I’ll be.”

“So, are you going back to the office and staying or just to tell Liz and Franky you’re going home?”

“Definitely the going home option, now come on get a move on, I want to get you home.” She winked and smiled at Allie.

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A month later….

Allie still hadn’t made any plans as far as her unexpected windfall went, Bea hadn’t been much help saying that it was her money and she could do what she wanted with it, but that was the problem she didn’t have any ideas what she wanted to do with it since she still didn’t really want it. She thought of buying herself a car but after several trips to different car dealerships she still couldn’t decide which one she wanted, on one Sunday afternoon trip to a dealership Bea had walked off in a huff after Allie had looked at almost every car they had and then gone right back to looking at them all again. Allies indecisiveness just got on her last nerve that day and she didn’t want to upset her by saying something that she would regret in the end so she just walked off and sat in the car. Allie hadn’t noticed she’d even gone at first until she had asked for her opinion about the car she was looking at, getting no response she turned around to find that she was no longer standing behind her. After looking around for her she had spotted her sat in the car, head thrown back against the headrest with her eyes closed. Making her way out to the car she stopped and looked at her for a few seconds deciding that she was done with the whole looking for a car business forever. Walking round the car to the drivers side she got in,

“I’m never going to find anything that I really like so I give up.”

Bea opened her eyes turning her head slightly to look at her

“Have you any idea what kind of car you really want?”

“Not a clue.”

“So are we going to keep doing this every Sunday?”

“No, I’m giving up, maybe I should take up running then you can have ya car back,” she joked.

Bea sat up properly in her seat turning more towards Allie with a raised eyebrow and a grin on her face.

“Now that’s something I really wouldn’t mind watching.”

“Bea Smith….really!”

“What? I was only meaning that I haven’t seen you run, I’m not sure you know how.”

“Only because I don’t see the point.”

“It’s good exercise.”

“Na, don’t believe that.”

“It is, it gets your heart rate up and gets ya all hot and sweaty.”

“Yer, and I can think of another way far more pleasurable to do all those things.”


Once back at home they settled down on the sofa with a coffee and Beas laptop. Bea deciding that she wasn’t going to let Allie give up looking for a car but it was much more desirable to do it from the comfort of the sofa.

“So come on, as you don’t have to worry about the cost, what’s your dream car?”

“Oh ya know, wouldn’t mind having a Porsche 718 Boxster GTS, don’t like the price though, I’m not paying over $110,000, for a car.”

Bea almost spat her coffee out.

“How much?”

“That’s what I thought, but I would like something that’s a bit different.”

“Na you just want to show off.”

“NO….I want to show you off….fuck ya would so hot in a sports car,” Allie giggled.

Be passed her the lap top after she found a site she was looking for.

“Look on here, you don’t have to spend so much just for a car.”

“I know, but I can dream can’t l?”

“Course ya can, now you look and I’ll make a start on dinner.”

Bea wondered off to the kitchen not actually sure what they were having for dinner but she knew she was fed up of talking about cars. After twenty minutes she decided on pasta with a homemade tomato and chilli sauce. Thirty minutes later she heard a squeal coming from the lounge and a very excited Allie went rushing into the kitchen, laptop in hand. Putting the laptop down on the table she grabbed Bea by the hand and pulled her over to the table.

“I’ve found it, the perfect car.”

“Jesus Allie, I thought something was wrong.”

“Sorry….but look, a BMW 335i M Sport E93, and it’s only $39,000, I’m going to phone them in the morning, can you come with me to look at it?”

Bea groaned, “If I say yes can we please stop talking about cars?”

“Not into cars are ya?”

“No, as long as it gets me from a to b what’s to be bothered about?”


Next morning Allie had woken up way before the alarm went off, she had tried to go back to sleep but she was excited, the car dealership opened at 8am and she just couldn’t wait to phone them to check they still had the car. She got out of bed and had a long shower, wanting to waste some time. Bea was still asleep when she had finished her shower and got dressed, she knew it was going to be a long day for her, waking up so early and this week she was locking the bar up so she wasn’t going to home till late. The alarm went off while she was still in the bedroom, she stood and watched as Bea rolled over and reached out to turn the alarm off before rolling back over and stretching her arm out finding Allies side of the bed empty and cold, she just groaned as she opened her eyes, blinking a few times she spotted Allie stood watching her.

“Stop staring.”

“I’m not I’m just watching you wake up.”

“Why are you up so early?”

“Couldn’t sleep could I?”

“You just really want that car don’t ya?”

“Yer I do, and I still have to wait another hour before I can phone them, so you go and shower and I’ll make breakfast.”

Allie was just about to walk out of the bedroom,

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Well I was going to start breakfast, did you want something?”

“No, I’ll just go and shower,” Bea said sulkily.

Allie turned around and walked back over to the bed and almost throwing herself back onto it before throwing her arms round Bea and pulling her in close.

“What’s up did ya miss me?”

“I just don’t like waking up on my own.”

“Technically you weren’t actually on ya own I was still in the room.”

“Stop splitting hairs, you weren’t still in bed were ya?”

“Your such a baby sometimes, feel better now?”

“Hmmm, much, guess you can go now.”

“Right get ya self in the shower.”

Allie got up and went downstairs, starting the coffee she glanced at the time, 7:24, going back to the task in hand she decided that she wasn’t actually that hungry but decided on bacon and eggs for Bea and just toast for herself. By the time they had both had breakfast it was just gone 8am, Allie left Bea to do the dishes while she phoned the dealership. Almost running back into the kitchen she wrapped her arms around Beas waist.

“They’ve still got it, can we go now?”

Bea laughed.

“Yes, come on, lets go.”

When they arrived at the dealership Allie almost ran inside, Bea just shook her head and walked in slowly, finding Allie looking at the car and being given all the information by one of the salesmen, as Bea walked over and looked the car over she had to admit that it was nice, but cars really weren’t her thing.

“Babe what do you think? Should I buy it?”

“If it’s really what you want I think you can do as you like.”

“Yer, but I want to know if you like it.”

“I like it, but it’s still only a car.”

“You won’t be angry if I buy it?”

“Why would I be?”

Taking Beas hand they followed the salesman into the office so Allie could fill out all the necessary paperwork, paying in full by bank transfer after calling her bank to sort it out, before calling the same insurance company that Bea used to get it insured.

“Will you be ok if I leave you here, I really need to get to work?”

“I think I’ll live, they are going to valet it before I can have it, I’ll come over to your office as soon as I’ve got it then you can have a proper look.”

“Franky will love that, she’s a sucker for a nice car.”

“Oh great, you aren’t bothered and Franky will be interested, I’m sure I’ll get you interested before the end of the week.”

“Well you can try.”

An hour and a half later Allie pulled up outside Beas office and headed inside.

“Morning love, Beas in her office with Franky.”

“Are they busy? I guess I could come back later.”

“They’re just discussing a new case, they shouldn’t be much longer they’ve been in there for an hour.”

Just then the door was thrown open and a grinning Franky appeared followed by Bea.

“Oh hey blondie, come to show off ya new wheels?”

“I came to let Bea have a proper look I’m not showing anything off.”

All four of them went outside.

“Bloody hell blondie you’ve got good taste in cars, shame I can’t say the same about your taste in women.”

Bea elbowed Franky in the ribs.

“Oh come on Red ya know I don’t mean it.”

“Franky, your just jealous cos I’ve got an extremely hot girlfriend and a hot car.”

Franky shook her head and went back inside followed by Liz.

Bea wrapped her arms around Allies waist.

“Are you happy now?”

“I’m always happy when I’m with you.”

“As much as I don’t want to I have to get back to work.”

Allie sighed, “yer I guess you do, I’ll see you tonight babe, and I won’t be boring you with anymore car talk.”

Bea gave Allie a quick kiss before going back inside, Allie went home to get ready for work, a big smile on her face.

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The next evening Bea was at home alone having already decided earlier in the day that she was going to call her dad and then her brother. Wanting to make make sure that she didn’t call call too late owing to the two hour time difference she decided on having dinner later than usual. Picking up her phone from the coffee table she felt nervous, her dad had met Franky on numerous occasions and he had always been fine with her, and Franky being Franky that had always surprised her given the amount of inappropriate comments she had made in his presence and the one time Franky had so openly and unashamedly tried to hit on Bea when her dad was there, he had laughed it off saying Franky had no chance with his baby girl, still that was just how Franky was and everyone knew it, trying to ignore her ever growing nerves she scrolled to her dads number at hit call.

After what had felt like an eternity to Bea, but was really only a few seconds, her dad answered.

“Bea, I’m so glad you called, I was just thinking about you.”

“Hey dad, me to.”

“So how is everything?Deb called me last week she sounds like she’s really enjoying uni.”

“Yer she is, it’s really strange not having her at home though.”

“I know how that feels remember.”

They chatted for a few minutes, Bea telling him about work and a couple of funny stories involving Franky causing her dad to almost drop his phone once he was laughing so hard.

“So have you organised your trip out here for Christmas yet?”

“No not yet, actually that’s why I wanted to call you, I’ve met someone and I was hoping you wouldn’t mind if they came with me and Deb for Christmas.”

“Baby girl that fantastic news, where did you meet him, what’s his name, does he get on with Deb?”

“Wow dad slow down…..actually he is a she, I met her while I was working on a case, her names Allie and yes Deb gets on with her.”

There was a brief pause on the other end of the line and Beas stomach felt like it was doing back flips, all she could do was worry what he would say next.

“Ok, I’m not gonna lie that’s a surprise, she must be something else if she can do what Franky or anyone else for that matter never could.”

“Oh dad she is, she’s beautiful, kind, intelligent and so sweet and loving.” Bea gushed.

“Then she must be really special, and you know what, I’m happy for you, I didn’t think I’d ever see the day that you were asking me if it would be ok for you bring someone home with you, other than Franky that is,” he laughed.

“So your ok with it?”

“Course I am, your my baby girl and don’t you forget that, as long as your happy then I’m happy for you.”

“You have no idea how happy I am that you said that, if you’d have been angry then I don’t know what I would have done.”

“Yer you do, you’d have dug your heels in and told me to piss off, but honestly I’m really am happy for ya.”

They chatted for a few more minutes before her dad said he had to go. Ending the call she slumped back on the sofa happy that so far things were going ok, she really knew deep down that if her dad hadn’t accepted her being with Allie that she wouldn’t have been going home for Christmas, she didn’t want to leave Allie on her own.

Sitting up a little her nerves kicking in at full force again she called her brother, they chatted about everyday stuff until Bea had admitted what she was really calling for. Her brother was over the moon almost causing Bea to almost go deaf when he shouted a little too close to the phone to get his wife’s attention, Bea could hear Jessica in the background saying how great it was and asking to speak to Bea, Andrew passing the phone over they spoke for a few minutes before she passed the phone back. They chatted a little longer before Bea said that she really needed to get something to eat and they said their goodbyes.

Bea didn’t think she had ever been so relieved in her life, she wasn’t all that hungry now so just had a sandwich, deciding to send Allie a text.

Finally called my dad and Andrew, they can’t wait to meet you xx

Not expecting a reply she was just about to put her phone down when it started ringing, seeing Allies name on the screen she answered straight away.

“Shouldn’t you be working?”

“Na, I’m on my break, sooo…..what did they say?”

“Well dad said he was happy for me, a little shocked at first, but he’s fine with us being together.”

“And your brother?”

“Almost the same, strangely without the being shocked part, and his wife can’t wait to meet you.”


“Yes really, so are you coming with us for Christmas?”

“I…um…..guess I am if you really want me to.”

“Course I want you to, if you decide you don’t want to then I’m not going either.”

“Not giving me too much choice here are ya babe?”

“Nope, I want you to come with me.”

“Have you asked Debbie? Maybe she won’t want me intruding on your family Christmas.”

“Are you kidding….Debbie isn’t going to want me being miserable over Christmas, think she had enough of seeing me like that.”

“Ok, but you will check with her won’t you?”

“If that’s what you want then yes, maybe we could video call her at the weekend then you won’t be in any doubt.”

“Yer, sounds good to me, I better go though my breaks almost over, I love you.”

“I love you too, see you later.”

“You might not, your usually already asleep when I get home.”

“Yes but I always know that you’re there, don’t work too hard.”

“Oh you know me babe, I never do," Allie laughed.

Hanging up and putting her phone down on the coffee table Bea felt like she could finally relax, she had the hard part over, the conversation with Debbie was going to be a breeze. Christmas was only a month away, Bea went and retrieved her laptop so she could look for flights, finding what she wanted she booked three tickets before retreating upstairs to have a shower.

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Sunday morning had rolled around again and they once again had chosen to spend their time laying in bed wrapped around each other.

“What time are you calling Debbie?”

“Not until after lunch, ya know what students are like, staying in bed all day.”

Allie laughed.

“I reckon we do a good impersonation of a couple of students then on a Sunday morning.”

“We have an excuse, we both go to work.”

“Do you wanna get up? We do have things to do.”

“Yer I know like go to the bloody supermarket, I say we ditch that idea stay her and live on takeaways for the next week.”

“God, Now you really do sound like a student.”

They both laughed, but really neither of them actually wanted to get out of bed until is was necessary.

An hour later they decided that they had better get up when Allies stomach started growling. They chose to shower together just about managing to keep their hands to themselves, after getting dressed Bea decided that they may as well go to the diner on the way to the supermarket for breakfast since as far as anything they had in was mainly devoid of anything remotely looking like breakfast. Allie insisted that they take her car, and since it was pretty hot she had to have the top down.

“You really like showing off don’t ya?”

“Na, I told ya, I like showing you off, and trust me you look so fuckin hot sitting there.”

Bea giggled,

“Bet ya say that to all the girls.”

“Since you’re the only girl I ever want sitting next to me in my car I won’t ever be saying that to anyone but you babe.”

“Better not tell Franky that she just dying to get in here and have you take her for a spin.”

“Yer well, Franky can just go and spin.”

Arriving at the diner a few minutes later Bea was surprised when she saw Franky’s car in the small car park.


“I’m gonna tell her that ya said that,” nodding her head in the direction of Franky’s car.

“I’ll tell her myself, the only way I’m letting her in here is if she rides in the boot,” causing them both to laugh.

Entering the diner they spotted Franky and Bridget over in the far corner and headed over to them.

“What are you two doing here?”

“Gidge wants to go Christmas shopping and I don’t but I said if she bought me breakfast I’d go with her. Why are you here?”

“Oh ya know, empty fridge.”

“So are ya joinin us?”

Bea looked at Allie who just smiled and nodded her head taking a seat next to Bridget. Almost as soon as Bea sat down the waitress approached them, they all agreed on bacon and eggs with a side order of toast and coffee. The waitress disappeared returning a couple of minutes later with their coffee saying that their food wouldn’t be long before walking away to clean a table that had just been vacated.

“So blondie, when am I going to get a spin in that hot car of yours?”

Allie looked at her, raising her middle finger, “how about you just spin on that?”

“Oh, someone’s not in a very good mood today.”

Bea laughed and turned her head towards Franky.

“Allie said you could go and spin before we came in, in fact she says the only way your gettin a ride in her car is in the boot.”

“Ouch blondie that hurts, what did I ever do to you?”

“Nothin, not yet anyways.”

Their food arrived and they sat and ate, Allie winding Franky up when she said she would take Bridget for a ride in her car, Franky frowning and complaining to Bea that Allie was being really mean, causing Bridget and Allie to laugh.

“You’ll have to excuse her Allie, Franky doesn’t like being told no,” Bridget giggled.

“Doesn’t like using people’s real names either does she?”

“Hey, hey, I am still here you two do realise that, and I don’t call ya anything nasty do I?”

“No of course not sweetheart but you do realise that we have names no matter how cute you think your pet names for us are?”

“Ahh, Gidge, you’re just killing me over here ya know that?”

Finishing up their breakfast Bea tried paying for theirs but Bridget wasn’t having any of it, no amount of arguing or persuasion made Bridget give in so Bea just stopped protesting. They all headed outside and said their goodbyes. Franky and Bridget heading to the shopping mall, Bea and Allie to the supermarket. They finished up their shopping pretty quickly, grocery shopping was defiantly not one of Beas favourite things to do, she had always hated it but for some reason having Allie there with her made it more bearable, or maybe it was just the fact that she wasn’t having to do everything on her own anymore, she was so used to doing everything on her own and it had taken her a while to get used to it, causing a few disagreements between them along the way never anything serious and when Bea thought about it every disagreement had always been caused by her and nearly always over something really trivial, she would end up storming off in a huff and Allie was always the one that would apologise and try to make things right between them even though she never had anything to apologise for. Putting the bags in the boot Bea started to feel slightly guilty about their disagreements, grabbing hold of both of Allies hands after she had closed the boot and looking her straight in the eye.

“Bea are you alright?”

“Yes, but I’m sorry for always being the cause of our disagreements.”

“Babe you have nothing to be sorry for, everyone has disagreements.”

“I know that but I’m always the one who causes them and you always make things right again, I’m just so used to having to do everything by myself you know, not having all the responsibility on my shoulders takes some getting used to.”

“Hey I understand that, I’ve never had anyone to do things with, I’ve almost always only had myself to rely on, I’ve found it just as difficult ya know. But I love you and I want to share everything with you.”

“I think we need to get home and get the shopping put away before we call Deb.”

“Changing the subject now are ya?” Allie giggled.

“Yer just a little but we do need to go home.”

Bea let go of Allies hands and walked round to the passenger side of the car and got in, Allie getting in, starting the engine before putting on her seatbelt. She looked over at Bea who was looking out of the window.

“Errr, I don’t mean to nag but…..seatbelt.”

Bea turned her head towards Allie and smiled.

“Yes boss,” she said grinning at her.

Getting home Bea took most of the bags out of the boot only leaving a couple for Allie to take into the house, Bea took them straight through to the kitchen and put them on the table before going back to the lounge to turn her laptop on.

“Not that I’m complaining but I can carry more than two bags ya know.”

“I know, but we both know that you’ll end up putting most of it away so really it’s only fair for me to bring most of the bags in.”

“Ok, I’ll let you have that one,…..this time.”

They started putting the shopping away when Bea heard her laptop indicating an incoming video call, glancing at the clock it was on just 12:15, she walked back into the lounge took a seat on the sofa and answered the call.

“Deb, I thought we were calling you?”

“Well yer ya said you would but I thought I’d surprise ya.”

They chatted for five minutes Debbie noticing that Allie still hadn’t appeared.

“Err, mum, not that I don’t like talking to you but where’s Allie, please tell me you haven’t caused an argument with her.”

Just then Allie walked out of the kitchen sitting next to Bea on the sofa.

“Hey Deb, and no Deb we haven’t had an argument, I was in the kitchen finishing putting the shopping away when you called.”

“That’s a relief, so what was it you both wanted to talk to me about?”

“Christmas, you know we always go to New Zealand and I’ve asked Allie to come with us but she wants to know if you are ok with her coming with us.”

Debbie’s facial expression changed from a grin to a serious look.

“Why are you even asking that Allie, of course I want you to come with us, I spoke to mum after she called grandad and uncle Andrew and I know they want to meet ya, why would I not want you to be there?”

“It’s just…..well it’s your time to be with your family, I don’t want to be in the way.”

“Allie you will never be in the way, haven’t you got it yet? You’re already part of our family, if mum was brave enough to call grandad and tell him about you that should be all the proof you need.”

“Her, I guess, I didn’t think of it like that.”

“I told her you were going to want her to come with us Deb, anyway I’m not letting her back out now I’ve already booked our tickets.”

“And when were you going to tell me that you had already booked them?”

“Well….I just did.”

Allie just shook her head.

“You really were that sure what Debbie was going to say weren’t ya?”


They chatted with Debbie for another twenty minutes before she said that she had to go as she was going out with friends for the afternoon, they said their goodbyes and ended the call.

“I can’t believe you already booked the tickets.”

“Yer well, I told ya Deb would want you to come with us, and I wanted to book them so we all got a seat together.”

“Ok, I get that, guess I wouldn’t want to be sat next to some complete stranger, I’ve never flown before, I don’t think I could handle not having you sat next to me.”

They both returned to the kitchen to make their lunch, Bea telling Allie what they usually did over Christmas, they would be flying out on the 21st of December because Bea always did her Christmas shopping for her family while they were over there, it made more sense to her than having to drag gifts all the way over from Australia, they usually ended up having to pay for excess baggage on the way home because they always spoilt Debbie. After lunch they both decided that they were going to sit out in the garden, it was too warm to spend the day inside and neither of them wanted to wonder far from the house. They sat outside and chatted more about Christmas, Allie trying subtly to ask Bea if there was anything she would like, Bea realising what she was trying to do steered the conversation in a different direction. Later on they made dinner together then sat on the sofa and watched a movie, Bea falling asleep halfway through with her head resting on Allies shoulder. Allie had to wake her up when the movie had finished and at the time Bea hadn’t been all that thrilled to be woken up to be told that she really needed to go to bed, Allie locked up and turned the lights off on her way to bed finding Bea had fast asleep by the time she had made it out of the bathroom, she got in bed, turning on her side to face Bea, Bea instantly moving closer to Allie draping her arm over her waist and mumbling a very sleepy “goodnight.”

Chapter Text

A couple of days had passed and Bea was sitting in her office trying to think of something that she could get Allie for Christmas but she couldn’t think of anything, she knew she wanted to get her something special, she spent the best part of the previous day looking online since work was slow and it was driving her crazy, she hated having nothing to do she got bored and Bea Smith did not handle boredom well, it made her feel uneasy and restless. Staring at her computer screen her phone rang seeing Wills name flash on the screen she couldn’t help but wonder why he was calling her.

“Hey Will, did ya call me by mistake?”

“Hi Bea, no, no, are you busy?”

“Unfortunately no, is anything wrong?”

“I hope not, I just had a call from Matt he needs to speak to you Allie and Kaz and the idiot broke his phone so hasn’t got your number, he was wondering if you could all meet him at your office in an hour.”

“That’s fine with me, are you going to phone Allie or do you want me to? “

“Might be better if I call her myself.”

“No worries Will, are you coming over as well?”

“I wasn’t planning on doing but if ya want me to I will.”

“I think you should.”

“Ok, I’ll call Allie and see you in about an hour.”

She ended the call wondering what Matt wanted, she knew it was probably something to to with the impending court case and that brought Harry into her thoughts, her phone ringing brought her back into the present, not looking at the screen she answered it.


“Babe, has Will told you what Matt wants?”

“No, he just said that he needed to speak to us.”

“Are ya busy?”

“Busy boring myself to death.”

“So you wouldn’t mind if I come over now?”

“Course not, I can’t think of anything I’d like more.”

“I’m on my way,” Allie said as she hung up.

Bea couldn’t help but smile, Allie was always so eager to see her, she’d been like that ever since she’d moved in with Boomer, not that Bea minded, she secretly loved knowing that Allie always wanted to see her, to be where ever she was, and if she was ever totally honest with herself she felt exactly the same. Her thoughts wondered back to that night she had found her, the second she had seen her she’d wanted nothing more than to scoop her up in her arms and take care of her, and that had scared her to death, just the thought of wanting someone around, to care for someone other than Debbie had felt like more than she could handle, of course it had taken her a few days to realise that it was more than just wanting Allie around and sometimes she wished that she'd seen it straight away then she would never have sent her to live with Boomer, but that hadn’t changed anything between them, the fact that they were apart, or meant to be, had just made Bea admit to herself that she had made a mistake. She was sitting back in her chair her head thrown back looking up at the ceiling when Allie had arrived, opening her office door quietly Allie smiled to herself, Bea still wasn’t aware of her presence even when she crept across her office and almost threw herself into Beas Lap.

“What he fuck!” Bea mumbled as she threw her head forward coming face to face with Allie.

“Sorry babe, didn’t mean to scare ya but you looked distracted, mind if I ask what ya where thinking about?”

Bea raised her hands and placed them on either side of Allies face.

“You, I’m always thinking about you, I doubt I will ever stop.”

“Oh so that’s what ya spend your days doing when your meant to be working is it?”

“No, I think about you all the time working or not.”

“You say that now, one day someone better than me will come along and occupy your thoughts.”

“I can promise you that is never going to happen ever, I’m never going to want anyone else but you.”

Allie was still so insecure when it came to Bea, most of the time she still felt like she was dreaming, how could anyone like Bea want to be with her, but she did, she told her that constantly, still Allie couldn’t help thinking that one day it would all be over and she’d be alone again. A tapping on the door dragged Allie out of her thoughts.

Kaz opened the door slowly seeing Allie sat in Beas lap.

“God, do you two ever stop?”

“What’s up Kaz, jealous?” Allie giggled never taking her eyes away from Beas.

“Errr, NO…..but you two are quite sickening, you never quit.”

Franky appeared behind Kaz trying to see what she was on about, as Kaz walked more into the office she saw them.

“Oi, you two better keep it in your pants, I’m not listening to the pair of ya moaning.”

“Fuck off Franky,” Bea groaned.

“Ignore her babe, she’s just pissed off cos she couldn’t flirt her way into ya pants.”

Bea felt her face flush and she shook her head.

“Can we not do this?”

“Soooo, what’s going on here then anyway?”

“Matt wants to speak to us, should be here soon.”

“Need me to get lost then?”

Allie looked between Bea and Kaz and she knew they were both worried about what he had to tell them, looking at Franky who was now just looking serious.

“I think Franky should be here, she knows everything and we’ll only have to repeat the conversation later.”

Bea and Kaz both nodded in agreement.

“Is Will coming with him?”

“I asked him to when he called me.”

Franky disappeared in the direction of her office returning quickly with another chair, placing it down in front of the desk before sitting herself on the edge of Beas desk. They all sat in silence for a few minutes before they heard the main door open hearing Matt and Will chatting to one another, they both greeted Liz before entering Beas office closing the door behind them and taking a seat.

“So Matt I’m guessing this is about the court case.”

“You’re correct Bea, Tina Mercado has been charged with possession with intent to supply, conspiracy to supply and intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm. Jake Stewart was charged with possession with the intent to supply, conspiracy to supply, misconduct in a public office and conveying prohibited items into a prison. Harry, unfortunately we could only charge him with possession with the intent to supply and conspiracy to supply.”

Bea looked around the room for a few seconds before she spoke again.

“So what does that mean, how long could they be sentenced to?”

“Tina is giving evidence so will most likely get a slightly lower sentence, but even so the minimum she is looking at is 10 years, the maximum is 20 years, Jake is the biggest loser in all this, he has not cooperated, he messed up getting stuck with the misconduct charge maximum for that is life. Harry, well he likes the sound of his own voice with his pleas of innocence, but he’s looking at an extra 15 to 25 years.”

“So I know you said Harry would have been slotted, is he back in general yet?”

“He was, for about an hour when he started fighting putting another prisoner in medical, he’s looking at extra charges for that, he’s back in the slot Bea, try not to worry so much.”

“That’s easy for you to say, so what about the others?”

“Both on remand, I hear Jake Stewart is in a whole world of hurt.”

“Good, I’m glad he is, fucking prick, he deserves all he gets,” Allie spat.

Bea just wrapped her arms around her waist and rested her head on her shoulder calming her down within seconds.

“So do we have a court date yet?” Kaz asked looking rather worried.

“I actually don’t have an exact date yet as I believe there are still some enquiries underway within the prison, but I’m assuming that it will be by the end of January.”

Matt looked at his watch, making his apologies that he had to leave as he had a meeting that he had to attend, but saying that if anything else came up he would meet with them all again. Will and Matt both left, Will telling Allie that he didn’t mind if she was a little late for her shift. Kaz also left not long after apologising because she needed to get back to work but said she would call Allie over the weekend and maybe the three of them could get a coffee.

Franky got off Beas desk and sat in one of the chairs.

“Sounds like they’re all going to be doing some time, and fuck that bent screw really fucked himself over.”

Bea looked over at her then back to Allie before she spoke.

“Harry’s gonna be pissed, he’s still got almost 13 years of his sentence left, 15 to 25 more years will really get to him.”

Allie shifted herself a little in Beas lap before she spoke.

“He deserves everything he gets and more, after everything he put you and Debbie through, if I ever get my hands on him he wont be breathing any more.”

“Hey blondie, don’t worry about it, he can’t keep himself out of trouble even locked up, I’m pretty sure one day someone will teach him a lesson, he’s not as tough as he thinks, I mean come on, the only way he could hold his head up in that place was to sell drugs, now he can’t do that, doubt another screw will be so easily convinced to help him. He’s finished one way or another, trust me you don’t ever want to come face to face with him.”

“I get it Franky I really do, but I can’t help but hate him for what he did, he tried to ruin the sweetest, kindest most considerate and loving woman I’ve ever met in my life.”

“Allie, stop will ya,” Bea protested.

“Uh uh, I can’t stop and I definitely won’t take it back because it’s all true.”

“Think that’s my cue to leave, you two really are sickeningly too sweet.” Franky said as she got up out of the chair, picking it up and taking it back to her office.

“Hadn’t you better be going to work?”

“I guess I should really, you won’t be late home will you?”

“I don’t think so, we don’t have too much to do, it always get really slow before Christmas, last year we were only working for three days a week until after the new year then it went crazy, we had to turn down new clients.”

“Good, I hate it when you’re late home when I finish at five.”

“I’m not too fond of you finishing at midnight you know, that's at least seven hours I have at home without you.”

Allie got up and turned towards Bea taking her hands and pulling her up and into a hug.

“I’m going to miss you.”

“I know, I’m going to miss you too, I always do, but we both have to work, well actually no, I have to work you could spend your days being a lady of leisure if you really wanted.”

“Hmmm, I guess, but then I’d have to keep coming to see you and you’d never get any work done.”

“Good point, I’ll see you at home.”

Bea kissed her before leading her by the hand out of her office, Allie said goodbye to Liz and Bea walked her outside stopping by her car before pulling her in close and kissing her again.

“Seriously Bea, now I’m going to miss you even more.”

Allie got into her car, blowing her a kiss before she set off for work. Bea went back inside deciding that they should close the office for an hour and the three of them go out for lunch, she could really do without sitting in her office all afternoon and they weren’t busy so could afford to take an hour off.

Chapter Text

“Ok Red spit it out, I know you’ve got something on your mind.”

“It’s nothing Franky, don’t worry yourself about it.”

“Fuck sake, it’s Friday morning and ya walk in here with a face like a smacked arse, you and blondie had a row? Added to the fact that your late, and the Bea Smith I know is never late.”

“No we haven’t had a row, and I’m late because I needed to look for something.”

Franky just looked at Bea with a raised eyebrow, internally debating if she should push for more information. Finally deciding that she would leave it for now, but not for long, something was on her best friends mind and she was determined to find out what and help her anyway she could. She poured all three of them a coffee passing one to Liz first who looked up at her from her computer screen slightly stunned, it wasn’t very often Franky poured anyone but herself a coffee. Bea had sat in one of the comfortable chairs and was just staring out of the window, Franky took a seat next to her and offered her a mug.

“Come on Red it can’t be all that bad, we’re friends ain’t we?”

Bea just looked at her and nodded.

“Listen I know I tease ya and I get on your last nerve at times, but I’m here for ya, always will be, if you have a problem then so do I so tell me what’s on ya mind.”

Bea took a sip of her coffee and sighed, it’s not like it was the end of the world or anything, she’d never had to buy anything for anyone that she really cared about other than Debbie and her friends but she was struggling, she didn’t have a clue what to get Allie for Christmas, and deep down she knew she shouldn’t be so worried about it, it was just a present, but to her it was more than that, she wanted to find something that was perfect, something that matched Allies beauty and something that would convey just how much she loved her without words. She’d never had to worry about buying anything for Harry since all he ever wanted was to get drunk and spend his days with his mates down the pub over the holiday, that was why Bea and Debbie had always gone to spend Christmas with her dad since Debbie was five, he didn’t like the mess he said Christmas made, and he certainly didn’t like spending money on presents not even for his own daughter. She didn’t really want to tell Franky that her mood was just down to her own inability to find the perfect gift for Allie, but now she had been put on the spot, Franky’s eyes never left her and she knew she was waiting for her to say something.
Finally she did speak.

“It’s just Christmas, that’s all.”

“Christmas, that’s it, but you love Christmas, it’s your time away in New Zealand with ya family and….shit, have you told ya dad, about Allie I mean? Fuck you haven’t have ya?”

“It’s not that, I’ve told my dad and Andrew their fine with me being with Allie.”

“Is she going with you and Deb or does she not want to meet ya family?”

“It’s not that either, she said she would only come with us if it was ok with Deb and Deb told her under no circumstances was she staying here on her own over Christmas, not that it mattered anyway cos I’d already booked the tickets.”

“Then I don’t get why ya worried, your going with the two most important people in your life to spend Christmas with ya family.”

Liz had been listening to their conversation but not wanting to interrupt. Franky could be understanding, and really she had a heart of gold, when it came to Bea she was always over protective, Liz had seen her on more than one occasion get into it with anyone who upset her, and on more than one occasion that someone had been Harry. Liz turned away from her computer and looked over at them both, she could tell what was bothering Bea, Franky may have been her best friend but Liz always had the knack of knowing what was worrying her, at times even before she had herself. Since a silence had descended between Franky and Bea Liz took the opportunity to speak.

“Bea love, you know I'm pretty certain Allie isn’t going to care what you get her for Christmas, as long as she’s with you that’s all she’ll care about.”

Bea shot her eyes over to Liz, of course Liz knew what was wrong, Liz always did. Bea could never hide anything from her so she’d given up trying a long time ago, but this was a stupid problem to be worrying about, if she was being honest with herself she could probably give Allie a pair of bloody socks and she would love them, that was just how Allie was, she didn’t ask for anything, didn’t expect anything, all she ever seemed to want was for them to be together when they could and it didn’t even matter what they were doing, Bea was sure she could be unblocking a blocked drain and Allie would be right by her side. Franky looked between Liz and Bea a smile suddenly creeping across her lips. Getting up from her seat she excused herself to her office.

“Well that was wired, no smart comments from Franky.”

“Yer Liz I know, it’s not like her.”

“Do you want some help? Looking for something I mean, I don’t mind.”

“I think I need a miracle, but your help would be appreciated, I’ve spent all week looking online and this morning I went over to the shopping mall, I just have no ideas, and she hasn’t given me any.”

“What are ya getting Debbie this year?”

“Oh you know Deb, been dropping hints that she needs a new laptop and printer, not that I’m surprised with all the work I imagine she has to do, we’re going to have a look for one for her on Sunday, ya know she’s even been telling me what specifications she’s looking for.”

“Well she is spoilt, she knows she only has to drop a hint and she’ll get it.”

“Yer, I just wish Allie would drop me a few hints.”

“I told ya love, it won’t matter what you get her, she’ll love it because you took your time to pick it for her.”

Bea took herself off to her office deciding that she needed to do at least a little work before Franky started giving her hell for doing nothing especially since she had gone to her own office some time ago.


It was almost lunch time when Franky burst into Beas office announcing that her and Bridget were taking her out for lunch. Bea had tried to protest saying that she was quite happy to go over to the deli to get and sandwich and eat in her office but Franky was adamant that she had to go to lunch with them, leaving her in her office saying she better hurry up before walking out closing the door behind her and going over to have a word with Liz. When Bea walked out of her office Liz and Franky were talking to each other in a hushed tone, wondering what they were up to Bea spoke.

“What are you two up to?”

“Oh nothing love, just having a chat.”

“Since when does Franky Doyle have a chat in whispers?”

“Na Red we weren’t whispering, just talking quietly, now come on, Gidge will be waiting on us.”

They left the office and got into Franky’s car going to the diner that wasn’t far from the office that they sometimes went to for lunch when they needed time out of the office. As Franky had said Bridget was already there waiting for them at a table in the far corner. Franky and Bea took a seat across the table from Bridget, all the time Bea couldn’t help but wonder what Franky was up to and she wasn’t saying anything. Bridget was the first to speak.

“Franky told me you’re having a problem trying to find a Christmas gift for Allie.”

“Yer you could say that.”

“Forgive me if you think I’m overstepping here, but I have a friend who designs jewellery, she’s extremely talented and I know she’s working on a few new pieces at the moment, I thought maybe if you were interested I could take you over to her workshop and you could have a look.”

Bea was silent for a moment, she really hadn’t gotten to know Bridget all that well but here she was offering to help her.

“Yer, you know that sounds great.”

“Good, shall we order and I’ll take you over to meet her?”

They all ordered their lunch Franky opting for a burger and fries while Bea and Bridget both decided on a salad, Franky taking the piss out of them and asking if they were going on diets, earning her a kick under the table from Bea and a slap on the arm from Bridget. After lunch, this time Bea paying for it saying that she wanted to pay as a thank you for them helping her out. Franky said she was going back to the office and asked Bridget if she didn’t mind dropping Bea off when she had finished, of course she said it wasn’t a problem.

Bea and Bridget chatted a little about their plans for Christmas on the drive over to the workshop arriving there thirty minutes later. Walking inside Bea was amazed at some of the pieces of jewellery that she saw, they were all beautiful. Bea explained to Vera that she wasn’t really sure what she was looking for, Vera directing her over to one of her work benches with a few items on it that she was currently working on, Bea looked at each one carefully, the last piece she saw really grabbed her attention, it was a solid silver heart pendant with small diamonds surrounding the edge. She looked at it more closely than anything else she had seen.

“That ones almost finished, do you like it?”

“It’s almost perfect, but there’s something missing.”

“I haven’t put the centre stone in yet, if you want it you can chose what stone you would like.”

Vera took her through to another part of her workshop where she kept all her supplies asking her what colour stone she would want. Bea thought about it for a couple of minutes before deciding that blue would be the perfect choice.

“Can I ask what month your girlfriend was born?”

“August, why?”

“Then I may just have the perfect solution for you although it would make it a little more expensive.”

Bea just nodded her head unsure what she talking about but willing to let her run with it. Vera walked over to a large cupboard, opening it she spent a few moments looking for what she wanted before returning back to Bea with a small box in her hand. She began explaining that August actually had two birthstones one being peridot and that it was a lime green colour the second was spinel, this could be found in different colours red, orange and pink, but it also could be found in blue and that was the rarest colour, opening the box she showed Bea a single blue spinel stone, Bea gasped when she saw it, it was almost a perfect match for the colour of Allies eyes. Vera then went on to explained that spinel is believed to protect the owner from harm and soothe away sadness. They talked for a little longer Bea deciding that she wanted the pendant with the blue spinel stone set in the centre and that it would be paired with an 18 inch silver chain also custom made. Vera had enquired if Bea would want an inscription on the back. Eventually after talking to Bridget she decided that she did, Vera passed her a note pad asking her to write down what she wanted inscribing on it, after doing that Bea thanked Vera for all her help, Vera telling her that it would be ready by the following Wednesday as she would make finishing it her priority. Bea was unsure if she would be able to get back the next week to collect it but Bridget stepped in saying that she was on a late shift the next week and would be more than happy to collect it for her. Leaving the workshop they went back to Bridget’s car and headed back to the office.

“She makes amazing pieces didn’t she?”

“She really does.”

“And their all one of a kind, no one will ever have another piece like it.”

Arriving back at the office Bea thanked Bridget again for her help before heading inside.

“Did ya find what ya were looking for love?”

“Well I found something that I liked, I still don’t know if Allie is going to like it though.”

“I’m sure she will love, guess you won’t be needing my help now will ya?”

“I wouldn’t say that Liz, I’m certain I still need your help.”

“Anytime love.”

“Where’s Franky?”

“In her office, an old client called in just after she got back, nothing serious, just wanting a thorough background check for a new potential employee.”

Bea went to her office after pouring a coffee for herself and Liz. Sitting at her desk drinking her coffee her thoughts turned to Allie, looking at the time it was only just turned 3:30pm but already she was ready to go home. Getting up from her chair she went to Franky’s office.

“Red, what can I do for ya?”

“Nothin much, how’s it going with the background check?”

“Almost done, nothing surprising, should have it finished in about twenty minutes.”

“Right well I’m going to go home, when you’ve finished get ya self home, oh and I think we’ll have the day off tomorrow, sound good to you?”

“Hell yer, Gidge isn’t working tomorrow or Sunday.”

“So I’ll see you on Monday.”

“Sure Red, get ya self home.”

Walking out of Franky’s office Bea asked Liz if she wouldn’t mind coming over to hers the next day around one, Liz agreed straight away, letting Liz know that she was going home and that as soon as Franky was finished she was going to lock up. Bea couldn’t wait to get home, it still seemed strange to her actually wanting to leave work early, something she had never wanted to do before Allie came into her life. Deciding that she wanted to make Allie something special for dinner she drove home with a smile on her face. She still found it hard to believe that she could want to actually do something special for someone else, but she loved that feeling, having someone to want to actually get home for, Allie made her feel more than happy, more than content, pulling into the driveway she knew what that feeling was, Allie completed her.

Chapter Text

Allie was surprised when Bea woke her up just after 9am that morning, not that she minded her waking her up she was just confused as to why she hadn’t been woken by the alarm and why Bea was still at home.

“Aren’t you worried about Franky giving you a hard time for being late into the office?”

“Since we’re not working today I don’t think that’s a problem I’m going to have.”

“So not fair I still have to work,” Allie pouted.

“Only till five, it’s not the end of the world is it?”

“No, but why didn’t you wake me earlier?”

“You get up early everyday because I have to I just thought you could sleep in for a while.”

“I don’t mind getting up when you do, it means I get to spend more time with you.”

“Are you going to get up? Or maybe you’re just going to lay there all day.”

“If you were coming back to bed I’d gladly stay here all day, but I have to go to work, Will wont be in until 3pm and I’ve got an order to sort out.”

Bea left Allie to take a shower going to the kitchen to start breakfast, she was almost done when her phone started ringing, taking it out of her pocket she saw Debbie’s name on the screen.

“Hey Deb is there something wrong?”

“No, can’t I call you early?”

“You can call me anytime you want you know that.”

“I have a question that’s all.”

“Ok, what is it?”

“What can I buy Allie for Christmas?”

“Oh god not this again, I’ve had enough trouble finding something for her and I’m still not sure I’ve picked the right thing.”

“Mum, you never pick a bad present, but I need some ideas.”

“Then I suggest you call Franky because I really don’t have any honestly, she’s so difficult to buy anything for, I’ve tried everything to get her to give me some suggestions and nothing.”

“Not like me then,” Debbie giggled.

“No defiantly not like you, you’ve been dropping hints since long before you went to uni.”

“Hey, I have not.”

“Oh Deb, you so have.”

“If you say so, I guess I better call Franky then, and if she’s as much use as you I’ll call Maxine.”

“Ok Deb, I love you.”

“Love you too mum, to the moon and back.”

Bea put her phone back in her pocket just as Allie walked into the kitchen.

“Was that Debbie you were just talking to?”

“Yes, she just had a question she needed to ask me?”

“Dare I ask what?”

“She just wanted to know what she could buy for you for Christmas.”

“For me, she doesn’t have to buy me anything, besides there’s nothing I want, but speaking of presents, are you going to tell me what you would like or do I just have to surprise you?”

Allie sat down when Bea placed a plate and a mug of coffee on the table for her, before getting her own and sitting across the table from her.

“Honestly there’s nothing I want, but speaking of Christmas me and Deb just usually get each other something small to take with us, my spoilt brat gets the rest of her presents when we get home.”

“Ok, got it, small presents, anything big stays here.”

“You aren’t going to buy anything big are you?”

“Don’t know yet, but what about your birthday, that’s the day after.”

“Oh please you have to remind me that I’ll be another year older don’t ya?”

“That’s not what I meant at all and you know it,”

“I know you didn’t I just feel old when I think about it.”

“I hate to eat and run but I really need to get to the bar, that order won’t wait forever.”

Allie gathered her things together before pulling Bea from the chair she was sitting in and bringing her in for a hug, kissing her softly before regrettably having to break the embrace to set off for work. Bea did the dishes then retreated to the lounge, she had a few hours to kill before Liz would arrive.


Allie arrived at the bar finding Shane already there waiting for her, they went in and went straight to the office, Allie spotted the brochure that Will had promised to leave for her on the desk and smiled, this was going to be a surprise, it was her own fault Bea wouldn’t tell her anything that she would like, but they were both as bad and Allie knew that, she’d already asked Franky about Bea taking time off work and being told that the only time she really ever had off was for Christmas, actually Franky couldn’t remember a time since they had worked together that Bea had had a holiday, Allie was determined to change that, and Franky had agreed with her that it was a good idea. Will had said she could take time off to take Bea away even though he had already given her time off for Christmas. Will having explained that he couldn’t remember a time he’d ever seen Bea looking so happy, he was more than willing to help Allie out with her plan, and obviously as he said one day she would be able to do him a favour when he needed it.

Shane and Allie set about getting the bar ready for opening and before they knew it everything was done and Allie was unlocking the doors. Shane was propped behind the bar and said he would give Allie a shout if they got busy but he wasn’t expecting that to happen for over an hour, it was Saturday and the bar did attract quite a few lunch time customers, but Allie had an order to place and Shane knew he would be fine on his own for a while. Allie set about placing the order and 45 minutes later it was all done, she picked up the brochure and had a quick look through it before Shane had needed her help.


Liz arrived just before one, Bea was in the kitchen preparing lunch when she heard a knock on the door, glancing at the time before she answered the door.

“Liz, come in lunch is nearly ready.”

Bea stepped to the side letting Liz enter the house before closing the door, they both walked to the kitchen.

“What did you want me to come over for love, or did ya just need a chat?”

“A chats always good Liz, but no, that wasn’t all I asked you to come over for, Bridget is picking Allies gift up for me on Wednesday and I wondered if you would keep it for me, I don’t want to risk bringing it home and Allie finding it.”

“Of course love, it’d be a pleasure.”

Bea finished cooking and served their lunch, sitting together at the kitchen table chatting.

“What are you so nervous about Bea?”

“Huh, I’m not nervous.”

“Really, that’s not what I’m getting from you.”

“I really can’t get anything past you can I?”

“No love, you haven’t managed that for years.”

“I’m pretty nervous about Allie meeting my dad, you know what a joker he can be! What if he scares her away?”

“Honestly, if Boomer and Franky can’t scare her away I very much doubt your dad will, he’s going to love her, especially when he sees how happy you are, you both are. And Debbie likes her, I never though I would live long enough to see you ever let anyone in, you told me you never wanted another relationship again, although I think I remember that statement being aimed at a relationship with a man,” Liz laughed.

“Yer, I remember saying that.”

“Listen love, when you met Harry you were young, you hadn’t experienced life, I doubt you even knew who you really were and you never got the chance to find out, he took all that from you, tried to completely grind you down, but he never could because you had Debbie, she was the centre of your universe for so long, then Allie came along, and as far as that scared the life out of you, and I know it did, I saw that the first time I saw you together, but I also saw a change in you, and that was only after the few days you had spent with her. You started to experience something that you never thought you would, something I think you never thought really existed, you started to fall in love with someone for the first time in your life and it scared you. But look what you have now, you still have a daughter who you adore, and someone in your life who is completely in love with you, she worships the ground you walk on, you can’t mistake that when you see the way she looks at you, and by the way I see you look at her you feel the same. It’s alright to get scared, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing something that is so beautiful for the rest of us to watch.”

Bea just sat there, she had no reply for what Liz had just said to her, but she knew she was right, she had made sure that Debbie never would find herself in the same position as she had at such a young age. She had done everything she could to encourage her to go for what she wanted, to go out into the world and experience life in the way only a teenager could. Liz was right her lack of experience had left her feeling like she didn’t know who she was, even now she would question herself, but with Allie she knew she was questioning herself less and less, and she did love Allie, more than she ever thought was possible.


Will arrived at the bar at 2pm, Allie wondered why he had said he would be in at three then turn up an hour early, when he had walked in he smiled at Allie and Shane before disappearing into the office appearing a few moments later with the brochure he had left for Allie in his hand. Walking behind he bar and standing next to her,

“So what did you think?”

“It looks fantastic, but do you think Bea will like it?”

“I took my girlfriend Rose there last year and she still talks about it to anyone who will listen if that helps.”

“But she’s not Bea, what if it’s too much, what if she hates it?”

“Listen, your not sending her there on her own your going with her, and I know that wherever you are she will want to be, I’m pretty certain that she would walk on water to get to you if she had to, so as long as your together she’ll love it because your together. Now go and get yourself in the office and get it booked, I came in early so you would have the time to do it, now get.”

Allie took the brochure from Will and went back to the office, sitting in front of the computer she thought about what Will had just said, he was right of course, bringing the website up she she clicked through to the booking page, a 7 day break would do them both good, and Bea had said that they only took small gifts over to New Zealand with them, couldn’t get too much smaller than an envelope with the booking conformation in it. Returning back to the bar she chatted with Will and Shane for the rest of her shift, glad that it was Saturday and she had the day off the next day, even if it did mean going shopping and looking for Debbie’s Christmas gifts, it didn’t matter to her, as long as they had the day together it didn’t matter what they were doing.


After their chat and a coffee Liz said she needed to get home, Bea thanking her for always being there for her, Liz really did know Bea, sometimes she thought she knew her too well, but she was always there for her, no matter what was going on she was always just there. Bea had an idea, grabbing her mobile she called the Italian restaurant speaking to the owner she asked him if he could do her a takeout order, he was more than happy to help her out, she ordered mini dough bites, roast mediterranean vegetables and beef and red wine ravioli, asking if she could pick it up at 4:45pm, he said that he would have it ready for her. She ran upstairs to take a quick shower and get changed, before setting the dining room table, they hardly ever ate in the dining room but she had decided that she wanted to make the evening special, going back to the kitchen to look for candles, it took her twenty minutes to find them, making sure that she was happy with how it looked she lowered the lights before leaving for the restaurant arriving just before 4:45pm she only had to wait a couple of minutes for the food to be ready, thanking the owner she paid him and rushed back to the car, arriving home five minutes before she expected Allie home. She put the oven on low and put the food in to keep it warm, hearing Allie come in she walked out of the kitchen walked straight over to her and wrapped her arms around her giving her a kiss.

“Now that’s the best thing to come home to.”

“Yer, why don’t you go and have a shower before dinner?”

“I think I will, I stink of the bar.”

Allie knew Bea was up to something she had noticed straight away that the dining room door was closed and it was always open. Bea opened a bottle of red wine and took it into the dining room, leaving the door open, when she heard Allie moving around in the bedroom she went to the kitchen and plated up their meal taking the plates through to the dining room and lighting the candles, she was just walking out when she heard Allie walking down the stairs, she went to wait for her at the bottom taking her by the hand when she reached the bottom stair she led her through to the dining room.

“Babe, you did all this for me?”

“Yes, just for you, don’t you like being surprised?”

“Only when it’s you surprising me, and I see you’ve been to your favourite Italian again.”

“Can’t get anything past you can I?”

Bea pulled out a chair for Allie before kissing her on the cheek and taking her seat across the table from her.

“So is there any reason for all this?”

“Does there need to be?”

“I guess not.”

“I just wanted to do something special for you, but I didn’t have time to cook, and before you say it I know you don’t care what we do when we’re together, and I know you’d be happy with a pizza and a night in front of the tv, but…..well I’ve never had what we have together, I never thought I’d ever want to be with anyone, and then you came into my life, I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love anyone, I hope you know that.”

“Way to go Babe, nothing like making a girl want to cry.”

“I didn’t mean……”

“Shhh, there happy tears, I love you too, more than anything, I never want to be without you.”

They finished their meal and Bea took the dishes to the kitchen leaving them in the sink, they could wait for tomorrow, she went back to the dining room, grabbed the bottle of wine and their glasses before blowing out the candles and turning off the light. She put the glasses and the bottle on the coffee table before settling down with Allie on the sofa to spend the rest of the evening in front of the tv, just the way Allie always liked them to spend their evenings together.

Chapter Text

The day started out like any typical Sunday morning, the pair of them lounging around in bed for a couple of hours before finally getting up showering and having breakfast, but this morning Bea was going to the supermarket alone Allie saying it made more sense that she stayed at home and to do the laundry and cleaning the house while Bea did the shopping because they were going Christmas shopping and that was going to take up a lot of time. Bea had protested when Allie had first suggested it but gave in in the end but only because she didn’t want to spend all evening cleaning the house, it was never one of her favourite pass times since Allie had moved in.

Allie was almost done with the cleaning when Bea returned, helping her bring the bags in from the car she had to laugh,

“Seriously Bea I let you go shopping on ya own and you come back with way more than we need.”

“I know, think I forgot that Debs not home, better not make me go alone again.”

“Yer, but by the looks of it we won’t need to do any shopping next week.”

They put it all away and left the house headed for the shopping mall, Allie dragged Bea straight to the computer store.

“I don’t remember saying we were getting Debbie’s present first.”

“It doesn’t hurt to look, I thought you said she wanted a mac book.”

“Yer she does, but I don’t know anything about laptops, I leave that to Deb.”

“Good thing I’m here then isn’t it?” Allie giggled.

“Oh so you’re an expert are ya?”

“No, what colour does she want?”

“Colour? They come in different colours?”

“Oh god, Bea honestly, yer they do, I think she might like it in gold, come on there over there.”

Taking Bea by the hand Allie walked her over to the display, Bea eventually agreeing that she did actually like it in gold and agreed that Debbie probably would.

“You could call her and ask if you want to make sure.”

“Yer, I could…..but then it wouldn’t be a surprise would it?”

An assistant walked over to them asking if they needed any help and they told him that they wanted the mac book in gold then asked his advice about a printer. After they decided on the printer Allie suggested that they should buy an external hard drive and Bea agreed, it wasn’t that long ago that her computer at work had died and she hadn’t got any of her files backed up, losing everything taught her a lesson, she backed everything up now. They got everything and took the bags back to the car.

“Where to next?”Allie asked.

“I think I’m hungry, and I want McDonald’s.”

Allie agreed McDonald’s would be good. After they had eaten they went back to looking for gifts for their friends, surprisingly between them it had been quite easy to pick out the gifts for Maxine, Boomer, Franky, Bridget and Liz.

“Are we done now?”

“Bea, babe it was your idea to do it all in one day.”

“I know, you also know I hate shopping.”

“Have we forgotten anyone?”

Bea thought for a moment,

“Fuck, yer, Doreen, how did I forget about her? And wrapping paper might be a good idea.”

“Yer, can’t go without wrapping paper really.”

They walked around for a while looking for a gift for Doreen, Allie hadn’t met Doreen as many times as the others so she really wasn’t much help. Bea finally found something that she was happy with so they went in search of wrapping paper. Half an hour later they were on there way home.

“Allie, you didn’t get anything for Kaz.”

“I know, I’ll get something next week, I’ve had enough for today.”

“You won’t forget will you, we leave in two weeks.”

“I won’t forget, I was wondering, if you aren’t at home do you bother with a tree?”

“Yer we do, Harry would never have one in the house, once he was gone we started getting one.”

“So you have a real one?”

“Yer, we usually go to Melbourne Christmas Tree Farm, I thought we could go together next week, if you want to, I’ll go on my own if you don’t want to.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to go with you?”

“It’s not the most exciting thing to do, decorating a tree is much more fun.”

“How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t care what we do as long as we’re together? Do you really not believe that?”

“I do believe you, but you know I still find it hard sometimes, I never believed that someone like you existed, that someone like you could ever want to be with me.”

“I know that babe, but it’s the same for me, I mean look at the state of my life before you came along, and before Kaz it was even worse.”

“Hey, you don’t have to think about that, it’s in the past, it’s over, that’s not who you are any more.”

“Oh shit, I should call Alex, I completely forgot about him.”

“Yer you should, its just a thought but why don’t you invite them over for dinner before we leave, you might feel a bit more relaxed if you meet your sister in law and nephew at home.”

“When does Debbie get home?”

“She flies back on the 18th why?”

“I’d like it if Debbie was there, if she wouldn’t mind.”

“I tell you what, we’ll call her later and ask her what she thinks.”

“Do you think she’ll want to meet them?”

“If I know Deb she will, he is kinda like her uncle now.”

Allie just smiled, she’d never felt like a real part of her own family but Debbie and Bea both made her feel like she was part of theirs, like she mattered, she was still nervous about meeting Beas dad and brother but Bea had been there with her when she met Alex, and they would both be there with her when she met the rest of their family, no matter how nervous she was having Bea with her always made her feel like everything was ok.

When they got home Bea took the bags up to their bedroom while Allie made a start on dinner, Bea joining her in the kitchen a few minutes later. After dinner and the dishes were done Bea got her laptop so they could video call Debbie. The three of them chatted for a while, Bea sensed the hesitation in Allie about asking Debbie what they had talked about earlier on the way home. After a couple more minutes Bea asked Debbie how she would feel about meeting Allies brother, Debbie was excited, even more so because as she pointed out to Allie he was a lawyer and she could pick his brains. They ended the call having decided that they would invite them over the day after Debbie arrived home.

Allie called Alex next, chatting for fifteen minutes before she asked him about going over to their house for dinner, he had agreed straight away saying it was about time they met Vicky and Kyle, and he was excited to meet Debbie. Finishing up the call Allie was relieved that he had agreed. Spending the rest of the evening cuddled up together on the sofa they chatted about everything and nothing Bea saying she would find some free time one day during the week to go shopping again with Allie for the last few gifts she needed to get.

Chapter Text

Bea and Franky were just plain bored, ever since they had gotten to work on Monday morning they hadn’t had much to do, Liz had only taken one phone call and that had only been an enquiry about how much they charged for a full background check. Most of that day had been spent sitting chatting together drinking coffee. Tuesday had been different and Bea hadn’t been able to sit still resulting in Franky losing her temper and almost biting her head off. After lunch that day they had decided that Bea would take Wednesday morning off to go shopping with Allie and Franky would have Thursday morning off because wanted to pick a couple of surprises up for Bridget. Friday and Saturday they were going to keep the office closed, Bea hated knowing that she was going to be at home without Allie it never bothered her before Allie, Debbie would stay over at friends and leave her alone and it had never once bothered her, but she knew that she could probably find more to do around the house than she could around the office.

Wednesday morning wasn’t going to plan, Bea forgot to set the alarm, blaming Allie for being too distracting the previous night, that resulted in Allie getting out of bed and going to the bathroom for a shower slamming the door behind her, Bea had stormed off downstairs to make coffee when she started to feel guilty and not wanting to spend another minute with Allie angry at her had gone back upstairs to apologise but finding the bathroom door locked. She’d sat back on the bed waiting for her to finish up losing herself in her thoughts, it didn’t matter that they hadn’t got up so early, Bea had the morning off and so did Allie as she didn’t start work until three. And now Bea was just getting angry at herself, Allie had been a distraction, the best kind of distraction, but it wasn’t Allie who had started things in the first place. Bea didn’t hear the bathroom door being unlocked and opening, she didn’t even notice when Allie walked back into the room standing at the bottom of the bed and dropping the towel that she’d had wrapped around her to the floor. She’d stood there for a minute watching Bea, finally shaking her head she just couldn’t stay mad at Bea even if she wanted to.


Receiving no answer she had walked round the bed and almost threw herself backwards onto the bed and across Beas legs, making her jump straight out of her thoughts. Locking eyes with Allie the realisation that she was if fact naked had still not registered in her brain before she started to apologise.

“Allie, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have blamed you….you are very distracting, but never in a bad way. You know how grumpy I am when I forget to do something…….but……..” trailing off as her eyes wondered down Allies body.

“I shouldn’t have been angry with you, it was silly, but babe it was only the alarm.”


“Bea are you listening?”


“Bea Smith, will you stop Previn on me and listen?” Allie giggled.


“Can’t, too distracting.” Was the only answer she got, resulting in them not leaving the bedroom for another hour.

After Bea finally managed to tear herself away from Allie she had a quick shower and got dressed before running downstairs finding Allie waiting for her on the sofa.

“We still have plenty of time you know, we didn’t wake up that late we only slept in for an hour.”

“Yer, I know, still want to go finish your shopping?”

“I guess…….but what the hell am I going to buy Alex, shit what about his wife……and what do you buy for a one year old?”

“Babe calm down, it’s not the end of the world, and trust me I can’t think of anyone easier to please than a one year old.”

“Yer but what if I fuck up and buy something that Alex and Vicky don’t like?”

“Allie, unless they spend more time playing with your nephews toys than he does I’m certain anything you get him will be fine, and trust me, toys for a one year old may keep a kid happy but they really aren’t all that entertaining when you’re an adult.”

“Yer, but you know more about that stuff than I do, you had a one year old.”

“Seventeen years ago I did, now come on I’ll help you.”

“You better.”


Bridget called into the office.

“Good morning Liz, your looking well.”

“Morning Bridget, did you just call in for this or do you want to see Franky.” Liz asked as she handed her the envelope stuffed with cash that Bea had left with her the previous day.

“I think Franky will keep until I get back.”

“Must really be something special judging by that envelope.”

“I think it is, I saw it before it was finished and it was quite stunning then.”

“Better let you go love.”

“I should be back in just over an hour Liz, I’ll see you later.”

Bridget left the office to go to Vera’s workshop, Vera spotted her pulling up and went straight to the door to greet her.

“So good to see you Bridget, I really hope Beas going to love it now it’s finished.”

“I’m sure she will, although I know she’s still a little nervous about giving it to Allie.”

“Really, she doesn’t strike me as the nervous type.”

“I think it’s just because they haven’t been together that long, and Allie saying she didn’t need anything for Christmas doesn’t help.”

“I’m sure she’ll love it when she gives it to her.”

Bridget took the box from Vera and handed over the envelope, telling Vera that she really had to go as she had to get back to Beas office before she had to go to work. As soon as she got back she handed the box over to Liz.

“I know you’ll take good care of that until Bea arrives.”

“I’ll guard it with my life love.”

“Franky in her office?”

“Yer, but I’ll warn ya now she sulking.”

“What ever for?”

“She’s bored, Beas not in so she’s got to be bored alone, ya know what she’s like.”

“I do, leave her to me Liz.” She smiled at Liz before heading into Franky’s office.”


After a couple of hours looking around for the rest of the gifts Allie needed to buy they were finally on their way home.

“I could just drop you straight off at your office babe.”

“Yer you could but then I’d get less time with you, and I’d also have to as Franky for a lift home.”

She wouldn’t have minded Allie dropping her off, if Franky wouldn’t give her a lift Liz would have, but she didn’t want to risk Allie seeing her present until Christmas Day.

“Didn’t think of that, how much longer do I have with you until you have to be back at the office?”

Bea looked at the time,

“About half an hour.”

“Is that all?”

“Hey I did say I’d be in by one, and you have had me around all morning, you only have a couple of hours at home on your own, when I get back tonight I’ll be all on my own for about seven hours, I think you got the best deal.”

“Ok you win, seven hours without all this might be hard on ya.” Allie giggled.

“Oh, you think I can’t cope without ya is that it?”

“I never said that.”

“No, I will miss you though, I always do.”

Arriving home Allie took the bags upstairs while Bea made them both a sandwich for lunch. Allie wanted to know when they were going to pick a tree and Bea said that they could go either Friday or Saturday, Friday being the better choice though because she knew how packed the place got at weekends. Allie agreed to Friday, especially since she knew Bea wasn’t working all day and would probably end up at the bar after dinner just because she was bored.


Bea arrived at the office seeing Bridget’s car still parked outside, her heart rate increased slightly as she walked through the door, nervous to see how the pendant looked now it was finished. Liz Franky and Bridget were chatting over a coffee.

“Red, bout time.”

“I’m not late Franky.”

“Yer I know, we’re all just dying to see what ya got for blondie.”

“I thought ya would have looked by now.”

“Na, I wanted to but these two wouldn’t let me, said I had to wait for you,” Franky frowned.

Liz opened the top draw of her desk pulling out the box and handing it over to Bea, she stood just looking at the box for a few seconds feeling her nerves starting to kick in again, she looked at Liz giving her a small smile and opened the box, gasping when she saw what was inside. It was perfect, she took it out of the box and checked the inscription before showing it to the others.

“Bea that’s amazing love, Allies going to love it.”

Bridget had a huge smile on her face when she saw it, Vera really had delivered with this one, Bridget had a couple of pieces of jewellery that Vera had made but nothing as stunning as what Bea was holding. Franky insisted on having a better look, taking it from Bea when she offered it to her, she looked at it closely before reading the inscription.

“What a fucking sap, ya make me want to throw up.”

“Fuck off Franky.”

“Franky, leave Bea alone, your only jealous because you didn’t think of it first.” Bridget grinned before slapping Franky on the shoulder.

Franky handed the pendant back to Bea mumbling something about not being a fucking sap. Bea placed it back in the box and handed it back to Liz.

“You won’t forget to take it home with ya Liz will ya?”

“No love, I’ll put it in my bag now then I can’t forget.”

Bridget looked at her watch saying that she had to be going before turning to Bea and whispering, “she’s going to love it, stop worrying.”

Turning back to Franky she gave her a kiss on the cheek and left to go to work. They had nothing much to do for most of the afternoon so Franky decided that she was going to find something to do to pass on a couple of hours, walking out the door without a word Bea watched her cross the car park and go into one of the shops across the road, shrugging her shoulders she looked at Liz,


“May as well, nothing better to do.”

Twenty minutes later Franky walked back into the office bags in hand.

“What are you up to now?”

“Hey I’m bored, and this place looks like shit,”

Bea looked at Franky with a raised eyebrow not having a clue what she was planning on doing. Franky emptied her bags out onto Liz’s desk. Liz shooting her a frown for making a mess of her overly tidy desk.

“Oh come on, it’s almost Christmas, go with me on this one, this place needs decorations.”

Bea groaned dipping her head and shaking it while Liz was trying to tidy her desk of Franky’s stuff.

“Oh come on, it’ll give us something to do.”

“If you want to put Christmas decorations up do it yourself, and if you do remember who’s got to take them down after.”

“Fine I’ll do it myself, after I saw what ya bought for blondie earlier I thought I was wrong about ya Red, but now I know ya really are Scrooge.”

Bea and Liz spent the next hour laughing at Franky putting decorations up, stepping back to look at them, half the time shaking her head and taking it down again trying it somewhere else, eventually she was finished, crossing her arms across her chest she looked around the room, a huge grin on her face.

“Now come on admit it am I good at decorating or am I just fuckin fantastic.”

“Yer Franky, really great, are ya looking for a new job in interior design,” Bea laughed.

Bea was sitting on the edge of Liz’s desk still laughing to herself when Franky walked up to her one hand behind her back,

“Oh come on Red, I’ve got somethin for ya.”

Bea eyed her suspiciously, knowing that she was definitely up to something, and knowing Franky it wouldn’t be innocent. She stayed sat there watching Franky but not noticing her raise her arm above their heads. Franky looked up a little,

“Now Red would ya look at that mistletoe, now ya have to give me a kiss.”

“Errrr, NO…never happening.”

Franky tried to lunge forward not expecting Bea to be much faster than her, before Franky could stop herself she fell face first onto liz’s desk. Trying to regain her composure she peeled herself off Liz’s desk still smirking.

“Oh come on Red, it’s not like ya haven’t kissed me before.”

“Franky you kissed me, and I was drunk, very drunk!”

“Ha, ya weren’t drunk the second time.”

“There was a second time?” Liz looked up eyebrow raised a look of shock on her face.

“No Franky, I wasn’t, but you were, so drunk I had to carry you to bed because for some reason you thought I was Bridget.”

“I don’t remember mistaking you for Bridget.”

“You wouldn’t, Franky you were so drunk I bet if Boomer had been there you would have mistook her for Bridget.”

Franky groaned stomping off to her office, returning five minutes later flopping down into a chair.

“It wasn’t funny ya know, Gidge gave me shit for a week after that.”

“Yer I know, I laughed about it for a week. God Franky lighten up, it was last year, just get out of here already.”

“Bit early isn’t it?”

“Oh yer, thirty minutes is too early, you can stay if you like, I’m going home, how about you Liz?”

“Yer might as well.”

Five minutes later they were all on their way home, Bea not looking forward to being in an empty house again. The next week and a half couldn't pass quick enough for her.

Chapter Text

Allie had never seen so many Christmas trees in one place at the same time.

“Babe how are we meant to pick a tree out of all these?”

“It’s easy, we pick the size we want then pick the tree we want from there.”

“I’ve never bought a tree before, never thought I’d ever be with anyone who wanted to even spend Christmas with me because they wanted to.”

Bea wrapped an arm around Allies shoulders and pulled her a little closer whispering in her ear,

“You better get used to having someone to spend Christmas with then because I’m not going anywhere.”

An hour later they were on their way home, Allie glad that she’d let Bea talk her out of taking her car, she loved her car way too much to ever want to mess it up with a tree in it.

Taking the tree into the house Bea leaned it against the back of the sofa.

“Babe, don’t we need decorations?”

“If you want to wander yourself into the garage I’m sure you’ll find them, but it is a mess in there.”

“Do you keep everything you don’t use in there?”

“Hmmm, pretty much, I think Deb put the Christmas decorations at the back, I’ll come and help you look in a minute, I need a coffee.”

Allie wondered over to the door that lead to the garage, flipping the switch to turn the light on she stopped in her tracks, looking around all she saw were boxes, shrugging her shoulders she walked further into the garage finally spotting some boxes that had Christmas written on them, picking a couple of boxes up she walked back out of the garage, putting the boxes down in the lounge she went to the kitchen.

“Babe it’s a mess in there.”

“Yer I know, I keep meaning to throw all the rubbish out but I never get round to it, I can’t remember half of what is in there.”

“And here I was thinking you were a tidy person, well until I looked in the garage.”

“Stop complaining, it just organised chaos,” Bea laughed, “come on I’ll help ya.”

They went back to the garage together, Allie going back to the boxes at the back, Bea just looked around before she heard a squeal, turning her head to look at Allie.

“Is that what I think it is?”

“Depends what you’re looking at.”

Bea walked over to Allie looking where she was looking.

“Is that a motorbike?”

“Oh yer, it’s my Harley, haven’t ridden it for about five years, didn’t have the time so kinda just parked it up and left it there.”

“Were you ever going to tell me that you rode?”

“I never thought about it honestly, it’s been a long time, guess it never entered my head.”

“We need to tidy this garage up, it’s not much use stuck behind all this.”

“And here I was thinking you wanted to get the decorations out.”

“I do, but….”

“Ok, you like the bike, I’ll see what I can do while your at work.”

“Is that a promise?”

“Guess it is, now come on or I’ll have to decorate the tree myself and then I’ll actually have to break a promise to you.”

They got the last few boxes and took them to the lounge. Bea had to dig into all the boxes before she finally found the tree stand, putting the tree in the stand and making sure it was safe before removing the netting it was wrapped in.

“I swear it’s grown,” Allie giggled.

“Don’t be silly, they always look bigger when their in the house, don’t you like it now?”

“Course I do, where are you putting it?”

“Usually goes in the corner over there, but you can put it somewhere else if you want.”

“No, no, I think you should put it where you and Deb have it.”

“Allie…’s not my tree, it’s ours, we picked it together…..I know things like this are new to you, but there just as new to me.”

Allie took the few steps forward that were between them and wrapped her arms around Beas waist.

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s our tree, I still think you…..we….should put it where it usually goes.”

After spending a couple of hours decorating the tree and the rest of lounge Allie threw herself down onto the sofa looking around before she noticed the time, jumping up from the sofa,

“Shit, shit, shit.” She shouted running upstairs.

Bea was in the kitchen, hearing Allie she quickly went to the lounge seeing her disappearing up the stairs, she didn’t know what was wrong so she followed her. Entering the bedroom just in time to watch Allie fall over as she was trying to pull her jeans off.

“What are you doing?”Bea asked trying hard not to laugh.

“It’s not funny Bea, have you seen the time I’m going to be late for work…..fuck!”

Bea glanced at the alarm clock.

“Babe, you have thirty minutes, but by the looks of it if you don’t slow down I’ll be taking you to the hospital instead.”

“Bea walked over to her, still sitting on the floor and held her hands out to her to help her up, pulling her into a hug as she did.

“Slow down, the more you rush around the longer it will take to get ready.”

Bea backed her up towards the bed and sat her down before going to the wardrobe and taking out a black skirt and white blouse that Allie wore for work, returning back over to the bed and putting them down, dropping to her knees she pulled Allies jeans off that were still round her ankles.

“Now get changed, and slow down.”

Five minutes later Allie was walking back downstairs, finding Bea sat on the sofa.

“See told you if you slowed down it wouldn’t take so long.”

“Such a smart arse aren’t ya?”

“Not really, but you still have twenty minutes to get to work.”

“Hmmm, guess I better go then.”

Bea got up from the sofa, pulling Allie in for a hug and gave her soft kiss,

“I’ll see you later.”

“I doubt you will, you’ll be asleep, but at least I’ll see you.”

Before she could reply Allie was out of the door, she was just about to sit back down when she changed her mind, heading outside she opened the garage door looking at the mass of boxes properly. “Better make a start on this,” she thought to herself. The first few boxes were full of junk, placing them to one side to take to the tip later, an hour later she had started to make a dent in the boxes near the door and most of them had gone on the tip pile. She was so engrossed looking in a box full of photo albums that she didn’t hear a car pull up and the a door open and close.

“Red, whatcha doin?”


“Fuck Franky, you nearly gave me a heart attack.”

“Sooo…..whatcha doin?”

“Trying to clean the garage out, I would have thought that would be obvious.”

“Need a hand?”

“Franky Doyle offering to help, are you feeling unwell?”

“Na, I’m fine, just bored, thought you could use some company.”

“Bridget at work?”

“Yer, how’d ya guess?”

“Offering to help me kinda gave it away.”

Franky loaded the boxes into her car that Bea said were going to the tip before returning to the garage to help sort through the boxes. After a couple of hours both of their cars were full and they went to the tip, returning back to Beas after they had dumped everything.

“You gonna tell me why the sudden interest in cleaning out the garage?”

“Err, yer, well Allie kinda spotted the bike.”

“Fuck, you still actually have that thing?”

“Yer, wasn’t going to get rid of it was I?”

“So, I guess I better get going, Gidge should be home soon.”

“Yer you better had, thanks for the help Franky.”

“Anytime Red, see ya later.”

Bea went back to looking through the boxes finding a few more that needed to go to the tip she stacked them near the door before re stacking the ones she was keeping, finally getting to her Harley, she stood back and looked at it with a huge smile on her face. Wondering out of the garage she closed the door behind her and went back into the house to get something to eat. After making a sandwich she sat on the sofa switching on the tv and looking through the channels, finishing her sandwich she took the plate back to the kitchen depositing it in the sink and grabbing a beer from the fridge drinking half of it in one go. Going back to sit on the sofa she finished her beer when a thought entered her head, grabbing her phone she sent Allie a quick text.

Got a surprise for you when you get home xx

Throwing her phone down on the sofa she went upstairs to get changed, changing her t shirt for an old Harley Davidson one and changing out of her jeans into her overalls tying them at the waist and grabbing an old pair of work boots that she used to wear when she worked on the bike, she tied her hair up in a loose ponytail. Going back outside she opened up the garage again and walked over to the bike, kicking up the stand she wheeled it out of the garage and onto the drive kicking the stand back down, “keys are helpful,” she thought to herself, going back into the house and retrieving them from the draw she kept them in.

Sitting on the bike for the first time in five years she felt happy, cranking the engine up she could tell straight away that it needed some work, switching off the engine and getting off she stuffed the keys in her pocket, kicking up the stand she wheeled it back into the garage. Looking through the huge tool box she had she found she still had all the tools she needed. Closing the garage door before returning to the house. Getting a couple of bottles of water from the fridge she picked her mobile up seeing a text from Allie.

A surprise? What kind of surprise? Xx

Smiling to herself before replying.

If I tell you it won’t be a surprise anymore, but I think you might like it xx

Going back to the garage through the connecting door in the house she turned on the light, putting the bottles of water and her phone down on the work bench that she could now see that the boxes had been cleared she got her tools together and got down on the floor ready to work on the bike.

Allie got home just after midnight surprised to see lights still on in the house, walking in she expected to find Bea asleep on the sofa, surprised to see no sign of her and the tv still on. Walking through the house she saw the garage door open and could see the light on, walking over to the open door,

“So what’s the sur……..”

Allies jaw almost hit the ground seeing the sight she was greeted with, Bea laying down next to the bike, hands and arms covered in oil and pieces of the bike scattered around her. Licking her lips she walked into the garage.

“Babe, I’m hoping your going to tell me you being dressed like that is my surprise.”

Bea lifted her head from the floor looking at her.

“Err, no, take a look around you.”

“Yer, yer, I can see you’ve been busy.”

“Aren’t you in early?”

“Hardly it’s turned midnight, thought you would have been in bed.”

“Shit, I didn’t think it was that late.”

Putting down the wrench she had in her hand she got up from the floor, grabbing a rag from the work bench she wiped her hands.

“I think I need a shower.”

“Hmmm, want some company?”

“Allie……don’t you think I need to wash this off first?”

“I guess, I’ll give ya ten minutes, don’t rush,” Allie winked at her before turning and walking out of to garage.

Chapter Text

Allie woke up really early, remembering that today Debbie would be on her way home in a few hours. Cuddling up to Bea a little more she tried to get back to sleep but it was no use, she lay there for a little longer, it wasn’t as if she was nervous about Debbie coming home, she had a lot of things to be feeling nervous about but Debbie wasn’t one of those things she just couldn’t sleep. As much as she loved laying next to Bea she was getting restless so decided to get up and do something. She went to the bathroom and had a quick shower before getting dressed and wondering downstairs to make some coffee. While she waited she went to the lounge and turned the tree lights on sitting on the sofa she glanced around the room her eyes finally settling back on the tree, she couldn’t remember ever feeling this content, this was home, something she’d always dreamed of but never expected to find, something she thought she wasn’t worthy of, after all the shit life had thrown at her, after all the long cold empty nights she had spent on the streets she felt like she really had found a place where she belonged. The nagging doubt was still in the back of her mind, that was something she never thought would leave, she knew how quickly things could go wrong and turn back to shit, and even after everything she had been through the biggest fear that remained with her was that one day Bea would realise she could find someone better than her and end what they had. She was so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn’t heard Bea walking down the stairs, crossing the room and was now stood right in front of her looking at her a little sleepily and a little puzzled.

“Allie, what are you doing up so early?”

“Hmmm……..Bea, sorry I couldn’t sleep, did I wake you?”

“Only if you count finding you not in bed beside me as waking me up.”

“I put the coffee on do you want some, are ya hungry?”

“Coffee sounds good, but stay there I’ll get it.”

Bea went to the kitchen pouring them both a coffee and taking them back to the lounge, placing the mugs on the coffee table before sitting down beside Allie and resting her head on her shoulder.

“Why couldn’t you sleep?”

“I don’t really know, I woke up, I tried to go back to sleep but it wasn’t working so I just gave in and had a shower.”

“Your not worried about Debbie coming home are you?”

“Deb, no.”

“Good because you shouldn’t be, she thinks of you as part of our family, and I know Deb, she wouldn't say that if she didn’t mean it.”

“What time does her flight land?”

“Twelve thirty, are you coming with me to pick her up?”

“Course I am silly, but can we go in my car?”

“We can do whatever you want sweetie, but I think you just want to show your car off.”

“I keep telling ya, it’s not the car I like showing off it’s the gorgeous woman sat next to me that I like showing off.”

“Such a charmer aren’t ya?”

“Hah, ya know it.”



After Allie insisted on spending a couple of hours cleaning the house Bea finally managed to get her to sit down and relax before they had to go to the airport. Bea had received a text from Debbie letting her know that she was heading for the airport and that she couldn’t wait to get home. Bea knew that Allie was worrying about something and she was guessing that it was probably a combination of her brother and his family coming for dinner the next night and their trip to New Zealand for Christmas, she knew Allie was worried about that, if the boot were on the other foot she would be a wreck, she just hoped that having both herself and Debbie with her would help to keep her a little calmer when they arrived. She’d spoken to her dad a couple of days ago and he had told her that he would be waiting to pick them up from the airport, she told him that they would get a taxi but he had been so insistent that she gave in. They were staying with her dad for the week that they were there, Bea had planned on them staying in a hotel so that Allie would feel a little less uncomfortable but of course again her dad would hear none of it saying that if Allie was who she chose to share her life with then she must be a special person and that meant like it or not she was part of the family. Allie hadn’t been so nervous when she thought that they were staying in a hotel, as soon as Bea had told her about the conversation with her dad Allie was a bag of nerves, she was sure she could cope being round Beas family during the day but the thought of not getting any time alone with Bea for a full week scared her to death. Even Bea herself wasn’t sure how her dad would really be when they got there and she had thought about calling him again but decided not to, she would play it by ear when they got there.

They set off for the airport giving themselves plenty of time to get there, arriving twenty minutes before Debbie’s flight was due to land. After parking the car they made their way to arrivals to wait. Debbie spotted them before they spotted her, she walked as quick as she could towards them, Allie saw her first, nudging Bea who almost dragged her by the hand to get to Debbie. Dropping her bags her hugged her mum letting her go after a few seconds, before Allie even knew what was happening Debbie grabbed hold of her pulling her in for a hug, she definitely had not been expecting that.

“It’s so good to see you, both of you, now take me home and feed me I’m starving.”

Bea just rolled her eyes before picking her bags up and walking towards the exit. Debbie linked her arm in Allies and they walked behind Bea.

“So, tell me more about your brother, he is still coming for dinner tomorrow right?”

“I don’t really know what I can tell you, I hadn’t seen him for nine years, but yes they are still coming for dinner tomorrow.”

“So why do you seem so nervous?”

“Because we’ll all be meeting his wife and son together tomorrow night.”

“Hey, your not on your own ya know, and ya just said it yourself, we’ll be together.”

Reaching the car Debbie stopped dead in her tracks.

“Ok, who’ve you borrowed the wheels from mum?”

“It’s not borrowed its Allies.”

“You bought this? She has better taste in things with four wheels than you do mum.”

“I might have better taste when it comes to four wheels but ya mum has good taste in things on two wheels.”

“She’s got the bike out? How it was right at the back of the garage?”

“I kinda saw it when I was looking for Christmas decorations, after I went to work she cleaned the garage out, I almost had a heart attack when I got home from work.”

“Can you two hurry up, I thought at least one of you were hungry.”

Debbie and Allie just laughed, Allie threw the keys to Bea,

“You can drive.”


The three of them spent the rest of the day together, after grabbing a quick bite to eat at Debbie’s favourite diner they went home, Debbie taking her bags to her room before they all went to the shops to get some snacks ready for spending the night watching movies and relaxing. They had already agreed that they were going to order pizza for dinner.

Debbie had disappeared into the garage with Bea while Allie was trying to decide what they should make for dinner the next night, they had tried helping her decide on something but everything either of them suggested she either didn’t think was good enough or was going too over the top, Bea had even offered to call the Italian restaurant that that both loved so much but Allie said she would rather cook, so they had left her to it.

“I can’t believe you finally cleaned this place out.”

“I should have done it ages ago, but you know how busy I get.”

“I know but come on mum, Allie spots your Harley in the corner and you drop everything to get it out.”

“I didn’t drop anything I wasn’t working, and Franky did give me a hand cleaning some of it out and taking it to the tip.”

“Yer but you wouldn’t have done it if Allie hadn’t have seen the bike would ya?”

“Maybe not.”

“So have you taken her out for a ride yet?”

“Not yet, I’ve only just finished working on it, and besides I need to get her a helmet.”

“Go all out mum, get her the leathers, so I’m guessing she hasn’t seen you in yours?”

“I haven’t ridden the bike yet, I just told you I’ve only just finished working on it.”

Allie appeared in the garage doorway,

“What are you two up to?”

“Trying to get mum to take you out on the bike,” Debbie giggled.

“Oh, I don’t know if I want to go out in it, think I’d be scared of falling off.”

“Na there’s nothing to it, you just have to hold on tight to mum.”

“Ok… I’m sorry for being off with you both about tomorrow night, maybe we should just go with the Italian.”

Bea walked over to her wrapping her arms around her shoulders,

“We’ll do whatever you want to do, we can sort it all out in the morning ok? Now why don’t we call for pizza and choose a movie to watch.”

They all agreed that that it sounded like a good idea, Allie going for a shower and getting changed into her pyjamas getting back downstairs just in time for pizza to arrive. Debbie chose the movie just like she always did, after they had eaten and the movie was almost over Bea decided that she was going for a shower, leaving Debbie and Allie to organise snacks, when they had done that Debbie said she was going to have a quick shower telling Allie not to let her mum choose a movie if she got back first because her choice of movie was always awful. Debbie made it back before her mum, something that didn’t come as a surprise to either of them. When Bea finally put in an appearance Allie and Debbie almost fell off the sofa laughing.

“Mind telling me what’s so funny?”

“Nothing much mum, it’s just that I’ve had a shower and you went up ages ago, you take way too long you know that?”

“Fine, I’m getting a beer.”

“Babe will you get me one?”

“And me mum?”

Bea walked into the kitchen shaking her head, it was just as if Allie had always been there and Debbie hadn’t ever been away.

Chapter Text

The next morning Bea and Allie both slept in a little later than usual, unusual for them as it was a Tuesday, Allie only had a couple more shifts to work at the bar then she had ten days off, she should have been working until 7pm but Will was letting her go early because she agreed to do the stocktake the morning after meaning she would be going in two hours early the next day while the bar was closed, she didn’t mind doing that though, no one but her would be in the bar meaning she could make sure to do a thorough stocktake and with Christmas fast approaching it needed doing.

When Debbie woke up she had gone straight to her mum and Allies bedroom door tapping on it and getting no answer she opened the door slightly seeing them both asleep she smiled to herself, closing the door she had gone downstairs to make a start on breakfast.

Allie opened her eyes, finding herself face to face with Bea, lifting her head slightly from the pillow it wasn’t quite eight thirty, Tuesdays and Wednesdays were always slow days at the bar so Will had changed the opening time from twelve to twelve thirty so Allie knew that she still had plenty of time to get there two hours early. Deciding that she really should wake Bea she kissed her on her forehead getting no response at all, brushing her hair from her face she kissed her on the cheek and on the nose making her scrunch her face up, kissing her on her chin then her lips she fluttered her eyes open and smiled.

“Good morning,” Bea rasped in low husky morning voice.

“Morning babe, thought I better wake you.”

“Hmmm, yer, can’t stay here all day.”

“Well I can’t, you on the other hand really don’t have to worry about the time.”

“Yer but I like waking up with you.”

Allie threw the covers off them both.

“Come on, I’ll go make breakfast.”

Allie got out of bed going to use the bathroom before heading downstairs not expecting Debbie to be up until she smelled the coffee, wandering into the kitchen she found Debbie making pancakes.

“Didn’t expect you to be up Deb.”

“Snap, I was going to bring you both breakfast, is mum getting up?”

“I’m not sure, she didn’t look like she was going to move when I left her.”

Neither of them noticed that Bea was standing in the kitchen doorway until she spoke making them both jump.

“Why is it that you two are always talking about me when you think I’m not there?”

“Oh come on mum, its only cos we love ya.”

“Is that right?”

“You know it, now sit down breakfasts almost ready.”

The three of them ate and chatted until Allie excused herself to go for a shower and get ready for work leaving Bea and Debbie to do the dishes before retreating to the sofa with another mug of coffee. Debbie was still trying to grill Bea about what she could get for Allie for Christmas when they heard her walking downstairs.

“Ok, so I guess that was payback?”

“What was?”

“You two talking about me, except I didn’t hear what you were talking about.”

“Ah, well then you don’t know we were talking about you.”

“True, I’d better get going, I want to get the stock taking done long before we open up.”

Bea followed her to the door waiting until she had put her shoes on before pulling her in for a hug.

“Don’t work too hard will ya?”

“I’ll try not to.”

“And stop worrying about tonight, they aren’t arriving until 7pm, me and Deb have got it all in hand.”

Allie managed a small smile before Bea pulled her in closer planting a gentle kiss on her lips, pulling away Allie disappeared out of the door turning her head and winking at Bea as she did. Bea just shook her head as the door closed and made her way back to the sofa. Debbie had suggested that they decide what to order for dinner so they wouldn’t end up rushing later, Bea almost knew the Italian restaurants menu by heart so it wasn’t too much of a problem deciding on what would be best to order, until Debbie announced that she thought that they should order starters, Bea wasn’t really convinced until Debbie said that she thought Allie might appreciate the extra effort making Bea agree instantaneously. Bea had also remembered that they did a kids menu, not sure if they had anything suitable for one year old on it but decided to ask when she called. After deciding on the dessert they were going to order they both went for a shower before heading for the shops for their last minute Christmas shopping.


Allie arrived at the bar just before ten fifteen heading to the side door she let herself in and went straight to the office to drop her bag off before picking up the paperwork she needed and went to the cellar to check on the barrels first then went to the large store room where everything else was kept, the store room took up most of her time but she was finished with the stock take just after twelve. Going back to the office she decided to make a start on the order when she heard Shane entering the bar whistling, getting up from her seat she went to the office door,

“You sound happy today.”

“Yer, I guess I am, hey it’s nearly Christmas what’s not to be happy about?”

“I don’t know, maybe knowing you have to meet ya girlfriends dad and brother for the first time could put a bit of a dampener on anyone’s Christmas.”

“Hey Allie you know they’re just going to love ya, why wouldn’t they, I mean come on, look at ya your gorgeous, and no I’m not trying to hit on ya.”

“Ok whatever you say, now get through there and start opening up.”

“Yes boss, anything you say boss,” he laughed as he walked in the direction of the bar.

Allie went back to the computer to carry on with the order, getting it finished in record time even for her, and sending it through to the brewery. At 2pm Will walked into the bar a huge smile on his face,

“Still quiet in here I see.”

“We had a bit of a rush an hour ago but it’s calmed down again, what’s with that smile? You won the lottery or something?”

“Or something, Allie can you come through to the office for a minute?”

“Yer sure.”

She looked at Shane and shrugged before following Will to the office. When she got to the office Will was sitting in front of the computer, tapping on the door he turned his head slightly,

“Whatcha knocking for, get in here and sit down.”

“Is there a problem?”

“With you around I don’t get problems, come on you’ve done the stocktake and placed the order that I said I would do, that is defiantly not a problem.”

“Ok, so……”

“Well it’s like this, I’m thinking of having the bar renovated after the new year, having an extension built on the empty plot next door, and I was thinking about turning the extension into a restaurant you know might get more people in, well anyway when that’s finished I won’t have much time for the bar side of the business and I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in being my bar manager.”

Allie just stared at him, her mind completely blank, she wanted to say something but it was as if her brain and mouth and forgotten how to work together.

“There’s no pressure, and I’d expect you’d need to talk it through with Bea, but if you want the job it’s yours, on the plus side you wouldn’t have to work the late shift, I’m planning on offering Shane an assistant bar manager position and taking on another assistant bar manager. It will mean you having to learn the last few things I haven’t shown you yet, but knowing how quickly you learn I know the bars in safe hands.”

“I…I really don’t know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything right now, take your time to think about it and talk to Bea, now since you’ve saved me a lot of work this afternoon as soon as I’ve had a word with Shane I suggest you get yourself off home, could you ask him to come through.”

Allie went back to the bar, Shane looked worried when she said Will wanted a word, by the time he returned five minutes later with Will hot on his tail he was smiling from ear to ear.

“Go on now, you get yourself home and get ready for your dinner with your brother, and Allie…..don’t worry so much, everything will be fine.”

“Ok, ok I’m going, might even have time to get my hair done now,” she giggled as she walked to the office to pick her bag up. Getting to her car she decided to call Maxine, asking if she could fit her in for a trim, hearing that the salon would be quiet for the next hour she thanked her and said she would be over in a few minutes.


Bea hated shopping, it didn’t matter who she was with or what she was shopping for and today was no exception to that rule. After Debbie had dragged her around at least a dozen shops she had had enough and was trying to get Debbie to go home but she wasn’t playing ball. Debbie knew exactly where they were going to end up and dragging a grumpy mum around with her was just slowing them down getting to where she wanted them to be. She’d bought the presents that she wanted to get and now was just looking for some new clothes to take to New Zealand with them. By the time Debbie had finished to say Bea was in a bad mood was an understatement, once Debbie suggested that they should have some lunch she relaxed a little, sitting in the diner Bea looked out of the window and suddenly started laughing.

“Now I know what you were up to.”

“Who me, I’m not up to anything.” Debbie said with a innocent look on her face.

“No of course not, is that a hint I need to get Allie her own leathers?” Bea pointed to the shop across the street.

“Now how did that get there?”

Bea shook her head and laughed.

“Not very subtle Deb.”

After they finished their lunch Bea paid the bill and the headed across the street, for someone who hated shopping as soon as Bea entered the store she was in her element surrounded by biker gear. After an hour it was Debbie who was grumpy, Bea finally put her out of her misery when she finally chose the leather jacket and pants and a helmet for Allie, Debbie had already bought the boots, as she figured it just because Allie would love them, she just couldn’t understand why it was so hard for her mum to make her mind up. When they got back to the car it they still quite early for a shopping trip that involved Debbie. It didn’t take them long to get home, Debbie taking the bags to her room knowing Allie wouldn’t go looking for anything in her there.

Debbie made a start on laying the table while Bea called the restaurant, even though they wouldn’t be open yet she knew the owner would be there, after she ended the call she suddenly remembered that she hadn’t bought any wine, letting Debbie know she was just running to the supermarket she took off. She picked up both red and white wine and some extra beer then threw in some juice as she didn’t know if Allies brother or his wife wouldn’t want to drink. By the time she got home Allie was already there, looking at the time she was surprised but knowing how nervous she was she thought Will had probably sent her home. Taking the bags from the car she went in finding Debbie and Allie sat on the sofa laughing their heads off.


Almost as soon as it turned 6:30pm Allie started getting really nervous and was pacing the lounge floor, Bea had gone to pick their order up and when she got back she passed the bags over to Debbie asking her to make sure they were kept warm. She’d done a pretty good job of keeping Allie calm until she had to go out to pick the food up. She had tried and failed to get hold of Allie twice but she’d managed to wriggle free, the third time she managed to wrap her arms round her waist, gently walking her backwards to the sofa and pulling her down with her so she was sitting in her lap. Allie tried wriggling free again but that just made Bea hold on to her a little tighter managing to turn her a little so she could pull Allies head to rest on her shoulder, after a few minutes sat like that she started to calm down, neither of them moved until there was a knock on the door at exactly 7pm. Debbie offered to answer it but Allie said she should, although she didn’t go alone, dragging Bea along behind her, taking a deep breath Allie opened the door there stood a grinning Alex with little Kyle in his arms who looked a lot like his dad, standing next to Alex was his wife. Allie was a little lost for words.

“Not inviting us in now sis?”

“Err, yer, sorry come in please,” Allie finally managed to mumble as she stepped to one side pulling Bea with her.

“You’ll have to excuse your sister she been a little nervous about tonight.”

“No worries Bea, I’m not doing much better.”

Closing the door they headed into the lounge Bea asking them to sit down and get comfortable. Debbie was still in the kitchen but as soon as she had heard voices she returned to the lounge, Alex spotting her imidiatly.

“You must be Beas daughter.”

“Yer, you must be Alex, I’m Debbie.” She said as she extended her hand towards him.

After they finished with the introductions Bea offered them all a drink, both Alex and Vicky accepting as they had got there in a taxi. They all sat and chatted for a while, Kyle taking an instant liking to Allie and he sat in her lap for five minutes before he decided that It was Beas turn to give him a cuddle. Shortly after he went back to his mum they went to the dining room. It wasn’t until they moved to the dining room that Bea realised that eating may be a problem with a one year old at the table with no height chair but Alex said it wasn’t a problem, Kyle wasn’t keen on his high chair so usually opted to sit in his dads lap when they ate.

Bea and Allie went to the kitchen to get the starters.

“Babe, are you sure they’ll like this?”

“Guess if they don’t we can just go to a diner.”


“Allie I’m joking, I’m sure they’ll love it, but not as much as I love you, now just calm down.”

Taking the starters to the dining room they passed them out before taking their seats. Kyle was determined to have a piece of everyone’s Rosemary and sea salt bread although he didn’t like the dips. Allie seemed to have totally forgotten her nerves now, happily chatting with everyone, her eyes however were always wondering to Bea who was sat next to her. When they had finished their starters Be and Allie cleared away the plates returning a few minutes later with their main course, Bea had ordered pasta in tomato sauce for Kyle the adults all had a Sea bass fillet baked in a white wine sauce with new potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. Vicky raved about the sea bass, it was one of her favourite things but she said she had never had any that was that good. Allie by now was so relieved that she had let Bea order from the restaurant. Debbie was in her element having someone that she could talk law with, no one else around the table Knew what they were talking about for the most part but Allie was so happy to see Debbie getting on so well with Alex. After letting their mains settle for a while Debbie cleared the plates away Bea offering to help and being told that she should stay where she was. Debbie returned a little later with dessert, Kyle had a slice of chocolate pizza while the rest of them had Blood orange and chocolate tart, strangle enough Kyle ate all his slice of chocolate pizza Debbie being the only one to finish dessert out of the adults. Opting to leave the plates for the time being they all retreated back to the lounge with a glass of wine and chatted. Two bottles of wine later Alex suddenly realised that it was getting late, asking what they were doing for Christmas. Allie telling him that they were going to New Zealand for Christmas, Alex had been a little disappointed but Bea said they should get together when they got back, telling them what they usually did for Christmas Alex completely understand why they went to New Zealand for Christmas. After they left the three of them finished clearing the dishes, Debbie and Allie washing and drying them while Bea put them away. When they had finished that they all agreed that they needed to go to bed. After undressing and slipping into bed Bea and Allie lay in bed talking for a while, Allie had completely forgotten about what Will had asked her earlier on, they soon both fell asleep cuddled up together like they always did.

Chapter Text

Allie arrived at the bar the next day ready for her last shift before they flew to New Zealand surprised to find that the side door was unlocked, the first thing to run through her mind was that whoever had locked up the previous night had forgotten to lock it on their way out. Heading in the direction of the office she was surprised to see Will there.

“Allie, bright and early as always, how did dinner go?”

“Much better than I could have expected, Debbie and Alex didn’t shut up all evening, no idea what they were on about most of the time.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t get a chance to talk to Bea about your promotion?”

“Shit, no, it completely slipped my mind.”

“Hey it doesn’t matter, but I expect an answer when you come back to work.”

“I’ll try and talk to her later, but I think I’ll be spending my evening packing.”

“Almost forgot, after you left yesterday this arrived for you, I’m guessing it’s everything for your holiday.”

Taking the envelope from Will she opened it and to her surprise it was all the holiday details plus their plane tickets, she had been expecting it to arrive while they were away, it had been Wills idea to have it sent to the bar for that reason because there was more chance that the courier would find someone at the bar over the holidays who could sign for it. She was a little happier knowing that she finally had everything and not just the booking confirmation that she had printed out.

“You still worrying she’s not going to like it aren’t ya?”

“Yer, she doesn’t give anything away, Franky said she would love it as well but I’m still not sure, I’ve never bought a present for someone who meant so much to me before, unless you count my grandma and she would have been happy with a box of tissues,” she giggled.

“She’s going to love it, especially when you get there. And look on the bright side, you’ll miss out on the first week of the renovations.”

Shane arrived a little later, he and Allie setting up the bar ready for opening and chatting quite happily together mainly about how Allies dinner with her brother and his family had gone. The bar was pretty quiet for most of the beginning her shift, a few more customers came and went over the lunch period than was normal. By 3pm there were just the few regulars milling about who were always in at that time of day. Will had been sitting at the bar for the last hour talking to them both excitedly about the renovations. Shane had accepted Wills offer of assistant bar manager the previous day and was really happy when Allie had agreed that she would train him on stock taking and ordering, it wasn’t that he didn’t get on with Will but he and Allie had formed a bond, Will had tried to keep them working together because they had worked so well together since Allies first day, he was a little apprehensive about splitting them up but Shane had proved he was capable and Will wanted him to have more responsibility.

“Shane you wouldn’t mind if I let Allie go early again would you?”

“Na, she hasn’t even started packing yet and they leave tomorrow, besides it won’t get busy again until five and Linda will be in by then.”

“That’s settled then, get ya self home Allie get packing, and I want to hear about everything when you get back.”

“Will I can’t you let me go early yesterday.”

“You’re out numbered, Shane’s on my side, so go, no arguments.”

“Are you both sure?”

They both nodded, Allie knew there was no point in arguing, not when they ganged up on her, so she didn’t bother, she collected her things from the office, stopping long enough to send Bea a text to let her know she was on her way home.


Debbie and Bea were having a leisurely morning, sitting on the lounge floor in their pyjamas wrapping presents. Debbie was already making plans for what they were going to do when they got to New Zealand, determined that she was going to show Allie all their favourite places, Bea saying they were only going for a week, they would need a month for everything Debbie was planning. In the end Debbie had agreed that she was probably trying to fit too much in especially since they would be going again. Now it was Beas turn to start feeling nervous and eventually admitted to Debbie that she didn’t know what she would do if they didn’t like Allie when they finally met her. Debbie had laughed so hard that she thought her sides would split, finally calming down she had tried to reassure her mum that not likening Allie wouldn’t be a problem, she joked that they would probably like her more than they liked the two of them. That even made Bea laugh a little.

After hiding Allies presents that were too big to take with them in Debbie’s room they had both showered and dressed deciding to go out for lunch, calling at Liz’s on the way home to pick up Allies gift that would be going with them. They had stayed for a coffee and a chat, as they were leaving Liz had reminded Bea that she expected a text when they arrived in New Zealand to let her know they had arrived there safely.

“Don’t I always text you?”

“You do love, but this year Is different it’s not just the two of you you might forget.”

“Don’t be daft, I’ve text you every year when we’ve gone, I’m hardly going to forget now.”

Debbie had wanted to see what her mum had got Allie but decided that she could wait for Christmas, she didn’t want to take a chance that she might slip up and tell Allie by mistake, she had done that a couple of years ago when Bea had bought Maxine something that she knew she really wanted and Debbie had let it slip out, leaving her to deal with a very annoyed mum riding her long into the new year about it. As soon as they got home Bea had disappeared upstairs to wrap it and put it in her hand luggage. Everyone else’s presents were wrapped and tucked away in Beas wardrobe. Bea was surprised when she received a text message from Allie saying she was on her way home, but relieved at the same time, they still hadn’t wrapped Debbie’s presents and they all needed to pack.


Arriving home Allie found neither of them downstairs so she headed straight upstairs finding Bea sitting on the bed staring at an empty suitcase.

“Your supposed to put clothes in that not stare at it.”


“Your suitcase babe, your meant to be packing it aren’t ya?”

“Yer, I just can’t be bothered to get up and pack it.”

“Want some help?”

Debbie came bouncing out of her room and into theirs.

“What time are we having dinner?”

“You’re thinking about dinner already it’s not quite three thirty yet.”

“No, I’m going over to see Booms, I’m all packed, you don’t mind do you?”

“No course not, be back before seven and we’ll order pizza.”

“Music to my ears, I won’t be late.”

Debbie ran down the stairs and out the front door before either of them could say anything else.

“Since we’ve got the place to ourselves for a while I reckon we should get our cases packed.”

“We’ve got the house to ourselves and you want to pack?”

“Got something better in mind?”

“I might.”

“Well how about I do you a deal, we do our packing as quick as we can, then I’ll go for a shower, and if you behave you come with me.”

Bea jumped up off the bed and went straight to the wardrobe pulling things out and throwing them at the bed, half of the clothes landing on the floor. Allie waited until she had finished before getting her own clothes out. She couldn’t help but giggle at Bea.

“Babe slow down, we’ve got a couple of hours ya know.”

“Thought you wanted to pack as quick as we could.”

“Yer I said pack not throw it in.”

Allie made Bea sit down while she finished packing, when she had nearly finished Bea went downstairs to the kitchen grabbing a bottle of wine and opening it then getting two glasses she went back to the bedroom, placing the glasses down on the bedside table she filled them both. Allie closed the cases and put them in front of the wardrobe before walking back over to the bed and sitting down taking the glass the Bea offered her.

“So since I did the packing I think I’ll have to have that shower on my own.”

“Hey, I started packing, you made me sit down.”

“Ya call that packing?”


Bea put her glass down and lay back on the bed, arms behind her head.

“Are you sulking?”


Allie stood up, putting her glass down before she stripped herself of her blouse and skirt leaving her underwear on. Standing at the bottom of the bed she watched Bea who hadn’t moved and was staring at the ceiling completely ignoring Allie. Kneeling on the end of the bed she crawled up Beas body, undoing her shirt as she went.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to get your attention, is is working yet?”


Allie lowered herself so their bodies were flush together, running her hands up the Beas sides under her shirt, making her shiver slightly. Reaching her arms round her back she managed to unhook her bra, some how she managed to tug her shirt off and her bra before Bea managed to flip them over and kissing her as if her life depended on it. The two hours they had quickly disappeared leaving them tangled together on the bed neither of them wanting to be the first to move until Allie looked at the time, untangling herself from Bea she shot into the bathroom turning on the shower and jumping in, quickly followed by Bea. They managed to actually shower, both putting that down to them knowing that Debbie would be home anytime in the next thirty minutes. They only just managed to get dry and into their pyjamas when they heard Debbie coming through the front door. Walking down the stairs they were met by a grinning Debbie.

“I hope you two have done your packing.”

“Yes, you can go and check if that will make you feel better.”

“No, I believe you, if you haven’t you’ll only have to get up extra early and do it anyway.”

All three of them flopped down on the sofa with Bea in the middle, Debbie turning on the tv and flicking through the channels while Allie called for the pizza. Allie cuddled into Beas side while they waited, 45 minutes later there was a knock on the door, Debbie jumped up saying she would get it, putting the pizza on the coffee table she went to the kitchen to grab a can of Coke for her and two bottles of beer. They watched tv while they ate Bea and Allie cuddled up together as much as was possible while trying to eat.

“I’m going for a shower then I’m having an early night, how early do we have to get up?”

“Our flights ten thirty, we’ll be up for six, guess you could stay in bed until seven but no later.”

“Ugh, that’s the middle of the night.”

Debbie took the empty pizza box beer bottles and her Coke can to the kitchen before heading for the shower.

“Night mum, night Allie, love you both.”

“We love ya too Deb.”

Allie just cuddled up to Be more,

“You a mind reader now?”

“Sorry, I probably shouldn’t have said that, I’ll try and engage my brain next time before I open my mouth. It just came out, I’ll talk to Deb in the morning, tell her I should have thought about what I was saying before…..”

Allie put her hand on Beas cheek turning her face towards her and kissed her.

“It doesn’t matter… might sound strange but I do love her, you didn’t say anything wrong.”


“Yes, I do, so stop worrying, now hadn’t we better be getting to bed, we do have an early start in the morning.”

“Yer I guess we should, you are still ok coming with us aren’t you?”

“I’m not going to lie, I’m nervous but you’ll be there, both of you will, so as long as your dad doesn’t hate the sight of me in the first ten seconds I’ll be fine.”

Locking up and turning off the lights they went up to bed, Allie was nervous but she wanted to go, Bea had gone above anything Allie had expected at dinner the previous night and Debbie, well you would have thought Debbie and Alex had know each other their own lives. Getting into bed and holding each other close Allie knew that she could handle anything as long as Bea was with her.

Chapter Text

Bea woke up from a deep sleep and sat bolt upright, a sudden realisation that they hadn’t wrapped Debbie’s presents dragging her from Allies embrace and out of bed. Turning on the lamp she retrieved the boxes from their hiding place, looking over at Allie who had turned over and was now looking at her through half open eyes with a confused look on her face.

“Babe what time is it?”

Bea looked over at the clock, shaking her head when she saw 05:07 in bright red looking back at her.

“I’m sorry it’s only just gone five.”

Allie pulled herself up into a sitting position rubbing her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“We haven’t wrapped Debbie’s presents yet.”

“That’s what woke you up?”

“I guess it did, I don’t know, I just woke up.”

Allie pulled the covers back and swung her legs out of bed, getting up she walked over to Bea and wrapped her arms around her, “you’re too cute when your worried you know,” she whispered in her ear. Pulling out of the embrace she left the bedroom and went to the kitchen to put the coffee on, remembering that Beas present was still in her bag and still in its original envelope. Retrieving her bag from behind the sofa where she had left it the night before she pulled out the envelope along with the gift box that she was going to put the documents and tickets in taking it to the kitchen with her, while she waited for the coffee she took everything out of the envelope double checking that she hadn’t left anything behind before placing it in the box and tying a ribbon around it, she smiled to herself, she had to like it. Pouring two mugs of coffee she picked up the box and went back to the bedroom finding Bea sat on the bed waiting for her.

“Are you going help me wrap these?”

“Yer, course, made you a coffee, thought you could use it.”

“Good idea, what have you got there?”

“Nosey aren’t ya? Drink your coffee, I’ll turn the alarm off before it gives us both a heart attack in half an hour.”

They sat on the bed boxes and wrapping paper surrounding them, Beas eyes kept darting over to the box that Allie had put on the bed, she couldn’t help but wonder what was in it, she was never fond of surprises and part of her was now wishing that she had given Allie some sort of idea what she would like. They finished wrapping and tidied the wrapping paper away, Allie went for a shower first making sure to put the box out of Beas sight. She wasn’t in the shower long knowing that they had a lot to do before they left, walking back into the bedroom Bea winked at her as she passed her on her way to the shower. Allie was dressed and just finishing putting her makeup on when Bea returned to the bedroom. Finishing up she stood up and looked at Bea who was still trying to decide what to wear.

“How do I look?”

“Good enough to eat,” Bea grinned looking over her shoulder at her.

“Good, them I’m going to make a start on breakfast, you will make sure Debbie’s up before you come down won’t ya?”

“Yer, think I better had, and I’ll bring the cases down with me.”


Franky dropped them off at the airport, helping them with the cases, and giving them all a hug.

“Now you all go and enjoy yourselves, and Blondie, stop worrying their gonna love ya.”

After checking in and going through the security checks they decided to get a coffee while they waited for their flight to start boarding. Debbie telling Allie all the places she wanted to show her when they got there not noticing that Allie had gone really quiet, Bea took Allies hand in hers and gave it a slight squeeze, getting a smile in return. A few minutes later their flight started boarding.
Allie had never flown before and Bea knew that she was nervous about the flight, she had tried to reassure her that it would be over before she knew it and that she wouldn’t be going anywhere.
Finding their seats Debbie had the window seat, she always did, she had loved looking out of the window even when she was little so even now she always had the window seat. Allie was in the middle, Bea hoping that her sitting between them would make her feel a little better. Before Allie had even really realised what was happening they were taking off, grabbing hold of Beas hand she squeezed it.

“Allie, look at me, it’s fine, I’m here and I’m not leaving you.”

“I know,” she croaked out.

Debbie had looked over at Allie seeing how nervous she looked she had taken hold of her other hand.

“Babe, you can take your seatbelt off now.”

“Hmmm, what, are we in the air already?”

“Yes, told you you’d be ok.”

“I need to tell you something, it completely slipped my mind we’ve been so busy theses last two days I forgot, Wills going to renovate the bar, building an extension on the empty plot next to it and opening a restaurant in the extension, well…..he asked me to be the bar manager because he’s going to concentrate on the restaurant.”

“That’s fantastic, what did you say?”

“He said I didn’t have to give him an answer until we got back, but he said I should talk to you about it.”

“Do you want to do it?”

“I think so, it means I won’t be doing the late shifts unless they need cover and Shane’s already accepted an assistant bar manager position.”

“I think if you want to do it then you should, but no late shifts sound good to me.”

“Me too, I hate working late.”


Just a little over three and half hours later they had landed in Auckland and were waiting at the baggage claim.

“Mum did you change the time already on your watch?”

“I did that before we left, you forgot again didn’t ya?”

“Yer, always.”

“Change the time?”

“Allie were two hours in front now babe, did I forget to tell you that?”

“I think you must have, two hours isn’t too bad I guess.”

After grabbing their suitcases Bea took Allies hand in hers and lead her through to arrivals, not seeing her dad anywhere although she was paying more attention to Allie than anything else.Debbie spotted him after a few seconds.

“Gramps!” She took off running in his direction.

Bea looked over to where Debbie had taken off to squeezing Allies hand she leaned into her ear and whispered to her, “he’s going to love you, not as much as I do, but he’s going to love you.”

Bea could feel Allie trying to lag behind her but she wasn’t going to let go of her hand, walking towards her dad and Debbie was taking a little longer than she would have liked but she had slowed down a little trying not to make Allie feel any more pressure than she knew she was already feeling. Now standing in front of her dad she let Allies had go just long enough for him to hug her picking her up off her feet as he did.

“It’s so good to have you home baby girl.”

“Dad, will you please put me down, I’m too old for this.”

“You’ll never be too old.”

Putting her back down he turned to Allie who at that moment in time suddenly seemed to feel really shy, the floor being more interesting than anything else. Bea grabbed hold of her hand and pulled her gently to her side.

“Dad, this is Allie….Allie this is my dad, Michael.”

Allie looked up slowly managing a small smile before extending her hand and managing to speak just above a whisper, “it’s nice to finally meet you.”

Taking a step towards her he threw his arms round her and whispered in Allies ear, “and it’s nice to finally meet the woman who makes my baby girl happy, call me dad.”
Loosening his grip on Allie he pulled Bea into a hug with them both before letting them both go, grabbing their bags and walking towards the exit, looking over his shoulder, “are you three coming or are you just going to stand there?”
Bea wrapped her arm around Allies shoulders and they followed him, Debbie walking behind grumbling that she had to carry her own bags. Reaching the car Beas dad opened the boot and put there bags in while telling them to get in, Debbie getting in the passenger seat leaving Bea and Allie to sit together in the back. Bea retrieved her phone from her pocket, switching in on she sent a quick text to Liz letting her know they had arrived. On the drive back to her dads house he couldn’t help but look in the rear view mirror at them, he had been concerned when Bea had first told him about Allie but now, seeing them together with his own eyes he was glad that he had waited before saying anything that could have sounded negative, it was unmistakable the happiness he saw in Beas eyes, and the way they constantly looked at each other he could see the love they had for each other. Pulling up at the house Allie was shocked, the place was massive, the garden looked like it went on forever from where she was. Getting out of the car they grabbed their bags and went inside.

“Deb you’re in your mums old room.”

“Yer gramps sure, what about mum and Allie?”

“Don’t worry about them, get gone and unpack.”

Debbie wondered off up the stairs not actually sure what was going on but wasn’t going to pass up having a room with an en suite.

“Thought you two would appreciate some peace and quiet so I thought you wouldn’t mind camping out in the guest house.”

Allie looked at Bea who just laughed, catching the keys as her dad threw them to her.

“Come on I’ll show ya.” Bea grabbed Allies hand and walked through the dining room, through the double doors, past the pool and down a small tree lined path that lead to the guest house. Reaching the door Bea unlocked it, pushed the door open and waited for Allie to go inside.

“Think you can cope spending a week here with me?”

Allie just nodded, the guest house wasn’t massive, there was a small open plan living, kitchen area with double doors leading to a small deck area. And a bedroom with an en suite.

“My gran used to stay here when she came over, don’t think it’s been used in the last three years.”

“It’s fantastic, I thought we’d be in the house.”

“Maybe I mentioned to dad how nervous you were about coming with us. Anyway come on let’s get our things put away then we can go back up to the house.”

They finally dragged themselves back to house an hour later after Bea got a text from Debbie telling her that her Uncle Andrew was on his way over and they were going out for dinner. Making it back to the house just before Andrew, Jessica and their boys arrived. Andrew spotted Bea straight away as soon as they walked in,

“Well I’ll be if it isn’t my little sis, and I’m guessing you have to be Allie.”

“Andy.” Bea jumped up from her seat and hugged him.

“Aunt Bea!” The twins screamed.

“Oh god, it’s just Bea, how many more times, you make me feel old.”

Jack and Josh made a run for her both grabbing her and hugging her before they saw Allie. After she finally managed to introduce Allie to them all they needed to leave. Debbie, Bea. And Allie in her dads car the rest of them in her brothers. Pulling up in the car park outside ‘Prego’ they all headed inside, being a mainly walk in restaurant it wasn’t too hard to get a table, the longest you ever had to wait was thirty minutes, they all walked to the bar and ordered a drink while they waited, about twenty minutes later they were shown to their table. The conversation was light something Allie was relieved about, she wasn’t sure what Bea had told them about her. A waiter brought them the menus over, Debbie and the twins already knowing that they wanted pizza. Bea and Allie both decided on the spaghetti bolognese, Jessica ordered the snapper and her dad and Andrew went with the surf and turf, something that made Bea giggle when she told Allie that it was the only reason they ever went there. They chatted while they were waiting for their meals to arrive.

“So sis, tell me how did you ever meet Allie?”

“Well you know we kinda ran into each other when I was on a case, we got talking and it sort of went from there.”

“Must have been some case to just run into someone so beautiful.”

“You could say that.”

Their food arrived then, something Allie was happy about, she knew Bea wouldn’t say anything that would make her uncomfortable but she was still nervous, Debbie knew how they had met and she hoped that she wouldn’t say anything. The rest of the evening went well, Allie even relaxed enough to join in the conversation. They had all decided that they didn’t want dessert and as they were meeting up at the beech the next day said they should all be getting back. Andrew paid the bill after a disagreement with his dad about who would pay, they all left the restaurant saying their goodnights to each other. When they got back Debbie said she was tired and just wanted a shower and an early night. Bea and Allie sat with her dad for a little while chatting before Allie started yawning, Bea saying that they had better go back to the guest house before she fell asleep. They said goodnight and wondered back to the guest house Allies arm round Beas waist and Beas round Allies shoulders, neither of them noticing that Michael was stood watching them with a smile on his face, “never thought I’d see my baby girl so happy,” he thought to himself before turning off the lights and going to bed.

“How are feeling now?”

“Much better, they’re all so nice.”

“What did you expect?”

“I don’t know, I just thought….well ya know you used to be married and everything and I guess I thought they might have thought that I was just with you for a bit of fun or something.”

“They don’t, trust me, and even if they had have thought that I know it’s not true.”

“You sure?”

“Course I’m sure, would you be here now if that’s all I was to you?”

“Hell no….I wouldn’t have come all this way to meet your family if that's all you were to me."

Walking into the guest house they both decided that they really should go to bed, a day at the beech was going to be fun, but after traveling they were both quite tired. Crawling into bed they cuddled up to each other and fell asleep almost instantly.

Chapter Text

7am the next morning Bea and Allie were ripped from a deep sleep by Debbie banging loudly on the door of the guest house.


Bea looked at Allie and groaned, “I forgot to warn you about this.”
Slipping out from under the covers she went to the door unlocking it and pulling it open, almost getting knocked over by an excited Debbie.

“Gramps said you have to get up breakfasts almost ready. Where’s Allie?”

“In bed where we all should be it’s too early.”

Debbie ran into the bedroom diving on the bed, “get up, were going to the beach soon.”

“Deb, really, how can you have this much energy at this time of day?”

Getting back off the bed Debbie grabbed the covers throwing them on the floor, Allie so grateful that the previous night they had been so tired sleeping had been the only thing on either of their minds.

“Ok, ok, I’m getting up, can I at least get dressed?”

“Nope… I look like I got dressed to run down here? PJ’s are fine.”

Debbie ushered the pair out of the guest house, before they even entered the main house they could smell breakfast.

“Something else I forgot to mention, dad cooks a mean breakfast.”

Sitting down at the kitchen table Debbie passed them both a plate, Allies eyes going wide in amazement at the amount of food on her plate, bacon, sausage, hash browns, grilled tomatoes, eggs and mushrooms, she looked at Bea and back at the plate, pretty certain if she managed to eat it all she either wouldn’t be able to move for the rest of the day or explode. Debbie handed them both a cup of coffee before getting her own plate and sitting down closely followed by her gramps.

“Well tuck in.”

“Dad, do you always have to cook this much?”

“It’s good for ya, now eat up.”

Debbie of course was the first to finish, leaving her plate in the sink she excused herself to go for a shower. Bea finally cleared her plate, rubbing her stomach and groaning, Allie was struggling to finish hers not want wanting to appear rude she was trying until Michael spotted her struggle,

“I wont be offended if you can’t finish it all, I do have a tendency to cook way too much, I forget not everyone has a bottomless pit like our Deb.”

Allie pushed her plate to the side with a sigh. Michael cleared the table telling Bea to stay where she was when she tried to help. Twenty minutes later Debbie came charging down the stairs, bag in hand stopping in her tracks when she saw her mum and Allie still sitting at the kitchen table.

“Seriously, why aren’t you two getting ready?”

“Because we’re stuffed and don’t want to move, unlike you we can’t all eat and eat and still not be full.”

An hour later they were showered and changed and helping pack the car up with coolers and towels and everything else Debbie and Michael had stacked by the car.


Arriving at the beach an hour later Andrew, Jessica and the kids were already there, splashing about in the water, Debbie jumped out of the car and started running down the beach towards the others. Running into the water she immediately got double teamed by the twins. Bea helped her dad get everything that they needed for the time being out of the boot, walking down the beach her free hand entwined with Allies. Putting everything down close to where Andrew had left their things Bea and Allie grabbed two towels and wondered a little further away wanting some time to themselves but not wanting to be too far away from the others. Laying their towels out Allie pulled her t shirt and shorts off reviling the pale blue bikini she was wearing underneath. Bea couldn’t take her eyes off her.

“See something you like.”

“Huh huh, you think anyone would notice if we grabbed a taxi and went back to the house?”

“As much as I really do like the sound of that, and believe me I really do, I thought the whole point was for you to be spending time with your family.”

“Yer, I know.”

“So…..are you going to show me what you’ve got under those shorts or not?”

Bea pulled her t shirt off and threw it at Allie before taking her shorts off revealing a black bikini, Allies mouth dropped open.

“I think you had the right idea about the taxi,” Allie giggled throwing a wink at Bea.

Sitting down on their towels Allie got the sun screen out of her bag and started applying it to her legs and arms before turning her attention to her stomach and chest, Turning to Bea she held the bottle out to her,

“will ya do my back?”

“Yer, turn round then.”

Allie did as she was told enjoying the feel of her hands on her back, she made sure to take her time knowing that Allie was enjoying the extra attention, when she finished she handed her the bottle back.

“Want me to do yours now?”

“If you want to I’m not going to say no am I?”

“Lie on your stomach.”

Allie straddled her rubbing the sun screen into her back as slowly and sensually as she could, not caring if anyone was watching them, after all it was innocent enough, leaning forward she kissed her on the shoulder.

“All done,” she whispered in Beas ear, moving off her back to her own towel she passed her the bottle back grinning at her.

“You’re a fucking tease you know that right?”

“If you say so babe.”

Finishing applying the sun screen Bea lay back on her towel her head turned towards Allie who was laying down with her eyes closed, she couldn’t and didn’t want to take her eyes off her, she could hardly believe that she was here with her family and the most perfect woman she had ever seen in her life, a woman that she loved more than life itself, thinking back to the previous Christmas she had been on the same beach with her family sitting by herself watching her brother and his family laughing and joking around and couldn’t help but wonder what she had done that was so wrong to leave her living alone except for Debbie, quite convinced that she would never meet anyone, never be able to trust anyone enough to let them in, but here she was now not sitting back just watching her family being happy she was happy, happier than she ever thought could be possible. Allie opened her eyes, turned on her side and propped herself up on her elbow.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You, about how last Christmas I was sat here alone, but mostly about you.”

“You do realise that you’re stuck with me now don’t ya? I’m not going anywhere ever, your never going to sit on this beach without me again.”

“You say that now.”

“I’m not just saying it, I mean it.”

Looking down the beach they saw Debbie running towards them being chased by Jack and Josh, they both laughed it was just too funny, an 18 year old trying to out run a pair of 13 year olds. Even though Debbie was older than the boys she had always loved spending time with them, Beas thoughts turned to the memory of the Christmas a then 5 year old Debbie met them for the first time, she had been fascinated by them, spent most of the holiday as close to them as she could be when they were around, and when Andrew had sat with her on the sofa allowing her to hold Jack the smile on her face was so bright, although the constant bombardment of her saying she wanted her mum to have a baby because she wanted a little brother had not sat well with Bea, luckily by the time they had arrived home all thoughts of wanting a brother went completely out of her mind as soon as they had stepped back into the house to be greeted by Harry passed out on the sofa surrounded by empty beer cans and bottles.
Allie lay there just watching Bea watching them, she could tell that something was on her mind but didn’t want to say anything right then, why spoil a perfectly good day for no reason?

Ten minutes later they were all sat together, Andrew and Michael had gone to the car to get the coolers, refusing Beas offer to help them, saying she should stay there with Allie. They all sat and ate lunch together, Andrew deciding that it was the perfect opportunity to regale Allie with stories of things his little sister had done when she was younger, ending with Bea chasing him around the beach threatening to burry him in the sand up to his neck when she got hold of him, not that she managed to catch him. When she finally gave in she walked back to Allie holding out her hands which she accepted allowing Bea to pull her up, looking deep into her eyes the whole time not once noticing that Debbie had her camera out and was taking photos of them. Walking hand in hand they walked down to the waters edge, turning to face each other Bea completely oblivious to the fact that Debbie had followed then still with her camera in hand snapping away and the rest of her family looking on as they leaned into each other and kissed. They walked down the beach hand in hand for about a mile before sitting down Bea behind Allie her arms wrapped around her and her chin resting on her shoulder.

“I’m glad you came with us.”

“Thought you said you weren’t coming without me?”

“I didn’t want to, the thought of leaving you behind actually hurt."

“If I’d really refused to come with you would you have stayed at home?”

“We’d have had a very stroppy Debbie to deal with but yes I would.”

Allie turned her head a little to see Debbie walking down the beach towards them.

“Think we’re in trouble now for deserting them,” Allie nodded up the beach in Debbie’s direction.

“Guess we better start walking back then.”

Getting up they started walking back up the beach, Debbie telling them that they were getting ready to leave because the boys were getting bored, something Debbie could never understand, they always got bored of the beach so easily. Helping to pack everything back in the car they said their goodbyes and left in their separate directions. Once back at the guest house they both showered and got changed before returning to the main house to sit beside the pool. After chatting about what they were going to do the next day, Bea and Allie saying that they were going to do some shopping, Debbie saying she was spending the day with gramps, slightly puzzling Bea because she would normally go shopping with her. Deciding that today was not a day anymore cooking was required Michael had called for pizza much to Debbie’s delight and they had all retreated back to the lounge to relax and watch a Christmas movie that Debbie had seen countless times in the past but insisted on watching again. After eating Bea had pulled Allie into her lap and they spent the remainder of the evening sat like that, her dad looking over occasionally at the pair with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

Much to Beas relief they weren’t abruptly woken up by an over excited Debbie the next morning, glancing at the time it was just gone eight, Allie was still soundly sleeping one of her legs over both of hers and an arm firmly wrapped around her, her head buried in the crook of her neck, taking her thoughts back to the morning that she had woken up exactly like this with Allie back in the hotel a couple of days after she had first found her. Turning over onto her side slowly so as to hopefully not disturb Allie she lay there just looking at her, still totally conscious of the effect that Allie still had on her although now it didn’t seem strange and it didn’t feel weird, it felt comfortable, like this was what she had been looking for her whole life but hadn’t know or realised that was what she wanted, thinking back to what Liz had said not long ago, she hadn’t had the chance to experience anything other than Harry, at least not until Allie came into her life and now she knew that she didn’t want to ever be apart from her, although the doubt that one day Allie would decide at she didn’t want to be with her anymore still had a place in her head but she did try to tell herself that she wasn’t going to leave. Her nagging self doubt would always be there, she couldn’t imagine that it would ever leave her, being dragged from her thoughts as only Allie could,

“Your staring again.”

“Am not.”

“Babe you’ve been doing it almost every morning since you first stayed with me in the hotel.”

“I can’t help it, I can’t help but think that one day I’ll wake up and you won’t be here, guess I just don’t want to forget what you look like.”

Allie pulled her closer,

“I’m not going anywhere, ever, no one has ever treated me the way you do, no one has ever made me feel so safe and so loved, you’re stuck with me, I’d only leave you if you said you didn’t want me anymore, and even then I’d probably sit on your doorstep and beg you to have me back every time I saw you.”

“Think we should get up really don’t you?”

“I guess, I figured Debbie would have woken us up again.”

Getting up they showered together, reminding each other that they had to go shopping for the the remainder of the presents that they needed to buy they just about managed to keep it to washing, but only just. After getting dressed they walked up to the main house finding only Michael sitting at the kitchen table with a coffee and his morning newspaper. Looking up from the newspaper seeing it wasn’t Debbie who still hadn’t woken up yet.

“Thought you two would be sleeping in.”

“Really, I thought we had, it’s not often we sleep in past six thirty.”

“Ahhh the joys of work err? So glad I’m semi retired.”

“Ok dad, rub it in why don’t ya?”

“I was thinking eggs for breakfast, I doubt Allie could face what I cooked up yesterday, so, scrambled or poached?”

Just as he asked a sleepy looking Debbie came walking down the stairs, “scrambled.”

Bea and Allie both laughed, “I guess the boss has spoken dad, scrambled is fine, need any help?”

“Baby girl you’re on holiday, and I’m quite capable of whipping up eggs and toast, ya can get your own coffee though.”


An hour later they were on their way over to Sylvia Park shopping centre after all agreeing that they all wanted to go there, Allie and Bea wondering off on their own, leaving Debbie with her gramps, usually they would stick together but this year Debbie didn’t want to do that. Parking up in the car park they all agreed on a place to meet later for a late lunch. Heading inside Bea wasn’t sure what she was looking for, she and Andrew and Jessica never bought anything spectacular for each other choosing to buy better presents for the kids, not that Debbie was a kid anymore but being Andrews only niece he still liked to spoil her. Bea realised that she hadn’t actually had much time with Andrew to ask what the boys would like this year, placing a quick call to her brother he filled her in on what the boys were seriously wanting this year, and in return him asking for an idea what to get Allie, not an easy question to answer right at the second when he asked until something caught Allies eye and she gestured to Bea that she was going to look at something, giving her time to tell him what her favourite perfume was, Andrew grumbling that she wasn’t being helpful but really she couldn’t think of anything else. Ending the call she looked over to where she had seen Allie wonder off to but couldn’t see her anywhere, wondering over to a bench she decided to just sit and wait for her hoping that she wasn’t going to get lost. About five minutes later Allie plopped down on the bench next to her.

“Where did you go?”

“Nosey…..actually I just found something for Debbie but I’m not showing you.”

“Is that right, you think I can’t keep a secret?”

Allie just shrugged, Bea got up pulling Allie to her feet before heading off in the direction of a near by computer game store. After making the purchases that Andrew had suggested they carried on looking around the different shops making a few more purchases before they went to meet Debbie and Michael for lunch. Of course it was Debbie’s choice as always, and she wanted a burger. After lunch they had just about finished all the shopping that they need to do, Debbie had already taken her bags back to car which was generally unusual for her because she liked to show off what she had bought normally. After another hour they had made their last few purchases and were heading back to the house when Debbie’s mobile rang, hearing her agreeing to something before she hung up.

“You don’t mind if I go over to uncle Andrews do you and stay over mum?”

“Why would I? You always go over for at least one night.”

“Yes but it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow, I’ll be back before dinner.”

Arriving back at the house Andrew was already waiting for her sitting on the bonnet of his car. Retrieving her bags from the boot she ran in the house straight upstairs to grab what she needed for the night, hugging Bea, Allie and her gramps saying she would see them all before dinner the next day and she was gone. Bea found it pretty strange that they had taken off so fast but didn’t dwell on it too much. After taking their bags back to the guest house they decided that an afternoon relaxing by the pool was what they felt like, Michael saying that he had some presents to wrap but would join them as soon as he had done. Getting changed into shorts and t shirts they went and sat by the pool. The conversation turning towards what would happen on Christmas Day, Allie sounding a little disappointed when Bea told her that they didn’t give the presents out until about an hour before lunch, she was apprehensive already about giving Bea her present finding out that she was going to have to give it to her with all her family there just made that feeling get worse. She had started to wonder if she should wait until they were alone later on Christmas Day to give it to her, she had managed to find something else for her that day when she had wondered off but then again she wanted to go with what they always did so she tried to put it to the back of her mind for now.

Michael joined them an hour or so later carrying three bottles of water with him depositing them on the table.

“Dad, any idea why Deb was in such a rush to get out of here?”

“She doesn’t tell me anything, reminds me of you at her age.”

Bea hung her head, remembering exactly where she had been at Debbie’s age. Allie looked over to her, getting up from the sun lounger she was laying on and sitting next to Bea, placing her hand under her chin and raising her head so she was looking into her eyes, seeing a sadness there that made her heart feel like it would break, leaning in she gave her a kiss on the cheek before whispering in her ear, “try not to think about him, I know it’s difficult but he’s not here.” Pulling back she looked into her eyes again. Bea just nodded not knowing how to answer her in that moment. A little later Michael had gone inside to decide on what they were going to have for dinner. Bea had moved over a little on the sun lounger that she was laying on making room for Allie to lay beside her, not long later they had both fallen asleep.


After dinner Bea and Allie went back to the guest house to spend the rest of the evening alone in front of the tv. They had been sat together quite happily for an hour before Bea had pushed Allie back on the sofa leaning in to kiss her, it started out quite innocent but soon turned more heated, hands roaming over each other’s bodies both trying to pull each other’s shirts off, eventually Allie just gave in allowing Bea to pull her shirt off and she threw it behind her, before removing her own and going back to kissing Allie turning her attention to her neck kissing and nipping at her pulse point before kissing across her chest and up the other side of her neck enjoying the moans that kept escaping from Allie. Reaching her hand around her back she unclasped her bra and gently tugging it off her throwing it in the direction that her shirt had gone. Moments later Bea had gotten up,off the sofa, turning the tv off before picking Allie up and carrying her to the bedroom putting her gently down on the bed before pulling her shorts and panties off in one go, Allie dragging herself further up the bed as Bea was removing the rest of her own clothes and crawling up the bed, around three in the morning they had finally both collapsed exhausted into each other’s arms and soon fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Waking up in a sun filled bedroom, as closing the curtains the previous night had not been a top priority, still tight in Beas embrace Allie glanced at the time, it was only just past seven, she figured that really she should still be tired but no she was very much awake and full of energy. She lay there for a while watching Bea sleep feeling like she was the luckiest woman in the world, no matter how much she had wanted Bea even in those first few days, and boy had she wanted her, Bea sent her brain into a jumble of innocent and not so innocent thoughts and set her body on fire, she never really thought that she would reciprocate her feelings. On most mornings like this her head would return to places that she didn’t want to think about, thoughts that Bea would wake up one morning and not want her anymore, that she’d end up alone once more on the streets trying to survive as best she could, but oddly she found that this morning was not like that. She was safe, she felt loved and Beas family had accepted her, something most of her own family had refused to do. She really could just stay like this for the rest of her life she thought until the need to pee became too much and she slowly extracted herself from a soundly sleeping Bea. After finishing up in the bathroom she pulled on a pair of shorts and t shirt, she needed a coffee and since they had agreed that they were really only using the guest house to sleep in she had to walk up to the main house. Knowing that the double doors would be unlocked she quietly crept in closing the door behind her and walked in the direction of the kitchen the smell of coffee already hanging in the air. Michael was sitting in his usual spot at the kitchen table reading the paper, looking up he saw Allie and smiled.

“I wasn’t expecting you up this early.”

“Errr, yer, I woke up and I needed a coffee.”

“Help yourself, Bea still asleep?”

“Yer, still dead to the world.”

“Wasn’t her snoring that woke you up then?” He chuckled.

Allie just giggled not really sure how to handle actually being alone with Beas dad, until now they had always been together in his presence and she was feeling really nervous again.

“Sit with me please,” Michael said as he folded the newspaper placing it down on the table.

Allie felt like she wanted to throw up, was this the time he was going to warn her off, tell her he didn’t want her anywhere near his daughter. She knew Bea hadn’t told him the whole truth as to how they met but couldn’t help feeling that he could sense it, that he knew what she was, or at least had been, and if this was going to be the 'I want you out of my daughters life' how could she stay there, how was she going to get through Christmas, how could she explained it to Bea? Nervously approaching the table coffee in hand she took a seat. Why hadn’t she just gone straight back to bed, right now she just wanted to back in bed curled up with Bea not sitting here facing what she imagined was going to be a conversation that was going to break her.

“Don’t look so nervous Allie, I just want to get to know the woman who stole my little girls heart a little better.”

Allie couldn’t say anything her head was in a spin and her mouth was dry she took a sip of her coffee and tried to smile at him.

“Listen, I’m guessing that she’s told you all about that prick of an ex husband of hers, and that’s not something she finds easy or ever does willingly normally, if she’s told you about the whole prick train wreck then you really must be special. I bet your wondering how I could have agreed to them getting married in the first place huh? When they came to us and told us she was pregnant I was angry, so angry. She was growing up too fast, she was and always will be my baby girl, I wasn’t angry with her really I was angry with myself, angry at the whole damn world. And when I calmed down enough to see it I didn’t want her to marry him, I pulled her to one side a few days later and told her she didn’t have to go through with it, that I would support her no matter what. I didn’t like Harry from the first time I ever spoke to him, I couldn’t put my finger on it then but he made me uneasy and I didn’t want that for my baby girl, her mother was the one who wouldn’t back down, she always thought that she was better than everyone else, and a pregnant unmarried daughter was not part of her plan. Strangely enough though she actually hated the prick, wouldn’t even go to the wedding in the end. We split up not long after that stupid woman has never even met her own granddaughter. So I guess what I’m trying to really say really is that…..we’ll when she told me about you I was shocked I can’t deny that, but ya know there was something different in her voice, she sounded lighter, carefree and happy and believe me I hadn’t heard that in her voice since she met him.”

Pausing for a moment to take a sip of his coffee he looked at Allie who at least had started to look less nervous.

“After she called and told me I thought about what she’d said long and hard, and ya know I realised something, she passed up everything she could have been doing at her age to marry a complete wanker and have her daughter. I’m convinced now that she didn’t really know what she wanted, and I wish I’d pushed her to talk to me more she’d never been interested in having a boyfriend before then, I didn’t think about it back then, not that I really need to think about it now either. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m happy you found each other because you just seem so right together, so happy and I never thought I’d see that and it broke my heart.”

Allie sat there trying to take in everything that Michael had just said to her, it wasn’t what she was expecting at all, after a few minutes she finally felt able to speak.

“My gran always used to tell me that there was someone out there that I was meant to be with and I never believed that until I met Bea, I didn’t think it was possible to love someone so completely. I wish my parents could have been more like you, they did not take the whole gay thing so well, not that it matters now, they’re both dead. My brother couldn’t care less, if I hadn’t been with Bea I doubt very much I would ever have seen him again.”

“I’m sorry, I’m guessing your parents kicked you out?”

“Yes, my gran was my rock, she took me in encouraged me to finish school, unfortunately when she died I ended up homeless, and I ended up doing things to survive that I hate myself for.”

“Hey, hey, we’ve all done things we’re not proud of, even me in the past. You just keep putting that smile on my baby girls face and we’re all good. Besides that guest house out there hasn’t been used for years.”

Allie couldn’t stop the blush that crept over her cheeks, and it didn’t go un noticed by Michael who just laughed.

“I think I better be getting back, if Bea wakes up and in not there she come looking for me.”

“Yer, she will and then she’ll get mad at me for keeping you talking for so long, maybe you should take her a coffee in case she’s already awake.”

“I think you might be right, she gets awfully cranky without a coffee in the morning.”

“I’ll be starting breakfast in about half an hour, bacon and eggs ok with you? I won’t force a huge breakfast on you.”

“Sounds good.”

Allie refilled her mug then poured one for Bea making her way back to guest house thankful that she hadn’t gotten the talk that she had been expecting. Closing the guesthouse door quietly behind her she went back to the bedroom finding Bea awake staring up at the ceiling, as soon as she heard Allie in the bedroom she lifted her head and smiled spotting the mugs in her hands.

“And where have you been?”

“I woke up early and I needed a coffee, your dad was already up and we were talking.”

“Oh god,” she groaned, “what did he say to you?”

“Nothing bad.”

“Talking about me as usual were ya?”

“More like your dad talked and I listened.”

Bea sat up accepting the coffee from Allie before moving over a little and patting the empty space on the bed waiting for Allie to sit down.

“So what did he say? Or do I have to ask him?”

“Well he said as long as I keep putting that smile on your face then everything’s good.”


“Oh, well he said the guest house hasn’t been used for years,” she giggled.

Bea almost choked on her coffee.

“Babe, it’s not as bad as it sounds, oh and he’s gonna start breakfast in half an hour, fancy a shower?”

Bea rolled her eyes and giggled, “thought you’d never ask,” jumping out of bed she got to the en suit before Allie.


The three of them sat and chatted for an hour after breakfast was finished, before Bea said that they needed to wrap the presents that they had bought the previous day. Allie wanted an excuse to stay up at the house but couldn’t think of one so just followed Bea back to guest house. Halfway through wrapping the presents Allie said she needed a drink and asked Bea if she wanted one, saying she wouldn’t mind another coffee Allie finally had an excuse, she wanted to ask about Beas birthday and she needed to get back to the jewellers to pick her present up and it was Christmas Eve, she also didn’t know if her dad did anything special for her birthday. Finding Micheal in the lounge she cleared her throat to get his attention.

“Anything wrong?”

“Yes and no, I’m going sound like such an idiot right about now but I need to get back to the jewellers in the shopping centre to pick Beas birthday present up and I can’t think of an excuse to not have her go with me.”

“That’s not a problem, I could go and pick it up for you, do you have the receipt?”

“Yer its in my pocket, do you do anything special for her birthday?”

“Depends on her really, but you have something in mind don’t ya?”

“We’ll sort of but it might be a little late to organise anything now.”

“Hey it’s never too late round here trust me.”

After handing over the receipt and telling him what she really wanted to do he was more than happy to help, saying he was going to call Andrew and get him to help out, as he said, “nothing was too much trouble for his baby girl.”

Getting the coffee that she had supposed to have gone for she went back to guest house.

“Been talking to dad again I see?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Oh nothing much, except it didn’t take twenty five minutes to pour a coffee the last time I did it.”

“Ok ya got me.”

They finished wrapping the presents then decided to just lounge around the guest house, Bea telling Allie that Christmas Day in her dads house was manic and they would hardly get a minute to themselves the next day. Also filling Allie in on the fact that the day after being her birthday her dads sister always came round for lunch, and that usually her cousins came with her with their families and that could end up getting pretty messy. Allie started getting worried again at the mention of more family members that she hadn’t met but Bea reassured her that they were all much the same as her dad and her brother and they would love her just like they did. But that wasn’t really helping because Allie didn’t know if they were even aware of their relationship, something Bea actually found that she couldn’t answer at that moment because she had forgot to ask her dad if he had told them.

When Debbie arrived back at the house her gramps had told her that he needed her to distract her mum for a while because he needed to get Allie alone for a few minutes, that made no sense to Debbie until he said he needed to pass her mum’s birthday present on to her. Debbie ran down to the guest house knocking on the door loudly hearing Bea telling her the door was open, she had almost run in and threw herself down in the sofa next to Allie.

“What have you been up to?”

“What do you mean? I was at uncle Andrews, I always stay over for one night while we’re here.”

“Yes you do, but usually after Christmas.”

“I can’t have a change this year?”

“Gramps has ordered a Chinese for dinner, and I need to show you something mum so can you come up to my room?”

“Right now?”

“Well that would be preferable if you don’t mind that is.”

Bea shook her head and got up asking Allie if she would be ok on her own for a bit, of course she said she would be, she was just hoping that Michael had managed to pick Beas birthday present up. She got her answer five minutes later when Michael knocked softly on the door before opening it.

“I wasn’t sure Debbie would distract her, here you go, hope you can hide it from her.”

“I hope so to.”

“And the other thing we talked about, it’s all in hand,” he said with a wink before leaving her to hide the present, only making it back to the house a couple of minutes before Debbie and Bea walked down the stairs.

“You should go and get Allie, dinner should be here soon.”

Returning to the house just as Michael had gone to the door to get the food. Sitting in the kitchen Bea decided that she was going to ask her dad if he had told her aunt about her and Allie, after telling her that he had mentioned it, and yes he made sure she understood so there would be misunderstandings about who Allie was, Bea was relieved. Excusing themselves Bea and Allie went back to the guest house to shower after Debbie reminded her mum that as it was Christmas Eve it was PJ’s and popcorn in front of the tv watching Christmas movies, something her and her dad had done since Debbie was little and she still wanted to do the same thing even now. Bea joked that she was surprised she still didn’t want to leave a carrot out for Rudolf which Debbie didn’t find funny. When they had got back to the house Debbie had already chosen a movie and was curled up on one of the sofas with a massive bowl of popcorn at the side of her, after complaining that it took them too long to shower, they had just looked at each other and giggled, leaving a red faced Debbie telling them that that was still too much information to which a Bea had just shrugged her shoulders before sitting on the other sofa and pulling Allie into her lap cuddling up to each other and getting comfortable. Bea finally got to choose a movie but only because Debbie wanted more popcorn and had gone to the kitchen, not impressed when she came back finding they were watching ‘Home Alone’, Bea telling Allie that Kevin reminded her of a much younger Debbie, Allie had laughed and her dad had agreed. It was gone midnight before they all went to bed, crawling into bed and cuddling up together with whispered good nights and I love you’s.

Chapter Text

Bea opened her eyes nerves kicking in straight away, “fuck,” she thought. It was too late to change her mind about the gift she had bought for Allie, taking a deep breath she looked to her side just as Allie fluttered her eyes open instantly smiling at Bea when saw she was awake. Nuzzling her face into her neck and closing her eyes for a few seconds, Allie felt her own nerves kicking in and she had to wait hours to give her her gift. With a sigh she pulled away from her neck picking her head up she rested it on Beas chest.

“Merry Christmas babe,” Allie whispered.

“Meri Kirihimete,” Bea breathed.

Allie thought she hadn’t heard her correctly, removing her head from her chest she sat up resting on her elbows.

“What did you just say?”

“Meri Kirihimete, it means Merry Christmas.”

“Your full of surprises aren’t ya?”

“Not really, I lived here for years, I just picked it up.”

Looking at the time Allie groaned,

“Are we acting like kids? Why are we awake so early?”

“I have no idea, but let’s just stay where we are until Deb comes banging on the door.”

“Now that I like the sound of.”

Allie lay back down both of then turning to face each other and slowly becoming a mass of tangled arms and legs, not really speaking to each other, they didn’t need to speak to each other they just lay there looking into each other’s eyes. They had both thought that it was impossible to have a conversation without words, laughed when they had heard the expression used in the past but together they knew what it meant. About forty five minutes later they were suddenly disturbed by the loudest knocking on the door.

“Don’t need to ask who that is do you?” Bea laughed.

“Not really, I’m guessing we should let her in.”

Bea nodded, untangling themselves from each other they threw the covers off and both got out of bed heading for the door, not that they were going to need to open it soon if Debbie didn’t stop with the banging. Bea flung the door open to the surprise of Debbie who was expecting to be banging on the door for at least another five minutes.

“You could have just come in Deb it wasn’t locked.”

“Merry Christmas,” Debbie half shouted. “Now come on gramps is making breakfast.”

Debbie took off back up the path leaving the pair to just laugh before leaving the guest house and making their way to the house and the kitchen finding Michael cooking a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, half turning as they entered the kitchen he wished them both “Merry Christmas” before returning his full attention to the pancakes. Bea poured them both a coffee and the sat at the kitchen table. Allie couldn’t help the tear that fell from her eye as she looked around the kitchen, she couldn’t remember what a real Christmas had felt like, she had been ignored mostly as a child, breakfast was no big deal in their house if they got any at all. Looking round the kitchen again Debbie making a tropical fruit salad, Michael cooking pancakes and Bea sat beside her it didn’t feel real until she felt Bea take her hand in hers and gently squeeze it before wiping the tear away with her thumb, looking into her eyes she saw nothing but love there, and right then all her nerves about Beas present suddenly fell away.

After breakfast they had all showered and dressed and Bea had told her dad that her and Allie were going for a walk, there was a park close to the house that Bea used to spend a lot of time at over the holidays when Debbie was younger and she knew it was always almost empty on Christmas morning except for a few dog walkers. They walked hand in hand for a while before stopping to sit on a bench,

“Allie, are you ok?”

“I’m more than ok, I’m with you what more could I ask for?”

“It’s just…..before breakfast, you were upset, if your not up to spending the whole day with my crazy lot we can stay in the guest house, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind too much.”

“It’s not that……..Christmas in our house was truly nothing, we were lucky if they bothered to give us cereal for breakfast, me and Alex were lucky really, my grandad would pick us up and we’d spend two days with them while mum and dad did whatever it was they did, being here just didn’t feel real somehow.”

“Are you gonna call Alex later?”

“Yes I am, still a bit early right now though given the time difference.”

They took a slow walk back to the house eventually finding Debbie and Michael out back on the patio area setting everything up for lunch, they had already put out the table and chairs and Debbie was hanging some lights between the few trees that surrounded it. Debbie spotted them first,

“Mum can we put the clocks forward a couple of hours?”

“Your still as impatient as you were when you were five Deb.”

After finishing up outside they had all gone to the kitchen to get the food sorted out for lunch, her dad always made a big deal out of Christmas Day and on a few occasions had had every member of the extended family over, over the years that had fizzled out keeping it more to just his closest family. Once all the preparations were complete they retired to the lounge waiting for Andrew and his family to arrive, they weren’t waiting long when they heard Jack and Josh running into the house, racing into the lounge they both jumped onto the sofa Bea and Allie were sitting on.

“Merry Christmas,” they both said in unison.

Andrew and Jessica sat on the sofa with Debbie, wishing everyone a merry Christmas, the boys eyeing the bag of presents that their dad had placed beside the sofa. Bea nudged Allie and they both got up to go and get the presents that they had left in the guest house. As soon as they had both left Debbie shot up from the sofa and ran upstairs, getting back to the lounge long before her mum and Allie returned. Returning to the house they were both nervous about the gifts they had got each other. Michael told the boys to get the presents that were under the tree and pass them out, giving them strict instructions not to start opening their own before they had given them all out. They protested a little but knew that it would take longer to get what they were most interested in if they kept it up. They handed out the presents, slightly confused when there was nothing for Bea or Allie under the tree but said nothing about it being eager to open their own presents. The boys were more than happy when they opened their presents three computer games each, of course they instantly wanted to go home so they could play them and grumbled when Jessica had said they had plenty of time to play them another day. Debbie only had an envelope to open, which she thought was strange and totally out of character for her gramps until she opened it revealing a cheque for $1000.

“Gramps I…I cant accept this much.”

“You can and you will, I had no idea what to get you, your not a little girl anymore and I know you will make good use of it.”

Jumping off the sofa in his direction she flung her arms round his neck whispering a “thank you,” in his ear, in return he patted her on the back whispering back, “your more than welcome.”

Andrew and Jessica also had an envelope containing concert tickets and the paperwork confirming a weekend hotel stay, they had known about the tickets but not the weekend in the hotel.

“Dad, you didn’t have to pay for the hotel as well.”

“No…no I didn’t, but I wanted to, it gives me a weekend with these two, so don’t argue.”

Turning to Bea and Allie, who were more concerned with each other at that moment to have noticed, he shook his head before speaking,

“You two might be wondering why there was nothing for you under the tree, the truth is I don’t get to see you often enough Bea, so when you get home you need to work out when’s best for you both to come back, and when you’ve worked it out I’m paying for your flights, not much of a present I know, but I want to spend more time with you, both of you.”

Bea looked at Allie then looked back at her dad and just mouthed a “thank you” to him and he smiled.

Debbie started to get impatient and said it was her turn to give her presents out, passing them out to everyone but her mum and Allie, waiting until everyone had opened their gifts she got up from the sofa and getting the boys to move over she sat down next to them handing them both a box each, when they opened them they were both a little taken aback to find that they had got matching bracelets, Bea was just about to speak when Debbie shook her head, gesturing to her uncle he passed her a box.

“This is for both of you.”

Passing the box to Allie Bea telling her to open it, finding a small photograph album inside, looking through it they found that it was full of pictures Debbie had taken of them the day they had spent at the beach. Bea now understood why Debbie had wanted to go to Andrews before Christmas, Debbie hugged them both before returning to the other sofa.

Andrew and Jessica were next to hand out their gifts. $200 and pair of earrings for Debbie, a watch for Michael, handing over one of Bea and Allies gifts Andrew looked pretty happy with himself after grilling Debbie he had finally discovered her mum’s favourite perfume and Bea had already told him Allies, opening them they were both happy, Allie especially as hers had been out of stock in every shop she had gone to over in Australia on the run up to Christmas. Jessica handed over two more boxes and after opening them they both had a pandora entwined heart necklace, Bea had protested saying that the perfume was more than enough, Jessica had bit her lip not wanting to say anything but Andrew got up from his seat,

“Bea, no one could ever ask for a better sister than you, and Allie its as plain as the nose on my face that you make her happy, and yes I know we don’t buy each other anything special because we agreed years ago to make the kids happy, but this year, after so many years of seeing you unhappy we wanted to buy you, no, both of you something special, now can you just please stop with the complaints and protests and accept it for for what it is, a gift from a big brother who loves you and loves how happy Allie makes you?”

She couldn’t argue with him, Allie made her the happiest she had ever been, with the exception of the day Debbie was born, she’d thought she was fine being alone, didn’t let it bother her that everyone else seemed to be happy with their lot in life, but to her there was always something missing, of course she brushed it off until she met Allie, and as scared as she was over how she had started to feel she gave in to the feelings and she was so glad she had, she couldn’t imagine feeling any happier in that moment.

Handing over the gifts they had bought together for her family Beas nerves kicked into high gear, giving her brother and sister in law theirs first, a voucher for a couples pamper day at a local spa, she tried to shrug it off but it wasn’t working, hand her dad his a bottle of Glenmorangie 40 year old scotch did nothing to calm her fraying nerves and Debbie opening the bracelet they had chosen together and the scales of justice necklace that Allie had bought while they had been at the shopping centre just sent her head into a spin. Handing Allie her gift she truly thought she may pass out any second, what if she hated it was all she could think. Allie looked at her lovingly in the eye before she tore the wrapping paper off, opening the box she gasped, staring back at her was the most beautiful thing, except for Bea, she had ever seen in her life, taking it from its box she turned it over revealing the inscription on the back,

My heart is your shelter
My arms are your home
Bea x

Try as she might she couldn’t stop the tears that had been building in her eyes from escaping as she threw her arms around her and nuzzled into her neck.

“Is it that bad?” Bea had to ask.


Shaking her head trying to stop the tears from flowing all she could manage to whisper was “I love it, I love you.”

Finally composing herself she picked up the box that had been sitting beside her on the sofa and handed it to Bea with a less than steady hand. Bea untied the ribbon and removed the lid, the first thing staining back at their were the plane tickets, a look of confusion on her face for a few seconds before she removed the entire contents and read the paper with details on it, she couldn’t believe it a seven day trip to Lord Howe Island staying at Capella Lodge and they were due to fly out on the 8th of January.

“Allie, this….this is too much.”

“Nothing is too much for you, and before you say it Franky is fine with you taking time off.”

“But, Will has just given you ten day off to come with us.”

“I know, and I’ve got another eight days off, it just happens to be the first week of the renovations at the bar and it’s only going to be partially open.”

Of course Debbie had to see what they were talking about grabbing the brochure that Bea was holding in her hand her eyes went wide.

“Don’t do things by halves do ya Allie?”

“Never, at least not when it comes to your mum.”


They were all sat outside on the patio enjoying the sun while Andrew and Michael were cooking the food on the barbecue, ham steaks, shrimp and white bait fritters. When the food was almost cooked Bea, Allie and Jessica went back to the house to bring the rest of the food and the plates out.

“Mum, I love food but how can you forget the Christmas crackers?” Debbie complained.

“If you want them that bad you could always go and get them yourself.”

“Fine, ware my legs out,” Debbie grumbled as she made her way back to the house.

By the time she returned the food was ready and everyone but her was already fixing their plates,

“Oh that’s just charming, start without me.”

Passing out the crackers before she actually grabbed herself a plate and piled it high with food. They all sat and chatted while they ate, Allie loved it, all of it, she couldn’t believe how natural it felt being with Beas family, they had all been so nice to her, she hadn’t been sure that they would accept her being with Bea even when she had told her that they were fine with their relationship. Thinking back though she should have believed her, should have known that they would all be like her girlfriend. Debbie and Jessica cleared the plates away after they had all finished eating bringing the pavlova out along with more plates. Once that had been polished off, Debbie finishing the the last piece, Bea and Allie took everything in and made a start on washing the dishes even thought her dad had told them to leave them. As soon as they had finished they went to sit by the pool with the others, Debbie and the boys were splashing about in the pool.

“They look like their enjoying themselves babe.”

“They usually do……are you having a good day?”

“Mmmmm, the best, but everyday is good when you’re there.”

“Your just saying that.”

“Am not, you make everything better.”

They sat around the pool for a couple more hours before going into the house to collect their things and take them back to the guest house. Deciding that they were going to stay there for a while, Bea loved spending time with her family but she wanted some time alone with Allie even if was only ten minutes. Flopping down onto the sofa she pulled Allie down with her into her lap.

“What are you doing?”

“Nothing, I just want you close.”

“Aren’t they going to miss us?”

“Who cares?”

They stayed like that for almost an hour before Debbie burst in through the door.

“Are you two hiding out in here?”

“No, just wanted some time on our own.”

“Right, well Uncle Andrews getting ready to leave so I said I’d come and tell ya both.”

Debbie left almost as quick as she had arrived, getting out of Beas lap Allie turned round grabbing her hands and pulled her to her feet. Leaving the guest house they made their way back to the house, walking into the lounge Jack and Josh ran across the room to them,

“Aunt Bea, Aunt Allie, thank you both for our presents, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

Allie looked at Bea and then at Andrew who just shrugged his shoulders and laughed, the boys hugged them both before running out of the house and waiting by the car, after they all said their goodbyes they left to go home. Michael asked if anyone was hungry, naturally Debbie said she was but she would just make herself a sandwich. Bea and Allie sat in the lounge with Michael,

“I hope the two monsters didn’t freak you out too much Allie,” Michael said.

“Err, well I wasn’t expecting it but no they didn’t.”

“They must really like you babe.”

“Yer they do, they both told me that this afternoon while we were in the pool,” Debbie announced with a mouth half full of her sandwich.

“Debbie, how many times do I have to tell you not to speak with your mouth full?”

“Come on mum, technically it was only half full.”

“Like that’s meant to make it any better.”

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry,” Debbie said rolling her eyes.

They stayed with Debbie and Michael for another hour before Bea said that they were going to go back to the guest house, they said goodnight to Debbie and Michael before Bea went to the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Once back at the guest house Bea left Allie to lock up while she went to the en suite to run a bath making sure to add plenty of bubbles, leaving the water running she went back to the kitchen to get two glasses picking up the bottle on her way back,

“Are you coming?”

“It’s still early, do you really want to go to bed?”

“Who said anything about going to bed, I’m running a bath if your interested.”

“Now with an offer like that how can I possibly refuse?”

Chapter Text

The next morning arrived way too quickly for Allies liking, she hoped Bea wasn’t going to go mad when she gave her her birthday present, she already knew that she hated her spending her money on anyone but herself but Allie didn’t want anything, she bought the car and since then she hadn’t bought anything for herself, as far as she saw it she had everything that she needed, a girlfriend she loved and adored, somewhere to live that actually felt like a home, a feeling she hadn’t had since she had lived with her gran, friends who almost knew her whole life story and still stuck by her and a job that she enjoyed, the hours could be a pain when they kept her away from Bea but she had decided that she was going to accept Wills offer meaning her hours would stay pretty much the same unless she needed to cover for someone. Looking over at Bea who was still asleep she felt content, and it was the best feeling in the world. She had to get up, Michael had helped her plan most of the day, starting with breakfast in bed. Slowly moving Beas arm and wriggling out from under her leg she got out of bed going for a quick shower before walking up to the house finding Michael already sat at the kitchen table nursing a coffee.

“Good morning Allie, can you believe 37 years ago today my baby girl came into this world?”

“No, but I’m so glad that she did.”

“Me too, I miss her ya know, but it was my choice to move back home, I begged her to leave that dickhead and come with me but she wouldn’t, but ya know what, I’m glad she didn’t, she would never have met you if she had.”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe my gran was right if two people are meant to be together they will find each other one way or another.”

“Well I for one am so glad that you found each other, so breakfast, what’ll it be?”

“I’m not really sure.”

“You know ever year since she was little I’ve always made her waffles with strawberries and chocolate sauce.”

“Every year?”

“Pretty much, except for her 8th birthday, she was so ill that year, she slept for most of Christmas Day, not that her mum was bothered, God no, she was only concerned that she was handing out the best gifts for the family, never mind her little girl who was in bed missing out on everything, she didn’t open any of her presents for five days.”

“I guess waffles it is then, wouldn’t want to disappoint her.”

“I doubt very much you could ever do that.”

Michael made a start on breakfast, Allie cutting up the strawberries pouring the orange juice and coffee.

“Do you need a hand taking all this down to guest house?”

“I think I can manage, I’ll get her back up here as soon as I can.”

“There’s no rush, Deb won’t be up for an hour or two, and I’m just going to make a start on some lunch preparations that I need to do, oh and Jessica said her chef will be over at four, so you need to keep her out of the guest house for a couple of hours.”

“Pretty sure that won’t be too hard.”

Arriving back at the guest house she went straight back to the bedroom finding Bea still asleep, placing the tray on the bedside table she she lay back down on the bed lightly shaking Bea and whispering in her ear, getting no response she kissed her on the lips, still nothing, kissing her again and again until she finally felt her kiss her back.

“Allie, go back to sleep, it’s too early.”

“Na, can’t do that……happy birthday gorgeous.”

“That just means I’m getting old,” Bea groaned.

“No your not, now sit up I’ve got your breakfast here.”

Sitting up she looked over at he tray and smiled.

“You and dad getting your heads together I again I see.”

“When he said he made you this every year I didn’t see the point in changing that now,” Allie replied passing her the tray.

After finishing her breakfast Allie took the tray from her putting it back on the bedside table before ushering Bea into the bathroom for a shower. Not she had complained, she knew her dad would want to see her and knowing that they would have a house full a little later on she had to get ready. Allie retrieved the gift she had for her from where she had hidden it still hoping that she wasn’t going to go too mad at her when she gave it to her. It wasn’t over the top in Allies eyes, expensive yes, too flashy no, would Bea like it? She had half drooled over it when she saw the exact same thing back home, and it was tough if she didn’t, she couldn’t take it back. Hearing the bathroom door open Allie was dragged from her thoughts, their eyes locking the second Bea was back in the bedroom, she quickly dressed and sorted her hair out before sitting on the bed next to Allie.

“What’s got you looking so worried?”

“Oh, ya know…just this,” Allie managed to say only just above a whisper as she held the gift bag out.

“Allie, I didn’t need anything else.”

“You haven’t opened it yet, besides I can’t take it back.”

Pulling out the box that was contained within the bag she half guessed straight away what it was going to contain, looking at Allie she kissed her on the cheek before opening it finding the very same Tag Heuer Aquaracer Ion plated watch staring back at her that she had spotted back at home while they were Christmas shopping.

“How did you find the time to buy this before we left home?”

“I didn’t, I paid for it that day we were all at the shopping centre, but your dad went to pick it up for me.”

Beas face was full of confusion now.


“Take it out of the box then you might find out.”

Removing it from the box she turned it over finding an inscription on the back, ‘I knew from the moment I met you...A x’. Bea couldn’t say anything, with tears in her eyes she could only throw her arms around Allie and rest her head on her shoulder, Allie turning slightly so she could pull her closer to her. It took Bea a couple of minutes before she was able to actually say anything, raising her head from Allies shoulder she whispered in her ear, “I love you, but I really wish you wouldn’t waste all your money on me.”

Allie shook her head, “nothing I spend on you is ever a waste and I love you too, more than anything, more than I ever thought possible.”


After an hour of Bea, Allie and Michael laughing and joking sat in the kitchen Debbie finally put in an appearance, dragging herself down the stairs and sitting at the table saying she was hungry. Michael got her her breakfast telling her it was a good thing that her mum hadn’t been as lazy as she was at her age, Debbie’s answer to that was to just stick her tongue out and laugh. It was amazing really how quickly she woke up fully as soon as there was food put in front of her and after half eating her food she spotted the watch that her mum was wearing, dropping her fork on the plate she grabbed her wrist to get a better look.

“Is that real?”

“No I found it in one of the Christmas crackers,” Allie laughed.

“Oh ya so NOT funny Allie.”

Shaking her head she picked her fork back up and continued eating her breakfast.

After finishing her breakfast Debbie went for a shower arriving back in the kitchen twenty minutes later dragging her mum and Allie out to sit by the pool, after they were all out of earshot Michael sent a text to Andrew letting him know that Bea was out of the way. Debbie made sure that she was sat closest to the house in the hope that she could keep her mum outside until lunch time, and if she did want something from the house she would volunteer to get it. It was always at the same on Beas birthday, a buffet lunch with everyone lounging around the house usually taking their plates to the lounge, usually Michael would cook dinner, whatever Bea decided she wanted but this year he hadn’t asked her what she wanted, knowing that Allie had wanted to do something special for her and he couldn’t refuse, just this once. An hour later Jessica arrived, Michael went out to help her bring the food in, Jessica part owning a small restaurant with her brother and sister meant she could always call in a favour from the chefs, this year she had called in two favours, the first covering most of their lunch. Setting out everything in the kitchen they both returned to the lounge to wait for everyone else to arrive, 45 minutes later Andrew and the boys arrived, the boys barrelling through the door just about to shout ‘Happy Birthday’ stopping in their tracks when Bea was nowhere to be seen, asking their mum why she wasn’t there, grumbling when they were told that they would have to wait a little longer, Andrew laughing because he knew they were really more interested in the food. 15 minutes later the front door opened again Michaels sister, Olivia, and his two nephews and their family’s walking in.

“Andrew would you let Bea know everyone is here?”

“Sure dad, are all three of them sat round the pool?”

“They were, doubt they will have moved, Debs on guard duty.”

Andrew laughed before heading out back to get them, Debbie running back inside as soon as she spotted Andrew.

“Come on you two you’re the only ones missing now.”

Bea got up, taking Allies hand and pulling her up, “come on, and don’t start getting worried again.”

Allie just nodded keeping tight hold of her hand while she followed her inside, of course she was nervous, not quite as bad as she had been before but nervous all the same. They walked into the lounge still hand in hand being greeted with a loud “Happy Birthday.”

“Can we just eat now?” Debbie asked.

Everyone made their way into the kitchen, Bea and Allie trailing behind letting everyone else get their food first.

“You ok?”

“I think so,” Allie replied as Bea squeezed her hand gently.

Walking into the kitchen Beas aunt made her way over to them, looking at Bea and then Allie with a smile on her face,

“So you must be the reason this one has a smile on her face, I’m Olivia, but call me Liv, Allie isn’t it?”

“Yes, pleased to meet you.”

Lunch went quite well, Allie relaxed more, she wasn’t used to having that many people around unless it was a weekend at the bar and then she didn’t have customers trying to make conversation with her, being asked by one of Beas cousins if her family minded that she wasn’t with them at Christmas had been difficult for her, although she had an easy answer, her parents were dead and her brother was with his wife’s family for a couple of days. Bea herself most of the time kept them from questioning her too much by being able to tell Allie stories about when her, Andrew and their cousins were younger, embarrassing them had kept the questions to a minimum, although they did get a few stories of their in causing Allie to laugh and Bea to blush. After a couple of hours there were only Andrew, Jessica and the boys still there, Bea had been glad when the others left, she loved them all but it always got a little too loud when her cousins were around. Bea had been a little confused when Debbie had suggested that her and Allie should go for a walk and even more confused when Allie had agreed straight away that they should almost dragging Bea out of the house by the hand. Walking over to the park where they had been the previous day Bea had to ask,

“What are they up to?”

“Nothing that I know of, why?”

“They obviously want me out of the way.”

“And why would you think that?”

“Debbie saying we should go for a walk and you agreeing kind of gives it away.”

“Really, you don’t think I agreed so I could just have you all to myself for a bit? That was pretty full on with that many people in the house.”

Bea still wasn’t buying it but chose not to say anymore about it, if she was honest she was glad to be out of the house for a while, just the two of them, choosing instead to ask Allie what she thought they should do over the next few days. A little over two hours later they got back to the house finding only Michael and Debbie there, Michael shot a wink over in Allies direction and she immediately made an excuse to go to the guest house, checking that everything was ready she lit the candles on the table, filled their wine glasses then returned to the house finding Bea watching tv with her dad and Debbie.

“Bea, can I drag you away with me for a minute?”

“Hmmm, course anything you need.”

Getting up from the sofa she followed Allie through the double doors, taking her hand in hers and walking towards the guest house. Stopping outside the door for a second Allie turned to face her,

“I have a confession, it was me that was up to something earlier.”

“Oh, so what are you up to?”

“I know you normally have dinner with your dad and Debbie, but I’m selfish and wanted to have you all to myself.”

Turning back to the door she opened it slowly pulling Bea inside with her.

“How?” Was all Bea could say.

“Well I had some help, your not angry with me are ya?”

Bea just shook her head, she was a little lost for words, no one had ever done anything like this for her, Allie pulled out a chair for her and Bea sat down, Allie got their food that had been kept warm in the oven, placing a plate down in front of Bea then getting her own and sitting down.

“I’m guessing Jessica was in on this.”

“Whatever makes you say that?”

“Because no one cooks a steak this good except for Marcus and he’s one of the chefs at her restaurant.”

“Ok, ya got me, but actually it was your dad that asked her.”

Reaching out over the table Bea took Allies hand in hers and gently squeezed it.

“Your so sneaky you know that right?”

“I just wanted to do something nice for you, it’s not my fault you were born right after Christmas.”

Bea just giggled, “its hardly mine either.”

They ate their meal, Bea telling Allie that the next couple of days they were going to be a little busy because Debbie had already made plans for the places she wanted to show Allie. Leaving the dishes until the morning at Allies insistence they took another bottle of wine and sat out on the deck for a couple of hours before going to bed.


The last few days in New Zealand were quite busy, Debbie dragging the pair of them to her favourite places, constantly telling Allie that they had to come back for longer next time, Christmas was not the time for showing her everything, Allie tried to point out that between her being at university and them having to work it might be difficult but Debbie had just brushed that off saying they would find the time.

On the day they were due to fly home Debbie had not wanted to get up, neither had she packed like Bea had asked her to the previous evening, resulting in them arguing and Bea storming out of the house going back to the guest house and even refusing to speak to Allie who had been finishing up packing the last of their things. Allie guessing that Debbie was being stubborn had left Bea laying on the bed taking herself up to the house to find out what was going on. Debbie was sitting in the kitchen nursing a coffee still mad at her mum.

“Deb shouldn’t you be dressed by now.”

“Oh that’s about right, mum sends you up here to have a go at me?”

“No, she isn’t speaking to me and I have no idea why.”

“That would be my fault then, sorry Allie, we kinda had an argument, I hate early flights as much as I hate going home.”

“Early? Our flights not until ten.”

“I know, I’ll go and apologise.”

Debbie drained her coffee cup then made her way down to the guest house finding her mum in the bedroom laying on the bed.

“Mum, I’m sorry, I did set my alarm honest, I turned it off and turned over.”

“Yer, but you know we have to get ready, you haven’t packed a thing, am I going to have to do it for you?”

“I’ll go and do it now……and mum, stop ignoring Allie, it wasn’t her fault we had a row.”

“Where is she?”

“In the kitchen last I saw her.”

Debbie left the guest house and went straight back to her room. Bea did one last check round the guest house before taking their cases up to the house, Allie and her dad sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting. She dumped the bags in the lounge and went back to the kitchen to grab a coffee,

“Deb upstairs?”

“Yer, came back in mumbling about being an idiot and went straight upstairs,” Michael replied while looking between Bea and Allie, getting up from his seat he headed upstairs.

“I didn’t mean to ignore you, it’s just….Debbie knows how to wind me up sometimes and I took it out of you and I shouldn’t have….I should have just told what was up as soon as I came back.”

“It might have been nice if you told me what was wrong, Deb doesn’t really want to go home ya know.”

“She never does.” Bea sighed.

Twenty minutes later Debbie came back followed by Michael depositing her bag with Bea and Allies in the lounge.

“I’m sorry for acting like a brat.”

“It happens every year when we have to go home, I know you love it here but we have to go home Deb…. I better call Franky before we leave, remind her what time we should land.”


Allie couldn’t get her head round the time change when they landed, but she was glad that it meant they actually had an extra two hours instead of two less of that day. Franky picked them up from the airport, Allie has seen Franky wink at Bea but thought no more about it until after they got home, walking into the house the tree lights were on and there were presents under it.

“Babe, I am right in thinking there was nothing under the tree when we left aren’t I?”

“What, you don’t believe in Santa anymore?”

“Santa or Franky?”

“Does it really matter?”

“It does to me if there’s no laptop in that pile,” Debbie giggled.

What was under the tree was slowly forgotten as they tried to get back into their normal routine, although thankfully that didn’t include work for the time being and it wasn’t until later on in the evening that Debbie had decided she couldn’t wait any longer to find out if she had in fact got what she had pestered her mum for for months. Bea had come clean after she had opened it that the colour choice had actually been Allies to Debbie’s relief as she said she had been expecting a rather boring space grey. Allie had protested loudly before opening her leathers and helmet that she didn’t want anything else, after opening them though she went rather quiet, Debbie saying she was either scared of getting on the bike or she just couldn’t get the idea of being on the bike with her arms wrapped round her mum out of her head, earning her a cushion being thrown at her by Allie. Debbie had been the first to give in and go to bed followed not long after by Bea and Allie. And as Bea had pointed out after pulling Allie in as close as she could, there really was nothing like being back in their own bed.

Chapter Text

Allie lay in bed wide awake and had been so for the last hour not needing to get up yet and certainly not wanting to, having Bea laying cuddled up next to her, her head in the crook of her neck soft breath against her skin was the best feeling in the world, something she would never tire of and something she was sure she didn’t ever want to have to live without. If she could wake up like this for the next sixty years that still wouldn’t be long enough for her, an eternity with Bea would never be long enough as far as she was concerned.

She was due back at work that evening, being New Year’s Eve the bar would be open until 1am and Will had called her the previous day to arrange for her shift to start at 6pm, something she was a little relieved about, the only thing he hadn’t actually told her was that she would only be working until 11pm as he had called Liz while they were still away arranging for everyone to arrive at the bar around 10pm. Liz had called Bea the day after they got home to let her in on his plan and she had decided that as she had Alex’s number she would phone him and invite them if they had no other plans.

Eventually getting out of bed, deciding to let Bea sleep a little longer, she used the bathroom before going to make coffee, Debbie following her a couple of minutes later as usual complaining that she was starving, before going to the fridge to liberate it of the bacon it contained. Allie had sat at the table with a mug of coffee sitting in front of her lost in her own thoughts about their upcoming holiday, almost not hearing Debbie speak to her,

“Bacon sandwich?......Allie!”

“Hmmmm……sorry Deb did you want something?”

“Do you want a bacon sandwich?”

“If your having one I will, thank you.”

Slipping back into her own thoughts, in nine days they would be going away again, thankfully this time just the two of them, a full week, no one around that they knew, when Allie had first seen the brochure that Will had she knew she wanted to take Bea there, the place was stunning, Will had shown her some of the photographs he and Rose had taken and now it was getting closer she was getting really excited. Debbie put a plate down in front of her giving her a slight nudge pulling her from her thoughts, she looked over at Debbie and smiled just as Bea walked into the kitchen pouring herself a coffee and taking a seat across from Allie before taking half of her bacon sandwich from the plate.

“Hey, get your own,” Allie giggled while she tried slapping her hand away.

“I’m sure Deb will make you another one, won’t you Deb?”

“Yer sure, you know I’m using all the bacon now right, I’m already starving.”


Allie arrived at the bar at five thirty, she had wanted to arrive early because she needed to have a word with Will, he wanted her answer today and she was pretty excited and a little nervous to tell him that she was accepting the position as bar manager. Entering the bar through the side door so she could go straight to the office she bumped straight into Will as he was leaving the office. After asking how Christmas had been and how Bea had taken her surprise Allie finally got to the reason she wanted to speak to him, telling him that she was going to take the job.

“Fantastic, and what better day to be able to celebrate?”

“I guess.”

“Hey, I know you would much rather be at home or out with your friends but you never know, some of them might pop in.”

“Oh hey I don’t mind working tonight, it should be pretty busy so it’s not like I’d have any time to chat if anyone does come in.”

Leaving the office they both headed back towards the bar, it was already getting quite busy in the main part of he bar, the far end of the bar was relatively quiet with just a few of the regulars milling around, strangely Allie hadn’t actually noticed that the far end of the bar was mainly blocked off with tables. Shane was happy to see Allie back, they managed to chat in between serving customers filling her in how packed the bar had been on Christmas Eve and wanting to hear everything about how Christmas had gone for her. Just before 10pm Franky, Bridget and Liz arrived making their way to the far end of the bar before Allie even spotted them. Maxine and Boomer arrived shortly after also slipping in past Allie unnoticed. Bea and Debbie were running late mainly because Bea couldn’t decide what to wear. As soon as they arrived Bea tried to get to the bar but the there were far too many bodies in the way so followed Debbie over to the others. Allie had spotted her almost as soon as she was halfway through the door knowing there was no way she was going to be getting close to her before her break and she had just under an hour to wait for that.

Will had called in the part time staff they had to help out for the night and he was leaving the three of them and Linda to handle the main bar ushering Shane and Allie off to other end of the bar, Allie guessed he was doing that because that was where Bea had just gone, surprised to find everyone else there as well, she couldn’t remember seeing any of them but as packed as the bar was she knew that wasn’t a surprise really. She gravitated instantly to the very end of the bar where Bea was sitting,

“Do we know who’s idea this was?”Allie asked with a huge smile.

“So I’ve been told it’s all down to Will, but I have a surprise for you later.”

“Really, I think my best surprise is sitting right in front of me, I didn’t think I was going to see you for the rest of the night.”

“Oi, Blondie bout time you started pouring shots ain’t it?” Boomer shouted over from where she was sitting.

Allie shook her head before turning round to get the glasses, turning back towards the bar she saw Kaz walking towards her.

“Did ya have a good Christmas kiddo?”

“Good, it was fantastic, but I don’t have time to tell you about it right now.”

“That’s fine, I’m just glad you enjoyed it.”

Allie finished pouring the shots, putting them on a tray just as Boomer got to the bar, then got Kaz a beer. Shane and Will were having a conversation and as Allie looked around she noticed that the few regulars who had been in earlier had gone and it was just their friends and Kaz that were there now.

Forty minutes later Will walked over to Allie linking his arm with hers and walked her round to the other side of the bar, stopping beside Bea.

“I believe you should be on this side of the bar for the rest of the night.”

“But I’m supposed to be working until we close,” Allie tried to protest.

“No arguments Allie.”

Will took off back round the bar turning the music up before placing a round of shots, bottles of beer on the bar and a large glass of wine on the bar.

“Ladies, this rounds on me.”

An already little worse for ware Franky walked up to the bar, “you’re a star ya know that Will, a fucking star.” Taking a bottle and the glass of wine with her as she walked back over to Bridget. Allie had dragged Bea away from the bar and they were sitting with Liz and Maxine, Debbie was laughing with Boomer at something on her phone and Kaz was sat at the bar chatting to Will. Liz looked behind Bea to see Alex and Vicky walking in nodding her head at her, walking straight up behind Allie Alex rested his hands on her shoulders making her jump a little,

“How did my favourite little sister enjoy her Christmas?”

Jumping up from her seat she gave him a hug and then Vicky,

“It was great, really great….but how did you know about all of this?”

“Oh ya know, Bea gave me a call and invited us over, we were only going out to dinner then going on to a bar after so we decided that it was better idea to come here.”

“Seems I have an extremely sneaky girlfriend.” Allie giggled before sitting back down and squeezing Beas knee.

Kaz was confused, she had never seen Alex before and Allie had never really told her anything about him, she knew she had a brother and after seeing them together she couldn’t deny the resemblance, she was still wary of speaking to Allie, not that they had had any cross words lately and Allie had been really pleasant when she first arrived, as hard as it was she had to admit to herself that at times she was a little jealous of Bea, she had been able to give Allie the support that she needed, the one thing she had tried so hard to give her and failed. She watched them from where she was still sitting for a while, she felt out of place, she wasn’t even sure why Will had invited her or why she had agreed to be there, turning her attention away from them she finished the rest of her beer deciding that as soon as it was midnight she would slip away and go home.

Bea left the table heading for the bar to get more drinks coming to a stop next to Kaz,

“You don’t have to sit here by yourself.”

Kaz slowly turned her head to look at Bea,

“Honestly I don’t even know why I’m here, Will invited me and it seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Come over and join us, I’m sure Allie would love you to meet her brother.”

“I don’t know about that Bea, I’ve said some pretty horrible things to her about forgetting her family in the past, and I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

Allie saw Bea talking to Kaz, they both looked relaxed enough so she knew they weren’t getting into anything heated, excusing herself from the table she headed over to them, the things Kaz had said to her about her family still hurt, and the things she had said about Bea in the past were even more raw but it was almost a new year and in her mind time to put the events of the last few months to bed and move on, she had everything that she had ever wanted now and didn’t intend to let the past keep playing on her mind for any longer than was necessary. Glancing at the time she noticed that it was only twenty minutes to midnight and she wanted to finally clear the air properly with Kaz, and since Bea was already talking to her she decided that now was the best time.

Bea felt Allies closing proximity without needing to turn around, and that still felt strange, she wasn’t quite able to wrap her head around how she always knew she was there, how she could tell that Allie was looking at her from across a room, sometimes she was quite certain that she knew when she was thinking about her when they were apart and that made her laugh at herself. Wrapping her arms around Beas waist and resting her chin on her shoulder Allie asked what was taking so long.

“Just having a chat with Kaz, I’m sure you didn’t miss me already.”

“I always miss you……but you already know that.”

“Is that right?”

“I actually thought that I need to clear the air properly…with Kaz.”

Kaz looked at Allie her eyebrows raised, she knew it was only a matter of time before she was going to say something and she hadn’t been expecting it to happen tonight. Allie let go of Bea as she turned around leaning against the bar, Kaz knew she had to face whatever was coming so turned around on the stool she was sitting on to face Allie.

“Um…well….yer… you’ve said some pretty hurtful things to me Kaz, you said I should forget about my family because they were in the past, and although I never thought I would ever see my brother again that hurt, but as you can see for yourself I now have my brother back in my life and I don’t intend to fuck that up. Worse than anything you could ever say about my family you attacked Bea, verbally is just as bad as physically, and believe me when I say that if you ever do that again I will walk away from you completely just as soon as I've finished punching you in the face again, you were there for me when I need help, fuck you probably saved my life and I can never repay what you did for me, my stupidity and inability to cope with how I felt made me run but you did something that changed my life, you are the reason I have the life I have now, you sent Bea crashing into my life and I have to thank you for that, so…I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m willing to forget all the crap if you are and move on, start over with a clean slate if that’s what you want, the final decision is yours.”

Kaz didn’t know what to say as she watched Allie turn around and walk back to the table, looking at Bea as she turned back to bar and picked up the drinks before taking a couple of steps back towards the table Bea looked over her shoulder at Kaz,

“You know she’s right, and we both know she means it, you can either stay there or you can come and sit with us.”

Kaz nodded slipping off the stool before ordering another beer from Shane, taking a deep breath she walked over to where they were sitting, pulling up a chair she sat down, Allie just smiled at her and nodded before introducing her to Alex.

Chapter Text

The next week had passed relatively quietly, Debbie had returned to Sydney, Allie was working what were now her permanent hours 10am till 5pm and had begun training Shane up as assistant bar manager, Allie still had some training of her own to do with Will but he had said that they would start that after she returned from their holiday, and given that the bar would be already under renovation by then it wouldn’t be busy. They were advertising for another assistant bar manager, Will had told her that he wasn’t going to be interviewing anyone before she returned as she would be the one working more closely with them than he would and valued her opinion. Work had already started in the empty lot next to the bar and Will was quite happy with the pace the building was going at.

Bea had returned to work and had taken great pleasure in supervising Franky’s removal of the Christmas decorations she had put up in the office, no amount of begging had gotten Franky any help from Bea or Liz, as Bea pointed out only Franky wanted to put them up so she would be on her own taking them down. Maxine had turned up at the office on Friday morning to let Bea know that Doreen had handed in her notice, she was moving to Perth and wouldn’t be back. Even though Bea had left the salon years ago Maxine was still keen for Bea to help her out finding someone new, agreeing that she would help in the interviews and would spend some time at the salon when they found someone who was at least worth a trial.

Sunday finally arrived and all they had left to do was finish packing, most of it had been done by Allie already because she said that when it came to packing Bea needed a lot of practice, Bea had protested saying that all she really needed was Allie to stop distracting her because she’d never had a problem packing before Allie came along. They had no need to do any shopping that week so Bea had suggested that they go out for lunch which Allie had agreed to until she saw Bea walking downstairs in her leathers, she tried desperately to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat but it wasn’t working and all she could do was stare at Bea.

“Allie are you ok?”

“Errr, yer….I’m fine….I think,” she replied very unconvincingly.

“So, I figured we could go out on the bike… gonna get changed or do ya need some help?”

After standing there open mouthed for a few more seconds she took off up the stairs reaching the bedroom she quickly got changed into her own leathers and ran back downstairs finding the front door open, walking outside she found Bea had already got the bike out of the garage and was sitting on it waiting for her.

“Are you going to close the door so we can get out of here?”

Allie still couldn’t find her voice, she didn’t think it was possible for Bea to look any hotter than she normally did but seeing her in leathers was really just too much, it sent her head into a spin, her knees weak and she seemed to completely lose her ability to speak, nodding her head she turned round to close the door trying to pull herself together as she did so. Walking over to the bike Bea held her helmet out to her.

“Jump on, I promise I won’t go too fast.”

Allie just nodded taking the helmet from her and putting it on before climbing on the bike behind Bea and wrapping her arms around her waist.

“You need to hold on tighter than that, don’t want you falling off.” Bea threw back over her shoulder.

Bea put her own helmet on before starting the bike and kicking up the stand, she drove out of the drive slowly, she had already decided where they were going for lunch but Allie had never been on the bike before and as much as Bea had once loved to get out on the open road and ride like the wind she didn’t want to scare Allie, she loved the feel of having her so close with her arms wrapped tightly around her, scaring her was not an option if she wanted her to agree to going out on the bike with her again. After an hour Bea pulled off the the main road down a small side road that turned into more of a dirt track the further on she went lined by trees but opening out to a small secluded carpark on the left and a small diner on the right. Bea parked in the carpark, kicking down the stand and removing her helmet. Allie glanced around before removing her helmet, seeing a few other bikes parked up she got off the bike followed by Bea.

“Bit out of the way here isn’t it?”

“That’s why I like it, it’s usually quiet here because most people don’t know this place even exists.”

“Except for bikers ya mean?”

“It’s popular with bikers yes, but it’s popular with hikers as well.”

Walking into the diner hand in hand Bea spotted a couple of people that she knew from when she rode a lot nodding to them before they went to a table at the back of the diner by the window. Before the waitress approached their table Bea had already raved about the burgers there and Allie hadn’t needed any more convincing than her recommendation to agree on a burger and fries with a Coke. The waitress took their order winking at Bea as she was about to walk away which Allie saw and frowned at her before turning her attention back to her girlfriend who’s gaze had hardly left her since they had sat down,

“Do you know her?”

“Not really, she has worked here for years though.”

“Hmmm, well I don’t think I like her winking at you like that.”

“What? She did not!”

“Oh yer she did and I didn’t like it.”

“Is my Alliecat jealous?”

Reaching over the table Bea took her hand in hers entwining their fingers,

“Sweetheart you don’t have to worry about her or anyone else for that matter because the only person I am ever going to notice is sat right here in front of me.”

“I still don’t like it though,” Allie grumbled causing Bea to giggle.

The waitress brought their food and retreated faster than she had arrived when Allie had snapped her eyes in her direction leaving Bea truly convinced that if looks could kill the owner would be looking for a new waitress. Finishing their lunch Allie said that they really should head home and Bea had agreed because she needed to catch up with Franky before the day was over, they did have a couple of active cases and she just wanted to run a few things past her before they left the next morning, it was going to be an early start as their first flight was at 10am, this time Liz had offered to take them to the airport after Franky had complained about having to get up early to drop them off last time. Once they had arrived home Bea had taken off on the bike to see Franky leaving Allie at home to finish their packing.


The alarm going off the next morning at 4:30am was really not welcomed at all by either of them, they had gone to bed early but neither of them had found getting to sleep easy so had lay awake talking until well turned midnight. Bea dragged her self out of bed saying that if she was going to get to the airport she needed coffee and Allie had agreed as she headed for a shower, Bea really did need coffee first thing in the morning and she knew it and this morning she needed it more than ever. They had agreed the night before that they were going to grab breakfast at the airport while they were waiting for their flight. Allie had showered in double quick time and had almost finished getting ready before Bea returned coffee in hand. She handed Allie a coffee and went to the bathroom taking her coffee with her, by 7am they were both ready, Allie was checking that they had everything and Bea was on her third coffee of the morning after taking their cases downstairs. A short while later Liz arrived and Bea took their cases out to her car leaving Allie with their hand luggage and to lock up.

Traffic was light and they made it to Tullamarine Airport with plenty of time to spare, Liz walked into the airport with them wanting to be able to see them off properly, the three of them chatted for a while until their check in desk opened they said goodbye to Liz, Bea being reminded by Liz to text her as soon as they arrived at their final destination, it never mattered where Bea was off to Liz always expected a text just so she wouldn’t worry about her. After checking in and going through the security checks they went to get something to eat and another coffee. Allie was getting impatient while they were waiting and Bea had asked her if she had booked the holiday more for herself, Allie had just shook her head saying that she just couldn’t wait to get there so they were on their own.
They landed at Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney at 11:25am and after a 50 minute layover they were finally on their way again landing at 2:15pm at Lord Howe Island Airport.

Finally arriving at Capella Lodge they checked in and were shown to their suite, Bea gasped when she saw their room, it had a beach house feel to it and a high ceiling along with a dark wood timber floor. They had a king sized bed and the room also had an integrated lounge area, Allie walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around her waist,

“What do you think?”


“Not as amazing as you are,” Allie breathed before moving her arms from her and taking her by the hand and leading her over to the ensuite.

The ensuite was dressed top to bottom in basalt and had an oversized shower with dual heads, over head there there was a skylight,

“Think we can make good use of that shower don’t you babe?” Allie giggled.

“Maybe later, I need to get changed.”

Leaving the ensuite they both got changed into shorts and t shirts before going out onto their private deck, finding a massive daybed and two sun loungers. It really was a spectacular sight, overlooking lovers bay, standing at the foot of Mount Gower and Mount Lidgbird and a stunning turquoise lagoon stretching out as far as they could see. They both decided that they didn’t want to do anything, they were both rather tired from their lack of sleep the previous night and from the journey so decided to relax on the sun loungers for the rest of the afternoon, but not before Allie got her phone out snapping a selfie of them with their backs to the view that stretched out behind them and then sent the picture to Debbie and Liz letting them both know they had arrived safely because Bea had left her phone inside. Laying on the sun loungers they both fell asleep for a couple of hours.

Allie was the first to wake up, it was still really warm so the light breeze was more than welcome and she lay there for a while longer watching Bea sleep and listening to the kentia palms gently dancing in the breeze, a rumble from her stomach made the decision to wake Bea up for her, slipping onto the sun lounger Bea was on she planted gently kisses on her face until she opened her eyes.

“What time is it?”

“Dinner time, I’m starving.”

“Your starting to sound like Deb you do know that right?”

“Maybe, but we need to eat.”

After getting changed they made their way over to the Lodge restaurant, the restaurant like their room was decorated in a beach house style. After they were shown to a table they spent some time looking over the menu and taking in the breathtaking view of the lagoon and the mountains. Neither of them were in the mood for a starter so chose the wine they both wanted and a simple pasta dish for their main course, the waiter brought their wine and they sat talking about nothing in particular until their food arrived. The food was as delicious as Allie had expected it would be as everything on the menu there was mainly all locally sourced. Bea wasn’t really bothered about dessert but Allie convinced her to have ice cream after she said she wasn’t getting any of hers if she didn’t order something. After their meal was over they went to the bar, both ordering another glass of wine and retreating to Gowers Terrace with their drinks to watch the sun set.

After a couple more drinks Bea yawned causing Allie to giggle,

“I think we should go to bed.”

“I’m not that tired, it’s just so peaceful here.”

“I know, but we really should get some more sleep, I was thinking that we could order a picnic for lunch tomorrow and spend some time on the beach.”

“That sounds good, but you do know that since you got me here you’re going to have to do some walking.”

“I know, and as much as I’m not a huge fan of walking everywhere I will just for you if you come to bed.”

Bea yawned again so really couldn’t argue, finishing their drinks they wondered back to their suite, eventually sliding into bed together and falling asleep.

Chapter Text

They both woke up at almost the exact time the next morning, tangled together barley under the covers, the warm gentle morning breeze drifting in through the open windows lightly washing over their exposed skin,

“Morning gorgeous, sleep well?” Allie breathed.

“Hmmm, morning beautiful, I slept like a baby, it’s so peaceful here.”

“It’s a shame we can’t stay here forever.”

“It doesn’t matter where we wake up as long as we’re together.”

“Mmmm, I think we need to try that shower out, TOGETHER, don’t you?”

“In a bit, I want to stay here laying with you a little longer.”

“I’m not going to argue with that babe.”

After half an hour or so of kissing and caressing each other’s bodies Allie dragged Bea out of bed and to the ensuite before turning on the shower,

“Get that sexy arse of yours in this shower with me now,” Allie said a demanding tone in her voice.

Looking into Allies eyes she knew any form of protest would be in vein so she didn’t even bother she just allowed Allie to take her by the hand and drag her into the shower, pinning her against the wall before planting the most passionate kiss on her lips that they had ever shared together until now. Bea slowly brought one arm around Allies waist and the other found its way to the back of her neck pulling her in and deepening the kiss, breaking apart only when the need to breath became more overbearing than the need to keep kissing.

Bea was in no mood now to take things slowly, after the previous half hour in bed with their hands roaming all over each other’s bodies she was already really turned on but after that kiss she felt like she was about ready to explode but she would be damned if she was giving Allie the upper hand, spinning her around so she now had Allie pinned against the wall she kissed her on the lips before trailing her kisses along her jaw and down her neck, stopping at her pulse point kissing and nipping on it before kissing along her collar bone and across her chest before turning her attention lower kissing and nipping her right breast before softly sucking her already erect nipple into her mouth earning her a low moan from Allie. Releasing her nipple from her mouth she kissed her way across to her left breast giving it the exact same attention. Kissing her way back up to her neck she pulled away slightly spinning Allie around so she was facing the wall of the shower, dragging her hands upwards from her waist painfully slow, too slow for Allies liking, her hands reconnecting with her breasts and softly massaging them, pinching both nipples between her thumb and finger, “oh fuck, Bea, stop teasing, I need to feel you,” Allie moaned. Bea slid her right hand slowly down over Allies ribs and stomach, dragging her fingers lower she began to massage her clit, “fuck,” Allie hissed. Bea lightly kissed her neck before removing her hand spinning Allie around again pushing her up against the wall and grabbing he leg and hooking it around her waist her right hand returning to he clit, “Bea,”Allie wined, leaning in to her ear she whispered to her, “tell me what you want Allie.”

“I need you to fuck me,” Allie couldn’t stop the moan escaping her has she felt Bea enter her slowly before picking up the pace her thumb massaging her clit, Allie was close judging by the moans and whimpers escaping her perfect mouth, “I love feeling you like this,” Bea whispered into her ear and that was all it took to send Allie crashing over the edge saying Bea’s name over and over again. Holding Allie up against the wall until she was able to stand properly, their bodies pressed together was only making Bea’s need to feel Allie touch her greater, before she knew it Allie had spun them around, slamming Bea into the wall before entering her, “fuck….Allie,” “I love having you like this, I love being inside you,” Allie breathed into her ear, sending Bea over the edge her orgasm tearing through her like never before. After holding onto her until she was able to stand unassisted they finally showered, and managed to get dressed ready to head to the restaurant for breakfast.

Reaching the restaurant they went to the self serve breakfast bar Bea deciding on fresh fruit and brioche French toast and Allie after much indecisiveness opting for fresh fruit and sourdough toast with smoked salmon, both having fresh orange juice and coffee. Sitting at their table they ate and looked out at the lagoon listening to the palms gently dancing in the breeze.

“Since I ordered our picnic for lunch today I thought we could have a walk down to lovers bay what do you think?”

“I think that sounds perfect.”

After finishing their breakfast they were heading back to their suite to get changed when Mark one of their hosts spotted Allie and called out to her. Allie told Bea that she would catch up with her and walked over to Mark, having a quick conversation about their plans for the day Mark said that either he or Libby would bring their picnic down to the beach for them since it wasn’t far, after thanking him she headed back to their suite slightly disappointed that she had walked in just a few seconds after Bea had finished putting her bikini on.

“Can’t you take that off again?”Allie pouted.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Bea giggled.

“Fine, I’ll wait until later, but one way or another it’s coming off.”

Walking over to her Bea pulled her into a hug, “I don’t doubt that for a second.”

Pulling out of the embrace reluctantly Allie turned to open a draw to grab one of her bikini’s and receiving a playful slap on her backside, turning her head to see Bea just grinning at her.

“Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be is it?”

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean,” Bea replied trying to look a picture of innocence but failing.

“Two can play that game ya know,” Allie answered winking at her with a cheeky smirk on her face.

Bea pulled on her shorts and t shirt before sitting on the bed watching Allie get changed, suddenly discovering that she had made a mistake after Allie stripped herself of her clothes and decided that she didn’t want to wear the bikini she had originally picked turning her back to Bea and bending over to look in the draw again and trying to ignore the fresh wave of arousal that hit her was damn near impossible, “fuck,” Bea mumbled to herself.

“Did you say something babe?” Allie giggled knowing exactly what effect she was having on Bea.

Bea didn’t answer instead choosing to get up from the bed and walking out onto the deck trying to shake the not so innocent thoughts that were now running through her head. Looking out over the lagoon below her she still couldn’t believe that Allie had brought her here, she knew it must have cost a lot and she didn’t want Allie to spend her money on her but she also knew that it made no difference what she said, when Allie set her mind to do something she wouldn’t change it for anything or anyone. She didn’t hear Allie walk out onto the deck, but she knew she was there without turning around, she could feel her eyes on her,

“Ready to go?”

“If you are.” Bea replied spinning herself around and walking over to Allie, taking her hand they walked across the room, stopping to pick up the bag with their towels and sun screen in before they walked out of their room. Heading out of the lodge still hand in hand they took the path that lead down to the beach, stopping periodically to take in the view of their surroundings and each other. Arriving at the beach they both took their shoes off, looking around there was no one else on the beach, hardly surprising Bea thought to herself, it was a really small beach and pretty secluded. Walking across the beach to the large rocks that were right by the waters edge, Bea threw the bag up onto the flat top of the rock before climbing up, turning round she held out her hand to Allie helping her up, pulling her in close as soon as she was up close to her.

“What time did Mark say he was bringing our lunch down?”

“He said anytime after one, he’s going to meet us back up where the benches are under the pine trees, why?”

“No reason really, means we’ve got over two hours to do nothing in.”

“Well I can think of plenty of things we could in two hours but not while we’re sitting up here,” Allie sniggered.

“Behave will ya?”

“With you never.”

Bea slowly released her hold on Allie and sat down, Allie frowned at her a little before sitting between her legs, her back pressed close to Beas chest, her head back resting on her shoulder.

“I heard Libby telling one of the other guests that the locals call this beach the last paradise.”

“Yer, think they’ve got that right.”

They sat there for the next hour and a half making plans for the rest of their stay, even though Allie didn’t care for walking she had decided before even booking this holiday that she would make the effort, she’d rather they spent their days on the beach or in bed, but the island was more beautiful than she had expected, the brochure and Will photographs really hadn’t done it justice. Bea was keen to see as much of the island as was possible and given that the island was just over six miles long and just over a mile wide at its widest point she didn’t think it would be a problem, getting to a few of the eleven beaches that scattered the island might be a struggle for Allie but she was confident that by the time they were due to leave they would have got to the easier to reach ones. They decided to head back towards the benches and wait for Mark to arrive with their lunch, Allie sat on the bench that looked out over the lagoon Bea sat herself on the end of the bench and lay back resting her head in Allies lap.

“I really could stay here for the rest of day like this.”

“Mmmm, I bet ya could, but I thought you wanted to go for a swim later.”

“Yer, I do.”

They sat in silence for the next few minutes until they heard Mark approaching them apologising for being a little late, not that either of them minded. Bea sat up and accepted the picnic basket from him, before he was about to leave them he said they should leave the basket on the bench and someone would come down to collect it later. Allie suggested that they should sit under one of the pine trees to eat their lunch and Bea agreed, sitting with their backs to the huge tree they ate and chatted before returning to the beach.

Once back on the beach Bea retrieved their bag from the rock where they had left it and they walked hand in hand across the beach finding the perfect spot to relax for the afternoon they laid their towels out before removing their shorts and t shirts. After helping each other apply sun screen they both lay back enjoying the sun and the gentle sound of the water. After an hour Bea was bored with just laying there deciding that she was going for a swim, after gently nudging Allie it was obvious that she had fallen asleep, she didn’t want to just leave her there she’d been laying in the same position for an hour, after a little more persuasion she got her to turn over so she was laying on her stomach, leaving her there Bea walked down to the water.

Allie woke up about twenty minutes later turning her head looking for Bea there was just her towel laying next to her, turning over and sitting up she looked up the beach, seeing no one she turned her attention to the water spotting someone floating in the water she knew it could only be her girlfriend as there had been no one else on the beach all day.

After swimming around for ten minutes Bea just lay floating looking up at the sky and listening to the water around her, not expecting Allie to wake up anytime soon she wanted to stay in the water a little longer, laying on the beach was fine for a while but Bea would always get bored so easily just laying there with nothing to do. Bea Smith did not handle boredom well at all, if she had been alone she would have wondered off to find something to do but not wanting to wonder off leaving Allie alone she had just gone for a swim something they had already agreed they were going to do anyway.

Getting up Allie wondered down to the water, her eyes never leaving where Bea was, she looked like she could be asleep from a distance but Allie guessed that she was lost in her thoughts. Bea had closed her eyes suddenly opening them when she felt like she was being watched, turning her head slightly she saw Allie swimming over in her direction, deciding that she was going to have some fun with her, taking a deep breath she let herself sink under the water before swimming in the direction Allie was coming from. Allie noticing that Bea had disappeared stoped, treading water while she looked around not thinking for a second that Bea would appear behind her,

“Looking for me sleepy head?”

Allie turned around coming face to face with her,

“Shit Bea, don’t do that.”

“What did I do?”

“You just disappeared.”

“I didn’t, I’m right here.”

“You know what I mean,” Allie replied a slight frown on her face.

They swam a little further back to the shore so they could stand up, wrapping their arms around one another resting their heads on each other’s shoulders.

“When I couldn’t see you anymore I thought I could have lost you,” Allie mumbled into her girlfriends shoulder.

“You’ll never lose me, I promise, I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“You will be, do it again and you’ll be in the dog house the rest of the time we’re here.”

After getting out of the water they spent a little longer sitting on the beach before Bea suggested that they go back and shower, Allie really wanted to stay where they were for a little longer but judging by the look on Beas face she knew she was getting bored again so just agreed with her, pulling on their t shirts and shorts before packing their towels away and heading back to the lodge choosing to walk back bare foot, the path wasn’t rocky after all.

Returning to their suite Allie tried to pursued Bea that they should shower together, after checking the time Bea dismissed that idea saying if they did they would never go for dinner, and Allie knew she was right, especially after their morning activities in the shower. Allie showered first leaving Bea sat watching tv, not that she was really watching it her thoughts racing back to that morning and she almost gave in and joined Allie in the shower but managed to control the urge. Allie walking around their room in nothing but a towel wasn’t helping matters so Bea retreated to the shower. When she returned to the room she was pleased to find Allie dressed and stood out on the deck, dressing herself quickly she crept out onto the deck,


“Jesus Bea, I know sneaking around is something your good at but please stop it.”

“Sorry, I don’t mean to… shall we go for a drink before dinner?”

“Sounds good, I could use a glass of wine or two after you scared me.”

Arriving at the bar just after it opened for the evening they both ordered a glass of wine before heading to the terrace for a while. Some of the other guests seemed to have the same idea and the terrace was soon buzzing with other people’s conversations. They didn’t stay too long on the terrace preferring their own company they went to the restaurant both wanting to have dinner and get back to their suite. Again they both decided against having a starter, ordering their main course and wine they chatted about what to do the next day, neither of them were really sure what they wanted to do. After finishing their meal they spotted Libby heading their way.

“Did you both enjoy your day on the beach?”

“Yes, I still can’t believe that no one else appeared down there all day,” Allie answered.

“Any plans for tomorrow?”

Bea shook her head, “we can’t decide, there’s so much we want to do.”

“You should walk over Malabar Hill and down to Neds Beach, we can do you a packed lunch, I’m sure you’d love it there, take some bread and you can hand feed the giant kingfish down there.”

A huge smile spread across Allies face,

“Another day at the beach babe, sounds like fun.”

“You just love the beach too much, but yer it sounds good.”

“Do you want a packed lunch? Or you could go to ‘Palmsugar’, it’s a great café although it doesn’t open until 2pm.”

“I think we might try the café, but we’ll definitely be taking the packed lunch another day,” pointing at Allie and giggling, “this ones not getting everyday at the beach.”

“Well if you need any more recommendations for days out just come and find me or Mark.”

After they both finished dessert and their wine they went and sat by the plunge pool for a while watching the sunset as they sat together on one of the sun loungers an arm round each other’s waist and their heads resting together.

“Perfect,” Bea mumbled.

“Huh, what is?”

“This is, being here with you, it’s perfect.”

“I think we should go back to our room don’t you?”

“Mmmm, perfect.”

Chapter Text

After not getting to sleep until around 2am Allie was surprised when she opened her eyes glancing at the time it wasn’t quite 7:30am, they were laying in the middle of the bed a tangled mess of arms and legs barely only under the covers from the waist down, a smile on her face when she thought about the previous night, Bea had been winding her up almost all of the previous afternoon and continued into the evening, sitting by the plunge pool hadn’t helped calm her down and as soon as they had got back to their room she had pinned Bea up against the wall but just like the previous morning Bea wasn’t playing and turned the tables on her again.

“And what are you thinking about?”

“You, I’m always thinking about you.”

“Is that so…..what were you thinking about me doing?” Bea giggled.

“You really need me to answer that after last night?”

“You know we’ve got plenty of time for a shower before breakfast.”

“Bea Smith, is that all you think about?”

“No, you know it’s not…but if you’d rather shower alone…..”


After spending another twenty minutes in bed they finally made it to the shower for a replay of the previous morning, and after managing to get dressed they made it down to breakfast a little earlier than they thought they would. Both of them choosing to have poached fruit, eggs benedict and sourdough toast along with coffee and fresh orange juice.

“I hope your feeling energetic this morning.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s a pretty long walk from here to Malabar Hill.”

“You are kidding right?”

Bea just shook her head and laughed.

“We don’t have to go today if you don’t want to.”

“It’s fine, I do get to go to the beach after all.”

“Only if your sure, you don’t have to do it just because I want to…..although I will make it up to you later.”

Allie shot up from her chair, grabbing Beas hand she pulled her up dragging her out of the restaurant, bumping into Libby on their way out.

“Are you going over to Neds beach today?”

“Yes, only I’m not looking forward to the walk to Malabar Hill,” Allie answered honestly.

“You don’t have to walk there, Mark will take you over, we do have two electric carts for a reason, you will have to walk back though.”

Allie looked at Bea a slight pleading look on her face, Bea really wanted to walk but knew Allie wouldn’t make it there and back even if she did get to spend some time at the beach.

“That would be great, at least I’ll only have to walk back listening to complaints.”

They went back to their suite to get Beas backpack,

“We really don’t have to go Allie.”

“Yes we do, it’s something you want to do so we are.”

Even though she knew she was going to hate the walk down the hill it would be worth it, if they had to walk up it she would never have agreed, and since they had agreed to go to a café for lunch she already knew that they didn’t have to make the trip back up as Neds beach wasn’t really all that far from town. Leaving their suite they headed outside finding Mark already waiting for them, he handed Allie a bag that contained some bread.

“You can buy food to feed the fish over there but they love bread just as much.”

The ride over didn’t take too long and soon they were saying goodbye to Mark. Allie looked out over the view, suddenly wishing she hadn’t when she saw how the cliffs dove down into the sea, she looked at Bea with a small nervous smile, “why did I agree to this?” She wondered to herself. Feeling Bea take both her hands in hers,

“We can walk back into town and go the easy way to the beach.”

“It’s fine, honestly, it just looks a long way down, there is a path though right?”

“Course there is.”

The walk down really wasn’t as bad as Allie had expected, a little too long for her liking but walking behind her girlfriend for most of the way made up for that. They would stop occasionally to snap a few pictures, the views were stunning and Bea wanted to be able to show Liz and Franky just how beautiful the island was when she returned to work, although she knew Franky would want more details than what the island was like, at least for now she didn’t have to put up with her inappropriate questioning. Reaching the beach Allie sat down not wanting to move for the foreseeable future, Bea passed her a fresh bottle of water before sitting down next to her.

“I’m guessing you are going to want to lounge around for a couple of hours now.”

“Actually no, I’m not in the mood.”

“Really, I thought you wanted to come her to relax.”

“I can do that another day, like when you decide your going to walk up Mount Gower.”

“And what makes you think I want to do that?”

“Because you’re you, and as much as I love you I’m not walking up and down a mountain for eight hours, your on your own there?”

They sat for a little longer looking out over the golden sand that lead down to calm crystal blue water, there were a few people milling around but it wasn’t really busy, taking their shoes off Bea put them in her back pack after taking out the bag of bread. Bea pulled Allie up off the sand and they walked down to the waters edge before continuing a little further down the beach where there were no other people before walking into the sea, looking down into the water Bea pointed out the different fish that were swimming around their legs, mullets, garfish, sliver drummers and kingfish.

“Is there anything you don’t know?”

“Yer, there’s plenty I don’t know, but my dad loves to fish, he kinda taught us everything he knew.”

Taking some of the bread from the bag Bea leaned over, the fish swimming up and taking it from her hand. After spending another ten minutes feeding the fish they went to sit back on the beach for a while before they decided it was time to make a move and walk into town to get some lunch.

Arriving at Palmsugar a little after 2:30pm they went inside ordering a sandwich and a coffee each, Allie spotting the chocolate cake she just have to have a slice, there were only a couple of people in the café and they were told to take a seat on the outside deck and their food would be brought to them in a couple of minutes.

“Do you want to go back to the lodge or have a look around after we’ve eaten?”

Allie thought for a while.

“Maybe we should look around for a while, unless you have something else in mind,” she said winking at Bea.


The next three days passed in much the same way they had visited North Bay, a secluded beach at the north end of the island, even though it was only accessible on foot Allie couldn’t resist the second she had heard the words ‘secluded beach’. Bea having gotten bored of just lazing around but not managing to convince Allie that a walk to Mount Eliza was a good idea had gone by herself, returning to find Allie fast asleep. Later on though she had with some not so subtle persuasion got her to walk with her to Herring Pools.

Getting Allie to walk Transit Hill hadn’t been difficult since there was the promise of Blinky Beach at the end of it, Bea had noted the pattern that formed, Allie would do anything she wanted her to just as long as there was a beach thrown in, since most of the walks Bea had been most keen on happened to end at a beach she was always up for it. They had started this particular walk from the islands administration centre, it was a rather leisurely walk something that had pleased Allie from the beginning and they had stopped to eat their packed lunch once they had reached the lookout point. They had both taken a lot a pictures whilst there as the 360-degree views were stunning. Taking the narrow track that led to Blinky Beach had been just as stunning for Allie since she had made Bea walk in front of her.

Allie had made the suggestion that they should go to Old Settlement Beach, Bea had wanted to spend that day walking Mount Gower leaving Allie to do whatever she wanted, but after almost an hour in the shower with Allie all thoughts of Mount Gower were out of her mind and she just didn’t want to spend the day alone walking up and back down a mountain. It was quite the picture perfect beach, they had spent the best part of two hours sitting on the sandstone rocks at the southern end of the beach talking and taking in the impressive view of the surrounding mountains before finding a spot on the beach to eat their lunch. Laying back on the beach soaking up the sun together, even though it was something that usually would bore Bea to tears somehow that day had seemed so perfect and she would have happily spent the rest of the day there. Heading back as high tide was approaching they were both mesmerised by the sight of turtles swimming in close to the shore.


Bea awoke early, picking up her phone and seeing it was only just after 5:30am, she was excited that she would be doing the eight hour round walk of Mount Gower, she knew Allie was worried about her doing it, she had promised her over and over again the previous evening that she would be careful but it wasn’t until Allie had spoken to Libby about her concerns about her girlfriends plans that she had calmed down a little. Libby had explained to her that the guide she would be with had 20 years experience on the mountain and that nothing bad had ever happened.

Allie woke up a few minutes later, all the previous evenings nerves forgotten until she had glanced at Bea seeing that she was already awake and she remembered what she had planned for the day.

“Good morning sweetheart,” Bea whispered in her ear.

“Is it?”

“Please tell me your not still worrying about me.”

“I can’t help it, have you seen how high that fucking mountain is?”

“You can’t really miss it.”

“I know I’m probably being silly, and I know your going to be with a guide but I can’t help it.”

Bea perched herself on her elbow resting her head on her hand looking down at Allie, reaching over she ran her thumb over her cheek down the side of her neck and over her chest.

“Is there anything I can do to take your mind off it?”

“Hmmm,” Allie hummed as she scrunched her nose up.

Leaning in she placed a long slow loving kiss on Allies lips.

“Guess I better have a shower then.”

Bea was sitting on the edge of the bed when Allie sat up, threw her arms round her and pulled her backwards.

“You’re not going anywhere just yet, you need to give me something to think about for the rest of the day.”

“Oh yer, what did you have in mind?”

Bea dragged her body back so that she was now laying on her side facing Allie as she in turn let herself fall back against the mattress, her head hitting the pillow with a soft thud. Turning her head, blue eyes staring back in the deep brown that drew her in further than she had ever felt possible, her hand skimming over Beas arm and reaching round the back of her neck pulling her in closer kissing her with a fierce passion that left little to the imagination only breaking apart when the lack of oxygen was making them both dizzy. Pulling Bea closer until she was half laying on top of her their lips reconnecting in a slower less desperate kiss as Bea gently repositioned herself so she was laying fully on top of her slipping softly between Allies legs as she moved underneath her. Pulling back Bea pulled herself up to rest on her elbows their eyes never losing contact for a second,

“Have you got any idea how much I want you right now?” Bea said softly.

“Why don’t you tell me then?” Allie answered with a breathy laugh.

“Oh fuck,” Bea thought to herself, she had really not expected that answer and was regretting her own words now, she was still not comfortable verbalising her own wants or needs and until now had always managed to change the subject to something she was more comfortable with but right now as she was frozen to the spot gazing into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen she saw a fire in Allies eyes that she hadn’t seen before. Lowering her upper body gently back down she held her gaze before kissing softly along Allies jaw, “I want you so much,” she whispered into her ear, trailing one hand down from her shoulder and down her side leaving a trail of goosebumps in the wake of her gentle touch and making Allie shudder.

Kissing down her neck and along her collar bone, “I want to kiss every inch of your skin.” Kissing down her chest stopping at her breasts covering each of them with feather light kisses before sucking gently on each nipple causing Allie to arch her back and moan softly.

Moving lower she kissed over her stomach feeling her muscles twitch under her lips, “I want to kiss the inside of your thighs and feel your sexy legs tremble under my touch.”

“Oh, fuck…..Bea.”

Kissing delicately over her hip she reached both hands up cupping each breast. Kissing down the inside of her left thigh, “I want to taste you.” Kissing her way softly up the inside of her right thigh, “I want to make you come with my tongue.” Feeling Allie wriggle under her, hearing her breath quicken, she knew what she was doing was having the desired effect. Looking up slightly at the woman she adored before she licked from her entrance to her clit, her eyes still on her girlfriend she watched her as she sunk her head deeper into the pillow, her breath becoming ragged as she soon found a steady rhythm, her ears being invaded by Allies soft moans. Moving a hand down to her hip to try and ground her, her hips moving in a steady rhythm along with her.

One of Allies hands finding its way into Beas hair the other grabbing at the sheets trying to hold onto something.


Picking up the pace she knew she wasn’t going to last much longer from the moans coming from her girlfriend.


Bea sucked her clit into her mouth, Allie closed her thighs round Beas head, moaning something that she can no longer make out, a few more firm licks of Bea’s tongue and Allies whole body began to shake uncontrollably, her legs falling slightly away from her head as the most beautiful sounds she had ever heard left Allies mouth filling the room and her ears her tongue staying with her as her moans lessened and decreased in volume as she came down from the most wonderful high Allie had ever experienced, her whole body finally relaxed into the mattress as Bea made her way back up her perfect body peppering it with soft kisses as she went, kissing her softly on the lips before gently rolling off her and laying by her side pulling Allie in close.

“Fuck Bea….that…that was……”

“Was what?” Bea whispered.

“Amazing….so fucking amazing I can hardly think straight never mind trying to formulate a sentence to describe how good that was."

Turning over to face Bea trying to get as close as she possibly could to her. They lay there in silence softly caressing and kissing each other until Allie finally flipped Bea onto her back. And she can’t stop, didnt want to stop what she knew was coming as she watched Allie slowly inching her way down her body to where they both knew she needed Allie the most.


After showering together proved more eventful than it should have after what they had just done they made their way down to breakfast, gazing at each other lovingly over the table before Bea said she needed to get going. Allie sighed saying that she was going to spend the day by the pool.

“Every time I look up at that bloody mountain I’m going to worry about you.”

“And every time I look down at the lodge I’m not going to stop the smile on my face thinking about you.”

“Just get going will ya or you’ll be late meeting the guide, just be careful ok.”

“I will, I promise,” dropping a soft kiss on Allies lips before she took off to pick her back pack up.

She bumped into Mark on her way back, thanking him for her packed lunch she headed out to meet the guide, she couldn’t hide her excitement even if she tried, she had toned it down in front of her girlfriend but now she was alone the mixture of excitement and the not so distant memories of their earlier activities was making her whole body hum.

Bea made it to the place she had to meet her guide by 10:30am as arranged,

“Hi, you must be Bea, I’m Jack Shick,” he said extending his hand in her direction.

“Pleased to meet you Jack,” she replied shaking his hand.

“So are you ready to go.”

“Yes, very much so.”

As they started the walk Jack told her that he was fifth generation islander and that his grandfather and father before him had both been mountain guides. He went on to tell her that he had done almost 2000 guided walks to the summit, that surprised her a little, but she already knew he had been doing guided walks for twenty years so really it shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise.
Four hours later after tackling the trek up they finally reached the mist covered summit, the view from there was breath taking. She took quite a few pictures before they agreed that it was time to eat, finding a good spot to sit and eat. They chatted quite easily, Jack suggesting that if they hadn’t already been snorkelling they should before they went home, Neds Beach being highly recommended by Jack as a great place and also North Bay where they could see the wreck of the ‘favourite’ that had sunk there in 1965. Before they started to head back down Jack pointed out a couple of woodhens that he had spotted.

On the way down they chatted more, mainly about the rare plants and wildlife that they passed. They had stopped for a few minutes to have a drink and Bea looked over in the direction of the lodge, her thoughts wondering back to Allie, she couldn’t help the smile that crept across her face when she thought about her, she also realised how much she was missing her, it was the longest they had been apart since they arrived and she couldn’t wait to get back to the lodge. Finally back at their starting point Bea was presented with her certificate to commemorate her trip up Mount Gower, she also purchased a t shirt, photo disc and DVD of the trip, she wanted to be able to show Allie what it was like, she may not have wanted to tackle the walk but at least she could see for herself what it was like. Jack dropped her off back at the lodge, she had refused the offer at first but he convinced her when he reminded her it would be dinner time at the lodge.

Libby spotted her as soon as she walked in, letting her know that Allie was still sitting by the pool. She wondered out to the pool seeing Allie laying on a sun lounger in her red bikini, her breath caught in her throat, she couldn’t help letting her eyes wonder over the length of her body. Allie turned her head, looking at Bea over the top of her sunglasses,

“Finally, I thought you were never going to get back, I’ve missed you.”

“Yer, I’ve missed you to.”

“I bet ya did.”

“Would I lie about something like that?”

Allie stood up making her way over to her taking her by the hand,

“I think we better get changed for dinner don’t you, I doubt they would appreciate me turning up dressed like this.”

“Maybe not, but I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

Thirty minutes later they were sitting down to dinner, Allie listening intently as Bea recounted her day, she was glad she had enjoyed her day even though she had missed her like crazy and worried about her, she had heard some of the other guests talking about it while she was out by the pool and it had done nothing to calm her nerves. But now she was back, sitting across from her healthy and happy and she couldn’t be any more contented. Finishing their dinner they got a drink from the bar and sat out on the terrace an easy silence descended between them. Heading back to their room a while later to sit out on the deck with a drink from the mini bar that up until that night they had made no use of. Slipping into bed about an hour later they gravitated towards each other, holding each other close they slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

Walking down to the restaurant the next morning for breakfast Bea remembered that this was their last full day and night on the island the next day they would be headed home, back to real life and everything that came with it. Their first flight wasn’t until 3:30pm giving them a little extra time, and she had already decided that they would eventually return to Lord Howe Island, finding the time may be a problem.

Once seated at their table Bea had put all thoughts of snorkelling out of her mind, she would love to go back to North Bay but Allie had gone along with everything she had wanted to do with the only exception being the trek up Mount Gower, today she was quite happy to do whatever Allie wanted to do. A silence had descended between them, the kind of silence that Bea had once dreaded but with Allie it spoke volumes, every glance said everything they needed to say without ever having to utter a single word. Bea was the first to break the silence,

“What would you like to do today?”

“You haven’t already got something in mind?”

“No, you decide, you’ve done everything I’ve suggested even though I guess you’ve hated most of it.”

“I haven’t hated anything we’ve done, I may not be a huge fan of walking but every second I spend with you is worth it,” Allie replied honestly taking Beas hands across the table.

“I want to do whatever you want to do today, no arguments.”

“Hmmm… about we look round the museum?”

“Sounds good to me.”

After spending another half an hour sitting in the restaurant with another cup of coffee they made a move, Bea was surprised when Allie wanted to walk into town she was going to ask Mark if he would take them but Allie insisted they walk.

They spent a couple of hours looking around the museum, Allie was fascinated by the historical displays and kept one of the volunteers talking for over twenty minutes, not that Bea cared she was just happy that she enjoying herself, up until now she hadn’t really seen the inquisitive side of her girlfriends nature, there had been plenty of times that she had asked her about her work and how her and Franky proceeded with a case that they were working on but she had always thought that she was just taking an interest in what she had been doing, for now she was just going to leave it but once they were home she wanted to know what really got her interest fired up. They visited the gift shop before they left Allie purchased a couple of books that had been written about the island by local authors and the ramblers guide to Lord Howe Island for Bea.

As it was lunch time they went to the museum café for a sandwich and a coffee.

“Would you come here again?”

“To the island? Defiantly, I was thinking about it this morning.”

“You were?”

“Yes, why do you look so surprised?”

“Franky said you didn’t see the point in holidays.”

“I guess that’s true, but that was before I met you, all I wanted to do was work, it was the only time it felt like I was doing something worthwhile, you changed that, don’t get me wrong I still love working but it’s not all I think about anymore, you give me a reason to want to go home, to want to do things that aren’t just about working if that makes any sense.”

“Hey, I get it, honestly I do, I’ve never had anyone to do anything with, not that I was in a position do anything much, when I was living with Kaz she wasn't much fun, and when I ran again I was always too high to care anyway, then you found me and everything changed, I wanted to change.”

Finishing their lunch they headed back to the lodge, Allie wanted to spend the rest of the day down on the beach and Bea eagerly agreed, getting changed they walked down to Lovers Bay once again finding no one else there, they spent the rest of the afternoon just laying on the beach talking about other places they both wanted to visit work allowing. It was gone six before they knew it and they needed to head back for dinner.


1pm the next day arrived too soon and they were on their way back to the airport , neither of them wanted to leave and Allie was wishing she had booked a two week stay, she had considered it at the time but being so unsure how Bea was going to react she had thought better of it. Checking in and going through security they got a coffee, they were both pretty quiet while they were waiting but all too soon they were on the plane and on their way back to Sydney, landing back at Kingsford Smith Airport two hours and fifteen minutes later with nothing much more than a forty five minute layover to look forward to. They finally landed back at Tullamarine Airport a little after 8pm, the wait at the baggage claim seemed to take forever. Heading out of the airport Liz spotted them instantly and waved to them,

“It’s so good to see you both, how was it?”

“It was really amazing Liz, it’s so peaceful, truly I could stand here all night and tell you about it but I think we need to get home.”

“You can tell me all about it when you get back to work.”

“I’ll be back in the morning so you won’t have to wait long.”

“Oh no, we’ve been fine without you for a week one more day off won’t hurt, and I’m sure Allie would rather spend her last day off with you at home.”

Allie giggled, “I think you’ve just been told babe.”

“Sounds like it doesn’t it.”

Dropping them off at home Liz told Bea again to stay at home the following day, and really she could use the extra day off, they need to do a grocery shop, washing to do and just all the usual boring post holiday stuff. They dropped their bags in the lounge leaving them where they fell, they were both tired, almost falling into bed they were soon asleep.

They were both late waking up the next morning, checking the time it was almost 11:30am.

“I think all that walking you insisted on doing has finally caught up with us,” Allie giggled.

“Na, I think it’s just that impending grocery shop we need to do that kept us in bed.”

After a quick shower and getting dressed they left the house, getting something to eat was at the forefront of both their minds and was certainly more desirable than going to the supermarket. Reaching the diner close to the office they decided to stop off there for lunch, walking in hand in hand they were surprised to find Liz and Franky there.

“Oh hey look, the love birds are back,”

“Piss off Franky, we got back last night.”

“Yer, yer, so what ya doin here?”

“Getting something to eat same as you two.”

“Admit it Red, ya missed me.”

“Yer, as much as I’d miss toothache.”

They all sat together, ordering their lunch they sat and chatted for a while as they ate before Liz said they had better be getting back to the office.

“See ya tomorra Red, oh yer just remembered, the trail date for two of fuck nuts has been set, Jake Stewart’s starts next week, the dickheads starts the week after.”

“What about Tina?” Allie asked.

“Oh yer, she pled guilty, got her sentencing tomorrow afternoon.”

“Thanks Franky, see ya in the morning.”

“You ok babe?”

“Yer, just hope they throw the book at Harry this time.”

“Shall we go do the shopping? I know it’s not much fun but it might take your mind off him.”

“We have to do it sooner rather than later unless we’re going to live on takeaways until Sunday.”


Once the shopping was done they spent the rest of the day at home, they did the laundry before sitting out in the garden.

“I think we should start planning our next holiday.”

“We’ve been home for five minutes and you want to plan another holiday?”

“Planning it is half the fun babe, I’m not saying we have to book anything.”

“I guess we can think about where we want to go, but we have got to go back to New Zealand some time this year and before Christmas or we’ll never hear the end of it.”

After a couple of hours they went back in the house, ordered a pizza and crashed out in front of the tv few a couple more hours before they decided on a shower and early night.

Chapter Text

The alarm going off ripped Bea from her sleep, it sounded so much louder than she remembered. Rolling onto her her back and reaching out with her eyes still closed she managed to silence it a loud groan escaping her lips as she heard a slight giggle coming from the side of her. Opening her eyes and rolling back onto her side she found Allie staring back at her, an amused grin on her face.

“It’s not funny,” shaking her head she found she couldn’t stop the giggle escaping her, Allies laughter was infectious, even the smallest giggle could set Bea off giggling like a little girl or drag her from her thoughts and make her lose her train of thought altogether, this morning being no exception, but this morning felt different. Before this morning the only time she’d woke up ready to start a new working week after being away was when she got back from New Zealand, the whole experience of actually having a real holiday in an unfamiliar setting with someone she loved more than life itself had changed her and that realisation had hit her hard as soon as she’d heard that giggle.

They both needed to get up but neither of them wanted to, Allie was the first to make any kind of move to leave the comforts of their bed.

“Hey, why are you so eager to get up, you don’t start work until ten?”

“Well you don’t look like you’re going to move anytime soon and if we both stay here we’ll be here all day, not going into work on our first day back isn’t going to look good now is it?”

Bea just sighed, she was right after all, she was happier that Allie wouldn’t be working late on a regular basis anymore, arriving home from work to an empty house felt like torture, true sometimes she would go over to the bar but it wasn’t something she could do all the time and now she found herself hoping that they didn’t get any new cases for a while that required long hours, for the first time in what felt like forever she found herself craving the steady hours that working at the salon had provided, not that she would give it all up and go back to that, the monotony of being a hairdresser had lost its appeal a long time ago. She knew that in reality something would crop up and probably sooner rather than later that needed more work, she had to speak to Franky about what they could do to take the pressure off, they had discussed finding someone else to work with them a long time ago but Bea hadn’t minded working until the early hours then if it was needed, there was no way she wanted to do that anymore than she had to.

Allie had already left the bedroom by the time she dragged herself from the bed, getting her clothes ready for the day before disappearing into the ensuite for a shower. Standing under the stream of water she didn’t hear the door open or close, she didn’t hear the shower enclosure open, she did however feel gentle arms wrap around her waist, a soft warm body press into her back and gentle kiss landing on her shoulder.

“Thought you might want some help,” Allie whispered in her ear.


Arriving at the office early Bea went straight to her office, before they went on holiday she had made sure to stay on top of her emails but she had not checked her inbox the whole time they were away, she could have and once she was seated in front of her computer she was beginning to wish that she had, although most of them were just junk that she deleted without reading them there were a couple that were important, getting straight back into it she had just finished replying to those when she heard the door open. Liz walked in followed by Franky a few minutes later, Franky making a bee line for her office.

“As much as I really want to grill ya right now we gotta talk.”

“Good morning to you to Franky.”

“I’ll get coffee and I’ll be right back.”

Something was off, she suddenly felt unnerved, but stayed in her chair waiting for Franky’s inevitable return. A couple of minutes later Franky returned coffees in hand kicking the door closed behind her, sliding a mug across the desk before sitting down.

“So what’s up?”

“Yesterday afternoon this guy, Derek Channing came in, said his niece had gone missing and he needed her found as soon as.”

“And, don’t we find missing people all the time?”

“I don’t like it, I got a bad feeling, something was off with him.”

“And what brought you to that conclusion?”

“Firstly he said it was his niece, ok nothing strange I guess, but when I asked about contact details for her parents he looked like he was gonna throw up, came up with some excuse that they were out of the country and couldn’t be contacted. I didn’t want to make a decision about it on my own so I told him to come back in today when you were back.”

“Ok, so we’ll see him together….there’s something else bothering you Franky.”

“Yer, well I looked into this guy after I got home, ya know Gidge was still at work and I had nothing else to do, turns out he’s regional director at Wentworth, ya know the women’s prison where Tina Mercado is currently residing and after today may be for a long time after. I did a bit more digging, the guy doesn’t have a niece, couple of nephews but I can’t find no mention of a niece…..And there’s more, he’s been linked to an illegal prostitution ring but so far nothing has stuck to him.”

“Shit Franky, we don’t need dragging into that kind of shit.”

“I know, I know…..but he was being investigated while Will was still on the force so I gave him a call, turns out a lot of ex prisoners have been disappearing and they believe they were being trafficked and put to work in illegal brothels.”

“Anything else?”

“I’m gonna keep looking, but ya know my guess is whoever she is she’s probably an ex inmate, and well….listen Bea please don’t think I’m having a go or trying to offend ya, but that could have easily been Allie.”

Bea closed her eyes and rested her head back against her chair inhaling deeply. The mere mention of Allie ever being put in that position sending chills through her entire body, they had never gone that deep into what Allie had suffered while she was on the streets, really if she were honest she didn’t want to know and didn’t want to upset Allie, if she could get her hands on every guy that had ever used and abused her girlfriend she would kick the living crap out of them, every single one them. The thought that any woman, ex inmate or not could be treated like that made her blood boil and her skin crawl at the same time.

“It’s fine Franky, what time is he coming in?”

“10:30, I needed to stall him said you wouldn’t be in till late, I knew I needed to talk to ya.”

“What time is Mercado’s sentencing?”

“Huh….2pm, Kaz is gonna be there, she gonna come in and tell us the verdict, oh yer and she said she needed a word with ya.”

“Think I need some air….want anything from the coffee shop?”

“Surprise me.”


Allie arrived at the bar fifteen minutes early, the new building work was going well and there were contractors in and out of the bar. Will was speaking to one of them and he saw her arrive, waving her over as soon as she got out of the car. Will finished his conversation with the guy he introduced her to as Mike before they went inside heading for the office.

“So come on, I’ve got to know she loved it right?”

“Yer, we both did, actually we’re thinking of going back another time.”

“I never thought I would ever meet the person who was good enough to change workaholic Bea Smith into someone that could actually consider going on holiday, I don’t know how ya did it but please keep doing it whatever it is your doing.”

“Yer well, I have my ways,” she giggled, “we’ve been talking about other places to go on holiday, but enough of that how’s everything going here?”

Will showed her the final plans for the new layout before they headed back out to the bar to show her everything that was being done, the bottom end of the bar was being refitted, the new bar was in and it looked a lot bigger than Allie remembered it but she guessed as it was almost empty that was the reason why. There had been new double doors fitted and as Will explained he really had to do it because when the restaurant was finished there was going to be a new outdoor space shared between the two and he didn’t want people to have to walk all the way through the restaurant to get outside, it also made sense since when the main bar was closed they could still open, he admitted it was a bit of a headache with inspectors coming and going but there had been no real issues.

Allie started getting the bar set up ready for opening when Shane arrived, they spent the next hour chatting about their holiday, she promised to show him pictures after her shift was over. Just before they opened she had gone to the office to let Will know that one of the contractors needed a word, checking her phone before she left she saw a text from Bea.

How is it possible that I’m missing you like crazy already? Have a good day beautiful x

She couldn’t help but smile, and she was now finally convinced that she had made the right decision becoming bar manager, she was not going to miss closing up every couple of weeks, those late nights drove her mad, sending a quick reply before going back to the bar.

I miss you too, so much. It’s a little crazy round here with all the work going on. Please don’t tire yourself out at work too much gorgeous x


Bea had walked to the coffee shop trying to clear her head, she didn’t like the sound of anything Franky had just told her, and then there was Allie, she was always interested in their cases and even though she couldn’t always tell her a lot she would fill her in as best she could, how would she ever be able to explain any of this to her without upsetting her? Buying three doughnuts from the coffee shop she walked back to the office sending a text to Allie on the way. Arriving back ten minutes before Derek Channing was due to arrive.

“Feeling a little better now love?”

“Honestly Liz I’m not sure, this whole thing sounds so messy, and it doesn’t help that he has the police looking into him.”

“But it’s still a missing person love, even if he’s lying about who she is can you walk away?”

“That’s the problem Liz, we both know I cant, but I won’t find someone and let them return to a life of abuse.”

“I know love, you’ll do the right thing, you always do,….Franky’s waiting for you in your office, I’ll send him in when he gets here.”

Bea nodded and handed the bag of doughnuts over to Liz, “for after he’s gone.”

Franky had dragged her chair from her own office into Beas and was sat waiting on her when she walked in.

“Ya went to the coffee shop and ya didn’t buy me anything?”

“Piss off Franky, I got doughnuts.”

Sitting in her chair she took the file Franky was holding and skimmed through the details it contained, to say the information was a little sketchy was an understatement, only for once she couldn’t blame Franky, this guy sounded like a creep and she wasn’t looking forward to meeting him.

A few minutes later there was a tap on the door and Liz entered,

“Mr Channing to see you both.”

“Thanks Liz, take a seat Mr Channing, my apologies for not being here yesterday.”

“Can I get anyone a coffee?” Liz enquired.

Bea and Franky both nodded.

“Mr Channing?”

“Yes, white with two sugars please.”

Liz returned a couple of minutes later handing out the coffees before retreating back to her own desk.

“So…Mr Channing, you’re looking for your niece, you don’t seem to have provided my colleague with many details, if you want us to find her you have to tell us every detail you can think of.”

“I am aware of that, I’m just upset about her disappearing the way she did, I wasn’t really thinking yesterday, but my mind is clearer now.”

“Oh yer I bet it is, now you’ve rehearsed it all in your head.” Bea thought to herself as she looked over at Franky.

A hour and a half later he was leaving the office after a pretty thorough interrogation by Bea, she had tried to catch him out but she had to hand it to him his delivery of the information they needed was flawless, but not natural. They had both been doing this long enough to know when someone had made sure they had memorised every detail added to the fact that there was absolutely no trace of emotion in his voice or on his face. Franky walked him out assuring him that they would do everything possible and that if he thought of anything else he should call straight away. Liz had gone out by the time he left to pick up a sandwich for the three of them for lunch.

Bea had seen her phone light up while they were talking but it had been on silent, when Franky had walked him out she picked it up seeing a text from Allie, reading it she couldn’t help but smile debating in her head if she should answer her, of course she did even though she knew she would probably be working and not able to answer until her break.

It’s a little crazy round here too, just took a new case. Kaz is stopping by after the sentencing hearing. Let Shane do all the work. I love you x

Hearing Liz and Franky laughing she got up and wondered out of her office taking her phone with her.

“I brought lunch love, thought you two would need time to discuss things.”

“I’m not sure any amount of discussion is gonna help solve this one Liz, do you Franky?”

“I think I need to do more digging Red, we can’t just jump into this one, but I think we need to chill for the rest of the day, the guys a creep no doubt about that, let’s have lunch before we do anything else.”

The three of them were still sitting around when Kaz arrived, Liz offered her a coffee before she had even closed the door which she accepted.

“Gonna tell us the verdict?” Franky asked a touch of excitement in her tone.

Bea gestured for her to sit down before frowning at Franky who just threw her hands up and shook her head. Kaz smiled and sat down taking the mug of coffee from Liz, taking a sip before speaking.

“Tina got sentenced to 15 years, she should be on her way back to Wentworth as we speak.”

“Well that’s some good news at least….biscuit?” Liz offered.

All three of them shook their heads.

“What did you need a word with me for, or do you need to speak in private?”

“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve started working at a women’s shelter, I just thought that if you ever came across anyone who needs help you could let me know or pass my number on.”

“Hmmm… know that might not be such a bad idea, we have had a few women in the past that have needed help and we never had anywhere to point them to.”

“Yer, and if this new case is anything like we think it might be we might have at least one girl who could need some help.”

“Jesus Doyle, your agreeing with something, Liz call Bridget I think she’s coming down with something nasty.”

The four of them sat and chatted for a while until Kaz said she better get going asking Bea to let Allie know she’d give her a call on Sunday. Bea had just walked back in her office when her phone beeped, pulling it from her pocket she saw a text from Allie.

Hope it’s not the kind of case that’s going to take you away from me for too long. I’ll see you at home real soon, and I love you too gorgeous x

Bea replied straight away.

I hope it won’t either, can’t wait to get home got things to tell you x

After spending twenty minutes checking her emails Bea was ready to call it a night.


Bea made it home five minutes before Allie, she was already in the kitchen trying to make a start on dinner but she couldn’t decide what to make, she didn’t hear Allie walk into the kitchen, the first she knew she was there was when she felt her arms round her waist.

“Now who’s sneaking around?”

“Maybe, but I didn’t make you jump.”

“Any ideas what you want for dinner?”

“Are you on the menu?”

Bea turned around draping her arms over Allies shoulders.

“Not that I know of, but that could change.”

“Can’t we just order a takeaway, I need a shower and you said you had things to tell me.”

“Get going then….how does Chinese sound?”

“Perfect, I won’t be long babe.”

Allie was just about to pull away when Bea pulled her back placing a lingering kiss on her lips.

“That’s better, now go for a shower.”


After they had eaten and Bea had had a shower hey were curled up on the sofa with the tv on, neither of them paying any attention to what was playing out on the screen until Beas phone started ringing.

“Franky, have you got nothing better to do than call me?”

“Well yer, but ya need to know something.”

“Go on, tell me if it’s that important.”

“Well yer, we can’t talk about over the phone, but that girl is an ex prisoner, I'll fill ya in tomorrow properly, just needed to tell ya.”

“Thanks Franky, see ya tomorrow.”

“So, you said you had some things to tell me.”

Bea told her about Tina and Kaz remembering to tell her that she was going to call her on Sunday. She wasn’t sure if she should tell her anything about the case so in the end just told her it was a missing person, she needs to know what Franky had found out so she knew more about what they were dealing with. Allie told her about the work that was being done at the bar and about how fast the restaurant was being built.

“Something’s bothering you.”

“It’s just this case, I always worry about missing people you know that.”

“Did ya worry about me this much?”

“No….I worried twice as much about you, the second I saw that photo of you, I don’t know….Anyway I already told you this, I just had to find ya, and as it turns out I was right.”

“Yer, you were.”

Chapter Text

Arriving early at the office the next morning Bea was surprised to see Franky’s car, even more surprised to find Franky sat on the floor, papers spread out in front of her.

“What the hell Franky?”

“Red, bout time, I’ve been here an hour already.”

“You could have told me you were coming in early, I would have been here.”

“Yer but this is a fucking mess….listen I know ya girls gonna find out about this, all of this and she’s gonna need ya Red.”

“What the fuck are you talking about Franky?”

“Sit down and I’ll tell ya.”

Franky got up from the floor, poured two coffees, handing one to Bea, before resuming her place on the floor. Franky was struggling to tell her what she had found out, but it was impossible to put it off, explaining that she had been in contact with the detective who was investigating Channing, she was more than happy to help them anyway she could and had furnished Franky with more information than she should have, she’d been trying to catch Channing for two years but it didn’t matter how much mud was slung at him, none of it stuck. Handing over the photo of is ‘niece’ to Bea along with her arrest record, she read the file frowning when she suddenly read and understood what Franky had meant, Dana Malouf had three years previously been arrested alongside 'Allie Novak'. It was the only time Allie had ever been arrested managing somehow after that brush with the law to fly completely under the radar, Dana on the other hand had various arrests for drugs and prostitution leading to her being given a two year sentence in Wentworth, after being paroled she had disappeared two weeks later and there was now a warrant out for her arrest. Bea threw herself back against the chair she had been until now perched on.

“Red ya know Allie might not even remember her.”

“Maybe not, and I really don’t want her dragging into any of this, but I can’t keep it from her either, it’s bad enough that I just found out she’s been arrested once, she gonna think I’m looking into her past. I need your help Franky, we need to talk to her.”

“We will, but we have to get this all laid out, get it straight in our own heads before we tell her, and she’s gonna know ya ain’t digging up her past, I don’t have details of her arrest just her association with this Dana, we gotta know just what we’re dealing with, I got that detective coming over later, she should be able to get this all into proper perspective.”

The door opened and Liz walked in, looking at the sight before her she knew there was something wrong, and judging by the look on Bea’s face it was bad, really bad. Her eyes darted between them both, trying to think of something to say that wouldn’t get her head bitten off by one or worse still both of them. Her mind a complete blank she just walked to her desk, dropped her bag down and took her seat. Franky gathered all the papers together and stuffed them back into a file without saying a word. Getting up from the floor she went to her office softly closing the door behind her leaving Liz and Bea alone.

“Is there a problem love?”

“Difficult case Liz, there’s a detective coming in later, not sure when.”

“I’ll let you know when he arrives.”

“She….and let Franky know she’s the one who been in contact with her, if we get any calls can you take a message?”

“Course love, no problem.”

Bea poured another coffee before retreating to her own office, nothing could free her mind of worry. There was every possibility that Allie, even if she didn’t know Derek Channing, had heard of him, and that scared her, after meeting him face to face she had felt uneasy about him, but now, knowing everything Franky had dug up that unease ran through her with a force that was just indescribable. If the police couldn’t prove that he was, even in part, responsible for the missing women and illegal brothels what the hell were they going to do? Sure they could maybe find the missing woman, then what? Would she talk, tell the police everything she knew? Would they need to track down more of the missing women? Every possible question she had was turning over and over in her mind. And then there was Allie, no way was she going to allow her to be dragged into this mess, regardless of what she had done in her past that was exactly what it was, her past. Bea couldn’t imagine how she survived out there for so long on her own, yet she had, she survived, made it out, turned her life around and become so much stronger in the process.

She was torn from her thoughts by a loud knock on her office door, seconds later it swung open and Franky breezed in in her usual cocky manner followed by Detective Ayoub. After taking a seat the detective pulled out numerous files from her bag, the first two she passed over to Bea explaining that they were two ex inmates who had been paroled early over the last five weeks and had both seemingly disappeared without a trace within two weeks of being released.

“So, we should be looking for these two as well?” Bea sighed.

“If you could keep a look out for them it would most defiantly be appreciated, but I’m not going to ask you to actually look, they have been out longer than Dana and could be anywhere by now.”

“How many paroled inmates have actually gone missing?”

“Over the last two years I seem to have lost count, over the last six months about a dozen, not that I want to worry you both or anything but two have been found dead in suspicious circumstances .”

The detective had gone on to explain that everyone of the missing women had been recommended for early parole by none other than Derek Channing with the support of the social worker who had been working with the women ahead of their release. They had all either had a history of prostitution, drugs or both. Bea had shivered hearing that, how easily it could have been Allie if she had been arrested again. The conversation and subsequent details they gathered dragged on for another two hours much to Beas frustration, this whole thing wasn’t just a mess it was a gigantic fucking mess that may never be resolved. She would love to see nothing more than Channing get what he deserved, but they couldn’t rush into this, Franky was always more cautious than Bea but this time she knew she had to follow Franky’s lead and that would not be easy. Franky walked the detective out after another fifteen minutes then returned to Beas office saying that they should get out of the office and go for lunch.

Twenty minutes later they were both sat in the diner, Franky picking at the fries she had ordered and Bea sipping a coffee, she wasn’t hungry and thought she might not be for the rest of the week.

“Any ideas where we start Franky?”

“Your asking me?”

“You’ve seem to be handling this better than I am, you have to lead on this.”

“If that’s what you want Red but ya know this ain’t my thing, you always lead on these things.”

“Honestly Franky, I can’t, I can handle the job but this Channing shit is too much…besides you’ve got this, you’ve done all the ground work already.”

After a rather heavier conversation than they would usually have over lunch they headed back to the office, Franky going straight to her office to go through the files Detective Ayoub had left with her. Bea had been sat in her office for over an hour staring at the same spot on the wall when she suddenly had a thought, jumping up from her chair she almost ran to Franky’s office, bursting in through the door.

“Fuck Red, where’s the fire?”

“Just listen to me a second will ya, Kaz is working at a woman’s shelter right? What if we make copies of the pictures of all the missing women and ask her to keep an eye open for any of them turning up there.”

“Ha…thought ya were taking a back seat on this,” Franky laughed.

“I know, I know, but I’ve been sat in my office since we got back and it’s the only thing I’ve come up with so far, it might not be any use but ya never know.”

“Anything we can do would be helpful, you call Kaz and I’ll get the copies.”

Bea left Franky to make copies of the pictures and went back to her office to call Kaz, skimming over the details of the case Kaz agreed that she could do that, after all they were in trouble and needed help. Kaz said she couldn’t leave the shelter and gave Bea the address asking her to give her a call when she arrived. Returning to Franky’s office she had already printed copies of the pictures and also a few details of the women that would make identification easier if they did turn up. After gathering her things together Bea was just about to leave when Franky shouted to her,

“Hey Red, after you’ve done that get ya self off home yer, I’m gonna stay late and finish up as much as I can, if you get any info just give me a call.”

She wasn’t going to argue, getting home early meant she had plenty of time to cook dinner and today all she wanted to do was get home and spend the evening with Allie.

“Yer sure thing Franky, and if your going to be in early give me a call yer, I’m up at six.”

“No worries Red.”

Arriving outside the shelter Bea had a good look around, there was something about being outside that place that made her nervous, maybe it was just because the place looked so grey from the outside and she doubted the inside was any different, her thoughts once more returning to Allie, had she ever stayed in a place like this? They had never talked about it, she hadn’t wanted to drag her past up and now she knew that it was a possibility and Allie could end up hating her and she couldn’t think about that. Getting out of the car she pulled her phone from her pocket and called Kaz letting her know she was outside. Five minutes later Kaz was walking towards her and quickly ushered her inside, leading her down a dimly lit corridor to an office before gesturing for her to take a seat.

“You think there’s a possibility some of these women could come here?”

“Some of them already could have, been and gone I’m guessing, I don’t want you to think that I’m asking for your help because I want that arsehole locking up, I do, but I’m more concerned about the women. This is a fucking mess Kaz, Dana, the one we’re actually supposed to be looking for knew Allie, they were arrested together, so I’ve got to tell her all this, well, most of it.”

Bea handed over a file with the pictures and the details Franky had printed out, Kaz glanced through it quickly.

“Allie was arrested? When?”

“Three years ago, before either of us ever knew her. I’m worried ya know, what if she thinks I’m looking into her past?”

“I don’t think she’ll think that, not if you explain it all to her.”

“I hope not….I better get going, need to get home before Allie does.”

Kaz walked her out of the building and back to her car.

“I’ll keep my eyes open Bea…should I call you if any of them come here?”

“If you could let me know I’d appreciate it, but I won’t come running straight here don’t worry about that, I’ll let you decide when you think it’s the right time. I only want to keep them safe ya know.”

“Yer, I’m with ya there…..ya better get home, don’t want Allie sending out a search party for ya,” Kaz laughed.

Arriving home it was only just after four, she had plenty of time to have a shower and prepare dinner, running upstairs to the bedroom she quickly undressed and jumped in the shower really wishing she could just wash away everything that was going on, she stood under the water letting it wash over her body for five minutes before she got washed and got out. Quickly dressing in shorts and a t shirt she went to the kitchen having decided that she was going to just make a chicken salad, it was too warm and she wasn’t in the right mindset to cook anyway added to the fact that she just wasn’t hungry anyway. Grabbing everything she needed from the fridge she prepared the salad and put it back in the fridge before going to sit outside for a while. Just after five she went back in the house, getting a beer from the fridge she stood looking out of the window, downing half the beer in one go. She heard the key in the lock and heart rate increased, by the end of the week everything would be out in the open and everything they had right now might be gone, blinking the tears away she turned round to find Allie walking towards her a mischievous grin on her face. Taking the bottle from her hand she set it down on the counter top and draped her arms over Beas shoulders.

“Miss me?”

“Always….ya hungry?”

“Only for you.”

Allie pushed her body closer to the redheads, trailing her fingertips down the exposed skin on her arms leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake leaving Bea in no doubt what Allie wanted, looking into her eyes her intentions were clear and she knew she could never say no to her, it didn’t matter what had been on her mind before just that one look completely erased all those thoughts. Gently tracing her fingers back up her arms, over her shoulders and up her neck finally bringing her hands to rest on her face she brought their faces closer together ghosting her lips over Beas causing her to whimper in frustration and Allie to smirk. Closing the gap between them their lips finally meeting in a gentle kiss. Bea brought her arms up so they were round her waist pulling her in closer while desperately kissing her back, one hand trailing up her spine and coming to rest on her neck pulling her in even closer. Breaking the kiss Allie pulled away taking a step back leaving her very confused and frustrated girlfriend rooted to the spot leaning against the counter top. She slowly backed away even more, their eyes never breaking contact until she turned on her heels and walked to the kitchen door, looking over her shoulder she winked at her, “I’m going for a shower,” before leaving the room completely and walking up the stairs.

Bea felt like she had been stood there forever when really it was only a minute or two, picking up her beer she finished it before going to the fridge and grabbing another downing it in one go, closing her eyes she inhaled deeply before following Allie, reaching the top of the stairs she saw the bedroom door was closed, opening it slowly she could hear the shower running and was tempted to join her, changing her mind at the last minute she sat on the edge of the bed and waited. After twenty minutes she had gotten bored and had lay on the bed arms behind her head, the day had been mentally draining and she had only intended to close her eyes for a minute, by the time Allie had finished in the shower she had dozed off. Leaving the en suite Allie frowned when she looked over at the bed, “how can she even be asleep?” She thought to herself. Smiling to herself as she crossed the floor to the foot of the bed, dropping the towel from her body as she went, she knelt at Beas feet leaning forward she kissed from her ankle up to her knee, feeling Bea begin to stir under her, looking up she saw her now propped up on her elbows gazing back at her.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to wake you up.”

“I think you did that already…I didn’t mean to fall asleep, you just took too long in the shower.”

Reaching up she unbuttoned Beas shorts before pulling down the zip, reaching for the waistband she tugged them down and off dropping them on the floor, leaning back over her legs she continued kissing from her knee, up the inside of her thigh and over her hip, pushing her t shirt up as she carried on kissing her way over her stomach feeling the muscles twitch beneath her lips. Beas skin was on fire and her heart rate increased as she continued kissing her while tugging her t shirt further up, only stopping to get her girlfriend to raise her arms so she pull it off completely before reaching round to unclasp her bra, she gently pushed her back onto the mattress before removing it. Going back to kissing her she kissed the valley between her breasts and continued up to her neck, along her jaw before reaching her lips, softly laying her body down against her now almost completely naked body. Bea moved her hands round to Allies back digging her nails in slightly as she dragged them across the her soft skin all the time their lips never parted, the kiss becoming increasingly more heated until Bea suddenly flipped them over, kissing from her lips to her neck and moving lower until she reached her breasts kissing all over them until her lips closed around her left nipple gently sucking it into her mouth she heard Allie gasp, softly dragging her hand up her right side before connecting it with her breast and gently massaging it, all the time Allie had one hand tangled in her hair the other softly running up and down her back.

Bea moved lower kissing down her stomach inch by inch, she was in no mood to rush, in the back of her mind the thought still lingered that everything between them was coming to an end, she couldn’t shake it even now. Ignoring where she knew she needed her most she kissed down the inside of her left thigh all the way down to her ankle before kissing her way back up her right leg before slowly tracing her tongue through Allies drenched folds but not lingering there causing her to groan at the loss of contact, “fuck…Bea….please, stop teasing me.” Kissing her way back up her body she raised her eyes to see blue eyes looking back at her, carrying on her assent up her body until she found her lips kissing her passionately while pressing her thigh against her core swallowing the moans coming from the blond. Allie didn’t know where to put her hands choosing to tangle one in soft red curls the other eventually coming to rest on her back, grinding her hips into Beas thigh trying to get as much pressure as she could to calm the throbbing in her core. Bea trailed her hand lower down her stomach tracing small circles on her skin while breaking the kiss to move to her neck, moving herself slightly she moved her hand lower dipping one finger between her wet folds gently teasing her clit. Allie jerked her hips forward trying to get more pressure as she moved her finger down to her entrance slowly entering her, “Bea….please,” pulling her finger out she entered her again with two fingers slowly thrusting in and out and swiping her clit with her thumb, kissing along her jaw and neck she gradually increased the pace dragging the most beautiful moans from Allie she thought she had ever heard, “babe, I’m…I’m….so close,” recapturing her lips in a passionate kiss she curled her fingers and applied more pressure to her clit a few seconds later Allie was a moaning mess as she came hard arching her back as Bea helped her ride her orgasm out, slowly removing her fingers and licking them clean as Allie fell back against the mattress trying to get her breathing back under control. Bea lay at her side, her arm over her stomach and her head resting on her shoulder.

After a few minutes her breathing had returned to normal and she had pulled Bea closer to her side.

“Bea……I think my brain has turned to mush…..I don’t want to move from this spot.”

“So don’t…..we don’t have to go anywhere.”

Turning on her side so they were facing each other they kissed slowly to start but things soon became more heated as Allie gently pushed Bea so she was laying on her back, half laying on her as she kissed down her neck across her chest and down to her breasts paying attention to each one before moving lower, stopping for a second to hook her fingers under the panties that she was still wearing and tugging them down, pulling them off and throwing them behind her not caring where they landed. Moving herself so she was now between her legs she licked her clit causing Beas hips to jerk forward, she didn’t want to tease her too much so increased the pressure until she eventually felt her hands on her shoulders gently trying to coax her up the bed to her, kissing her way back up her body she slid her hand back down her body slipping her fingers through her folds and entering her with two fingers causing Bea to gasp, she continued her movements speeding up and applying pressure to her clit with her thumb until Bea came loudly moaning Allies name, when the intense waves of pleasure eventually subsided she removed her fingers flopping down on her side holding Bea close. They lay together just holding each other both falling asleep for a short while, Bea waking up first watching the beautiful woman in her arms sleep until her eyes fluttered open once more.

“Are you hungry now?”

“Hmmm, I think I might be.”

“Good because I’m starving.”

Getting off the bed Bea threw her shorts and t shirt back on leaving the bedroom while Allie threw on a t shirt and sweats and following her down to the kitchen.

“It’s only chicken salad but I couldn’t be bothered to cook, turns out that was probably a wise move,” Bea giggled and Allie joined in.

Sitting at the table together they ate Allie telling her about her day, Bea didn’t want to say too much about work only telling her what she thought was safe to tell her for now, she felt guilty for not telling her everything, she really wanted to but now was not the time, in all honesty she didn't think there was ever going to be a right time.

Chapter Text

Bea was already in the shower when Allie woke up after receiving a text from Franky letting her know she would be in the office by 7:30am. She found it strange that she hadn’t woken her up as she normally did. Dragging herself from the bed she opened the en suite door,

“Bea, is there something wrong?” She half shouted so she would be heard over the water.

“No, I just need to be in the office early.”

“Oh,” a hint of disappointment in her voice, “do you want any breakfast?”

“I could murder a coffee if your offering.”

“Might be a good idea, don’t want ya upsetting Franky or Liz.”

“I know,” Bea sighed.

Picking up her bag and car keys she left the house. Arriving at the office a few minutes before Franky she left her bag in her office before going to start the coffee, they had to get out of the office today and start asking around, she wasn’t looking forward to it but they couldn’t put it off much longer, Derek Channing would be wanting an update soon, sure they could lie, they were experts in telling half truths when the need arose and it wasn’t as if he had told them anything that could be considered the truth really, all except for Dana’s details everything else was a lie. Franky walked through the door, coffee and pastries in hand.

“Bet ya didn’t eat breakfast did ya?”

“Oh hey Franky, finally found your crystal ball?”

“Idiot…..I didn’t have time to eat that’s all.”

They sat down discussing how they were going to proceed, agreeing that Franky would head over to Melbourne CBD and Bea would take St Kilda, after all Bea knew more people over there than Franky and they would talk to her. Once that was sorted Bea raised the subject of taking someone else on, Franky agreed it would help them out and she knew the perfect person, if she could convince her. They agreed that Franky would have a word with Linda who worked with Allie at the bar, Linda Miles had a few years ago worked as a private investigator, after a really bad case with a missing child she had given it up and gone to work for Will. Franky agreed that she wouldn’t ask her until they had spoken to Allie, just on the off chance that Linda agreed and slipped up with any of the details about the case. When Liz arrived they were both getting ready to leave, Bea was double checking that she had everything just as Liz entered the office.

“Morning love, you two on your way out I see.”

“Yer, can’t keep putting it off no matter how much I’d like to.”

“Well I hope you get some results, will either of you be coming back in today or should I lock up?”

“I won’t be back in today… about you Franky?”

“Na, Gidge is working till six, I’m like you Red, need to get home.”

After telling Liz to lock up anytime she felt like it after four they went in their separate directions. Bea sending a text to Allie before driving off.

Sorry for running out on you like that. I won’t be late home, promise. I love you x


Arriving at her destination Franky parked her car, checked that she had everything she needed before leaving the car deciding to first wonder over to the tunnels under the Princes Bridge, she knew a couple of people who hung out in that area and she was hoping to run into them, if not she would just ask around without their help. Looking around she spotted one of the teenagers she knew.

“Jamie, over here,” she yelled.

He ran over to her giving her a hug.

“Franky, long time no see, how ya been?”

“Great, couldn’t be better, need ya help if your up to it.”

“Yer sure, Marks around somewhere, we should find him.”

Franky filled Jamie in on what they were working on as they looked for Mark, finding him not long after. She showed them the photos she had Mark instantly recognised one of the women,

“That’s Cindy, saw her over by Flinders Street Station a couple of days ago, not seen her since though, think she’s been keeping her head down.”

“Sounds right, she’s gone missing for a reason, she’s been hiding for three months, sounds like she’s doing a good job, if ya see her again will ya pass my contact details on? Tell her she isn’t in trouble we just need to find her so we can get her some place safe yer.”

Passing over a sheet to each of them that had all the missing women’s pictures on and a few of her business cards they both agreed that they would keep their eyes open and if they saw any of them they would try to talk to them. They were good kids, they both had had a hard time growing up, dropped out of school and got into trouble a bit, but they were willing to work and did odd jobs to keep their heads above water. Franky took them both to get something to eat and gave them both a few dollars for their help.

“I’ll be back over here in a few days, might catch up with you both then yer?” Franky told them as she was heading off.

Franky headed over to King Street, if any of the women were trying to make money that was a good place to look, there were plenty of strip clubs that would give them work. She spent the next few hours going from club to club with no real luck although a couple of the girls she knew who worked in one of the clubs thought they recognised one of the women, Angie, but hadn’t seen her for a week. Franky was quite happy with her days work, she had possible sightings of two of the women that were missing, she was just pissed off that neither of them were Dana, still when Channing wanted an update they wouldn’t be lying when they said they had no news yet. She headed off home intending to go back the next week as long as Bea agreed to it.


On the drive over to St Kilda Bea decided that she would go over to The Sacred Heart Mission first, it wasn’t where she would usually start but this case had nothing usual about it, and they provided a bed for the night, any of the women who were trying to lay low may have at least been there at some point. Parking up she was just about to get out of the car when she received a text message from Allie,

I understand you have to work babe. You better not break your promise though, stay safe, I love you too more than you will ever know x

Once at the mission she found someone to speak to, explaining why she was there actually surprised that they were being very helpful, the guy recognised Dana as soon as he saw her picture, saying that she had been there two nights previously but that he hadn’t seen her since although he had recommended the new woman’s shelter to her so it was possible she had gone there he mused. Bea hadn’t heard from Kaz but it was possible that she had gone there, she’d call Kaz later she thought to herself. The guy had also recognised another of the women, Sarah, he said she’d been going there on and off for the last four weeks but he hadn’t seen her for the last four nights, handing over her business card he promised to call her if either of them turned up again. Bea thanked him as she was leaving promising to stop in again.

She didn’t want to put off calling Kaz so she went back to the car to make the call.

“Hey Bea, everything alright?”

“Hey Kaz, yer, I’ve just been to the mission in St Kilda and they have seen Dana, said they recommend the women’s shelter to her.”

“When was the last time she was there?”

“Two nights ago, chances are she’s going to turn up there sooner or later.”

“She hasn’t yet, I’m there tonight so I’ll keep my eyes open, you really think you will find her?”

“I hope so, don’t know what’s going to happen to her if we don’t.”

They said their goodbyes and she hung up, deciding that she would go over to the bar and see if any of the girls she knew were in there already. She had no luck there, no one recognised any of them and none of the girls were in. She spent the rest of the afternoon wondering from place to place with no more luck, she hadn’t seen any of the girls she knew and that was strange, it didn’t normally matter what time of day it was she would run into at least one of them. Just after four she decided that she was going to head home, it was pointless to carry on looking. Reaching her car she had to laugh to herself, before Allie she would have stayed out until the early hours if she had thought it would get results, now all she wanted to do was get home and spend the evening with her girlfriend. Now she actually understood why Franky wasn’t a fan of working late, well not unless Bridget was working a late shift at the hospital, Bea never quite understood how a psychologist would need to work late. Arriving home she decided to give Franky a call.

“Yo Red, any news?”

“Can you ever answer the phone like a normal person Franky? But yer I do have some news, Dana has been seen but not for two days, and Sarah but she’s not been seen for four days.”

“Really….Cindy’s been seen for sure, maybe Angie too. It’s going to work out Red, trust me I know it will.”

“I hope so, it’s not like there’s not enough shit to worry about, Jake Stewart and Harry’s trials are coming up.”

“Hey, stop worrying about that, can’t see them getting off, it’ll all work out, now get off the bloody phone.”

“Yer, whatever Franky, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Yer and Red normal time, none of this early shit.”

When Allie arrived home Bea had been out of the shower for twenty minutes, she knew she was home and went straight to the kitchen knowing that was where she would most likely find her and she was right she found her sat at the table with a bottle of water, after giving her a quick kiss she went for a shower. Bea didn’t want to cook so waited for Allie to finish up so they could decide together what takeaway they both wanted.

After eventually deciding on a Chinese Allie placed their order and they settled down on the sofa waiting for their food to be delivered.

“Are ya starting work early again tomorrow?”

“Na, I doubt a Franky could handle another early start,” Bea laughed.

“She’s never struck me as an early riser.”

Turning on the tv they decided on a movie just as there was a knock on the door, Bea went to the door and Allie went to the kitchen to get a couple of beers, after plating their food up they took it back to the sofa so they could watch the movie while they ate. Dumping the dishes in the sink and getting another beer each Bea went back to the sofa, they stayed there for the rest of the evening cuddled up, Bea falling asleep not long after they had decided on another movie. Allie finished watching it although by the time it was over she was half asleep, waking Bea up and telling her to go to bed she locked up and followed her upstairs finding her still dressed laying on the bed fast asleep, pulling her shorts off she managed to get her into bed after a lot of complaints joining her a few minutes later and falling asleep cuddled up behind her.

The alarm going off that Saturday morning strangely woke Allie up but not Bea, after turning it off she lay there for a while looking at her, although she looked peaceful she still looked tired, she didn’t want to wake her but she knew she had to soon, deciding that she would leave her a little longer while she had a quick shower, when she went back to the bedroom Bea was awake.

“You should have woken me up.”

“You looked peaceful, and your just so cute when you’re sleeping I thought I’d leave you a little longer.”

“Guess I better get up.”

“And I better get dressed, then I’ll make breakfast while you take your sexy arse in the shower.”

“Can I just have coffee and toast?”

“You babe can have anything you want,” Allie giggled as she started to get dressed ready for work, “just get up and have a shower.”

After making coffee Allie waited for Bea before making her toast, sitting at the kitchen table she had to wonder why Bea had been so tired, she had started work a little earlier the previous day but she was home early, surly she shouldn’t have been that tired, shrugging her shoulders she decided that she was going to ask her about what was going on the next day, it was Sunday and they both had the day off. As soon as she heard Bea walking downstairs she put the toast on, she had her back to the door when when Bea entered the kitchen, she crossed the distance between them quickly and silently wrapping her arms round her girlfriends waist kissing her neck.

“I love you.”

“Hmmm, I know, and I love you too so much… you want anything with your toast?”


“We don’t have time for that, later though, I promise.”

They ate their breakfast and planned what they were going to do the next day, they both knew that the morning would be mostly spent in bed and they had to do a grocery shop and the laundry, but they were planning on lounging around the house after that, Bea was glad she didn’t want to go anywhere, they needed to talk and she had to arrange a time with Franky to call round so they could both be there like they had agreed. She knew it probably wasn’t going to be an easy conversation but it had to be had, she felt bad enough already that she hadn’t told her the truth yet. Glancing at the time she jumped up, kissed Allie and headed for the door, completely forgetting that she had left her phone in the bedroom, she rushed out of the door and jumped in her car.

Allie did the dishes before before going out back to sit in the sun for a while before she had to go to work. A while later she went upstairs to get her phone that she had left on charge, noticing that Bea had left hers, grabbing it she decided to drop it off for her, she couldn’t possibly go the whole day without it she knew that.

Arriving outside their office twenty minutes later she walked in greeting Liz who told her that Bea was in her office. She walked in without knocking, closing the door behind her,

“Didn’t you forget something at home this morning?”

“Yer, you because I had to leave ya behind,” Bea grinned at her.

“Not me ya idiot, what are you missing?”

After checking her bag then her pockets she realised what she had forgotten,

“Shit…..I left my phone.”

“Good thing I brought it for ya then isn’t it?”

Getting up from her chair she closed the distance between them bringing her into a hug and kissing her softly on the lips.

“Your too good to me you know that?”

“Na, I just love ya…..I better get going or I’ll be late for work.”

Bea sighed, “ok, I’ll see ya later.”

Allie opened her office door just as Derek Channing walked in speaking to Liz, Allie went pale closing the door quickly.

“Allie….whats’s wrong?”

Bea could see how tense Allie was now looking,

“Why is that guy out there talking to Liz, have you got any idea what he does?”

Chapter Text

Bea still had her phone in her hand, she could only guess who Allie had just seen and the fear she saw in her eyes told her everything she feared, it had to be Channing and Allie knew him, not telling her sooner had been a mistake. Allie had moved from the door and was pacing Beas office. Bea gave Franky a quick call not wanting to leave Allie alone.

“Red! What the fuck?”

“Shut up Franky and just listen, keep Channing out of my office and get rid of him, you hear me?”

“Yer sure thing Red.”

Franky was confused, why the hell the phone call? They were only separated by a paper thin wall, she could have whispered and she would probably have heard her. Opening her office door Franky looked at Derek Channing, something was up, she glanced at Liz but saw nothing unusual in her demeanour, inching her way out of her office all the time looking around she could hear Bea talking to someone, “shit,” she thought to herself, Allie must have stopped in for something, she knew she had to get rid of him, they should have told Allie already, “fuck, think, think,” Franky internally chastised herself.

“Mr Channing.”

“Ms Doyle, is there any progress?”

“Mr Channing, this is an unscheduled meeting, and one neither I or my partner have time for at the moment, I can tell you that we have received information that your niece has been seen in Chinatown, but as you can appreciate, we need to make further enquiries and to do that we must have a chance to follow up on the information. I’m sorry I can tell you little else but that’s all we have, now if you wouldn’t mind, we were about to leave the office.”

“I see, Chinatown you say, thank you, I will call you on Monday morning, schedule a meeting if that’s alright.”

“That would be best.”

He turned and left the office, Franky released the breath she hadn’t realised she was holding, looking at Liz who just had no idea what was going on, he seemed nice enough to her, always polite and well spoken, and he was always smartly dressed, the way Franky had just spoken to him made no sense to her, not that she ever really knew what was going on, most of the time she didn’t want to know.

Knocking on Beas office door lightly before opening it she went in finding Allie pacing and Bea trying to talk to her. The only reason Franky could reason for her to be acting like that was if she had seen Channing and she knew him, he couldn’t have seen her though, nothing about their brief conversation had hinted that he was interested in anything other than Dana.

“Why are you two working for him? Have either of you any idea what he does? He takes girls off the streets, forces them to work, keeps them fucking prisoners.”

“Allie, please baby, this is not what you’re thinking.”

“Oh so now you’re a fucking mind reader are you Bea? You don’t know what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling, just as long as you’re working on a case and the sun rises and sets on plant Bea Smith then everything’s alright isn’t it?”

“Allie….” Bea sobbed, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

“Now hold on blondie, this ain’t Reds fault, sure the guy asked for help, but I knew something was off with him from the get go, and you know me I did some digging, we know all we need to know about the creep from the detective that has been investigating him, technically he still thinks we’re working for him.”

“Oh and that makes everything alright does it?”

“Na, nothin makes this shit alright, and you finding all this out like this is my fault, Red wanted to tell ya but I wanted to know what we were dealing with, we agreed to sit down with you tomorrow and tell you all this shit together so don’t be blaming her, if ya gotta blame anyone then it’s me. Fuck sake look at her, she’s a bigger mess than you are. She’s been fucked up all week since we found out that you knew Dana Malouf, she knew you needed to know.”

“Dana…..she was in prison last I heard.”

“Yer, and she got early parole, went missing and did a runner from that dickhead who came here saying she was his niece, now all of this shit is fucked up, but this is not the place for us to be having this conversation and you know it.”

“Yer, I’m sorry.”

“Na, not me you need to apologise to blondie, I’m gonna call Will, you can’t go to work like this.”

“No Franky you can’t he’s always giving me time off.”

“Not arguing over this,” Franky turned to leave the office, opening the door she turned, “think ya got some making up to do….oh, and, keep the noise down!” She said with a wink.

Bea was sitting in her chair, head in her hands sobbing uncontrollably, she hadn’t wanted her to find out like this, why had she thought for a second that keeping this from her was a good idea? And now she knew and she hated her, her world was crashing down around her. In her head Allie was going to leave, walk away without giving her a chance to explain, not that she thought she deserved any less, but she loved her, there was nothing without her, Harry’s words entering her thoughts again, ‘your worthless,’ ‘your nothing,’ ‘your ugly.’ It had all been too good to be true, how could someone like Allie want to be with her? She could do anything, be with anyone she wanted. She should never have allowed herself to fall for her, but once she started she couldn’t stop. She was so lost in her own head that she hadn’t noticed that Allie was now knelt on the floor right in front of her, one hand on her shoulder the other caressing her cheek, she had been there for five minutes before it registered.

“Bea…baby I’m sorry…please don’t cry.”


“Baby, it doesn’t matter…..I love you…..please…look at me.”

Bea just couldn’t drag her hands away from her face, didn’t want to look at her, she was convinced that she was going to tell her that they were over, she was leaving, she was just saying what she thought she wanted to hear before she ripped her heart out and crushed it.

“Bea please.”

Wrapping her arms around her shoulders Allie pulled Bea towards her, resting her head on her shoulder so she could whisper in her ear.

“Bea…..I’m so sorry, seeing him standing there was a shock. I should have thought before I opened my mouth. Please baby, I’m so, so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I hate seeing you cry. Seeing him scared me, I don’t ever want to be reminded about before, my life was so shit before you, I would go to sleep every night hoping that I wouldn’t wake up the next day. Then you came into my life and for the first time in a very long time I felt safe, no one has ever loved me the way do, and I know I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, your my everything, without you nothing makes sense. I love you so very much.”

Bea tried to pull away, wanted to prepare herself for what she still thought was coming but Allie wouldn’t let her go, the more she tried to pull away the tighter she held on. Her sobs eventually turned to a sniffle and she dropped her hands from her face still not wanting to look into those gorgeous blue eyes for fear of what she might see in them. Allie released her grip, pulling away only long enough to take both her hands in hers,

“You really don’t have any real idea what he’s capable of, and you should have told me about this as soon as you knew I knew Dana.”

“I…I…know, I got scared, when Franky showed me Dana’s arrest record and I saw you were a known associate and had been arrested with her I panicked, thought you would think I was looking into your past.”

“Maybe I should have told you I’d been arrested, but you knew everything about me, everything I’d done, I just assumed you would have guessed, you can’t really do what I did without the cops catching up with ya.”

“You….your not…leaving me?”

“What?.....leave you, why would you even think that?”

“Because I’m so fucking dumb, I should have told you what this case was about.”

“I’m pissed off with ya, I can’t lie about that, but I’m not leaving ya. We’ll get passed this, just don’t keep things from me anymore, I get why you did it, but if you had have told me I could have told you a lot of things I don’t think you know.”

Franky walked back in to Bea’s office,

“You two ok?”

“We will be, what do you want Franky?”

“We’re getting out of here, I called Will, he said to tell blondie that he was closing the bar today at two and not opening again until Monday so the contractors can finish fitting the bar out. And I’ve called Detective Ayoub, she’s gonna come over to yours around three. So come on, I don’t want to talk about this in the office, walls have ears ya know.”


The three of them were sitting in the lounge, Franky explaining everything to Allie. Bea just sat watching her reaction, still unsure if what she had said in her office was the truth. Her memory of Harry’s words swimming round in her head from earlier on still leaving her doubting that Allie would want to stick around, she didn’t want to think about him, she wanted him out of her life for good but every now and again she could still hear him, damn Harry, he had terrorised and tormented her for too long and she still let him affect her, that only ever resulted in her getting angry at herself, he wasn’t there but he might as well still be. Her eyes however had never left Allie and she had seen nothing that suggested she would pack up and leave anytime soon. She was so distracted that she didn’t even hear Franky say she was going to go to the deli and get get them all some lunch.

“Hey Red, what ya gonna have?”

“Earth to Red…..”

“Huh, what…..sorry, was miles away.”

“Yer we could see that, I’m going to the deli what do ya want?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Course your not, I’ll just get your usual then.”

Franky left, on the drive over to the deli she couldn’t help but wonder what Allie knew about Derek Channing, did she know things the cops didn’t? It was possible, after all she had lived on the streets, not that Franky was going to hold her past against her, she’d made some pretty shit decisions herself in the past, she’d walked a fine line that could have seen her locked up or dead, pulling up at the deli she suddenly realised that she had to tell Bea what she had said to Channing. Getting out of the car she went inside, ordered what they usually had and a BLT for Allie, she wasn’t waiting long and before she knew it she was back at Beas. Walking into the house she found them both still on the sofa, Bea laying down with her head in Allies lap, Allie running her fingers through her soft curls.

“Fuck sake, Reds gonna fall asleep, she’s looking tired there.”

“Yer, she looked tired this morning and she was still asleep.”

“Excuse me, if you hadn’t both noticed I am right here, you could try talking to me instead of talking about me.”

“Yer, yer Red, get off ya arse and come and eat with us.”

They sat in the kitchen eating, Franky and Allie were actually eating, Bea was picking at hers and it wasn’t going unnoticed by Allie but for the time being she didn’t say anything.

“I told Channing that Dana had been seen in Chinatown, should keep him busy far enough away from where she really was last seen.”

“He won’t be looking for her himself Franky, shit have you not worked him out yet?”

“He’s a fucking creep what more is there?”

“You really have no idea, I’m not going through all this shit twice so your gonna have to wait till your detective arrives.”


Just after three there was a knock on the door, Franky got up to answer it, showing Detective Ayoub through to the lounge. Franky and Bea filled her in on what they had found out and also about Channing just showing up at the office that morning. Bea told her that Allie had things she wanted to tell them, Allie was feeling nervous, she was going to have to tell them things that she really didn’t want to talk about, she was lucky that she hadn’t experienced Derek Channing and his associates first hand but she had heard about them. Bea saw her discomfort and took one of her hands in hers giving it a light squeeze. The detective looked over at Allie trying to place her, she was unsure how she could fit into this when she realised who she was.

“What, wait, Allie…..Allie Novak?”

“Yer, that’s me.”

“I don’t understand how you fit into all this, you seem to have turned your life around, your obviously not still out on the streets.”

I would be if it weren’t for Bea and Franky,” looking at Bea, “but mostly Bea….I was at the office this morning when Derek Channing showed up, I don’t think any of you know that much about him.”

“And you want to tell us?”

“No…..honestly I don’t, but I think I need to.”

This was going to be hard, she felt like she was being judged by the detective, more so when she saw her look at her and Beas joined hand.

“I need to just tell you this so I would appreciate it if you would all refrain from talking and let me finish.”

All three of them nodded and Allie took a deep breath.

“Derek Channing doesn’t do anything for himself, he is in charge but never gets his hands dirty. When I was out on the streets a lot of the new girls would go missing, the younger they were the more likely they were to go missing, and they were always the ones that weren’t doing drugs. He works with a woman called Joan Ferguson and she uses a heavy called Nils Jesper, everything she says he does. We all knew what was going on and most of us had seen a couple of the girls taken, when we asked questions Nils Jesper would pay us a visit and warn us to keep our mouths shut or he’d give us drugs to keep us quiet. I would never take what he offered, one girl that did overdosed on what he gave her. I don’t know if you know this or not but they have an illegal brothel just off Grey Street in St Kilda, I can show you where that is if you need to know. There’s two in Chinatown, I know there’s probably more but I can’t say where they are because I don't know, some of the girls down on Grey Street will know though.”

“How does Ferguson fit into this?”

“As far as I know she actually takes care of the brothels and the girls, actually she dosnt take any kind of care with them, more like keeps them locked up, fills them full of drugs to keep them compliant, I once saw her down on Grey Street, that was a long time ago though, I got the feeling that she was picking the girls out that she wanted.”

“If we were to arrange for a detective to take you over to St Kilda would you show them where the brothel is?”

“On one condition.”

“And that would be?”

“That Bea comes with me, I’m not going back there without her.”

The detective just nodded, “that can be arranged.” She said as she stood up to leave.

“I know you probably have more to tell me but I think that’s enough for today, you look like you need a break, and I need to look into what you have just told me, I’m assuming you won’t be leaving the area.”

“I’d say that’s not likely, unless Bea is going to kick me out.”

“I really had better be going now.”

Franky showed her to the door, returning to the lounge she found Allie wrapped in Beas arms sobbing, Franky knew she needed to leave them to it, Allie would have more to tell them she was sure of that, but she’d had enough for one day. Getting Beas attention she let her know that she was leaving telling her she’d check in at some point the next day. Franky wanted to get home and do more digging. She didn’t like anything Allie had said and she was worrying, how could looking for one missing woman turn into a whole shit storm, this didn’t look like it would or could end well. Although she was still hopeful that they would all get through it.

Chapter Text

Allie woke up Monday morning still feeling tired and completely drained, Bea was just worried, not only did they have to keep working the case but today was the start of Jake Stewart’s trial. She couldn’t help but wonder what he thought he was going to gain by not pleading guilty, she had seen the list of witnesses for the prosecution, of course Harry was on the list, that fucker would try anything to try a make himself look like the victim in this, that he was innocent and had been made to deal drugs in the prison, no one would ever make him do something he didn’t want to do at least not unless they were twice his size, and she knew him better than anyone, Harry Smith did not do anything that he didn’t want to do. Allie had dragged herself out of bed and gone to the kitchen returning a short time later with coffee and toast, passing the tray over to Bea as she slipped back into bed beside her.

“You look worried, want to talk about it?”

“There’s just too much happening at once, and you didn’t need dragging into this.”

“I was hardly dragged into anything, and I want to help if I can.”

Bea arrived at the office really not in the mood to work, she wanted an end to all of the shit and soon. “Fuck this,” she thought to herself picking her car keys back up, she was just walking out of her office when Franky and Liz were on their way in.

“Where ya off to Red?”

“Out….I’ll be back later.”

The drive over to St Kilda didn’t take too long, parking in the small carpark that belong to the hotel where she stayed with Allie she went inside, relieved that it was the owner sitting behind the desk reading a magazine.

“Bea, how is everything? How’s that young woman doing that stayed here?”

“Things are crazy….Allie’s doing good, working in a bar right now.”


“And what?”

“Oh come on Bea, how long have we known each other? I could tell ya liked her when I saw ya together.”

“Ok, ok I give in, we’re together alright? That’s not what I came here to talk about.”

“So what can I help ya with?”

“I heard there was an illegal brothel round here, don’t suppose you have any idea where that is?”

“Seriously…..everyone knows where it is, but why the interest in that place? Is this for a case?”

“Why else would I want to know?”

“Give me a minute, let me call my son, you remember David right? He might be able to help you out more than I can.”

Bea leaned on the wall and waited until she had finished on the phone, after hanging up she let her know that her son would be over in fifteen minutes. They chatted for a little while she waited the main topic of conversation being Debbie and how well she was doing at university, and a few cheeky questions about how she got together with Allie and what they had been up to. Bea didn’t really want to talk about Allie, not that she wasn’t a regular favourite topic of conversation with most people but being back in that hotel remembering everything they had gone through together to get to where they were now it didn’t feel right. Bea was relieved when David arrived, she looked him up and down and he laughed,

“Ya aren’t seeing things, I am all grown up now.”

“No kidding, you were a skinny, stroppy teenager the last time I saw you, what happened?”

“Three years in the army is what happened, but that’s not what ya wanna talk about, shall we go over to the café across the street?”

Bea just nodded and followed him out side and across the street, she sat at a table right at the back while he went to get coffee. They made small talk for a while until Bea finally got round to what she needed help with. He explained everything he knew about the brothel and surprisingly to her he knew all about Derek Channing and Joan Ferguson. He wanted to help anyway he could as long as it didn’t involve having to actually enter the premises. Bea certainly didn’t want anyone going in there, she asked if he’d go back to the office with her. He agreed without hesitation, after leaving the army he’d been doing security work and he was so bored with it, on the drive back to the office he’d asked how he could get licensed to do what they did and Bea had been happy to tell him which gave her an idea, one that she would have to run past Franky before she did anything.

Liz looked up from her magazine when she heard the door open seeing Bea walk in with a tall very muscular young man as they both walked over to Franky’s office door, Bea tapped on the door before opening it and walked in closing the door behind them. Now Liz was even more confused, this case was confusing the hell out of her and no one was telling her anything, not that she needed to know but they normally bounced ideas off her.

Franky had her chair turned away from her desk and was facing the window, when she heard the door close she spun her chair round only seeing Bea at first,

“Hey Red, where’d ya……..shut up, that’s not… I can’t be……little David, is that really you?”

“Sup Franky, yer it’s me, surprised?”

“Hell yer!”

“Franky, David wants to help us out, he’s local, no ones going to give him a second look.”

“Yer, but what’s he going to help with?”

“Fuck sake, David tell her what ya told me.”

“No worries. So you’re trying to get evidence on Derek Channing and ‘the freak’.”

“I’m sorry…who?”

“Joan Ferguson, she’s known as ‘the freak’ locally, anyway, Bea was telling me about this missing person case yer, well I know that Derek Channing and Joan Ferguson will both be at the brothel tonight, it’s Monday, she hands over his share of the takings on a Monday. Joan is actually in charge of the brothels, not sure how many there are but I know it’s more than half a dozen scattered all over Melbourne. I had a ex army buddy who used to do security for Channing, he went missing a few months ago, right after that that guy, Nils Jesper, took over security, but he was around before that mainly persuading girls off Grey Street to work in the brothel, although I reckon he used a lot more than just persuasion. I’ve seen him giving the girls a hard time. Rumour has it that a couple of the girls have gone missing and Ferguson is the reason, one of the girls got away and she said that she beat them if they weren’t bringing enough money in. I don’t know how much help I can be but I could be your eyes and ears on the ground, I don’t look out of place cos I live there.”

“Shit, this sounds worse than what Allie was telling us….would you speak to the detective we’re working with on this?”

“Sure, anything I can do I’ll do it.”

A short while after Franky had called Detective Ayoub they were sat in Franky’s office the detective still trying to believe that David could know more about Channings movements than she did. She knew she had to make a move to get the evidence that they needed and they still had the problem of Dana and the other missing women, but if they could get Channing and Ferguson out of the picture maybe the women would come out of hiding. Liz knocking on the door brought silence to the room until Franky finally told her to “come in,” informing her that Channing was on the phone she asked her to put the call through. She spoke with him for a few minutes trying to keep her cool, knowing everything she now did it was a struggle to be polite, arranging a meeting for Thursday afternoon she hung up.

After another hour and a few phone calls they were set for what was going to happen later, Bea and Franky were to be kept in the loop but were not going to be any part of it, something that brought great relief to Bea, at least she would be at home with Allie. David left the office with the detective after they had arranged to meet the following day away from the office, now things seemed to be progressing they all felt that it was better that way.

Arriving home Bea received a call from Kaz to tell her there has still been no sign of Dana at the shelter and also that Jake Stewart had changed his plea to guilty and that his sentencing would be held in three weeks time. Bea had been a little pleased after hearing that, she knew Harry would be pissed, he wasn’t going to get his chance to act like he was hard done by, a victim of the system that he had to live under, she silently laughed to herself imagining him throwing a fit when he found out he wouldn’t be giving evidence.


The detectives car rolled to a stop parking in the shadows just metres from the entrance to the brothel round the corner from Grey street, David in the back seat, Detective Ayoub in the drivers seat and a Detective known only as Vince in the passenger seat. That was the way he liked it no need for his full name he was just Vince. It was nearing midnight and David pointed out a window at the front of the building that was in complete darkness, from his now missing friend he had learnt that it was the office and only two people ever entered that room, Channing and ‘the freak’, it was kept locked for reasons that would eventually become apparent, but right then no one was any wiser. At exactly midnight a dark coloured car pulled up outside the brothel, Vince sprang into action, aiming his camera lens at the car, the occupant didn’t seem to be in any hurry to exit the vehicle, they didn’t even seen that concerned about being seen having parked directly under a street light. As the sole occupant of the car opened the door to get out it was clear that it was Derek Channing, he got out, didn’t bother to lock it and went straight into the brothel. After a couple of minutes the light in the darkened room flicked on and two people could clearly be seen standing just a couple of feet from the window, Channing and ‘the freak’, Vince was still preoccupied with his camera, the car was silent except for the clicking of the camera. They could clearly see from where they were sat the envelope exchange hands then a few seconds later the light flicked off. Nils Jesper exited the building, standing outside just looking up and down but not once noticing the car the three of them were sitting in. He was followed out a few moments later by Derek Channing, they exchanged a few words before Channing went back to his car and drove off. Jesper disappeared back inside the building, much to David’s relief.

Vince was pleased with what he had captured, Channing couldn’t say that he wasn’t visiting an illegal brothel now, and although right then they had no proof what the envelope contained he had been seen accepting it. Vince looked over at Detective Ayoub and nodded, starting the car she drove away, dropping David just round the corner from his home reminding him where they were meeting the following day.


Bea and Franky arrived at the diner across town the following lunch time finding David already waiting for them at a table in a quiet corner, they had never been to this diner before and judging by the number of cops that were in there it seemed like the detective had not chosen the place by accident. Taking a seat across from David they were approached by the waitress, both ordering coffee and a burger and fries they waited for Detective Ayoub to make her appearance. They had just received their food when she entered the diner, looking around until she spotted them, on her way over she laughed and joked around with a few of the cops before reaching where they were sitting.

“So……did ya get anything last night?” Franky asked impatiently.

“We certainly did, Channing can hardly deny being there, the guy actually is stupid, he arrived in his own car, we have photographic evidence of everything we were able to see.”

“What will happen now?” Bea asked.

“As his Monday night meetings happen weekly and always at the same place it’s been decided that we’re going to raid the place next Monday once he’s inside. In the mean time we really need to find out where the rest of the brothels are. David has plenty of contacts and has offered to help with that. We need you to keep investigating the missing women, it’s really important now that we don’t just focus on Dana.”

“We still have to meet with Channing on Thursday, I know it’s true that we haven’t actually come up with anything concrete but I think he’s getting suspicious, damn sure he’ll have had people all over Chinatown looking for her.”

“I don’t doubt that for a second Franky, but we all know just because someone has been seen they will be easy to find.”

“So we just tell him a load of crap?”

“You tell him whatever you feel is best, after next Monday I’m hoping you won’t need to worry about him, we have people keeping an eye on the place now 24/7.”

After another hour of discussing everything Detective Ayoub left, leaving Bea, Franky and David chatting.

“Bea told me that you were asking about getting licensed as a private investigator, are you really interested?”

“Yes, even more so now, security work is fine, I work regular hours but it’s always the same. After three years in the army I’m so bored, makes me wish I had stayed.”

“If your really serious we have a properersition for ya, we need someone we can rely on to work with us, neither of us can do loads of late nights, the other halves don’t like it, anyway we want to pay for your course in investigative services then ya can get your license, it’s win win no matter how ya look at it, you get a job that’s more interesting, well most of the time, and we get someone we can trust to work with us, and get the girlfriends off our backs.”

David sat quietly for a moment trying to gather his thoughts.

“That’s sounds great, but I can pay for the course myself……hang on wait….girlfriends?”

He looked at Bea with a raised eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me like that.”

“Na…..I…I just never thought…..when do I get to meet her?”

“Oh god,” Bea sighed, “I’ll have to ask her.”

“Yer well don’t leave it too long…..I knew there was something different about ya, just never guessed it was a someone and not a something.” He laughed.

Leaving the diner Bea and Franky went back to the office, they needed to discuss what they were going to do the next day. Almost as soon as they were seated in Beas office her mobile rang Kaz’s name flashing up, on the screen.

“Hi Kaz,”

“Bea, I’ve got Dana sitting here with me right now and she wants to talk to you.”

“What? Wait…she wants to talk?”

“Yes, she really could use some rest right now, could you come over tomorrow?”

“Yes, not a problem, what time would be best?”

“After lunch, its usually quiet round here then.”

“Wait, did you tell her we were looking for her?”

“No, she walked in here a couple of hours ago, she’d been to the mission last night and I guess it must have been the same guy you spoke to who told her, she said he gave her your details but she was scared to call you herself so he brought her over and left her with me. We chatted and I mentioned Allie…..and well they used to be friends ya know so she asked me to call ya.”

“Tell her I’ll, be there after two tomorrow, we’ve got a lot to get done.”

“Sure no problem.”

Franky was sitting forward in her seat listening to Bea, guessing that it could only be about Dana, as soon as she hung up Bea told her that it was Dana who had finally turned up and that she would be seeing her tomorrow.

“Well you deal with that, I’m gonna call Linda, see if she would be willing to help me out for a few hours, this bloody case better be worth it…..we ain’t gettin paid for this one we both know that.”

“Yer, typical ain’t it? We take on a case and the person we’re working for is in it right up to their neck, look at it this way, it’s been an experience.”

“Yer…..not one I want to repeat in a hurry.”

Franky called Linda who agreed to help out, it was her day off the next day and she had nothing planned. They both finished up what they were doing, Franky finding out the next course in investigative services started in a month so needed to get David enrolled on it as soon as possible and Bea finished up writing the case notes so far before checking her email.

Chapter Text

Bea was staying in the office while Franky and Linda went back out to the CBD, she didn’t really have anything to do after checking her emails. She’d tried having a light conversation with Liz but that hadn’t gone to plan, Liz started asking too many questions about the case and Bea knew she couldn’t discuss it with her, she hated having to keep things from her but Liz seemed to have taken a liking to Derek Channing, she could only hope that after the next week she wouldn’t have to keep hiding things from her, having Liz to talk to had always been helpful in the past but now it was just aggravating her, she poured herself a coffee before she stomped back to her office. She sat in her chair with her feet up on her desk trying to wish the rest of the week away. She wondered how Allie was going to take the news when she could tell her that Dana was safe, Bea hadn’t met her yet but she was sure she wasn’t going to like her too much. Allie had told her a little more about her and she sounded like she was willing to do almost anything during the time they had hung out together while they were on the streets, she had told her a few stories that had made Bea cringe, and even though Allie had assured her that she had never let herself be talked into going along with Dana most of the time she couldn’t help but wonder and worry that Allie wasn’t telling her everything. But that was in the past, Allie had done nothing to make her think that she wanted to go back to that life, she was so happy and carefree now that she couldn’t entertain half of the things that ran through her mind.

Her phone ringing dragged her back to reality, Franky’s name on the screen making her groan internally.

“Hey Franky, what’s up?”

“Just checking in, and we found out where one of the other brothels is.”

“You’ve only been out an hour, how’d ya manage that?”

“Nothin to do with me, Linda’s still got contacts, anyway this one is on Berkeley Street, you’d walk straight past it and never know what it was.”

“Should have asked Linda to help before now.”

“Yer, tell me about it, better go, laters Red.”

It was just gone two that afternoon when Bea pulled up outside the shelter, getting out of the car she grabbed her phone from her pocket and called Kaz letting her know she was outside, that was something else that was getting on her nerves, having to wait outside who did Kaz think she would bring with her? Following Kaz down the same dimly lit hallway they arrived at the office, stepping inside she came face to face who she guessed must be Dana, around the same age as Allie, a few inches taller than her with long dark hair and deep brown eyes, the way her gaze fell on Bea unsettled her more than a little. Taking a seat she tried to shake the feeling off, she had once been Allie’s friend and she was meant to be helping her. Dana’s eyes never left Bea for a second even when Kaz spoke to her, she answered but her eyes were firmly fixed on the redhead.

Kaz poured them all a coffee, Bea’s discomfort was not lost on her, she had seen the way she was looking at her and she needed to try and ease the tension, she could have kicked herself, maybe she had really said too much when she had brought Allie into the conversation the previous day, she hadn’t exactly told her that Allie and Bea were together but she must have put two and two together. Eventually Kaz got Dana’s attention and swung the conversation onto the topic that they were supposed to be discussing. Four hours later Bea finally had the whole story, of course they had had to go the long way to get to what had happened and Bea was exhausted, glancing at the clock on the wall she jumped up, told Kaz that she had to get home and that she could find her own way out. She almost ran out of the building, jumping in her car she just sat there for a few minutes. Remembering she had put her phone on silent before she had gone in she pulled it out of her pocket finding two missed calls and three texts from Allie,

Do you have to work late x

Bea is everything ok? I’ll start dinner don’t be too late x

Bea you’re scaring me now, what’s wrong? Please answer me x

Noticing the time of the last text was only five minutes ago she decided it was best to call.

“Bea, where are you?”

“I’m sorry, I was in a meeting I didn’t realize the time, I’m on my way home now.”

“You scared the shit out of me when ya didn’t answer.”

“I’m sorry, I should have let you know I was going to be late.”

“Well yer you should have, but it doesn’t matter, you were in a meeting it’s not like you can just drop everything to call me.”

“I didn’t think it would take this long, I’ll be home soon, I love you.”

“Glad to hear it, and babe….I love you too.”

Putting her phone away she started the car and drove home, Allie didn’t sound mad at her, at least she hoped she wasn’t, finally pulling into the drive she saw Allie stood at the door waiting for her, she took a deep breath before getting out, she had to be mad why else would she be waiting at the door?

“I’m really sorry I didn’t realize it was this late.”

“I was getting worried, you never said you had a meeting this morning.”

“I didn’t expect it to take more than a couple of hours, thought I’d have been home well before you were.”

Reaching the door Allie took her by the hand leading her into the kitchen, dinner was almost ready, she made her sit down before she got her a beer from the fridge and passed it over to her,

“You look like you could use one.”

“Yer I think you're right.”

Bea felt on edge the whole evening, she really hadn’t liked the way Dana had stared at her, she made her really uncomfortable, she was glad when Allie fell asleep cuddled into her side while they were watching tv. Admittedly Allie had made her feel a little uncomfortable at first when she would stare at her, but this was a whole new feeling and she couldn’t shake it. Eventually she woke Allie up and told her to go to bed, after a few minutes she got up and locked the house up before following her upstairs finding her already in bed asleep.


Derek Channing was due to arrive at the office within the next five minutes, they had agreed what they were going to tell him and now they were just sitting in Beas office, neither Bea or Franky spoke, they didn’t want to be in the same room as him but it would have made him more suspicious of them than they guessed he already was if they had cancelled this meeting. Five minutes felt like hours in the silence of Beas office, it was suddenly broken when they heard Liz speaking to someone, when they heard a mans voice reply they just looked at one another, hearing Liz’s voice getting closer to the door, her tap on the door made them both jump. Composing themselves just in time before she opened the door,

“Mr Channing to see you both….can I get anyone a coffee?”

Bea and Franky both shook their heads.

“Thank you Liz, but I really wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble, and besides I really don’t have the time.” Channing replied as he walked into the office taking a seat next to Franky.

“Ladies, do you have anything more concrete to tell me?”

Franky rolled her eyes as she eyed Bea, she knew that look.

“As I’m sure Franky told you we had been informed that she had been seen in Chinatown, we have since conducted extensive enquiries in the area and have found no trace of her. That’s not to say that she hasn’t been there, maybe we just missed her before she moved on.”

“So you use unreliable informants, is that what you are telling me?” He half shouted.

“Not at all Mr Channing, and if you wouldn’t mind keeping your voice down I would greatly appreciate it, I’m sure you don’t want anyone outside this office to hear our conversation. Now as I was going to say we have many reliable informants, they have helped us find many missing people. As we needed to stay in the office this afternoon for this meeting we have been unable to follow up a few new sightings of her all in the area of Frankston, and as you can appreciate we would much rather be out there rather than sitting here but since you requested a meeting at this time of day we felt obliged to acquiesce with your wishes.”

“Hmmm, yes I see your point, it was rather foolish of me to request a meeting in the middle of your working day, for that I apologise.”

“Your words Mr Channing not mine, but yes it was foolish, I don’t know what else we could possibly tell you at this moment, may I suggest that you make an appointment with Liz, possibly for next Friday, say 9am, of course we hope to have found her by then.”

He just looked at Bea, he had nothing to say. Of course it was a lie, Dana had never been anywhere near Frankston all the time she had been missing, it was what they had come up with and Franky had called Detective Ayoub to fill her in on what they were going to tell him, it kept his attention well away from where she really was. They were both hoping that he wouldn’t be available to keep his next appointment, as long as everything went to plan he should be more than a little preoccupied. When he left the office after making an appointment for the following week he had gone straight to his car and called Nils Jesper, they had no idea who he was calling but he was on their CCTV making a call as soon as he reached his car. Back at the brothel in St Kilda Jesper was seen leaving the building while talking to someone on his phone. Everything was falling into place for the detective especially as Jesper had been followed straight over to Frankston after taking that phone call.


All too soon it was Monday afternoon, neither Franky or Bea had left the office the entire day, both of them were on edge. Detective Ayoub had called Franky to let them know that a total of eight illegal brothels had been uncovered it hadn’t been difficult to uncover there whereabouts with the help Linda and David had provided, Jesper had been tailed since the previous Tuesday, the guy either thought he was untouchable or just really dumb since he had visited each brothel on Sunday evening leaving all but the one in St Kilda with a large envelope.

They left the office at four leaving Liz to lock up.

“You told blondie that you’re coming back to the office at eleven yet?”

“No, have you told Bridget?”

“I said I needed to come back after dinner, didn’t tell her what time after dinner.”

They both headed home. In the last couple of weeks Bea had only been late home once, and that had been because of Dana who she hadn’t seen since and didn’t really care to see again. Kaz had called a couple of times, the first to let her know that the guy from the mission had also dropped Sarah off, Bea had made an excuse not to go over and speak to her. The second time she called was just to let her know that both women were still there, they had both wanted to leave but she had convinced them that is was a bad idea. Bea had no intention of going back to the shelter but had told Kaz that she would just to get her off her back.

As soon as she stepped in the house Bea had almost thrown herself on the sofa, every possible scenario about the upcoming events playing out in her head and only one had a somewhat jubilant ending. After taking a shower she started on dinner, she’d already planned what to tell Allie, she only hoped that she would sound convincing.

Allie arrived home at her usual time, the smell of food cooking dragging her straight to the kitchen, finding Bea slumped over a pile of paperwork that she had had brought home with her.

“So now you’re bringing your work home with ya?”

“Just some stuff I needed to read, didn’t have time today, why don’t you jump in the shower, I’ll put this away and finish dinner.”

Allie just shrugged and headed upstairs, Bea had seemed distracted since the night she was late home and she didn’t know why, she wasn’t shutting her out but she also wasn’t telling her something that much she knew for sure. It had to have something to with Dana or Channing she figured. She didn’t want to push her so was trying to wait until Bea was ready to tell her what was eating at her, her own insecurities building up in her head, was knowing more about her past coming between them? Did Bea actually not want her around anymore? She tried not to think about it and when she was a work it wasn’t difficult but as soon as she got home it was there in the forefront of her mind. After showering and getting dressed she went back to the kitchen to find Bea plating up their food, she sat at the table just as Bea passed her a plate, grabbing her own she sat across from her.

“I need to go back to the office later.”

“What? Why?”

“We had some information about where Dana is, we have to follow it up, she seems rather reluctant to be seen during the day.”

“Yer I guess she would, I never did.” She responded as she looked down at the plate in front of her.

“Hey, it’s just tonight I promise, I shouldn’t be gone more than a couple of hours.”

“I get it, she’s your priority right now.”

Looking across the table at Allie, seeing how deflated she looked she pushed her chair back and walked round to her pulling her into a hug.

“She’s not my priority, she’s just work, it’ll only be tonight. If it makes you feel any better I really don’t want to go back, I’d much rather stay here with you, but I told Franky I would, she’d kill me if I say I’m not going now, I’m here for a few hours, I don’t have to get back until eleven.”

“Any idea what time you’ll be back?”

“Hopefully no later than two.”


Bea got back to the office a little after eleven finding Franky and David were already there, since David had helped they wanted him to be there when they found out how things had gone. There were going to be eight simultaneous raids on the brothels, Detective Ayoub had managed to get the teams together right at the last minute, her boss wasn't happy about using so many resources on a case that had been dragging on but when she had presented him with all the evidence they had collected over a week he had eventually conceded and given the go ahead for the operation. It was now a waiting game, Franky was filling David in on the course in investigative services that he wanted to do, filling out all the forms that were necessary and Bea had convinced him to let them pay for it, not because they had to but because they wanted him to become a part of their team, and he could help out with certain things while he was doing his course, “call it on the job training,” Franky had joked.

As it neared midnight the three of them could do nothing but sit and wait,

“You sure he shows up every Monday night?”

“Well technically Bea its Tuesday morning, but yer he does, always the same time just after midnight.”

None of them spoke after that, David sat sipping on a coffee, Franky sat on the corner of Liz’s desk swinging her leg and Bea just paced back and forth. It started to feel like time was standing still, Bea had contemplated removing the clock from the wall, eventually deciding against it even though she couldn’t stop glancing at it every couple of minutes. Franky’s phone ringing in the almost silent office made all three of them jump, pulling herself together she quickly answered it hearing the words they had all been waiting for.

“Channing, Ferguson and Jesper are in custody.”

“You got them, all three of them?”

“They had no escape, Channing tried to get out the back but we had the place surrounded, he had no where to go.”

“Thank fuck for that, so it’s over?”

“Not quite, I call you tomorrow and arrange a time to meet, you all deserve to know what we find, it’s going to be a long night for us.”

After hanging up the three of them were relieved, how the hell did a simple missing person turn into something that fucked up? At least for now it was over. It wasn’t until they had received that news that Bea had suddenly remembered, Harry had been due in court for the start of his trial. She couldn’t start thinking about that now, all she wanted to do was get back home. After washing their coffee mugs they locked up and all headed for home.

Allie was in bed when Bea arrived home just a little after one, as she crawled into bed she hadn’t noticed that Allie was still awake until she turned over,

“How did it go?”

“Better than expected, but why are you still awake?”

“Couldn’t sleep, the beds too empty without you in it with me.”

“Yer, well I’m here now.”

Allie snuggled in closer to her, resting her head on Bea’s chest she yawned, everything felt exactly as it should now, she was too tired to ask anymore questions and they were both soon asleep.

Chapter Text

Bea hadn’t slept well, she had fallen asleep quite easily but kept waking up, she had to tell Allie the truth, she knew she would probably take the news that Channing was now in police custody quite well, but how would she react when she told her that she had known where Dana was for a week and hadn’t said anything? Around 5am she gave in trying to get back to sleep, reaching over to the clock she turned off the alarm. Allie was still fast asleep her head still resting on her chest, their arms still around one another. Part of her never wanted her to wake up, if they could stay as they were for the rest of the day she would be more than happy, but real life and work got in the way of that. Still she at least intended to stay as they were until Allie woke up.

A little before six Allie opened her eyes and smiled, it seemed that neither of them had moved during the night, pulling Bea in as close as she could she closed her eyes again.

“Are you awake Alliecat?”

“Hmmm, yer.” She breathed.

“I need to talk to you, but I need you to listen to me before you say anything.”

“I’m listening.”

“Last night I was at the office, we weren’t going out to look for Dana though. Detective Ayoub needed us to be in the office because they were raiding all the illegal brothels, Derek Channing, Joan Ferguson and Nils Jesper were all arrested and as far as I know they are still in police custody. I couldn’t tell you this before but Dana is at the women’s shelter that Kaz works at. When I was late home last week it wasn’t just because of a meeting, I was at the shelter talking to Dana, she asked for me to go over there, unfortunately when I got there she didn’t actually seem to want to talk that much and time got away from me, I couldn’t tell you I knew where she was until Channing was out of the way, I didn’t want to keep it from you but I had to, I couldn’t let him find out where she was.”

“So Dana’s safe?”

“Yes, but you do understand why I couldn’t tell you don’t you?”

“I guess, you’re not keeping anything else from me are ya?”

“No…..Dana wants to see you though.”

“Would you be ok with that? I mean if I went to see her?”

“I don’t control you Allie, you can go and see who you please.”

“You don’t like her much do you?”

“I don’t know her, but she makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“What….like I made you feel uncomfortable?”

“No, no….you only made me feel uncomfortable because you made me feel things I never had before. She really makes me uncomfortable, I don’t know, it’s like her eyes just stare straight through me…..fuck I can’t explain it.”

“I think I will go and see her, not today though…..I guess she’s changed a lot, she’s been in prison that has to make a person change doesn’t it?”

“I don’t know, I guess it would, some people probably leave worse than they went in, it can’t be an easy place to be.”

“Did you think I was going to be mad at you for not telling me?”

“You have every right to be really, I lied to you, I hated doing it but I had to.”

“Hmmm……I might not like it but I understand why you had to do it….would you come with me?”

“Huh… see Dana? Allie