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Pillow Talk (Boyf Riends)

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Jeremy's knee jiggled as he pressed the buttons on the DS. He looked up every now and then to check if Michael was asleep. He was out, non-communicative, and just... gone, but he wasn't asleep. Jeremy sighed and puffed his hair out of his face and continued whacking at the buttons. Michael had been talking in his sleep since at least fourteen; he hadn't found out yet, but It was always Jeremy's favourite part of a sleepover. Michael always said the funniest things in his sleep; secrets, one's people have told him. Like when he found out Jenna was gay. Or that Michael was blackmailing Rich because he caught him watching gay porn with Jake. He'd never heard any of Michael's but he was content with what he was getting. Jeremy's eyes started blurring from exhaustion and staring at the screen for so long. He put it down, sighed and rubbed his eyes. Then he heard the mumbling.

He eagerly shut the DS off and looked toward Michael. Michael seemed to have stopped. He was sleeping, his eyes were shut and light snores were coming out of his mouth. Jeremy grinned. No homo or anything (okay, all the homo), but Michael was... kinda cute. Especially when he slept. Okay, that was creepy. He smirked slightly when he heard Michael start up his mumbling again. One word. Over and over. Not... in any specific way, just the word. At first, Jeremy couldn't hear what it was. His words were muffled by his pillow. Then Michael rolled over a little and he heard it.


That was it. Nothing else. Just Jeremy's name over and over. He looked at him in confusion. Michael just rolled on his side and continued muttering Jeremy's name. Then he began to mutter something else. Jeremy was frustrated. Why couldn't Michael sleep talk clearly? Then he turned again. And Jeremy heard every word perfectly.

"Jeremy... I'm in love with you."


-SHORT AND SWEET. I swear, it won't be so short for the remaining chapters. I just wanted to get this up and over with. Thanks for reading!