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It wasn’t uncommon to see Aizawa asleep somewhere in the school, whether it be his own classroom or the teachers lounge at his own desk, in a random chair, or just on the floor. But, catching him asleep for what was most certainly the ninth time today, after school was well past being concluded too, was a little too much. Yes, he slept a lot, but not quite as much as this. They were more or less terrible attempts at sleeping too, as he was never completely asleep or tossing and turning far too much for him to have gotten any sort of rest at all. Nevertheless, it was time to go home, and now it was time for your personally decided duty to wake him up from his ninth attempt at sleep and get him the hell out of the staff room.

Finding him asleep in his chair at his desk, you pondered how you would go about waking him up without him hanging you by your ankles with his scarf. There wasn’t a very good chance that any of your options would let you off safe, so you’d just have to go about it the normal way and pray. Observing him a bit more as you approached him, you couldn’t help but admire how adorable he looked curled up on his chair, twitching with annoyance every once in a while, as deep sleep refused to come to him. You stifled a giggle, and bent over him with gentle breaths as you prepared to wake him.

“Aizawa, wake up~!” You hummed, poking his shoulder gently with your index finger. He twitched, opened one eye to look at you, then groaned before burying his head deeper into his lengthy scarf. Turns out you were safe from scarf hanging this time. “It’s past school hours. You need to go home.”

“I don’t feel like getting up.” Aizawa grumbled in response, keeping his eyes closed.

You sighed, a little surprised at his childish nature that he was displaying right now. “Aizawa, it’s almost five in the evening. Every other teacher has finished their work and gone home. Including me, minus the home part.”

“Then why aren’t you home?” He questioned smartly, fully intending to be an ass.

“Because I knew you’d be napping in a dumb spot again. Now get up so you can go home and sleep somewhere that’s actually comfortable.” You argued, crossing your arms. “That or stay here and add back problems to the list of many injuries you already have.”

Aizawa cracked an eye open again and looked at you, the rest of his expression unreadable behind the heaping layers of scarf he had around his neck and face. “… Carry me then.” He finally stated.

You stared back at him for a moment in shock before rolling your eyes with a groan. “You’re fucking kidding me.” You sighed. “Why do I always give in to your demands…”

Aizawa chuckled just a little, the sound barely audible through his scarf. You didn’t hear it, but you guessed that he was having some sort of mental celebration in his mind. There was no way you were going to let him stay here anyway, so it may have come down to this option no matter what happened. Without further thought, you went over and lifted him up from the chair, using your quirk to assist in carrying him out of the building and en route to his home.

Luckily, you had been to his house before, so you knew which general direction to go in to get him home. You made a couple wrong turns though, as your idea of where his home was came through a bit fuzzy since you’ve been there on the odd occasion or two to get him out of bed for staff meetings. Aizawa quietly mumbled directions to you every once in a while to keep you on track, too groggy to walk himself but not quite asleep enough to not care about getting lost.

Eventually, reached his home and brought him inside, his door unlocked as always. You carried him upstairs to his room through the mess he called his hallway, leaving the lights off as you entered his room and placed him on his bed where an open sleeping bag sat, which he rolled into immediately and sipped it up three quarters of the way.

“Good god Aizawa. Have you no class?” You groaned, rolling your eyes at the man. “Aren’t you going to change? Or at least sleep in a bed and not a bag?”

“No.” He answered simply, presumably directed as an answer to all your statements.

“Wow. Not afraid to be blunt I see.” You scoffed. “Now how come you’re being extra lazy today? You’ve slept so damn much that you should practically be bouncing with energy right now.”

“Actually, I haven’t slept at all today. In fact, it’s been three days since I’ve actually gotten any sleep.” He corrected.

“What? Why?” You asked. “You’re telling me, that all those naps did nothing? How come?”

“I just can’t. I’ve been thinking about so many things… and those things have made me restless.” He explained, slowly turning to face you.

Still standing at his bedside, you crossed your arms and looked down at him, quite curious of what could possibly destroy his unwavering sleeping patterns. “What have you been thinking about? And furthermore, what would help you finally get some sleep? Whatever’s happening is clearly having a negative effect, and I kinda want to help.”

“Well…” He paused, debating on whether he should even answer at all. “To answer both of your questions at once… You. It’s you.”

Almost immediately a blush flared up on your cheeks, hearing that you were both the reason that he was restless, and the thing that would help him get that rest back. What really stuck in your head though, was that he had been thinking about you the whole time, and that thought only reinforced the shade of red that had taken over your face.

He continued.

“You’ve invaded my mind. It’s easy for me to supress my emotions, but not with you. Every moment I’m near you my damn brain reminds me of how much I desire you, and I could never sleep it off. Within the last three days you’re all I’ve been able to think of, and I’ve been unable to sleep because of that. I don’t think I’ll be able to get any sleep until I can have you. Because I desire you, I crave you, and – I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – I’m in love with you.” Aizawa confessed, feeling extremely relieved to have finally said all that his heart was begging him to.

You had no words for what he said to you. You were completely speechless. With a loss for words and a thumping heart, all you found yourself doing now was slowly crawling onto Aizawa’s bed and pulling the zipper down on his sleeping bag, gently slipping inside of it with him and pulling the zipper back up a little ways before snuggling in close to him with your face buried in his chest, hands pressed against him with a shaky sigh escaping your lips.

“Aizawa I… I’d love for you to have me, and I to have you. As the only staff member I don’t find incredibly annoying, I-I’d love that.” You mumbled, your rising blush hidden in his chest.

There was a moment of silence, your words slowly sinking into Aizawa’s heart. Then, he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in close, his scarf entangling itself around you as well until it was wrapped around both of you, leaving nothing between your faces but the very air you shared. You looked up at him, reddened cheeks now exposed and a colour very similar to his own.

“Please.” He whispered, squeezing you gently. “I’m hopelessly in love with you.”

“Me too.” You responded, giving into that old feeling you wished you could’ve given in to long ago.

Wordlessly, you both moved yourselves closer to each other until your lips hovered in front of each other, pausing for a brief moment until you closed the gap yourself and connected your lips in a gentle kiss. The moment you connected, Aizawa’s grip on you tightened and kissed back, the feeling of ecstasy sparking wildly inside his heart. As your hands pressed against his chest with open palms, you felt how strong his heartbeat was, ever so slightly smiling when you found that it matched yours. Sliding one hand up, you caressed his cheek and toyed with his hair a bit, his stubble tickling a little as he relaxed into you. He was truly contended now, and you, relieved.

Finally deciding to pull apart for a proper breath, you gazed up at him to see his reaction. The expression you were greeted with was one of pure bliss, eyes half-lidded with a tiny smile of contentment. He truly looked both exhausted and relieved, every worry he ever had being lifted from him now that he had you. His dazed look made you chuckle and you smiled at him warmly.

“Get some sleep now, Aizawa. You must be tired still.”

Hearing his name from you now made him shudder, undeniably pleased. “I am. But, I’ll only be able to sleep if you stay.” He mumbled, ensuring his grip on you was still tight.

You smiled. “Of course I will.” You said gently, snuggling in close to him in the warmth of his sleeping abg. “I mean, I love you, so what wouldn’t I do for you?”