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Stand (Last Line of Defense)

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Grantaire @grandR · 26.July


Summer. With @enjolras32




[filming of Paris skyline]

[zooming in on Eiffel Tower]

[blurry blond hair appearing in front of the camera]


Enjolras [talking in French]: Are you filming this?

Grantaire [off-camera, in French]: Nah, just trying to take a picture.


[zooming out until Enjolras’s slightly sunburned face clear to see]


Enjolras [glaring at the camera]: You’re totally filming this.

Grantaire: Come on, I gotta document this for prosperity.


[zooming out further to full view of Enjolras wearing an ‘I ♥ Paris’ shirt]


Grantaire: You’re gonna get one of these for Coach?


[Enjolras’s glaring intensifies]


Enjolras: *mumbling something*

Grantaire: Could you say that louder, I can’t hear you.

Enjolras: I got him a fridge magnet.


[Camera shaking]

[Chocked laughter off-camera]


Grantaire [after two seconds]: That’s cute.

Enjolras [rolling his eyes]: Yeah, yeah.

Grantaire: Really, adorable.


[Enjolras blushing a little, not really discernible because of sunburn]


Female voice [off-camera, also in French]: Oh boys, do you want me to take a picture of you two?

Grantaire: Oh yes, PLEASE.


[Camera shaking, being passed on to another person, off-camera]

[Grantaire stepping on-camera next to Enjolras, tanned, grinning]

[Enjolras looking sceptical but smiling a little]


Grantaire [poking Enjolras’s cheek]: Come on, Cap, smile for me.

Enjolras [smiling more, wrapping arm around Grantaire’s shoulder]: Okay, fine. Thank you, Madame.

Female voice [behind the camera]: Oh, for sure. You boys are vacationing? You don’t sound like you're REALLY French, you know?


[Enjolras looking absolutely outraged and Grantaire throwing his head back, laughing]





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