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Stu was Interesting. He was witty, and charming, and there was something about him that seemed to put everyone at ease. But Stu wasn’t immortal, not like the rest of them. Stu was fragile, which scared Deacon, and fear was not a feeling Deacon was familiar with. Stu also tempted him in ways that frightened him. Deacon’s self-control was impeccable, given his age, but Stu was tempting in a way Deacon had never encountered. Stu’s innocence was intriguing. Deacon wanted to tarnish that; he wanted to show Stu a world of pleasure, but he also didn’t want him to be frightened, so he kept his desires to himself.

Deacon was currently knitting. It was a hobby that never failed to relax him, and he wanted to give Stu something that showed how much Deacon appreciated him. He thought a scarf would be fitting for a human, they were always cold, and that could apparently kill them, and Deacon wanted Stu as safe as possible while hanging around with a group of vampires.
Deacon suddenly heard some light movement, which made him take his eyes away from his knitting.

“Oh, hi Stu!” Deacon said with excitement.

“Hey Deacon, What’re you doing?” Stu asked. He was looking particularly lovely today. His cheeks were an enticing shade of pink, and his tight-fitting jeans would have made Deacon’s heart beat a little faster had he been alive.

“Just knitting. You always look so cold, so I decided to make this scarf for you. I know our home is rather uncomfortable for you, but I would like for you to be as comfortable as possible around us, considering all that you have done for us.” Deacon replied with a small smile on his ageless face.

“Oh, that’s very kind of you Deacon. Thank you,” Stu said as the blush on his deepened slightly. Deacon could smell the scent of Stu’s blood coming from him in waves, and it made him weak. Deacon’s control was wavering, and he wasn’t sure how long he could last before he tasted Stu. He was no longer sure if he wanted his blood or his body, and that frightened Deacon more than anything. He was not used to caring for anyone, let alone a mortal.

“So...” Stu began to say, “There’s a late showing of The Silence of the Lambs playing this Friday, would you want to come?” Stu asked as his hands were gripped firmly to the too-long sleeves of his dark blue sweater. Deacon loved when he wore that particular sweater. The colour complimented Stu’s eyes and skin tone, and the way it hung off his frame made him look smaller than he was.

“Yes, that sounds enjoyable. Have you told the others yet?” Deacon asked. He was not looking forward to having to share Stu’s attention with the rest of the guys. They all seemed to love him, but Deacon selfishly wanted Stu all to himself.

“Well, I was actually hoping it could just be the two of us?” Stu replied with his head slightly lowered, as if he were afraid of hearing Deacon’s answer. Deacon had not expected this. He was used to sharing Stu, and the thought of having a night alone with him both excited and scared him. Being alone with Stu was amazing, but difficult. Deacon wanted nothing more than to take him away from the prying eyes of his friends and show him nothing but pleasure. He wanted to see the faces Stu would make and hear the sounds that would come from his beautiful lips.

“Yes, of course. Any night away Viago, Vladislav, and Nick sounds like a great night to me,” Deacon said with a small, forced laugh. Friday night would be exciting, but it would also be a test of his patience. He could not hurt Stu, or pressure him in any way. His innocence was endearing, but also tempting.

"Well, I have really should be going. I have work in the morning, and staying up late with you all has really been draining me," Stu said with an awkwardly endearing giggle. Yes, Friday could not come sooner for Deacon.