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It was here, finally. Friday. Stu and Deacon's date. Deacon had been worrying all day about the event; what he would wear, how he would act. Would Deacon want to hold his hand, or would it be too cold? Could he kiss Stu, or would it be too soon? Deacon wished to kiss Stu more than anything, but couldn’t bear the thought of scaring him away by moving too fast. They would move at whatever pace Stu was comfortable with, even if Deacon found it almost painful to hold himself back.

Deacon had chosen to wear something he thought appropriate for a night on the town, but found he was doubting himself for the first time in his whole life as a vampire. Stu was a quiet guy, and might not like the attention that Deacon's wardrobe often brought. Deacon had always been the picture of confidence, but now he felt unsure, like he was too big for his own skin. He heard tell-tale footsteps leading up the the front door, followed by the sharp ring of the doorbell, leaving his thoughts no room nest themselves further into his mind. Deacon raced to the door, excited and nervous all at once. He wanted his face to be the first that Stu saw tonight, and if he had his way, hopefully the last.

"Hello," Deacon greeted Stu enthusiastically, his chest rising hard and fast with his breath. Stu smelled lovely, as per usual, and Deacon struggled to hold himself back from bringing Stu into his room and never letting him leave. "You look very nice tonight," He said to Stu, and it was true. Stu always looked good to Deacon, but tonight, he looked different. As if he had put more care or effort into his appearance. He wore well fit, dark jeans, that showcased his wonderful legs, and a soft looking blue shirt with long sleeves. His hair had been combed, and looked soft to the touch. Was all of this for him? Deacon wondered if Stu was in fact just as nervous as he had been, pondering over which outfit to wear for hours, styling his hair a thousand different ways before he could decide how to wear it.

"Thank you, so do you," Stu replied bashfully. His cheeks were always a subtle shade of red, a shade that so intrigued deacon, but now the subtle pink had deepened to a timid red.

"Are you ready to go?" Deacon asked as he took Stu's elbow in his hand, eager to usher him out of the house before anyone could interrupt, but before the two could step even a foot outside, a deep voice from behind stopped them in their tracks. Deacon let a deep, annoyed groan. Of course, things were going wrong before their date could even start.

"Where are you two off to tonight?" Vladislav inquired. Vladislav looked innocent enough, but Deacon could sense his intentions. They all seemed to like Stu, and wanted his attention for themselves. Deacon knew this, even understood. Stu was friends with all of Deacon's flat mates, and that was fine. What was not fine, was Vladislav. Deacon could sense the intent behind Vladislav’s stare, and it made his skin crawl. Vladislav could never offer Stu what he truly deserved, he would use him and throw him away like he did so many of his past human lovers. Deacon tried to shield Stu’s body away from Vladislav’s eager stare, trying to be subtle in how he used his own to block him from sight.

"We are going out," Deacon answered curtly. "Without you," He said, interrupting Vladislav before he could invite himself along. Deacon had been patient. He had waited so patiently for this day to finally arrive, and he would not have it ruined. Deacon rushed Stu out the front door, Stu's face crumpling in confusion.

"Wh- Deacon, is everything okay?" Deacon looked over to Stu, seeing the worry and confusion on his face. Those emotions looked so strange and out of place on his face. Deacon wanted to make sure that Stu never looked like that.

"I'm sorry Stu. I did not mean to worry you. I just did not want Vladislav to ask to join us tonight. He can be a very stubborn man when he wishes to be," Deacon felt relief wash over him like a wave, now that the two men were out of the house and making their way towards the theatre. Deacon could feel the chill of the night air on his skin, but it was nothing like the way he felt it when he was alive. Everything, no matter the weather, always felt relatively pleasant, never too hot to burn, or too cold to bite. He wished he knew now, what it felt like to be cold, if only for the fact that, then, he could know if Stu was feeling cold. If he was comfortable.

“Oh,” Stu replied. “Well, I suppose that makes sense. I hope he’s not angry I didn’t at least say hello,”

“I do not think he, or any of us really, could ever get angry with you Stu,” Deacon chuckled. He meant it as a joke, but it held truth to it. Stu was a welcome presence in all of their lives, and Deacon couldn’t picture any of them angry with him for any reason.

“That’s good to know,” Stu replied with a smile. “Now, where are you taking me tonight, Deacon?” Deacon could sense teasing lilt to his voice as he spoke, like he knew just how much Deacon has thought about this very moment. Deacon swallowed past the lump that had formed in his throat, adamantly willing his gaze away from Stu’s teasing grin.

“There is a new vampire film playing at the theatre, those are always funny to watch. I know you do not like crowds very much, so I thought this would be nice,” Deacon thought the film would make Stu laugh. Films like that always very few things right about vampires, and the details they got wrong always made him laugh. His motives were simple, in that his one objective was to make Stu smile, and while it was not the most creative date idea, he knew that Stu would appreciate spending time together, at the very least.

“That sounds fun, Deacon. And thank you, for remembering that. About my thing with crowds,” The deep red blush returned to his cheeks as he spoke, and he couldn’t seem to be able to meet Deacon’s eyes with his own. He was so very endearing to Deacon, every new detail he learned about Stu fascinated him, and he was so eager to learn more.

The walk to the theatre was short, and Stu and deacon made idle conversation along the way. Stu talked about his job, and Deacon tried his best to keep up and pretend he knew anything about how all of this new technology worked. Deacon had begun to tell him about his life before he was turned, about what it was like, and how it compared to life in a modern world, but before either of them knew it, they had arrived at the theatre. Deacon presented his tickets, and the two made their way inside.

The interior looked like it had not been renovated in thirty years, at least. Deacon could remember when everything was shiny and new, but now it looked ancient. Perhaps they were going for a vintage eighties look, but more likely they didn’t have the money to redecorate. This realization made Deacon feel, perhaps, a little embarrassed. He had wanted to show Stu a good time. He should have taken him somewhere nicer, somewhere fancier. He should have put more effort into their date, but as a vampire, he had so few options.

“Sorry Stu,” Deacon began, “I know it is nothing fancy, but this place is one of the only vampire friendly places. Our options were quite limited,”

“Don’t apologize! It’s fine, this place looks great. And really, I’m just happy to be here, with you,” Stu’s eyes couldn’t meet Deacon’s own again, as he said this. Deacon felt giddy, like he was a boy again; a boy with a crush. Stu had a way of making Deacon feel strangely human, in ways he had, for so long, not thought possible. He smiled widely as they made their way into the designated theatre and towards their seats, leading Stu along in the dark. They were two of five people in the entire theatre, and they took their seats in the very back row.

The film was everything Deacon expected. Humans playing vampires, who all happened to be attractive in ways that were completely untouchable. Powerful, glamorous abilities, some true to life but most not. Every so often, Deacon would catch himself staring at Stu, and how the white glow from the screen reflected off of his skin. Stu would, occasionally, glance at Deacon, meeting his gaze with a smile.

“Pay attention,” Stu whispered to jokingly to Deacon, breaking the tense silence. There was a moment where Deacon hadn’t realized he had been staring, too immersed in the fine shapes and contours of Stu’s face.

“Sorry,” Deacon whispered back as he smirked. He wanted to test Stu, to see if he could see that adorable blush, even in the darkness. “You’re just so much more interesting than this boring vampire shit,” Deacon’s breath danced along the lines of Stu’s neck as he spoke, making him shiver. Stu leaned eagerly into Deacon’s space, indirectly asking for more. The tip of Deacon’s nose brushed along the soft patch of vulnerable skin at his neck. He breathed in Stu’s scent, heavy and sweet, and Stu let out a soft, shuddering breath. Perfect. Stu was perfect, and he needed to know just how perfect he was. Deacon would show him; he would show him everything, if Stu would let him.

“Deacon-” he began, but cut himself off with a small, soft gasp when Deacon’s lips just barely touched his neck.

“Yes, Stu?” Deacon asked, as innocently as possible, with his mouth still so dangerously close to Stu’s skin.

“There are people around,” Stu said nervously. He wanted Deacon, so badly, but he had always been shy, and bad a voicing his wants. Deacon read him like a well-loved book, and said exactly what Stu was hoping he would say.

“Do you want to get out of here?” Deacon asked as he slowly pulled away from Stu’s warmth. “Let us go back to the house, we can do whatever you like,” Deacon’s eyes were filled with an intense desire. He looked Stu right in the eye, no hint or sliver of shyness or uncertainty. Deacon wanted him, and Stu wanted him back. Stu was not about to let his own insecurities ruin this. He braced himself with a deep, steady breath, and gave Deacon his answer.



They arrived back at the house after a walk tense with feeling, and shared looks of want and excitement. Deacon had planned for this very situation, not wanting to seem presumptuous, but also wanting to be prepared. He had cleaned out a spare room that hadn’t been used in years, and made sure to drink his fill of blood, afraid of hurting Stu if his control wavered. The front door creaked as it opened, making Deacon wince. He knew his flatmates would be awake at this hour, but had held out hope that they would give him some privacy for the night. Deacon slowly and quietly walked into the flat, Stu trailing behind him just as quietly. No one seemed to be around, yet, so They made their way up the stairs, and finally, into Deacon’s newly acquired bedroom.

“Well,” Deacon began. “Welcome to my humble abode,” he said with a comical bow, hoping it would ease some of the tension that hung heavily in the air. The room, much like the rest of the house, was old and dark, blackout curtains drawn tightly shut, an extra layer of protection over the blinds. A bed was situated in the far corner of the room, opposite on old, antique looking dresser. The sheets on the bed contrasted the rest of the room dramatically. They were obviously new, and smelled fresh and clean. The bed itself was large, with a heavy, wooden headboard. It looked comfortable and inviting, and Stu steadfastly looked away, somehow embarrassed at the idea of a normal, human bed, one that Deacon obviously did not use. It was like Deacon had made his intentions plain and clear, as to what exactly he would be using this bed for.

“This is nice,” Stu said as he sat down on the plush mattress. The air was palpable with want, and nerves, and Deacon felt his legs carry him to the bed to join Stu without having given them permission to do so.

“I am glad it is to your liking. I do not think you would have enjoyed sleeping in my old closet,”

”So, I’m sleeping over now?” Stu said teasingly. Deacon stared at him, wide eyed, and perhaps a little embarrassed. They both knew where the night was headed, but Stu felt a confidence he had never felt before, and he loved making Deacon flustered.

“If you would like to,” Deacon replied. his voice had dropped to a whisper, and he moved closer to Stu, the anticipation had become almost too much to bear, and he found himself moving closer and closer to Stu as every second passed.

“I would love to,” Stu’s voice had now also become a whisper. Deacon’s eyes jumped back and forth between Stu’s plush, inviting lips, and his eyes, so alight with desire. He could feel the heat of him through his clothes. The two had turned their bodies towards each other, and Deacon slowly laid his hand to rest on Stu’s thigh. Deacon’s eyes searched Stu’s, looking for any sign of uncertainty, and found none. The two crashed into each other, lips chasing lips, and the well of tension had finally overflowed. Their feelings poured freely now, with no sign of stopping.

Deacon felt wild, almost feral, at the taste of Stu’s mouth. The feeling of his lips touching his own set him alight inside. Stu’s lips were warm and plush against his own, and the harder Deacon kissed him, the warmer he felt. Stu’s breathing was coming fast, his heart beating faster. Deacon could feel it, could hear it. Stu surrounded his senses, and he loved it. Deacon deepened the kiss, opening his mouth slightly, questioningly. His hand slid from Stu’s thigh to his head, gently gliding along his neck before his fingers made their way into Stu’s impossibly soft hair. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss further, tightening the hold he had on Stu’s hair. Stu gasped lightly into the kiss, a sound that Deacon wanted to wring out from Stu at every possible opportunity. As Deacon pulled back, his gave Stu a gentle push, and Stu followed with no hesitation. Soon they were both laying on the bed, Deacon laying on top of Stu, strong arms braced on either side of Stu’s head, dominating him in a way Stu felt unbearably aroused by.

Stu ran his hands down Deacon’s chest reverently, fingers feeling over the fabric of his loose linen shirt. Their lips met once again, and Deacon slid his tongue into the warmth of Stu’s mouth, their tongues tangling together, amplifying their arousal the more they kissed. Deacon trailed his hands along Stu’s skin, wishing he could touch him everywhere at once. He ran his hands down Stu’s neck, to his chest, sneaking under his shirt. He felt along his stomach, felt the hair that trailed from his bellybutton, and kept moving his hands up, until they reached Stu’s nipples. He rubbed his pinky on the hardened nub lightly, experimentally, and the motion tore another delicious gasp from Stu’s mouth. Deacon chased the gasp with one of his own as Stu involuntarily pushed his hips up into Deacon’s. He was hard in his jeans, and Deacon felt of a wave of arousal and satisfaction shoot straight through him, settling in the pit of his stomach. He did that to Stu. Deacon was the one to make him feel this way.

Deacon pulled away from Stu’s lips reluctantly, and Stu oh so adorably chased his lips as Deacon moved away from him. Deacon pulled his own short off, throwing it away uncaringly. Stu stared at the bare expanse of skin before him, reaching out to touch Deacon’s chest. It was not as cold as he would have expected, but then again, the two men had been in each others embrace for a while, warming each other up. Stu sat up slightly as he took his own shirt off. As soon as it was gone, Deacon was on him, feeling the skin of his chest, fingers gripping his hips. They crashed to the bed, moaning into each others mouths, too far gone at this point to care about their volume. Deacon had a sick feeling of wanting the others to hear him take Stu apart. He wanted them all to know how deeply he could satisfy him, and how loud he could make him moan.

Deacon made quick work of ridding Stu of his pants, and quickly rid himself of his own. Their legs tangled together as they kissed, tongues tasting each other, teeth pulling on lips. Stu seemed to love to be bitten, which thrilled Deacon to no end. Deacon remained on top of Stu, grinding his hips into Stu’s. Stu’s hardness rubbed against Deacon’s, dragging pure, hot pleasure as the two grinded against each other. The bed creaked under the motions, but neither noticed or cared. Deacon moved his mouth from Stu’s to trail hot, biting kisses along Stu’s neck and collar bones, so careful not to break skin, but so tempted at the same time.

“Deacon,” Stu gasped. Stu looked ravished. His hair in disarray from where Deacon pulled on it, his cheeks so flushed and red, his chest heaving. “Touch me. Please. I need you to touch me,”

The words made Deacon groan, as if the sound was physically pulled from deep within his chest. Deacon sat up on his knees, taking Stu’s underwear off, running his hands along his long, beautiful legs in the process. Deacon kissed his way up his legs, from the sides of his knees, to the softness of his inner thighs. Stu gazed at him from where he now lay between his thighs. Stu was completely bare in front of Deacon, his erection at full attention. It leaked precome from the tip, onto his soft belly, and twitched cutely when Deacon moved his mouth closer. Deacon continued kissing along Stu’s inner thighs. Stu’s skin was incredibly soft under his lips, and he had light, soft hairs along his legs and stomach. Deacon kissed everywhere but Stu’s hard cock, enjoying the frustrated moans that now spilled freely from his lips.

“Deacon!” Stu groaned, and Deacon could no longer stop himself, with that sinful, beautiful sound. Deacon licked lightly at the tip of Stu’s cock, gripping him in his hand at the base. His other hand continued to feel it way along Stu’s thigh, pushing lightly to spread his legs wider. Stu was not holding back. Gasping and moaning, his hands tangling in Deacon’s hair. Deacon continued to lick along Stu, from shaft to tip, before he took him in his mouth completely. Stu moaned louder, hands tightening, gripping Deacon’s hair harder. Deacon’s own hands were now gripping Stu’s hips is a bruising hold as he bobbed his head, sucking Stu’s cock. He flicked his tongue along the tip, every chace he got, trying every dirty trick he knew to bring Stu to completion. Stu’s moans came louder and faster, he was chanting Deacon’s name like it was a prayer, hips thrusting in tiny little motions, like he was trying to hold back from fucking Deacon’s mouth, but could not stop entirely.

“Deacon,” Came Stu’s blissed out voice, hoarse from screaming his pleasure. “Please, Deacon, I want to touch you too. I want to make you feel good, please. please let me touch you,” Stu was pleading, practically begging for Deacon to give him the chance to touch him, and Deacon would be a fool to deny such a request.

Deacon tore himself away from Stu with resolve he didn’t know he had, and rid himself of his underwear. Stu reached his arms out for him, like he was begging to be held, and Deacon went to him willingly. Their lips met in a messy kiss that should have maybe been gross, but only served to turn him on even more, and they became entangled in each other on the bed yet again.

“Stu,” Deacon moaned. He reached for Stu’s cock as Stu reached for his. Deacon almost forgot about his own arousal, so lost in pleasing his lover that his erection didn’t seem important. Stu wrapped his long, elegant fingers around Deacon’s girth, thumb trailing along the tip, swirling through the precome. Maybe he should feel embarrassed, but his dick was intensely hard and wet, and he felt fit to burst from one touch. Stu’s hand pumped along Deacon’s cock, and Deacon braced his knees on either side of Stu’s out-stretched body, thrusting his hips forward into Stu’s hand. Deacon reached for Stu’s dick, and began pumping it in time with Stu’s hand. Soon, the two of them were gasping into each others mouths as they thrust, so close to completion. Before he knew it, Deacon was babbling nonsense into Stu’s gasping mouth.

“You’re so beautiful. Fuck, I’m close. Next time, I want to fuck you. I want to feel my cock inside you. I want to make you scream. I am going to make everyone in this flat know you’re mine, fuck,” Deacon’s hips moved faster as he spoke, and Stu’s mouth gaped even wider upon hearing Deacon’s dirty talk. It served only to turn him on more, to bring him closer to the edge. His gasps and moans became louder and higher in pitch, impossible to control.

“Yes, Deacon, yes. I want it, I want it so badly. Please, I’m close, please let me come,” The hand that wasn’t on Deacon’s cock, jerking him fast and hard, was clinging to Deacon’s bare back, clawing along whatever skin it could reach. “Fuck, Deacon, I’m coming, fuck!” Deacon’s hand sped up on Stu’s cock as he came between their bodies, dick twitching, come shooting out from the tip to land on his stomach and chest. Deacon could feel his completion inching closer, and he thrust his hips faster into the circle on Stu’s hand, so aroused by the sight of Stu laid out bare, covered in come, stretched out on Deacon’s bed. Deacon groaned out Stu’s name as his climax hit him like a truck, and Stu’s hand didn’t stop moving on him, gripping through his orgasm, drawing out the pleasure.

Deacon pulled away from Stu, his touch becoming almost painful in its intensity. He laid beside him now, instead of on him, and they basked in their post-orgasmic bliss, neither of them wanting to break the spell. They gazed at each other, and Stu began to giggle. A high, pure, cute sound that made Deacon smile uncontrollably.


“What is so funny?” Deacon asked with a smirk.

“I think the others probably heard us,” Stu replied, still giggling.

“Yes, well, let them hear! I have to put up with this crap all the time from Vladislav. They can go fuck themselves,” As he said this, he heard the heavy sounds of footsteps walking in the hall, heading towards Deacon’s bedroom. The sound of the footsteps stopped as they reached his door, and a loud voice rang through the air.

“DEACON!” An angry voice sounded from outside deacon’s door. Definitely Viago.

“Ugh, I’ll deal with him later. I am not answering that door,” Deacon got up from the bed to pick up his discarded clothes. He walked over to the dressed and pulled out some soft looking pants and a large shirt. “Here, Stu, you can wear this to bed if you would like,”He said sheepishly as he tossed him the clothes. He also gave him a towel that must have been in the drawer. “And uh, this as well. To clean up the. Um. You know,” he said as he gestured to Stu’s chest. Stu burst out laughing at Deacon’s awkwardness, which he found so endearing.

“Deacon!” frantic knocking knocking accompanied Viago’s grating voice. Deacon threw his clothes on, and threw open the door, only opening it enough for his face to be seen, shielding Stu from view.

“What do you want,” Deacon asked in a bored, tired voice.

“What is going on in there? Do you have a victim in their with you? Because if you do, I hope you have put down towels or something, I do not want to be scrubbing blood out of any more floorboards,” Viago moved his head around curiously, trying to get a view into the room, before he pushed forcefully past Deacon into the room.

“Oh!” Viago exclaimed in surprise upon seeing Stu, laying on the bed, sheets pulled up to his neck, covering his body. “Hello Stu, how nice to see you! What are you doing in Deacon’s room?” Deacon rolled his eyes at him before he grabbed Viago roughly by the shoulders, and pushed him out of the room.

“Get out! Leave us alone. Stu is here to see me, not you, now can you please leave?” He yelled as he slammed the door in Viago’s face, not giving the other vampire a chance to reply. He turned his gaze toward Stu. Stu looked sheepish and awkward as he held the sheets tight to his body. “I am sorry, about Viago. He can be extremely oblivious, and he never understands when he is not wanted,” Stu finally met Deacon’s eyes, visibly relaxing, lowering the sheets slightly as he spoke.

“It’s fine. I’m just glad I had enough time to cover up,” Stu said with a chuckle. Deacon joined Stu on the bed, sitting next to him, feeling awkward all over again. How is it, that after all the two had done, after seeing each other at their most vulnerable, this is what made Deacon feel shy?

“Let us deal with him after we rest. Are you tired?” Stu looked the comfortable sort of tired, his eyes droopy, but a lazy, blissful smile pulled at his cheeks.

“At little. Sleeping sounds nice,” Stu pulled on the loose clothes Deacon had given him earlier, and laid down along the many soft pillows that billowed around them. He looked up at Deacon with a soft, pretty smile. “Join me?” He asked. His voice was rough from fatigue, but Deacon loved the sound nonetheless.

‘Of course,” Deacon responded as he laid down alongside the man he had dreamed about for so long. Stu quickly settled in the crook of space between Deacons neck and shoulder, fitting like a puzzle piece, and soon, soft, gentle breaths and snores left his parted lips. Deacon was sure that he would have to deal with his flat mates later, explain to them that Stu was his, but for now, he wanted to relax in his lovers arms, and take in his warmth and scent.

Deacon knew that Stu was special, knew from the moment he saw him, but now, having him here, in his arms, filling up his space, he was so much more.