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"Heard you've been getting involved with bad company."

Majima pursed his lips, trying to keep the groan of agitation from slipping through his lips. It otherwise distracted him, making him miss the ear hole in which he was trying to slip the hooped earring through and instead jabbed himself quite hard in the soft lobe of his ear. He at the part of the mirror in which Sagawa was reflected. Likewise, Sagawa was staring right back at him, able to see the way his eye rolled at his comment and the pathetic display of putting in jewelry.

"I have no clue what you're going on about."

An answer like that wasn't worth the wait. Sagawa clicked his tongue as he stood up off the couch. It had Majima stop dead in the middle of hooking the loop earring through his lobe as Sagawa approached him from behind.

His hand on his shoulder, gripping harder than he appeared to be when simply looking in the mirror. Majima could stop himself from wincing, but the pain was bound to show in his voice.

"Don't play dumb with me, Majima-chan." He said, resting his chin on his shoulder, taking a good look at the beautiful woman in the mirror with a smile. "I know you've been playing along with unwanted guests."

"What warrants a unwanted guest?" Majima's grimace deepened when Sagawa's hand went into his hair, jostling the fake blond strands of his wig. Sagawa smiled gently, but there was an underlying malice Majima learned to spot from a mile away.

"I know a good hostess tries her best to keep her customers happy, but some ain't worth that effort."

Majima continued to play dumb. "They aren't breaking rules."

And that malice was quick to show; Sagawa's smile fell right off his face. The grip on his hair would surely have hurt if it wasn't a wig. "I don't mean people in general." His voice was still eerily calm, if not just completely void of emotion, "You know damn well who I'm talking about."

"Maybe I do." He said, "But he ain't breaking any rules either. You get jealous too easily."

His eyes narrowed, "Maybe." Sagawa shoved Majima off his hand and walked back to the couch, "Just because you let some asshole get away with the 'No touching' rule, doesn't mean that aren't breaking it. Normally you'd punch someone out, but you let him touch all he wants. Wonder why's that."

Before Majima could answer Sagawa leaned in, pressing his lip to his ear, "You wouldn't happen to like him now, would you? Goromi-chan?"

He sighed, "Shut up, will ya?" Majima stepped away from Sagawa, high heals clicking loudly against the floor as he made a beeline towards the door. "Not like I could like anyone in this business."

Majima was never smart. Rules like 'Run my night club' and 'Stay inside of Sotenbori' were easy enough to follow. He experienced the consequences of disobeying the first, but this was different. The only upside to dawning this dress and being seen as Goromi was that he felt like he had some semblance of freedom.

Majima had to double take when he thought that. Freedom? He hasn't even heard of such a word.

When Majima sat in that stuffy back room, waiting for the off hand chance of getting selected and forced to endure the shock and usual complaints from clients about being pared up with a guy in drag, he couldn't help but feel excited whenever an actual request came in.

Only one person ever requested Goromi. And seeing that flash of dark pink never had Majima feel so… relieved.

"Hi, Nishi-chan!" Majima forced his usual high pitched, yet raspy 'Goromi' voice. It usually puts off a lot of people, but for Nishitani it put the biggest grin on his face as his favorite hostess slid in the booth real close to him.

"Ahh, glad you're free. Had to come in and see my favorite hostess when she's actually working."

"That time of the week, huh?" Majima laughed, forcing that cheerful, mischievous attitude that defined Goromi. "I was hoping you'd show up, had me waiting back there for a long while."

"Oh, should I come earlier?" Nishitani mused as Majima sat right up next to him, not afraid to close the gap between their bodies. Nishitani loved it when his hostesses were touchy, and Goromi more than appreciated such nice contact.

"Hmm…" Majima stroked his chin in thought, and just to make himself look more 'cute'. Any earlier and Sagawa would be here to see him, "Nope!" Majima exclaimed with a bright smile. His arms wrapped around Nishitani's arm, more or less mimicking what he sees his own girl's do with their clients. "This was worth the wait." However, he was sure the contact would get much heavier over the evening. "Like anything to drink, Nishi-chan?"

Goromi was simply something Sagawa made out of him just so he could humiliate him. Having to do strip teases, talk to him like he was some vapid little slut, and at the end of it all simply get him off, was all just for him. It was all just to please him, but Majima sought solace in the possibility it was all for an audience of one.

Of course Sagawa wouldn't let him have that.

And so every Friday evening found Majima forced into whatever outfit he grabbed out of the dress hall, had his face all painted up, and his long sleek hair covered by that trashy blond wig. No one ever requested him; the tattoo, broad shoulders and eye patch were reason enough to have most of their clientele running at the sight of him.

But Majima was foolish. There was always someone in the world that wanted something to do with him.

"Ma-Goromi." A waiter stopped himself short of calling him the 'wrong' name. "You have a request."

"You know, I wanted a fight out of you today, Majima-chan." Nishitani was ecstatic when he came in, and he still was, but his displeasure was clear as he swirled his drink around in his glass. Nishitani was always looking for a fight with Majima, even if he was dressed as a woman.

That alone was… strangely endearing. Majima had to agree, he would much rather be kicking the shit out of Nishitani than entertaining him as the worlds worst hostess.

"Suppose you can still fight in those stilts you're wearin', ah?"

Majima curled his fists, "Nope. I wouldn't fight ya in here as the manager and I sure as shit can't as a hostess."

"Care for an after-hours date, then?" Nishitani's voice became rather husky, wrapping an arm around Majima's shoulder. He leered into Majima's eyes, bringing his thumb to his chin, "We can do anything then."

Who said Majima couldn't have a little fun for once. He smirked back, yanking his head away from him eyes going half mast as he glanced at him from the side with a mischievous smirk, "Goromi doesn't let anyone steal her heart that quick."

Seeing Nishitani jump when he placed his hand on his thigh made Majima laugh.

"The fact he managed to strike out Takahashi was just pure luck!"

"Still doesn't change the fact they lost the game though, in the end that's what matters."

"Can't apply the concept of killin' to a game like baseball. For once you can get lost in the details."

"Ahh, maybe so, but then it'd be boring otherwise."

"Hey, fuck that, baseballs entertainin' in it's own right. Takes a numbskull like you not to take it for what it's worth."

It was an awkward position, but Majima turned his whole back so he can reach over to the table and grab his drink. Such a stupid statement needed to be followed up by a hard drink, and the fine whiskey Nishitani had ordered for the both of them was perfect for the job. It warmed his throat going down and left a nice smokey taste in his mouth, but most importantly it made his shame melt away, just like he was melting on top of Nishitani's lap.

Drinking with Nishitani definitely felt better than it did with any other guy he could've been stuck with. Between a guy like him and some civilian a nice ambiance was almost impossible to establish, and that was one of the most important parts of drinking. Of course when Majima was being the hostess there were plenty of reasons why drinking with normal men was dull at best and humiliating at worst.

He placed his glass down and turned back to him, reaching boldly into Nishitani's coat pocket for his cigarettes. Nishitani couldn't do anything but watch as he plucked a cigarette out of the pack with his lips and held the open end towards Nishitani's mouth so he could do the same.

"Who said you could help yerself to my smokes?" He chided, voice muffled as he fumbled the cigarette between his lips.

"I did." Said Majima, "I'm lettin' ya hold me in your lap like I'm your girl."

Nishitani laughed at that. "Oh, but you already are!"

"Like that-" Majima slid the lighter out of Nishitani's pocket, "I say a cigarette is worth the right of calling me your girl."

"Maybe. But I'm still spending my money to be here, so I think I can call you whatever you want."

"You're dumber than you look." Majima stopped to cup the flame of the lighter so he could light his cigarette, likewise doing the same for Nishitani. He didn't speak for a few seconds, letting himself take a well deserved drag of his cigarette. "You know just because you throw money at it doesn't make it yours in this situation, Homare-chan."

The sound of his name off his lips nearly had Nishitani's burning cigarette fall into his lap. Majima's lips curled around his cigarette as he took a drag.

"It takes more than cigarettes, money and booze to make me yours. I said I wasn't easy."

"Then what will?"

Majima shrugged his shoulders, "Not sure. Maybe a good fight, some tickets to the next game." He smiled, bringing his face to close for comfort as he trailed the tips of his fake pink nails under Nishitani's stubbled chin, "You can buy yourself a ticket and come with, if ya want."

"Well then." Nishtani retorted in a smug voice, lifting his hips so he could reach into his pocket, "I suppose you wouldn't like the present I got for ya right here now."


Nishitani reached into his pocket, taking out a small, slender, silver box that had the name of an expensive Out-Of-Sotenbori brand name etched across the lid. Majima was almost ashamed to say that the way his eye glistened as Nishitani opened the box was hardly fake, as he revealed a simple gold necklace with a shining clear jeweled pendant held to it by golden swirls.

Majima cupped his hands to his mouth. Maybe he was playing up his reaction, but it was genuine none the less.

Nishitani's smirk got wider. "You like?"

"It's so pretty."

"I knew ya would." Nishitani's took the necklace out and brought it over to Majima's neck, the rough edges of his knuckles making Majima shiver as he hooked it around the back before resting it on his shoulder. "Looks hot on you."

"Hehehe, hard for anything to look bad on me." Majima gave a haughty laugh, up until he felt a hand on the small of his back, slowly moving up and down before it set on going lower down his spine, soon resting on his ass.

"That's true." Nishitani leaned over, grinning wildly at Majima as his hands grew more adventurous. "Never thought you'd look so good in a dress like that."

Yet Majima played along, flashing his own type of playing grin as Nishitani gave his cheeks a squeeze. "Bet you never though I could fight as good, either."

"Ahh, that's what I love about you, Goromi-chan. No hostess could ever last in a fight."

"I sure hope you didn't test them." Majima muttered.

"Nah, not worth the effort." Nishitani laughed, Majima was scared not knowing whether or not that was a joke. "But goddamn, I love me a woman who can kick my ass. You're like a angel, Goromi-chan!"

"You have a funny definition of an angel." But a lot less sappy, Majima could work with being called such names. He'd rather it come from Nishitani who had an idea what being with him would come with, save for Sagawa's leash tugging around his neck. Majima sighed, leaning his head on Nishitani's shoulder. Despite the hand on his ass, and the fact that Majima was practically hugging Nishitani while he was still perched on top of his lap, the contact that for once had no intent on hurting him felt nice. Majima hasn't known gentleness in a while, and the absolute last person he expected it from was Nishitani. But hey, stranger things have happened.

"Oi, ya alright, Goromi-chan?"

Majima nodded, "Yeah, long day…"

"Ahh, my poor Goromi-chan. They workin' ya to death." He stroked his hand through his hair. Majima was tempted to tell him to ease up on his wig, "I should take ya out of this dump, take ya home with me and we can have some real fun."

Majima grinned, cheek pressed again Nishitani's as he whispered in his ear, "What kinda fun, big boy?"

"Whatever ya like, girly. You and me always got the same thing in mind."

Majima shivered, digging his nails into Nishitani's fuchsia suit, "I know we do." Majima pulled back so he could at least look at Nishitani, stroking his surprisingly soft brown hair in return. "I like ya a whole lot more than the rest of these guys for a reason."

"Oh?" Nishitani's brows raised, his eyes lighting up, "Is Goromi-chan falling for me?"

Majima snickered, lifting Nishitani's hand off his ass and forcing it back to his side, "If you start behaving yourself you might actually have a chance."

"Don't be like that." The moment Majima's hand was off, Nishitani's was right back to where it was just seconds ago. Except this time he went lower, hiking his skirt up as he ran his hand up his thigh, "You love taking risks."

Majima scoffed, rolling his eye while Nishitani tittered with excitement. Sure, he could tell him that sexual contact was forbidden, but it wouldn't stop him. Not that Majima really cared anymore, he couldn't deny that large, warm hard caressing the sensitive skin on his thighs felt nice.

"You know me better than me sometimes, I swear." Majima said with a certain amount of tenderness. He bit his lip, moaning as Nishtani got close to his hardening cock, only to pull away like he was coy. "Come on, if you're gonna do it, don't hold back."

"Whatever you say, sweetie."

Nishitani's lips found Majima's neck, taking the skin right between his teeth and biting gently. Majima grunted, tightening his hold around his head, beaconing more from Nishitani which he gladly give. He let out a coo, biting harder, making sure to at least leave nice deep indent as he parted and moved to a spot closer to his neck.

Majima craned his head to the side, allowing Nishitani more access to his skin, moaning with a dumb smile spreading across his face.


"Ohh, you like that?" He whispered, voice holding that breathy raspiness that had Majima feeling weak in the knees.

He nodded his head with a tiny moan, relishing the quiet smacks of Nishitani's lips against his skin. The spot on his neck throbbing hen he took his lips off and moved on to the next, leaving deep red marks in his wake. "You're so bad, Homare-chan." He giggled, "My manager won't be to happy when he sees these marks."

"Somethin' tells me your manager won't mind all that much."

He clicked his tongue, "Smartass."

"And if he does, then I get a chance to fight him." Nishitani's voice rose with excitement, "It's a two in one deal! If only I could get ya both at the same time-"

"In your dreams."

Nishitani chuckled, and Majima closed his eyes, ready to accept more dark read hickies on his neck. But he stopped, making Majima notice the sound of footsteps approaching them. He quickly slid off of him, not surprised to see his staff look at them with contempt.

"Miss Goromi. Sir." The waiter bowed in front of them, "I must remind you we have a no touching policy."

"Ehh." Goromi scratched the back of her head. The irony of all this had him blushing like crazy, "So sorry, suppose the manager won't get angry at me." He giggled, may as well working with the comedy gold that has been presented in front of him.

No one was laughing, the waiter as blank faced as ever. The smirk on Majima's face was quick to fade.

"Furthermore, I must apologize in advanced to our guest."

Nshitani narrowed his eyes, leaning forward as he stared down the waiter. "Now why's that?"

"The Owner has requested he see Goromi. Alone."

"The-the Owner?" Majima stuttered, sounding just like a terrified hostess about to be reprimanded by their boss. And he stuck with it, "What ever could he want with me?"

"Just like said, breaking a few rules. Such a naughty girl, Goromi-chan." He brought a hand up to his cheek, stroking as if to console him, "Shame, we having so much fun."

The waiter closed his eyes, almost as if irritated, "Sir, if you will. I'll send another hostess in for you."

Nishitani threw his head back, letting out a dramatic sigh as he lifted his hand off Majima in surrender, "Ah fine." He glanced at Majima once more, winking at him, "None will beat you, sugar. Be back quick for me, alright?"

All the flattery in the world couldn't get Majima to feel better. Nevertheless, he smiled, sitting up out of the seat and bowing at Nishitani before he proceeded the trek up to the office, heart pumping blood so cold there may as well be ice crystals right down to the very cells that flowed through his veins. He kept his head up, trying to approach the room with at least some shred of dignity as he walked up the stares and approached the office.

With his hand on the doorknob, he let out a deep sigh and opened the door.

It was eerily quiet. His head quickly turned towards the direction of the couch. No surprise, Sagawa was there, just like the Waiter said; sunken so for back on the couch he was almost lying down, a cigarette between his fingers which he huffed on leisurely. Would it be silly to have hoped there was a co-owner that wasn't some jealous old man?

Sagawa smiled as soon as he saw him, resting his cigarette in the tray. Sure he was smiling now, but Majima knew better, and he approached with caution as he approached the demon's lair, the clicking of his high heels being the only clear noise in the room, save for the muffled jazz music.

"I see you made yourself at home." Majima said, letting his voice drop back to it's natural tone. "You wanted to see me, Mr. Owner?"

"Yeah." Even his voice betrayed his smile, it was blank, trying so hard to hold back a more volatile emotion. "Got a couple of complaints about a Hostess being too touchy with her customer." He grabbed his cigarette between his fingers, taking a shaky inhale, "I know your manager is a lazy piece of shit, but I think he forgets that I own this joint. Can't let this place get a bad rep."

Majima's lip twitched in irritation. Majima could play along, bad talk himself while dressed up as a hostess, but instead he just bowed, "My apologizes.

"Save it, Goromi-chan." Sagawa flicked his hand dismissively . "You should know better by now. Getting involved with trash like him."

There was a certain amount of venom in his voice. Majima gulped; he kept his composure, acting like he didn't know what was coming. It was mostly for his own sake, as Sagawa took a few huffs of his cigarette as he looked towards the table in deep thought.

"And yet, you go and do it anyway." His eyes flicked back up to Majima before he sighed, "And I've been so good to you, Goromi-chan."

"You make it sound like we're dating."

Majima regretted those words. Sagawa's stare became dark, his jaw tensing as he squished the filter of his cigarette between his fingers. He smirked, leaning back into the couch, "Aww, and I thought we we're closer than that."

He sat up, approaching Majima from behind. Majima was stiff as a board as he circled him, almost as if inspecting him, before bringing the burning the end of his cigarette right into his shoulder.

Majima caught himself just short of crying out, stifling his noise to a loud hiss as he bit his lip, eye twitching as Sagawa twirled the cigarettes hot embers out into his skin before the flame was finally snuffed out.

"I thought we really had something." He whispered, flicking the cigarette to the floor.

Majima was still trying to endure the after pain, when he was suddenly yanked by his wrists and brought over to the couch.

Sagawa right back down, at the same time maneuvering Majima so that he was right over his lap. Majima didn't have time to process the position he was in until Sagawa wrapped his leg over Majima's knees, securing him in place while he kept a firm grip on his back.

"H-hey! Let go of me you old fuck!"

Sagawa let out a heavy sigh, running his hand along Majima's covered ass, his skirt already so short a good portion of his ass was already exposed in this position. Sagawa hiked the rest of it up anyway, exposing Majima's toned ass, the skin decorated with dancing swirls of black ink and red flower petals, covered by a pair of sheer pink panties, which he pulled down to his thighs.

"Bad girls need to be punished properly." Sagawa said. Majima shivered as he felt his rough, warm hand run over his thigh. "And you've been a very, very bad girl, Goromi-chan."

"Shut the fuck up!"


Without a word Sagawa placed the first hard smack upon his rear. Majima's jumped in pain, gritting his teeth at the stinging that shot right through his ass.

Not even given a chance to recover, Sagawa slammed his hand back down again and again. Hard, unforgiving swats that had welts and bruises forming on the tattooed skin.

Majima tried to keep his face blank. His eyes closed and his lips pursed as he held back any sounds of pain that might slip through his lips. Sagawa was relentless, grunting with effort as he swats became harder and sharper, spanking both of his cheeks so he could spread the pain as much as he could.

"You want me to stop, Goromi-chan?" Sagawa asked, "All you have to do is say you're sorry."

"F-fuck you."

A well aimed slap to Majima's thigh had a tiny squeak of pain escape his lips. His eye was wide with horror, but maybe Sagawa didn't hear between the loud slaps of skin.

"That doesn't sound like a sorry to me, missy." Sagawa emphasized his words with a harsh slap to his sensitive thighs. Majima bit his lip, the soreness spreading beyond his ass, and each slap felt worse than the last without Sagawa even having to go harder anymore. "Be a good girl, tell Daddy you're sorry."

"Fuck off!" Majima arched his back, pressing his hands against Sagawa's knees as if to pry himself away. It was all in vain, as he was stuck in place with Sagawa's hand hitting harder and harder in retaliation.

He struggled, not caring that tears were finally dripping from his eyes and his grunts of effort turned to straight up sobs as the most tender parts on his bruised ass were stuck repeatedly. It hurt, it fucking stung and he felt like he wouldn't be sitting right for a few weeks now.

"Come on baby, just ask nicely." Sagawa stroked the bruised skin before giving a cheeky grope that had Majima wincing.

Majima let out a pathetic whimper. "I-I'm sorry, daddy…"

"A little louder, sweetie."

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry, daddy!"

"You're sorry for what?"

Majima bit his lip again, hating himself as he spoke. "For being a f-filthy slut."

Sagawa let out a pleased hum, and he took his leg off from over top Majima's and allowed the younger man to stand up to his feet. Each step sent a jolt of stinging pain right up his spine, and with his skirt hiked up, Sagawa was given a nice view of his ass. Though most of it covered by his tattoo, he could see the little peeps of red filling in the cracks between the swirl pattern.

Sagawa let out a pleased huffed, while Majima stood there, red faced and teary eyed, sticking out his ass to really show off the damage done. The only thing he could do now was play along with Sagawa.

"Ahh, Goromi-chan…"

When it came down to it, Majima had one left option to make this a little more bearable.

"C-can I go?"

"Don't think we're done here." Sagawa stood back up, straightening out his jacket. "one little spanking doesn't set girls like you straight."

Majima wanted to sigh, but he just turned around, pouting his lip as he continued playing along with Sagawa. The quicker they got this over with the better, Majima hated being himself, but right now he wanted nothing more than to be seen as nothing but himself. Not as some trashy hostess named Goromi.

"That's a real pretty necklace you got there, Goromi-chan."

Majima clasped the crystal that hung right at the middle in a protective fashion, as Sagawa loomed on him from behind. "T-thank you."

"Did he give it to you?"


"Don't bullshit me." Sagawa sneered, "I saw him give it to you."

Grasping the golden chain from behind, Sagawa yanked it off in a swift movement. The hook broke as it was sent flying right to the floor, Majima didn't have it in him to even look.

"I saw him give that to you too."

He felt Sagawa pinch the patch of redden patch of skin. The part Nishitani had been sucking on before.

"I guess you can never be satisfied." Sagawa said, sounding more tired than irritated, "You're just like him, you know? Thinking that he can do shit without me knowing."

If Majima was fully playing into his role of Goromi, he would've broke down. He would've given Sagawa the show he wanted; on his knees, sobbing pathetically while he begged for forgiveness.

But perhaps he and Sagawa were grossly underestimating Goromi.

"You have it all wrong."


"I ain't yours, never had, never will be, Sagawa-han."

Sagawa looked confused, as if wondering just who was talking. Sagawa saw him as Goromi right now. He saw her as some stupid, vapid hostess when she was in fact just the opposite. She wasn't going to let Sagawa berate her like that.

But Sagawa wasn't going to be back talked. Majima or Goromi be damned.

He wrapped a hand around Majima's throat, yanking him close, "Watch your goddamn mouth with me."

"Fuck you-"

His hold became tighter.

Majima's lip twitched, electricity shooting between his and Sagawa's intense glares.

"Well, it doesn't matter what you think." Sagawa pushed Majima back, making him trip backwards when his lower half hit the front of the nearby desk.

With his throat still on his neck, Sagawa loomed over him, his face shadowed over as peered down at hime with threatening eyes. "You're mine, Goromi-chan. I ain't letting some fucking delinquent like Nishitani just feel up one of my hostesses."

Laying his back down on the desk, wincing as his still sore cheeks were given a careless rub from Sagawa's hand. He pulled away, the sound of a zipper being undone was soon to follow.

"You talk big, but hardly back it up." Majima jeered. He resting his head, looking up at Sagawa with half lidded eyes, filling to the brink with distain, as he his hand up the vip of hips, over his abs, towards his chest. "You gotta keep a nice tight hold on that leash."

Playing along with Sagawa kept him alive thus far, and while it ultimately never gave him what he wanted, it kept him sane. For moments at a time, he was exactly what Sagawa saw him as.

"Ahh, finally starting to behave." Sagawa said with delight, running his thumb along the head of Majima's stiffening cock. "Don't worry Goromi-chan, daddy'll make ya feel real nice."

Majima sighed miserably as Sagawa stroked him. The fact that part of Majima wanted to enjoy that assault; his own breaking down, made him want to vomit.

Sagawa pulled away when Majima reached full staff, making him let out a tiny whine. Sagawa ignored it, pulling a mini bottle of lube out of his pocket. He poured some of it on his hand and stroked it on his cock, before using that same hand to resume stroking Majima.

"Hmph…" The slickness of his hand on his cock made Majima squirm, as Sagawa used his other hand to gently prod his cock at his entrance, his next move a lot less kind, shoving his entire cock into the hilt with one swift movement.

Majima bit his lip, but it couldn't completely hide the pained grunt that ripped from his throat. Sagawa chuckled, beginning to move his hips, slow at first, but quickly gained his pace. Whimpering, Majima dug his nails into the desk at the pleasure came from each rough thrust, groaning hard as Sagawa pounded hard inside of him, hitting his prostate and sending sparks all through his body. His balls slapped against his bruised cheeks which each thrust, making sure each one had his cock buried deep inside.

A deep thrust had Majima shuddering, arching his back as the pleasure built up within his gut. The teeth that dug into hiss lip became looser and looser, and soon his mouth gaped, gasping and moaning as Sagawa continued to break him. He cursed softly between moans, his cock bobbing between his legs, rubbing off pre on his belly. He felt like he was loosing it.

Sagawa smiled has he panted, watching Majima slowly accept his place. Majima cried out when he stopped thrusting his hips, a sound Sagawa wasn't expecting but had his cock twitch hard inside of him at such an alluring sound.

"Don't worry babe, just getting you comfortable." He grabbed Majima's hands, hoisting him up so that Majima's hands were wrapped around the back of his neck. He got the message, and latched on tight, "Look at me, darling. Let daddy see that pretty face of yours."

Majima whimpered as Sagawa resumed thrusting. His eye scrunched up, tears of pleasure once again melding back with shame as he looked at him dead on. It was quick to fade, once again, the position adding a tighter squeeze that had both Majima and Sagawa seeing stars.

"That's it, beg for it. Say you want it…"

"Please, don't."

"I'll stop." Sagawa whispered, emphasizing his words as he began to slow his hips, "And daddy knows you don't want that."

He's right, he didn't. Majima whimpered again, closing the distance between him and Sagawa so he could smash their lips together.

Sagawa grunted in surprise. Majima's tongue slid into his open mouth and coddled with his, wanting to taste him, wanting to feel him. A switch had flipped and now all he wanted was for Sagawa to own him; to punish him.

"I want it. Please daddy, fuck me, don't stop…"

Sagawa let out a cackle, his thrusts becoming faster than before. It had Majima's eye rolling in the back of his head, crying out as his painted lips formed a perfect 'O'.

"Ohh, Sagawa! Daddy! Fuckk!"

Sagawa gasped a little, hugging Majima tighter to his body. "So h-hot, Goromi-chan…"

Majima felt himself coming close. His entire body shook as the pleasure began to overflow within his belly. He clenched hard around Sagawa's cock, his toes curling inside of his high heels.

Majima's body twitched as he came hard, letting out a throaty whine as Sagawa pumped his cock harder, cum spurting out of the tip and onto his chest. Majima could only whimper as Sagawa kept thrusting, the constant abuse to that sensitive spot unpleasant. He took solace his own grunts, his brows knitted together and his teeth bared as he too was nearing completion.

Sagawa's hips slapped hard against his cheeks, stinging so badly it had Majima whimpering quietly as Sagawa released inside of him with a deep groan.

"Ohhh fucck. Goromi-chan…" He kept thrusting, movements shallow as he rode out the last bit of energy he had before pulling out.

Majima laid sprawled out on the table, to shocked to even lower his legs even after Sagawa's hips weren't there to support them. Cum dripped from his entrance and onto the floor; a shameful display that had Sagawa almost ready to go for another round. Damn his old age.

"You look good enough to be a model, Goromi-chan!" Sagawa exclaimed, clasping his hands together in delight. "Maybe send a few pictures to my bro."

Majima gritted his teeth, his legs slowly moving down in slow, fragmented movements, "Shut the fuck up."

Sagawa's smile wiped clean off his face, and he sighed again, straightening himself out and tucking his cock back into his pants, "Ahh, you never do learn do you?" He said, disappointed sure, but not really surprised. "You're just like Majima. I got two dogs I can't seem to tame."

"Is that how you see me?" Majima asked, not even sure who he was anymore. He nodded his head with an exasperated half chuckle. "I really am dumb."

"That's probably the only smart thing that's gone through your head." He chuckled, walking back over to Majima. He caressed his cheek, wiping off some of the ruined eye makeup which only smeared it more. He tilted his head, smiling thoughtfully.

"I guess I can't help but like the stupid types."