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A Queen of Fire and Ice

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Chapter One, Winterfell

The once named Morgana Laelyn Potter now dubbed Morgana Laelyn Taragyren sighed as she looked in the looking glass as she braided her hair for the tenth or twentieth time that morning, to be honest she was so nervous she'd lost count as she needed something to keep her hands busy. Why was she nervous? Well that was a story to behold. After the Battle of Hogwarts Morgana had lost all will to live and one night as she prepared to end it all Death appeared before her. He offered her the chance of having a new life, in a new realm. A place where she would be happy and could be with her soul mate. Though like all things where she was concerned there was a catch. At first Death had warned her, her life would not be easy she would lose people she loved, but she would also again people she loved. The story of her life.

Knowing his Mistress was dubious Death had assured her that though she would face trials she will be better off and her life would be better, she would also have her memories and magic. Jumping at the chance as what did she really have to lose. She took it and was reborn into Morgana Laelyn Taragyren a Dragon Princess of Westeros. Her first three years were amazing until that dreadful day came where her family were slaughtered where they stood including her older twin sister Rhaneyrs and her baby brother. She herself was also nearly killed if weren't for her personal guards that had gotten her to safety.

But, like all things where she was concerned it was a double edged sword. The new King Robert Baraethon soon found out about her and would have had her, a three year old girl, a baby killed. If it hadn't of been for the King's friend Lord Eddard or 'Ned' Stark Lord of Winterfell who had convinced the King not to kill her but to let him take her as his Ward. The King had thought about it long and hard for three days and nights before finally agreeing with his friend but on the condition that she was to be betrothed to marry Ned's first born son Robb, who was a year older than her. Ned immediately agreed knowing he would get no better offer he took her back to Winterfell where she found the family she'd always wanted as Ned's wife Catelyn Stark Nee Tully welcomed her with open arms.

It was there as she grew she found out that Robb was her soul mate. Growing up together they became fast friends and their relationship soon blossomed, she also became close with the other Stark children that soon followed. Everyday during her teens Morgana thanked death often for the life she was given as she grew into a beautiful young woman and had the family she'd always dreamed of. Morgana startled as she was suddenly brought out of her thoughts by a knock on her chamber door. Looking into the mirror Morgana saw her now violet eyes were glowing slightly with magic. The seventeen year old woman smiled as she brushed some lose Raven hair out of her face as she called to who ever was outside her chambers.

"Come in." She called after clearing get throat. As soon as she finished speaking the door flew open suddenly and her love, Robb rushed into the room his eyes searching it for danger as he kneeled beside her his face taut with concern, his blue eyes raging like the sea they held so much concern as they looked upon her. Behind him she could see her personal guards Sir Arthur, Sir William and Sir Lancelot enter the room their hands on the hilt of their swords. "My Love." Robb called holding her hands in his. "Are you alright? We called three times but you did not answer, we were about to break down the door." He told her honestly fear evident in his voice.

Morgana pulled her right hand free and placed it on Robb's cheek, he'd had a shave and a haircut it seemed. "I'm sorry my love I was lost in my own thoughts." She says lightly trying to hide how she really felt. She failed. Robb raised his eyebrow as he gently pulled her to stand before taking her into his arms kissing the side of her head softly. He knew immediately what was bothering the woman he'd fallen in love with. "He will not harm you Ana. I promise you that. Why there is still breath in my body I will never let anything happen to you." He swore soothing her worries.

He knew what was bothering her; the King and his family were arriving today to oversee their wedding and she was worried what the King may do. Robb never cared much for the King after he learned what he'd done to his Ana when she was but a baby; bit for his father's sake he would be respectful around him but that was it. "Robb's right My Lady." Sir Arthur spoke softly as her guard entered the room. "The King will not come near you much less harm you."
"We swore to protect you when you were born and we intend to keep that promise." Sir William assured her.
"You are the future Queen and rightful Queen my Lady and we will lot let him hurt you or Robb." Sir Lancelot added knowing the truth of the matter she was more scared for Robb than for herself.

Morgana smiled gratefully her eyes gleaming as she muttered a soft 'thank you'. Clearing her throat she straightened her sky blue tunic and tightened the laces of her violet corset vest. One she was satisfied that her matching pants would not come out of her sky blue boots she picked up her sword that lay on top of her desk. The sword was a gift from Ned Stark on her fifteenth name day and to this day she still could not believe they had let her learn sword fighting and archery as well as what was deemed appropriate for a Lady to learn since she was ten. Jon often teased her it was her doe like eyes and puppy dog look that let her get away with everything and it worked pretty well on Robb if she said so herself.

"Are you ready to be beaten again My Love?" Morgana teased, giggling as Robb glared at her playfully as he held out her cloak and draped it over her shoulders. Though he smiled proudly at his betrothed as she was the best swords woman and bowman in Winterfell. Something he loved to rub in his brother Jon's and best friend Theon Greyjoy's face. Smiling Robb held his arm out for her. "Always My Love." He said as he kissed her passionately for several minutes. Smirking at her blush he led her out to the training grounds. Swearing silently to himself he'd make her laugh more often in the coming days.

Once they reached the training yard they saw Bran practicing with a bow and arrow again, Robb had filled her in what had happened earlier that morning. This time Jon and Theon were giving him some pointers while Ned and Catelyn watched from the stand once more. "Ana." Bran called happily when he saw her and Robb as he ran over to them to hug her. "Hello Bran." Morgana smiled hugging him tightly. "Are you going to beat them again?" He asked her excitedly referring to his brothers and their friend. He cheered happily and stepped back when she nodded. "Teach me again, after please." Arya shouted appearing from wherever she'd been hiding and ignoring her mother's stern "Arya."

"Okay." Morgana laughed taking off her cloak and placing it over a barrel as she entered the ring. "I can beat you this time." Theon said pompously as he followed her into the ring drawing his sword and turned to face her. "You're going to wish you hadn't said that Theon." Jon laughed at his friend who shot a glare his way over his shoulder. It would seem that Jon had been right with his assumption for the fight did not last longer then ten minutes, Morgana giving everything she had as Theon played dirty as he tried to trip her up multiple times but in the end it was Theon who looked the fool as Morgana had him trapped in between her sword under his neck and his sword behind his head.

"It happened too fast." Theon complained as he glared balefully at Robb and Jon who were laughing at him. "If you can be beaten by Ana and it happened too fast maybe you should spend more time here training then in Wintertown Theon." Ned remarked causing more laughter. Theon glared at them all before he got a glint in his eye as he turned back to the goddess in front of him and leaned in to kiss her. Only for her knee to hit him hard in the groin causing him to double over in pain and a second blow rained down on to his back from her elbow sent him to the floor in a heap.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" Robb shouted as he leapt over the fence glaring at his friend as he took Morgana into his arms brushing her lose hair out of her face as she glared at Theon, her violet eyes glowing dangerously as she threw his sword down next to him.
"Are you alright love?" Robb asked her concerned, Morgana didn't say anything just nodded her head as she leaned back into Robb's arms letting out a small sigh of content. "What do you mean if she's alright? She attacked me." Theon complained from the ground still coughing and spluttering. "What the hell do you think you're doing Theon." Robb snarled sounding very much like a wolf.

"You had no right to do what you just did. You've disrespected her in front of everyone!" Robb ragged at his friend. "You've gone too far Theon. I'm sick of you leering at her and making snide comments and now you make a move on the woman I love, my betrothed in front of all of Winterfell."
"I'm sorry I'm sorry." Theon sighed raising his hands in surrender looking petrified as a wind started to gather around them swirling tightly as Morgana's eyes continued to glow more brightly in her anger. "If there were not women and children here." Robb threatened.

"Oh, don't hold back on my account love." Morgana chipped in her voice cold and hard. Robb realising she was losing control of her magic pulled her closer to him holding her head against his neck as she breathed in his scent turning his back on his friend. Once she had regained control of herself Morgana turned to Arya who was glaring at Theon who now stood behind Jon and Bran. "Arya how bout that lesson." She called. Throwing one last glare at Theon Arya nodded and took off her cloak placing it on top Morgana's revealing clothing similar to the older woman's but in blue and grey colours. Picking up the wooden swords Arya entered the field as Robb left passing one to Morgana, they weren't on real swords just yet.

Morgana smiled proudly at Arya as she stood in the correct stance causing Arya to stand a little taller something her mother and father noticed. "What do wolves hunt?" Morgana asked surprising everyone at the question as the two women circled each other. "Deer." Arya said immediately and at Morgana's slight look at her hand Arya adjusted her grip on her sword before continuing. "They're light and quick on their feet so a wolf as to be lighter and quicker. I'm a wolf, so I have to be lighter and quicker." Morgana nodded as she twirled her sword around her fingers before holding it in the defence position as Arya attacked.

As the two girls thought it looked to the bystanders that they were doing a deadly dance, they could see Morgana was the teacher, for she was more deadly and more graceful in her movements but to those who had watched a bit of their lessons before they could see that Arya had improved greatly though she was no where near Morgana's level, though they knew she would get there in time. All that could be heard in the field was the clashing of wood as everyone was enthralled by the two before them.

After a while Morgana called an end to their session, both were panting and sweating from excursion though they had grins on their faces especially Arya. "Well done Arya." Morgana said proudly as she hugged the young girl. "You've improved since the last time we practiced. Make sure you put this on your bruises." Morgana told her handing the new tub of bruise salve that Robb threw her.

"Thank you Ana. I didn't meant to get you." She apologised. Morgana shook her head waving off the apology, kissing the young girl on the head as she left the field running back indoors to change for when the King arrived Nymeria following behind her. "Can you teach me." Bran asked grabbing her hand as she left the field but before she could answer Lady Catelyn spoke instead. "Not now Bran, Ana needs to go get cleaned up the King could be here at any moment." Catelyn said sternly leaving no room for anyone to argue though Bran did moan in disappointment.

"Later." Morgana whispered in his ear and kissed his head smiling when she heard him cheer. Her smile spread wider as she felt Robb's arms wrap around her. "You're good with them." He mused kissing down her neck to her collar bone smirking when she let out a soft moan. "I should hope so." Morgana quipped as she turned around in his arms wrapping her own around his neck as she kissed him softly on the lips. "That includes you too Robb." Catelyn's stern voice breaking them apart. Blushing Morgana took Robb's arm and allowed him to lead her back to her chambers her guard following a few paces behind them.


"Where are Arya and Morgana?" Catelyn hissed to her husband and children. "Sansa where is your sister? The King will be here at any moment." Sansa just shrugged her shoulders. "Ana went to find Arya mother." Robb answered quietly. Just as he finished speaking they saw Arya come running with a helmet on Morgana following along behind her Grey Wind beside her and her guard behind the two girls. "They're here." Arya shouted as she joined her family her father taking the helmet off of her and passed it to Jon. "I saw them all." Only to be told to be quiet and line up by her mother only after being cleaned up. "Move." Arya hissed at Bran as she stood between Sansa and Bran.

"Arya." Morgana hissed raising an eyebrow from where she stood in between Jon and Theon her guard behind them. Arya ducked her head muttering an apology to Bran. Morgana pulled her cloak tighter around her to not only cover up the low plunging neckline of her Violet dress with open flowing sleeves but to also hold off the cold. Brushing her curly Raven hair out of her eyes Morgana leaned down to stroke Grey Wind who refused to go stand next to Robb but instead chose to stay by her not that Robb minded. Robb looked behind him at his fiancée and had to control himself for she looked absolutely stunning and all he wanted to do was hold her in his arms, but was told to turn around by his father.

"Why can't Ana stand next to Robb?" Arya asked loudly as the Royal guards marched through the gate. "Will you shut up." Sansa snapped as the wheel house rode into the court yard causing everyone to drop to their knees, Robb and Morgana doing so reluctantly. "Ned." The King greeted boyously once he was helped from his horse and waddled over to the Starks as he pulled Ned to stand. "Your Grace." Ned replied graciously.
"You've gotten fat." King Robert stated only for Ned to raise his eyebrow and look pointedly at Robert's engorged stomach. For a moment it looked like the King was going to yell before he burst out laughing and hugged Ned like a brother would after seeing each other in so long.

"And who is this strapping young lad?" King Robert asked as he looked at Robb. "You've got a firm grip lad you'll make a fine Lord of the North like your father." Robert told him shaking hands with Robb once he was introduced to him. "Cat." Robert greeted happily as he pulled Catelyn into a hug and kissed her cheeks. "How goes the wedding planning?" He asked Catelyn.
"Very well your Grace. Last few adjustments and everything will be ready in three days time for the wedding." Cat told him.
"Excellent." Robert beamed ruffling Rickon's hair before greeting Sansa and Arya before stopping in front of Bran.

"Go on then show us your muscles." Bran looked to his father who nodded so he held up his arm for the King to feel. "You'll be a solider." He told Bran happily. "I'd like to pay my respects." Robert told Ned smiling at the two girls in front of him who were arguing over where Tyrion was and the other telling her to be quiet before Catelyn put an end to their bickering. "My Love we've been travelling for a month can it wait?" Ceresei asked after she'd sent Jamie off to find their little brother. Robert ignored her and spoke to Ned before being led to the crypt as his wife and children came to greet the rest of the Starks.

Once the Royal party had been led off to their rooms by some servants Robb finally held Morgana in his arms once more. "I'm so glad they're gone for now. That Prince gives me the creeps." Morgana shivered as she rested fully against Robb. Theon and Jon standing beside them. "We won't let him come near you Ana I promise." Jon swore as he too noticed the looks the Prince sent his friend and soon to be sister. "Ana." Sansa interrupted whatever Robb was about to say next. "Mother and I have finished your dress. Can you come try it on?" Sansa asked her soon to be older sister.

She loved having a older sister especially Morgana who was a mix of her and Arya, Morgana reminded her of the warrior Queens of the North. Smiling at the younger girl she nodded but as soon as she linked arms with Sansa, Rickon ran up to her and held on to her skirts wanted to be carried. Smiling Morgana picked him up perching him on her hip. "Rickon go with mother Ana needs to try on her dress." Sansa told her baby brother but the six year old shook his head and wrapped his arms around Morgana's neck refusing to let his mother take him. "It's okay I've got him." Morgana told her and Catelyn as she started walking towards the Keep Shaggydog and Lady following behind her.

"She spoils you all. But she'll make a wonderful mother." Catelyn said with a shake of her head but a smile turned up her lips. "We'll go and do our patrols My Lady." Sir Arthur said as he and the rest of Morgana's Guards bowed to her as they left, knowing neither women would want anyone to see the dress before the Big Day. Grey Wind kept looking from Robb to where Morgana had disappeared as if he was not sure who to follow. "She'll be fine boy she has your brother and sister with her." Robb told him rubbing in between his ears. "Come Sansa. We may need to make alterations and Gods know we don't want Rickon trying to help." She said to her daughter laughing as they followed after Morgana.

Once Morgana had put on the dress she she turned to face the floor length mirror and gasped. The dress was absolutely beautiful it was a white dress with silver detailing and some silver and amethyst gems over the bodice of the dress, the style of the dress was an off of her shoulders dress with the ends coming to a point at her hands. It was a very beautiful dress and there was even some silver shoes that matched the bodice.

"It's perfect. Thank you Cat thank you Sansa." Morgana replied happily as she twirled around. "You're welcome Ana. It suits you and there's no adjustment needed. I'm so happy to have you as a good-daughter. I think on the day we should have the majority of your hair as it is now but have the sides braided back with some gems intertwined." Catelyn mused as she hugged the girl to her.

"You look like a Princess." Rickon said happily from his chair next to Sansa. "I agree with Rickon that dress really suits you Ana and I agree with you mother on her hair." Sansa agreed as she looked over her new sister startling as Morgana pulled her into a hug which she readily returned. "Right get changed and I'll have one of the maids place it somewhere safe. The feast will begin shortly." Catelyn ordered, nodding Morgana released Sansa and went to change back into the gown she had planned for the feast behind the screen.

When she exited the screen she was now wearing a blood red dress with a plunging neckline that only had thin straps to hold the dress up, a gem covered circlet wrapped around her head ending with a pearl on her forehead, the maids took her wedding dress to Lady Catelyn and Lord Ned's room to hang on the dummy. "That dress is gorgeous Ana. Wherever did you get it?" Sansa asked looking at her soon to be good-sister. "Just something I had the seamstress make, thought I'd give Robb something to really remember." Morgana said smirking as she sat down on the stool letting Sansa re-brush her hair.

Who decided to let it fall in natural waves but adding a few more curls. While Catelyn left to over see the preparations leaving Rickon with the girls while Morgana applied some make up to her face, dark purple eye shadow and some black eyeliner to make her eyes pop, blush to her cheeks and some red lipstick. Once finished with Morgana, Sansa had her hair styled quickly with a few braids throughout her red hair. Donning their cloaks they left Sansa's chambers Rickon holding Morgana's hand once they made their way to the Great Hall.

When they were outside of the hall Morgana shed her cloak handing it to her maid and best friend Allana who told her she'd knock Robb off his feat, Sansa following her example there would be no need to wear their cloaks in the hall with the fires burning and the dancing they would be doing. Entering the hall they felt everyone's eyes on them as they made their way over to the table where Robb, Theon, Jon, Arya and Bran sat. Morgana had been able to convince Catelyn to allow Jon to attend the feast.


Robb's P.O.V:

"May the Gods have mercy." Robb muttered as he looked at the Goddess standing in the doorway, Sansa and Rickon with her. Jon and Theon frowned when they noticed Robb was no longer paying them the slightest bit of attention and turned to see what he and everyone else were starring at. "My God what I wouldn't give to have her right now." Theon said loudly causing him to be hit around the head by Robb and Jon and for Arya and Bran to fling food at him hitting him in the face.

Taking a napkin to wipe it off he noticed Morgana's guards and the Lord and Lady Stark glaring at him for his comment. Robb glared at Theon before turning back to the beauty walking towards him a slight smirk on her face as she looked at him her eyes gleaming, he knew that this was for his benefit not that she would do it for anyone else but to show him exactly what he was getting himself in for and he loved her all the more for it even if the Queen muttered jealously. He swore that when they were married they would not end up like the King and Queen he would only have his wife and she him.

(Normal p.o.v:)

Morgana smiled at Robb not taking her eyes off of him as she helped Rickon sit before loading his plate and cutting it up for him, she kissed him on the head before she moved around the table and sat next to Robb. "You look beautiful tonight my love." He told her pulling her close to him as he kissed her soundly in front of everyone telling everyone without words that she was his as much as he was hers. They continued kissing until the need to breath could no longer be ignored they pulled back. "I cannot wait until three days time when you become my wife." Robb told her happily as he kissed her head once they had finished eating. "Neither can I." Morgana told him honestly as she leaned into him.

"What did the dress look like?" Arya asked, she usually wasn't one to care for such things but anything that included Morgana then she wanted to know. "She looks like a Princess." Rickon told them happily.
"She is a Princess Rik." Bran told his younger brother. Rickon nodded his head said in childish glee that when she and Robb married she would be Queen and Robb King of Winter and would not be deterred when Sansa tried to tell him different.

Shaking his head at his brothers and sisters Robb stood and asked Morgana to dance with him. Smiling she placed her hand in his letting him lead her to clear floor space as he held her close by her waist before spinning her out before twirling her back in and holding her close again as they danced in time with the music.

They continued like this throughout the song until the end of the song where Robb dipped her backwards until her waist length hair touched the floor he leaned over her and kissed her softly before leading her back to the table for some wine. They sat back down speaking to Jon and Theon and to Uncle Benjin who came over to say hello. At some point during the conversation Rickon had sat down next to Morgana and fell asleep his head in her lap as she ran her hand through his hair. She was just standing up to take Rickon to bed when she heard a shout. "Arya!" Sansa cried wipping the food off of her face that her younger sister had threw there.

Catching his mother's eye Robb nodded and picked Arya up carrying her out of the Hall with a 'time for bed'. Morgana following with Rickon asleep in her arms and a sleepy Bran holding her hand. Taking Rickon to bed first and kissing him on the head smiling when Shaggydog jumped on the bed to lie beside him. Stroking the wolf Morgana led Bran to his room and did the same to him as Summer copied her brother. Closing the door quietly Morgana made her way to Arya's room she stood in the doorway watching Robb tell his sister a story. It was only when Arya was drifting off did Morgana enter the room and kiss Arya goodnight.

She smiled as she watch Robb kiss his younger sibling goodnight and take her hand as they went back to the boy's rooms where he kissed them goodnight before making their way to her own chambers. "Goodnight Ana." Robb said softly tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. Biting her lip nervously as she decided if she should do what she wanted to or not. "What is it Love?" Robb asked as he gently pried her bottom lip from in between her teeth. "Oh, what the hell." She said as she pulled Robb to her kissing him softly at first until he took control, pulling her into him but also pushing her up against her door holding tightly to her waist as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Morgana moaned softly as Robb ran his tongue along her bottom lip begging for entrance before diving in as she moaned tangling his tongue with her own tongue. Morgana pulled him closer and lifted one of legs up on to his hip, only to pause as she suddenly realised what she'd done. She went to lower it but Robb's hand stopped her as he grabbed her knee and pulled it back onto his hip moaning at how she was kissing the life out of him and pressing himself more into her body trapping her against himself and the door. He moaned again at the feel of her body pressed against his as he kissed along her jaw to ear and down her neck.

He smirked when she moaned loudly when he got to her pulse point her hips automatically thrusted against his own. "You like that Ana?" He asked his voice husky with need and lust as he continued to kiss down her neck to her collar bone. "Hmm." Morgana moaned softly her hips hit against his again causing Robb to growl his own hips snapping against hers. Before either one from them could say anything they heard a loud cough from behind them causing them to jump apart, Morgana's face bright red as she hid it in Robb's chest as they turned to who had interrupted them; it was Jon and her guards.

Though Jon was looking anywhere but the couple in front of him, his face as red as Morgana's. "Lord Stark wishes to see you Robb before you retire." He said as he turned to walk away. "He is in his chambers." Jon added as he hurried to his own room after bidding the two goodnight. Sighing Robb turned back to his love this time placing a soft kiss upon her lips. "I shall see you in the morning my Love." Robb says as he held her door open for her placing one last kiss upon her lips. "Pleasant dreams Ana."

"Goodnight Rob. I love you." Morgana says softly as she kissed him one last time enjoying the feeling of being in his arms. "I love you too Ana." He said letting her go, he staid until the door was shut. "Goodnight Sir Lancelot." He said before he made his way to his father's chambers. "Goodnight My Lord. Don't worry no harm will come to her with me here." He called after Robb who nodded gratefully.

He could not wait until they were married and the Royals were gone he hated seeing Morgana who was the strongest woman he knew so terrified. 'The next week could not come quickly enough.' He thought as he knocked on his mother's and father's chambers.