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A Queen of Fire and Ice

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Chapter Eight, A Deathly Surprise

“We need to plan this carefully.” Morgana mused re taking her seat at the meeting. Feeding the newborn dragons some meat off a platter in front of her with the help of Bran who was fascinated by the dragons having been asleep when the previous three had hatched. “What is there to think about? We have already discussed our plans for war.” Roose Bolton sneered.
“What there is to discuss Lord Bolton is a proper plan in order to get my father and sisters back. But to also protect my wife and daughters.” Robb snapped.

“We’ve all learnt to listen and heed Ana’s visions and now that there is a prophecy about my wife and daughters I wish for things to be planned more thoroughly though if you wish to rush heedlessly into war be my guest but only your retinue will be leaving with you. Everyone else will be here.” Robb snapped not trusting the Bolton Lord one bit. Instead of getting up and leaving like the other bannermen and Dornish men expected Lord Bolton stayed where he sat. “What does this prophecy mean?” Lady Maege Mormont asked dubiously and what it would entail for her Lord and Lady. Robb not having the answer tuned to his wife who was silently thinking on what it would entail holding her hand to offer her strength, support and protection.

“Son of a...” Morgana cursed, quickly stopping herself when she caught Bran looking at her wide-eyed. “Ana?” Theon asked worriedly. Morgana quickly got out of her seat and paced behind the table cursing under her breath as she put the pieces together that were given to her in her visions. “My love?” Robb asked worriedly coming to stand in front of her taking her hands in his to calm her. “Robb, there is a reason the visions have become more insistent and stronger and now a prophecy and it’s not only due to my powers strengthening. There’s going to be two wars, not one. The second more important and more deadly then this one and the one before with my father.”

Ignoring the banner men chatting anxiously behind them Robb only had eyes for his wife silently asking her to continue. “No! No, no, no, he promised I wouldn’t have to go to war again. He promised.” Morgana cried distraught, as shook her head in denial not wanting to believe she and her family were in the middle of another bloody war let alone two. “Dear niece, you are not making any sense.” Oberyn said confused. “Who promised? What is the war after this one?”

“This war is about who sits on the Iron Throne; about blood. It’ll last five years. If we don’t change our course and plans now, there will be many pointless deaths, whole families wiped out due to arrogance and stupidity. The one after is more deadly it’s with the Night King and his army of White Walkers. They want to wipe out the world of men. He’s coming for me and Bran. For my daughters.” Morgana whispered her eyes closed tearfully. “Death promised Robb.” She whispered the last bit to her husband.
“I know love. I know, but he also said he did not foresee this when he gave you Dark Sister. I won’t let them get you, our daughters or Bran. I swear it.”

“Why is he coming for Bran?” Theon asked concerned. “For you and my nieces?”
“He’s coming to kill Bran as he is a Green Seer and can Warg into Summer and ravens if he chooses, the first Stark in centuries to fully tap into the magic in their veins. But he is also destined to become the Three eyed raven. But I won’t let that happen. I won’t let him become the shell of himself that I saw. Me and my daughters, he wants us. I have magic running through my veins, I can raise dragons from stone and I’m the Mistress of Death which means my daughters will have my magic and the magic of the Starks. I’ll die before I let that ice bastard get what he wants.” Morgana ranted.

“What exactly is the Mistress of Death?” Lord Karstark asked dubiously breaking the silence that had fallen on to the room. “It means she is my Mistress and I can do her bidding if she so wishes, it means she is immortal.” A raspy voice filled the hall making the Lords and Ladies jump as a figure dressed in a black cloak holding a scythe was stood behind Robb and Morgana. “Who are you and what do you want with my Grace?” Sir Barristan snarled at this mysterious newcomer unsheathing his sword along with all the Lords and Ladies in the room, except Robb, Theon and the other members of her Queens guard.

“I have not come to harm my Mistress or anyone in this room, unless she commands it.” The mysterious figure said. “Who are you?” Ellaria asked holding one of her daggers.
“I am Death.” The figure said simply unleashing pandemonium in the Hall. As the noise level rose a migraine started to form in Morgana’s temples thanks to the many visions she’d had that day. The noise level rose further as the wolves and dragons added to the noise thinking their Mistress was in danger from all the shouting and panicking. Getting fed up with the noise and before the dragons could unleash their fire upon the occupants of the Hall she unleashed four loud bangs from her wand silencing the room instantly.

“Can you all just shut up!” Morgana hissed sounding very much like a dragon her eyes blazing with fury. “Before the dragons release their fury on you!” She turned to the three older dragons stroking their snouts calming them down while the wolves stood behind her growling. Once she and Robb had successfully calmed down the wolves as well she turned back to their banner men rubbing her temples trying to soothe the pounding in her head. “Ana are you okay?” Bran asked her worriedly. Instead of answering she gave him a tight lipped smile wincing slightly when the pain in her head spiked again.

“I am sorry Mistress.” Death apologised in his gravely voice. “I did not mean for this....chaos due to my presence.” He came forwards touching a bony finger to her forehead soothing the pain for now at least.
“Thank you.” Morgana said gratefully as the pain subsides for now. “How come your here?” She asked curiously.
“I have come to tell you, you are the answer you seek. You have seen what will happen when others fail to heed your visions and warnings.

Eddard Stark is in the course that unfortunately cannot be altered no matter what we wish, because he failed to listen. The girls however, can be saved from their courses if they listen to you. The youngest, Arya, her course is already fading into a new one, a better one you have seen this Mistress. Sansa on the other hand is still on her current course she will be harder to change.” Morgana sighed thankful that at least one of them had listened to her and would use the pendant to get home safely.
“Is there no other way it can be changed?” Lady Mormont asked.

“No.” Death answered simply causing everyone a great deal of concern. “Unless she chooses to listen to my Mistress. Mistress, there are those that cannot be trusted within your ranks, you know who they are.” Morgana nodded her head in agreement rubbing her stomach soothingly. “Send word to the young wolves once more. Hopefully they will both listen.” Death spoke once more. Morgana immediately moved to the side grabbing her pendant around her neck causing it to glow as she sent multiple messages to both Arya she Sansa, though she did send more messages to the eldest sister trying to convince the stubborn teenager.

“Theon Greyjoy.” Death spoke to him scaring the hell out of him, though he tried and failed not to show it. “Your course has altered for the better. Make sure you stay on this course. If you do not and betray my Mistress and her husband you do not want to know what I will do to you!” Death almost growled as he showed Theon his old course and what would happen to him all the way up until he died by the Knight King protecting Bran, and including what Death himself wound to do to his soul for betraying them even if he came back. To say it was unspeakable would be an understatement. Theon cleared his throat a couple of times before he could speak properly.

“I swear on my life I will never ever betray Ana and Robb no matter what.” Theon swore dear and determination swirling in his eyes.
“See that you don’t!” Was all Death said before turning to Robb and showing him what would happen if he didn’t listen to his wife, what would’ve happened if she wasn’t as opinionated as she is which would lead to him beheading Lord Karstark, who had killed two Lannister boys in retaliation for the Kingslayer killing his sons, which then led to Lord Bolton along with the Freys joining the Lannister’s along with hand his troupes betraying him she killing him along with the other half at his uncles wedding.

He then showed him what would happen from now if he continued to listen to his wife as an equal as he does now. Sending the Manderly and Dornish ships across the sea to retrieve Morgana’s aunt and uncle along with the Khalassar. Drogo killing the Bolton’s and the Freys for their betrayal, as even now Lord Bolton is plotting against them as he wants Ana for his own and for them to get both his sisters back and winning the war if he listens.

“I will always redirect and listen to Ana as an equal; as I do now.” Robb told Death when he pulled his finger away from Robb’s head. “I know I was making sure. I will always protect my Mistress, first and foremost. Always.” Death replied.
“Then we are in an agreement.” Robb stated with a firm nod of his head.
“So it is.” Death replied moving over to Oberyn and the Sands showing them their courses. “My allegiance lies with my niece. Only with my niece no one else.” Oberyn states firmly his daughters and paramour echoing similar agreements.

Death nodded his head disappearing and reappearing behind Lord Bolton and immediately swiped his scythe across his throat killing him before he could even blink. As soon as the Lord fell towards the table dead he shared the man’s thoughts to everyone in the room letting them know without words what will happen if you are a traitor. As Roose Bolton was planning to torture Morgana along with his bastard Ramsay, after killing Robb and her babies to make Morgana his sucking the life out of her little by little to have not only full control of Winterfell and the North but also the Iron Throne.

Upon seeing this chaos struck the hall as the Lords and Ladies were apologetic in their rage at what the Bolton Lord had planned for their Liege Lord and Lady. Within those moments the Bolton party were split with the minority who agreed with Roose meeting the date as their Lord, beside being fed to the wolves and dragons by Deaths hand. The majority of the party who didn’t agree with their former Lord were given to the Ryswell family along with the Dreadfort for the death of one of their Ladies and her son at the hands of Roose and his bastard.

“I shall take my leave now Mistress.” Death said turning to Morgana. “Everything should be on course and well after I kill the bastard. You have nothing to fear now Mistress if everyone stays true to you and yours.”
“Thank you old friend.” Morgana smiled grasping Death’s hands. Death bowed once to Morgana over their grasper hands before he disappeared. Once he was gone she turned to their bannermen seeing many shocked faces staring at her, Robb, Theon and Bran.

“I know you may have questions and maybe have some fear but I promise you have nothing to fear. What happened to Bolton was his own doing and I would never do that to anyone here unless it is called for like with Bolton.” Morgana stayed calmly and diplomatically. “I will answer your questions but not tonight. I think everyone would hear to bed. It has been a long day and there is much to think about. You may of course stay here if that is what you wish.”
“Thank you My Lady.” Was chorused throughout the room as they all hid her, Robb, Theon and Bran goodnight. “Can you tell me the babe of the new dragons now Ana?” Bran asked excitedly once they were the only ones left in the room.

“Not tonight Bran.” Robb said firmly. “Ana is not feeling well once she is fully rested she will tell you tomorrow.” He said as they finished off the letter to her aunt and uncle across the sea before Morgana sent it off magically. Bran remembering the pain his sister was in nodded his head without further argument as they bid goodnight to Theon and saw Bran and Rickon to bed before they too they too their retired to their chambers for hopefully a restful sleep. As they all wondered if all would be well for their family.