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this coupon is good for...

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Michelle brings someone back to study. Her name is Alex. She’s six feet tall. She’s on the track team. She’s taking developmental psychology with Michelle, and they’re studying for an upcoming midterm, huddled together at the dining room table with Oreos and tea between them. They’re leaned into each other, giggling at different things as they highlight different texts and quiz each other on terminology. Alex smiles radiantly at Michelle, who beams back, positively elated.

Peter somehow manages to be in the kitchen for more than half the night.

“Oh, just need to make a quick PB&J. Had a really long workout earlier. Benched my max weight!”

“God, it’s so hot in here, isn’t it? Just needed a glass of water. Tried taking off my shirt but even that didn’t help.”

“I’m boiling hot water. Need to study for my modern physics midterm, and it’s gonna be a late night. I think it’ll be fine though. Do you guys want any more tea? Mind if I sit here for a bit?”

Michelle barely glances at him the whole night. Even when he’s taken his shirt off for her, like how rude of her. Alex snorts in his direction at one point, so Peter skulks off, pointedly ignoring the sound of giggles that follow after him. He stays locked away in his room after that, not wanting to give Michelle the satisfaction of his jealousy. No, not jealousy. Concern. Peter is merely concerned about Michelle and just wants the best for her, and he doesn’t trust Alex. (Don’t ask him why. He totally has an answer, he just doesn’t want to share. He’s being completely reasonable!!)

It’s three hours later when Michelle finally knocks on his door. He’s been lying on his bed, fuming, with his physics book open to the same exact page. He has done a single problem from the past homeworks. All of that tension and frustration nearly seeps out of his body as soon as the door cracks open a few inches. Michelle peeks her head in with a warm smile, and he wants to melt into it. Everything about her is radiant, and he just wants to bask in the light she shines. But then he remembers he’s supposed to be angry. She’s ignored him all night for her friend Alex. Tall, gorgeous, athletic Alex. So he reaches over to his bedside table and pulls out the coupon book, flipping through a few pages before finding the one he wants.

She walks over with a smirk, arms crossed over her chest and hip cocked as she waits for him to tear out the page and hand it to her. She extends her hand and takes it with an airy laugh. “Really, Parker?”

“Yes.” That’s all he says before he’s standing and grabbing her face in his hands and pulling her into a rough kiss. He bites and sucks at her bottom lip before she opens her mouth, and then he’s thrusting his tongue inside. She moans and leans into him, but somehow, it’s not enough. He turns them around and pushes her onto the bed, following shortly after to lie all his weight on top of her.

He kisses down her jawline and to her collarbone, pulling her loose shirt down over her breasts so he can suck one nipple into his mouth. Her hands tangle in his hair and her back arches off the bed, so he bites lightly and thrusts his hips down into her, keeping her pinned. She gasps when he releases her nipple with a pop, moving down, down, down her body until he reaches the edge of her loose yoga pants. He pulls them down without a word, looping a finger underneath her underwear to pull it to the side before he latches onto her clit, sucking it into his mouth. She screams, and he doesn’t stop. He wants her completely undone. At his actions. Because he’s the one who’s doing this to her. Not Alex.

“Peter,” Michelle gasps, pulling at his hair. He brings his head up, letting his hands take the place of his tongue, gently rubbing circles over her clit as she groans and lets her head fall back.

“Yes, Michelle? Did you need anything?” He smirks, kissing her inner thighs as he continues his slow, gentle pace on her clit with his thumb.

“Don’t be a tease.” She gasps, legs moving to rest on his shoulders, thighs tight around his ears.

“Use your words. Tell me what you want, sweetheart, and I’ll give it to you. But I can only do that if you tell me, explicitly, exactly what you want.” He smiles widely when she tightens her grip on his hair, pulling slightly.

“Fuck you, Peter Parker.” She gasps when he lets his lips wrap around her clit again. “More, I need more. I,” she whines when he sucks and leans her head up to look down at him with her brow furrowed in concentration. She manages to get out one last instruction. “Use your fingers.”

Peter wastes no time, bringing his fingers up to her pussy, letting them gather some of the wetness there. “You’re so wet, MJ. Is this all for me?” He pushes one finger in slowly, watching Michelle’s mouth part in a gasp. “Or was this for Alex?”

Michelle stutters, eyes locking on his. And then he’s leaning back down, wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking it between his lips. He doesn’t let up. In fact, he adds another finger. Michelle can’t get another word out. Peter begins to pump his fingers in and out of her, reveling in the noises she makes. The noises she makes for him.

Her orgasm hits unexpectedly. One second, she’s panting his name and the next she’s silent, her pussy clenching rhythmically around his fingers. He doesn’t stop his ministrations, though. He continues until she starts to whine. “Peter, Pet-” she gasps when he sucks on her clit again and her thighs clench around his head tightly, effectively locking him into place. His face is smushed and he can’t really do anything with his mouth when he’s stuck like this. Not that he particularly minds. Michelle laughs lightly, releasing her thighs from their vice grip and pushing his head away. She lies back against the bed with her arms spread around her and her legs still looped over his shoulders. Peter kisses her thighs before working his way back up her body, pulling her shirt off with him as he goes.

Michelle’s arms loop around his shoulders, pulling him into a kiss. He hopes she can taste herself. That she can taste how thoroughly he wrecked her. And then he starts to push his shorts down, trying not to part from her lips too much. And then he’s reaching for a condom and slipping it on, lining up with her entrance, and pushing in with a groan that Michelle matches.

He pauses when he’s pushed all the way to the hilt, head dropping and resting against her shoulder. He places gentle kisses there before pushing up on his arms and looking down into her eyes. And then he pulls back and thrusts back inside roughly. Michelle gasps, and Peter smiles. “Is that what you want, sweetheart? You want me to fuck you hard?”

Michelle nods, hand reaching down to play with her own clit. Peter growls, thrusting again more forcefully. “Who’s fucking you, baby? Who’s fucking you just how you need?”

“You are, Peter. You.” She moans, head moving back. Peter takes the opportunity to latch his lips onto her neck as he thrusts, sucking a bruise into the skin he pulls between his teeth.

“Who gives you everything you need?” He gasps out as he pulls back from her neck.

“You, Peter.”

“That’s right, baby.” Peter grunts, pulling out completely, ignoring the whine Michelle lets out. But then he’s flipping her over onto her stomach and pushing back in roughly, continuing an unrelenting pattern. She screams, and he pulls her hips up. “Touch your clit, baby. Play with yourself until you come on my cock.” She does so quickly, arm squished between her body and the mattress as she rubs circles into her clit.

Peter grunts, one hand going to squeeze her ass. Michelle gasps. “You like that, baby? You like a little pain with your pleasure?” She doesn’t say anything, but she does nod her head into the mattress. “What do you want, Michelle? Tell me what you want so I can give it to you.”

She gasps out at a particularly hard thrust, moaning. “Spank me, Peter. Please.” And that’s all he needs before a hand slaps down against her ass and she screams, pussy clenching tightly around his cock. He grunts, thrusting through her orgasm until he spills into the condom with a deep groan. He collapses onto her back, completely spent.

He rolls over beside her, pulling the condom off and tying the top, tossing it into the trash can near his bed. Michelle scoots into him, throwing an arm across his chest and kissing his shoulder. She smiles at him, but he can’t quite meet it. He feels guilty. He feels badly. He can’t exactly point to why. Michelle notices immediately, unsurprisingly.

“What is it, Peter?” Her brow furrows and she squeezes the arm wrapped around him, holding him against her.

He struggles to articulate what he’s feeling. But he does his best, taking a deep breath. “I just, I feel I was too rough.”

She scoffs, lying against the arm behind her head. “Peter, I’m not a doll. You aren’t going to break me.”

He’s quick to respond. “I know, I know. I just…I don’t want to do anything you wouldn’t like.”

She gives him an incredulous look. “Did you see me objecting? Did you see me telling you to stop? Peter, I wanted this. I explicitly told you what I wanted you to do. Maybe it’s different than how it had been, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want it.” She leans toward him again so that she’s half across his chest. She lets her hands play with the hair that falls into his face. “Don’t worry about being rough with me. You can be rough with me.” She kisses him on the lips quickly and smirks. “Maybe sometimes I can be rough with you, too.”

Peter gasps, pink traveling from his cheeks all the way to his chest and to his ears. Michelle laughs at him, reaching down to squeeze his now half hard dick. “I see you’re excited at the idea.” She chuckles, but then she’s leaning down to kiss him beside his ear. “Would you like me to be rough with you? Would you want me to ride you, tie you to the bed, and push my hands against your neck while you wait for me to let you come?”

Peter lets out a huff of air, unable to formulate a sentence in response to this. When she pulls back to meet his eyes with a smirk, he simply nods. Then, she’s throwing her legs over his hips and pinning his arms by his wrists up near his ears. “Well then, shall we begin?”