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It's a little past midnight when Shouta finishes his patrol. He's exhausted (but when is he not) and he's ready to fall face first onto any horizontal surface he can find; a bed preferably, but he'll take a couch or even the floor if that's all he can get.
Instead of heading back to his own apartment, he heads instead to your home in the other direction. While he knows you probably need your sleep as much as he does, what with being a university student, he secretly hopes you're still awake, if only so you can lull him him to his own sleep by running your fingers through his hair like you love to do (and he won't admit it, but he loves it as well). He just hopes that if you're already asleep, that you've remembered to leave a spare key out for him. The memory of almost getting caught picking your front lock by your elderly neighbor the last time you forgot still causes him embarrassment.


Luckily, upon arriving at your run down apartment, he finds the door unlocked and makes his way inside, quietly muttering a “pardon the intrusion” as he removes his shoes and locks the door behind him. The lights are still on in the small dining room and the old TV in the corner is playing food network reruns, as per usual. There's a large charcoal drawing, half finished by the looks of it, sitting on the dining room table. Shouta is always curious about your current projects, but what he's more curious about at the moment is where in the world you've gone off to.
Shouta makes his way towards your bedroom, passing your cramped kitchen in the process. He double takes when he sees something unusual out of the corner of his eye. Crumpled on the kitchen floor is what appears to be a person. You're clad in charcoal stained sweats and lying in a small puddle of water on the tile. Scattered around you is what appears to be a broken glass, and a number of pills have rolled onto the floor from the counter above you.

What did you fucking do ?!

Shouta pushes back the panic making the blood pound in his ears, urging himself to stay calm and assess the situation more carefully. First he kneels to the ground to check that you're still breathing. He lets out his own deep sigh when he realizes that yes, you're breath is coming out regularly.
Next, he grabs the pill bottle from the counter and notes with relief that they're only low dosage painkillers, nothing you could overdose on without ingesting almost a whole bottle, which, judging from the number of pills still in the container and those scattered around you on the floor, isn't what transpired.
Kneeling back down beside you, Shouta carefully takes your head in his hands and checks for any injuries that you may have incurred when you hit the hard floor. Everything seems normal, thank God, and he places your head in his lap before lightly tapping your face with the palm of his hand.

You can hear someone calling your name from far away but opening your eyes seems like too much of a chore. You try to mumble out a “what” but the single syllable becomes garbled in your throat and you give up.
The insistent tapping on your face is annoying though, and it takes all of your energy just to crack a single eye open. Something dark is floating just above your face and it takes a few moments before you're able to open your other eye and focus in on what that object is.
Shouta’s face is inches away from yours, upside down, and his expression is one you've never seen on him before. As your body and mind manage to wake up bit by bit, you’re finally able to breathe out a single word and the look on Shouta’s face shifts slightly into something more recognizable. Relief?
You're glad to see your boyfriend, you always are, but right now you're just confused because you don't remember him coming over at all. Or had you gone to his place ? Nonetheless, you raise a shaking hand to try to wipe away the look of concern painting your boyfriends features.
“What's up?” You ask him.

“What’s ….? Shit, do you not know what happened?” You think you can hear a small tremor in his voice.
“No?” You respond. “Am I on the floor?”
You attempt to brace a hand against the tile in order to push yourself into a sitting position, but Shouta halts your progress by grabbing your hand.
“Careful. There's broken glass.” He warns you.
“Um. Why?”
Shouta looks back down at you quizzically. He studies your face like he's looking for something.
“I...was hoping you could tell me what happened.” He finally says.

You have to think for a bit.
“I was working on something for class…..I think I came in here to get something for a headache?”
“You passed out.”
Oh, well that explains why you're on the floor you suppose.
“Have you been sleeping enough?” Shouta is looking at you sternly, like if you answer him wrong he’ll get mad. Like himself, you tend to stay awake for long stretches of time and usually manage to take small naps here and there when you have time between classes and work.
“Um…” You try to think of the last time you slept for more than a few minutes at a time. You come up short.
Shouta makes an exasperated sound above you and tenderly removes your head from his lap. He repositions himself above you, placing an arm under your knees and another supporting your neck and head. Effortlessly, he lifts you into the air and before you even have time to think about wrapping your arms around his neck, he's softly dropped you into your bed.

“Where's your phone?” He asks gruffly.
“Dining room? I think…” You aren't 100% sure of where you left it, or why your boyfriend suddenly wants to see it, but feeling the pillows beneath your head is reminding you of how desperately you need to close your eyes again. When you open them moments later, Shouta is walking back in through the doorway to your bedroom, phone in hand.
“What classes do you have tomorrow? Give me the professor’s names.”
Without thinking, you give him the information he asked for.
“You’re not going to class tomorrow.” Shouta says while typing. “I’m telling your professors.”

“No, what?!” You shoot up into a seated position in bed, but the action makes you dizzy. Shouta just looks at you, giving off an air of authority and finality. Laying back, you argue, “It’s almost finals week, I can’t miss class!”
“How many classes have you missed so far this semester?”
You think about it, “None, but….”
“So it’s fine.”
“No.” Your boyfriend's eyes soften just a little. “You’re exhausted, you need to rest.”
“You’re one to talk.” You huff back at him, but you find yourself sagging back into the pillows and mattress. You scoot back against the wall, making enough room for another body to lay next to you.
“Fine. Will you stay until morning?” Your eyes are pleading. You’ve never told your boyfriend, but you always sleep best with his warm body is close to yours.
“I was planning on it.” Shouta finally smiles at you, placing your phone on your nightstand. He fishes his own phone out of his pocket and sets an alarm. You want to ask him if he’ll call out of his teaching job to stay in bed with you the next day, but you know that he won’t give in as easily as you did and you’re just too exhausted to try to fight him on it.

After leaving to turn off all the lights, as well as the TV, in the apartment, Shouta takes up the space next to you in bed. You immediately press up against his side. His arm snakes around you and pulls you even tighter against him. You’re already drifting off when your eyes suddenly snap back open and you blurt out, “Did you look at it?!”
“Look at what?” Shouta yawns.
“The piece I’m working on.”
“Not really. I was too busy
making sure you weren’t dead.”
“Good. Don’t look at it, Ok? Please.” You request. “I um. I was planning to give it to you when I’m done and I want it to be a surprise.”
Shouta yawns again and nuzzles his chin against the top of your head.
“I’ll look forward to it.” He promises.

You sigh contentedly, briefly thanking the universe for giving you such a caring (despite his best efforts to appear to the contrary) boyfriend. You fall asleep to the sound of Shouta’s steady heartbeat, breathing in the scent of his shampoo and his sweat.