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Yami no Luffy

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Yami no Luffy

Luffy doesn’t eat the Gomu Gomu no mi, which changes things for him. When he takes a beating to protect Ace and Sabo he’s within an inch of his life. As luck would have it one of Whitebeard’s men was exploring the island and takes the boys in. Tier 1 Special

Chap 1

Luffy didn’t eat the Gomu Gomu no mi, he still had big dreams of becoming King of the Pirates. Shanks and his men filled his head with how pirates should be. ‘Men who chase their dreams, seeking adventure and treasure…such freedom!’

He got to learn a bit more before they left. Ya see these bandits showed up and caused trouble in Makino’s bar. To Luffy’s confusion, when the bandits mocked Shanks and the others, even going as far as to spill booze on him.

Luffy’s fist shook in anger, as the bandits left. The crew just started laughing. He was shocked, he was confused, and he was mad. “Luffy, you’ll learn that there are some fights that aren’t worth fighting and the only way to win is to not fight.”

“I don’t get it at all Shanks you baka!” Luffy ran off, with Shanks giving a smile.

‘You will someday Luffy. I know you will.’

Things didn’t end there, while Shanks and his crew were planning to leave, the bandits were causing trouble in the town. Luffy tried to stop them, partially to get revenge for what he did to Shanks, only to be captured. They mocked Luffy and beat him. “You are just like those stupid pirates and just as weak.” one of the bandits held a knife to Luffy’s throat.


The bandit with the knife was thrown back, dropping the knife as a bullet embedded in his shoulder. “What the hell?” the leader turned.

“Shanks?” the red haired pirate captain stood with his crew.

“You can insult me, you can hit me, you can dump drinks on me, I’ll just laugh that stuff off. But when you mess with my friends I won’t stand for that!”

“Get them!” the leader shouted. Big mistake, it took Shanks’ crew less than 3 minutes to wipe the bandits out. The leader wasn’t gonna lose without making the pirates suffer. So he grabbed Luffy and escaped to the sea. The fool was unaware of the dangers of the sea.

A sea king was in full rage and with one big bite he swallowed the bandit and the ship whole. Luffy was thrown off and since he was tied up he couldn’t swim.

Shanks swam like a mad demon and was able to get to Luffy, the sea king took his armor, but it was worth the price. He saved Luffy and sent the beast running with a look.

Luffy cried, he couldn’t help it. Shanks had lost his arm because of him. The red head laughed and ruffled the boy’s wet hair. “It’s just an arm, you are much more important.”

They made it back, and their plans to leave were still happening. The crew didn’t know if Luffy was gonna come see them off or not. When the boy returned he asked again to join their crew, of course Shanks said no.

Instead he gave Luffy his treasured possession. His straw hat, their were a lot of memories and history tied to this hat. Luffy knew this, so he couldn’t believe the man was giving it to him. “I promise I’ll take good care of it!”

“You can give it back to me when you’ve become a great pirate.”

“I will, I’ll be the greatest pirate in all the seas!” Shanks grinned.

‘You can do it Luffy, I believe you can.’


To say Luffy’s grandfather was not pleased with Luffy’s desire to be a pirate was an understatement. Monkey D. Garp had been grooming Luffy to one day become a strong marine. A marine like him.

The training was hell, but it made Luffy tough, and he leaves Luffy alone for a few months and bam he’s wearing a straw hat and talking about being a pirate.

He decided it was time for Luffy to meet Ace. His sorta kinda big brother. Ace of course was dealing with his own issues and didn’t want to have Luffy around. Garp dropped him off with Dadan a mountain bandit he had left Ace with some time earlier.

Dadan was also not pleased, since she didn’t want to raise Ace either. “Well I could just arrest you now…” Dadan changed her tune right quick.

“Of course we’ll take Luffy in,” she said but mentally was cursing the man. Luffy looked at the bandit and was quick to complain.

“I hate mountain bandits!” he shouts.

Ace introduced himself to Luffy by firing a spitwad at him. Not the best way to start a relationship but Luffy seemed to want to stick to Ace like glue. He followed after Ace every day, much to the older boy’s annoyance.

Usually the older boy lost him in the jungle, but he didn’t get why Luffy was so persistent. They barely knew each other. On the days he left him behind he got to work on building up his treasure with his partner in crime Sabo.

It was just after robbing a pirate group, he pulled in a big haul. Sabo had gained some nice treasure but it looked like Ace had won this time…again. “Wow you guys have treasure!” the two froze and turned and saw Luffy. The boy smiled and laughed.

Ace and Sabo went into a huddle as Luffy went on about pirates and liking them.

“Hey Ace I thought you lost him!”

“I did, how did he find me, he’s so persistent!”

“What are we gonna do?”

“He knows where are treasure is, we know what we have to do!” they share a look and Luffy blinked.

Tying him up to the tree they began to plot to kill him. As they put it they didn’t trust Luffy not to talk. They went back and forth on who had to do it. “You are really gonna kill me?” the two looked to Luffy who’s eyes welled up with tears.

Ace and Sabo began to sweat. “WAAAAAHHHHH I DON’T WANNA DIE!” they panicked.

“Quiet you idiot!”

“Luffy shut it!”

“BUT YOU ARE GONNA KILL ME WAAAHHHHH!” he cried and Ace really began to panic. He knew the guys he stole from were still out looking for him.

True enough the group of pirates heard Luffy’s screams and came searching. They had tied the ropes too tight and ended up bolting leaving Luffy behind. Porchemy was pissed, he had just gotten robbed by Ace and that money belonged to Captain Bluejam not a guy you let down or failed if you wanted to keep your life.

Porchemy caught Luffy and he freaked calling out to Ace and Sabo for help. “Oh so you know Ace and Sabo.”

“No…” Oh boy Luffy was a bad liar, probably the worst ever. Porchemy saw right through him.

“Do you know where our treasure is?”

“Treasure?” Luffy’s eyes widened in realization and Sabo and Ace began to sweat.

‘He’s gonna talk, he’s gonna talk.’ they thought.

“I don’t know anything!” he looked away, whistling giving away he was a terrible liar.

Porchemy smirked. “Is that right, let’s see if I can beat answers out of you!” he dragged the boy off, Luffy calling out for help.

Ace and Sabo didn’t believe Luffy was gonna keep quiet. So they spent the next few hours moving their treasure. Once the last bit was moved Sabo was gonna go see if they were checking out the original spot. “Haha, not even Luffy knows about this spot!” his smile dropped as he thought of the strawhat boy. ‘He’s fine, he probably told where the treasure is, but wait if they go to the spot and find out the treasure is not there they’ll kill him…Damn it why do I care!’

Sabo came running. “Hey Sabo, was Porchemy and them looking for the treasure at the old place?”

“No…” he panted. “They are still looking for us!” Ace’s eyes widened. “You know what that means, all this time they have been torturing him…and he…and he…he never talked!” Ace’s hands balled up into fists.

The two sprang into action but…it might be too late.

Luffy’s torture began with a beating, the men taking turns punching him like he was a punching bag. With no devil fruit to protect him Luffy was in a lot of pain, tears dripping down onto the floor. His body was bruised and swollen.

Since he didn’t talk Porchemy brought out his spiked gloves. He beat Luffy within an inch of his life, his body scratched up and cut up, a puddle of blood forming beneath him. Even his own men couldn’t take it anymore and asked Porchemy to stop. “Quit your bitching if you have time to whine you have time to find Ace and Sabo!” he was panting heavily. “It’s our lives on the line if we don’t get that money back.”

“But…sir…he doesn’t even have the strength to scream anymore. He’s gonna die…”

“You are right, we don’t need him anymore.” he raised his massive blade.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” the two boys burst in carrying pipelike weapons and wham! Hit Porchemy and sent him flying.

The two took out the small fry and got Luffy down. The boy let out a gurgled version of their names before he coughed up blood. “Ace we need to get him to a doctor!” Ace was tempted to fight Porchemy till the end. “Ace he is going to die!”

“Right let’s go!” the two lifted him carefully, and made a break for it. Normally Ace would fight, but the thought of Luffy dying didn’t weigh well on his heart.

By luck, the boys ran into a brunette man who could help. “Hey, is he alright?” The man asked.

“No please, he needs a doctor can you help us!”

“Yes, my crew has the best doctors around.”

“You are a pirate?” Ace got defensive, readying his weapon.

“Easy there, your friend won’t make it if you start fighting.”

“Are you with Bluejam?” he snapped.

“Bluejam? That weakling, nah not with him. No time to waste let’s go.”

‘Weakling?’ the two were shocked.

“The name’s Thatch, trust me my pops wouldn’t turn 3 kids away.” The trio were brought to Whitebeard. Ace being Gol D. Roger’s son had heard rumors of this man before, but he was far more intimidating in person.

Thatch was making a run through the local islands. It seems there were rumors of Dragon appearing in the area. Whitebeard was looking to make contact with the man.

While Thatch didn’t find Dragon he did meet Bluejam and boy was he a piece of work, he would have ignored him but Bluejam was foolish enough to attack him.

He crushed Bluejam, it’s why he didn’t go looking for Porchemy when he was so late. They didn’t have to worry about Bluejam coming after them.

Ace and Sabo were still worried, they weren’t allowed to be with Luffy as the doctors got to work on him. They were still covered in blood, and jumped when Thatch put his hands on their shoulders. “Let’s get you guys cleaned up and some new clothes.”

Ace looked down at his blood covered hands, it was Luffy’s blood. Luffy’s blood was on his hands in more ways than one.

“Ace…” Sabo tapped him, he gave Ace a reassuring smile and he nodded and the two went to go get cleaned up.

“It’s my fault.”


“It’s all my fault. Luffy is like this because of me!”

“You can’t blame yourself we didn’t know…”

“We did!” he shouted. “We knew Porchemy was gonna torture him and instead of saving him we chose to move our treasure.” he dropped to his knees. “Old man Garp said we were brothers, but I treated him like a pest, I don’t get it why would he wouldn’t just turn me in, why didn’t he just talk?”

“You can ask him that when he wakes up.” they began to get cleaned up and Thatch overheard their conversation, bringing them fresh clothes. He hoped the boy would make it, but the bit about Garp he had to tell Pops about it.

-x-4 Days-x-

The boys hung around on Whitebeard’s ship waiting for Luffy to recover, a full day of surgery just to get him out of life threatening condition. Thankfully they had blood thanks to the fishman Jimbei.

After the surgery Luffy needed rest, before they could do anything else. Doctor’s and nurses were running in and out checking on him.

They told Whitebeard what happened and the man laughed. Not out of disrespect, he laughed because as dumb as it was what Luffy did it was brave and stupidity and bravery often shared the same bed.

On the fourth day Luffy awoke and Ace and Sabo were allowed to see him. “”Ace?…Sabo?…”

“We are here Luffy,” the boy gave a weak smile.

“I didn’t…talk…”

“We know you idiot, why didn’t you, you could have been killed!” Ace yelled, and Luffy flinched. Sabo grabbed his hand.

“If…I talked…Ace would…hate me…” the boy’s eyes widened. “I want…Ace…to like…me…” he passed out.

“Luffy? Luffy!”

“He’s okay he just passed out. You should let him rest.” Thatch came in and informed them.

“Can I stay with him?” he didn’t look away from his injured brother

“I suppose that’s fine, just don’t wake him.” Thatch gave them a kind smile.

“I’m staying with Ace.” Sabo says and the two boys pull up a stool. Thatch smiled, seeing their bond reminded him of his own crew.

A few more days passed and Luffy was finally able to talk. He woke up, and saw his brothers, yes he considered Sabo one to. “Ace, Sabo,” he smiled.

“Luffy!” the two hugged him.

“Where are we?” he looked around. “A ship?”

“Yeah, some pirates saved us, saved you.”

“You are really lucky you idiot!” Ace snapped. “You could have died.” Luffy gave a weak smile.

“I’m really strong, I wasn’t gonna give up,” he says, and Ace hits him.


Thatch laughed. “Now now, you don’t want to put him back in the hospital bed do you?” Luffy blinked at him, he recognized the voice.

“Are you the one who saved us?” Thatch nodded.

“The name’s Thatch, nice to meet you Luffy-kun. Your brothers haven’t left your side while you’ve recovered.” Luffy blushes, as does his brothers.

“Well it’s our fault, we should have come and saved you.”

“Oh yeah,” Luffy turns. “Is your treasure safe?”

Ace couldn’t help but laugh. He had actually forgotten. “We left it behind, but it doesn’t matter now.” he placed the boy’s hat on his head.

“Thanks!” he smiled.

“I’ll go tell the captain you are awake, I’m sure he wants to speak to you all.” Thatch left.

“Luffy, I’m serious why’d you do that for us, it wasn’t like we were nice to you?”

“It was because I didn’t want to be alone. I followed you because I wanted to. I hated the bandits and grandpa is never around. You are all I have!” Luffy began to tear up. “If I didn’t have you, I’d have no one.”

Ace blushed. “So you are glad I’m alive?” Sabo smiled.

“Of course I am!” he says.

Luffy didn’t know it yet, but Ace was Gol D. Roger’s son. He had major issues with his father but something else. All he’s been told is that a child of Roger shouldn’t exist. That his life was a sin.

Hearing Luffy say he valued Ace’s life, gave the boy a feeling of joy.


Whitebeard was huge, even more so for the three young boys. The emperor laughed and praised Luffy for his actions. “I love cheeky brats like you. Not many would be so brave. Loyalty like that is rare among these seas.”

Luffy’s straw hat did not go unnoticed. Whitebeard could feel something from the boy, not like any special skill but it reminded him of Roger. They may have been enemies but what an enemy he was, Roger chased freedom it was never bout the title for him.

“What do you say boys? How about joining my family, my crew?” The rest of the crew were shocked.

“Do you mean it?” Luffy’s eyes sparkled. “Pirates!” he cheered.

“I mean it, you boys will be my sons. You can get training, any devil fruit you find you can keep.” Whitebeard thought they were gonna jump at the chance.

“Huddle!” Ace pulled Luffy and Sabo close. They began talking amongst themselves, as Whitebeard sweat dropped.

Thatch couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Are we really gonna do this?” Ace says.

“It sounds fun, and we could get stronger.” Luffy says.

“It sounds like a good deal.” Sabo says.

“But Luffy don’t you wanna be king of the pirates?” he whispered.

“Yep!” the two sighed, of course Luffy didn’t see this as anything but training.

‘Would it be so simple?’ the older brothers pondered.

“Fine!” they agreed and Whitebeard smirked. He was a doting parent but tough as hell, he’d do Garp proud if not for training them to be pirates.

The trio slept in the same bed together, they trained and did chores together. The boys grew up strong, as did their bond. They learned about fighting skills they couldn’t even dream of.

The commanders of Whitebeard’s crew were well versed in haki, and were more than happy to teach the boys a thing or two. Ace found the Mera Mera fruit and became a logia, thanks to the law of the whitebeard crew the finder of the fruit got to eat it. Ace figured out how to use armament haki and figured out he had conqueror’s haki. He also made friends here and there, the men joined with Ace and were under his command.

Luffy was working on both armament and observation haki, he wanted to get stronger so his brother’s didn’t have to worry about him. Ace was always worried, and scarred he would get into trouble. He swore he would get stronger so he could stand with them. The other men found it funny over Ace’s reactions.

Sabo learned how to use observation haki. He was quite good at it, and was slowly building his armament haki. He also studied the world, his past as a royal had made him curious and he looked at the history, but outside of a handful of royal families most were completely spoiled and revelled in their greeds. Sabo knew his family wouldn’t come looking for him, they had their replacement. His time on Whitebeard’s ship though was not to last.

Dragon had gotten a hold of Whitebeard, the man was well informed and he had his ways of keeping track of his son. Sabo had overheard the conversation.

Puru puru puru…puru puru puru clank!

“Who is this, this is a secured line?” Whitebeard spoke.

“This is Dragon,” Whitebeard’s eyes widened. He had heard of him.

“What does the world’s most wanted man, want with me?”

“I am aware you of have come across some new cabin boys. One of them is my son.”

“Is that right,” Ace was Roger’s kid, Whitebeard found that out easy enough. Sabo had revealed his history and how he craved freedom above everything else, he never wanted to end up like his family who saw so little value in other people’s lives. “So where were you when your son was being beaten half to death. He almost died.”

“And you saved him, you have my gratitude.” Whitebeard punched a nearby wall, making the snail tense in fear.

“I don’t want your damn gratitude. If you are calling me to ask for Luffy the answer will be no, the people on my crew are my family, and I won’t just hand them over.”

“That’s not why I am calling.” there was a moment of pause. “I wanted to thank you for saving my son.”

“You aren’t gonna try to take him?”

“Fighting you would be foolish, my enemy is the celestial dragons and the royals that step on people. No, my son has his own path to walk, so long as the path he walks is one he chose for himself I am happy.”

Whitebeard had to smirk. ‘This brat…’ he chuckled.

“Excuse me!” Whitebeard turned and saw Sabo. “Can I join the revolutionaries!”

“Who is that?” Dragon says.

“My name is Sabo sir, I am a friend and pirate brother to Luffy. I am was the son of a noble, I’ve seen how they are and I never…ever wanna go back!” Before he ran away he had seen many dirty deeds done by his family to enhance their wealth.

He never wanted his brothers to know. He never wanted to go back to that, and those people. He once saw a noble man kick an injured man because he got in his way, his child was with him and the brat had said “Good job daddy, but won’t you have to get rid of those shoes now” and the man said. “Of course I had to move that trash out of the way though.”

“I want to bring down the celestial dragons and the world nobles, please!” he bowed his head. His path was clear, he’d gain his freedom and help those achieve the same.

Whitebeard agreed, and Sabo was sent to a Revolutionary outpost. The boys had to say their goodbyes, Luffy cried thinking it was his fault. “I’m sorry I promise I’ll get stronger, please don’t go.” he cried.

Sabo hugged him. “It’s not your fault Lu, it’s no one’s fault. Our roads my part here, but it’s not goodbye.” the boy hiccuped and clung to him. “We will see each other again.”


“Promise!” he gave a look to Ace. “Look after him for me, okay?”

“I don’t need to promise that. I’m always gonna.” the three hugged, and Sabo left.

“Ace, Luffy promise me you’ll both become amazing pirates!”

“We promise!” Ace put an arm around Luffy, he didn’t want anything to happen to his precious little brother. Little did he know as the years passed it would become a lot harder to protect Luffy, as a threat was there on Whitebeard’s ship, lurking in the man’s shadow.

To be continued