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The Jealousy Game

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Today was a beautiful morning. The radio played a light-hearted song - one that the young man could not resist humming along. His movements followed the rhythm of the catchy tune. His apron, along with the cherry earrings and long twisty bang of red swayed along with each step he took in completing his task at the kitchen.

The young man was quite satisfied with his work. The living room has been tidied up, breakfast was looking good and even the flowers he brought today gave the dining table a lovely look. Glancing over at the time, Kakyoin set the two plates of food down onto the table. In a few minutes, she would be coming out of her bedroom.

He took his time to set the cutlery and washed two empty cups. Kakyoin smiled to himself, wondering if she would prefer juice or milk today. Just in case though, he bought both from the convenience store on the way over. She had the habit of forgetting to stock up her fridge sometimes.

At the creak of the door in the far corner of the living room, Kakyoin’s head perked with a smile.

“Good morning,” he cheerfully greeted.

The young woman at the door stood stunned. The sleepiness in her eyes vanished upon meeting Kakyoin’s gaze.

“Breakfast is ready,” he casually continued, going over to the plastic bag on the counter. “Would you like some juice or milk?”

“W-What are you doing here?”

“You didn’t answer my messages or calls.” Kakyoin returned to the dining table, setting the two cartons next to the empty glasses. “So I came over to check if everything was ok.”

The bewildered woman’s eyes darted around the living room, until they finally fell upon the dining table.

“I made your favourite.” The corner of his lips curled fondly. “Cute pyjamas by the way.”

She instinctively hid the large oversized shirt with her towel. Cheeks burned red with embarrassment, while her eyes focused on the humming young man warily. He chuckled to himself at her reaction.

“How did you get in?” She demanded.

“Do you need to wash up first?”

The woman stared at him.

“It’s ok. Take your time. I’m not really busy today.” He noticed the look on her face. “What’s wrong?” Kakyoin walked around the dining table towards her with concern. “Are you feeling unwell?”

Dropping the towel, the woman fled back to her bedroom. She slammed the door shut, locking it without hesitation.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” Kakyoin asked.

The woman scrambled over to her bed cabinet, searching for her phone. He called her name, then knocked on the door.

“Are you ok?”

She searched her desk and school bag. Another knock came from the door.

“Please… let’s not do this. I’m sorry if I upset you.”

She searched under the bed.

“… I guess you leave me no choice.”

The woman froze at the sudden click. The door opened with a slow, ominous creak.

“I’m coming in now.”

She trembled at Kakyoin’s announcement. Footsteps approached the bed. For the longest time, a tense silence filled the atmosphere. The woman desperately held her breath. Sock-covered feet could be seen clearly in the gap between the bed and the floor. She heard him sigh.

The grip on her ankle caught her off guard, pulling her out from under the bed with a scream. She could only make out a glimpse of a long tentacle-like appendage before her back was slammed down onto the bed, knocking the air out of her lungs harshly. At a shadow looming over her, the woman lifted her eyes.

“Found you,” Kakyoin whispered.

She remained paralysed on the mattress. Her expression was a mixture of horror and surprise. His eyes softened and for a moment, he wondered if he might have overdone things with Hierophant Green. Bringing a hand to the woman’s cheek, he watched her flinch at his touch. Her eyes squeezed shut while her body trembled underneath him. Kakyoin smiled fondly to himself.

Even this side of her was undeniably cute.

He retracted his hand, leaving the woman confused as he moved away from the bed.

“I’ll leave for today,” Kakyoin said, glancing over his shoulder and cast her a tender smile. “Make sure to eat your breakfast later, alright?”

Watching him leave her bedroom, the woman remained on the mattress. Her mind flew into a whirlwind of thoughts. Footsteps grew more distant in the living room, pausing for a bit before continuing their journey out. Upon hearing the door open and close shut, the woman hesitantly stepped out of her bedroom. Laid neatly over the sofa was the apron Kakyoin wore and on the floor…

Her towel was nowhere to be found.

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It was not like her to miss a class. Let alone be absent for a few days.

Jotaro watched some of her classmates exit a lecture theatre down the corridor. Earlier in the morning, he had enquired one of her friends about her absence. However, her friend had no clue on the situation either, only mentioning that he would go check on her since he lives around her area. That answer was enough.

Or so Jotaro thought.

He reacted without thinking when his phone vibrated, pulling out the phone at such speed that he had surprised himself. It wasn’t her. However, disappointment was washed away by surprise upon noticing who the message was from.


“Jotaro, over here.”

He noticed the young man waving at him. Walking towards the table in the café, Jotaro took a seat opposite his friend. “It’s been a long time, Kakyoin.”

“Yes, it really has been awhile,” Kakyoin smiled. “Coffee?”

At Jotaro’s nod, Kakyoin called a waitress and placed the order for two cups of coffee. Once she left, he asked, “How’s everything?”

“Alright,” Jotaro replied.

“I have been quite busy with assignments myself,” Kakyoin smiled. “Anyone giving you trouble lately?”

Jotaro scoffed. “Nothing I can’t handle.”

The waitress arrived with their coffee, then departed. Kakyoin dropped a few sugar cubes into his coffee, stirring the contents of his cup with a teaspoon.

“By the way, I heard she’s studying at your college too,” he mentioned casually. “Do you still hang out with her?”

At the mention of the woman’s name, Jotaro paused. “Not really.”

He sipped his coffee, ignoring Kakyoin’s surprised look. “That’s odd. Did something happen between the two of you?”

A memory of her resurfaced.

“No. The both of us had been busy.”


The deafening silence between them had never felt so tensed. Kakyoin smiled. “So something did happen.”

“What are you getting at, Kakyoin?” Jotaro demanded, growing slightly annoyed and suspicious.

“Nothing, really.” Kakyoin rest his cheek on his palm. “It’s just back in high school, I remembered you were always looking out for her. You also rarely complained when I invite her to hang out with us during breaks or after school.”

Jotaro frowned, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Jotaro, are you interested in her?”

The edge of the cup barely touched his lips. “What do you mean?”

“I’m asking if you are interested in her romantically.”

Despite the harmless smile on Kakyoin’s face, Jotaro detected something off from the former’s tone. “Are you alright, Kakyoin?”

“Absolutely,” he replied, chuckling softly. “I’m just curious on your answer, Jotaro. No need to be so serious.”

Jotaro eyed Kakyoin for a moment. His lips pursed in hesitation at the thought of her. “…She’s only a friend.”

“Is that so?”


Kakyoin fell silent. His eyes darted to the window, watching passer-bys stroll down the streets. “Then in that case…”

His gaze met Jotaro’s.

“If you don’t want her… can I have her?”

The cup in Jotaro’s hand slammed onto the saucer harshly. Some people in the café glanced at the table with the two men, curious at the sudden commotion. At the look in Jotaro’s eyes, Kakyoin chuckled lightly.

“Relax, I was only joking,” he assured.

The tension in Jotaro’s shoulders slackened and he scoffed. “Good grief, you haven’t changed much, Kakyoin.”

“Perhaps. Though I made a fair point, didn’t I?” Kakyoin mused at Jotaro’s raised brow under the latter’s cap. “If you don’t act soon, someone else might take her away.”

Jotaro stared at Kakyoin suspiciously, watching the latter finish his coffee and put his payment for the drink on the table. “I have to go. If you see her, tell her I said hello.”


Gathering his belongings, Kakyoin exited the café. Jotaro’s gaze lingered on his figure walking down the street.

“Good grief, what’s going on with him?” Jotaro muttered. The conversation however, brought back memories that he had tried hard to forget. Her face appeared in his mind, along with her figure in her high school uniform.

And now, the image of that woman walking beside him… holding hands and smiling…

Jotaro banished that very thought to the depths of his mind, finishing the rest of his coffee.

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For the whole day, the smile on Kakyoin’s lips refused to leave. Wherever he went, everyone would stare at him uneasily. Some of his classmates even wondered why his behaviour was so different recently. But even if someone asked, he would not give the reason.

Because there was no need for them to know about her.

Kakyoin closed his eyes for a moment, recalling her scent. It was nothing like the flowers he would buy for her or the scent of cherry blossoms during spring. Just thinking about it made his mind dizzy with bliss.

Ah… I want to see her again today, he would think. After the last time he visited, Kakyoin dropped by her place a few times. He didn’t enter it. Merely stopped by some place outside her apartment, glancing over to the window of her floor. The one time he waited at the entrance of the building, he didn’t even see her walk out of the gate. He was genuinely worried, until he realised that she could probably see him from her window. That made him delighted enough to drop by a few times. Though unfortunately, Kakyoin could not stay long after the fourth day – when his lecturer confronted him about his recent class attendance.

Was she watching him too? Waiting for him to make the next move?

Kakyoin couldn’t help but feel amused. And at the same time, excited. Perhaps her feelings for him were not completely gone. Maybe, she had been thinking about him all this while too? Kakyoin sighed to himself happily.

Ahhhhhh, he can’t wait to go see her now. Maybe this time, he would stay over at her place? But she might not be comfortable with that at the moment. Perhaps they could settle with dinner, maybe watch a movie or-

“I’m telling you, she’s not here anymore.”

Kakyoin paused at the conversation between the security guard and a young man.

“Since when?”

“Since last night,” the security guard replied. “That woman moved out after settling the documents.”

The young man sighed, leaving the area in disappointment. At that moment, the security guard noticed Kakyoin. “Guess she didn’t tell you too?”


“Your girlfriend,” The security guard emphasized, adding her name nonchalantly. “She was the one who left.”

The bag of food slipped from his grasp. In the next second, the security guard’s head was smashed onto his desk. Blood spurted out of his nose, staining the newspaper and documents beneath his face. He let out a pained groan as a tendril forcefully lifted his head.

“Where did she go?” Kakyoin demanded in a low tone.

“I don’t… know…”

More tendrils extended towards the security guard’s right hand. A sudden tug bent two of his fingers in an awkward angle. The security guard screamed – only to be silenced by a tendril shoving itself into his mouth.

“We don’t need you to cause a commotion now. All you need to do is answer my questions about her. If you can do that without screaming like that again, I won’t break your other fingers.” Kakyoin lowered a calm, chilling look at the frightened security guard. “Are we clear?”

The security guard shakily nodded.

“Good. Now let’s try this again.” The tendril removed itself from the security guard’s mouth. “Did she mention where she would be going?”

“I r-really don’t know,” the security guard answered fearfully at Kakyoin’s dark stare. “B-But s-she mentioned meeting a friend!”

“Do you know that friend’s name?”

“N-No…B-But I think it’s someone from her school.” Kakyoin eyed the security guard for a moment. “T-That’s all I know, I swear!”

He remained silent, processing the information. After what felt like a hellish eternity, the tendrils released their hold on the security guard.

“Alright. But if you are lying to me, I’ll be back,” Kakyoin warned. The security guard held his broken fingers shakily, staring at him with fear. Kakyoin’s smile returned. “Have a good day.”

Picking up the bag of food, Kakyoin headed down the streets. His breathing kept to a steady pace – calming the anxious thoughts running through his mind. She could not have gone far. At the very least, he was sure that she was still somewhere in the city. But friends…

His heart clenched tightly.

He didn’t know that there were others.

Kakyoin’s fingers clenched tightly onto the handle of the plastic bag. The smile on his face was long gone, replaced by an expression of silent frustration. Why was she trying so hard to avoid him? Was he not good enough for her now? Did she not even see him as a friend?

A sudden void bloomed within Kakyoin.

No… They were always best friends. She had said it before even back then. Even if it were a silly argument, nothing would tear them apart so easily.

The corner of his lips curled.

That’s right. If anything, he could still get some clues at her college. All he had to do was enquire the students in the same course as her. In fact, he could ask Jotaro too. Though, he would have to be very careful with his questions. The last time they spoke, Jotaro almost caught on to what was going on.

Kakyoin smiled to himself, lifting his gaze to the sky.

And once she has been found, he would figure out a way to remove those people who call themselves her ‘friends’. Those people who take advantage of her kindness and squirm their way into her heart like worms... he will eliminate them one by one. Because the two of them don’t have any need for friends like them.

All they needed was each other.

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As he suspected, she did not show up again.

Jotaro’s brows furrowed deeply under his cap. This was not like her at all. Though it was going to be a pain, he could not simply sit and wait for something to happen. He strode briskly down the corridor, when he heard voices around the corner.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I think it would be for the best.”

Jotaro halted in his tracks.

“If you need to stay a little longer, it’s alright you know. You’re not causing any trouble at all.”

“It’s ok. I have to make up for the classes I missed eventually.”

He stepped out of the corner just enough to see her having a conversation with a young woman. The stress of the past few days were blown away.

“Honestly, thinking about attendance at a time like this,” her friend sighed.

“Hehe, sorry.”

His chest tightened at the sound of her soft laugh.

“I’ll let you know once everything has been settled.”


Tilting his cap downwards, Jotaro prepared to leave.


He froze at the sound of her voice. Her approaching footsteps resounded in his ears.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

Jotaro hesitated. However, he eventually turned around to meet her curious gaze. An odd feeling blossomed at her tired appearance. But somehow, the young woman before him still appeared the same as he remembered her.

“…I was on my way to class.”


The atmosphere suddenly grew awkward. He could tell she was getting nervous. Her hands grasped each other behind her back. Eyes wandered to Jotaro before averting away once he caught her staring. He couldn’t help but recall the times when they could speak to each other without the sudden silence. When they were much closer as friends back in high school. Yet, despite the questions over the past few days burning in his mind now, Jotaro found himself unable to say a word.

“Erm… I guess I should get going,” she finally said, flashing a small smile. “See you around, Jotaro.”

The feeling of her walking past him suddenly washed over him with an unfamiliar coldness. Jotaro’s eyes remained on the spot she stood. He tried to convince himself it was better this way, restraining the urge to chase after her. But despite that…

“If you don’t act soon, someone else might take her away.”

His mind went blank.


Her footsteps stopped. Turning around, Jotaro met her gaze. “Are you ok?”

She blinked at his question.

“I heard that you were absent for some time,” he reasoned, walking towards her. “I’m not sure what happened, but if there’s something bothering you…” Jotaro paused. “…You can tell me.”

The woman’s eyes grew wide, staring at him in bewilderment. For a moment, he wondered if he said something unnecessary or weird. He was starting to feel uncomfortable at her silence and prepared to make an excuse to leave when she finally spoke.

“You’re… a really kind person,” she smiled. “Did you know that, Jotaro?”

Her reply caught him off guard, stirring a strange warmth within his chest.

“It’s nothing to worry about. Some stuff happened and I had to stay at a friend’s place for a bit. Though it shouldn’t be long before I can stay in the dorms.” She eyed Jotaro for a second. “Now that I think about it, aren’t you staying at the dorms, Jotaro?”

He nodded.

“Then, I guess we would be seeing each other more often at school,” she remarked, wearing a soft smile. “Maybe we should catch up someday. Over coffee?”

…Did he hear that right?

“Yeah,” Jotaro replied. “I guess we could do that.”

Her eyes lit up. Suddenly, his heart throbbed against his chest.

“Ok, then I guess I’ll see you around.” She beamed happily. “Bye, Jotaro.”

He watched her depart from him with excited steps. His loud heartbeat echoed in his ears. Grasping his cap, Jotaro tilted it downwards and pursed his lips.

“Good grief, why does she always…”

…Make everything troublesome sound so simple?

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“Argh, finally I can get some sleep.”

The young man tossed his keys at the table and dropped his bag on the floor. He let out a yawn, the classes and long activities for the day left him dragging his feet towards his bedroom.

“Honestly, they could have told me earlier that she had moved out,” the young man grumbled, changing into more comfortable clothes and headed to the bathroom when he heard a subtle noise. Curious, he strode towards the door, peeking his head out at the living room. “…I really need to cut down on that coffee.”

He turned away from the door, entering the bathroom with another long yawn. The door was opened with a low creak and he fumbled about getting his toothbrush and cup. His mind drifted to his schedule for tomorrow, along with the meeting his friends reminded him constantly about. Then, he paused, glancing over his shoulder warily. Toothpaste foam dribbled out of his open mouth while his gaze focused on his bedroom door.

…Did he leave it open earlier?

He turned back to the mirror, shaking the thoughts out of his head. However, the toothbrush in his hand refused to move. His shoulders shook. Sweat dripped down his face at the slimy, wet sensation slithering around his ankle. However, what froze him on the spot was what he saw in the mirror.

A dark figure leaning against the frame of his bedroom door.

“Yamato, was it?”

The toothbrush slipped from his grip. In a second, Yamato’s face impacted against the sink before he was violently dragged out of the bathroom. He barely had time to react to the pain. His own screaming was muffled upon being lifted off the floor and pressed against the nearby wall. Blood smeared across the surface from Yamato’s face, leaving behind a red trail towards the ceiling. There was barely any space to breathe. Yet, not matter how hard Yamato tried to move, he could not turn his body away from the ceiling, let alone allow himself to fall back onto the ground. Below, Kakyoin watched Yamato’s pointless struggle.

“I would advise against squirming so much. If I’m not careful, you might fall and break more than a few bones,” Kakyoin paused on purpose at Yamato instantly becoming rigid. “Would you like a demonstration?”

Yamato shook his head against the ceiling.

“Then will you cooperate with me for a few minutes? I only have a few questions.”

His reply came out muffled, leaving Kakyoin to silently command Hierophant Green to turn the shaking young man around.

“Y-Yes,” Yamato stuttered. His shaky voice carried an odd tone thanks to his bloody, broken nose.

“I heard that you were from a college around the area. Science department, if I’m not mistaken?”

Yamato nodded.

“Do you have many friends in the same class as you?”


“I see…” Dread piled in Yamato’s stomach at the sly smile growing on Kakyoin’s lips. “…That makes things much easier.”

His mind flew into a state of panic.

“Judging from this home of yours, I guess you live alone too,” Kakyoin nonchalantly remarked. “And from what your classmates have told me, you most likely have been living here for a long time. Maybe before you started studying at that college you’re attending now?”

The fear Yamato felt before intensified, steadily growing stronger at the sight of Kakyoin walking over to his desk.

“Do you want to know what I was thinking before I got here? After tracking you down?” Kakyoin stopped at the photos pinned on the corkboard. “I was wondering why I thought your face looked familiar.” He calmly ripped one of the photos out. “To think you were staying so close to her this whole time.”


Kakyoin spoke her name, turning his attention on the horrified young man.

“You don’t happen to know where she is now... do you?”

“W-Who the hell… are you?” Yamato demanded. “What do you… want with her?”

Kakyoin sighed heavily. Suddenly, Yamato stiffened at the strange sensation in his ear. His mouth parted fearfully.

“Where is she now?” Kakyoin questioned lowly.

The feeling was akin to a worm crawling into his ear – wriggling and slithering about with its never-ending length. Yamato’s mouth opened and shut itself repeatedly. His head felt as if it was going to explode.

“Where does she stay now, Yamato?”

“A-At… a friend’s… place…”

The impatience from before subsided and Kakyoin took a deep breath. “Whose?”


“Suzuki what?”

“P-Please… make it… stop…”

“Not until you answer my question. Who is the person she is staying with now?”

Frightened eyes fell upon Kakyoin’s unamused gaze. “A-Are you… going to… kill me?”

The look his torturer gave sent chills down Yamato’s spine.

“Only if you continue wasting any more of my time,” Kakyoin warned ominously. The last shred of his patience hung on a thin thread, ready to snap at any moment. Yamato opened his mouth to speak, but at the last minute, he sealed his lips shut. Kakyoin narrowed his eyes.

“Very well. I have a better idea of how to deal with you,” he muttered, slowly revealing a chilling smile. “By the time I’m done however, you will realise how foolish it would be…

“…Pretending to be loyal to her in front of me.”

Chapter Text

It was rather inconvenient to go to the library sometimes. Especially with the looks the other students would give once he entered. So he usually dropped by during the night, when most of the students were either out getting dinner or in their dorms. But tonight, his study plans would have to be put on hold.

Jotaro studied the young woman leaning over the desk. The side of her face rest on one of her arms over a library book. He sighed to himself, putting aside the books he had picked out for an assignment.

“Good grief,” Jotaro muttered.

He wondered how long she had been asleep in the library for, noting how dishevelled her hair had become. Tonight, she appeared even more exhausted than their last encounter. Jotaro frowned, growing suspicious of what could be bothering her so much. He debated on whether he should leave her to rest or at least stay with her until the library’s closing time. A small noise disrupted Jotaro from his thoughts, bringing his attention back on the unconscious woman. Her brows furrowed deeply, twisting her once peaceful expression into a painful one. Jotaro called her name and reached out to her.


His hand hovered over the young woman’s shoulder.

“Don’t do it… Noriaki…”

A heavy silence fell upon the both of them in the library. Under his cap, Jotaro’s gaze darkened. A strange feeling swelled in his chest – like someone lit his heart on fire and threw it into an empty abyss. At the last minute, Jotaro restrained his hand from latching onto her shoulder. Surprised, he stared at his hand for a moment, before he noticed her stirring from her slumber.


At her voice calling him, his entire form relaxed.

“What are you… doing here?” She asked sleepily, before finally noticing the time on her watch. “Oh shit…”

She hastily shot out from her seat, only to start wobbling and seek support from the edge of the table. She brought a hand up before Jotaro could respond.

“I’m ok,” she replied groggily. “Just a little… dizzy.”

“When was the last time you got some sleep?”

She opened her mouth, only to shut it at the dizziness overpowering her ability to reply. Jotaro sighed. “Good grief…”

The young woman let out a surprised noise upon being shoved back onto her seat. From the corner of her eye, she watched Jotaro pull a chair over and sit beside her.

“I’ll wake you up after I’m done,” he said, bringing over a book to start reading.

“You don’t have to…”

“Would you rather be locked up in the library for the entire night?”

He shot her a look. Yet, she simply stared back. The smile on her lips formed subtly before her head came to rest on her arms once more.

“Thank you… Jotaro…”

Her eyes fluttered shut. In a few minutes, her soft breathing filled the air. Jotaro returned to studying, barely finishing the first chapter of the book in his hand when his eyes found their way back to the sleeping woman beside him.

He couldn’t understand why it bothered him so much. Her being more exhausted than usual, putting on a smile despite how obvious it was that something was bothering her. And the fact that she thought of Kakyoin in her dreams…

The discomfort in Jotaro’s chest twisted around, leaving an annoyed frown on his features. He knew they were close. Even in high school, that fact had been so blatantly obvious in his face. However, it had always left him feeling more like an outsider – watching both Kakyoin and her from afar. She would smile and laugh happily while Kakyoin would always carry a fond look in his eyes throughout their conversation. But Jotaro would always feel that something was off whenever he saw them together. Not because of their behaviour but the weird feeling that would sprout out of nowhere deep within his heart.

He put the book down. Whatever he had intended to study for was the last thing on his mind now. Bringing his full attention onto the woman beside him, Jotaro silently let his fingers run through her hair. A soft sound of content slipped out of her lips. He paused, brushing away a few strands of hair to uncover her serene expression. Pursing his lips, Jotaro brushed his thumb along her cheek. The tips of her eyelashes were soft.

Taking a deep breath, Jotaro forced himself to withdraw his hand. He shouldn’t be doing this to her. Not when she was so vulnerable. He tried to distract himself from the thoughts running through his head. His heart being more of a nuisance, beating loudly in his chest. The next thing Jotaro knew, his meeting with Kakyoin suddenly resurfaced in his mind. All of a sudden, a thought occurred to him.

Perhaps… if they had met recently… and if he was the reason she has been reduced to such a state…

The raging fire within his chest burned more intensely than ever. Jotaro’s fingers clenched tightly into fists. His lips curled into an annoyed scowl. He didn’t like it. From the beginning, Jotaro had his suspicions about Kakyoin’s behaviour lately. And now with her in the picture too, there was no way he could leave things as they were.

Whatever happened between them, Jotaro was going to get to the bottom of it. No matter what it took.

Chapter Text

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch. Scratch.

It was another late night of studying for Suzuki Mika. The assignment due for tomorrow’s class was almost completed. Her brows furrowed deeply in concentration. Her pen scratched across paper furiously.

Scratch. Scratch. Scratch-

Suzuki paused, glancing over her shoulder. It had come from the door of her apartment. Putting the pen down, Suzuki rose out of the chair and stepped out of her bedroom. The doorbell rang impatiently. Despite the growing annoyance creeping over her, Suzuki felt wary and curious. Who could it be at this hour? She couldn’t help but wonder.

Upon reaching the door, Suzuki peered into the peephole. The fearful anticipation dissipated at a familiar face. Without hesitation, she opened the door.

“Yamato? What are you doing here?”

He stood opposite her silently. Lips pressed into a tight line. At the grocery bag in his hand, realisation hit Suzuki. “Oh, she already moved out this morning.”

Yamato stared blankly and Suzuki sighed.

“Guess she forgot to tell you, huh? Then again, it can’t be helped considering what happened.” Stepping away from the door, Suzuki motioned Yamato into her apartment. “Come on. I’ll make you some tea, at least.”

As she walked over to the kitchen, Yamato dragged his feet into the living room unsteadily and sat down at the dining table.

“Sorry about not telling you earlier. But she kept insisting on keeping her whereabouts a secret until things calmed down,” Suzuki explained. “I don’t really know about the details, but to put it simply, someone had been stalking her for some time.”

Suzuki returned with a cup of tea, placing it on the table.

“Lately, she’s been having trouble sleeping at night. I tried convincing her to report that guy to the police, but she was really against it. Honestly, she’s making me worry,” Suzuki paused at Yamato’s silence. “Hey, are you ok?”

“So where is she now?”

Suzuki’s shoulders stiffened at Yamato’s voice. The look in his eyes appeared extremely off. Almost… lifeless.

“Where is she, Suzuki?”

A chill ran down her spine. It was still Yamato’s voice. Yet, it was completely distorted. Suzuki swallowed hard, struggling to remain calm.

“I… I’m not sure. She said she found some place to stay.”


“Yeah... She only told me about it yesterday. Didn’t go too deep on the details.”

Yamato fell silent. Beneath the table, Suzuki’s hands clenched nervously.

“She didn’t tell you anything? Even though she was supposed to be a close friend of yours?”

At the sudden violent movement of his shoulders, Suzuki backed away from the table in horror. His body rose up from the chair abruptly. Dropping the grocery bag onto the floor, Yamato plunged his hand into it. At the sight of the knife in Yamato’s grip, Suzuki backed away slowly.

“Yamato… what are you…”

“It’s not good for you to lie, Suzuki. We’re friends too, aren’t we?” Her reflection appeared on the knife. “Friends don’t lie to each other.”

She let out a shriek, barely dodging Yamato charging towards her with an awkward swing of the knife. Many thoughts raced through Suzuki’s mind at that time. Mostly consisting of fear and the urge to cry.

“Suuuuzuuuuuki...” Yamato called with a distorted voice. “Wheeeeeere did sheeee go?”

She didn’t stop running until she reached the door and swung it open. Outside, a stranger with a sweet smile stood opposite her. The next thing she knew, something cold was pressed against her neck. Her eyes lowered to Yamato’s hand holding the knife.

“I don’t usually like the idea of hurting a woman, so let’s not make this any more difficult,” Kakyoin said. “Where did she go, Suzuki?”

From his words, it didn’t take Suzuki long to realise who he was.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked. “To her?”

“If I tell you-” A chilling smile formed on Kakyoin’s lips. “-Would you finally reveal where you hid her?”

Suzuki tried to stay composed. But Kakyoin merely chuckled darkly.

“It’s because she is avoiding me now due to a silly reason. And I want her to stop pushing me away because of it. So if you would be so kind…”

His eerily sweet gaze landed on the frightened woman.

“…I would like to have my girlfriend back.”

Chapter Text

“It’s rare to get a visitor at this time. Usually most people would come in during the school’s exhibitions.”

Jotaro silently followed the student down the hallway, ignoring the women sneaking glances at his direction.

“Though after you mentioned his name, I’m not surprised. He’s gotten a lot of people interested in his works. A shame he is not keen in getting acquainted with them,” the student said.

“Was he the same with everyone else here?” Jotaro asked.

“Not really,” the student paused. “But there was always something off about the way he talked. Like he’s putting some distance with that smile of his.”

They came to a stop at a door around the corner. Sliding the door open, the student entered the studio with Jotaro following not too far behind.

“Lately, the teachers have gotten concerned about his absence. He hasn’t been showing up for classes for awhile. They even tried to contact his parents.”


“No luck on that either.”

Jotaro studied the paintings in the studio. From the corner of his eye, one easel was positioned far away from the rest. The canvas it held remained covered by a large cloth.

“That one was really good. But for some reason, Kakyoin didn’t want to submit it to this year’s exhibition-” The student’s eyes widened at Jotaro briskly walking towards the easel. “-Hey wait!”

The cloth was ripped away in a flash. Jotaro stared at the painting revealed before his eyes. For a second, his mind was barely able to register what was on the canvas. However, everything soon became clear.

It was her. Lying upside down on a bed of pale petals in an alluring, erotic pose. Her figure barely covered by the arrangement of cherry blossoms scattered over her naked skin. But the one thing Jotaro could not tear his eyes away from was the delicate expression of yearning on the woman’s face.

Now directed at him.

“You really shouldn’t have done that,” the student sighed, picking up the cloth and covered the canvas once again. “If he found out, you would be so screwed.”

“What do you mean?”

“He doesn’t really like it when people touch his paintings. Especially the ones involving this woman. After one of the guys moved it while we were cleaning up the studio, Kakyoin got really pissed. Practically scared the guy shitless with one warning.”

Jotaro eyed the painting, feeling both suspicious and slightly unnerved. “When did he paint it?”

“A few days before he stopped showing up for classes.”

“I meant the first painting of her.” Jotaro met the student’s surprised gaze. “When did he start on it?”

The student pondered over his question before answering, “The first day of school. After classes ended.”


“In the latest news, a female university student was found dead last night.”

The paintbrush moved across the canvas without hesitation.

“According to her neighbours, they heard screaming from her apartment before informing the landlord about the noise and discovered the killer still in the midst of slashing the victim with a knife.”

Eyes came to life with a loving gaze.

“The victim was quickly brought to the nearest hospital. But unfortunately, she was later pronounced dead due to severe blood loss.”

Lips were painted delicately.

“Despite obvious evidence, the killer strongly argued that he was not the one responsible, rambling about being manipulated by the real culprit. Aside from suspected deliriousness, the police believe that a heavy sentence awaits the madman-”

The television screen went blank and Kakyoin dropped the remote back onto the table beside him. He sat back against his seat, placing the paintbrush down while admiring the portrait of a woman. His lips curled into a satisfied smile.

At that moment, his phone rang. Fishing it out of his pocket, Kakyoin read the message on the screen and chuckled lightly.

“So we’re finally settling this.” His eyes roamed over the numerous paintings in the room. The smile on his lips darkened. “After all these years…”

Rising out of his seat, Kakyoin walked over to one of the completed paintings sitting by the window and lifted it off the small easel.

“Whatever happens… you will still choose me in the end, won’t you?” Kakyoin softly spoke, leaving a gentle kiss on the woman’s lips on the canvas. He whispered her name, wondering if he would get a chance to see her smile directed at him again.

Chapter Text

The park was quiet during the night. Only those on their evening jogs would pass by the area. But with the dim lights of the lampposts, nothing much stood out under the cover of darkness. Jotaro sat alone on a bench, checking his watch occasionally. Seconds ticked by slowly, turning into torturous minutes of anticipation.

And then he sensed it.

“Did you wait long?”

Jotaro frowned deeply, folding his arms. “What happened on the news… was it you?”

On a bench behind Jotaro’s, Kakyoin relaxed one leg over the other.

“And what if it was?”

The calm evening atmosphere shifted into one of tension.


“You know why.”

Jotaro glanced over his shoulder. “This isn’t the time for one of those stupid jokes.”

“I thought you knew me by now, Jotaro.” Kakyoin slowly met Jotaro’s gaze with a solemn expression. “I never joke when it comes to her.”

A cold wind blew past them. Jotaro tipped his cap downwards.


“She probably would have figured it out by now,” Kakyoin cut in abruptly.

Jotaro’s fingers clenched into fists.

“Do you realise how much you’re hurting her?” He growled. “How much you are making her suffer?”

“Which is why I intend to put an end to her pain by clearing up what she had misunderstood.”

“You killed her friends, Kakyoin. If she knew what you have done-”

“Like what you did?”

Jotaro’s entire frame froze at his sharp reply.

“She still doesn’t know about that, doesn’t she,” Kakyoin continued casually, leaning his back against the bench to admire the evening sky. “About what happened back in high school.” His lips curled into a small smile. “If she knew about what you had done behind her back, who do you think she would trust in the end?”

Hierophant Green quickly stopped Star Platinum’s fist from reaching Kakyoin’s head. The stands’ eyes locked onto each other, prepared for a heated battle. Yet, it was nothing compared to the deadly glare Jotaro shot at Kakyoin.


Kakyoin merely laughed.

“Don’t worry, I won’t go back on our agreement.” He withdrew Hierophant Green, standing up from the bench. “We both only want what is best for her after all.”

Kakyoin turned to face Jotaro. The smile still plastered on his lips.

“Besides, you probably deserve a little bit of her attention at least. Just don’t hog her to yourself,” Kakyoin mused. “Or I’ll have to put us on equal ground.”

He backed away with a light-hearted hum, leaving Jotaro to his thoughts. As Kakyoin’s footsteps grew faint, the first droplet of rain fell upon Jotaro’s cap.


The rain poured heavily outside the college. Students rushed in to take shelter inside the dorms. Yet, Jotaro walked down the pavement, undeterred by the heavy downpour.

He had walked right into a trap. Now here he was with a mind thrown into silent chaos. But regardless of what path Jotaro chose, only pain and sadness awaited her.

His chest constricted.

He hated it. The idea of that woman crying. The very thought of her leaving him in tears. If she were to learn of everything…

…She would come to hate him, without a doubt.

Jotaro’s footsteps came to a stop. A figure stood in front of the college entrance, carrying an umbrella. His breath was lost in the noise of the rain.


Her eyes met Jotaro’s and immediately her expression lit up.


She dashed across the puddles between them, holding her umbrella over his head as best as she could manage. His eyes fell upon hers. Words failed to escape at the bright smile on her lips.

“Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you,” she said.

As she went on, Jotaro noticed the small wet stains sprinkled over her clothes.

“Were you waiting for me here this whole time?” He finally asked.

“Well, yeah… after hearing about what happened on the news,” the young woman lifted her head, smiling weakly. “I guess… I couldn’t help but feel a little worried.”

At Jotaro’s silence, her expression faltered into one of confusion.


The umbrella fell onto the ground. She let out a squeak against his drenched coat. Arms wrapped tightly around her smaller form.


His face remained buried in her hair. Eyes closed at the warmth seeping into his soaked body. It would be a lie if he didn’t want to stop time now. To hold this precious person close and treasure each second of this moment.

“Erm… Jotaro… if we don’t get inside soon, you’ll catch a cold,” the young woman flustered.

He whispered something and she blinked.


Pulling away, Jotaro met her curious stare. His hand reached for her cheek. Slowly, he leaned down.

The rain stopped moving at the next second.

Chapter Text

At a sudden sharp pain, Kakyoin’s movements came to a stop. His eyes lowered to the thin line on his index finger. Red droplets slowly oozed out. Putting the photo book down, Kakyoin casually went over to the sink in the kitchen to wash the fresh cut. Eyes drifted to the window coated with rain droplets.

“What awful weather,” Kakyoin muttered.

Turning off the tap, he let his gaze drop to his injured finger.

“It’s ok. I’ll take care of it.”

Kakyoin brought his finger to his mouth, closing his eyes to replace the sensation of his lips with hers. A low moan dragged itself out of his throat.

Her name came out in a breathy whisper.


The atmosphere was almost suffocating. Tension and anticipation dragged with the rhythm of the bathroom shower. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jotaro concentrated on the floor. Water dripped from his hair down onto the surface. He wasn’t sure what he was thinking. Bringing her to his dorm room, ignoring the looks others shot along the way. Though even if they tried anything, they would back down immediately with one look from him.

Jotaro grumbled under his breath. Confusion and frustration intertwined at the thought of what would happen next. He had not intended to go that far, but something in the back of his mind persuaded Jotaro to take her away from everyone. To a place where only both of their existences were allowed.

Where she could be with him.

It wasn’t until the door opened did Jotaro finally lifted his head. Damp footsteps entered the bedroom and what greeted him next left him completely speechless.

“Erm…” She hugged the towel close to her body, blushing. “…I might need to borrow a shirt.”

Jotaro’s lips parted slightly. Getting onto his feet, he walked over to his closet, tossing a dress shirt over to the bed.

“T-Thanks,” she stammered.

The sound of wet towel hitting the floor cut the tension abruptly. Jotaro clenched his fists, keeping his eyes on the closet at the ruffling of clothes.

“Ok, I’m done.”

He turned around, freezing up upon seeing her stand beside the bed. She swallowed nervously, averting her gaze while shifting awkwardly in the large, baggy dress shirt.

“P-Please stop staring,” she flustered.

Easier said than done.

Jotaro hesitantly complied, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. Awkwardness weighed heavily in the air, while light footsteps made their way to the bed. His heart slammed against his ribcage at the mattress creaking under the young woman’s weight.

“…When did it start?”

Her sudden question brought Jotaro back to reality and he grunted.

“Some time ago.” He felt her eyes on him. “I’m… not exactly sure.”

Her hands clenched nervously over her lap.

“Back in high school?”

His silence confirmed the answer and the young woman bowed her head.

“I’m sorry,” she apologised. “I didn’t know…”

“It wasn’t your fault,” Jotaro replied, lifting his eyes to the ceiling. “I had no idea either.”

Something soft clasped over his hand gently and Jotaro realised it was her hand. He called her by her name, preparing to say something serious. Only to notice her face moving closer.

His shoulder stiffened. The sensation was unlike anything he had felt before, moving against his lips, caressing them with loving warmth. Before Jotaro could response, the young woman withdrew bashfully. Her cheeks reddened brilliantly upon meeting his stunned gaze.

“What you said back then,” she shyly spoke. “Did you mean it?”

Without hesitation, he caught her wrist and pulled her towards him. Her gasp muffled by his own lips roughly before he separated for air.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” Jotaro rasped.

Once again, his mouth locked onto hers with another angle, savouring the sweet warmth of her flustering lips. The back of his hand pushed her head back down for a deep kiss, abruptly cutting off any chances of retreating. His other hand trailed along the outline of her waist through the dress shirt, almost ripping it off in an attempt to take it off. Her breath hitched against his mouth at the cold air biting into her exposed body. Jotaro hoisted her onto his lap, earning a surprised squeak.

“Jota-” Her voice was repeatedly cut off in between kisses.

Jotaro released her mouth. Hot breath fanned each other’s lips within the small space between them.

“What?” He challenged with a low rasp.

“Are you really… ok with this? I mean…” Her lips pursed. “You won’t regret it?”

Jotaro scoffed. “No.”

“Even…” She bit her lip. “…considering who I have been with?”

His strength slackened for a second and Jotaro stared at her worried expression hard. He knew it would come to this eventually. Yet somehow, the sudden mention of Kakyoin reminded him of their earlier meeting.

That’s right. He and her used to be…

A black hole bloomed within his chest.

“Good grief, was that what you were worried about?”

She blinked at Jotaro’s response.

“It’s true that we are friends. But what happened between you and him means nothing to me.”


A startled gasp filled the room briefly, followed by the creaking of the mattress.

“If anything, the only thing I would regret is doing nothing after you have picked me,” Jotaro muttered darkly, keeping the surprised woman pinned underneath him. “So get this through your head.”

His eyes narrowed into a smothering, hardened gaze.

“You’re the one I want. No one else,” he rasped those words without missing a beat, watching the woman fall into stunned silence. Calling her name softly, Jotaro dipped his head down to her.

Her skin was not hard and muscular. The scent of rain long washed away with the smell of soap and shampoo, sending sensations down Jotaro’s spine. His mouth latched onto her shoulder, biting down roughly to earn a whimper from her throats. Soft cries and restrained moans filled Jotaro’s ears with each mark he left behind. Each touch all over her body left him relishing each squirm she made.

It was almost like a dream. Being so intimate with her. For so long she had always appeared beyond his reach and now she was here within his grasp. So close, so soft…

She gasped.

So warm and tight.

Jotaro breathed harshly at the grip clenching his length. Her eyes opened weakly after a moment of pain. A smile urged him to continue. Jotaro grunted, withdrawing from between her legs before slamming in hard. Her moan stirred a strange feeling within him and soon, he began a rough, gruelling pace.

Star Platinum’s hands materialised in the air, grasping her breasts with such force that her eyes squeezed shut in response.

“Don’t,” Jotaro rasped. “Keep them open… on me.”

Slowly, she complied. Cheeks growing flushed with heat at watching Star Platinum’s hands massage her breasts and Jotaro slamming into her repeatedly. For a moment, he was reminded of Kakyoin’s painting.

She winced at his growing rough thrusts. Jotaro’s ragged breathing filled the air, almost struggling to keep his focus on the woman on his bed. He muttered her name deeply, grunting at the incoming build-up of heat as his body hovered over hers. His heart beat harshly at his name slipping out from her lips in their exchange of hot breaths.



“Jo… taro…”

Thrust. Thrust.


She cried out helplessly in his embrace. Wetness spurted out between her thighs while her legs struggled to get a hold around Jotaro’s rutting hips. His movements had become rough with lack of restraint, focusing on hitting that one spot inside her. Eventually, with a low groan, Jotaro reached his limit, filling her with each thrust that followed.

Exhaustion soon washed over his muscles and his body came to rest beside her. His breathing slowed to a calmer rhythm, taking the time for what little strength to return to Jotaro’s limbs. Glancing to his side, the young woman met his eyes tiredly. A sleepy smile formed on her lips. Words that she mouthed without a sound filled Jotaro with unimaginable warmth.

As gently as he could manage, Jotaro draped one arm over her. Their sweaty and tired bodies closed the space between them. She breathed happily under his chin, snuggling against him with a contented smile. A realisation dawned upon Jotaro.

She was his.

Chapter Text

The sunlight didn’t hit him until he felt the heat. Groaning softly, Kakyoin brought a hand over to shield his eyes, turning to the side.

“Good morning, Noriaki.”

The sweet voice greeted his ears lovingly. A weight shifted over onto the top of his body. His hand lowered, the corner of Kakyoin’s lips curled at the most beautiful sight.

“Morning,” he whispered.

She giggled. Her kiss, a warm gift upon his lips. Kakyoin pulled the lovely woman into his arms with a pleased chuckle, relishing in the sensations of her half naked body sensually shifting against his pyjamas clad form.

“You’re up early for once.”

“Hey.” She smacked his shoulder playfully and he laughed.

“You can’t blame me,” Kakyoin hummed against her mouth, wrapping his arms around her back. “I always enjoyed waking you up every morning.”

She squealed in delight upon being turned over on the bed, reciprocating each kiss happily. “You’re so mean, Noriaki.”

“Am I?”

She pouted for a moment, before her lips curled into a tender smile. Kakyoin leaned his forehead against hers. Their noses almost touching. Wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, she whispered against his lips, “But I still love you.”


Kakyoin watched the students filter out of the college’s entrance from afar. He kept himself hidden within the crowded street, waiting by a lamppost opposite the building. Lunch hour had started a few moments ago. It would not be long before she would appear just as Jotaro had told him.

He bit down on his lip, restraining the excited smile threatening to show itself. At long last, they would meet again. This time she won’t be able to run away. She would be delivered to his welcoming arms and they would be together, just like how it was meant to be. Before the misunderstanding separated them. Before the obstacles started intervening. Before-

Kakyoin’s heart skipped a beat. Everything around him became a blur. Noise, faces and background vanished to focus on one young woman stepping out of the entrance.

She was beautiful. Practically radiant in the afternoon sunlight. Fingers tucking a lock of hair behind her ear, eyes admiring the world full of bright curiosity and that smile…

God, that smile never failed to make his heart go crazy.

Noting her appearance, Kakyoin realised she looked better than the last time he saw her. The little detail made him suspicious for a moment. Did the news of what happened to her friends not affect her? Were they really obstacles to her in the end?

Kakyoin wondered and wondered. But in the end, he cast the thoughts aside. Jotaro had finally made his appearance. He had to prepare himself for the worst. She had no idea about what was going to happen next. Maybe Jotaro had lied to her about some outing to distract her from the grieving over her friends. That’s why she looked so excited now. That’s why she is standing so close to Jotaro. That’s why he’s currently catching her attention and…

Kakyoin’s train of thoughts crashed into a destructive halt.

They were kissing. Right across the street before his eyes, Jotaro was kissing her. The shrieks and gasps of the girls were barely registered in his ears. Emotions boiled within Kakyoin, destroying his sense of rationality.

He could see it. The look Jotaro was giving him over the young woman’s shoulder. Dark, silent and giving a clear message. Much like the silent glare Kakyoin returned. Like a poison, jealousy spread across his mind. A part of him wanted to use Hierophant Green to separate Jotaro from the woman’s lips.

This was not what they had agreed on. It was a bloody retaliation. Jotaro had betrayed him, crushing the rules of their little game and twisting it to fit to the trap he had laid for Kakyoin. Clenching his fists, Kakyoin stormed away.


He sat alone in his bedroom that night. The clock ticked loudly in the unnerving silence. Within his grasp was his phone and the messages on the screen burned into Kakyoin’s eyes.

It’s exactly how it is. I’m not giving her to you.

So if you try anything, I’ll tell her everything myself.

You started this.

Clenching the phone tightly, Kakyoin pulled his arm back. A glimpse of Hierophant Green’s hand appeared and the device was sent flying across the bedroom, smashing against the wall. The little shattered pieces fell down to the floor and everything fell into dreadful silence. Kakyoin brought a hand to his head.

“Kujo Jotaro…” He muttered under his breath. Eyes dark and narrow. “…You really had to go and ruin everything, don’t you.”

Teeth grinded against each other behind Kakyoin’s lips. Calmness faded to seething anger across his features.

“If that’s how you want to do this… then don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”

Chapter Text

It was always said that Stand users were drawn to each other. No explanations were behind the strange attraction. Only that somehow by fate, two people would eventually cross paths one day. And the encounter would change their lives one way or another.

For Jotaro, her existence shifted everything out of focus. He had sensed something unusual about her upon their first meeting. After learning that she was a Stand user, Jotaro found himself in a strangely quiet friendship with the mysterious new female. She was unlike the other girls in high school. Not as noisy as those who always swarmed around him. Not as pushy as the annoying ones constantly squealing his name.

But the only time she ever smiled was when Kakyoin was with her. Laughing, teasing and revealing the sweet side others rarely saw. As much as Jotaro hated to admit it, he had started to envy the privilege his friend had. Even with the attention other girls showered him with, his eyes would always follow her. Capturing every detail. Observing every habit.

Memorising the faces of those who dared to hurt her.

He did not know when everything started. The guy who tried to flip her skirt? The idiots messing with her because of her quiet nature? The girls telling her shit just because she was his friend? No, it was probably when he overheard a conversation among some assholes planning to approach her after school.

Now that made his blood boil enough to beat them to blood pulps.

Of course, Jotaro ended up being suspended from school for a week. Though he could care less about the punishment. Until a certain someone came to visit him.


Jotaro stood rooted to the door. His stoic expression remained intact. However, the mere sight of the young girl in her uniform sent his mind in a battle between logic and emotion. Holding out a plastic bag of soda and snacks, she nervously asked, “Can I come in?”

He didn’t say a word. Heart pounding as he returned a silent nod and stepped to the side. His mother had gone out to shop for groceries. And in all his life, Jotaro has never invited a girl around his age over to his place. Let alone know what to do when one is alone with him in his own room. So he opted to wait for her to start the conversation. Let her say and do what she wanted and leave.

Picking up a soda bottle, the girl popped the cap open, handing one to Jotaro while she took one for herself. Her eyes wandered around his entire room curiously.

“Nice room,” she remarked.

He grunted in response, drinking his soda. A pause hung in the air.

“…You’re hurt.”

Jotaro paused, putting the bottle down onto the floor when he finally noticed her eyes focused on his right cheek.

“It’s nothing,” he replied nonchalantly, downing another mouthful of soda. After a few minutes of silence, Jotaro prepared to finally demand the reason behind her visit when he felt her shift towards him.

The hand against his cheek almost made him drop the half empty soda bottle. It’s touch proved warm enough to drive away the cold from his chilled drink.

“What are yo-”

“Don’t move.”

He tried to stay relaxed as much as he could, watching the girl concentrate on the bruise on his cheek. Suddenly, warmth enveloped his skin with a soft glow of sunlight. The dull pain fading as the light slowly grew fainter.

“Where else?” She had asked it so casually, much to Jotaro’s surprise.

“You don’t have to.”

“Then would you rather sleep in pain?”

He raised a brow and the corner of her lips curled. “I bet it’s pretty annoying with those injuries,” she remarked playfully. “Besides, what kind of friend would I be if I leave you to suffer alone?”

The smile caught him off guard.

“I can handle it,” he scoffed, averting his gaze from her. Then, his ears perked at a sound.

She was laughing.

“Kakyoin was right.” Her eyes beamed with amusement. “You really are stubborn.”

Jotaro was left at a loss for words. For the first time, she was opening up to him.

“So are you hurting anywhere else?” She asked. “It won’t take long and I’ll leave once I’m done.”

He could only stare at her, watching her tilt her head to the side out of confusion.


Pure warmth filled his chest.



He glanced at the young woman leaning over his shoulder. Her head tilted to the side. “Is something wrong?” She asked.

Briefly glancing at the locked screen of his phone, Jotaro dropped the device onto the desk. “Nothing.”

She hummed in response, bringing her arms around his shoulders. Her cheek nuzzled against his out of gentle affection.

“If anything bothers you, don’t hesitate to tell me, ok?”

Jotaro relaxed, relishing her warmth transmitting into his skin.

“Yeah.” He brought a hand to the back of the young woman’s head, lowering her mouth closer to his. “Same to you.”

No matter what, he won’t let anyone taint the warmth of those precious lips. Not when it was finally his.

Chapter Text

The paintbrush slowed itself down the canvas. The tip padded across the surface daintily to mark the precise details of a painting. Once done, Kakyoin put the paintbrush away, gazing at the woman he had created.

Amidst the trees and flowers, she was a being of sunlight. Much like the warm rays filtering through the windows in the morning, chasing the night away. Without the sun, there would be no daytime. Flowers would never bloom and trees would wither coldly without it’s loving light. That’s why without her…

The canvas was thrown mercilessly off the easel, crashing onto the floor. Remaining on his chair, Kakyoin watched everything fall apart. Canvas, art materials and easel flew around the studio – bent, broken and completely obliterated. Their remains decorated the walls and floor, mimicking a scene of outright destruction. Kakyoin took a deep breath, closing his eyes while Hierophant Green’s tentacles slithered back into his body. The sunlight bathed his face, much like the warmth of her touch.

Meanwhile, the door at the back slammed open and a teacher entered the destroyed studio with a gaping mouth.

“W-What happened here?” The teacher demanded.

“Mr. Yoshino.” Kakyoin opened his eyes. “I’m afraid I would have to withdraw from the school’s next art exhibition.”

“What do you mean? Kakyoin, did you do all of this?”

Glancing over his shoulder, Kakyoin revealed a chilling smile.


“Do you… think we could be together forever?”

The boy waited for an answer, hearing the girl sigh, “Maybe.”


“We’ll both become adults right? By then, we might meet new friends, probably even someone special,” she replied, lifting her eyes to the stars. “Who knows? We might end up going to another country and never come back.”

At the very thought, the boy’s heart almost stopped. But soon, words pushed their way out of his mouth. “E-Even so, you’re always going to be my best friend. No matter what, I won’t forget you.”


The young boy nodded. Meanwhile, the girl pondered, turning to face him.

“Then… I guess that means you will be my one and only best friend,” she smiled. “Noriaki.”


Her name escaped in a whisper under his breath. Gently, he kissed the photo of her.

“It was always you,” Kakyoin whispered. “No one else but you.”

Ahead of him stood the college she attended. The key to entering it was already in his hand. There would be a lot to do. A lot to clean up with the mess Jotaro had created. But it was alright. Even someone like him had weaknesses. Kakyoin smiled to himself.

Whatever lies Jotaro had used to deceive her… whatever methods Jotaro would use against him… Kakyoin was more than ready. If anything, he was prepared to go all the way now. With nothing to lose except her.

The anticipation of reuniting with his beloved sent a shudder down his spine. His smile growing grim and eerie with each passing second. He would crush the false fantasy Jotaro had built. If he had to expose every dirty detail to make him the monster, then so be it.

All that mattered was making her understand that she no longer needed to distance herself from him. She no longer had to pretend that what they had was nothing but bittersweet memories. Their love was not something so easily broken. Not while they needed only each other in their precious friendship.


He sighed, barely able to contain his desire to hear her speak his name again. Soon, very soon. It would not be long now.

“Wait for me,” Kakyoin spoke with sickeningly sweet happiness. “I’ll come to you soon.”

Chapter Text

The young woman stepped out of a supermarket, hugging a bag of groceries. She wore a small smile, excited to return to the dorms and prepare a lovely meal for two. The past few days had lifted so much weight off her shoulders. Being with Jotaro had brought back the courage that shrunk away from living in fear. The feeling of sunlight had never felt so wonderful on her skin. But today was special. Jotaro had been especially busy with his assignments and the young woman had a wonderful idea to surprise him to help him relax. There was still some time before dinner. Perhaps she could get coffee for herself and that special someone? She blushed at the mere thought of him, walking happily towards the traffic junction. The sea of people walked by, slowly flooding the pavement she was on.

And then, she saw his face in the crowd. The collar of a deep green double-breasted coat and cherry red earrings set him apart from everyone else. Their eyes met and in an instant, his lips curled faintly.

The young woman took a step back, but the grip on her limbs prevented her from taking another. Slowly and with ease, Kakyoin strode towards her, following the appendages of Hierophant Green and caged her in his arms.

“We finally meet again,” he whispered into her ear. The feeling of Hierophant Green’s grip slowly vanished with each stroke he made over her hair. “Thank goodness.”

Her eyes darted around. Only catching a few awkward glances from passer-bys before they continued walking on. Withdrawing from the embrace, Kakyoin snaked his arm around her waist, guiding her away from the traffic junction.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet. We’ll talk there.”

The young woman fidgeted in Kakyoin’s hold.

“I won’t advise running away now.” He pressed his arm deeper against her side. “Unless you wish for Hierophant Green to help you walk?”

Immediately, the young woman stopped her struggling. The glare she sent at Kakyoin made him smile even more.

“I really miss those eyes of yours.”


Jotaro stared at the phone in his hand. His brows creased into a displeased frown. Something was wrong. Usually she would respond to his messages without delay. He dialled her number, waiting for her to pick up the call. Yet, there was still nothing.

“Oh, there he is,” a female student excitedly said, walking over to the corridor of lockers. “Jojo, where have you been? We have been looking all over for you.”

At that moment, she was startled by the sudden look in Jotaro’s eyes. They had hardened into a silent, deep glare, giving off an aura of absolute intimidation.


Abruptly, Jotaro stormed down the hallway, leaving the female student stunned while her friends finally caught up with her.

“Hey, where did he go?” One of them asked.

But the female student could not give a clear answer. Her body finally giving in to trembling after the suffocating atmosphere finally left.

“I… I don’t know.”


At the café, Kakyoin and the young woman on opposite sides at a table by the window. She refused to meet his gaze, focusing on the cup of coffee in front of her.

“You don’t have to hesitate. It’s my treat,” Kakyoin said.

She could feel him scrutinising every detail, anticipating her response with patience unlike a normal human. But fear was the last thing on her mind. How he had found her did not matter. Because despite everything he had done to her, the young woman knew a reunion like this was inevitable.

“I’m not going back to you,” she firmly said.

“Because you’re with Jotaro now?”

The young woman stared at the calm Kakyoin in complete bewilderment.

“Was it something that happened in a spur of the moment?” He placed the cup down onto the saucer calmly. “Or did you let Jotaro believe in a delusion so you could escape from me?”

Under the table, something slithered over to her legs. Sneaking under her pants and plastered themselves above her ankles.

“It’s not like that.”

“Then why did you choose him? Why do you let him do as he please with you when you already have me?” Kakyoin questioned coldly.

The young woman shuddered at the wet appendages slowly travelling past her thighs. It’s tip discovering the elastic band of her underwear.

“He cares about me.” The young woman narrowed her eyes at him. “Unlike you.”

Within a second, Hierophant Green’s appendages were caught by thorny branches and forcefully ripped away from the young woman’s form. Kakyoin grimaced at the force crushing his right arm. But at the sight of the branches surrounding the glowing woman, he couldn’t help but chuckle. “You got your strength back.”

Small buds bloomed from the cage of branches, transforming into flowers in the sunlight. Despite his current predicament, Kakyoin smiled at the beauty of her within her stand’s confines.

“I did everything for you,” he told her.

“I never asked you to hurt anyone!” She retorted. The anger in her eyes faded upon remembering they were in public and she took a deep breath. “Kakyoin, you have changed.”

“Not really.”

The young woman gazed at him painfully and he stared back with silent yearning. He reached for her hand with his unrestrained one, only for her to retreat from his touch.

“No,” she whispered softly.

The pressure on Kakyoin’s arm was released and he discovered Hierophant Green finally retreating into his form. He stared at the young woman, noticing her withdrawing her stand. The emptiness within his chest swallowed his heart at her moist eyes.

“Please don’t cry,” he said.

She shook her head, rising out of her seat. Kakyoin followed after her out of the café and held her close. “Let me go.”


She struggled and he tightened his arms around her. “Kakyoin.”

“There’s no need for us to go our separate ways again,” Kakyoin whispered. “I already talked with my parents about it.”

The young woman froze, lifting her head to him. “What do you mean?”

“They had misunderstood back then. Right now, they are ok if we start over.” Kakyoin dropped his eyes to her bewildered expression, smiling gently. “I know I have done many things that have hurt you. That’s why…”

He held her hand tightly.

“…Please give me this chance to make it right.”

The young woman stared at him with wide eyes. His head leaning closer to her, making her fluster in his arms. Hot breath fanned against her lips and a bemused smile danced upon Kakyoin’s lips at how she shook in his hold.

She stumbled backwards once he let go. Her shocked face resembling a cherry under the fading sunlight. Kakyoin laughed softly.

“I’ll let you go today. Give you some time to consider. Though whether you wish to stay with Jotaro or be with me...” He walked over to her, slyly sneaking a piece of paper into her hand. “…At the very least, call me once you have your answer.”

Kakyoin took a step back, taking in her flustered face before backing away and spinning on his heels. Somehow, he felt as if he was back in his high school days when the moments with her were as sweet as what had happened now. He could feel it. That he had made an impact in her heart. And much to his delight, there was still a place for him in there. Kakyoin hummed to himself, leaving for his apartment.

Yet, no one seemed to notice the other presence lurking on the opposite side of the café.

Chapter Text

The young woman did not stop until she was back at the dorms. Her breath escaped in short, anxious breaths. Her hand gripped for the fabric covering her chest, feeling the panicking beat of her heart. Feeling the crumpled paper in her coat pocket, the young woman recalled Kakyoin’s words.

“Why did it have to be this way?” She muttered to herself, filled with frustration and sadness. Lifting her head to the sky, the young woman stared at the clouds above, struggling over what she must do the next time they meet.

Just then, her ears perked at the sound of a dry leaf being crushed under a shoe, prompting her to turn around. “Oh, hey Jotaro.”

He stood silent. Eyes hidden by the shadow cast under his cap.

“Went out for a coffee break?” She asked cheerfully. “You could have told me. I could buy coffee back for both of us.” Her eyes wandered around the school surroundings, noticing only a few people around. “Were you trying to get away from your fangirls?”

The sudden grip on the young woman’s wrist caught her off guard and the next thing she knew, Jotaro was dragging her through the college’s entrance.


He continued walking, briskly moving around the large building until they were in a secluded section between the path towards dorms and the courtyard on the other side.

“Jotaro, what’s goin-” The young woman cried out in surprise at her back slamming onto the wall behind her. Her eyes widened at the dark eyes staring down at her. “Jo… taro?”

Without hesitation, his head dipped down to hers. She responded with a muffled sound against the mouth enveloping her lips roughly. Immediately, her hands latched onto Jotaro’s arms.

“W-Wait, we’re no-” She squeaked upon feeling her coat being stripped off forcefully. Her hands desperately latched onto the large fingers undoing her belt. “Jotaro, stop!”

When their eyes met, the atmosphere transitioned into one of silent dread. A freezing tension spread over their heads and for a moment, the young woman could not help but sense something completely wrong in the narrowed eyes in front of her.

“Let go.”

There was no gentleness in Jotaro’s command. His voice dropped to a low octave, sending a shudder down the young woman’s spine. Far from pleasure and comfort. Feeling her grip slacken, Jotaro continued stripping the bottom half of her body.

“…Did something happen?” She asked worriedly.

Jotaro lifted his eyes at her question. He pursed his lips in deep thought, slowly lifting her out of her pants.


He sandwiched her smaller frame between his larger one and the wall. One hand pushed her head down so he could access her right ear and neck. The other worked on unbuckling his belts and freeing his strained length.

“You’re lying,” she whispered.

Probably. But it did not matter now.

Securing her legs around his waist impatiently, Jotaro directed his attention onto the quivering young woman. Her reddened cheeks complimented the concern and anticipation in her eyes.

Without hesitation, Jotaro thrust his hips onto hers.


Kakyoin slammed his head back against the pillow hard. His breathless gasp slipped out to the space within his bedroom, before resuming to calming breaths while his chest rose and fall. Adjusting his tired body on the bed, Kakyoin lifted his sticky hand, holding it against the ceiling light. Her name slipped out of his lips.

“He must be giving you a hard time now,” Kakyoin muttered. “With all that poison clouding his judgement.” Bringing his hand closer, Kakyoin licked the viscous liquid dripping from his fingers. “I know that for sure.”

Kakyoin chuckled to himself.

“Because that very same poison has been running through my veins,” he smiled lazily, bearing a quiet madness in his soft gaze. “That’s why once you haven seen his true self…”

Kakyoin laughed tiredly.

“…You’ll come running back to me, won’t you?”


The water had gone lukewarm. Even with Jotaro scooping up the water and bringing it to her naked body, there was no response. Rising up to his feet, Jotaro unplugged the drain and lifted the unconscious woman out of the bathtub. She let out a small sound, however there was no sign of her waking up as Jotaro carried her to the bed. Droplets of water dripped onto the floor, the rest slowly soaking his shirt. Yet, he didn’t mind. She was warm against his form.

Upon reaching the bed, Jotaro carefully laid his lover onto the bed, heading back to the bathroom and returned with a towel. He bit his lips once his eyes roamed over her body. Red marks bloomed at various parts of her flesh, reminding Jotaro of how rough he was earlier.

He had hurt her. Even if he had not intended to, he was the one who did this to her precious body.

Jotaro tried not to focus too much on bruises, proceeding to wipe the young woman dry. His lips pursed at the feeling of her curves through the towel. The texture did not stop his senses from figuring out the delicate shape of her torso and limbs. Jotaro grunted deeply.

“Damn it.”

He was getting hard again. Just from looking at her.

Ignoring the bulge forming tightly in his pants, Jotaro kept himself on the edge of the bed. From the corner of his eye, she remained in a deep slumber, completely unaware of the danger lurking next to her.

If she knew how badly he wanted to keep her safe… would she become afraid of him?

Jotaro pondered on that thought. Worry gnawing at the back of his mind. The idea of her fearing him, hating him… he couldn’t imagine what her absence would do to him.

Reaching a hand out to her, Jotaro caressed her head gently, allowing himself a deep breath of her scent and a brief kiss on her forehead. He studied her serene features for a long time, brushing the stray strands of hair away from her closed eyelids.

“I’ll never let him lay a finger on you again,” Jotaro promised.

The same went for any other guy.

“So don’t feel like you need to consider his feelings. You’re not his anymore.”

Not Kakyoin’s. His.

“Stay with me,” Jotaro muttered lowly. “I’ll take care of everything.”

Laying down on his side, Jotaro wrapped his arms around his lover possessively. Her body pressed against his on the bed. The contact did little against the eerie ‘love’ in his soft gaze.

He whispered her name before joining her in a world of dreams and fantasy.

Chapter Text

It was eerily quiet in Kakyoin’s bedroom. Moonlight filtered through the window between the curtains, spreading whatever light it could offer in the room of darkness. The hands of the clock ticked by loudly, counting each second that passed since Kakyoin sat up on the bed. He had not moved an inch except to breathe. Eyes focused at the window while his fingers pressed against his tightly sealed lips.





Suddenly, the phone broke the silence, prompting Kakyoin to reach for it. He stared at the message he received. The corner of his lips curled in deep satisfaction.



He turned on reflex, staggering backwards at the sudden tackle of a young girl. The squeeze of her embrace suffocated him for a brief moment before she pulled away with a huge smile.

“Finally found you,” she cheerfully said.

Kakyoin struggled to reply. His eyes dropped to the ground, unable to meet her curious gaze.

“What’s wrong?”

“…I heard the others talking about us.” The girl tilted her head to the side. Her confusion made Kakyoin nervous. “They think it’s weird.” He swallowed. “That we are…”

His eyes squeezed shut.

“…Playing together.”

The distant sound of children laughing filled the air. Their little feet ran around the playground.


Kakyoin’s head perked up at the warmth grasping his hand. The young girl in front of him beamed brightly. “You’re my friend. There’s nothing weird about that.”

He stared at her blankly. But still, she smiled sweetly at him.

“Let’s play together today, ok?”

Kakyoin stood still. His body reduced itself into a quivering mess. The next thing anyone knew, he started bawling. Because for the first time, he felt something else instead of loneliness. Something that tugged at his heart painfully and yet filled him with so much warmth.

“Noriaki? Why are you crying?” She asked, mostly startled and confused.

As he continued to cry, the young girl did the only thing she could think of. Her small arms awkwardly wrapped him in a comforting hug. One hand gently stroke his head.

“There, there. There, there,” she whispered softly.

He sobbed, hugging back his beloved friend. The only word slipping out of his mouth was-


Her name.

Kakyoin breathed it out, hurrying to his destination. The happiness from the past filled his heart which each step down the pavement. Though it was cold and he had only a coat and a scarf, Kakyoin was completely warm. Her name slipped out of his lips repeatedly. Excitement bubbled from his stomach at the park appearing before him.

Soon. Very soon, everything would go back the way it was before. They would be holding hands, leaving the past behind and accepting each other wholeheartedly. Just like those days. When they were both-

Kakyoin stopped abruptly in his tracks. The smell of cigarettes wafted in the air, causing him to cough. A lone figure sat at the bench under a tree.

It was not her.

Once their eyes met, Jotaro rose up to his feet, dropping the cigarette and snuffed out the burning end with his shoe. The excitement from earlier was swallowed by burning anger.

“What are you doing here?” Kakyoin demanded.

“Should be asking you that,” Jotaro scoffed, narrowing his eyes. “I thought I told you to leave her alone?”

Kakyoin chuckled deeply, shoving his hands in the pockets of his coat. “I’m simply giving her the chance to choose. I didn’t force her to keep my phone number.”

Jotaro took a step forward. The shadow over his eyes only made him appear more intimidating in the night.

“…I’m starting to wonder if you’ll only wake up after I beat you senseless.”

“Was that a threat?”

Jotaro scowled at Kakyoin’s retort. “Call it whatever you want. But I am a man of my word. And not even you will stop me from putting an end to this stupid game of yours.”

Watching Jotaro storm off to the park’s exit, Kakyoin followed after him. “Do you seriously think she would stay with you once everything has been explained?”

“Maybe not. But it’s better than letting her going back to you.”

The sudden burst of laughter from behind stopped Jotaro in his tracks.

“Really, Jotaro? That was your plan all along?”

Jotaro turned around, facing Kakyoin’s cold smile and sauntering form.

“Then again, you were always one step ahead of me in everything. If not for the sake of our friendship, you might have succeeded in taking her away from me all those years ago,” Kakyoin sighed, stopping beside Jotaro. “I guess both you and her have something in common at least.” From the corner of Jotaro’s eye, a smirk crawled its way onto Kakyoin’s features. “Always thinking of others even though doing so would give nothing but pain.”

The meaning behind those words had not sink in completely until Jotaro spotted someone running along the opposite pavement. His blood ran cold upon recognising the panicking woman desperately looking around.

“Good thing I sent another message after receiving yours.”

Clenching his teeth, Jotaro roughly grabbed Kakyoin by the collar, glowering fiercely, “What the hell are you doing?”

Suddenly, Hierophant Green’s appendages appeared prying Jotaro away from Kakyoin. Bewilderment took over Jotaro’s gaze as Kakyoin stumbled backwards onto the road. He flashed an empty smile at Jotaro’s direction. A horn blared from the distance.


Hierophant Green’s hand slapped itself onto Jotaro’s mouth. He struggled, forced to watch Kakyoin’s smile morph into an eerie expression against the bright light shining glaringly from the side.

An impact. Followed by a few screams. Jotaro froze on the pavement, witnessing the vehicle swerve and drive away while Kakyoin’s body land on the road in slow motion. Someone shouted to call the ambulance. A crowd slowly gathered around the area. In the next few minutes, Jotaro felt Hierophant Green’s grip on him weaken and saw his lover standing on the opposite side of the road.

A horrid realisation dawned upon him.

“NORIAKI!” She screamed, desperately running through the horrified crowd and knelt down beside Kakyoin’s unmoving body. She grasped his hand, focusing as hard as she could to heal him with her Stand’s ability. But tears soon brimmed in her eyes.

“Damn it, no!” She cried emotionally. “Not like this… NORIAKI!”

In that instance, the young woman’s body went rigid at the wet contact against her cheek. Shakily, she lowered her eyes, discovering Kakyoin smiling at her fondly with blood spilling out of his mouth. He whispered her name.

“You… came for me…”

The sound of his hand dropping to the road was almost deafening. The young woman remained beside his unconscious, bleeding form – staring in complete shock at Jotaro.

Chapter Text

She had not said a word to him since Kakyoin was admitted into the hospital. Not once looking his way even after he was warded. For a moment, it made Jotaro bothered, but he believed that if his lover had fallen for Kakyoin’s trap, she would have confronted him by now. Yet, this silent tension between them was growing uncomfortable. What if she…


He gazed down to the young woman sitting beside him. Her tearstained face painfully crushed his heart.

“They will never forgive me this time… wouldn’t they.”

Star Platinum’s arm pulled her close to Jotaro’s side, holding her shoulder firmly. His lover’s looked at him, startled.

“It wasn’t your fault,” he assured. “Everything had been planned by Kakyoin from the start. If his parents start talking shit.” His hand found hers. “You have me.”

“Jotaro…” Her hand suddenly withdrew from his. “Sorry I just…”

She rose out of her seat.

“I need some time alone.”

Jotaro could only watch as his lover leave. A piece of his heart departed with her fleeting figure. Lowering his eyes to his hand, he curled his fingers back into a fist. His hardened eyes scorched the wall opposite him.

“Excuse me?” His head snapped to the approaching nurse. “Are you Kakyoin Noriaki’s friend?”

The word seemed so foreign now, leaving a bitter taste in Jotaro’s mouth.

“Erm…” The nurse stumbled back at his quiet glare. “…I have tried to contact the patient’s parents, but they are not responding.”

“What do you mean?”

“Th-They are not answering our calls.”

It took a moment for Jotaro to process the information, but when he did…

“Sir?” The nurse gasped at Jotaro pushing himself away from his seat and stormed towards the door. In one swift movement, he slid the door open forcefully.


Outside, she could barely stay calm once she stopped. The entire world seemed to be swallowing her whole. Under the cover of the dark, the young woman breathed heavily. Her contained sorrow overflowed. Struggling sobs stuck out muffled against her palm on her way back to the nearest bus stop.


Her shoulders stiffened. Eyes wildly darted around. No one but the street lights around her.


Blink. Blink.


You screamed. Out of nowhere, something wet has tangled itself around your ankle. Then the other. Slithering and crawling around until finally she summoned the thorns of her stand to free her limbs, running as fast as she could.

Run. Run. Damn it, run!

A bus passed by, reaching the empty bus stop ahead. The young woman persevered. Her chance to escape was only within her grasp.

But the invisible space in front of her refused to let her move. Her entire body wriggled, pulling away with all of her strength. Focusing her energy, she summoned her stand again.


The thorns disappeared. Not a single trace of her stand could be felt. Her mind raced over the numerous possibilities as the last of her energy disappeared. There should have been enough energy. There should ha-

From behind, the slow rhythm of bare feet approached. Green and silver pulsated against her, preventing her from turning around to the presence standing behind her back. Now breathing against the nape of her neck. A nose nuzzled against the crook of your neck, taking in the scent of your sweat. Bandaged arms wrapped around you tightly.

His voice whispered your name against your skin.

Chapter Text

No response. Nothing.

Jotaro ran around the streets outside the hospital, yelling out her name. But it was just as he feared.

She was gone. Right in none other than that asshole’s grasp.

His stand roared within his soul. This was no time to fall into rage, yet it consumed him from within. The abyss he feared to fall into now narrowing his focus. Clenching his fists tightly, Jotaro punched the lamppost next to him. Not even registering its descent and the few passer-bys scattering away in shock.

He won’t forgive him. That was for certain. His patience long cast aside in light of the deception that caught him off guard.

The next time they meet, he will end him.


The sound was muffled to her ears. A gentle one calling her name. Her vision though a blur slowly grew accustomed to the darkness and the soft hum drew her to a shape in the void. She flinched at the contact against her mouth. The wet warmth planted itself desperately against her lips, as if deprived of her touch. When the young woman finally felt the grip caging her in place, coldness crept into her veins. The limbs tangled around hers moved. Something buried itself against the crook of her shoulder from behind while a languid exhale passed over her lips.

“What will I do with you?”

Kakyoin Noriaki. The man who should be near dead in a hospital now lies in front of her – alive and well. He smiled – yet there was something clearly off from that smile.

“Are you curious to know?” He asked, brushing a stray of hair off her face. “How I survived?”

The curls of Kakyoin’s hair brushed past the corner of the young woman’s eye.

“I could tell you,” he whispered huskily into her ear. “But not now.”

Both of her hands were caught. Her body twisted until her back landed against a moist body. Instantly, the contact lowered her eyes to her bare body with horror. As Kakyoin climbed over the young woman, it finally dawned upon her who was the third person on the bed.

“I need to clean you. Of everything Jotaro did.” His accusations spat out so calmly, eerily in sync with his serene, dark gaze. “A small price to pay for betraying me, don’t you think?”

Bewilderment morphed into panic. In the next moment, Hierophant Green’s appendages wrapped themselves around the young woman’s legs. She yelled out her stand’s name, tried to summon its power.

But nothing.

Kakyoin chuckled. “With how much you used to save me, I doubt your stand will be showing up soon. So stop struggling…” The appendages spread her thighs open. “…and submit to me.”

She was near tears. The futility of her situation and inability to escape drove her mind into despair as Kakyoin pressed a kiss to one of her thighs.

“So red…” He remarked with false pity at your exposure. Long fingers glided over the skin between your legs. “…That Jotaro really abused you there, didn’t he? What do you think we should do, Hierophant Green?”

Liquid bristled behind the young woman. The stand breathed noisily through its mouthpiece next to her ear.

“Ah yes. We should teach our lover a proper lesson. But first…” Kakyoin lowered his face between her open legs, smiling deviously. “…Let’s clean her of his filth.”

She squirmed at the intrusion of his tongue. Her mouth twisted in discomfort and conflicted pleasure at Kakyoin tasting her insides. On the other hand, Kakyoin’s head buzzed with delight. The taste of his beloved send shudders down his spine – sweeter than the cherries he always loved.

“You’re getting wet,” he crooned happily, dragging out each lick. “Are you enjoying this?”

The young woman whined. Tears pricked at her eyes at Kakyoin eating her out.

“We can’t have that now. This is meant to your punishment.”

She cried out in pain. Hierophant Green keeping her thrashing body still while Kakyoin grazed her clit with his teeth.

“So sensitive,” he mused, switching between playing with the small bundle of nerves and her reddening core. No matter what, he was determined to make her scream. With that thought, Hierophant Green unbound the young woman’s wrists. The stand’s hands slithered over to her exposed chest, morphing into liquid-like appendages. They moved like an octopus’s tentacles, sucking onto her breasts with a firm grip.

“Kakyoin, stop,” the young woman sobbed, pulling the tentacles off to no avail. “You’re… hurting me!”


Her legs convulsed between Kakyoin’s head. The torture lasting for nearly an hour before her squirming body gave way. Her eyes rolled back. Mind going blank as his tongue played her sensitive flesh like a cherry. The end getting closer, closer, closer-

Then without warning, Kakyoin stopped.

Her eyes opened wide in confusion. Even Hierophant Green had stopped its administrations, releasing her as Kakyoin crawled closer with a sly smile. “Did you think it would be that easy?”

Her lips quivered. Fingers pressed into her hips, pulled her over to sit on his lap. Hierophant Green closes in from behind, trapping the bewildered woman between it and its user. Slowly, Kakyoin leaned against her forehead.

“Tell you want me,” Kakyoin commanded, coaxing his shivering beloved by rubbing circles over one of her thighs. “That I am the only one you need.”

Her teeth clenched behind her lips. Wet appendages slithered up her body, sliding over her throat.

“I know you still care. When you thought I was going to die…” Kakyoin gripped her chin, expressing a pleased expression at her flushed cheeks. “…I had never felt so much joy.”

His lips smothered over hers, parting briefly with a delighted exhale.

“So stop lying and tell me you need me as much as I need you,” he huskily rasped. “Because if you don’t-” He squeezed her hips tightly. A look of delirium consuming his face. “-I might not be able to hold back.”

The young woman shrieked as Hierophant Green lifting her with ease. Kakyoin and his stand squeezing closer, positioning themselves below. Only to be surprised by the wetness dripping onto his cheeks. Looking up, Kakyoin realised she was covering her face, trying to stop the tears falling.

“… I see.” He pursed his lips. His gaze softened. “So you love me that much.”

The air was knocked out of her in a heartbeat. The next thing registered was the painful stretch of two bulges shoved deep inside her. Squeezing her eyes shut, the young woman gasped, clawing at Kakyoin for support.

“I love you too,” he moaned, feeling her walls clench around him and his stand. The sensation doubling for Kakyoin as he began to bounce her up and down. His stand followed. Both of them moved their lengths in different rhythms in and out of their beloved. The slapping of skin against skin arousing them further.

“Can you feel it?” He rasped, heatedly increasing his languid speed. “Hierophant Green and I deep inside you?” Kakyoin moaned loudly against her mouth. “Filling you so deliciously.”

She whimpered at his dirty words. Her strength leaving her as their hips collided quicker than before.

“I’m going to paint you deep inside. Paint over everything Jotaro did to you,” he promised between hot pants and kisses. “We’ll go to a place where no one can reach us, start the family we always wanted… together like we always…” Burning pleasure built up inside, propelling him to chase after the end. “…I don’t care what others say and neither should you. We’re meant… to… be!”

With a long moan, Kakyoin and Hierophant Green pushed themselves over the edge, slamming their full length in. His mouth parted open in sheer ecstasy and with another groan, he was bouncing his one true love repeatedly.

Until finally, Kakyoin and Hierophant Green came. Her walls squeezed every drop out of their lengths. Hot, viscous liquid and seed sprayed into her core. Kakyoin’s head rolled back in explicit bliss while Hierophant Green buried its head into her shoulder, breathing rapidly and noisily.

When the storm of pleasure finally settled, there was only Kakyoin and his beloved in the room. She had collapsed against his sweaty body – exhausted and unconscious. On the other hand, Kakyoin felt himself floating in heaven. His hand brushed her head lovingly. A look of satisfaction and happiness glowed in the dark.

“Finally… we’re one.”