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The Devil Made Me Do It

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Moving tends to be stressful but when you’re moving to a better, cheaper place then things tend to be more hopeful.

That was until you have to wonder why things are so cheap…

Namjoon had been working on a book for a while now, sat hunched over his laptop staring at the little blinking line that should be making an addictive, pulse racing and gripping fantasy story; a spin off story about ‘Alice in Wonderland’ having to fight in a war between the 4 card suits, club, spade, diamond and heart. But alas, it just wasn’t happening. That’s why Namjoon thought it was a good idea to move. It wasn’t a spontaneous thing don’t worry, he had been planning to move for a while just never got around to it. Sometimes spontaneous idea are good however. Others could only be described as… interesting.

This was defiantly going to be on the interesting side of things…


The last occupants of the house had been quite unsavoury characters. They had been drug addicts that didn’t care what kind of environment they lived in. Eventually they were kicked out and Taehyung could finally breath a sigh of relief.

However it was short lived when he began to wonder what kind of person or people would now inhabit in his home.
Well, not his precisely but details…

It had only been a week since Namjoon had moved into his new apartment and things have been looking up, about 5 chapters had been gained from the move and when he read back over them he wasn’t consumed with the feeling of either deleting it all and/or introducing his face to his desk repeatedly.

5 chapters is all Namjoon seemed to gain from moving however, as all that had changed was the background, as he yet again he was sat staring at the blinking line and not enough text.

Leaning back in his chair Namjoon let out a deep groan of frustration, pressing his palms into his eyes to try and reduce the migraine that was slowly but surly making it’s self known.
“why is this so god damn difficult?!” now when you are home alone you never expect to get a reply. In this case however, he did.
“Jesus, you complain loud enough to wake the dead, and boy would I know about that!”

Namjoon has been described by many friends and cool, calm and collected. Good thing they couldn’t see him now.
“WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!” This was said as Namjoon tipped backwards in chair resulting in him staring at the ceiling. It was also at that point when a fluffy head popped into Namjoon’s line of sight.
“what are you doing in my house?!” He scrambled to get off the floor as there is an intruder in Namjoon’s house that he has only been living in for a week.
“Please don’t flip all your shit, that’s going to be too much effort just sit down, shut up and let me explain please”
“… Ok I don’t know why I’m going to let you but… Ok, just don’t hurt me please…”
“First of all bitch! I got better things to be doing with my time than hurt you, secondly I’m actually living in this apartment too, well living is a lie but… uh… shit… ok right so I’m dead lets get that out of the way first and I now haunt the place I died in”
“Your dead..?”
“Bitch did I stutter?” the intruder had his hands on his hips in a very dramatic fashion.
“Well no but, how do I know your not lying?” Namjoon was becoming equally defensive, as anyone should be in this situation. It’s fucking weird!
“Would I be able to do this if I was still of this mortal coil?” And with some extra flamboyancy that was totally uncalled for the situation the intruder seemingly melts through the floor.

Namjoon is a rational human being that followed the laws of physics, unlike that… thing apparently that just fazed though the carpet.


“Right so you’re telling me you’re a ghost?” Namjoon directed his question in every direction as he had no idea where the intruder was now, the head remerged with a giant box like grin spread across his face.
“Give the man a cookie!”
“Hey less of the sass please, it’s not normal to come across ghosts. In fact I didn’t even believe in them before this.”
“I’m special?!” the ghost seems to have the mental age of a child…
“If you really want to think that be my guest. Anyway, what’s your name? I can’t just call you ghost kid.” Namjoon decided it was best to joke with the spirit rather than make him an enemy.
“Yours truly is called Kim Taehyung!” The spirit, Kim Taehyung, gave some adorable jazz hands along with his now trade mark box grin. “And pray tell, what shall I call you?”
“Kim Namjoon.” The antics and funny language the ghost used obviously as a joke to be entertaining. It defiantly had the desired effect as Namjoon returned the smile.
“Without wanting to sound harsh, why are you here? Aren’t ghosts meant to have ‘unfinished business’, so what’s your story?” The grin on Taehyung’s face fell as soon as Namjoon mentioned ‘unfinished business’.
“I think you should take a seat… This could be a long story…”


Despite how normal hauntings tended to be ghosts from long ago times, Taehyung only died in 2000. However much like ‘normal’ ghost stories, unfortunately Taehyung’s is just as violent and sad.
Taehyung’s mother was a very religious person, which on it’s own isn’t an intermittently bad thing, it only became a problem when her husband left her for someone else. At the time Taehyung was an adult and had already moved out of the house before his father even considered leaving his mother. However Taehyung’s mother in her grief became delusional and considering that she was spending all her time alone slowly fell into a paranoid state.
This became apparent when Taehyung visited his mother on her birthday to deliver her gift and just see how she was in general as she had seemingly cut of all communication with people. This was unfortunately a fatal decision on his part however.
In his absence Taehyung’s mother had come to the conclusion that the reason her husband left was because her son was possessed by the devil, himself, as she believed he was part of a satanic cult that had been discovered shortly after Taehyung‘s father left.
When Taehyung arrived at his mother’s house he got no response from knocking at the door, becoming concerned as he knew his mother was distraught over the divorce, instantly began to panic. He used his spare key to get into the house, only to be met by his mother wielding a kitchen knife. She had heard him knocking and so grabbed the nearest weapon. He had hardly stepped through the door before the first stab wound was inflicted. The knife landed in his left shoulder making Taehyung stagger back into the door frame, eyes wide as he stared at his mother in utter shock. Because he made no effort to fight back, being too stunned to do anything really, he left himself open to the next attack which resulted in the blade yet again penetrating his body, this time into his stomach. Taehyung did react this time, pushing his mother way he tried to turn around and run out of the open door but his mother was either too fast or he was too slow to escape before she landing the final and finishing blow in the back of his neck. After this, the mother, if she can even be called that anymore… sat on the floor covered in her own sons blood and with a blank look on her face, muttering about Satan and how he no longer has a hold on her son…
Police had been contacted as soon as the screams started, as both Taehyung and his mother were screaming and shouting, both for different things however Taehyung in pain obviously, the mother screaming and shouting about the devil and demons. She was arrested obviously, all the evidence pointed to her, it left no question in peoples mind. The true demon was his mother.


Namjoon sat motionless, tears forming in the corner of his eyes.
“My God…” Namjoon had no idea what to say.
“Yea…” Taehyung had a sad look on his face, but when he saw that Namjoon was on the brink of tears he gave him a forced smile to try and lighten the mood.
“That’s so shit! I was sad but now I’m just angry! How could she do that?”
“There’s no point in being angry, it won’t do anything”
“So do you have unfinished business? Or are you just stuck? Sorry I don’t know how to deal with this, I just feel so bad for you.” He was rambling as the thoughts in Namjoon’s head ricocheted around his skull.
“I’m not sure myself really. I don’t remember what happened directly after I died. I just remember laying in the same position as when I died. However there was no blood or anything, my mum was gone and a man was living in the apartment.” Taehyung gave a shrug to try and show that it didn’t bother him. Namjoon guessed otherwise however.
“What do you even do? Like I’m guessing that you don’t have convocations like this with every tenant in this apartment?”
“No… you are the first person I have shown myself too, the others just been a bit of a poltergeist really… Slamming doors, hiding keys your normal spooky shit”.
“So why can I see you?” Namjoon questioned.
“I don’t know, you were annoying but cute I guess? I had to do something to get you to stop groaning at that poor laptop”.
“Shhhhh I’m not going into details, you just have to accept the facts honey, and that is, that you sitting there complaining about how bad your book is going is annoying as fuck, and how cute you look when you actually get an idea and stick your tongue out as you type, just have to be accepted, no questions asked.”
“Alright… I suppose.” There was no point in arguing with logic like that.

Suddenly Taehyung span around and stared behind him.
“I have to go” he said incredibly fast. Disappearing as soon as he finished speaking.
“Ok…” Namjoon mumbled into the now seemingly empty room.

It had been a few hours since Namjoon had spoken to Taehyung and decided to give up on writing for the day, so took to watching YouTube videos and flicking between different social media apps.
Eventually he got bored and decided to look into Taehyung’s case. Google is a good ally He was used to researching things to make his books as accurate as a fantasy book could be. As he was researching, a new story idea came into his head. This time it wasn’t his normal ‘fantasy’ style. It was a horror story. One about a demonic cult that would effect the parents of children to turn them against their own children, it would be about a group of teens that witnessed a friends death at the hands of his parents, and putting two and two together with other children’s deaths in the town. The police wouldn’t do anything about it when they were informed on the situation as they were either going to be part of the cult of influenced by the demons. Namjoon hadn’t decided yet.

Throwing his phone down in the direction of the coffee table, he didn’t have time to check it landing in the desired place, Namjoon hastily made his way over to his laptop, ripping the lid up and furiously logging in so as not to lose any of his creative juices.
When the word document was finally opened he began typing rapidly. Lost in thought and drowning in new ideas that hadn’t happened in a few months, so Namjoon was riding this creative high. His thoughts were disrupted rather rudely by a loud ‘thud’ on the wall closest to Namjoon, making him jump and freeze momentarily.
“Taehyung?” There was another thump.
“Is that you?” There was a slight panic in his voice, this was only replied to by another knock on the wall.
“Ok ok tap once for yes and twice for no. Is that ok?” This was answered by one tap.
“Right, just to make sure it’s you I’ll ask you some questions about this afternoon just to make sure.” Namjoon took a deep breath as ghosts were a lot to deal with. “It was your dad that killed you.” Two very loud bangs echoed around the apartment. “Sorry, you sound angry, that’s not what I wanted… um… how about? You think I’m annoying?”
“And cute, don’t forget the important part,” this was said by a disembodied voice, that had a distinctive smile to it, even though Namjoon had only know the spirit for a few hours he could still recognise it as distinctively ‘Taehyung’.
Namjoon looked around the room but came to the conclusion he wasn’t manifesting himself. Without wanting to seem rude or insensitive he didn’t want to ask about why he wasn’t showing himself.
“Hey, seeing as you’re talking to me, what do you think of this story idea?” Namjoon pushed himself away from the desk and turned the laptop in a way that would let Taehyung seen the laptop easily despite not being able to see the ghost.

After a few moments of silence a quite voice resonated around the room,
“That’s pretty good! I would read a full on book on it!” the voice wasn’t said in a whisper, just from very far away which was odd in a small apartment.
“Thank you Taehyung. By the way are you doing ok, you sound really far away…” Namjoon was scared that he offended Taehyung when there was a pregnant pause before Taehyung spoke next.
“Yea, don’t worry, things just… take a lot of energy. I can’t be around all the time…” the voice was quiet but didn’t sound as far away this time.
“Where do you go when you’re not here?”
“Some place dark. I don’t really know” the voice was monotone, almost as if he was trying to disguise any emotion that he might have.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be it doesn’t effect you at all”
“But bizarrely enough, I care. You have gone though far to much to have to deal with something shitty now…”
“Thanks Namjoon. I’m glad I showed myself to you.” The voice had a distinct smile that put Namjoon at ease.


The Spirit and the Author had spent many moths working together to create this horror book that would be a shock to Namjoon’s regular fans. It was also a way to get Taehyung’s story out there as he doesn’t know how things ended considering he doesn’t have any memory of anything in the immediate year after his death. So has taken to living vicariously though the characters he and Namjoon had spent tireless hours planning and even roll playing as to insure the characters were ‘real’ enough.

However in the weeks leading up to the publish date of the book ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’ Namjoon started to get more agitated, concerned as to how this new style of his book would be received.
“Hey! Joon, it will be ok. I’m sure they will love it! I sure as shit I know I do!” Namjoon couldn’t see the ghost but the friendly slap he felt gave him slight reassurance. “Put it this way, if I had a corporeal form I would give you a smooch right now!” This was followed by a laugh from both Taehyung and Namjoon.

Their relationship was something interesting, they acted like they were dating, but they never really spoke about it, neither of them felt the need to. Their relationship wasn’t your typical one as there was nothing physical as you can not fuck a ghost. But with reassuring words, praises and the occasional ’love you’ from both parties. Sometimes Taehyung would rub his hands down Namjoon’s sides as he lay in bed causing the author to become hot and flustered. Some nights this would lead to masturbation with phantom hands running up and down Namjoon’s body, they made things work, and it did.

Whatever they were to each other it was enough for them. And they were happy with that.


The End.