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Shining On Stage

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The waited acceptance letter for UA came. No, really. UA - the university of his dreams , and he’s finally achieved those dreams.


Aoyama always strived to be the successful one of his family. He became an amazing entrepreneur at the ripe age of 15 - creating stylish superhero-esque capes for the alternative fashion industry - and his simplistic idea made him and his small family financially stable. His connections with the industry itself made him a highly demanded candidate for universities, but he stayed in education. Stayed to complete his qualifications. Stayed to make his family proud of him for more than just a one-off idea leaching off of capitalism. Stayed to better himself. At the age of 18 - he left with a good range of qualifications under his belt and a full set of A*s. He was truly, in his own words, le meilleur élève.


Despite his narcissistic exterior, he cared about his friends and his family in his heart. After all, he only shows his affection to those he cares about - and those who care about him.


So how the - excuse my French - FUCK did he suddenly direct his affection to someone who doesn’t know he exists?




It had been a long day of unpacking and dealing with his first bout of homesickness. His roommate, a pink-haired walking fashion disaster, had helped him set up his possessions in orderly fashion. Despite her migraine-inducing sense of clothes, she had a very keen eye for interior design. The girl in question, Mina Ashido, was a third year student who was studying Textiles. She had been in the University for two years already, unlike Aoyama, who got to jump to third year due to his college degree. Aoyama quickly concluded that she understood what suited others, not herself. Or maybe that she didn’t care about her own presentability. Or both. Both? Let’s just settle for both. As she finished placing the last of her mini cacti on a shelving unit she had made for herself, she spoke out against the comfortable silence.


“So… Aoyama, right?” Before he could answer, she continued with her curiosity. “Whatcha gonna be studying here?”


Normally, he would reply sarcastically with “Is it your business? Non.” but he noted the genuine friendliness within her tone, so he decided to be nice too. For now.


“Fashion Design, perfect for a fabuleux gentlemen like moi~”


“Hell yes, you’ll be working in my classroom! It’s a very small and cozy area and it’s much more of a 1 to 1 class than a lecture room.” Mina patted Aoyama on the back as a friendly gesture. “I did a little bit of coursework for it too, so I can give you the notes I have. It’ll, y’know, give you a kickstart for the course.”


“Merci beaucoup, but I believe that I’ll be fine. We are both going into 3rd year, non?”


“Do you wanna meet my friends? I’ll show you them, they’re very nice - Except Bakugou, but you’ll get over his explodey personality, we can go out for drinks at the local bar-” Mina rambled on for god knows how long about socialising, Aoyama taking a mental note of her extrovertism, may come in handy at a later stage.


Aoyama interrupted with clearing his throat, “Mina.”




“Is there a cafe around here? This prince needs a nice hot chocolate.” A large, dramatic sigh and hand over head accompanied the voice as he pretended to fall on Mina.


“Ah yes! I was thinking of getting coffee, I’ll pay for us both since you’re a newbie.”


Making a lady pay? That was against Aoyama’s gentleman code. “Non, non. I pay.”




Arguing with a lady was also against the trusted gentleman code. “Fine, fine! I shall pay next time.”


“Thank you, my knight in shining armour.”


“I am the royalty, you are merely the knight.” Aoyama huffed as he opened the door of their room.


“...I’ll take that as a compliment!” Mina could tell that Aoyama meant well, saw right through his facade. She followed close behind Aoyama, making sure to be clear with her directions.


The pair headed down to the cafe, unknowingly walking into a life changing moment  - literally.




Walking down the corridors of the campus was thrilling, in a sense. It was a new territory for Aoyama to explore and the extensive space reminded him of a field maze. He was currently being directed by Mina who was holding a tattered campus map, something she had gotten on the campus tour over two years ago. As he glanced over to Mina, he spotted that she was deep in thought about something, which caused him to raise concern.


“Y’know, you seem more like a Musical Theatre kid than a Fashion kid.”


Shock seemed to strain his voice, “Moi?!”


“Mhm. You’re very… how do I put it… dramatic. Not that that’s bad, far from it!”


“Why do you mention such a thing?” he replies, obviously confused.


“Well, UA has a tradition with its musicals.”


Aoyama quickly interjected, “Oh honey, I doubt someone like me would be wanted.” This was truly what he thought of himself, despite what he showed others. He wanted to be able to be seen as someone valuable. Desperately. The years of bullying he faced in previous years made him feel like he was worthless.


Mina attempted to gently nudge Aoyama in the stomach to grab his attention, but ended up accidentally hurting him a little, “Aoyama! You doubt yourself so much for someone who presents themselves as a narcissist to the public.”


“You wound me dearly, Mina.” The pair stopped dead in their tracks and a little smirk was across their faces and said in unison, “No pun intended.” They continued to laugh a little more at the silly moment, before Mina eventually caught her breath.


“What I meant is, you’d be great for the musical. Can you sing?”


Aoyama replied, with clear hesitation in his voice “...very poorly, at best.”


“I call bull. We’re gonna have karaoke when we get back to our room and I’m inviting the others.”


Mina put Aoyama in a loose headlock and ruffled up his hair, causing Aoyama to yell about how precious his hair was and how much of his precious hours work she had just wasted by a second or two of trashing his hair with her FILTHY GERMS and SLIMY HANDS. After a long list of apologies from Mina and a ‘rant’ from Aoyama about how his hair was proclaimed to be “la partie la plus importante de la vie” , they continued their journey to the cafe for their much needed drinks.


Little did Aoyama know, his hair would not be the most important thing in life after a visit to the UA cafe.



“A medium vanilla latte with soy milk for Shiozaki?”


It was that time of year again, the time where the coffee shop was at its busiest - and Todoroki despised it.




The only reason that Todoroki even worked in this horrible excuse of a cafe was because of his Father, nicknamed by the customers as ‘Endeavor’ for his try-hard personality that was incredibly intoxicating. You’d think that with a father who forces you to do to a degree you don’t want to do would at least let you do something in your own free time as a compromise, but Todoroki would receive no such break. He was taught at a young age about the importance of having work experience and being employable - funnily enough, he was never taught about the importance of mental health and actually having a social life. Some days, he wished he was never born.


So now he’s stuck here in this shit hole with nothing to do but internally complain about the overwhelming numbers of people and having to deal with people he doesn’t even know. His introversion caused the voices to become white noise. He was going to fall asleep if this went on any longer.


“Please, just let something interesting happen today.” he murmurs to himself as he makes the next customer’s order.


And that’s when two... interesting customers walk in - one that he recognises from last year’s musical acting as a tree, was Mina her name? The other doesn’t look familiar. Is it her new boyfriend? He’s pretty sure that she said she was a lesbian though. Is it a friend? He’s never been in here before. He concludes it must be a new student coming to live with her - considering the ‘second-year incident’. Nobody talks about the second-year incident.


The duo walk up to the counter and Mina starts to show the guy accompanying the menu, explaining each item. He hears some bickering along the lines of, “Oh, you should get the Firecracker special!” and “I only wish for a simple hot chocolate, dear.” This goes on for a few seconds more before Todoroki interrupts with a clearing throat.


“How may I help you?” - that was probably the fakest customer voice he’s ever done. Should he be proud or disappointed? Or… or both? Both.


The man looks up, suddenly breaking into a slight flush, most likely due to embarrassment.


He finally spoke up and in his most flamboyant voice, said, “Monsieur, I provide you with my deepest apologies! I would like to order a medium hot chocolate, along with a lovely dash of cream, if you may! ⚞✩” followed by a wink directed at Todoroki.


The only thought that was running through Todoroki’s mind was,

“How the fuck did he say ‘⚞✩’?”


Mina followed up with, “Could I also order a Firecracker special? Add some extra cinnamon on that shizzle!”


Todoroki could only look at Mina with sheer disappointment for unironically uttering ‘shizzle’, and the boy next to her followed suit.


“Oh come on! Don’t give me that look Aoyama! I won’t let you have your drink if you look at me like that any longer!”


The boy next to her stopped and simply pouted as he waited for Mina to pay up.


“Ah, so his name is Aoyama.” he whispered to himself. Todoroki mentally took note of that for some reason, as if it was important somehow.


The two completed their order and Mina paid as promised earlier. She did compromise, by saying that Aoyama could take the drinks over.


Todoroki made the drinks, and made sure to add the extra cinnamon to Mina’s drink and cream to Aoyama’s drink in the shape of a star. He then proceeded to give Aoyama the two drinks.


As Aoyama walked back to the table, a drink in each hand, a group of first year pupils barged into him to order. He tries is his best to hold his balance, but he starts to fall. Todoroki spots this and before he can think of what to do, his feet start moving - he can’t stop, he keeps moving, moving until he can catch the young man and his drinks. Time seems to stop for a moment, as he looks down at Aoyama to check that he is okay.


Silence fills the air and strains the tension - the tension is so thick that you could cut a knife through it. Aoyama has a face of sheer embarrassment (with maybe an underlying hint of adoration that Todoroki is too oblivious to foreshadow) and Todoroki feels relieved - that’s one less lawsuit for Endeavor to worry about. Todoroki helps Aoyama get up. “I’ll carry your drinks to the table.” Todoroki then makes his way to the table as Aoyama is left stock-still, still shocked about the turn of events.


Aoyama eventually makes his way to the table, after muttering a string of apologies. He sits down next to Mina, trying to cover his embarrassment to no avail. He peers over and sees her mischievous face. He was in trouble now.


With a teasing tone, she says, “You looked like a prince who was saved by his knight back there.”


Aoyama splutters out, “Mina!”

This was going to be a long day of teasing. At least he eventually got his dose of hot chocolate.

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Aoyama groggily awoke to the sound of PONPONPON, which he quickly realised came from Mina’s phone, acting as an alarm clock. He should’ve expected as much from Mina, but had not previously for some odd reason. There seems to be more depth to Mina than he first thought, and he realised that from a 2012 meme ringtone. Great job.


He turned over on his bed to see Mina, tiredly whispering to herself “5 more minutes” as to convince herself to squeeze in a little more sleep to the schedule of today. Even those who have been in university for years seem to be unable to maintain a good sleeping schedule. This was bad news for him, as his beauty sleep was the only thing that made him feel good about his body image. Seems like he’ll be going back to the Underappreciated Homosexual™ aesthetic that he iconically lived on during his early teen years.


Taking advantage of Mina’s ‘lie-in’, he went to the bathroom to have a shower. He hoped that she wouldn’t mind a little cold water within her morning shower - hell, it might even wake her up a little. After his refreshing shower, he quickly straightened his hair. By Aoyama’s definition of ‘quickly’, this was around 30 minutes - he was a perfectionist and had to adjust his hair to fit his perfectionism. He came out of the bathroom and saw Mina still sleeping.


He crouches down to the opposite side of the bed that Mina is lying on - in case she wakes up and punches him instinctively - and lays his head down on his arms, resting on the bed.


Time to wake up Mina with the only way he knows;


“HON HON BAGUETTE, I ALWAYS DRINK TO FORGET.” he yells, startling Mina and thus waking her up. Mission complete.


Mina turns over in the bed to face Aoyama, staring at her. She looks confused at what he said, “Come again?”


“At least take me to dinner first.” Aoyama sharply replies, with that silly sparkle in his eyes that would be incomparable to a prince and a small flirtatious wink.


“Ew, that means you’ve already done it once. Is there something you need to tell me?” Checkmate.


“Touché. Get up.”


Mina finally gets out of bed, stretching her limbs and almost falling off the bed. She ruffles her hair a little bit, and then puts on whatever clothes she finds on the floor.


Mina edges her way to the door, when Aoyama grabs her by the back of her shirt, pulling her back, “Mina! This is simply unacceptable! How can you go around looking like a mess - not even a hot mess, a lukewarm mess at best!”


Mina turns towards Aoyama with a look of confusion, “Uh… this is how I pick every outfit, Aoyama.”


Aoyama puts his index finger to Mina’s lips to shush her. “Hush. I’m picking your outfit today. Strip so I can choose-”


“Kinky.” she interjects, following with a wink.


“Not what I meant, gênante enfant.” Aoyama deadpans. Mina was going to be the death of him. “Let me be your expert en mode for the day.”



Mina looks down at her outfit for the 1000th time that day in awe. She was given the art hoe aesthetic, with a cream shirt with rainbow bands on the sleeves, light blue denim dungarees, yellow shoes and cream socks.


“Thanks, Aoyama! I actually look like a proper aesthetic today!”


“I told you so, mon amie.” God, Aoyama looks smugger than a boss who was right all along.


The two of them walked across the textiles room. Aoyama let his eyes wander around the fabrics that had been made in previous years, and his eyes caught a specific fabric. It had a pattern of throned roses, which a dark red and rich white colour. The fabric itself looked like poetry and pain, love and hate, Aoyama and Todoroki. He let go of a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It was truly underappreciated.


“This is some lovely fabric. It reminds me of… nevermind I’m not finishing that sentence.”


“Who? Who does it remind you of, huh?” Mina wiggles her eyebrows in the creepiest way possible for someone like herself.


“Let me get to my seat.” He was determined not to let Mina win. If this was a losing battle, he may as well go down with his ship. He would not give Mina the satisfaction of teasing him towards a reaction.


“Do you wonder what he’s doing right now?”


“Why would I?!- ...Yes, Mina. Yes I do. Are you happy now?”


They chose seats next to each other and began taking out their work. This was going to be a long school year.



“I want to move classes.”


The same deadpan, cold voice as usual. This was the third time Todoroki had attempted to change his classes.

Truth be told, he never wanted to do a course in Law. It wasn’t the dream he had throughout his life. His true life goal was to become a freelance artist, but his father believed the job was unsustainable and therefore did not allow him to pursue his dreams at all, like he would ever. He forced his son to study subjects that would get him into Law so he could become a lawyer -  just like his father. So he would secretly sneak behind his back and try to convince the school to let him change courses so he could become who he really wanted to be, to no avail.


“I understand that, but your father… would not allow this. We fear that he would severally destroy our reputation.” Todoroki got this answer every time. His father was a ruthless lawyer who knew the law like the back of his hand. Yes, he was a genius, Todoroki would admit that, but he did not agree with his practices as a lawyer - or a father, for that matter. He knew if he was caught taking a different course, his father would look for every fault within the school and sue them for all of the faults found.


“His bark is louder than his bite.”


“We’re not willing to pursue this, Todoroki. It is far too lucrative.”


Todoroki leaves the office, dissatisfied as ever. He despised his father - and now he was late for his class. He was going to get more than one kind of lecture.




“Excuse me, Iida.”


“Yes, sir?”


“Have you seen Todoroki? I need to give him his assessment grade.”


“Is there a problem? I believed that he was doing quite well in this course, if I do say so myself!”


“There’s no problem. Just a correction that needs to be explained to him. Actually, I need to talk to the majority of the class about this.” The lecturer hands Iida his paper back, displayed with a perfect 100 on his paper. “You did excellent. No concerns from me, keep doing what you’re doing.”


“Thank you, sir! I will look out for Todoroki!”




“Oi, Bakubro.”


“Ketchup, If you ever call me that name again, I will kick your ass into Jupiter.”


“Aw, I just wanted to ask if I could train with you.”


“If you think I’m going to train with you, you might as well start thinking that Donald Trump is actually a good president.”


“Bakugouuuuuuuuuuuu” Kirishima replies, with the biggest puppy eyes ever. God fucking damnit, he could never win when he played that card.


“When the fuck are you free.” he says, a slight tone of defeat in his voice.



“Hello, Kouda.” Tokoyami was a frequent visitor of the animal sanctuary of UA, where he let his pure black kitten stay.


Kouda notices him and waves excitedly at him. He enjoyed Tokoyami coming to see him.


“Has Moonshine been nice to you?”


Kouda begins to sign, “He’s been a good boy. I think he likes me. I feel like the chosen one.” He has the most adorable expression when he mentions being the chosen one. It was the only quite tall and buff guy that could pull off the cute expressions that he could.


“I guess that’s why they call you ‘The Pet Whisperer’.” They both laugh at this, even if Kouda’s laugh is silent.


“Why do you like cats so much? I thought you’d be more of a bird person.” Kouda asked.


“I didn’t choose the cat life, the cat life chose me.” Oh boy, Kouda’s boyfriend was not only emo, but also a nerd.


“How have your classes being going?”


“Looks like your boy is going to get a good grade in Criminology. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I’m pushing myself to do well.”


Kouda looked at Tokoyami with the cutest expression he had ever seen. “I’m proud of you. You deserve a little kiss. Come here.” They both lean forward, almost about to kiss, when:


“Kouda, where is my frog?” This voice was Tsuyu. Kouda became extremely embarrassed about being caught when he was about to smooch his boyfriend, and retreated into his animal hut.


“Tsu, you just scared off Kouda.”


“I apologise, Tokoyami-san.”


“Your frog is inside, do you want me to go get it?”


“No, just wanted to thank Kouda for taking care of it, ribbit.”


“Alright. I’m going to get that promised kiss off of Kouda.”


“Have fun.”




“Have you ever noticed that you have big hands?” Ibara says. This was extremely funny and Tetsutetsu almost pissed himself laughing.


“What?!” Kendo looks incredibly non-humoured, which makes the two laugh even more.


“Oh my god, she does! Yaoi hands!” Tetsutetsu cannot stop laughing. “Your hand looks massive whenever you play Trumpet.” Tetsutetsu adds.


“If you keep talking about this, I’ll be sure to shove these ‘big hands’ up your ass, Steelsteel.”


“Tetsutetsu would enjoy that though, wouldn’t you?”


“...No comment.”






“You’re muttering again.”


“Oh gosh! I’m sorry Uraraka!”


“Are you still trying to develop a storyline?”


“Well, I have the beginning and the ending… just not the middle.”


“Ah! You could try this…”


Uraraka talked through the possibilities, which really helped Midoriya with his writer’s block.


“You’re much better at this than me. You should’ve picked this course!”


“I’m doing well in PR. Besides, it’ll pay better for my family’s construction company.”


“Are you going to advertise them too?” he jokes.


“Yes.” Uraraka doesn’t joke back.


“I was joking- wait, what?”




Momo and Jirou were trying to call Kaminari, their third member of UA’s best known trio band, named “Electrocution”. They had an issue with their assignment for their Sound Production course, and Kaminari was needed, as he played the drums. He finally picked up and Momo spoke through the phone, “Kaminari, you free? We need to record our track.”


“I thought you’d already done it?” he complained down the other end of the line.


“We had, but both me and Jirou’s files got corrupted.”


“Couldn’t you just start again?”


“You’re literally the most important part of this track.”


“I’m reading a good book though, I just got into iiiiiitttttttttt…”


“Just come over, we’ll give you Mountain Dew.”


“Alright, alright! I’m coming over. Get that Mountain Dew ready or I’m leaving as soon as I get there. I’m bringing Sero with me.” With that, Kaminari hangs up.



“Karate practice is today, right?”


Ojiro looks up to see Kirishima, who seemed to be out of breath. He most likely had ran there after realising what time it was when hanging out with Bakugou. “Yeah. You joining today?”


“Hell yeah! I ain’t gonna skip out on my manly karate practice! I heard Shinsou was interested in joining.”


“Ah, him.” Ojiro lit up a joint outside, and asked Kirishima if he wanted a puff. He kindly declined, although said he’d be willing to have one later tonight at the Welcomer’s party he was holding.


“How have you two been getting on? Y’know, since…”


Another puff. “We’re on better terms, I guess. I don’t know if that’s the way he views it, though.”


“He seemed better about it. I think you should be less worried about him and more worried about his boyfriend. He seems to have some sort of inferiority complex.”


“Maybe Martial Arts would be good for him, kick his mentality in shape.”


“That’s… actually a good idea. I’ll tell Shinsou to bring him in!”


Kirishima turns around and sees his friend Shoji, a bodybuilder, “Yo, Shoji, are you joining us too?”


“Yeah.” he blankly replies. Ojiro offers him a puff, to which he complies. It was good to chill out before some karate.




“Any questions?” the lecturer asks at the end of the lesson.


Nobody had any questions, so the lecture was finished and everyone started to pack up. Mina looked down at her phone excitedly. “Kiri just texted me, he says there’s a party tonight. Wanna go?”


“I’ve never had alcohol, just to be clear.” This was showing his interest for the party, but in a low-key way.


“My boy is gonna lose his alcohol virginity!” she hugs Aoyama and has a smile like a proud mother.


“Hopefully my actual virginity too.” he whispers under his breath. He hopes Mina did not hear that.

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Aoyama was currently fretting over this party he was invited - nope, DRAGGED - to. So many things were going through his mind, and it wasn’t only about what he (and Mina) was going to wear. He’s never consumed alcohol before, even with his family often having a glass of wine with their meal during the weekend. Not that his family didn’t offer, he just never felt the need to have it. As a university student, he knew now that he’d need to have alcohol to fit in. At least he knew how to fit in here, unlike when he was younger.


He’s also extremely nervous about another thing - the possibility of his interest being present at said party. If he fucked up whilst drunk, what would happen to his chances with him? He’d have no control over his actions - not like he does, anyways - and this could seriously damage his reputation. He doesn’t want to be known as ‘the boy who threw up all over the most attractive guy during a party because he was too drunk for his own good’ and to have his social situations reduced to what he had experienced in previous years.


The only thing that stops his thoughts dead on track is Mina’s hand on his shoulder. She sits down next to him to comfort him, knowing that he’s stressed.

“Aoyama, you don’t have to drink if you don’t want to. There’s a few of us who don’t drink, for one reason or another.”


“I want to try it. I need to vivre la vie at some point, you know?” He flicks his hair dramatically, like the gay he is.


“I have no idea what you said, but I’ll take your word for it!”



Aoyama was ushered through the door to the oncoming party against his will. He was absolutely shitting it and his external extrovertness was breaking down like a high-speed train again a brick wall.


“Hey guys! I brought the newbie here!”


“Mina… please do not introduce me in such a loud manner…” he whispers to Mina.


“Guys, this is Aoyama. Aoyama, this is Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima and Bakugou.”


“Who’s this clown.”


Mina scoulds Bakugou, “BAKUGOU, BE NICE.”


“Tch.” Bakugou drinks a little bit of alcohol - with a straw. It was obvious that he had just started drinking, due to his angry self still being present. He is intentionally making the gross slurping noise just to piss Kaminari off. Kaminari only retaliates with his own gross slurping noise, hitting that awful note when he hits the bottom of his can and still continues to drink out of the straw.


“Don’t worry, he’s much more tolerable when he’s drunk.” Mina reassures Aoyama. “What kind of alcohol do you have here, Ei?”


“Depends what you want.”


“See, Ao here hasn’t had an alcoholic drink before, he’s an alcohol virgin.”


“Ah, I’ve got your back, bro. Wait there, I’ll get your new bro a drink.”


“Here, try this.”


“That’s… not bad. The taste is vile, sure, but the effects of it almost outweigh it.”


“You’ll get used to the disgusting taste. Cheers to a new member of the Bakusquad!”


“I didn’t agree to this, Ketchup.”


“What’s your nickname going to be for Aoyama?” Mina gently asks, curious to see his reply.


“Eh? You mean Baguette Boy?”


“OH MY FUCK” Kaminari falls on the ground, destabilised from the sudden influx of humour within the conversation, and tries to get up before once falling down again. He just cannot get up - he’s done for.


Aoyama deadpans, “Non, I do not understand this, Mina. First of all, who will look after you all?”




“Oh, is he a friend of yours, Bakugou?” Aoyama curiously asks.


Mina endearingly puts her hand on Aoyama's shoulder, almost treating him as if he's innocent, “Ao, honey. He’s a teacher.”


“Eh?! What is the meaning of this?”


“Come on and finish your drink! We’re away to play truth or dare!”


“Such child’s play…” Aoyama sighs.


“Even Baguette Boy agrees with me, you fuckers. We’re keeping him in the squad.”


“Didn’t you just object to him joining like… 5 minutes ago?”


Bakugou grabs Kaminari by the shirt and starts yelling at him, “Shut it, Bootleg Pikachu! Next thing you know, you’ll have a pokeball up your ass. Where’s this subordinate game, might as well win it.”


“Bakugou… you can’t win Truth or Dare…” Kirishima gently tells Bakugou


Bakugou loses his grip on Kaminari, and starts to yell at Kirishima “Shut up! I win at everything and this is no fucking exception!”


“Ao, I know what’ll make you join us…” Mina elbows Aoyama.


“Don’t even think about it. I doubt he’s even-”


“Here? Oh, he’s here alright . Next to Midoriya.”


Aoyama gulps out of nervousness.


Hand me a drink, mon amie.


After a countless number of weird truths and mind blowing dares - such as Uraraka being dared to makeout with Tsuyu which led to them drunkenly hooking up in the downstairs bathroom, Kaminari confessing that he’d like to be tied up with Sero’s tape during sex and Bakugou doing the fucking worm to the Seinfeld theme tune - the alcohol was starting to get to Aoyama and he couldn’t focus for one minute on the game. He had a sudden urge to dance.


He taps Mina on the shoulder and asks, “Mina, mon amie, can you put on a song for me? I wish to dance.”


Mina just grins at him, this was going to be blackmail material for her. “As long as I can film it!”


“I’ll do anything to dance right now.”


“Do you have a song in mind?”




Mina yells, as she heads towards the speaker, “Everyone, shut the fuck up! Aoyama wishes to dance.”


The crowd murmurs amongst themselves - was this newbie really going to embarrass himself at his first party here? Well, that’s what everyone thought was going to happen - but but oh no, what happened was something spectacular.The instrumentals started, and then...


“I’m in a little bit of trouble, and I’m in real deep.”


Everyone has eyes on Aoyama as he moves his feet magically, his movement is lively and has an atmosphere of its own that no words can describe. Midoriya instantly recognises those movements. “Todoroki, look! He’s swing dancing, isn’t he?”


“From the beginning to the end, he was no more than a friend to me.”


Aoyama glances at Todoroki briefly when the second part of the lyric is sung, showing an oddly seductive but chilled look, something that (normally) only Todoroki can pull off. Todoroki noticed and it drew him into the performance - the blonde boy was an expert at this dance.


“The thought is making me hazy, I think I better sit down. Cause like a sweet serenade bet he knows he’s got it made with me.”


Todoroki stands up and keeps staring at the blonde and how he moves, with such energy and such flow, it’s like this is his way of serenading him. Aoyama doesn’t notice - he’s too busy being involved in the dance’s rhythm.


“Twisting round on a carousel, this speeds’ too much to stop.”


He can’t stop his legs from making their way to Aoyama, and before he knows it, he’s reaching out to Aoyama asking him to dance. This boy will be the death of him.


“One second I thinkin’ I’m feeling the lust, and then I feel a lot”


Aoyama happily accepts in his drunken state, not giving a shit what others think.


The magic of their dancing only strengthens when the chorus starts.


“Ooh that man is like a flame, and ooh that man plays me like a game.”


It only clicks now to the audience that the two are dancing - together. More people than before start to film, wanting to appreciate the moment. Todoroki has never danced before, yet here he is, dancing in front of the newbie.


“My only sin is I can’t win, ooh I wanna love that man.”


The two are now in full swing - no pun intended - and everyone is loving every single moment of the movement.


“Ooh that man is on my list, and ooh that man I wanna kiss.”


The two pull in, for what everyone think is going to be a kiss, but turns out to be a sugar push. Even when drunk, these two knew how to display passion and there was undeniable chemistry between them.


“My only sin is I can’t win, ooh I wanna love that man.”


They continue to dance throughout the song showing their excellent moves and chemistry. The song ends and Aoyama passes out from being too drunk. Mina rushes to Aoyama and helps him up.


“I’m gonna take him to his room, he’s not used to alcohol.”


Todoroki backs up, unsure of how to deal with the situation.


“Ei, please make sure to tell him how fun it was. I don’t want him to be sad.”


“I’ll give you cake to take up to him! Satou made it for Aoyama as a welcome gift!”


“Tell him I said thank you, he’s such a sweetheart.”


“Pun intended?”




Kirishima decides to pack up the party, not wanting Aoyama to feel like he left out. He allows people to take the alcohol and calls up Thirteen to help clean the place up.


Chapter Text

It’s now been a full week since the party. Nobody has had the heart to tell Aoyama about dancing with the prettiest boy in the entire place when he was drunk, so he’s still oblivious to the matter. Perhaps the biggest offender of maintaining the ignorance is Mina. Whether it’s because of her guilty conscious, or not wanting to have Aoyama’s hopes up, she hasn’t told Aoyama. The only thing she has said to him is about the funny events of the truth or dare game (mainly Bakugou doing the worm) Perhaps there’s another reason.


Mina walks into the dorm, looking gloomy - an expression that doesn’t suit her at all. She is uncharacteristically slouched and she cares even less about what she looks like, if that’s even possible. All self-care seems to have been thrown out the window. She tugs the strings on her hoodie to hide the shame from Aoyama and become invisible.




Oh shit.


“I’m fine! I’m okay - just leave me alone!”


Mina storms off into her room and slams the door. Is that something that someone who is okay would do?


There’s only one way he knows that’ll drag Mina out of her room - foolproof.


“Mina. I have special French chocolate, do you want me to slip some to you?”


“Please do.”


Aoyama gently slides a piece of chocolate through the door. Mina had already built a snack deposit in the door to her bedroom, so it meant when she was upset, her friends could give her comfort food.


“Now, mon cheri, what’s up?”


It takes a couple of moments to collect herself enough to say what had happened. Aoyama doesn’t mind the wait though - he’s willing to be a patient soul just this once. She takes a bite out of her chocolate and slowly indulges in the sweet taste of it. She swallows the chocolate heavily and then finally breaks the silence.


“...I got dumped.”


Immediately, the silence is filled with coughed-up sobs and pained cries.


“Frérot…” Aoyama mutters.


Eventually, Mina replies, “Okay, I have no idea what you called me, but I hope that it’s endearing or I’ll slap you into Jupiter.”


Aoyama panics, worried about if his tone came across wrong.


“Do not fret! I was being nice. Aren’t I always nice?”


Mina takes in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down.


“You are, and I’m glad you are.”


Aoyama doesn’t hear another sob, so he asks a risky question.


"What happened, may I ask?”


And so then the recalling of the pained moment began.



Both Uraraka and Tsuyu walk up to Ashido.


“Ashido, may we talk to you for a second?” they ask in perfect unison.


“Yes? What’s up, lovelies?”


Tsuyu and Uraraka nervously look at each other, like they’re bearing bad news for Mina. “...How do I put this?”


“We believe that our relationship isn’t working out.”  Tsuyu says.


Mina laughs it off, thinking this is a prank they’re doing on her, like the good ol’ days.


“Haha, funny joke you guys! What’s really up, though?”


“We’re not joking, Ashido-san.” Tsuyu replies flatly.


Uraraka follows up with, “We were both afraid to say, as we still see you as a dear friend! But I just don’t think we can give you what you need.” She seems to be trying not to hurt Mina’s feelings.


It’s finally setting in for Mina, she realises this is real. It’s happening. No number of pinches to herself will fix it.


“No, no! You guys give me more than enough, I want to work this out!”


“It’s not as simple as you think, you need a lot more attention than either of us can even give to you.”


Panic starts to fill her voice, “Did I do something, is that why you guys are doing this to me?”


“Mina. We do both love you, but we have to let you go.”


“If you truly loved me, you wouldn’t do this!”   Mina chokes out, she’s full on sobbing her heart out.


“I hope we can stay friends. Goodbye.” Uraraka parts ways with Mina to reach the door.


Tsuyu follows suit.


“Ochako-chan, let’s go.”


Uraraka nods. They both leave, together, hand in hand, leaving Mina behind.



“I’m going to fight them.” Aoyama says, taking Mina out of her current state.


“Ao, no!” Mina panics.


Aoyama starts yelling from the other side of the door, “Why not? They’re being petits merdeux!”


The girl starts to plead and attempts to reason with him, “Ao! Please, they’re right. I’m not good enough for them.”


“Mina, don’t ever put yourself down like that. I’m coming in.”


“It’s locked.” Mina flatly says.


“Open up.”


“You’re not my dad!”


The two burst out laughing, what a weird time for a meme.


“Please let me in, though. I have all the seasons of Project Runway on Bluray/DVD.”


Mina promptly unlocks the door.


To Mina, Aoyama’s presence is the purest form of comfort.