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They’re in Alex’s apartment when she brings it up.

On the couch, Alex straddling Maggie’s hips, Alex’s hands in Maggie’s hair, Alex’s tongue in Maggie’s mouth, Alex’s hips grinding into Maggie’s just slightly enough that the friction is more tantalizing than it is a relief.

Maggie pulls back from the kiss, breathless, to look up at Alex. Her hair is a mess; disheveled auburn waves spilling into her face so that Maggie can barely see her eyes. She chuckles and tucks a few strands behind Alex’s ears, and Alex smiles at the gesture.

“You keep this up and I’m going to ruin your couch,” Maggie smirks up at her. “I, uh, might need to borrow some boxers when I head out.”

Alex is doing the Very Danvers Thing where she worries her bottom lip with her teeth and intently studies Maggie’s face; it’s a classic tell that means Do I Or Do I Not Say What I’m Dying To Say?

Maggie runs her hands reassuringly down Alex’s thighs.

“What’s up, Danvers?” she prompts gently.

“I wanna have sex with you,” Alex blurts out before Maggie even finishes saying her name.

Maggie’s mouth falls open.

“…and I know you’re going to say I should think it through and we should take things slow and work up to that,” Alex continues quickly. “But I’ve wanted you since the first time we kissed, and I really just…I really want you.”

There’s a huskiness to her voice, a hint of desperation that does nothing to dissuade Maggie’s fears about soaking through to the couch.

“If you’re not ready that’s okay, I’m not here to pressure you into anything, but I needed you to know that, uh…” Alex’s confidence is fading as she realizes she’s done it, she’s actually taken the leap and said the words, and her nerves are quickly taking over. “…that, you know, whenever you’re ready I’m—I’m also, you know. Ready. If—if you want to. You might never want to! And that’s totally okay, I—”

“Hey, look at me,” Maggie says gently. She takes her girlfriend’s face in her hands, and Alex sheepishly half-smiles, nervously awaiting her response. Maggie looks her in the eyes. “You’re sure?”

Alex nods vehemently. Bites her lip. “Yes. God, yes.”

Maggie smiles up at her; a warm, beautiful, beaming smile that exposes those dimples Alex so adores. “Me too.”

All the tension leaves Alex’s body in a sigh of relief. She leans in to kiss Maggie sweetly, gently. Tenderness soon gives way to desire and the kisses turn heavier, sloppier. Alex pulls them both to their feet and they shuffle toward Alex’s bedroom, neither of them willing to break apart long enough to expedite the process.

There’s a bump, and a crash, and the sound of something breaking against the polished wood floor. Maggie pulls back, startled. “What was—“

“Lamp. Picture frame. Treasured family artifact. Who knows,” Alex offers between kisses. Maggie is laughing into her mouth and pulls away again.

“Shouldn’t we check on that?”

“On what?”

“Your treasured family artifact?”

“Mm, I don’t recall,” Alex says innocently. Her hands are grasping Maggie’s shirt by the waist and pulling her closer. Maggie laughs again as their lips meet.

By some miracle they make it to the bedroom, and the next thing Maggie knows Alex has her pinned up against the door. Alex is placing wet kisses along Maggie’s jaw and neck and throat, and Maggie rests her head against the door to give Alex better access. It’s exhilarating, how into this Alex is. Alex, who’s never liked intimacy, never liked sex, never been with a woman before, is hungrily fumbling with the buttons of Maggie’s flannel like this is life or death.

Maggie unfurls her fingers from Alex’s hair to assist with the button situation. Alex’s mouth moves to Maggie’s clavicle, allowing her to make quick work of her own shirt. Once Maggie has shrugged the flannel off her shoulders, Alex moves up to nibble her ear. That’s enough incentive for Maggie to discard her jeans as well.

“Bed,” Alex whispers, something between a request and a command. It sends a shiver down Maggie’s spine.

Alex leads her to the bed and eases her down gently. When Maggie is settled, she climbs on top of her, sitting upright while straddling Maggie’s hips—this positioning very different from the couch, and very much causing a rush of heat to pool between Maggie’s legs.

Alex runs her hands over Maggie’s exposed stomach. She’s fascinated by how smooth the skin is, how soft to the touch despite the muscle she knows is concentrated underneath. Eventually her hands wander higher, up to Maggie’s chest. She hesitates, running her thumbs over the skin just below the band of Maggie’s sports bra.

“You can touch, you know,” Maggie teases. “They’re not just decoration.”

Alex smiles at the taunt and obliges, skating her hands over the bra. Maggie watches her face as Alex becomes more sure in her movements, until she’s feeling Maggie up through her bra and Maggie is very, very eager to remove the material standing between Alex’s hands and her bare skin.

“Mind if I…?” she gestures, and Alex leans back so Maggie can sit up to lose the bra.

Alex’s eyes widen at the sight before her; Maggie Sawyer, completely naked save for the boxers clinging to her hips. Maggie studies her face and feels a throbbing between her legs as Alex licks her lips.

A moment later, she’s on her back again and Alex’s mouth is closed around her nipple. Maggie gasps at the contact, at Alex’s mouth warm and wet and sucking at her, and Alex’s free hand is palming the other breast roughly.

Alex is rougher than Maggie expected, and it’s really fucking hot.

And then Alex’s hand relinquishes her breast—she replaces it with her mouth—and her free hand is moving down Maggie’s body and under the band of her boxers.

“Mmmm,” Maggie whines as Alex’s fingers brush over her folds.

Alex is fascinated by how wet she is. She’s known what Maggie feels for her, known their attraction is mutual, but now the irrefutable proof of just how badly Maggie wants her is seeping between her fingers and Alex can’t take it.

She pulls off Maggie’s boxers and buries her face between Maggie’s legs.

Ah,” Maggie gasps as Alex’s tongue swipes the length of her slit. Alex repeats the motion three times before burying her tongue inside her.

Alex is giddy with the taste of Maggie on her tongue. She’d never imagined it would taste so fucking good. Maggie’s legs are draped over her shoulders and one hand is firmly entangled in Alex’s hair, pulling her closer, and Maggie is writhing on the bed and moaning so beautifully and Alex can’t believe it’s happening, she’s here fucking Maggie Sawyer in her bed like she’s fantasized about for almost a year.

She slows her fervent strokes and moves to Maggie’s clit with soft, slow flicks of her tongue. Maggie’s thighs twitch with every brush, and the whines escaping her throat are rising in pitch. Alex closes her mouth around the bud and gives it a long, drawn-out suck. She does it again, three times, four, before switching to quick strokes with her tongue tip.

Maggie’s breathing is ragged and her back is arching off the bed. She’s grinding against Alex’s tongue, every nerve in her body afire with the sensation of Alex’s mouth on her clit. She’s close, she’s so close, and her fingers tighten their grasp in Alex’s hair.

Maggie is panting, heaving, arching and twisting off the bed so that Alex finds herself having to hold her down by the hips and the next thing she knows Maggie’s thighs are clenched around her ears and she can feel Maggie shaking under her. She places frenzied kisses along Maggie’s thighs until she relaxes again and slumps back down onto the bed.

Alex retreats from between her legs and makes her way back up to Maggie’s face. Maggie’s eyes are closed and she’s breathing heavily. Alex waits, watches anxiously until her girlfriend’s eyes open slowly.

”Was that, y’know…was it, um, was that okay?”

Maggie laughs that clear, ringing laugh that causes Alex to let go of the tension she didn’t realize she was holding in her shoulders.

”More than okay,” Maggie nods, cupping Alex’s face in her hands and bringing their lips together softly. It’s not long before Maggie’s tongue finds its way into Alex’s mouth, and the next thing Alex knows Maggie’s rolled them over and Alex is gazing up at her.

”Your turn,” Maggie purrs in her ear.

Alex’s breath hitches in her throat. It’s only then that she’s cognizant of her clit throbbing against her jeans. That was new. Alex can’t remember ever having been so turned on in her life.

Unlike Alex’s hot and heavy desperation, Maggie pursues a slower approach. She places soft kisses along the waistband of Alex’s pants as she takes her time unbuttoning and unzipping them. Then she moves back up to meet Alex’s mouth with her own, slowly grinding against Alex through the denim.

”Sit up for me,”

Maggie murmurs into her jaw, and Alex obliges. Maggie continues her slow grinding, and Alex struggles to contain the whimper bubbling in her chest. If Maggie keeps this up, she just might come fully-dressed.


Maggie halts immediately and leans back to look Alex in the eyes, her own filled with concern.

”Are you okay? We can stop—”

”No!” Alex blurts out more emphatically than she intended. “God, no, this is amazing. You’re amazing. I’m just, ah…concerned about my ability to contain myself.”

”Oh, just desperate?” Maggie teases, scrunching her nose. “Just can’t stand the anticipation of this magic touch?”

They laugh together, Alex burying her face in the crook of Maggie’s neck. There’s something so special about this, about Maggie’s ability to ease her anxieties so easily, to bring her to laughter no matter the circumstance.

“Okay, I’m good.” Alex lifts her face from Maggie’s neck.


“Yeah,” Alex smiles. “Although, if you don’t get this sweater off me in the next five seconds I might lose my mind.”

“I think we can probably do something about that,” Maggie agrees, taking Alex’s sweater from the bottom and pulling it over her head.

Alex’s back arches as the cool air of the room reaches her skin. And again as Maggie’s deft fingers reach around to unclasp her bra. Maggie casts the fabric aside and guides Alex back down to the bed, Alex’s arms wrapped around her neck. They kiss briefly, earnestly, before Maggie lowers her mouth to Alex’s jaw, behind her ear, down her throat. When her lips close around Alex’s nipple, Alex arches her back once again.

Maggie’s mouth, like Maggie herself, is so gentle. Careful. She swirls the nipple in her mouth slowly, gently kneading the other with her hand. Alex is so lost in the sensation of Maggie’s warm mouth against her bare skin that she barely registers Maggie’s free hand moving down, between their bodies, until Maggie cups her through her jeans. Alex lets out a groan.

“Oh, Maggie…”

She can feel Maggie’s lips curl into a smile even as they keep working at her nipple. Just when she’s so sensitive she can barely take any more, Maggie switches to give the other nipple equal treatment. Her fingers toy with the band of Alex’s underwear.

“Maggie, please,” Alex whimpers, pulling Maggie’s face up to meet her. She kisses her desperately, hungrily, eyes closed tight. “Please.”

“Please what?” Maggie asks softly, as if she doesn’t know damn well.

“Touch me,” Alex pleads into her mouth.

“Yes ma’am, Agent Danvers,” Maggie whispers back.

Her warmth disappears, and Alex lifts her hips off the bed as Maggie tugs off her jeans. She lies alongside Alex, props herself up on one elbow—she’ll be damned if she doesn’t intend to see the look on Alex’s face—and lets her hand glide down Alex’s body. Her fingers slip under the rim of Alex’s briefs and briefly toy with the tangle of hair they find there before slipping lower.

Alex lets out a gasp as Maggie’s fingers brush over her labia. They collect some of the wetness there before moving back up to rub slow, small circles over her clit. Alex squirms on the bed.

Maggie keeps her slow, tantalizing pace, watching the bliss on Alex’s face. Alex’s eyes are closed, her mouth hanging open in a perfect O.

Maggie dips her fingers into Alex’s arousal again, then pushes deeper.

”Fuck,” Alex whispers as Maggie slips two fingers into her. It only takes a few thrusts of her fingers—those glorious, incredible fingers—before Alex is grinding herself onto Maggie’s hand, begging her to plunge deeper. Maggie adds a third finger (and a thumb on her clit) and happily obliges. It’s not long before Alex is writhing underneath her.

“Oh, Maggie…yeah, right there, Maggie right there…oh my god, oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my--fuck, Maggie!”

Alex lets out a long, guttural whine and begins more frantically grinding against Maggie’s hand. Maggie maintains the long, slow pumps of her fingers, feels Alex starting to shake around her.

“Maggie please, Maggie I want--fuck there, right there right there holy shit, oh my—”

She comes, hard, around Maggie’s fingers, calling Maggie’s name like it’s the last thing she’ll ever say, like it’s a holy prayer, like this is her last chance at salvation. Maggie gently guides her through the waves until she lies still again, chest heaving from the effort. Alex clings to her, spent.

When she finally regains her breath, Alex mumbles into Maggie’s hair, “You’re an alien, aren’t you.”

“What?” Maggie chuckles, running a hand through Alex’s disheveled hair.

“You must be an alien,” Alex continues, wriggling her eyebrows with her eyes still closed “because that was out of this world.”

Maggie laughs in a way that lights up the whole room. “Shut up, Danvers.”