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Movie Night

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The clouds outside parted and a soft ray of sun broke through the gap in the curtain, causing you to stir gently. What time was it? You were unsure. You’d been pulled out of some strange, confusing dream that had left your brain somewhat addled. Sitting up slowly, you rubbed your eyes. Huh? It was unusual for you to actually feel refreshed in the morning, or anything other than still exhausted… this was a rare delight indeed. Suddenly, something moved beside you. With one hand on the back of your neck, you looked towards the source of the motion.

It felt as though your heart skipped a beat.

The man you so dearly loved was lying there, still sleeping soundly. He’d somehow managed to almost cocoon himself in blankets during the night, giving him the appearance of an adorable, dozing burrito. Bless him, you thought, as you watched the jet black locks that spilled slightly over his face move with each breath he took. Seeing Shouta so peaceful at your side gradually nudged your brain into motion, and the memories of last night came trickling back in a slow stream.


You’d been staying at his house while work was being carried out on your own; he’d been rather quick to offer, you’d thought, but seeing as you were close friends and colleagues you were happy to get the chance to spend more time with him. Not to mention, you’d felt a little giddy at the prospect of staying with the man you harboured such deep, secret feelings for.

‘I thought you said you were fine with scary movies,’ Shouta chuckled.

‘I’m fine, that bit just… caught me off guard is all.’

You were absolutely not fine with scary movies. After begrudgingly grading his work papers and ordering you both a lazy takeaway, your friend had asked you if you’d wanted to spend the rest of the evening watching a DVD. You’d obliged, of course; the mental image of the pair of you wrapped up together in a blanket with a movie had sent the blood running to your cheeks in a fervent blush, and it had taken great effort not to set off your capricious little Quirk, which just loved sparking up at unopportune moments.

Trust Shouta Aizawa to only have horror movies to hand. You’d managed to grit your teeth through the first few bits, but now things were getting intense and you were jumping every other minute, cowering behind the blanket that you were both sharing. Currently, you were just about peeping out over the top, trying to keep your cool next to him. On the other hand, he seemed completely unfazed, occasionally shooting you his trademark sly grin whenever it seemed to be getting too much for you.

‘I can turn it off if it’s bothering you that much.’

‘It’s not like I’m scared or anything!’

‘Mhm, sure.’

It wasn’t fair, of course a big time hero wouldn’t be afraid of such trivial things. You, on the other hand, were just reception staff with a lame Quirk, and you had no such expertise. It made you wonder just what awful things he had seen in his lifetime to not be scared by this, and your eyes turned to fixate on the deep scar just below his eye. Part of you wanted to reach out and touch it, but you deemed that wildly inappropriate. Your expression softened to one of concern; you would hate if anything happened to this man. The trouble was… well, trouble was his job. The times you spent laughing together at stupid cat photos on work breaks, the times you spent getting drinks together, the times you spent doing things like this… you loved him so much, it would destroy you if anything ever happened to him. There was no way you could tell him your feelings, though. Why would someone as incredible as him go for someone so mundane? You’d seen the internet posts on just about every social media outlet. Fans were fawning over him left, right and center. There was practically no chance in your mind.

At this point you’d zoned out from the movie completely, which was perhaps a blessing in disguise. Shouta had noticed you staring at his scar, and he turned to you slowly.

‘What’s up?’

Before you could formulate some kind of haphazard excuse, a loud scream came from the television. You shrieked in equal measure and nearly jumped off the sofa entirely. The shock flared up your Quirk, causing your skin to light up with millions of bright, glowing freckles. You were embarrassed by how uncool your powers were compared to your heroic colleagues, and this combined with the scare you’d just had caused you to leap into your friend’s lap. Luckily, he caught you perfectly with cat-like reflexes.

‘I’m s-so sorry, I didn’t… I couldn’t…’

Tears of shock and shame were welling at your eyelids. He noticed this, and brushed them away with a look in his eyes that seemed a little too sincere for the usually emotionally-void hero. You motioned to move away, but he pulled you into a deep hug.

‘If you’d told me this stuff got to you this badly, I would’ve just turned it off, idiot.’

‘I don’t want you to think I’m a wimp.’

‘It’s not like you to care about what people think.’

With some hesitation, you mumbled your next words into the fabric of his shirt, barely audible.

‘Yeah, but… I kinda really like you.’

He pulled out of the hug to look at your shy face, which was still glowing with both your Quirk and a deep red blush. His expression went from one of shock back to his usual unreadable demeanour.

‘Oh, that’s good, because I like you too.’

You froze. How could he say something like that so casually? Maybe he’d misunderstood.

‘But… I LIKE you, like you. Oh, please don’t hate me, I’m sor-’

You couldn’t finish your words, because Shouta had pressed a gentle kiss to your lips. It was very chaste, but it made your heart soar. You skin lit up brighter, causing him to withdraw.

‘Think you could dim the lights a little, scaredy cat?’

‘Oh, right, sorry.’

You concentrated on stopping your Quirk from getting in the way of what felt like the most perfect moment you could ever have imagined. As soon as you’d stopped glowing gold, he chuckled and leaned back in to resume, kissing you softly. By some unknown instinct, your hand raised to toy in his hair, fingers curling around ebony locks as you both continued. Your free hand traced the stubble on his jaw, and you couldn’t help but let out a romantic sigh when the two of you finally parted.

‘Oh, wow,’ you started dreamily, ‘I’ve kinda been waiting for that.’

‘Yeah, me too.’

‘Sorry, I should have mentioned the movie thing sooner.’

‘No, you shouldn’t have. I was pretty much hoping for this to happen.’

You pinched his arm teasingly.

‘You meanie!’

He only laughed again and ruffled your hair.

‘I’d say it was worth a little scare, wouldn’t you? If it’s got to you that much, you can sleep next to me tonight if you like. I’m pretty sure any night terrors would be put off by a dashing hero, hm?’

You were too enamoured to pinch him for being cocky again.



That was where your memories of last night had trailed off, as you were fairly certain that you’d fallen right to sleep as soon as your head hit the pillow. That whole emotional rollercoaster had just exhausted you.

Now you sat on his bed, feeling completely refreshed and staring down at this rare sight - Shouta looking so peaceful. There was none of that inner turmoil in his expression. He just seemed… content. You brushed the long hair out of his eyes and finally ran your thumb over the mark on his cheek. Goodness, you just wanted to stay by his side and protect him from harm forever. Unfortunately, that was impossible in his line of work.

You leaned down to kiss his forehead and were met with a soft, oddly genuine smile. He mumbled something that made your heart melt.

‘Good morning, beautiful.’