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On the Wrong Side of the Wall

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That sucks!


Armored thought disgustedly. At first geometry seemed easy, circles, squares, were easy ways to remember and draw. Then it became increasingly complex and challenging. The figures came to have different forms and complicated names. 


Bertholdt had told me that geometry is the study of the forms present in nature and the properties that these forms possess, but I have been breathing on the face of the Earth for years, I have traveled and I have known several places of the Earth for years, like: scorching deserts, ice mountains, tropical beaches and never in my life have I seen a pentagon in nature! Where did the human come up with this idea of pentagon, trapezium, rhombus? Why the hell is that good ?!


 The armored titan growled low in discontent and folded his arms, making it clear to his human teacher that this all sucks and he was unhappy with it. Bertholdt just shook his head in reproach at the attitude of Armor, who was sitting cross-legged in front of him. Sometimes Berth wondered if he was dealing with a fearsome titan responsible for several human deaths, including his mother, or whether he was dealing with a stubborn child of fifteen meters.


"Come on buddy, if you can fight several titans and destroy several fortresses with ease, you can do it!" Said Bertholdt trying to cheer his fifteen meters friend. Throughout the time Berth lived in the forest with the titans, Bertholdt learned that Armor likes to boast, so Bertholdt could use that in his favor.


Reluctantly Armor uncrossed his arms and sighed in defeat, a little steam coming out of the jaw cracks. He turned his attention to the damp earth on which they were using as a blackboard. The exercise was very easy, Bertholdt had drawn three forms large enough for Armor to see into the mud, and the titan had only to write down each one's name. The first one was easy, it was the design of an orifice, it could only be a circle. The second was kind of complicated, it looked like a square that was crushed on both sides, but Armor thought this was the funniest and so it was easier to memorize, it was a trapezium. The third was the most complicated of them all. Why does Bertholdt always like to leave the most difficult to the end? Armor thought in disgust. The last shape looked like a circle, but it was possible to see the edges and vertices. For him to discover the name that shape, he had to count how many sides he has and associate with the list of names that Bertholdt asked him to memorize.


One, two, three ... five, six ... eight, nine, and ten! It has ten sides! So is this a hexagon? No, hexagon has six sides. Octagon? Also do not .. Decagono! Yes Decagono! That's it!


Bertholdt watched Armor write the names of each shape in the mud with his big finger. The calligraphy was horrible, but fortunately it was clear.


"Very well Armor, I knew you could do this," said Bertholdt contentedly, applauding him.


Armor groaned in satisfaction at his small accomplishment, though he kept telling himself that he hated these "diabolical forms." Bertholdt smiled with his titanic friend, happy to see him taking a moment for himself, not caring about the world around him, because since the day the flock of titans appeared and attacked them in the field of dandelions. Armor began to act differently. He be more alert and attentive than before. And during the nights, Armor preferred to stay on watch, it seems that titans are not affected by the lack of sleep, but that made Bertholdt worried anyway. And when Armor was not watching around, jaw titan was. Bertholdt had asked what the problem, but the titans said they gave a short answer, saying it was for precaution. Although Bertholdt could see the nervousness behind their voice, but Berth preferred not to push them.


Armor suddenly arises with clenched fists and growls menacingly in one direction, taking Bertholdt by surprise. Instinctively Bertholdt runs to hide behind a set of stones. His back hits hard on solid material, while his heart pours blood madly as if he had run in a marathon (Can say the same with his sweat).


Damn it! Another herd of titans ?! Bertholdt asked in his thoughts. 


Bertholdt tried to calm down and stay tuned for the sounds. There were no hisses and no footsteps, and even Armor was quiet. Curiously, Bertholdt peered slightly out of his hiding place, to see why Armor growled. But there was nothing but giant trees. But Armor kept staring at something. Bertholdt nodded, wondering what was wrong with Armor, but then he remembered that titans have sharp senses. Armor probably heard something that a human could not.


"Armor .. what's going on?" Bertholdt asked as he walked close to the titan.


The armored titan ignored him, but his hands were no longer a fist, which Bertholdt took as a good sign. Suddenly loud clicks of the trees awoke the panic in Bertholdt again, who ran to hide in Armor's heel. Bertholdt peered slightly and sighed with relief as he discovered that the source of the sound was just jaw titan moving through the branches, so that must have been what Armor heard seconds ago that left him in counter-attack mode.


Bertholdt left his hiding place and watched the jaw titan descend through the branches and land elegantly on the ground, but Berth realized something was wrong, the jaw titan was hyperventilating, she probably came running.


Oh no nonoNO! Please God, tell me it's not a horde of titans approaching! Bertholdt thought.


Armored grunted something in his tongue, probably wondering what was going on. Jaw Titan took some time to catch her breath, but then looked into his eyes and began to respond with her trills. She sounded desperate.


Bertholdt hated when the titans spoke only between grunts and hisses, not that he had anything against the titans speaking in their own language, especially because they do not have the proper throat to speak the human tongue, but they've been grunting a lot lately, and usually always when they're alone. Bertholdt had no doubt the titans knew of something he didn’t know.


<What!? Are you sure!?> Armor asked incredulously.


<Yes! I would recognize that monkey's ass smell anywhere!> Jaw titan replied. She hated when someone asked those boring questions like "are you sure?" "Do you swear?" "You're kidding me, right?" Because they were boring to answer them.


To say that Armor was afflicted was euphemistic. Since the day the horde of titans had attacked them during the night and nearly killed the human, Armor redoubled his guard. Any movement, sound or strange smell around was already enough for Armor to enter the overprotective mode. Once a rabbit had jumped out of a bush, and in the fright, Armor nearly knocked down three giant trees, thinking it was a horde of titans. It took hours for Armor's heart to calm down, and certainly for Bertholdt too.


"Hey!" Shouted Bertholdt, catching the attention of both titans. "Is everything okay?" Bertholdt asked innocently, trying to break the tension.


Both titans looked at each other as if telepathically asking "Should we tell him?" And turned their attention to the human. Armor moved his jaw to respond to the human .. until an unpleasant scent of greasy hair reached its nose, the scent that jaw titan calls a "monkey's ass". Both titans moved their heads in the direction of the strange scent, followed by Bertholdt, and were paralyzed. The titan alpha or beast titan, stood with the fists and the shark teeth clenched, certainly not happy. On either side of him were three abnormal titans of fifteen meters, all salivating in the corners of their mouth, barely waiting to devour the human, but they did not dare to take a step until the alpha say so.


Bertholdt was gaped. This new titan was actually the most distinguished of all he has ever seen. He was taller than the titan armored, probably seventeen meters. Its appearance is similar to a monkey, although its body structure and facial expressions are as human. Much of its body is covered with a dark brown hairs, with the exception of its face, belly, hands, feet and trunk. Its arms are disproportionate thin and long, just like the fingers, almost touch the ground. And this titan had a funny beer belly, but the deep groan that emerged from the bottom of its throat was not funny at all. But the detail that most caught Bertholdt's attention was its sharp golden eyes. They did not have a sweet glow and full of sympathy like armored titan, on the contrary, they transmitted the same somber message as the golden orbs of a certain black jaguar that almost killed him once; death.


The armored titan and jaw titan swallowed. They know that the beast titan does not tolerate rule breakers. And the primordial rule was: never have contact with humans. Because that way humans could collect useful information to be used against the titans, and turn the game. The victory of humanity is the nightmare of the titans, or so Armor was taught. But with the time he spent with Bertholdt, Armor looked at the world with different eyes and wondered more, and he concluded that: The victory of humanity is the nightmare of the ALPHAS titans. Because all that an alpha titan wants is dominance and power, and for that they own their pawns to do the dirty work. But this time Armor did not allow himself to be a dumb pawn. And he hopes jaw titan will not either.


"Kill. This. Bug!" Said the beast titan gruffly in the human tongue, in an attempt to intimidate the human. And it worked.


 Bertholdt took a step back, his heart racing madly, ready to escape at any moment. Those three words were enough to get the shit out of him. Armored titan stepped forward and grunted in response, in defiance of the alphas's authority. Armor will not let anyone hurt Berth. The beast titan clenched his teeth. The armored titan was considered one of the most precious minions, always the most fearless to follow the orders, but now, Armor was in front of his boss, rebelling as well as the attack titan. And the alpha titan did not like, because he did not know if it was because he was not demonstrating enough dominance, or if it was the fact that humans are contaminating his minos with their ideas of free arbitration and freedom. Whatever it is, he must maintain his power, even if it means killing his best warrior.


<Stop it. This pointless.> Armor grunted.


Armor did not want to take the situation on the physical side, as they were at a numerical disadvantage, perhaps the dialogue is the best option, Unfortunately the beast titan does not think so. He is capable of committing atrocities when get crazy, just to keep his point of view on the others. That's why when he heard that the attack titan left the pack to fight alongside the humans, the beast titan sent the female titan to kill him. She's a skillful and effective warrior who never failed, she could very well handle this mission, and then pass the mesage: "Nobody stoop up against the alpha". It is a quick task .. but she has not returned has days.


 <You!> The beast titan pointed at Armor with his extremely long arm <Disappoints me. Of all those assholes I have to deal with, you hurt me deeply. What the fuck are you thinking of keeping this human. What did I tell you about them ?! Kill him this human now!> The alpha growled. The tone of authority clearly in his voice.


<Enough!> Armor growled.


Even the jaw titan was surprised by Armor's subtle rebellion. He never stood up against his superiors, because he was always a small faithful puppy (Of fifteen meters) who would follow any command given by the alpha without question. But as stated earlier, he was. <This human does not mean a threat, there is no reason to kill him> Roared Armor steadfastly with confidence to keep his point.


<You're a disappointment!> Beast titan roared with venom in his voice as he stretched his long hairy arm back. The hands closed in a tight grid, ready for right hook in the titan armored. The movement was slow because of its disproportionate size. Bertholdt deduced that this type of titan was not efficient and agile to handle a mano a mano. Armor could easily win.


What happened next, Bertholdt would never have guessed. Instead of Armor defending himself, attacking, or trying to dodge the beast's titan fist .. he just stood there like an idiot and was punched in the face like he was a living punch bagl Armor fell on his ass with a loud thud, the ground and a few lower trees trembled because of his massive weight. Jaw titan and Bertholdt dodged just in time and ran behind a clump of rocks, after all it would not be a good idea if Armor fell on them.


"Are you all right?" Bertholdt asked jaw titan.


Jaw titan nodded. Bertholdt peeked out of the set of rocks, followed by the jaw titan. The first one he noticed was the right hand of the beast titan, or .. where the right hand should be. Now there was only steam and boiling blood emanating from the long limb, however Bertholdt can see the bones and tendons being stretching and gaining form, in a few seconds the tangle of flesh turned into a palm, then the bones grew in five directions, and were filled with nerves and flesh, forming the fingers, and finally the layer of skin originated, covering the whole hand. And in the blink of an eye the pointed claws grown up. The science has never been able to explain this quick regeneration, despite all the efforts of hanji in the study of titans's cells. however any analysis she takes of these titans like blood, skin sample, is quickly evaporated, so it is so difficult to discover anything. Her theory is that the secret is hidden in the perispirit, although Bertholdt has no idea what that means.


Armor groaned in pain and tried to get up, but the effort brought a great pain over his body and he gave up. although the beast titan did not have the perfect physique shape for a close match, his long arm gave him a great thrust, like a big catapult, that was able to break half of Armor's face mask and crush a part of his skull.


Bertholdt stared in shock at Armor's smoking face. He was incredulous at the amount of damage that  a thin arm could do. but as the Armor skull regenerated rapidly and the steam dissipated. Berth was relieved to see that Armor was well. Only the facial mask was lacking to grow, though the armor took much longer to regenerate than meat. But Bertholdt can finally kill his curiosity; if Armor has an iris and a pupil behind the face mask. And yes, he really did. Maybe those golden, blinking plates instead of your eyes are a kind of diving glasses.


<Kill this insect> The Beast titan ordered to the other abnormal titans behind him.


It was not necessary to speak twice. The group of abnormal titans, that were on each side of the alpha, fled in a race over who grab the human first. With outstretched arms, gaping mouths drooling saliva over the chin, and eyes never leaving the human. Armor turned his efforts to get up desperately, and growled something for the jaw titan.


Bertholdt was completely at the mercy of these irrational monsters. His whole life passed before his eyes, the memories of all his mother's kisses, hugs and gentle words, the memories of the amusing moments between his cadets friends, and the good time he had with his giant friends ... but mostly Annie.


Suddenly fingers gripped Bertholdt's torso, taking him out of his paralysis. Berth screamed in alarm and looked at his captor only to find that it was the jaw titan. She quickly put him on the back and said in english "Grab me!". Berth grabed at the dark scraggly hair, just in time for her to dash off into the closed woods, where she knew the abnormal titans of fifteen meters would have trouble chasing them. Bertholdt looked back for the last time and shouted "Armor!" But his giant friend showed no reaction, and his image diminished more and more as they walked away.


Armor stood up awkwardly, putting one hand on a trunk to lean on. His vision was a little clouded, but it was enough to see the jaw titan fleeing with Bertholdt on her back of these pathetic titans. She was very quick and smart, these titans will not be able to keep up with her for long. Armor is sure she'll miss them. Bertholdt looked at him and shouted his name. Armor felt a pain in his chest, not physically but sentimental. His subconscious screamed to move his legs and go after them, but his conscience said that 'no' he should stay and reconstitute his place in the pack. Although Armor stoop up against an order of his alpha, he could not beat him, because that was his innate nature, but he could save Bertholdt and that's what he did, even if it meant jaw titan life. Despite that she a pain in the ass, she was his best friend, and in the end, she kept her promise.


Slowly Armor stared at his alpha, but that only lasted seconds. The beast titan kicked him in the belly, knocking him down again, and put one foot on him, holding him in the place.


<Armor? A human gave you a name? This is so pathetic!> Said the alpha, mocking him.


I named myself. Armor thought.


The alpha titan took his foot off him, and reached up to Armor's head, just to pull the titan armored by the platinum head, making him up. And with his free arm the alpha punched him in the face again. The facile plates had not been fully regenerated yet, so the beast titan did not have its hand completely destroyed this time. Armor fell back. He could not fight back, that was his punishment, since when he kept the human from his wing, he knew the consequences, and he was ready to face them. The alpha punched him again and again. It may sound insane, but it's like a pack of wolves. In order for the alpha wolf to demonstrate his mastery over the others, he growls and bites others just to remind them who is at the top of the hierarchy. It was not a big deal.





Bertholdt grabed her dark hair tightly to hold on. The jaw titan was much quicker and more agile than a horse. She could easily dodge an obstacle with great grace and without losing her speed. The titans held fast in the pursuit, but gradually they kept getting back, until it was no longer possible to see them.


Jaw titan slowed her pace until she stopped completely, and smell the air to make sure they were alone. The only smells she felt was the pleasant green scent of trees, mosses, damp earth, some possums, squirrels, and other rodents, but none of her despicable titan brothers.


Bertholdt came down from her back, and stopped near a stream to drink some water and took the opportunity to wash his face.


"Was that the alpha?" Asked Bertholdt, with an angry tone, taking the jaw titan surprise.


"What do you mean?!" Said jaw titan in the best she can in English.


"That was a goddammit alpha you told me nights ago and you knew that thing was coming, and both decided not to tell me!" Exclaimed Bertholdt, turning to face the jaw titan. It was the first time Bertholdt put aside his shyness.


Jaw titan sat down and process everything he said. That was a statement not a question. Looks like somebody's balls started popping up. Thought jaw titan, laughing inside. Now that all the shit has happened, he deserves to know.


"Actually, we didn't know if the alpha would appear or not." She replied. Bertholdt remained silent, waiting for her to continue "And we decided not to tell you anything to protect you"


"Protect me?! A titan bigger than the Armor and ... and not at all friendly. "Jaw Titan let out a small laugh, but soon stopped to allow Bertholdt to continue " .. That was high probability to appear and you've decided to keep it in a secret, that's what you call protecting me!?"


"If we told you, what would happen?" Retorted the jaw titan.


"I don't know! Maybe find some hiding place, or something like that. "Bertholdt said in exasperation.


"Impossible, your scent was everywhere. Have in note that we live in a mountainous and open area, your scent has spread for miles .. Armor decided not to tell anything to not scared you! He wanted to try to convince the alpha to save your life. Armor was the alpha favorite minion, he had hope .. that ..alpha the .. listen to him." She said to the human. her voice a little hoarse in the end.


"And if it did not listen to him" Said Bertholdt.


"I made a promise to Armor; If all fails, I'd take you away, and that's exactly what I'm doing!" Suddenly she turned her head in the direction where they fled. She could feel the scent of the six titans approaching, and she could also hear the trembling of the earth, the clicks of the branches of the trees, and the rustle of the leaves. They still had not given up on the chase. "And it looks like we're not far enough." she said bending down to allow Bertholdt to climb up on her back. When he straightened and grabbed her messy hair. Jaw titan dash off into the woods.


The ride was long silent. Neither of them said a word after the short discussion. Both were lost in thought. Bertholdt wondered what had happened to Armor after he left, and what will happen now on, would they ever meet again or was that goodbye forever. He was so lost in himself that he paid no attention to the surroundings. While the jaw titan concentrated on the path and kept her senses attentive to prevent any danger in the way. Luckily she no longer smelled the scent of their pursuers and could not even hear them, but this is a territory of the titans, and they were scattered in every corner, she had to choose wisely where to go so she could deviate from them. Their advantage was that it was dusk, and the titans would look for open areas to take enjoy the last rays of the sun. And for jaw titan to be a more developed titan she could last much longer at night, though her movements are slower.


"Armor is dead?" Bertholdt asked after several minutes of silence.


"I doubt. Armor was always the first to obey the alpha for millennia, he always wanted to please him ... so I do not think the alpha will kill him for not killing one human" Jaw titan replied.


"I'm sorry for being rude to you, that's just ... I can not believe what happened. Why did not Armor fight back?" Bertholdt said. There was a sad tone in his voice.


"No need to apologize, I think you were right, we should have told you. But answering your question, Armor disobeyed the alpha to save you, but he could not betray him .I know it seems to be difficult, but he's a titan, remember that." Said the jaw titan.


Bertholdt pondered what the titan jaw said. She has a point. He is a human and Armor is a titan. Two very different species, with different natures. Expecting Armor to give up his lifestyle would be to ask too much. Maybe it's better this way. Armor stay with his pack and he .. Wait! Where was jaw titan taking him?


Bertholdt was about to ask the jaw titan where she was going. But when he looked ahead, Bertholdt choked. Although the sun was almost disappearing on the horizon, Bertholdt can distinguish a huge and familiar barrier, they were the great walls that protected the human territory. Home. I'm going home. Bertholdt thought


Berth was amazed at the speed of jaw titan. She managed to run from the Armor's territory to human territory in less than a day. She was actually much faster than a racehorse. But considering that jaw titan knows these fields better than anyone else, she would know where she could take shortcuts. But that did not matter now. All he wanted was to finally go home.