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On the Wrong Side of the Wall

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Bertholdt could not tell what he was feeling because there were so many emotions that came to light, but the main was happiness. When Bertholdt was 'trapped' on the wrong side of the wall, he had lost all hope of returning home, but now your home is there, right in front of him! But he was not happy just because of this, he was happy because he would find his friends cadets, which he considers the closest thing to a family. Berth smiled as he remembered his colleagues. Sasha that there was an endless hunger and always asked for a piece of his food, the fights between Jean and Eren in which sometimes there were no motives, only happened, Mikasa who always put an end to these fights, Krista's sweet personality and an arrogant ymir, although both were different, they formed a fluffy pair, and of course Annie. No one understood how cold someone was as Annie had a strange strong bond with the brunet, someone considered very shy, but the truth was that both were more alike than think. Both had a hard childhood with abusive parents and poor financial condition, they understood the internal battles of each other, just the way they dealt with it was different. While Annie stared at everything coldly and did not take shit from anyone, Bertholdt created a shell and hid in it. He has no idea how she will react when she sees him. Does she think I'm dead? Bertholdt asked mentally.

The sun went down completely when the pair approached the extensive wall, more specifically the wall surrounding the district of Shiganshina, the city located on the southern edge of the Wall Maria, and the birthplace of Bertholdt. The jaw titan sat like a dog and sniffed the air for some danger nearby when Bertholdt came down from her back to inspect the huge hole made by the colossal titan.The crack was huge, a fifteen meters titan could easily pass through it. To seal this hole would require a lot of effort and manpower, and of course it would take a long time, though Bertholdt believes the authorities have no interest in sending resources here, since that place was irrelevant to the kingdom's economy.

Bertholdt crouched down and picked up a piece that once belonged to the wall with one hand and analyzed it. At school, children were taught that the walls were erected for more than a century to protect the rest of humanity against the titans that nearly decimated the human race "Almost overnight" as the elders said. These great walls were a symbol of strength and resistance, and for the religious even sacred, and nothing could make them down. But at that moment, when Bertholdt held that fragment, he knew it was bullshit. All great bullshit. The walls were not immortal and they would not stand for long. It's all a matter of time before that "giant monkey" known as alpha titan decides to knock it down. But at least he wants to enjoy the last few moments with Annie. Maybe he can express his feelings for her.

The jaw titan looked surprised and curious as Bertholdt growled and threw the fragment roughly on the floor in front of him. Crashing with impact. What was going on in the human's head she did not know. But she had a hunch that it was this part of the territory where he lived and that other humans who were part of his social cycle died here, including his family. She wanted to say to start moving, because she could smell the titans in the area, after all here is a human territory, of course there would be many titans lurking just waiting for an opportunity to satiate the endless hunger. Although the sun is already giving a "good day" on the other side of the globe, the moon is with the lunar disk completely illuminated above them right now. Omegas titans, which are usually the majority, are inert, but the titans with the highest rank of the hierarchy are more developed, capable of capturing the sunlight through the full moon, these are a problem. They must continue moving before a night titan traces them.

"Move that ass, we're not alone here." Jaw titan said in the human tongue as she passed through Bertholdt and entered the city that was in complete ruin.

The brunet said nothing, just followed the five meters titan. He had fought to keep the tears from falling. This place brought many memories in your mind. He never imagined he would be stepping here again, but he had remembered that he was no longer a crybaby, but a soldier, the only one who survived from the flank, the one who had spent so much time outside the walls without his maneuvering equipment and having only a broken sword like a weapon, the one who spent so much time with intelligent titans and learned many things about the nature of the titans that had left that made Hanji exhausted. He went further than any human within that wall went, and experienced situations bordering on madness. He was more than a warrior. A survivor. With that in mind, Bertholdt no longer felt the tears, but a confidence that did not know where it came from.

As the pair entered the district, Bertholdt looked around. The city that once had children running after the others, chattering merchants who left their wares to show for the crowd, dogs chasing rats and chickens through the streets, loud and loud pedestrians, and carts full of merchandise ... now in complete silence and without any light, a true ghost town. The houses were completely or partially destroyed, some carts and merchant stands were turned, and in some places there were stained blood and parts of human bodies in various places. Titans were not known for having good manners to eat.

"How humans call this thing?" Jaw titan suddenly asked, breaking the silence. Bertholdt looked where the jaw titan was pointing, and was a bit confused about why jaw titan wanted to know what that was.

"That's a stuffed animal." Bertholdt replied.

Titan approached and sniffed closely at the object that lay between the wreckage she found so intriguing. It was colorful, hairy, and resembled a bear, a bear cub to be precise, yet it was smaller than a bear cub. It features were softer, the eyes sparkled and the corners of it mouth felt like the bear was smiling. Although what most caught the attention was what this bear was holding; a red object with a strange shape and in the middle was written LOVE.

"And this thing over here?" Jaw titan asked, putting one of her pointed nails into the red heart written LOVE, and was surprised to discover that it was soft to the touch.

"This is a heart" Bertholdt replied trying not to laugh at the situation. The jaw titan looked like a child examining a strange bug. The titan looked at him with an incredulous look and said "heart?!"

"Not heart literally. This symbol means love, but we call it heart because is in this organ that the chemical transformations that originate the feelings take place." Answered Bertholdt when perceiving the confused look of jaw titan. She turned her gaze to the teddy bear and pondered a little and then said: "What exactly is good a... stuffed animal?” Wow she's really interested in that! Bertholdt thought.

“Well.. This is a toy for the kids. It doesn’t have much use though, it's just to bring comfort i guess.” Bertholdt replied, hoping that would be enough.

"Have you ever had one?" Asked Titan, looking at him now.

Bertholdt was getting bothered by so many questions, but he understood she was just curious. To him a stuffed animal is something irrelevant, but to her it is a great discovery as if she had found a treasure. Bertholdt reflected for some time. His memories returned to his childhood, at a time when this city was full of life. Having a stuffed animal was considered luxury in this district because dressmakers and confectioners lived in the towns located within the Wall Rose, as they were considered manpower very valuable and the chances of a titan invasion within these walls were lower. So when a merchant appeared in district of Shiganshina, the law of supply and demand was enforced. This law was basically: Little product available in the market = high prices, very product available in the market = low prices. For this reason only children of large farmers and politicians had stuffed animal, and the financial condition of Bertholdt's family was far below the hierarchy to have this privilege. The only thing that brought comfort to little Bertholdt at the time was solitude.

"No." Bertholdt replied dryly, but the jaw titan could feel a tone of sadness in his voice, and decided not to ask any more.

"I hope whoever this child is, it’s fine now." said the jaw titan as she started walking toward the Wall Maria.

Bertholdt was surprised by what the five meters titan said. He would never have imagined that a titan would feel sorry for the people who suffered with an invasion of titans. He threw it aside and kept walking, but a few yards away he stopped again. In between some boards and concrete had a small hand severed. The skin that had once covered the hand was rotted and purple, the bones getting more and more visible as the flesh decomposed. Bertholdt wondered if this child was the owner of the teddy bear. If it must have abandoned the teddy bear to escape but could not make it, or maybe it was the hand of another child. because he remembered that the streets were a tumult of people trying to save their lives during the invasion. In schools, children are taught early on how the evacuation plan works in an invasion of titans and how to act if that happens, but in practice .. the experience is much more frightening. Anyway, Bertholdt desired the same thing as jaw titan; that wherever this child was, it’s was well now.

They were approaching the place where the armored titan had opened a huge hole in the Wall Maria, which allowed the titans to invade the place and forced the humans to take refuge within the Wall Rose. The jaw titan paused and sniffed the air to see if any unwanted surprise awaited him on the other side of the hole. Bertholdt looked at the jaw titan and wondered how she knew where they were going. Maybe because of her sharp senses, or some kind of sixth sense? But then Bertholdt remembered what she said last nights. She was a spy titans, who sneaked into the human fortresses to collect information for the titans alphas so they could make an invasion strategy. That means that days before the colossal titan and the armored titan tear down the walls, she was here. That's why she knows this territory and knows where the holes were made. After all the walls were too long to be watched, although they had several cannons on the top of the walls were inefficient as the titans regenerate.

"It's clean" She said and went through the hole made by the armored titan. Bertholdt followed her, but stopped and looked back. This city once home to Bertholdt, eren, Misaka, Armin and several other people .. is now home to rats, crows and sad memories. Bertholdt sighed sadly and continued to follow the jaw titan. He noticed that she was a little tormented, always stopping and moving her head in several directions to sniff and change direction suddenly. Bertholdt looked around, but he saw nothing wrong, but a titan has sharper senses, she must have sensed titans presence here.

The cities within Wall Maria were more sophisticated than the district in which they came. This part of the city was known to be a major center of commercial interest, the big producers and manufacturers were located in these areas. The people who lived here had middle or high incomes, and the quality of life here was considered optimal. Those who lived in the districts on the edge of Wall Maria had dreams of moving here because the districts were considered the worst places to live, because there was more risk of suffering from an invasion of titan .. and well, was exactly what happened.

The jaw titan stopped suddenly and entered through a crowded street of tall buildings. Bertholdt followed her, not understanding why she chose this path, as it was further away from the Wall Rose. Now that they were more or less in the center of town, the jaw titan stopped and turned to face Bertholdt. The human looked back at her, waiting for an explanation.

"We can not walk in open areas. Many titans." She said. Bertholdt can see that the jaw titan was tired, even if it was the full moon, she was not regenerating the energies as she should, after all she crossed miles without stop for a break. She was trying very hard, and Bertholdt was worried. They needed to find a safe place to spend the night ... well actually just him, because he was a human and the only thing the titans eat. The jaw titan was safe.

"Let's go in that direction, I know where we can spend the night." Said Bertholdt, leading the way this time. The jaw titan did not identify any of her brothers' scents in the direction Bertholdt was going, but she had a bad feeling about it and she never doubted her instincts. But if Bertholdt knew of some safe place to stay the night, and if they arrived as soon as possible. They would be fine, or at least Bertholdt would be.

The human and the titan had been walking through the tall buildings for almost an hour. Both very attentive to any to any change, be it a sound or some tremor that indicated the steps of some nocturnal titan. The jaw titan was nervous, because they were up against the wind, if there was any titan in front of them, she would not identify, so she had to trust her sight and hearing, and another problem was: she was getting tired. She could kill one or even three night titans, but she would not be able to fight a whole pack. Bertholdt looked around and realized that this city was less damaged than the Shiganshina. Since the people who lived here had better financial conditions, they and could build houses and buildings with stronger and more resilient materials. And another factor that led to this place being partially destroyed, was that people here had more time to evacuate. While the titans were busy in the Shiganshina, the residents of the cities within the Wall Maria took the opportunity to escape. After all, this was what the districts served, to be bait of titans.

Bertholdt wanted very much to have a torch or any lighting right now. In this place the darkness was almost total, and any movement was a matter of dread. The faint lunar light was the only thing that helped to guide them through the darkness, though the jaw titan was able to absorb more light and see better in the dark, the exhaustion was almost forcing her to close the eyes and lie there. She wondered how much longer it takes to get to this "safe house" until Bertholdt finally said: "It's right there" Bertholdt pointed to a very tall structure that must be at least a thirty meters, near an extensive farm. The jaw titan collapsed and ground making a big bang and said "finally!". Bertholdt smiled with the five meters titan's action. Poor girly, Bertholdt thought, and then turned his attention to the great watchtower which he remembered so well. When Berth was a child and his family was happy and united, that is, when Marcel was alive. His father and other associates were called to business meetings in one of the mansions located on the farms within the Wall Maria, so Henry took advantage and took his family to spend a few days there.

The Fubar family were inside the carriage. Bertholdt and Marcel stared out the window with fascination, their heads almost outside. Then Bertholdt pointed to an extremely tall structure, near the gigantic farm and asked his father "What is that?" Henry approached the window to see what his son was pointing at, and realized that Bertholdt was pointing to the tower.


"This is a watchtower, son. Since when the cattle began to disappear such a magic trick, the farmers decided to build a tower almost as high as the walls that would be able to see the entire farm. It works twenty-four hours, and the miserable who shows up uninvited will not be able to sit for a week after get a right shot in the butt!" Said Henry, he could hear his wife laughing softly.


"I bet even an alien ship can not abduct a cow!" Said Marcel excitedly.


"Yeah.. this farm is heavily guarded, but do not use the word 'alien' in front of other, darling. People don’t usually react well." Mother said. Since his parents presented him with a collection of science fiction books, Marcel was fascinated by these extraterrestrial creatures. But the ufology for some people was considered lunatic thing, and his mother did not want him to be judged by arrogant and closed minds people. Although Marcel has already shown that he does not care what people think and he doesn’t allow himself to be intimidated. But mother is mother. And she will always want to defend her offspring.


After arriving at the house, the owners welcomed and showed the room where their family would stay. Both Bertholdt and Marcel gasped as they entered. The room was very spacious, and beautiful. The walls had a perfect tone between beige and gold, the floor was polished oak, they could play skating here. In the middle have a of a double-canopy bed in shades of brown and gold, and in one corner there was a bunk that would be of Bertholdt and Marcel, in the middle of the ceiling there was a chandelier that shines like it's made of little diamonds, but what most attracted attention was the view from the window. Besides the window being the length of the floor to the ceiling, could be able to see could be able to see much of the farm and the flowered valleys that lay on higher ground. And this is just a visiting room.


After unloading the luggage, the boys ran off the farm to explore and met the owners' children and a few other boys who lived nearby. They invited them to play ball in the open field near the watchtower. Bertholdt choked when he saw the huge structure close up. The tower was so high it looked as though the view did not reach. A "miserable" as his father calls out bandits, would not go unnoticed here. This tower must have a great view.


The boys played in two groups and played football. The guards who were on the lower levels of the tower watched them through the windows and sometimes played comments like "you're too bad!", "Score him right!", "How did you lose that goal!", but despite that they only said things to reprimand, the boys knew that the guards were only joking. After all, this is soccer.


After the boys were panting and sweaty .. mostly Bertholdt. The boys decided to stop for a rest. Marcel sat down with three other boys and talked about some adventures at school. Bertholdt decided to walk away and go to a small stream to cool down. He cupped his hands to catch as much water as possible and carried it to his face, scrubbing to get rid of sweat. When Berth removed his hands from his face, he froze. Ahead of him, on the other side of the stream, there was a most beautiful girl he had ever seen, if there is another one, he does not know. She was short, had blond hair, but not any blonde, it had lighter and sicker tones, blue eyes that emanated a shine like two sapphiresa, sharp nose, though it was funny to be looking, was not ugly, and she had pale skin ... well, at least what could see, because she wore very long clothes that covered almost the whole body, which was strange, because the weather was too hot to wear clothes like that.


The girl was sittin with her back agaisnt a tree, reading a book. When she realized Bertholdt was staring at her, she pulled one of the sleeves, trying to cover more skin, but before she did, Bertholdt noticed a bruise on her wrist. The blondie closed her book and got up, ready to leave. Bertholdt felt bad, he did not want to bother her, then he decided say something.


“H-Hi! I-I am.. B-Ber-tholdt” Bertholdt mentally facedpalm for his stuttering. Why is it so hard to talk to a girl?!


The blondie no longer showed signs of moving, and stared at him without saying anything. Her facial expression was devoid of any emotion, and if the look could kill, she would have killed him five times before falling. Realizing that she has no intention of speaking, not even her name, Bertholdt continued.


“D-Do you want to play ball with us?" Bertholdt was prouder to have been able to speak more firmly this time.


She straightened her bangs and looked away. "No thanks. I'm good."Bertholdt felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart by rejection, but on the other side, he felt sympathy for the sad tone of her reply. He did not know what she was up against, but he knew she was hurt, both physically and psychologically. She was about to take a step away from him when one of the owners' sons known as Georgio approached.


"Hey Berth! Watch out for that stinking bitch. This dumb blonde can rub stupidity on you!” Georgio said with a laugh at the end, two other boys who followed him as if they were ducklings following the mother. They joined him and began to laugh too.


The blondie clenched her fists and frowned slightly. Her indignation at the offense was visible. Bertholdt looked shocked and disgusted at Georgio. How a human being can treat another human being like that. Suddenly Marcel's voice came up behind them.


"Who do you think you are to judge others!?” Marcel said causing the three boys to turn around. Although Georgio was four centimeters tall and a little sturdier than Marcel, he did not show that he was being intimidated.


"Just cuz you're a rich daddy's little boy does not give you the right to offend people. Everything you said to her just tell how arrogant and un-classy you really are!" Marcel said, leaving them speechless and with funny expressions.


After the shock of truth, Georgio snorted and walked away with his minions behind him, but without saying, "Alright! Stay with this stupid whore!”


The blondie was perplexed. She was never defended by a stranger like that. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to cause you troub-!" She was cut off by Marcel. "Don’t be sorry, they're the only ones who losing. I'am Marcel by the way, and this is my younger brother Bertholdt. He’s shy." Marcel said as he pulled Berthold close with one arm.


“I’m Annie”

Solitude was the perfect definition for this place. The farm that previously had several workers, animals and carts being pulled, now seems to be standing forever in time. Only the sounds of crickets and the rustling of the leaves gave life to the place. Bertholdt approached the watchtower and looked up. The structure that had been guarded twenty-four hours before, now there was no living soul. Near now of the door that led into the interior from the tower, he tried to push it away, but it was closed. He crouched down and picked up a key under the rug that the guards kept for reserve. The key had suffered with the action of time, it was rusty and cracked in some parts, but still enough to open the door.

The interior of the tower looks like a scary book scenario as Bertholdt used to read. Webs of spiders, cockroaches, rats and bats filled this place. Levi would have a heart attack here. Bertholdt made sure to lock the door and pushed one of the heavy furnishings for extra security, as those doors were large enough for a three meters titan to enter. Berth groped through the darkness to try to guided himself until his foot hit something. Sounded like wood. Bertholdt took the object with one hand and approached to his face to see better. That was exactly what he was thinking, a torch. Bertholdt scratched the piece of wood on one of the walls, causing the torch to catch fire and light the room, revealing several cannons that was used to protect and intimidate. Some bats felt troubled and left their hiding place hastily, making Bertholdt lower slightly and put his arms in front of him like a shield. The brunet prayed for these little guys to be fruit bats. As the bats calmed down, Bertholdt carefully climbed the flight of stairs in spiral-shaped, because he didn’t know if those stairs were stable and if there were bats among the rafters.

Through the windows on one of the high floors of the watchtower, Bertholdt can see the jaw titan lying on the lawn. She wasn't completely asleep. She moved restlessly sometimes, refusing to give in to the sleep she so needed. She was keeping watch, and he knew it. She was carrying the promise she'd made with Armor very seriously. Despite her extravagant attitudes, she was a good friend. It's a pity that as soon as Bertholdt is on the other side of the Wall Rose, he will never see her again.

Bertholdt went up another flight of scales, now he was almost at the top and realized that this room was different. There were more furniture and it looked cleaner. Berth placed the torch in a holder on the wall and approached one of the boxes. Had some papers scattered on the surface, Bertholdt took some and analyzed, but he did not understand any words. It was coded. Suddenly the head of bertholdt clicked. Bandits were using this room as a hiding place. In order to difficult the work of the military police, the gangs create their own codes, if their documents fall into the hands of the authorities, then their information would not be exposed. Somehow these bandits managed to cross the Wall Rose, perhaps they built some tunnel, or have stolen maneuver equipment. But Anyway, they were very smart in choosing the locationand, at the same time too stupid. Who in full consciousness would risk being killed by titans for stolen stuffs?

Berth moved away the papers from the top of the box with a movement of his arm. Cleaning it. Then he opened the latches and pushed the lid upwards. Bertholdt hoped to find some supply or some stolen weapon from the police warehouses, but.. WHAT THE HELL!! CODERION!? Bertholdt quickly closed the box. So they were not just bandits, they were drug traffickers. Coderion is an illegal drug that had the form of a small white tablet with a slit in the middle. That has circulated in several cities of the kingdom, but has greater activity in the district of Stohess. That is why the military believes the drug is create there. There is some rumor that it is a pretty young woman who often dances with drunks in a bar which manufactures the drug. However it's just rumors.

Opening other boxes and chest that he found in the room. Bertholdt found canned foods and mineral water.. and a lot of coderion and other illegal drugs and drinks that Bertholdt would never dare to put into his mouth. He opened a canning that said peach in the package and almost groaned with the taste that his palate had almost forgotten, after only eating meat from hunted animals and wild fruits. After emptying four cans, Berth unfolded some of the sleeping bags that were located in the middle of the room, along with some bags of clothing and personal items. But he was disappointed to discover that it was too small.. at least for him. This is a typical problem for someone who measures approximately 6'4. Bertholdt sighed and decided to sleep on the floor. After all, he was already used to it. The barracks were not known to be comfortable, and sleeping for weeks on the hard and cold forest floor, was not a pleasant experience either. Except when Armor offered the palm of his hand to Bertholdt to sleep. He did not want to disturb Armor, but the titan always insisted and did not give up until Bertholdt accepted. Bertholdt smiled at the memory. Armor was very stubborn, but a good kind of stubborn. Berth rolled up the sleeping bag to improvise a pillow and lay down with his arms folded behind his head. The thought of being able to return home and meet his friends made him happy. Bertholdt was so close, just a few more kilometers. He closed his eyes and imagined all the surprises that awaited him tomorrow, but he did not have to wait too long ... cuz ten seconds later 'BANG!!!'

The brunet woke up with a gasp and ran to the window to see what the hell was going on. The bang was so strong that it shook the watchtower as if hit by heavy artillery. The first probability that Bertholdt thought, was that those responsible for guarding the wall saw the jaw titan and shot it with one of the cannons, located at the top of the wall, but soon Bertholdt dismissed the idea because there is no light here and the walls were too far for the guards to see with the naked eye a titan of five meters sleeping. Bertholdt pulled aside the old cloth that was being used as a curtain and leaned out the window to see better.. and wished to be blind. The watchtower wasn't suffering from a cannon attack. It was worse. A group of more or less twenty night titans of various classes surrounded the watchtower. Giants with disfigured faces stretched their arms upward and with the mouths slightly open, layers of saliva slipping in the corners of their mouths. The jaw titan carved her pointed nails into the cracks of the tower to be at a safe height while hissing, trying to intimidate them. On the ground, almost under the feet of the titans, there was a fat titan of about seven meters, fallen and with the exposed nape coming out steam. The jaw titan must have killed him and that was the cause of the loud bang.

Bertholdt was perplexed. Just imagining how he and neither the jaw titan managed to notice a bunch of unwelcome guests approaching. Were they both so exhausted to not be able to detect at least a slight tremor of tons of titans? So Berttholdt remembered that this time of full moon usually rains for weeks in this region, and this is a totally rural area with dense foliage trees. The mixture of wet soil and fallen leaves on the ground form a large soft carpet enough to cushion the impact caused by the weight of the titans, holding friction and noise. And even the jaw titan who would have been more likely to identify them before due her sharp senses, she couldn't, cuz she was very exhausted and the sunlight reflected on the moon was not enough to her to return to full functioning. But now it did not matter, it was too late anyway. Bertholdt had to think of something quick to escape. It seems jaw titan thought the same thing and looked up, for the window where Bertholdt was leaning. Both looks asking the same question: What are we going to do now?

The titans crowded around the tower became more and more impatient. Those of smaller classes began to try to climb the towe, while the larger ones tried to remove the blocks of stone. The despair started. In order to prevent the nocturnal titans from reaching the human, the jaw titan jumped off her perch with teeth and claws to show. Bertholdt looked startled and with admiration for the skill of jaw titan. She was quick, calculating, strong, agile and other qualities that would define a super soldier. The jaw titan jumped on shoulder and shoulder and bit or used her claws to cut the flesh from the nape and kill them. And she never stayed for too long so the other titans could not grab her and bring down, and when they did, she would bite their arms, cutting off the tendons and nerves, making them let her go. Then she would jump up again and restart the carnage like she was not tired minutes ago. But she would not last long; they were too many. Suddenly Bertholdt remembered the cannons on the first floor of the tower. Quickly Bertholdt took the torch from the support of the wall and went down the stairs in spiral format as fast as he could, praying that the jaw titan is hold on and that the titans could not break the entrance door.

Jaw Titan was panting. The heart running a marathon, carrying adrenaline all over the body trying to compensate the extra effort. If looked closer, is possible see steam exhaling from her overheated skin. Bertholdt wasn't at the window, he must have something in mind, jaw titan thought. She examined her chances of attack, but unfortunately the terrain was disadvantageous for her to use her skills. Jaw titan is not a titan provided brute force like armored titan or beast titan, and neither special skills like the hardening of the female titan and the coordinate of the titan attack titan, of which beast titan so much envy. She is a titan with the body made to sneak and be flexible, this is why she attacks in enclosed places like giant forests. But now, this place was a huge open field, the only perch she can use to move is the tower itself and the shoulders of the larger titans, however the latter was dangerous because she would be in reach of other tall classes titans. But the longer she stopped to think of a strategy, more the watchtower is getting down apart because of the night titans trying desperately to reach the human. She did not have time to think, only acted with what she got to slow down the advances of her brothers.

Determined, she jumped on the back of a fifteen meters titan who was distracted trying to push the minors from its front. She landed on its back and buried her sharp teeth in the flesh of the nape, but before she could press, a ten meters titan grabbed her arm, pulling her down. She immediately tried to bite the ten meter titan's arm, well.. "tried" cuz one of her brothers grabbed her messy hair, pulling her head back. The jaw titan hissed and tried to scratch in random directions with her free arm until another titan grabbed her limb. She was destabilized, they would kill her if she did not escape now. As last resource, she used the sharp claws of her foot and with force she kicked one of her attackers holding her arm in the face. The claws pierced his brother's eyes and kneaded its face slightly by the force of her kick. The titan with kneaded face released the jaw titan arm because of the impact of the kick, and stumbled back trying to find out what the problem was with its eyes. Now with one arm released, she twisted the wrist of her other attacker, breaking the small bones and leaving her with both arms free. She managed to twist her body slightly and cut with a movement of her nails her own hair to get rid of the last attacker. Before another of her brothers tried to grab her, she jumped toward the watchtower, but it was too late. A night titan was quick enough to grab her leg in the last second. The jaw titan grasped the edges of the stone block of the watchtower with force while kicking the hand of the new attcker with the free leg, until suddenly another night titan grabbed her other leg. She hissed with anger and indignation while trying to scratch with the tip of her feet the hands of her brothers. Then a "crack" caught her attention. She looked up, where her hands gripped the wall of the watchtower. This was cracking. Dammit!

The cannons! I need to get to the cannons!! Bertholdt was practically screaming in his mind. He could hear the fight between the jaw titan and the pack of night titans on the other side of the watchtower's wall, although he does not know what's going on, and also has no interest in seeing through the windows, cuz Bertholdt does not want to see these giant human faces with frozen expression close up. He just prefers to walk through the windows and ignore the view, luckily most were covered with curtains. Bertholdt cursed mentally, no matter how fast he is running, he is only in the middle of the tower yet. Suddenly some bats flew away from their hiding place and passed through Bertholdt, doing so loses balance and falls off the ladder. He fell on top of a few barrels, knocking them down, and a strange black powder coming out of the barrels. Bertholdt rubbed his temples because of the pain of falling and asked mentally what black substance was this, as the torch rolled toward that powder. With a shock Bertholdt realized that this was gunpowder, were several barrels of gunpowder. The brunet got up quickly and took the torch before it hit the gunpowder.

That was close! Bertholdt thought

Then the mission returned in his mind: Reaching the cannons. Bertholdt ran to the door to access the stairs, but froze when he opened the door and saw the surprise waiting for him on the other side. A titan, they got into the tower. Getting to the cannons is suicide mission now, Berth will have to abort. The titan in front of him, grew the smile more and more, becoming a vision of hell. Quickly Bertholdt closed the door and placed a board on the supports on each side of the door, closing it seconds before the titan smiling thrust against the door. The door can be made of sturdy material, but will not stand the titan's thrust for too long. Bertholdt walked backwards, completely without knowing what to do and surrendering to the fear.. until Berth stepped on something crispy. Bertholdt looked at his boots and realized that it was the gunpowder. Then an idea popped into his mind. It was dangerous but it was his only chance of survivall.

The titan completely knocked the door down with a loud bang, but instead of finding the human, it found a room full of barrels of gunpowder knocked over. At the top of the stairs, Bertholdt ran to the safety of the other floor as he released the torch. The fire flickered while falling in the air. When it reached the ground covered with gunpowder, the tower shook with the force of the explosion. Bertholdt fell violently and injured his forehead. His ears buzzing as he tried to stand up. In the outside, the jaw titan was caught off guard by the explosion. Whatever the human had in mind before, it will not work any more, and probably that blast was why the titans came in. Bertholdt was in danger, and the only safe place now is the top of the tower.

Muscles hurt when Bertholdt forces himself to stand up. Suddenly a wave of pain crosses his right leg, making him bow with one knee. Bertholdt looks at his right leg and notices that the ankle is at a kind of weird angle. He should not have used all the barrels of gunpowder, but at least that smiling titan must be dead or seriously injured, and even regenerates, takes too long. And the most important; the ladder was destroyed by complete. The other titans who must have entered the tower, will not be able to climb, unless they can get another way to climb. Fortunately titans were very terrible climbers, with the exception of jaw titan. She moved as well as she used 3DMG.

Bertholdt took a board that was leaning against the wall and put under the arm to use as a stick, cuz his ankle hurt a lot when held the weight of his body. Bertholdt sighed. Climb all these stairs that way, it's going to be hard. Berth struggled against the fatigue and throbbing pain of his ankle while he climbed the stairs to get to the top. Even though he had lost the torch, the lack of lighting was not a problem because the weak first rays of sunlight penetrated the slits of the curtain. As Bertholdt climbed the stairs, he could hear the sounds of hisses and growls, flesh being torn and blood dripping. In the corner of the window, Bertholdt can see the jaw titan slapping the face of a titan about to bite her. The sharp claws cut the eyes, the nose, and much of the jaw off of the attacker. She was holding on. Now that the sun is rising. She can regain her strength better, but still will not be able to fight against many titans. Mainly because other titans are approaching, and they appear to be abnormal.

Groaning in pain, Bertholdt redoubled his efforts. Jumping the steps to get faster at the top. The watchtower trembled dangerously. These titans are almost bringing the tower down, and Bertholdt could also hear sounds coming from the lower floors. These titans have managed a way up.

"Why this tower needed to be so fucking tall!?" Shout Bertholdt while pushing a door, only to find more flights of stairs.

Suddenly the tower is tilted violently to the side due to the actions of the titans surrounding the structure. The law of gravity acts. The furniture and some loose boards move along with the tower. Even with Bertholdt's poor physical condition, he managed to grab the handrail with one hand, and prevent his fall. Bertholdt looked up and saw the sunlight crossing the ceiling. He was almost there. From the outside, the jaw titan was worried. The tower was giving way, and more titan were being attracted by the tumult, like insects for an electric lamp. And worse, they were abnormal titans. They have more perception around them. She can't just jump on their back and bite the nape. They are smarter. This will involve much more fight.

Bertholdt put both hands on the trapdoor and pushed, revealing a blue immensity and the weak morning light. Finally at the top Bertholdt sat down and took deep breaths. His clothes .. or rather the skins and rags that he wore as clothing, were clinging to his skin because of sweat. Then the tower inclined again, not violently, but he could see that the structure was losing stability.

Bertholdt ran to the edge even though his ankle was screaming in pain. Down there, the jaw titan was fighting against three titans at the same time. Although she is much more flexible than they, she had several flesh and blood to show on her body, and it seemed that her right arm was slightly damaged. She would die there if she continued. At that moment Bertholdt reflected on everything. The armored titan protected him against his own kind, and now Bertholdt does not know if he is alive or dead, although jaw titan claims that the alpha did not kill him. And now she's doing the same thing, and Bertholdt does not know if she will survive this or not, or worse, if both them will not survive. Jaw titan does not have to die, she can use her skill and escape from there. The other titans will not have their eyes on her for obvious reasons. And after all, he lived a good life. He had a super loving mother who loved him to the last breath. An overprotective older brother and his best friend for all times. Although Marcel died still young, Bertholdt will never forget the moments they spent together. And a father who once was good, but after Marcel's death he fell into complete depression, and started to abuse Bertholdt mentally and physically. However Bertholdt does not feel angry at his father because he taught him the kind of person he does not want to be. And also Bertholdt was the third best soldier of his class and joined the survey corps, he knew the world outside the walls than any other human and made unusual friends. For the first time Bertholdt is not afraid to die, anyway we live to die. His day just was sooner than he wanted to.

"Hey up here!" Bertholdt shouted in full lungs to draw the attention of the jaw titan.

She was not in the best situation for meet the human. The titans around her grabbed her limbs and another tried to bite her neck as she held the titan back with her foot in its chest, trying to keep as much distance as possible. Despite all the donnybrook, she looked up to the top where Bertholdt was, waiting for what he has to say. She hoped Bertholdt had a plan or some idea of escape, anything.. but she did not expect what he'd just say.

"Leave! Move your ass and get out of here now! You don't have to die too... I'm okay with this" The last words were more than enough to shock jaw titan.

She knew that look. It was the same when the alpha of her old pack looked at her and roared with all the forces "Run!" seconds before his nape was bitten by the alpha of the rival pack, and it was also the same look of the armored titan as he begged with his eyes for her takes Bertholdt away from the beast titan. But this time she will not run. She promised to the armored titan, or Armor, as the human calls him in his language. She promised to take him away, well she did, but it is not far enough. It will only be far enough when Bertholdt has crossed those walls. With a quick movement of her hands, she practically ripped off half of the face of three titans at the same time, and punched the middle of the face of another titan who held her.

At first Bertholdt thought that jaw titan would do what he had said. She got rid of the group that held her and returned to the safety of the tower. She could jump right there and run away, but no! She jumped on the shoulder of a tall class titan and started all over again. Bertholdt gasped when a titan bit her leg, making the jaw titan lose her balance, but in the last second she managed to turn and use her claws to cut off almost half of her attacker's jaw. Now the titan had little amount of tendons and muscle in the jawbone to hold her leg. So she broke free and bit its nape. Unfortunately her freedom did not last long when two other titans attacked her. The first one bit her left arm while another grabbed her right leg with both hands and bit on the back of the thigh.

"What are you doing? Leave now, you will die!" Bertholdt shouted at the stubbornness of the jaw titan. God! Are all titans stubborn? Bertholdt asked mentally.

With claws, teeth and kicks, she got rid of the attackers and was back to the safety of the tower, although this time half of her right leg was mutilated. The situation was getting worse and worse. They are in great numbers and jaw titan can not handle them alll and they were doing everything to knock down the tower. Kicking, punching and trying to remove with the hands the stone blocks of the tower. She was examining the titans, and thinking of which titan to try to cut the nape. A titan of fifteen meters seemed more vulnerable, it was not abnormal and there were no other tall titans near this one to try to grab her. But then she noticed its actions, the tall class titan was trying to remove the stone block from the tower, and when it did, the block fell on top of other smaller titans. Then an idea popped into her mind. She wondered how she had not thought it before.

"Don't play hero! just get of-!" Bertholdt interrupted his speech, trying to understand why the jaw titan was trying to remove the stone blocks from the tower.

The jaw titan sank its claws into the cracks of the blocks, pulled it out and throwing it in the face of her brothers. It was not enough to kill them, but it was to bring down the tower. Bertholdt was confused. The jaw titan refuses to run away and now wants to kill him? it would not make sense, she was throwing the blocks in the face of the other titans. As jaw titan removed the blocks, the tower shook violently, finally falling, this time to fall for once. At the top of the tower, Bertholdt was desperately trying to hold himself, but on the roof of the tower there was no support except on the edge. And who will want to hold onto the edge when a tall structure is falling? Suddenly a loud bang on the edge of the tower caught the attention of Bertholdt. The jaw titan was in front of him now. They both stare at each other, until jaw titan and said "grab me" and then Bertholdt realized her plan. Berth tried to climb up on her back, but his ankle began to hurt a lot. The jaw titan realized that he was limping and helped him up with one of her arms. Now on the jaw titan's back, Bertholdt grabbed her messy hair and praying to all the gods he knew. The jaw titan moved to stand on the wall on the other side of the tower, and stabbed her nails with force on the edge. The next few seconds will be hell.

“One day you'll hit something harder than your head!” Bertholdt commented with the hope that humor would dispel the panic as the tower leaned over and over.

“It seems like I'm doing this now.”. Replied jaw titan talking about the soil that was getting closer.

As the floor was closer and closer, Bertholdt closed his eyes tightly and realized that he did not want to die. The next few seconds were a mess of events. The large and heavy structure fell with a huge bang which must have shaken the earth by kilometers. The titans surrounding the tower were seriously damaged by tons of concrete block. And the jaw titan lost his balance because of the strong impact of the fall, making both roll through the wreckage of the tower.

Bertholdt rolled through the tower’s wreckage and landed with a thud. Whole body hurts, but the important thing was that he was alive and breathing. The brunet got up using the wreckage as support and coughed hard because of the cloud of dust that rose. He looked around, trying to find the jaw titan, but there was no sign of her until stone sounds moving next to him caught his attention. Bertholdt looked at the source of the sound and realized that the wreckage there was moving. Frightened, the brunet stumbled back, there was a titan down there and Bertholdt was too hurt to run. Suddenly the block of stone was pushed abruptly, revealing that it was just the jaw titan. She was not injured and all previous injuries were regenerated.

"You're hurt!". Told jaw titan, after examining Bertholdt's wounds.

The dust slowly dissipated, revealing that the old tower almost as high as the wall turned in a stone block graveyard. Fortunately there was no sign of titan. They must be buried by ton of stones. However luck did not last long. Several titans began to "sprout" among the wreckage. Quickly the jaw titan ran wild and attacked the first on his way to protect the human, but suddenly more titans "sprouted" between the stone blocks and attacked her. Jaw titan was quick to defend herself, but more titans appeared and grabbed and bit her limbs. Bertholdt looked with pure horror as jaw titan was surrounded by them and being eaten alive. She was losing and getting more and more trapped as more titans approached and started attacked her. Seconds later Bertholdt could no longer hear her hissing and neither see her due to mountain of titans on top of her. Bertholdt could enjoy the distraction and run away, but he could not let his friend die, mainly because of him.

"Hey! You ugly thing!" Bertholdt shouted trying to catch the attention of the titans while throwing a stone at the back of one of them.

None of the titans noticed his presence. They preferred killing the jaw titan instead. Desperate, Bertholdt ran toward them shouting curses and without care about the pain in his ankle. He needed to save her. Suddenly, among the wreckage of the old tower, a titan of five meters appeared behind a column of blocks of stones, getting between Bertholdt and the pack that was killing jaw titan. Bertholdt froze in fear as the titan in front of him stretched out its arms and opened the big mouth.

So here is my end? Bertholdt thought.

Then there is a figure which breaks the air fast and the sound of blade cutting and blood dripping. Bertholdt looks confused at the boiling blood and dead body of the five meters titan that falls in front of him like a potato sack. The figure landed on the stone column, the sole of the boot causing a great echo, giving a badass impression. Berth noted that the mysterious figure who just saved his life was a female body and wore a green cloak with the semblance of two wings which he learned from his childhood which meant freedom.

She turned the face and looked at Bertholdt. He immediately recognized those asian traits and the hard look. It's Mikasa. Suddenly several soldiers break the sky above them, going straight to the nape of the titans who were attacking jaw titan. This was the last thing Bertholdt saw before fatigue and injury dominated his body, causing him to fall. Seconds before his fall, Bertholdt felt two people holding him, one on each side, grabbing his arm and putting it over their heads. Bertholdt tried to use his legs, but they were too weak to move, so he had to be practically dragged by the two soldiers.

They forced him to lie down on a hard platform. Bertholdt moved his fingertips on the hard texture to know what he was lying on and realized it was wood. Did they put him in a cart? There were sounds and voices, but Bertholdt could not decipher them right because everything he heard was muffled. But he identified the sounds of the 3DMGs, the heavy weight of the falling titans, the sounds of the hoofs of horses, and the comamdantes screaming orders. There were voices above him too. He did not know who they were and what they were talking about. But they were taking care of his wounds. Were they doctors?

Then Bertholdt felt several glances upon him. Berth was not sure who they were, though their silhouettes seem familiar. His vision was a fog, and the simple light of twilight was enough to outshine him. Several people were talking above him. Bertholdt's hearing could not understand everyone, but he was able to interpret some.

"How did a citizen come here?" Someone asked, Bertholdt had no idea who the voice belonged to, but he seemed to be one of the doctors.

"Is he a homeless?" Bertholdt recognized this voice, it was Connie. Because of the old rags and skins that Bertholdt wore and in addition, the beard that grew, nobody recognized him. Bertholdt really looked like a homeless man.

"He must be a coderion user. I mean, who in full consciousness wants to cross the Wall Rose?" Bertholdt knew this was Jean. Not by voice but by arrogance.

Then there were footsteps approaching. Mikasa's badass vibe was perceptible in the environment. "He has the boot of our uniform." Bertholdt thanked Mikasa mentally, she was the only one who was really helping.

"Wait! What! You mean that this user stole our unif-!" Jean was interrupted when someone muffled his mouth. probably by Mikasa.

"He's Bertholdt." She said.

The silence fell on them. Now finally they must have noticed the similarity, but that did not matter anymore. Fatigue and injury dominated Bertholdt.

Hardly alive and breathing hard. The jaw titan remained immovable throughout the uproar. The dead and now smoking bodies above her, created a hiding place for her. The humans would not notice there would be a titan down there. By a small crevice between the bodies of the titans, she saw Bertholdt being carried by two humans until arriving at a vehicle that was pulled by horses. Bertholdt was grumpy, but alive, she could see his chest rising and falling constantly. There were many humans approaching to see Bertholdt, thus blocking the view of jaw titan. But it was not a problem, now Bertholdt was safe with his species. The jaw titan waited for the humans to leave the scene, while she slowly regenerated. When the sounds of horses' hooves could no longer be heard, Jaw Titan pushed her brother's corpses off her. The jaw titan is still in too bad conditions to move from there. Some parts of her body were still mutilated, and several broken bones, but anyway there was no rush. She already did what she should do; she kept her promise.