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On the Wrong Side of the Wall

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Armor sighed for the thousandth time at the craziness of the woman with her broken glasses. She took advantage of the fact that Armor was pinned to the ground and stood inches from his face despite the protests of her helpers. Hanji, as he had heard them calling her, filled him with silly questions and comments in order to try to get some response from the captured titan. But this technique did not seem to be working.

"Never sigh when someone is talking to you, that's uneducated!" Hanji disapproved him.

If the armored titan did not have the visor that hid his eyes, Hanji could see Armor roll his eyes.

Since the day the armored titan was captured, the Survey Corps and the Military Police Brigade surrounded the perimeter and set up an improvised encampment in nearby places to make sure the titan would not escape and to prevent curious eyes from entering. They know they're not dealing with any titan, This is a different kind, he's smart. He has the ability to draw ideas, formulate plans and solve problems, in other words the armored titan has reason.

Humans are not sure if this type of titan has the ability to reason just like a human, since this type of titan is completely new to them. Since the construction of the walls, humans only dealt with two types of titans; normal and the abnormal. But now with the appearance of these new types of titans, they are worried about what it means for remain humans, and that's where the scientists come in.

Some farmers complained that the captured titan was in their land and that way they could not work because the animals were scared and that area would be used for plantation. The superiors who were in charge of keeping the titan in control tried to negotiate peacefully, but this only proved a huge headache. If the armored titan was not fifteen meters tall and weighs tons due to his massive physique and hard plates, maybe he could locomove him and put Armor in somewhere safer, just like they did with Sawney and Beane.

Some superiors of the Military Police Brigade suggested that Rogue could help with this, but soon Survey Corps members protested. This titan came here to kill Rogue for some reason, so they preferred to keep them away from each other, mainly because meeting these two again would not be a good idea. As Rogue regenerated himself from the blow to the head, Mikasa and Armin managed to convince him after almost an hour of arguing that he should stay inside the Wall Sign for a while, until they figured out what to do with the titan armored.

The problem was that none of the branches reached an agreement. The Military Police Brigade want to take advantage of the fact that they finally have control over the armored titan to kill him once and for all, and some more fanatics even want to kill Rogue because he disobeyed the attack planning and preferred to fight alone. They believe that this behavior is a sample of the animal nature of an abnormal titan, and as soon as the military sectors lower their guard, Rogue will attack them. The Survey Corps has opposed all arguments, they believe that killing everything to appear an enemy is an empty or even infatile tactic, and that the best way to fight an enemy is to know him. But Armor is not that talkative.

"Don’t be shy, if Rogue can talk, you can too! Can you feel it through this? "Hanji asked, rubbing his hands on the hard plate on his nose.

Because Armor can not open his mouth because of the harpoons, all he could do was groan in his throat as he tried to shake his head frantically to the scientist removed her hands. Suddenly one of the harpoon cables in the titan's jaw clicked, threatening to break through the heaving movements. The assistants were quick to grab Hanji's arm and pull her away for fear Armor was trying to open his jaw to eat her. They had seen this scene many times before with the other captured titans, and they knew Hanji's fascination was greater than her sense of danger, unfortunately for them, because it only gave them more work.

"Damn it! The titan is breaking free! Call Erwin!" One of her assistants screamed, terrified by the click.

"No No No ... wait! Maybe Waffles is trying to say something!" Shouted Hanji

Nile Dok, the Commander of the Military Police Brigade, was sitting on a trunk with his arms crossed watching the whole scene. His gun was leaning against his side only for precaution, though it would not really be useful against a titan, but he was not an fool, he knew it, but it was still better than needing it and not having it. He hoped to witness something significant and not this circus.

Nile got up and walked to them, still with folded arms and asked:


"The name I gave to him. I think he's trying to tell us to remove the harpoons in his jaw so he can talk to us!" Said Hanji, even through the broken lenses it was possible to see the sparkle in her eyes of emotion at her deduction.

Niles hold an intense desire to sigh before speaking:

"Obviously he's not trying to communicate with us, and it seems he does not have the ability to understand us either." He stared at her assistant. "And he's not freeing himself!"

The assistants seemed to calm down before the affirmation, but still wanted to stay away from the armored beast, but it seemed a difficult mission since his boss was teaching to stay close, and poking the beast for answers.

"Actually ... he may not be responding but he's certainly listening." Hanji said, staring into the golden eyes of the beast who growled angrily in response.

"What do you mean?" Commander asked, still confused at her words.

"Sawney and Beane were always active close to humans. They drooling and made noises with anyone they saw, no matter who they were or how far they were .. just because they were human. But Waffles is different. There are a lot of humans around here and so far he has not drooled a drop, even if we are so close to his mouth. And also if you repair, when I tried to talk to him, Waffles never answered back, but when I mocking, he grunted in retaliation. So how can Waffles differentiate a conversation from a mockery if he does not understand us?" Hanji explained, looking at the Commander now.

Nile thought for a while. The explanation made sense. The armored titan or Waffles, as she called him, was immobilized a long time ago and so far he has not shown any sign that ordinary titans usually do. Even if he was tied too tight, Waffles could be drooling or making noises in his throat, but this is not the case. The armored titan still manages to move a little, for example shake the head for Hanji to let go his nose.

At the police station, Nile has seen some scenes like this. The bandits and drug dealers seized hardly give any information about the drug quarters, and when they do, it was false information. Even with the benefits such as decreased sentence more dignified food and money. But the loyalty to the leaders of the quarters was greater than any benefits offered.

The Commander realized what the titan before him was doing. He's some kind of footman, maybe the colossal titan is too, and probably Rogue was once. He will refuse to give any information to the humans, who he probably considers as an enemy, even if he has to pretend he is not understanding a word, or maybe he was not pretending, just did not want to talk to a human at all.

"I'm going back to my tent, let me know if you can get anything" Said Nile, taking his gun and walking away to his tent set up nearby.

"Have a good night Commander! So ... let's start over with the questions. Do you have eyebrows?"

And for the thousandth and one time Waffles / Armor / Armored titan sighed.