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The Way You Taste

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You knew what to expect when you both were finished with your “dinner date” at the cat cafe. When Aizawa was more focused on you than the adorable cats in front of him, you just...knew.

“You okay with this?” he asked as he had you already pinned against the front door, nipping at the flesh against your supple neck. The sensation was far too distracting for you to even stutter any affirmation, so you nodded enthusiastically.

That caused Aizawa to smirk at you, amused at your cuteness he would say later, “I’ll take that for now.”     

When you both made your way to the bedroom he insisted he wanted to undress you, him with his shirt already off and curse him he knew that would distract you enough to agree to his silly request. Suddenly you being lead to the edge of the bed, mouths connected and Aizawa’s all over you at once. He pulled away to give you that look again as he began to roll your blouse up your waist, making you blush at the action.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered in the shell of your ear that he couldn’t help but take a bite out of, “incredible, and so damn hot.

Your body shuddered as you felt him pull your blouse higher, exposing your soft skin and your doubts setting in. You knew how Aizawa saw you...but you also knew how you saw yourself, and it was not positive. Still, he moved one hand to caress your curves as the other lifted the shirt all the way up your chest. He even dared to dip his head down to kiss your breasts which were spilling out of the black lace bra you were wearing. You knew it was two sizes too small, but then again…

“You even wore this,” Aizawa groaned, finally pulling your blouse all the way off and tossing it aside, “you really wanted to drive me crazy tonight.”

Now that was something you could giggle at, your breasts and your curves drove your lover insane, and it flattered you--well, more than just flatter you.

Aizawa started to unhook the clasps off your bra with surprising ease--from experience, you mused--and marveled at your exposed top. One hand was gliding up and down your side, the other cupping your left breast, and finally his mouth kissing your collarbone. The multiple sensations in different areas of your body made your cross your legs instinctively, feeling heat pool down at your core.

With a bit of confidence, you used your knee to rub against Aizawa’s visible bulge, releasing a moan from him. However, he finally pushed you onto the bed and kneeling down beside the bedside as he quickly pulled your legs towards him.

“S-shouta--” you called out, confused as he hiked up your skirt and had your thighs between his head.

“Relax,” was all he said as he pulled your panties to the side and gave your core a sloppy kiss, his scruff tickled but his mouth and tongue was a certain pleasurable experience.

You called out his name again, your hand covering your mouth as he continued to work you with his mouth. His tongue slipping inside of you and his index finger rubbing your clit was making you incredibly wet, and you could definitely tell it on Aizawa’s face when he pulled away to look at you.

“You so wet from just a few kisses,” he rasped, licking his lips lustfully, “can I make you come from my hands and mouth, I wonder.”

“Shouta...please…!” your mind was in a haze already as he made a trail of kisses from your core all the way up to your neck. Each. Kiss. Longer. Than. The. Last.

When he finally got up to your face you pulled his for a sensual kiss, Aizawa chuckling into your mouth as your entire body became

“You're so dirty,” he smirked, “kissing me just after I ate you out.”

He went back to kissing you, his tongue running over your teeth and lower lip as he pulled away, “Do you taste yourself?”

You just looked at him, too embarrassed to answer.

“Perhaps I should get more of you--”

Shouta!” you called out, but somehow you knew he wasn’t going to listen to you.