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I'll stay forever...

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Inside the art room the teacher looks at her student with a disappointed expression but continued with grading the shitload of papers on her desk, and her student avoids the gaze by playing with his pen nervously

"Mr. Jeon, do you know why I called you here?" the female asked in all seriousness

"No, I don't ma'am" answered the nervous student, who stopped playing with his pen and now looking at older female

"Jungkook I told you this before, it's been almost a year since you had your artist's block" The teacher said frustrated with her top student and yet there's nothing she could do because she knew this kid didn't have inspiation right now

"I'm sorry miss, but I just don't have inspiration right now" the art major said truthfully, he knew his teacher probably doesn't care about his excuses but it is true

"You'll really lose your talent if you don't draw well" Ms. Song sighed frustratedly, Jungkook didn't answer and just continued to stare at his oh-so-interesting pen

"Jungkook I'm worried, what happened?" with a worried expression the teacher tried to make her student open up but still failed with knowing how he is

"Miss, nothing happened like I said I don't have inspiration right now" with that Jungkook got up and left the classroom heading to his favorite place in school

'What am I going to do with you Jungkook?' his teacher thought and continued grading papers

With Jungkook

Jungkook left the classroom 'stupid teacher, stupid artist's block, stupid ughhhhh' he thought before he was headed to the library, using the longer path. While walking to the library he passed by a familiar place, a dance studio. The studio he passed are full of amazing dancers, the type that makes you fall in love with them with just one performance and of course the popular dancers use the studio like Kwon Soonyoung the one that is nicknamed Hoshi from Seventeen, Kim Jongin or Kai, Oh Sehun and Zhang Yixing or Lay from the popular group Exo, Taemin being one of the best dancers and being a part of Shinee and of course there are a lot more or that's what Jungkook likes to think because he watched one of the best dancers performance after being forced by his best friend, Taehyung. During that performance, he couldn't identify the dancer but he knows the dancer goes to his school or thats what Taehyung said and the dancer had soft looking pink hair and he looks like he was around 5'8, shorter than Jungkook, and was slim too.

Upon reaching the library he used his I.D for the scanner and made his way down to one of the shady tables near the window, pulling out his tablet he started to draw the peaceful scenery before him, the old librarian was lecturing a student for causing trouble again while the student had a kicked puppy expression but the old lady apparently was immune to the expression, a very peaceful scenery indeed. After Jungkook finished his drawing he finally understood the situation and tried to intervene leaving his tablet on where he sat along with his things and walking up to the old librarian and the the student he opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the troublemaker

"Grandma I promise I won't do it agai-ow grandma that HUUUUUUURTS LET GOOOO" he wailed while his grandmother grabbed his ear, ignoring the shouts of pain, and started dragging him to the counter with Jungkook still trying to intervene but no success whatsoever.

"Young man, you know better than to leave books around without picking them up" Ignoring her grandsons shouts of pain and continued pulling his ear

"Uhm-" again Jungkook was interupted by the boy

"Grandmaaaaaa I promise I'll organize everything and cook dinner if you just let go" begged the troublemaker trying to get his grandma's wrinkly fingers off his ear

"Promise?" loosening her grip, she looked at the boy, amused by offer

"Promise" said the boy with a red ear from all the pulling and struggling

"Hoseok you better do it or else and I want spaghetti tonight" the librarian threatened at this so-called 'Hoseok'

"I will grandmother" with a wave he ran to a shelf near where Jungkook sat and started organize the books

Jungkook was standing dumbfounded at how the scene played out until yet again his thoughts were interrupted by the old librarian

"Excuse me, dear? You seemed a little dazed" snapping her fingers infront of Jungkook's face with a look of curiosity in her eyes

"Oh I saw you shouting at your grandson earlier, I was about to intervene but I sort of got interrupted so I couldn't do anything" Jungkook was flustered at his own statement but it seems that the older female wasn't fazed at all that someone witnessed that scene

"Oh that! My grandson was just leaving the books everywhere, I couldn't stand it! But I finally got him to organize them, it happens all the time" she said with a soft smile, looking at her handsome grandson organizing from the counter.

Jungkook looked at the boy and he thought that the troublemaker looked cute with his tongue sticking out in concentration and cheeks puffed out, with a few more glances at the boy he walked toward his forgotten items and started to draw.