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5 Seconds of Summer Imagines, Preferences and Visuals

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Every 5sos imagine I've ever written, in all 3 platforms I use. The list will be updated as I write more

*= coming soon
!= personal favorite


~Ashton Irwin Smut Alphabet   (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

Wounded   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

Tour Surprise  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Moving In  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Dating Ashton Irwin would include  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Naughty Santa   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~Mrs. Irwin   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Naughty   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~Daddy   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Speak your mind  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Our first kiss  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

You are warm  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Can I kiss you?  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Dirty Pictures  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~His   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Concert Behavior  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Christmas Fairytale  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Miracle Baby  (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!Friends or More  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Couple or More  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Lazy Day  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Possessive  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~I wanna be yours  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Honeymoon  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Heartbreak Girl  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


~Calum Hood Smut Alphabet   (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~Halloween Night 1   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Halloween Night 2   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Halloween Night 3   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Halloween Night 4   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Grind 1  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Grind 2  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Expecting  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

Meet the parents  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Everyday   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Mama Hood   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Boring Lecture  (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!Well, do you wanna marry me?   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

No matter what, always and forever  (AO3)  (Wattpad) 

~Tease   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~We were staying in Paris   (AO3)   (Wattpad)*

~Lingerie Shopping   (AO3)   (Wattpad)*

~Kidding   (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

College Classmates   (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

He asks you out   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

Exes   (AO3)   (Wattpad)*

~What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?   (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~Drunk In Love   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!~Winter Wonderland  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Santa Baby 1   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~Santa Baby 2   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~Send Nudes  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Mile High Club  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Pool Party  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Neighbors  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!Can I have this dance?  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~90 Days   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~280 Days  (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!One day  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Let me drive for a while  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Call me when you get home  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!It can wait until tomorrow   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Stay Over  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Just a little more  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Daddy’s little fuck doll  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Sex with Calum would include  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Recreate  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Fetish  (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~Bunk Sex  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Dating Calum Hood would include  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~!Award Night   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!Puppy Love  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Instagram post  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)

~Loud  (AO3)  (Wattpad) 


~Luke Hemmings Smut Alphabet  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~First time  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Hate antidote  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Dating Luke Hemmings would include  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Til death do us part  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Don’t cry  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!You are important too  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Spanked  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Christmas Getaway  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


~Michael Clifford Smut Alphabet  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Dating Michael Clifford would include  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Your Christmas with Michael  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Dancing Lessons  (AO3)  (Wattpad)



Youngblood Series


~Valentine  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Talk Fast   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!More  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Meet you there  (AO3)  (Wattpad)



!~Babylon  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Why won’t you love me  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Moving Along  (AO3)   (Wattpad)

!~Youngblood  (AO3)  (Wattpad)



~Lie to me  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Ghost of you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~If walls could talk  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!~Better Man  (AO3)  (Wattpad)




!~Woke up in Japan  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Want you back   (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~Monster among men  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Empty Wallets  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


House Series

Your house with Ashton  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Your house with Calum  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Your house with Luke  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Your house with Michael  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


Pregnancy Series

Ashton’s Pregnancy Series  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!Calum’s Pregnancy Series  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

Luke’s Pregnancy Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Michael’s Pregnancy Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*


Baby Series

Ashton’s Baby Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Calum’s Baby Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Luke’s Baby Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Michael’s Baby Series*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*


Wedding Series 

Your wedding with Ashton*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Your wedding with Calum*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Your wedding with Luke*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*

Your wedding with Michael*  (AO3)*  (Wattpad)*


He surprises you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Kissing  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Halloween Couple Costume  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Cuddling  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Picture of you he uploads  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Gift you get him  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Gift he gets you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Christmas Together  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Chilling day  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Lingerie  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

Beach Days  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!He reads to you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Cheesy Couple Stuff  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Cute necklace he gets you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!You adopt a puppy  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Birthday gift he gets you  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Drunk makeout  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Outfit that turns him on  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

!Baby’s first christmas  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Christmas Morning  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


Preferences (Fluff)

!Valentine  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

Gotta Get Out  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


Preferences (Smut)

~Eating you out*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Fingering*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~Choking*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Riding him*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Rough Sex*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~Thigh Riding*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Face Sitting*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~69*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

!~He is teasing you*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*

~Happy Ending*  (AO3)  (Wattpad)*






!~Pornstar!Calum  (AO3)  (Wattpad)

~!Unholy Thoughts   (AO3)   (Wattpad)

~!CEO!Calum x vibrating panties  (AO3)  (Wattpad)


Chapter Text

Hey guys. So, I put together a list of writing prompts for you, which I divided into 3 categories. The first one is Fluff prompts, 26 of them to be exact, the second is Smut prompts, 39 in the number, and the third is 35 prompts that can be both Fluff and/or Smut, depending on your request. Now, before the list, I would like to give you a couple of rules for requesting, in order to make it easier for you to request and for me to write the story. 


  1. Give me the category and the number of the prompt you would like to request along with the name of the person you would like the story to be with (Example: From the Fluff category, number 26, with Ashton) 
  2.  If you want a prompt from the Fluff and Smut category, clarify whether you want it to be Smut, Fluff or a mix of both (Example: From the Fluff/Smut category, number 24, with Michael, but make it fluff.) 
  3.  Bear in mind that I am a functioning adult with responsibilities, so in most cases, you will have to wait a little for me to write your request. It takes some time to write stories and check for errors and plot holes. I want to make sure that the final story is perfect, to make you happy. I will do my best to make sure that I write everything in the estimated time I give you when I reply to your request. 
  4.  I am not writing personalized imagines. I never did and never will, so please don't give me a description of yourself or demand the character to have your traits and looks. I use reader insert (Y/N) always. 
  5.  I am Greek so my mother tongue is Greek. English is my second language and I might be good at it, but I sometimes make mistakes. Please, politely inform me and try not to make a big deal out of it. (I know some fluent English speakers that still can't tell apart your and you're.)
  6. Please give me feedback on your request. Tell me if you like the story I come up with. It means a lot and you can help me improve my writing skills.


Now that I am done with the rules, here are the 3 categories 


  1. "You made me cookies?"
  2. "You stole what?"
  3. "A dragon ate your homework?"
  4. "I am not pregnant."
  5. "Oh come on you would have murdered that guy."
  6. " The stars are pretty tonight, aren't they?"
  7. "Have you ever seen something as cool as this?" 
  8. "I know you love me and all but stop threatening the doctor." 
  9. "I shit you not."
  10. "My man, I am high as a kite right now. And you are so pretty. And in the morning I'll be sober and you will still be soooo pretty..."
  11. "You aren't leaving here without telling me who hurt you so I can take out a can of whoop as and unleash it in their ass."
  12. "You just kissed me."
  13. "But you hate avocados..."
  14. "Hold up- just stop- just- what are you actually doing? It's 2 A.M." 
  15. "We’re holding hands now."
  16. "I…I think I may be pregnant"
  17. "Oh, my God, what are you? Five?"
  18. "Am I not good enough for you anymore?"
  19. "I love you more than I even realized was possible"
  20. "I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me"
  21. "What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids"
  22. “Since my dog likes you, then I guess I like you.”
  23. “Sorry, were you sleeping?”
  24. “I could hold you forever.”
  25. “You nap, I’ll stay awake”
  26. “You are my sun and moon."            



  1. "You are mine. Do you understand me?"
  2. "You sure want to go there, princess?" 
  3. "Well, I make the rules." 
  4. "Why don't you use that smart mouth of yours for something else?"
  5. "Go to your/our room and wait for me."
  6. "Are you trying to get spanked, little girl?" 
  7. "Good girl."
  8. "Take your panties off."
  9. "You are so tight babygirl."
  10. "Daddy loves it when you do that."
  11. “Can I please cum?” 
  12. “Just say the magic words and you will have all you desire, kitten.”
  13. "Stop biting that fucking lip, it’s so distracting and hot!" 
  14. "You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad"
  15. "Make me"
  16. "I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly"
  17. "Don’t make me take you home and punish you."
  18. “I will ride you until I break you, you are mine and mine alone.”
  19. “Who said it had to be on the bed?”
  20. “Open those legs. I want a taste.”
  21. “How bad do you want me to fuck you? Hmm? Beg for it”
  22. “Fuck, you look so hot with my cock in your mouth”
  23. “Please, remind me again why we’re having sex behind a tree?”
  24. “I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would even notice”
  25. “Leave the heels on, baby. Just the heels, though.”
  26. “Try to stay quiet, baby…”
  27. “You have no idea what you do to me.”
  28. “Already? Do I really have that much of an effect on you?”
  29. “Could he make you feel as good as I do?”
  30. “Give me a little more… Just a little more…” 
  31. “You weren’t complaining last night.”
  32. “Take. It. Off.”
  33. “I don’t allow my students to re-take exams, but perhaps you’d be able to earn some extra credit with an oral assignment...”
  34. “What if someone sees?”
  35. “I like the way you beg for it…do it again.”
  36. “Quiet, love. You don’t want the others to hear you moaning like that, do you?”
  37. “All this dirty talk is going to get you in trouble.”
  38. “I was bad, Daddy…”
  39. “You’re not wearing anything under that, are you…?”


Both Smut and Fluff

  1. "You are mine and just mine."
  2. "What am I going to do with you?" 
  3. “I knooooow, it’s supposed to hurt.”
  4. "Are you jealous?"
  5. "Are you done checking me out?"
  6. "Five more minutes"
  7. "We’ve been married 5 years and you still make my heart race"
  8. "Will you shut up a moment and let me kiss you"
  9. "You’re stuck with me"
  10. "I just wanted to see you"
  11. "God, you’re hot"
  12. "We’re not just friends and you fucking know it."
  13. "If you insist"
  14. "Your hand is on my ass."
  15. "You’re not going out in that outfit." 
  16. "You’re more than just a one night stand"
  17. "Why can’t I stop thinking about you? 
  18. “You’re staring again.”
  19. “I swear, there is nothing going on between us!”
  20. “Are you trying to turn me on right now or are you really just that oblivious?
  21. “I can’t stop thinking about your hands on me”
  22. “Babe, I’m never gonna finish this work if you keep doing that”
  23. “Like what you see?”
  24. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
  25. “I like it when you say my name like that.”
  26. “If we get caught I’m blaming you”
  27. “Can’t you stay a little longer?”
  28. “You’ve learned how to dance… For me?”
  29. “Did you just smack my ass?”
  30. “I’m not staring, I’m admiring”
  31. “I just like proving you wrong.”
  32. “Looks like I’ve found your weakness.”
  33. “Say that again.”
  34. “Can I touch you?”
  35. "I wanna travel and fuck you in every city we go to." 


Those are the prompts. You can request stories based on them in the comments, but please read the rules first. 


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Hey guys. For the past 2 weeks I've been contemplating about writing a new series of imagines (or more specifically, blurbs). I saw the concept on on their imagines with Sweet Pea and I thought it would be cute to write something based on those prompts. 
So, before I give you the list, I would like to remind you how to make a request. First, you give the number of the prompt you like, then the person you want it to be written about, and last if you want it to be fluff, smut, angst or a little bit of everything. (Example: #83, with Calum, make it a bit angst)

Here are the prompts:

1."Pull over. Let me drive for awhile."
2. "It reminded me of you."
3. "No, no, it's my treat."
4. "Come here. Let me fix it."
5. "I'll walk you home."
6. "Have a good day at work."
7. "I dreamt about you last night."
8. "Take my seat."
9. "I saved a piece for you."
10. "I'm sorry for your loss."
11. "You can have half."

12. "Take my jacket, it's cold outside."

13. "Sorry I'm late."
14. "Can I have this dance?"
15. "I made your favourite."
16. "It's okay. I couldn't sleep anyway."
17. "Watch your step."
18. "Here, drink this. You'll feel better."
19. "Can I hold your hand?"

20. "You can borrow mine."
21. "You might like this."
22. "It's not heavy. I'm stronger than I look."
23. "I'll wait."
24. "Just because."

25. "Look both ways."

26. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."
27. "Try some."
28. "Drive safely."
29. "Well, what do you want to do?"

30. "One more chapter."
31. "Don't worry about me."
32. "It looks good on you."
33. "Close your eyes and hold out your hands."
34. "That's okay, I bought two."
35. "After you."

36. "We'll figure it out."

37. "Can I kiss you?"

38. "I like your laugh."

39. "Don't cry."
40. "I made this for you."

41. "Go back to sleep."

42. "Is this okay?"

43. "I picked these for you."

44. "I'll drive you to the hospital."
45. "What do you want to watch?"
46. "You can go first."

47. "Did you get my letter?"
48. "I'll do it for you."
49. "Call me when you get home."

50. "I think you're beautiful."

51. "Are you sure?"

52. "Have fun."

53. "Sit down, I'll get it."

54. "I made reservations."
55. "I don't mind."

56. "It brings out your eyes."

57. "There is enough room for both of us."
58. "You don't have to say anything."

59. "Wow."

60. "Happy birthday."
61. "I'll pick it up after work."

62. "It can wait until tomorrow."

63. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

64. "It's two sugars, right?"
65. "I'll help you study."
66. "Stay over."

67."I did the dishes."
68. "You didn't have to ask."

69. "I bought you a ticket."

70. "You're warm."

71. "No reason."

72. "I'll meet you halfway."

73. "Take mine."

74. "We can share."
75. "I was just thinking about you."

76. "I want you to have this."

77. "Call me if you need anything."

78. "Do you want to come too?"

79. "I'll still be here when you're ready."

80. "Is your seatbelt on?"

81. "Sweet dreams."

82. "I was in the neighbourhood."

83. "Stay there. I'm coming to get you."

84. "The key is under the mat."

85. "It doesn't bother me."

86. "You're important too."

87. "I saved you a seat."
88. "I'll see you later."
89. "I noticed."

90. "You can tell me anything."

91. "I hope you like it."

92. "I want you to be happy."
93. "I believe in you."

94. "You can do it."

95. "Good luck."

96. "I brought you an umbrella."

97. "I'll pick you up at the airport."

98. "Take a deep breath."

99. "Be careful."

100."I love you."

(Retrieved from


Chapter Text

Ashton is the romantic kind of guy... at least in public. Forehead kisses are common for us whenever we are out, and to be honest, I wouldn't want anything else other than this sweet gesture.

 Forehead kisses are common for us whenever we are out, and to be honest, I wouldn't want anything else other than this sweet gesture

Kisses are hardly ever just kisses with Calum; 95% of the time they turn into full make-out sessions. And whenever we are out drinking, no matter who drives us back home, we can't keep our hands to ourselves.

 And whenever we are out drinking, no matter who drives us back home, we can't keep our hands to ourselves

Luke was too absorbed in the movie when me, on the other hand, was way too bored by it. I was glued to his chest, my hands playing with the threads of his ripped jeans when he turned to me.
"What do you  want, kitten?" He asked, pecking on my forehead. I shrugged my shoulders and leaned in for a kiss, capturing his bottom lip between my lips.

 I shrugged my shoulders and leaned in for a kiss, capturing his bottom lip between my lips

"You were supposed to help me clean, you know..." I sigh when I catch a glimpse of Michael sprawled on the floor of our bedroom. 
"I know, but this rug is so comfy... come see..."
"Why do I have to deal with you, remind me again...?" I ask as I lay on the carpet next to him.
"Cause I am your boyfriend. And you love me..." He replies, pulling me on his chest and kissing me between the sentences.

" He replies, pulling me on his chest and kissing me between the sentences

Chapter Text


I literally had to beg him to dress up like Jace, but the minute he was done with hair and makeup, he felt good about the result.
"You know what...? I kinda look like him... I mean in real life." He says, checking himself out in the mirror once more.
"You look like Dominic Sherwood? Yeah, right..." I chuckle, fixing my jacket.
"Don't mock me... We have the same facial structure.." He states and I burst out laughing. 
"I hate you." He groans and rolls his eyes.
"I don't know if you do hate me, but I have to say that I find you very hot in this outfit. I have to admit, it turns me on a bit." I say, trying to cheer him. 
"It does?" He asks me, cocking an eyebrow. I hum in approval as I pull him in for a kiss. 



"So, you are basically Maorian?" I ask my boyfriend once the movie ends. 
"Not exactly. My mom is Kiwi, so I am part Kiwi. Now, Maorians were the first people to inhabit New Zealand, so I am probably part Maorian." He explains and I nod, looking at him in awe. 
"Do you think we could dress like Moana and Maui for Halloween?" I ask, turning to look at him. He purses his lips and thinks about it for a second. 
'Well, we could... But obviously, I am skinnier than Maui so it might be a problem. " He says and pecks on my forehead. 
"Come on... It will be fun. You will be covered in tattoos and you will look like a tough guy... And I will be badass and we will look so cute together..." I purr, straddling his waist. He bites his lip and smiles, nodding his head.
"Alright, alright... I can't say no to you." He replies and I lean in to kiss him. 


For our first Halloween as an engaged couple, we threw a monster themed party. Luke wanted a legendary costume for us, and I couldn't agree more with that. So we ended up dressing like Frankenstein and his bride and stealing the show. 


"To live without you, only that would be torture..." Michael whispers in my ear, wrapping his arms around my waist as I pour myself some punch. 
"Are you hitting on me, Mr. Clifford?" I ask, turning to face my boyfriend. 
"Maybe... Is it working? Cause I have a few more Addams family quotes I can use..." He says and I lick my lip, placing a hand on his chest. 
"Oh, it's working..." I say, cocking an eyebrow and leaning closer to him. 

Chapter Text

"Ash, do you mind if we don't have sex tonight? I am very tired " I ask my boyfriend as I lay my head on my pillow. He smiles at me and pulls me close to his chest, stroking my back. 
"It's fine by me. But are you sure it's just that you are tired, babygirl? Is it something else? Are the fans giving you a hard time again?" Ashton asks me, clearly worried. 
"I am fine baby. Don't worry" I say, pecking on his chest as I get more comfortable.

 Don't worry" I say, pecking on his chest as I get more comfortable

"I don't want to get up. I don't want to go to work. I want to stay in here...  It's so warm and cozy and calming...." I groan, looking at the alarm clock on the bedside table. Calum chuckles and pets my hair.
"Then stay. I'll call your supervisor and tell them you are sick." He replies and I raise my gaze. He seems serious and a bit excited that I might spend the day with him.
"They won't bite it..." I mumble.
"They will. I am really persuasive... Stay where you are." He says and reaches for his phone.

Luke:"Are you sure you are ok? Do you need a painkiller, or maybe a back rub

"Are you sure you are ok? Do you need a painkiller, or maybe a back rub.... I can bring you some chocolate too... " Luke mumbles, watching me as I lay in his bed. 
"No, I am fine. Or maybe, I need something..." I say, fixing the duvet.
"What? Tell me and I'll bring it to you.
"Come cuddle me..." I say, pouting. He smiles at me and nods before he raises the duvet and lays next to me. He brings me on his chest and pecks on my forehead while rubbing my back soothingly

Michael :"Don't you just love the view?" I ask Michael while I gaze outside the window

Michael :
"Don't you just love the view?" I ask Michael while I gaze out the window.
"Hmmm, I love my view." He hums, looking at me while petting my hair. 


Chapter Text


Ashton doesn't care where he is going to eat me out

Ashton doesn't care where he is going to eat me out. It can be literally everywhere. His favorite place lately is the dining room table, cause as he says I am his favorite meal.


 Calum gets super into it every time

Calum gets super into it every time. His hands roam all over my body, gropping and stroking everything, making me writhe under his touch.


 Luke is very skillful and he knows what to do down there

Luke is very skillful and he knows what to do down there. Every time he is eating me out, I tremble and my eyes roll so back into my head that I can almost see my brain.


Whenever Michael performs oral on me, things might go slow but by the time he is done, my hips are bucked up and glued to his face

Whenever Michael performs oral on me, things might go slow but by the time he is done, my hips are bucked up and glued to his face.

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Chapter Text


"Your turn... Open it." I squeal as I hand my boyfriend his gift. 
"What did you get me?" He asks as he unwraps the small box. 
"You will see in a second." I reply and stare at him as he opens the box. 
"Awww, that so sweet. But the watch looks really expensive. You shouldn't have..." He states and I chuckle.
"My man deserves the best." I respond and he smiles at me.
"Thank you, love. I'll wear it every day." He says and pecks on my forehead. 

Calum gasps as he tears the wrapping. 
"What did I do to deserve you?" He asks me as he stares at the turntable. 
"I don't know. But I bet it was something good. Do you like it?" I ask and he chuckles.
"Like it? A blue vintage spinning table? I hate it." He says sarcastically, cupping my cheeks and pulling me in for a kiss. 



"I know it is not much, but I mean every word. Merry Christmas Luke." I say as I hand him the wrapped notebook. He smiles at me and unwraps it, revealing the personalized book I ordered for him. 
His eyes widen and I hold my breath waiting for his reaction.
"I love you too." He blurts out, smiling from ear to ear. 

"I've put a lot of thought into it and I've done my research, so I think I killed it with your gift this year." I state, making Michael chuckle. 
"I would be pleased with a nice pair of lingerie, kitten." He replies. 
"Hmmm, I didn't know your bust size..." I mock him and he rolls his eyes. 
"It's with memory foam, so your ears won't hurt if you play for too long." I say as he tears the wrapping. 
"Baabee... They are gorgeous, thank you." He says and I hum pleased. 





Chapter Text

Ashton really loves it when I leave a trail of dark hickeys on the side of his neck. He loves the fact that they are visible to everyone, no matter what he is wearing. 



"You know you fucked up my back last night, right doll?" Calum comments as he pulls on his t-shirt to leave for sound check. 
I smile from the hotel room's bed, covering my frame with the sheets. 
"Well, I hadn't seen you in a while. And I hadn't felt you for so long. It was so good last night. And are you complaining, baby boy? I thought you loved it when my nails dig into your flesh while you thrust on my g-spot..." I tease him and watch his smirking reflexion in the mirror. 
"I do baby girl. I'll be back for lunch, ok?" He says, pecking on my forehead. 
"Your lunch is going to wait for you, right here, daddy." I tease him and wink at him. 




 Luke is more of a private guy. He doesn't like it when I leave really visible marks on him. But he secretly loves it when he sees light marks on his neck from the previous passionate night we shared.

 But he secretly loves it when he sees light marks on his neck from the previous passionate night we shared


Michael loves seeing whatever mark on him. He loves it when I take my time to drag my nails on his skin or when my teeth bite into his flesh. He loves to stare at them in the mirror and remember everything that went on the previous night. And I always make sure to give him something to stare at. 


Chapter Text

"I got you a little something..." Ashton says, grinning from ear to ear. He hands me a large box which he had hidden behind the tree. 
"I thought we had a 'not above 20$' rule... And this one looks like it cost a lot above 20$..." I state and glare at him. 
"I know, I know. But hey, you broke the rule too..." He says and cocks an eyebrow. 
"Fine, fine..." I huff and unwrap the box. 

I raise the lid of the box and reveal a beautiful bodycon, with lace and rhinestones. 
"It looks beautiful..." I gasp and he smiles. 
"Go put it on babygirl. I want to see if it looks like I imagined it on you..." He smirks at me and licks his lips.


"Merry Christmaaaas" I hear Calum cheer as he enters our bedroom. I rub my eyes to adjust to the light, but once I fix my gaze on him, I see that he is holding a gorgeous yellow labrador puppy. 
"What's that?" I ask, gasping excitedly. 
"This is Taco, our new puppy. He will be keeping you company while I am touring, but he promised to not take my place in your heart, right buddy?" He asks, raising the puppy to his face to look at him. The puppy licks Calum's nose and I squeal. 
"Even though I feel like this is more of a gift for you than for me, he is soooo cute." I squeal and pick up the puppy from Calum's arms. 
"Guilty..." He pledges and sits next to me on our bed.  

"(Y/N), before we leave for the dinner with my family, can I tell you something?" Luke asks me as I slip in my shoes. 
"Sure..." I say and turn to face him. 
"I wasn't sure what to get you for Christmas..." He begins but I cut him off. 
"Luke, you didn't have to get me anything..." I say but he shushes me. 
"Let me finish... But then I saw this and I thought it would be great on you... So, Merry Christmas, I thought you will like it..." Luke says, smiling at me as he hands me the small box. 
I open it and find a beautiful pendant, with a drawing of a night sky and the moon in it. 
"It's beautiful... Thank you..." I reply before I stand up to kiss him. 

"Ok, but how did you know that this is what I wanted?" I ask Michael while I unpack all of the lippies. 
"Well, if you don't buy your makeup crazed girlfriend a vault of all the colors of her favorite lipstick, what are you going to buy her. Plus, I wanted to see what all of those colors would look like on my cock..." He states, grinning and chuckling. 
"That can be arranged..." I smirk at him and turn my head to kiss him on the lips.  

Chapter Text

"Maybe some more in there..." Ashton struggles with the tube of sugar paste. I kiss his jaw with a feather kiss as he sticks his tongue out, focusing on frosting the gingerbread house. 
"Ashton, this is perfect. Stop struggling." 
"No. It's our first Christmas in our new place and everything has to be more than perfect. Now, hand me some more sprinkles." He replies, pecking on my forehead.

" He replies, pecking on my forehead

"I am so sorry that nobody showed up to your party Cal..." (Y/N) says after she takes a sip from her bubbly. I chuckle and stare at the flames, gathering some courage to tell my good friend about my feelings for her. 
"Nah, it's alright. The person that I wanted the most to show up, is here... So, everything is fine." I reply, hugging her closer to my chest.
"Isn't this a little weird? I mean this whole setting is so romantic... You should spend moments like this with a girl you like, or maybe your girlfriend..." She states fixing her dress. 
"Who told you I don't like you...?" 
"I meant like like... Not like as a friend cause I am cool." 
"I meant like like as a woman for whom I have strong feelings ever since I met her because she is gorgeous too." I reply, gathering every ounce of courage in my body. I hold my breath back, waiting for her reaction.
She just kisses me, her hands around my neck and her lips moving slowly. 
"Merry Christmas." I whisper against her lips as we part while stroking her back. 
She bites her lip, blushing and smiling brightly. 
"Merry Christmas, Cal." She replies before I crash my lips on hers. 

"You shouldn't have traveled all the way in here. I mean, it's Christmas, you shouldn't have spent it with your family." I whisper as Luke strokes my sides with his knuckles. 
"First of all, I would never leave you spending Christmas alone. And second, you are part of my family. So, shut your mouth and kiss me Merry Christmas." He says, side-smiling. 

"We are supposed to put those on the tree." I whine. He chuckles and brings me closer, his hands on my face now, with his thumbs tracing patterns on my cheeks. 
"They look so much better on you though..." He whispers, pecking on my lips. 

Chapter Text

Ashton :
"Can't keep my hands off my babygirl. And Neither can she..."

Calum :"Mine

Calum :
"Mine. "

Luke :"Best pillow ever

Luke :
"Best pillow ever.... I meant girlfriend...

Chapter Text

Ashton (Girlfriend)
"Hey babe... Are you going to be late again today?" Ashton asks me over the phone.
"Yeah, probably. Paperwork is killing me today..." I huff and throw my head back.
"I see. Do you mind if I start decorating? It will save us time and I promise to start from the outside so we can have the Christmas tree left for when you are home..." He rumbles and I groan.
"Who had this amazing idea of leaving the decorations for the last minute?" I ask and he chuckles.
"You. You said that we had plenty of time..." He says and I roll my eyes.
"I'll try to get home as soon as possible. Just start without me..." I say and he laughs.

By the time I got home, it was already dark outside. Ashton had already decorated the garden and the front door, making everything look dreamy.
"Babe, I am home." I announce.
"Hey home, I am Ashton..." He mocks me.
"What are you doing on the stool?" I ask him, folding my arms in front of my chest.
"Putting on mistletoes..." He replies, stepping down the stool.
"Yeah, I can tell. But why?" I ask and he smirks at me.
"I've put one in every door of our house, so I can have excuses to kiss you all the time." He says and pulls me close to him by my waist.
"That sounds like a plan to me..." I reply and he smirks.
"Come give me some sugar, honey..." He says and makes me giggle before I plant a kiss on his lips.

Calum (Best Friend)
"Oh look... A mistletoe above your heads... Huh, I wonder how it got up there. Anyways, have fun." Michael shuts the door, winking at us. Calum groans and tries to open the door, but no luck.
"Come on... It's not that bad... I mean, we can chill here for 7 minutes and then go back out..." I comment, placing my hand on his back.
"I knew they would do that..." He growls and pounds his fist on the door 
"Hey, Cal... It's no biggie. We don't have to do anything..." I giggle and he huffs.
"The thing is that I really want to kiss you. Like, really really want to kiss you... A lot. I wanted it for too long. And they knew it... And I knew they would do something like that..." He replies, rubbing his face with his palms.
"Calum... I don't know what to say..." I state and stare at him.
"You don't really have to say anything. I understand if you don't even want to talk to me for the rest of your life. I get it; I fucked up and fell in love with my best friend..." He panics and I choke at his words.
"Calum, you are in love with me?" I ask him and he scratches the back of his head.
"Badly..." He says and I smile at him.
"I am the girl you told me about?" I ask and he nods.
"Kiss me you idiot..." I whimper and he whips his head towards me.
"Kiss me..." I whisper approaching him.
He places his hand on my lower back and traces my cheek with the other before his lips land on mine.

Luke (Ex)
I open the door, after the 15th knock on it; I don't know why, but even though I told Luke that I don't want to talk to him, he is still here and insisting on talking to me.
"It's a Christmas miracle." He chuckles and I roll my eyes, groaning at him
"What do you want Luke?" I ask him and place a hand on my hip.
"I just want you to hear me out..." He replies and I chuckle.
"Just tell me..." I sigh and he clears his throat. 
"I miss you, I love you and I want you back."
"That's it?" I ask and cock an eyebrow
"Oh, and there is a mistletoe over our heads, so I now have to kiss you." He mumbles and stretches his arm over my head, holding a mistletoe between his fingers.
He pulls me close y my waist and I whimper, not realizing what's going on. He leans in to kiss me, engulfing my lips with his. I moan a little and he smiles against my mouth.
"Merry Christmas." He whispers, parting from me

Michael (Love-Hate Relationship)
"Oh great... You are here..." I hear Michael groan. My heart beat starts rising and I feel cheeks fluster but I hide it away by sipping on my drink.
"Mmmh, you are here too." I come back and he chuckles, pouring a drink for himself.
"You had nothing better to do than show up in here and ruin my night?" He asks and I giggle.
"Honestly, that's basically my plan..." I reply and smirk.
"Ruin my moments?" He asks and I grin.
"Ruin your whole life..." I reply and approach him. I feel him tense up as I get chest to chest with him.
"And since we are here..." I whisper and point to the mistletoe hanging from the roof.
"Merry Christmas..." I whisper before I graze my lips over his.


Chapter Text









Chapter Text

"Thanks for the dinner, Ashton..." I thank my boyfriend as we walk towards his car. 
"You are welcome, my moon..." He says, kissing the top of my head. He only leaves my hand to unlock his car and open the door for me. I turn to give him a kiss before I start getting in... 
However, I find my seat taken by a giant teddy bear. 
"What is that? Oh my God, Ash... That's amazing... But how and why?" I ask excitedly.
"Well, I had the guys come here and put it in while we were eating. And I got it for you to keep you company while I am on tour. " He replies smiling from ear to ear.

Calum:'Babygirl, for your first day at your new work,  to make your day half as sweet and pretty as you make mine

'Babygirl, for your first day at your new work,  to make your day half as sweet and pretty as you make mine. I love you to the moon and back.
Your Cal-Pal '

Luke:"Are you fucking serious?" I scream as I see all of my friends and Luke with the guys jump out from every corner of my apartment and scream 'surprise'

"Are you fucking serious?" I scream as I see all of my friends and Luke with the guys jump out from every corner of my apartment and scream 'surprise'. My hands fly to my mouth as I look around at the decoration.  
Luke guides me to the table where a birthday cake is set up and waiting for me. 
After everyone sings the happy birthday song for me and wishes me for my special day, I have a quick chat with my best friend, mostly scolding her for not calling me the whole day. 
"Hey, it was Luke's order... He said that he wanted to amplify the surprise.... He was planning the whole thing for 2 months,  it would be a pity if someone would have ruined it..." She says and I nod. 
I walk over to my boyfriend who is sitting on the couch and enjoying his beer.
"Hey, babe... Are you enjoying your party?" He asks me as I take a seat on his lap. 
"Of course I am. I just wanted to say thank you.... (Y/B/F/N) told me that you've been planning this for quite a while. "
"Anything for my baby..." he replies, leaving a kiss on my shoulder.
"Maybe I should thank you more when everyone is gone,  what do you think?" I ask, tracing the bare part of his chest with my fingertip. 
"I can't wait, love.."

Michael :'The fact that I am away from you on our first anniversary doesn't mean that I am not thinking of you all the damn time

Michael :
'The fact that I am away from you on our first anniversary doesn't mean that I am not thinking of you all the damn time. I love you so much babygirl and I promise we will celebrate it when I am back. I wish I was there, I really am. It pains me that I have to be away during such a 
big milestone in our relationship but I can't do otherwise. Enjoy your day full of surprises and I can't wait to see your pretty face through Skype tonight.
, Michael"

❤, Michael"

Chapter Text

"What do you want to watch next?" I ask Ashton as I scroll through Netflix. I hear him hum and I turn to look at him.
"I don't care. As long as I can lay in bed with you and have my hands on your ass, I am fine with whatever you pick"

 As long as I can lay in bed with you and have my hands on your ass, I am fine with whatever you pick"

"Installing this hammock was seriously your best idea ever..." (Y/N) whispers, pecking on my jawline.
"You think so, babygirl?" I ask her, stroking her back.
"Yeah.... Maybe not though... Your best idea ever was hooking up with me and then asking me to become your girlfriend...." She murmurs. I chuckle and close my eyes. 
"You are right, angel...." I whisper and kiss her softly.

" I whisper and kiss her softly

Luke :
"Morning doll...."  I hear Luke cheers from the kitchen door. I smile at him and grab the mug of coffee I made for him. 
"Good morning my prince. How was your sleep?" I ask as he approaches me. I stretch out my arm to hand him the mug. 
"It was nice. Why didn't you wake me up?  

" You seemed too peaceful, I didn't want to..."
"Well, thank you. I appreciate it ." 

Michael :"I am sleepy

Michael :
"I am sleepy...."  I groan to Michael who looks at me from the couch. He opens his arms and I get in his embrace. 
"Take a nap, babygirl and when I finish this round and I'll take you to our bed for snuggles.... We have the whole day to ourselves..."


Chapter Text

Ashton just loves baby pink on me. It makes his daddy kink go off the roof, as his eyes scan my body dressed in such an innocent color, yet a bit of revealing outfit.

 It makes his daddy kink go off the roof, as his eyes scan my body dressed in such an innocent color, yet a bit of revealing outfit

'Daddy misses you so much, babygirl...'
'Really, daddy? You've been only gone for 3 weeks.' 
'So fucking much... I can't wait to have my hands on your body again...' 
'2 more weeks until I visit you, daddy... Until then, here is a sneak peek of one of the things I bought for then...' 
'Fuck, babygirl. Is that supposed to relax me right now? '
'Isn's it, daddy?'
'I have to take care of myself. Send me more, baby '

Luke: "I have a little something for you, you know

"I have a little something for you, you know... a bit of a birthday gift..." I tease Luke, straddling his waist, my body still covered by the silky robe he brought me from the last tour. 
"Really? I thought my gift was you..." 
"Oh, it is..." I say smirking, opening the beautiful robe to reveal my last purchase to my boyfriend. 
"Fuck... only thing missing is a bow..." He mumbles and I smile. 
"I didn't think you would need one. You can still tear the wrapping, though..." I say and he licks his lips. 

Michael:"Come on, let me see you

"Come on, let me see you..." Michael chants from the bedroom. I groan and take a big breath before I begin walking out of the ensuite closet. 
All I hear is Michael gasp, the bed squeaking a bit as he sits up. 
"Beautiful... " He says, approaching me. 
"Seriously?" I ask, pushing my shoulders a bit back. 
"I don't even know what to say." He says and puts a strand of hair that got loose from my messy bun, behind my ear.
"You look absolutely gorgeous, angel." He says, pushing my chin up to kiss my lips.    


Chapter Text

"I love sneaking from tour with you..." Ashton says smiling. 
"Thanks for planning this whole thing... " I say, kissing his lips softly.
"No problem, kitten... Thanks for wearing that bathing suit."

Calum:"(Y/N), are you ready? Let's go

"(Y/N), are you ready? Let's go... The guys are waiting for us on the beach..." I shout from the living room of the beach house we have rented for some days, to chill and rest.
"I am coming. " She shouts back as she jogs down the stairs. I turn to look at her as I stand up, only to find my girlfriend wearing the most perfect bikini ever that enhance her curves even more.
"Babe... " I moan, biting my bottom lip.
"What?" She asks, looking around her. She turns a bit to look if there is something behind her, giving me a view of the side of her butt. I feel warmth running through my body and my trunks get tighter. 
"You are so fucking sexy today. Your boobs are even more perfect. Fuck, everything is even more perfect on you today..." I moan, walking towards her. She blushes and walks towards me too.
"Well, I am ovulating and everything is rounder these days... But thank you..." She mumbles. 
"Shshshs, come here." I say, grabbing the middle of her bikini top. She giggles as I drag her closer and puts her hands around my neck. I bite my lip and look at her, my eyes not even close to being bored of looking at her. 
I kneel a bit and pick her up, putting her over my shoulder and start walking towards our bedroom.
"What about the guys? " She giggles as we climb up the stairs. 
"They can wait. " I reply, smacking her butt.

Luke :I see my girl laying on the beach chair,  clad in her perfect white bikini and taking in the sun

Luke :
I see my girl laying on the beach chair,  clad in her perfect white bikini and taking in the sun. I smile at myself, feeling relaxed and peaceful, as we both are just enjoying ourselves, minding nothing at all. It's not usual for us to have that much time just for the two of us in between our hectic lives. 
I walk out of the water only to hear some whispers from the fuckboys near our beach chairs, about how hot my girlfriend is and all the things they would do to her if they could. 
I strut faster to her, leaning into her to kiss her and make everyone see that she is mine and that they would have to mess with me first to get to her.

 I strut faster to her, leaning into her to kiss her and make everyone see that she is mine and that they would have to mess with me first to get to her

Michael :
"Isn't it perfect in here ?" Michael asks me as we get out of the car.
"It is... And you know what's more perfect?" I ask back, arching my eyebrow. 
"This place is so secluded that we can go skinny dipping if we want... I know I want to.... What about you, babyboy?" I ask smirking.
All Michael says is 'fuck' under his breath before he starts walking to the beach.

All Michael says is 'fuck' under his breath before he starts walking to the beach

Chapter Text

"Whatcha doing there? I thought we were going to the beach..." You ask as you walk in the living room of the place Ashton rented for your summer vacation. 
"I just found this book about Plato's Symposium while you were getting ready..." He mumbles. You kneel next to him on the sofa, observing him; he looks so concentrated, so into the words that you can't help but admire him as his eyes scan the pages. 
"What is it about?" You ask, leaning your head on the cushion. 
"It's about the Greek myth of soulmates. Supposedly humans used to be conjoined, 2 heads, one body, 4 legs, 4 arms... They were incredibly strong that Gods were afraid of them. So Zeus divided them, but Apollo told them they could search for their other halves." 
"Wow... Can you read to me?" You ask, fully focused on him. 
"Of course" He replies and smiles.

"I have an idea." You mumble as you stretch and turn to bury your face even more on his chest. 
"What did that wonderful mind came up with?" Calum hums and strokes your hair. 
"I already have the day off. You don't have to go anywhere. So why don't we stay in bed all day long?" You suggest, stroking his chest. 
"And trade favors for the trips to the fridge?" He asks. 
"Doesn't sound too bad..." You reply and giggle. 
Not at all. So, what's the first thing you want to do today?" He asks you, pecking on your head. 
You turn on your side and reach for the book on the nightstand. 
"Read to me... I've missed your voice way too much." You say and hand him the book. Calum smiles sweetly as he opens the book to the page you left it and you get more comfortable on his chest. 

You enter your shared home, in a semi-dead state. Your feet are killing you, your clothes are suffocating you and the only thing you want is to fall on your bed. 
"Hey, angel. How was work today?" He asks you, a smile spreading on his face. 
"Don't want to talk about it..." You mumble and pout, kicking off your shoes. 
"Babygirl, did something bad happen?" He asks you, hugging you closely. 
"No, I am just very tired." You sigh and he pecks your forehead. 
"I will run you a hot bath and order some pizza for after, ok?" He asks, but it was more like an announcement. 
After a little, you are engulfed in bubbles and warm water, the bathroom smelling vividly like your favorite bath bomb.
Luke enters the bathroom holding 2 glasses of wine and a book. 
"Thought it would relax you." He smiles and leans down to peck your forehead as he opens the book. 

"Are you still in pain, princess?" Michael asks you as he enters your bedroom with a cup of tea in hand. He places the mug on the nightstand and sits next to you, letting you lay your head on his lap. 
"A little better now, but still hurts a lot." You groan and hug the heating pad closer to your tummy. 
"I am sorry, baby. Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better?" He asks, stroking your arms soothingly.
"Just hold me, ok?" You ask and he nods. He lays down next to you and scoots you closer to him, letting you rest on his chest. 
"This feels so good." You mumble as he rubs his thumb over your lower back. 
"Michael..." You say to get his attention. He hums to let you know he is fully paying attention to you. 
"Can you read to me?" You ask. 
"Of course. Give me a moment." He says as he slowly gets up to pick a book. 
Within a few minutes, you are asleep at the sound of your boyfriend's voice who smiles satisfied that he was able to soothe your pain and make you fall asleep.  


Chapter Text

Ashton loves leaving you post-its with cute notes around the house, especially before he leaves for tour. And you make sure to gather everything up and put together a scrapbook of them, just so you can look at the colorful notes whenever you miss him. 


Both of you make sure you drink your morning coffee together every morning, so he got accustomed to buying matching mugs for the 2 of you. Usually, they are themed around something you both geek out to, like Harry Potter or Star Wars. 

Luke loves building makeshift forts for the 2 of you. It started on a Friday night when you had a date night at his place and ever since it has become a habit of yours. Now, he even has screening equipment so you can watch movies in your fort and it is not unusual for you two to spend the weekend in the fort, cuddled. 

Matching t-shirts and jerseys. He just loves the cheesiness of them and he adores how good you look when you are matching him; not that you don't look good in general, but he believes you are extra cute when the world knows you are his. 

Chapter Text

Since he wants everyone to know you are his, he got you a necklace with his name on it. 

Babygirl became kind of your nickname, so he got you a necklace with the word. 

A cute little heartbeat necklace, no reason in particular. He just saw it and thought of you.

As a tribute to his 'to the moon' tattoo, he got you a moon necklace. 

Chapter Text

"Are you cold?" Ashton asks me as we walk in the snowed-in alley in Prague. 
"No, I am wearing a load of layers." I reply, tightening my grip on his hand. 
"Are you sure?" He asks, stopping and turning me around. 
"Yes..." I giggle, leaning in to leave a kiss on his nose. 
"Now, get me for some Christmas breakfast." I whisper and he nods. 

Calum:"Want some more wine, pretty girl?" Calum whispers, pecking on my temple

"Want some more wine, pretty girl?" Calum whispers, pecking on my temple. 
"Are you trying to get me drunk?" I ask, giggling, while I reach to hand him my glass. 
Calum chuckles, pouring me some more of the wine before we go back to cuddling in front of the fire and he begins reading me one of the poems in the book again. 

Luke:"Should we put on a movie?" I ask, causing Luke to hum

"Should we put on a movie?" I ask, causing Luke to hum. 
"Tired of staring at the tree?" He asks, stroking my hair huskily. 
"A bit, yeah..." I yawn and he leaves his mug on the floor next to him before he stands up to turn on the TV. 
"What do you want to watch?" He asks, smiling sweetly. 

Michael:"Should we get up and cook?" I ask, relaxing more on his chest

"Should we get up and cook?" I ask, relaxing more on his chest. 
"No, we will go out for dinner. We just need to nap a bit... It's Christmas and it is beautiful in here. Relax." Michael murmurs and wraps his arm around me. 
"Thank you for bringing me here." I whisper. 
"Thank you for coming with me, princess." He replies. 

~~~~~~Author Note:All pictures retrieved from We Heart It

Chapter Text

"Wanna touch that? You wanna touch that?" Ashton coos, holding up our son as he bumbles and points to the ornament. 

"Careful." I remind Ashton, so he holds the baby a little better. 

"There is my big boy. Next year, you will put the star on the top." Ashton sings as the baby grabs the shiny golden ball. 

"...And when you wake up on Christmas morning, you will find a huge present from Santa Claus, because you are the best girl there is... And Santa will bring you a present every year, because you are always going to be the greatest girl." Calum whispers, rocking the rocking seat lightly as he tries to get our baby to sleep. The baby just stares back at him, making us both sigh frustrated as we prepare ourselves for another sleepless night. 
"But you shouldn't stay up to see Santa... You need to go to sleep, pretty girl."He sings, stroking her tummy. 

"And she fell asleep like that?" I ask Luke as we both stare at our daughter sleeping face-first on the floor. Luke hums quietly, trying not to wake her up. 
"And you let her?" I ask and he nods. 
"Would you dare risk waking her by picking her up?" He asks and I shake my head no. 
"Can we go nap with her?" I ask and watch his eyes go wide with excitement. 

"I can't believe he stayed quiet for so long." I comment before I sip on my coffee. Michael chuckles, shrugging his shoulders. 
"It's a new stimulus for him, it's normal." He smiles, not taking his eyes off our son, just to make sure he stays safe. 

Chapter Text

"Ok, watch your step in here..." Ashton instructs me, seeing that my eyes are covered with a blindfold since the beginning of the car ride. 
"Can I just take off the blindfold?" I ask, making Ashton chuckle. 
"In a bit, princess." He says and knocks on a door. 
"Hi, are you Mrs. Robins?" I hear him ask. 
"Yes, and you must be Ashton..." The lady replies; her voice is very sweet, and I can tell that she is old. 
"I am, and this is my girlfriend, (Y/N)." He says and introduces me to the lady I've yet to see. 
"It is a pleasure to meet you both. Come inside. I have them in the back..." She invites us in. Ashton places his hand on my lower back and gently pushes me inside. 
"Can I at least take the blindfold know that we are in a stranger's house?" I ask, tugging at Ashton's sleeve, but get no reply. 
"Take a look at them and tell me which one you would like..." The lady says. I feel Ashton undo my blindfold. 
"Ready?" He asks, still keeping it on my eyes. I nod my head and he lets go. 
In front of me there is a small play den with at least 4 puppies and an adult dog. I shriek and fall on my knees, observing the little furballs as they stumble around. 
"Since I am leaving for tour in a bit, I thought you should have some company and someone to protect you." Ashton comments, kneeling next to me. 
"Are we taking all of them?" I ask excitedly. 
"I was thinking of one." He giggles and I pout. 
"(Y/N), one..." He says sternly and I roll my eyes. 
"But they are so cute, I can't pick..." I groan and pout my bottom lip some more.
"I am sorry to interrupt, but this one escaped the den. She is a fussy one." The lady says, carrying a puppy who has dirt on its snout. On its mouth, there is a daisy hanging, which makes me giggle. I reach to grab it and I see the puppy wag its tail. 
"Uh, she has destroyed all my flowers..." The lady exclaims. I turn to Ashton and smile.
"That's the one." I announce, pointing at the puppy who is still looking at me, wagging her tail. 
"Are you sure?" He asks. I pick the puppy up, making the mother look at me threateningly, but relaxes after she realizes I mean no harm. 
"Look at her... She will even bring me my morning flower while you are gone. Plus, she already has a name, so we won't have to brainstorm..." I say, turning the puppy to make Ashton look at her. 
"She has a name?" He asks and I nod. 
"And what would her name be?" He asks again. 
"Daisy." I reply, and peck on my new love's head. 
"Alright, she is the one." Ashton breathes out, smiling and kissing the top of my head as he hugs me. 


Calum and I walk hand in hand in the animal shelter, smiling brightly at the young woman who is behind the information desk. 
"Good morning. How can I help you?" She asks. 
"Good morning. We are looking to adopt a dog." Calum says; I simply smile and lean my head on his arm. 
"This is a very smart choice. I mean, adopting from a shelter and not buying. I will show you the dogs, follow me." The lady smiles and gets out from behind the desk, motioning one of the other volunteers to cover her. 
She leads us to the kennels and I feel my stomach tighten; I knew it would be hard for me to be in shelter. 
"We keep them in here only at night. They spend most of the day outside; that way they learn to socialize." The lady explains and I nod my head, not knowing what to say. As if Calum understands my uneasiness, he leaves a peck on my forehead, in an effort to calm me down. 
She leads us to the backyard, where there are around 20 dogs laying on the grass or running around. 
"This is a wonderful place. You are doing a great job." I compliment and the lady smiles sweetly. 
"Thank you. It is a team effort, we really love animals here. Take a look around, and call me if you need any help." The lady says and points around the backyard. I turn to look at Calum, who takes my hand in his and runs his thumb over my the back of it. 
"Let's take a stroll, ok?" He asks and I nod. 
"Is your stomach uneasy as well?" I ask and he chuckles softly. 
"Only a little. But we will be alright. Now, let's see who is going to be Duke's brother or sister." He says, beginning to walk. 
We walk around for a bit, looking at the puppies and the older dogs. I take a deep breath and turn to Calum. 
"I want to sit down for a bit." I say and Calum looks at me worriedly. 
"(Y/N), if you don't feel well, we can come another day." He assures me. 
"I know, I just want to take a seat for a minute." I reply and get on the grass. 
I take a deep breath and close me eyes, trying to relax a bit. Calum sighs and I feel him sit behind me, wrapping his arms around me. 
"We can't take them all." He says. 
"I know." I reply and lean my head back. 
"If you feel sorry about the others, we can adopt the one we like and make a donation to the shelter." He whispers and I nod. 
"I know you want them all, angel, and I do as well. But we can't." He reminds me. I nod my head again, still not opening my eyes. 
We sit in silence for a minute, until I feel something soft and fury rub against my leg. I open my eyes and find a golden labrador retriever rub his head on my leg. 
"Hi cutie..." I coo, excitedly, patting his head. I notice that he only has one eye, which makes me feel sorry for the poor thing. 
"Excuse me, what happened to the dog?" I ask the lady who sits a bit away from us. 
"Oh, he was born with one eye. He has some issues in perceiving depth, but he is very healthy, very calm and very playful." The lady replies, kneeling down as well. 
"And how old is he?" Calum asks, reaching up to pet the dog as well. 
"Captain is 2 years old." The lady responds, smiling at us. 
"Cal, I think I am in love." I whisper, playing with the dog's ear as he leans his head on my palm. 
"Hey, Captain. She has a boyfriend, so stop making her fall for you..." Calum fake scolds the dog, who looks at him with puppy eyes. 
"Are you guys interested in adopting Captain?" The lady asks; I turn to look at Calum, biting my lip and waiting to see his reaction. 
"More than interested." Calum replies before he leans down to peck on my lips. 


"Luke, can you stop the car, please?" I nudge my boyfriend.
"Are you feeling alright, my love?" He asks, pulling over almost immediately. 
"Yeah, yeah. I just saw something." I say and exit the car. 
"Wait for me." He says, getting outside and locking the car. 
I walk back to where I saw the thing that caught my eye, and find that my suspicion was real; there is a wounded puppy at the side of the road, laying on its side and looking like giving up. 
"Oh my God... Luke, come over." I gasp and rush to the animal. 
"What is it? (Y/N0, be careful, it might attack you." Luke says once his eyes land on the dog. 
"Yeah, attack me..." I say sarcastically, taking off my jacket and using it to pick up the pup. 
"I think that it has a broken leg..." I say, picking it up softly. 
"Luke, can you take us to the vet?" I turn to my boyfriend, hugging the puppy close. 
"You have to be kidding me? Leave it here and call someone to pick it up." He groans. I stare at him shocked. 
"I am the someone to pick it up. Now, if you don't want to take us to the vet, say it so I can pick up my purse and take a taxi there." I state and watch Luke tense his jaw. 
"Fine, but just drive to the vet. He is not staying with us." He says and I hold the puppy closer, walking to the car before he can change up his mind. 

Once in the vet, she examines it and looks for the microchip, in case it is lost or something. 
"She looks like she has been abandoned. She is healthy, clean, but wounded and without a microchip. She looks like she is 4 months, maybe less. I will tie her leg and in a few days she will be good as new." The vet announces and I smile at the small puppy, who hasn't taken her eyes off of me. 
"That's great doc." I cheer and run my thumb on the pup's nose. 

"We are taking it with us?" Luke asks as I enter the car, puppy still wrapped in my jacket and held close to me. 
"She is wounded and she needs to rest. I promise to find her a home." I sigh and Luke rolls his eyes, gripping the steering wheel. 
"One damage to our house, and she will be sleeping in the street again." He groans. 
"How can you be so heartless? For fuck's sake, she did nothing to you. Imagine if it was Petunia in her place..." I burst out, making Luke stop the car and turn to look at me. 
"I have a lot in my head right now and the last thing I need is a street dog pooping around my house and chewing my stuff." He says. I stare at him, wide-eyed. 
"Your house? Your? I thought it was our house." I exclaim. 
"You know what I meant (Y/N)." He groans. 
"I know exactly what you meant. And if you don't mind, the pup and I would like to walk to your house." I say, grab my purse and exit the vehicle. 

Once in the house, I give the puppy a bath, careful to not wet the band wrapped around her leg. I let her sit on the bassinette I use for the laundry as I take a shower as well; how can Luke be so harsh? 
After the shower, I walk to the bedroom and pick up my pillow and a blanket, heading straight to the couch, since Luke is already on the bed. 

The next morning I wake up by Luke's lips against my temple. I open my eyes and find that he carried me to our bed at night, along with the pup. I try to move away and get up, but Luke pulls me closer to him. 
"We need to find a name." He mumbles sleepily. 
"What?" I yawn. 
"Since she is staying, obviously, we need to give her a name." He explains, pecking on my forehead again. 
"You didn't even want to let her spend the night last night." I scoff. 
"I was wrong. I saw how much you love her. And since I love you more than you love her and I love everything that you love, she is part of our family now." He says, tracing patterns on my arm. 
"I love you..." I mumble sleepily. 
"I love you too, princess." He says as I bury my head in the crook of his neck. 

"I like this fair a lot." I say, licking my gelato. Michael chuckles and bops my nose.
"I knew you would... That's why I brought you here. What do you want us to do now? Ride the roller coaster, win you a teddy, try the photo booth?" He asks. 
I stop in front of the local animal shelter booth, looking at all the puppies in the dens. Michael smirks at me, wrapping an arm around my waist.
"Let's take a look, shall we?" He asks, but I am already gawking at the munchkins. 
"Mikey, I think this one likes me. It is staring right at me." I squeal, but my boyfriend chuckles. 
"Honey, I think he is staring at your ice cream." He snickers and leans down to pet it. 
"Michael..." I whisper, trying to get my boyfriend's attention. 
"Yes love?" He asks. 
"Do you think that instead of a teddy, you could possibly get me this little one to cuddle when you are away?" I ask, giggle and bite my lip, but I am clearly joking. Michael sighs and takes my hand in his, bringing it to his lips.
"One condition." He announces. 
"Michael, I was kidding." I chuckle. 
"Well, I am not. Especially on what I am about to say..." He says. 
"I was going to ask you anyway, but since you want to adopt a pup, I think it is time to move in together..." He says. My eyes go wide and I scream in excitement. 
"Micheal, are you for real right now?" I ask, almost jumping up and down. 
"As real as it gets." He replies and I hug him, almost dropping my ice cream. 
"This is the greatest day of my life." I mumble, staring at the puppy that is about to become ours. 


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I hook my fingers in the loops of Ashton's jeans, pulling them down as I get down on my knees.
"Did I tell you can do that, princess?" He asks me, growling at me, still pissed at me for acting bratty in front of his friends. 
"No daddy. But I really want to..." I pout, earning Ashton strong grasp on my jaw. I gasp and feel my body jolt as I move a little backward. 
"Do you think I care about what you want, little bratty slut?" He groans, crawling towards me, undoing his belt and taking it off. 
"Since princess wants to be handsy, despite being told not to, it is time we take that away from her." He clenches his jaw and grabs my wrists, putting them together over my head. He wraps his belt tightly around them, making me look at him in complete shock. 
"How does that feel, princess?" He asks teasingly, pulling on my shirt and making the buttons snap.
"Ash..." I whimper, trying to move a little. 
"What did you say, princess?" He asks, stepping out of his jeans and letting his cock spring free. 
"I am sorry, daddy." I mumble, gawking at him. 
"You want that, princess?" He asks, running his thumb over his tip. I nod my head vigorously, licking and biting my bottom lip. 
He chuckles at me and kneels down, tearing the panties off my body. I gasp as he slams his fingers inside me, forcing two of them on my soaping core. 
"You cum when I tell you to. If I say no, it means no. If I say no touching, it means no touching. And if you don't follow my rules, what happens?" He asks me, looking at me with a tensed face and dark eyes. 
"I don't get to cum." I mumble under my breath. I whimper as his fingers move faster, while his hand grips on my throat.
"Louder." He growls. 
"I don't get to cum." I cry out, as his fingers bang right on my spot. With a devilish smirk, he stops moving his fingers but still keeps them inside me. 
"Beg, princess."He smirks, moving his fingers once, making me sigh frustrated. 


"Hey princess..." Calum whispers as he walks in the bathroom while I wash my hands.
"Hey Cal." I look at him through the mirror and cock an eyebrow. 
"I can't stop thinking about last night." He whispers in a groggy voice. 
"Calum..." I moan as his hands rest on my hips. 
"Yes. princess?" He asks. 
"It was a one-time thing." I lie; obviously, I don't want it to be a one-time thing. 
"Was it now?" He asks cocking an eyebrow. 
"Cal..." I sigh, leaning my head back on his chest.
"Want me to stop?" He asks and I shake my head no.
"Great..." He mumbles, lowering his hand to my thigh. 
"Nice skirt..." He compliments me, slipping his hand under it. I gasp and jump up, feeling his fingers toy over my panties. 
"Cal, what if we get caught?" I ask, but my pussy already throbs and I feel butterflies in my stomach. 
"We won't. The guys are too into the movie..." He assures me, slipping his hand into my panties. 

I twirl my fork in my spaghetti as I try to pay attention to the story Ashton is telling us during dinner. 
I feel Luke's hand creep up my thigh, making the hair in the back of my neck stand straight. I try to not react to the touch of his fingertips tracing up my thigh, but as his hand gets higher, it gets more difficult. My toes curl in my shoes, and I gulp down, reaching for my wine glass. 
"Luke, what are you doing?" I whisper in his ear, leaning closer to him. 
"Nothing." He replies and pecks on my forehead. I feel my blood boil in my veins; it fucks me up that I can't react...
He slips his hand under my dress and into my panties, grazing my clit with his middle finger. 
"Now, you are going to act like nothing is happening, and finish your dinner while I finish you off. Ok, princess?" He asks, whispering in my ear. 
I nod slightly as his fingers lower to my hole, tracing it slowly, while I try not to whimper and keep my cool. 

"I like seeing you on your stomach." Michael comments as he exits the bathroom. I giggle and move my ass from side to side, giving him a little show. 
"I am putting on a movie. Any suggestions?" I ask, turning my head to face him. I watch him in just his towel, droplettes of water running down his body as his eyes stay glued on my bare ass. 
"I am fine with water. All I want is lay in bed all damn day." He groans, laying on his stomach next to me, his hand resting on my lower back. 
"I think I am going to go with Deadpool." I say. 
"Again?" Michael chuckles as I press play. 
"Yes, again." I stick my tongue out for him. 
"Fine..." He begins, planting a kiss on my shoulder. 
"I'll find something a bit more interesting to do." He says as he pulls my panties to the side, running his thumb along my folds. 


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(not an engagement ring, kinda like a simple jewelry)

(not an engagement ring, kinda like a simple jewelry)

(not an engagement ring, kinda like a simple jewelry)










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Ashton moves his hips faster against my ass, making the sound of skin slapping echo in the room. 
My body falls forward while I groan in pleasure, feeling pure pleasure coursing through my body.  
"Where do you think you are going, princess?" Ashton groans, bringing his hand around my neck and pulling me up, until my back is on his chest. 
Instead of his hand moving to my hips or my boobs, his hand wraps rightly around my throat. I smile as I feel him make my breath get harder and harder.

Calum:"You like my big cock inside your tight little pussy, pretty girl?" Calum hisses, pinning me down on the mattress and pounding his hips forcefully on mine

"You like my big cock inside your tight little pussy, pretty girl?" Calum hisses, pinning me down on the mattress and pounding his hips forcefully on mine.
"I do... Fuck, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop." I scream, my eyes rolling to the back of my head as his cock fills me up.
"Shut up princess." He growls, pressing his hand on my throat.

" He growls, pressing his hand on my throat

"Please sir. Give me a B so I can pass your class." I groan, playing along my role. Luke smirks at me, spreading my legs some more to get better and deeper access to my pussy.
"Will you be a good girl for me? Do you promise to forget to wear panties under your pretty skirt during my classes? Will you bent over my desk and spread your ass for me the moment the class is over and your classmates are out of the room?" He growls, his hand suddenly wrapping around my throat, making me gasp.

Michael:"Look at me

"Look at me... Look at me as your rub your little clit. You are mine, just mine. You do as I say... You belong to me and only me. And the next time someone tries to flirt with you, I am gong to rip off your panties and fuck your pussy until you scream my name and plead for me to stop, right in front of him. Am I clear?" Michael spits out, grasping my throat tightly to make me look at him as my fingers press and rub my clit. All I can do is part my lips and nod, feeling to weak under his touch to do anything else.

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"So, kitten wants to be in control tonight?" Ashton chuckles as I make him lay on his back and straddle him. 
"Mmm, and you'd better not protest, daddy." I reply, leaning down to kiss him as I ease his cock into me. I whimper as I sink my hips onto his, my lips still on his. 
I bounce on him slowly, feeling every inch of him inside me. 
"Maybe you could go a bit faster, love..." He suggests, gripping onto my hips. 
"No, daddy. I want it slow tonight." I reply, smirking at him as I wiggle my hips. 

Calum:"You look so sexy today, princess

"You look so sexy today, princess." Calum whispers, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind as I make myself some coffee in the small kitchen of the studio. 
"Do I?" I ask, smiling at myself. Calum hums, nuzzling his nose in my hair. 
"I can't wait until we are home and I can rip that cute dress off your body." He whispers in a groggy, needy voice. 
"Control yourself, you still have many hours in that booth." I giggle, turning around and placing a quick kiss on his bottom lip. His hand still rests on my lower back, keeping me close to his body. 
"I don't think I can wait. I kinda need you." He whispers, bringing my hand to the tent forming in his pants. 
"Cal..." I protest, but my hand rubs his boner. 
"Just a quickie princess... It won't hurt anyone." He almost tries to convince me. 
I bite my lip and nod, watching him smile as he takes my hand in his and pulls me towards the offices. 

Once we find the room, I waste no time pushing Calum on the chair and taking off my underwear before I straddle him. 
"And to think you were the one who protested." He chuckles, but the chuckle turns into a moan as I ease down on his cock. 
"Why do you think I wore a sundress today?" I ask him as his fingers play with the hem of my dress. 

Luke:"You'd better stop teasing me, pretty girl

"You'd better stop teasing me, pretty girl." Luke groans as I bounce my hips on his while holding his wrists pinned next to his head. 
"Why would I do that?" I ask, slowing down and wiggling my hips before I lean down to capture his bottom lip between my teeth. 
"Because, the moment I have you pinned on this mattress, you are going to writhe, and beg, and cry. I am going to run my tip along your dripping folds, watch your thighs get slick with your juices. Then, I am going to pound your pussy, bring you close to your edge, but I am not going to give you your precious orgasm... No princess, you are going to beg to get what you want, while I make you take load after load. And if you dare finish without my permission, I am going to put you over my knee, push the little vibe against your clit and make your ass red and sore." He threatens. Of course, all of this, instead of making me give him what he wants, makes me slow down even more, tease him some more and see if he will keep his promise. 



"Morning, princess." Michael yawns and stretches as I place his cup of coffee on the nightstand. 
"Morning baby..." I whisper as I sit next to him. 
"What time is it?" He asks, wrapping an arm around me and making me lean down to kiss him. 
"Almost 9." I reply. 
"Oh God, I am going to be late for practice." He groans, trying to sit up from the bed. I place a hand on his chest and push him down, straddling his waist as I lean down. 
"Or maybe, you can be a little late and have a little fun with your girlfriend who feels so lonely lately..." I suggest, pouting a little. 
"Is she?" Michael asks, cocking an eyebrow at me.
"She feels so lonely... She just needs some love." I pout some more, grinding my sex against his. 
"Then maybe her boyfriend can do something about it." He replies, reaching down to pull my panties to the side as I lower his briefs, smiling at him. 

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"Didn't I tell you to shut your mouth? I don't want to hear a sound from you." Ashton hisses through greeted teeth, his hand landing on my cheeks. I feel tears run from my eyes, his rough pounding along with the stinging of the slap spreading on my face, make me feel vulnerable. 
"I am sorry." I whimper. Ashton's face tenses, another slap being delivered on my face. 
" You are sorry, what, little slut?" He hisses, spreading my legs even more to gain deeper access to my spots. 
"I am sorry for making a sound, daddy." I cry out, earning a chuckle from Ashton. 
"Good girl. Now shut your mouth, or else I am going to gag your slutty mouth. Get it?" He growls, grounding his hips forcefully inside me. All I can do is bite my lip to keep my screams from falling out of my mouth and nod my head, my toes curling at the mixture of pain and pleasure coursing through my body. 

"Tell me what are you." Calum hisses, pinning my wrists next to my head. His hips are slamming on mine vigorously, almost like he is hate-fucking me. 
"I am daddies little fuckdoll." I moan, arching my back and moving my hips in circles. 
"You are my little fuckdoll. Just a set of holes for me to fuck, nothing more. And I am going to empty load after load in you because that's why you are here for. My little cock warmer." He groans, his face red and tensed as he spits out his words. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I feel the head of his cock hit on my g-spot. 
"That's what I am here for, daddy." I gasp, smiling at him as I spread my legs more for him. 

I enjoy this side of Calum; I might not see it frequently, but I love seeing him like that. 
"Are you ready for the first load, fuckdoll?" He hisses, his thrusts becoming sloppy. I just nod my head, already feeling his precum ooze out of him. 

"Little whore ready to please, huh? Did you think that I would just let you grind on the fuckboy, without giving you a punishment? Are you actually that dump to think you could get away with it?" Luke groans, thrusting in me, his skin slapping against mine with a thud. 
"I wasn't grinding on him. I was just dancing." I protest, but all I get in response is a slap on the ass and even more powerful thrusts. 
"You are mine. Mine. I will mark your body, make everyone know you are mine, just mine. And the next time someone tries to hit on you, or just gets too close, I will fucking bury him 6 feet under the ground. And your ass will be 50 shades of red. Is that clear, little whore?" He hisses, pressing my head down on the mattress by my neck. 

"Do you want my cock, princess?" Michael asks as he moves his hips slowly. My hands grip onto the bed sheets, as I arch my back, whimpering at the agonizingly slow pace Michael has set. 
"Yes, please." I whimper, biting my lip. Michael snickers and slaps my face, slowing down even more. 
"You know the rules, princess. If you want the cock, you have to beg." He seems to enjoy my reaction. 
"Please, daddy. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Please, my pussy is aching for your cock. I just need you, I need it, I need your cum. Please, just fuck me, please. I need to feel your thick dick inside me..." I cry, making Michael smile and give me one hard thrust. 
"See? It wasn't that hard, was it?" He asks, slamming his hips against my ass. 
I shake my head no, one hand gripping onto his body. 
"Now, let's see if you can feel my dick in your stomach." He chuckles and bites onto my shoulder. 

Chapter Text


"Am I doing this right, daddy?" I whisper as I move my hips along Ashton's length, feeling his hardness against my clit. 
"You are doing so well, princess. Do you need daddy to guide you?" He asks, his low voice raising chills along my spine. I nod my head as I press my dripping cunt harder against his still clothed cock. His hands slide up my thighs, the roughness of them making my skin shiver as he guides them to my hips, pressing my body down on his more. I whimper as he moves my hips harder; it feels like fire spreading along my slit and all I can do is arch my back and move my hips in circles as he moves them back and forth. 

Calum:"Hey princess

"Hey princess. Are you ready?" Calum asks as he enters the bathroom of the hotel room we are staying. I turn to look at him, my eyes blinking as I take in my man, dressed in a white dress shirt and formal pants. I whimper as my eyes scan his body, resting more on the tattoos that are visible through his rolled-up sleeves and open top buttons. 
"What is it, princess?" Calum asks me, cockiness dripping from his voice. I open my mouth to say something, but all that comes out are stutters. 
Calum smirks and walks up to me, cornering me to the sink. 
"Use words, princess." He chuckles. 
"You look so handsome." I whimper. 
"Do I?" He chuckles, his hands resting on my hips as he leans down to kiss me. 
"Does my outfit make you wet, pretty girl?" He asks, breathing on my lips. I bite my bottom lip and nod my head, my eyes refusing to leave the part of skin that can be seen through his shirt. 
"Well, I can't take you to the wedding if you are dripping down your thighs, can I?" He whispers, picking me up and carrying me to the little armchair in the main room. 
Once he sits on the chair, he raises the hem of my dress, baring my bottom to him. His hands press my hips down onto his cock, without breaking eye contact. 
"Grind, princess. That's all I can give you now... But I promise I will fuck you so well after the reception." He growls near my ear, making my hips move on his cock involuntarily. 



"Do you think it is fair to walk in here with that ridiculously short dress, princess?" Luke hisses as he presses my slit on his thigh. I press my lips together, trying not to make a single sound, scared that if I do, someone from the studio might hear us. 
"Do you think it is ok to come in the studio while I am trying to fucking finish recording, with your ass almost peeking from below your dress?" He groans, his hand leaving a slap on my ass. I jump a little, a small squeal leaving my lips as I rub my clit against his thigh. I am sure that there is a wet patch on my panties, and soon Luke's jeans are going to be soaked with my wetness, but he seems to ignore the fact as he presses my hips forcefully down his toned leg, making my clit twitch. 
"I will fucking destroy you. Your pussy will be red and sore by the time I am done with you. But that is not going to happen here, princess. I am going to take you home and use all my toys on you, make you beg for my cock. You are going to be crying for me to let you cum, but it is not going to happen, pretty girl. I will release load after load after load inside you, but you are not going to cum... No princess. I am going to make you feel like I felt in that booth when I saw you walking in, in your slutty little dress." He groans. I feel my pussy throb, my release soon nearing me. 
"Are you about to cum, princess? Does your pussy ache for release? Want to cum, princess?" He hisses, his voice low and seductive. I nod my head, trying to grip onto him. Luke chuckles, sitting up and calmly making me unstraddle his leg. 
"Good. Now go back outside, princess." He smirks at me, before he gets up and walks to the door, leaving me breathless and with teary eyes from my destroyed orgasm. 


"Mikey... Mikey... Wake up baby..." I whisper, shaking Michael lightly. Instead of my boyfriend doing as I said, he hums and turns on his back, continuing his nap. I huff a little annoyed; it is truly impossible to get him up on a day off, but he promised we would go to Ikea for house shopping today. I pout and straddle his lap, leaning down to pepper his face with kisses. 
"Michael Gordon Clifford, you promised we would go shopping today. Get up." I whine, but get the same response from him. As I try to move to unstraddle him, my core brushes over his semi hard-on. I gasp at the sudden feeling, but the feeling of his hard-on against my core is too good for me to quit. Maybe if I do it again, my boyfriend will finally get up. 
I wiggle against his cock, placing my hands on his stomach to prop myself better. As I rub myself against him, I release soft whimpers, which get a little louder as I move my hips faster. 
"Baby..." I cry out, lightly bouncing on him to apply a little more pressure. As I sink my pussy hard on his cock, his eyes shoot open. 
"Shit... Are you going to wake me up like this every morning, babygirl?" He groans as his hands move to my hips to support my body. I just moan, my sex throbbing at the feeling of his fast hardening cock. 
"Depends." I breathe out, shutting my eyes as I roll my hips on him. 


Chapter Text

"Hey princess. How was the lecture today?" Ashton asks me as I enter the house. I pout my bottom lip and drop my purse on the floor before I walk to the couch he is sitting on. I curl up on his side, looking up at him. 
"I am so sorry about that, babygirl." He coos, rubbing my arm soothingly. 
"It's ok. I knew it would be a lousy one. The professor stinks and I hate the subject." I shrug my shoulders. 
"My princess... Is there anything I can do to make you feel any better?" He asks, tilting my chin up to make me look at him. I pout and purse my lips, shrugging my shoulders at him.
"I know a way to make you feel better, baby. Wanna sit on your throne, princess?" He asks, biting his lip as he smirks at me. I look at him, my mouth agape. 
"Seriously?" I ask, already feeling my body tingle with excitement. 
"Of course. My princess deserves to always sit on her throne." He lays on his back and moves his hands to reach for my jeans' button. 
He pulls them to my ankles and lets me step out of them before he grips my hips and moves me to straddle his face.

 He pulls them to my ankles and lets me step out of them before he grips my hips and moves me to straddle his face

I walk out of the shower, wrapping my towel closer to my body. Calum sits up from the bed, looking exhausted, but so damn good. He supports his head on his hand, looking at me as I move towards our suitcases to find my pajamas. 
"You look good, baby." He groans, making me chuckle at him. 
"I look like a wet rat in a towel." I giggle, rolling my eyes at him. 
"You look like a goddess..." He groans, motioning me to get closer to him. 
"I have to get dressed." I whisper and he shakes his head. 
"Or maybe not..." He whispers, pulling at my towel until it is undone. 
"I thought you were tired..." I snicker as I kneel on the bed. 
"Never too tired treat my girl." He smirks at me, moving my hips until I am hovering over his face.

" He smirks at me, moving my hips until I am hovering over his face

"Come on, kitten... Move your pretty cunt on my face. I need to taste you." Luke tries to boost me as I sit on his abdomen. 
"Come on pretty girl... I know you want to sit on my face. Feel my tongue lap on your pretty little pussy." He throws me a smug look, while his hand travels to the curve of my waist, stroking my skin softly. I move higher, supporting my body on the headboard before I bring my pussy over his lips. As he darts his tongue to my entrance, I feel like my body has been hit by electricity. I buck my hips up and down, and this time his lips engulf my clit, making me grip onto the headboard harder.

 I buck my hips up and down, and this time his lips engulf my clit, making me grip onto the headboard harder

"Does it feel good, daddy?" I whimper, moving my pussy on his face. 
"So good, kitten. You taste so fucking good, I can do it all day long." Michael groans, guiding my hips to move faster. I turn my head and find him stroking his cock as he eats me out, causing a moan to slip from my mouth. 
"I can help with that..." I whine, reaching for his cock and making my body arch.

" I whine, reaching for his cock and making my body arch

Chapter Text

"Don't be shy, babygirl. Bring your pretty pussy to my face..." Ashton groans as I swirl my tongue around the tip of his cock. I whimper as his hands guide my hips closer to his face, feeling a little weird for trying this for the first time. But as he stretches his neck and brings his tongue to my entrance, my hips jolt in response. 
"Keep sucking, babygirl... And daddy will make you feel good." Ashton says cockily before he lays his tongue flat against my clit. 

Trying to blow off Calum with his plump lips on my pussy is nearly impossible. With every movement of his lips, and every flick of his tongue, my eyes roll to the back of my head and I have to bring his cock out of my mouth to catch a breath. 
Calum groans frustrated as I stop sucking him, causing vibrations to run through my pussy. 
"If you want me to make you feel good, you will have to give me something as well, little slut." He says through gritted teeth, giving my ass a slap before he dips his face back in my pussy. 

"Enjoy control while you still have it, doll. Cause once I am the one making the rules again, you are going to regret this." Luke groans as I hover my pussy over his face. 
"Admit it, daddy... You love it when I am in control." I tease him before I grind my pussy on his lips and take his cock down my throat at once. 

Michael's tongue darting in and out of me, synced to the bobbing of my head on his cock makes my stomach tighten. The movie we chose for our lazy day still plays in the background, but none of us pays attention. 
"First to make the other cum chooses what we will have for dinner." Michael says, pulling away to catch his breath. I smirk and suck my cheeks in, pressing my tongue on the underside of his cock, eager to win this bet. 

Chapter Text

"Don't you love the taste of your juices, princess? And all that wetness is just from touching your little clit for a second... Just imagine how much wetter you will be when I dip my fingers inside you, babygirl..." 
"Please, daddy... just give me a little something." 
"Soon, angel..." He whispers, tracing my lips with his fingers.

Calum:Wet tongue swirling around my peaking buds, thick lips that are curled into a smile as his firm hands knead my breasts softly

Wet tongue swirling around my peaking buds, thick lips that are curled into a smile as his firm hands knead my breasts softly. I groan in pleasure, trying to pull my restrained wrists free. 
"Pet is getting a little impatient, huh?" He asks as he bites my nipple. 
"I need you..." I whimper, looking down at him as he continues his assault. 
"I know you do..." He chuckles sarcastically as he flicks his tongue on my bud.

Luke:"I can't fucking take it anymore

"I can't fucking take it anymore..." I cry out, gripping harder onto Luke's chest. 
"You can and you will, princess. You don't want to disappoint daddy, do you? You remember what happens when I get disappointed at you, right beautiful?" He asks, smirking at me. 
"I won't sit on my ass for a week." I whine, biting my lip as Luke continues guiding his cock between my pussy lips. 
"That's right princess." He chuckles.



"That's right, kitten... Use your pretty lips, baby." Michael guides me, still not letting me wrap my lips around his cock. 
"Let me taste you..." I plead but earn a chuckle from him in response. 
"You have to be a little more convincing, princess." He smirks at me, stroking my hair as I keep on running my lips along his length.

~~~~~~~~~Author note 2:If you are wondering why I am such a horrible writer lately and slacking my writing schedule, it is because I am on vacations in Rhodes, visiting my best friend, to recharge my batteries


Chapter Text

Hands stroking everywhere on his body as we walk in our bedroom. The warm feeling of alcohol in my body along with how good Ashton looks tonight makes me more daring, more handsy. 
I fall back first on the mattress, giggling as I part from Ashton for just a moment. 
"I need you so badly..." He winces, cupping my face to plant a kiss on my lips. 
"You taste like tequila..." I whimper as Ashton pins me down on the mattress. 
"Oh yeah?" He chuckles, bringing his lips to my neck. 
"Mmmm... I love tequila." I slur, cupping his face to bring his lips back to mine. 
"You do?" He asks, his lips tracing mine as he mouths the words. He doesn't kiss me; instead, he plants pecks on my exposed skin. 
His lips are soft and a little cold against my warm skin, the contrast created bringing a wave of chills on my skin. 
"Ash..." I whimper, my eyes heaving from the lust. 
"What is it, princess?" He slurs drunkenly, playing with the hem of my blouse.
"'M sleepy..." I whisper and he chuckles. 
"Me too..." He replies, leaving a kiss on my lips before he rests on his back and pulls me on his chest. 



The music from the party is still on, but most of the people have left the house. 
"Mind pouring one up for me?" Calum asks, leaning on the counter next to me.
"Sure." I reply, feeling flustered from being so close to him. 
"You are turning red..." He comments, getting a little closer. 
"I think I had one too many..." I stutter, pouring some beer in a cup.
"Want me to call someone? Are you feeling ok?" He asks me, grabbing my wrist to stop me from filling his cup. I turn to look at him, smiling sweetly as I observe his features; rosy cheeks and soft eyes... And to think I was thinking he couldn't look any hotter. 
"You worry a bit too much. I am fine." I reply trying to play it cool, but my eyes dart and glue to his lips as he brings his tongue to lick his lips. 
"What? Do I have something on my face?" He asks, making me smirk at him. 
"Yeah, amazing lips." I reply, turning to finish pouring him his drink. 
"Oh yeah?" I hear him ask and I hum in approval.
"Well, thank you. But I like yours better." He replies, picking up the cup. I feel his body brush on mine for a moment, making me hold my breath. 
"I am not the only one who had one too many." I comment and he chuckles. 
"Liquid courage..." He replies, raising his cup at me. 
"Liquid courage for what?" I ask, bringing my cup to my lips. 
"Man, you are too fucking oblivious, aren't you?" He asks, picking me up to place me on the counter. I grab him by his t-shirt, bringing him to me as I close the space between us. 
The party might be fading, but we've just started. 



"Let me unlock the door." I mumble as Luke presses me up against it, lips pressed on the back of my neck. His hands keep on stroking my body, reaching under my dress and brushing over my underwear as I fumble with the keys. 
"It's my birthday and all I want is to fuck you right here right now..." He slurs, kissing under my lobe, where my sweetspot is. 
"Ok big boy, let's get you in..." I giggle, opening the door for us. The moment we are inside the house, Luke presses me against the wall, looking at me as he licks his lips. His eyes are dark, shining with lust and haziness from drinking. I feel intimidated but sleek with wetness as he scans my body. 
His fingers masterly unzip my dress, letting the garment pool on my feet before he picks me up and carries me to the bed. 
"Look at that... There is a bow on your bra. That means you are my present." He giggles, kissing from my underboob all the way up my lips. I hum in the kiss, gripping onto his hair as he deepens the kiss. 


"You're supposed to help me study..." I whisper as his hands wander on my body. 
"I am... But I need a break... And a reward for being a great studying buddy..." He slurs, kissing along my collarbone. 
"It's been 2 hours and all we've done is get drunk and makeout." I protest, but Michael cups my jaw and makes me look at him. 
"Stop worrying..." He groans, moving his lips on mine. 
My hands get on his shirt, pulling a bit on the fabric as I respond to his kisses in the same hungry way as him. 
"At least let's take this to the bed..." I whisper against his lips. 
"No... I like it on the floor." 


Chapter Text

Anything sheer is enough to send Ashton into a spiral. It doesn't even have to be transparent; if he can see through the shirt, it is enough for him. 


Prints, especially animal prints, paired with jeans. He used to hate the idea of a full-on animal print outfit, but now he loves how good it looks.


Slip dress; other than loving the satin feel of it, he adores how delicate it looks. It makes his blood boil extra if the dress is paired with a choker. 


Plaid skirt; it doesn't even have to be the typical schoolgirl skirt to get him all worked up.
Plaid skirts and white tees are the go-to when looking for a bit of teasing. 





Chapter Text

Author Note:
This is an NSFW visual preference. If you feel uncomfortable reading stuff like this, please, scroll through the story to find something you might like. 
Requested by -reaIIybadboy 

"Look at you... My pretty little cum slut..." Ashton shrieks as he strokes his cock slowly. I smile and stick my tongue out for him, still gasping from my high. 
"Your little cum slut, daddy." I tease him, arching my back as he groans. I can tell he is close, his face is pulled back and his abs are tensed, so it is just a matter of seconds before he shoots his cum on my torso, cursing under his breath. 



"Cal... Fuck... Cal, stop, I am about to..." I cry, trying my hardest to hold back. 
"Let it go princess. Let it go..." He seems to be very amused by how my body shrieks and spasms as his fingers thrust in my violently. 
I squirm and writhe as I hit my high, squirting all over his hand. I reach down, gripping onto his wrist to stop him from torturing me even more. 
"I hate you." I gasp for ear, bringing a smirk to his lips. 
"Doesn't look like it, princess." He winks, bringing his fingers to his mouth. 


"Get on your knees, pet. And open your slutty mouth wide." Luke orders, forcing me on my knees. He is still pissed at me for acting like a brat during dinner with friends, so he looks at me sternly, bossing me around. I look at him with puppy eyes, before I open my mouth and watch him stroke his cock. 
His fist is tight and with every stroke his veins are popping even more and his groans are turning into whimpers. 
With one last stroke, he cums on my face, throwing his head back and hissing. 


"Mikey..." I whimper as I dig my nails in his bicep. 
"I know, babygirl... I can feel you gushing around me." He chuckles, pounding in me slowly now. 
"Just a little more." He groans, keeping my hips down on the mattress. I almost scream at every thrust, becoming too sensitive to bare them. 
My pulsing pussy seems to be enough to send him into an overdrive. Michael cums in me, cursing and tugging his bottom lip between his teeth as he does. 
As he pulls out, he rests his gaze on my pussy, oozing out our highs. 
"Fuck... You look so beautiful with my cum inside you." He whispers, collapsing next to me and pulling me in for a kiss.



Chapter Text


Throw balloons, teddy bears and chocolate eclairs away

Ever since I started dating Ashton, I knew that our relationship wouldn't be the typical kind of relationship. And obviously, I wasn't mistaken. Ashton never follows the rules, never falls into the stereotype. 
So, when this year he planned the typical valentine's day date, I felt out of my waters. 
"Ash?" I ask him, observing his behavior. 
"Yes, princess?" He asks me back. 
"Are you feeling ok?" I ask him, earning a weirded-out look from my boyfriend. 
"Yes... Why are you asking?" 
"What are all of these?" 
"Um, those are called ballons, this is a teddy bear... T-E-D-D-Y/B-E-A-R... and we are in a restaurant. Are you ok, princess?" He mocks me, chuckling. 
"Ashton, I am aware of the objects. What I am talking about is the fact that you did all of that. It isn't like you." I say, making Ashton leave his fork and knife on his plate while sighing.
"Look, I know that this is strange and all, but... (Y/N), I am tired of all your friends bragging about their dates and their boyfriends treating them like princesses, I didn't want you to feel any less of that." He responds, rubbing the top of my hand with his thumb. 
"Baby... This is so sweet... But who told you that I am feeling any less than a princess whenever we do our thing? I am so proud that we go to museums instead of boring dinner dates... I mean, yeah, this is great but we don't need balloons and teddy bears to celebrate our love." I state making him smile. 
"Let's ditch all of that. We have better places to be." He says, motioning to the waiter to bring the check.

" He says, motioning to the waiter to bring the check


I love the light in your eyes and the dark in your heart

Following every cliche in romantic movies, the only thing covering my body as I walk out of the bedroom is Calum's shirt. I look around for Calum, but find no evidence of him in the living room. I take slow steps towards the open door that leads to the patio, getting a glimpse of my boyfriend's back from where I stand. 
I get close to him as quiet as I can, the closer I get, the louder the chords he plays on his guitar get. I sit across of him, trying not to interrupt him.

"A penny for your thoughts..." I say after a while of just sitting and watching him. 
"Trust me love, I don't even know what goes on inside my head." He says, setting the guitar on the ground. 
"Wanna talk about it? You know I love listening to you talk..." I say, going to sit next to him. Calum looks at me sweetly, but his eyes are sad, clouded by something I can't tell. 
"Nothing to talk about, really..." He says, scooting me over next to him. 
"Cal, every time that I spend the night at your place, or you in mine, you are never on the bed when I wake up. And I almost always, I find you here, playing music, or scribbling on a piece of paper on my couch. Something clearly bothers you, and I start to think that maybe it is me..." I say, placing my hand on his jawline. 
"Babe, I promise, it is not you... I can guarantee that... Just... I am scared..." He says, looking at his hands and shrugging. 
"Of what?" I ask, pushing his chin up. 
"I am scared that you might find all of this, all of me, too much and leave." He says. I stare at him surprised, stroking his face as I try to form words. 
"Why would I get scared?" I ask. He takes my hand in his, rubbing his thumb softly over my skin. 
"I don't know...You might realize my strangeness and leave..." He says and I chuckle. 
"I love you Calum... For your strangeness, your darkness, your all. For the good moments and the bad moments... For whatever it is to come. I love you." I say, leaning my head on his chest. 
"I love you, angel." He replies and pecks on the top of my head.



Got nothing but love for you fall more in love every day

"I thought you would go out with the guys." I say, the moment I see Luke sitting on my bed, wearing the grey sweats he has left on my house and nothing else. 
I dry my hair with the towel, sitting on the other side of the bed, my back facing him. I peek at him through the mirror, only the moments he is not looking at me. 
"I decided to stay here tonight..." He says. A part of me is happy that he stayed in, especially after fighting over that; but another part of me doesn't want to see him, at least not for the rest of the night.
"How come?" I ask, picking up my hairbrush. I watch him shrug and leave the book he had picked from my night table down. 
"Solving this seems more important." He states, sitting on his knees. 
"I thought that nothing is more important than your friends." I reply bitterly. I watch him roll his eyes before he rubs his temples. 
"Priorities change." He replies, making me cock an eyebrow. 
"Oh, now I am a priority?" I ask, sitting up and placing my hands on my waist. 
"Yes, you are." He sighs. 

"And why is that?" I ask. 

"Because I am fucking in love with you." He snaps, sitting up as well. 

"What did you just say?" I ask, taking a moment to process the words. 

"I said I am in love with you. I've been falling for you more and more every passing day and it kills me that you keep pushing this fight." He says, taking deep breaths after he finishes his sentence. 
I stare at him like a deer in the light of an oncoming car. 
"Fuck..." I murmur under my breath, approaching him for a hug. 

"I love you too, you asshole." I whimper as he buries me in his chest. 



It don't matter just as long as I get all you tonight. 

"Just tell me that you were able to find someone to cover your shift for tonight." Michael says into the phone the moment I pick it up. 
"Hello to you as well. " I mumble.
"Yes, right. Hey babe. Just tell me that you were able to find someone to cover your shift." He says and I laugh at how cute he is when he is panicking. 
"Relax, I did. I got Sam to cover for me and I will work his night shift on Saturday." 
"Thank God." He sighs.
"You realize that I sacrificed my weekend for you, right?" I ask and he chuckles. 
"Angel, honestly, I am all yours and you are all mine for tonight and the whole day tomorrow, I couldn't care less about a weekend shift... Now, wear something nice for me tonight, ok princess?" He says in his low voice, making me bite my lip.
"I promise I will... Gotta go, see you tonight..."
"Love you princess..." 


Chapter Text

You've got a pretty kinda dirty face
When she's leaving your home she's begging you, stay, stay, stay, stay, stay

I look down at her as she bobs her head along my cock; holy shit she looks so innocent. But her tongue is swirling around the head of my cock and her eyes are tearing up, but the twinkle in her eyes show me that she has me exactly where she wants me, writhing as she takes me in her mouth, belly aching for me to cum down her throat. 
”Shit, you look so good on your knees for me…” I groan, pulling at her hair. Her smirk reaches her ears as she takes my cock out of her mouth and tilts her head to the side, pressing kisses along my length, while her piercing stare is fixed on me. 
She just hums softly, letting a moan or two slip from her lips as she trails them up to my tip, just before she wraps them around my tip again, tongue flicking against it.

I lay on my bed, exhausted after two rounds. My eyes are barely open, but I can see her silhouette as she slips inside her clothes. 
”You have to take off?” I ask her, earning a chuckle. 
”You’ll see me tomorrow.” She replies, zipping up her jeans. 
”I guess you’re right. Call me when you make it home, ok love?” I ask her, smiling at her. 
She chuckles and shakes her head, quickly finishing getting dressed. 
She picks up her phone from the nightstand and leans down to press a kiss on my lips, before she turns and walks to the door. But before she exits, she stops in her tracks, turning to look at me with a questionable look on her face. 
”Will you stay?” She asks me. I look at her confused, trying to figure out what she is talking about. 
”We are at my house, you are the one leaving…” I state, making her roll her eyes. 
”I don’t mean that, love. I am asking you if you are going to stay in my life. Because I am too invested in this for you to walk out in two months or in a year because you got bored of me, of whatever this is that we have. So, please tell me… Will you stay?” She almost pleads at me, staring into my soul as she waits for me to respond.

I'll give him one more time
We'll give you one more fight
Said one more lie
Will I know you

“Stop fucking lying to me.” She screams at me, stomping her foot on the floor. Her face is red and her hands are trembling, but she looks at me sternly, demanding a truth I am not sure I can reveal to her. 
”I am not.” I deny it once more, even though having to lie to her makes my stomach twitch. 
”This is bullshit… Just tell me the fucking truth, I deserve the truth. Where did you get the money?” She asks me. I try to walk closer to her, but she backs away, almost too scared of me to let me approach her. She looks at me as she doesn’t know me, like I am alien to her. 
”Baby, please listen to me. I am not lying to you. Dylan lent me some money so we wouldn’t get thrown out of the house…” I explain to her; of course, the truth would pull her away from me and I would rather choke on my lies than have her taken away from my arms. 
”More debts? Fucking hell, Calum. How are we going to pay them up?” She asks me, pressing her hand against her forehead. She slides her back down the wall behind her, bringing her knees to her chest. My breath hitches to the back of my throat; I have broken her. 
”Baby, we will figure it out. It is me and you against the world, remember? No matter what, we are together. I will never let anything hurt you, remember?” I ask her; all the promises I have given her mean more than the world to me, I will let nothing and no one touch her. 
”Tell me the truth.” She demands, looking at me with teary eyes. 
”This is the truth, baby.” I sigh. She nods and wipe away her tears before she gulps and raises her glance to me. 
”Swear. Swear on my life.” She commands, making me freeze for a moment. 
”I swear on your life.” I try to assure her. She softens, running her hand through her hair. 
”Ok then. But if you are lying to me, this is the last time we are having this fight. The next one I am leaving your life for good.” She states.

She had a face straight outta magazine
God only knows but you'll never leave her

“Morning, angel.” I hum as I press my body against hers from behind. She looks at me through the mirror in front of the sink, smiling softly as she blends her makeup. 
”Morning. Thought you would sleep in today.” She comments as I nestle my head in the crook of her neck. 
”Hoped I could sneak a couple of minutes before you would have to leave.” I reply, earning a chuckle. 
”Well, if you promise not to mess with my makeup, I guess we have a few minutes.” She replies, turning to me and wrapping her arms around my neck. 
”Mmm, how many minutes?” I ask her, licking my lips. 
”Not that long…” She waves her finger in front of my face. 
”I can be quick.” I reply, picking her up ad setting her on the small counter next to the sink. 
”I don’t want it quick. Not after all the time you’ve been away, at least.” She giggles, stroking her knuckles over my stubble-covered face. 
”It wasn’t that long.” I protest, pulling her closer by her thighs. Her romp rises up, revealing her skin and my eyes travel to every inch of her body, clothed or not. 
”It was long enough for me to forget how good it felt when you are touching me.” She mumbles, pushing my chin up with her fingertips. 
”Can you just shut up for a moment, princess?” I ask her, stroking her face. She pouts but stops talking, giving me time to study her face in silence. I take in her eyes and how their color change as the light hits them, I take in her cute nose and dimples, then her lips. She is the most beautiful human I have ever laid my eyes upon, inside and out. She certainly deserves something better, but she insists on staying with me.
”Hey, loverboy. What are you thinking?” She asks me softly, smiling; her nose scrunches up and her eyes form little lines as her cheeks are pushed up. 
”Nothing. Just admiring you.” I shrug my shoulders. 
”I know I look like a museum exhibit, but not only you can look, but you are allowed to touch as well.” She whispers, wrapping her legs around my waist and pulling me closer. 
God, I swear, I would rather die than let her walk out of my life.

She says, babe, you look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold
You look so cold, you look so cold, you look so cold

My eyes are fixed at the door as I wait for her to walk in the room. I have undergone every examination, every test, everything they have put me through, but waiting to see her and anticipating her reaction to my state is the most painful of them all. 
She hesitantly walks in, stopping a couple of steps from the door as her eyes fall on me. 
”Hi…” I speak weakly, my body a little too tired already, even though I have just woke up. She bursts in tears, rushing to my side. 
”Don’t ever do that to me again. Never.” She sobs, laying her head on my chest. I whimper in discomfort, startling her to stand up. She pulls the chair from the side of the bed, bringing it closer to me and sitting down. 
”I am here, baby. I am fine.” I try to comfort her. 
”I am fine, my ass. God, how did they do that to you?” She asks, pointing to all the bruises and wounds on my body. 
”Hush… I told the doctors and the police it was an accident. And if they ask you, you say the same.” I say and she rolls her eyes. 
”I fucking remember the script, Mikey. Just tell me what happened.” She becomes more mellow, trying to comfort me now. 
”It’s best if you don’t know, princess.” I sigh and she nods, sniffling as she tries to hold back. 
”When they brought you in, you looked dead. Cold and lifeless. I will never fucking forget that image, it’s been in my head ever since. Tell me that I will never have to go through that again. Please, promise me.” She cries out, lowering her head and letting her forehead touch my hand. I huff; I don’t want to lie to her.
”I can’t promise that, my love.” I let out and she whimpers. 
”If I ever have to put you in the ground because of this ‘job’, I will fucking bury myself along you. So, bare that in mind the next time you pick a mission.” She states sternly, getting up from the chair and walking out of the room, leaving me with a heavy stomach and a head spinning with images.  



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 Easier Music Video

Fireplay:  Any of various sexual practices involving fire, such as setting fire to alcohol against the skin.

Algolagnia: sexual pleasure derived from inflicting pain, as in sadism.

Bondage: sadomasochistic sexual practices involving the physical restraint of one partner

Choking: a state of asphyxia intentionally induced, so as to heighten sexual arousal during sexual acts


Chapter Text

It all happened in the flash of a moment. Within a minute, from working quietly on my desk, I was found in a panic, people around me screaming and running to save themselves. In the beginning, I didn't realize what was happening, until I suddenly fell like the floor below me was crumbling, like the whole building was diving down. 
Soon, the floor above was collapsing on top of us, before we could even evacuate the place. 
I remember myself closing my eyes, curling under the nearest desk in an effort to protect me. I knew it was fruitless, that I could never make it out of a collapsing building. But the image of his face popped in my head; peaceful, serene. I knew I couldn't get out of here, but I also knew that God wouldn't let me go without one last goodbye to him. 
I had to get out of there, I had to make it home to him. 
I hoped to, I wish to, so I refused to let go. For as long as I could. 
I refused to believe that my last words to the person I love with every power within me were words exchanged in a fight. 
If I could just get back to last night... If I could just take back what I said... 
If I could just come to work the time I was supposed to, and not earlier. 
I would change it in a heartbeat. 
I can't imagine him if anything happened to me. Would he be sad, angry, devastated? Would he move on easily after it?
For as long as I was conscious, the only thing in my mind was him. If I make it out of here, I will make things right. 
And that was my last thought. 


When my eyes open again, the only thing I can see is brightness. Bright, white light surrounding everything. 
I can't move, no matter how hard I try to wiggle my fingers. 
I blink, trying to accommodate to the light I am seeing. 
Am I dead?

Is this the afterlife? 
I can't be dead. No, I refuse to. I can't be dead. 
I try to move. I put everything into that. I blink rapidly. 
"Ma'am... Ma'am, please stay still." I hear a voice say. 
I turn my head to locate the sound, my eyes landing on a lady dressed in scrubs and a medical romp. 
I try to speak, but there is something blocking the voice coming out of my mouth. 
"Ma'am, I know it is confusing, please try to take this easy." The lady places a hand on my shoulder in an effort to give me some comfort. 
"I'll call the doctor." She smiles at me before she leaves. 

The day goes by with multiple visits by multiple doctors. They say my vitals look better. They say I was lucky. One of the lucky ones. 
I feel my body constantly going in and out of consciousness. The doctors say that it is normal, it is one of the body's responses to trauma. 
And even though I want to fall asleep, my mind keeps on forming his face. I can see him vividly, smiling, his characteristics forming before me. 
I don't know if he is aware I am here. I don't know if he knows about the events of that day. 
"Nurse?" I ask weakly, immediately gaining her attention. 
"Is everything alright?" She asks me, smiling at me. 
"Did anyone come to see me? All those days, did anyone visit, or ask for me?" I ask. She smiles again nodding her head. 
"There is a guy outside. He has practically camped in the waiting room all these days. We asked him if he wants to come and see you, but he replied that he didn't know if you would want him in here."  She replies, bringing a smile to my face. 
"Can you tell him that I asked for him?" I ask her and she nods. 
"Once I am done changing your IV." She responds, going back to her duty. 

The moments it takes for him to walk in the room pass by like an eternity. 
I feel jittery, anxious about his reaction when he will see me. I haven't look at myself in the mirror, but I know that there is no chance I look decent after that fall, after being covered in debris. 
"Hi." I hear his voice. It feels soothing, taking every pain away for a moment. 
"Hi." I smile, my voice coming out in a very weak tone. 
He walks next to me, taking the chair that is resting next to my bed as close as he can to me. His hand travels to take mine in his. Without another word, he starts crying, sobbing as his hands cover his face. 
"Hey... I know I don't look as good, but I am not that hideous." I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. 
"I thought I lost you. First when we had that fight. And then when I saw the news... I thought... I thought you were... I thought you were..." 
"Dead. But I am not. I am here. I had to get out of there." I say, reaching to take his hand. 
"Those days that you were unconscious were the worst of my life." He says. He looks at me with eyes red from tears. 
"I can tell. You look exhausted." I state and he nods. 
"I don't know what I would do if you didn't make it." He admits, pressing his lips to the back of my hand. 
"I knew that. That was the only thing in my mind those moments. I had to get out of there. For you. For us. I had to get out of there alive and tell you how sorry I am we had a fight, that I didn't mean all the things I said." I say in a rush. He rubs his thumb over my hand and shushes me. 
"Easy... Easy... We have all the time ahead of us to talk about all that stuff. I am not letting you go anywhere." He smiles at me, even though his eyes are still tearing up. 
"Is that a promise?" I ask, smiling back. 
"One that I intend to keep." He says, leaning close to peck on my forehead. 
For the first time in a while, I feel like my prayers have been answered. 
Cause even when the earth is crumbling around my feet, I know that there is someone waiting for me to get out of the mess. 
So, I gotta get out. 

Chapter Text

Ashton is always taking care of you after you are done. From running a warm towel on your body to help you clean up, to rubbing a soothing lotion on your ass after a spanking season, he is really good at pampering you.

Body part:He loves your neck

Body part:
He loves your neck. He pays extra care to it, trailing kisses down it, stroking its sides, marking it with hickeys and lovebites; even when you are in public, he traces his lips on it, making the hair in the back of your neck stand straight.

Cum:Ashton really likes to shoot on your stomach

Ashton really likes to shoot on your stomach. Every time he does so, he states at his cum staining your lower belly, almost mesmerized by how beautiful you look.

Dirty Secret:Ashton has that crazy fantasy where he bounds you and places a vibrator on your clit, leaving you there and watching you cum multiple times, panting and crying from the pleasure

Dirty Secret:
Ashton has that crazy fantasy where he bounds you and places a vibrator on your clit, leaving you there and watching you cum multiple times, panting and crying from the pleasure.



He has had his fair share with women before you, but when it came to pleasuring both of you, he had to start from scratch and learn your buttons.

Favorite Position:
It depends on his mood. When he is pissed, he likes you on your hands and knees, going hard on you and having full access to your butt slapping it whenever he wants. 

But when he is in a romantic, cuddle mode, he loves a good ol' missionary, which allows him to stroke your body and place kisses everywhere

But when he is in a romantic, cuddle mode, he loves a good ol' missionary, which allows him to stroke your body and places kisses everywhere.

Goofy: He is pretty serious when it comes to you and him on the bed, but during drunk sex, he always has that grin on his lips that make him look like a child

He is pretty serious when it comes to you and him on the bed, but during drunk sex, he always has that grin on his lips that make him look like a child.

Hot Spot:
He can't help but moan whenever your lips kiss near his Adam's apple, this small gesture putting him right in the mood 
(couldn't find a GIF)

He doesn't have to build it up for long; just by looking in your eyes with his stern teasing glare, he has you dripping wet.

Jack off:
His favorite way to do it is with you across of him, touching yourself too.

Jack off:His favorite way to do it is with you across of him, touching yourself too  

There is no gray with Ashton. He either places soft pecks on your lips

or pins you against the wall and ravishes your lips

or pins you against the wall and ravishes your lips.

Location:His absolute favorite is on the kitchen counter

His absolute favorite is on the kitchen counter. He picks you up and places you on the counter, pulling you in for a lustful kiss before he proceeds on tearing off your clothes.

 He picks you up and places you on the counter, pulling you in for a lustful kiss before he proceeds on tearing off your clothes

For him, sharing you with anyone else is off limits, so threesomes or group sex are off the table. He just wants you to himself.

He loves receiving; he loves you on your knees, lips wrapped around his dick and head bobbing. But that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy being between your legs, with his face buried in your pussy.

Public:He seems to be unable to keep his fingers out of your skirt or dress during lunches and dinners with friends

He seems to be unable to keep his fingers out of your skirt or dress during lunches and dinners with friends. Watching you shudder and try to act cool while he fingers you in public, gives him so much satisfaction.

 Watching you shudder and try to act cool while he fingers you in public, gives him so much satisfaction

He is not a great fan of quickies, he likes to take his time with you.  But if the only way to get his hands on you, with your hectic lifestyles, he will take the chance.

He is really into the maid/master roleplay. He loves to see you in a tiny french maid costume, with some stockings or a pair of garters showing under the skirt. He just gets really into this fantasy. 

 Stamina:He can go a long time if there is water and food nearby

He can go a long time if there is water and food nearby. He can have you pinned on the mattress all day long if he wants to, with just a break to recharge.

Teasing: He likes to do it verbally, leaning in your ear and whispering all of the things he is going to do to you when you get home

He likes to do it verbally, leaning in your ear and whispering all of the things he is going to do to you when you get home.

Unfair:Every time you try to be the dominant one or tease him a bit more, he whines that it's unfair he has to go through all of that to get what he wants

Every time you try to be the dominant one or tease him a bit more, he whines that it's unfair he has to go through all of that to get what he wants.

He is always loud, groaning and growling as he slams his hips on yours, moaning loudly as he cums and panting to catch his breath when you are done.

Volume:He is always loud, groaning and growling as he slams his hips on yours, moaning loudly as he cums and panting to catch his breath when you are done


Wild Card:
Ashton secretly loves to fuck you in front of the mirror, especially when you are doing your makeup, ordering you to stay composed and keep doing what you are doing, watching your face take that lust expression.

Wild Card:Ashton secretly loves to fuck you in front of the mirror, especially when you are doing your makeup, ordering you to stay composed and keep doing what you are doing, watching your face take that lust expression

He is long, more than 10inches, with a girth a bit above average. He can reach places inside you that you didn't know were there. His thick veins add to the feeling when he is inside you.

He doesn't have to yearn for long to get what he wants. He just has to grab you by the waist and pull you close to him, whispering in your ear all of the things he wants to do. He really doesn't like to waste time before touching you.

It takes him some time to calm down after he orgasms and he usually spends that time peppering kisses on your shoulder and back. But when it's time to fall asleep, he pulls you to his chest and holds you close, craving some skin to skin contact.

 But when it's time to fall asleep, he pulls you to his chest and holds you close, craving some skin to skin contact


Chapter Text

I rush inside the emergency wing of the hospital Calum texted me where they brought Ashton to. I probably look like a mess right now but that's the last I care about. I pace down the halls, trying to find where the guys are sitting.

"(Y/N), you are here." Michael stands up and greets me. 
"Yeah... Where is Ashton?" I ask frantically. 
"Inside, the doctor is examining him. " Calum replies from his seat. I nod and tap my heel on the floor repeatedly. 

"Why the fuck is this taking so long?" I growl after what seemed like an eternity. 
"You've been here for like 5 minutes, calm down." Michael replies, his head resting on the wall. 
"Wanna fight me, Clifford?" I ask him, infuriated. 
"I really don't..." Michael replies. Everyone looks tired and worried, just like myself. 

When the doctor finally shows up, I jump up from my seat and approach him, looking as threatening as I can. 
"Listen, you Dr. Shit... If my boyfriend doesn't get well soon, I will come to your house and shove my foot so far up your ass that you choke on your own shit, in front of your whole family. Get it?" I say, grabbing him by his romp. He looks surprised and the guys giggle at my sudden burst. 
"Babe, I know you love me and all, but stop threatening the doctor, please. I am fine, really. " I hear Ashton say as he exits the examination room. 
"Are you alright?" I ask, hugging him. 
"Yeah, I just broke my wrist during practice. " He replies, showing me his cast. 
"Yeah, you just broke your wrist, no biggie.... Are you kidding me? What about the tour?"  I freak out. 
"I'll be fine by then. Right doctor?" Ashton turns to the doctor. 
"You didn't even break your wrist. You just sprained it. In 4 weeks you will be fine. " The doctor assures him. 
"See baby. I am going to be fine. Don't worry." He states and kisses the top of my head. 
"Are you in pain?" I ask him, resting my head on his shoulder. 
"A little. But I am going to be fine."
"Let's all go eat something. Then you can take a painkiller and rest. Ok, love?" I ask him, pecking on his skin. 
"Sure. Let's go guys. Thank you, doctor. And sorry about my girlfriend. She was just worried.  ." Ashton says and the doctor nods.

He places his arm around my shoulders as we begin walking towards the exit of the hospital. "Thank you for being here, babygirl."
"Always, love." I reply, smiling.


Chapter Text


Chapter Text

"Maybe the couch should go over there... And that wall should definitely turn into a bookcase...." I walk around the new loft, pointing out to where I want most of the furniture to go. I hear my fiancé chuckle from behind me making me turn to face him. 

"What?" I ask him and walk to him. He places his hands on my hips and pulls me close to him. 
"Nothing... Just... We got our first house together..." He replies, smiling down at me. I curl my lips into a smile and place my hands on the sides of his neck. 
"You are right... We can worry about the furniture tomorrow and celebrate it now, right?" I suggest and he nods. 
"That's my girl..." He says and leans in to kiss me. I respond instantly, stretching out to reach him. 
"What do you have in mind for the celebration?" He asks me once we part. 
"Chinese takeout and champagne..." I suggest and he purses his lips
"Sounds perfect to me..." He says and pecks on my forehead. 
"I'll order the food. You can go pick up the champagne." I say and stick my tongue out for him. 
"I am the one that has to go down the street to pick up the booze and you get to stay here? How is this fair?" He asks, fake pouting. 
"Life isn't always fair, Ashton..." I mock him and he rolls his eyes. 

Ashton's POV
"Honey, I'm home..."I shout as I enter our new loft.
"Hey home, I'm honey..." My fiancée yells back at me. 
"I am the one who's supposed to make the dad jokes, (Y/N)." I state as I walk towards the living room. 
"Ok daddy...." She whispers the moment my eyes land on her.
"Why aren't you wearing... Oh..." 
I hear her chuckle as she lays on the floor. I see her dress laying on the marble bar across the room. 
"The food is going to be here late, so I thought we could use the time to have some fun... You know, we haven't christened the house yet..." She says and smiles at me. I lick my lips and cock an eyebrow at her. 
"We really haven't... But baby doll, there is no furniture in here..." I tease her and she smiles, patting the floor. 
"Come on daddy. This has never been a problem for the 2 of us... We've fucked in every surface imaginable... We've fucked on walls, on floors, on tables, in pools... Almost everywhere..." She says, getting up. 
"We truly have..." I reply as she approaches me. 
"What's one more time... I mean, I can't wait until the furniture is in here... I really really need you, daddy." She whispers, tracing my chest with her finger. 
"Alright, I can't disappoint my babygirl. " I reply and she smirks. 
"Of course you can't daddy..." She moans and pulls me with her on the floor. 

She pins me down and tries to take my wrists in her small hands. I smirk at her, admiring at the sudden eagerness she has for control.
"The kitten wants to become the master I see..." I tease her as she leans forward. 
"No, not really. No one can top you off on being the dominant one, daddy. I just want to try something different... Can I, daddy?" She begs, knowing that those words and the fact that she is actually begging for permission will get me right in the mood. 
"Such a good girl for me... Of course you can kitten..." I moan at her and she smiles. 
"Thank you, daddy." She says and leans in to kiss me. 
Her free hand moves downwards, reaching to unbutton my jeans. I stare at her, observing her face contort into different emotions. 
Once my zipper is open, she reaches to lower the waistband of my briefs. 
"Want me to help you with anything?" I ask her and she shakes her head no. I watch her chest rise and fall as she tries to get everything done with just one hand. Her lips are pouty and open, a bit glossy from licking them often. 

She slips her panties to the side, lowering her hips to mine. She doesn't guide me inside her; she slides my tip along her clit, moving her hips in a slow rhythm. I hear her sigh in pleasure, her voice breaking a little bit.  I open my eyes, deciding to take in every moment of that. 
"That's my good girl... You are doing so great babygirl... " I compliment her as she presses her pussy more on y dick. 
"Can you guide me, daddy? I need your hands on my hips." She whimpers, releasing my hands from above my head. 
"Of course baby... Whatever you want from daddy..." I reply as I grab her hips. I dig my fingers in her skin, earning a whine from her. I push and pull her hips faster on my member, setting the pace for her. She cries out as I trace circles on her skin, the friction between our sexes and the light tickling on her skin, giving her pleasure.
It pleases me to see her like that; thinking that she is in control but so vulnerable under my touch. 
"Lean closer to me... I want your nipple in my mouth..." I whisper at her, a hand reaching to push a strand behind her ear. She wiggles a bit, reaching to unclasp her bra.
"No babygirl, don't remove it..." I stop her and she nods.  

She leans closer to me, her skin covered in goosebumps. I lower the strap of her thin bralette and take her nipple between my lips. 
"Oh..." She cries, clutching on me hard. My tongue traces the peak of her bundle, roughening it and turning it harder than it is already. 
"It feels so good..." I whisper and she grinds harder. 
"Does it, daddy?" She asks me. 
"Definitely baby. Does it feel good for you too, angel?" I ask her.
"Yes, daddy..." She moans and throws her head back. 
"Don't you need my fingers to cum, babygirl?" I ask her before I bite on her skin.  She whines and her stomach stiffens as she prepares for her orgasm. 
"No, this is perfect." She growls. 

I watch her head fall back and her eyes roll before they shut as she cums, her core throbbing against my dick. My hand that was on her hip travels down her ass and slip under her g-string, scratching on her booty. 
She grinds on me until I stop her, seconds before I cum. 
"Your mouth, now." I order and she obeys. She sucks me off for a few seconds, mainly teasing the tip with her tongue. I cum groaning and thrashing, going into a state of euphoria for a while. 
(Y/N) sticks her tongue out for me, showing me my cum before she swallows. 
"Such a good girl..." I praise her, stroking her hair. 
"Only for my daddy..." She whispers, leaning in to kiss me. 
"I am so happy that we will finally have our own place..." I state as she lays her head on my chest. 
"I am happy too... We have to put a lot of work into this place though. I want us to have a house that is a home." She whispers and I chuckle. 
"We can worry about it tomorrow. Now, let's enjoy the moment while we wait for our food." I say and peck on her forehead. 
"I love you, Ash." She says and turns to look at me. 
"I love you too, (Y/N)." I reply and she giggles. 

Chapter Text

1. Cooking for you after you had a rough day at work.

2. Going to art museums together as a date.
3. Sending him pictures of your boobs when he is away and he is nervous/mad.
4. Him being daddy AF.
5. Him spanking you and you begging for more. 
6. Matching outfits. 
7. Buying you a necklace with your name on it, so everyone will know you are his. 
8. Tracing over all of your scars or marks and assuring you they are beautiful.
9. Writing you love letters for when he is away.
10. Getting him a tiny stuffed animal to keep it with him on tour. 

11. Late night conversations about anything and everything
12. Forehead kisses when you are in public because he is not that into PDA but he wants to show you love and affection. 
13. Getting you flowers all the time. 
14. Buying cute lingerie and modeling them for you. 
15. Cuddling to the sound of rain. 
16. Watching the stars from a high rooftop. 
17. Touring with him and going sightseeing the local architecture. 
18. Going to aquariums and getting mesmerized. 
19. Taking Polaroid pictures of you in pretty views and having them with him almost all the time. 20. Him not being able to stay mad at you when he sees your eyes water. 

21. Holding your hand under the table when his mom is having you over for dinner for the first time.
22. His sister actually loving spending time with you and his brother thinking you are really funny. 
23. Him being overprotective of you and you being jealous of girls who approach him.
24. Drunk sex. 
25. Cooking together in your underwears. 
26. You pecking on his nose to help him soothe his nerves. 
27. Wearing his fedoras and hats and making funny faces to make him smile when he is stressed/sad. 
28. Rubbing scented body lotion on your back and leaving pecks along your spine. 
29. Staring at you after you both orgasm and smiling. 
30. Him being sure that you are the one.


Chapter Text

"Where is your boyfriend?" My 5-year-old niece asks me, tugging at my dress. I kneel in front of her and fix her pigtails, smiling at her. 

"He went to buy a cake for after the dinner. He will come back soon." I answer and she gasps excitedly. 
"Will it be a chocolate cake?" She asks and I purse my lips.
"Do you want it to be a chocolate cake?"I ask her and she nods. 
"Ok then. I will call him and see what I can do." I reply and bop her nose.She laughs and runs away to the rest of the children, screaming that we are going to eat cake after dinner. 
I giggle and straighten the tablecloth before I grab my phone from the island and start heading upstairs, to talk in private. 

"Hey babe. Where are you?" I ask my boyfriend once he picks up the phone. 
"I am in the car. I'll be at yours in 5 maximum." He replies and I smile. 
"Great. Do me a favor and stop at the bakery to pick a chocolate cake. Oh, and park the car a block away from the house, so the kids won't see you coming out of your car." I say and Ashton chuckles. 
"Want me to rent reindeers?" He asks me and I roll my eyes.
"No, just park the car a block away and walk. It's no biggie..."
"Ok, but why the cake?" He asks.
"My niece asked me where you are and I told her you went to buy one, so now, after you change into regular clothes, you will have to show up with some cake..." I reply and he hums.
"I'll see you in a bit..." He replies and laughs.

The doorbell rings, signaling that Ashton is here.
"(Y/N), (Y/N). The bell is ringing..." My niece screams making me and her mother laugh.
"Why don't you go open the door?" I ask her and she stares at her mother.
"Go ahead..." She assures her and she jumps towards the door.
We look at each other and smirk, walking towards the door too.
"IT'S SANTA." She screams, making the other children look at the door too.
"Hohoho, Merry Christmas!" Ashton cheers as he enters the house.
"Santa..." My niece screams and hugs his legs.
"Merry Christmas little girl..." He cheers and tries to move.
"Ok children. Let's leave Santa walk and take a seat..." I say, trying to give Ashton the chance to walk like a human and not with kids hanging on him like monkeys.
"Mom, can you take a picture of me and Santa?" My niece screams and her mother chuckles.
"Everyone will get one." She replies and I smile.
"But first, let's get Santa some cookies and milk." I say and the kids run in the kitchen to ask my mom for cookies.
"You are doing great..." I mouth to Ashton who smiles at me under the white beard.

One by one, the children of the family sit on Ashton's lap. My sister-in-law takes the pictures and I hand Ashton the gift for each child. Ashton seems to enjoy all of this, grinning from ear to ear. I stare at him in awe, smiling at my sweet boyfriend.
"He is a keeper." My sister-in-law comments at me as I approach her.
"I know. And I intend to keep him." I reply and peek at my boyfriend who hugging the children.
"Listen, children, Santa really has to go. He has many houses to visit." I say after a while, making the children sigh disappointedly in unison.
"But if you are nice, I will come back next year." Ashton says, trying to calm the children.

The doorbell rings again and this time, I am the one to rush to the door.
"Hey baby..." I cheer, hugging Ashton tightly.
"Hey princess..." He whispers, kissing me on the cheek.
"Ashton... Where were you? Santa Claus came..." My niece says and shows Ashton her new doll.
"He did? Oh, so bad that I missed it. Did he leave any presents for me?" He asks her, kneeling down to her height.
"No. Santa Claus only brings presents to children. You are an adult." She giggles and sticks her tongue out.
"Oh, he didn't? Well, I guess I will have to take your present..." He teases her and she squeals.
"Noooo...Aunty (Y/N), do something...." She pleads and I smile at her.
"Don't worry, I will handle him, you go play with the others..." I say and peck on her forehead.

"You are going to be an amazing father." I comment, once my niece left.
"You think so?" He asks and I nod.
"I know so. You were great as Santa." I say and he smiles.
"Too bad I didn't bring any present for me..." He says chuckling.
"I got your present upstairs..." I say and smirk at him, brushing his lips against mine.
"Mhh, do you think we have time for me to unwrap it?" He asks, pulling me close by my waist.
"Plenty... The food isn't ready yet..." I reply and he smiles.
"Let me leave the cake and say hi and then I am all yours." He says and I nod.
"I'll wait up in my old room upstairs." I reply and leave a peck on his bottom lip.

"You were late..." I comment as Ashton enters my old room. He chuckles, approaching me on the bed.
"I am sorry, princess. I was just saying hi to everyone." He replies and I hum.
"You are forgiven." I say, leaning in to kiss him.
"Why didn't you sit on Santa's lap, princess?" He asks me and I smirk.
"Want me to sit now?" I ask him and he licks his lips.
"Come here..." He says, patting his lap.

I unzip his pants and lower his briefs, while I raise the skirt of my dress.
"Princess, are you sure we should do that right now?" He asks but I can see his boner resting against his stomach.
"Just a quickie, please." I whimper, making him smile.
"Alright princess..." He replies and pulls me to his lap.
I hover over his dick for a moment, letting him slip it in me before I sink my hips on his. 
"Fuck." I whimper as he stretches my walls. He cradles the back of my head carefully, bringing m face close to his, engulfing my lips with his to muffle me. 
I bounce on him while he bites on my bottom lip hard. My eyes roll to the back of my head as he thrusts his hips to meet my rhythm.
With his free hand, he smacks my ass and grips on it hard, making me shiver. 
I grind my hips, getting more friction on my clit, trying to make myself cum as fast as I can. 
I love having quickies with Ashton; that feeling that we can get caught in any minute makes my blood pump fast in my veins.
"You feel so good around me princess..." He moans, pushing my hips more on his dick. I tighten my pelvic muscles, making Ashton groan in pleasure.
He places a kiss on my collarbone, pulling a bit my top to expose my skin more.
"I don't think I will last long, princess." He whimpers and I start moving my hips faster.
"Not yet, daddy. I am not quite there, yet." I moan, my hands resting on his shoulders.
"Did you just call me daddy, princess?" He groans, gripping harder on my ass.
"I forgot it turns you on..." I tease him and he slaps my ass.
"Yeah, right..." He whispers and bucks his hips with force, trying to slam on my g-spot.
"Can you stroke my clit, daddy?" I whisper in his ear, biting on his neck.
His hand slips between or bodies, reaching for my clit. He strokes the top of it, rubbing it circularly.
I throw my head back and buck my hips back and forth, trying to bring Ashton to his edge.
"Where do you want me to cum, princess?" He asks me, gripping hard on my ass.
"Inside me, daddy." I plead and he groans.

I am the first to cum, my hips grounding on Ashton's and my nails digging on his back. My walls pulse around him, making him groan loudly. I glare at him with wide eyes and bring one hand to muffle him.
He cums in me, his muffled groans making my head spin as he spills his seed inside me. His cock throbs and his veins feel even more prominent.
We stay silent for a moment, both of us trying to catch our breaths. Ashton is stroking my hair and pecking on my forehead, his chest rising and falling as he regulates his breath.
"I love you so much, princess..." He whispers, making me look at him.
"I love you too, baby." I reply and peck on his nose.



Chapter Text

Dressed in his white button up, with a pair of black skinny jeans, and his hair styled back, Ashton looks the best he had in a while. 

"Babygirl, are you ready?" He asks me, resting against the doorframe of my "glam room". 
"Well, if someone wasn't distracting me, I would have been done hours ago..." I say and Ashton smiles. 
"I am that someone?" He asks and I purse my lips together, sitting up from my vanity. I walk to him and place my hands on his shoulders, straightening out any creases. 
"Who else could distract me like that?" I ask him and he smirks at me. 
"I am sorry, princess..." He says and takes my hand in his. He brushes his lips over my knuckles before he plants a kiss on the back of my hand. 
"We should go... Our reservation is in a half an hour." He says and I nod. 
"Let me grab my purse." I say, moving towards the vanity where my clutch is resting. 
"You know that you don't need that with you, right?" He asks me and I chuckle. 
"Are you going to carry my lipstick and gloss?" I ask and Ashton hums. 
"Thought so." I reply and walk to him, snaking my arms around his neck. 

"It's amazing how you managed to book the exact same table as our first date." I comment, swirling my glass of wine in my hand.
"Actually we were sitting right there." He says and points to the table across of us. I smile and bite my lip, cocking my eyebrow. 
"After all these years, you still remember our first date?" I ask and Ashton chuckles. 
"To the last detail." He says and shrugs. 
"What was I wearing?" I ask, teasing him. 
"An emerald dress. And you tried to wear your hair in waves, but a few strands were left straight, because you were so anxious about being late, that you left your house really early. But you looked so beautiful that night. I just wanted to sit across of you and listen to you talk for hours. And that night, I knew..." He says and rubs my knuckles with his thumb. 
"Knew what?" I ask, making Ashton side smile; he knows that I know, and he knows that I like to hear him say it. 
"That day I knew that you are the one." He says and I feel my cheeks heat. 
"Cheers to 5 wonderful years." I say, raising my glass. 
"Cheers to the many more to come, Mrs. Irwin." He replies and clings his glass with mine.

"Do you always look that good while you brush your hair, or is it just today?" He asks me and I smirk smugly. 
"I think you know the answer." I say and stand up to walk to him. 
"We've been married for 5 years, and you still make my heart race." He says and I tilt my head to the side, a smile spreading across my lips. 
"Now, you are just saying that to get me to your bed..." I say and trace his chest with my forefinger. 
"Is it not working?" He asks me, resting his hand on my lower back. 
"Why don't you try to see yourself?" I ask and Ashton bites his lip, as he leans closer to me to kiss me. 
His kiss is soft, but passionate, making me moan against his lips as my mind rushes to what's to happen next. 
Ashton pulls me more on his body, his naked chest feeling warm against my thin nightgown. I place one hand on his collar and the other travels down his torso, grazing his toned abdomen along the way. 
"I need you so bad, princess." He growls in my ear, his mood suddenly changing from soft to dominant. His hand grips on my waist as he pushes me backward, stopping only when my body reaches the surface of my vanity. 
"I need you too." I whimper, reaching further down to feel his erection. Soft lips graze down my neck, but his hand travels to my ass, grabbing and digging his nails in my cheeks. 
"Tell me princess, how much do you want me?" He asks, biting hard on my collarbone. 
"So bad, I am aching, Please, I've been thinking about that ever since I saw you getting ready." I whisper and Ashton hums. 
"You need me that bad, princess?" He asks, chuckling as I nod. 
"Then we'd better lose that pretty little gown of yours." He says and I sigh as his fingers push my straps down. The silky fabric slides down my chest, revealing my chest to him. With a soft tug, my garment is pooling on my feet. 
"Jump." He commands, looking into my eyes. I follow his order and he pushes me to sit on the table. 
"Looks like someone had planned this moment ahead." Ashton says, running a finger across my bare slit.
"I knew it would be a waste of time to wear panties." I say and smile innocently at him. 
"Mmmh, I guess you are right." He whispers as I lower his briefs with my toes. 
"Please, Ashton... I need you..." I whimper, watching his erection spring free. 
"I know, I can feel it..." He says, rubbing my wetness across my slit. 
"Please." I almost cry, wanting nothing more than for him to be inside me.

And he does. He thrusts inside me forcefully, gripping hard on my hips. 
"You feel so good, princess..." He mumbles as he tries to set a rhythm. 
I push his chin up to bring his lips to mine, moaning as I do. I feel him stretch me out, my walls wrapping perfectly around him. His grip moves from my hips to my thighs, digging his nails in my skin. He goes fast, keeping me close to him, his warm skin contrasting my cold one and sending chills down my spine. I slip my tongue into his mouth, earning a surprised groan from him. 
I jump as his tip hits right on my spot, gripping on his neck and dragging my nails down his chest. 
"Fuck, do that again." I scream, my head falling forward and resting on his shoulder. 
By now, the vanity slams against the wall as Ashton ponds inside me. 
"I am so close babygirl." He growls, biting on my neck. 
"I know... I can feel your veins bulging." I whine, bucking my hips against his. 
"Look at me..." He orders, grabbing me by my neck and gripping hard on it. I smile and watch his eyes turn darker. 
"I want you to look in my eyes as I cum in you." He says, choking me harder. 
I feel my stomach twist as he thrusts deeper, hitting my g-spot and back wall. His skin grazes my clit, giving me extra friction and bringing me closer to the edge. 
"I want to cum." I whisper, Ashton's thumb pressing hard on my throat. 
"Oh, you should babygirl." He teases me, slamming inside me. His thrusts are way sloppier now, but he is giving me everything he has, to the point sweat beads down his forehead.

I feel my walls spasm and the knot in my stomach snaps, making me scream. Ashton growls, releasing my throat. 
"It feels so fucking good." He screams, thrusting sloppily a few more times before he releases in me. I gasp for air, grinding my hips to ride my high. 
"You are a fucking piece of art..." He praises me, smiling weakly. 
"You are not bad looking yourself either, Mr. Irwin." I reply as he picks me up to put me on our bed. 

"I was thinking..." Ashton begins, making me turn to look at him. 
"What, pretty boy?" I ask, pecking on his chest. 
"Maybe it is time to start trying for baby Irwin..." He says and I gasp surprised. 
"You are serious right now?" I ask and he nods. 
"I mean, I know you want one... And I want one too. So, we could start trying..." He says and I smile from ear to ear. 
"Baby Irwin..." I say, trying to realize it. 
"I like how that sounds." He says and strokes my back. 
"I like how that sounds too." I reply and nestle more on his chest. 

Chapter Text

I feel Ashton scanning my body as I slip in my jeans, getting ready to leave for work. 
"What?" I ask him, still not turning to look at him. He chuckles and leaves my mug in front of me. 
"Nothing, I just like your underwear..." He comments and snakes an arm around my waist. 
"Well, I was too busy for laundry, so the only ones left are from my lingerie sets." I reply, pointing to the lacy pink string before I button up my jeans. 
"Forgot to do laundry? How come?" He asks with a smirk playing on his lips. 
"I had some distraction..." I reply, looking for my shirt.
"Distraction? You are calling me a distraction?" He asks me, pecking on my shoulder. 
"Well, aren't you?" 
"If anyone is a distraction, that would be you, princess..." He moans, suckling on my neck. 
"Ash, I have to leave for work..." I groan, throwing my head back. 
"Can't you call in sick?" He asks and I bite my lip as his hands travel down my hips. 
"For the 3rd day in the row? They are going to fire me..." I protest and he chuckles. 
"And? You'll travel the world with me..." He says and I sigh. 
"I wish it was that easy babe..." I whimper, turning to face him. 
"So, you are going to leave me in here, with nothing to do but wait for you..." He pouts.
"Well, you can always think of me, dressed in that schoolgirl outfit you love so much, waiting on my knees for you, sucking your cock dry before you pin me on the wall and fuck me." I tease him, tracing down his bare chest. Ashton sighs and then groans, grabbing a fist of my hair and pulling my head back. 
"Are you trying to get spanked, little girl?" He asks me and I look at him innocently. 
"No..." I reply and he grits his jaw. 
"Come on kitten... You know that by teasing daddy, moments before you leave your house for hours, leaving daddy alone with this picture stuck in his head... That is not going to end up well for your precious little ass, kitten." He growls in my ear, still pulling my hair back. I hiss from the slight stinging but smile at his words. 
"I was bad, daddy. I need to be punished..." I reply and he hums. 
"But I after I get home from work. Can you wait until then, daddy?" I ask. Ashton takes a deep breath and purses his lips. 
"Your clothes better be on the floor the moment you enter this house kitten. Or else you will really need a day off tomorrow, just to get your bad right... Do you understand me?" He asks me, letting go of my hair and cupping my jaw. I look at him, my lips parted and cheeks heated. 
"Of course, daddy... Can I get dressed and leave now, please?" I ask, knowing that asking for his permission will get him right in the mood. 
"Sure princess... I'll just sit back and enjoy my view..." He replies with a wink and a slap on my ass. 


Chapter Text

"Do you think you will be ready for Luke's party by 9, kitten?" Ashton asks me, averting his gaze from his phone. I sit on the edge of the bed, grabbing my lotion from the vanity and turn to look at him. 
"I think I will be fine. My glam squad is going to be here at 6, so I will have plenty of time!" I say and Ashton chuckles. 
"I miss the days I watched you do your hair and makeup yourself. Remember princess? I used to bend you over that sink in your old bathroom, pull your panties to the side and fuck you until you were numb..." He teases me, sitting up and crawling towards me, planting a kiss on the base of my neck.
"Ugh, my makeup used to turn out one huge mess back then..." I say and giggle. 
"Mmm, you still looked hot though... And now you have your own glam squad... I am so proud of you, kitten..." He praises me, pilling off my dressing gown, to place kisses further down my back. 
"Thank you, daddy." I tease, making Ashton groan. 
"Lay on your back for daddy, princess." He orders and I sigh, trying to contain myself. 
"We really don't have that much time." I protest but Ashton growls. 
"What did I say, princess?" He asks me and I gulp, feeling heat rising in my stomach and between my legs, just from my boyfriend using a bit lower voice on me. 
"On your back, now." He growls again in my ear. My eyes roll to the back of my head, all of my guards shuttering.

I crawl backwards and lay on my back, getting comfortable as Ashton crawls and hovers above me. His fingers undo my dressing gown's belt, making the soft material slide from my chest and pool to my sides. 
"That's what I like to see..." He smirks to himself, taking in my naked body. 
"Look at you, princess..." He says and traces my skin with his fingertips, sending chills down my spine. His hand travels up to cup my chin, leaning in to kiss me. Of course the kiss is no different than all the other times he is in his daddy mode; his tongue is invading my mouth, making sure to gain dominance from the very first moment. I know better than to try and resist him; I want him to pleasure me and if I try to protest, he will make sure to take that away from me. 
His nails dig in the skin of my hipbones, watching me shiver. He bites on my bottom lip and pulls it a bit, mixing pain with pleasure. 
I feel vulnerable and exposed to him; he has every control of my body, without even trying. He begins grinding his hips on mine, his briefs boxers causing friction on my clit. 
"See how hard daddy is for you, princess?" He asks me, still cupping my jaw. My breath hitches as he presses his hips more on me, his bulge getting harder and harder every passing moment. 
"And you are soaking wet, princess/ Who made you so wet, doll?" He asks me, looking into my eyes, with lust clouding his. 
"You, daddy." I reply moaning, making Ashton grin smugly. 
"Oh princess, you know what to say to get me going." He says and strokes my cheek. 
"What should I do with that tight little pussy, princess? Should I pound it with my cock and cum on your pretty face? Or should I fuck you senselessly, cum inside you and make you go to the party with my cum inside your, dripping down your leg?" He growls, making me shiver. It won't be the first, and it won't be the last time that Ashton will make me go in public with no panties and cum dripping down my thigh. He just adores that kind of control over my body.

Before anything happens, my phone rings, making me snap towards it. 
"Let it ring." Ashton groans. 
"It's my hairstylist and makeup artist. They are probably here. Can you go buzz them in while I put something on?" I ask Ashton as I sit up and sprint to the closet. 
"I am not done with you yet, princess." Ashton states, slipping in his clothes.

"Do you want another drink, kitten?" Ashton asks me as I sip the last bit of my vodka soda. 
"Yes, please." I say and smile, giving him my solo cup. He takes it and walks to the drinks counter.

The moment Ashton is a few feet away from me, a guy approaches me, passing me a cup. 
"Um, no thanks. My boyfriend is bringing me a new one." I say as politely as I can while the guy eyes me up and down. 
"Boyfriend? Come on, you are too pretty to be locked down." He says, bringing his hand to stroke my face, but fails as I dodge him. 
"I do though..." I say, scanning the room for any signs of Ashton. 
"Your loss..." He says, cocking an eyebrow. 
"I think I can live with that kind of devastation." I say and give him a cold smile. 
"Oh, come on. He doesn't even have to know. Just give me your number." He says, trying to make a move again. I shift to avoid him. 
"Yeah, that's not going to happen, buddy." I say, trying to remain calm. 
"Stop being a bitch and just give me your number." He says, becoming more threatening. 
"She said it's not going to happen." Ashton says, coming next to me. 
"And why do you care?" The guy asks cockily. 
"I am her boyfriend, who is totally capable of slamming your face on that wall, if you don't back off, now." Ashton replies, completely calm. The guy clenches his jaw and looks at us disgusted. 
"Whatever, she is ugly anyway." He says before he turns and leaves. I burst out laughing, Ashton doing the same. 
"And he thought he had a chance with you..." He says, pecking on my forehead. 
"Don't be mean. If I wasn't with you..." 
"What, you would have given him your number? Princess, I have essentially ruined you for every other man. You have no choice but stay with me, kitten." He says chuckling. 
"Is that so?" I ask, inches away from him. He just smirks and grabs my wrist, guiding me to the back of the house.

Once we've reached the small bathroom, he shoves me in and locks the door. 
"My pretty girl..." He whispers, pressing me against the door. 
"Hey daddy..." I tease him as I lean in to kiss him. 
"Sounds so good coming from your lips, princess." He whispers against my lips. He pins my wrists above my head as his face lowers to my neck. 
"I love that dress on you." He mumbles, pushing my neckline further down, revealing my bralette. 
"Well, look at that." 
"A little something for daddy." I whisper, smiling at him. 
"It is much appreciated..." He replies, snapping my strap against my skin. I hiss and he hums, his eyes ravishing my body. 
"How much, daddy?" I ask; Ashton licks his lips, pushing a strand of hair behind my ear.

He doesn't reply; he just kneels in front of me, stroking my leg with his fore and middle finger. I look at him mesmerized; he is dominating, even with a simple touch, a simple glance, a purse of his lips. 
His mouth traces the part of my inner thigh that is visible from my short dress. Chapped lips create a friction against my skin, preparing me for when his teeth are going to sink in the flesh. 
Which doesn't take much time to occur; he begins with soft nibbles, almost grazing his teeth against my skin, before he raises the hem of my dress to mark with bites the hidden part of my thigh. 
The sensation is too much for me; I feel my nipples peek through the thin layer of lacy bralette, my thighs pressing together to send a little pressure to my core. 
"Kitten, open those legs, I want a taste." He orders, his lips grazing my clothed center with every word. 
I gasp at his words. following his demand quickly after the waistband of my panties. He pushes them down, tracing my legs on the way to tease me. Once the garment rests around my ankles, he picks it up and smirks at me, placing them in his back pocket. 
"A little trophy for daddy." He comments and I look at him with my lips parted and cheeks flushed. 
I gulp down harshly as he maintains eye contact. His eyes are darker, his face tensed and skin almost burning. 
With no warning, he brings his lips to my pussy; of course he is not willing to give me what I crave, just yet. He kisses my crotch softly, spreading kisses from my lower stomach to the edge before my clit. I sigh frustrated and he seems to enjoy that. By this point, I know hat I am dripping; I feel my wetness run down my thigh. Ashton seems to notice that and it makes him grin deviously from ear to ear. 
He sticks his tongue against my clit and moves it back and forth, pressing lightly on it. My eyes roll to the back of my head as I throw my head back and release a groan. 
"Spread your legs more, princess." He demands with a hard slap on my ass before he buries his face back in my pussy. He licks my slit with the flat of his tongue, focusing on my clit with the tip of his tongue to tease me. He moves his head from side to side, humming against my bundle of nerves. My fingers tangle in his locks, pulling at them as he curls his tongue. 

The moment he thrusts his tongue inside me, I feel the knot in my stomach form. All the teasing and the stimulation building up inside my stomach, makes me think that I won't last long before I am driving over my edge from his magic mouth. But of course, Ashton doesn't have to know about that; depending on his mood, if I am close, he might stop his actions just to tease me some more. 
"How does it feel baby?" He asks, smiling at me from down there. 
"So good... Please, let me cum..." I whimper, pulling his hair to bring his face closer to my center. 
"Of course babygirl." He chuckles and I almost lose it. 

I grind my pussy on his face and groan as I try to build my orgasm. Ashton is sucking on my clit, running his tongue over the head of it. My legs feel jelly, but I try to hold back a little longer, just for the high to be greater. 
I squirm and my body jiggles as Ashton sucks harder, making my mind fuzzy. 
I cum on his lips, screaming in ecstasy as he keeps on licking me to prolong my orgasm.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, this is so good..." I pant as my hips thrust involuntarily. I feel Ashtin smirk before he stands up and brings his lips to mine as his hands lower the hem of my dress.
"We are walking out of here and we say goodbye. Then, I am taking you home and I am fucking you until your legs give out and the neighbours know my name. Alright, princess?" He asks, cupping my jaw hard. 
"Yes daddy." 

Chapter Text


I walk slowly on the beach, letting the sand get between my toes. It is very calm at this time of the day, very few people being here after the sun went down. I love walking on the beach, especially when it gets a little chilly and windy and the salt mixes with the breeze. I close my eyes, trying to clean my head; I knew that coming here and seeing Ashton would send me into a rabbit hole. It is wrong and immoral, he is practically like a brother to me. 
And of course, I have to fight extra hard not to let my brother, Michael, know about my feelings for his best friend, but all of this is eating me alive. I can't spend too much time around them, especially around Ashton. 

I know that everything I am feeling is one-sided, at least everything romantic-wise. To him, I am nothing more than just Michael's little sister. But every time I see him, my heart skips a bit and I have butterflies in my stomach. Nothing of that would have happened if Ashton wasn't so fucking nice to me and looked like a Greek God. 

I walk back to Michael's house; well, the beach house he rented for a getaway now that I am here. I feel drained, every ounce of energy in my body left behind. I just want to lay on my bed and listen to some music. But I know that this will set Michael off, make him worry. 
"(Y/N), we've been waiting for you to start eating." Michael shouts the moment he hears me shut the door. 
"We? I thought Crystal left earlier because she had a photo shoot..." I ask as I walk to the kitchen. But my question pretty much answers itself the moment my eyes land on the guys, sprawled around the island. Of course, my eyes glue a little longer on Ashton who smiles and waves at me. I smile back and still feel my heart tighten, excitement coursing through my body.  
"Hey guys. Give me a  moment to wash up and I'll be right back." I wave at all of them and walk towards the bathroom. I just need a minute to myself before I go inside and pretend that my heart is not burning for him. 

I take my seat on the island, trying to be as far away from him as possible; even feeling him on the same room makes my knees weak. 
"Can you pass me some pad thai?" I ask, placing my plate in front of me. 
"Sorry kid. Ashton took the last bit." Calum says, pointing to his friend's plate. 
"We can share." Ashton says, standing up and walking to me.
"No, it's ok. I can get something else to eat." I mumble but Ashton is already pouring some in my plate. 
"I insist. We can split and I can eat something extra after, don't worry about it." He replies and takes the seat next to me. He smiles and digs in his food, making me heart melt. Fuck, I might die today. 
"So, we were talking with the guys and we thought of having a bonfire in the backyard. We can play some music, have a drink, share stories. You know, do chill stuff." Michael suggests as I take my first bite. 
"I don't know... I mean sure, you can go ahead and do it, but I want to pass." I reply and hear Michael sigh. 
"Come on (Y/N), it won't be the same without you. And I think you could use a little bit of chilling. You've been a bit blue ever since you got here." Michael comments, making my face heat up. 
"I am fine, really. I am a bit tired, but that's all." I brush it off and continue eating my food. 
"It's ok. Don't pressure her. But, she has to promise she will come with us tomorrow at the beach." Ashton says, nudging my shoulder and winking. 
"We will see about that, Mr. Irwin." I tease him, winking back. 


I lay on my bed, music playing through my earbuds, a smile spread on my lips from spending time with Ashton. I swear, he is the greatest human ever; he tries to cheer everyone up, he has a great sense of humor and he is so soft and innocent, it is insane. 

The silent knock on my door, makes me snap out of my thoughts. 
"Come in." I whisper. The door opens slowly. a light creaking all that is being heard. 

"Hey, mind if I join you?" Ashton walks inside on his tiptoes. 
"Hey. I didn't know you would stay here tonight..." I comment as I sit up. 
"Everyone did. It would be stupid to drive all the way back tonight and come back here in the morning." 
"Drive here in the morning?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows. 
"Did you seriously forget that you promised you will join the beach party in the morning?" He asks, fucking being shocked. 
"I solemnly apologize." I giggle as he lays on the bed, motioning me to do the same. I lay on my back, trying to keep a distance from Ashton, but the single bed is not very accommodating for the both of us. 
"Well, I will have to punish you, don't you think?" Ashton asks and winks at me. My stomach gets tied in a knot and I feel my throat dry up. 
"And with what kind of punishment are you planning to do it?" I ask, clearly pushing every boundary. Ashton chuckles and grabs the earbud that was resting on the mattress between us. 
"Let's listen to some music, yes?" He asks, radically changing the subject. 
"Can't sleep, huh?" I ask as I place the earbud in my ear. 
"Have had easier nights..." He sighs, looking at the ceiling
"Why so?" I ask, turning to look at him. 
"I have a lot in my mind. I need to put them in order to relax and fall asleep." He explains, bringing a hand to his face. 
"Get up." I order, pulling the earbud from him. 
"What? Why?" He asks surprised. 
"Do you trust me?" I ask back. He just sighs and nods. 
"Then get up." 


"I always do that when I have to put my mind in order. Well, usually, I do it barefoot, but I'd rather not now that we are in darkness." I rumble as we walk side by side along the sea bank. 
"Chicken." Ashton giggles, earning a slap on the arm. 
"I am not." I protest, giggling. Ashton laughs and takes my hand in his, making my heart stop. His fingers entangle with mine, holding my hand steadily. 
"I am glad you took me out of the house. I needed some fresh air." He says, his voice soft and soothing. 
"I know. It gets suffocating sometimes. Wanna tell me what bugs you?" I ask, looking at him; his face changes, from calm to tensed and stressed. 
"It's really stupid. And one of the things that shouldn't be bothering me. I mean, it is wrong and I hate myself for being in this situation, but... can you fight your feelings?" He asks, turning to look at me. 
"You really can't. So, I assume this is about a girl..." I sigh, my head spinning and bitterness in my mouth. I can't believe I am talking about my crush's crush. 
"It's more than that. But really, there is no need to talk about it right now." He tries to brush me off, but I am turning a lot more curious. 
"No, tell me. I might be able to help." I insist. At least, I will get more information about this girl.
"(Y/N), I said there is no need to talk about it." Ashton sighs, trying to keep calm, but clearly running out of patience. 
"No, I really want to help you. Do I know the girl? Can I help, like convince her on how awesome you are, and how lucky she would be if she were with you, how stupid she would be if she rejects you..." I rumble. Ashton giggles and rubs his face, biting the inside of his cheek. 
"(Y/N), he is my best friend's sister..." Ashton says, shrugging his shoulders while smiling. 
"Mali? You are crushing on Mali?" I ask, almost shouting it, but then realizing that I can really be heard on an empty beach. 
"Are you serious right now, (Y/N)?" Ashton asks. 
"What? Luke doesn't have a sister, and I don't know your other best friends... It was a logical assumption." I exclaim. Ashton steps in front of me, taking my hands in his and pulling me closer. 
"Calum is not my only best friend in the band that has a sister..." Ashton says, looking at me and waiting until I realize what he is talking about. 

And then it dawns me, and I look at him almost tearing up, taking a deep breath before I fall into his arms. 
"She has a crush on you too. Ever since the time you and the guys had a sleepover at her house, and you were the only one that agreed on her staying to watch the movie you were watching. And then, even more, when you brought her chicken nuggets every time you got to her home after work to have practice. And even more now, that she knows you feel the same as well." I say and tilt my head to the side, looking at him for reaction. 
"Well, I didn't fall for you because you brought my chicken nuggets after work." He giggles. 
"That was not my point, Irwin." I chuckle, punching lightly his chest. 
"Yeah, I get the general theme..." He replies, leaning down to kiss me. 

It feels like my 14-year-old self is high fiving me; my ultimate crush is kissing me, and it feels so right. His hands rest on my cheeks, keeping my head close as he deepens the kiss. I hold his wrists, parting my lips to give him access. I moan as his arm wraps around my waist; it feels too good, feeling my body against his, all of this being breath-taking. 
"Fuck my life..." Ashton moans, still not breaking from my lips. I know exactly what he means; just the thought of Michael learning about this, is giving me creepy chills. 
"Don't think about it." I reply, trying to pull away but he keeps me there, pulled up against him. 
"I am not." He replies, his hand squeezing my ass. I groan but in a very pleased way. 
"Fuck." I groan, shivering and wiggling against him. I feel my stomach tighten and my chest getting heavy as I rub against his bulge. 
"Stop me before it is too fucking late." Ashton groans, his hand that was on my face moving down my neck. I smirk as my hand brushes again 'accidentally' over his hard-on. 
"I've never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly." I whimper, earning a chuckle from him. 
"Have you ever had sex on the beach, princess?" He asks me, twisting his hands in my hair and pulling my head back. 
"You mean right here?" I ask as his lips travel down my neck. He hums and softly traces his mouth down my collarbone. 
"It is way too late, no one will see us, and there is this spot right over there that is secluded." He says in his low voice. 
"Was this whole thing planned?" I ask; thankfully, his arm is still supporting my waist, because my knees are already feeling wonky. 
"You brought me here." He says, chuckling. 
"Fuck, I need you." I reply, holding onto him. 

We basically stumble over the place Ashton referred to while we made out. I take off my kimono and lay it on the sand, laying with my back on it. Ashton stares at me, his jaw tensed. 
"What?" I ask. 
"All the times that I have imagined having sex with you, and this one never crossed my mind." He chuckles, kneeling down and hovering over me. 
"Sometimes, the reality is way better than imagination." I respond and pull him by his t-shirt to bring him close for a kiss. 



"Sometimes it is." He replies and brings his lips to mine. 
"No foreplay. I need you. I've been having this fantasy in my head for years now..." I plead and bite his lip. 
"Have you ever touched yourself while thinking of me, princess?" He asks, undoing the strings of my sweat shorts. 
"Lots of times." I reply, moaning as his fingers graze my stomach. 
"Fuck... Who would have thought, little innocent (Y/N)..." He chuckles, lowering my shorts along with my panties. 
"I am not little... And I am definitely not innocent." I reply, making him chuckle. 
"Show me then." He provokes me, making me even more turned on. 
I flip us over, landing Ashton on his back while I straddle his waist. I lower his bottoms and palm him over his boxers, teasing him a little and feeling how hard I've made him. 

"You said no teasing

"You said no teasing. " He growls through greeted teeth. I put my hand between my thighs, rubbing my fingers from my hole to my clit, falling forward as I finally attend to the feeling between my legs. I spread my wetness, getting ready for Ashton. 
"Don't make me put you on your back and fuck your brains out, princess." He groans as I continue rubbing myself. 
"That doesn't sound too bad." I reply. 
"It will, when I bring you to your edge and don't let you cum." He threatens, making my jaw hit the ground. 

With quick movements, I lower his boxers and grab his cock in my hand, pumping him a couple of times before I line his tip in front of my entrance. 
I dip my hips down and take him in, releasing a scream of pleasure as his dick stretches my walls. Ashton hisses, grabbing my hips. 

"You are

"You are... so... fucking tight." He growls, guiding my hips slowly, giving me time to adjust to him. I put my weight on my forearms as I slowly buck my hips down on him. I gasp everytime I move, feeling him hit different spots with every thrust. He bucks his hips against mine, one of his hands sliding down my hips to my clit, his thumb pressing my bundle of nerves.

I practically bounce on him after a minute, trying to get all I can get. I don't mind the slight sting of pain I have with every movement, it just adds to the feeling. I can feel his touch burn my skin, his fingertips feeling like fire on me. 

"Your tits look so pretty bouncing under that top." He writhes, making me smirk. I bring one hand and pull my tank top down, freeing my boobs and giving him a better view.
"God..." He whimpers, moving his thumb to stroke my clit in soft circles.

I lean down and engulf his lips with mine, bouncing my ass and taking him deeper. He hits right on my back wall, his veins grazing against my walls as I go. I run my tongue across his bottom lip, claiming dominance. His hand is still between our bodies, rubbing my nub of nerves and making butterflies erupt in my stomach.

I gasp and shiver as I take him balls deep inside me, my skin slapping against his.

"You are so fucking big." I cry and rest my head on the crook of his neck. I bounce on him and feel the knot in the pit of my stomach tightening up. I grind down on his cock, feeling his veins throb inside me.

"You feel so good around me..." He groans, moving his hips against mine.

I hold back my orgasm the best way I can, but it is getting harder with every movement; Ashton throbbing inside me, his thumb and skin grazing my clit, the feeling that we are both exposed and might get caught adding to the rush inside me.

"I am so close..." I whimper, digging my nails on his shoulders.

"Cum, princess. I want to feel you pulsing around me." He hisses, licking his lips and throwing his head back.

I just stare at him, watching him being in so much pleasure that makes my brain go fuzzy. 

I cum around him, arching my back and pressing my chest on his. I have to bite his neck to not be heard through the whole area, the warm pleasure coursing through my body. 

"Fuck... And I thought it couldn't get better. Fuck..." He hisses, thrusting upward sloppily to hit his high. 
I feel him cum in me, his warm sticky seed erupting in me. I groan, still moving my hips to prolong my orgasm.

 I groan, still moving my hips to prolong my orgasm

I collapse on him, my body feeling numb. Ashton brings his hand away from my clit slowly, making me jolt a little.

"This was fucking amazing." Ashton pants, rubbing my lower back softly with his thumb.

"Can you not talk to me for a minute, please? I am in heaven right now." I whisper and close my eyes, letting the whole feeling run in me. Ashton chuckles and rubs my back in circles, giving me time to come back down.

"Are you feeling ok?" He asks me as I sigh.

"I... I don't really know..." I mumble and Ashton hums.

"Want to tell me what's inside your pretty brain, princess?" He asks, tilting my chin to look in my eyes.

"I don't think we should talk about it right now." I reply, looking away. He pushes my chin and makes me look at him again, looking at me softly.

"We've been keeping inside us the fact that we see each other in a more than friendly way. Imagine what could have happened if we just spoke our minds earlier. Just tell me what is going on." He sighs, pecking on my lips softly.

"Are you sure about it, Ash? I mean..."

"Tell me (Y/N)..." Ashton smiles and strokes my cheek.

"Ok, was this a one-time thing?" I ask.

"Do you want it o be a one-time thing?" He asks me.

"It's not about what I want. It is about what you feel. What I feel... It's about what we both want. And then again, we have to think of Michael. I don't want to hurt my brother, and you don't want to hurt your best friend. But, we can't just suppress everything, just because Michael might get hurt. If we both have feelings for each other, we can't just hurt ourselves to please Michael." I rumble, making Ashton giggle.

"We are adults, all three of us. And I don't want this to be a one-time thing. And I can tell you don't as well. And Michael will just get it. Because he loves you, and he loves me, and if he understands that this is the best, for the both of us, he will wrap his brain around it."

"You really think so?" I ask.

"I know so." He smiles at me, making me smile as well.

"So, do you want to try this?" I ask, shrugging my shoulders.

"More than anything..." He replies, pulling me in for a kiss. 



Chapter Text


I fix my skirt and take a look at myself in the mirror. I puff my cheeks and huff, turning once more to observe my outfit; this is our last date with Ashton before he is off for the tour and I couldn't be more insecure. 
Ashton and I met about a month ago on a mutual friend's party and we went on a couple of dates ever since. I have so much fun with him, but I am not sure about how he feels about me. 

I gulp the lump in my throat and grab my purse as I walk out of my bedroom. My roommate is sitting on the couch, a tub of ice cream on her lap and her boyfriend on her side, both of them looking at the screen across of them. 
"Are you ready for your date?" She asks, pausing the movie. I smile awkwardly and nod. 
"You don't seem too excited about it." She says and pouts, standing up and walking to me. 
"It's just... I know this is our last date before he leaves for tour." I sigh and take a seat on the couch.
"Tour?" My roommate's boyfriend asks, knotting his eyebrows together. 
"Yeah, he is a drummer." I reply. 
"Cool." He breathes and takes a spoonful of the ice cream. 
"Hon, you don't have to worry about that. ok? I am sure that you will both figure it out, you just have to talk it out..." She tries to console me. 
"I am not even sure if we are anything more than just 2 people dating, we haven't even had our first kiss yet. I don't know if there is anything to figure out about the tour. Anyway, I'll go wait for Ashton downstairs. Have a nice night, guys." I greet them as I get up. 

I wait for Ashton at the entrance of my block of flats. At this point, I don't even know why we are still going out; we seem to be stuck where we first started. But I enjoy hanging out with him, he has a lot to talk about and conversations with him seem to be never-ending, full of new aspects and arguments.
Ashton pulls up in front of me and stops the engine, walking out and towards me. 
"Hello, gorgeous. You look stunning." He compliments me, handing me a bunch of sunflowers. I blush and rub my thumb over one of the flowers. 
"It's just a plaid skirt and a t-shirt." I mumble. 
"You look wonderful. Ready for our date?" He asks, taking my hand in his. 
"Yes. Where are we going?" I ask as we walk to the car. 
"First, we are going to get some takeout and then I am taking you to my favorite place." He says, opening the door for me. I smile and get inside, placing the flowers on the back seat. 
"And where would that be?" I ask after he gets in the car. 
"It's a surprise. So, pizza, noodles, tacos?" He asks, starting the engine. 
"Pizza and beers..." I reply, leaning my head on the headrest. 
"That's my girl." He laughs as he starts driving. 

We stop at a pizza place and order a large cheese pizza and a six-pack of beer from the store across of the pizza place. Ashton still hasn't told me where we are going, but I am far more relaxed right now than in the beginning of the date. 
"I have to ask again... Where are we heading?" I ask, tapping my fingers on the pizza box. 
"It's the place I go when I want to think, or when I am angry, or missing my family. It's my secret place." He says, still driving towards the unknown destination. 

We drive up the hill, parking just a bit before the Hollywood sign. 
"Is this where you want to take me?" I ask and he nods. 
"But promise to keep it a secret. No one knows about this place." He says and opens the door to get out. I try to open my door, but Ashton rushes to it. 
"I'll grab the blanket from the trunk, ok?" He says and I nod. 
We walk towards the sign, Ashton taking my hand in his as we walk to the place where we are going to see; the sensation is weird, it is such a sweet and intimate move, something that brings warmth throughout my body. 
Ashton lays the blanket on the first O of the sign. I put the box in the middle of the blanket and take a seat, smiling at Ashton. 
"It's beautiful in here. I've never been here before." I state taking a look around me. 
"I am glad I am your first." He giggles and hands me a beer. 
"I am glad you are my first." I chuckle and crack my beer open. 
"Ok, the first slice goes to the lady. Here you go. I think we should have taken napkins..." He says as he hands me a slice. 
"I have some in my purse." I say as I take my slice and take a bite. 
"You complete me..." He chuckles and picks his slice. 
"So, how many ladies have been to your special spot before me?" I ask and turn to look at him. 
"Well, I brought my sister here before. So, one and you are the second." He says and I squint my eyes at him, trying to understand if he is lying. 
"I feel honored." I giggle. 
I eat my pizza as Ashton talks about today's practice. It feels bittersweet to listen to him talk about the tour's preparation. 
"Ash, can I ask you for a favor?" I ask as he stops talking. 
"Sure." He replies and takes a sip of his beer. 
"I wanna look at the stars. In silence, for just a moment." I say and try to monitor his reaction. 
"Yeah, sure." He smiles at me and lays on his back along with me. 
I stare at the sky and the clouds and the stars; everything looks so simple, so bright, so mesmerizing. I get why he comes here to clear his head. 
"The stars are pretty tonight, aren't they?" He asks, breaking the silence. 
"Yeah, they are." I breathe out, smiling at the view. 
"Not as pretty as you are, though." He says; I hide my face in my hands and smile. 
"You are cheesier than the pizza." I state and he snickers. 
"I am going to miss you on the tour." He states, making me turn my head and look at him. 
"I am going to miss you too." I say, taking a deep breath. Ashton smiles at me sweetly, stretching his hand to stroke my cheek. I relax under his touch, a feeling of euphoria spreading in my stomach. 
Ashton shimmies closer to me, his thumb still stroking my cheek. Now his thumb lowers to my bottom lip, grazing it over it as his face get closer to mine. I can feel his breath fanning on my face, putting me into a haze.
He captures my lips with his, softly pecking on them. My breath hitches to the back of my throat, especially since the innocent, light pecks turns into a real kiss. My eyes are shut, but my hand go to his jaw, my fingertips pressing lightly. 

"You just kissed me."I state as he pulls away slightly. 
"Is that bad?" He asks me, cocking an eyebrow. 
"No, it was perfect. It was our first kiss." I exclaim, feeling my face heating. 
"And this is about to be our second." He chuckles and pulls me in for a kiss. It feels amazing; having his lips dance with mine, his hands stroking my body softly, slight moans sending vibrations to my lips. 
"Why are you so dreamy?" I comment, staring at him. 
"I am the dreamy one, princess?" He asks, making my heart beat faster in my chest. 
"And I thought that it couldn't be possible to miss you even more..." I mumble. 
"We have a couple of days until I leave. And we can text, facetime, do like video dates. And you can always visit me on tour. Just say the word and I will book your tickets." He lists off. I look at him, taking a breath before I form the words that dance in my head. 
"I hate to ask, but I have to, especially now that you are about to leave for tour. What are we?" I say and bite my bottom lip. 
"What do you mean what are we?" He asks, knitting his eyebrows together. 
"I mean, are we just 2 people dating, are we exclusive, are we like a couple?" I explain better. Ashton chuckles and brings his lips to my lips, pressing them softly together. 
"We are 2 people, dating exclusively, working on becoming a couple." He says, pressing his lips on mine quickly between each part of the sentence. 
"That will do... For now." I say and he snickers. 

We walk back in the car, hand in hand, Ashton holding the blanket on the other hand while I hold the empty box of pizza and the 6-pack of beer. We managed to finish just 2 of them, so I turn to Ashton. 
"What are we going to do with the rest of the beers?" I ask as he puts the blanket back in the trunk. 
"I am going to take them home, and we will drink them tomorrow when you spend the night at my place." He says, opening the door for me once more. 
"I am going to stay at your place tomorrow?" I ask. 
"Oh, haven't you heard? You are staying with me until I leave for tour. I need to soak in as much of you as I can. And we need to see on which dates of the tour you are going to visit me." He replies, leaning down to kiss me again, which makes me smile against his lips. 

Chapter Text


(Ashton's POV)
(Y/N)'s alarm goes off, startling me out of sleep. I open my eyes and find her curled on my chest, breathing slowly as she sleeps soundly. I try to fix my gaze on to the clock that is still beeping, finding out that it is just 6:30, which means that the sun is barely up on this November morning. 
"Princess... Princess, wake up." I mumble; my voice sounds sleepy and groggy, which makes me even more sleepy. 
"5 more minutes." She mumbles, nuzzling her head on my chest, purring happily as I stroke her back. 
"Don't you have a class in 8:30?" I ask her, but receive a groan in response. 
"I can lay here for a few more minutes, if you just drop me off in the campus." She replies and I chuckle. I close my eyes and take slow, deep breaths, making my chest inflate and fall. 
"I thought you didn't want me dropping you off or picking you up, because people would start whispering." I comment, my hand running through her hair. 
"I know, I know. But I just... Let me stay a little longer." She groans and I smile, appreciating every second my gorgeous girl stays on top of me, cuddling me hazily. 
I kiss the top of her head, bringing the covers closer to her body. 
I just lay there, stroking her lower back in circles and leaving soft kisses on her forehead. Her hands lay flat on my chest, tracing patterns slowly.
"You are warm... So warm." She mumbles, burying her face in the crook of my neck. I smile and hum happily, keeping her close to me.  
Until my eyes shut. 

I only wake up when my alarm goes off. I reach for my phone to turn it off, only then realizing that it is 7:55. 
"Shit, (Y/N)... Wake up, baby. You are going to miss your class..." I nudge her, sitting up. She is still on my chest, holding onto me. 
"What time is it?" She asks me sleepily. 
"Almost 8, baby." I say and she almost jumps up. 
"Fuck... I am going to miss my class." She almost cries, quickly moving to the bathroom. 
In record time, she is outside, slipping in some leggings and one of my hoodies. 
"Get dressed. You have a meeting at 9... And you have to drop me off." She urges me. I slip inside my clothes as she rushes downstairs, grabbing her wallet and phone on the way. 

I stop in front of the entrance of the campus, looking at the car's clock. 
"And with 10 minutes to spare." I comment and she chuckles. She unfastens her seatbelt and leans towards me, leaving a soft peck on my lips. 
"I'll see you at lunch. My treat for the ride." She comments and I smile at her. 
"Have fun, princess." I say as she opens the door and gets out. 
I watch her run to the entrance of the campus; man, I can't wait until she is napping on my chest again, hold her to my body again. Just be around her again. 


Chapter Text

"You know, I was surprised when you picked me up from my office today. I thought you would spend time with your friends tonight..." I say as I cut a piece of my filet. 

"And why was that, pretty girl?" He asks, that cocky smirk of his that I love so much playing on his lips. 
"I don't know. Since you are leaving for tour in 2 days, I thought you would stay with me tomorrow night and go out with your friends tonight." I shrug and he chuckles. 
"I am staying with you both days... I will see my friends tomorrow for lunch. But now, I want to spend time with my gorgeous girlfriend." He replies and I blush. 
"Are you looking to get me to bed, Mr. Irwin?" I narrow my eyes and he raises his glass, bringing it to his lips while smiling at me. 
"Not my precise goal. But, is it working?" He asks, winking at me. 
"I guess we will find out once home." I reply and take a bite of my food. 
"I have to admit though, this place is ravishing. You did a great job at picking it." I comment and he smiles. 
"Thank you. Calum suggested it. He comes here with his girlfriend all the time." He replies. 
"Is it always that... I don't know... empty?" I ask and Ashton chokes on his food. 
"No... I guess there weren't many reservations for the roof tonight." He replies as he regains his breath. 
"Ok... I guess this is good. I wanted some time for just the two of us." I smile at him and he reaches over to take my hand in his. 
"So, tour starts soon... Again. Are there any places you are excited to visit?" I ask, sighing at the thought of being in a house without Ashton around. 
"Are you trying to start small talk?" He asks, tilting his head to the side. 
"Yeah. But I really want to know which places my boyfriend is excited to see." I reply. 
"Japan... Seriously, I love the vibe. And then France. All the museums and the exhibitions... And of course Aussie. I miss home, I miss my mom, I miss my siblings." He sighs. I nod my head and take a deep breath, forcing a smile to my face. 
"What is it, princess? Why did your face drop?" He asks, rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand. 
"It's nothing... I am really excited for you." I brush it off but Ashton seems to not buy it. 
"We've been together for long enough to know how to tell apart a fake and a genuine smile. And right now, this is a fake smile. Plus, I've left for enough tours already, and I know you get sad when I am about to leave." He says and I sigh. 
"I will be fine. Don't worry about me." I try to assure him. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes and exhaling. He raises his hand and motions the waiter. 
"I am not done with my food yet." I protest. Ashton looks at me and smiles. 
"I know." He simply replies. 
Slow Hands begin playing and I look at my boyfriend a little strangely. 
"Can I have this dance?" He asks, standing up, my hand still in his. I look at him in complete adoration as I stand up. 
We walk a few feet away from our table, Ashton holds me very close, resulting to my head resting on his shoulder. 
"I love you so very much." I breathe out, my arms tightly wrapped around his torso as we slow dance to our song. 
"I love you so much more..." He chuckles as he places a hand behind my head to keep me there. 
"You know, there is something I need to do before I leave for tour." He murmurs, his voice very low and soothing. 
"What is it?" I ask, inhaling his scent deeply. 
"I can't leave for a world tour without putting a ring on it." He mumbles, letting go of me. I see him fall to his knee, reaching for his pocket to take out the ring. 
"Ash, what are you doing?" I ask, my hands flying to my mouth. 
"Love of my life, light of my existence. Since the day I met you, I've become a better man. You made me more compassionate, you helped me thrive. There is nothing in this world that will make me happier than spending the rest of my life with you. So, (Y/F/N), will you honor me by becoming my wife?" He asks, choking a little as he looks at me smiling. 
I choke on my tears, still not believing what just went on. 
I just nod, in complete loss of words. 
"Is that a yes?" He asks. 
"Of course, you idiot!." I giggle. He takes my hand in his, slipping the ring on my finger. He gets up, my hand still in his, pressing his lips on the back of my hand. 
His hands cup my face, stroking my cheeks softly. 
"Can I kiss you?" He asks, smiling brightly at me as tears form in his eyes. 
"You don't even have to ask." I giggle, leaning in halfway. He smiles and leans down and engulfs my lips with his, kissing me passionately. 

Chapter Text

-Thinking about moving in together 
The thought penetrated Ashton's mind one night when you were cuddling on your couch. He was over your place, to watch a movie after a hard day at work for the both of you, but as the movie played out, you seemed to doze off. Ashton was stroking your hair without paying attention, which only put you into a deeper sleep. He only realized that you were asleep when he asked you something about the movie and got nothing in response. He lowered his gaze at you, on his face spreading a warm smile. It was not unusual for you to fall asleep on him, but it was one of the first times he got to see you sleep, really watch you sleep, admire your calm face and your parted lips, your hair falling on your face. Ashton was starstruck, he could just sit and watch you sleep for hours and hours, taking in every little detail of you. And that's when he realized that it wouldn't be too bad if this was the last thing he saw before he went to bed, and the first thing he saw every morning. In fact, it would be the best thing ever. 

-He asks you to move in together. 
Ashton left the thought mature in his head before he actually took the decision. He chose to ask you on a Friday night, before your summer vacations, when you went over to his place for wine and pizza; or that's what you thought. 
Ashton clinked his glass against yours, smiling as he brought it to his lips. 
"I can't wait till we are in that beach in Hawai... I can't stand being in the office for one more day." You groaned, making Ashton chuckle. 
"Tensed much?" He asked, leaving the glass on the coffee table in front of the two of you. 
"You have no idea. If I could leave today, I would." You replied, bring the glass to your lips. Ashton moved behind you, placing your hair over your shoulder as he rubbed his hands over your shoulders and pressing his thumbs on the back of your neck. You moaned as you felt your body relax, leaning your head back. 
"Have I ever told you that you have magic hands?" You asked, making Ashton bite his bottom lip. 
"Once or twice. But never on the context." He replied, leaving a peck on the side of your neck. 
"I have been thinking a lot lately..." He began, as you started to relax in his hands. 
"About what?" You asked, intrigued to get to know about what's in his head. 
"About us." He continued. You turned your head and pursed your lips, looking at him questionably. 
"Don't worry, baby. I swear, it is about a good thing." He said, leaving a peck on your pouting lips. 
"I've been thinking about us moving in." He said, making you smile surprised. 
"Are you serious right now?" You asked, sitting up a little to fully face him. 
"Of course." He replied, smiling as well as he cupped your face with his hands. 

-House searching
"Didn't I say no working during vacation?" Ashton scolds you as he exits the shower. You smiled innocently at him turning your laptop to show him what you were looking at. 
"Not working, just house searching..." You said, earning a smile from him. 
"House searching, huh... See anything you like?" He asked, sitting on the bed next to you and running his towel over his wet locks. 
"A couple seem ok..." You mumbled, scrolling through the real estate firm's site. 
"Just ok? Baby, we are looking for our dream house..." He replied, kissing your neck. 
"The ones that fit the criteria for our dream house our outside our price range." You replied, still scrolling. 
"I don't remember us setting a price range." He replied, taking the laptop off your lap. 
"Yes, but we can't go overboard with the price. I want us to have something we both can afford." You replied, making Ashton chuckle. 
"I like this one..." He showed you the picture and you turned to look at him in disproval. 
"A bit too expensive, don't you think?" You stated, but your eyes stayed glued to the lush house. 
"Well, I suggest we book an appointment, see it in person, and if we like it, we can bargain about the price." He suggested, turning to look at you. You rolled your eyes at him and nodded, earning a kiss on the lips from him. 
"We will call them and book an appointment to see it. Now, I'd like to see you in that red bikini, on the beach, holding a margarita. Go." He says, pulling you to stand up from the bed. 

-Your house. 
"Don't you just love it?" Ashton asked as he wrapped his arms around your waist. The real estate agent gave you two a minute to talk about the house and make up your minds. 
"It's amazing... But the price..." You huffed. The house was everything you two dreamt about, the perfect place for both of you.
"It is a little too pricey, but we can afford it. Plus, it is near our jobs, and has a lot of space." 

"And it is fully furnished." You added, adoring the place you two were in. 
"Then it is set. It's our house." Ashton stated, stroking your face. 
"Are you sure about it?" You asked, biting your bottom lip as you waited for his response. He just nodded and leaned down to kiss you. 

-Your living room 

-Your living room.
You both wanted something small and cozy, simple but at the same time personal. 

-Your living room

-Your kitchen.
Ashton loved the kitchen space. While he was living alone, he learned how to cook and he couldn't wait until the house would be done so he could cook for you all the time, and of course host dinners for your friends and family. 

-Your dining room 

-Your dining room.
You wanted to make a big one, so you could have a lot of friends over all the time. And even though you two were used to eating in the kitchen table, once a week you loved making it a little more official and having dinner on the dining room.

-Your house office

-Your house office.
You wanted it spacious, so you two could handle business in there together. It was one of the very few rooms in the house that had vivid colors, to trigger creativity. 

-Your house office 

-Your bedroom.
Hands down one of your guys' favorite place. It was the place that felt very private for the two of you, so it was personalized, down to the last detail.

-Your guests' bedroom

-Your guests' bedroom.
Since you loved to have friends and family over frequently, you made sure to make one room for them, just in case it was needed. The decor of the room followed the pattern of the rest of the house, but it was a little brighter, to fit all tastes. 

-Your guests' bedroom 

-Your bathroom.

-Your shared closet

-Your shared closet.

-Your shared closet

-Your balcony.

It was Ashton's gift to you. He made a little space in the house just for you, filled with pretty flowers and many lights. You loved hanging out there with him, reading books or having some wine while staring at the sky, or taking about everything and nothing in particular. 

-Your garden.
You wanted a big space filled with trees and flowers and since you had the room for it, you guys started putting it together. 


-Your pool.
You guys absolutely loved spending time in by the pool. Either it was just the two of you, skinny dipping or having a morning swim along your coffee, or it was along with friends, having pool parties or simply having drinks by the pool, you loved spending time there. 

-Your backyard.
The fire pit in your backyard became the most popular corner of your house really fast. It was cozy and seemed like the perfect place for a hang out. 

Favorite spot:
Definitely the bedroom. You have very beautiful memories in there, sleepy mornings, sleepless nights, conversations and sweet nothings. It was the room where Ashton lived his dream; going to bed and waking up, with you being the last and first thing he sees. 

Chapter Text

"You feel ok, love?" I ask Ashton as he parks the car in the restaurant's parking lot. 
"I don't know. I feel kinda nervous, I guess..." He replies, rubbing his eyes as he sighs deeply. 
"Why, baby? It's just dinner with my parents." I giggle, stroking his cheek. 
"Yeah, just dinner with your parents... No pressure at all..." He groans and all I can do is laugh at how awkward and cute he is. 
"Need I remind you that you've met my parents before, not once, nor twice, but many man times?" I ask, bopping his nose. 
"Every time is a different test." He sighs and I shake my head at him. 
"Would it help you calm down if I showed you again some pictures from last night?" I ask, making him turn his head to me.  
"You could try..." He shrugs, earning a chuckle from me. 
I pick my purse from the front of my seat and fish out my phone, scrolling through it to find the pictures he took of me. 
"Just remember, I still have a shit tone of those amazing lingerie you brought me from tour that I haven't tried yet..." I whisper in his ear, leaning closer to leave a kiss to his cheek. 
"You will be the death of me, pretty girl." He breathes out, not taking his eyes away from my phone. 

We walk in the restaurant, our fingers tangled together. I feel his grip on my hand getting tighter as we approach the table my parents are seated. On his other hand, Ashton holds a bouquet of flowers for my mother, in an effort to impress her. Well, honestly, he does it because he feels like doing it, but it surely works on his favor. 
"Hey mom... Hey dad." I greet them with a smile, letting go of Ashton's hand, not before stroking my thumb over the back of it though. 
"Sweety, long time no see." My mom cheers, standing up to hug me. 
"Huh, life has been hectic lately, mom." I reply, smiling before moving to hug my dad. 
"Ashton, honey. Look at you... You look even more handsome now." I hear my mom say. 
"Hi dad." I kiss my father's cheek, hugging him close. 
"How is my princess?" He asks, kissing my forehead. 
"Good, good. Just, you know, a little tired from traveling." I smile and shake my head. 
"People pay to travel the world and you do it for a job... Don't complain, princess." My dad protests, bringing a chuckle to my lips. 
"I am not, daddy. I promise." I smile, taking a seat on the table. 
"I know, honey. You look really great." He replies, sitting across of me. Ashton joins my side, taking the seat next to me. I catch a glimpse of my mom taking a whiff of the flowers Ash brought her and smiling in awe. 
"So, Ashton, how is your band doing?" My dad asks, cutting straight to the point. My dad doesn't really approve of Ashton, still believing the whole rockstar stereotype, so he is extra harsh when it comes to him. I hate that Ashton has to prove his worth every time he meets me parents, but he does without a complain, making me feel worried about the moment he realizes that I am simply not worth all of that and cut me off his life. 
"We are doing great, sir. We recently dropped our new album and it is on the top charts for weeks. We are back on our old glory." Ashton replies; I can hear the spark in his voice, which only brings a smile on my face. 
"And what about the tour? My daughter sent us all those pictures from all those cities, but we've never heard the stories." He asks again. My hand goes from the menu I am holding to Ashton's thigh, stroking it in an effort to provide him with some comfort. 
"Uh, so many stories. I am lucky I am able to live so many adventures with my friends and now with (Y/N). This has been the first tour that (Y/N) was able to join from the start to the end, so it feels extra special this time." Ashton smiles, placing his hand on top of mine. 
Before my father could ask anything else, the waiter approaches us, putting a pause to Ashton's torture. 
"What can I get you?" He asks, making us all contemplate our orders. 

After we place our orders, I manage to start talking so Ashton wouldn't have to undergo any further interogation. 
"Honey, how is the moving out going?" My mother asks as I finish talking about the trip to Japan. 
"Moving out?" My dad asks, stopping his eating. 
"Yes, Ashton and I decided to move in together. So I am emptying my apartment." I reply, not daring to look at my father. This time, Ashton is the one that squeezes my hand reassuringly, stroking his thumb over the back of it. 
"I see." It is all that my dad says in reply. 
"Anyway, moving in is going great. And we have a new member in our family..." I say in a cheerful voice. 
"You are pregnant?" My mom asks excitedly, making my dad shoot his gaze in a worried manner. 
"No, no... Relax. We got a puppy." I giggle and watch my father sigh in relief. 
"You did? What kind?" My mom asks back. 
"Ah, he was a stray one, so he is muted. But he is so gorgeous." I sigh happily, leaning my head on Ash's shoulder. 
"Aww, do you have any pictures of him?" She asks and I nod, handing her my phone. Ashton gasps, in mere seconds squeezing my thigh to stop me. 
"I... I have better pictures on my phone, let me..." He tries to cover up, taking my phone from my mother's hand and unlocking his, scrolling to the album he keeps Fang's pictures. 
I look at him in a weirded out expression but as I unlock my phone, I realize that the picture that my mom would see is the one in which I am on my knees with Ashton's tip between my lips. My eyes go wide and Ashton's head cocks to the side, looking at me with his stern look. 
"We'll talk about your recklessness back home, princess." He whispers in my ear, pressing his lips softly on my temple. 
"He looks adorable. Is he used to the house yet?" My mom asks, handing the phone to my dad. 
"He is used to peeing and pooping outside the house, but he still chews anything available." Ashton says, smiling sweetly. 
"I can't wait until you are settled in the house and we have the next dinner there, to meet this cutie as well." My mom says and hands the phone back to Ashton. 

After everyone is done with their food, my dad and Ashton fight as to who is going to pick up the tab. 
Ashton backs away since he knows that my dad will feel offended, making me chuckle at how childish they can be. 
"This one went great." I comment as we walk to the car. 
"If you overlook the fact that you almost showed your mom our pictures..." He says through greeted teeth, unlocking the car. 
"Almost... She didn't see anything." I try to soothe the tension. 
"Thanks to me. What am I going to do with you, naive girl?" He asks me, opening the door for me. I watch him walk to the driver's side, his body tensing up with every step. 
"I don't know daddy." I reply as he enters the car. 
"I think I need to punish you for that mistake. Don't you agree, little girl?" He asks, turning to look at me. 
"I haven't been a bad girl..." I protest but Ashton chuckles and pulls me on his lap. 
"But you have been a careless girl, princess. And I think you need to be taught a lesson." He groans, pushing my chin up. I look at him innocently, biting my bottom lip as he hums, running his index and middle finger from my chin to the valley of my breasts. 
"Should I wait until we are home... Or maybe I should hike up your skirt and take you right now..." He asks, bringing his lips to kiss my neck. 
"Home..." I mumble, unable to form anything more than just that single word. 
"No... I think you want your punishment here. I think that the idea of taking you in the middle of a parking lot, so publicly, so exposing, it turns you on. Doesn't it, princess?" He asks, slipping his hand under my skirt. I jump at the feeling of his cold hand on my sex, but relax at his touch. 
"It does... Look how wet you are for me... And it is all just from my words..." He teases me, grazing a finger under the hem of my panties. 
"What if we get caught?  What if someone gets pictures? What if those pictures end up on the front pages of magazines and your career gets ruined?" I ask, making Ashton release a throaty groan. 
"Tinted windows and minimal sound, princess. Nobody will understand shit. Plus, Calum's cock was out on the internet for the whole world to see, and we still made it." He whispers, flicking his tongue against my sweet spot. 
"Besides, this is your punishment... You can't say no to daddy. You know what happens when you say no to daddy, right?" He asks me before he leaves a bite on my neck. I shudder at the feeling of his teeth on my flesh, already feeling my mind turn into a fuzzy mess. 
"You need to get punished for your carelessness, don't you, dirty girl?" He whispers, in a seductive and intoxicating tone. 
"I do. Please, punish me, daddy." I moan out, my hand reaching down to feel his cock. Ashton grabs my wrist almost immediately, stopping me before I could even get a proper feel of him. 
"Your hands behind your back. And do not move them." He orders, looking at me deeply. Almost automatically, I follow his order, bringing my wrists together behind my back and keeping them there. Ash guides my hips upwards, for as long as he needs to unzip his pants and take out his cock. I feel him line up in front of my entrance, smirking at me seductively. 
"Buck down, princess. Sit on my cock." He whispers, gripping on my hips. I lower my hips, guiding his dick inside me. I watch his face tense as my walls engulf his length, the little pulsing of my pussy as he enters me making his breath get caught in the back of his throat. 
I don't dare move my hands, the power that he has over me grows bigger and bigger every time. Now, he doesn't even need to restrain me to keep me in place, he knows that I won't dare break his order. 
"You look so good like that... riding my cock, following my orders... My little fuckdoll." He whimpers as he guides my hips back and forth. 
"I belong to you, daddy." I gasp and bounce my hips on his. 
"Maybe fucking you so good has left you brainless... That's why you almost got us exposed." He hisses, thrusting his hips up violently. 
In any other occasion, those words would have hurt me, but he only uses them to tease me. 
And it works; I feel tingles all over my body, making all my senses heighten. Even his fingertips on the bare skin of my hips make electricity run in my body. 
"I am your brainless little fuckdoll." I breathe out, rocking my body to guide his dick deeper inside me. His veins throb inside me as I move, a little slower now, trying to make the feeling last longer. 
"I need to touch you." I groan, rolling my hips. Ashton growls at me, slapping my ass as I move. 
"But you won't touch me, right? This is your punishment, princess... You can touch me, but then you would be disobeying my order and that would really piss me off and then more punishment would be in for you." He says, throwing his head back and biting his bottom lip. 
"I hate you so much..." I cry out, squeezing my walls around him as I feel my body tense while I near my orgasm. 
"You don't mean that, angel. You are just hating me because I am not giving you what you want." He murmurs, gripping on my ass harshly. 
"I hate you." I repeat, trying to fight the urge to just touch him, grip onto him, and dig my nails into his flesh as I cum. 
"You don't look much like it right now..." He groans at the feeling of my pulsing walls. 
"Can I cum, please?" I ask, feeling my chest heaving.
"Of course, princess." He breathes out, bucking his hips up to meet my thrusts. I feel him hit my spot forcefully, making me dig my nails on my wrists to keep myself from just touching him. 
Everything gets intense as I hit my high, biting my bottom lip to prevent the scream to leave my mouth. 
"Shit..." Ashton hisses at the feeling of my pussy squeezing him. 
"Are you going to cum, daddy?" I ask through my haze, already feeling a little dizzy from it. 
"You are making it hard not to..." He replies, slamming my hips onto his, before his throbbing member releases in me. 
As I stay motionless and breathless, I just stare at him; his face is red and shining with sweat, completely relaxed and his lips parted. I lean down and place a soft kiss on his bottom lip, smiling at my boyfriend. 
"You look like something out of a dream." I whisper as he opens his eyes. 
"You look like you fell from the sky." He whispers back. 
"Like the devil?" I ask in a giggle. 
"For God's sake... I am trying to be romantic and shit in here and you keep on blowing me..." He giggles, covering his face with one hand while the other reaches behind my back to take one of my hands in it. 
"You did great today with my parents." I whisper, leaving a peck on his cheek. 
"You think so?" He asks me, turning his head for a peck on my temple. 
"I know so." I smile and press my lips on his Addam's apple. 

Chapter Text

I look at Ashton who smiles at me across the red carpet; fuck, he looks so good in his silky shirt and styled hair, it makes it hard for me to concentrate on my red carpet interview. 
"So, no date tonight, (Y/N)?" The interviewer asks me, making me chuckle.
"Actually, I have 4 dates tonight. I came with 5sos, but, typically, they ditched me for the cameras." I giggle, pointing their way. 
"You guys seem close." She states and I nod. 
"We are. They were kinda the first people I met when I moved to Los Angeles." I smile, my mind flashing back quickly to when I first worked with them. 
"You've worked with them multiple times in videos. Any chance we will see you in any videos for songs from their newest album?" 
"Uh, you will have to ask them that." I snicker and bite my lip. 
"Ooooh, secretive. You are single, right? Any MCMs you are excited about seeing here tonight? Maybe we can help ya, girl... Hook you up." The interviewer gives me a big smile. 
I shrug my shoulders, feeling my blush already crawling up my cheeks. 
"Uh... Skeet Ulrich. When my manager told me that the Riverdale actors would be here, I screamed. I've been crushing on the guy ever since I watched Scream. So, if he is seeing this and he is available, I am right here." I giggle awkwardly, bringing my hand to cover my face. 
"Awww, she is blushing, guys. Skeet, if you are watching this, your girl is right here."  The interviewer chuckles and I laugh nervously. 
"Thank you so much for the interview. Have fun on the award show." The interviewer dismisses me with a hug. 

I walk towards the guys' way, smiling and waving screaming fans. The guys are dismissed as well by their interviewers and they seem to pause for a minute and wait for me. 
I pace faster, holding up my dress and trying not to trip on my high heels. 
"How did your interview go?" Calum asks me as I approach them. 
"Like every other red carpet interview. They asked a bit about my projects, who I am wearing tonight, and primarily, about my relationships, especially with you guys." I sigh as we enter the stadium. Calum chuckles as Ashton strokes the back of my hand. 
"Did you..."
"Let anything slip? No Ash, I am not an idiot." I shake my head at him and he nods. 
"Good. Good girl." He whispers with a wink. 

The whole show passes by before my eyes and I am soon found in the afterparty. I try to catch up with some of my co-stars since a whole summer went by without seeing them. 
Ashton is off to get some drinks and chat a little bit with some of his friends. 
My eyes keep on traveling back to him, hoping to catch a glimpse of his eyes on me. And of course, I do. His gaze burns my skin, making me feel jittery throughout my conversation with my friends. 
"Excuse me." I hear someone say from behind me, accompanied with a tap on my shoulder. 
I turn around to see Skeet, smiling at me. I yelp and cover my face in my hands, trying to calm my beating heart. 
"You are (Y/N), right?" He asks me, charming smile still decorating his face. 
"Yeah. Oh my God, it is so good to meet you." I say in one breath.
"It's good to meet you as well. I heard your interview. Well, the part about me. And I have to admit, I am flattered, but I am dating someone currently. But I would love to have you on the Riverdale set someday to hang out." He says, making my heart flutter. 
"Aww, thank you so much. I am kinda seeing someone currently, but you know, I didn't want to make it public yet, so no need to feel awkward. I would love to visit you on set." I reply, smiling brightly at him. His hand touches my arm lightly in a comforting manner while he responds to the smile. 
"Great. I will Dm you to talk about the details. Have a great night." He cheers, pulling me into a hug. I feel warm and fuzzy; my teenage crush is hugging me.
"You too. Thank you so much for coming over." I coo, hugging him back. 
"I am so glad to meet you." He chuckles. 

I turn back to my friends after Skeet walks away, trying not to feel to embarrassed by their smirking faces. 
"You should have seen your reaction... You guys looked so cute together." One of them says in a baby voice, making everyone burst out laughing. 
Before I could react, I feel a hand wrapping around my wrist, pulling me until I am completely turned around. 
"We need to talk." Ashton hisses through his teeth, his face looking tensed. I watch as his eyes shine under the light, looking darker than their usual green-ish color. 
"Now?" I ask, almost whispering. 
"Now." He almost growls, pulling me along as he begins walking. 
I feel like everyone is looking at us as he drags me across the teeming room. 
Ashton pushes me in one of the venue's bathrooms; for a moment, my breath hitches at the thought of it being occupied, but phenomenically, it seems empty. 
"Are you crazy? Everyone saw us... And what if someone was in here?" I exclaim as he shuts the door. 
"Do I honestly look like I give a fuck about who saw us or who could have seen us?" He replies, jaw clenching as he turns to look at me. 
"Are you ok?" I ask again, feeling goosebumps crawl along my skin. 
"Do I look like I am ok? What did he want from you?" He asks, approaching me. I feel a little intimidated by his attitude, I have barely ever seen him like this. 
"He came over to say hi." I mumble and watch his eyes shine as he chuckles sarcastically. 
"And why did you hug him?" He asks me, now a step away from me, standing tall and threatening. 
"Because I have been a fan of his since I can remember myself." I stutter, stepping back, but soon my back collides with the wall.
"More than a fan. You still drool over the guy whenever you see him." He barks at me, face inches away from mine. 
"Can you calm down? I don't get why you are jealous." I gasp. 
"Because you admitted that you are crushing on him on camera, and then, a few hours later I see him hugging you. People see him hugging you. Photographers see him hugging you. How is that supposed to make me feel?" He growls. 
"I don't know how is that supposed to make you feel. Honestly, why would you feel anything about this?" I bark back, making him grumble. 

"You are dating me. No one should be touching you. You are mine, do you understand me?" He shouts at me, pointing a finger at me. 
"I am no one's. And if you don't want others to be near me, walk right outside and scream at the top of your lungs that I am yours. I know I would do it in a heartbeat if needed. And I  know that you wouldn't, so spare me this whole jealousy outrage and get out of my face." I rumble and his eyes go wide. 
"That's it." He shakes head and pushes me into a stall. 
"What are you doing?" I ask, trying to read him. 
"You are mine. Just mine." He groans, kneeling down in front of me. His hands are on the hem of my dress, gathering it up in a bunch on my upper thighs. 
"You are not wearing anything under that, are you?" He asks, hands already reaching for my sex. 
"Good girl, following daddy's orders and forgetting your undies back home." He says in a throaty whisper. I watch him lick his lip, smirking at me as my face stays straight. 
"You are so hot when you are mad, princess. But let's see if you can stay mad at me for long." He chuckles teasingly. 
"What are you doing?" I ask again but in response, Ashton just chuckles and brings his tongue to give my core one long lick. I shudder at the feeling of the wet, slick tongue against my bundle of nerves, causing Ashton to chuckle. 
"I licked it, so it's mine. You are MINE." He whispers before he uses his hands to spread my legs and gain better access. 
His tongue runs around my clit, using the tip to outline the bulging nub. 
My hands fly to his hair, fingers tangling in his short curls as he masterly rolls his tongue on my clit. 
Ash hums as he uses the flat of his tongue to get to my entrance, which he traces the outline of and before thrusting it in. I release a moan and grip onto his hair even harder. Other than the feeling of his tongue on my hole, the slight feeling of his teeth on my nub of nerves gives me chills, the good kind of ones. 
His hand creeps up my thigh and I feel his fingers get closer to my core. 

His lips attach back to my clit and his tongue on my entrance is replaced by his long fingers. It feels like pure ecstasy is running through my body. He sucks harshly, while his free hand is running up and down my thigh. His fingers pump inside me, every second stroke pressing on my spot. I am a moaning mess standing upon him, trying to control my twitching legs. 
"Daddy loves it when you do that." Ashton chuckles as he resurfaces for air. His fingers still move inside me, now faster than before. 
"Ash..." I whimper weakly, rubbing my core against his face as his lips get closer to it. 
Ashton eats me out eagerly, lightly biting on my bundle of nerves and making me shiver. 
His breath on my skin makes my clench around his fingers, which are still pumping inside me. 
"Ashton, I am so fucking close." I almost scream, pulling on his hair as he looks at me from down there. 
"I know. My face and fingers are covered in your juices." He chuckles, only leaving my clit for a moment. 
"I fucking hate what you are doing to my body." I groan before my voice gets too high and my body is engulfed by my peek. 
"Look at that pretty pussy. My pretty pussy." He whispers as his fingers still thrust in me, giving me more of the warm feeling that courses through my body.

Once I get out of my high, Ashton removes his fingers, making me feel empty suddenly. He stands up pressing his body on mine and bringing his fingers to my lips. 
"Open, princess. Taste how good you taste." He whispers, parting my lips. 
I swirl my tongue around his digits, not breaking eye contact with him. He looks at me with calm, sparkly eyes, warming my skin as they stay on me. 
"I adore you. I love you. And when I say you are mine, I don't mean you belong to me, but that you belong with me. And if you need me to tell everyone you are mine and I am yours to validate this, then I'll do it. And I am sorry that I caused this whole scene, I just saw you with him and my mind got fuzzy with anger." 
"If you are going to eat me out every time you get jealous, I might make you jealous more frequent." I giggle, cupping his face and pulling him into a kiss. 
"Don't, please. You can just tell me you need your clit in my mouth. Or just spread your legs for me, I'll get the message." He comments, not taking his lips off mine. 
"Now, are you ready to go tell the world about us?" He asks me, stroking my cheek. 

"Actually, let's not tell anything. I mean, they will kinda find out, eventually." I reply, biting my bottom lip. Ashton shakes his head, chuckling as he presses his lips on my forehead.
"What am I going to do with you..." He chuckles again, opening the stall's door for me. 

Chapter Text

"(Y/N), 30 minutes left until stage time." The stage manager shouts from the entrance of the green room. 
"Ok, thank you." I shout back, putting my brushes down as I finish my makeup. I turn to Ashton who looks at me from the couch, biting my lip as I approach him. 
"What are you staring at?" I ask, cocking an eyebrow. 
"You..." He replies, sitting a bit better on the couch. I smirk and straddle his lap, cupping his face in my hands. 
"You look nervous." I comment, pursing my lips as I study his face. 
"I am." He admits, sighing as he places his hands on my hips. I pout at him before I lean in to kiss his lips. 
"Baby, this isn't your first concert." I giggle and he chuckles. 
"Yeah, but it is my first time on stage with you..." He replies, cocking his head to the side. 
"It's just a song..." I roll my eyes at him, pecking his lips softly. 
"If I judge from the rehearsals, you are going to give away our secret." He whispers, pulling me from the back of my head to give me a deeper kiss. His lips move against mine, while his tongue tries to pry my mouth open. I part my lips, letting him slip his tongue in my mouth and gain his craved dominance. Ashton hums into the kiss, gripping on my body to bring me closer to him. 
"I am good at keeping secrets baby. I've kept our relationship secret for so long, I can handle one more night." I whisper as his lips move to my neck. 
"Yeah, but you get too handsy during the rehearsals. And I am scared that you will do that again." He murmurs against my skin. 
"I promise to be a good girl onstage, daddy." I whisper teasingly, grinding my hips down on his. I watch him blink rapidly, his breath hitching for a second. 
"You'd better... Or else you know what waits for you at home." He whispers, bringing a smirk to my lips. 
"Is that a promise?" I ask, feeling a little too excited about this statement. 
"(Y/N), come and get wired up. Ashton, you can watch from the side of the stage while you wait." The manager interrupts us, making me jump a little. 
"We are coming right up." I reply, smiling at the woman standing in the door. She shakes her head at us before she walks away. I turn my head back to Ashton biting my bottom lip as I feel my face heat up. He lets out a breath, resting his hands on my thighs for a moment. 
"Come on... Get up and let's get you ready for the stage." Ashton breathes out, letting his lips touch my forehead. 
We walk hand in hand to the place where we need to be to get wired up. I am the first to get it done, since this is my show, but Ashton's eyes on me make me feel tingly. 

The crowd is loud throughout the concert; It makes me feel somehow accomplished and proud. I would hate it if for the only concert my famous boyfriend is here not only to see me but to perform along with me, the crowd would be dead. My eyes keep on flashing to the side of the stage where Ashton sings along to my lyrics; it makes me smile, watching him being so into it and singing along with me. It makes me feel like I am making him proud, in some way. 
"For the last song, I'd like to invite on stage a very dear friend of mine, to perform one of my favorite songs from his newest album... Give a warm welcome to the one and only, the spectacular, the legendary, Ashton Fletcher Irwin..." I cheer into the mic, pointing to him. The crowd goes wild; the surprise performance must really excite them. 
Ashton walks on stage, bright smile on his face, waving at the screaming crowd. I can't help but grin at him and his vividness now that he is about to perform. 
"Hello, Los Angeles." He screams into the mic, bursting out in laughter. I hug him as he gets next to me, giggling as he hugs me back. His hand stays for a moment on the small of my back, making my skin tingle with goosebumps. 
"If you know the lyrics of the song, fucking sing along." He says in his low, sensual voice, making my breath hitch.  

The band starts playing the tune of 'If walls could talk' as I turn around and move a little away from Ashton. 
"Some things are meant to be secret and not to be heard, so if tell you just keep it and don't say a word." Ashton begins singing, turning to look at me. I can see the tingle in his eye, and his tongue licking his lips after the words leave his mouth. It's like he is teasing me, the song clearly refering to our situation and he is making sure to tease me with it. 
"Yeah, when the doors are all closing, it's bound to get loud 

'Cause all these bodies are hoping to get addicted to sound." I smirk at him, throwing my head back and closing my eyes as I sing the song. 
"Oh, not everything is so primitive
Oh, but I'm giving in." I continue singing. I walk towards him, swinging my hips. 
"If these walls could talk, I'd hope they wouldn't say anything
Because they've seen way too many things." My hand goes to his chest, tracing down to his abdomen softly as I look him in the eyes. 
"'Cause we'd fall from grace, we're falling

Yeah, we'd fall from grace." He uses his high notes, making my head spin as his eyes shut and head falls back. 
"If these walls could talk, I'd hope they wouldn't say anything

Because they've seen way too many things

'Cause we'd fall from grace, we're falling

Yeah, we'd fall from grace " I sing, turning around and pressing my ass on his crotch and resting my head on his chest. 
"If these walls could talk" We sing together. His hand rests on my hip, while he grinds onto me. I feel heat rush to my face, the need to just feel him properly growing each passing second. 
"I love your hair and your face" He sings, spinning me around and placing a hand on my cheek. 
"I wouldn't dare let you down." I sing, cocking my head to the side and smiling mischievously at him.  
"Don't let that glass go to waste

Oh, you're a queen but no crown" He sings, stroking my cheek softly. 
"Oh, not everything is so primitive

Oh, but I'm giving in." He sings, licking his lips.
"If these walls could talk, I'd hope they wouldn't say anything

Because they've seen way too many things

'Cause we'd fall from grace, we're falling" I sing, moving a little closer to him. 
"Yeah we'd fall from grace, 
If these walls could talk." He sings, lowering his head to look at me and cupping my jaw. 
My heart pumps faster, almost beating out of my chest.
Before I realize it, my lips crash on his, making Ashton gasp, but respond to the kiss. The band still plays the song, adding to this feeling of excitement rushing through my veins. Ashton holds me close, his lips moving against mine hungrily. 
For a second I forget where we are, too buried in the moment to pay attention to the screaming crowd. 
As I gain understanding of my surroundings, I look at Ashton with wide eyes. I feel my face heat up as his eyes widen as well. 
"You were a great crowd tonight." I stutter into the microphone, trying to hide my embarrassed face. 
I almost run off the stage, fumbling to get off my wires. 
Ashton joins me soon, looking a little calmer than I do. The tech guy helps him take off the equipment, while I try to study his expression. 
I feel like I am about to cry, Ashton not looking at me make the feeling worse. 
Once he is done, he walks towards me, making me look at my feet. His hands rest on my hips as he picks me up and places me on the nearby table. 
"Secret's out, huh?" He breathes out, pushing my chin up. 
"I am sorry. I zoned out." I sigh. 
"It's ok. I mean, I would like to put our relationship out there a little differently, but I guess I can take you on actual dates a little easier now." He chuckles, pecking on my lips softly. 
"So, you are not mad at me?" I ask, batting my eyelashes at him.
"Oh princess, you have no idea how mad I am at you, and in how much trouble you are. So, get your ass to our hotel room and be ready to pay for this." He winks at me before he pulls me in for a kiss. 

Chapter Text

-Finding out / Taking the test 
You and Ashton never formally talked about the possibility of having kids one day. Sure, Ashton was a very strong father figure for his younger siblings, and every time you two were around the presence of children you enjoyed watching Ashton interact with them, but you never discussed it properly. 
So, when you found out that your period was more than 2 weeks late, you felt cold sweat on your forehead. 
Of course, there have been a few times that your period was late for no reason, but this time you were late beyond normal. 
You had to disguise yourself to head to the drugstore and buy a test. Throughout the spree, your heart was beating fast, worried that someone might recognize you, take pictures and spread the word on your purchase. 
And the worst part came after you actually took the test. You were nervous, but thankfully time passed quick enough. 
The moment the timer went off, you grabbed the sticks; this wasn't the time to be cowardly, you reminded yourself. 
The 2 plus signs made your eyes sting with tears. 
You were pregnant. And now you had to tell Ashton. 

-Telling Him
Even if you hadn't talked about kids with Ashton, you didn't want to take away an extravagant pregnancy announcement from him. Time was minimum, so simplicity was essential. 
You tied a red ribbon around your stomach and placed the positive test in the middle of the bow, before covering it with your blouse. 
You laid on the couch while you waited for Ashton to get back from whatever obligation was on his schedule for the day. 
The mixture of feelings inside you was overwhelming; you were scared of his reaction, terrified of what the future holds for you. But also excited about the new chapter, totally in love with what was growing inside your belly. 
It felt surreal, still no symptoms but it was there, inside you, growing. 
"Hey princess. How was your day?" Ashton cheered, plopping on the couch before he pulled your feet to his lap. 
"It was... intense... I went shopping though. And got you a little something..." You sang, sitting up a little. 
"You got me a little something, huh? What is it?" He asked you, cocking an eyebrow at you. 
"It's under my blouse actually..." You giggled, straddling his lap. Ashton hummed happily, his fingers playing with the hem of your blouse before he raised it inch by inch. 
A gasp escaped his lips when he saw the stick that was tied to your stomach. 
"Is this for real?" He asked. For a moment you couldn't read his expression; was he mad, frustrated, happy?
But as he hugged you to his body and pressed his lips on your skin, you realized that everything was alright. 
"Congratulations, daddy. You are going to be a dad." You cheered, making Ashton chuckle. 
"Can you please leave the dad jokes to me?" He asked, holding you even closer. 

-First Ultrasound
"Irwins?" The nurse asked, making you and Ashton sit up from your spot. Ashton held a close grip on you, his overprotectiveness was now over the roof since he found out about your pregnancy. 
You walked in the doctor's office, taking a seat on the soft couch. 
"Hello Mrs. and Mr. Irwin. How are we today?" The doctor asked you, smiling softly. 
"Fine, fine. I am having a little bit of nausea the past few days, but I read that's good." You said, making the doctor chuckle. 
"Perfectly normal actually. Any other symptoms so far? Cravings, back pains, achy breasts?" She asked you. 
"Fatigue, I am always tired lately. And I am a little bit moody, I guess." You chuckled, turning to look at Ashton who was looking at you. 
"Good, you will need lots of rest during the first trimester. Should we go take a look at your baby now?" She asked, smiling at you as she pointed to the exam room. You and Ashton stood up and walked in it, taking a deep breath. 
"Lay in here and raise your shirt, please." She instructed, turning to the ultrasound machine to set it up. 
"This will be a little cold. Mr. Irwin, do you want to come closer?" She asked, squirting the gel on your belly. Ashton moved closer, taking your hand in his. 
"Ok... Here we go. See that little blub in here? That's baby Irwin." She pointed at the screen, making both of you gasp. You could barely tell what was there, but it made your heart flutter. 
"It seems like you are around 11 weeks. Wanna listen to the heartbeat?" She asked, making you both nod. As the heartbeat echoed through the machine, you felt Ashton bringing his lips to the back of your hand. 
"That's our baby." He whispered, his voice more cheerful than ever.


-Morning Sickness
Morning sickness was the first symptom you encountered after finding out you were pregnant. But as you approached the end of your first trimester, things seemed to worsen. You had tried eating smaller meals, eating salty snacks, taking supplements, everything seemed to not work for you. 

You shuffled your feet on the floor until you reached the kitchen where Ashton was making breakfast. 
"Hey princess... You didn't have to get up from the bed, I was about to come back." Ashton said, moving to wrap an arm around your body. 
"It's ok... I wanted to move a little." You replied, resting your head on his chest. 
"Sit down, I'll bring you breakfast in a bit." He pecked on your temple. 
"Actually, don't. My stomach turns just smelling the food." You groaned. 
"But you have to eat something, baby." He sighed. 
"Maybe after a nap. I feel sick." You huffed out and rested your head on his chest. 
"Ok, but you will eat afterward." He said, turning the stove off and picking you up to carry you to the bedroom. 

-Announcing to friends and family.
You wanted to keep it a complete secret until you entered the second trimester. So, on week 14, you threw a dinner party for everyone you wanted to tell the news to. Of course, due to the distance, his family wasn't there, but Ashton made sure to send Anne Marie flowers with a card that said 'Can't wait to meet you, grandma.' and a copy of the ultrasound, which made her scream in excitement.
For the dinner, Ashton didn't want you to lift a single finger, so you ordered some food from your favorite place and a cake with frosting that said 'Baby Irwin' with your due date on it as well. 
The first to notice something was weird, was Calum when you said you didn't want any wine that night. 
So, when Ashton brought the cake on the table, Calum's eyes went wide. 
"Holy shit, we are having a baby. I mean, they are having a baby. A 5sos baby..." Calum squeaked; it was the first time Calum acted too excited. 

You and Ashton giggled at the boy's reaction while everyone tried to figure out what was happening. 

-Starting to show 
"No morning sickness today, huh?" Ashton chuckled as he entered the kitchen, finding you in front of the stove, cooking some breakfast. 
"Yeah, I felt a bit like my pre-pregnancy self today, so I thought of cooking something for the 3 of us." You giggled as he wrapped his arms around your waist. 
"Wow... That's something new." He said excitedly, turning you around. You looked at him weirdly as he kneeled down in front of you. 
"What's new?" You asked. 
"You have a baby bump. Like a something's-in-there-I-can-tell baby bump. Small, but I can see it and feel it... Oh my god, little fishy is growing." He cheered, placing a kiss on your little bump. 
"Don't call our baby fishy. You killed a fish in the past and calling baby Irwin fishy makes me anxious..." You giggled, running your fingers through his messy curls. 

-Gender reveal
"Are you seriously anxious?" You chuckled as Ashton paced up and down in the doctor's office. He was biting on his nails, making you giggle at the sight. 
"How can I not be? This is eating me alive." He cried, making you giggle hard while placing a hand on your belly. 
"Daddy is freaking out." You sang to your bump, stroking it lightly. 
"I am not freaking out, don't listen to mama." He blurted out. 
"Irwins?" The nurse announced, smiling at the sight of a freaked out Ashton. You got up and took his hand in his, rubbing your thumb over the back of his hand. 
"Come on, let's go see our baby." You smiled.

"Ok, you know the drill by now." The doctor said after she asked you some questions. Ashton took a deep breath, getting up and helping you to the examination room. 
You lifted your dress as you laid on the bed, preparing for the test. 
"Ok, let's take a look." She sighed, turning on the ultrasound machine. 
"Ok, everything looks a-okay. And if it turns a little, we can find out the gender. Would you like that?" She asked, making you both nod. 
"Great, we will be able in a bit..." She pressed the wand on a different way to be able to see the gender. 
"Looks like you two are having a baby boy. Congratulations." She smiled at you, pointing to the screen. 
Ashton looked at you, with a smile that could light up the whole city. 
"It's a boy..." He whispered, pecking on your temple. 
"It's a boy." You repeated, turning your head to kiss him softly. 

-Telling the world

"We need to start putting together the nursery. I don't want to leave anything for the last moment." You murmured as you stroked Ashton's hair while he was laying his head on your lap, to listen to the baby move. 
"Yeah, I agree with that. Maybe I can get the boys to help out in here this weekend." He whispered, pecking on your sticking out stomach. 
"That would be great actually. And we can have a movie night after you are done, with pizza and popcorn..." You commented, making Ashton chuckle. 
"Mama's hungry. But I am in. I'll text them tomorrow and then we'll go pick up the furniture and paint." He suggested and you nodded. 
"Can we have like a theme? Or maybe a sketch on one of the walls?" You asked, already envisioning your baby's room. 
"Of course. Do you have any ideas?" He asked, sitting up a little. 
"Maybe some birds and trees. I think our baby boy will love it once he starts understanding his surroundings" You said and Ashton smiled. 
"I'll paint it. Wanna help me sketch it on a paper?" He asked you, already too excited about it. 


-First baby clothes 
"(Y/N)..." You heard Ashton shout as he climbed up the stairs. You were trying to make yourself comfortable to take a little nap when he snapped you out of it. 
"In the bedroom." You shouted back, sitting up on the bed. 
"Look at that." He cheered, placing a baby onesie on the bed in front of you. 
"Where did you find this?" You asked, picking it up and taking a look at the little dinosaurs on it. 
"Luke bought it for the baby. There is a little competition going on between him and Calum for the godfather position. So he is trying to bribe me. But look how cute this is. And how little... Will our baby fit?" He asked, his eyes sparkling with excitement. You leaned in for a peck on his lips, smiling as well. 
"Probably. He is going to be so tiny when he will be born. Our baby's first clothes..." You coed. 

-Baby Shower
In the beginning, you hated the idea, but as you started planning it, you loved it. Ashton's family would fly in for the party and stay until birth and it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate your little angel before his arrival. 
You had everything for the party; a book of wishes, little gift bags, snack counter, flowers, and a crafts table so everyone could design a letter of the alphabet for the nursery's wall. It was amazing, the whole day went on dreamily. You looked amazing in your flowery dress and Ashton dressed in his dress shirt and skinny jeans. 

"I can't believe I am going to be a grandma." Anne Marie said, placing a hand on your now huge baby bump. 
"I can't believe he is going to be here so soon." You chuckled, looking down at your bump. 
"Huh, everything is going to flash before your eyes. Before you know it, he is going to be all grown and starting his own family." She sighed happily, her eyes traveling to Ashton who was chatting with some guests. 


As your due date approached, Ashton brought you along everywhere he went; from interviews, to the studio, to the stores, you were always with him. 
And that actually made you feel safe, especially since you started having Braxton hicks. 
You were sitting on the most comfortable couch in the studio, listening to the guys record and stroking your bump. 
Ashton was in the booth, recording his demo when you started feeling a sharp pain on your lower belly. 
"Are you ok?" Calum asked you as he watched you clutch on your belly. You shook your head and whimpered when you felt wetness on your seat and clothes. 
"My water just broke." You breathed out. Calum shot up, moving towards the booth to call Ashton. 

Ashton drove you as fast as he could to the hospital, calling your doctor on the way there. He looked very calm, even though you knew he was actually dying inside a little. 
Your doctor took you in for some exams, leaving Ashton to do the paperwork. 
"It will take a while, love. But we are getting there. You are in 5cm, so we are half-way there." Your doctor smiled after she examined you. 
"How are you feeling, princess?" Ashton asked, walking next to you. 
"Fine for now. It hurts a lot, though." You said as he took a seat on the chair next to your bed. 
"I am sorry. Can I do anything to help you?" He asked, pressing a kiss on your hand. 
"You'll be in the delivery room with me, right?" You asked, whimpering as another contraction hit you. 
"Of course." He replied, stroking your cheek. 

A few hours went by and you were in the delivery room, following your doctor's instructions. Ashton was holding your hand, letting you squeeze his hand while you pushed. 
"I can see the head, you are doing great, honey." Your doctor encouraged you. 
"You are so great at this." Ashton said, smiling at you. 
"Deep breath and push." Your doctor instructed. You were already sweaty, and you were in so much pain, but you were so excited to meet your little baby boy. 
"Little more, baby. I know you are tired, but he is almost here." Ashton encouraged you as you moaned while pushing. 
"Almost there. Here are the shoulders... Two more strong pushes." The doctor said. 
And before you realize it, baby cries filled the room, making you smile as you fell on your back. 

-He holds the baby for the first time. 
"Hey, dad. Want to cut the cord?" The doctor asked. Ashton turned to look at you for confirmation and you smiled. 
"Go, make sure he is ok." You assured him. 
"He is so beautiful." Ashton breathed out as he approached the doctor. 
After he was done, the doctor handed your baby to Ashton, who held him carefully as he walked to you. You felt happy tears in your eyes as you saw them, Ashton smiling brightly as he held his son. He placed him gently on your chest, presenting your son to you. 
"He is amazing." You breathed out, picking up his tiny hand. 
"He is. Like his mommy." Ashton kissed your forehead. 

-Baby's godparent. 
"Hey man. Is everything alright?" Calum asked Ashton as Ashton approached him. 
"Everything is great. Mommy and baby are healthy and they will be seeing people in a while." Ashton replied, rubbing his eyes.
"You are a dad..." Calum breathed out, amazed by the fact that his best friend just had a kid. 
"Wanna come and see him?" Ashton pointed to your room and Calum nodded. 

The 2 men walked in, finding you cradling the baby. 
"Calum, meet Dylan Noah Irwin. Your godson." Ashton announced as Calum leaned over the baby. He gasped, looking at the two of you surprised. 
"Really?" He asked. You both nodded, smiling at him. 
"Wanna hold him?" You asked. Calum nodded, extending his arms to pick up the baby. 

"Hey, Dylan. It's your godfather Calum..." He cooed, not taking his eyes off the bundle of joy. 

Chapter Text

"Well, look who finally came for breakfast... What, was your comforter a bit too heavy?" Ashton mocks me, earning a punch on the shoulder from Luke and a middle finger from me. 
"I am sorry, I forgot I had to ask you when you would like me to wake up, Master Irwin. It will be the last time. I humbly request your forgiveness. Now fuck off." I say, taking my seat next to Michael. 
"Here we go again." Luke mumbles as Ashton clenches his jaw and slams his mug on the table. 
"Guys, really you have to start getting along. We can't have this whole tour with you 2 fighting like cat and dog." Calum comments, passing me a mug of coffee. 
"He started." I state and sip on my beverage. 
"It's true." Michael says and turns to Ashton. 
"Oh come on. She was late..." He says and points at me. 
"I feel that this conversation will lead to nothing. Plus, it's like having 2 4-year olds fighting. Just be adults and put up with each other." Calum states and gets up from the table, heading to the couch. 
"It's... whatever... As long as he stops being a bitch, I will not push it further." I say and grab a biscuit. 
"I am a bitch?" Ashton asks, glaring at me. I roll my eyes and get up, joining Calum on the couch. 
"So, what are we going to do tonight?" I ask the guys, earning shrugs from everyone. I huff and grab my phone, searching for bars near our hotel in Stockholm. 

I fix my dress which has risen further up my thigh. 
"Guys, I need to take some pictures of your looks." I shout, picking up my camera. 
"Do we really need to?" Michael groans, making me turn to look at him. 
"First thing first, you need pictures for your accounts. And second, that's what you pay me for." I say and shrug. 
"Luke first." Michael says and points to Luke, who is already fixing his jacket. 
"Be my guest." I say and point to the white wall which I've chosen for the background. 
Luke poses for me, almost naturally. I take a few shots before I motion for Calum to come up, giving Michael some extra time. 
"How do you want me?" He asks, wiggling his eyebrows. I chuckle and roll my eyes before I bring the camera to my eye level. 
"Lean on the wall, thumbs on your belt loops. Pout a bit, girls love your lips." I say and he follows my orders. Again, I take a few shots, trying different angles. 
"Thank you. Michael, you are up." I call him and he moves in front of the wall, posing for me. 
"See, you are a natural..." I say as he changes his poses. 
"Of course." He replies and I smile at him. 
"Sit a bit straighter... A couple more clicks and we are done." I say and Michael smiles. 
"Can someone call Malibu Ken?" I ask, referring to Ashton. 
"Seriously, don't start again." Michael pleads and I shrug. 
"I can't promise anything..." I reply, checking the photos I took.

"We are going to wait in the lobby." Calum says as Ashton stands in front of the camera. 
"Wish I could join you..." I mumble, looking at Ashton. 
The guys exit quietly, leaving me and Ashton alone. 
"How long do we have to pretend that we hate each other?" Ashton asks me as I snap the first shot. 
"Who told you that I am pretending?" I ask, teasing him. 
"Your nails on my back, last night... When I fucked that pretty little pussy of yours." He smirks at me, giving me the perfect picture. 
"And who told you that I wasn't pretending last night?" I push him a little more, making him smirk and lick his lips.
"Maybe the fact that you've been sneaking in my room throughout this tour." He says as I take the last picture. 
"Busted." I say, leaving the camera on the table and approaching him. He spins me and pins me on the wall, pressing his body on mine. 
"You look hot in that dress." He whispers, nuzzling his nose on my neck. 
"I wore it for you." I admit and he smirks, kissing my sweet spot. 
"And I really appreciate that, princess." He says and I chuckle. His hand travels up my thigh, grazing the soft skin with his fingers. 
"We don't have much time." I inform him, breathing heavily; all this play-pretend between us makes the heat between my legs rise. 
"I know. And don't fool yourself, princess, I won't be satisfied with a quickie. I will ride you until I break you. You are mine and mine alone. " He growls before he crashes his lips on mine. 
"Is someone a bit jealous?" I ask, parting from his lips. 
"Of course I am. Do you think I didn't see you cuddling with Calum?" He asks, moving his lips down my chest. 
"It was innocent, Ashton... We were just watching a movie." I protest but melt as he bites on my collarbone. 
"You are not allowed to cuddle with anyone but me." He barks, gripping hard on my jaw. 
"Supposedly, we hate each other's guts. I couldn't just come cuddle you." I say and watch his features turn harsher. 
"Then don't cuddle anyone." He says and I smirk. 
"I love it when you get jealous." I comment and peck on his bottom lip. 

After we found a lame excuse on why we were late, we left the hotel and headed to the club I suggested. Soon enough, everyone is drinking and dancing, relaxing after a long time. I am trying to stay away from Ashton, but after a couple of drinks, it is getting harder and harder. 
I move my hips to the rhythm, maintaining eye contact with Ashton, who sips his drink as he scans my body. 
I decide to tease him just a little bit start dancing with Calum, who looks at me a little weird. 
"Are you ok?" He asks me and I nod. 
"Yeah, I just love that song." I reply and he nods, moving to the rhythm. My eyes are glued on Ashton, who clenches his jaw for the whole time I am dancing with Calum.

An hour or so after, the guys have scattered around, chatting with girls and dancing along the music. Of course, Ashton had to get payback, so he opted for a girl nearby, buying her a drink and grinding on her; I guess I deserved that, but that doesn't make my blood boil any less. He catches the irritation on my face and that makes that stupid smirk spread on his face. 
A minute after, he is next to me, drink in hand and cockiness written all over his face. 
" What happened, princess?" He asks me, leaning onto me to whisper in my ear. 
"Nothing." I state simply; I hate myself for falling in the stereotype, but honestly, I don't want to talk to him right now.
"Oh, come on princess. I know that someone got a little bit jealous." He says and twirls a strand of my hair with his finger. 
"I don't know what you are talking about." I say and turn away from him, grabbing my glass to get myself another drink. 
"(Y/N), just admit it..." He sings and I hold myself back not to slap him. 
"Leave me alone." I say and walk away from him, taking deep breaths to calm my nerves. Given half the chance, I would bust his head open to get some sense inside it.

When I get back to our table, Ashton is waiting there, scrolling through his phone. 
"Want happened, pretty boy? Where is that little girlfriend of yours?" I ask, catching his attention. 
"Actually, my girlfriend is being such a bitch right now, even though all I did was give her a taste of her own medicine." He replies and I gasp. 
"I am not your girlfriend." I protest and he groans in frustration. 
"If you keep doing that, you obviously won't." He almost screams. 
"Fine." I reply.
"Fine." He says and gulps down his drink.

Once back in our hotel suite, all we do is stare threateningly at each other. The guys give us confusing looks, whispering about what might have happened between us again. 
"Can you stop fucking looking at me?" I snap, making Michael huff in annoyance.
"When you stop staring at me." He replies and I groan. 
"Guys..." Luke tries to reason us. 
"What the fuck do you want from me?" I ask, my blood boiling. 
"What the fuck do you want from me? I am lovey-dovey with you, you are complaining. I am mean to you, you are complaining. I give you a taste of your medicine, you hate me. What do you want from me?" He asks and I burst in tears. 
"I want a fucking normal relationship with you. This shit is problematic." I scream, feeling my face turn red. 

I only realize what I said when I take a look at the guys; Calum's jaw grazes the floor, Michael stares in confusion, and Luke switches stares between me and Ashton.
"Shit." I mumble under my breath, looking for a way to leave the room. 
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Ashton asks me, moving closer to me. 
"Anyone mind explaining to us what is going on?" Luke asks, but neither of us is paying attention to anyone else but each other. 
"I knew your intentions from Day 1... I didn't want to lose what we had." I admit as the back of his hand grazes my cheek.
"What am I going to do with you?" He sighs and I shrug. 
"Probably break up with me, don't talk to me ever again..." I say, pouting. 
"No princess. I am going to punish you for not speaking your feelings." He says and cups my chin.
"I was scared." I protest and he smirks. 
"I guess we were both..." 
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"Oh, come on guys, you can't be that stupid." Luke groans, making us realize that we are in front of other people as well.
"Maybe we should take this somewhere privately." Ashton suggests and I nod. 

Once in his room, he locks the door as I sit on the bed. 
"You know, I am in love with you..." He says, still with his back to me. 
"You are?" I ask, fiddling with my fingers. 
"I really am." He replies, however not daring to look at me. 
"Good, cause I am too. And it is scary, and it is scary as fuck, but I want to shoot at it. Because it's you." I say, standing up and walking to him. 
"What if I screw this up? I don't know how to do this whole normal thing..." He says, turning to face me. 
"Then we will screw this up together. I don't know what to do either." I reply and he chuckles. 
"Look at the kitten being the mature one in this relationship." He comments before he grabs me and pins me to the wall, crashing our lips. 
"You are mine." He groans against my lips, biting hard on the bottom one. 
"I am yours." I agree, trying to get back to kissing him. He responds, slipping his tongue into my mouth. I grip on his t-shirt, pulling it to get him closer to me. 
His hands travel under my dress, directly going for my underwear. He doesn't bother pulling it down; he pushes it to the side and rubs a finger along my slit. 
"If I knew that fighting in reality turns you on so much, I would have argued with you every day." He comments, smiling at me. 
"Am I really that wet?" I ask him, earning a chuckle. 
"Here." He says and sticks his fingers in my mouth. I suck on them, looking at him through my eyelashes, and watching him gaze at me in amazement.
"Fuck, I always forget how good you are at sucking my cock..." He growls as I take his fingers deeper. 

"Bed or wall, princess?" He asks me after I pop my fingers out of my mouth. 
"Wherever you want, daddy. I need you..." I say and look at him with doll eyes. 
He doesn't reply; he just gets on his knees in front of me, lowering my dress as he goes. Leaving me only in my powder pink panties, he looks up at me as he spreads my legs. 
"Princess looks good in pink." He states, yanking my panties down with his teeth. 
"You like it, daddy?" I ask and he nods. He kisses below my navel and moves downwards, stopping just before my clit. 
"I love it... Ready for me, princess?" He asks before he pecks on my clit, causing me to melt. 
"As always." I reply and try not to cum right there and then. 
"Good." He says and stands up.

He turns me around, gluing my chest on the wall. I hear him unzip his jeans as one slap is delivered on my ass, making me wince, but getting me wetter. 
He thrusts inside me, making my chest hit on the wall.
"Fuck." I scream, throwing my ass backward. 
"You like that, little slut?" He asks, making me roll my eyes. 
"I love that, daddy." I scream; It is weird that it is the first time of all we've fucked that I am able to scream, without worrying about the others finding out. 
"I love your voice when I fuck you, princess." He whispers in my ear, making my pussy pulse. He is pounding in me, hitting my spot every time; there is no time to take it slow, we want release and we want it now. The tension between us has been thick for hours, we can't hold back. 
My ass claps against his skin, making a perfect sound, adding to our moans and groans. 
I claw on the wall as he pounds in me, his hand squeezing my boob. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." He groans, thrusting harder. His grip tightens and I almost lose it, my head falling back and resting on his shoulder. 
"A little more... a little more..." I chant as he sucks a hickey on my neck. 
Ashton curses through groans and growls, trying to hold himself back.

I collapse on the wall, screaming through my ecstasy as my legs quiver. Ashton pulls out and starts humping my ass, soon releasing too. I pant and shake as Ashton hisses and groans. 
"So fucking beautiful." He comments through hitched breath. 
"That was so good, baby." I say, turning my head to look at him. 
"I know." He agrees and plants a kiss on my temple. 
"Let me clean you up, princess." He says and moves to grab wet napkins from the bedside table. 
"What are we going to tell the guys in the morning?" I ask and watch him shrug. 
"The truth. They are big boys, they will understand." He says and starts wiping his cum from my back.
"What about the fans?" I ask again. 
"For now, let's keep it a secret from them. Once the tour ends, we will see." He says and turns me around, bringing me closer to him. I nod and he smiles, leaning in for a kiss.

Chapter Text

'Just one night, nothing more...'
'I promise, princess. Nothing more.' 

I regret giving a promise I didn't intend on keeping. 
I regret not telling her, right then and there as I pressed her body to the wall and trailed my lips down her neck, that one night would never be enough for me, not after picturing the rest of my life with her since the moment I saw her working in the studio. 
I regret not telling her before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. 
I regret not telling her when I ripped her clothes from her body and left her naked beneath me. Now the image of her skin, fully exposed to me, is stuck in my head. I can practically feel how she felt against my body. 
I regret not telling her before thrusting in her, feel her pulse around me, hear her moan, taste her skin, see her writhe as I pounded in her. 
I regret not telling her as my name got caught in a breath on the back of her throat as her body arched off the bed. 
I regret not telling her before I hissed her name while she got on her knees before I cummed on her face. 
I regret not telling her when her body was tangled with mine and her breathing became slower and her eyelids heaved. 
I regret not telling her in the morning while she was getting dressed to leave my house. 
I regret not ringing her doorbell after I dropped her off. 
I regret not taking all the chances I had to tell her that one night could never be enough for me. That I don't want a particle of a relationship with her, I don't want a favor. I want everything she has to offer, I want every possible bond I can form with her. 
I regret not telling her that it doesn't matter how long it will last, as long as I get all of her, every little bit. 

"You alright, mate?" Calum asks me, patting my shoulder to bring me out of my trance. 
"Uh, yeah. Just can't wait to get in the booth and record." I reply and he nods. 
"Do you know what time (Y/N) is going to be here? She is supposed to be on the console today." He asks me, making me snap towards him as my heartbeat fastens. 
"Why would I know that?" I ask, laughing awkwardly as I run a hand through my hair. 
"I figured that since you left together from the party last night, you spent the night together. Plus, the hickeys on your neck kinda validate my theory. So, do you know when she is going to be here?" He asks me again, smirking. 
"I have no idea." I sigh and shrug my shoulders. 
"Did you tell her about your crush on her?" He asks, smirking at me even wider. I cringe at the sound of the word crush, kinda remembering of high school. 
"It's not a crush." I protest and he nods his head sarcastically. 
"Yeah, right... Come on man, I know you. You two look good together. If you put one and one together, this all makes sense. Talk to her." He states, grabbing his notepad without any further talk. 

Maybe he is right; screw that, he is right. (Y/N) and I together do make sense. 
For sure, we need to talk once she is here.
I just hope she gets here. 

Chapter Text

One and a half year. That's how long it lasted. 
I know I said I didn't care how long it would last, that I wanted all of her for as long as it could go. But one and a half year is barely enough. 
"Are you even listening to me?" Her screams snap me out of my thoughts. My jaw is tensed up and my fists are balled up, nails digging in my palm as I try hard to hold back. 
"I would if you made any sense." I snap back; (Y/N) rubs a hand over her face. 
"If I made sense... If I made sense to you, huh? Does the fact that you don't have time for me make sense to you? Does the fact that we haven't gone on a date, just the 2 of us, in 2 months make sense to you? Does the fact that you've been distant from me make sense to you?" She screams. 
"I am working." I protest. 

"Really? Cause I am sitting around the house all day..." She rolls her eyes at me. 
"That's not what I said. You are always twisting my words." I groan. 
"Always? Always? Really? Wow..." 
"I didn't mean that."
"Yeah, I know. I twisted your words again." She chuckles and turns away. 
"What the fuck do you want (Y/N)? Why are you acting like this?" 
"Because I am in a relationship in which the other person is not in it anymore. I am not the one who wanted all of this. I never wanted the house, I never wanted the dreams, the future. I never wanted to get too attached to you. I knew we would end up like this." She snaps. I look at her in complete shock, my mouth hanging agape as she takes deep breaths to calm down. 
"You don't love me? Are you in this because I wanted to?" I ask her, stuttering as the words that leave my mouth are teasing my brain. 
"I love you. I always did, that's why I didn't want a relationship. That's why I only asked for one night and nothing more. And now we are in this. Stuck in a relationship that is not working for either of us." She sighs, closing her eyes as the phrase leaves her lips. 
I look at her, simply observing her as she tries to just catch a breath. 
When did things change between us? How neither of us noticed?

"I am tired, Ash..." She sighs, picking up her pillow and trying to move out of the room. 
"Stay, sleep in here. I'll sleep on the couch and we can talk about this in the morning, ok?" I suggest and her head drops, her eyes falling to her feet. 
"Ash, I don't think there is anything to talk about." She whispers, not daring to look at me. 
I take her hand and guide us to sit on the bed, kneeling down in front of her as she refuses to look at me. 
"I love you." I state and she smiles at me weakly. 
"I love you too. That's why it is better if we just... let go." She says, tilting her head to the side. 
"I don't want to let go. We can make this work. I promise to make time for you. I promise we can work this out. I promise." I gulp the lump in my throat. 
"Baby, we can't work this out. Not now, not with all our personal problems going on. We need to let go, it's the best for both of us." She explains, stroking my cheek. 
"It can't be the best... Me being away from you... It can't be the best." I almost plead. 
"Ash, baby... Look at us... You are home,I am home, and we haven't been alone in a while. We are surrounded by people all the time because we are afraid to face our demons. And we are afraid to burden one another with our demons. Let's just, let go of this. Work on our problems... And if we are meant to... If you and I have it written on our stars to be together, we will find each other again, and pick it up where we left off... But for now, the best for us, for you and I, is to break up." She says; her voice is very calm and almost soothing. I feel my eyes water, finally realizing what she is saying. It hurts me, knowing that I can't do anything to make this work. It hurts me that she is right. 
I stay silent, words refusing to form in my head. I can't deny she is right. But I don't want to lose her. 

"I love you, with all my heart and soul. And that's why I need to set you free. I have my issues and you have your issues and if we want to be together and if we want this relationship to really work, we need to be brave enough to face our problems." She says after a moment, pulling my chin up to make me look at her. 
"I don't know what to say... You are right, no denying in that. I just, I don't know how to respond to that. I don't know what you want to hear from me." I say, shrugging my shoulders. 
"It's ok. You don't have to say anything." She smiles at me but I can see that this is hurting her as well. 
"I can't believe that this fight won't result in sex." I chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. I hear her giggle a little, before she sniffles. 
"Yeah, it sucks." She replies. 
"I'll call Calum to come pick me up, so it won't be awkward in the morning." I state, feeling my eyes sting with more tears at the realization that I will not wake up on the same bed as her anymore. 
"This is your house, I am the one that should go. I'll call (Y/B/F/N) to pick me up and I will text you before I come to pick up my stuff, ok?" She suggests. 
"No, no. I don't want you to be in much of a bother. I'll stay at Calum's for a couple of days, so you can have enough time to... pack up." I insist, the last part coming out choked. 
"Are you sure about that?" She asks. 
"Yeah, yeah. Don't worry." I say. I don't dare look at her, knowing that if my eyes fall on her, on her figure and her face, hurt from the recent events, I will back out and beg for one more chance. 
"Thank you. I will be out of the house by tomorrow night, I promise." She says; all I can do is nod. 
"I love you." I let out, raising my gaze to meet hers. We still hold hands, from the moment we sat on the bed, like we knew we would need each other's comfort.
"I love you too." She replies. 

And I know she means it. 

And that hurts the most. 


One and a half year. That's how long we lasted. 


Chapter Text

"For six months now, I suffer every moment I am not with her. But being away from her made me realize what she was talking about. 
I had issues to work on, issues that I needed to fix, not for her, but mostly for myself. 
I still work on them; my problems are not something that will go away from one day to the other, but now I acknowledge them, work on them, try to better myself. 
That doesn't mean I don't miss her; Every night I come to an empty home, and every moment I spend there, I wish she was still her, I wish she was still with me. 
What hurts me the most is that I don't know how she is, where she is, how she copes with her own issues. 
I still dream of her, I still dream that all those months we've spent apart are just a bad dream and I will wake up and she will still be sleeping soundly next to me. 
But when I wake up and find out she is not here, my heart aches. It used to be worse, I used to cry every time I realized that's not the case, now I sigh and close my eyes, bringing her figure to my mind. 
I don't know if she has been with someone else, and to be honest, I don't care. Sure, sometimes the thought of her with someone else touching her and kissing her and doing all the things I used to do with her penetrates my mind, but I brush it off. I said I'll wait for her and I will do that, no matter if she has been with someone or not. At least I want to try." 

"What about your social life, Mr. Irwin? Any changes since the last time we met?" My therapist asks, making me chuckle. 
"I am trying to go out more. My best friend and I are going out for coffee at least 2 times a week. I go out for dinners with friends, I invite people over. But still, sometimes it is hard for me to go out of my comfort zone. I started hiking a lot, I like being in nature, it calms me down." I reply and he smiles. 
"Have you thought about the possibility of her not coming back?" He asks me. I take a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. 
"Many times."
"Why do you insist on waiting for her?" He asks me. 
"Because she is the one. I can't let her go without trying." I smile and he nods. 
"Alright, Mr. Irwin. Until our next meeting, I'd like you to think and reflect on your progress thus far." The man states, shutting the notepad as he stands up to dismiss me. 
"Thank you, Dr." I smile, shaking his hand. 


"Come on, Ash... Ashley is waiting for us... Can't disappoint her on her birthday." Calum chuckles, trying to drag me off my couch. 
"I am not feeling well." I mumble under my breath, pulling back. 
"Ok... Just, come, have a drink, have some cake, wish her happy birthday and if it doesn't feel right, get back home after an hour. But please, come with me. You need to go out..." Calum insists. I sigh and nod, rubbing my hand over my face. 
"Alright... I'll change clothes and we can go." I reply, earning a smile from my best pal. 

"Happy birthday, pretty girl." I cheer as I hug Ashley, making her giggle. 
"Thanks, boo. Thank you for coming." She smiles, kissing my cheek. 
"Ash..." Luke nudges me, interrupting me before I could start a conversation with my friend. 
"What?" I ask. In reply, he points behind me, and I turn to look what's so interesting it couldn't wait a moment. 
My jaw drops on the floor as I see (Y/N), standing behind me, drink in hand, looking and smiling at me. 
"Hi." She greets with a smile plastered on her face. Either her smile is contagious or I am so excited to see her that I practically feel my whole face lighting up. 
"Hi." I whisper, fighting the urge to crash her in my arms. 
"Hi guys. How are you?" She asks the rest of my group of friends. They all smile at her before chanting a synchronized 'fine'. 
"We are going to get some drinks... We'll see you later." Calum says, motioning the guys to follow him. 
"You look amazing." I state; I am not lying, not even a bit. She wears that dress I love and her hair is shorter than I remember but it suits her pretty face so much. 
"Thanks... You look amazing as well..." She replies. 
"No need to lie... I know I am not at my best today." I chuckle. 
"I am not lying. You look rested, your face is glowing. You really look good." She smiles. 
"How have you been?" I ask her. 
"Good. Do you think we could meet somewhere sometime? I think we have a lot to talk about. I mean, I have a lot to talk about and I hope you do too." She says, her eyes sparkling with hope. I can tell she is unsure of how I am going to react and that makes me smile at how cute she is. 
"Let's go." I say, pointing to the exit. 
"What? Now?" She asks and I nod. 

"I'll take a coffee, please." (Y/N) tells to the waitress of the diner. 
"Same, please." I say as well, smiling at her as she walks away. 
"So, how have you been?" I ask her, leaning on the table to be able to listen to her talk easier. 
"Good. I mean, I was terrible in the beginning, you can't even imagine how many times I wanted to call you, text you, see you... But then I picked myself up and I took myself to therapy and I started feeling a little better, little by little." She states, looking at her fidgeting thumbs. 
"This is great. I am in therapy too. You were right, I had some issues to work on and therapy has helped me a lot." I state, looking at her and searching for her reaction. 
"This is amazing. I am so happy for you. I truly am." She cheers, finally looking at me. 
"So, have you... I don't know... gone on dates? Met someone new?" She asks, her eyes flicking on and off, not daring again to look at me. 
"Have you?" I ask her back, biting my bottom lip. 
"I asked you first." She chuckles. 
"And I asked you second, your point is?" I reply. She sighs and shakes her head. 
"No. I never felt the need to find someone else. This whole thing was done because I wanted to be with you, but in a better, more steady basis. I said that we needed to work on our problems; I did. I went my own way, you went your own and now all I want is to know if we are ready to meet again. Of course, I wouldn't hold it against you if you moved on with your life, if you found someone new. I totally understand and it is totally ok and I would be happy if you..." She spirals making me giggle as I reach over the table for her. 
"God, do you ever shut up?" I chuckle, cupping her cheek. For a second she stares at my eyes, her breath getting shallow. Her eyes flick to my lips, looking at them with her puppy eyes.  She opens her mouth to respond, but all that comes out of it is stuttering. 
She gasps surprised as I guide my lips against hers, kissing her softly. My stomach flips with excitement as she responds to the kiss, leaning on the table as well to get closer to me. Her hand rests on my cheek, thumb stroking my cheek as the kiss gets deeper. 
"Coffee's here." The waitress interrupts our moment, placing the mugs in front of us. 
I fish my wallet out of my pocket, slamming a 20 on the table as I smile at the waitress. 
"Keep the change." I say as I stand up motioning (Y/N) to stand up as well. 
"Where are we going?" She asks, grabbing her purse as I take her hand in mine. 
"Home." I state, turning to look at her with the biggest smile on my face I had in a while. 


For the first time, the road back home seemed like seconds. I was excited, chattering about the things I did in the past months, mostly about stories of the boys. I focused on the good stuff, not mentioning the times I drove past her home, contemplating knocking on her door. It wasn't the time to talk about the bad times, not now that my goal has been attained. 
As I unlock the door, (Y/N) pulls back. I turn to look at her, cocking an eyebrow at her hesitance. 
"What is going on, love?" I ask her, bringing her hand to my lips. I watch her chuckle, her smile spreading on her face. 
"Shouldn't this feel weird? I mean, it's been 6 months since the last time I saw you, but it feels like it hasn't been a single day since we saw each other. Shouldn't this feel weird?" She asks. I giggle as I pick her up, carrying her in the house. 
"You and I are meant to be together. No matter how much time we spend apart, it will never feel weird." I reply, letting her on her feet and pinning her against the wall. 
"Promise this is forever. Nothing less." She whispers as I lean down, getting close to her lips. 
"I promise, princess. Nothing less." I reply, connecting my lips with hers. 
There is hunger in the kiss, the way her lips dance with mine reveals that she has missed me just as I have missed her. 
"Bedroom, please." She moans, parting away from my lips just a little. 
"Need me, princess?" I ask her, my fingers inching up her dress until it is off her body. She grabs my shirt, eagerly undoing the buttons and sliding the garment down my arms. 
"Bedroom, now. I am not going to ask a third time." She hisses, digging her nails in my skin. 
I practically feel my eyes darken, blood flowing right to my face. 
"Do I have to remind you who gives the orders here, pet? Do you think that because I haven't had you in 6 months, the roles have flipped? Do I have to give you a red ass and a bruised throat to remind you who pulls the ropes here, and to whom you belong to?" I ask her, gripping onto her throat. She gasps in surprise, her hand wrapping around my wrist as I tighten my fingers. 
"No, daddy. I am sorry." She whimpers, relaxing under my grip. 
"Good girl. I might even let you cum tonight." I smirk, turning her around. I watch as my hand collides on her ass, making it jiggle. 
"Pretty ass. My pretty ass." I growl. 
"Kneel." I demand, whispering the order in her ear. I watch the hair in the back of her neck stand straight before she slowly gets down on her knees. 
She stays there as I taught her; hands on her thighs, looking up at me with her pretty lips parted. 
"Remove the bra." I command her, undoing my belt. I watch as her eyes widen, probably thinking I am going to use the belt on her tonight. 
She undoes the bra and drops it next to her on the floor, revealing her breasts to me. My eyes fall on her pointy nipples, smiling as I understand that excitement is shared between us. I remove my jeans, stepping out of them before I kneel next to her, softly pushing her to lay on the floor. 
"Let me see that pussy... That pretty pussy... MY pretty pussy." I whisper, spreading her thighs. I see the little, wet patch on her panties, making my cock twitch as my fingers press and rub on her clit. I hear her gulp and breathe heavily, her legs moving a little as I rub her slowly. 
I pull her panties to the side, getting my cock out of my briefs as I hover above her. 
"You are mine." I remind her before I slip in her. She whines, her walls pulsing around my cock as I thrust in her slowly, making her feel every inch if my length. 
"Ash..." She gasps, resting her hand on my bicep, gripping on it harder as I reach deeper. 
"My name sounds so good coming out of your mouth that way, princess..." I groan, leaning down to kiss her. She wraps her leg around my waist, pulling me as close to her body as possible. 
"You are so tight around me, princess... It's driving me insane..." I groan in her ear, leaving a kiss under her lobe. 
"Do you like my pussy throbbing around your cock, daddy?" She asks, smirking at me as her eyes shut and her head falls back. The sight of her hair swirled on the marble floor is something that can be easily compared to art; I can't take my eyes off of her and her little details I've missed so much. 
"So fucking good, princess. Look how wet you are for me... Look how that pretty pink pussy leaks for me..." I hiss, slamming into her.
"Wish you could see how good you look with my cock buried deep inside you..." I comment, moving my hips a little while I stay inside her. She makes all those little noises, all those cute, little noises while I fuck her... 

"Maybe you should fuck me in front of the mirror next, baby." She gasps, digging her nails in my bicep. I chuckle, bringing my lips to hers as I continue slamming my hips against hers. She bucks them up, trying to meet my thrusts and add to the tempo. 
I feel my chest heave at the feeling; I hoped to have that feeling, the whole experience again, but I never expected to get it so soon. 
"Ash... I wanna cum. I haven't in so long..." I hear her moan against my lips. My breath gets caught in the back of my throat as her walls already pulse more against my throbbing cock. 
"Do it, princess. I need to feel you." I whisper, grabbing on her hips harshly, pounding into her with everything I have in me. I watch her face contort, changing from plain pleasure to mixed with agony for her high. Her mouth stays wide open, but she stretches her neck even more while her eyes roll back. 
"Ashton... Ash..." She groans, her face tensing as she gets closer. 
"Cum princess... Cum for me... You deserve it..." I encourage her, my own thrusts becoming sloppy and without rhythm. 
And this seems to send her over her edge. She grips onto me, holding me tightly to her body as she cums, her walls convulsing around me. I feel her chest pressing on mine while I keep on thrusting, chasing my own high. 
"Cum in me, daddy. I want to feel all of you." She states breathlessly, her fingers hooking in my hair and pulling slightly. I groan at the feeling, my chest tightening at the sensation. 
When I finally cum, it is like I am falling in a trance. My body numbs and my head drops to the crook of her neck, breathing on her skin as I try to absorb as much of the feeling as I can. 

I collapse on her body, head resting on her chest now as I am still inside her. Her hand goes to my hair, stroking my curls that are stuck on my forehead. 
"Hi..." She smiles at me, looking at me sweetly but tiredly. 
"Hi." I press my lips on her skin. 
"I love you." She states, her voice soft and soothing. 
"I love you." I repeat, smiling at her. 
"Do you think we will make it this time?" She asks me and I chuckle. 
"I know we will, my love." I reply, leaning up to kiss her lips softly. 


Chapter Text


"Need help with anything else?" Ashton asks me as he enters the kitchen. 
"No, I can handle this. Thank you for staying to help." I reply, turning to look at him as I leave the dish towel on the counter. 
"Of course. Thank you for throwing the party. We all needed it." He says, smiling. It brings out his dimples, which make him look like a child. For a moment my brain stops, all I can focus on is how sweet he looks. 
"Please, I was looking for an excuse to throw a party." I giggle, trying to keep my mind together. 
"I should get going. It's getting really dark outside. And I think the storm will make it hard for me to make it home." He says, pointing towards my front door. It takes everything in me to decide to mouth my next words. 
"Stay over." I blurt out, making Ashton look at me surprised. I bow my head and look at my feet, sighing, mentally cursing myself for not wording my thoughts. 
"I mean, it is late, it is dark, you have had a couple of drinks, and there is a blizzard approaching. It will be risky to drive home right now." I explain and he smirks at me. 
"You worry too much, (Y/L/N)." He cocks an eyebrow. I practically feel my blood rush to my face, giving me a blush like nothing before. 
"Of course I am. You are my friend. I would hate it if something happened to you." I reply, smiling at him. 

"I'll make the bed inside for you and I will take the couch for tonight." I say to Ashton as I hand him a large t-shirt of mine and a pair of baggy sweats. 
"You really shouldn't go out of your way for me." 
"It's not like I have a guest room. And there is no way I would let you sleep on the couch." I insist and he crosses his arms in front of his chest. 
"There is no way I will let you take the couch." He replies and I sigh. 
"Ash, it is really not a problem for me. I will be fine." I try to assure him but he shakes his head no. 
"No, you are not sleeping on the couch. Your bed is big enough for both of us. We can sleep for one night on the same bed. I won't bite, I promise." He states. My stomach feels like it is tightening every second I spend thinking of laying next to him. 
"At least let me take the couch." Ashton suggests, snapping me out of my thoughts. 
"No. I'll go change and we can share the bed." I smile and grab my good pair of pjs.
"Are you sure? You seem uneasy." He asks me. I feel my heart flutter a little as I realize that he is worried about me; stupid crush... 
"No, I am fine. I am just really tired and my brain is flicking on and off. I'll go change in the bathroom, you can change in here." I say, but Ashton moves ahead of me. 
"I'll take the bathroom." He sings, strutting out of the room. I can't help but smile at his behavior; Gosh, I wish that I could just shut my feelings off for a second. 
I shimmy out of my dress, letting it pool at my feet; the whole day has been exhausting and shoving my body in a dress that is so tight that it leaves intends on my skin has not helped me much. My pajamas, however, feel like heaven on my skin. They are soft and warm and so comforting, they almost help me feel at ease for a moment. I grab my dress and hang it on its hanger while I wait for Ashton to come and pick a side; I am restless, anxious, but happy for that. Even on the slightest, I can bring part of my dream into reality. 
As Ashton enters the room, I can't help but burst in laughter.
"What? You don't like my outfit?" He asks, giving me a spin. My clothes look ridiculously small for his frame, making every inch of them stretch against his skin. 
"This is amazing." I snortle, holding my stomach while I laugh. 
"Why, I think that those yoga pants are spectacular, especially the way the hug my ass." He shrugs his shoulders. 
"I wish I had something bigger for you to wear... I am scared that those might cut your circulation." I state, between breaths as I still try to calm down. 
"I'll wear my shirt to bed, don't worry. Thanks for the outfit, though. I think I might adopt it." He snickers and I bite my bottom lip, nodding my head. 
"Uh, which side would you like to sleep on?" I ask as he begins undressing. I try not to look at him, I really do. But I can't help but peek as he grabs the back of the t-shirt and pulls it over his head. 
"I am fine with whatever. Sleep where you normally sleep." He replies and I nod my head, picking up the covers on my side and slipping under them. I fix my pillows as Ashton walks to the other side of the bed and gets under the covers as well. 
"Lights on or off?" He asks me. 
"You are the guest here." I reply and he sighs. 
"I'll turn them off." He replies, reaching for the switch above the headboard. 

I don't remember when and how I fell asleep, but I wake up by the sound of my security alarm going off. I shoot off my bed, but Ashton grabs my wrist and pulls me back. 
"Sit down... I'll get it..." He says sleepily, reaching to turn on the light. But instead of light, nothing comes out, making me knit my eyebrows together. 
"I think we are out of power..." Ashton announces, turning on the flashlight of his cellphone. 
And as I thought that this is the worst thing that can happen, we found out that it snowed in, covering my front door and Ashton's car with inches of snow. 
Ashton volunteered to bring some wood for the fireplace from the little closet I keep it while I dug some candles out of my drawers. I also turned on the lights of my Christmas tree, seeing that they are powered by batteries and they can at least provide some kind of luminance until morning is here. 
"Not so bad after all, huh? I mean, if we took pictures of the place and showed them to people without context, they would believe it is actually a Christmas scenery." Ashton comments, kneeling down to start the fire. 
"I guess it does, huh?" I say, looking around us. 
"Do you need help with anything?" I ask him but he shakes his head no. 
"Go sit on the couch, I got this." He assures, turning his head and smiling at him. 
I sit and stare at him as he struggles with the wood and the matches. 
For a moment, I let myself pretend that he is not just my friend, that this is a typical Christmas morning for us and we will be cuddled up in a bit, watching the flames dance around the fireplace. I pretend that he will lean down towards me and press a kiss on my lips as takes his seat. 
But of course, I know that this is all just a trick of my mind, it's all nothing more than imagination. 
"A penny for your thoughts?" He snaps me out of it as he plops on the couch, covering his body with the blanket I've brought. 
"I was just thinking that I ruined your Christmas. I insisted on not letting you go home, and now you are here, stuck in a house on Christmas day." I make up a lie. But in reality, I kind of feel like that as well. 
"I like the fact that you are thinking I had better plans than this. I would eat a meal for one and sleep all day, maybe have some wine." He says, bringing his knees to his chest. 
"Same." I sigh. 
"See, at least we are together now." He smiles sweetly, looking at me. It feels like his eyes are not moving an inch from mine, for a moment all I can think is him, nothing else in the world matters. 
"Want some wine?" I ask and he nods, while I move to get up from the couch. 

As I return with the wine and the glasses, I find Ashton standing in front of my bookshelves, holding a book in his hand. 
"I figured that since there is no electricity, and we can't do much but wait, why not read something..." 
"And you picked the book that narrates stories around a snowstorm. Smart." I comment and he chuckles. 
"I didn't know what it is about, I just saw 'Let it snow' and thought that it would be christmasy..." He says, walking back to the couch. I hand him a glass as I open the wine to pour us some. 
"Well, you weren't wrong." I reply and pour him a bit of wine. 
"What about we read to each other, take turns in reading chapters?" He suggests and I nod, sitting on the couch as well. I curl into a ball, trying to keep my body warm. Ashton raises his arm and motions me to nestle next to him under the blanket. It is like something moves my body next to him, it feels effortless. 
Ashton begins reading, eyes focused on the book, words coming out of his mouth in a calm, soothing tone. I sneak a couple of peeps on him, just looking at his characteristics for a moment as he reads. It feels weirdly natural, being cuddled up to him; it is like a little part of my fantasy comes to life. 

We took turns reading to each other, for God knows how many hours. I know that my eyes flutter open and close as he reads to me, but I don't want him to stop. 
"Want to stop? You need some sleep." Ashton suggests, turning his head to look at me. 
"No. One more chapter, please." I plead, getting more comfortable on his side. 
"Ok, baby." He replies, picking back up where he left off. 

My eyes open and I hum, trying to rub sleep off my eyes. I am found laying on the couch, tucked in with the blanket. I turn on my other side and my gaze falls on Ashton, sitting in front of the fireplace, doing something I can't put my finger on what it is exactly. 
"Hey." I say in a groggy voice. 
"Merry Christmas." Ashton cheers, turning his body a little to look at me. 
"Merry Christmas... What are you doing in there?" I ask, standing up from the couch. 
"I thought we would need to eat something, and I didn't know how to work your stove with no electricity, so I used the fire. I made your favorite." He smiles as I kneel down next to him. 
"Wow, thanks..." I gasp, looking at the chocolate chip pancakes in the plate on the floor. 
"You are welcome. I'll take the last one out in a minute, so, relax on the couch I guess." He suggests. 
"I am sorry I fell asleep on you... I guess I was truly tired." I stutter. 
"Don't be. I liked that." 
"You did?" I ask surprised. 
"God, you are so oblivious... I stayed last night to help because I wanted more time with you. I said yes to staying because that way I could live this scenario that has been in my head for so long. I wanted to stay up and read to you because it could feel like we are something more than friends, finally. I like you, a lot." He states, standing up. He stands in front of me, looking at me for some kind of reaction. 
For a moment my brain goes blank; I can't believe what I've just heard. 
It takes me only 10 seconds to react. I almost jump him, pulling him in for a kiss as I hang on his body. He holds me to his body as he responds to the kiss. It is a bliss; smooth lips dancing against mine, hands holding my body, I don't want this to end. 
We only pull away as we get breathless. Ashton looks at me, pupils fully blown out. 
"I will not touch you. Not until I get you on a formal date." He breathes out; I think it is mostly targeted to himself like he is trying to hold back himself. 
"Ok. But that doesn't mean I will not touch you." I cock an eyebrow at him, making him smirk. 
"I like the way you are thinking." He replies before he goes back to making our breakfast. 


Chapter Text

"(Y/N), are you ok?" My assistant asks me as she sees me lose my step. I shake my head no, so she rushes towards me to support me. She helps me sit on the nearest chair as my eyes get heavy and I feel my knees weaken. /
"Do you want me to bring you anything?" She asks me, kneeling down in front of me. 
"Can you bring me some water, please?" I ask, my voice a bit weak. She nods and gets up, moving to the little fridge in the office. 
I haven't been feeling well for a while now; ever since my breakup with Ashton, I have been feeling sick, dizzy, awful. This breakup has taken a toll on me, my whole body in mourning along me. But this was the best solution for both of us; there was so much love between us, everything was perfect. But we wanted things that couldn't happen, we wanted things that were almost impossible. So I decided to let him go, let him have everything his heart would ever crave. 

But just because of that, it doesn't mean that things are easy for me. For more than 2 months now, I've been crying myself to sleep every night, my body refuses to save any bit of energy no matter how long I sleep, I am completely repulsed by food of any kind, my stomach twitches at the thought of it. 
"Here. Do you need anything else? Should I call Ashton?" She asks. She takes a cringed expression as she realizes what she said, flinching away from me a little as I take a sip of water. 
"I am so sorry. I didn't realize what I said, I am so used to you two being together that I..." She begins rumbling but I motion her to just brush it off. Honestly, I simply forget that he won't be home when I get back, sometimes. 
"It's fine, really." I try to assure her, closing my eyes to concentrate on feeling better. 
"Uh... Should I call the studio and tell them to reschedule?" She asks me and I shake my head no. 
"We will be going in a minute. I just haven't eaten yet, and I got a bit dizzy, don't worry." I smile at her. 
"Ok, I will drive us so you can eat, ok?" She suggests, moving to pick up the equipment for the shoot. 

"Thanks." I smile at her, taking a deep breath as I try to get up. 

While my assistant drives us to the studio, I munch on my bagel while I scroll through my emails. I haven't been too focused on my work lately, so now a big pile of unsolved stuff waits for me. I archive the email before I move to the next one, humming as I finish my food. 
"The pictures you took on the last shot came out really great. I am proud of you." I compliment her; her face turns glowing, her smile almost reaching her ears.
"Really?" She asks, her voice cracking a bit. 
"Yeah, congratulations." I say, turning back on my phone. 
But before I can read the email, I feel my stomach twisting, all of the food I just had crawling back up my throat. 
I gag as I reach for the bag from the bakery, nudging my assistant to pull over. 
"Oh God." She gasps, stopping the car. I open the door and get out, leaning over the pavement as I throw up. My assistant rushes to me once more, pulling my hair in a pony. 
"I am not that horrible at driving, am I?" She asks as I stop hurling. I turn to look at her and smile weakly. 
"I am calling the studio to reschedule, you can't take photos when you are like that. Maybe you should go to the doctor. You must have the flu or something." She mumbles, reaching in her pocket for her phone. I grab her wrist to stop her. 
"No. You'll go to the studio and take the pictures. You are capable enough, I trust you. Just... drive me somewhere, will you?" I sigh and she nods. 

I haven't been to this house for a long time, but I still remember every little detail of it. As my assistant pulls up in front of it, I feel my stomach tighten up. 
"Are you sure about this?" She asks me and I nod. 
"Go, take some amazing pictures, and leave the car in my parking spot in the office. I have spares for it so don't worry about the keys. And I will be fine, I'll take a cab. See you tomorrow." I say as I open the door to get out. 
"I will call you if I need anything. Good luck." She says and I smile. 
I watch her drive off before I walk to the front door. My stomach hasn't ease yet, and it only gets worse as I press the bell. 
I take a deep breath and try to prep myself for seeing him again; honestly, I don't think that my heart will ever stop speeding up at the thought of him. 
"(Y/N), what are you doing in here? Is everything ok?" He asks me; he looks shocked to see me at his front door; honestly I would too. 
"Can we talk? It is an emergency." I say, sighing. 
"Um... uh... I don't think it is... a good moment." He stutters. My eyebrows knit together at his reaction. 
But then a brunette lady appears behind him, wearing a white shirt of his. My stomach drops; I mean, he has every reason to move on with his life and date whoever he wants, but I feel my heart ache at the sight. 
"Please, I need to talk to you." I mumble, causing him to sigh. 
"It's ok, Ash... I was about to leave either way." The brunette girl says before she moves back in the house. She moves with comfort, easiness, it makes me feel even sicker. 
"Can I use your bathroom?" I ask Ashton as I gag. Ashton moves from in front of the door and I practically rush towards the bathroom. I barely make it, kneeling down in front of the toilet before I empty out every little bit of the remaining food in my stomach. 
I feel weak and tired all of a sudden. I just want to sleep and lock myself in my apartment. But I am here for a reason and I am not backing down now. 
I only exit the house after I splash some water on my face and swish my mouth. I find Ashton leaning on the wall outside the bathroom, arms crossed. 
"Are you ok? I heard you throw up." He says, pointing to the bathroom. 
"Uh, yeah. As I said before, we need to talk." I gulp the lump on my throat. 
"For fuck's sake, (Y/N)... You can't show up in here out of the blue and..." He begins. 
"I think... I think I might be pregnant." I state, looking at him to read his reaction. 
"What? How? I thought you couldn't get pregnant. That's what the doctor said." Ashton stutters, turning pale. 
"I thought the same as well. But I have the symptoms and my period is late, so... yeah." I bite my lip. He runs his hand over his face, breathing deeply. 
"Is it mine? I mean, if you are..." He asks me. I feel blood running to my face, becoming furious at his words. 
"No, Ashton. I ditched my job, drove all the way to your house, ruined your morning with your new girlfriend, just to tell you I am pregnant with someone else's baby." I snap at him. 
"I didn't mean that." He mumbles. 
"I know what you meant, Ash." I groan. 
"You have to understand me, (Y/N). You show up to my house after breaking up with me, to tell me you are pregnant." He exclaims. My eyes go wide, anger boiling inside me. 
"Wow... You know what, forget I even came over. Forget I told you anything." I chuckle, moving to get out of this house. 
"How can I forget that? You are having my child, for God's sake." He says, walking right behind me. 
"Pretend it isn't." I spit out, without turning to look at him. 

I wait for my tea to brew as I check the digital files of the pictures my assistant took. It has been a long evening since I left Ashton's house, so I am ready to call it a day... Not that I need a special reason to go to bed early nowadays. 
I grab my mug and head to the couch, ready to put on a show and doze off on the couch. 
But my doorbell ringing changes my plans. I stop and look through the peephole, finding that Ashton is behind my door. For a moment I stay frozen, contemplating on what to do. 
"I know you are inside. Please, open up." He shouts, pressing the doorbell button. 
I sigh and open the door, making Ashton smile. 
"What do you want, Ashton?" I ask, taking a sip from my tea. 
"I came over to apologize for what happened earlier. I was shocked and wasn't lucid but I never meant to hurt your feelings or offend you. And the girl you saw today isn't my..." I raise my hand to stop him.
"It's fine, Ash... You don't have to apologize for moving on. I get it... Is that all?" I ask him. 
"No, I came over to bring you something as well." He hands me a pharmacy bag with a small smile. 
I open the bag and find out a pregnancy test, which makes me chuckle. 
"You are a bit late." I state and motion him to follow me. 
I guide him to the bathroom where I show him the two sticks of perfectly positive sticks. He gasps a little, bringing his hand to his mouth. 
"You are...?" He stutters. 
"Yeap..." I reply, nodding. 
"Congratulations... I mean to both of us." He says, still shocked. 
"Thanks, I guess." I reply, moving back to the living room and taking a seat on my couch. Soon, Ashton joins me, sitting on the couch across of me. 
"Isn't it an irony... We broke up because the doctor said we might never have kids and now we are having a baby." He chuckles. 
"Well, I mean if we going to have a baby." I shrug and he knits his eyebrows. 
"What do you mean?" He asks. 
"I don't know if I am keeping it, Ash." I reply and he stares at me thunderstruck. 
"What do you mean?" 
"I don't know if I am keeping the baby." I repeat. 
"But you wanted one. You were devastated when the doctor said you might never get pregnant. And now you are telling me you want to have an abortion?" He exasperates. 
"Ash, I wanted a baby with you, because we were in the right place for having a baby. Now I don't want to be a single mother, I never wanted to be a single mother." I explain. 
"First of all, you are never going to be alone, I am here, for you and our baby. And second, I get that it is your body and your choice, but don't you think I should have a saying in this as well? Don't you think it is something we should discuss together?" He asks. 
"We are doing it right now. And I am telling you that yes, you might be here for us, but I will have to carry a baby for 9 months, and I will have to quit my job for a while and take care of a human, while you are out there, fucking God knows how many chicks." I say, watching as his expressions drop. 
"It is your decision. Just know that I'll be there for you, even if we aren't together anymore."

"So, you didn't notice the symptoms earlier, huh?" My doctor asks me as she moves the ultrasound wand on my belly. 
"No, I mean, I felt sick but I thought it was because.... I had some personal issues." I reply and she hums. 
"Well, by the looks of it, and from the information you gave me, I can say you are around 14 weeks in." She announces, pointing at a smudge on the screen. 
"Until when will it be safe to terminate the pregnancy?" I ask. My doctor turns to look at me with a surprised expression. 
"(Y/N), this might be your only chance for having a child. Are you sure you want to give it away?" She asks me. 
"I am just asking." I mumble and she nods. 
"Well, since you are so far in, you can't have an abortion through pills, so we will have to do it surgically. That means that you can have it until week 16. Which means we have about 2 more weeks. But I want you to think this through. This is some kind of miracle." She says and I nod.
"Is everything ok with the fetus?" I ask and she smiles. 
"Everything seems perfect. But I will need you to take some vitamins, and supplements, they will help you with feeling a bit better and maintain the fetus's health. And I will draw some blood for some labs. Do you wanna hear its heart?" She asks me. 
"Yeah, I guess." I reply and she smiles as she presses a button on the machine. 

I press on Ashton's doorbell and wait for him to open the door. I feel this newly-found excitement inside as I wait outside his door; it's hard to explain.
"(Y/N)! Hi... Is everything ok? Are you ok? Is the baby ok?" Ashton asks as he opens the door. He seems worried, almost in a panic mode. 
"Can I come in?" I ask and he moves away from the door. 
I walk to the couch, sitting comfortably on it and leaning my head on the couch's back.
"Do you want me to bring you anything?" He asks me. I shake my head no, so he sits on the couch; for the first time in a while, I feel so close to him, only a seat keeping us away. 
"I went to the doctor today." I say and he snaps his head towards me. 
"You did? What did she say?" He asks me; I can see the excitement and worry in his eyes. 
"I am 14 weeks in, we are both healthy. And since I am so far in, I only have 2 weeks until I can have an abortion." I state. I watch his face drop, awkwardness filling the room. I reach for my purse and take out the ultrasound picture, taking a peek at it before I hand it to him. 
"I heard its heartbeat today." I comment as he looks at the picture. I can see him tear up, but I know they are not happy tears; he is worried about what I will say next. 
"I decided to keep it." I whisper and he turns his head to look at me so fast, I heard his neck crack. 
"I know it is going to be hard sometimes, I know I will have to sacrifice some stuff, but I want this baby. Now, I know that you might not want to be around, and I get it, you don't have to..." I begin but Ashton hugs me so I stop. 
"You will never have to do this alone. Thank you." He whispers, just holding me for a moment. 

It has been 3 months since we found out I am pregnant and things have changed a little bit. Ashton and I talk almost every day, he comes with me to the doctor's appointments, we have lunch together frequently. It is weird to explain to people that I am having a baby with my ex, but Ashton and I seem to make it work. 
"Looking good today, boss." My assistant chirps in as I place my camera in its case. 
"Thank you. I have to go to the doctor after this and Ashton and I might head out for dinner. I mean, we will for sure, because the baby is hungry." I pat on my stomach, which is now making it clear that I am pregnant. 
"Ah... Dinner with the baby daddy." She winks at me, earning a confused look. 
"Yeah, we do that a lot. Since you know, we are going to have to co-parent the bun in the oven." I say and she chuckles. 
"Please... You are so in love with each other, it is getting sick for everyone around you." She comments. 
"What?" I panic a little. 
"Come on. You are getting all dolled up when you know you are going to see him, he is driving all the way to every studio we are shooting at just to bring you food, you are looking at each other and you practically melt. Sometimes, there is so much tension between you two, I think he will pin you on the wall and fuck you, or you will jump the man." She chuckles. 
"Hey there, missy. I think you are getting in your fields that are above your paycheck. Now, take the file with the picture and head to the designer. They need to approve the pictures." I say, handing her the usb stick. She cocks an eyebrow and rolls her eyes before she heads off. 
Ashton came to the studio exactly the time he is supposed to. 
"Hey, Ash..." My assistant greets him, using her most cheerful voice. 
"Hey... How are you?" He asks, smiling at her. 
"I am good. How are you?" She asks back. I can see she is trying to engage in a conversation but this is getting on my nerves. 
"I am great." He smiles politely before he turns to me. 
"Great. I'll leave you two alone, I have to go talk with the crew about the lights for tomorrow's shoot." She stands up, winking at me. 
"Is she ok?" Ashton asks me and I shrug my shoulders. 
"She has been acting a bit weird today." I say and he nods. 
"I see. You look great." He compliments me, giving me a sweet smile. 
"You are only saying that because I am carrying your child." I say and he cocks an eyebrow. 
"Come on... You know I always thought you are the most stunning woman in the world." He says. I feel my heart flutter, a not-so-subtle blush crawling to my face. 
"Uh... I'll go pick up my purse and we are ready to go." I say, pointing to where I have my stuff. 
"Sure, I'll wait here."  

"I'll have a chicken salad and some cheesy breadsticks, please." I say to the waitress who takes our orders. She seems to pay more attention to Ashton than me giving her my order, but honestly, I am used to this by now. 
"And I will have a steak with a side of salad." He replies, letting the menu on the table. 
"Anything to drink?" She asks, still not turning to look at me. 
"Some water, please." I reply, huffing as I realize that she won't pay me much attention. 
"Same here." He replies. The waitress nods and heads off, leaving just the 2 of us. 
"So, little pancake is coming around Christmas, huh?" Ashton says, smiling as he takes a peep at my protruding stomach. 
"Please don't call our baby pancake." I chuckle. 
"Well, we don't know what it is, so I have to call it something neutral. So, pancake." He states and I roll my eyes. 
"Well, since 'pancake' is coming around Christmas, don't expect any Christmas present from me." I joke and he smirks. 
"I am still getting you one." He shrugs. 
"You know that the waitress was truly drooling over you, right?" I ask, trying to change the subject.
"She was?" He asks. 
"God, are you that oblivious? Should I leave when she gets back with the food so she can give you her number?" I ask, chuckle, but as the scene plays in my head, I feel my stomach tighten. 
"You know that I only have eyes for a specific someone, who happens to carry my baby, but she thinks that we won't work, even though the only reason we broke up is that we thought we could have children." He says. I bite my lip, trying not to react to this. 
"Ah, there is another baby mama?" I ask, playing it dumb. 
"Come on..." He groans frustrated. 
The food comes over, stopping us from discussing it further. It feels good, knowing that he still wants me. But I guess there is still something inside me blocking me from talking about how I feel about him. 
I stab some of my salad with fork, eager to eat up. 
Ashton cuts a piece of his steak before he places it on my plate. 
"I didn't ask for that." I say, looking at him with eyebrows knitted. 
"I know. But I saw your eyes sparkle when I ordered it." He smiles, cutting a piece for himself.  

I never thought that I would spend Christmas eve with a baby in my stomach, waiting for it to come out. I stare at the lights of my Christmas tree, humming a tune at my baby as I stroke my belly. 
"You were supposed to be here by now..." I whisper, tapping my finger against my stomach. I let my head rest on the cushion of the couch as I try to relax and find a comfortable position. I was supposed to give birth 5 days ago, but little Irwin decided that it is much more comfortable and cozy in my belly than in the outside world. 
I hear keys on my door and snap towards it; for a moment I feel mortified, but then I remember that I gave a pair of keys to Ashton, just in case I need anything. 
"Hey." He greets me as he walks towards me in the living room. 
"Hey. What are you doing in here? I thought you would be at a party or something." I say, sitting up a bit better. 
"I would never leave the love of my life alone on Christmas Eve. Let alone now that she is carrying my baby. And she is about to give birth in any minute." He says, living a pizza box on the coffee table. I look at him, feeling his words melt my heart. I still love him, I do. I just don't know how we are going to work this. 
"Ash..." I begin but his raises a hand to stop me. 
"I know... I am just telling you how I feel and why I am here. But, I know this makes you feel uncomfortable and you don't want to discuss it, so, I am just here to eat pizza, have non-alcoholic cider and spend Christmas Eve with you." He says and I nod. 
"I'll bring glasses and plates." I say, trying to stand up. 
"Are you sure you can do that?" He asks me. 
"Yes, Ashton. I am pregnant, not useless." I roll my eyes at him and push my body off the couch. 
I make it to the kitchen and reach for the plates in my cupboards. 
I whimper as I feel a strong pain in my lower abdomen, quickly gripping on the counter to support myself. 
"(Y/N), is everything ok?" Ashton shouts from the living room. I try to control my breath, but the pain doesn't go away. 
"(Y/N)?" I hear Ashton's voice much closer now. 
"It hurts, Ash." I groan, feeling my eyes tearing up. 
"I think your water broke." He comments, pointing on the puddle on the floor. I whimper again, feeling panic taking over me. 
"Look at me, baby, look at me. You are going to be fine, both of you, ok? Now we have to calm down and go to the hospital, ok?" He tries to soothe me, cupping my face with his palms. 
"I have towels in my bathroom's dresser. Grab one, I don't want to wet the seat of your car." I mumble and he chuckles. 
"Do you think I give a flying fuck about the car seat right now?" He asks, helping me move towards the door. 

From the moment they brought her in my room, all I do is stare at her. Tiny little baby, wrapped in a tiny little blanket, with tiny little fingers. I feel weird, seeing her after so many months of carrying her inside me. She is perfect, purely perfect. I don't bother observing to who she looks like the most, I just take in her characteristics. 
A light knock on the door makes me change my focus from the baby to the visitor. 
Ashton stands there, smiling at us as he walks in. 
"You came back? I told you to stay at home and rest." I comment and he cocks an eyebrow at me. 
"Did you seriously thought that I would leave the 2 most beautiful girls in the world, alone on Christmas?" He comments, smiling. He leans over me, taking a look at our baby who is still sleeping. 
"Wanna hold her?" I ask him and he nods, taking off his jacket before he reaches to pick her up. He holds her like she is the finest thing in the world, like a precious gem; and she is. She is my miracle baby.
I look at him, cradling out daughter, keeping her to his chest, and I realize how stupid I am from holding back from this man. Those two are a sight to behold, something that I can look at for the rest of my life. 
"Ash?" I whisper, trying not to wake the baby up. 
"Hmm?" He hums, turning to look at me. 
"I love you." I smile at him, causing him to smile as well. 
"Like the father of your child, or the way I do?" He asks, looking at me and trying to guess my response. 
"In every way possible." I reply and he smiles, sitting on my bed as he leans in to peck on my lips. 
"I love you." He whispers, pressing his forehead on mine. 
"I love you." I repeat, closing my eyes. 

Chapter Text


(Ashton's POV)
My childhood room feels strange; I haven't been here in many years- well at least haven't stayed in here for a while. But I figured that since I am home for Christmas, I should stay with my family, make up for the time we are apart. 
I am lucky enough to have time to stand back from my life in LA and reflect. It gives my mind some peace, helps me keep myself grounded. 
And of course, there is nothing that makes me feel better than spending the holidays with my siblings. 

I love how my mom put Christmas decorations on my room as well; I swear she was so excited when I told her I was coming home for Christmas. 
And now I am here, feeling mellow as I interact with them. 

"Ash, dinner's ready." Lauren knocks on my door, making me crunch up from my bed and stop the song that was playing on my phone. 
"Is it? Or is mom lying that the food's ready to bring us to the kitchen to make the table?" I ask as I walk out of the room. Lauren smirks and shrugs her shoulders, motioning for me to follow her. 

We find the table laid out, a plate of saucy spaghetti and meatballs for each one of us on it along with a green leafy salad on the center. 
"Wow, looks great, mom." I comment as I drag Lauren's chair out for her. 
"Good to know you like it. I hope you know you are on dish duty after we are done." My mom giggles as I take my seat. 
"Yes, ma'am." I sigh. 
"And I will need you to pick up some stuff for me from the grocery store. You need to get out of your room a bit." She continues and I roll my eyes playfully. 
"I literally have been home for 24 hours and she is already piling up my chores." I joke to Harry as he takes a bite off his plate. 
"What? You think that because you are rich and famous you would get a pass from chores?" He says sarcastically and I shake my head, playfully disappointed at his remark. 
"I'll go to the market after I am done with the dishes. Anyone want anything?" I ask, taking a bite of my foot. 
"We'll write you a list, don't worry." Lauren jokes, giggling at the end. 

With the list in hand and my earphones on, I wander around the aisles of the market. The totally redid the whole thing since I left, so I have to look around for everything on the list. The market seems relatively empty, for Christmas season, so no one is groaning that I stall too much on each shelf. 
I am in this store for 20 minutes now, and yet, no one has recognized me. Well, practically, there is no one here, but still, I am glad that I can do this while being at peace. 
Soon though, the tap on my shoulder signals that someone has just found me. I remove one of my earphones, and turn around, plastering a smile to my face. 
"Ashton Irwin..." The girl in front of me announces mesmerized. She looks my age and she brings out a familial warmth in my gut. It takes me a moment of observing her face until I make out who she is. 
"(Y/N) (Y/L/N)... Damn... What are you doing in here?" I ask her, looking at her mesmerized now. "I was about to ask you the same question. Wow, look at you, Mr. Big Shot." She comments, looking up and down at me. 
"I came to visit my family for Christmas. What about you?" I ask her, eyes scanning her frame. 
"Same. I haven't spent Christmas with them in a while." She replies, smiling warmly at me. 
"Me as well. Well, they visit me sometimes, but I haven't been home for Christmas in some years now." I explain and she nods like she knows exactly what I am talking about. Her eyes sparkle as they stay glued to mine. 
"Well, I know what you are talking about. I always thought that Christmas in New York would be way better, but I have actually missed home." She explains. 
"You live in New York now?" I ask her, gasping surprised. 
"It's a long story, far less interesting than you have going on with your life Mr. 'My band beat Beyonce and her husband'." She giggles. I chuckle and lower my gaze, scratching the back of my head as I feel a little awkward. 
"Yeah, it has been a good year for us." I admit and she chuckles. 

"I am very proud of you. Really." She says cheerfully, placing a hand on my shoulder affirmingly. 
"I'd better go, let you finish with your shopping. It was good to see you. Merry Christmas." She waves me off before she takes a step to move away. 
"Wait..." I rush to let out the word from my mouth. 

"Yes?" She turns around to see me. 
"Would you like to grab some coffee after we are done shopping?" I ask her, shrugging my shoulders involuntarily. 
"Uh... I actually have to head home after, but I'd love to grab a beer with you tonight. If that's ok." She replies and I nod my head eagerly. 
"Sure... Around 9?" 

"Great. Wanna meet at Joe's?" She asks me, smiling at me brightly. Her smile makes her cheeks pop out and her face soften, giving her an instant glow. She looks good, truly good, even under the lights of the neighborhood's market. 
"Amazing. I'll see you there, then." I smile and she nods her head. 

"Are you going out?" Lauren asks me, leaning on the bathroom door as I fix my hair. She takes a sip from her hot tea while looking at me, studying me to find answers.
"I am meeting with an old classmate of mine." I reply, taking a look of myself in the mirror. 
"Oh... Who?" She asks, making me roll my eyes. 
"Are you serious right now, Lauren?" I ask her. 
"I am just asking." She raises her hands in defeat. 
"(Y/N)." I reply, turning to look at her. 
"I don't think I remember her." She states and I hum. 
"See? Now, if you are done interrogating me, I would like to leave." I say and she moves from the door. 
"What time are you going to be back?" She asks, following right behind me. 
"Lauren, I am supposed to act all protectingly, since I am the big brother. Now please, try not to worry about me and let me go out with my friend." I hug my sister, finally giving her something to calm her down. 
"Ok, you are right. Have fun and be safe." She nods her head and gives me a smile. 

I wait for (Y/N) in Joe's place; I came here a solid 15-minute period early. I feel like a 16-year old on a first date and it fucks me up. I am well past that point of my life, but there is no denying of the butterflies in my stomach. They are there, flipping their little wings every time I think of her, of how she is going to look, of how she is going to laugh at my joke -if she will laugh at my jokes. 
I know it is not a date, and I know that she is probably seeing someone, but I still want to impress her. 
"Hey. Sorry I was late." She rushes to apologize as she leaves her purse on the empty spot next to her seat. 
"Oh, don't worry about it. I didn't even notice. You look good." I compliment her, bringing a smile to her lips. 
"Thank you. You look dapper, per always." She compliments me back, while she runs her hands over her romper to straighten it out. I pass her one of the menus on the table, so she can decide on her drink; I had my time to pick since I came in too damn early. 
"Uh... I am a little hungry and I think I will order some loaded nachos. But if I remember correctly, the servings in here are huge, so there is no way I can eat all of those nachos. Sorry, I am rumbling. The question is, will you eat half the nachos?" She asks; her voice was going up and down, I could tell that she was rushing the words out of her mouth. 
"I could never say no to that." I reply and she nods her head. 

"Good to know." She mumbles cheerfully. 
"I am gonna go bring the drinks. What are you getting?" She asks me, shutting the menu and placing it down. 

"I can go..." I offer but she chuckles. 
"Mr. Rockstar, I was waiting tables for a living while studying, I can handle 2 drinks and a nachos plate." She states and I smirk, raising my hands in defeat. 
"Then I will have a large draft beer and half of that plate of nachos." I say, sitting up to reach for my wallet in my pocket and hand her enough cash for our drinks. 
"Yeah, no... Keep your damn money, Irwin." She giggles, walking away from our table. 

I watch her walk away, her steps being almost like she is dancing. It makes me smile, watching her. 

She walks back, perfectly balancing the 2 drafts in one hand and the nachos in the other. 
"I think you are actually every man's dream right now." I comment as she walks towards me, making her laugh. 
"Why is that?" She asks, placing the beer on the coaster in front of me. 
"A pretty woman, a plate of snacks and a beer is the dream since we were teenagers." I comment and she nods her head, smiling as she leaves the plate on the center and takes her seat. 
"What should we drink to?" I ask, raising my glass. I watch her purse her lips and take a moment. 
"To tonight. A night that 2 classmates got together after long." She replies, holding her glass up as well. 
"Always good with words." I comment, clinging my glass with hers.
"So, we have a lot to catch up on. Ladies first." I say after taking a sip. 
"Well, after high school I took a gap year and worked to save some money for New York, and then I went off. I studied journalism and starting writing articles since the 4th semester. Then I took an internship at Cosmopolitan magazine and they kept me afterwards, so now I am working there." She says, her cheeks turning a bit red.
"You are working in Cosmo?" I ask her, surprised. 
"Yeah, I know. But I really like it there. Most of the people there are really nice, plus, the girls from the beauty department always give us samples to try on." She giggles, picking a nacho from the plate. 
"No, no, no. Don't get it wrong. I am just surprised, that's all." I explain, realizing that my tone must have gotten out more judgemental than I intended it to be. 
"It's ok, don't worry." She assures me, tilting her head to the side. 
"Where are you staying in New York?" I ask her, in an effort to change the subject. 
"In Brooklyn. I have this amazingly tiny apartment that I am spending 2/3 of my salary for. But it is kinda aesthetically pleasing, so I am not complaining."
"In Brooklyn, huh? You look more like a Manhattan girl." I tease her. 
"Well, I can't afford that, just yet." She shrugs. 
"You are living alone?" I ask her, looking at my glass as I expect her to start talking about her relationship. 
"Uh... Ever since I broke up with my ex, I live alone. I actually had to move out, so..." She replies, looking at her hands on her lap. A tiny spark inside me goes off, making me light up, but her expression makes me feel bad for bringing it up. 
"I am sorry." I apologize. She tries to brush it off, raising her gaze to look at me. 
"Don't be. I mean, it was a dead end and we are better off apart, but you know, I had to start over... Kinda." She shrugs. 
"I know what you are talking about. I had to deal with... something like that in the past 2 years." I sigh. 
"I know, I've been watching your interviews and following your twitter, so, I know what you've dealt with." She smiles sweetly at me. I smile back, nodding my head and sighing. 
"Sounds just a tiny little bit of stalking." I tease her. 
"Come on, I was always a fan of you and your band. I even came to that show to that cafe when you first started." She explains and I gasp. 
"You are a fan?" I ask her surprised and she nods. 
"Of course. I always believed you guys would make it." She states; I look in her eyes and I can tell she is honest about that, the way they stare back at mine and how they sparkle gives it away. 

At around 12, the bar had to close. But I didn't want to end the night there. 
"Wanna go for a walk?" I ask (Y/N) as we walk out of the bar. 
"Yes, I don't want to go home just yet." She replies. 
"Tough time back home?" I ask her as we walk down the street. 
"Not really. But you know, they still treat me like I am a baby. My mom literally interrogated me before leaving the house." 
"At least it was your mom. I had to tell Lauren where I was going." I chuckle and she sighs. 
"Protective of her big brother, huh?" She asks, walking right next to me. I would be pushing the limits if I tangled my fingers with hers, but it just feels natural, so natural that I know it would be inevitable that I would have to hold myself back. So, I put my hand in my pocket, hoping that it would be enough. 
"I am supposed to be the protective one." I protest but she hums negatively. 
"That girl has seen her brother suffer a broken heart. She gets to be protective." (Y/N) replies, moving to step in front of me and face me. 
"Is that so?" I ask her. 
"Yes, Ashton. She is worried about you." She states. 
"Well, you won't hurt me (Y/L/N), will you?" I ask her and she bites her lip. 
"That's not my intention. But I am just an old friend, she worries about people you have feelings for." She replies. 
We both pause for a minute, and I just stare at my feet, gathering up all the courage. This is stupid, I am acting like I am 14.
"Well, I have feelings for you." I let out, holding my breath as I wait for her response. 
"I mean romantic feelings." She sighs, rolling her eyes. 
"Well, what if I told you I've been in love with you ever since we were kids?" I admit and she gasps. Her eyes crinkle as she smiles, biting her lip. 
"Then I would tell you that I've loved you ever since we were 13 and you were my assignment partner for that physics project." She replies, staring right back at me. 
"Then I would tell you that ever since I saw you again, I feel like I am 15 again, and I feel that my stomach is going to explode with all those butterflies in it." I reply, moving a step closer to her. Her breath hitches, but she doesn't flinch, she doesn't move away. 
"And then I would tell you that I am feeling exactly the same." She giggles. 
"Then I would ask you if I could kiss you." I whisper and she bites her bottom lip. 
"And then I would ask you what are you waiting for." She replies, moving closer to me. I smile, using my knuckles to lift her chin up so that our faces are close. 
"I am going to kiss you now." I whisper, just inches apart from her. 
"Yeah, you should do that." She whispers back, standing on her toes. 
I close the gap between her lips and mine, feeling her lips soft against my lips. In the beginning, it is nothing but a peck, a short, rushed kiss, like we are trying to test each other. But her hand moves to the side of my face and her fingers stroke it lightly as she repeats the kiss, only this time making it last longer. My own hands move to hug her waist, hugging her close to my body. Shyly, she parts her lips for me, in an effort to deepen the kiss. I let my tongue swipe between her soft lips as I respond to her action, holding her close to my body. 

After a second she pulls away, but her body stays on mine and her hands lower to the collar of my shirt. 
"I feel like teenage me would fucking flip right now." She giggles, looking at me. I stroke her cheek, my thumb lowering in front of her lips for a moment, so I stroke them too. 
"I wanna kiss you again." I state and her face goes red, feeling warm on my hand. 
"Here? Aren't you afraid of being seen, or photographed?" She asks. I shake my head no, so she leans in and kisses me, smiling as she does. 
"What are you doing tomorrow?" I ask her after we part. 
"It's Christmas eve, so probably dinner with the family." She sighs.
"What if you ditched the whole thing and I took you on a date?" I ask her, stroking her face. 
"A date?" 
"Yeah, like an official one. But nothing too fancy, don't worry." I explain and she nods her head
"That would be nice." She replies, giving me a quick peck before she tangles her fingers with mine. 

Chapter Text

"Man, do I love watching you get ready..." I whisper as I wrap my arms around (Y/N)'s waist. She lets out a light giggle, putting down her makeup brush. 
"You do, huh?" She asks, smiling at me through the mirror. 
"So, so much..." I whisper, burying my face into the crook of her neck as I press my bulge on her ass. 
"I see. Well, I would hate to ruin it for you, but I have to remind you that I have to leave..." She states, grinding her ass against my bulge a little before she picks up her brush again. 
"Where do you have to go?" I groan, grabbing the brush off her hand and picking her up, placing her on the marble bench of the bathroom we are in. 
"At your mom's. We are having a laaaadies night. My mom and Lauren will be there as well." She cheers, her soft hands resting on my shoulders as I lodge myself between her legs. 
"Oh, come on. It's our 2-year anniversary... Can't you tell them you are busy? I have so many things planned for us." I whine, pressing a few kisses on her lips. 
"Mmm, technically, tomorrow is our anniversary and I really need to go there. Your mom needs some help with making the treats for the Christmas dinner." She replies, smiling against my lips. 
"Your mom and Lauren will be there. 3 sets of hands. They are enough." I try to convince her, earning a light chuckle from her. 
"I promise I'll be back by 11 and we can have some wine and cuddle and do whatever you want." She strokes my bottom lip with her thumb and I nod. 
"No later than 10." I point out and she rolls her eyes at me. 
"And I am picking you up. No way I am letting my beauty take a taxi." I add and she sighs. 
"They won't kill me, Ash."
"I know. I just want a car ride with you." 
"Ok then." She whispers, giving me a bunny kiss. 


(Y/N's POV)
"I just don't get why you and Ashton are staying in a hotel when both your families are in here. You have 2 houses and you chose to pay for staying." My mom mumbles as I cut the cookies with the cutter. I turn to look at Lauren who smiles sympathetically to me as she decorates the already baked cookies. 
"Mom, none of the houses has a bedroom big enough for me and Ashton. And don't tell me that we could stay separately because you knew that this was off the table."
"I just don't get why it was off the table. It's not like you are married or anything. You could do without each other for a few days." She shrugs her shoulders, causing me to sigh in annoyance. 
"Because we've been living together for the past 18 months and we are used to it. So, please, no more judging our decisions." I almost snap at her; It's not the first and surely won't be the last time on this trip that she criticizes every aspect of my relationship with Ashton. Honestly, she really likes Ashton, she just wants our relationship to be according to her way.
"You know best." She simply replies before she goes back to what she was doing. 
I feel a little alone on this right now, if Ashton was here he would chime in to defend us, or just help me calm down and fight the tension in my body. 

Girls Night ended soon since the mood was heavy and everyone had a busy day tomorrow. I am glad I left early, though; it means that I will get to spend more time with Ashton. 
"Hey, gorgeous. Did you have fun?" Ashton cheers as I get in the car. I fake a smile and nod, deciding that I don't want to ruin his night with my mom's remarks. 
"It was great. Everyone will get to taste my amazing Christmas cookies on Christmas Day." I giggle, strapping on my seatbelt. 
"Damn, everyone will want to steal my girl for her cooking..." Ashton sighs playfully, starting the car. 

"You are mocking me, huh? Well, no more of my award-winning pancakes for you then." 
"Anything but mocking you, baby." He chuckles, bringing my hand to his lips. 
"Mmmm, you better not. So, where are we going?" I ask, resting my head on the headrest while looking at him. 
"I was thinking about going to Joe's." He suggests, not taking his eyes off the road. 
"Joe's? Really? I thought you had more seductive things in mind..." I ask and he hums. 
"And Joe's can't be seductive? No place can be more seductive than the place we had our first date on." He replies, making me smirk at how sweet my boyfriend is. 
"Alright then. Should I go change first?" I ask and he shakes his head no. 
"You look perfect." He assures me. 

"Here you go." The bartender hands me our 2 beers and the plate of nachos. I thank him and smile before I walk to where Ashton is sitting. 
"Still, every man's dream." He comments as I approach him, bringing a smile to my face. 
"Is that so?" I cock an eyebrow as I set the glasses and the plate on our table. 
"A gorgeous woman, beer and snacks... And I get to live the dream with the most gorgeous woman of them all." He replies, wrapping his arms around my waist. 
"What a lucky man you are..." I giggle, leaning my head on his chest. 
"I am. Wanna play some darts?" He asks, pointing to the dart target on the wall behind us. 
"Sure." I nod. 
"But first..." I hand him his glass. 
"What should we drink to?" I ask, raising my glass. 
"To the best decision I took 2 years ago. And to tonight. The night 2 lovers celebrate their time together." He says, clinging our glasses together. 
"And that's why you write and perform songs for a living and I am not." I chuckle before I take a sip. 
"What do you mean?" He asks, bringing a nacho to my lips. 
"I mean that you always have an ease with words. You know what to say, and how to phrase it beautifully." I state after I swallow my bite. 
"Well, the benefits of dating a musician, right?" He winks before he turns to grab the darts. 
"One of the many." I reply, picking 2 darts from his hand. 
"I know you didn't have fun tonight." He sighs, leaving a kiss on my forehead as I take my position to throw the first dart. 
"I had fun." I protest. 
"Lauren texted me about your mom. I know she is still not over the fact we are staying in a hotel. Which if you ask me is kinda stupid. But it shouldn't get you down." He whispers, stepping in front of me and placing his palms on each side of my face. 
"It was kinda bummy. I was looking forward to a girls night with our moms." I pout and he pulls me into a hug. 
"I know. But it isn't your fault, ok?" He whispers, leaning down to kiss me. 
"Let's forget about it and have fun tonight..." I whisper against his lips. 
"Whatever you want." He smiles, grabbing the darts from my hand and giggling mischievously. 

I make my way to our bed, where Ashton is already cozy under the duvet. I raise the duvet and get on the bed, resting on his side as he is still reading his book. 
"I thought you were tired and you would doze off before I came." I comment, leaving a kiss on his naked shoulder. 
"I can't sleep without you on my chest." He replies, shutting the book and putting it on the bedside table. 
"Cheesy..." I snortle and he hums. 
"I know you like cheesy stuff."
"I have been doing some thinking today while you were at my mom's and I..."
"What is it, baby? You can tell me anything." I state, trying to sit up but he pushes me gently back to laying my head on his shoulder. 
"Have you regretted moving out of New York? And especially moving out for me?" He asks me. I can hear the worry in his voice, the insecurity coming out along the question. 
"Never. I didn't even need a second thought on it. And between me and you, I don't think I will ever regret it." I say, turning my head to look at him. 
"You are saying that because I am right here." He states and I shake my head no. 
"I am saying that because it is how I feel. It was one of my greatest choices. Living with you is dreamy. And I will never regret leaving my tiny, lonely apartment for our big, aesthetically pleasing, warm, full of love house." I say and hear him hum in satisfaction.
"Great. Cause I think moving in with me in California was one of your greatest choices." He replies, smiling from ear to ear.


"Baby... Babe..." I hear Ashton's voice as he shakes me lightly. 
"My mom called and she needs me there early." He whispers, stroking my back. 
"Oh, shit. Wait a moment, let me just put on something real quick." I groan, trying to get up. 
"No, no. I'll go over now and come pick you up for dinner. Sleep and take your time getting ready." He assures me, kissing my forehead softly. 
"Are you sure you don't want me to come now? I can help with whatever." I yawn. 
"I am sure. Love you, see you in a few hours." He whispers, leaving a kiss on my lips before he gets up from the bed. 
"Love you. Take care." I say as he leaves the room. 

I tried going back to sleep but all that I achieved was letting myself rest 20 more minutes. Since there is no point for me to twist and turn on the bed, I decide to get up, order a small snack and a cup of coffee and get ready for the dinner. Technically, I have more than 5 hours until food will be served, but taking my time to glam up is always a pleasant time for me. 
So, I sprawl out all my makeup, well, the makeup I packed for the trip, I put on a mask and some music and I have my own little dress-up game. 

I usually don't feel anxious about having dinner with either of our families, but this is going to be the first time both our families will be together. Which of course is enough to put me in so much stress to turn me into a nervous wreck. Good thing is that this time Ashton will be there to go through that with me. 
"Love, are you ready?" I hear Ashton's voice, signaling that he is here. I peak my head out of the bathroom door, smiling as I see him change his clothes. 
"I am as ready as I can be. You seem to be the one who is not, though." I giggle, walking out of the bathroom. 
"Just a quick change. I'll be done until you have your shoes on." He replies. I run my hand over his bare back and hum, admiring the firm muscles under my touch. 
"Or maybe we can stall it a bit..." I suggest, moving in front of him and tracing his chest with my finger. 
"We could, but then we would have to deal with a hungry mob." He replies, earning a groan from me. 
"You look really gorgeous today, princess." He whispers, pulling me to his body by my waist. 
"Do I?" I wiggle my eyebrows.
"You always do. But today... Damn today..." He groans and I smirk, biting my bottom lip. 
"Well, you don't have enough time to admire me right now. We have to go face the hungry mob." I tease him and move away from him, smirking mischievously as I sit down to put on my shoes.  

"Where is everyone? They are supposed to be here by now..." I ask as we enter the house. People are supposed to be in here, at least my close family and his. 
"They are probably in the backyard. That's what my mom wanted me for. We thought that it is too nice of a day to stay in, plus, it will be easier to fit everyone in the backyard than in the dining room." Ashton replies as he sets the gifts on the island. He takes my hand in his and we walk to the backyard, preparing ourselves for an evening with our families. 
"Hi, guys... Merry Christmas." I cheer as I see everyone gathered in the backyard. 
"Merry Christmas." Everyone cheers as well. I move to hug everyone and wish them individually, smiling brightly as I feel Ashton's eyes on me. 
"Do you need any help with setting up?" I ask Anne-Marie after I am done greeting everyone. 
"No honey. I have everything under control." She smiles at me. 
"If you need any help, I am right here." I state and she nods. 
"I appreciate that." She assures me. I feel a tap on my shoulder, getting my attention to the person behind me. I find Ashton, smiling softly at me. 
"Mind if I steal my girl for a while?" Ashton asks his mom who shakes her head no. 
"Just be here soon. Food will be served in a bit." She says as Ashton wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me inside. 
"Where are you taking me?" I ask once we are out of earshot. 
"I want to show you something in my childhood bedroom." He says, making me slap his shoulder. 
"Ashton Fletcher Irwin, we are in a house full of our relatives." I protest but he chuckles.
"Not that, you sex-crazed freak." He giggles, shaking his head. 
"What do you want to show me?" I ask. 
"If you stay patient for 30 more seconds, you will find out." He replies, unlocking his old bedroom door. 
He motions for me to get in, holding the door and waiting. I step in, finding the blinders closed and the only source of light coming from the fairy lights that are hanging around the room. 
I look around the room, finding pictures hanging from strings on the walls. The pictures are polaroids, taken during our dates, some from our everyday life. Others that are candid and I didn't know they existed. I touch one of them, inspecting it and finding that it is one from the first time I visited on tour, 4 or5 months into our relationship. In the picture, I am hugging him like a koala and he is hugging me while laughing. This must have been taken by Calum; he was always our paparazzi and biggest supporter of our relationship. The next picture is from a photo booth, 4 little pictures, 4 pictures where Ashton and I look like we are kids again. 
"Ash, this is beautiful." I gasp, turning to take a look at my boyfriend. My hands fly to my mouth as I find him down on one knee, smiling at me. My heart stops beating, I refuse to believe that this is real for a moment. 
"My beautiful (Y/N). You said I am good at saying the right things, in the right way, but truth is that every time I look at you words tangle and they reform into nothing. I lose my words just by looking at you. But somehow, you are my biggest muse. I get scared of losing you, so most of the nights I jump out of sleep, just to find you next to me. And when I see you there, I feel my mind relax and I feel content. I have everything that I need, right in front of me. And all I want, all I wish is for you to accept spending the rest of your life with me. So, (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), will you honor me and become my wife?" He asks, looking at me for my reaction. I am full on sobbing right now, feeling my heart flutter in my chest as I try to find the words. 
"Yes! Yes... Oh my God, yes!" I say, sniffling, kneeling down in front of him. I cup his cheeks with my hands, bringing my lips to his. He kisses me back softly, holding me close. 
"I love you, so so much." He whispers as he takes my hand in his. 
"I love you, so much." I giggle as he slips the ring on my finger. 
"It looks so much better on you than on the box." He jokes, stroking his thumb over the ring. 
"Everything looks great on me." I chuckle and he smiles at me. 
"I can't wait to see you on your wedding dress." He whispers, pecking on my forehead. 

Chapter Text

Sunday mornings with Ashton at home are always lazy. We always spend our day on our bed, cuddling and just talking about nothing, or catching up on our shows. Sometimes, if I am lucky, I convince him to read to me, poetry or a novel he is reading. Or if I am extra lucky, I get him to tell me about the songs they are working on. 
But today I chose to break our tradition and start my day early, getting off our bed at 9 in the morning. I watched as Ashton slept soundly, breathing heavy and stretching out on our bed. 
I pity waking him up, so I decide to just move along with my chores and letting him rest. 

I enjoy doing my chores in quiet, being without destructions. Now, I don't have much to do other than the light tidying up and meal preparing. Living in a house with Ashton has its benefits; he is actually pretty neat and systematic when it comes to his stuff. And since we have lots and lots of hours ahead of us until dinner time, the slow cooker is finally being used in our household. I love quiet mornings almost as much as I love lazy mornings; the silence gives me a piece of mind, a little getaway from the hecticness of my daily life. 
I check on the food once more, just to make sure that everything is as supposed to be, before I make my way to our bedroom to make my side of the bed, since Ashton is still asleep. 
I make sure to tiptoe around him, trying my hardest not to wake him up. 
"I am mad at you." I hear Ashton mumble as I bend down to fix the sheet. 
"Why, darling?" I ask, knitting my eyebrows together in confusion. 
"It's Sunday morning and you are not on our bed with me. Where were you?" He asks in a groggy voice. 
"I was making us dinner. And I did a bit of tidying up." I reply, patting my pillow to make it more fluffy. 
"Dinner? What time is it?" He asks, supporting his body on his elbows to sit up a bit. 
"11 in the morning. But I thought I could just slow roast it, so it tastes better. I saw it on a show." I explain and he sighs. 
"Ok, now you are done, so come back on our bed." He stretches his hand out. I purse my lips as I think about his offer, but soon shake my head no. 
"We can have a lazy day, but not on our bed. Come on, we can spend some time on our backyard. It's a lovely day and it is gorgeous out there." I suggest and watch him shake his head. 
"I hate that I can never say no to you." He groans, slowly stretching before getting off the bed. 
"Well, be glad that I am not taking advantage of it more often." I giggle, pointing to his side of the bed that needs to be made. 
"I'll drive to the drugstore to buy some magazines. Want me to bring you anything?" I ask as Ashton bends down to make the bed. 
"A box of doughnuts from the bakery down the street." He replies and I smile at him. 
"Your wish is my command, my lord." I tease him, walking in our closet to change into some leggings and a t-shirt. 

I manage to stay undercover while in public, so I was in and out of Target pretty fast. 
But as I am driving back home from picking the doughnuts from the bakery, I notice that what seemed to be a nice day, is now threatened by dark clouds. Literal black clouds. I curse myself for believing that we would actually enjoy a day in our backyard; I guess I will have to settle for a lazy day on the couch. 
All it takes for me to get soaked is walking from the car to our front door. The downpour started as I parked the car, so as I am trying to unlock the door and get in, my clothes get absolutely soggy with rainwater. 
"Hello, ducky." Ashton giggles as I enter our house. 
"Ducky? Is that a new nickname?" I ask, leaving my stuff on the island. Ashton walks to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and planting a kiss on my temple. 
"Yeah, cause you are all wet and cute." He comments, his voice being playful. 
"I made a big pot of coffee." He says, spinning me around. His fingers tangle in the hem of my t-shirt, raising it a little over my navvel. 
"I fucking love you." I breathe out. 
"Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, (Y/L/N)?" He asks me, cocking an eyebrow. 
"No, but I kiss you with that mouth, and you like it dirty." I wink at him. I try to move away from him, but his hand slapping against my ass, makes me turn around. 
"Where do you think you are going?" He asks. 
"I am going to change into a t-shirt that is not drenched and bring your book. You, are going to pour us some coffee and wait for me on our couch." I reply, standing on my tiptoes to leave a kiss on his nose.
"Counteroffer, we both go upstairs to our bed, I put on Brooklyn 99 and we both stay in our underwear, which is way cozier than our couch." He suggests, resting his arm on the curve above my ass. 
"Aren't you bored, staying in bed all day?" I ask and he shakes his head no. 
"Nothing is ever boring with you by my side." He replies, making me chuckle. 
"So damn cheesy." I shake my head before I move to get to our room. 

I strip off my clothes, stretching my body a little to get rid of the knot on my back. I take off my bra and slip into one of Ashton's old tank tops, before I throw my clothes in the laundry basket. 
Walking into our bedroom, I catch a sight of Ashton setting the box of doughnuts and the mugs on the bedside table. 
"You look really good in just your underwear." I comment, walking to my side of the bed. The rain hitting on the windows and the winds howling outside make the place feel whimsical. 
"Thanks. Same goes to you, even though you are wearing way more than just your underwear." Ashton comments, climbing on the bed next to me. He passes me my mug and places the box right between us, while he turns on the TV. 
I sip on my coffee while I wait for Ashton to put on the episode we haven't watched yet. 
I lay a bit back, bending my knees as Ashton rests his face on his palm. 
"Will I need to feed you? Have you eaten anything today?" He asks as the episode starts. 
"No, I haven't. And no, you won't have to. I'll grab a doughnut in a bit." I giggle, clinging my mug against his. 
"And you wanted to not spend the day on our bed..." He chuckles, leaving a peck on my forehead. 

"Well, looks like we have a couple of hours until food is ready." I state, plopping back on the bed and pressing play on the movie we are watching. Ashton hums, scrolling through his phone. 
I lay on my stomach, staring at the screen. I try to understand the plot of the movie, since for the 30 first minutes of the movie I was kind of zoned out. I sigh as I just seem to can't keep my mind on the plot, rubbing my hand over my face. 
I turn my head to the side, finding Ashton gawking at me. 
"What?" I ask, resting on my elbow to look at him. 
"What?" He asks back, licking his lips. 
"You are staring." I state and he shrugs. 
"Oh... So, I can't look at you?" He asks, tugging his bottom lip between his teeth. 
"Not while biting your lip." 
"I am just admiring what's mine." He cocks his head to the side. 
"I see." I reply, laying back down on my stomach. 
"Take your panties off." He whispers, moving to grab the remote control off my hands. 
"What?" I ask, knitting my eyebrows together.
"I said, take your panties off. Come on, the movie is boring and your body does things to my body right now. Take off your panties, princess." He sounds desperate. I purse my lips together, my mind spinning with the idea of teasing him. 
"Take your briefs off." I demand sternly. 
"Are you sure you want to go there, princess?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow at me. I look at him with the same stern look, making him smirk down at me.
"Oh, I will." He replies in a teasing tone. I watch his hands lower his briefs, until the head of his cock os peeking from the waistband. I flutter my eyes at the sight of his dick print, feeling my legs twitching. 
"Take off your panties, princess." He demands as well now, while he kicks off his briefs. His hand wraps around his length, stroking softly as I move to take off my underwear. I move my hands to take off the tank top as well.
"Did I say I want you to take that off as well?" He asks, his voice becoming deep and clouded with lust. 
"No, sir." I reply, letting the top roll down my body again. 
"Good girl. Lay on your back." He commands. I crawl back a little, not taking my eyes off him as I lay on my back. 
"Spread your legs." He adjures, moving towards me. He towers above me, looking down at me, taking in my body like he is watching it for the first time. 
"Look at this pretty pussy. My pretty pussy." He hisses as he runs his thumb over my sex. He presses my clit with the flat of it, making me shriek. 
"Touch yourself for me, pretty girl." His voice is much calmer this time. 
I hesitate for a moment; usually, his command is the absolute opposite. 
"What is it, princess? Why aren't you doing as told?" He asks me. 
"I don't... I don't know how..." I stutter. 
"You are lying... I have lots  of videos from when I was on tour which prove you are lying." He snarks; I watch his pupils getting blown out, every passing second getting more and more into it. 
I move my hand between my thighs, lightly tracing the inner part of my leg until my fingers graze my outer lips. 
"So pretty... Like an angel. But such a dirty little whore." Ashton hisses as he strokes his cock. My middle and ring finger press on my clit, moving slowly as I get more excited. He knows I love him talking dirty to me, and he is clearly using it against me right now. 
"Look how excited you are. You are practically putty under my commands." He comments; his words come out as hisses, showing me that he is as excited as I am. 
With my fingertips, I trace the outline of my entrance. I feel my wetness pooling on my fingers, creating an intoxicating itch of incitement in my stomach.  
"Come on, love, dip them in..." Ashton groans; I turn my head to look at him as my fingers enter my pussy. His eyes are fixated on me, hand tight around his throbbing length. His strokes are swift and fast, and as his hand moves, soft moans leave his lips. 
I hook my fingers on the bulging spot inside me, leaving a loud whimper as I do. I move them in me, pressing more as it starts sparking a feeling of bliss inside me. 
"God fucking damn it." He growls, looking at my hand as my fingers move inside me. 
I bring them to my clit, rolling the soft bundle of nerves slowly. 
With every movement my fingers make, I become more and more greedy, hungry for my release. 
"Ashton..." I whimper, arching my back and throwing my hand back as I rub my clit vigorously. I am certainly putting on a show for him, my expressions becoming more exasperate, but in no way fake. 
"Fuck it, I need you around me." Ashton groans, snatching my hand away. He hovers above me, making me spread my legs more. I watch him as he lines up in front of my entrance, for a moment rubbing his tip along my sex, before he finally pushes himself inside me. 
I feel my eyes roll to the back of my head, gripping onto Ashton's forearms. He is pulsing inside me, moving deeper in me while he moans. 
I try to pull him closer to me, feel his body on mine as he groans above me, pushing me closer and closer to my peak.
"You are so warm..." He mumbles burying his face in my neck. His hand tries to push the loose tanktop down, let my breasts fall free. My nipples perk up, just at the thought of him paying attention to them, caress them with his soft fingers. 
And as his fingers graze my nipple, I lose it from the overstimulation; his lips on my neck, his hand playing with my nipples and him thrusting inside me with everything he has, are enough to send me into overdrive. 
"Ash..." I moan, my body arching off the mattress and pressing onto his chest. But his free hand pins me down, letting him continue his ravishing to my body. 
"And to think you didn't want to spend the day on our bed." Ashton groans, slamming his hips on mine. 
"I regret it. This is great." I moan, turning my head to the side; for a moment, all I can focus on is how good his moans sound, combined with the sound the rain is making. 
"If you don't let me cum soon..." I threaten, while my walls tighten around his pulsing length. 
"What are you going to do, little one? Are you going to hold a grudge against me? We know that you can't, you love me way too much." Ashton chuckles, kissing my neck. 
"No, but I am going to pout the whole day and make you feel bad. And last thing you want is to get your princess to pout." I bite my lip as he thrusts right on the spot I need him to. 
"Cum around my cock, pretty girl." He whispers, slamming into me as he cums in me. 
I gasp, feeling my stomach clenching as warmth spreads in me. He still moves inside me, even when he is breathless and exhausted from his orgasm. He moves his hand to my clit, pressing his thumb on it before he rolls it in harsh circles. 
I grab his face, bringing his lips on mine as I finally let the knot in my stomach snap. There is nothing I love more than feeling him, in every possible way while we are having sex. 
My hips are bucked against his while my body spasms; he hums, pleased by how he made my body react to him. 

"I never want this to change." Ashton whispers as his head rests on my chest. He is still inside me, we are still tangled together, but this is way beyond sexual; this is us, connecting with each other. Easily, I can say that this is my favorite part of having sex with Ashton, when after it, we talk about everything and anything, even though we are both exhausted.
"Eventually, it will have to." I reply, running my fingers through his hair. 
"What do you mean?" He asks, lifting his head to look at me. 
"I mean that, at some point, we might have a baby, and then it will be impossible to spend our whole Sunday on bed, fucking whenever we want." I reply. Ashton knits his eyebrows together. 
"Are you trying to tell me you are pregnant?" He asks.
"No, silly. But at some point, I might get." I reply, chuckling. 
"Well, it wouldn't be too bad. I mean, that's what Calum is for. Maybe not every Sunday, but one Sunday per month, he will babysit. And if not Calum, then Michael, or one of our friends." He says. 
"I can't believe we are actually talking about having a baby right now." I shake my head. 
"We are talking about the possibility of it. And I am saying, that I am open to it. I mean, I really want to start a family with you." He states, leaving a kiss on my chin. 
"I really want that too." I smile at him. 
"Great. Cause you know, I really like trying... If I had it my way, I would have you on our bed, try every day, all day long." He mumbles, making me giggle. 
"You would get bored, eventually." 
"Of having sex with you? Never." He replies, smiling sweetly at me. 
"Wait, what is that smell?" I sniffle, trying to make out what it is.
"Oh my God, the food." I scream, pushing Ashton off me before I jump out of bed.
I rush to the kitchen, quickly opening the slow cooker, only to find the food stuck to the bottom of it. 
I groan and grab a spatula, trying to scrape the food off. 
"Should I order some Chinese?" Ashton asks from the entrance of the kitchen. 
"Yes, please." I sigh defeated. 

Chapter Text

The light tap on my shoulder makes me turn away from my friend, only to find Ashton standing in front of him. 

"What's up, love?" I ask, smiling sweetly at my boyfriend. 
"We are leaving." 
"When you say we..."
"I mean you and me, (Y/N). Come on, get your stuff, we are going." He states; his tone is neutral, the usual warmness of his voice suddenly gone. 
"I really want to stay. I haven't seen most of these people in a while." I protest, trying to decode his expression. 
"I said we are going." He growls, taking my wrist in his hand. 
"Ash..." I scoff, trying to pull away from his grip. 
"Can you for once do as you are told and not be a pain on my ass?" He snaps at me, jaw twitching as he breathes after the sentence. 
I stare at him shocked, suddenly feeling threatened by him and not in a good way. 
"Let me at least grab my jacket." I mumble, looking at my feet as I don't want to cause any other burst from him. 
He lets go of my wrist and I bring my other hand to rub the skin; I didn't realize that his grip was so hard until now that he has let go. 
I move quickly through the crowd of people attending the party, moving to the room where the coats are kept, eager to pick up my jacket and vanish from the party and generally from a public setting. I feel intimidated by Ashton and the last thing I want right now is for him to cause a scene right in front of everyone. He isn't usually like that and I honestly have zero clues on what caused him to act up. 
I slip into my coat and head back where I left Ashton, waving some of my friends off. 
However, Ashton is nowhere to be seen, causing an awful feeling in my stomach. 
I look around me, trying to see if I can spot my boyfriend in the crowd, but even if he is in here, he is lost in the sea of party attenders. 
I decide to step out of the house and try to call him as I walk towards the front, hoping that he will answer and tell me where he is. 
But before I could bring my phone out of my purse, I see his car stopped in front of the gate, him waiting for me inside it. 
He still looks tensed as I enter the car and fasten my seatbelt, eyes focused on what's ahead and hands gripping on the steering wheel. 
From the vibe received, I make up my mind on not speaking, sensing that the moment I open my mouth we are going to pick up a fight. 
Instead, I fumble with the hem of my dress, not daring to even look at Ashton as he drives us back to our apartment, still giving me the silent treatment, even though I am completely aloof to what caused him to behave like this towards me. 

As Ashton unlocks the door to our apartment, I can sense that his mood hasn't changed one little bit. 
I decide to plainly ask him, try to figure out what goes on on his head with him. 
"Baby, what's wrong?" I ask, trying to use my softest voice. Ashton slams his hand on the light switches, making me jump startled. 
"You have some nerve asking me what is wrong." He looks at me disgusted. It brings a horrible taste to my throat; never in my life have I thought that someone would look at me like that. 
"Ashton, if you don't tell me what I did wrong, I can't know what upset you." I state, trying not to stutter. 
"You were fucking talking to him. In a party where my friends were, and I was no further than 20 feet away, you were fucking talking to your fucking ex, who treated you like shit. And you are asking me why I am fucking furious." He is practically screaming at this point. 
"Ashton, calm down. It is 2 in the morning, people are sleeping. I was just talking to him. And he actually apologized about everything he had put me through. I was just talking, I don't know why you are making a big deal out of it." I try to explain to him, give him an understanding of the situation. 
"Why I am making a big deal out of it? Are you really asking me why? You are mine. Do you understand that?" He yells at my face, making me walk backwards, until my back meets the door. He moves with me as well, his face still tensed up, showing no will to stop this argument. 
"I was just talking. You are honestly making a huge deal out of nothing. I don't know what irked your insecurities, but this is beyond ridiculous." I try to push past him, but his body blocks me from moving. 
"Watch your words." He points out, but only makes me even more furious at his sudden act-up.
"I am the one who should watch their words, Irwin? Me, and not you, with your delusional interpretation and temper tantrum in front of your friends? Please... I will accommodate myself in the extra room and you can talk to me again in the morning, or any other time you decide to take your head out of your ass and see things as they are. Until then, the sight of you makes me upset, so I will excuse myself from it." I bark, shoving him away from me. His hand wraps around my wrist, stopping me from making my way away from him. 
And as he makes sure that his grip leaves me no choice but to stay, he shoves me to the door, my back making a thud against the surface as I collide with it. Now his hand is around my throat, the coldness of his rings contrasting my hot from the argument skin. I gasp and move my hand to grab his, but he seems unphased. 
"Why don't you use that smart mouth of yours for something else?" He asks, forcing me to drop to my knees. I breathe harshly, trying to process everything that is going on. 
I like this expression of his frustration a lot better than the prior one. 

I watch him as he unbuckles his belt, the possibility of using it on me, in any way he pleases making me drip with excitement. 
"You get excited, whore? You get so motherfucking excited that you can't stop wiggling, huh? What is it that you want? Want the belt around your throat, guiding you down on my cock by using it? Or maybe you want it snapping against your ass? Or, my personal favorite, tied around your wrists, leaving you helpless to my will?" He asks me, grinning his devilish grin. I whimper at the sound of the words, letting them completely get to my head. 
"Fucking disgusting. You are such a pain slut, you get wet just by the thought of it." He chuckles, unzipping his pants and taking his cock out. 
"Open. Suck." He orders, gripping on my jaw bone to force my mouth open.
He thrusts his cock in my mouth, going for a deep-throat all in once. I cough, trying to adjust to it; there is nothing soft in here, nothing that shows love or affection. It is all animalistic, pure aggression leaving his body as he keeps my head steady and fucks my mouth. But I feel so loved now because I know that once this is over, I am going to be cuddled, and held. I feel so loved because his words might be harsh, his actions might be rough, but he looks at me in pure adoration. 
"You greedy whore. Nothing but my cock sleeve." He groans, throwing his head back as I suck my cheeks in. I bring my hand to stroke what I can't fit in my mouth, looking at Ashton through my eyelashes. I twist my hand and slurp on his length while his hand knots in my hair. 
I breathe throw my nose while he forces my head to take his cock all the way down. My eyes sting before the tear up, my throat spasming around him. I couch, feeling that I am choking as he keeps my head down. 
"You look so pretty like this, tears messing up with your makeup... God, I fucking love you, you fucking slut." He yanks my head back, letting me catch my breath. 
I gasp, tilting my head up as I continue stroking him. 
I feel my face becoming hot, definitely turning red from the tension. 
"Don't even think about sticking to kitten licks and stroking. We both know very well you can take all my cock down your throat, babygirl." He commands, thrusting his hips to my face. I open my mouth, letting him enter my mouth with his cock. I bob my head in the beginning before he decides that he wants to take control over again. He thrusts his cock in my mouth, leaving nothing more to me that relaxing my jaw and keeping my mouth open for him. He moves fast, making the blowjob sloppy, to the point where it makes weird sounds. But he seems to enjoy the tempo and my tongue swirling on the bottom of his cock. 
"Look how sloppy you are. Look at all of that grool." He groans, his hand gripping on my jaw bone to keep my mouth open for him. 
My knees hurt as they are pressed on the cold floor, but all it does is add to the excitement coursing through me. 

And suddenly he pulls out of my mouth, dropping on his knees as well. He pulls me to lay on the floor, instantly forcing my legs open. My dress hitches up, revealing my panties to him. 
The lacy material tears as he pulls it apart, throwing it to the side as he looks at me in the most ravishing away; I know he is probably going to freaking destroy me, to the extreme of me not being able to walk straight for at least a day. 
He only groans before he slips 2 fingers inside me, just pumping them fast, making sure that I am a complete, actual mess. 
"You are so fucking wet from just sucking me off, it is sickening me." He bitters, pressing the pads of his fingers on my spot. 
I buck my hips up, trying to get more of him. 
"Don't make me restrain you. It's something that you won't like, but I will." He sings, getting his fingers out of me. 
I watch him suck on his fingers, tasting me on them. 
"You taste so good." He groans, seconds before he grabs my ankle and flips me on my stomach. 
I shudder at the cold floor coming in contact with my body, while I place my hands flat on it. 
Ashton lifts my hips up, guiding me to stand on my knees. 
And without a warning, he thrusts inside me, his skin slapping on my skin. 
"Oh fuck." I whimper as I feel him stretch my entrance. He grips on my hips, pulling at them as he pounds inside me, groaning at the sensation of my walls around him. 
"You are fucking dripping." He groans through his teeth, grabbing my hair and pulling my head back. I turn my head, looking at him all focused while he pushes into me.
"Bounce. Fucking bounce that ass on me, princess." He commands me, slapping his hand on my ass. I shriek at the burning sensation, moving my ass to take his dick deep inside me. He hums excitedly, bucking his hips to meet my dips. 
My knees barely support me as they spread more, making my chest fall forward. But Ashton's hand, twisted on my hair keeps me up,  letting my body arch.
"More. Fuck me... I need more." I groan, feeling him pound my cervix. 
"You dumb slut." He hisses, thrusting forcefully. 
"Thank you, daddy." I gasp, feeling lost in the feeling of lust in my body. My walls spasm around his cock, everything becoming overwhelming; his hand on my hip, bruising my skin with how tightly he grabs on it, his hot breath on my skin, giving me chills at every exhale, his hand on my hair, making my scalp sting as he pulls with everything he has. And of course, the words he uses to tease me, sending my brain into overdrive. 
"Don't you dare cum... Don't you fucking dare." He pulls on my hair harder, while he slows down. 
"This isn't fair." I whine, pouting to get to his good side. 
"Oh, it isn't? Well, I make the rules." He snickers, burying his face on the crook of my neck. 
"Ashton, please. Let me cum... Please." I plead while his lips dance around my neck. 
"No, babygirl." He seems to enjoy edging me, guiding his hips slowly. 
"Don't call my babygirl. I can't hold myself. I want to cum. Please, let me cum." I chant, breathing harshly. 
"I said no." He growls through gritted teeth, his hand that was in my hair now wrapping around my throat. 
He thrusts in me, his tip hitting right on my spot. I try not to focus on the pleasure I get in an effort to stop the growing heat in my loins. 
"Ash..." I gasp, moving my hand to grip on his hand. He seems unphased as my nails dig in his flesh, thrusting his cock in and out of my pulsing pussy. 
"Mine... Mine... Mine." He repeats; his hand flexes under mine as he tightens the grip on my throat, making my eyes roll back and head fall on his collarbone. 
"Cum for me, princess." He breathes out, finally allowing me to let the knot in my stomach snap. 
All it takes is a couple of thrusts from him before I come undone, cursing his name at the top of my lungs. 
I wiggle my hips as my whole body spasms with excitement, the same excitement I had the first time he touched me. 
Ashton grounds his hips, letting his cock rest inside me as he cums. 

I can sense him calm down, his breath becoming more shallow at every second passing. 
We untangle from each other, but before I could move away from him, he pulls me in to kiss my forehead. 
"Are you ok, baby? Did I get too rough on you?" He asks, stroking my face as I shake my head no. 
"Are you sure?" He asks me again. 
"Yes. I don't know if I can walk now, though." I giggle, cupping his face. 
"I will carry you to our bed baby." He kisses my forehead. 
"Or, you can bring some pillows and blankets and we can sleep on the floor." I suggest, smiling at him. He hums, hugging me to his body.
"Did you really get jealous?" I ask him, tilting my head to the side. 
"Yes, and no." 
"Wow, Irwin... You are so making sense right now..." I deride him, and he rolls his eyes. 
"I got mad that he was around you since he really treated you like shit during your relationship. Then I got jealous because I saw you talking to him and it irked me. And then I got really horny for some post-fight sex with you, so it wasn't just jealousy." He replies and I sigh. 
"You really scared me. Not during the fight. But I got scared that you weren't talking to me for so long." I explain and he presses his lips on my nose.
"I am sorry, baby. I was pretty mad at that point, but I know it was very asshole-y of me."
"It's alright. Just don't ignore me like that again. I felt sick to my stomach, thinking you would break up with me over that." I pout, earning a chuckle from him.
"I couldn't really let go of my favorite human ever over something like this." He states, making me smile. 
"I love you, bubba." I sing, leaning my head to his chest. 
"I love you, darling." He assures me, stroking my hair. 


Chapter Text

"(Υ/Ν), do you need a ride back home?" Calum asks me as he picks up his stuff. He looks really tired, on the verge of collapsing after a full day in the studio, but he is still all cute and smiley like a puppy.
"I'll take her home. I have promised her a burger, either way..." Ashton chimes in, patting Calum's shoulder. 
"Ok, I will see you tomorrow Ash. See you soon, (Y/N)." He greets us both before he walks off. 
"Ready to go?" Ashton asks as he slips his jacket on. I put my hands on my knees and push myself up from the couch of the studio while picking up my backpack.
"Where are we going to eat?" I ask him, walking next to him. 
"There is this bar across the street that has really nice burgers and really nice beers. Plus, it has a jukebox, which is totally weird, but I know how much you like those." He replies, pressing the button for the elevator. 
"Sounds great with me. By the way, I am so hungry so I might end up being a mess by the time I sink my teeth into the burger." I giggle, making Ashton chuckle. 
"It's alright. I have seen you way worse than that." He replies, placing a strand of hair behind my ear. 


We sit on a booth on the very back, seeking a little bit of privacy. Ashton slips a quarter in the jukebox before he relaxes on the booth. 
"Do you want a beer?" He asks me, scooting closer to me. 
"Do you?" I ask back and he shakes his head no.
"I am driving." He replies.
"Then neither do I. I'll have a coke." I state and he nods. 
"You know I don't mind if you drink, right?"
"I know. I am not drinking if you are not." I assure him before he gets up to place our order. 
I get up from the booth and walk to the jukebox, looking at the list of songs available. 
I graze my finger over the list, tugging my lip between my teeth as I scan them. It is kinda empty in here either way, so it feels that sitting in the back wasn't that necessary, but I like the fact that it is secluded in here. So, without anyone to complain about my choice in music, I slip a quarter in the slot and press the button, letting 'Ain't no sunshine' play. I rest my right hand on my left shoulder, closing my eyes to take in the music. 
"Food will be here in 5. Are you ok?" Ash asks me as he approaches me. I nod my head, smiling at him but not moving. With a sigh, Ashton walks behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist as he brings his hand to mine on my shoulder. 
"Are you sure you are ok?" He whispers.
"Yes, Ashton. I am just trying to let this moment, this song, this experience sink in." I reply and he hums. 
"I have missed you. Really." He whispers. 
"I have missed you too." 
"How was your tour?" He asks me, making me turn my head to look at him. 
"It was good. It's surreal that so many people came to my shows." I reply, snickering at the thought of it. 
"Well, you deserve all those people and more. When are you leaving for tour again?" He asks, rubbing his thumb over my hand. 
"In 6 weeks. And then I am back in 8 weeks for good." I reply, already feeling a little overwhelmed. 
"I will go bring the food." Ashton states, taking his arms from around me. 

We shared our food while chatting about my tour and his days in the studio and about all the creative things in our minds. Ashton, out of all my friends is the one who gets my constant crave for putting all the things in my mind through the scope of creation. 
And the conversation continues in the car, myself becoming too absorbed in the conversation; I can listen to him talking for hours if not days.
"Ash...?" I whisper as he finishes talking. 
"Yes, (Y/N)?" 
"Want to stay over my place tonight?" I ask; I watch his face change with the realization of what I am asking him for. It is not the first time, in fact, these rendezvous have become almost ritualistic for us. But it is in common understanding that no strings are attached between us, we are nothing more than two people enjoying each other's company, and gaining bodily satisfaction out of it. 
And in the beginning, for me it was truly just that, nothing more. But as time passes and I seem to become more connected with him, my mind almost becoming one with his, I catch myself seeing Ashton through the spectrum of something else, something more of what we have. 
I try to fight it, tell myself that it is just a delusion from the proximity between us. And of course, this is just my failing attempts to hide from the truth, since I am clearly craving his touch again. 
"Of course I do." Ashton replies, giving me a side smirk. 

We make our way to the couch, Ashton sitting on it and patting his thigh for me to straddle him. As I do, I move my hands to cup his face, pulling him in for a kiss. I taste the barbeque sauce of his burger on his lips, giving me a tingling sensation as I engulf his lips with mine. Ashton's palms rest flat on my hips, holding me to his body as our lips dance. We kiss slowly, humming against each other as we explore each other's mouth. And now one of his hands slowly travels up my spine, stopping on the base of my head. His thumb strokes circles on my neck, while I push my tongue into his mouth. My chest tightens as I feel him relaxed under me, just casually making out with me. It feels cozy and warm, just like home; fuck, I can't let myself feel all those things. 
"I've missed you, I've missed this..." He mumbles as he lowers his lips to my neck. I tip my head back, giving him access to mark my skin. 
"I've missed this too." I mutter, fully succumbing to him. 
"Would you like to move this to the bedroom?" He asks, letting his hands slide to my ass. 
"No. I want you here." I rustle, enjoying the closeness that making out on the couch gives us. 
I feel him raise my blouse a little, his hands coming in contact with my skin. I twitch for a moment, feeling sparks where his fingers graze me. 
"Want me to take this off? It seems pretty warm and it is so hot in here..." He bites his lip. 
"Mmm, I appreciate your concern. Please, help me off it." I reply, while Ashton's hands tug at the hem of my blouse. I feel myself becoming chilly as he removes the cloth off my body. 
"And I think that your bra is too tight. Want me to take this off for you?" He asks me and I nod, mesmerized by his hands moving on my body. 
"I need it verbally." He reminds me, his fingers resting underneath the hook of my bra. 
"Yes please." I let out, barely whispering. 
To be honest, every time I am having sex with Ashton, my tongue becomes so weak that it forgets what language to speak in. (A/N: this is a poem by Rupi Kaur, look it up)
Ashton unhooks my bra, leaving me bare-chested before his eyes. 
From then on and for just a single moment, he freezes, like this is the first time he sees me naked. 
"God..." He mouths, before he moves his lips to my chest. He kisses the soft flesh hungrily, starting from below my collarbone and stopping just above my nipple. He breathes against my skin, taking his time to look in my eyes, while his lips inch down to take in my nipple. His tongue swirls around the sensitive bud, without breaking eye contact. I feel my nerves perk up, involuntarily grinding my core on his leg. 
"This is hot." He comments, releasing my nipple with a pop. 
"It is unfair... You are too dressed and I am almost naked." I state and he smirks. 
"What do you want me to take off?" He asks. 
"T-shirt, to begin with. And if you don't want my wetness on your jeans, I would suggest taking them off as well." I hint, earning a throaty chuckle from Ashton.
"Hey, kitten. I think you are confused. You are not in position to demand stuff." He reminds me, leaving a hickey on my chest. His teeth mark my skin by grazing down on it, leaving me moaning without being able to control it. 
"Please... I need you, Ashton. I haven't had sex in so long..." 
"I haven't had sex in a long time as well, princess. But I want to take my time with your body."
"Are you threatening me?" 
"No, I am just warning you." He replies cockily, raising an eyebrow at me. 
My hands desperately try to pull his t-shirt, but this little shit knows my buttons too well for my own good. He bites and sucks on my neck, just grazing my sweetspot with his lips. He drives me insane, making my stomach erupt with butterflies. I don't think that this night will be good for me, probably will make me feel more and more in love with him and the way he thinks and acts, but I just need him, in any way I can get him. 
A hand traces down my stomach, stopping right on the button of my jeans, and playing with it. 
"I have a condom in my wallet." He points to his jacket, which I pick up from the seat next to us. Ashton pushes me lightly to stand up before he undoes my jeans and slides them down my thighs slowly. He brings 2 fingers right above my clit, smirking as he realizes how wet I am.
"You need me that bad, huh?" He pulls me back to his lap before he removes his t-shirt. 
"Please, your cock is like steel." I come back, but tug my lip between my teeth as I think of him inside me. 
"Touché..." He replies, as I slide my hands down his torso, all the way down to the button of his jeans. 
Biting my lip, I palm him over his pants, feeling how hard he is for me. 
"Don't fuck with me right now..." He whimpers, closing his eyes.
"I thought that that was the point of all of this." I tease him, earning a smirk. 
"Oh, you are a smartass, huh?" 
"Yeah... A smartass with a great ass." 
"Well, you are not wrong... Your ass is indeed magnificent." 

"You will be a good girl for me, right?" He asks, lifting my hips up. He holds his cock straight as he rolls the condom on his length, while I bring my core above it. 
"As always..." 
"Well, last time you were a pain in the ass." He reminds me. I bite my lip and shrug, thinking of our last time together.
"Well, to be completely straight, you were the pain in my ass."
"To be fair, I had warn you that I would spank the shit out of you if you misbehaved. And you did... So, I had to teach you a lesson."
"Why are we still talking? Why aren't you inside me already?" I ask and he rolls his eyes while shaking his head. 
He brushes his tip over my slit a couple of times, every time he crosses over my entrance dipping his tip in a little. My stomach is tied in a knot, the teasing getting me to grind my hips on the air. He finally gives in to my whimpers and pouting, slipping inside me. My nails dig in his biceps as I arch my back and tilt my head back, feeling him fill my walls. I do not move for a moment, trying to adjust to him again. Ashton is the biggest I have ever had, the first time we had sex I could barely walk straight afterward. 
And he fucking knows that I have never had anyone like him, and that makes him cheeky, makes his whole body flare up with cockiness. I move my body, slowly getting his cock deeper inside me. I rest my lower arm on his shoulder, trying to keep myself up. My body works without a rhythm, for this moment not being able to concentrate and find one. I buck back and forth while Ashton observes my body and the way it moves; his pupils are dilated, eyes clouded with lust and anticipation. 
"Want to help me guide myself, daddy?" I ask; before I could finish my sentence, his hands are on my hips, stimulating me to bounce on his cock with a steady tempo, while we try to find the right angle. 
"Come here... I need you closer." He breathes out groggily. I lean closer, kissing his lips softly as I grind on him with his cock still inside me. He takes over the kiss, pushing his tongue into my mouth without letting my tongue move. 
With open-mouthed kisses, he moves to the side of my mouth, and then my jaw, and then my neck. And that's when he starts biting, sucking, bruising my skin with his teeth and lips... I am in heaven, this is all I want, even if it is temporary. 
"Ash..." I moan out, my mouth falling over as he brushes on my spot. I feel myself quivering around him, beginning to feel like the tingling sensation in my core spreads throughout my body. 
"What is it, princess?" He asks, bucking his hips upwards violently. His tip pounds on my back wall, brushing roughly on my spot as he thrusts out. 
"This is so good... I want to cum." I whine, breathing irregularly. 
"Just say the magic words and you will have all you desire, kitten." He replies; his fingers leave bruises on my thighs from pressing too hard on them. 
"Can I please cum? Daddy? Please..." I take my most innocent tone, while I move my hips rapidly. 
"Fuck... How am I supposed to say no to that?" He licks his lips after he is done with the sentence, making me rock my hips back and forth as we moan in sync. It is becoming hard for him to hold back, pulsing inside me as his veins throb on my spasming walls. 
"I am going to cum..." I announce, holding onto him for dear life. 
"I know. I can feel you. Cum for me, baby..." He whispers in my ear, making my toes curl and hair stand straight. 

I cum around him, barely keeping my mouth shut as I surrender to the pleasure. I blink, trying to get accustomed to the feeling, while Ashton still moves inside me, groaning at how hard my muscles contracting around his lengths makes it. 
"Where do you want my cum, pretty girl?" He asks, trying to keep his concentration. 
"Chest... Sugar coat me..." I pant as I unstraddle him. I fall on my knees as he stands up in front of me, tossing the condom on the floor before he starts stroking himself over my chest. I watch his hand flex and move up and down, head thrown back and stomach clenching. He hisses as I fondle with m breasts, trying to get him to hit his high faster. 
And he does, spurting rope after rope of cum on my chest, groaning and cursing under his breath. He looks at me as his cum decorates my skin, breathing raspily at the sight. 
"Holy shit..." He mumbles and I smile, throwing my head back as I start feeling content. 
"I am going to take a shower." I state and he nods, helping me stand up. 

Wrapped in a fluffy white towel, I walk out of the bathroom, stopping in front of the mirror as I catch a glimpse of the state my neck is on. 
I tip toe to my bedroom, finding Ashton laying on the bed. 
"How the fuck am I supposed to hide those?" I ask, pointing to the purple and red marks all over my neck and chest. 
"Maybe don't hide them. Let them be... Let the world know you are mine and just mine." He says, standing up. He walks towards me, and I assume that I have the most baffled look he has ever seen on a human. 
"What? What are you talking about?" I ask, stuttering. 
"I am tired of this, (Y/N). All this play pretend that we are nothing more than friends with benefits is driving me insane. I am in love with you. And I know you are in love with me too. So, let's drop this fucking facade and admit what we are trying to hide in plain sight." He says. 
"You are in love with me?" I ask, trying to wrap my mind around what happened. 
"How can you be so ignorant about something that I have made so obvious a hundred thousand times?" He asks. 
"Why didn't you just say something?" I ask, completely flustered at this point. 
"For the same reason you didn't as well. I didn't want to screw this friendship up. But I decided that I have had enough of this. And that's when I notice that you were actually mirroring my feelings." He explains. I stare at him for a few minutes, completely silently, chewing on my bottom lip as I feel myself becoming agitated by the situation. 
"Was I wrong?" Ashton asks after a while, clearly starting getting frustrated. 
"No. I don't think you've ever been more on point about anything. I just... I thought that I was the only one having those feelings. And now I don't know how to react." I admit. 
"Look... I just want to be yours. And to be mine. That's all I am asking for. Do you want the same?" He asks me. I don't think about it twice before nodding my head. 
"Then what about we give this a try?" He asks, cupping my face with his palm. 
"There is nothing else I've ever wanted more than that." I whisper, seconds before he leans down to kiss me. 


Chapter Text

I flutter my eyes open, trying to adjust to the sunlight entering the room from the large window of our hotel room. I hum sleepily, feeling the chilly Reykjavik morning bring goosebumps on my skin. Shivering, I shuffle closer to my husband of barely 3 days, who is still sleeping soundfully. I bite my lip, contemplating if me moving closer to him will wake him up. 
But the more I am awake, the colder I get, so I just snuggle up against him, hearing him hum sleepily as I wrap my arms around his torso. 
"Morning Mrs. Irwin." He murmurs, pressing his lips on my forehead. 
"Morning Mr. Irwin. Did I wake you up?" I ask, burying my face in the crook of his neck. 
"Kinda. But I am glad you did, cause now I will get to nap for a few more minutes with my wife in my arms. And that really worths being wakened up." 
"I am cold... Really cold..." I whimper, earning a chuckle from Ashton. He hugs me closer, bringing the comforter closer to our body for some extra warmth. 
"I guess Reykjavik isn't the tropical honeymoon destination you've always dreamed of..." 
"It's even better, actually. Cold weather gives me a chance to cuddle more with you. And honestly, I could have been happy with just staying home and cuddling all day for a honeymoon." I reply, playing with the ring on my finger. 
"Man, I wished you would have said that way before. I wouldn't have blown the bank on this honeymoon." He teases me, earning a giggle and a slight slap on the shoulder. 
"In all honesty, I could hold you forever." I whisper, kissing his neck softly. He seems to like my move, purring happily as my lips peck on his skin. 
"Good thing you are married to me so you can really do that." He replies. My eyes meet his as he looks down at me with loving eyes. 
"What?" I ask, supporting my weigh on my elbows. 
"What?" He asks me back, tugging the side of his bottom lip between his teeth. 
"You are staring at me..." I state and he shrugs. 
"What? Am I not allowed to stare at my wife?" He asks; the word wife comes out of his mouth thickly, like it makes his mouth fill up.
"I mean, my wife is obviously gorgeous, so it is so hard to take my eyes off her..." He continues, running his fingers through my hair. 
"Well, your wife really likes being looked by you, so I guess she will give you a pass for this one." I giggle and lean up to kiss him. 
"I have to get up and talk to the reception about the trip to the lagoon. And bring us breakfast." He leaves a kiss on my lips at the end of every sentence. I groan in protest as he tries to move away. I place my head on his chest, wrapping my arms around his torso to stop him from getting up. 
"Can't you stay a little longer?" I ask, pouting at my husband like a 5-year old. 
"Well, I have to book an early trip, so the soonest, the greatest." He explains, earning more groaning from me. 
"Or... or, hear me out... I have heard that the Lagoon is breathtakingly beautiful at night, so I think that it is going to be a great experience if we went there at night, with all the stars above our heads..." I purr, caressing his chest with the tip of my fingers. 
"Why can't I say no to you?" He asks, boping my nose. 
"Because I am your wife and you love me far too much and I have those cute eyes that make you melt..." I stick my tongue out for him. 
"Damn, you are right. But still,I have to get up. We need breakfast."
"I am fine with coffee. And the bar of the hotel serves coffee all day long. So, you can stay in bed with me for a little bit longer, and let everything go for a moment." I smirk at him and he rolls his eyes. 
"You will not be fine with just coffee. Cause once we are back from the lagoon, I plan to wear you out." He states, making me cock an eyebrow at him. 
"In what way?" I ask, playing it dump. 
"Well, both our families expect grandbabies from us, and who am I to disappoint them..." He asks in complete rhetory. 
"You know I am on birth control shots, right?" I ask and he nods. 
"I do. But they don't." He chuckles, tilting my head to bring his lips to mine. 
"Ok, hear the new deal. We call the reception and ask that a breakfast tray is delivered to our room in 20 minutes. Then, we use the 20 minutes for a nap and some cuddling. And we leave at around 5 for the lagoon and be back at around 10. And then we order a pizza or something... And maybe falsely try to give our parents a grandkid." I suggest, giving him 'the eyes'. 
"You are a really tough negotiator. I pity our future children, negotiating their curfew with you." He giggles, relaxing back on the bed. 
"Well, someone has to do the dirty work. You will be the puty parent. Especially if our kids take my eyes." 
"Damn, I will probably end up dead if they get your eyes. I will probably give them everything they want." 
"And I will be there to make sure they learn what no means. Because daddy will have such a hard time saying no, especially if he has to say no to his little girl, with the cute grin and mommy's eyes..." I watch him sigh at the thought of it. 
"Are we actually talking about our children? Like, legit, is this an actual discussion going on between us on our honeymoon?" He asks and I shrug my shoulders. 
"Is it bad?" I ask him, pursing my lips together. 
"No... I am actually enjoying it. I mean, it's not like we are fighting about names, or genders, or which schools to send them to. We are messing around about how they are going to be so cute, that I am going to be so mushy it will hurt. And I like to think that one morning, we are going to wake up early on our bed, and the kids will still be asleep and we will be reminiscing of this moment, and think what a great job we are doing raising them. So, yeah, I really like this discussion." He kisses my forehead while I curl up on him. 
"Call the lobby. We will definitely need that breakfast..." I whisper, moving my lips to his warm chest. 
"Oh yeah? Well, I'd better make that call then, Mrs. Irwin."
'You'd better do, Mr. Irwin."


Chapter Text

'It's not the same anymore', he said.

'I love you, but not like that, anymore.' he said. 
So I found myself walking alone in the middle of the night, drenched by the falling rain. After I left his apartment, I just began walking aimlessly, trying to wrap my brain around the fact that my boyfriend actually called us quits once more. 
Every time he and I break up, he ended up apologizing, begging for me back. But this time it seems different, it feels different as well. 
On and off and on and off ha brought me to feeling numb at the sudden turn of our relationship. I am heartbroken but after a million times of being betrayed by him, heartbreak has become more of a tiring condition for me. 
Without realizing it much, I find myself in front of Ashton's door, waiting for him to open the door.
"(Y/N)... What are you doing in here? Are you ok? You are drenched... Come in." Ashton panics, trying to read my face for any clue of my state. 
"I am fine. I don't even know how I got here, really." I mumble under my breath, too worn to let out anything else. 
"You really don't look fine. And you are shivering." He comments, shutting the door as I get in. 
"I am sorry I came over uninvited. I really didn't want to go home, so I just started walking... But I ended up here. I am sorry, I should go..." I break down, pointing to the door. Ashton pulls me in for a hug, kissing the top of my head as I finally let my feelings express freely. 
"Don't you dare leave. My house is your house too."
"I am going to drench your clothes." I sob, trying to move away from him, but his arms wrap around me even tighter. 
"Fuck the clothes. Tell me you are not hurt. Do you need me to drive you to the hospital?" He asks, only now pulling away from me to inspect me and my physique. 
"I am not hurt. At least not physically." I rub my eyes. 
"Then, what is it?" He asks me. 
"He broke up with me. Said he doesn't feel anything anymore." I mumble, shrugging my shoulders. 
"Again? I feel like I have had this conversation with you 10 times this past 6 months."
"I know. I am sorry I keep on coming back to you after that. But you are the only person I can talk to." 
"You are always welcome to come here, no matter what. And you are always going to be welcome here. Now, you will slip into a shower and stay there for as long as you need, and I'll bring you dry clothes. And, while you are in there, I will order some pizza and we are going to talk until we fall asleep." He orders, giving me his signature grin. 
"I don't want to talk about it, nor him. It feels like my tongue is stuck in the same conversation lately. But I am not saying no to pizza."
"Of course you aren't. You know where everything is, let me give you some towels and clean clothes." He presses a kiss to my forehead before we make our way to the bathroom. 
"Once you change, I will throw your clothes in the dryer, ok?" Ashton says as he hands me the fluffy towels. I nod my head and he smiles, getting out of the bathroom and closing the door behind him. 
I strip off my clothes, placing them on top of the humper before I slip in the shower cabin. I let the warm water run on my body, offering me a calming sensation, much needed after today's hecticness. I feel kind of hollow, not sure if it is because I am over it, or just sure that tomorrow morning he will call me and say he didn't mean it. And blindly, I will go running back to him. Or at least that's the normal for us. I don't want to go back to him, but I have invested so much in this relationship that it feels stupid throwing it all away because of a mood swing.

I dry myself off and get dressed before I walk in the living room, finding Ashton waiting for me with 2 blankets on the couch. 
"I figured that you would be cold after walking in the rain." He smiles sweetly before he pulls me to sit on the couch. I bring the blanket to cover my lap, curling into a ball on the couch. 
"The pizza will be here in a few minutes. And I have the regular tequila in the freezer, so pick a movie and I'll find a drinking game for it and we will get smashed." He cheers, plopping on the couch. 
"Not a movie. Let's watch Bob's Burgers." I push my eyebrows up, smiling at him as he groans frustrated. 
"You always want to watch Bob's Burgers." He huffs.
"At least I am easy to make up my mind." I point out and grab the remote control from him. 
"That you are. Google for the drinking game and I'll bring the tequila.

We must have watched at least 10 episodes before falling asleep. I wake up in the morning, my head on Ashton's shoulder and a light buzz on it. The T.V is still on, but it is on the homepage of Netflix, so it is quiet in the house. Ashton is sleeping soundly, his colored red locks falling on his face messily. I pity walking him up, after everything he did for me last night... And every other time he became my shoulder to cry on.
I nuzzle up against the couch, shutting my eyes and trying to go back to sleep for a few more moments. But my stomach grumbles, so I fail. 
I stretch my body to reach for the pizza box at the end of the couch; if I remember correctly and my mind isn't fooling me due to the countless shots I downed to numb it last night, there is some leftover pizza. And nothing tastes better than cold pizza for breakfast. 
But on my way to picking up the box, I accidentally wake up Ashton, who groans instead of saying 'Good morning'.
"Hey. Wanna split the leftovers?" I ask, smiling at him. 
"Give me a goddamn slice." He mumbles as I open the box. I hand him one, watching him as he sinks his teeth into it and moans at the taste. 
"How are you feeling?" He asks me as I take my first bite.
"Great. I don't even expect the call from him anymore."
"The call?" He asks, knitting his eyebrows together. 
"The one he is going to tell me about regretting last night and how badly he wants us to be back together." I explain, earning a hum from him. 
"If he calls, are you going back to him?" He asks.
"No, I don't think so. I need to end this circle." 
"Good, cause I don't want you going back to him." He says, cocking an eyebrow.
"Of course you don't. You are my friend, you want what's best for me." I state and Ashton sighs, dropping his slice back in the box before he rubs his hand over his face. 
"What?" I ask, looking at him in confusion.
"We are not just friends and you fucking know it." He groans. I still look at him confused, unable to understand his little tantrum. 
"We are not just friends (Y/N). At least you are not just a friend to me. Not since the day I felt you around me and heard you moan my name."
"Ashton, that night..." I stutter but he stops me. 
"I know. I know we said that that one night was a one-time thing. But I can't remember to forget those moments. I can't forget what it was like holding you and hearing you moan and kissing you. To me, you are not just a friend. Not anymore." 
"Are you saying you..." 
"I see you romantically if you want to put it in that way. I don't know if I am in love with you, since I always have to hold myself back from seeing you through that spectrum, but at the reminiscence of what was like holding you, feeling you, making love to you, I know I want to fall in love with you." He confesses, without looking at me; it is hard watching him get awkward around me, he is always breezy and charming. 
"Ash, I really don't know what to say." 
"I know. I just wanted to let it out."
"Listen, that night was amazing. Truly."
"There is no but, Ash. It was amazing. Just... I've never imagined it turning into something more. I guess because I was already in a relationship." 
"Yeah, I figured..." He sighs. 
"Now what?" He asks, putting me on the spot. I rub my hand over my face, trying to figure out a way to word my unsettled thoughts.
"Listen, I have just gotten out of a relationship. A bad one. And yes, I am not going back to him, but I still need some time to figure out a way to come out of this in one piece. And of course, we have to find a balance for this new relationship, or what we are going to call this. And last but not least, let's take this one step at a time. But really, one step at a time. Let's just go on a date... Then another, and not rush ourselves into this."
"Sounds like a good plan to me. Way better than not giving this a chance at all." He smiles sweetly, picking up his slice again. 
"So, wanna watch some more Bob's Burgers?" I ask, smirking as I pick up the remote control. 

Chapter Text

“I freaking knew I would find you here…” I hear Ashton’s voice from behind me. I turn my head to bring him into my view, smiling at him softly.
”Heads up for the next time, don’t startle someone leaning against the railing  of a balcony.” I comment as he walks next to me, resting against the railing as well. He clings his beer bottle against mine, chuckling at my remark.
”You weren’t that startled…” He mumbles, bringing his bottle to his lips to take a sip. I sigh, shaking my head and sipping on my drink slowly.
”How did you know I would be here?” I ask, turning to look at him. The light is very dim, only one bulb providing some kind of lighting, but I can see him smile widely, making his apples pop and dimples make their appearance on his face.
”Are you kidding me? We are having a concert in a club that has the best view in the city… Plus, the place is crumbed and you are a freaking introvert, so the rooftop was the obvious hiding spot.” He replies, his voice calm and soothing.
”Yeah, I started kinda freaking out. But I loved the show. You guys were great and I love that you are doing this for a good cause. So I could not miss it for the whole world, even if I was forced to.” I reply, leaving the bottle on the wooden railing.
”I know, I know... And I love that you came even when you knew it would be cramped. On the next show, I’ll put you backstage to watch the show from the sides.” He offers, placing a hand on my shoulder reassuringly.
”That would actually be amazing.” I mutter and he nods.
”Thank you for being here. I know it is hard for you.” He pulls me in for a hug, placing a hand behind my head.
”It is not hard for me to support my best friend in taking over the world.” I giggle.


”Don’t you have to be downstairs, talking with people and promoting your band?” I ask Ashton who shrugs his shoulder and smiles.
”I would like to stay here and enjoy the view. If you don’t mind.” He offers, pointing to the skyline.
”I know you are doing this out of pity. And you don’t have to. I will be fine here. Go have fun.” I assure him, turning away from him.
”Well, that’s where you are wrong, pretty girl…” He chuckles, moving to sit down on the floor of the rooftop.
”It’s dirty down there.” I point out his pristine outfit, which he shrugs off.
”Come sit with me and stop worrying…” He says with a giggle, patting the spot next to him. I take a breath and kneel down before I sit down with my legs crossed and look up at the stars in the night sky.
”I love what you are doing with the Friends of Friends thing. I love seeing this side of you.” I say, trying to break the silence.
”We had to do something. Horrible things happen every day and we wanted to help because we can. But enough about me. I want to talk about you. You barely ever talk.” He says, sitting differently so he can look at me.
”Comes with the anxiety. I am scared I will tell the wrong thing, irritate the wrong people. So, I just stay quiet. Plus, I am more of a listener anyway.” I reply, shrugging my left shoulder.
”Yeah, I get that. But it’s not that. You are totally bullshitting me right now.” He asserts, squinting his eyes at me. I knit my eyebrows together, looking at him confused.
”Except it is totally the truth.” I defend myself and he shakes his head.
”6 weeks ago you were fine with me. You were talking to me, opening up, making fun and being chill around me. And then you stopped, and you definitely shut down only me. Because you are still talking the same to every common friend of ours. So, please tell me if I was the one who said something stupid and screwed this up. Because I want to make it up and I need your help to do so.” He explains, sounding truly worried.
”Ash… You did nothing wrong.” I try to comfort him, moving closer to him.
”It sure feels like I did. Please tell me.” He almost begs me to speak up.
”Ashton, I am telling you that you did nothing wrong. It’s just a bad phase of my anxiety.”
”And this phase tells you to specifically shut me out of your life and keep everyone else?” He asks me, tone changing into an interrogating one.
”I had to. It was and still is the hardest thing I had to do, and the last I wanted. But I had to.” I groan, looking away.
”Had to? Why? Why did you have to shut me out?” He asks, totally confused.

”If I tell you, it will only make things worse.” I explain, standing up from the floor and swiping the back of my dress to dust it off. Ashton stands up as well, moving in front of me.

”Where are you going?” He asks me with a sigh escaping his lips.

”I am cold, I should head back in.” I point to the door, crossing my arms in front of my chest and rubbing my skin to make my lie more convincing. He shakes his head, taking off his jacket and placing it over my shoulders. I bite my lip as I get engulfed by his scent, trying to keep my sanity.

”Now, please tell me. And I promise, I swear that it will not make things worse.” He is calmer now, looking at me softly as he looks for an answer.

”I am getting attached. I was getting close to you and I started feeling… things you should feel about a friend. And I know that false attachment happens to people with anxiety when they find the person they can open up to. And I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to put you through that. So, I had to step back, see if this is really a false positive, that it was just in my head that… that I am not falling in love with you.” I scratch my head as I admit it, closing my eyes as I wait for Ashton to react.

”And?” He asks like he is waiting for the next part of a story.

”And what?” I cry out.

”What did you decide? Are you in love with me?” He asks me.

”What do you think, you idiot? You made me fall in love with you, and now I stand no chance. So, I am so sorry that it is not the same. But it is not easy for me.” I exasperate.

”What do you mean you stand no chance?” He asks me, sounding slightly insulted.

”Are you kidding me? You are you… You have millions drooling over you, and you would settle for me? I have no chance.” I shrug my shoulders, looking at him, longing for an answer. He pulls the edges of the jacket bringing me close to his body as his hand moves behind me, resting on the small of my back before he closes the gap and brings his lips to mine. I gasp, tensing up in the first seconds of the kiss. But the more I taste him, the more I relax and melt in his arms, kissing him back as I feel goosebumps erupt on my skin. My hands move to his neck, resting on his collarbone as I stand on my toes to be close to him. The kiss is slow and gentle and makes me feel butterflies inside me. So I never plan on pulling away, all I want is to taste him until I am out of breath.


However, we both need to breathe at a point, so we pull away, but stay in each other's arms, holding and feeling one another.
”You just kissed me.” I whisper as Ashton presses his forehead on mine.
”I did.” He replies.
”Why?” I ask, but at this point, I can feel the answer in my gut.
”Because being away from you was the hardest thing I had to do. Never make me go through that again. I am in love with you.” He admits, making me chuckle.
”And you are sure this is not a false positive?” I joke, earning a peck on my nose.
”I am sure.” He brings his hand to stroke my face.
”So, what are we going to do now?” I ask him, looking at him softly.
”I would like to kiss you again.” He says and I nod.
”You should…” I whisper.
”And after that, I would like to take you on a date. Anywhere you want.” He tilts my chin up, making me smile.
”You should do that as well.” I lean in, bringing my lips to his and tasting him once more. 


Chapter Text

I tiptoe my way to my small kitchen, my nostril already filling up with the smell of batter on the pan. I fix the white shirt that I slipped into as I enter the kitchen, being greeted by Ashton's back; it is weird how this is the first time I notice the tattoo on the back of his neck, or how his back is sculpted to perfection. 

"Hi." I whisper, wrapping my arms around his torso, resting them above his navel.
"Hey, pretty girl. How did you sleep?" He asks, not turning to look at me, but his voice conveying the smile on his face. 
"Fine. How did you sleep? I know my bed can be uncomfortable..." I mutter; I did everything I could to stall Ashton staying at my place since compared to his is a freaking rat hole, but last night the moment came. 
"I got used to it. However, your stove is being a bitch to me today..."
"Yeah, she is usually like that with men." I giggle, making him turn around and look at me. 
"I am not the first man to cook you breakfast in this stove?" He asks, fake-offended. 
"Well, I didn't want you to find that way..." I giggle as he picks me up to place me on the counter.
"Oh my God... This is breaking my heart... Tell me who else has tried making you breakfast."
"Well, there was this time I was shit-faced drunk and my best friend Tim made me breakfast. And that one time my brother did, so..." I giggle, while Ashton's hands bunch up my shirt. 
"Is this my shirt?" He asks, pulling me to sit on the edge of the counter. 
"Yeah. Sorry. It was close and I picked it up. I can take it off..." For a moment I freeze, realizing that this shirt probably costs as much as my rent if not more. 
"No, I like it on you. It is definitely better on you than me." He smiles, feeling the soft fabric with his fingertips. 
"Are you sure? It looks expensive... What if I stain it? I'll go change really quick..." I try to hop off the counter, but Ashton's hands go to my thighs, keeping me on my place.
"First thing first, if you stain it, the dry cleaner can take it off. And second, if you are worrying so much, I can take it off for you." He states, gripping tightly on my thighs. Momentarily, I feel insecure about my thick thighs and his fingers dipping on them, but as he brings one of his hands to the back of my head to pull me in for a kiss, the feeling fades away. 
His tongue pries my mouth open, humming as our tongues move together, trying to become in sync. 
And while we are kissing, his fingers move to undo the buttons of his shirt that I am wearing. 
He is half-way done removing it, but the burnt smell makes him stop. 
"What's that?" He asks, scrunching his nose. We both turn to the stove, finding the pancakes turning onyx black. 
"The fucking pancakes..." He cries, taking the pan off the stove. I hop off the counter, moving to open the window and let the smoke out.
"Goddamnit..." He groans, turning off the stove. 
"It's ok, baby. At least you tried..." I try to comfort him, wrapping my arms around him. 
"Let's go get dressed and get breakfast at that place you like." Ashton suggests, pressing a kiss on my forehead before he moves to get out of the kitchen. 
"Ash..." I stop him by gripping on his wrist.
"What?" He asks me, knitting his eyebrows together in confusion.
"I don't have enough money." I whisper, looking at my feet. 
"It's my treat." Ashton says like it is the most obvious thing in the world.
"Ashton... You paid for dinner last night." I protest, making him roll his eyes at my remark.
"And your point is...?" He asks me sarcastically.
"Ash..." I protest again but receive the same response.
"(Y/N), I want to pay for you and treat you right. You don't have to worry about money anymore. You are my girl." He states, making my stomach tighten; I love that he refers to me as his girl, but that doesn't mean I don't feel bad about him paying.
"I know you mean no harm, but it kinda makes me feel like I am using you for money." I admit and he chuckles. 
"If you were using me for money, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I know how it is to live from paycheck to paycheck and for the last few days of the month eating crackers with ketchup because those are the only things in your cupboards. And I know your situation is not that dramatic, but still, I can offer you a much better life. So please, let me buy us some breakfast." He sighs, holding both my hands in his. For a moment I stare at him; I seem to forget where he comes from, how he wasn't always that comfortable with money. And for a moment I feel bad because I know that he probably had to eat crackers and ketchup at some point in the past. 
"That place you want us to go to is very expensive. But I know a diner close to Santa Monica pier which is far less expensive and has great food. Plus, it's less likely for paparazzi to spot us there." I offer and he sighs in defeat. 
"Fine. Just get dressed. I am hungry." He pulls me in for a quick peck before he picks me up over his shoulder to take me to my bedroom. 

The traffic wasn't as bad as we expected when we got in the car, so we soon are cuddling up on our booth, a mug of warm coffee on our hands. It feels like everything has stopped here, quietness being evident and comforting in the place. My legs are resting over his lap while his fingers stroke my hair softly as we wait for our food to arrive. 
"Can I ask you a question?" He asks me out of the blue.
"Sure." I reply, sitting up a bit better to look at him. 
"You were hellbent on me not staying at your place. I didn't pay much attention to it in the beginning, but after last night, I keep on having the same question in my head. Are you ashamed of your house?" He asks me; I can read the hesitation in his voice, which makes me feel a little awkward about answering the question. 
"Not really. Just... You are used to seeing all those aesthetically pleasing houses and talk about how you love indoor decoration, so I didn't want you to... I don't know, pity me... Which is exactly what is happening now, I can see it in your eyes." I turn my face away from him, making him cup my jaw softly and turn it back. 
"I am not pitying you. You are in college, working, and paying for yourself. It is badass. And you shouldn't have to worry about what I am going to think about your house, or how you get by." He replies, kissing my nose. 
"And I am going to say it again, you are my girl, you don't have to worry about money anymore." He states, leaving his mug on the table. 
"Well, if I don't worry about money, then at the end of the month I will have to find a really nice cardboard to stay in because my landlord will kick me out." I chuckle, but shivers run down my spine just at the thought.
"Good. Well, not the part where you have to stay in a cardboard... But I would really like to find you somewhere better to stay." He says, making me chuckle.
"Yeah, you know that I will have to afford that better place, right?" I ask, taking a sip from my coffee. 
"No. Not if I pay for it." He replies, again like it is the most natural thing to come out of his mouth. 
"No." I state, being completely negative about this. 
"Hear me out." 
"There is nothing to hear about, Ash... This is on the verge of becoming your sugar baby. If your fans find out about that, they are going to start believing I am with you just for the money." I freak out, already playing in my head the whole scenario. 
"No one will have to find out about that. And so what if you become my sugar baby? We both know you are not with me for the money, my friends know that, everyone who matters knows that. If you want to call being a decent boyfriend and worrying about where my girlfriend stays, becoming a sugar daddy, then I am fine with that. I want to fucking spoil you. Literally, spoil you..." He explains, pulling me in for a kiss. 
"I don't know." I mumble; I have to admit that it is very sweet of him. 
"Let me just look for a place. At the end of the day, I will be spending time there too, so it is like our house, but we won't have to live together every day." He says, making me roll my eyes at him. 
"Fine, you can look for a place. But that doesn't mean that I am saying yes to that, or that this is infinite." I point out and he nods. 
"It's your terms, baby." He smirks, pulling me in for a kiss. 


"You look too nice today..." I comment as I enter Ashton's car. He smirks mischievously at me, shrugging his shoulders. 
"Do I?" He asks, starting the car again. 
"Yeah, I feel underdressed compared to you." I reply, looking at him with my eyes half-closed. 
"You are going to make me blush." He giggles, putting his arm behind my headrest as he tries to pull out. I bite my lip, feeling the need to press my thighs together to contain myself from getting turned on by the non-sexual act. 
"I thought we were having pizza and a movie. This outfit is not for pizza and movies." I state, pointing to the hard-collar white shirt and the tailored flannel trousers. 
"If you just stay patient for just one moment, I swear to God you'll find out." Ashton replies, shaking his head chuckling at how impatient I am becoming by the moment. 
"You could have told me if we are going somewhere special, I could have dressed a bit better..." I mutter under my breath, fumbling with the hem of my sweater.
"You look perfect. Even if you were wearing pajamas, you would still be perfect." Ashton replies, still driving without giving me a clue of where we are heading to. 

"Hi. We are here for the penthouse. The realtor is waiting for us." Ashton says to the man in the lobby. I look at him confused, from the moment we've entered this posh building the look is plastered on my face. 
"Can you give me your name, please?" The man asks, with a patronizing smile on his lips. 
"Irwin and (Y/L/N)." Ashton replies, gripping onto my waist tightly. 
"Yes, they've been expecting you. Take the back elevator and press the button that reads PNT." The man instructs us before Ashton nods and thanks him politely. 
"We are here for the penthouse? The realtor is waiting for us?" I ask, turning to stand in front of Ashton. 
"Mhmh..." Ashton hums in reply, simply smiling at me. I take a deep breath and try to calm myself down, stopping myself from opening this conversation further with him. 
The elevator stops, prompting us to exit the booth. However, instead of walking on a hall, we are left outside a single door, which is opened by a cheerful, but professional looking lady. 
"You must be Mr. and Mrs. Irwin." She greets us. 
"Uh, Ms. (Y/L/N)..." I mutter and she looks at me shocked. 
"I am sorry, Ms. (Y/L/N). It is a pleasure to meet you both. Shall we get in?" She asks, motioning for us to walk further into the house. 
"As you can see, the place has been renovated recently, and it bears no signs of wearing down. The rooms have individual air conditioning to accommodate your needs. In the balcony, you'll find a gorgeous infinity pool, with the prettiest view in Ocean Avenue. The house is pet-friendly, so you won't have a problem if you have little furry friends."
"Well, we have a lemon tree as a pet..." Ashton chuckles, putting on his charming facade. 
"Well, I don't see a problem with it. Shall we see the bedroom?" She asks with a chuckle. 
"Let's." He replies, gripping on my waist as we move in. 
"Uh, can you please excuse us for a second?" I ask the lady, stopping in my tracks as we move down the hall. 
"Of course. I will be in the bedroom. Come find me when you are ready." She excuses herself, moving forward. 
"Is everything alright, princess?" Ashton asks me, moving in front of me and cupping my face. 
"What are we doing here?" I ask, looking around me nervously. 
"We are looking at our potentially new house. Well, your house. I told you that I would be staying here as well some times, but I would like for us to have like a settling, trial session first, to see how this rolls." He mumbles, but I raise my hand to stop him from spiraling.
"Ash... This looks fucking expensive. There is no way in the world I could afford such a place." I state and he chuckles. 
"You should not worry about that part. Worry about whether you like this place or not." He replies, pecking on my forehead. 
"So, it is official... I am becoming your sugar baby." I chuckle sarcastically. 
"If that's what you'd like to call it, fine. I don't see you as such, though." He replies. 
"And how would you call that? This predicament between us?" I ask, feeling a little guilty. 
"I wouldn't label it. But if you wish to, let's call it me wanting the best for my baby." He replies, hugging me by my waist. I sigh and roll my eyes, pouting my lip before I take his hand in mine. 
"Ok, let's see the rest of the house." I say, making him smile. 
We walk in the bedroom, hand in hand, finding the realtor waiting for us with a smile spreading on her face. 
"Everything ok? Should we continue?" She asks us.
"Yes, we are eager to see the rest of the house." I am the one to reply, with Ashton just nodding his head and rubbing his thumb over my hand. 
"So, as you can see, the bedroom has a wall-to-wall window, viewing the city. However, the glass is a one-way mirror, ensuring that no one will be able to see you through that. This is the master bedroom, having a closet room and a master bathroom with a marble bathtub, big enough to fit 2 people. It is important to state that the house has been soundproofed and thermoproofed. There is one more bedroom in the house, which might be smaller, but it is comfortable for guests. Would you like to see it?" She asks us. It is clear that she has memorized a script, but still, the words coming out of her mouth sound mesmerizing. 
"I don't really think we need to. Could you show us the back balcony, instead?" Ashton asks and the lady nods her head, motioning for us to get out.
We walk through the kitchen, which looks stunning and honestly as big as my apartment of not bigger. 
"As you can see, it is a more private balcony with a hot tub and a built-in barbeque. There is not much to say about this balcony, so, I will let the two of you enjoy the peace it offers." 
I close my eyes, leaning my head on Ashton's shoulder as I feel myself becoming calmer. 
"You love the place, don't you?" He asks, stroking small circles on my waist. 
"I do. But with all those things in here, it will cost a small fortune to even rent this place." I sigh. 
"When you said you would try to find me a better place, I pictured a neat little apartment, this is like a flatted out villa." I exclaim and he chuckles. 
"I can afford it. And I could afford even more expensive ones. The question is if you like it. Cause if you do, I can sign the lease right now." He states, looking at me reassuringly. 
"I adore it. Not as much as I adore you, though. But I love this place and I can see us in it." I bite my lip as I admit it. 
"Then I can tell the realtor to bring the papers and hand you the keys, cause this is your new place." He chuckles, pressing his lips to my forehead. 
"Are you sure about that?" I ask him, still holding back. 
"If I wasn't sure, we wouldn't be here. I want you to stay in this pretty place, wear pretty clothes, go to pretty places. I want you to have pretty things in your life because you are the prettiest thing in my life. And I want to offer you what you are offering by just being in my life. So, please, let me do this for you. Let me get you this place. For you... And maybe for us, at some point in the future." He pecks on my lips before he moves to talk to the realtor. 


Since the penthouse was pretty much furnished, I only had to move my clothes and books, pretty much my personal stuff. So, settling in the new place, was pretty easy, even if I hadn't had the help of Ashton. 
So, very soon, I am settled in the new, gorgeous house, working on some coursework and sipping on wine while Ashton cooks for me in the huge kitchen. I am sitting on the top of the counter, not minding if I stand of the way of Ashton cooking dinner since he is using the other half of the huge kitchen. 
I type away on my laptop, trying to find a way to connect the bibliography of current research to the discussion part of my essay, while Ashton is humming a tune under his breath.
"Baby, can you try the sauce, please? I want your input on the saltiness." He asks me, making me leave the laptop on the counter and slide close to him. He brings the spoon to my lips, and I blow on it to make it a bit colder before I taste it. I moan, closing my eyes as my tastebuds perk up in contact with the sauce. 
"How did you learn how to cook so good?" I ask him, picking up my wine glass. 
"Had to. Luke can't even boil eggs, so I had to feed him when he was staying with me." He chuckles, going back to whatever magic he is working on in the stove. 
"You eat your steak medium-well, right?" He asks, poking the meat with a fork. 
"Yep. Need some help?" I ask, ready to hop off the counter. 
"No, I will need you to finish this coursework soon, though. I am very close to serving dinner." He replies, smiling without looking at me. 
"I am trying... Daddy." I tease him by using his kink against him, making him shoot me a look. 
"Jesus... Can you please not use this now? I won't hesitate..." He groans, leaning on the counter and supporting his body by his palms, to the point where his tensed back can be seen through his t-shirt. 
"Won't hesitate to do what, daddy?" I push the limits, hearing a groan escape his mouth. 
"(Y/N)..." He growls, looking at me in a bossing manner. I purse my lips and shrug, moving back to finish my assignment. Ashton seems to try and catch his breath, taking a moment before he sits up and goes back to cooking. I sneak a look at him, finding a newly formed tent protruding in his pants. 
"Is it hot in here? It is getting a bit hot, huh?" I ask, fanning myself and earning Ashton's attention. 
"I don't know. Maybe it is from the stove?" Ashton replies. Seconds before he turns his head back to the pan, I grab the hem of my t-shirt, raising it over my head and leaving me in my little lacy bra. 
"So hot in here..." I mumble, dropping the t-shirt behind me as if nothing is happening. I can see him with the corner of my eye, gawking at me as I am left in my grey sweatshorts and lingerie. He blinks a couple of times, trying to play it cool but clearly being surprised by my sudden action. 
"Yeah, it is getting a bit hot..." He mumbles, grabbing the back of his t-shirt and removing it as well. He throws the t-shirt my way, making me catch it while smirking. 
I pick up my glass and take a sip; well, I purposely let a bit of my wine slip from my lips, falling to my chest and eventually stain my bra. 
"Oops, made a mess..." I fake innocence, getting Ashton's attention back to me. I swipe away the drop of wine with my hand before I fake pout at the stain. 
I sigh and reach behind my back, unhooking my bra and letting it slide off my chest. 
"(Y/N), please... I am trying to cook..." Ashton sighs, finally showing me clearly that he is affected by how I am acting. 
"I am not standing in the way." I protest and he grimaces at me. 
"You are distracting me..." He states, slamming the spatula on the counter. 
"I am? Am I a distraction, Mr. Irwin?" I ask, scooting closer to him. 
"Stop it... You are making me hard and trust me, you won't like me taking out on you, princess. Your ass gets red pretty easily." He replies, his tone changing completely to his bossy, harsh one. 
"Maybe it is what I want, daddy." I shrug and he chuckles at me, cocking an eyebrow.
"You are a filthy little slut..." He spits out, half disgusted, half amused by my need for him. 
"You like it..." I assert, licking my lips, while his body tenses. 
"I freaking love it." He admits, gripping onto my thighs to pull me closer to him. He slots himself between them, cupping my face with his left hand before he pulls me in for a kiss. 
I don't have time to even try to gain dominance as his tongue greedily explores my mouth. 
My hands can move nowhere other than his shoulders, letting my nails graze his skin a little. 
"The food... I am going to burn the food..." Ashton moans, pulling away from my lips just for a second. I moan in protest, wrapping my legs around his waist. 
"Fuck the food." I whine, bringing my lips to his. 
"I'd rather fuck you..." He sasses in between kisses.
"We want the same thing then." I moan, moving my lips to kiss his jaw. 
"Let me just pull the pan off the stove..." He says, and I roll my eyes, taking my legs off from around his waist. 
I watch him as he checks the meat and sighs happily, turning off the stove and putting the pan to cool off. 
"The food is ready." He announces, walking back to me. I pout and shrug my shoulders at this, feeling a little disappointed that we won't get to do any of the things I had in mind for before dinner. 
"We can eat then..." I mumble, trying to hop off the counter, but his hands pin me down by my thighs. 
"I'd rather have my dessert first." He side-smirks, pushing me a bit further onto the counter before he climbs onto it as well. 
"Dessert? I think we have some ice cream in the fridge. Should I go get it?" I play it dumb, earning a chuckle from him. 
"That ice cream won't taste nearly as good as you, babygirl." He whispers, hovering above me as his hands rest on either side of my head. 
"So, what are you waiting for... daddy?" I am amused by the look on his face, feeling my core becoming slick with my need for him to slip inside me. 
"I am trying to be cute with you and treat you like a princess, but you get ahead of yourself and tease me like that." He growls, bringing his hand to wrap around my throat. His fingers press onto it, his hand resting right under my jaw. I barely can draw a breath, but this excites me; I know that in the next few seconds the grip will loosen up, and he will let me breathe, but the primitive instinct takes over, feeling overpowered and in danger. 
I smile as he gives me a harder grip, while his other hand moves to snatch off my shorts. 
"Would you look at that... Look at that nasty smile. Look how good you look with my hand around your throat." He chuckles, making me buck my hips up and let him take off my shorts before his fingers move to cup my clothed center, feeling how wet I am. He smiles satisfied, rubbing on my clit for a few seconds, before he takes off the hand that was around my throat, and brings it to tear off my underwear. 
He raises my bum on the air, bringing his hand down to collapse on my ass. 
"That's for teasing me while I was trying to cook." He states after the impact, resting his hand flat on the spot he slapped. 
"That's for taking off your shirt while I was cooking." He spanks me again, this time around harder than the previous. 
"And that's for taking off your bra." He hisses and I whine as I start feeling the sting if his hand landing on my ass. 
"And that's for calling me daddy when you know how hard that makes me." This one is the hardest one, bringing tears to my eyes. 
"And that's for not even being sorry." He delivers the final slap, gripping onto my red ass after he is done. 
He lets my ass fall back on the cold marble counter, the chilling surface coming in contrast to my burning ass. 
"How would you feel if I left you like that, high and dry?" He asks, making me whimper in protest as I wipe my eyes. 
"It wouldn't be fair, daddy... I need you... So badly..." I whine, pouting my bottom lip out as I take my puppy eyes. I know it is his weakness and I know that I might get in trouble for using his weakness against him, but I have to put the big guns in use. 
"Need me, huh? Didn't you just have me this morning?" He asks, but his Adam's apple pops out as he observes me, signaling that he is tensing up, trying to hold back from thrusting inside me. 
"Yes, but it's been so long... So so long... And I am aching for you, daddy... Don't you wanna feel me around you?" I ask, my breathing becoming hitched. 
He doesn't reply; he just groans, lowering his head until his lips touch my hipbone. He presses open-mouthed kisses on my skin, lowering slowly to my center where he just uses his fingers to spread my lips apart. 
"You are glistening... You look so pretty under that light..." He mumbles, mostly coming to realization for himself. 
I look at him, trying to study his face and the way his body moves, slowly but steadily. 
He pulls me by my leg towards him, the sliding of my still sore and pink ass on the counter making me whine for a moment and Ashton throws me a dirty look, with his eyes shining under the light. 
I watch him as he lowers his sweatpants and boxers, freeing his throbbing cock. He places my left leg on his shoulder while he runs his tip along my folds a couple of times. 
My chest inflates and falls as he taps my clit with the head of his cock, seconds before he slips inside me. He makes me feel every inch of him as he goes in slowly, my leg on his shoulder gives him deeper access, which he uses to his advantage. I feel my stomach tighten up as he thrusts inside me, making me moan his name and ask him for more. 
He pulls out of me, making me whine at the loss of contract, and causing a smirk to spread on Ashton's lips. 
"What's the matter, princess? Miss my cock?" He taunts me, without giving me time to respond before he slips inside me again. I pulse around him, instantly feeling relieved that he is inside me again. He moves slowly, almost agonizingly, making me feel every inch of his throbbing cock. All I do is whimper while I feel myself falling deeper into lust. 
"You want that cock, baby? You want more of me?" He asks me, pushing my chin to the sided so he has access to my neck. He doesn't use his lips, only his teeth are grazing down my neck, leaving marks on my skin. 
"More... Please..." I beg, trying to move my hips on his to get him where I want him. 
"More? Getting greedy, huh?" He asks, smiling cockily against my skin. 
"Please, daddy. I need all of you." I pout, closing my eyes to let the sensation he is giving me sink in my body fully. 
Ashton throbs inside me, signifying that he is feeling the same way; he needs all of me. Not that he doesn't have me already. 
"You are so fucking wet for me... So fucking wet." He says through gritted teeth, moving his lips up to kiss mine. 
I feel a knot form inside me, aching to be snapped. But the tempo Ashton has set is too slow to drive me over the edge; he knows how to drive me fucking insane, keep me just on my edge but not let me cross it. 
"I need you to go a bit faster... Please, please go a bit faster..." I cry out, gripping onto his body. I let my nails rake down his back, while Ashton hums teasingly and presses my hips down. I wrap my legs around his waist, moaning his name, just before he slams into me with all he has. My eyes go wide and my mouth opens, incoherent curses coming out of it as I feel him give me everything I want. 
"I want to cum... I need to cum. Please..." I gasp, my chest heaving up as I let out the words. 
"You are such a good, and polite little doll. You should have everything you want, princess. Cum for me..." He coos me, making me nod my head as he keeps on slamming right where I need him. 
"I am close too, princess. Where do you want me to cum?" He asks me, hissing through his teeth. 
"Inside me, please. I want all of you." I whine, the prospect of his warm cum filling me up exciting me. 
He simply smiles, leaning down to kiss me. I bite his lip and pull on it a little while everything inside me intensifies; every touch, thrust, kiss, is more intense than its previous. It is me and him, fucking on the top of a counter, in a house that I could never imagine living in even in my wildest dreams, so nothing else matters right now, even my assignment waiting, or the food staying incomplete and unconsumed. 
With a few more thrusts I cum around him, pulsing against his cock as I scream his name. I arch my back, throwing my head back and looking at him tensing up and getting all red and sweaty. 
"You look so beautiful when you cum." He whispers, resting his hand on my face. I smile as I try to regain my breath, feeling like I am in some kind of euphoria as he chases his peak and holds me close. 
"Cum for me, daddy. I need to feel you." I whisper and he whines, twitching inside me.
He lets out a throaty groan as he cums inside me, closing his eyes as he tenses up before relaxing completely. 
"Shit, you make me feel so good..." He whispers as he gasps for air, his forehead resting on mine. I feel his breath hitting my face, warming me up a little 
"I love you." I whisper back, pecking lightly on his lips. 
"Good. Cause I love you too." He smiles, responding with a kiss on my nose.


I feel the warm covers and the soft pillows engulf my body as the light pierces through the large window. I hum sleepily, refusing to get out of my slumber just yet. So I turn to my side and throw an arm over Ashton's side, hoping to find him laying next to me. But my arm falls on the mattress, making me groan frustrated. 
"Morning sleepy head." I hear him say from the end of the bed. I sit up a bit, bringing my knees to my chest as I look at him. 
"Morning. Nice back..." I comment, smirking at the marks I've left on his body last night. 
"Thanks. You fucked me up good." He chuckles, crawling towards me. 
"No, you fucked me up well last night..." I bite my lip, leaning close to him. He places a hand behind my head, pulling me in for a quick kiss. 
"Wanna stay for round 2?" I ask, parting just an inch from him. 
"Mm, wish I could. But we have a meeting in the records and then a writing session..." He sighs and I pout, whining that he will have to leave. 
"But... Can't you stay a little longer? At least for some breakfast?" I ask, letting my fingers graze his chin. 
"I can't, baby... I am sorry." He looks bummed by this as well, so I have to step up and let him know he shouldn't.
"It's ok, my love. Will I see you tonight?" I ask, my voice becoming soft. 
"I have an event to attend. You know, PR and everything. But you can come with me, it will be fun." His face lights up just at the prospect of us spending the night together. 
"Are you sure?" I ask, not wanting to become a burden or cause a problem. 
"Of course. Wear something nice and I'll pick you up at 9." He says, reaching in the nightstand to pick out his wallet. He hands me a credit card and as I try to protest and hand it back, he puts it in my palm and closes his fingers around it. 
"You've never asked for anything. I want you to have everything." He reminds me, leaning in to press a kiss on my forehead.
"Just once, and only because we are going to a PR event." 
"I wouldn't mind if you bought something  special for after, just for my eyes only." He winks before he moves to put on his t-shirt. 
"Just once..." I remind him and he chuckles. 
"Whatever you want, baby. But I don't want you to worry about the prices. Get whatever you want, ok?" He says, making me nod. 

I decide to snuggle up against his pillow for a little longer, craving a bit more sleep after last nights activities. My body feels sore but in a sweet, mellow way, reminding me of how good it was last night. I smile as I sprawl out on the bed, humming happily as I close my eyes and let myself fall back into sleep, just for a few more moments. 

I wake up after 12, stretching my body with a smile on my face. I feel rested, calm and happy, almost like I have no worries right now. I reach on the bedside table, grabbing my phone from it and yawning to shake the sleepiness off my body. I unlock my screen and see a notification from Ashton, with his usual morning text that never fails to bring a smile to my face. I decide to reply with a selfie, nothing provocative, but enough to give him a hard time for not staying the morning with me. 
I get off the bed and opt for a quick snack while I get ready for my shopping spree, a cereal bar, and some juice will do; either way, I am not going to be out of the house for long. 
As I exit the shower, I hear my phone ringing from the bedroom, so I rush to it, smiling big as I see Ashton's contact on my screen. 
"Hey, baby." I cheer, plopping on the bed. 
"You think it is fair to send me pictures like that one?" He asks me, sounding frustrated. I giggle a bit and bite my lip, enjoying him fangirling over me as I do over him most of the days.
"It was just my face..." 
"Yeah, which looks absolutely gorgeous, especially under that light. It is unfair..." He whines, which makes me giggle. 
"Well, I thank you for your compliment, but it is your fault you are not here to enjoy that face. And those lips, which would be wrapped around your cock if you stayed. And I would be looking at you through my lashes... It's a pity you are not here cause I've just gotten out of the shower and I smell like that coffee and creme shower gel I bought and I am wearing nothing but a towel... Which, oops, just unwrapped from my body." I tease him, enjoying the sound of his hard breathing. 
"Vulgar and unfair and I love this, but it makes it so hard for me not to drive back and have you for myself." He admits, chuckling a little at the end. 
"Well, you can't, because I am leaving in a bit to go shopping for tonight." I reply and he huffs. 
"Will I get pics from the dressing room?" He asks me, whispering it since I assume he might be heard. 
"I was thinking that today we could just not talk to each other until you come and pick me up."
"Why?" He asks surprised. 
"It will feel old-school and maybe get us a bit more excited about seeing each other." I explain my train of thought, unsure of how he is going to receive it.
"I guess we could try..." He sighs, sounding a bit sad. 
"If you don't want to, we can just ditch it." I mumble, getting off the bed to pull together an outfit.
"No, I would like to try it, princess. I wanna see how much you'll miss me by the end of this." He gets a bit cocky, bringing a smirk to my face. 
"Ok then. I will see you tonight. I love you." I say as I flip through the clothes. 
"I love you too. I'll pick you up at 9. Have fun shopping." He coos before we hang up. 

Shopping for a dress and lingerie turned into a full-blown spoiling myself trip. I got my hair, makeup, and nails done, bought a lavish set of lingerie and a red, skin-tight slip dress, even got a new pair of shoes. I only started feeling guilty about spending money when I put together everything, so as I wait for Ashton to pick me up, I definitely feel a knot in my stomach, surely being more anxious about him scolding me about spending than his opinion on my outfit. 
Soon, the door opens and Ashton walks in, dressed in a fancy blazer and holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. 
"Wow... I am certainly underdressed." He states, walking up to me and pressing a kiss on my lips. 
I am tensed and he senses it, so he takes a step back to look at me examiningly. 
"Is everything alright, baby?" He asks me, leaving the roses on the coffee table. 
"I... I am so sorry." I apologize, making him knit his eyebrows together.
"What happened, baby?" He asks, taking my hands in his and guiding me to sit on the couch. 
"I've spent a lot of money today. I don't know what gotten into me, but I only realized how much I spent after I got back." I explain and watch him chuckle. He approaches me calmly, pressing a kiss on my forehead. 
"How much did you spend?" He asks me, sitting on the arm of the couch. 
"Around 1 thousand..." I bite my lip, waiting for his reaction. He giggles and presses a kiss on my lips, stroking my cheek. 
"That's not much, princess. I have spent more on just a single shirt."
"Yes, but it was your money... I have spent your money and I feel bad now..." I pout and he sighs. 
"How many times do I have to tell you that what is mine is yours? I want you to have whatever your heart desires, princess. I wanna spoil you rotten. So, please don't feel bad. It makes me very happy that you have spent my money to look so fucking good... " He pecks on my forehead and I kind of relax. 
"I will pay you back..." I whisper and he hums. 
"Looking so good for our date is enough payback for me, baby." He lowers his head to kiss me softly. 
"And now, we should get going, because management is going to give me crap for showing up late." He stands up, extending his hand for me to take it. 
"Plus, the sooner we get there, the sooner we can leave, and the sooner you get to see what's under this dress." I whisper, reaching up to kiss him softly. 
"Crap..." He whispers under his breath just as we walk out of the door. 

"You look fucking lavish. Everyone is looking at you..." Ashton whispers as he hands me a drink. I smile, resting my head back on his shoulder as he wraps an arm around my waist. 
"Jealous much?" I ask, bringing the glass to my lips. 
"Why would I be? They can look all they want, I get to have you to myself every night." He replies, bitting on my earlobe lightly. I purr and close my eyes, for a moment relaxing in his arms and forgetting we are in public. 
"You get all of this, any time you want, daddy." I whisper, grinding my ass against him. I hear his breath becoming shallow, the grip on my body tightening up as to show to everyone I am his.
"Everyone is looking at us, princess. Behave." He whispers, leaving a little kiss on my temple. 
"What if I don't?" I ask, turning around. I rest my hand on his chest and look up to him while his hand rests on the small of my back. 
"You know I won't hesitate to shove my fingers in your pretty little pussy right in front of everyone, right?" He asks me; I get all giddy by the statement, wiggling a little and he seems to enjoy that. 
"What time can we go home? I kinda fucking need you." I whine, biting my lip as I watch him get close to losing it. 
"In a bit, baby. We need to be seen at the party. Then we are off." He replies softly, containing himself. 
"I give you 30 minutes." I reply and he narrows his eyes at me. 
"I don't think that you are the one to judge that, my love." He remains calm and collected, but his hand on my back becomes more firm. 

"I had so much fun tonight..." I giggle as I unlock the door to the penthouse. I lose my step a little, making Ashton wrap his arms around my body to catch me. 
"Did you have one too many?" He asks as we get inside the house. 
"No, I am fine. I wanted to be in clarity when I finally have you all to my own." I reply, wrapping my arms around his neck. 
"Oh, is that so?" He asks, smirking at me before he leans down for a quick peck. I hum and he guides us down the hall to our bedroom, his hands staying on the zipper of my dress, ready to drag it down and get that dress off my body. I pull his head down to kiss him as I walk backward inside the room, my fingers tangling in his styled curls. The only thing I want now is to be pinned down on the mattress, pleasured by him while I make him feel like we are in heaven. 
"Want me, princess?" He asks me as my legs meet with the edge of the mattress. 
"So much. Don't you want me, baby?" I ask, feeling my breath hitch as he lays me on the bed before he hovers over me. 
"I prefer showing you how much." He replies, dragging down the zipper. He lets the spaghetti straps slip down my arms as he moves to kiss my collarbone. 
"You smell so good." He whispers, sucking and biting on my skin. I moan, arching my back off the mattress. 
"You talk too much for someone who rathers show." I whisper, while Ashton's hands work on getting the dress off my body. 
"I thought you loved praise, princess." He kisses just above the little bow on the middle of my buster. 
"I do. But right now I need you to go a little faster. Please, daddy." I whimper, pleadingly. 
"I love the sounds you make." He smiles against my skin,  dropping my dress on the floor. 
I sit up, pulling him in for a kiss. His hands cup my face while I bite and nibble on his lip. 
My hands move to undo his shirt while playing a little with the chain around his neck. 
In a rush of confidence, I push him to lay on the mattress and straddle him, making him gasp shockingly in the kiss. 
"Wanna ride you..." I state, parting just a little bit from him. 
"Then go ahead, princess." He seems surrendered, waiting for my next move. 
I move lower, undoing his pants and lowering them along with his briefs on his thighs. His cock rests on his stomach, looking so hard that the vein that runs along his underside is throbbing. I lick my lips as I look at him, slipping out of my lingerie. 
"It is a good set, baby. I loved it on you." He comments as I move up, sitting on his cock. I feel him along my slit, making my clit tingle a little. 
"Should I put it back on?" I ask, wiggling my hips a little, trying to get a little bit of comfort, ease the tingling sensation spreading on my core. 
"As much as I love expensive lingerie on you, I will always adore you naked." He replies, placing a hand on the curve of my waist. He strokes his thumb over my ribs, while I try to pull myself together and just ride him. 
I raise my bum in the air and he holds his cock up for me, allowing me to position his tip right on my entrance. 
And as I lower my hips, I take him in me, reaching down on his pecs to hold myself upright. I hear him groan as I move slowly, arching my back and throwing my head back a little as I feel myself pulse around him. 
"Can you push your tits together, baby? I wanna see them like that..." He hisses, looking at me as I bounce on him. 
He moves my arms so they press my boobs together, while I rock on him. My toes curl as I feel him brush over the spot I need him to, forcing me to release a throaty groan. My palms are now flat on his stomach, nails digging in his skin. 
"Holy fuck... Shit, don't do that." He hisses, stretching his neck to the side. 
"Do what?" I ask, rocking my hips back and forth, giving my clit a little attention, a little bit of the friction it craves.
"You know damn well what the fuck I am talking about, princess. Get your pretty little claws off my skin." He orders, his voice coming through gritted teeth. 
"Don't they feel nice, daddy? I got them a bit pointy just for that..." I sing, arching my back forward as I almost lay on him. My breasts are on his face while bounce on him, putting all of my force on it. He groans, moving his hands up my body and cupping my breasts. 
"Come on... Don't fucking play with me. I need release, babygirl. I need to cum, princess..." He whines; he is usually dominant, powerful, confident, but right now he is pudding under my hands. 
"Oh yeah? Where do you want to cum, daddy? Tell me..." I gasp, while my ass plops down on him. 
"God damn it, you little brat... You think you are all powerful over me, huh?" He asks, wrapping his lips around my nipple. 
"It seems like it." I reply, moving my hands to wrap around his throat. 
"Well, you should wait until I can get my hands on you and see who has the upper hand..." He threatens me, but his voice comes out whiny and soft. 
"You really are free to flip me over and fucking own me. No one and nothing is restraining you, babyboy." I smirk at him, pressing my thumb on his throat. He gasps and looks at me with his mouth agape, for sure not expecting me to talk back. 
For a second I was convinced that he wouldn't do anything. But I was too drunk on the feeling of dominance that momentarily I forgot he is not fucking around. 
So, from being on top of him, I am found on my back, legs spread wide and one of them fixed on his shoulder blade as he runs his tip on my entrance. My hands move to his arms, gripping onto him as he thrusts inside me, angrily, almost mercilessly. 
"I fucking told you I would. I fucking told you... I bet you are regretting being a brat... I bet you are regretting being fucking cocky." He grunts, delivering a slap right on my ass. I scream, pain and pleasure becoming a hazy mixture in me. 
He fucks me like he hates me, but his hands stroke my body in the most loving way. 
"I wanna cum." I lisp, unable to say anything more. My body feels like it is on overdrive, processing every feeling imaginable within the period of a few seconds. 
"Yeah?" He asks, a mischevious smirk spreading on his face. I nod and he chuckles, pulling out of me. He moves up, kneeling next to my face before he pulls it to the side and gives me a light slap. 
"Open up." He commands, holding his cock in front of my lips. I whimper at the loss of feeling him inside me. 
"But..." I protest but he throws me a dirty look while clenching his jaw. 
"No buts. Open your fucking mouth." He barks and I have no other choice but open my mouth. 
He shoves his cock in, pushing it so far inside that I gag. I try to bob my head, but his hips move to fuck my face. 
"Keep your mouth open. You are good at never shutting up either way." He spits out, slapping my cheek. I feel my eyes tear up, both from the slap and from gagging on his cock. My body is still trying to hold onto building my high, so I hesitantly lower my hand to my core. I feel myself sleek with wetness, twitching as I rub my clit slowly. 
"Get your fucking hand off, princess. This is mine and only mine." He snatches my hand off and lands his hand on my pussy. 
"You are just a set of holes for me, aren't you? Look at you grooling... Look how pathetically wet you are for me..." He degrades me, making me more excited for him. His fingers rub from my clit, down to my entrance, before they slip into me, pumping fast. I cough around his dick, feeling saliva running from the corner of my mouth. 
"You are pulsing around my fucking fingers. You wanna cum?" He asks, stroking my hair with his free hand. I nod my head, my throat spasming around his cock, burning as he fucks it. 
"You can cum, babygirl... After I do." He chuckles on the last part, moving his fingers faster inside me. I groan, feeling my face tensing back as he thrusts faster, a bit more violently than before. He is fucking close, but that is not good enough for me. I need him to cum now, so I can cum as well. 
I twirl my tongue a little along the underside of his cock, hoping to make things faster for him. 
All is heard are his moans and my groans, and his cursing and my gagging. He is pumping his fingers in me, banging them against my spot. I try to hold back, think of anything else but cumming, but my mind keeps rushing to the euphoric feeling I will get when I cum. 
"Fucking shit." He pulls his cock out of my mouth, stroking it over my face as he cums. His fingers move inside me still, and now his thumb rubs my clit in vigorous circles. 
I stick my tongue out and taste the cum near my mouth, causing him to sigh happily as he looks at me. 
"You can cum, pretty girl." He softens, gawking at me as I lick my lips. I can't see him straight since his cum is in my eyes and his fingers drive me insane.
I arch my back as I cum, biting my lip as I whine.  His fingers still move, prolonging my high, but my body seems to resist to him, jolting back. However, Ashton's fingers still insist on keeping me high. 

"You look so perfect..." He gasps as he takes his fingers off my pussy. I still try to catch up on breathing. 
"Can you look at me for a second, baby?" He asks, his voice becoming as soft as velvet. I open my eyes with difficulty, just enough to be able to see him put his fingers inside his mouth. 
"You taste so good." He comments, stroking my hair. 
"My eyes burn like hell." I mumble, getting a little too tired. 
I feel him pick me up, carry me somewhere. 
"I will give you a wet towel to clean up, ok? And I will run us a hot bath." He whispers, letting me on my feet. He handles me the cloth, which I immediately use to clean my face, blinking a couple of times as I do. 
I hear him turn the faucet of the hot tub on, while I feel my eyes tear up a little. 
"Want my help, princess?" He asks and I nod. 
"I have some natural tears in the cabinet. Can you help me with them?" I ask, rubbing my eyes with the towel softly. 
"Sure. But maybe wash off your makeup first..." He suggests and I nod. 

In less than 10 minutes I am in the hot tub, sitting between Ashton's legs while a vanilla fizzer is evaporating in the hot water. I am snuggled up against Ashton, my eyes still hurting a bit but feeling much better. Ashton has his arms around my body, kissing my neck while he hums some tune for us. It is peaceful, we are in peace right now, and all I want is to spend my night in the warm water, being held by him. 
"Feeling good, baby?" He asks, rubbing his thumb over my thigh. I hum in approval, nestling up against him, resting my head on his pec. 
"I am good. Just a bit spent." I whisper, feeling my eyelids becoming heavy. 
"I am sorry." 
"You shouldn't be. I wanted it. I like it when you get a bit rough on me. It's the only time I get to experience angry Ashton in all his glory." I giggle, reaching to take his hand in mine. 
"Yeah, the only time you ever will, I promise." He replies, pressing a kiss on my forehead. 

I did not realize how I fell asleep, or when. All I know is that I woke up in my bed, engulfed in the fluffy, warm duvet. I stretch my body and get the bedsheet off from under the duvet before I wrap it around my body and get up. 
I barely stumble into the kitchen, eyes still heavy from sleep and my body shivering a bit as it tries to adjust from the warmth of the bed to the not-so-warm house. I find Ashton in front of the stove, cooking pancakes while in just his boxers. I smile and walk behind him, wrapping my arms around his body and resting my head on his back. 
"Good morning." I cheer with a smile on my face. 
"Good morning, baby. Breakfast will be ready in 5. How did you sleep?" He asks me without turning to look at me. 
"Good. If I am being honest, I didn't even realize I fell asleep." I chuckle, leaving a kiss on his skin. 
"You fell asleep in the tub. You looked too peaceful to wake you up, so I carried you out and put you to bed." He replies, turning around just to smile at me and leave a soft peck on my lips. 
"And you didn't bother dressing me up? Rude..." I mess with him, making him roll his eyes before turning to the stove. 
"I like finding you naked in the morning. The light hits your body just right." He shrugs, flipping the pancakes. 
"You are just making excuses and trying to get into my pants." I giggle, resting against the countertop. 
"You are not wearing any..." He mumbles, tilting his head to the side. 
"You are being so disrespectful to your girl right now." I fake being insulted. 
"Well, I make really good breakfast and eat pussy way too perfect for my girl to get mad at me. So..." He turns off the stove and leans down to kiss me softly, making me smile. 
"That's true." I sigh and he chuckles. 
"Come on, let's eat. I am ravenous." He picks up the plate with pancakes and takes my hand to guide us on the dining table. 
"I'll bring coffee, plates, and syrup in a moment. You sit here." He drags the chair out for me, kissing my forehead before he leaves for the kitchen. 
We eat in a bit of silence, comfortable silence, groaning over how good the pancakes taste. I take a sip of my coffee, without taking my eyes off of him. I study his features for a moment like it is the first time I am looking at him. 
"Do I have something on me?" He asks me, knitting his eyebrows together. 
"No." I reply, smiling. 
"Then why are you looking at me?" He asks. 
"Can I not be looking at the most handsome man alive?" I ask, bringing a smile on his face, along with a little bit of redness on his cheeks. 
"Ash, can I ask you something?" I ask him, taking his hand in mine. 
"Sure, baby. Anything you want." He replies. 
"Do you want to move in with me? In here?" I ask, biting my lip as I wait for his response. 


Chapter Text

"You ready, mama?" Ashton asks as he enters the en suite bathroom. He whistles at me as his eyes fall on my figure.
"Yeah, I need to slip in a dress and we can go. Are the kids ready?" I ask, fixing the strings of my bikini.
"Yeap. Wait, before you slip it in... Let me take a good look at my freakingly gorgeous wife." Ashton whispers, scanning my body hungrily as I chuckle.
"All 4 of them are in their bathing suits, have sunscreen on and are wearing clothes and shoes?" I ask as Ashton shuts the door and walks to me, kneeling on the floor in front of me.
"Yes, they are ready to go. Can you stop and let me enjoy this?" He asks, kissing down my stomach, all the way down from my navel. His finger slips in the hem of my bikini, tracing my skin softly.
"These are getting in my way..." He whispers, looking up to me. I sigh, running my fingers through his hair.
"These are keeping us from missing the kneeboard appointment, actually. Or whatever that shit is that you and the twins convinced me to let you do." I sigh as his fingers move lower, pulling my bottoms to the side. He kisses my lips before his mouth purses and pecks on my clit as well.
"Butterfly..." I mumble, knowing that the safe word will be the only thing to stop him.
"You are turning oral down?" He asks me, cocking an eyebrow.
"You and I know that you are awfully good at this, and if I let you continue, our kids will probably find out that their daddy does stuff to their mommy in the bathroom, while half of them want to go to the activity their daddy promised them he would take them... So, butterfly... Get off your knees and get out of the bathroom, because while you stay and stare at my body with those eyes, there is no way that either of us will be able to resist." I command, pointing at the door. Ashton smirks, biting his lip as he pulls the bikini back in place.
"I love it when you think you are in place to control and command me, princess. But bare in mind that the moment our kids are off to bed, I can and will boss you around all I want..." He kisses the inside of my thigh before he stands up and unlocks the door, walking out with his back as he smirks mischievously at me.
I throw him a side smirk as I grab my dress and slip in it, trying to get rid of my fluster.

"You guys are the parents?" The trainer asks us as he hands us the consent form. He is eyeing us like every other parent at our children's school during activities and PTAs.
"We started early." Ashton brushes him off, taking a pen and completing the forms.
"With all the respect, mate, she doesn't look like a mom of 4." He points at me, cocking an eyebrow.
"Want to see the scar from the twins' C-section?" I ask, pointing at my stomach.
"No, I am good." He surrenders, moving to the back of the room, where the equipment is.
"It always freaks them out..." I whisper, taking the other consent form.
"You are riding along, right?" He asks me, scribbling on the paper.
"If I do, who stays with Leah and Jackson? There is no way I am leaving a 7 and a 4-year old alone..." I reply and he chuckles.
"There are activities for children here. We can let them socialize and play with other children here, take April and May for the kneeboard and spend some time together in the boat. Everyone is happy." He winks at me, bringing his free hand to the small of my back.
"It's been 12 years and I still don't know how you convinced me to name our babies April and May..." I sigh, signing the form.
"I am great at persuading... Will you come on the boat with me? It will be boring if you don't." He pouts and I shake my head.
"If anything happens to Jackson or Leah, I will fucking neuter you." I shake my finger threateningly, causing her to smirk.
"You love my creampies too much to do that." He leans to whisper in my ear, biting my earlobe before he signs the form.

"Are you sure you want to do that? If you have changed your minds, you can tell us now." I ask the girls as we prep for the ride.
"Yes, mom. We are sure. Geez, can you chill?" April rolls her eyes at me, making me look at her with wide eyes.
"Yes, babe... Can you chill?" Ashton mocks me, wrapping his arms around my waist from behind.
"Irwin, I swear to God..." I growl at him, looking at him and squeezing my eyes. He leans down and kisses my neck, squeezing me to his body to the point there is no place for me to squirm.
"Stop being gross." April groans, turning away from us. May follows her, rolling her eyes at us.
"Teenagers..." I sigh, turning to my husband and cupping his face.
"I know, right?" He chuckles, leaning in for a kiss.

The boat is on and we are skipping through the river, while the girls in the back scream and squeal and are having a good time. I am turned so I can look at them, my legs over Ashton's lap who sneaks a peek at them now and then.
"They are not looking at us, you know..." He mumbles, pulling me closer by my ankles. I yap, feeling myself slide on the surface until I am right next to him, thighs over his lap as he plays with the fastens of my life jacket.
"Yeah, thank God they are focused." I mumble, watching him as he looks down at my legs, exposed to him.
"And the driver isn't either..." He whispers, with his other hand tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"And I am thankful for that too... He is driving us safely." I state and Ashton hums.
"Yeah, thank God for that too. Plus, I can have some fun with my gorgeous wife. Like good old times..." He smirks, undoing the fastens of my life vest.
"What are you doing?" I ask as he pulls me to his lap.
"I am taking a look at my goddess-like wife and baby mama. After 4 children and you look smoking hot in a bikini..." He mumbles, dragging a finger down from the middle of my chest to my stomach, stopping on the hem of my bikini.
"Stop praising me... It gets all in my head and I cannot resist you." I whisper, cupping his face and tilting it up, looking into his eyes as he beams at me.
"Then don't. Let me help you feel like the goddess you are... Let me make you feel good..." He promises me, bringing his lips to my chest, kissing softly and dragging his lips up to my neck.
"We can't... We might be seen. We might be heard..." I try to reason him, but his hand on the hem of my bikini bottoms makes me shiver, clench around nothing.
"No one is looking at us. And we have practiced keeping you quiet... 12 years now, you are doing such a great job keeping those moans almost inaudible and concealing those cute little screams you make when I am balls deep inside your tight little pussy..." He whispers, smirking against my skin.
"For God's sake, Ash..." I moan, feeling my body give up and succumb to him.
"I know. Just my fingers, baby. I know how much you love my fingers..." He groans, making me whimper.
"Just fingers were the beginning of what got us into trouble 3 times already..." I make an effort to resist him, one last time.
"Well, I promise to not tell our children you called them troubles..." He chuckles, letting his hand slip in my bikini, letting a finger feel all the way down to my entrance.
He collects my wetness, rubbing it up to my clit as I sigh, happy and satisfied, feeling some relief from the itch in the pit of my stomach.
"See, you are purring... And you are wet... And you are mine..." He utters, using his thumb to rub my clit in slow circles.
"I am yours..." I repeat, relaxing as he slips 2 fingers inside me, curving them up as he pumps them, slowly and steadily, while his thumb is pressed on my clit.
I grip onto him, bringing my face in the curve of his neck, latching my lips onto his skin and sucking, making sure I leave a hickey on his skin. And as he fingers me faster, as he puts more pressure, I find it harder to contain myself, I find it harder to stop myself from moaning. So I bury my face in his neck harder, letting the moans vibrate on his skin.
"Look at that..." Ashton seems to find my reaction amusing, cheering at me as he pounds his fingers in me.
"I need a little more, just a tiny little bit more, baby..." I cry out, biting his earlobe. My body is on a fast track, chilling at the tiniest touch, sending shivers down my spine as Ashton whispers sweet nothing, praises, and encouragements. I don't make out most of it, my brain is in too much pleasure to process anything else other than the pleasure I am giving at this moment.
"Then let's give you some more..." He mumbles, moving his fingers faster. My clit feels all tingly and warm, sending signals to the knot in my stomach, making it tighten as my body prepares for an orgasm.
"Just try not to squirt on me, princess..." He teases me, pressing his fingers on my g-spot. I groan, throwing my head back as I buck on his hand, cumming on his fingers. My walls squeeze and clench around his fingers, causing him to chuckle.
"I will never get used to this..." Ashton says, taking off his fingers, but leaving his thumb on my clit, stroking it slowly. It makes me jolt at every stroke, fueling the high that takes over my body.
"Get used to what?" I manage to ask after I regain a little bit of my breathing pattern back.
"Watching you cum... Watching you fill up with pleasure... And try to stay quiet... I love it... I can't get enough." He smiles at me, slowly taking his thumb away.
"You'd better not. Because I have signed up for a life long membership of orgasm by you." I remind him, earning a chuckle.
"That could potentially result in more trouble..." He sasses and I shrug, cocking an eyebrow at him.
"I wouldn't mind more trouble. Maybe a boy trouble this time, so the gap can be smaller." I state, watching Ashton face become more intrigued about my proposal.
"I could arrange that..." He murmurs, making me shake my head.

"Daddy, I am starving..." Leah complains as we walk back in the car. She is in her daddy's arms, leaning her little head on his shoulder, making Ashton smile at her remark. He is in a good mood, definitely in a better mood than before, even though it would have been impossible since he has been in a good mood since we landed in Australia.
"We can go eat now, ladybug. What do you want to eat?" He asks, turning to look at us. Jackson is walking right next to him, tired from playing around while we were in the boat. The twins are in an even worse condition, May a little more cheerful than April, but both exhausted.
"Maccas's good." Jackson shrugs his shoulders, his voice being more quiet than usual.
"Macca's it is, then..." Ashton chuckles, fluffing his messy curls.
"April, May... Do you want something else maybe?" I turn to look at them. April shrugs her shoulders, still typing on her phone.
"McDonald's is fine..." She brushes me off, still tapping away.
"Macca's it is then..." I mumble, sighing as my children gather around their dad.

The kids are practically passed out after eating, Ashton having to carry Jax and Leah back in the room.
"I'll bathe Leah, you do Jackson. And I will help the girls with the sunburns on their shoulders." I whisper to Ashton as I unlock the Airbnb apartment we are staying.
"Mommy, we can help each other. We will be fine." May says, smiling at me.
"Ok then. I take Leah, daddy takes Jax. And I will see you 2 in a bit. Aloe gel is in the fridge," I smile at them, picking Leah from Ashton's chest.
"Need any help from us, mom? April offers and I shake my head no.
"I am good, bunny. I got this." I smile, carrying Leah in the bathroom.
"Mommy, I am so tired. Can I sleep in the bathtub like in the movies?" She asks me as I set her on the bathroom counter to let her out of her clothes.
"No more watching movies with your sisters, missy. And no, because you are a big girl and you need to take a nice bath, to get clean and ready to bed. And then you can sleep on your bed." I explain, leaving a kiss on her forehead.
"But I am so tired... Daddy would let me." She whines, throwing her head back.
"He would, huh? Well, daddy is taking care of Jax now, and I take care of you, so..." I chuckle, picking her up and putting her in the bathtub.

"The tiny little humans are asleep." Ashton announces, closing the door behind him.
"What about the middle-sized humans?" I ask, making him chuckle.
"Had to practically make them put their phones down. But they are asleep, I checked." He says, resting on the bed with a sigh.
"You think they did not shove their phones under the pillows and waited for you to be gone so they could pick them right up... Your daughters are smart, they got it from their mama." I cup his face to kiss him.
"Damn... And I wanted them to be asleep so I can have fun with their mama... Maybe give them one more sibling..." He whispers, pushing me to lay on my back and hovering above me. I giggle, placing my hands on his jaw and leaning up to kiss him.
"Are you serious? About having another baby? We have 4 already..." I ask him. He gasps and looks at me surprised.
"We have 4 already? I had no clue about that." He shakes his head.
"Ok, you are mocking me now... But I am serious. Do you want another baby?" I ask. He looks at me with a smile.
"Of course I want. One or two or three more. I want all I can get from you. Do you want another baby?" He asks. I smile and nod, almost instinctively.
"I do. Not three, if that's possible. But I want one. Or two." I shrug, causing him to chuckle.
"Then we can start trying. I can even put a baby inside you, right now." He wiggles his eyebrows, slotting his body between my thighs.
"Oh yeah? You can do that?" I ask, bunching his t-shirt in my hand.
"I can... Let me just show you." He says confidently, grabbing the t-shirt and pulling it off his body.
"You don't mind impregnating me on another person's bed?" I ask, smirking at him as I hook my toes in the waistband of his sweatpants.
"It will be the best damn thing that will ever happen on this bed." He replies, reaching to get me naked.

"Spread those legs for me..." He demands, leaving a slap on the side of my ass. I do as I am told, without putting on a fight. He has this tone, this sparkle in his eyes that screams 'I am going to fuck you up so good you'll beg for mercy', and I love that tone, I love that look, I love that sparkle. He tears my underwear apart, making me yelp a little in protest. Instinctively, I shut my legs, pressing my thighs together. The pressure feels good, relieving a little bit if the tingling in my sex. Ashton groans and prays my legs apart, bringing his fingers to stroke my sex. 3 fingers press down on my clit, rubbing it in circles.
"No fingers. I had them inside me a few hours before. Just fuck me. I need to feel you throb inside me. I need you." I whimper, looking at Ashton, who scans my body.
"Need me, huh? Well, I can tell. See how wet you are for me..." He taunts me, getting that cocky smile back on his lips. I watch him like a hawk as he takes his sweatpants off, freeing his cock and stroking it a couple of times as moves closer to me. He runs his tip along my folds, making me feel how hard he is. He slips in the very tip of his cock a couple of times, causing gasps of surprise to roll from my lips every time he pulls out. I try to buck my hips up to let him thrust in me, but he pins my hips down with his free hand, chuckling at how impatient I am getting.
"Just, please... Please..." I plead, feeling like my body is on fire.
"Eager much?" He whispers, leaning in to engulf my lips with his. And as his tongue traces my bottom lip, asking for permission, he thrusts in me, rolling his hips upward. And I feel every inch of him, every vein. I relax back on the pillows, purring softly as I part from his lips. He goes slow, teasingly slow, letting out soft breaths as he does. I look at him with my mouth open, watching him as his face contorts from soft to completely focused. He holds my body down as he gives me a forceful thrust, making me slide back a little.
"Ash..." I breathe out, reaching down to wrap my fingers around his wrist.
"Feels good, baby?" He asks as if he doesn't know the answer already.
"Do it again." I almost demand, voice coming out trembling.
"Oh, I will." He declares, almost threateningly. He brings the hand that I am holding onto to cup my face, touch it softly in the beginning before his fingers press onto my face and hold it still. He brings his lips to mine, driving his cock deep inside me. I feel him in my stomach, so intensely that I bite onto his lip. I inflect my leg, bringing my thigh close to his ribcage, giving him better access. Ashton holds onto it, supporting himself so he can thrust deeper in me. With every pound he is giving me, he breaths harder, heavier, moans twisting with his breaths.
"You look so good like that..." I whisper as I bring my hand to stroke his pec.
"Yeah? I look good? Maybe next time I should fuck you in front of a mirror, make you look how great my view is as I fuck this pretty pussy." He growls, reaching down between our bodies and using his thumb to stroke my clit. I feel my breath getting caught to the back of my throat, pussy pulsing as he pounds in me fast, rubbing my clit even faster.
"Shush, princess. The kids are going to hear you." He smirks, enjoying the fact that he has me writhing underneath him. I bring my hand to my mouth, biting onto it to prevent myself from screaming as Ashton rams into me.
"There... Right there..." I let out as Ashton hits my spot just right.
"There, princess?" He asks me, sneering as he hits the same spot again, only this time harder. I bite my hand again, letting the scream become absorbed by it. My toes curl, my whole body reacting to every touch he is giving me at this moment.
"Wanna cum, pretty girl?" He asks me, stroking my clit faster. I nod my head, pressing my hand harder on my mouth. But Ashton preys it away, covering my mouth with his. He slips his tongue in my mouth as he still pounds his hips on mine, making me clench around him with every thrust. I try to kiss him back, but moaning makes it hard for me to do that. I try to move back as it gets too much for me, but he keeps me steady by my thigh, complaining against my mouth.
My head tilts back as I get there, eyes rolling back at the surge of pleasure. I manage to keep myself quiet, so quiet that I hear my heartbeat in my ears.
"Fuck, you feel so good, milking my cock." Ashton leans in my ear, whispering and biting my earlobe. My orgasm lasts longer as he keeps on thrusting inside me, reaching for his own high.
He becomes sloppy, my wetness making it so much easier to slip in and out of me. His mouth is focusing on my neck, trailing from my ear all the way to my collarbone.
I feel the vibrations from his moans on my skin as he cums, filling me up and making me feel warm and exhausted.

Ashton collapses next to me, gasping for air.
"Shit..." He mumbles, his body still being tensed.
"I know... 4 guys later and you still got it..." I chuckle, turning on my side and leaving a kiss on his shoulder cap.
"5... I just put a baby in there..." He says cockily, pulling me closer.
"Don't get your hopes up already..." I giggle and trace a pattern on his chest.
"Wanna bet that in a few weeks you'll tell me we are having baby number 5?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow at me.
"Those things take time. I might not get pregnant right away. But that means we will get to have tons of sex..." I kiss his neck as he hums satisfied.
"I don't think we will have to, though. A baby Irwin is in there already..." He states, totally confident about this.
"Well, we will have to wait and see..." I relax on his chest, planting a kiss on it.  


Chapter Text

‘You need to come to the hospital… Now.’ The text lit up my screen, the sound of the message catching my attention. I turn my gaze from my computer to my phone, reading the text from Luke. First thing first, it is rare for Luke to be up at 4 in the morning; the man loves to sleep. And then, why do I need to go to the hospital? And which hospital?
I pick up my phone, deciding to call him for more details.
One time, two times, three and he picks it up. His breath is harsh and rushed as he picks up the phone.
”Lu, what is going on?” I ask, cutting straight to the point.
”Ashton got mugged. He was beaten up badly. Get here now.” He sounds panicked; my stomach drops, mouth getting dry and my mind still spinning as I try to wrap around what has just happened.
”Which hospital?” I manage to ask, closing my laptop and pushing myself off my desk chair.
”St. Vincent. Hurry.” He replies and the line goes dead.
’Hurry.’ He wouldn’t be telling me to hurry if it wasn’t an emergency. Which means that Ashton is in danger… My knees feel weak at the thought of it, but I refuse to believe that. Ashton is fine, Ashton is ok… He will be ok. I repeat in my head, almost like a prayer, almost like I am trying to convince fate that he has to be alright.

I didn’t even change out of my homewear, I didn’t even realize that I made it to the hospital. I was crying the whole ride there, my driver knew better than to ask me any questions or try to engage in a conversation. I pay for the ride and rush to get out of the car, running to the entrance of the hospital. I just want to get in, find they guys and hear that in the minutes it took me to get here, Ashton got better, that they have treated them and he will be fine. That in the end, I didn’t need to rush that badly.
”(Y/N)…” I hear a familiar voice call me as I enter the hospital. I turn around and find Calum waiting for me by the emergency entrance. I take in his face, red and stained with tears, I take in his body, tensed and stiff. He shoulders are dropped low, and he is looking at me with pity and sadness.
”No… Don’t you dare look at me like that. He is fine.” I try to cut this bullshit off, but Calum shakes his head negatively.
”They beat him up badly. It was hard for us to even recognize him. And the doctors… They said it is back… They said that there are chances he…” Calum stops looking at me, not daring to let out the words.
”No! Don’t you ever doubt him. He is the strongest and most stubborn person I know. He is going to be fine.” I almost scold him, but Calum comes closer to me and hugs me.
”He has been asking for you. He is not consenting to any procedures until he sees you.” Calum explains and I look at him weirdly.
”That means he is still conscious. That’s good. But why me?” I ask as we walk further inside. Calum shrugs his shoulders and rubs his eyes.
”I don’t know. I am scared, (Y/N). I am scared that he is only keeping up to see you. And now that you are here…” He breaks down sobbing. I try to hold it together, hug him and rub his shoulder to soothe him.

We walk to where the rest of the visitors are gathered, finding everyone either looking blank or sobbing.
”I’ll tell the doctors you are here.” Calum walks away to where the doctors are examining. Everything is blurry, all of the sounds becoming hazy and banging in my brain.
”You can go in. But they will only give you 5 minutes.” Calum explains and I nod, gulping the lump in my throat before I follow the nurse who smiles sympathetically at me. Ashton is surrounded by doctors, all of them whispering some course of treatment.
”Leave us alone…” Ashton struggles to talk. The doctors look at me before the move out of the room, only one staying by the door.
I walk to the bed, watching Ashton hold onto the ventilator mask. He smiles at me softly, taking the mask off his face.
”Keep it, you need it.” I try to reason him. He extends his hand to me weakly, and I rush to him, knowing better than to torture him for long.
”I need to talk to you before it is too late.” He wheezes; I close my eyes, fighting to stay calm and not show him how much it pains me to watch him in this condition.
”You have time. You can tell me whatever it is that you want to tell me after they take care of you.” I almost beg him, pointing to the crowd of doctors outside the room.
”There is not enough time. Let me speak.” He brings the mask to his face, taking a big breath into it. I nod my head and wipe the tears running from my eyes, smiling as I turn to look at him.
”I love you. I have been in love with you since the day you stepped into that party. I love everything about you, from your smile to how your mind works. I love you so much that it hurts me to think I would ever have to pass away without telling you. I wish I had more time. I wish I had more time to spend with you. And I am sorry I don’t. But I wanted to tell you. I wanted you to know that you are the most extraordinary person in my world and when I die tonight, I will be gone knowing that I let you know.” He only stops to take breaths from the ventilator.
”You are wrong. You will not die tonight. You will not, I will not let that happen. You are going to be ok and you are going to take me out on a date. And you are going to have all the time in the world to love me and be loved by me. Because I love you too. So, please, let them take care of you, fix you up and I will be right here waiting for you to take me on that day. Don’t die on me, please…” I lean in to kiss the side of his mouth before I motion the doctors to come in.

I get out of the room, gasping for air as I collapse on the floor, letting myself cry my heart out. I bring my knees to my chest, sobbing at the thought of living without him. Especially now that I know he loves me. Now that I get to finally have him. He can’t die. If there is God, Ashton will not be taken away from me.
”(Y/N)?” Calum kneels down next me, followed by the rest of the guys. A nurse rushes to me as well, kneeling down to check on me.
”He can’t die. No… He can’t.” I mumble, unable to move from the floor.
”He won’t. He will be fine and we will be thinking about this day and laugh about it. He will be fine.” Sierra kneels in front of me, holding my face in her hands.

Luke hands me a cup of coffee, taking a seat next to me in the waiting room.
”You should go back home and rest a bit. Eat, have a shower, sleep. Maybe go to work. He won’t wake up anytime soon.” Luke whispers, placing a hand on my shoulder. I shake my head no, taking a sip of my coffee.
”I am not leaving. Not until he wakes up. I have taken some personal days off work and I paid one of the nurses to let me shower in the changing room. And your girlfriend shoves food down my throat every 10 minutes. I am fine. You should head home. All of you. If something happens, I will call you.” I state, pointing to the people sleeping on the chairs of the waiting room.
”No one is leaving. We are here until he wakes up.” He says.
”It’s been 3 days. Go home for an hour or two. Take care of Petunia. Maybe bring me some clothes to change.” I reach in my pocket for my keys, handing them to him. He looks at me and sighs, nodding his head.
”We will be back in a few hours.” He sighs, getting up to wake Sierra up.
”I’ll call you if anything happens.” I rest back on my chair, keeping my cup close to my face for warmth.

I manage to rest my eyes for about 20 minutes before Calum tries to throw his jacket on me to warm me up. I groan and sit up, watching him sit down on the chair next to me.
”Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.” He apologizes, smiling softly.
”It’s alright. I didn’t need more sleep.” I brush it off. I look around me, finding that the rest of the gang is gone, except Ashton’s mother, who flew over to be here for her son.
”They will be back in a couple of hours. I convinced them to take shifts being here, so we can rest a bit.”
”I am staying all day. No shifts.” I reply and he nods.
”I figured. So I told everyone to come over with decent food and good coffee for you. But you will wilt if you keep doing that.” He sighs.
”It will be over when he wakes up. I will get better when he does.” I reply. Calum nods his head, rubbing his eyes.
”What did he tell you? When you got in the room. You were the last person he spoke to before the surgeries, before the comma.” He asks me, turning his body so he can look at me.
”He told me he loves me. And I told him I do too. And then I told him he needs to get better so he can take me on a date. He loves me.” I feel my eyes brim with tears.
”He finally told you? It took a while…” Calum laughs, rubbing his thumb over my hand.
”You knew?” I ask and he chuckles.
”Practically everyone but you knew. He will be fine. He has to, now that he knows you two have a chance together. He won’t let that go to waste. He loves you.” Calum comforts me. I lean my head on his shoulder, smiling at the thought of spending a life with him.


I never thought I would have to go through this. I never thought I would be walking behind his casket, followed by every single one of his friends and family. I tried to cover my puffy eyes with a pair of sunglasses, but it is more than obvious that I am sobbing under them. His mom looks devastated, on the verge of collapsing. Parents are not supposed to be burying their children.
Calum, Luke, and Michael are sticking together, trying to soothe themselves while Sierra and Crystal try to comfort Lauren and Harry. I asked them to leave me alone. They didn’t obey me. So, then I snapped. I told them I would beat their asses if they even think to come near me during the funeral.
Ashton never got out of the comma; the doctors told us after 40 days that the chances for him to wake up are slim to none. For 40 days, no one dared leave the hospital for more than 2 hours, no one had the courage. For 40 days, we held our breaths and prayed silently. But he had no signs of brain activity. So, his mother decided that since he didn’t show any signs of getting better, Ashton would have to get off of life support. We gathered inside his room, all of us crying, all of us cursing fate for that. The doctors talked us through the procedure, step by step. But I never got a moment, just me and him. I didn’t get to hold him as he breathed his last breath. I didn’t get to comfort him in his last moments. I never got my love story with him.
I watch as they lower the casket in the ground. I watch as everyone goes silent, as they throw flowers in his grave.
They never caught the person or people who did that to him. At least not until now. But they have no leads, so it might as well be a dead end.
I feel dissociated from all of this like I am having an out-of-body experience while the man I have been loving for so long is buried. 
Like all of this is just a dream.
All of this is just a dream.
This is just a dream.
Just a dream.
A dream.

“Baby, baby wake up…” I am shaken by Ashton. I open my eyes, finding him hovering over me as he grabs me by my shoulder, shaking me out of sleep. I gasp for air, reaching to touch his face, his skin, to realize he is here, skin and bones, alive, breathing and existing. That I am not into a Black Mirror episode or shit.
”You are here…” I gasp, feeling myself sweating.
”I am here, baby.” He places a hand on my bulging stomach, stroking my baby bump.
”It was a dream…” I sigh, hugging him close to my body.
”Did you see that I died again?” He asks, handing me the glass of water on the bedside table.
”Yeah, I saw you never woke up from the comma.” I reply after I take a sip of water.
”But I did, baby. I woke up and I am fine. It was just a nightmare.” He reminds me, leaving a kiss on my forehead.
”You are fine, I am fine, the baby is fine.” I remind myself, resting back on my pillow.
”Everyone’s fine. I promise.” He plants a kiss on my lips before he brings his lips to my belly, leaving a kiss on it too.
”Will you cuddle me back to sleep?” I ask and he hums, wrapping his arm around my waist, palm resting below my belly button.
”Wanna hear the prettiest story?” He asks and I purr in approval.
”It is about how I got the prettiest girl in the world to become my wife.” He whispers, kissing my shoulder blade. 


Chapter Text


"Where is he?" I ask, rushing in the hospital waiting room. Calum stands up, walking to hug me and calm me down. 
"He is fine. They have him inside to scan his arm and hand for fractures. He seemed ok though..." He explains, pulling me to sit on one of the chairs. 
"Yeah, he seemed ok..." I mumble sarcastically, rolling my eyes as I rest back. 
"I promise to you, (Y/N), he was alright. It's probably just a sprained wrist." Calum sighs, rubbing his temples.
"How did it happen?" I ask, trying to relax back on the chair. 
"We were playing ball and he fucking slipped and started groaning. So I brought him over. He was fine, though, just hurting." 
"Calum, no offense but, 'He was fine, just hurting' is not only contradictory but also has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard someone, anyone say." I reply bitterly, folding my arms in front of my chest. 
"You are turning into a little bit of a bitch when you are worried." He comments and I huff annoyed. 
"Oh, were your feelings bruised? So sorry. It's a good thing we are in the hospital and they can take care of them, too." I say snarly, cocking an eyebrow at him. 
"God, why did I ever hook you up with my best friend?" He giggles, earning a pinch on his shoulder. 
"I am sorry. I am just very worried..." 
"I know, hon. I would be mad if you weren't worried and bitchy." He replies, looking at me sympathetically. 

"You are never, ever, ever again playing ball or I swear to God I will not give you a blowie ever again." I rush to Ashton as he walks into the waiting room. I hug him close, not letting him go anywhere for a few moments. 
"Damn it, baby. I didn't die, I am right here, standing well. You don't have to worry, baby." He assures me, pecking the top of my head. 
"No. I got fucking scared you moron. You get a call one morning and they tell you that the love of your life got hurt and is at the hospital. Would you not be scared?" I ask, resting my head against his chest and listening to his heartbeat. 
"I would be shitless scared of losing you." He admits. 
"What did the doctor say, mate?" Calum asks after he gives us some time for ourselves. 
"I fractured my fingers and there is a small crack on my wrist. I have to wear a cast for at least a month." He replies, holding up his hand which is in a cast now. 
"No... That is fucking bad..." Calum gasps, covering his mouth with his hand.
"I know. I am sorry." Ashton sighs, devastated. 
"What? Why are you reacting like that?" I ask, confused at how heavy they are taking this. 
"I will have to sit out of some practices for the tour..." He explains, sighing disappointed. 
"You will still have time before the tour, even after taking off the cast." I try to comfort him, patting his back softly. 
"Yeah, bud... We will be fine." Calum joins in, smiling at Ashton softly. 
"Plus, I will take such good care of you, that your hand is going to heal even faster." I wink at him, taking his hand in mine. 
"I suppose that this is not that bad." He replies, smirking at me. 
"You guys are so fucking gross." Calum groans at us, joining us as we walk towards the elevators. "What are you, 5? Only 5-year-olds are grossed out by the mention of sex..." Ashton comments, throwing his arm around my shoulders. 
"He is only jealous because he is single as fuck and you are the one getting laid every night." I giggle, putting my hand in the back pocket of his sweatpants. 
"Hey, I am getting laid too." Calum protests, making us both laugh. 
"Your hand doesn't count, Cal." Ashton mocks him. 
"Well, at least I still have a hand." Calum snaps. 
"Well, Ashton doesn't need one." I wink at Ashton, moving ahead to call the elevator. 

"Do you need help with that?" I ask Ashton, watching him as he struggles to eat his meal. 
"No. I can do it." He states, struggling to cut the steak. 
"Let me help, baby..." I insist, trying to pull his plate from him. He pulls it away, looking at me angrily. 
"(Y/N), I can do things by my fucking self. Ok? There is no need to be my babysitter." He snaps at me, hitting his hand on the table. I gasp and twitch back, looking at him in utter surprise; he has never done that before, he was always the calmest, softest he could be around me. My chest rises and falls, and I catch myself feeling scared, stomach tightened and hands trembling. 
I pull my chair back and get up from the table, picking up my plate and throwing it into the kitchen sink, before I rush to our bedroom. 
"Oh, come on... Don't be such a baby." I hear Ashton says as I leave, but decide to bite my tongue and not ignite the fire. 

"Baby..." I hear Ashton whisper from the door of our bedroom. I pretend I am asleep, not in a mood to have a fight tonight. I hear him sigh and move inside, walking on his side of the bed. I feel the bed shift as he sits down and strokes my hair. 
"I know you are not asleep, baby. I am sorry for being an asshole before, you don't deserve it. I love you, princess. And I am so sorry I made you feel unsafe." He whispers, leaning down to press a kiss on my forehead before he picks up his pillow and gets up from the bed. I stay frozen, unreactive to his apology while he walks out. My heart aches for how sad he sounded, but he was truly an asshole to me. 
For 10 minutes, I sit on the bed, knees to my chest as I try to think of how to approach him after this, make him soften and show him that I want to put this behind us. 
So, I get up from the bed, pull my hair in a bun and slip into one of his oversized band tees and nothing else but my panties before I tiptoe to the living room, finding Ashton with his pillow propped against the couch's arm. 
"Hi there." I whisper, moving to sit on the edge of the couch. He averts his gaze from the screen, humming satisfied as he sees my soft expression. 
"Hi. Thought you were asleep." He teases me, making me smile at him and punch his shoulder softly. 
"Can't sleep without you, you know that." I reply and he hums. 
"One of the disadvantages of being in love with me." He strokes his thumb over my thigh. I chuckle and move to straddle his lap, biting my lip as I smile down at him. 
"Wanna come back to our bed? Please? I need you." I pout and he smirks. 
"For?" He asks, placing his palm on my leg. 
"For cuddles... After you pound me down on the mattress and rearrange my guts." I wiggle my hips down on his length, watching him as he closes his eyes. 
"I will do all that?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow at me. 
"You don't want to?" I ask, cradling his face in my hands. 
"More than anything. I wanna feel all of you." He replies, looking at me with his eyes all sparkly. 
"Then, let's get to bed." I stand up, extending my hand for him to take it. He takes it, following right behind me as I lead us to the bedroom. 
"I haven't had sex since the night before the accident." I realize, frowning a little at Ashton who chuckles. 
"What a coincidence, me neither." He replies, making me roll my eyes at him. 
"Yeah, we would be having an issue if you had." I pull him in for a kiss, bunching his t-shirt in my hand. He responds by cornering me up against the door of our bedroom, pressing his hips on mine. I feel his bulging member against my stomach, causing me to start clenching round nothing, while my thighs stay pressed together. 
His hand goes down my body, stopping on my hip, under the t-shirt. His fingers tangle in my panties, raising goosebumps to my skin. 
"You are going to drive me insane... Fucking insane." He whispers under his breath before he crashes his lips on mine. I lean my head back on the wall, wrapping my leg around his waist. 
"That's my fucking plan." I reply in between kisses. 
"Oh yeah? Well, we will have to see about that..." He replies, slipping his hand inside my panties. He uses his middle and ring finger to apply pressure to my clit and rub it back and forth, testing me to see how much I want him. 
"Look at that, princess. Your clit is throbbing..." He whispers, leaning closer to bite my earlobe. 
I grab his wrist and press my core more on his hand, guiding his hand where I want it. 
"Please... I  need your fingers... Please..." I plead for him, causing him to chuckle loudly. 
"Alright then..." He says as he slips his fingers inside me. 
Usually, I would have been already melting under his touch, but the sensation is weird, almost out of rhythm.  
He must have sensed that too since he is groaning and trying to find an angle to thrust his fingers better. 
"Give me a second, love. I will make you feel good, I promise." He struggles to find the right way, hit the right spot and get me begging for more. 
The poor guy tries to fingerbang me,  but without his dominant hand, it barely feels like he is touching me. I can see the disappointment in his eyes, the frustration and agony as he looks for a reaction in me. 
I sigh, contemplating just faking it for his sake, but he knows my body and reactions, so he would see that something is wrong. 
"Babe... I don't think this is going somewhere. Let's skip to the main course..." I suggest, looking in his eyes.  He looks totally disappointed, confused by the fact he couldn't please me. 
"No... No... I can do it... Just give me a few more minutes." He pleads. I grab his hand and push it away, fixing my panties.
"It doesn't feel right baby... Let's get to the real thing." I suggest, trying to take his hand and take him to our bed. 
"No... I am not in the mood." He snaps at me, walking out of the room. 
"It's alright... We can just cuddle on the bed." I suggest, moving right behind him. 
"No. I will sleep on the couch tonight." He states, without turning to give me at least a look. 
"For God's sake, Ashton. Stop being so fucking moody. It's not a biggie that you couldn't make me cum with your fingers..." I cry out; he finally turns to look at me, eyes wide and jaw tensed. 
"End of the fucking discussion. I will see you in the morning." He groans, walking away. 
I close my eyes and take a deep breath; I am really trying to be understanding right now, and in general, I understand that this situation is challenging for him, but he has become unbearably obnoxious. 
I return to the room, walking in the closet and grabbing a pair of jeans. I change into my sneakers and pick up my purse, throwing inside my phone before I leave the bedroom. I jog downstairs, passing by the couch Ashton is sitting at the moment. 
"Where are you going?" He asks me, getting up and walking behind me. 
"I am going out for a drink. Maybe I'll sleep at a friends house, so don't wait up." I say without turning to look at him. 
"You are shitting me right now, right? You are going out? After this?" He moves in front of me. 
"I am totally not shitting you. You are sleeping on the couch, I am sleeping out. If you keep on having this obnoxious behavior, I might sleep out tomorrow as well." I reply, grabbing my keys from the island near the door. 
"(Y/N), for fuck's sake... Can't you stay and talk? Maybe we can figure it out..." Ashton grabs me by my shoulders. I shimmy out of his grip, moving to unlock the door. 
"I will see you in the morning." Is all I say before I leave the house. 


 (Ashton's POV)
"You look like fucking shit, mate." Calum giggles as he hands me the paper cup. 
"Thanks. This is a very polite way to respond to your best friend who is hurt." I respond, bringing the cup to my lips. 
"Yeah, but you still look like shit..." He shrugs as he spreads on the couch. 
"I didn't sleep last night." I reply, rubbing my face. 
"Why?" He asks, pushing his eyebrows together. 
"(Y/N) and I had a fight. She left the house and turned off her phone." I explain. 
"Because I am a prick and I destroy everything beautiful in my life." 
"You are such a drama queen, mate." He laughs at me, shaking his head. 
"I am not kidding. She slept out of the house and she is not responding to my texts, her phone is turned off. She hates me..." I sigh and he chuckles. 
"She slept at my place, moron. I wasn't in the mood of watching your zombie face this early in the morning. She told me you had a fight and I wanted to check if you are ok." He replies and I shot up. 
"She slept at yours?" I ask, sitting on the couch he is sitting. 
"Yeah. She came to my place at like 10:30. She was so freaking angry at you and asked if she could sleep on my couch." 
"You made my girlfriend sit on the couch, Hood?" I grab him by his t-shirt. 
"Dude, chill. I have a guest room, she slept there. I left before she got up. You have to fix this, mate, she seemed done with your shit." He says, cocking an eyebrow. 
"I really am hitting rock bottom." 
"Well, no matter what you are going through, she wants to be by your side, so stop trying to push her away." He tilts his head to the side, making me nod my head. 


It is dark outside when the door opens and (Y/N) walks in. She is still in the clothes she was wearing last night and she looks exhausted. I jump towards her, wrapping my arms around her and holding her to my body. 
"I am sorry. I missed you so much... So so much... I am a fucking jerk." I whisper. She stays unresponsive, no hugging back, no words leaving her lips. 
"I am tired." She simply says, pulling away from me. She looks at me without conveying any emotion,  just hauntingly hollow eyes and a face so neutral that makes my stomach hurts.
"Oh... Can we talk before we go to bed?" I ask her; she takes away her eyes from me looking at her feet. 
"Actually, I think I will sleep in the guest room for a couple of nights, I don't feel like sharing the bed with you, especially now that you are hot and cold all the time." She states; the worst part of it is that she doesn't sound sad, or upset, or sorry, she is casual about it. 
"(Y/N), please." 
"Ash, it is my decision, please respect it." She says sternly.
"Ok, whatever makes you feel comfortable..." I nod my head while looking at my feet.
She leaves for upstairs without saying another word, and I am left looking at her as she walks away. 

It goes like that for the next 3 weeks. For 3 weeks she sleeps in the guest room. I tried approaching her in the first few days, I tried talking to her, make romantic moves. But she keeps on giving me the cold shoulder, keeps on sleeping on the single bed in the guest room, keeps on spending her days in there. The house is quiet at all times, the silence sitting heavy in the rooms. 
It is a big win that she is eating dinner with me for the past few days; of course, again we eat in silence. 
"I have an appointment at the doctor's tomorrow at 11. Can you drive me, please?" I decide to break the silence. She leaves her fork on her plate and swallows her food before speaking.
"Can you ask Calum? They need me in the studio and I have to pick up some samples for Debby's wedding cake." She says and I nod, rubbing my eyes. 
"Yeah, sure... Don't worry about it. So, how are the preparation for Debby's wedding going?" I ask, hoping she will open a conversation. 
"I don't really know. She asked me to do very specific things because she wants us to be amazed in her wedding day, so everything is very secretive..." She replies, looking at her plate and picking at her food. 
"I see. Well, at least you'll get some cake." I comment and she nods. 
"At least I'll eat that." She mumbles under her breath, digging in her food. 


"I have to say, I am impressed. You healed pretty quickly. I would have expected at least one more week of the cast on, but if you take a look in here, you don't actually need it." The doctor says, pointing to the area of the scan that shows my healed wrist. 
"Of course, the fracture was minor, but still, I am impressed by the result." The doctor continues. 
"That's good, that's good. When can I take off the cast?" I ask, pointing to it. 
"Right now, actually. I would also like to take a look at your motor in the hand. Nothing too hard, I just want to make sure that you will not need extra physical therapy for that." The doctor suggests, walking to me and taking a scissor for the cast. 
"After that I can go back to my normal life, right?" I ask and the doctor chuckles. 
"Well, we will see after the examination. But given your occupation, I would suggest avoiding drumming for a few more days, less than a week, though." He explains and I nod. 

I walk out of the office, finding Calum sitting on the chairs next to the door. I hold my wrist up and Calum cheers, standing up. 
"Finally. The cast had turned hideously filthy." He giggles, patting my shoulder. 
"I can finally scratch the itch." I comment, walking next to him. 
"When can you get back to practicing for the tour? We need to pick it up now." 
"He said that for a couple of days I should refrain from it, so, I think that I will give it until Tuesday, then we can start." I reply, shrugging my shoulders. 
"You are still not talking with (Y/N)?" He asks me. 
"She has been sleeping in the guest room and we barely talk. I screwed up. I think she is going to break up with me." I admit as we enter the elevator. 
"I don't think she will. She is just stubborn and waits for the crisis to be over. But most importantly, she is in love with you. I don't know why, but she is." He explains, raising his hands in defeat. 
"I am truly sorry I was a jackass." 
"You know I am not the one you should be telling that to. She needs to hear it and understand that you truly understood that you were wrong. So, do something about it." He suggests, fishing his phone out of his pocket. 


I walk inside the studio (Y/N) is filming today, holding a bouquet of flowers in my newly free hand. I am greeted by one of the assistance, who guided me to her trailer to wait until they are done with the scene. I have been here a thousand times, but it feels strange all of a sudden. 
In my head, I repeat what I want to tell her, word by word, trying to make a sense out of it and put my words in order. 
But no matter how many times I repeated them, the moment the door opened and I saw her, it all went away. 
"Hi... What are you doing here?" She asks me, closing the door behind her. I stand up, pushing the bouquet in front of her. 
"I came to see you. I have missed you." I state. 
"You saw me last night..." She looks at me weirded out. 
"I think you know what I mean, (Y/N). We barely talk. I have missed my girlfriend. And I know it is my fault, I know that I have been nothing less than an asshole, and I am so sorry about that. I regret pushing you away, and I regret not trying harder, but I want to fix it, I want to fix us. I love you more than I thought possible and I am sorry I wasn't showing it." I state, holding my breath after I am done to wait for her reaction. 
She throws the flowers on the couch, taking a step towards me. 
"If you don't kiss me in the next 5 seconds, I will have the security remove you, I swear to God, Irwin." She says, smiling at me. I push her chin up, leaning down to engulf her lips with mine. Her lips are soft and taste like vanilla lip balm, making me hungry for her. She stands on her tippy toes, wrapping her arms around my neck to hold herself close to me. I wrap my arms around her waist, hands creeping down her ass slowly. My body relaxes as I feel her against me, the only thing that I have been craving for weeks finally becoming mine. 
"How long until they call you in?" I ask pulling from her lips and kissing down her chin. 
"I am actually done for the day." She replies, tilting her head back to give me access to her neck. 
"Ok, then." I simply say before I lean down to pick her up, wrapping her legs around my waist as I carry her to the small bed in the back of her trailer. 
"What are you doing? You know we can leave, right?" She asks me as I lay her down. 
"I can't fucking wait, princess. I need you. Please tell me you need me too." I hover above her, caressing her cheek. 
"You have no idea how badly." She whispers, bringing a smile to my face. 
I reach down to unbutton her pants and slide them down her legs. She props herself up to look at me and my moves, intrigued but what I am going to do to her. 

(Y/N's POV)
He does not take his eyes off of me as he undresses me, kissing softly every part of my body that becomes exposed. 
"I've missed your body... I've missed you... I've missed everything about you..." He mumbles, removing my underwear. He holds my thighs spread apart before he uses his fingers to hold my lips open. 
"You are slick..." He comments, rubbing his thumb over my slit. My eyes blink rapidly, unable to form any word as I finally feel him touch me. 
"It's been weeks since the last time..." I let out, earning a chuckle from him. 
"Far too long." He comments, pressing his thumb on my clit before he rolls it softly. My toes curl as he moves his thumb, breathing becoming short and lips forming into an 'o'. 
"Feels good, baby?" He asks me and I nod, waiting to see what it is in for me next. 
"Well, let's see if this is going to make it even better." He whispers as he slips a finger inside me. He moves it circularly, teasing me before he slips a second and give me what I want. His fingers are pumping inside me, starting slow at first. 
"Better, baby?" He asks me. 
"It feels good, so good. But shouldn't you be careful with your fingers?" I ask, panicking for a moment. 
"Cast off, doc said I am fine." He replies, banging his fingers on my spot. My eyes widen as he does, feeling my stomach tighten; fucking finally. 
"Holy shit... Holy shit... Fuck... Ashton." I reach down to stroke his hair as his lips kiss my stomach. 
"You are so tight around my fingers, baby. Bet you will feel so good wrapped around my cock..." He says in his low voice, making me pull on his curls. He groans, pumping his fingers faster. My walls clench around them, hips moving closer to him involuntarily. 
His thumb doesn't leave my clit for even a moment, rolling it back and forth, slower than he pumps his fingers, just enough to keep me on the edge. 
"God, you are so good at this..." I moan out while he leaves a hickey on my stomach. 
"Maybe I can remind you what I can do with this tongue." He smiles against my skin. 
"No, no... Just your fingers, I love your fingers." I moan, biting my lip at the sensation. 
"Just fingers...?" He sounds cocky, pleased with himself. 
"For now." I squeak, bucking my hips in the air. He bangs his fingers inside me, jamming them right on my spot and looking at me mischievously. My hands bunch up into fists, nails digging into my palm. 
"For God's sake, you are fucking ravaging me..." I cover my face with my hand, trying to stop me from being heard from the whole production. 
"You should wait until I am balls-deep inside you to say that." He whispers; I can hear the smirk in his voice, which only causes chills to cover my body. 
"I wanna... I wanna... Fuck, I am cumming." I scream, arching my back off the mattress. I feel my pussy convulse around his fingers, stomach tightening and head spinning. 
"Look at that pussy... My pussy... Look how it pulses... Fuck, I've missed that..." Ashton comments, pumping his fingers inside me on last time before he pulls them out. 
He crawls on top of me, leaning down to kiss my lips softly. 
"Open that mouth for me, baby." He commands, grazing his thumb over my bottom lip. I look at him as innocently as I can while I open my mouth for him. He smirks and pushes his fingers in my mouth, letting me suck on them. 
"See how good you taste... Show me how good you are going to suck me off in a bit, babygirl... That's my good girl..." He praises me, looking into my eyes as I suck in my cheeks and swirl my tongue around his fingers. 
"Can you call Debby and tell her to fuck off and pick her own fucking cake samples?" He asks, kissing my jaw. 
"No, I can't do that... But I am yours after the tasting test." I reply, giggling as I tangle my fingers with his. 
"No, you don't get it, princess. You are mine already and we are leaving now. So, call Debby and tell her to fuck off." He replies, kissing my neck. 
"Where are we going?" I ask, earning a chuckle. 
"I am taking you away for the weekend and you are all mine and I am all yours for the following days, no distractions. So, if you can't call Debby yourself, I will call her and tell her to move her ass and pick her cake." He states, extending his hand for me to give him my phone. 
"Alright, I'll call her." I surrender, making him smile. 
"That's my good girl..." He says softly, leaning down to peck on my lips.  


Chapter Text

Calum is the cuddly, sleepy guy after the action. He is the one to wrap his arms around your waist and bringing you closer to him, leaving no space between the two of you.

Body Parts:He loves your boobs, the way they bounce as he fucks you, or when you wear low neckline shirts that reveal part of them

Body Parts:
He loves your boobs, the way they bounce as he fucks you, or when you wear low neckline shirts that reveal part of them. In all cases, he is mesmerized by them. 

Caught:One time you were having a quickie in his parents' house, in the bathroom while having a dinner with his family

One time you were having a quickie in his parents' house, in the bathroom while having a dinner with his family. As he had you pinned on the wall and he was balls deep in you, his aunt came in, catching you in action and leaving you two embarrassed.

Dirty Secret:
Other than his obvious pain kink (don't fight me on that), he has an impregnation kink as well. He loves watching his cum oozing out of you, risking to get you pregnant. 

Eating out:The boy knows how to use his tongue

Eating out:
The boy knows how to use his tongue. He loves to use the flat of his tongue to get to it, suck the clit lightly in his mouth and watch you writhe. He uses those long fingers too, making sure he has you melted by the time he is done with you. 

Favorite position:
On the wall. He likes the quickie nature of it, he loves that you are so close. Plus he adores the way your body slams against the wall.

He gets pretty goofy when you go down on him. He twitches and sticks his tongue out, grinning like a little boy. His sighs are the funniest part, causing you most of the time to choke from the laughter. 

In contrast to his messy curls, he keeps things groomed and neat down there. 

Calum builds it up for hours before the time to have you comes. He starts by running his fingers along your thigh in public, followed by a wink and by the time his lips are on your neck, you are an utter mess. During the actual action, Calum always praises you, strokes your body everywhere, places kisses on your most sensitive parts. 

Jack off:
Let's be honest, with the constant touring, Calum is pretty used to taking care of his needs, something he does when he is home too. However, when he is home, he mostly does it to tease you, sending you pics and videos of him stroking himself while moaning your names. 

Pain kink. He absolutely loves it when your nails dig deeper into his skin, when you bite harder on his shoulder. He groans every time you go a bit rougher, enjoying his babygirl being rough with him. 

Anything that could cause you harm, like knife play, extreme BDSM, bonds that are too tight, is off the limits for Calum. He would hate himself if he would cause you any harm. 

He might not be a moaning type of guy, but he is pretty vocal when it comes to sex. He groans, screams and hisses, especially when he hasn't seen you in a while. 

He has a great collection of pictures and videos of himself, which he uses to tease you whenever you don't pay attention to him. Likewise, you like to make sure to keep him updated on the way you look when he is on tour, loving to tease him before he goes on stage, making him walk around with a boner.

He loves both receiving and giving. He loves seeing you on your knees, pleasing him, with his dick down your throat, but also loves watching you from between your thighs, trying to control yourself from screaming as he flicks your clit with the tip of his tongue. 

He adores the adrenaline rushing through his veins when you have sex in his car, feeling like he can be seen pleasuring his girl, even though the windows are pretty opaque. Also, he loves it when you flash him when no one is watching, feeling the urge to pin you on the first wall he finds and fuck your brains out. 

He is a big fan of them. Whenever he can sneak 10 minutes, he literally drags you to a private place, removing just the essentials. 

Teacher/ Student. He loves having you beg for an extra credit but he also gets turned on being the student who has a crush on his teacher. 

He can last for hours and hours, switching positions every time, making sure the neighbors are up until early in the morning. 

That little shit loves to tease you, grazing your folds and making you beg. However, he hates it when you are the one teasing, his face turning red and his jaw clenching, cursing you for not giving him what he wants. 


He finds it unfair when you are teasing him, even slightly. He wants you and he wants you now. 

You are both loud, him being more vocal and you being a big moaner. 

Wild Card:
He loves nipple play; running his tongue over your buds, biting slightly until they are pointy, sucking them and make you go crazy. 

(We've all seen it, but ok...) He is a good 8inches, with a nice girth and thick veins to graze on your walls. 


He is almost all the time longing for the moment he will have you all to himself. 

He doesn't sleep too quickly. He takes his time to praise you, whisper sweet nothings in your ear or just stare at you. 



Chapter Text

Halloween Night, Part 1 

(Y/N's POV)

I can't take my eyes off him; his suit hugs his body perfectly, showing his toned figure, his glasses make him look so rough, so threatening...
I shouldn't feel attracted to him; I know how he is, hell I've even tried him. And it didn't work... An asshole stays an asshole. 
"Why don't you go talk to him?" Halsey asks me. 
"I don't want to talk to him." I reply, eyeing the girl he is talking to; another Harley Quinn for this Halloween...
"Her name is Alice..." Halsey says, giggling. 
"I didn't ask about her... " I say, trying to hide the fact that it is actually eating me alive to know if there is something going on between them.
"You didn't, but if eyes could kill, she would have been dead long ago." 
"Ashley, I am not in the mood..." 
"Go talk to him. I don't know what happened between you 2, but you are clearly not over it."
"Just leave me alone." I say, picking up a drink. I down almost half of it while my eyes are still on my Calum and Alice... I mean Calum and Alice. 
She is nice looking, with a smoking body, totally his type.

(Calum's POV) 
I see her there, her sparkly Charleston dress, wrapping her body everywhere right. She is talking with Halsey, drinking her drink and ignoring my existence. 
I shouldn't care... I mean, I can have whoever I want in this room, even the girl she is talking to me. But she looks so good tonight and I can't keep the fact that she was the best sex of my life out of my mind.
I still remember how she felt against me and how her moans sounded so nice. 
"Cal, can you come for a second?" Ashton asks as he approaches me. I nod at him and turn to Alice.
"Give me a second." I say to her and she nods at me before she turns to talk to her friend.

"What is it, mate?" 
"(Y/N) is jealous of you talking to Alice... Just giving you a heads up..." 
"How do you know?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. 
"Halsey went to check on her because she was looking right at you and Alice. I think she might be into you." He replies. 
"She is not..." I say. I know for sure; last time we talked, was to just tell to each other that we don't want to meet ever again. 
"How do you know?" He asks; Ashton, just like the rest of the world except me and (Y/N), is completely ignorant to the fact something went down between us two. 
"I just know. And even if she wants me, I don't want her." I say, shrugging my shoulders.

(Y/N's POV) 
It's not usual for me to use the gents' room, but the line in the ladies' was never-ending. 
I rest my elbows on the sink in front of me and try to take deep breaths. My jealousy has hit the ceiling and I am getting closer to the point where I burst and attack her. I don't know why I don't want her around him; I shouldn't care about him. But I fucking do, more and more each passing second I watch them interact.

"You know the ladies go next door." I hear the familiar accent. 
"Have you seen the line in there?" I say, turning to look at him. He has the black sunglasses on, looking so badass, it makes my ovaries explode. 
"Looking good, Hood." I compliment, turning to the mirror to apply my lipstick. I can see through the reflecting surface his growing side smirk and his sharp jawline. 
"Not looking bad yourself either (Y/N) " 
"I feel touched by your kindness." I mock him. 
"I haven't touched you yet, babygirl. And you and I both know that you like me better when I am not kind towards you. Don't you, kitten?" 
"That was for just once. And it was a while back." 
"It was six times that night and day. And I am sure that if we ask the management of that cheap motel we fucked our brains out, they'd still remember your screams and my moans and our grunts." 
"It was fun seeing you again. Now if you excuse me..." I say, trying to pass past him and get to the door. 
"Not excused. " He says, grabbing my wrist. 
The grip is tight, making me remember when one of his hands was holding my wrists above my head and the other was around my throat while he was slamming into me with all his force. 
"Calum..." I whimper. 
"You still want me, don't you? You still remember how good it felt when we were fucking, huh? You still get wet when you are around me, I know that. I can feel it."
"Calum..." I moan this time. 
"I still get a hard-on when I remember that day." 
"Cal, please..." 
"Please what?" He asks, his black glasses not covering his eyes anymore. 
"Please... just..." I don't manage to finish my sentence. His hand goes from my wrist to my waist as the other grabs my chin. 
I feel his lips against mine, rough and attacking. The kiss turns into a hungry fight for dominance. His tongue tries to push mine as mine tries to get in his mouth. His hand that was resting on my chin, goes to my neck, choking me lightly. I feel my wetness spread and my hands automatically go to his neck, scratching his caramel skin. He moans, biting my bottom lip. I whimper and gasp for air as his grip tightens. 
"I wanna fuck you right here and now." He growls as he releases my throat. 
"Not in here." I gasp. He bites his lip and nods. 
"Meet me in the parking in 5 minutes. I'll take you to the same motel, refresh the memory." He says before he crashes our lips one more time.

Chapter Text

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds of Summer 

[Calum's POV]
"I gotta go. My stomach is fucking me up tonight. Thanks for inviting me, Halsey..." I make up an excuse as I approach Ashton and Halsey. [A/N: I ship Ashton and Halsey so hard, it's insane...]
"Are you alright mate? Want me to come with you? " Ash asks.
"Nah, I'll be fine. Have fun." I say, hugging Halsey. I wave off the rest of the guys and exit the venue, heading straight to the garage, where my car is parked.
I really hope (Y/N) is already there, cause my pants are already tight and by thinking of all the things we did last time we got together, I really don't help it ease.
I catch a glimpse of her, her sparkly dress illuminating in the dim light of the garage. She looks really sexy, with the dress showing off her figure and her makeup embracing her characteristics.
"I thought you wouldn't show up. What took you so long?" She asks as we get into the car.
"Well, I had to tell goodbye to the guys, babygirl."
"Don't call me that..." She growls.
"You liked it when I called you that while spanking you last time..." I say, smirking while I slide my hand up her thigh. She bites her bottom lip and looks at my fingers.
"Calum, can you please take your hand off my thigh?"
"Nah, Nah, Nah... How did I tell you to call me last time?" I ask, wanting nothing more than to hear it from her lips.
"Daddy..." She moans as I stroke the inside of her thigh. I smirk at her and get my hand off her thigh.
"Do daddy a favor and touch yourself while he drives..." I say, exiting the parking lot.
"Cal... I mean, daddy... What if anyone sees me...? " She purrs like a kitten.
"Nothing can be seen through the windows baby." I assure her, driving towards the motel. I see her with the corner of my eye lifting the skirt of her dress up.
"Daddy, can I tell you something?"
"Sure babygirl..."
"I am not wearing any panties..." She whispers, smirking at me.
"Seriously?" I ask surprised.
"See yourself." She chuckles and takes my hand. She puts it between her thighs, right on her center. Luckily there is a red light, which allows me to stop and appreciate it. She is definitely wet, making me anticipate the moment we get in that motel room.

She presses my hand against her core and smiles sweetly.
"I have to drive. Be a good girl and go on." I growl and she nods.
I hear her soft moans as her fingers dip in and out of her wet cunt.
"Tease the clit babygirl." I say, snapping the garter that rests on her mid-thigh. She grunts and bites her lip, throwing her head back against her seat.
"That's enough... We are here..."
"But daddy, I didn't have my cummies yet..." She protests. I grab her head and bring her lips to mine, pulling her in a harsh kiss. She responds by biting on my bottom lip and pulling it back lightly; God, that turns me on so bad.
"Let's get in." I say, pulling from the kiss. She just nods and exits the car, pulling the skirt of her dress down.

"I think I should give my ID for the room. If anyone recognizes you, we are going to be in trouble." She says, walking next to me. I nod and open the door for her, checking out her behind as she walks in front of me.
I let her do all the talking while I stand back and check her out. If what we tried to have back then had worked out, she wouldn't be able to walk now. I would have her moaning and writhing under me, her neck would be colored in purple and red and blue.

"Cal, let's go to the room..." She whispers in my ear, biting on my earlobe. My hand goes to her waist, just above the curve of her bottom. I bring her close to my chest, feeling her body on mine.
"Which floor is our room on?" I ask, fumbling with the chain on the back of her dress.
"2nd floor. " She moans as I trace her spine. I nod and start walking up the stairs, her right behind me. I can't even control my boner anymore, my pants are tight and with every passing second, my anticipation grows. I really need her to touch me; I really need her fingers and nails to mark on my skin.
Before I could even realize it, we were in the room. As soon as the door is closed, I almost attack her. Her back is on the door and her legs are around my waist.
"I want you, Cal..." She moans as my lips travel down her neck.
"Beg for me. "
"Oh, come on... Your boner is almost piercing me... You need me as much as I need you." She says, cockily. I slap on her ass and throw her on the bed. She crawls backwards and I approach her, taking off my blazer and dress shirt.
"That dress looks so good on you, kitten... But I need it off. Daddy needs to see your body." I say, my eyes fixed on her. She gulps down harshly as she reaches for her zipper on her side. She removes the chain carefully and slides down her dress. That leaves her completely nude in front of my eyes.
"Should I take off my high heels too?" She asks.
"Don't you dare. " I say as I start kissing her torso.
"Daddy, please no teasing..." She moans loudly. 


Chapter Text


(Calum's POV)

"I like you begging. But kitten, you are in no place to ask for no teasing." I say, kissing just below her belly button. She moans again, this time frustrated. 
I trace her clit with my thumb, making her shiver. I slide 2 fingers into her drenched pussy and she bites her lip. 
"You are too tight. I can barely fit my fingers in you... My cock is going to stretch you out so good..." I tease her. She whimpers in agreement. 
"Your cock is so big daddy. I remember last time, I couldn't walk straight for a week..." She teases back and I now feel my boner almost ripping my pants.
Without letting her take a breath, I bury my face between her folds. 
"Shit, Calum.." She screams, earning a slap on her butt and a bite on her clit. 
"What did I say? " I ask, stopping everything I am doing. 
"Sorry, daddy." She whispers, her eyes pleading me to continue. I smirk at her and go back on slurping on her cunt. She is extremely wet and she tastes so good. I knead her thighs as I continue to circle my tongue on her swollen clit. I work my fingers faster inside her, hitting her spot each time, but with not much force, cause I don't want her to cum so quickly; I want her to beg for release, break her to the point that she will let me do whatever I want with her. 
"That's so fucking good, daddy..." She moans. My hand goes to her breast, starting to play with her pierced nipple. It's already pointy, but even the least attention I pay to it makes her drip even more. I slow down on her clit and remove my fingers from inside her. Her stomach rises and falls as her breaths leave her body, uneven and labored. 

"Why the fuck did you slow down? I was so close and now you ruined it..." She says, pissed off. I smirk at her again and slap her ass before I flip her on her stomach. 
She gets the queue and stands on her hands and knees, her back bent and her ass sticking out towards me. 
"Good girl..." I praise before I start teasing her entrance with my tip. Her head falls forward on the mattress, her fists balled and pulling on the bedsheet.
"What do you think babygirl? Will my cock fit in your little hole this time? Will it slide in easily? Are you stretched enough for me?" 
"No, daddy. But please, get your amazingly huge cock inside me.." She begs; she knows the shit I am into; she knows that I can't resist when she begs. 
"I don't know doll... What if my huge cock destroys you? What if I stretch you out so much that your little hole gets destroyed for everyone else but me? " I ask, stroking her back. 
"I don't care daddy... Please ruin me. I just need your cock." She almost cries. 
"To whom do you belong? " I ask her, feeling her cunt throb on my dick.
"To you. I'll always belong to you, daddy." She says, turning her head to look at me. Her eyes are searching for my reaction. I clench my jaw and thrust into her, my cock ready to burst. Her walls wrap perfectly around me. I thrust out and back in her, making her moan and bite her lip. I grab her hands from her wrists and hold them behind her back. My hips slap on her ass, producing my favorite sound. I pull her backwards, her back now on my chest. I pound in her upwards and she releases a scream. 
"Bravo, kitten. Scream for me..." I whisper in her ear. She moves her head o the side, giving me access to her neck. She is silently asking me to mark her.

I suck on her neck, bite and graze my teeth over the reddish mark to turn it purple and make it more intense, make sure it stays inked on her skin for a long time. 
"Please daddy... Play with my clit..." She moans, backing on my cock. I pound in her, mercilessly, hitting on her back wall. Her walls clench around me from the moment my fingers ghost over her numb. 
I pull the hood of her clit back and flick the head making her spasm. She grinds her ass on my hips and brings her hands to them. Her nails dig into my skin so deep that I am sure that I'll have wounds and bruises tomorrow. She knows my kinks, and she is using them all against me. 
"Babygirl..." I moan, my thrusts now sloppy. 
"Yes, daddy.." She moans back, grinding on my hand. 
"You know you are daddy's favorite, right? That no other could or will replace you? You make daddy so hard, you are just so good for daddy, even when you are a bad girl...." I whisper in her ear. I feel her pulse around my cock, her legs shake and her nails dig deeper.
"Can I cum daddy?" She asks weakly.
"No babygirl." 
"Please daddy. I wanna cum..." She screams as I hit her g-spot forcefully. I stop thrusting into her tight hole, just in time to prevent her orgasm. For a second she is without breath and the veins on her neck are throbbing. I flip her on her back and straddle her, lining up in front of her entrance. 
"Fuck me like you hate me, Calum." She moans before she bites her lip. 
For some fucked up reason, I get even more turned on by hearing my name from her pretty little sassy mouth. 
I pound in her and she screams, earning a slap on the butt. 
"Ouch... I thought you loved it when I scream..." She groans.
"I do. And you love it when I slap your butt, little slut. You love to see my handprints when you look in the mirror. You love to feel the slight burn when you sit, don't you little whore?" I growl, feeling my cock twitch inside her. 
"I do, daddy." She smiles at me and grabs my wrist. She guides my hand to her throat and leaves it there, looking at me with her lip tucked between her teeth. I smirk at her and tighten my grip around her throat, tightly enough to just make her breathing harder. 
"Yes, daddy..." She moans and smiles innocently at me.

Her walls are pulsing around me; I know that she is holding her orgasm back just for me, I know how bad she wants to cum. 
"I want you to cum. And I want you to cum hard while looking into my eyes."I order her and she nods. I pound harder and hit the g-spot repeatedly, causing her to moan loudly. I loosen up my grip on her throat and lean in for a kiss. 
She responds instantly, kissing me back hungrily. Her face tenses and her mouth opens.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..." She screams as she squirts around my dick. 
"Shit..." I whisper proudly. It's just a tiny little bit, but fuck, I feel so good; it feels so good to know that I can make her squirt.

"I didn't know you could squirt, kitten..." I groan at her, amazed. 
"N...neither did I, daddy." She stutters, looking at me innocently. 
"Where do you want daddy to cum?" I ask her, feeling that I can't hold it in anymore. Her walls squeezing me, making me throb. more and more. 
"Wherever you want, daddy." She smiles at me. I grab her hips and pound deeper, harder inside her, almost like I want to ruin her for everyone else but me. I look at her, my perfect little babygirl, with the perfect body and the smart mouth, clever but, oh so naive when I have her. 

I cum inside her; my body going numb and my hips gluing on her. My head falls back and my mouth opens as I feel my high. She is panting underneath me, her legs pulling my hips closer to her. 
I suddenly feel exhausted. When I open my eyes, I find her, with her back arched and her face just how I remember it from last time I gave her an orgasm.
"Wow... That was better than last time." I say as I collapse on the mattress. 
"It was better than ever. " She whispers, looking at me. 
"Come to daddy. " I say opening my arms. She shimmies her way to my chest, getting comfortable on my pec.
"How are we going to leave the motel tomorrow? You know, in the costumes and all? We don't have other clothes..."She mumbles. 
"You always have to be a control freak, don't you? I'll just call Michael and tell him to bring 2 pairs of sweatpants and some t-shirts." 
"You are going to wear formal shoes with sweats? Ugh, I thought you had a sense of style..." She mumbles sleepily.
"Babe, I am just too sleepy and I've drunk enough to feel tired. Let's figure it out in the morning."

Chapter Text

(Y/N's POV) 

I wake up in the morning, with Calum's arm around me. I bite my lip and try not to make a single sound; I want to get out of here before Calum wakes up, just to avoid the awkwardness. 

I pick up my dress from the floor and my shoes from the nightstand and head to the bathroom, walking on my tippy toes. I need to get out of here. I don't care how I look, I just need to disappear. What me and Calum did took me steps back. I need to get out of here and pretend this never happened. 
I take a good look at me in the mirror and try to figure out how I will look human again, with my makeup all over my face and my hair flying everywhere. 

(Calum's POV) 
"Morning babygirl..." I murmur sleepily, turning on my side to look at (Y/N). I find just the bed sheets though, making me sit up. I stretch and rub my eyes, removing the sheet from my waist and legs. 

I stand up and look around, trying to figure out where she is. 
I hear the bathroom door open and realize that she might went to the toilet. 

Once I see her though, all dressed up in her costume and trying to be quiet, I cross my arms in front of my chest and stand in front of her, causing her to look at me surprised. 
"Hey!" She stutters. 
"Hi. Why are you dressed? I was thinking that we could spend the morning in bed and then call Michael for the clothes..."I say, my expression completely serious.  She doesn't answer; she stares at the ground, silently, like a puppy that got scold. 
"You wanted to leave? " I ask her, almost stating it. She nods before she raises her gaze at me. 
"Calum..."She begins but I interrupt her. 
" Don't you Calum me... You wanted to leave, without an explanation, without a good morning. That's what I am for you? A cheap fuck for whenever we meet and then leaving like I am nothing for you? That's how much you respect me? " I growl, clenching my jaw. 
"First of all, don't you realize that what we are doing, what goes on between us is toxic? And second, you left too, without an explanation, without a word last time we fucked.? She replies. I look at her confused and try to figure out what she means.
"The fuck are you talking about? It was an emergency and I left a fucking note on the bedside table. And I fucking tried to fucking call you, but you never answered. Next thing I knew, you dropped by my place, threw the stuff I had at your place on the floor, called me an asshole and left, screaming that you never want to see me again." 
"Really?" She asks surprised. 
"Yeah, really. And what the fuck do you mean that this is toxic? How the fuck is this toxic?"
"I mean that I can't try to be taken seriously at my work and then have you spanking me and making me call you daddy. Also, we can't just have sex and nothing more even if we fulfill each other's fantasies and kinks when I have feelings for you. Everytime you touch me, I fall for you more. Every time you praise my body or cuddle me afterwards, my ovaries explode and I have a whole damn zoo in my stomach, but I know that you don't feel the same, I know that you don't want what I want. And I can't have false hopes, that someday, you will feel what I feel. I just can't. That's why it's better for me to walk away. That's why I wanted to leave before you wake up. That's why I didn't let myself stay and watch you sleep. That's why I was jealous of that fucking Alice last night. There... Are you happy now?" She yells, her face red and her eyes glistening. 
"First thing first, who the fuck knows what goes on between you and me, every time we fuck. And who the fuck cares? You are fucking amazing at your job and that's all they should care about. Second, the sex we have is bomb, and it's not just a matter of kinks or fantasies. It's just you and me, expressing our needs. You are the only girl I can be completely honest and open about what I want. And that fucking means a lot. Third, how the fuck you know how I feel about you? I had fucking clothes and stuff at your place, so I could stay at night with you. Does that mean anything to you?" 
"Oh please... Yeah, ok, you had clothes at my place... So what? We had never been on a date. On a formal date. And don't tell me that you could ever settle on a relationship... An all goodie vanilla relationship. Like a Saturday morning grocery shopping together relationship. Or a Friday night cooking dinner together relationship. Or a just cuddle and nap because I am on my period for a week straight relationship. It's not like you, Cal. I am not delusional." She says sarcastically, yelling at the last part. I am boiling. 


"Again, how do you know what I want? We hadn't been on a formal date, cause there would be articles with fake accusations and photos of us everywhere. And I didn't want to expose you or our relationship yet. But then you went all crazy and didn't give us a chance. And yeah, I might not want the classic all goodie vanilla relationship. I want the Calum and (Y/N) relationship. I don't mind just cuddling and napping for a week straight cause you are on your period, cause I know that for the rest 3 weeks of the month, we can have mind-blowing sex, fuck like animals. I don't mind cooking dinner with you on a Friday night cause other than the meal, I'll get to eat you out too. And I would fucking love to go grocery shopping with you. I would love to try and have a relationship with you, under our own conditions. Be a goals couple in public and fuck ruthlessly in private. Be my princess in public and my fucking slut in private. Be your knight in shiny armor in public and your daddy that spits in your mouth in private. That's what I want." I say, my chest rising and falling. She looks at me, her eyes and mouth wide open. 
"I don't know what to say..." She murmurs. 
"Of course you don't. I'll go out to the balcony for a smoke. You can go if you want. I don't want to pressure you." I say, grabbing my cigarettes from the pocket of my jacket. 

I walk out, taking in fresh air before I light my cigarette to drag in the smoke. I just want to clear my head. I know that there is a 99% chance that I won't find her when I walk back in. I know that maybe she is not ready yet. I mean, she has spent months thinking that I am just a jerk that walked out after fucking her, she has spent months trying to freeze her feelings. 

I lean on the metal bar that proofs the balcony and just let time pass. 
"Can you call Michael to bring us some clothes, baby?" I hear her soft, feather-like voice ask me. She is hugging me from behind, her head leaning on my shoulder blade and her hands on my chest. 
I turn around and look at her; she is wearing my shirt, with the top buttons unbuttoned. She takes my cigarette and takes a drag as my hands go to the collar of my shirt that she is wearing. I brush a piece of hair behind her ear and then push her chin up with my fore and middle finger. She blows the smoke in my mouth and I chuckle. I lean in and kiss her, my lips barely pecking on hers before she smiles. 
"Why rush, babygirl?" I ask, picking her up and carrying her in the room, as she throws the cigarette away.  

Chapter Text

Calum Hood, 5 Seconds Of Summer 

"Ok, the popcorn is here... Did you assholes actually not leave me a spot to sit?" I groan and leave one of the bowls on the coffee table. Michael stretches to grab it and shrugs, popping a popcorn in his mouth. I sigh and move to sit on the floor but Calum pats his thigh and motions me to sit on his lap, earning looks from the guys. 
"Oh, come on guys.... I can't let her sit on the floor and I don't want to leave this so comfortable armchair. " Calum says, shrugging. The guys nod and turn to the screen.

I sigh and sit on Calum's lap, thanking God that we didn't give away our secret; for the past 3 months, me and Calum took our friendship to another level and became friends with benefits. 
"You almost got us caught..." I whisper in his ear as I settle on his lap. His hand goes to my thigh, drawing shapes on my skin. 
"Stop freaking out... Nobody understood shit." He whispers in my ear and bites my earlobe. 
"Whatever... Want to stay after the guys leave?"  I ask him, whispering. 
"You know I do. " He chuckles. 

I shuffle on Calum's lap, trying to get more comfortable. Calum grips on my thigh and bites on my shoulder. 
"Babe, you are giving me a boner..." He moans in my ear and buries his nails in the skin of my thigh. 
"Want me to move away?" I ask, feeling his member stiffen. 
"No... I want you to grind. " He says, biting my neck. 
"Cal, they are going to see us..." I protest. 
"They are so into the movie, they won't notice..." He says and slips his hand under my shorts. He traces my clit to convince me, but I am already convinced as well as turned on by his member poking my back. 
I move my core closer to his cock, getting more friction from him. He moans in my ear again and slips his hand under my panties this time, teasing my entrance with his long fingers. 
I bite my lip to prevent myself from moaning and press my cunt on his dick. 
The friction his jeans and my cotton shorts make my lower region get on fire. His fingers are just teasing me, tracing my hole from the outside and spreading the wetness that was pooling in there. 
"So wet for me...." He moans in my ear and I grind harder, feeling every inch of his hard-on. 
"So hard just for me. I can't wait to feel you inside me..." I moan back, just loud enough for him to hear it. 
It just takes a few minutes before Calum stops me from moving my body. 
"I want to cum so bad...I am so close..." He moans frustrated. I smirk at him and peck on his cheek, before I start grinding harder and faster, making Calum release long-held breaths. 
"Fuck, babygirl." He says, loud enough for everyone to hear. 

I turn to look at him wide-eyed as the guys stop the movie and look at us.
"What the hell guys?" Ashton asks as he watches our red faces and the position we are sitting. 
I open my mouth to say something but instead, I just stutter.
"Well..." Calum begins but stops and looks at me. 
"Well, what?" Luke asks. 
"We've been sleeping together for the past 3 months. " Calum says, with a lot of courage. I feel my face heat up and my cheeks turn brick red.
"Like, you've been sleeping together as boyfriend and girlfriend or like casually with no commitment? Kind of like friends with benefits?" Michael asks, glaring at Calum; Michael was always protective of me, more than the other 3 guys. 
"We've never really discussed it but I guess it's kind of boyfriend-girlfriend..." Calum replies, leaving me shocked. 
"What?" I ask, turning to look at him. 
"Yeah, I mean, we are exclusive. I am not sleeping around anymore and I know you don't, so yeah..." He says, looking into my eyes for confirmation.
"Well, yeah, but I didn't know you were that serious about this. I mean, we haven't been on a date or something..." 
"We have. A month ago, we went to that party together. We ended up having sex and you stayed at my place." 
"Wow, I didn't even realize that that was a date."

"Ok, maybe we should go and let them discuss this whole situation.... Just, next time you want to fool around, please don't do it while we are in the same room. It's weird to know that Calum had probably cum his pants..." Luke says, motioning the others to stand up and follow him to the door.
"Just tell us what you've decided. Goodnight kids." Michael says, leaning in to kiss my forehead as he walks behind Luke. 
"Don't screw this one up, Hood." Ashton warns Calum and waves me off, earning a nod from Calum and a smile from me. 

Once the guys are out of my apartment, Calum makes me sit on his lap facing him. 
"You didn't know we were dating? Really?" Calum asks me, stroking my cheek. 
"I thought we were just friends with benefits and nothing more.  "
"I could never use you just like that. You mean more than you realize and sometimes I get so angry that you don't see it. I don't want to just fuck you. I want to spend time with you, have adventures with you. I just.... I never thought that after all these years of hanging out as friends, it would be necessary to take you out on a date and ask you officially." He replies shrugging.
"Well, Calum Thomas Hood, you know so little about women. We appreciate it when our boyfriends ask us out and go through that awkward first date moment. We appreciate it when our boyfriends get all nervous when they ask us to be with them or when they find a phantasmagoric way to ask us to be with them... " I say, shaking my head while smiling....

"I think I have a phantasmagoric way to ask you to be mine..." He says, picking me up. I hang on his body like a koala bear as he walks us towards my bedroom.
"Please explain..." I say giggling.
"My tongue, against your little clit, forming every letter of the phrase'will you be my girlfriend' until you cum on my lips, babygirl." 




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Kinda inspired by this text imagine by



"Where should I put this box ?" Luke asks, carrying the box filled with my books. I think about it for a second before I point to the spot next to the box of my office stuff. 
"Are there many boxes left in the truck?" I ask, grabbing a bottle of water from Cal's fridge. 
"Less than 5. " Luke replies, wiping his forehead with his t-shirt. 
"Should I come help?" I ask, feeling guilty that I am inside while they are carrying my stuff in Calum's place. 
"If you want me to spank the hell out of you, do it. " Calum replies, in his commanding tone. I turn to look at him, ready to scold him, but I just stare at him, in awe and amazement; he is shirtless, with sweat all over his torso, his tanned skin illuminating with the beads of sweat and his muscles bulging and popping all over his body as he carries in the box. 
"I don't have a problem with it." I respond cockily.
"You will have though... When tomorrow morning you won't be able to sit cause your ass is going to be sore and red..." He replies with confidence. 

"Is that so?" I ask smirking ironically, but my insides are burning. 
"Wanna bet, kitten?" He asks, hugging my waist and bringing me closer to his body. I bite my lip and prepare myself to answer but Ashton clearing his throat stops me. We turn to look at him and see all 3 guys looking at us with the boxes in their hands. 
"I think we agreed that you would stop the PDA and being so sexual around us..." Ashton says, leaving the box on the floor. 
"That was 2 years ago...." Calum argues. 
"It still applies..." Luke says shrugging. 
"Well, at least now that they are going to live together they'll probably stop..." 
"I don't see that coming, Mikey." Calum says, leaving a kiss on my lips. 

"I am going to order pizzas. " I announce, parting from Calum and slapping his butt. 
I grab my phone from the island on my way to the bedroom and go to the app to place my order. 

When I reach the living room downstairs I find the guys sprawled on the couches, most of them napping. I smile and go towards Calum, who opens his arms for me. I lay on him and peck on his lips. He smiles and puts his hands under my tank top, from the loose sides. 
"You are so sexy today..." I purr, pecking on his jawline. 
"I am the sexy one? Have you checked you out today? In your short sweat shorts and your fucking loose tank top and that lacy thing showing from the sides." He whispers in my ear, gripping on my waist tighter. 
" You mean my bralette...? " I ask, teasingly. 
"I mean that shit that you are wearing underneath your tank top and that I am going to tear apart when the guys leave..." 
"Can't wait, daddy..."  I moan, leaning in to kiss him. He immediately responds, grabbing my face with one hand. I place my hands on his pecs. His free hand fumbles with my shorts, trying to take a handful of my ass. I feel his rough, callused fingertips against my skin, the harsh skin of his hands causing me to erupt in goosebumps. 

The make-out session soon turns much heated, with Calum massaging my ass and me grinding on his dick. 
"You know how much I want to dip my fingers inside your tight little hole and make you cum on my hand?" He whispers breathlessly in my ear. I moan and start kissing down his jawline, leaving hickeys on his soft skin. 
"I wanna put your dick in my mouth and let you fuck it, till my throat is sore and your cum runs down my chin and boobs..."
"Oh fuck... Your boobs..." He groans in my ear, grabbing my tits over my tank top. 
"Mmmm, you like them, daddy? Would you like them better if your dick was in between them and I was squeezing and bouncing them up and down until you shoot your cum all over them and on my lips? " I ask, whispering in his ear. He pulls my hair until my face is in front of his.
"How much time do we have until the pizzas are here?" He asks, almost growling. 
"30 minutes max. But I already paid for them and I guess that the guys could open to the delivery boy if we were in no position to..." I reply, smirking mischievously. 

"Get up..." He commands, slapping my ass. 
"Why?" I tease him some more.
"I am going to fuck you so hard, right now..." 
"How hard, daddy?" I ask, sticking my tongue out. 
"As hard as you made my cock." 
"Promise?" I ask, taking my doe eyes. 
"Let's go upstairs. " He just says, smirking at me. 
I get up from laying on his body and tip-toe towards the stairs as quiet as I can, not wanting to wake up the other guys. Calum walks right behind me, slapping my ass on the way upstairs. 
"Faster babygirl..."
"Or else?"
"Or else you are getting spankings." He replies, in a serious tone. I stop on my track, knowing that this will irritate him. He crosses his arms in front of his chest, clenching his jaw and making his biceps pop. I look at him, raising an eyebrow while smiling. 
"Move..." He growls lowly. 
"I said, move..." He growls again, his dominant urges growing by each passing second. I shake my head no and bite my bottom lip. 
"Fuck that shit..." He mumbles and picks me up, placing me on his shoulder. He lifts me up like I am a feather and climbs the stairs towards our bedroom. 
"What are you doing?" I squeal as he carries me.  He slaps my ass and continues. 

Once he reaches our bedroom, he pushes the door open with his knee. He walks past the boxes and bags of my clothes and stuff and straight to the bed, where he sits on the edge. He pulls me onto his lap, my stomach resting on his thighs. He tugs down my sweat shorts and then tears my panties off my body. 
"Those were Victoria Secret..." I whine, but a hard slap is delivered on my bum.
" I'll buy you new ones. Hell, I'll buy you the whole fucking store, have you model them just for me, then tear them off your sexy little body and then fuck your brain out of your head." He groans. 

The second slap is harder than the first, making my ass jiggle. 
"Tell daddy why you are getting spanked..." He demands, soothing my cheeks with his palm.
"Because I was a bad girl..." I moan as 2 of his fingers run along my folds.
"Why were you a bad girl?" He asks and before I can answer, he spanks my ass again. 
"Mmmm... Because I disobeyed daddy's commands..." I whimper. He slaps my ass again and I can feel my cheeks heat up from the redness. 
"Will you do it again?" He asks, slapping again. I can tell he is enjoying it, not in a sadistic way, but in the dominant and freaky way. 
"Probably... " I reply sticking my tongue out, turning to look at him. He smirks at me and slaps my ass once more.  
"That's my girl..." He says, smirking even more. 
"Thank you, daddy. " I reply, smiling and shaking my ass. 
"Get yourself in all 4s, babygirl. " He orders and I do so. 

He inspects my body for a few seconds before he groans. 
"You look great in that position baby, but I need your tank-top off. And that lacy thing.." He whispers, running a finger along my puffy pussy lips. I stand straight just to remove my top and unclasp my bralette, quickly throwing them to the side. I get back on my knees and elbows, as Calum slowly strokes my back. 
"Let's get to business. " He says, slapping my ass. 
I feel him brush his tip on my cunt, collecting wetness and teasing the shit out of me. I moan like a maniac, waiting for Calum to finally stick his dick inside me. Everything feels more intense, my nerves activated by the smallest touch. 
"Calum, I can't take it..." I whine, grinding myself on his dick. 

He thrusts in forcefully and I let out a scream. 
"That's right, scream for daddy..." He growls cockily, thrusting deep inside me. He grips on my hair, pulling my body closer with each thrust. 
"Mmmm... daddy..." I moan in pain and pleasure. My scalp stings a bit from all the pulling, but his dick inside me, thrusting on my g-spot repeatedly, counteracts everything. 
"You like that my little slut?" He asks, pausing the thrusting and starts grinding his hips while he is still inside me. I moan loudly and arch my back. 
"You fucking love it." He states victoriously. 
He lets my hair and grabs me by my waist, helping his thrusts get deeper. His veins are already bulging against my walls, making it obvious that he is enjoying it as much as I am. 
One of his hands goes from my waist to my clit, rubbing loose circles, making the knot in my stomach tighten. The pounding intensifies, just like Calum's groans and growls. 

My body starts spasming, my legs shaking and my cunt twitching. Soon, my orgasm takes over my body, making me scream incoherently. 
"Shit babygirl..." He growls as he keeps pounding, prolonging my peak. 
"I don't think that I can hold it in anymore, babydoll. Where do you want daddy to cum? " He asks through gritted teeth. 
"In my mouth, daddy. " I reply, looking over my shoulder. I stare at him, taking my doe eyes once more. He bites his bottom lip and removes his dick from inside me before I turn around and face his member. I can see it, swollen and the veins throbbing, the tip leaking with precum. 
I run my thumb over the head, spreading the fluid along with it. He whines, breathing rapidly, his abs flexing and relaxing. 
I lean forward, taking the tip in between my lips and wrapping the base in my palm. I bob my head, twisting my hand on what I can't fit in my mouth. I suck in my cheeks, making the inside of them engulf his cock. 
"Shit..." He screams, pushing my head on his member more. I choke and gag against it, the spasming of my throat causing him to shoot his cum down my throat. 
"Babygirl.." He moans, growling as I pop my lips while removing them from his dick. 
"You are too good for me." He says, grabbing me by my chin. He kisses me softly while stroking my hair. 

"I am so hungry." I whimper. 
"I just fed you..." He says smirking like an idiot. 
"Don't be a fuckboy..." I say, punching his arm. I grab my clothes and start getting dressed. 
"Come on... Come in bed with me. I need some sleep. I carried your stuff and fucked you in just a few hours." 
"Whose idea was it to ask me to move in? Now stop the nagging, let's go get some pizza and then you can rest..." I command, earning a groan. 

"Do you think they left us any pizza? " He asks, slipping his briefs on. 
"I ordered 5 large ones. How much can they eat? " I ask sarcastically. 
"Have you ever met them?" He asks back, just as sarcastically. 
We exit the bedroom and jog down the stairs, Calum's arm around my waist. 
Instead of finding the guys on the couch, we only find a note on the coffee table. 

'You are terrible hosts, we hope you know that. Your fucking moans could be heard throughout the neighborhood. We would have expected from Calum to be a horny fucker, but from you (Y/N) to actually be that irrational, it was a shock to us. That slapping sound will haunt us forever. We hope next time you can control your hormones, you fucking horny teenagers.
P.S Thanks for the pizzas, you fuckers. 
The 3/4 of 5sos  x'


Calum giggles like a schoolgirl while I blush like a beet. 
"Don't laugh, it's not funny. They heard us..."
"They knew we are having sex babe. Plus they've heard us before, every time you visited us on tour. They'll get over it." He reasons and I nod. 
"They took our pizzas. " I whine. 
"Let's go nap and then I'll take you out, how about that?" He asks as he pecks on my temple.
"Mmmm, that would be perfect, babe." 

"Welcome home, honey." 


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Plot: Y/N finds out that she is expecting a baby with her husband of 2 years


Chapter Text


Chapter Text

Finally, Christmas day is here. I always loved Christmas, ever since I was a little child. But my love for Christmas doubled up, since last year, when Calum and I got married on Christmas day. 

The ceremony was like a fairytale; everything was snow themed and I still get chills whenever I think of the moment the priest pronounced us 'husband & wife'.

"Mrs. Hood, are you ready for our Christmas slash first-anniversary dinner party? Wow, you look gorgeous babygirl..." He says, leaning on the door frame of our built-in closet. I smile from ear to ear and do a spin, giving him a full view of my curve hugging red dress.
"Fuck... And all of that is mine..." He chuckles and pulls me into a hug. His hand is inching down my waist and gently squeezes on my butt.
"Don't start baby. We'll have people over in a few." I whisper, tracing down his chin with my thumb. He leaves a soft kiss on my sweet spot underneath my ear, enough to make me moan quietly.
"I have to go check on the food, Cal." I say, trying to contain myself. He hums a response before he takes a step back from me, his arms still on my waist.

"Mali texted me that they are going to be here in a few. Do you need any help?"
"Nah, babe... I got it."
"Oh come on... Let me just set the table.." He says, giving me a peck on the forehead.

"Son, you got yourself a great cook. And she has the looks too." Calum's dad compliments me, raising his glass. Calum smirks and I smile, taking a bite of my food.
"She is the best." He replies simply, kissing the back of my hand.
"Happy 1st year anniversary!!" Mali cheers. Everyone joins her, raising their glasses and wishing us the best. Calum runs his thumb across the back of my hand, making me smile.

"Any plans on making us grandparents anytime soon?" My father asks, looking at us hopefully. I lay my fork on my plate, preparing myself for the upcoming conversation.
"Mr [Y/L/N]. I am afraid that we will disappoint you. (Y/N) and I has discussed this and we agreed that we are not ready to start a family."
"But son, that's the reason people get married.." His father interrupts him. I feel my gut twist and turn, like every other time we have this conversation.
"Dad, I am touring. And (Y/N) is at the peak of her career. We can't raise a child like that. I want to be there for my kid like you were for me" Calum says, his voice calm but showing how serious he is about that subject. Everyone, and first of all, me, turn to our plates and continue our meal quietly.


"(Y/N) do you think that what I think about us having a child is not logical?" Calum asks me as I get under the covers. He keeps an arm open so I can lay on his bare chest, as I do every night since we first slept together. I find something therapeutic and calming in his warm skin and light scent and as he says, my soft breath while I sleep is his favorite lullaby.
I lay on his chest and take a deep breath of his cologne and his natural skin scent.
"I believe that what you said was right at some points. But really Calum, I don't want to discuss this again..."
"But we have to, (Y/N). I am not the only person that has to take decisions in this marriage."
"If you want us to talk about it, then it's time you hear it. What if you never stop touring? Your band is going great and your fans keep on multiplying... We don't know if this life will ever end...." I say, sitting up. He stares at me, his mouth open.
"And don't tell me that you will quit. Cause I won't believe this for even a second." I say, almost with one breath.
"I didn't say anything..." He defends himself.
"Let's just stop this Cal. I don't want to spend our first-anniversary fighting." I say, calming my voice, as I get under the duvet.

"Hey... What's up with you? I know you miss my brother but we are out for shopping now so please don't be lost in your thoughts and have some fun with me." Mali says, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"It's not that.."
"Then what is it? You can tell me everything (Y/N). She says, pulling me into a hug. I sigh.
"Remember that fight I told you about... The one we had after our anniversary dinner?"
"it wasn't exactly a fight. And please don't tell me that after 2 months you decided you want a divorce because of that one fight. Calum loves you, you mean the.."
"I am 5 weeks pregnant. And I don't know what to do, Mali.." I interrupt her. I whisper the last part, my voice cracking.
"...World to him... Wait. What? You are pregnant? Are you sure?" She asks me.
"I double checked it. I am pregnant. And my husband doesn't want children."

I still haven't told Calum that we are expecting. I can't... At least not through a video call, phone call or text.
But I have no more excuses. Calum is going to be back from tour for 2 weeks, just for a small break. I have to tell him, we need more than ever to have this discussion.

I sit on the couch, resting my hands on my stomach. I am not even showing, nothing more than that anyone can be mistaken for a bloating.
But I know something is in there. I've seen it, I've even heard its heartbeat.
I can't help but picture it; a mini-me or mini Calum, sleeping peacefully on Calum's chest, with a thumb between the lips.
Or a little later, running in the backyard.
I really wish it's a girl... A miniature me with my eyes and Calum's lips, wearing pretty onesies and headbands...
But a boy would be perfect too. Playing football with Cal and video games with Michael.

"Babygirl..." I hear Calum's voice snapping me out of my daydream. I clutch my stomach instinctively.
"Calum, you scared the shit out of me.." I whimper.
"Seriously, you didn't hear me getting in?" He giggles, approaching me for a hug. I bury myself in his arms and chest, taking deep breaths of his perfume.
"I was just in my own little world.." I mumble, feeling anxious but kind of relieved that he is finally here.
"Do I have a place in this little world of yours?" He asks, pecking on my forehead with his warm, chapped lips and strumming my waist with his thumb.
"Depends on what, babygirl...?" He asks, almost humming against my skin. I can tell he is tired, but I am tired too, and not just physically.
"On the conversation, we are about to have." I say, motioning him to sit on the couch.
"What's going on, princess?"
"Look Calum, I know where exactly you stand on the whole having children issue. But.."
"(Y/N), you knew since the moment we tied the knot that I don't want children while I am still touring..."
"I know that..." I try to continue but he keeps on rumbling.
"So if you changed your mind..."
"I am pregnant." I say calmly, closing my eyes. I take a couple of deep breaths, the exact seconds it takes him to stop.
"What did you just say?" He asks. Usually, I can tell if he is mad or calm or detect how he feels by listening to his voice, but right now I have neither the energy nor the mood to analyze him.
"I said, I am pregnant. 2 months far in 3 days. And, as you can really understand we have to reevaluate where we stand on this whole having children thing. And don't you dare tell me to get an abortion because I swear I am going to cut your head off."
"You are pregnant...." He states, standing up... I can tell he is panicked, as he paces up and down the room, running his fingers through his hair.
"I am, Calum..." I assure him, one more time.
"I need a minute." He says, walking towards the door.

[Calum's POV]
Walking towards my parents' house wasn't really the best idea. Many fans saw me and asked for pictures. I just need a minute to myself, some freaking time to think.
I knock on the door, hoping that I find someone to talk to. I need some comfort and some guidance.
"Hey, Cal... What are you doing in here? I thought that you and (Y/N) would visit us tomorrow cause you wanted to spend some time together." Mali greets me, hugging me.
"That was the plan..." I say, shrugging my shoulders as I get in the house.
"What's going on? Is (Y/N) alright?" She asks, taking a seat on the couch.
"No... (Y/N) is alright... I guess..."
"You guess? Calum, what the hell is going on?" Mali asks worriedly.
"I guess (Y/N) got pregnant..." I sigh, running my fingers through my hair. She slaps the back of my head, getting me off guard.
"You idiot... First of all, she didn't get pregnant all by herself. You kinda helped her. And second, what the hell is wrong with you? Why are you even here? Your freaking wife is pregnant with your baby and you are not there?"
"Mali, we are not ready to become parents..."
"You... You are not ready to be a parent. You never asked her if she was or if she wants to become a mother. You decided you didn't want children while touring. And she went along with it because she loves you. And too bad you are not ready because my niece or nephew is joining soon. Now get your ass to your house, or else I am going to shove your head up your ass. Get it, Hood?" She looks dead serious, she even has my t-shirt balled in her fist.
"Oi... I got it..." I say, surrendering.

[Y/N's POV]
I lay on our bed, my eyes refusing to shut.
"Fucking hell..." I curse and turn for the millionth time the last hour.
"Can you not curse in front of my child? " I hear Calum's voice from the door of our bedroom.
"I didn't notice you in there." I say, sitting up against the header.
"You seem to be absent minded today..." He chuckles, sitting on the bed.
"I have my reasons..." I say as he climbs towards me.
"I am sorry I left like that..."
"It's ok. I kinda expected it."
"You expected me going out?"
"I expected much worst, to be honest..."
"Like what?" He asks, raising an eyebrow.
"I was prepared for a divorce..."
"The day we got married, I promised that I will never leave you, no matter what. Through sickness and health. Through thick and thin. Through good times and bad times. Whether rich or poor. And there would be no power in this universe that would force me to be away from you. Remember that?"
"I do. But you were clear about the whole having children thing, even before we got married..."
"Then I should have been more careful. Look, you were right; I might never stop touring. But I want to have a family with you. And I might not be ready to become a father yet, but I have 7 more months to prepare and a whole life ahead of me to become the best dad ever."
"You are such an asshole Hood. Making a pregnant woman all emotional..." I say, trying to hold my tears from falling. He brings me to his chest and kisses my temple with his soft, plump lips.
"I know... Now I need you to sleep... I need my girls to be well-rested."
"We don't know if it's a girl yet..." I say as he pulls me laying on his chest.
"It's a girl. I can sense it. " He says, putting a hand on my tummy.


I wake up, surprisingly not by the cries of my 3-month old baby girl. I turn to my side and see that my husband of 2-years tomorrow is not there. I turn to the baby monitor and check on the small screen that shows the crib where Iris sleeps, but I see no one. I get up from the bed and slip inside my silky romp. I slowly walk to the nursery room, knowing that probably my 2 biggest loves are together.

I crack the door open and see Calum with Iris in his arms, rocking her back & forth sleepily.
"Cal, what are you doing?" I ask, smiling at the sight.
"She woke up and I didn't want to wake you up." He says, yawning.
"Ok, but she is asleep now. Why didn't you come back?"
"I was afraid to put her down... What if I wake her up or break her?"
"Hood, you are a father for almost 3 months and you still worry?"
"Honestly, I don't think I will ever stop." He says, looking down at our sleeping daughter. I approach him and take the baby from his arms carefully, not to wake her up. I put her back in her crib and cover her small body with her soft blanket.
Calum stands right next to me, his arm snaked around my waist and his lips resting on my shoulder.
"And to think that exactly a year ago, I didn't want kids. How stupid was I?"
"A lot. But that's another subject to discuss. Let's go now. Let her rest... Maybe, get her dad lucky tonight." I whisper, pecking on his chest.
"We have the dinner to prepare in the morning..." He groans but I can really feel his boner against my stomach.
"That didn't really stop us last year..." I whisper, pulling him in for a kiss.
"Merry Christmas, babe!" He murmurs against my lips.
"Happy anniversary my love." I whisper, pulling him towards our bedroom.

Chapter Text


(Cal's POV) 
My eyes open by the sift cries of my 5-month old baby girl. I feel the bed shift a bit on (Y/N)'s side, signaling that she is trying to get up. 
"Babe, I got it. Rest a bit..." I mumble, pushing her to lay down. 
"Are you sure Calum? What if she needs to be fed?" She asks, trying to get back up. I push her chest down, and get on my feet, ruffling my hair a bit, so I won't scare the baby with my looks.
"I'll make a formula, we've had that discussion almost every night this week." I say and peck on her forehead. 
"Fine..." She mumbles and pats her pillow.
"Get some sleep, love. Happy Valentine's day." I say before I exit the room. 

I have a huge smile on my face when I walk into my daughter's nursery room. My daughter... that tiny creature with the beautiful eyes and angelic features is my daughter. 
"Hey princess... Why are you crying, loud one? Do you need daddy?" I ask her, picking her up. I start rocking her while placing her head softly on my shoulder and fix her on my chest. 
"Want daddy to tell you a bedtime story? What about a fairytale? Hm, you'd like that... Ok, so... Once upon a time, there was a prince named Calum. That's right, daddy is the prince, yeahy... Prince Calum used to travel the world for fame and fortune and everything that comes with it. He loved to travel so much that he did it for years and years... He was afraid that if he ever stopped, even for a minute, he would end up miserable. So, no princesses for prince Calum to hold him down, except a few young maids, but you are too young to talk about that part. Yes, you are, yes you are... So, he traveled and traveled, not searching for a princess at all. But all of that changed when one day while traveling his eyes landed on the most beautiful princess. From that day our prince couldn't keep his mind together. He was thinking of his princess. So he searched for her and found her and made sure no other prince dared to even look at her. She was the most beautiful princess in the world; clever and sympathetic. But most importantly, she was his.  And he had to make sure she would stay his for the rest of their lives. So, he married her and they lived in a beautiful castle. And soon after they became the King & the Queen of the world and they had the most beautiful little, tiny princess. Do you know who that is? Huh? Yeah, it's you. And the Queen is mommy. And you know both of us love you so much. But daddy is still the king that has to travel the world and save the world. But not for too long. Daddy will be back before you can even realize he is gone, I promise that, princess. And I might not be leaving soon, but it hurts me that I will have to leave the 2 of you..." I whisper, kissing Iris's head. I feel her little chest inflate and fall while she sleeps peacefully. I chuckle, half of my story was not even heard. I place her in her crib, holding my breath; the last thing I want is to wake her up. 

I take a look at her and pull her blanket closer to her body before I exit her nursery. Cookie, our Labrador puppy raises her gaze towards me. 
"She is asleep..." I whisper and pet her head. She still lays in front of the door, protecting my baby girl. 
I walk back into our bedroom only to find (Y/N) still awake. 
"Nice fairytale..." She comments, smiling. I laugh and get in our bed. 
"It is my favorite, princess..." I say, pulling her to lay her head on my chest. 
"I thought I was a Queen...." She teases me, pecking on my pec.
"Whatever... Sleep now, angel. I have a surprise for us tomorrow." I say, kissing the top of her head. 
"What surprise?" 
"You'll see..."

Next Morning/ (Y/N)'s POV
The doorbell rings, pausing my playtime with Iris. 
"Who's that? Do you think it's daddy? Let's go open the door and see!" I cheer to my giggling baby. I balance her on my hip and hold her tight as I walk towards the front door. I peep through the peephole and see Mali, Calum's sister behind the door. 
"Hey, Mali... How are you?" I greet her after I open the door. She smiles at me as she enters. 
"I am fine. How is my favorite niece?" She cheers to Iris who giggles as Mali does her funny faces. 
"She is your only niece, Mali..." I giggle and she rolls her eyes. 
"For now..." 
"Whatever... Do you want some coffee?" I ask, bouncing Iris.
"No, I want you to hand me the little one and go get ready..."
"Get ready for what?" I ask confused as I carefully hand her the toddler.
"My brother hasn't told you yet, has he?" She asks, raising her eyebrow. 
"No, he didn't. And what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in London, recording?" I ask her, even more confused. 
"He flew me over for the week to babysit this little princess so you can go on a trip for 3 days. Now go get ready, Cal will give you more details...." She replies, bouncing Iris. I mumble an 'Ok" and turn on my heel to walk upstairs to begin packing my luggage. 

Calum's POV
I park my car in the garage, ready to pick my bags and wife and leave for that trip. Probably by now, Mali is here and (Y/N) is packing. 
I unlock the front door and walk inside, only to find my sister playing peek-a-boo with my daughter on the floor. 
"How is my favorite girl?" I ask cheerfully, picking Iris up. I rock her and she giggles. 
"I am fine..." Mali says and laughs. I throw a glare at her. 
"Your aunt is stupid...." I say to my baby girl as my sister continues laughing. 
"Where is my wife?" I ask Mali, handing her the baby. 
"Upstairs, packing..." She says and bounces Iris on her knee. 
I walk upstairs and towards our bedroom, finding (Y/N) in our built-in closet, looking lost. 
"How is my beauty?" I ask her, hugging her from behind and kissing her neck. She turns her head to place a quick kiss on my lips.
"I am trying to figure out where my husband is taking me so I can pack appropriate clothes." She replies. I turn her around and leave a kiss on her forehead. 
"Bikinis, a couple of t-shirts and shorts and that skimpy dress I like..." I reply and place a kiss on her lips. 
"How much time do I have?" She asks me and bites on my bottom lip.
"30 minutes..." I say smirking.
"I hate you..."
"No, you don't." 

45 Minutes Later
(Y/N) is still giving directions to Mali while holding Iris, looking like a puppy that has just gotten scold. 
"(Y/N), I can take care of my niece. Go have fun." Mali takes Iris from (Y/N) and motions me to take my wife out of the house. 
"(Y/N) let's go..." I drag her outside.
"How are we going to leave her? She is so small... What if something happens to her?" 
"She is going to be fine... And if something goes wrong, Mali knows what to do." 
"Ok... I guess you are right..." She says, getting in the car.
"I am always right, babygirl." I reply, starting the engine. 
"You wish..." She says giggling. 
"So, where are you taking me, Mr. Hood?" 
"In a new spa hotel, at Malibu beach. You are going to love it." 
"Oh God, I need that..." She groans. 
"I know you do, babygirl."
"I would kill for a massage." 
"I can give you a massage every day..." 
"Well, the massage you plan on giving me always ends up turning to fucking." 
"I don't see the problem with that." 

(Y/N)'s POV
Once we are in the hotel, I settle in and wait for Calum to come to our room. It's beautiful in here; the balcony has the most beautiful view I've ever seen, the bed is huge and more importantly, doesn't have teddies on and a baby monitor next to it.
"Doll, are you asleep?" Calum shouts from the door. 
"No, just admiring the room." I say, sitting on the edge of the bed. 
"Well, go put on your bikini. Let's go to the pool." Cal cheers, picking up his suitcase. 
"I had other things in mind." I say, laying on the bed. 
"Later, babygirl." Calum winks at me.
"I meant napping, Calum..."
"Yeah, right..."

After I am done putting on my bikini, I exit the bathroom, with a towel in hand, ready to relax and leave everything behind me. Sure, I miss Iris like hell and I am worried sick about her, but I need some time for myself and Calum. 
"Are you ready, lo.... Holy shit, you look so fucking sexy..."My husband compliments me as he leans against the wall. 
"Do I? I don't know... Maybe I should wear a black one..." I say and bite my lip. 
"No, it is perfect..." He says with his mouth watering. I smile and do a spin for him.
"Man... I am so fucking lucky..." He exclaims, smacking my ass. 
"You bet your ass you are..." I say and turn to kiss his jaw. 
"Let's go princess." He says and guides me out. 

"So, you really rented out the whole pool for us?" I ask him as I swim around in the warm water. 
"Yeah, I did. The manager is a friend of mine and I asked him for a couple of favors." He replies, leaning back on the tiles. 
"Couple of favors? What else did you arrange?" I ask back and he pulls me on him. 
"The weekend is long, you'll see." He replies and bites on my collarbone.
"Oh, that's what you had in mind when you rented the pool..." I purr as he grazes his teeth up my neck.
"Not really... But you in your bikini has put me into thoughts." He whispers against my skin. 
"What do you like about me though? I mean, I still have some of the pregnancy weight..." I moan as he finds my sweet spot.
"I love that couple of pounds from your pregnancy... More ass, bigger boobs, even that little pouch on your lower stomach is adorable. I love your body..." He mumbles and brings my lips to his. 
"Thank you..." I moan, gripping on his neck. 
"For what?" He asks.
"For adoring me, for making me feel divine..." I whimper as his hand slips in my bikini bottoms. 
"So, you are basically thanking me for doing what a husband should do." He replies chuckling. 

His face lowers to my chest, pulling the triangles to the side. His lips wrap around my nipple, with his teeth grazing the sensitive bud. 
"Be careful... I am still lactating..." I moan from the pleasure. 
"That would be so hot..." He moans but pops my nipple to focus on my pussy. His fingers slip inside me, pumping slowly in me.
"I want us to have another baby..." He moans in my ear. I look at him shocked while I begin palming him. 
"What? Last year you didn't want to hear about having one in the first place..." 
"I know, but I just want us to expand our family. I love Iris and I adore that she is ours, so I want more kids. Think about it... One more little munchkin... " He whispers and I smile at him.
"Iris is just  5 months old... Let's wait until she turns one and we can discuss it again... And please, no more parent conversation on this trip. I just need my boyfriend back..." I reply and he smirks.
"You know that I am your husband, right?" He asks and bites my earlobe. 
"Yeah, but I need the carelessness we had back when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. Just for a little while." I say and pepper him with kisses. 
"Yes ma'am." He replies and pins me to the tiles of the pool, pushing my bottoms to the side, just enough to slip inside me. 

7 Months Later/ Calum's POV

"I think Iris's 1st birthday party will go down in history as the best party ever." I comment as (Y/N) enters the bedroom, rubbing the hand lotion on her hands. 
"Yeah.... But it was a bit extra, you have to admit that..." She comments as she removes the silky robe from her body. 
"I don't know what you are talking about." I say as she curls to my side. 
"Who has a live band on his daughter's first birthday?" She asks and I chuckle.
"It was just her daddy and uncles singing kids songs, no biggie... Did you see how cute she was in her princess costume? I have the most beautiful daughter ever." I comment and kiss my wife's forehead. 
"She got it from her mama..." She sings and I chuckle.
"Definitely." I reply and rub her arm. 
"I am so excited about her first real Halloween." She exclaims and I hum.
"I am excited too. She was so tiny last year and we were both so panicked about having a tiny human in our family, we didn't enjoy it." I reply
"We should do a family costume." She says and I nod eagerly. 
"For sure. Anything in mind?" I ask her and she smirks.
"I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I think that we should do Addams' family. You as Gomez, me as Morticia and Iris as our little Wednesday..." She says and looks up to me. 
"Amazing... We can even have Cookie as the Thing..." I say and she bites her lip. 
"Actually, we don't need Cookie for the Thing. Your hand is going to be the Thing." She says and I look at her surprised. 
"You know my rule about no groping in front of Iris... But I will gladly do it after the party. " I say and grin. 
"No..." She says and takes my hand in hers. 
"Your hand is going to be the Thing..." She says, placing it on her lower stomach. 
I look at her with wide eyes as she smiles at me. 
"Tell me that it is what I think it is..." I say excitedly.
"7 weeks, perfect growth this far. Congratulations, you are going to be a daddy again." She says and I gasp, hugging her tightly. 
"I thought you said we should wait for after Iris turns one." I say as she buries her head in the crook of my neck. 
"Well, we weren't that careful... So, here it is." She replies and places a hand on her stomach. 
"I am so glad we weren't careful." I reply, kissing her forehead as she purrs. 

Chapter Text

Calum's POV

Waking up next to her in the morning is a blessing. Even when I am greeted by her bare back, I still consider myself lucky to be faced with such beauty in the morning. 

I leave a light peck on her shoulder blade before I get up from the bed as quietly as I can. She still has  15 more minutes before she'll have to wake up and start getting ready for work, and I don't want to ruin it for her. 

As I walk out of the room, I see Wolfang, my dog, laying on the floor on her side. I smile at the sight; these two have had a strong bond since the beginning. 

I walk down the stairs, heading to the kitchen to make myself and (Y/N) some coffee. I regret not staying in the bed with her, snuggle her a bit, dig my nose in her hair, feel her warm body on mine. But I know that coffee, especially freshly made by me, is going to put a smile on her face. 
"Well, good morning, sir." I hear her raspy sleepy voice from the entrance of the kitchen. I turn my head to face her, finding her in her thin, silky gown. 

"Good morning, babe. I thought you still had a few minutes to sleep." I comment, turning back to fix her her cup of coffee. She hugs me from behind and places her hand on my lower abdomen. 
"Well, I have like 10 more minutes." She whispers as her head rests on my shoulder blade. 
"Oh... And why are you up, hun?" I ask her. She chuckles and moves her hands further down my abdomen. 
"It's not fun, not being with you..." She whispers, slipping her hand in my brief boxers. I gulp loudly as her warm, small hand wraps around my member. 
"Plus, I thought that I could take care of your little fellow." She moans, moving in front of me.
"Little?" I ask her and she smirks. She doesn't reply, she just gets on her knees in front of me, while removing my boxers.

"You look gorgeous." I comment while watching her dress for work. 
"Thank you. Do you think it's a bit too much for the office?" She asks me. I stare at her figure, clad in a curve-hugging stretch dress and T-strap heels.
"It's perfect... I mean, no matter what you are wearing it looks perfect on you." I say, getting more comfortable on the bed. 

"Didn't expect something different from you..." She chuckles as she adds the finishing touches to her makeup. She puts everything back in her duffel bag, the one she uses for staying over at my place. I frown as I see her gather up her stuff.
"You'll stay at yours tonight?" I ask her, groaning. She chuckles and sits on the bed, Wolfang soon following her actions. 
"Babe, I have to stay at my place for some days. I mean, what's the point of paying for it, if I don't spend time there..." She replies. Before I could come back, she leans in to leave a peck on my cheek. 
"I have to go, or else I'll be late." She says and gets up. 
"Wait, I'll drop you there. And you can come over tonight, pick your stuff and leave me..." I say, pouting. 
"And how am I going to come here, smartypants?" She asks me, pinching my cheeks. 
"Take a taxi. I won't bear not seeing you tonight..." I groan like a 5-year-old. 
"Get dressed quickly." She says, leaving a kiss on my lips.  

"Wolfang, Calum, what are you 2 doing in here?" (Y/N) asks cheerfully as she exits the company she is working in. It's 8 in the evening, she is past her working schedule, her typical 9 to 5 is a long distant memory. Yet, after 3 hours of overtime, she looks gorgeous. 
"We came to pick you up. I couldn't let my angel get a taxi. " I say and open my arms for her. 
"Hmm... Be honest and say that you are jealous of every taxi driver..." She replies and gets in between my arms. 
"Not jealous, just protective." I reply and kiss the top of her head. 
"I see... Did you at least brought the car, or do we have to walk?" She asks and I smirk.
"Well, your apartment is not far from here, is it?" I ask and arch an eyebrow. 
"I am on high heels..." She whines and I giggle.
"I could carry you on my back." I reply and she scoffs. 
"Yeah, right. Cause I want my colleagues, your fans, and paps to capture that glorious moment." She says sarcastically. 
"It worked positively for Ed Sheeran..." I say as we begin walking.
"You want to be called a copycat?" She asks, tangling her arms to mine. 
"We wouldn't want that, would we, Wolfang?" I ask, practically myself. 
"Come on, let's head to my place. I'll buy you food. Takeout Chinese, is that alright?" She asks me and I hum. 

"I can tell you the headlines for tomorrow. 'Calum Hood and Girlfriend seen walking their dog. Click to find out WHAT she was wearing.'" (Y/N) says as we enter her loft. 
"Won't be the first time..." I comment, letting Wolfang loose. 
"Yeah, but it won't be the last too. I am tired of being called 'Calum Hood's girlfriend.' I am CFO, I am making 6 digits, I have my own house, my own very successful career. I mean, how many CFOs are there that are a little above 25 years old? And still, I am someone's Mrs... And I am not even a Mrs." She says, sighing after she gets it all out. I get behind her and kiss her neck, hugging her waist. 
"I know, baby. If it helps, I know your worth." I whisper in her ear and she purrs. 
"I know, love. And I am thankful for that."  She whispers and pecks on my jawline. 
"I know you had a hard week at work. Why don't you go change into something comfy, I'll pour us some wine and bring the food to the couch... Ok, angel? I ask and she nods. 
"What did I do to deserve you?" She sighs and I stroke her lower back. 
"What did I do to deserve you?" I ask her back and she smiles. 

"So, I was talking with Wolfang today..." I begin.
"You were talking with Wolfang...?" (Y/N) asks, giggling. 
"Yeah... And he was like, very sad that you won't stay with us tonight..." 
"Really?" She asks, cocking an eyebrow. 
"Yeah, I mean, look at him. He is not even begging for food." I say and point to my dog, who lays on the other couch. 
"I see. Well, I told you that I have to spend some time at my own place. Otherwise, I am paying rent and expenses for nothing. But if it is for Wolfang's happiness, you are welcome to stay over." She says and leaves the container with the food on the coffee table. She comes to me and straddles my lap, smirking and licking her lips. I chuckle at her and place my hands on her hips. 
"This is just a temporary solution. I am thinking of something more permanent." I reply and she knits her eyebrows together. 
"Let me hear about the solution..." She says, still sitting on my lap. 

"First of all, you leave the apartment. Second, we get a few boxes and a big truck to move your things to my place. Third, you move in with me. And last but hell not least, we live together in happiness and in peace, with our beautiful dog, maybe a couple more pups. And why not, afterwards, a couple of kiddos, you know mini Calums and (Y/N)s." I finish and smile at her. She looks at me, her eyes sparkling with happiness. 
"A pretty and simple plan. Just the way I like it." She replies and leans in to kiss me. I smile in the kiss, enjoying every minute I taste my girlfriend's lips.
"Is that a yes?" I ask as we part. 
"Of course it is. I wouldn't like more, anything but spending every day with you." She replies and I smile. 
"Great, cause I guess this little crystal pendant I got you to seal the deal, won't go to waste." I say and reach in my pocket to bring out the box. I hand it to her and she stares at me shocked.
"You know you didn't have to..." 
"I wanted to, babygirl. You deserve it." I say and wink at her. 

She opens the velvet box, revealing the blue crystal with the silver chain. 
"It's beautiful. I am going to wear it every day." She says and I chuckle. 
"Not as beautiful as you..." I say and help her put it on her neck. 
"I am blushing, stop." She whines. 
"You look even more gorgeous." I say and giggle. 
"Why don't we go in my room, to seal the deal better?" She asks in a husky voice, leaving a kiss on my jaw. 
"I love talking business with you, Ms. (Y/L/N)." I moan and stand up, her still on me. 

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Plot: Y/N messes with Calum, in which Calum gladly responds


Chapter Text

Plot: Y/N has the most boring lecture in the world



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Inspired by this text imagine 

I've literally spent my whole morning trying to figure out who's this text is so I can credit them, but I found nothing

I've literally spent my whole morning trying to figure out who's this text is so I can credit them, but I found nothing. If anyone knows, please help.

I get up from the bed in the guest room, where Joy, my boyfriend's mom put me for the night. With Calum's bed being a single one, she thought that I would have a better night of sleep in the guest room's spacious bed, rather than if I was cramped in a bed with Calum. 

Her son, however, has a different opinion. It's been 20 minutes since I've texted him to tell him good night and he is still bugging me to sneak in his room. I mean, we are both used to sleeping on our own, due to his traveling, but he just can't accept the fact that we are in the same house and yet we are sleeping apart. 

I tiptoe out of the room and close the door as quietly as I can. I know that Joy won't  have a problem with me going to Calum's room, but still, she is his mother, I don't wanna give her a bad impression. 
I walk down the hall, cursing myself for not being able to say no to Calum. But he has his way to convince me into doing him all his favors. 
I crack his door open, finding him sprawled in his bed, wearing just his Calvins. 
He stares at me, smirking and licking his lip. An eyebrow is cocked as he pats his bed, signaling to come over. 
I place my phone on his nightstand as I get on his bed, being as quiet as I can. 
"I knew you would come... You can't resist me, can you, angel?" He whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe. I get a bit more comfortable between on his bed. 
"I am here now, Hood. Let's sleep..." I mumble, closing my eyes. 
"We definitely have so much more to do than sleep..." He whispers with his lips on my neck. The soft lips make me shiver as they graze my neck. 
"Cal, they are going to hear us." I sigh, a bit sad that he will have to stop. 
"I can be really quiet, doll. And because I know you can't, especially when my tongue is swirling on your little clit, or when I am pounding your little pussy, I am willing to muffle your moans and screams, babygirl. " He whispers teasingly. I can feel him smirk as I gulp loudly at the thought of his face buried between my thighs and his hand pressing against my mouth. 
"I see you are wearing that nice night set I got you... Seems to me like you were well prepared for this to happen during this trip..." He whispers again, this time leaving a small bite on the back of my neck. 
"I just... I just like the feeling of silk on my skin." I moan, making him chuckle. 
"Yeah, right..." He replies, his fingers toying with the strap of my top. He bites on my shoulder, tasting and breathing on my skin. 
"Cal..." I moan as his hand traces my hip. 
"Shhshs, don't speak babygirl..." He shushes me as he moves from behind me. He lays me on my back, his fingers hooking on my shorts. 
"So beautiful... " He murmurs as the silk slides down my legs. He licks his lips as he slips my panties down.  His fingers stroke on my cunt, feeling up my wetness. His thumb strokes my clit, as 2 fingers part my lips. He sucks on one of my lips in his mouth, teasing me perfectly that way. 
"I am going to need you to be quiet, ok angel?" He asks me, stroking the soft inner part of my thighs. I nod and look at him, watching his smile turn into a smirk.
He lowers his face in front of my core, breathing just in front of my bundle of nerves. I feel my clit swell as the hot air lands on it. It feels amazing to have his face so close to my core and not being able to make a sound.
His tongue laps against my folds, tasting my fluids from my entrance to the hood of my clit. I want to moan, I need to moan, show him how good he is at this, but I can't, I shouldn't. I bring my wrist to my lips, muffling the moan that wants to escape them. The tip of his tongue traces the outline of my entrance, irritating the little whole, the right way.
With the flat of his tongue, he laps up my wetness, his teeth pulling on my clit as his lips reach it. Biting slightly on it, he rolls it between his teeth, moaning as he tastes me. His hands are around my thighs, keeping me from bucking my hips; other than being quiet, we have to keep our moving to the minimum to avoid the bed creaking and squeaking. 
My free hand travels to my boob, squeezing the soft part and adding to the sensation. 
Calum groans, looking at me from between my legs. 
I know he loves that I can't make a sound while he pleasures me, I know he loves to see me at the edge of screaming as he satisfies me but knowing I can't make a sound. 
He sucks my clit, causing it to throb at the same time a finger enters me. 
He traces my clit with his tongue in circles as his finger pumps rhythmically inside me. 
He curls the finger, pressing the fingertip on my spot. 
My back arches as he combines his finger and tongue on my pussy. 
He smirks, knowing that he drives me crazy.
He releases my clit with an almost silent pop. Adding a second finger in me, he spits on my bundle of nerves, before starting to move his tongue fast, stroking my clit with tip. 
I have to bite on my wrist to stop me from being heard in the whole house full of guests. Calum knows that too, but he seems like he doesn't care about it as he curls his fingers on my spot. 
My back is not touching the mattress anymore. My walls are pulsing and I have this huge knot in the pit of my stomach. 
Calum notices that I am close and removes his mouth from my cunt, as well as his fingers. 
I look at him, angry and confused. 
He just smirks and wraps my legs around his waist, before getting up from the bed.
He places me on the carpeted floor, laying me softly there.
"Fucking you on the bed would have been too loud, angel. " He whispers as he brings his face on mine. He kisses me deeply, running his tongue across my teeth. I can taste me on his lips, as well as a hint of smoke, probably from the cigarette he had before bed. I put my hand in his hair, pulling a bit at his curls, making him smile in the kiss. He doesn't remove his briefs completely, he just lowers the waistband, just enough to bring the tip and an inch or two of his length out. 
His hard on presses against my stomach, some of the precum dripping on me. He reaches for the nightstand's drawer, fumbling for a condom. I grip his arm and stop him, parting from his lips.
"Go bare tonight."I whisper in his ear, making him look at me with his mouth wide open.
"Are you sure babygirl?" He asks me, his other hand cupping my jaw. 
"Of course I am. I want to feel you." I reply, licking my lip afterwards. He chuckles and brings his lips back on mine, his arm landing on my hip.
I can feel him hard and thick on my stomach, the rush of my previous building orgasm still intense in my body.
He hovers his body above mine, his knees bend as he brings his boxers down his thighs.
He takes his member in his hand, stroking it a couple of times while looking at me. The head is a shade of purple, swollen and oozing precum. I spread my legs for him, showing every bit of my pussy. 
He traces my folds with the tip, smirking at how wet I am still for him. 
He lines up in front of him and I buck my hips up, helping him have a better access to it. Even after fucking for almost 5 years, I still feel like I did on our first time.
He thrusts inside me, slowly making me feel his every inch. My mouth forms an o against his lips, giving him the chance to bite and pull my bottom lip. 
He grunts lowly as he feels my tightness. 
His hips thrust on mine, slowly on the first few times, but building up a pace. His lips don't leave mine, not even for a second. My moans travel directly to his mouth, making it curve at the sound of it. He holds my hands above my head, minimizing my movements.
"No scratches, remember?" He whispers, parting from my lips for a while. 
His hips now have a rhythm as they pound on mine. His dick is filling me up, reaching spots in me that only he can. 
My chest is heavy with lust,  my breath short and rapid. 
We are both close, him ready to burst at any moment and me still in a haze from my previous ruined orgasm. 
My stomach rises and falls as he goes in and out of me. His tongue pushes more itself into my mouth. His skin rubs on my clit, adding gasoline to the fire that runs through my body. 
"Fuck, doll... I don't think I can last longer..." He groans in my mouth. 
 "Cum..." I moan loudly, breaking a bit from his lips. His hand instantly leaves my wrists and flies to my mouth to shut me up, but his smile lights his face. 
Soon, he throws his head back, making his Adam's apple and jawline even more prominent. He shoots his cum inside me, my walls feeling every rope of it. 
With his dick still inside me, he grinds his hips on mine, his tip pressing on my g-spot until I cum. His fingers rub on my clit, fast, pulling my orgasm closer. His hand still on my mouth and his smile still wide from watching me quiver. 
I cum on his dick, my stomach tightening for a second before I arch my back. My legs are numb, my walls clamp around him as I fall into euphoria. 

"That's why I insisted on living at a hotel while visiting my parents..." He chuckles lightly while stroking my hair. 
"Joy wouldn't enjoy the visit as much as she is enjoying it now, that we are staying with them. She has both her kids in the house... Think about it. You are living in L.A, Mali is in London... If we stayed in a hotel, she wouldn't feel like having you two back home, like when you used to live here..." I reply and he chuckles. 
"You are an angel, you know that?" He whispers in my ear, pecking on my cheek. 
"You've told me that about a million times..." I giggle. 
"Well, it's because you are..." He chuckles. 
"Let's go to bed... Your mom has that dinner with the whole family tomorrow and she will definitely need some help..." I say, trying to grab my pajamas. He grabs them before me and leans in for a quick kiss before he starts dressing me up.
"I think that Mali definitely heard you moaning... I mean, she is sleeping right next door. " He says, fixing the straps of my top. 
"Well, I think that Mali will understand... I just wish your mother didn't hear us." I say as he lay on his bed. 
"Well, I don't really see the problem with that." He replies as I lay next to him. I turn to face him and he chuckles as I glare at him. 
"Cal... What is she going to think of me?" I ask him, purring like a kitten. 
"She will think that her son is getting some pussy from his girlfriend of 5 years. Come on (Y/N), we are not 5. We are adults and my mama knows that. And she is the one who is asking for grandchildren... She knows how babies are made, trust me..." He says, giggling. I slap his arm and glare at him. 
"Don't talk about your mama like that..." I say and he chuckles. 
"I didn't say anything babygirl. I am just saying that she will understand, don't worry. And she already adores you, that is not going to change just from a moan she might not even heard. Besides, I had sex too. If she is going to think bad of you, she will have to think bad of me too. And Mama Hood isn't like that."
"I guess you are right." I reply and he pecks on my temple. 
"Now sleep, angel. We have a long day ahead of us. " He says, pulling the covers over us. 
"Good night, papi..." I whisper. 
"Good night, angel..." He whispers back.


Chapter Text

(Calum's POV)

I hear the door in my old room at my parents' place squeak, signaling that either my mom or my girlfriend just entered the room. I leave my notepad and pencil on the bedside table next to my bed and sit up, only to find my girlfriend smiling at me. She is already wearing her cotton shorts and one of my tank-tops, her face bare of make-up and her hair twisted in a bun; somehow even when she is that simple, she looks so perfect to me.

I scoop my body to the side and leave her space on my small bed; even though she knew I could afford the best hotel in town, she wanted us to stay with my parents, just so my mum would feel like she has her children back home.
She climbs on the bed and turns to face me. I leave a peck on her forehead and she smiles at me, her eyes shining.
"What were you writing?" She asks me, barely above a whisper.
"Just some thoughts about a song..." I say, bringing her closer to my chest. She leaves a feather kiss under my collarbone, her lips soft and warm as always.
"Is it about me?" She asks, giggling. I chuckle and stroke her back.
"When aren't my songs about you, babygirl?" I reply and her cheeks become red.

"What a day, huh?" She asks, referring to the family dinner.
"Yeah, everyone had something to announce... " I reply and kiss her nose.
"Everyone but us. " She laughs and looks at me; her eyes always have love when looking at me, even when we are fighting
"Are you complaining?" I tease her.
"No, not at all." She replies and kisses my chin. I fondle her ass and she smiles.
"I think that the most shocking one was Mali's." She says, yawning. Her eyes flutter shut and open within seconds, her lips are pouty and her face feels warm against my naked skin. She is definitely sleepy, only a matter of minutes probably before she falls asleep in my arms.
"Well, no one expected it. But everyone was so happy to hear about her pregnancy. I am going to be an uncle. Aren't you excited to become an aunt?" I ask her, even though I already know the answer. She and Mali always had a strong bond, they became good friends ever since they met, so it is more than expected for (Y/N) to be excited about Mali's pregnancy.
"Well, I am not going to be exactly an aunt." She says, her voice doozy.
"What do you mean? I am going to be an uncle and you are going to be an aunt."
"I am just a girlfriend, Calum. If we break up, I am going to nothing to the baby..." She says, her tone serious and a bit sad.

I look at her, my eyebrows knitted as I try to figure out what she is talking about...
"Well, then why don't you marry me?" I ask her, completely naturally. The thought has been in my mind for a long time and honestly, I think I will never be more ready than now.
"Cal, stop joking..."
"I am not. I want you to marry me. I've been thinking about it for quite a while and I've never been so sure about wanting to be with someone for the rest of my life. I guess I should have asked you in a more romantic way, but I think that this will do too..." I say, looking into her eyes. They glisten with a few tears and sparkle excitement, making me smile.
"There is no moment more romantic than this..." She whispers and leans in to kiss me.

(The Next Morning)
"Good morning love birds." My sister cheers as (Y/N) and I appear in the dining room, where my mom has made breakfast for all the guests in the house. Mali's boyfriend waves at us while putting more food in Mali's plate, earning a glare from Mali.
"What? You need more food. It's for the baby.." He supports his action while smiling.

(Y/N) and I take a seat opposite of them before she starts pouring coffee for both of us as I make a plate for her.
"How was your night, loves?" My mom asks. We let Mali begin talking, as she has already opened her mouth.
"It was nice. I just felt a bit nauseous when I woke up but I am getting used to it." She says, patting her invisible bump.
"How about you?" My mom turns to us.
"Well, it was eventful." (Y/N) replies before she takes a bite of her toast.
"Eventful?" Mali asks smirking. I roll my eyes at her and let (Y/N) do the talking.
"Yeah. I guess I found out that I'll become an aunt and that I am getting married, all in one night." She says and smiles at everyone, making me beam with happiness. My mom looks at us with an open mouth before she jumps up to hug us both. My dad raises his mug at me before he pats me on the shoulder and gives my wife a hug.
"That's so exciting... Oh my God." Mali cheers at both of us and hugs (Y/N).
"Calum finally realized that this one is a keeper, huh?" Mali mocks me before she hugs me tightly to congratulate me.
"Where is the ring?" She asks, turning to (Y/N).  (Y/N) turns to me, her face showing that she has the same question too.
"We'll pick it together babygirl, don't worry." I say, kissing her neck and hugging her from behind.


Chapter Text

I stare at Calum’s hands as he drives us through the night; his fingers gripping tightly on the steering wheel, his biceps flexing and close to ripping his black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his tattoos swirling on his skin and most importantly our engagement ring, the simple silver band that hugs his finger and shines under the moonlight and the lights of the car and the road ahead of us.

I run my fingers through his soft curls and smile at the sight of my soon-to-be husband. 
“Are you ok, love?” He asks me, his eyes glued on the road. He is always such a conscious driver, concentrating on the road and on our safety. 
“Yeah, just a bit dizzy from the wine…” I reply leaning on my seat. Calum chuckles and takes my hand in his before he kisses the top of my hand. 
“My girl is drunk and it’s the only night that I can’t take advantage of her…” He says, chuckling. 
“Well, I am going to get drunk again tomorrow and then you can take advantage of your wife…” He says, chuckling.
“I can’t wait, kitten.” He says, cheerfully.
“Me either..” 
“I can’t wait to start a family with you…” He smiles at me, stopping at the red light. 
My face drops a little bit a few memories from some years back popping in my head. 
“Are you alright, dove?” He asks, looking at me concerned. 
“Are you feeling dizzy?” He asks again before I could answer. 
“No, I just.. Cal, we never talk about my miscarriage… I know it’s probably not the right time but I am scared… What if it happens again? What if I won’t be able to conceive again?” I ask, feeling my eyes brimming with tears. 

Calum passes the greenlight but pulls over in an empty emergency lane within a minute. He turns on his seat and grabs my face in his hands, looking at me with love. 
“Babygirl, there is nothing to be scared of… No matter what, I am going to be by your side. We were so young when this happened. I was at the beginning of my career, I was traveling all the time and you were still in college, it would be so hard for us to raise a human, especially back then when we weren’t even in the same country.” 
“We could still make it… ” I mumble as he strokes my cheek. 
“No doubt on that baby. But everything happens for a reason. Remember that we had just started our relationship. If we had a baby back then, maybe we wouldn’t last… The pressure would be high and the bond we had back then wasn’t as strong as it is now..” 
“Maybe you are right. But I can’t help but think of it… Our baby would be 3 years old now if I…” 
“(Y/N) stop. It wasn’t your fault. It is common that early in pregnancies. Stop torturing yourself.” 
“Calum, you don’t get it…” 
“No, (Y/N), I do get it. I lost a baby too. And I wasn’t even there. I couldn’t be next to you cause I had to fucking stay on that fucking tour. And it hurts me too. Sometimes I stay awake at night and think of how everything could have been so different. I blame myself for not being there to take care of you or go through that with you. So, please don’t tell me that I don’t get it, cause I do. But I know that we are going to make it through everything cause you and I baby are above all. And I don’t care if you won’t get pregnant again. We can adopt or for all I care, fill the house with dogs. I love you, you are my family (Y/N).” He says looking deep in my eyes.

I lean in to kiss him and he responds almost immediately kissing my lips with the same passion he did on our first kiss.

“Now Mrs. Hood, I have to take you home and put you in bed, cause tomorrow it’s the big day…” He says, turning on the engine. 
“Will you stay with me?” I ask, laying back on my seat. 
“Babygirl, I really wish I could. But I have to go to the hotel, the guys are waiting for me.” 
“I thought you had your bachelor party 3 days ago…” 
“I had my party. They are waiting for me just for a drink and a chat, nothing special…” 
“I see…Have fun. And don’t get too drunk, you have to be waiting for me to walk down the aisle tomorrow evening…”

The next morning I wake up by a light knock on my door. I drag my feet on the marble floor and down the stairs. I scratch my head and groan, realizing by the shape behind the dark glass door, that it is my best friend, probably ready to kick the day off. 
The day… Uh, I’ve been waiting for that day for so long…

I open up the door, greeting my best friend with a hug. 
“Are you ready for your big day? ” She asks, beaming with excitement. I smile, thinking of the moment I will walk down the aisle towards my husband. 
My stomach twists and turns, every bit of food I had last night threatens to flow back up and spill from my mouth. 
“(Y/N), are you ok?” My best friend asks, worried. I raise my hand in front of me, signaling her to stop talking and give me a minute. The jitters of anxiousness and excitement are making my whole body act weird. 
“I am fine. I just thought of Calum and you know… I got all excited and anxious. ” I reply after a few seconds. 
“Oh, I see…” She responds, smiling excitedly. 
“OH my God… You are getting married…. You are getting married to Calum… Calum Hood… Oh my God. And I am going to be the maid of honor…” She freaks out, causing me to laugh.
“Stop freaking out… ” I giggle
“You are right… There is no time for freaking out… Your mom and your aunts are already in the hair salon. Your hairdresser is getting here in an hour and the bridesmaids are on their way. ” She says, reading her notes on her phone. I hug her and she laughs.
“Thank you for your help. I couldn’t do it without you. ”
“Shhh… Don’t think about that. Go hop in the shower and I’ll prepare everything in here…”

After hours of pampering and everyone being over my head, it’s finally time for me to wear my wedding dress. My mom looks at me while tearing up and my friend/ make-up artist scolds her for ruining her masterpiece. My best friend helps me zip my dress up while the photographer takes pictures of everyone. 
“The car is almost here…” My sister announces as my best friend takes care of the last details on my dress.


“Oh my God. You look so beautiful…” My mom says through tears. 
“Really?” I ask, taking a look in the mirror. I truly look good. I just feel a bit weird, a bit anxious about Cal’s reaction. 
“Like a princess. ” Mali comments and I blush. 
“Can we be alone for a while?” Mali asks everyone politely. 
“We are going to be in the cars. Whenever you are ready, we will leave.” My mom says before they leave the room. 

I sit on the edge of the bed and Mali takes a seat next to me. 
“I just wanted to tell you that I am really happy for you and my brother. You are perfect for each other and honestly, I can’t imagine you two being separated. You are amazing (Y/N). And you make my brother so happy, I haven’t seen him like that since we were kids. I know that you two are going to live a happy life together and I can’t wait for you to build a beautiful, big family. You are part of the family, you always were, just now it’s going to be official. ” Mali says, hugging me tightly. 
“It means a lot to me. And I can’t wait for baby Aiden to have a little cousin. I hope that I continue to make him happy, until the end of our lives. That’s my goal. And honestly, I don’t think that I’ve ever been happier, ever in my life. ” 
“You both deserve each other. Now let’s go. My brother is waiting for his bride. ” Mali says, taking my hand in hers.

The ceremony was beautiful. We had the wedding in Malibu Pier and everything seemed just dreamy. After a few photos, it was finally time for Calum and me to have our first dance as a married couple.
“Will you tell me which song you picked?” I ask Calum as he guides me on the makeshift stage. 
“You will find out in a few seconds, Mrs. Hood…” 
“It sounds funny. ” I giggle as he places his arms around my waist. 
“Better get used to it. You are going to have it for the rest of your life. ” He whispers in my ear and leaves a kiss on my temple as the music starts. 
“You pick the song from Princess and the frog…” I gasp surprised. Calum laughs lightly as he starts swinging us from side to side. His arms are bringing me close to his chest and I am feeling more protected than ever. 
“You’re my Queen of the night, so still, so bright…” He murmurs and I put my head on his chest. 
“I love you so much. ” I whisper, focused only on my husband. 
“I wish I loved you more than you love me, baby. But I know you love me so much, sometimes it’s scary to think that a person has so much love inside. I love you more and more and I hope one day to overcome your love. ” 
“That was beautiful…” I state, leaning in for a kiss. He gladly responds, leaning in the remaining few inches.

After a while, we both had to go around the tables and greet the guests. I am talking with a few friends of my mom while Calum went over his family. I stare at him from across the deck, my eyes focused on his happy, squishy face and soft eyes. His nephew, Mali’s son, is in his arms, reaching to touch his face with his small hands. I can see Calum laugh and enjoy the interaction with the baby and that makes me smile. 
“Excuse me for a while. I need to go to my husband. ” I apologize to the ladies, earning a few comments of how in love we are and how we can’t go without each other for more than mere minutes, which are actually the truth.

I walk up to Calum, greeting a few guests as I walk by. Baby Aiden reaches his arms towards me once he sees me, being the cuddly little monkey he is. I boop his nose and lean my head on Calum’s shoulder, making him turn to me. 
“What is it, princess? Did you get tired? ” He asks me, pecking on my forehead. I hum in disagreement as Mali reaches to pick her son from his uncle and aunt. 
“No, I just missed you…” I reply to Calum, who grins at me. 
“My babygirl… Can’t go a minute without me…” He chuckles shaking his head. 
“Can I tell you something?” I ask, biting my lip.
“Sure…” He replies, his eyebrows knitted together. 
“I want you to be calm and I want you to tell absolutely no one. ” I state, earning a more puzzled look from him. 
“Go ahead…”

“I am pregnant. We are having a baby…” I announce. His puzzled look changes into a shocked and then into an excited one. 
“Are you kidding me? ” He asks, stuttering a bit. I shake my head no and he hugs me close to his body. 
“Are you sure?” 
“Yeah. 100% sure. I went to the doctor last week. I wanted to tell you during our honeymoon trip but I saw you with Aiden and I couldn’t help it…"I mumble excitedly. 
“How far are we?” Calum asks me, his eyes twinkling. 
“7 weeks far. I don’t want to tell anyone until I am at least 3 months far. I just don’t want to put bad luck on it this time. ”
“Understandable babygirl… Did you tell the doctor about the previous pregnancy?” He asks me. I can tell he is just as worried as I am.
“I did. And she gave me some vitamins and some calcium and some other tablets that I should take on the first trimester. ” 
“This time we are going to make it, babygirl. We are going to be a big family...” He assures me, holding onto me tighter.

Chapter Text

Plot: Y/N messes with Calum, in which Calum gladly responds



Chapter Text

(Calum's POV)

I am mesmerized by how beautiful she looks. The light coming from the airplane's window hits her face perfectly, complimenting her features.
She looks peaceful, listening to her music as the plane flies through the clouds. I wanna ask her who she is, what she is doing on this plane, chat with her.
But I don't want to bother her.
So I look at her as she stares out of the window, admiring the stranger.
I can hear the music she is listening to, through her earphones, making me smile at her music taste. She goes from 90's hip-hop to classic rock to modern day hits. She smiles at herself, gifting me a glimpse of her pretty smile.
From the reflection of the window, I see the screensaver of her phone; it's a picture of our first album. Maybe she is a fan; but if she was, wouldn't she had recognized me?
Maybe my disguise really works. I mean, she didn't bat an eye when she saw me taking the seat next to her.
It is strange that I gawk at her. She is a complete stranger. All I know about her is that she is leaving London, just as I am.

The plane starts quivering suddenly and I hear her gasp loudly.
"Oh my God, we are going to die..." I hear her mumble, panicking as the plane becomes unsteady.
"Miss, you are going to be ok, I promise." I say, turning to her.
"How do you know?" She asks, trying to take deep breaths.
"I just know. Look at me, ma'am. I am Calum, I am here, you can talk to me." I say, trying to soothe her.
"I know who you are..." She mumbles while she shuts her eyes.
"Good, good. Well, you are going to be ok."
"Again, how do you know?"
"Well, you can't die without giving me your name..." I reply smiling. She turns to look at me, a smile spreading on her face too.
"If we survive this, I'll tell you my name." She states and I nod.

After 20 minutes, the plane had a compulsatory landing. The stewards told us that we would fly tomorrow, with the first plane in the morning.
"Since we have the whole day in a foreign city, would you like to go for lunch?" I ask her as we exit the airport.
"Maybe later. I'd like to see the city." She replies, shrugging her shoulders.
"Mind if you have some company?" I ask her, my hands resting in my pockets.
"I'd love some company, Mr. Hood." She replies, turning to look at me.
"Great." I reply, smiling brightly.
"I want to go to Notre Dame first." She states.
"You are very religious." I commend, coming out more like a question.
"Me? Not really, I am just obsessed with the Hunchback of Notre Dame, ever since I can remember myself." She says as we begin walking.
"Oh... Well, I always liked Lilo and Stitch. I don't know why, but I was always drawn to it..." I comment and she barely contains herself not to burst out laughing. After taking a minute and clearing her throat, she turns to me.
"You look a bit like David Kawena." She replies and giggles.
"Do I?" I ask, laughing. I catch her staring at me, but she doesn't avert her gaze.
"Well, yeah. The skin, the tats, the nose..."
"The nose? What about my nose?" I tease her.
"It's a bit thick. But still cute. Very cute, actually."
"What else do I have in common with Kawena?" I ask, wanting nothing more than her to fangirl a bit.
"Well, the body... You are both toned and defined. And you are both very sweet." She states, tilting her head to the side. I smile at myself.
"Complimenting me and all, but I still don't know your name."
"(Y/N)." She replies, extending her hand. I bring it to my lips, grazing her skin with them.

The night came sooner than I wanted it to come. I got to spend the day with her, we've been to many beautiful places together. But I wish we had more time.
"Such a beautiful city. So many places I want to visit, but so little time." She sighs.
"I wish we had more time..." I mumble. She sits on the bench that is close to us. She brings her knees to her chest, patting the spot next to her for me. I sit close to her, running a hand through my hair.
"Look how beautifully the stars reflect on the water. Like fireflies dancing..." She whispers. Her voice is soothing and peaceful.
"Beautiful..." I reply and she chuckles. She leans her head on my shoulder.
"We both need some sleep..." She comments, her voice as soft as a feather.
"I agree. Plus, we have to be at the airport really early." I say and she hums.
"Any ideas on where we are going to sleep?" She asks.
"I saw a small motel on our way here. It looked old but pretty. It'll do for a night. And I promise we'll get separate rooms."

"I am sorry, beau. We only have one room available. " The lady behind the desk informs me.
"Is it at least a 2-bed one?" I ask, before (Y/N) could talk.
"No. It has a big bed though..." The lady replies and I turn to look at (Y/N).
"Calum, I am very tired. If that's it, so be it." She says, nodding her head.
"We'll take it." I say and hand her my credit card.

"Which side do you prefer?" I ask her.
"It doesn't really matter. I have other things to worry about." She replies. I knit my eyebrows together and stare at her.
"What's the problem." I ask her.
"I don't have other clothes with me. Not in my carry-on."
"Neither do I."
"Yes, but I can't sleep with the clothes I've been wearing the whole day..." She replies and bites her lips.
"I see... You... you can sleep naked. I am going to do the same. I promise to behave." I say and she smiles.
"Can you turn around? Please..."
"Of course."
I turn my back to her, giving her privacy.
"I am going to get undressed as well." I state while I wait.
"Fine by me." She replies.
By the time I was done with my clothes, the thought of her, sleeping naked next to me was haunting me.
"You can turn around." She announces.
I turn around, finding her in her underwear. I feel like a 15-year-old again, gawking at her like she is the first woman I've ever seen.
"Wow..." I breathe out but immediately regret it. I see her blush and bite her lip.
"It's nothing that you've never seen before. I mean, in other women."
"It's just... You are really beautiful... That's all." I reply and she smiles.
"Thank you. I think we should get to bed." She replies, trying to change the subject. I nod and motion towards the bed, letting her pick the side first. She picks the left side, picking the covers up so she can slide under them.

The bed is smaller than I expected, making us have skin to skin contact. It's really nice, the warmth of her skin matching mine, but surely the smoothness of her flesh contrasts my skin.
"Do you ever wish you could freeze some moments?" (Y/N) asks me.
"Who doesn't?"
"I am not talking about big moments or important moments, moments of action or moments of greatness. I am talking small moments... Just... like... this one..." She tilts my chin, bringing my face close to hers.
I am the one to make the first, well the final move, bringing my lips to her. It's a slow kiss in the beginning; my lips grazing hers as hers respond quickly. She cups my jaw as my hand rests on her cheek.
"The whole day... The whole damn day I was waiting for this..." I mumble and she chuckles.
"Why didn't you do it then?" She asks.
"I wasn't sure if you wanted it or not." I state and she kisses me again. She deepens the kiss, starting by running her tongue across my bottom lip. She shifts a bit and from laying on the mattress, she ends up laying on top of me.

I hesitate to touch her, afraid that she will leave, she'll disappear.
But my lips are already on hers and she is still here, so my hands make their way to her hips.
"Oh, the many things I would let you do to me." She moans as her hands rest on my chest. I lick my lips and run my nails along the skin of her hips. She winces and hisses, her hips pressing on mine.
"Many things? Like this?" I ask and unclasp her bra, letting it slip down her shoulders.
"And more!" She states.
"More? Like this?" I ask and flip her on her back.
"Even more!" She whispers, dragging her fingers down my cheek. I bite my lip and nod.

I slide down, bringing my face to her chest. I run my thumbs over her perky nipples before I take one of them in my mouth. I suck it lightly, feeling it roughen as I do. She purrs and moans softly as my lips engulf her numb. My thumb plays with the other nipple, roughening it as I suck the one in my mouth.
"More than that?" I ask her, my lips grazing down on her ribs. She hums and nods, her breathing becoming labored.
"Good..." I mumble and place a kiss just above her navel.

I slip a hand in her panties, feeling her wet core. Her eyes are closed and her lip is tucked between her teeth.
"Go ahead..." She moans before I start rolling her clit with my fingers. I press a bit with the pads of my fingers. I don't want to tease her; I want to devour her, feel every inch of her, watch her shriek and spasm and wiggle underneath me.
"Don't move..." I whisper as I sit up from the bed.
"Where could I go like this?" She replies and I chuckle.
I grab my wallet from the nightstand, taking a condom out of it.
"Want me to help you with it?" She asks, smiling seductively from the white sheets.
"I think I can handle it myself." I reply.
"I know... But I insist." She says and sits up from the bed.
She takes my hand and pulls me to sit on the bed. She lowers my briefs and gets on her knees in front of me. She rubs her thumb over my tip, spreading the pooling precum. I gulp thickly, not daring to close my eyes and miss the view of my dick in her hands. She brings her lips to my tip, sucking lightly at the swollen pink tip.
"No, please. I don't want to fuck your mouth, I need you... All of you..." I whimper, my fingers tangled in her hair.
She smiles at me and kisses my tip, before ripping the foil package with her teeth. She rolls the latex on my length, making sure it fits perfectly.

I grab her tiny wrists and push her up. She sits on my lap, her thighs straddling mine. Her hand reaches between our bodies, taking my dick in it. She lines it up in front of her entrance, bucking her hips up before sinking them down, taking me inside of her. I grip on her hips, shutting my eyes as her hands rest on my shoulders.
"Fuck, fuck... Oh God..." She groans as she takes my dick deep inside her.
"Fucking tight..." I growl, digging my nails in her skin. She shrieks but stays there, rolling her hips on mine.
"Do it again..." She moans, her breath hitched.
"You are a little pain slut like me, huh?" I ask her, dragging my lips along her neck.
She pounds her hips down on my length as my hands grope her ass. My lips travel down her chest, wanting nothing more than to have her boob in my mouth. She rides me good, taking my dick deep in her and squeezing her walls.
I slap her ass, watching her face contort with a smirk of satisfaction.
"I didn't think you would be into rough shit... I pictured you more like a vanilla girl." I whisper in her ear. She drags her nails down my back, surely leaving marks on my skin.
"And think that I am taking it really softly on you..." She whispers, biting her lip. I chuckle and slap her again.
"I am the one taking it softly on you, babygirl." I reply with a smug smirk on my lips. A hand reaches between our bodies, heading directly to her clit. I grab it and put it back on my shoulder. My fingers trace her hipbone on their way to her center.
"That's my job, little one." I smirk at her.

She grounds her hips on mine, starting to grind on me. She groans as my tip pushes her g-spot with every move. I roll her clit with my fingers, making her groan.
"We have to be quiet, ok babe?" I whisper to her, feeling her walls pulsing.
"I don't know if I can." She growls and I squeeze her ass.

She cums on me, her walls pulsing and squeezing my dick, her mouth wide open and releasing a throaty scream as it falls back. I leave her like that for a minute, before I flip her on her stomach and remove the condom, squeezing my member with my palm.
She writhes and gasps as she rides out her high. I have my eyes closed, imagining her with her lips wrapped around my cock.
I groan and growl as I cum, opening my eyes to stare at my seed staining her skin. I gawk at the beauty of it, trying to memorize everything.

I leave a pec on her shoulderblade after I calm from my high.
"I'll bring a wet cloth to clean you up. Ok princess?" I whisper and she hums, turning her head to face me.
"Ok." She replies and smiles at me.


After I clean her up, I lay next to her, pulling her towards my chest. Her naked skin feels relaxing against mine. I move her hair off my way and peck her neck while tracing signs on her hip with my thumb.
"What are you thinking?" I ask her. She turns around, facing me, her eyes showing that she is sleepy.
"I don't want this night to end..." She admits, her thumb grazing my cheek. I sigh and run my hand through my hair.
"What if it doesn't have to end?" I ask her. She chuckles and shakes her head.
"You have the secret for time freezing?" She asks sarcastically. I cup her face and squeeze her cheeks before I kiss her on the lips.
"Stop being a smartass, just for a second and hear me out." I say after we part and she nods.
"Let's stay in here."
"For how long?" She asks.
"It doesn't matter. I have nowhere better to be. Well, until I start touring again. I have plenty of money to spend in here, we'll get our luggage from the airport. ANd we will stay here, figure this shit out. The moment you get bored, we can break this up." I reply and she smirks.
"What if I don't get bored?" She asks and I smirk.
"I hope you won't..." I reply and she smiles while kissing my lips.
"Let's stay..." She says and I smile.

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Plot: Y/N's insomnia leads her to buying lingerie for when Calum gets back home


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Plot: Y/N teases Calum in an innocent way but he gets mad, so Y/N decides to change his mood by doing him all his favors Made with ifaketextmessage


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Plot: Calum and Y/N have a class together in college and he wants to get to know her better


Chapter Text

Plot: Calum met Y/N during a photo shoot, where she was taking pictures

Chapter Text

Plot: Calum and Y/N are exes that have to attend and take part in their best friends' wedding


Chapter Text

(Calum's POV) 

I never thought that the tomboy, whiny, teenage girl that I met years back as Michael's little sister, would grow up to be this hot as hell woman. Everyone's eyes are on her, from the minute we stepped into the club.

 After her high school graduation, she decided to join Michael in L.A for the summer and her being so close to all of us for the past 2 months, Luke invited her to his birthday celebration in Las Vegas. 

And here we are now, her looking so damn good in her tiny black dress and leather choker. Some girls just look so damn great in choker, that you instantly imagine your hands around their necks. 
I eye her from my spot as she dances off with a stranger. I feel kind of jealous of him, I mean I want to dance with her too, but she is Michael's sister and I know how protective he can be with her. 
"Do we know him?" Michael asks me as he approaches me. 
"Who?" I ask, pretending that I don't know what he is talking about.
"That guy that dances with (Y/N)..." He says and motions to them. 
"I don't think so... " I reply and shake my head. 
"Well, I don't like him and the way his hands are all over my sister." He says and clenches his jaw. 
"Michael, relax. She is an adult." Crystal says and giggles. 
"No. I don't like him and I don't want him near my sister. I am going to go and bring her over." He says but I grab his wrist. 
"If you go and stop her from having fun, she is going to throw a tantrum and she is going to be absolutely right. I'll go and dance with her so others won't approach her, ok?" I offer and he nods. 
"Thanks, I owe you. " He says and I walk to the bar to get myself and (Y/N) a beer. 

"Hey mate. Mind if I?" I tap the guy's shoulder as I walk next to them. He turns his head to look at me and nods, parting from (Y/N). I smile at him before he walks away to go to the next girl. I hand (Y/N) a beer and cling mine to hers. 
"Thanks. They wouldn't sell me one. " She says before she takes a gulp. 
"I know. You are a kid." I say with a serious look. She punches my arm and giggles. 
"I am not. You are just 3 years older than me. Calm your tits. " She says and sticks her tongue out. 
"Still a kid. " I say and smile at her. 
"Come dance with me, grandpa. " She says and pulls me closer. 

"Are you happy to see me?" She asks me out of the blue. 
"Yeah, sure. I mean I haven't seen you in years, I am really proud to see you as the woman you have evolved to. " I reply and she giggles. 
"I don't mean that, grandpa. I am talking about your little friend." She replies, grinding her hips harder on mine. 
"Shit..." I curse, embarrassed by it. She giggles and places a hand on my chest. 
"You know, you were always my favorite. Ever since I met you. But I knew that you would never notice me..." She says, swinging her hips. 
"What are you talking about? I had noticed you since day one." I reply and chuckle. 
"I don't mean it like that. I mean, notice e as a girl. You were always after the pretty girls. And back then I wasn't even a girl. "She says and stares at me. 
Before I could even respond to that, Luke approaches us, placing a hand on our shoulders once he is next to us. 
"Hey guys, Do you wanna go back to the hotel and head for a swim in the pool on the roof garden? Tally said he will arrange it if we want to. " He says, raising his voice a bit over the music. 
"I am in. I love to go night swimming, even in a pool. " (Y/N) replies excitedly. 
"Me too. I could use some chilling right now." I reply and Luke smiles at us. 
"Great. We will leave in 30. " He says and goes to the others. 

We don't talk much after (Y/N)'s little confession. Maybe because I have nothing to tell her to excuse myself for back then. But to be honest, I was never rude to her or ignored her when she used to hang out with us on practice. I just... I never saw her the way I see her now. Who knew that the little Clifford would become a beautiful, curvy in all the right places and smart-mouthed woman?

I sigh as I walk to her room, to pick her up and take her to the pool. Everyone else is waiting for us and me being the last one to leave my room, had to pick her up. To be truthful, I don't know how I am going to react when I see her in her bikini; I had already pictured her in her tiny bikini, teasing me while in the water, and later taking her rough on my bed, and all of that while I was in the shower, trying to get rid of the boner she gave me while grinding on me at the club. 
I knock on her door, taking deep breaths. I know she is Michael's sister, and even though he never told us not to hit on her, she is out of limit. 
"Coming..." She shouts. I hear a few things shifting and her feet shuffling on the floor. 
"Oh, it's you." She says once she opens the door and faces me. I see her smile as she leans on the door. 
"Not happy to see me?" I ask her, fighting myself not to scan her body. 
"The complete opposite I would say.." She says and smirks. 
"Want to come in? I am not ready yet..." She says and moves from the door. I nod and walk in, trying to keep my cool. 
For some reason, she makes me feel like I am 15 again, at my crush's home for a study date. 
"Do you want a drink? There are several in the mini fridge, you can have whatever you want." She says, motioning me to sit. 
"I think I am fine. The guys are waiting for us, you know..." I say and she turns around and smiles at me. 
"I know. I just needed a shower before slipping into my bikini. " She replies and digs in her suitcase. 
"I can tell... From the towel and all." I comment and watch the droplets of water run down her body as she is bent and looking for her swimwear. Her pale white skin looks great, illuminating under the light where the light meets the drops of water, the short towel revealing her beautiful legs. 
"I am thinking of putting this one on. What do you say?" She turns to me, throwing her bikini on the spot next to me. I pick it up, examining the thin, black material of the swimsuit. 
"I think it's good enough..." I reply and lay back on the bed. 
"Good enough is not good enough for me." She replies and bends again to dig for another. 
The towel barely covers her ass now that she is bent. Lord, she looks so fucking good. 
"What about that?" She says and throws another one at me. This one lands on my face, making me lick my lips. 
"I don't know, love. I can't tell if I don't see them worn." I reply and she hums.  
"I guess you are right..." She replies and reaches for the bikini. I feel her body press lightly on mine, warm and smooth. It only lasts for a second, but I know that I wish it did more. She turns her back to me and drops the towel on the floor, revealing her naked back and butt to me. I stare at her, taking in her skin, her shoulder blades, her waist... And of course, the tiny tattoo, under her left shoulder blade. 
She slips in her bottoms first, the beautiful baby blue Brazilian bikini framing her ass perfectly. 
"Mind helping me with the strings a bit?" She asks, looking at me over her shoulder. 
"Sure. " I say and get up from her bed. I reach for the strings, wrapping them tightly around her torso. 
"You tie it on the front." She says and I hum. She turns around, helping me tie it. I scan her body, taking in every inch of it, from her collarbones to her pretty chest, to her rib cage and her core, down to her hips and the never ending legs. 
My fingers linger on her skin a little longer, feeling the warmth and the smoothness. My hand slides down her sides, resting on her hips. I feel her breath on my chest, her small hands resting on my pecs. 
"If we continue this, it might not end well." I comment, almost whispering. Her eyes shut and her breathing becomes hotter and hotter.
"It will end perfectly." She says and comes even closer. 
"What about Michael?" I ask as she nuzzles her head into my neck, her lips grazing my skin. 
"He doesn't have to find out about this. "She replies and I moan as she sucks on my neck. 
"What are you doing to me, little one?" I moan and she chuckles. 
"Nothing... yet." She whispers and her hand goes to my cock, cupping it over my swim trunk.
I cup her chin and bring her face to mine. 
"I am going to wreck you..." I growl before I crash her lips with mine. I bite her and she smiles, her warm lips dancing with mine. I slip my tongue into her mouth, pushing her back onto the wall. Her head hits the wall, but she doesn't stop. I try to pull away to check on her, but she bites my lip and brings her free hand behind my head. She continues to rub me, making all my blood flow down there. 
"I know you want me. " She moans and groans.
"You have no idea how much..." I reply. 
"I do... Do you know how many years I've been thinking of this moment before I went to bed? How many nights I've touched myself at the thought of this? How many nights I've moaned your name? " She moans, cupping my balls. 
"Fuck..." I reply and stroke her hair. 
"That's how much I want you..." She says and smiles. 
My fingers fiddle with her top until I just drag the small triangles that cover her boobs, to the side, pleased that I got to reveal her bosom. I kneel down, taking a nipple into my mouth, sucking on it greedily. She moans loudly, arching her back and bringing her boobs closer to my lip. I flick my tongue on her bud, roughening it up and bring my fingers to her cunt, trashing it above her bikini bottom. 
"Shit...Shit... FUCK" She screams and I smile against her skin. 

I really want to spend some more time on her buds, but her pussy is already dripping. I drag her bottoms down her smooth legs and she kicks them off. 
I lower my head to her cunt, cupping her clit with my tongue. I suck on it lightly, feeling it throb in my mouth. With the tip of my tongue, I reach her entrance. I tease her and feel her wetness pool in there. She tastes so good, making me even greedier to taste her sweet pussy. I lick her from back to front. I stop on her clit, pressing my tongue on it. She moans lightly and from that moment, I don't care if Michael catches us, I just want to hear her moan all night long. 
Without stopping the pressure on her clit with my tongue, I circle it with the tip of my tongue, with a slow rhythm in the beginning. 
"I fucking love that... Faster..." She moans, pulling on my hair. I smirk on her cunt, and slow down, just to tease her. 
"I fucking hate you..." She groans and throws her head back. I moan against her, making her tremble a little bit. With my fingers, I trace her bikini lines, knowing that this is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. My top lip touches her crotch, adding to the whole feeling. 
"I don't want to cum just from that.... Just fuck me already." She moans and pulls my hair. 

I stand up in front of her and press my chest to hers, feeling her hard nipples on my skin as I press her back on the wall. I wrap my arms around her thighs, picking her up so that we are on the same height. 
"I fucking need you." I growl, biting on her neck. 
"Just fuck me up already." She moans and claws on my neck, her face turning red. I lower my trunks and reveal my hard rock cock. My veins are throbbing, my tip is leaking and turning into a purple-ish color. 
"Fuck, it's bigger than I thought..." She moans. 
"Haven't you seen the Snapchat video?" I ask her before I line up in front of her entrance and run my tip along with it.
"It hardly does you fair..." She moans and sticks her tongue out. I suck her tongue into my mouth, as my hips ground on hers. 
I feel that my dick is stretching her out, her tight walls opening as I dip inside her. She is wet, making me slide inside her with ease, but her walls have a tight grip on my hard dick. 
I give her time to adjust, toying with lips a bit, pulling them and biting them. Her moans are low but her nails on the back of my neck drill deeper in my skin. 
I pound in her, enjoying every inch of her little hole. She whimpers a bit, biting my lip as she does. I smirk and thrust in her again, this time with more force. I take a look at her face; her eyes shut and her lips wet and parted, her cheeks red and eyebrows knitted together. 
"You are mine for tonight. "I growl and put my hand around her neck. I clutch on it lightly, checking her reaction. Her face contorts into a mixture of surprise and pleasure. 
"Tighter..." She moans and I grip on her throat tighter as I thrust inside her. Her walls are clenching around my dick, making me groan while I thrust balls deep inside her. 
My abs are tightening as she takes me all inside her. 
"It feels so good, fucking me with your big cock and stretching me out..." She moans and bucks her hips on mine. Her legs are tightly wrapped around my waist, keeping her body against the wall. 
"I know babygirl... Your pussy is soaked for me. And just me." I say and smirk at her. I hit her back wall, making her quiver a little bit. 
I hit on her g-spot and make her scream and arch her back. I feel my veins throb as she squeezes her walls. 
"I need to cum..." She whines and I chuckle. 
"I know. I can feel it..." I reply and pump inside her harder. She drags her nails down my back, leaving marks on my skin. 
"No, don't. We have to go to the pool after." I growl.
"No one will see them..." She replies and smirks. 

I couldn't help it anymore. I just came inside her, spilling my seed on her walls. From the rush of the moment, she cums, screaming my name and swear words. 
"Shit... I am sorry." I say as I realize what just happened. 
"It's ok, don't worry. I am on the pill. And I'll take a shower to clean this mess. Don't worry." She says and smiles. I leave a peck on her lips and nod. 
"It was amazing." I say, my chest still heavy from my orgasm. 
"It was more than amazing." She replies and smiles.
"Go take a shower and I'll wait for you in here, ok?" I say as I put her on her feet. She removes her bikini top and throws it on the floor before she walks into the bathroom. 

Now, let's just hope Michael never finds out about this night. 

Chapter Text

I don't even know how I got up from my bed and to his hotel room

I don't even know how I got up from my bed and to his hotel room. I swear, this man has such power on me, it's insane. 
I knock on the door, looking around me one last time to make sure that no one will see me enter his room that late, especially my brother. Two months after Vegas and he still doesn't know that his best friend is fucking his baby sister. 
I know that if Michael finds out, he is going to flip, kill Calum and lock me in a basement for the rest of my life, but I can't resist Calum. Sex with him is great and being around him as a friend is really amazing. Honestly, I am glad that whenever he is horny, he is hitting me up and not some random groupie... I  don't think I could take it.
"I knew you would come..." He smirks at me as he opens the door. 
"Can't say no to daddy..." I smile innocently. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me in the room while bringing his lips to mine. He shuts the door with his free hand and wastes no time to deepen the kiss. He tastes like tequila and lime, proving my point that he is drunk. 

In a blink, my pajama shorts and top are on the floor and I am pinned on the soft mattress, my hands above my head as he kisses me deeply. 
"I've watched you dance side stage during the whole show and I swear I wanted to fuck you right then and there. " He whimpers as his lips travel to my jawline. I moan in response, feeling his warm body on mine and his soft lips on my skin. 
"The way you swayed your hips, the way your body bounced, I felt like you were teasing me the whole time... And I loved every single second of it..." He whispers as he kisses my neck. 
Drunk Cal is the most intimate one; sex with him is slow and passionate and intoxicating, it makes you crave more. And when it is combined with his daddy mood, it makes you not want it to end. I am so lucky I am the one he is fucking... I am so lucky his plump lips are teasing my body, wrapping around my nipples as he roughens them, I am so lucky his hands are touching me everywhere I imagined them touching me since I entered my teenage years. 

He drags my attention by snapping the waistband of his boxers with his free hand. 
"I don't want to tease you tonight... You were such a good girl, responding to daddy's call so quickly... You are such a good girl for daddy..." He smirks down at me. I lick my lips and nod my head, taking my doe eyes. 
"Fuck, I am already hard... I don't need you to make it worse..." He mumbles. 
He frees my wrists and brings his hand to my panties, taking the delicate fabric between them. He smirks at me as he tears them apart. He throws the fabric somewhere in the room and lowers his briefs, before crashing his body on mine. 
"I need you so fucking much..." He mumbles. 
"I need you too, daddy." I moan. 
He thrusts in me slowly, giving me time to adjust to him. We've been fucking regularly by now, but still every time he enters me it feels like the first time. 
He groans as he eases his member inside my pussy, my lips throbbing around him. I bring one leg on his hip, steading it there and making sure he is close to me. I groan a little too, as I feel my walls stretch to accommodate his dick. 
His hips are making small rocking movements on mine, guiding his member in and out of me. 
"Daddy..." I moan and he smirks. 
"Fuck yes, moan for me." He whispers before he brings his lips to mine to give me a hungry kiss. I know he loves it when my moans are muffled by his lips and I love it to feel him smirk satisfied.
"Faster..." I moan after a while. He grabs my leg and spread my thighs more, change the rhythm almost immediately. 
"I fucking love that. Your pussy is so tight around me and so wet for me... And you look so good underneath me, with your face looking like that and your boobs bouncing as I fuck you... You are so perfect." He praises me, making my stomach tighten. 
"It feels so good to have you inside me, daddy... Your dick throbbing on my and stretching my walls and tip hitting on my g-spot..." I praise him back and he smiles. His left hand goes to my face, cupping it and keeping it in place for a kiss. My right hand claws on his back as my left grips on the bedsheets. 
It feels like bliss as he pounds on the right spot. My eyes flutter closed and my stomach clenches and I feel my high approaching me. 
My legs go jelly and my back arches as I cum.
"Fuck." I hear him groan as my pussy pulses. 
"Cum for me daddy..." I moan through my bliss. 
He growls loudly as he cums, making my insides bubble. I stare at his face and neck tensing up as he releases and that moment, I know that I don't want this to end. 
"Will you stay here tonight?" He asks me as he collapses on top of me.
"You want me to?" I ask and pet his hair. He hums in response and places a kiss to the middle of my chest. 

[2 weeks later] 

I am feeling sick, probably from traveling. I wonder how the guys manage to do it all the time and be ok. Calum has been sneaking to my room the past couple of days, taking care of me and comforting me at nights. It's not just about sex anymore, I know that for sure, but I don't want to admit it if he doesn't first. 
"Are you coming to the city exploring today, sis?" Michael asks me, taking the spot next to me and patting my knee. 
"I am not feeling well, Mikey." I reply and he huffs. 
"Want to go to the hospital? They might give you something to help you feel better." He suggests. I smile and get up from the couch.
"I am feeling better, don't worry. I am going to get some water. Does anyone want anything from the fridge?" I ask. 
"Yeah, I want some juice. Whatever we've got." Ashton replies and smiles to me. I nod and head to the fridge in the kitchen of the suit, leaving the boys to talk about tomorrow's show. 

I grab a water bottle for myself and pour Ashton a cup of orange juice, but as I am about to put the juice bottle back to the fridge, I see everything becoming blurry, the ground underneath me moving and my legs go jelly. 

(Calum's POV)
The thud from across the room interrupted everything. 
"Did you hear that?" Crystal asks us, knitting her eyebrows. 
"Yeah. (Y/N), is everything ok?" Mikey asks but gets no response. 
"I'll go check out what that was." Luke states and stands up from the armchair he's been sitting. 
After about half a night, we hear a loud gasp coming from the small room that the kitchen is.

"Guys, (Y/N) passed out." Luke shouts and we all shoot up. My heart race; I knew she wasn't feeling well, but this is too much. 
"Someone call the lobby to call a taxi for the nearest hospital." Ashton commands and Crystal nods, going back to the lounge. Luke is kneeled next to her, shaking her to bring her back but she stays as she is. Michael looks paler than he is and I feel my stomach knot up. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. 

The taxi came really quickly and thankfully, the nearest hospital was just a few minutes away from the hotel. Luke, Michael, and Crystal went with (Y/N) and Ashton and I called another cub.
Michael paces up and down the corridor while we are waiting for a doctor or a nurse to tell us how (Y/N) is. 
"Our parents are going to kill me for not taking her to a hospital the moment she started feeling sick..." He rumbles and Crystal tries to calm him down. 
I know I am thinking about the same thing too; I should have brought her to a hospital earlier. What kind of boyfriend am I?
Damn it, I am not even a boyfriend... I don't what this is but it is way more than just fucking by now. 
"Anyone here for Ms. Clifford?" A woman around her 30s asks us. 
"All of us." Ashton replies. 
"She is awake. You can see her now." She tells us.
"Is she going to be ok?" Michael asks. The lady pats his shoulder.
"Her boyfriend?" She asks him.
"No, her brother... She doesn't have a boyfriend." He replies and a part of me is relieved that he doesn't know about us. 
"She will tell you herself. You can all go see her now. We will release her later in the evening." She says and smiles to us. 

We enter the room, only to find (Y/N) crying. Michael rushes to her and I stay leaning on a wall, distancing myself from her, in order not to run to her, hug her and tell her that I love her and I was worried sick.
"Baby sis, it's ok. You are ok... If it was something serious the doctor would have told us." He tries to soothe her. 
"I am so sorry Michael... I didn't mean to... I am so sorry..." She says in between sobs. 
"(Y/N), what is it? Why are you sorry? There is nothing to be sorry about. You just got dizzy from the constant traveling. It's nothing, I promise, we've all been there." He reassures her. 
"Michael... I... It's not that..." She sobs some more.
"What is it then? The doctor told us nothing." He asks. 
"Michael... I am... pregnant." She whispers, her voice breaking. 

There is deadly silence in the room, everyone looks at her shooked. I feel numb for a moment, processing her words in my head, over and over again.
"You can't be... I mean, you don't have a boyfriend and you brought no one to the hotels while on tour. " Michael exclaims.
"Michael, calm down."Crystal makes him sit back down and listen to (Y/N). 
"Who is the baby's father?" He asks and (Y/N) sobs some more. My stomach is a knot, my palms are sweating and my head spins. 
"You know his name, right?" Michael asks. 

"It's me... It's mine." I stammer out, making everyone's head snap to me. 
"What did you say?" Michael asks me. He is calm, he definitely didn't hear me. 
"The baby is mine. I am the father." I answer, this time loud and clear. (Y/N) looks at me and I smile at her.

The next I know, Michael has me pinned to the wall and his fist meets my face. It hurts like a mother fucker. 
"You fucked my sister? Of all girls, my sister?" He screams to my face, punching me again. I don't try to physically defend myself; I know I could react like that if any of the guys touched Mali.
"You used my baby sister like every other girl you've fucked! And you got her pregnant! I am going to murder you, Hood." He threatens me as the guys try to pull him away.
"And don't tell me it was an accident. I won't take that bullshit." He screams, trying to pull away from Ashton's and Luke grip. 
"Getting her pregnant was an accident. But being with her wasn't..." I say and he growls. 
"You enjoyed taking advantage of my sister and then leaving her like all the others, didn't you, you sick bastard." He screams. His face is red and veins are popping on his forehead and neck. 
"It isn't like that. Not with (Y/N)." I respond.
"He didn't use me, Michael. I wanted to be with him." (Y/N) chimes in, her crying stopping. 
"You are a baby, you don't know what you want. And what the hell does 'be with him' means? This happened more than once?" He growls to (Y/N).
"Talk to her more calmly." I demand and he tries to attack me once more but the guys hold him back.
"You shut the hell up." He yells at me. 
"I am not a baby anymore, Michael. I am an adult and I can make my own life choices." She replies and Michael nods his head. 
"2 more shows on this tour... Then I don't want to see you, not until I have to again." He turns to me and walks out of the room. 
"I'll go talk to him. Come on guys, let's leave them alone for a moment. They clearly have a lot to discuss." Crystal says and exits, followed by Ashton and Luke. 

"I am sorry." (Y/N) says once we are left alone. 
"It's not your fault. Eventually, he would find out... I couldn't keep this a secret for too long." I smile to her. 
"What... what do you want to do with... with" She whispers the last word like it is a secret. 
"It's not just what I want. It is your body, all I can do is support you." I reply and she nods. She starts crying again and this time I don't hold back; I hug, petting her hair and kissing the top of her head. 
"I don't know what I want to do. I think I want to keep it." She admits and I nod.
"You don't have to help me raise it. I don't want you to feel obligated..." She says after she calms down. 
"I don't feel obligated, I want to help you raise it. It's our child."
"But Michael..." She begins but I cut her off.
"He will come around, eventually... He is shocked and honestly, I don't blame him." I say and she chuckles.
"Does it hurt?" She asks, putting a hand softly on my cheek. I wince a little but find comfort in her touch.
"A little. I'll text the guys to bring me something to cover it up. I don't want the fans to start making up theories." I say and she smiles sweetly at me. 
"The doctor told me they will be releasing me later today..." She says.
"I know. I'll stay with you. We'll go back to the hotel together and you'll stay in my room from now on." I reply.
"Michael won't hurt me. He loves me too much to do so..." She responds. 
"I know. I am not worried about Michael... I want to take care of you. You might need someone to run around town to bring you ice cream with ketchup or something..." I say and she laughs. 
"I am in love with you." I blurt out as I watch her laugh at my stupid joke. 
"I've been in love with you ever since I saw you. And not because of your looks. I fell for your aura, for your spirit, for everything you are. And I am damned because falling for you means quarreling with my best friend, but I am in love with you." I say and she cries again. 
"I've been in love with you ever since I met you, that day in that stupid rehearsal at Michael's room. And I never thought that we could end up like this, but I don't regret a single day that I've been in love with you." She confesses. I cup her face and bring my lips to hers, not imagining any other way to respond. 

"I came to scold you and curse the shit out of you... " Michael interrupts the moment.
"But I can't... Not after hearing what you both said. I am still mad at you, Calum and (Y/N), if I was given half a chance, I would lock you up in a room until the end of the world... But you were right, you are not a kid anymore. Even though you pretty much fucked it up on your first year of being an adult, by getting pregnant, you are still my baby sister and you are still my best mate and deep down inside, I am happy for my little niece or nephew. I am not fully ok with the fact that you two fucked, but I guess I have to swallow it and accept it." Michael says, leaning against the wall. 
"You have no other choice, mate." I reply and he glares. 
"I had the choice of murdering you, but I don't want to ruin Malum..." He replies and approaches me for a hug. 
"Sorry for the bruises." He apologizes. 
"It's ok. I'd probably do the same..." I reply.

[3 Months later]
"Are you sure you will see the baby's gender today?" I ask (Y/N) while bouncing my leg. 
"She said we would..." She replies, putting a hand protectingly on her growing bump.
"Are you sure she is a good doctor?" I ask her.
"Calum, what's gotten into you? We've been to that doctor before, you know she is an excellent one..." (Y/N) giggles.
"I don't know, I want the best for you and my daughter..." I reply.
"Could be a son." She responds.
"Daughter. I have this father feeling." I say and peck on her temple.
"There is no such thing. And now stop... You are making me nervous and it affects the baby, you know..." (Y/N) responds and my eyes go wide.
"Sorry, sorry... I'll stop." I state and put a hand on her stomach too.
"If it's a girl, I want to name her Elizabeth or Joy. If it's a boy, I think Michael fits perfect..." She says.
"Good thing she is a girl then..." I reply and she chuckles.

Chapter Text

I've been Drinkin', I've been Drinkin' 

I sway my hips to the rhythm of the music, taking a big sip of my drink. My head is spinning a bit and my vision is blinded by the different lights in the club, but I am having such a good time with my friends. 

I get filthy when that liquor get into me. 
"Cal... Cal, come dance with me." I purr, dragging my friend closer. Calum chuckles while getting closer to me. 
"Are you drunk?" He asks me as I start grinding on him. 
"A bit tipsy..." I giggle. 
"I haven't seen you like that in a while..." He whispers in my ear, due to the music being too loud. I grind my hips on his, making me gulp. 
"I haven't drunk in a while. And I am having such a great time." 

I've been thinking, I've been thinking.
I feel Calum's sweaty body on mine, making my skin chill. Maybe it's because of the drinks, maybe it's because of the way Calum looks tonight, but my mind makes weird connections. 

Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
My hands travel on his body, feeling up every muscle. He looks at me, smirking, his hands tangled in my hair. My hand goes further down his abdomen, just above his cock; he doesn't make a movement to move away. Instead, he pulls me closer, our faces just a breath away. 

I want you, na na.
"If we continue this, I don't know how we will end up." He whispers his hands under my chin. I grind harder on him, making him bite his lip.
"I want you." I whisper, gathering up all the courage I have inside me.

Cigars on ice, Cigars on ice.   
"Let's go home. " He whispers, putting the flame between us on the ice. 

Feeling like an animal with these cameras all in my grill, flashing lights, flashing lights.  

Of course, photo reporters had to be outside the club; I mean the boys are here, other minor and major celebrities are here, the perfect opportunity for them to sell all their pictures and makeup rumors. I feel like we are a tourist attraction, like animals in the zoo, posing in front of cameras. Calum walks in front of me, his hand tangled with mine. 

You got me faded, faded, faded
I open my eyes, the sun peeking through the curtains blinding my vision. My head hurts a bit, but it is from last night's drinking. What worries me is the weight I feel on my chest. Oh my God, am I dying?
I sit up a bit and that's when I notice; the weight on my chest was Cal's arm, which was over my body. I swallow the scream that is about to leave my mouth, trying to find a way to get out of the bed without waking him up. We are both naked, only our underwear present on the room's floor. I pick mine up, tiptoeing to my way out of this room, only to find my garment completely torn. 
All I can remember is us leaving the club, both turned on, with the flashes going off around us. 

Baby, I want you, na na 
I remember myself telling him how bad I want him, I remember him smirking at me and taking me out of the club and inside his car. 

Drunk in love, I want you. 
I remember myself thinking how much I've anticipated this moment, I remember trying to count all the feelings I have for him, all the times I've swallowed my feelings and masked them away. 

We woke up in the kitchen saying how the hell did this shit happen? 
I walk up and down his living room, the mess of the clothes around me bring just vague memories of last night.
"How the hell did this happen?" I mumble to myself, freaking out a bit. I have to figure this shit out before he wakes up. 

Oh, baby drunk in love we be all night. Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grind up in the club. Drunk in love.

Fuck, how the hell did we go from grinding in the club to flirting, to leaving the club together, to fucking?
I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Additionally to the messy hair and the smudged makeup, I have hickeys covering my body, from my jawline to my neck, to my boobs and down my torso. 

We be all night and everything alright. 
I remember that the sun was up and he was still inside me, I remember how we both moaned and giggled drunkenly as our bodies synced. 

No complaints from my body, so fluorescent under these lights. 
I remember it felt so good to be under his touch. 
"Oh Calum, fuck. That's the spot. That's the spot..." I scream as he thrusts deep inside me. Our bodies are covered in sweat, but we still keep going. 
I remember how his body looked so perfect, drenched in sweat. I remember how he praised my body, I remember him calling it shiny gold, as it reflected the light hitting it. 

Boy, I'm drinking, park it in my lot 7/11.
"Let's buy some alcohol.." I purr as Cal drives the car. 
"I have plenty at home..." He replies. 
"Let's buy more. Let's drink on the road." I suggest, my hand on his thigh. 
"I am driving baby. I need to get us home safe so I can have you all to myself." He replies and I sit back on my seat, smiling as I feel his jeans tighten. 

I'm rubbing on it, rub-rubbing if you scared call that reverend.  

I remember palming him through his jeans, my hand working him slowly, I remember him holding hiss breath and moaning my name. 
"(Y/N) stop. I am going to crash..." He moans, trying to focus on the road. 
I remember the car freezing on the red light, I remember me removing the spaghetti straps of my dress and calling his name to get his attention. I remember his eyes going wide as I flashed him my boobs. 
"Fuck... I've waited so long to see them in their full glory..." He groans, licking his lips. I giggle, getting the straps back on as the light turned green. 

Boy, I'm drinking, get my brain right. Armand de Brignac, gangster wife. 
I remember us reaching his house, parking the car and getting inside. I remember Calum going to the bar in his living room. I remember his carrying 2 bottles with him. 
"Here... I had those 2 for a special occasion. I guess it's time." He says, popping one of the champagnes. He leaves the other on the floor, in case we need it. 
I remember him taking the first swig. I remember me looking at his lips flustered. I remember him leaning in to kiss me, the champagne still in his mouth. 
The liquid slides in my mouth as I open my lips, granting him access. It tastes so good, the fizzy drink blending with his taste as we kiss against the wall. 
I remember his hands not leaving my body, I remember our moans being muffled by each others mouth.

Louie sheets he sweat it out like wash rags he wear it out. 
I remember how the sheets were drenched in cum and sweat and champagne but we were both relaxed laying on them in the morning after fucking all night. 

Boy, I'm drinking, I'm singing on the mic till my voice hoarse. 
I remember when we were still making out against the wall. I remember smiling at him before getting on my knees in front of him. 
"Give me that..." I moan against his lips while my hand unzips his pants. He hands me the bottle while I get on my knees. His boner springs free as I drag his jeans and briefs down his ankles. I drench his dick with the champagne, making him groan surprised.
"Shit... I didn't know you were like this." He groans. I smirk and take his member into my mouth, tasting of his pre cum and champagne. I deep throat him at once, making him sigh in lust. He is big, so big that I probably won't be able to talk clearly in the morning. 

Then I fill the tub halfway then ride it with my surfboard, surfboard. Graining on that wood, graining on that wood. I'm swerving on that, swerve swerving on that big body, been serving all this, swerve, surfing all in this good, good. 
I remember removing all of our clothes while in the living room. I remember me biting my lip and looking at the pool in his backyard. 
I remember me running naked, all the way out of his house and to his backyard, jumping and bombing in the pool. 
I remember him falling right after, flushed from his recent orgasm. 
I remember him pulling me on him and kissing me, both of us cold from the chilling water. 
I remember me straddling his thick thighs and grinding to raise the heat, but the only thing I managed to raise was his boner and the heat between my thighs. 

That D'USSE is the shit if I do say so myself if I do say so myself. 
I remember him having a pit stop at the bar before we stumbled up the stairs to his bedroom. I remember picking up some of our clothes, only to scatter them upstairs as we stopped to make out every 2 steps, both of us wet, cold and horny.
I remember him laying me on his bed, my body in my birthday suit. 
I remember him pouring cognac on my nipples and down my stomach, before he sunk his lips on my tits, sucking the buds. 
I remember him commenting how D'USSE  had never tasted this good before. 

Hold up, stumble all in the house, time to back up all of that mouth. That you had all in the car, talking 'bout you the baddest bitch thus far. Talkin 'bout you be repping that third, I wanna see all the shit that I heard.
I remember us stumbling in his house after skinny dipping, ready to fuck our brains off our heads. 
"You are a freak, huh? We are going to see that..." He smirks, licking his lips. Even though the water was chilly, his penis is in full erection, in his full glory. 
"I want you to show me all of the things you said; in the car and in the pool. Will you, angel?" He groans as he sucks hickeys on my neck. 

Know I sling Clint Eastwood, hope you can handle this curve. 
I remember me laying on the bed, thighs spread and pussy soaping. Calum stood in front of me, his junk in his hand. 
"Tell me, angel... Are you capable of handling all of that dick?' He asks me, his hand cupping and shaking his junk. I can feel me salivating, recalling the taste his cum had. 
"Yes, daddy..." I moan, smiling at him. 

Foreplay in the foyer, fucked up my Warhol. 
I remember u making out on the wall next to his Warhol onion soup print, my dress hiked up my thighs and his dress shirt unbuttoned and just hanging on his shoulders.
I remember him fingering me slowly as his mouth attacked mine, making me moan louder than I had ever had, even when his lips muffled my moans. 

Slip the panties right to the side. Ain't got the time to take draws off, on site. 
I remember his fingers fidgeting with the delicate fabric of my panties to bring them to the side, too eager to touch and pleasure me to spend the time to take them off completely.

Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike. In '97 I bite, I'm like Turner, turn up. Baby, no I don't play. Now eat the cake, Anna Mae, eat the cake, Anna Mae. 
I remember my body jolting as he thrusted deep inside me. I remember him biting on my shoulder to stop himself from screaming as he took my tight pussy. I remember him taking me raw and deep. I remember me screaming in pleasure and hitting orgasm after orgasm, some of them being a completely new sensation for me. 
I remember him eating me out in between positions, making my legs jiggle. I remember me screaming that I love his mouth and I remember him smiling, lips buried in my cunt. 

Never tired, never tired. 
I remember us fucking again and again. Blur images of all the position we had pop in my head as I look around me, every corner having a different story. 
"Are you tired, angel?" He asks me, while I catch my breath. 
"No daddy..."I reply, still breathless from my high. 
"Good, cause I am not done with you yet." 

I been sipping, that's the only thing that's keeping me on fire, me on fire. 
I remember us emptying the bottles of champagne. Well, most went on the mattress and sheets and on our bodies, but we had our fair amount of alcohol. I remember that we had champagne to keep us energized, both too greedy for each other's body to stop. 

Didn't mean to spill that liquor all on my attire. 
I pick up my dress from the floor, examining it; it smells like bubbly and cum, both of them from when I sucked his dick, none of them meant to end up on my dress.

I've been drinking watermelon. 
I remember me swallowing his load, at least 3 times of the multiple he cummed last night. I remember thinking how good it tasted and how I wanted to do it all day long, all my life. 

I want your body right here, daddy. I want you, right now. Can't keep your eyes off my fatty. 
I remember me, still in the club, whispering in his ear that I wanted him, that I needed him. 
"I want you. Man, I need you so bad. I've been wanting you for years, ever since I laid my eyes on you. I need you right now, right here. Tell me that you do too. I know you do, I have caught you staring at my ass and tits so many times. You want to have me, don't you... daddy?" I whisper in his ear before we exit the club to head to his car. 
I remember that I wasn't even drunk at that moment, I was soberer than ever. 

Daddy, I want you 
I smile and bite my lip, remembering both of us screaming I love you while we rode our first orgasms, the previous night. 

I smile at my reflection, observing all the love bites, all the hickeys, all the bruises from gripping too hard and all of the scratches. 
I drop the shirt I have on before walking up the stairs, tiptoeing my way back to his bed. I try to lay back, without waking him up. I get in between his arms, feeling warm and safe in there. 
"Thought you left..." He mumbles, nuzzling his nose in my hair. 
"Where will I find better?" I ask and he chuckles. 

Chapter Text


Plot: Calum becomes irritating while Y/N is in a lecture, so she decides to give him the only things that will make him shut up, but with a twist


Chapter Text

Traveling the world with my boyfriend, watching him perform in front of thousands of people every night and doing what he loves. might have been the best decision I've ever taken. I get to see places and live experiences that most people only dream of. So, once more, I am found in a plane, going from Amsterdam to Milan, a blanket covering my legs that are clothed in just a pair of jean shorts, and sharing earbuds with Calum. His lips rest on my temple as my head is on his shoulder; the poor guy must be so uncomfortable, but he doesn't dare to move. 

"Are you ok, babe?" I ask him, leaving a kiss on his sharp jawline. 
"I can see down your t-shirt from where I am sitting, so yeah, I am more than ok." He teases me and I chuckle. 
"Like what you see?" I ask him and he chuckles. 
"When don't I?" He asks and I giggle. 
"Well, in that case..." I say, sitting up on my seat.
"In that case, what kitten?" He asks and I bite my lip. 
"In that case, we will have to rush to our hotel room once we land..." I reply and get up, walking to the bathroom. 

As I am washing my hand, I hear a knock on the door.
"It's occupied..." I shout and I hear a chuckle. 
"I know." Calum sings from the other side of the door. I unlock and open it, letting him slide in. 
"Couldn't you wait? I would be out in a bit..." I ask him and watch his smirk as he cups my face and corners me on the wall. 
"My innocent babygirl..." He whispers and crashes his lips on mine. My hands rest on his forearms and my nails dig into his flesh, gripping onto him for dear life. Our relationship lately has been out of the "sex wherever" area, so this is definitely something new for us, given our latest status. 
"You look so pretty today..." He murmurs, bowing his head to kiss my neck, directly on my sweet spot. 
"We are in a fucking plane..." I try to reason both of us and stop it before we get carried away. 
"Isn't it time to join the mile high club?" He asks me and I look at him shocked and flustered. 
"The mile high club?" I ask him, mostly to confirm that my ears are not playing games on me. 
"Yes, princess... Tell me that you don't want me to fuck you on this wall, and I will stop." He says and my brain freezes for a moment. 
"What if we get caught?" I ask and watch his smile spread from ear to ear.
"Isn't it the best part of it, princess?" He asks, stroking my bottom lip with his thumb. 
"How do you get me so worked up, so quickly?" I sigh and he purses his lips. 
"It's the charisma." He replies, pressing his body more on mine. 
"We have to be quick..." I remind him as he undoes my shorts. 
"I know... But don't worry, I am going to take my time with your body when we get to the hotel." He teases me, causing a groan to slip from my lips. 
My shorts and underwear are pulled down instantly, and he wastes no time before he picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist. 
"You took your pill this morning, didn't you, princess?" He asks me and I nod, my skin erupting in goosebumps at the thought of him cumming into me. 
"Great." He says, lowering his grey sweats and briefs in one swift motion. 

The bathroom is tiny, so there is really no room for us to move. Calum thrusts in me, his hips crashing on mine with a slap. 
"I will never get how people have sex in such tiny rooms..." I mumble and he smiles. 
"You know damn well we've had sex in smaller spaces..." He replies, trying to find the right tempo. 
"True that..." I moan and he brings his lips to mine. I can feel his groans on my lips and that drives me insane. I bite on his bottom lip, pulling it a little as he thrusts his hips on mine. I moan a bit too loudly, earning a slap on the ass from Calum. 
"Hush, babygirl, we might get caught..." He whispers and I nod, arching my back to bring my hips closer to his. Calum slams deeper in me, causing my back to hit on the wall. I don't know where to put my hands, I want to run them all over his body, feel every inch of him. His cock stretches my walls, as it makes its way between my folds. 
"You feel so good." I moan, wrapping my legs tighter around his waist. He makes me tilt my head to the side, bringing his lips to my neck, kissing and nibbling on my sweet spot. 
"You are so tight, babygirl. You feel so good around my dick. It's like I've never fucked you before." He praises me, stroking my thigh as he holds me still. I feel my stomach bubble at his words, my hips automatically thrusting towards his, adding to the rhythm. 
"Tell me babygirl, do you like daddy fucking you against this wall? Isn't it better than just sitting and looking out of the window?" He asks me, his soft lips making my skin erupt in goosebumps. His breath fanning on my skin makes my head dizzy, 
"So much better..." I sigh, throwing my head back. 
"I can't wait till I have you pinned on the bed our hotel room..." He says and I can easily recognize his rough tone. 
"I want you to take me everywhere..." I moan and he smiles. 
"Oh princess, I will." He says, slamming into me causing a tingle in my lower stomach. My lips curl into an o and I try my best to keep myself from screaming. 
"I am so close, angel..." He growls through gritted teeth. 
"I know, I can feel you pulsing inside me. It is driving me insane." I sigh.

I pull him in for a sloppy kiss, muffling him as he cums inside me. It is fucked up, but I love the risk, it drives me over my edge. I bring my hand between my thighs as Calum continues thrusting inside me sloppily. 
"Let me do it, princess." He says and brings his thumb on my clit, pressing firmly as he rubs it in circles. 
"I am so fucking in love with you, babygirl..." He whispers in his low voice, cupping my jaw and bringing my face close to me, looking into my eyes. I melt under his touch, my heart fluttering and my stomach twisting. 
"A little more... Just a little more..." I pant, grinding on his hand for more friction.

I cum on his cock, pulsing and making him hiss. He is still inside me, giving me small thrusts, even though he is semi-soft by now. A small scream manages to escape my mouth before Calum muffles my mouth with his hand. 

After I straighten my clothes and fix my hair, I exit the small bathroom, making my way back to my seat. Ashton turns to look at me, smirking and shaking his head. I feel my cheeks heat up, but try to mask it, turning away and sitting down. 
Calum comes out 2 minutes after, trying to hide his smile. 
"I think Ashton is onto us..." I whisper in his ear as he sits down. 
"I think the whole plane is." He replies and I feel my cheeks heating up. 
"Fuck." I mumble, hiding my face in my hands. 
"Nobody cares, princess. We are not the first nor the last couple that had sex in the bathroom of a plane." He comments, rubbing my lower back with his thumb. 
"Still..." I mumble, placing my head on his shoulder. 
"I don't regret it..." He whispers, pecking on my forehead. 
"Me neither." I sigh and smile, turning my head to look at him. 
"That's my girl." He comments, licking his lips before he pecks on my lips.

Chapter Text


“(Y/N), what are you drinking?” Ashton asks as he bends over the huge ice-filled bassinet with the drinks.
”Beer, please.” I say, holding my bottle up. I rest my elbows on the edge of the pool, looking around at all the people in this bash; everyone is having a great time, the new album is on loop and most of the guests are half-drunk. Probably not the wisest idea to stay in the pool while almost intoxicated, but nobody is in danger, so we are all chilling. Ashton leaves my bottle in front of me, while moving towards the others with their drinks. I hear the water shuffling from behind me, making me turn and look at the person approaching me. I find Calum, smiling as he walks towards me slowly.
”Hey, pretty girl. Sorry I left you all alone.” He apologizes, wrapping his arms around me.
”It’s ok. I talked with some guests, I had a couple of drinks, I stared at your ass…” I giggle, wrapping my around his torso.
”Oh, you did?” He asks, chuckling mischievously as his thumb strokes my lower back. I hum and smile.
”And? Did you like what you saw?” He asks, leaning down to bring his lips to mine.
”Is there any time that I’ve seen it and I did not like it?” I ask and trace my lips over his.
”Interesting. Want me to get you a drink or something?” He asks, stroking my cheek softly.
”Nah, I am good. Ashton gave me one a moment ago.” I reply and point to the 2 bottles behind me. Calum reaches for one of them, bringing it to his lips and chugging the liquid down.
”Want to go to the waterfall? I heard it’s really great. Or, we could go to the hot tub… Ashton turned it on just for the two of us.” He suggests, pointing to the places respectfully.
”I don’t think that Ashton turned it on just for me and you, but yeah, I would love that.” I reply and Calum smiles at me. He reaches for the brim of the pool and stretches until he is sitting on it, before getting up. He holds his hand out to help me, but all I do is stare at the droplets of water sliding down his body.

After a moment of just being mesmerized by how hot my boyfriend looks, I take his hand and with my free one I support and push my body out of the water.
”Why do you always look so hot when you are coming out of the pool and I look like a seal?” I ask as I stand up, grabbing the bottles along.
”Are you kidding me? Everyone was staring at your ass as you were getting out…” He says, placing a hand on my hip.
”You are overreacting.” I try to brush him off.
”Not at all. I cursed so many people mentally…” He continues, making me chuckle.
”Aw, jealous much?” I ask, leaning my head on him.
”Just a bit.” He chuckles and I hum.
”I thought you never get jealous.” I comment, tilting my head up to look at him.
”Usually, I am never. But when my hot ass girlfriend looks like a whole meal in that yellow bikini, and everyone seems to not take their eyes off her, I have every right to be jealous, don’t you think?” He asks.
”No actually. Because at the end of the day, you are the one who has his dick down my throat, so you really don’t have to worry.” I reply, sticking my tongue out before I bring one bottle to my lips.
”If you put it that way…” He smirks, his hand gripping harder on my hip as his fingers play with the strings of my bikini.


I left the beers on the table on the way to the hot tub. Of course, we could have swam to the hot tub, but Calum had to make it hard for me.
He slips in the water first, sighing as the bubbling water engulfs his body. I slip in as well, moving around the water a bit as my body erupts with goosebumps.
”Come here, pretty girl. I need to feel your body on mine.” Calum motions, groaning like a little boy.
”I see that I am not the only one who got a little drunk.” I whisper as I approach him.
”What are you talking about?” He asks, huffing.
”Your cheeks are a bit red and your lips a bit swollen, and you are a little groggy and whiny, but still so cute. So, you are drunk.” I explain, swimming towards him.
”In my defense, I am just tipsy.” He points out, putting a smile on my face.
”So, none of us will be able to drive home.” I sigh, straddling him.
”We can always crash Ashton’s house. Won’t be the first and won’t be the last time we sleep on his guestroom.” He chuckles, placing a kiss on my neck.

“Yeah, but…” I begin but he places a fingers in front of my lips and shushes me. I open my mouth and suck his finger, making him look at me starstruck.
”Woah…” He mouths as I trace it with my tongue. I smile and pop his finger out of my mouth.
”Don’t ever try to shush me again.” I smirk and rest with my back to his chest.
”Oh princess, you and I both know I have to muffle your pretty mouth all the time, or else every single person in the neighborhood would have placed an eviction order on us.” He whispers, his hand resting on my inner thigh.
”True that.” I simply state, resting my head back on his shoulder. His hand inches up my thigh, reaching the hem of my bikini bottoms. I feel every hair on my body stand straight; he knows every sensitive inch of me, he knows when and where to touch me to make me shiver, and he is using this advantage against me.
”What are you doing?” I whisper as his fingers slip under my bikini bottoms.
”Me? Nothing…” He replies, placing a kiss on the base of my neck.
”Doesn’t seem like nothing to me…” I whisper, feeling his finger slowly approaching my clit.
”Want me to stop?” He asks, a smirk in his voice. I don’t reply; sure, we are in front of people and we could get caught, but fuck, do I crave his touch.
”Tell me princess. Use your mouth…” He teases me. His hand stays put under my bikini, waiting for me to give him permission to move.

“We can be seen.” I try to reason.
”Come on princess. I need to fuck your pretty little pussy. I’ve been throbbing the whole day, watching your body in this tiny swimsuit. I can’t hold back any longer.” He groans in my ear, nuzzling his nose in my hair. My stomach grumbles and my nipples roughening under my bikini triangles.
”We will get caught…” I mumble, but I feel my clit throbbing already.
”I could just pull your bikini bottom to the side, no one would even notice.” He replies, biting the side of my neck. God, I’ve never wanted to feel him inside me as much as I do right now. I turn around and put my legs on either side of his body, pressing my core over his growing erection, while I connect my lips to his. He responds to the kiss, his hands following the path from my ribcage to my thighs.
”The things you do to me, pretty girl…” He moans in our kiss, before his tongue swipes my bottom lip, asking to invade my mouth. I part my lips and press my body more on his, feeling some of his warmth; it is strange how I am literally in a mass of hot water, yet chills run down my spine.


“Are you ready, babygirl?” He asks me, cupping my cheeks. The sound of music and the giggles of drunken people fade in the background, the only sound stimulating my brain is my heartbeat that echoes through my body.
I nod my head and lean down to kiss him as his hands snatch my bikini bottoms to the side; all the things that could go wrong keep playing in my head, but the thought of Calum’s tip hitting my spot suppresses everything. He presses his tip on my core, rubbing slowly as I buck my hips up to let him slip in me. I grip on his shoulder blades and bite my lip, preventing myself from screaming. I feel him stretch me out as he makes his way inside me, moving slowly to give me time to adjust to his size. 2 years now, and every time he fucks me, it feels like the first time, my body reacting the same way as it did the first time he touched me. He hisses against my lips as my nails dig in his skin, harder with every inch that gets inside me. I throb on him, moving my hips slowly on his.
”And I thought my life couldn’t get any better, here I am, my gorgeous girlfriend taking my dick deep inside her as my album plays in the background.” He whispers, moving his lips to my neck. I sigh and grind more on him, earning some friction on my engorged clit, which feels like it is getting on fire. I buck my hips slowly, looking around to check if anyone is looking at us.
”Babe, stay focused on me…” He whispers, tilting my chin towards him.
”We need to be careful.” I whisper.
”Fuck ‘em. Bounce on my dick, pretty girl.” He smirks at me, bucking his hips up to meet mine. My head rolls forward, resting on his shoulder and biting on his neck. He groans, biting his lip and closing his eyes. I smile, knowing that the slight sting adds to his pleasure.
”I can feel every vein, every inch of you. This is fucking great.” I whisper on his skin.
”I know babygirl. Your pussy wraps around my so tightly, I can barely move.” He groans lowly, guiding my hips on his.
”You are ruining me from everyone else. If we ever break up, I don’t think that I will ever find anyone else that will fuck me so good.” I whimper, bouncing a little faster. The water feels soothing on my skin, as Calum’s hand almost make it burn.
”Good. Cause I don’t think I will ever let you go.” He replies. My hips spasm and my head falls back as my back arches and makes me press harder on him.
”Shit…” He groans, gawking at me.
”I am so close, please, just give me some more.” I cry out, my voice barely a whisper. He slams his hips upwards, hitting my back walls and slapping his skin on mine. His thumb moves to my clit, stroking it in circles, as his other arm pulls me so close to his body, I am convinced that there is nothing separating us.
My walls convulse around his throbbing cock, and thankfully Calum muffles my mouth with his, stopping my screams from being heard by every guest of the party.
I feel him thrust sloppily inside me as my walls pulse around his cock, trying to get to his own high. I grind my hips harder, trying to get him to his own pleasure and prolong my own orgasm.
He cums inside me, his seed spurting on my walls as he groans on my lips, pressing his fingertips so hard on my hip that I am sure they leave a mark on my skin.
”Fuck princess, I love you so much.” He groans, hugging me close, with his cock still inside me.
”I love you so much, baby.” I reply, smiling as I lean down to kiss him.

Chapter Text

Moving in the new house in July, and without the help of my friends, was proven the worst decision I've ever taken. However, I refuse to give up, so I am still on the sidewalk, trying to move all my belongings in. 

The sun is not really helpful today; even in a white tank and a pair of jean shorts, the California sun is giving me a hard time. I just want to lay down and take a nap, but I have to at least move the boxes inside. 
"Duke... Duke, come here..." I hear someone shout, dragging my attention from the boxes to locating the voice. 
But my eyes land on the cutest dog I've ever seen, who has his paws on my leg and practically begs for a pat on the head. I bend down and scratch behind his ears, squealing at how cute he is. 
"Hey buddy... How are you?" I ask the dog, my voice more cheerful than usual. 
"Uh, thank you. I've been running behind him for 5 minutes now." His owner pants. I turn my gaze to him, smiling at the man. 
"He is very cute." I comment, studying the man; he has the warmest smile I've seen, with cute cheeks popping as his mouth curls into a smile and dimples showing as he kneels down next to me. 
"He is... But he is a menace..." He chuckles, tying the dog's leash to the collar. 
"I bet he is a good boy." I giggle as I pet the dog head. The owner chuckles and stands up. 
"I am Calum, by the way." He introduces himself as I stand up as well. 
"(Y/N). Nice to meet you." 
"I see boxes. Are you new in here?" He asks, pointing to the sidewalk that is covered with my belongings. 
"Yeah, just moved in..." I reply with a sigh. 
"Oh, welcome to the neighborhood then." He cheers, making me smile even more. 
"Thank you. You are the first to welcome me here." I reply, fanning myself with my hand, trying to fight sweating like a pig in front of my sweet neighbor. The dog places his paws on my calf again, scratching lightly to get my attention. 
"I think he likes you." Calum states as I bend down to pet the fur baby. 
"Of course he does." I giggle. 
"Do you need any help with those?" He asks me, pointing to the boxes. 
"No, I am fine." I lie; truly, I could use any sort of help, but I would rather die than ask someone I've just met to do me a favor. 
"Are you sure? They seem quite a handful." He asks again. 
"No, I am fine. But thank you for the offer. I have been here for an hour now, and you are the first person to offer any help." I sigh. 
"You know what? I'll just move some of them inside, and you play with the Duke. He could use some company." He says and smiles, handing me the leash. 
"You really don't have to." I state, but mentally I thank him. 
"Duke and I can't really let our pretty, new neighbor all by herself, can we?" He asks and winks at me. 
I sit on the grass and stroke the cute dog as Calum picks up the boxes. I scratch his ears and rub his belly, while also observing his owner; I think that in addition to the cute home, I landed a pretty hot neighbor as well. The man is like he is sculpted by the hand of a renaissance artist; tall, tanned and gorgeous. It seems like the bulky boxes weigh nothing for him, even though I could barely move 3 of them without wheezing. 

2 weeks in the new house and I am still trying to find my new routine. I am yet to get accustomed to my new bed, to my new home, to my new neighborhood. The only thing that makes my day in here is my sweet neighbor and his cute puppy. I find myself drinking my coffee on my patio every morning, with the excuse that it simply helps me calm before I start my day, but deep down inside I know that I am doing it just to gawk at Calum who works out and walks Duke every morning. That's the reason why I don't bother wearing bottoms under my long t-shirt before I walk out. I find myself doing anything to catch his eye; from that, to changing with my shaders up, I have started behaving like a 15-year old who has a crush on her classmate again. 

I gulp down the liquid in my mouth, enjoying the morning sun. Calum is late for his work out today, which is suspicious. The past 2 weeks he has not missed a single work out. 

After a while, I just decide to walk inside and start getting ready for my errands. Simple gray sweats and a white tank top, paired with Vans and a top knot, ready to battle the heat of today. 
I lock the home and grab my car keys out of my bag, walking to where my car is parked. I get inside and start the engine, pulling out of my driveway. As I look around, I see a blonde woman walking out of Calum's home,  making my stomach tumble. She is gorgeous, tan skin, pretty face, they would make a really pretty couple. They probably make a pretty couple. 

"All I am saying is that it is too dangerous to live all by yourself in a new city." My mom mumbles, making me rub my temples for the millionth time since she visited me. 
"Mom, I am fine." I try to assure her for the millionth time. 
"I am a mom, I will never stop worrying, especially now that I know you are not safe." She almost cries, but before I could reply, the doorbell goes off. 
"Right on time." I mumble, thinking that pizza is here. I get up from the couch and leave my laptop to the side. I walk to the door and open it, grabbing my wallet from the island next to the door. 
"Hey (Y/N)... Um, I am sorry to bother you, but do you have any sugar I could borrow?" Calum asks me as I open the door. He has that warm smile that makes me knees weak every time, and he looks all cute, with his muscle top and basketball shorts. I have to shake myself really quick and respond as fast as I can. 
"Sure, sure. Um, come on in..." I reply and motion him to get inside. 
"Thanks, you are saving me." He sighs getting in the house. 
"Hello." My mom cheers sitting up and approaching Calum. 
"Mom, this is my neighbor Calum, Calum this is my mom." I sigh and introduce them to each other. 
"It is nice to meet you." My mom smiles. 
"It is nice to meet you too. I can see how (Y/N) got her beautiful genes." He compliments my mom, making her giggle. 
"Neighbor Calum, what kind of sugar do you need? I have brown and white." I ask him, opening my pantry. 
"White will do." Calum replies. 

"Here. Anything else I can assist you with?" I ask as I hand him the pack of sugar. 
"No. You are literally an angel. Thank you." He smiles at me and I nod. 
"It was nice to meet you. Hope to see you again soon." Calum greets my mom. 
"Hope to see you again too, Calum." My mom smiles. 
"And (Y/N), Duke just told me that he's missed hanging out with you. And that needs to kind of change, right?" He asks me as I walk him to the door.
"We will see about that." I reply and give him a smile as he walks out.

"I will feel a little safer knowing that your neighbor is Calum." My mom comments as I take my seat back on the couch. 
"Why is that?" I ask, picking up my laptop.
"Well, first he is totally ripped. And a total hottie. And second, there is clearly something between the two of you." She comments. sitting on the other side of the couch. 
"First, yes he is hot and ripped and second, he has a girlfriend, so I am sorry to destroy your dream." I reply, going back to my work. 

I carry my groceries home, trying to think of the plot I want to work on for my next story, but I can't shake the nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I walk to my front door, trying to keep both my bags and pick in my pocket for my keys. 
"Hi, I am sorry to bother you. Calum is not inside and I called him and he told me to wait for him and if it is not too much of a bother to wait for him at your place." Calum's girlfriend says approaching me. My eyes go wide and my lips freeze into a smile. 
"Uh, yeah, I am sorry. I am Mali." She speaks again before I could mouth a word. 
"Nice to meet you Mali. I am (Y/N). Of course, you can come in. Just give me a second." I say and hold the bags higher. 
"Do you want some help?" She asks me, reaching for one of the grocery bags. 
"Yes, I could really use some, thank you." I smile and reach for my keys as she picks the bag from me. 

I unlock the door and let her walk in first, trying to wrap my brain around the fact that I am about to keep company to my crush's girlfriend, who is clearly gorgeous and I won't be surprised if she is a fucking model or something. My life is literally the plot of every teenage chick-flick. 

"Can I get you anything?" I ask as I place the groceries on the counter. 
"Just some water, please. Your place is lovely." Mali says as she sits on the couch. 
"Thank you. Cold water or warm water?" I ask. 
"Cold water. You know, Calum talks about you all the time..." She comments, turning to look at me. 
"He is very sweet..." I comment, handing her a bottle of water. 
"That he is." She giggles. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. 

Before I could take a seat on the couch, there is a knock on the door. I walk right to the door and peek through the peep-hole and release a sigh of relief as I see Calum behind it. 
"Hey, how are you?" He greets the moment I open the door. 
"Hey, I am fine. Come on in." I smile at him and move to the side. 
"Thank you for keeping company to my sister. I lost track of time and forgot she doesn't have keys..." He apologizes. 
"No probl... Wait, sister?" I ask, my voice more excited than I intended to come out. 
"Yeah, Mali is my sister. She didn't tell you?" He asks me. 
"I thought she knew..." Mali replies with a smile on her lips. 
"Apparently, no. Who did you think she is?" Cal asks, the corner of his lips curled up. 
"I thought you 2 were a couple." I admit, my stomach tied in a knot. Mali bursts out in fits of laughter and I turn to look at Cal. 
"My brother is doomed to be single forever." Mali giggles, patting Calum's shoulder. 
"I am trying to break the curse lately. But the girl seems to be hot and cold all the time." Calum smirks. 
"I see. It was great meeting you Mali. I would love to see you again soon." I smile at the gorgeous blonde girl. 
"I will for sure drop by before I leave, (Y/N). It was great meeting the infamous (Y/N) Calum never shuts up about." Mali smiles and turns to Calum, who scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. 

After finding out that Calum is, in fact, single, my inner 15-year old started partying again. I tend to leave the blinders on, spend more time in my front porch, I even started jogging around the neighborhood whenever he is at his front porch. 
It is weird, I've never done stuff like that.  My morale seems to disappear every time I sense him around. 

I sit on my window seat and try to edit my plotline for this chapter. My publisher sent me feedback a couple of hours back and I need to make the corrections as soon as possible. Usually, sitting by the window helps me concentrate and work better, but my eyes keep on landing on Calum's room. Today of all days, he decided to clean his room, wearing nothing but sweatpants. I bite my lip hard, trying to regain my focus, but the sight across the street keeps making my brain take weird turns. 
I press my thighs together, trying to battle the heat rising between them; what the fuck is wrong with me?
I huff and take a sip of my lemonade, hoping that a refreshment will help me finish at least a part of my work.  Ok, I really need to finish, I have other stuff to do. 
But I just can't stop gawking at my hot neighbor, which sets my insides on fire. 

With the deadline for my book approaching, I have to spend endless nights writing and polishing the finale. And this Friday night is no different; I wish it was though. I wish I was able to go to my hometown and spend my birthday there. Instead, I am here, laptop on my lap and a glass of wine waiting for me on the coffee table.

And suddenly the power goes off. I gasp and jump up, panicking a little. I was always afraid of the dark, and now that I am living completely on my own, it is even worse. My stomach is cramping and my heart is racing; Oh God, I am going to die and no one is going to find me cause there is no power so I have no phone to call anyone.

To add to the horror movie scenario, there is a knock on my door. I feel all my senses abandoning me and clearly, my fight-or-flight response is activated. I grab one of the candle holders and head towards my door, being as quiet as I can. The person knocks again, making my heart tighten. I try to look from the peephole, but with no power, there is no light on my front porch. I gulp the lump on my throat, and decide to open the door, a decision that my rational self would slap me for but the adrenaline in my system blurs my reasoning. 
I open the door and stand back, grasping the candle holder tightly, ready to blow the killer on the head. 
"(Y/N), what the fuck took you so long? I was worried sick." Calum exclaims. I sigh deeply and drop the candle holder before I hurry to hug Calum tightly. 
"Thank God it's you..." I mumble, taking deep breaths of his scent. 
"Hey, hey... Let's calm down. alright?" He soothes me, hugging me back. 
"I got so scared..." I mumble, gripping on his t-shirt. 
"I thought you might be. It's ok, the whole neighborhood got an outage. Things will be back to normal in the morning, you are going to be ok, I promise." He comforts me, rubbing my lower back. Duke stomps his paws from next to us, making me chuckle a bit relieved. 
"Looks like my favorite guy is in here." I giggle, picking up the dog and leaving a kiss on the top of his head. 
"Rude..." Calum chuckles, making me smile from ear to ear. 
"You know there is no chance you could win Duke in that race." I reply and stroke Duke's head. 
"Whatever... Since you are alright, I guess Duke and I can go back home." Calum states. I gasp and bite my lip. 
"Or you could stay and spend some time with your favorite neighbor who is about to have a heart attack cause she is shitless scared of the dark..." I suggest. Calum smiles and tilts his head to the side. 
"I guess I could." He shrugs his shoulders. 
"Great. I'll get you something to drink." I sigh, thankful for the God-sent neighbor. 
"And I'll light up some candles." He offers and I nod, pointing to the coffee tables where most my candles are. 
"So, I have beer, wine, sodas. Make up your mind before the turn warm." I hear Calum chuckle in response. 
"Beer is fine."

"I've never asked you, what do you do for a living?" He asks me as we relax on the couch. 
"I am a writer." I reply, sipping on my wine. 
"A writer? Wow, that fascinating. Have you published any books?" He asks. 
"2 actually and I am working on my third." I reply and watch his expression change from surprised to excited. 
"Fuck, how come I've never come across one of your books?" 
"I really don't know. But it is ok. I can actually give you a copy of each. I have like 3 in my bookshelf." I giggle, standing up from the couch. I pick up a candle and walk to the bookshelf next to my tv set and as I am about to pick up a copy of each, I burn my finger. 
"Fuck..." I shout, leaving the candle on the bookshelf and bringing my finger to my lips. 
"What happened?" Calum asks, rushing to me. 
"Nothing, I just burned my finger... No biggie." I whine. Calum smiles and blows the candle I have left on the bookshelf before he takes my hand in his to observe it. 
"Ms. Clumsy..." He chuckles and brings my finger to his lips, giving it a soft peck. I look at him mesmerized, my lips parted and my body warm and fuzzy. 
"Better?" He asks.
"Much." I breathe out. Calum rises his gaze to look at me, licking his lips which are curled in a side smirk. 
"Good." He replies in a whisper. I look at him, averting my gaze between his eyes and his lips. I unconsciously bite my bottom lip; I feel my heart almost pound outside of my chest, the only thing in my mind is how bad I want to fucking kiss him.

The little shit brings his hand to my face, twisting a strand of hair and tucking it behind my ear. 
"Stop me before it is too late..." He says, closing his eyes and taking a breath. 
"What if I don't want you to stop?" I ask and move closer, leaving almost no distance between us. 
"You don't?" He asks, opening his eyes, to look at me. I shake my head no and gulp harshly. 
And his lips are on mine, soft and moving slowly in the beginning. He pulls me closer by my waist, my chest on his as our lips shyly move together. My stomach is filled with butterflies, my knees are going weak and head spins. My teenage chick flick is coming to life.

Ever since my birthday, Calum and I are together. It is utterly amazing, a dream come true actually. I watch the man who lays next to me, breathless and sweaty as I am, smiling brightly at me. I can't help but smile too, bringing a hand to stroke his cheek. 
"I have to go." I sigh after a moment, looking at the clock. 
"Isn't it too late?" Calum asks, his voice a tad bit sleepy. 
"I live across the str