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Don't Be Scared Of What You Don't Already Know

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Cosima pulled her pillow over her head and groaned at the sounds that echoed from her neighbors' bedroom. They were doing it again. They couldn't help that their bedroom was adjacent to Cosima's, and that the walls were thin, but God were they loud during sex. Annoyingly so. They'd do it once a week, like clockwork, she supposed she was lucky that it wasn't more often. But still, did that one time have to be Wednesday night at 11 PM?

What was even worse than the noise, was that she was 100% certain that the woman was faking it. Her moans were exaggerated and she'd just let out these high shrieks without ever seeming to reach a climax. Cosima didn't know who she'd pitied more, the woman, who was apparently too soft-hearted to tell her boyfriend how to touch her, or the boyfriend, who seemingly had no clue where to put his fingers, hands or mouth.
Cosima shook her head, the guy was definitely worse, how he didn't notice that those moans were fake was beyond her. The girl was not a good actress. Maybe he was just an asshole who didn't care about his partner's pleasure.

She'd only seen the couple once. The guy was old and he'd creeped Cosima out when he'd introduced his much younger girlfriend to her. He'd kept a possessive arm around the beautiful blonde's shoulder when he'd made a joke about how women declined after their twenties while men ripened with age, like a good wine.

It had pissed Cosima off immensely. She had no time for sexists, especially not for creepy ones, so she'd mumbled something rude about wine not needing Viagra to get it up and hurried inside her apartment. The guy, his name was Aldous or Alfred or something, had a furious look on his face, while his blond girlfriend just blushed a bright shade of red.

The girlfriend let out a piteous moan again and Cosima had enough. She stood up from the bed and banged her fist loudly against the wall.

“Tone it down a little! People are trying to sleep!”

The moaning stopped almost immediately, though it was followed by a high squeak and rapid talking in French.

Cosima groaned, at least the sex had stopped, she told herself.



The next Wednesday she was home late, but still in time to hear someone say sharply: “Je ne veux pas. J'ai mal à la tête.”

Cosima moved closer to the wall, unable to help herself. She was kind of curious what would happen.

A chuckle and then: “Come on Delphine, don't be like that.”

Ne me touche pas!”

A low voice answered but Cosima couldn't hear what was said.

Ne fait pas cela!”

There was loud yelling then, but all of it was in French and they were speaking too quickly for Cosima to understand it.

Finally the woman yelled: “Va te faire foutre, connard!”

A door was slammed shut and the shouting ended. She could hear crying though. It must be the woman, Delphine, who was apparently bawling her eyes out.

Cosima wanted to comfort her.

“Screw that guy,” she'd say if she'd known her a little better. But she'd only met the woman once, so instead she laid her head down on her pillow and listened to her neighbor crying until she fell asleep.



For several weeks afterwards it was silent in the apartment. Cosima slept like a baby, though she couldn't help but be curious to what her neighbor was up to. She hoped the blonde had really gotten rid of her creepy boyfriend. She tried to get a glimpse of Delphine every now and then, but their conversations didn't go much further than “good morning”, “how are you doing?” and “have a nice day”.

At least, until the package arrived.

Cosima didn't think much of it when the mailman handed it to her as she happened to walk into the apartment building.

“She lives right next door, I'll take it up with me.”

She'd knocked on Delphine's door, but the blonde wasn't at home. So instead Cosima slipped a note under her door and kept the package on her kitchen table. It was slightly crumpled. She was curious what her neighbor had bought, but forced herself not to peek, Delphine would surely notice.


The blonde was fidgety when she came to pick it up.

Her dark eyes were anxious and she kept trying to push an extremely unruly curl behind her ear without prevail.

“How are you doing?” Cosima asked and she was caught of guard when the blonde rudely ignored her question.

“Can I get my package, Cosima?”

Cosima nodded and handed it to the blonde. “There you go.”

Delphine was so nervous however that the package slipped from her hands and fell on the floor. A strange noise appeared to come from it and Cosima suddenly understood Delphine's strange behavior.

“Oh no,” the blonde moaned. Her cheeks were bright red as she grabbed the package from the floor, teared it open and tried to make the noise stop. The buzzing didn't stop though and Delphine's cheeks were getting redder.

Cosima giggled as she took the package from her neighbor, pulled the vibrator from the bubble wrap and shut it off. She handed the purple device back to the blonde.

“There you go. Dope color by the way.”

Delphine just groaned and hid her face in her hands. “Oh mon dieu. I'm so sorry, Cosima.”

“Hey, it's okay,” Cosima paused for a second, a cheeky grin appearing on her face. “So I guess you and Alfred are over?”

“Aldous,” the blonde corrected, removing her hands from covering up her face. She gestured to the vibrator that lay between the two of them on the table. “And yes, we are. I just... I just wanted to try something different.”

Cosima held up her hands. “Hey, I'm not judging. There's nothing wrong with that, obvs.” She flashed Delphine another grin as she added: “As long as you're not going to be too loud.”

Delphine groaned again. “I'm sorry about that too. I hadn't realized that you could hear us.”

“It's alright, I just hope that you're actually enjoying yourself next time,” Cosima teased. “Your ex didn't really seem to be able to get you there.”

The blonde didn't reply to that, her hands were still shaking with embarrassment as she shoved the sex toy back in the remains of the package.

“You might want to return that,” Cosima offered. “Usually they're sealed or something, and it's not supposed to turn on like that. Plus it should definitely have come in a box. Maybe the web shop is really lousy, or someone else tried it and sent it back.”

Delphine gasped and dropped the toy again. “Oh mon dieu, ce n'est pas hygiénique.

“I didn't mean they tried it out with their vagina, just that...” Cosima started, but she was overcome with giggles before she could finish her sentence. The expression on Delphine’s face was just too adorable.

Delphine didn't laugh though. There were tears shining in the blonde's eyes as she grabbed the toy again and mumbled: “I suppose I've made a big enough fool of myself. I'll go.”

Cosima grabbed her hand, not wanting the beautiful blonde to go now she finally had a chance to talk to her. “Hey, I'm sorry. I wasn't laughing at you. It's just... the situation is kinda funny, right?”

“For you it is,” Delphine sighed, but there was a small smile playing around her mouth. “This embarrassment probably cost me five years of my life.”

“Sit down,” Cosima smiled. “I'll pour you a drink to calm your nerves.”



Two glasses of wine later, Delphine appeared to have relaxed a little. She was funny and remarkably intelligent, Cosima discovered, when she wasn't stammering in embarrassment. She had a PhD in immunology and they had immediately connected, sharing many of the same interests.

However things only got really interesting when they discussed Delphine's breakup with Aldous.

“I've never had an orgasm,” Delphine confessed out of the blue, her cheeks red from both embarrassment and the alcohol. “That's why I bought it.” She gestured to the vibrator that was still on the table.

Cosima's mouth hung open in shock. “Never? Like, not even when you masturbate?”

Blond curls danced around as Delphine shook her head.

“Wow, that's like...” Cosima's hands gestured awkwardly as she tried to find the right word. Sad? Weird? Unbelievable? “That's a shame.” She settled on eventually.

“It's not a big deal.”

“Um yeah, it is. You've not been having sex with the right people, obvs.”

“Maybe it's just not possible for me. I've been with other men than Aldous and it just never happened.” She paused. “Okay. Two other men. But they were okay with it. I could still satisfy them.”

“You told them that you never had an orgasm and they were okay with it?” Cosima asked, using finger quotes.

The blonde nodded. “One was a one night stand. But Michel and I were together since high school. He was my first, he was used to it. With Aldous it was different. It seemed to be important to him, so I-I faked it.”

Cosima shook her head in disapprovement. “I've been with many men and women and I would not be okay with it. At least not until we'd have tried like everything.”

She could see Delphine's eyes getting big and her neighbor licked her lips. “Like what?”

“Maybe you need it soft, like a tongue gently licking you between your legs. Maybe you can't handle direct clitoral stimulation and I'd need to rub your clit very softly through its hood. Or maybe you need it hard and fast. You could hump my thigh until you orgasm or I could bend you over the table and fuck you with my fingers until your come is dripping down your thighs. Maybe you need more fingers, or my entire hand. Or a strap-on perhaps. Or maybe you can only come through g-spot stimulation. I could make you squirt all over my fingers.”

Delphine's breathing came in pants, her eyes were black with arousal and Cosima smirked.

She was trying to rile Delphine up. She hadn't really expected the blonde's reaction, she'd thought she would just blush and make a joke of it. Though this was much better, obviously. She wanted Delphine to want her. Desperately.

Her plan sort of backfired though when she saw the blonde bite her lip and rub her thighs together. Suddenly there was nothing that she wanted more than to see Delphine's pussy. To smell the scent of her arousal. To taste her down there. She wanted Delphine in her lap, rubbing herself to an orgasm on her thigh, screaming her name.

Intense pleasure, cursing in French, long thin fingers squeezing her shoulders afterwards.

“You seem very confident.”

“I've been told I'm very good.” There was an arrogant smirk on her face and Delphine rolled her eyes.

“How come I've never heard screams coming from your bedroom?”

“God, you're so vanilla. As if the bedroom is the only place to have sex. Spoiler alert: it isn't.”

She felt guilty when she saw the embarrassed look on Delphine's face. The blonde sort of had a point. Cosima preferred to stay at other people's places when she hooked up with someone. It was just easier that way. She could leave whenever she wanted. Preferably before her sex partner woke up.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” She asked Delphine, moving closer to the blonde.

She shook her head. “Non. I've never really thought about bisexuality.” She bit her lip again and Cosima's body was tingling.

“Would you want to try?”

Avec toi?” She combed a hand through her curls, her eyes uncertain. “With you?”

“I could show you pleasure. Pleasure you've never felt before.”

She moved her hand to touch the blonde's face. Delphine gasped as her fingers stroke her cheekbone. She grabbed Cosima's hand and pressed it against her face and neck, moaning as their skin kept touching.

It was all so sensual. How this woman had never had an orgasm was beyond Cosima, but she didn't let that thought frighten her. She was going to make Delphine come. With her mouth, her fingers, the toy... it didn't matter.

She pulled her hand back. “That's not an answer, Delphine. Yes or no?”

Delphine's response was neither, which annoyed Cosima moderately. It made her frown, she'd never been very authoritative. But nevertheless the answer came from the blonde's lips without hesitation: “Oui. Show me, Cosima.”

She let her fingers stroke Delphine's lips, but before she could move closer to kiss the blonde, the other woman had opened her mouth and taken Cosima's fingers inside. She gently sucked on the digits, a devilish look in her eyes.

“Fricking hell, Delphine,” Cosima groaned. “I thought you said-“

The blonde released her fingers with a pop. “I said I never had an orgasm, Cosima. Not that I am a virgin.”

“You're a femme fatale.” Cosima backed Delphine against the wall and kissed her hungrily. Delphine's mouth opened and Cosima’s tongue darted inside.

Oh mon dieu,” the blonde groaned. “Tu vas me tuer.”

“Yes,” Cosima mumbled. “La petite mort, right?”

Delphine didn't answer, instead pressing her lips back to Cosima's, their tongues battling for dominance.

Cosima pulled Delphine's shirt out of her pants and pulled it over her head between kisses. She made quick work of her tank top and bra and pressed kisses down the side of Delphine's neck until she reached a rosy pink nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and Delphine gasped. Her other hand massaged Delphine's other breast, trying to give it the same attention as its counterpart. Delphine let out a moan. Cosima undid the button of the blonde's slacks, but when she wanted to pull down the zipper, Delphine’s hand shot out to stop her.

“I can't keep standing, Cosima... Can we go to bed? If you don't think it's too boring...”

“Alright,” Cosima agreed, wanting to slap herself for having said that. “I suppose your first orgasm should be in a bed, right? Come on.”

She pulled Delphine along with her to her bedroom and pushed her down on the bed. She pulled off her own dress and tights, before she knelt down in front of the taller woman and unzipped her boots. Delphine’s thighs twitched again as Cosima massaged her calves and took off her socks.

“Lift your butt for a second,” Cosima giggled and when Delphine complied she pulled the blonde's pants off.

“You're already soaking your panties, aren't you?” Cosima asked with a wicked grin on her face. Delphine frowned and used her fingers to close Cosima's mouth.

Ta gueule.

“Ssh,” Cosima whispered pressing a kiss to Delphine's now naked knee. “Don't worry, I'll get you there.”

“I have never felt like this,” the blonde muttered. She cupped Cosima's face. “Tell me that you have never felt this exact way you’re feeling right now. Dis-moi.” She demanded.

Cosima looked up into her dark eyes. She could see arousal, insecurity and trepidation. Delphine was so beautiful. She couldn't remember wanting anyone so badly.

“I have never felt this exact way before,” Cosima stated, unsure why Delphine wanted to hear that. She ran her hands over Delphine's thighs and spread her legs. The wet spot on Delphine's underwear confirmed her suspicions: the blonde was soaked.

She pulled Delphine closer to the edge of the bed and pressed her nose against her panties. The blonde gasped as she felt the pressure on her swollen sex. 

Mon dieu, Cosima!”

“You smell so good,” Cosima moaned and the blonde whimpered. “I bet you taste amazing.”

She pushed Delphine's upper body back on the bed and knelt in front of her. She let her fingers slide underneath the elastic of her panties.

“Lift your butt again.”

“Cosima! I didn't shave!” Delphine tried to explain as she clamped her legs together, but Cosima had already slid her underwear off.

She giggled. “Don't worry, silly girl. I don't care about that.” She caressed the taller woman's legs and spread them again. She was met with an obviously very excited and swollen pussy. Delphine's labia were shining with wetness and Cosima could smell her desperation.

“You're so beautiful,” she mumbled appreciatively and she took a first long lick from her perineum to her clit, gathering up the wetness at Delphine's opening. Delphine moaned in shock when her hips bucked, but then she closed her legs again, crawling back up the bed and placing a protective hand over her own sex.

Cosima blinked. “What's wrong?”

“Cosima, do you actually like that?”

“What? Eating you out?”

The blonde nodded.

“Yeah. I mean, it's been a while, but yeah I like it. Obvs.” She guided Delphine's hand inside her own panties, making her feel her wetness, forgetting the blonde's lack of experience with women. Delphine gasped in shock and tried to discreetly wipe her hand on the comforter.

“Has no one ever done that for you before? Your previous boyfriends?”

The blonde bit her lip. “Michel tried once, he didn't like it. He said the taste was making him sick. I never let Aldous try it.”

“Then he's a moron. You taste amazing baby, come here.” She pulled Delphine in for a kiss, letting her taste herself on Cosima's tongue. “Will you let me try? I'll make it good, I promise.”

Delphine still looked unsure and Cosima sat back on her heels in front of the bed, her hands softly stroking the other woman's calves.

“We don't have to, if you don't want to,” Cosima tried to reassure her. “There's loads of other stuff we can do.”

“Let's try,” the blonde mumbled, moving to lie back down.

“Okay, just let me know if you wanna stop or anything.” She palmed the blonde's ass and pulled her forward a little. She pressed sloppy, teasing kisses from Delphine's right knee to her pussy and flattened her tongue to take another long lick. She let two of her fingers enter Delphine to the first digit and smeared the wetness around her pussy.

Delphine's clitoris was bright pink and hard and the little organ peeked out from under its hood. Cosima pressed a kiss to it and let her tongue play with the excited little bud, but Delphine's hips shot off the bed and she let out an uncomfortable sound.

“Don't,” she moaned. “I don't like that. C'est trôp…

Cosima softly stroke her thigh and blew a soft stream of air on the blonde's clit, which made her shudder. “You're very sensitive huh? I'm sorry. I'll be more gentle.”

Maybe that was the problem, she thought to herself, maybe Delphine was too sensitive. And her previous lovers had obviously not had the patience to work past that. But Cosima wouldn't let that deter her. She'd bring the blonde to an orgasm no matter what, she vowed. Even if she had to guide Delphine along like a scared colt.

Instead of touching Delphine's clit directly, Cosima started to lash at the little bud through its hood, attacking it from its sides. That seemed to do the trick because the blonde was getting wetter and wetter, fluid dripping down the crack of her ass to soak into the sheets.

She let two of her fingers enter Delphine and moaned at the feeling of being enveloped by the silky wetness of Delphine's pussy.

She started a gentle rhythm, meeting the thrusts of Delphine's hips, while still attending to the blonde's clitoris with her tongue. However instead of slowly spiraling out of control, she felt the blonde tensing up, resisting her building climax.

“Come on,” she whispered. “You can let go.”

The blonde shook her head however and her body stiffened even more.

What, you're not gonna come for me like a good girl?” Cosima asked, her tone teasing.

Non.” It came out like a strangled sob and Cosima moved up on the bed, letting her thumb attend Delphine's clit. She slowed down the rhythm, but kept fucking the other woman gently.

“What's wrong?” She asked.

J'ai peur." The blonde stuck out her bottom lip like a petulant child and it was trembling. It amazed Cosima, how could she be so afraid? How had no previous lover ever gotten her over this edge?

“It's okay,” Cosima mumbled, kissing her face and petting her curls with her free hand. “I'm right here. I’ve got you. I won't let anything happen. You're safe with me. I promise you. Let go for me, sweetie.”

The affectionate term slipped out before she realized it, but it didn't matter. Because right at that moment Delphine's muscles convulsed around her hand, her hips bucked and her eyes were fluttering in an effort to remain open during her first orgasm ever. She kept rubbing Delphine's clit very gently and the blonde moaned and whimpered loudly. Cosima was glad that her bedroom was adjacent to Delphine's so nobody else in the building would be able to hear them.

“Oh Cosima,” Delphine moaned. “Je t'aime. Je t'aime. Oh mon dieu.

Delphine clung to her shoulders and was sobbing openly. Her eyes were huge, looking at Cosima in awe, as if she couldn't believe that the smaller woman had brought her all this pleasure.

“Hey,” Cosima mumbled awkwardly, rubbing the blonde's shoulder until she calmed down a little. “It's alright. I guess a first orgasm would make anyone a bit emotional, huh?”

Je t'aime.” Delphine insisted, seemingly unable to speak English. She cupped Cosima's face, desperate for her to understand. “It was never like this. Nothing was ever like this.”

“I'm glad to have been of service.”

Tu ne comprends pas.” The blonde was visibly getting more upset. She gestured wildly with her hands. “That…” Another gesture. “This…”

Cosima giggled. “Oh, that and this. Yeah obvs. I totally get it now.”

Delphine let out a disappointed huff and it was the cutest thing Cosima had ever heard. She kissed her new lover.

Je t'aime," the blonde muttered again.

Cosima didn't answer, she wasn't a huge fan of love declarations from supposedly straight girls, though she had to admit that she'd never had anyone in her bed who managed to look so fricking adorable freshly fucked.

Delphine's curls were spread around her head like a halo and her eyes were still a bit incredulous, as if she couldn't fully encompass what had just happened to her body. Cosima tried to pull her fingers from Delphine's pussy, but the blonde grabbed her hand.

“Again,” she demanded.

Cosima grinned. “You like it that much?”

Delphine nodded and pulled on her hand. Apparently once she learned how it goes, she was very happy to repeat the process to make her orgasm. She smiled at the blonde's eagerness, it reminded her of an excited puppy.

“You've seen the light now, haven't you?”

She pushed her fingers deeper inside Delphine and found the swollen spongy part at her front wall. Delphine was still so wet and excited, wriggling against her hand, unable to follow Cosima's rhythm.

“Cosima, I feel like… comme je dois faire pipi."

“That's normal ,” Cosima assured her. “You won't go pipi. I just want to try and make you squirt. -Well actually, researchers aren't sure about whether it's pee or not, actually. But who cares? It's sexy as hell.”

“Less talking,” Delphine groaned and she whimpered as Cosima quickened the pace.

The other woman was so wet that Cosima’s fingers made a splashing sound with each thrust. It was just so hot to know how turned on and wet Delphine was for her. Cosima couldn't help rocking her hips against the blonde's to relieve some of her own tension.

“Oh Cosima! Oh!”

Delphine's nails dug themselves into Cosima's back as her climax approached. She moaned almost continuously and it didn't sound like any of the sounds she had made during her fake orgasms.

Putain!” Delphine's hips bucked and her back arched. “What are you doing to me? I feel so… Oh!”

The blonde's muscles clenched around her fingers again and a gush of wetness spilled over Cosima's hand and arm. Delphine's whole body was trembling with pleasure.

“You did it babe. You squirted!” She took out her fingers and offered them to the blonde who hungrily sucked them into her mouth without a second thought.

“You're such a good girl,” Cosima crooned. “Coming for me twice and squirting all over my hand.”

Delphine whimpered at her praise and pulled Cosima towards her for a deep, bruising kiss.

She pressed kisses all over Delphine's face and then kissed a trail down her chest. She wrapped her lips around a swollen nipple and Delphine moaned again. Her hips kept bucking, unable to hold still.

Cosima descended down her body and took Delphine's swollen clit in her mouth once more, gently tonguing the little bud, mindful not to overstimulate the blonde.

She worked the other woman up to a third orgasm and apparently that was enough because when Delphine tethered over the edge for a third time, long fingers clenched around her shoulder and Delphine squirmed away from her mouth.

C'est trôp, Cosima. Merde.”

Cosima moved up again and held the blonde as she was once again in tears.

“I didn't know it could be like this, Cosima,” she sobbed. “Why did no one…?”

Cosima stroked her back. “Ssh, it's okay. You know now. You can do it all the time now. With your new vibrator.”

Two dark eyes looked up at her hopefully. “And with you?”

Cosima squirmed under Delphine's intense gaze. “Um, I guess we could do this again if you want to.”

“Yes,” Delphine's answer came without a second thought. “Only you, Cosima. Je t'aime.”

Cosima shook her head. “Poor you, you've gone sex crazed after all those orgasms.”

She laid down on her side and Delphine happily wrapped herself around her. This was familiar to the blonde, Cosima realized, the cuddling after sex.

They laid together like that for several minutes and she could feel Delphine's fluttering heartbeat calm down slowly. It felt so good. Just cuddling with the blonde felt so good.

“Can I touch you?” Delphine asked her then, an eager look in her eyes.

Cosima blinked in surprise. “Yeah, if you wanna. I mean, you don't have to, obvs. I can help myself out.”

“-I want to. I want to lick your… your chatte.”

Cosima shifted uncomfortably. “Delphine, two hours ago you were straight and we were practically strangers, now you want to lick my pussy?”

The blonde nodded.

“Are you bisexual now?”

“I don't know. I don't care. I just need to have you. If that makes me bisexual or a lesbian, soitJe t'aime.”

Cosima shook her head. “Delphine, you can't just go making these love declarations to people. It's weird.”

“I don't make them to everyone,” the blonde protested, slightly offended. “But Cosima, you must feel this too. Between us. Don't tell me you feel this way with everyone, I don't believe you.” She gestured between them. “I never felt like this before. Never. You made me feel so good. I want to do the same for you. Again and again and again.”

Before Cosima had a chance to argue, the taller woman was kissing her and had flipped her on her back.

Cosima giggled as the blonde struggled to get her bra off.

Ce putain soutien-gorge,” Delphine muttered angrily. “Stop laughing, you brat!”

Eventually Cosima took pity on the other woman and unhooked the garment herself.

Delphine gasped and licked her lips as Cosima's breasts came free from their confinement.

“So beautiful,” she whispered appreciatively. A tentative finger reached out, very carefully, to touch her nipple. It was such an innocent gesture, so obviously coming from someone who had never seen a naked woman in the flesh before. Still, it was a huge turn on and Cosima let out a loud moan.

It seemed to spur Delphine on, she cupped both of Cosima's breasts in her hands and started to massage them gently. Taking first the right and then the left nipple in her mouth to suck them into rock hard points.

“Fuck, Delphine…”

“That's the idea,” the blonde flashed her a cocky smile, but when she looked at Cosima's rocking hips, she grew uncertain again.

“What should I do?” She asked, pulling Cosima's wet panties off.

“Just do whatever. I'm so turned on, anything will probably make me come.” She knew it was lame advice and part of her felt guilty for not guiding Delphine better, but a larger part was just too turned on to care.

Delphine spread her legs wide. If she was intimidated by seeing eye to eye with a very turned on vulva for the first time, she didn't show it. Instead she gently probed Cosima's opening with her finger and carefully tasted the moisture, as if she was sampling a wine. If she hadn't been so desperately horny, Cosima would have laughed at her actions, they were so typically French.

Très bon,” Delphine decided. “I like it.” She took a tentative lick and then wrapped her lips around Cosima's clitoris.

Cosima gasped and pulled at her shoulder. “Gently, baby,” she murmured. “Not so rough. Let me get used to it first.”

Delphine followed her advice and continued to softly lick around her clit.

“I need your fingers too. Think you can do that for me?” She asked breathlessly. The blonde didn't reply, but instead carefully pushed first one and then two fingers into Cosima's vagina.

“It's so soft,” Delphine whispered in wonder, while Cosima moaned. “So soft and wet.”

She helped Delphine set a rhythm and it didn't take long for her to come, clenching around Delphine's long fingers while the blonde lapped up her wetness. Afterwards Delphine pressed a soft kiss on her pubic bone and then moved up to kiss Cosima with a proud smile on her face.

“Amazing, baby,” Cosima sighed.

Apparently pleasuring Cosima had been a turn-on for the blonde as well, because Cosima could feel her hips softly rocking against her thigh. She didn't even seem to be aware of the movement, until Cosima tensed her thigh and felt it grow slicker with arousal. She grabbed the blonde's ass and Delphine cried out as she rocked harder and faster, until she finally tensed and her climax took over. She sought refuge in Cosima's arms, her body trembling from head to toe.

Her cheeks were red and her chest flushed as she hid her face in Cosima's neck, her teeth softly nibbling Cosima's skin.

“Now you're getting shy?” Cosima chuckled. She pressed a kiss into blond curls. “Remember how only a few hours ago you were skeptical about ever having an orgasm?”

J'étais une folle. I knew nothing.” There was a teasing smile on Delphine's face however and she softly pulled on Cosima's dreadlocks.

“Yeah Jon Snow, you're quite the sex addict now, huh?”

Delphine giggled. “I like it.” She looks up with a seductive smile. “I like you.”


“Let's just try it, Cosima.”

“What are you going to tell your friends? And your parents? And strangers when they ask if you have a boyfriend?"

"That I have a girlfriend. Who gives me the best orgasms.” There was proud smirk on her face as she added: “As many as I want.”

“And what if they turn out to be homophobes? Telling you it's wrong and disgusting?”

“I will tell them to go and screw themselves. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter won't mind, n'est-ce pas?"

“You think it's that easy?” Cosima asked.


Cosima allowed the blonde to wrap her up in her arms and kiss her.

“Okay, let's try.”

Delphine squealed in delight. “Tu es la mienne.”

And she was.

She pressed a kiss to the top of Delphine's head. “Gotta say, this was not what I expected when the mailman handed me that package…”

“You want to try it out later?”