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Don't Be Scared Of What You Don't Already Know

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"I've never taken a bath after midnight," Delphine giggled as Cosima pushed her to the bathroom. She threw the dirty sheets in the hamper that was placed there and looked around. Delphine's bathroom was much nicer than her own. It had a large, modern, built-in bath tub, with lots of space around it to sit. There were candles and a few small pillows. She wondered if Delphine had remodeled the bathroom or if the previous owner of the apartment had left it like this.

Delphine turned on the faucet and wriggled her legs. "J'ai une grosse envie de faire pipi," she confessed, looking at Cosima expectantly.

"You can say it in English, you know," Cosima teased. "There's no need to be embarrassed. You know the words."

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Cosima, get out, I need to pee."

"Good girl," Cosima cooed, but Delphine raised her middle finger and mumbled: "Brat."

"Fine. I'll go get us something to drink. I need to rehydrate after all that. You too. I can't believe how you still manage to get so incredibly wet."

Delphine blushed as Cosima closed the door and she chuckled. It was still so easy to embarrass Delphine, even though the blonde had gotten a lot less shy about sex.

She used the toilet in Delphine's other bathroom and then filled two tall glasses with ice tea. She managed to find some snacks in Delphine's cupboards and fridge; mini pretzels and some grapes. An odd combination, but it would do.


She didn't knock on the bathroom door when she entered, her hands were too full for that, but fortunately Delphine was done relieving herself and she was seated in the still empty tub, adjusting the temperature of the water that came pouring down from the faucet. 

"You can place it over there." The blonde pointed at a small table next to the tub. Cosima put down the drinks and climbed into the tub as well. She let her hand glide from Delphine's shoulder to her ass, pressing her lips to the moles she found on her way.

"Your bathroom looks much fancier than mine."

Delphine looked over her shoulder. "Aldous wanted it like this," she said. "He liked taking baths together."

“Did you like it too?”

Delphine hesitated for a moment before replying. “Yes. I think I did.”

Cosima could feel the tension that suddenly lingered between them. She didn't like thinking about Aldous Leekie. What kind of a stupid name was that anyway?

Every time Delphine mentioned her ex (which she rarely did), she got a jealous feeling in the pit of her stomach. She hated that he had had Delphine. It was hypocritical, she knew that. Her list of bed partners was much, much longer than Delphine's. Delphine had only had sex with three other people. All men and none of them had ever made her come. That pleasure was solely reserved for Cosima. It still made her feel ridiculously proud when she thought about it. Delphine's pussy only wanted her. It only responded to Cosima's touch.

She let her teeth scrape Delphine's neck and the blonde gasped. "I bet Aldous never showed you what kind of fun you can have with a tub like this."

"What do you mean?" Delphine asked, trying to turn around, but Cosima had wrapped her arms around her middle, right under her breasts, which made it difficult to move.

“I bet I could make you come in this tub without using my hands or my mouth.”

Delphine snorted. “Mon amour, you're good, but not that good.”

Cosima rolled her eyes. Did Delphine really not know about the joys of water jets?

“You wanna bet?” She started, but then she suddenly noticed a razor on the edge of the tub.

It was a man's razor and she flicked it away.

“Ew. Delphine, why is that here? Is it... Is it his?”

She sat up, but the blonde chuckled and grabbed her hand. She brought it to her lips to kiss.

“It was his, yes. But I was thinking of using it to shave my… You know.”

“Your nether regions?” Cosima teased, half amused.

“I'm meeting him next week to give back his stuff and arrange some things. Then I can return this as well.” Delphine flashed her a proud grin.

Cosima shook her head. Only Delphine would think that she was a badass for shaving her pussy with her ex's razor.

“Ew. Why don't you just pee in one of his shampoo bottles or something.”

“That would be physically difficult, Cosima.”

“I'm not letting you use that creep's razor. You should just throw it away. When are you seeing him anyway? I'll come with you.”

“-No you won't.”

“I will.” Delphine turned around to face her and was met with a stubborn look in Cosima's eyes.

The blonde sighed and combed a hand through her curls. “Cosima, it would only be cruel.”

“I want to come.” She insisted.

“-You don't need to be worried, mon amour. Nothing will happen.”

“I'm not worried. He couldn't even make you come. But I want to see his face when I show him that you're mine.” She kissed Delphine hard.

“I'll tell him about us, ma chérie. But you can't come with me.”

“Maybe you should wear the panties so at least the meeting will be over quick.” She squeezed a strong thigh as she thought of the remote control vibrator that she'd bought for her girlfriend. It came with a pair of panties that had a special pocket to slip the vibrator in. She couldn't wait to try that out on Delphine, but the blonde had been reluctant to wear them in public.

Delphine giggled. “Mon dieu Cosima! I couldn't!” However, the tentative look in her eyes told Cosima that she was not entirely opposed to the idea.

“How about this?” she offered her girlfriend. “If I make you come without the use of my hands or mouth right here in this bath, you'll wear the panties.”

“How Cosima? I like it when you talk dirty to me, but I couldn't come from just that.”

"Why don't you close your eyes and I'll show you how, baby?" Cosima offered. Without a question, Delphine closed her eyes and let her body lean back against Cosima‘s. After trusting Cosima with her first orgasm, the blonde seem to have an unshakeable faith that whatever Cosima did would bring her pleasure.

It was a huge responsibility, Cosima was more than aware of that. But she bore it with pride.

She wrapped her left arm tightly around Delphine's waist, while her right arm reached beside the tub for a towel. It was large and fluffy and she placed it in the water to kneel down on. She started to move Delphine forward, to the end of the tub, until she was sitting almost right underneath the faucet. She spread the blonde's legs and guided them to lie on the edge of the tub.

She sat up so that Delphine's upper body could lean back against her. It wasn't very convenient, their respective heights didn't work too well for this position, but she doubted Delphine would last long and she'd hold out for that time. To prevent the water from rising, she pulled out the plug, not wanting Delphine's head to be submerged. She turned down the water pressure a little as well, she didn't want to overstimulate her girlfriend's sensitive pussy.

"Qu'est-ce que tu fais?" Delphine mumbled, but Cosima shushed her.

“Be quiet. And don't peek.” She tweaked a pink nipple and slowly let her hand travel down along Delphine's stomach. She could feel her girlfriend shiver.

“You're so responsive to my touch, baby,” she whispered appreciatively. “And you're so beautiful.” She cupped Delphine's pussy and squeezed softly.

The blonde moaned. “Oh, Cosima. Please!”

Cosima chuckled. “Don't worry baby. We'll get there.”

She pushed her girlfriend's body slightly forward then and watched Delphine's reaction as the jet of the water from the faucet came down right above her clit.

"Oh mon dieu! Merde!"

The blonde's eyes opened wide and her hips started to move.

Cosima chuckled as she brushed her hand through Delphine's hair and pressed kisses into the blonde curls. "Do you like it? Or is it too much?"

There was no answer, but the blonde kept moving her hips and placed one of Cosima's hands firmly on her right breast.

That message was clear enough and the blonde moaned as Cosima let her soapy hands massage Delphine's breasts. They felt tense and a little firmer than usual. Delphine had complained a day earlier that her period was coming, dissatisfied that this would disturb their sex life.

Cosima had assured her that she didn't mind having sex while the blonde was bleeding, but Delphine hadn't wanted to consider that. However, Cosima suspected that she might change her mind when she was faced with several days of celibacy.

Last week she'd been away for a night to attend a conference and Delphine had almost jumped her when she'd returned. The blonde had been so wound up, aroused to a point of discomfort. Cosima had actually felt sorry for leaving her unattended. They'd bought a new toy then, for Delphine to entertain herself when she was gone.

She was pulled back to the present though, by four nails digging themselves in her thigh, a sign of an impending orgasm. She stroked Delphine's nipples, while the blonde was rotating her hips under the water, her empty cunt clenching around nothing.

"Cosima, mon amour. Oh!" Her legs were quivering and Cosima helped her along a little, bringing a hand down to spread the blonde's labia, to make sure that the water was coming down in the exact right place.

Delphine's hips bucked and she let out a high-pitched moan. Cosima could see the second when pleasure overtook her and she reached her peak. Her eyes closed and her legs were trembling. Her own hand went down between her legs to shield her sensitive flesh from the stimulation.

"Enough," she groaned. Cosima moved the faucet to the side and plugged the drain again while Delphine still floated happily in her lap. She moved to a sitting position after a minute and pulled Cosima to sit between her legs.

"Aldous definitely never showed me that," she smiled shyly.

Cosima grinned. "Are you kidding me? That was how I first discovered masturbating..."

Delphine looked puzzled. "Really?"

"Yeah. How did you?"

"I don't know. I never really did it a lot. I went to a boarding school, I always had roommates. And later I just used my hand." She held up two fingers and winked at Cosima. “But you know I never came so there wasn't a lot of fun in that.“

"Dork. Well, I used my fingers as well. I couldn't come like that at first either. Of course I figured it all out a lot earlier than someone I could mention..."

Delphine elbowed her. "Brat.” She batted her eyes at her girlfriend. “I think I might need some more lessons though.“

Cosima giggled. Delphine's hand was softly stroking her breast and the blonde kissed her.

“Maybe you could show me what you used to do?” Another kiss and then a hand went down to cup her pussy. Delphine wasn't really touching her, just squeezing her most intimate part, as if she was guarding it. Telling Cosima that it was hers. She sighed as she pressed a kiss in the hollow of Delphine's throat.

"You want to see me masturbate?"

The blonde nodded. “It's only fair. You've already seen me.”

“You weren't masturbating, you were recreating a scene from a porn vid!”

“On my own! So masturbating. Until you came.”

Both of them laughed at the double entendre.

“Yes, I sure came, baby.”

Delphine's eyes were big and unguarded. "Will you show me how you pleasure yourself, Cosima? Please?"

"It's kinda hard to see in the bath, babe,“ Cosima muttered, but Delphine was unrelenting. She stuck out her lower lip and gently tweaked Cosima's right nipple.


As if she could deny Delphine anything.

“Fine.” She pressed a kiss to the blonde's forehead as the other woman squealed with delight.

“Go sit on the edge of the tub. You can lean back against the wall.“

“I'll be cold, Delphine,“ she whined.

“I'll warm you up later, ma chérie. You can put this around you.” Delphine had grabbed a silk robe from the floor and handed it to Cosima.

Cosima did as she was told. She let the robe fall open so Delphine could see most of her body, and let her feet hang in the warm water. She wasn't that cold. It was actually kind of nice, a temporary relief from the hot bath.

Delphine was seated in front of her and Cosima spread her legs so that her girlfriend was staring straight at her pussy. The blonde licked her lips.

“Usually I use a vibrator, but if I don't have one near, I start with rubbing my clit. Not directly, just massaging around my-“

“-Ma chérie. Show, don't tell, s'il te plaît.“

Cosima rolled her eyes, but started the movements. Slowly rubbing herself, enjoying the indirect and gentle stimulation.

Delphine sat up on her knees, her mouth slightly agape as she was watching her girlfriend.

“You like it?“ Cosima asked and the blonded nodded.

“I like looking at you, ma belle. You are so pretty. Everything you do just turns me on.“

Cosima moaned, sliding her fingers down to her entrance, spreading the moisture that she found there around and moving her fingers back to her clit.

“Does it make you hot, Cosima?' Her girlfriend asked. Her voice was husky. “To know that I'm watching you? Does it turn you on?“

She nodded and let out a small gasp as she let two of her fingers enter her cunt. It excited her more than she'd thought, Delphine watching her, the lust in her eyes obvious.

Oh mon dieu,“ Delphine muttered. She moved closer and laid her head on Cosima's knee. Her right hand was massaging her own breast.

Cosima was still moving her fingers in and out, trying to rub her clit at the same time. Delphine's eyes were nearly black with arousal and when she saw Cosima's fingers disappear into her pussy again, she let out a whine. Without a warning she sank down her teeth into the tender skin of Cosima's right thigh. Hard.

Cosima shrieked. “Ow! Delphine, what the hell?!”

“I want to do it,” her girlfriend mumbled, almost feverishly. “Let me do it. Please.” She pulled at Cosima's arm and the dark haired woman let her fingers slip out. She offered them to her girlfriend, who hungrily sucked them into her mouth.

Delphine was too impatient to suck on them for a long time, though. She didn't waste any time preparing Cosima, but pulled her back into the tub and penetrated her girlfriend with two fingers.

“You're mine,” she growled. It would have made Cosima laugh, but she was so on edge that all she could do was groan and mumble: “Yes. I'm yours. Only yours baby.” She rode the blonde's fingers. It was hard and quick, but neither of them cared.

Delphine's possessiveness triggered something in her. She was so crazily turned on. She came within seconds when Delphine's thumb pressed down on her clit. Her muscles clenched around Delphine's fingers while her body slumped into the blonde's arms.

“Oh, Delphine,” she sobbed. She was crying. She wasn't entirely sure why and she tried to soothe herself by burying her face in Delphine's neck.

“It's okay,” Delphine mumbled. “It's okay, Cosima.”

Slowly she calmed down, allowing Delphine to redirect them to a seated position. She sat between the blonde's legs again, leaning back against her lover's body. She was still catching her breath when Delphine pressed a kiss to the side of her face and she started to giggle.

“What is it, mon amour?”

Cosima couldn't stop laughing and she could feel a pinch in her side.

“Why the laughter, ma belle?”

“It's just- Were you jealous of my hand, baby?”

Delphine made a noise that was a combination of embarrassment and indignance, but then she joined Cosima's laughter.

“It was just... When I saw you being penetrated from up close. It just- It had to be me.”

“You ruined your robe by pulling me into the water.” Cosima sat up to take off the dripping wet garment. She flung it to the floor next to the bath.

“It will dry, ne t'inquiète pas, ma chérie.”

Delphine offered her some grapes and she munched on them happily, leaning back against her lover, feeling perfectly content.

“By the way, you're totally wearing the panties, babe.”

The blonde groaned.