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The Proposal

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The sound of clicking heels coming down the hall alerted all the desk workers on the 27th floor of the incoming arrival of their boss, Future Industries’ very own, Asami Sato. Conversations died down, employees rushed to their computers looking as if they had been working hard, and interns rushed out of the floor lest they be caught mingling and schmoozing with the superiors of FI who all worked on this particular floor. Everyone made sure to get out of eyesight from their boss who was known as a hardass who took no shit from anyone. No one could fault her for it as Future Industries had grown into a powerhouse company leading the way in fields such as technology, transportation, and commerce to name a few. She had taken over the company at the young age of 18 after her father fell into some bad businesses and had himself imprisoned for his misdeeds and that primarily was the driving factor for her “no b.s.” policy and she managed over her company with an iron fist refusing to allow FI and the Sato name to fall into a negative light after all her hard work to rebuild from the ground up.

After nearly ten years with her at the forefront of business Future Industries was back on top, both in international company rankings and consumer’s minds, and yet her employees all around felt as if they knew very little about the businesswoman with the magic touch. Very few attempted to be on friendly terms with their boss and even fewer tried to befriend the almost 28-year old outside of work purposes. In fact, there was only one person in the entire building willing enough to endure the harsh work environment that surrounded Asami Sato and that person was currently struggling to keep up with her boss as they marched down the hall to the office of the current Vice President of Future Industries, Kuvira King.

“Shit.” Korra mumbled for the hundredth time trying to keep herself from dropping all the paperwork Asami had handed to her before she even had the chance to utter “good-morning” as she handed the expressionless omega her morning coffee. Asami had taken one sip of the coffee before ordering Korra to follow her down one floor to pay Kuvira a formal visit. After finally being able to secure the papers into their intended folders, Korra stored them all into the knapsack she always carried with her and jogged to catch up to her boss.

“Why are we headed to Kuvira’s office?” she asked.

Typical, no answer from her boss.

“Did you get a chance to look over the blueprints I left on your desk?” she tried again.

“I skimmed over them. I wasn’t that impressed.” So it was like that huh.

“Can I say something?”


“I’ve looked over thousands of blueprints and this is the only one I’ve ever given to you,” Korra continued. “This is just like the old stuff FI used to engineer.”

“Wrong.” Asami turned to face Korra right as they reached the door to Kuvira’s office. She gave her assistant a once over before looking right into her bright blue eyes. “Now remember, you are a prop.” Those were her last words before turning the handle and walking right in.

Korra sighed and shook her head at the abrupt closing of the discussion but nevertheless she took a big breath before following the omega into Kuvira’s office.

Kuvira was standing behind her computer typing with one hand as she held the phone up to her ear with the other. She had yet to acknowledge the two that had just walked in and Korra waited awkwardly off to the side and looked over to her boss as she inspected the mahogany breakfront that took up most of the wall space at the back of the office.

Korra wanted Kuvira off the phone soon so they could walk away and return back to their own business feeling very uncomfortable being in such an enclosed space with the beta even if their boss was present. Kuvira had a habit of giving Korra flirty comments and leaving some suggestive sticky notes on top of any paperwork she handed over. Her attraction to Korra was no secret and despite the fact that she was in fact engaged to one of FI’s most brilliant engineers, Baatar Jr., it made very little difference in her pursuit for Korra. At least on her part, Korra did her best to keep Kuvira at arm’s length and made sure to never give her the impression that she was in the least bit interested.

Not that it mattered since that did very little to deter the stubborn betta.

“Our fearless leader and her liege.” Spirits Korra hated when Kuvira called her that. “To what do I owe this pleasure.”

Asami apparently in no hurry to move this conversation along and end Korra’s torture pointed towards the back wall. “Beautiful breakfront. Is it new?” Dear Raava what on earth was she doing?

“It is a priceless Earth Kingdom artifact passed down from generations but, yes, it is new to my office.”

“Witty. Kuvira, I’m letting you go.” Korra used this moment to close the door and pray to the spirits to let her out of this room as soon as possible. She did her best to make herself as little as possible to make herself go unnoticed.

“Excuse me?”

“I asked you a dozen times to get Toph to interview with Shiro Shinobi for Republic City Public Radio, and you didn’t do it.” Asami for her part was unfazed. “You’re fired.”

“I have told you that is impossible. Toph hasn’t done an interview in over 20 years.”

“That is interesting because I just got off the phone with her and she’s in.” Oh spirits. Kuvira was done for now.

“Excuse me?”

“You didn’t even call her did you?” Asami was on a roll right now.


“I know, I know.” The soothing sound of her voice did nothing to convince Kuvira that she was out of the woods right now. “Toph can be a little scary to deal with. For you.”

“Now, I will give you two months to find another job and then you can tell everyone you resigned. Ok?” Kuvira looked absolutely flabbergasted opening and closing her mouth as if she was at a loss for words, not that it mattered in that moment as that was when Asami decided their small meeting was over and she walked out. Korra followed soon after but not before giving one last glance over her shoulder to Kuvira who was now glaring at the spot where they had stood a second prior.

“What’s her twenty?”

“She’s moving. She has crazy eyes.”

Asami sighed but kept on walking. “Oh Kuvira, don’t do it.”

“YOU POISONOUS BITCH.” Spirits, they were so close to the end of the hall.

“You don’t think I see what you’re doing here?” Korra walked across Asami to take a seat inside one of the cubicles while she waited to see how this would play out. “Sabotaging me on this public radio thing so you can look good to the board. Because you are threatened by me!”

“Kuvira stop.”

“Just because you have no semblance of a life outside of this job you think you can treat all of us like personal slaves. Well you know what?”

“No I don’t know but I’m sure you’re about to tell me.” Korra smirked at that response and quickly bowed her head lest she be caught in the crossfire.

“I feel sorry for you.” Kuvira continued. “Because you know what you’re going to have on your deathbed? Nothing and no one.”

“Listen carefully, Kuvira.” Asami replied. She sounded tired. “I didn’t fire you because I feel threatened. No. I fired you because you’re incompetent, entitled, and because you spend more time cheating on your mate than you do working.” Kuvira had that one coming.

“Now, if you say another word, Korra here, will have you thrown out okay?” Korra herself didn’t fancy going toe to toe with Kuvira but maybe she could use it as payback for all the shit she put her through.

Kuvira opened her mouth as if ready to go on another tirade but was quickly stopped when Asami raised her pointer finger. “Another word and you’re going out of here with an armed escort. Korra will film it with her camera phone and she’ll put it up on that internet site. What was it?”


“Exactly. Is that what you want?” All eyes now turned to Kuvira who herself looked as if she wanted to bury the omega for embarrassing her in front on all their workers but instead chose to remain silent.

“Didn’t think so. I have work to do.”

With a click of her heels Asami was quickly striding back down the hall towards the elevator that would take her back up to her floor and with one last look out to all the workers and Kuvira who remained frozen on the spot, Korra followed her out.

They got into the elevator and just as the doors were closing, affording them with one last look at Kuvira, Asami spoke. “Have security move her breakfront to my conference room.”

“Will do.”


As soon as they opened the door to Asami’s office they were greeted by the sight of her lawyer and the highest ranking member of her board, Suyin Beifong, who joined her company after her successful merger with Suyin’s previous company, Zaofu Tech.

“Mr. Moon. Suyin. What a lovely surprise.”

“We had this meeting scheduled with Korra as of last night. Did she not get the chance to warn you?”

Asami turned to look at her assistant with a smile plastered on her face but an expression that said she did not enjoy being unprepared and caught off guard. Korra for her part kept looking straight ahead with a lopsided grin at Suyin who wore a smirk at having put the alpha in an unwanted situation with her omega boss. Eventually she decided to put the poor alpha out of her misery and addressed Asami directly.

“Asami dear, I know this meeting was scheduled last minute on such short notice but it is important that we speak to you alone.”

“Very well. We’re all here already.” Asami wanted nothing more than to shoo the both of them away but she couldn’t ignore them and Korra for all her forgetfulness had at least the presence of mind to schedule them early in the morning to get it over with.

She turned to her assistant. “Korra please wait for me outside and make sure we get no interruptions.” She said this as she turned with the presence of escorting Korra out the door. Korra caught her mouthing the words ten minutes and she knew that was Asami telling her to come in ten minutes from now with some excuse for her to get away.

Asami closed the door to her office hoping Korra caught her last minute words and her meaning for them before turning around to face the two already in her office.

“Congratulations on the public radio thing Asami. I did not believe anyone could get my mother to do another interview but hey, once again you prove us all wrong.” Asami had to refrain from rolling her eyes. She knew Suyin meant well but she was used to people doubting her way of business and to this day it still annoyed her deeply. Still, she had to be polite. “Thank you Suyin.”

“This meeting wouldn’t be about my yearly bonus now would it?” She chuckled to herself as she made her way behind her desk and sat down on the plush office chair that once belonged to her own father. She felt powerful even in the presence of the elders in front of her.

“Asami, do you remember when you first took over this company less than ten years ago? How the board put up a big fuss about a teenage omega taking over the company? About an unmated and unmarried omega no less, taking over?” Her lawyer asked.

“Yes. I do.”

“ won them over anyways.” Suyin exclaimed proudly.

At this Asami had to smirk. She remembered arguing with the board for well over a month before they allowed her to fully take the reins of her family company. Marriage and mating be damned.

“Well, it seems you didn’t completely win them over at the time.” Her lawyer looked ashamed at having to be the one to share this piece of information.

Asami looked back and forth between her most trusted lawyer and board member. She was confused and they weren’t cutting to the chase quick enough for her liking.

Suyin seemed to catch on to the fact that Asami was slowly growing agitated so she spoke up. “It seems that the contract you signed at the time had one small hidden clause that required you to be married or at the very least mated by the ten year mark. A ten year mark that is quickly approaching with your 28th birthday.”

“Unfortunately, the board feels compelled to remove you from your position as CEO of Future Industries as soon as the clock strikes midnight on your birthday.” Her lawyer quickly spoke up before she had a chance to process Suyin’s initial statement.

Asami was shell-shocked. She knew most of the members of her board were old-time folk left over from her dad’s time with the company and they still held old timey views on the ways of the world. Primarily, she understood that they never liked the idea of her running the company without an alpha by her side, thinking her too weak and easily swayed by her omega urges as they had once called it. It infuriated her then and it was infuriating her now. No one had the right to think her too weak because she wasn’t some dumb alpha’s play thing. She was a businesswoman first, omega second.

“This” She was completely at a loss for words. “There has to be something we can do.”

Suyin looked towards her lawyer before speaking. “Fortunately, we’ve been able to hold most of the board at bay and convinced enough of them to agree to hold the overthrow until after your birthday.”

“Oh jeez, that’s great.” Asami replied sarcastically. “That’ll definitely be a great birthday present.”

“I know it’s not ideal, I know you worked hard for this company but unfortunately your lawyer at the time didn’t bother to read through every small detail of the contract the board presented.” Her lawyer truly did look remorseful but that was very little consolation for her. She was at risk of losing her family legacy. A company she worked hard at for the last nine plus years and it would all be for nothing because she never had the time or mindset to look for a lifetime partner. Stupid board members and stupid alphas.

“In the meantime, until this is all resolved we feel it best to turn over all operations to Kuvira King.” Suyin spoke delicately.

“Kuvira King? You mean the woman I just fired?”

“She is the only person we feel has enough experience to take over.”

“You cannot be serious. There has to be another way. I beg of you.” Asami refused to allow that entitled betta to take over her life’s work.

“Asami, I have looked over the contract a hundred times and if there was any other option we would have exercised it already.” Her lawyer looked about as defeated as he sounded.

“No, I don’t...” Asami trailed off as Korra chose that exact moment to make her appearance quietly knocking before opening the door enough to stick her head in.

“Excuse me, miss. We’re in a meeting.” Her lawyer reverted back to formal speak.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

“What!?” Asami was once again taking out all her frustrations on the poor alpha.

“Mr. Gyatso from marketing is on the line. He is on hold.” Korra for her part looked unperturbed by Asami’s outburst. Probably, because she was used to them by now.

“Yes, I know.”

“He needs to speak to you. I told him you were busy at the moment. He insisted so...sorry.” Korra trailed off weakly after noticing her boss staring at her strangely.

“Come in here.” Asami stood up motioning for Korra to step inside and close the door behind her.

She did so and meanwhile Asami walked towards her before turning around to face her elders.

“Mr. Moon. Suyin. I understand. I understand the predicament we are in. And,” Oh, Korra was going to absolutely lose her mind. “I think there’s something you should both know.” Spirits forgive her.

“We are getting married.”

The room went deathly silent and Korra next to her went stiff as a board.

“Who’s getting married?” Dammit, Korra.

“We are. We’re getting married.”

“We’re getting married.” Korra sounded as confused as she looked but Asami could hardly fault her.

“Yes.” Please don’t ruin this Korra.

“I thought she was your secretary.” Asami could see all the wheels spinning in Suyin’s mind.

She was quick to reply. “Assistant.”

Korra was even quicker. “Executive Assistant.”

Asami couldn’t help but roll her eyes at that but quickly caught herself and kept the conversation going.

“So yeah. The truth is, Korra and I were just two people who,” Asami didn’t even know where she was taking this but too late now. “weren’t meant to fall in love but did.”

“No.” This would be a lot smoother if Korra was on board but oh well.

“All those late nights in the office and weekend conventions.”


“Something clicked.”

“Something...clicked.” Good Korra.

“Can’t fight a love like ours.” Asami would pat herself on the back for that smooth line if she weren’t being stared at by three pairs of confused eyes. “So, are we good? Are you happy? Because we’re happy.”


“Yes, Suyin?”

“Congratulations.” Finally the blanket of confused fog lifted from her eyes and she stepped forward to give them both a hug.

Her lawyer stepped up from behind and gave them both a once-over before declaring.

“Just make it legal.”


After everyone had cleared out of the office and Korra was left alone with Asami, she turned to the omega and looked like a fish out of water while trying to decide where to start.

She was confused.

Upset at being so easily used.

But above all, she was angry.

She was made to look like a fool by an omega. Forget the fact that this omega just so happened to be her boss, and this was a regular occurrence, but this, this, took the icing on the cake.

Finally her brain caught up with her mouth. “I don’t understand what’s happening.” Good job Korra. That’s a great start.

“Relax. This is for you too.” Asami seemed so unbothered by all this and that ticked Korra off even more than she already was.

“Do explain.”

“They were going to make Kuvira CEO.”

“Naturally this means I have to marry you.”

Asami rolled her eyes at Korra’s sarcasm but carried on anyways. “What’s the problem. Were you saving yourself for someone special?”

“I’d like to think so.” Korra, so naive. Still believed in true love. That, or she was waiting for the first obedient omega to fall at her feet. Ugh, stupid alpha.



“I’m not gonna marry you.”

“Sure you are.” Korra didn’t like the stupid smirk on the omega’s face. “Because if you don’t, your dreams of touching millions of lives at the forefront of technology as the next big thing in engineers is dead. Kuvira is going to fire you the second i’m gone. Guaranteed. That means you’re out on the street looking for a new job. That means all those late nights, the cancelled dates, the morning coffee runs were all for nothing.”

Asami knew she had Korra on the line and now it was only about getting her to agree. “Don’t worry though. After the allotted time or enough to get the board off my back for good, we’ll get a divorce and you’ll be done with me. But until then, like it or not, you’re stuck with me. Okay?”

All Korra could do was nod, too dazed and confused to think of an appropriate response.


“What are we doing here again?” Korra asked quietly as she looked around the room of the elaborately decorated law office they were currently sitting in.

Before Asami could reply how she intended to, a man in a crisp tailored suit walked in and instead she replied with more excitement than Korra had ever seen her express. “Why, we’re here to give Mr. Hyun the good news of our impending marriage!”

For his part, Mr. Hyun looked unimpressed at Asami’s declaration and instead seated himself on his leather chair while pulling out a file from one of his desk drawers and opening it without so much as a greeting.

Korra was growing nervous at this man’s seemingly uncaring personality and was about ready to bolt out of the office and call the entire thing off. Just as she had decided on the best escape route, Mr. Hyun spoke up.

“You must be Korra.” Even the man’s voice was devoid of any personality.


“Sorry about the wait. It’s been a crazy day.”

“Of course. We understand.” Thank Raava for Asami because she was about ready to pass out from all the nerves. “I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you seeing us on such short notice.”

“Well how could I deny your request after your lawyer sent over a letter stating that you were engaged to be married.” He gave them a smile that told them both he didn’t believe their story about love one bit. “I will say the board will be absolutely delighted to know you have found yourself an alpha, even one of…” He trailed as he looked Korra over not believing that she was in fact an alpha before continuing, “questionable social status.”

Yeah, she hated this guy.

“I do have one question for you though.” He continued on. “Are you both committing fraud to avoid your removal as CEO from Future Industries by way of breach of contract for not having secured a mate by your 28th birthday as one such clause of your contract dictates? A clause, which I might add, was only discovered by your current lawyer, Mr. Moon, this past week?”

“That’s ridiculous.” Korra looked towards Asami who looked unfazed by having been caught on to their true intentions by, who she could only assume to be, the official legal representation of the board, or as Korra referred to them, “the stuck-up alphas in suits”. “Where did you hear that?”

“I received a phone tip earlier by a woman named…” He trailed off looking through his notes scattered all throughout the file on his desk.

“Would it be Kuvira King?”

“Ah, yes. Kuvira King.”

“Kuvira. Poor Kuvira. I am so sorry.” Let the record show, Asami didn’t look sorry in the slightest. Not that Korra had ever seen her boss feeling sorry about anything before. “Kuvira is nothing but a disgruntled former employee, and I apologise. We know you’re extremely busy dealing with disgruntled mates of cheating alphas and corrupt politicians using their get-out-of-jail-card.” Korra had to cover her mouth with her hand or else she would have laughed out loud at her boss’ cheekiness.

Mr. Hyun however, looked unimpressed, yet again.

“If you could just let the board know of our next step, we will be out of your hair and on our way.” Asami made to get up but before she could leave Mr. Hyun spoke.

“Miss Sato, please.” He motioned for her to take a seat once again. “Let me explain to you how this will unfold. I will make it my mission to ask you every little question that a real couple would know about each other and personally look into the details of both of your lives. If your answers don’t match up or if I determine that this is nothing more than a ruse to deter you from being overthrown I will come after you with all the strength of the law. And you, alpha, will have committed deceit punishable by a fine and a guaranteed booking into a cozy jail cell of Republic City jail.”

Korra’s eyes could not have been wider listening to the lawyer rant off about their punishments but she knew she couldn’t turn to look at Asami or else she would end up confessing to everything at the sight of the omega acting so nonchalant about it all.

“So, Korra.” The lawyer had a glint in his eyes that told her he believed he had caught on to their game and he was going to walk out of this meeting victorious. “You want to talk to me?”

“The truth is…” She noticed Asami’s head turn to look at her out of the corner of her eye and she was pretty sure the omega was currently glaring at her, daring her to blow their cover. “Mr. Hyun, the truth is...Asami and I...are just two people who weren’t supposed to fall in love. But did. We didn’t tell anyone because of my big promotion coming up.”

“Promotion?” Asami’s disbelief could not be any clearer to Korra.

“Yeah.” Alright Asami, it’s time to turn the tables. No one makes a fool out of this alpha. “We...we both felt it would be deeply inappropriate if I were promoted to engineer while we know.”

“” Korra could not be prouder of herself at this point in time.

“So. I assume both your families know about this upcoming wedding of yours? It would be incredibly rude of me to ask them deeply personal questions without their knowledge of your impending union.” Oh, no. Korra had completely forgotten about her parents and what they would think once they found out.

“Oh, I....impossible. My parents are no longer in the picture. Mom is dead, dad is in jail.” The way Asami simply brushed off the idea of her own parents threw Korra off guard having never heard the heiress utter a word about either one in the past.

“I see. What about your parents alpha?” This lawyer really had to stop calling her out like that before his face became familiar with her fist. She knew he saw her unworthy enough of being an alpha, simply because he believed her of a lower class than he. If only he knew.

“My parents are both alive and well, thanks for asking, sir.”

“We were actually planning to tell them this weekend. At Katara’s 90th birthday celebration in Korra’s hometown.” Asami was glad she took a look at Korra’s personal planner earlier in the week. She just hoped Korra didn’t put up a fight about taking her along for the trip.

“Where is that again?” Crap. Asami didn’t actually know where Korra was from. Asami actually didn’t know much about Korra, period.

“Why am I doing all the talking? It’s your hometown. Why don’t you tell him where it is babe.”

Korra had to refrain herself from groaning out loud at the term of endearment.

“Harbor City.”

“That’s right, Harbor City.”

“In the Southern Water Tribe.”

“Southern Water Tribe?” Asami knew Korra looked like she was water tribe but she never assumed she was in fact from the Southern Water Tribe. She always believed she was one of the many families who emigrated when Republic City was first founded and grew up in the city through different generations just like hers. This was definitely a surprise.

“You’re going to the Southern Water Tribe?” Apparently, it was a surprise to Mr. Hyun as well.

“Yes. We are going to the Southern Water Tribe.” Even as she said it, Asami could not believe it. “That’s where my little...that’s where my Korra is from.”

“Ok.” Mr. Hyun spared one last look at the both of them before he stood up and stretched out his hand. “I look forward to checking up on you down south.”

They both stood up and shook hands with the lawyer, Korra making sure to give one hard squeeze for her benefit. As soon as they let go she felt content noticing him flexing out his hand. Small victories.

She followed Asami out of the building, neither saying a word until they were out on the street in the mix of the crowds. Inside though, she was fuming. She was getting ready to unleash her all onto Asami but before she could utter a single word, Asami spoke.

“, what’s gonna happen is we will go down there. We’ll pretend we’re girlfriends, tell your parents we’re engaged, and live happily ever after.” Asami couldn’t help but chuckle at her little joke. “Use my travel miles for the tickets down south. I guess we can use the same miles to push you up to first class, but if we don’t get the miles we’re not doing it. Oh, and confirm the first-class meals ‘cause last time they gave me the standard meal which was...hey, I’m...why aren’t you taking notes?”

“I’m sorry, were you not in that room? Did you not hear what was said?” This whole time, Korra had been pacing back and forth trying to figure out what was going through Asami’s mind, and clearly, it had nothing to do with the threats of legal action they just received.

“What? Oh? The thing you said about being promoted? Genius! He completely fell for it.”

“I was serious.” Korra was not letting Asami off the hook so easily. “I am looking at who knows how much in legal fines and not to mention years in jail. That changes things.”

“Promote you to engineer? No, no way.”

“Then I quit.” Korra turned to walk away, set on freeing herself from this mess. “Bye-bye, Asami.”


“It’s been a true pleasure.”

“Korra, Korra! Fine, fine! I’ll promote you. Fine.” Asami 1. Korra 1. “If you do the SWT weekend trip and follow through with the marriage I’ll promote you to engineer. Happy?”

“Not in two years. Right away.” No way was she allowing Asami to find a loophole in all this.


“And you’ll distribute my first full design into production.”

“Within the first year.”

“The first 6-months.” Nice try Asami. “We’ll tell my family about our engagement when I want and how I want. Now ask me nicely.”

“Ask you nicely, what?”

“Ask me nicely to marry you, Asami.”

“What does that mean.”

“You heard me. On your knee.”

Korra was sure Asami would slap her for that request but she was surprised when the heiress actually looked around to her surroundings before following through with Korra’s request.

“Fine.” She got down on both her knees, her skirt not allowing her to kneel on one knee without flashing everyone, and addressed the stupid alpha above her. “Does this work for you?”

“Oh, I like this.” Korra was enjoying this very much. The alpha inside her roared at the sign of submission but Korra quickly shook those thoughts away not wanting to think of Asami in any way other than her being a stuck-up boss.

“Will you marry me?

“No.” Korra was having a lot of fun. “Say it like you mean it.”


“Yes, Asami?”

“Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?”

“Ok. I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, but i’ll do it.” Korra turned to walk away from her boss, leaving her to pick herself up from the ground. “See you at the airport tomorrow.”

Asami 1. Korra 2.