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The Proposal

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The sound of a squeaking bed frame and two alternating sets of moans mixed in with breathless panting was all that could be heard inside the locked bedroom of Asami Sato. Currently, the omega found herself on all fours with her face pressed down onto the mattress as her alpha gripped her sides tightly and continued a punishing pace from behind her, thrusting in and out of Asami’s silky walls with her hardened member.

Korra had already managed to get her fianceé to come twice in one night, once with her mouth and the next around her cock, something she felt extremely proud of. Sex with Asami had proven to be one of Korra’s favorite activities to help them de-stress, and tonight’s ‘session’ was proving to be one of the best yet.

She could feel her omega’s walls start to grip her cock harder every time she pulled out, and she knew Asami was close to hitting her third orgasm of the night. Feeling like she needed to watch Asami’s face for this last one, Korra stopped her thrusting and pulled out abruptly, causing her omega to whine at the loss, and helped flip Asami over onto her back.

She leaned down to kiss her soundly and Asami couldn’t help but reach down to grab Korra’s cock to pump it up and down with her hand, wanting to drive her alpha closer to the edge, just as she was. She knew it was having an effect on Korra because her kiss got sloppier and her arms got shakier, struggling to keep her elevated above Asami.

She loved driving her alpha crazy and ever since they jumped into bed together, Asami had found entirely new ways of doing just that.

After a couple minutes spent personally jerking off her alpha, Asami wanted nothing more than to continue where they had left off. She pushed Korra away from their kiss and mumbled breathlessly against her lips. “Korra, inside now.”

No sooner had she finished speaking had Korra taken her cock back in hand and guided herself back inside Asami’s tight warmth. Even after having slept together more than a few times already, Korra was always amazed and how tightly Asami gripped her cock every time.

She buried her face in the crook of Asami’s neck, which was hot and sweaty because of their current state, and used her hands to grip her omega’s pale thighs to help spread her legs apart even further. As soon as Korra was buried inside as deep as she was going to get, she peppered Asami’s neck with kisses and whispered one last “I love you,” knowing how much Asami loved to hear her say it.

Before she could respond however, Korra started pumping her hips in a frantic motion, hearing nothing but the sound of Asami’s wetness spreading on her cock as she pushed in and pulled back out.

Asami ran her hands all over Korra’s strong back, whispering words of encouragement that she would never dare to speak outside of the bedroom. Spirits knew how many times she had told Korra to fuck her so hard she couldn’t walk the following day. The only thing more surprising than her dirty mouth in the bedroom had been Korra’s need to hear Asami let loose and speak such dirty thoughts out loud. Hearing Asami speak in such a way only made her grow harder and thus she was able to fuck Asami the way she wanted, without restraint. Much like she was doing right now

Limited as she was in the sex department, Asami had never had anyone please her the way Korra was in the short time they’ve been together. Even on their first night together, Korra had learned Asami’s body quicker than anyone else. After that, it was nothing but orgasm after orgasm for Asami and she returned the favor by pleasing her alpha whenever they had a chance to be alone.

Tonight had actually started because Asami couldn’t help but unzip Korra’s pants and coax her alpha appendage out when they should’ve been watching a movie instead. She couldn’t help it, Asami was in love with her and their relationship being so new meant they were going to be going at it like rabbits every chance they got.

Speaking of going at it like rabbits, Korra was currently jackhammering her cock in and out of Asami that the older woman was surprised Korra hadn’t passed out from exertion already. Korra’s stamina was one of her many gifts in the bedroom, the main one being that perfect cock of hers, and Asami was never left unsatisfied.

As soon as she felt Korra biting down on her shoulder, Asami knew her alpha was close to spilling and she wanted to be right there with her. She started clenching her walls down around Korra’s cock, searching for more stimulation, causing her alpha to moan out load. Korra soon provided more of that for her when she let go of one her thighs and reached down between their bodies to further stimulate her clit with her fingers.

Asami swore she was going to pass out with the added sensations, but she held it together long enough to warrant another sloppy kiss from her love.

“Cum for me Asami.” That was all she needed to hear the scream out in pure bliss as her world came crashing down around her and the stars exploded behind her eyes. She released everything she had around Korra’s still pumping cock and she was sure her screaming could be heard by all her neighbors.

Too soon for her liking, her orgasm tapered off and she was left a sweaty panting mess. She knew she needed to help Korra finish herself off but she was so out of it, her only contribution was to grip her love’s firm backside in her hands and give it a light squeeze. Apparently, it was enough for Korra because she pulled out soon after and sat up on her knees, cock gripped tightly in hand, and spilled everything she had onto Asami’s heaving chest.

“Oh, fuck me. Spirits.” Korra moaned out loud, fist flying up and down her cock drawing out every last drop of cum onto her omega’s stomach and chest. As much as she loved seeing her cum cover Asami’s perfect body, she couldn’t help but wish they were in a position where she could spill it all inside of her, not allowing one drop to go to waste. However, she knew that was only a fool’s thinking, they weren’t even married yet for Raava’s sake.

For now, spilling her cum onto Asami’s front and finishing off in her omega’s mouth as she sucked her clean was enough for Korra. Especially considering how damn amazing Asami was at sucking her off.

Her tongue ran over her cock’s slit and pulled the last of her cum out before swallowing said mouthful and running her tongue down her length and finishing off with a few last kisses to her emptied balls.

They were both feeling utterly spent after that and Korra plopped down and stretched out next to Asami who chose that exact moment to stand up and go wash down real quick. Korra knew Asami couldn’t very well stay in bed with all of her cum sticking to her body, but she was impatient when it came to wanting to cuddle with her love. She used the next few minutes to catch her breath and think of ways they could get creative next time around.

Asami made it back out of the bathroom in only a few minutes, this time wearing Korra’s shirt that reached low enough to cover her lower region but left her thighs and legs deliciously exposed. She bent down to pick up Korra’s forgotten briefs and threw them at her alpha with a raised eyebrow while crossing her arms.

“I know, I know.” Korra couldn’t help but chuckle at Asami’s insistence that they not go to sleep completely naked, especially after mind-blowing sex. She pulled on the briefs, lifting her backside off of the bed to pull them all the way up and over her hips before reaching inside to adjust her cock, knowing it would be gone in a matter of minutes as her arousal calmed down. Once she finished adjusting herself she opened her arms out, inviting her fianceé into her warmth for the night.

Asami jumped in without another word and kissed Korra lightly before reaching up to caress her cheek and whispering, “I love you so much, Korra.”

“I love you more.” Korra answered in her usual custom and grabbed Asami’s face to pull her into another loving kiss. They kissed for several moments before Asami pulled back.

“Not possible.” She whispered as she rested her forehead onto Korra’s before giving her one last peck on the mouth and turning back around to get comfortable in bed. She wrapped Korra’s strong arms around her and spoke softly for the last time that night, “Goodnight love.”

“I’ll see you in the morning, Asami.” Korra replied before reaching over to turn off Asami’s bedside lamp, shrouding them in darkness and putting an end to their perfect day.


The following morning, Korra awoke to an empty bed with a note laying on top of Asami’s pillow. She picked it up knowing Asami had to get back to work early in the morning, too early for Korra, and this was probably Asami’s way of letting her know of her whereabouts.

Good morning love,

Don’t forget I have that early meeting with the board this morning at work so unfortunately I won’t be joining you for breakfast.

Thanks again for coming over last night and helping me get my mind off of this meeting, you’re the best.

Please join me for lunch?


Korra smiled at the simple note, choosing to respond right away to Asami’s invitation for lunch. She got up and searched through Asami’s drawers for a shirt big enough to fit her muscular frame, her own shirt having disappeared since last night, and then stepped into the sunlight streaming in through the windows to take a morning selfie. She wanted to make sure her eyes were in direct light in order to accentuate their natural blue color. Once she was happy with the angle she snapped the selfie and pulled up Asami’s contact info.

She attached the photo with the following message: Goodmorning. Lunch sounds perfect. I’ll see you later today.

After she confirmed the message had sent, she decided to forgo breakfast and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower instead before she was to meet up with her fianceé in a couple hours. She used the time in the shower to contemplate over the past month and her current situation with Asami.

They weren’t married yet, but it was agreed that they would follow through with the marriage while they dated so Asami wouldn’t lose her company. The omega had also gone ahead and fired her current lawyer, replacing him with a highly competent team of expert lawyers, beginning the process of replacing her entire board. After the whirlwind of events in the Southern Water Tribe, Asami had come to the conclusion that she should’ve never been forced into such a situation in the first place. While she was grateful that it ultimately opened her mind and heart to Korra, she was beyond angry at the gall of the board to put her through such a thing.

She and Korra had gone into her office after the alpha’s big confession and talked out all the details their dating would entail. They had agreed they would marry exactly one month from today, and they would travel back down to the SWT to do things right this time around. Asami insisted that she get another chance to correct her wrongs with Korra’s family.

They knew they were limited on time, but Asami was determined to do everything in her power to remove the power hungry alphas of her board in order to prevent another overthrow attempt from happening. At least by marrying Korra, it would buy them more time. She had made sure that her new lawyers looked over every small detail of the contract she had signed almost ten years ago, and once they were satisfied that no other loopholes existed, they moved forward on the restructuring of the company.

Korra, for her part, had used the past two weeks since her confession to take time away from the company. She knew she had the position of engineer waiting for her on her return, but she worried what everyone else would think given her newfound relationship with the boss of Future Industries. Asami had made sure to remind her that she had earned that job through her own hard work and the fact that they were together meant very little.

She did warn her though about keeping things strictly professional between them at work once she returned full-time. Korra had only spent a few days at Future Industries since her big confession two weeks ago, but those days were mostly spent in Asami’s office watching the omega work and getting to know her more. Asami never complained once about Korra being there during work hours, but she figured that had more to do with Asami feeling the same as her about not wanting to let another minute go to waste.

It had actually been one of those office visits that led the two to make love for the first time only three days ago. Korra hadn’t been looking to do anything sexual with Asami yet, but as they cuddled and kissed on the couch in Asami’s office, the intensity of their kisses grew and their touches became more persistent. Eventually, Asami threw all caution to the wind and ending up taking a seat on Korra’s lap as they kissed and the alpha lost all stream of consciousness after that.

She only remembered Asami leading them out of the office discreetly and driving them back to her apartment before they got lost in each other’s company. Neither was worried that they were rushing into sex, knowing that their relationship was progressing quickly to begin with. After all, they were getting married and having sex before they had even been on their first official date together.

Not that Korra minded since the past three days of non-stop sex had been pure bliss for the alpha, and Asami wasn’t even in heat yet. Thinking of her future mate being in heat brought a pleasurable shiver through Korra’s soaked body and she couldn’t help but run her hands over chest and down her toned stomach, imagining it was Asami’s hands on her body instead of her own. She knew that for an alpha, a relationship as new as theirs, with the added bonus of sex so early on, would trigger a slight rutting phase. Which was why ever since their first night together, Korra has been desperate for Asami in every sense and her omega did nothing to discourage her.

In fact, they had spent the following day after their first time together having sex on every surface of Asami’s apartment that they could reach. Korra had never orgarsmed that many times in one day before. She could only imagine what rutting with Asami while she was in heat would bring.

For now though, she used the thought of her omega to take care of herself after her alpha appendage made an appearance in the shower. She moved her hand down from her stomach to grip her cock tightly, while at the same time moving to stand directly under the shower head, hoping to cool her overheated body. She tilted her head back and away from the spraying water, allowing the cool water to run down the front of her body and making the glide of her hand along her shaft feel slicker. Despite all the wetness surrounding her, Korra couldn’t help but wish it was her omega’s slick walls gripping her tight instead of her own hand. She was no stranger to her own hand, but after getting to experience the tightness that was Asami Sato, nothing else could compare.

Still, she picked up a steady stroking rhythm, doing her best to imagine her omega being the one doing all the stroking. She was no stranger to having Asami be the one jerking her off, having had the pleasure of experiencing the omega on her knees looking up at Korra as she worked her to completion, taking every drop of Korra’s release in her mouth without question. So here she was now - wishing Asami was in the shower with her- her fist simultaneously pumping her cock up and down searching for that sweet release.

Soon enough she could feel powerful shudders running along her shaft, a telltale sign of her fast approaching orgasm. She spared a glance down at her cock, and noticed a steady stream of precum making its way out of the tip. She knew any second now she would come all over the shower floor and she focused on making it feel good for herself. She imagined different scenarios in her head, from bending Asami over at her work desk all the way to making their mating official by knotting the beautiful industrialist. Oh, spirits. She wanted to knot Asami so badly. She needed to...needed...oh fuck.

It was that last thought that made all the growing pressure on her cock too much to handle. She covered the tip of her cock with her hand and came all over her fingers. It was an endless stream of pulse after pulse, and once again Korra found herself wishing for Asami’s company.

As soon as the last of her release went down the shower drain, Korra hurried to wash herself off and get clean. By the time she had dried her body with one of the availables towels, her cock had shrunk down once again, relieving the pressure from between her legs.

She finished getting ready for the day before locking up Asami’s apartment and starting her walk down to Future Industries. Asami hadn’t been joking when she said her apartment was in a prime location. Korra was afforded breathtaking views of plush greenery, upscale shops, a modernized public park, and various street food vendors. It was the very best of Republic City all in one place.

Just as she was about to turn the final corner of her walk, she was stopped by a wide array of flowers spilling out from a local flower shop. She immediately stepped inside and perused the many different colored rows of flowers, searching for the one perfect flower for her love.

Minutes later, she stepped out of the shop with flower in hand waving goodbye to the kind shop owner who had given her a discount on the price, despite her insistence that it wasn't necessary.

She pulled out her phone to send Asami a quick message letting her know she was on her way, before enjoying the rest of her walk.


Asami released a big sigh of relief as she took a seat on her office chair, having spent the last couple hours in a shouting match with some of her board members. She had dispatched her expensive group of shiny new lawyers to go and take care of Mr. Hyun and his meddling ways while she met with select members of the board to give them all one last warning.

Either they step down from their roles, or she would liquidate the company and shut it down for good. As the majority shareholder she had that right, but it was her absolute last resort, not wanting to leave all her employees without a job because of a few backwards thinking alphas. She had spent hours talking her decision over with Korra, someone who could give her a straightforward view of her own company, and they both agreed that removing certain members from the board was probably going to be for the best.

Thinking of Korra reminded her of another reason as to why she wanted the board to be reshuffled. She knew that as soon as she and Korra were married and subsequently mated, Asami wanted to do everything in her power to make sure her mate was accepted in the company as her equal. She didn’t want anyone, not even her board members, to think of Korra being anything less than what she truly was. She had worked her way up to being an engineer and the fact that she was now involved with the CEO of the company she worked at had no bearing on her work ethic or qualifications. Her beautiful alpa had earned this promotion and unless her staff wanted to feel the wrath of an angry omega, they would do best to remember that.

Asami was jolted out of her thoughts when she heard her personal cell ping with the sound of a new text message. Very few people had her personal number and only one had any reason to text her this early in the day. She smiled when she saw that it was another message from Korra.

On my way now. See you soon love.

Unlike that morning’s message, this one did not include a selfie but that was okay with Asami. She had already saved the selfie Korra had sent her earlier as her new contact photo for her alpha.

Asami wasn’t the least bit surprised at how mushy her and Korra were being as of late. She might’ve seemed like the type of woman with a hard exterior who showed no emotions whatsoever, but in reality she was a woman deprived of people close enough to share her love with. Ever since she was 18 she had been on her own and any potential dates or loves usually fell through the cracks when they learned who her father was. If they stuck around long enough after the fact, they never lasted more than a few weeks when they got a taste of her hectic work schedule. Not to mention, most alphas wanted her to prioritize them over her job and felt insecure over the fact that she, as an omega, ran a powerful company before she even hit her thirties.

She had always refused to place any alpha above her company or her work, but the past few weeks with Korra and all their long conversations had proven to her that there were alphas out there who didn’t need to feel superior to their omega’s, so long as they were being treated like someone who actually thought with their head - the one above their shoulders, not the one between their legs.

Korra had proven to be the sweetest alpha she had ever met, constantly showering her with praise and love, not afraid to be seen as anything other than dominant and possessive. She gave Asami all the space and time she needed and hadn’t pressured her into mating with her right away. In fact, Korra hadn’t once brought up the subject of sex when they started dating officially, allowing Asami to take the reins on that one, clearly not having expected the omega to jump into bed relatively quick. Asami laughed at the memory of their first night together and Korra asking if she okay and sure of it every five minutes. The omega had gone over two years without a lover’s touch and she wasn’t going to allow another day to go by without experiencing Korra’s company in bed. Ultimately, she was glad she didn’t wait long because sex with Korra was amazing and she didn’t regret her decision one bit.

She was interrupted from her thoughts once again, but this time by a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” She asked, wanting to appear busy if it was someone she didn’t want to deal with after her lengthy meeting with the board.

“The alpha you’ve resigned to spend the rest of your life with.” Came the voice from the other side.

Just hearing Korra’s muffled voice was enough to bring a smile to her face. She rushed to get up and walked towards the door, adjusting her skirt on the way. She opened the door and pulled her alpha in for a fierce kiss, backing her up to close the door without separating their lips.

She pulled away and laughed quietly at Korra’s flushed face, still enjoying the fact that she could make her blush easily. She then grabbed Korra by the hand, leading them towards the couch.

It was only once they sat down that Korra remembered she had brought a flower with her and she looked around the room wondering where it had fallen. She found it near the door and hurried to pick it up and bring it back to Asami.

“This is for you.” She said with a blush covering her dark cheeks, making Asami smirk. “I would’ve gotten you a whole bouquet but I figured since we were going out to lunch it probably wouldn’t be such a good idea ‘cause you wouldn’t have a vase to keep them in and they would wilt before we got back and…”

Asami cut the rambling woman off with a soft peck on the lips, chuckling at Korra’s nervousness.

Despite being the omega in the relationship, it was clear to Asami that she would be taking the lead on many things as their relationship grew. Korra was too much of a nervous wreck around her and that added to the fact that she wasn’t your typical commanding alpha, their roles were almost reversed. The only time Korra ever showed unrestricted confidence had been the few times they spent making love. Asami had no problem letting her alpha take control of that aspect.

She took the flower and set it down on her desk before turning to address Korra once again. “So, what’s for lunch?”


They had eventually decided on a quick stop to Narook’s, one of Korra’s favorite noodle restaurants in the city. They ordered their food and found their way to one of the empty booths towards the back.

Meeting for lunch had become a common occurrence between the two, using the time away from work to get to know each other better. Asami was a busy woman especially now when she was on a mission to go after members of the board so for her to use her lunch hour spending it with Korra made the alpha feel secure about their relationship going forward. She knew she was marrying a powerful woman with very little personal time available that didn’t revolve around work, but knowing that Asami was putting an effort into making time for them made her feel more at ease. Not to mention, she really did enjoy going out to lunch with the omega.

“How’s the search for a new assistant going?” Korra asked around a mouthful of noodles, prompting Asami to shake her head at her manners.

“Chew your food babe.” Asami replied with a laugh. “And it’s going slow. Apparently, my reputation of being a hardass deters most people from applying. Su thinks it’s only a matter of finding someone with the right attitude.”

“I think you’ve got a great ass.” Korra said before she could really think about her words. As soon as she realized what she had said she looked up from her noodles in shock, only to see Asami sitting back with a smirk on her face and arms crossed. “I mean...I just...what I meant to say...I’m sorry.”

Korra buried her face in her hands, mortified at the fact that she had let that thought slip out. She hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but once again, being around Asami made her feel flustered. She was about to apologize again for her lack of tack when the sound of Asami laughing made her look up.

“Oh, spirits.” Asami did her best to catch her breath from all the laughing. “I love you so much.”

Korra smiled when she heard Asami’s breathless confession, glad that she wasn’t upset over Korra’s comment. Still, she hurried to return the conversation back to their original topic. “Anyways, I’m sure you’ll find someone to take over for me. In fact, I think Kai might be a good option to look into. We both know he needs someone to keep him in check, and I’m sure Tenzin will appreciate the extra hours you’ll undoubtedly keep him away from Jinora.”

“Tenzin might appreciate that, but Jinora certainly won’t.” Asami replied, following Korra’s example and tucking into her lunch.

“Yeah, well.” Korra shrugged. ”Those two don’t need to spend all day together.”

“Don’t tell me you’re playing the big sister roll right now.” Asami teased. “You love Kai.”

“I do. I think he’s a great guy.” Korra chose her words carefully before continuing. “I just think they might be moving too quickly.”

“Oh, and we aren’t?”

“That’s different.”

“How is that different?” Asami asked, knowing she was putting Korra on the spot. “Last I checked we’re getting married in a month, after only ‘dating’ for a month.”

“Yeah we are.” Korra’s smile could not be any bigger as she looked to Asami with complete adoration. Asami rolled her eyes, more of a kind gesture when it came to Korra, and the alpha looked back down at her noodles to gather her thoughts before answering the question. “We’re different because we’ve actually known each other for longer than six months like they have.”

“Korra.” The sound of Asami’s voice let Korra know she was about to be out-argued. “You’ve known me for three years but you can’t honestly say I’ve known anything about you until just recently. You were nothing more than my assistant, babe. The fact that we worked together for three years didn’t mean I was interested in getting to know you as anything more.”

“Yeah.” Korra looked away from her as she contemplated on what to say next. Asami knew she had been maybe a bit too truthful when she noticed Korra taking too long to reply, the muscles in her jaw looking tense.

“I’m sorry, Korra.” Asami spoke softly. She knew she had upset her fianceé but she didn’t want this to turn into their first serious argument. “I didn’t mean to be so blunt about it.”

“No it’s ok.” Korra finally replied, reaching out across the table to place her hand above Asami’s. “You’re right about us. Our relationship is progressing fast, backwards even. I’m just projecting onto Jinora’s relationship I suppose.”

“It’s completely understandable.” Asami said while linking their fingers together. “Jinora’s the first of your ‘siblings’ to be involved in a serious relationship and it just so happened to be at the same time we’re working through ours, so it makes sense that you’re being the overprotective alpha sibling. Your instincts are already heightened.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right.” Korra chuckled at words before she shared with Asami what she found so funny. “Guess I should get used to saying those words, huh?”

Asami laughed out loud once again before motioning for them to continue on with their lunch rather than replying to Korra’s comment.


They continued talking for the rest of Asami’s lunch hour before separating ways for the rest of the day. Korra had told Asami she wouldn’t be able to join her tonight for dinner and the couple made plans to see each other again the following evening. Asami’s hectic schedule left very little time for the couple as it was, so it was with a lot of hesitance that Korra said goodbye to her omega. She simply did not enjoy the separation from Asami and she couldn’t wait until they were married and living together.

For tonight however, as much as it pained her, Korra needed the time away from Asami. She had made plans with Opal and she couldn’t miss out on them.

Although it was already agreed that she would marry Asami, and that the omega had already said ‘yes’ to a proposal of sorts, Korra wanted to make it official and do things the right way. She wanted to set up a romantic evening with Asami that ended with her bent down on one knee asking the omega to marry her with the perfect ring in hand. She had been planning the night since she came back from the SWT to chase after Asami, and now she was ready to put it all in motion.

Tonight, along with Opal’s help, she would go pick up the ring she had custom made for Asami along with other supplies she might need for their date.

She just hoped it all worked out and that Asami liked the ring she had designed for her. She wasn’t nervous about what her answer would be, but she was definitely getting excited about surprising the omega tomorrow night.

Now all she needed to was get ready and keep the omega from suspecting anything.

That was easier said than done.


The following day, Asami found herself waking up in an empty bed, a sharp contrast from the previous morning. She was definitely missing her alpha’s warmth and nothing felt better to her than being wrapped up in Korra’s strong embrace.

She sighed quietly before getting out of bed to get ready for her day. She showered, dressed, and did her usual makeup routine before heading to her kitchen for a cup of coffee. Once there she opened her morning newspaper to the business section like she did every day and perused over it, looking out for any news of new projects her competitors might be taking on. She was in the middle of reading about Cabbage Corp’s new and ‘improved’ engine when she heard her personal cell go off.

She smiled when she saw Korra’s own smiling face lighting up the screen and admired the picture for a few seconds before accepting the call.

“Goooood moooorning, Ms. Sato.” Korra’s cheerful voice filled the line before she could even say hello.

“Hello Korra.” Asami replied, the smile on her face only growing bigger by the second. “To what do I owe this very early morning phone call?”

“Unfortunately, I was woken up earlier than should be legally allowed by my so called friends.” Asami could just imagine how grumpy her alpha had probably been at being woken up early. “I figured since I was up, I would give you a call to wish you a great day at work and to let you know I won’t be able to make it to lunch today.”

“Oh. Is everything ok?” Asami was disappointed she wouldn’t be seeing Korra, but she had to remind herself that the alpha had a life outside of Asami and she wasn’t her only priority.

“No don’t worry everything is great!” Korra’s voice was definitely cheerful for someone who hated being woken up at this hour. “I’ve actually got some stuff I need to sort out today that will take me a few hours to complete. But I’ll definitely be home by tonight so I can pick you up for dinner? My treat.”

“Alright, just be careful please.” Asami desperately wanted to ask what was so important for Korra that she needed hours to complete, but she refrained. It would do their relationship no good if she became an overbearing omega. Besides, Korra had just asked her out to dinner, a night that would very well be their first official date together. “As for dinner, you know my answer is yes. I’ll be sure to be out of work early enough.”

“Perfect!” Korra was glad she didn't need to do a whole lot more to convince Asami. “I’ll pick you up from your place...say seven o’clock?”

“That works for me.” Asami was already planning an outfit in her head. “I’ll see you tonight.”

“See you later, Sami.” Asami smiled hearing Korra’s nickname for her. “Love you.”

“I love you, too.” Asami replied. “And I mean it, be careful.”

“Don’t worry I’ll have Opal with me. I’ll be fine.” Surprisingly, that made Asami feel more at ease. “I gotta go but I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

Korra hung up before she could reply and Asami was left shaking her head at her fianceé’s antics. She sent a quick text to Opal, asking her to look out for her crazy alpha before folding up her newspaper and getting ready to head out for the office. She was in the process of locking up her apartment when she received a reply from Opal.

You and I both know there’s no controlling the ball of energy that is Korra, but here’s hoping.

Attached was a picture of Korra struggling to carry what seemed like a million and one things in her arms but doing it all with a huge smile and Asami was reminded once again that she was marrying a giant dork.

But spirits did she love her.


After helping Korra load everything onto the back of Bolin’s borrowed car, Opal got in the driver’s seat and started driving them towards their destination.

“So, big plans for tonight, huh?” Opal teased. She knew Korra was feeling nervous about making sure everything turned out perfectly, even though Opal knew Asami would end up loving the surprise anyways.

After the whole original wedding plan fiasco, Opal had been there for Korra to help her out after being left behind. She had initially cursed Asami for leaving her friend so heartbroken, but as Korra eventually opened up to her and told her everything, Opal learned just how deep her friend’s feelings for the omega ran. She had fallen in love and Opal wasn’t going to be the one to hold her back, despite what she might think of Asami.

That didn’t mean she wasn’t going to be keeping an eye out for her. She still had to protect Korra, someone she viewed as a younger sister and Opal wasn’t above stepping on toes to make sure she protected those she loved.

“I just hope everything goes as planned you know.” Korra replied with a hint of nervousness. “She means a lot to me Op, I want this to be perfect. Especially since things didn’t go according to plan the first time around.”

“Ok but you can’t hold that against yourself Korra.” Opal tried her best to ease the alpha next to her. “That wedding was being done for the wrong reasons and it shouldn’t count at all.”

“But this one is being rushed as well.” Korra countered. “What makes this one any different if it’s being done for the same reasons.”

Opal stayed quiet, taking a moment to think over Korra’s words carefully before replying. A few days ago the alpha was jumping through the roof with excitement, and now she couldn’t be further from that excitement if she tried. Something had changed, and Opal needed to get to the bottom of it.

“Korra?” She began in a careful tone. “Is there something you want to tell me? Why are you being so negative about this wedding all of a sudden?”

“I’m not being negative.”

“Yes you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Korra!” Opal had to make sure to keep the conversation going or else they would be going at it for hours. “Just days ago you were rambling off about this wedding and no one could get you to shut up, but now you’ve done a complete 180 about it and I want to know why. What is it that’s bothering you?”

Opal waited on Korra’s response patiently. She knew she couldn’t force her to open up, or else they would just end up in a screaming match.

“I guess...I just...idk.” Korra trailed off before taking a deep breath and choosing her words carefully. “I guess I’m just scared, you know. I’ve been thinking about this non-stop that I’ve just allowed myself to believe that Asami’s only doing this for her company again. I’m afraid that if we do go through with it and Asami and I don’t work out, we’ll have hurt our relationship beyond repair. We’re still so new to dating and being together that I’m afraid we won’t be able to stand up to the tests of marriage. But above all, I’m scared that if I go up to the altar again, that Asami won’t…”

“That Asami won’t leave you standing alone again.” She finished for her. It didn’t take a genius to figure out where Korra’s next thought was going and Opal suddenly understood the fear that lay beneath the surface for her friend. “Oh, Korra. Have you shared any of this with Asami?”

“You know I can’t Opal.” Korra looked so torn at that moment and Opal wished she knew the right words to say. “She’s going to call it off again to ‘spare my feelings’ and you know it.”

“I don’t think keeping it all bottled in is the right choice.” Truthfully, Opal knew Korra was probably right about Asami calling the wedding off if Korra expressed her doubts, but that alone was enough to convince Opal of Asami’s true feelings. The CEO was no doubt willing to give up her company by calling off the wedding if Korra wasn’t 100% behind it. “You need to share this kind of stuff with Asami, otherwise you can’t expect this relationship to start off strongly if you’re keeping things to yourself.”

“You know I don’t like it when you get all doctor-y on me, Op.” Korra joked, referring to Opal’s job as an occupational therapist. “But, I know you’re right and I’ll keep that in mind for tonight.”

“Just make sure you bring it up before you get to the bedroom.” Opal teased her friend earning her a slap on the shoulder.

“Don’t be jealous.” Korra shot back.

“Hey! I have every right to be jealous.” Opal replied indignantly. “It’s no fair that you’re getting laid while I’m not.”

“You should’ve gone with Bolin to visit his family.” Korra pointed out. “You wouldn’t be having this problem if you had.”

“Ugh! I know.” Opal groaned in response. “But I wasn’t about to spend two weeks with Grandma Yin and all of his cousins. Dealing with Mako is enough for me.”

Korra’s only response was to laugh at Opal’s remark as she noticed that they were now approaching the bay where they would prepare for Korra’s date night. Opal did her best to find them a parking spot close enough to the water so that they wouldn’t be stuck lugging their supplies too far.

“So, which one is it?” Opal asked as they stepped out of the car and walked around back to the trunk to start unloading.

“Uh, hold on a sec.” Korra replied as she pulled out a piece of paper from her back pocket and read the information written down. “It’s called, Happy Ending.”

“Happy Ending?” Opal looked up from where she was unloading bags to the ground, looking at Korra with a smirk on her face. “Well isn’t that a coincidence.”

“I swear I didn’t plan that.” Korra raised her hands in defence.

Opal shook her head at her friend’s denial, but she secretly hoped the name of the rented yacht was a good sign of things to come for her friend.

After all, it was about time Korra found some happiness and success in her personal life.


Even with Opal’s much needed help setting up the yacht for her surprise date, Korra still found herself running late to pick up her omega. She rushed her way into the apartment building -nearly knocking over the doorman in her haste - before jumping into the first available elevator. She pressed the button to Asami’s floor and turned to look herself over in the reflective walls of the elevator. She had chosen to wear one of her favorite suits, a navy colored ensemble that made her feel great, hoping it would bring her good luck tonight. She left the jacket unbuttoned and her tie undone, a sign of her own nervousness rather than anything else. Once she was satisfied that her hair and outfit were as best as they were going to get, Korra looked down to make sure her bouquet of roses had survived her mad dash over.

As soon as she felt the elevator slowing down, Korra took a deep breath and prepared herself for one of the most important nights of her life.

She stepped out as soon as the elevator doors opened and walked down to the end of the hall where Asami’s apartment was located. She double checked her pockets to make sure she had everything she needed, namely the ring she would be using to propose with tonight, and once everything was secured, she knocked on the wooden door.

She only had to wait a few seconds before the door swung open and her breath was taken away. She couldn’t even formulate the words necessary to apologize for being late, the sight of the omega making her forget that words even existed.

Standing in front of her was her already beautiful omega, only this time she was accentuating that beauty with an equally gorgeous red gown. It highlighted all of Asami’s curves and left her pale shoulders deliciously exposed. It was a dress meant to impress, at this moment in time it was definitely knocking the wind out of Korra.

“Are those for me?” Asami asked teasingly, knowing exactly the kind of effect she was having on her alpha. She had bought this dress with the hope of getting this exact reaction out of Korra and she was glad it had paid off.

“Uh...yes. Flowers. Yours.” Korra managed to stumble out while holding said flowers out for Asami to take.

Asami laughed quietly before pulling her alpha in and wrapping her arms around her strong shoulders, connecting their lips in a loving kiss. She pulled away after only a few moments, giggling at Korra’s red stained lips caused by her own red lipstick.

She was more than willing to stay behind and keep kissing Korra for the rest of the night, but she knew the alpha had a whole evening planned out for them and Asami was ready for their first official date night.

“Let me just place these in water and then we can head out.” Asami turned to walk into her kitchen and looked under her sink for a vase that would fit the flowers nicely. She was pouring water in from the sink when she felt those strong arms she loved so much wrapping her midsection pulling her in closer to the warm body behind her.

“You look so beautiful tonight.” Korra spoke softly as she moved Asami’s hair to one side and started peppering her neck with light kisses causing the omega to shiver slightly. “I don’t know if I want other people outside of this room enjoying the view.”

Asami finished arranging the flowers in the vase and left them on her countertop before turning around to kiss Korra once more. This kiss was more passionate than the one they shared in the entryway, and Asami could feel her knees starting to buckle when Korra swiped her tongue across her lips, no doubt asking for entry. Asami had quickly learned that she couldn’t deny Korra anything and this was just another example. She opened her mouth and not a second later their tongues met with such fervor that Asami feared they would never make it out of the apartment that night.

It was with strength she didn’t know she possessed that she pushed her alpha away once again and said, “We need to stop before we end up naked on this floor.”

“Mmm, is that such a bad thing?” Korra’s voice was muffled from where she was kissing Asami’s neck. She felt Korra’s grip on her sides strengthen when Asami tilted her head back, exposing more of her neck to the alpha. It was an unconscious reaction, one that she knew wasn’t helping her resolve.

“Maybe not.” Asami whimpered out after she felt Korra’s teeth grazing the juncture between her neck and shoulder. “But you were so excited about this date night that I don’t want to ruin any plans you’ve got set up.”

Apparently, those were the right words to say because immediately Korra pulled back and her eyes widened. “Date night, that’s right!”

Asami laughed once again, delighted at the fact that seeing her all dressed up had apparently caused her alpha to forget their plans for the night.

“Come on, let’s go.” She grabbed Korra by the hand and pulled them away from the counter, determined not to let any more distractions stop them from getting the night started.


Korra was feeling nervous.

She had promised Asami a night out and she was worried that the omega’s expectations would be bigger than what she had planned. Maybe she was expecting Korra to take them out to Kwong’s and would no doubt disapprove of dinner on a boat. Korra had to admit it was a very nice boat, but still a boat nonetheless. She just hoped that the omega was kind enough not to point out her disappointment if it came to that.

She watched the numbers on the elevator tick down, and took a deep breath, awaiting the first surprise of the night to be set in motion. As soon as the doors opened, Korra led them outside and awaited Asami’s reaction.

Hearing Asami’s gasp of surprise was well worth the anticipation. “”

“I might’ve called in a few favors to make this entire night special.” Korra said as she led them down the steps to the classic car waiting for them. It was one of the very first models Future Industries had produced; most of them now sitting in showrooms or being sold as collectibles for a hefty price tag. Korra had managed to convince Suyin, with Opal’s help, to allow her the chance to borrow the car from the Beifong family’s personal collection on the condition that it be returned by the end of the night. It was a car that had been gifted to Toph by Mr. Hiroshi Sato himself when they first started producing and signaled the start of Future Industries’ success. Toph had then passed it down to her own daughters, who kept it as more of a keepsake than anything else. Korra was glad she had managed to convince Suyin to let her use the beautiful car, but it came with the promise that she would not be the one driving it, hence the professional driver currently holding the door open for them.

She helped Asami get in, before following suit and making sure that Asami’s gown was not being crushed by either her or the door as it closed.

She turned to face Asami with a big smile on her face and said, “Surprise!”

“How on earth did you manage to get one of these classics on the road again?” Asami asked as the driver got in the front and started taking them towards their destination, somewhere she still didn’t know. “It’s impossible! Believe me, I tried.”

“You just have to know where to look.” Korra laughed at Asami’s excitement. She was almost positive the omega was going to ask the driver to scoot over and let her drive. Korra made sure to avoid that by putting her arm over Asami’s shoulder and pulling her in close. Asami laid her head on Korra’s shoulder and reached up to hold Korra’s hand above her shoulder in her own.

“This was a great surprise.” She was feeling content and being in the arms of the one she loved made for a great start to their night. “Thank you.”

“Just wait until you see what else I have in store.”


After a smooth car ride through the best of parts of Republic City nightlife, Asami was anticipating their next stop. Everytime she felt they would pull over in an ideal spot for dinner, the driver kept moving forward and she looked to Korra every time. She was growing anxious and the only thing that distracted her enough was kissing her alpha. Unfortunately, she knew they had to keep it under control, not wanting to get frisky in the back seat where the driver would no doubt get a front row seat to their activities.

Soon enough, she felt the vehicle slowing down to a stop and she looked out the window wanting to get an idea of their location. Her eyes lit up when she noticed they were out by the bay and that meant only one thing: they were going on a boat ride.

As soon as the door opened, she jumped out and surveyed all the boats docked and ready to go, trying her best to figure out which would be theirs for the night. She wasn’t even bothered by Korra laughing at her excitement.

“I guess you figured it out, huh?” Korra asked as she wrapped an arm around Asami’s waist after having sent the driver away.

“This is beyond perfect already.” Asami turned to face the alpha and give her another light kiss. “You’re really outdoing yourself tonight.”

“I had to make sure our first date was memorable.” Korra spoke softly after they shared another soft kiss. “Come on, our dinner awaits.”

Korra held Asami’s hand as she pulled them in the direction of their boat for the night, and Asami was once again reminded about how special her alpha truly was. She was everything she had ever hoped to find in a partner and more; she definitely thanked her lucky stars that Korra had ended up in her life.

As soon as Asami got a glimpse of the boat they would be using for the night, she was left speechless once again. She knew Korra wasn’t lacking when it came to money, but the yacht was beyond belief. Happy Ending was a luxury boat that radiated comfort and romance as soon as she laid her eyes on it.

They climbed onboard and Korra led them towards the deck out back, where they were greeted by a table set for two and candles adorning the space. Behind the table was couch seating, no doubt set up for sightseeing couples who wanted to sit close together and cuddle. The whole place was set up beautifully and the fact that Korra did all this for her - instead of taking the easy route and taking her to a place like Kwong’s - made her fall in love just a little more.

She was surprised to feel the boat start to move, having thought they would spend the night docked in the bay. She was excited about the prospect of enjoying a night out at sea and she had Korra to thank for that.

Speaking of Korra, the alpha was currently setting up trays of food on the table and when she was all set she turned to Asami and said, “Dinner is served.”


Dinner was a lively affair for them. They talked and shared stories about their childhood - taking every opportunity to get to know one another better.

They even shared stories about past relationships, which weren’t that many to begin with. For Korra, her only real relationship was with Mei and a short-lived attempt with Mako that failed spectacularly. Asami on the other hand, had several past relationships with both men and women but most of them never went beyond a couple of months.

Korra was glad to know that of all of the omega’s past partners, she was the first she felt strongly about - enough to say ‘I love you’ with.

As the dinner was nearing it’s end, Korra grew more nervous about her proposal. She had rehearsed it multiple times with Opal yesterday, but having Asami in front of her was a whole different ballgame. The ring in her pocket felt heavier as the minutes passed and she had to resort to keeping her hands on her lap, not wanting Asami to feel their clamminess and give away her nerves. Soon enough, their lone waiter - who also served as the captain of their boat - would step out and refill their bottles of champagne and that would be her moment.

Their conversation had reached a lull and she knew this would be the perfect moment. She looked over at her omega, whose features were accentuated by the candlelight around them, and waited on their captain/waiter to come out and kickstart her moment.

She didn’t have to wait long, as he had no doubt caught on the perfect stillness of the evening, and soon enough they both had newly filled glasses to go along with their dessert.

Korra wiped her hands on her pants and took a deep breath before addressing her omega - who was currently enjoying her chocolate cake without any clue as to what Korra was about to do.

“Hey, Asami?” Korra was happy to see Asami enjoying her cake but she needed the omega’s undivided attention. “You know I love you, right?”

“Of course I do. I love you too.” Asami replied before tucking back into her cake. “And I love this cake!”

“I can see that.” Korra chuckled in response. “I’m hoping you’ll love this too.”

With those words, Korra got up from her seat and walked around the table to kneel down on one knee in front of Asami, holding up the ring she had a hand in designing. It was a simple band of alternating white diamonds and blue sapphires with one big square cut diamond sitting in the middle. She had spared no expense on this ring - more like her parents had spared no expense since the money came out of their account - and she was excited about seeing it on Asami’s finger.

Noticing that she had the omega’s attention and she was currently staring wide-eyed at the ring, Korra began her speech.

“I know the circumstances behind our marriage aren’t ideal. We’re not getting married because it’s something we’re both ready for, but rather to save something that means the world to you. But that’s okay, because I’m willing to do that for you. I’m willing to put it all on the line for the chance to be with you because I’ve fallen in love with you. You’re the omega my heart and body have chosen, and despite our rocky start, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Korra looked up and noticed the tears swimming in Asami’s eyes. “You’ve become a part of me that I never want to let go of...and…”

Korra trailed off, voice cracking with emotion. She felt Asami’s hands wiping away the tears she didn’t know were falling and she took a deep breath to gather herself before continuing.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to show you that there’s more to life than just running a company for the sake of your family name. I want to come home to you and build a life and family together. I want you, Asami Sato. I want you now and forever.” She looked Asami in the eyes before asking the most important question of the night. “Will you make an honest woman of this crazy alpha and do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

She waited on bated breath for Asami to respond, ignoring the pain coursing through her knee.

“Yes.” Asami replied quietly through her tears. “A thousand times, yes.”

She surged forward to pull Korra up to her feet before crashing their lips together in a heated kiss. After a while, Korra remembered the ring still held tightly in her fist and pulled away from the omega’s lips.

“Can I put the ring on you now?” She asked with a big smile on her face.

“Oh, Korra! It’s beautiful.” Asami replied - admiring her new piece of jewelry. “You’re the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I can’t wait to be yours.”

“Technically, you’re already mine.” Korra teased, drifting her hands down to rest low on Asami’s hips. “This will only make it official. The wedding night even more so.”

“Already thinking of the wedding night, are we?” Asami trailed her finger over Korra’s chest. “Who says we can’t make it happen tonight?”

“I’m not making you my mate tonight if that’s what you’re insinuating.” Korra laughed. “We’re already rushing through this enough as it is.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Asami continued her motions, teasing circles on Korra’s chest. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t practice.”

“As if we need any practice.” Korra smirked as she pulled Asami closer to her. “You know we’re already great together.”

She cut off Asami’s reply with another hungry kiss, once again searching out her omega’s tongue. They stood out on the deck kissing for another few minutes, before Korra remembered they weren’t alone on the boat. She pulled away from Asami and separated their bodies, holding only the omega’s hands in her own.

“We’re not alone here and I really don’t fancy giving out a free show to our captain.” Korra looked over Asami and her killer dress. “It’s more than fair he got to see you in that dress.”

“Oh, stop it.” Asami slapped Korra on the shoulder playfully before wrapping her arm around the alpha’s waist and putting her other hand in front of her to admire the ring. “You really did a great job tonight. This whole evening was perfect, the ring especially.”

“I’m glad you liked it.” Korra kissed her fianceé softly. “I wanted this whole night to be perfect.”

“It was.” Asami turned to hug Korra fully. “It was the perfect start to our lives together.”

As she held Asami on the deck of that boat, Korra knew she had made the right decision by following through with the proposal, despite her doubts about a marriage together. Seeing Asami’s teary-eyed acceptance was enough proof to her that the omega did love her, and that she was as serious about this whole relationship as her. They were ready to take on this adventure together, and Korra would be damned if she allowed her doubts or anything else to separate her from her chosen omega.


Even though Korra had been able to control herself around Asami during their date on the boat, as soon as they walked through the door to Asami’s apartment; Korra pounced. She was kissing Asami without a moment’s notice, trapping her body in between hers and the wall.

She was desperate to feel her fianceé’s body pressing close and shaking with desire. She felt Asami’s hands caressing her back before dropping low to grip her backside and pushing her hips forward. The motion caused Korra to groan out loud as she felt herself start to shift and soon enough, her alpha member was pressing onto Asami’s front and causing a considerable tent in her pants.

Korra moved her lips down to kiss Asami’s soft neck before reaching down with her hands to lift the omega up by her thighs, wrapping her long pale legs around her own waist. The action allowed Korra to press closer to Asami’s center and soon enough she was jerking her hips forward trying to create more friction between them. It helped that Asami’s own hands continued to grip and squeeze her backside with each forward thrust.

She released one of Asami’s legs and brought her hand up to the omega’s dress strap, lowering it down her shoulder until one of her pale breasts was released from its confinement. She had noticed early on in the night that Asami hadn’t been wearing a bra, and the alpha in her was now roaring at the opportunity to bend down and cover said breast with her mouth.

She could feel Asami rocking herself against Korra’s crotch, doing her best to get a motion going. Korra was too busy fondling Asami’s covered breast while sucking eagerly on her exposed one to help her out. She teased her lover’s nipple to attention and the sound of Asami’s labored breathing encouraged her to keep going.

“Korra, I want this off.” She heard Asami speak, referring to her jacket which she was currently trying to remove. She released the omega’s breast with a slight pop before pressing her hips forward to hold Asami in place and proceeded to remove both her jacket and dress shirt. She stumbled on the buttons before Asami slapped her hands away and finished the job for her. As soon as her shirt was unbuttoned the omega yanked off both pieces of offending clothing before working to remove her chest wrappings next.

Korra busied herself with removing her belt while the omega unwrapped her and as soon as her own breasts were exposed, Asami latched onto them with her mouth.

“Oh, fuck.” Korra groaned loudly. She stopped working on removing her pants and instead gripped the back of Asami’s head with one hand, encouraging her to keep going. She used her other hand to grip the omega’s ass as she thrusted her hips forward.

It got to the point where Korra could no longer deny herself a taste of Asami’s arousal - so she got down on one knee for the second time that night - and she pulled the omega’s panties down before reaching up with her mouth.

“Yes, Korra. Spirits, yes!” Asami’s hands immediately moved down to bury themselves in Korra’s short hair, encouraging the alpha to keep tasting. Korra moved her tongue all around Asami’s slick opening, teasing rather than working her towards an orgasm. She enjoyed hearing Asami’s moans and did her best to draw them out of the omega.

Her tongue licked up and down Asami’s slit before pushing inside her pussy. Immediately, Korra felt a rush of wetness seeping out and Asami cried out at the intrusion. Korra wanted to hear that sound again, so she flicked her tongue in and out quickly of Asami’s opening.

“Fuck me baby! That’s it, right there. Please don’t stop.” Korra had no intention of stopping but Asami’s words pushed her to double her efforts. As soon as she started to feel Asami’s walls grip harder, Korra stopped pushing her tongue in and instead focused on the sensitive pink nub poking out. She closed her lips around it and started to flick it with her tongue.

“Yes! Oh, spirits yes!” Asami screamed out causing Korra’s cock to twitch out of jealousy. She knew her omega was close but she still took a moment to unbutton her pants and unzip them enough to let her cock through, all without stopping her efforts on Asami’s pussy. She kept up a steady pace with her tongue while her hand worked to pump her cock up and down.

Asami’s orgasm came without warning and before she knew it, Korra had a stream of come rushing down her mouth and she had to let go of her cock to help Asami remain steady. Her omega was left a shivering mess, panting to try and regain her breath as Korra stood up and helped to hold her up against the wall.

Through her haziness, Asami wrapped her arms around Korra’s shoulders and pulled her forward for a sloppy kiss, tasting herself on Korra's tongue. Once the aftershocks wore off, Asami leaned back against the wall and smiled at Korra lazily.

“That...was amazing.” She breathed out, enjoying the way her alpha was now nuzzling her neck in appreciation. She was soon reminded of Korra’s own arousal when she felt something hard poking her in the stomach and she looked down to see Korra’s hard cock jutting out proudly, asking for attention she was more than willing to give. She pushed herself off of the wall before leading her alpha to the nearby couch and pushing her down to take a seat.

She finished removing her dress - not caring about where it landed in a heap on the floor - before kneeling down in front of Korra and helping her remove her pants and underwear in one fell swoop. Once the alpha was left completely naked in front of her - cock standing up proudly - Asami reached forward and raked her nails across Korra’s deliciously toned stomach. The alpha leaned forward asking for a kiss, which she granted without question, and Asami could feel Korra’s fist knocking with her breast as the alpha jerked herself off during their kiss.

“Nope, that’s my job.” Asami said, slapping away the alpha’s hand. Korra groaned at the loss of pressure before groaning again a second later when she felt the omega’s hand wrap around her sensitive cock. She watched mesmerized as Asami began a slow and steady pace, moving up and down her member.

“Asami, please. Go faster.” Korra struggled to get out. As much as she was enjoying the feel of her fianceé’s hand wrapped around her cock, the need to come was greater.

Rather than listen to Korra’s request, Asami continued her steady pace, squeezing the cock in her hand every time her closed fist reached the bottom of it’s length. She could feel it pulsing with need and it drove her crazy to know that she was the one causing this reaction.

As soon as drops of precum started to drip out, Asami knew she had to help finish Korra off, otherwise the alpha would take matters in her own hand, literally.

So she laid her hands on each of Korra’s powerful thighs and surged forward covering her alpha’s shaft with her mouth. Immediately, the taste of of Korra’s sweetness hit her tongue and she flicked her tongue over the slit of her cock in search for more. The gesture had Korra struggling to keep her hips from thrusting and Asami let out a moan at the feel of her alpha’s quivering thighs.

“You can let go, love.” Asami purred as she let go of Korra’s cock with a slick pop. “I want you to let go.”

Korra’s head fell back against the sofa and she let out an answering groan before taking Asami’s head in her hands and pushing her hips forward. The first glide of Korra’s shaft to the back of her throat still managed to catch her off guard, but she relaxed and opened her throat to allow it in further. She ignored her need to breathe as her mouth adjusted to Korra’s size before the alpha pulled back all too soon. She repeated the motion once again and this time, Asami was ready for her and as Korra pulled back she made sure her tongue dragged along the underside of Korra’s shaft.

“Oh, fuck Asami.” Hearing Korra say her name made her feel proud of the fact that she was the one filling her alpha with desire. She was going to be the one to make Korra come so hard she would forget anyone else’s name but hers.

They kept a steady rhythm going, Asami taking Korra’s cock as deep as possible with every stroke, before the omega decided she was done drawing out the anticipation. She wanted Korra to come and she wanted it now.

So she lifted one of her hands that was resting on Korra’s thigh and moved it to hold and knead the heavy fullness of the alpha’s balls. She felt Korra’s cock throb in response and her eyes rolled up to meet the alpha’s.

“Shit.” Korra panted as soon as their eyes connected. “Fuck...oh fuck...Asami, I’m gonna...I’m gonna…” Those last few repetitions were all the warning Asami got before she felt thick streams shoot from the head of Korra’s cock and down the back of her throat. Korra’s hips continued thrusting in sharp jerking motions while Asami busied herself with swallowing all of her alpha’s release while helping to knead the rest of her come from her balls. As soon as the streams tapered off, Asami released Korra’s cock with another pop and stood up before seating herself on top of her alpha’s lap.

Korra was sagged against the couch and her only response was to rest her hands on Asami’s hips while grinning lazily up at her. Asami chuckled before leaning forward to kiss her softly.

“That was fun.” She teased as she pulled away from their lazy kisses.

“Mmm.” Korra struggled to find her words. “You definitely left me speechless.”

“That was the plan.” She stood up once again and held her hand out for the alpha to take. “Now come on. We’re not done yet. We have an engagement to celebrate.”

Despite her earlier exhaustion, Korra leaped up off the couch and hurried to drag Asami towards the bedroom where they would no doubt continue their celebration.


After the news of their official engagement spread around, Korra and Asami were bombarded with well wishes and congratulations. It seemed that despite Asami’s strictness when it came to her business, she had a lot of employees grateful to her for the jobs and careers they had within Future Industries and were glad to see their boss happy at last. Not to mention, Korra had a lot of admirers and friends within Future Industries so the couple was definitely well supported.

Outside of work, Korra’s family was over the moon to hear that the two had made their engagement official because they loved one another - not because it was required for Asami. Korra had shared with her parents that she and Asami had decided to go to City Hall to sign the marriage documents making their union legal in the eyes of the law - so they officially got the board off of Asami’s back - before deciding to hold an actual ceremony meant only for them, back down in the Southern Water Tribe.

Korra’s father was surprised to hear that she and Asami had made their marriage legal so soon after the engagement, but Korra assured him that despite it being for Asami’s company, they really did love one another and this is what they both wanted. She told him that Asami was her chosen mate and she would do whatever it took to make it work with her despite the circumstances surrounding them; much like he had with her mother, Senna. After that, Tonraq congratulated her on behalf of both of them and told Korra that he couldn’t wait to see Asami again, hoping to make a better impression on her the second time around.

That had been two and a half weeks ago when she spoke to her family over the phone, and now she and Asami were making their way down south again accompanied by Tenzin and his family as well as Mako, Bolin, and Opal. They were all joining the couple to bear witness to their marriage once again, only this time they hoped it would end on a happier note. They were definitely pleased to see the couple being more open to one another with their displays of affection and even Mako had to admit they truly looked so in love with one another.

This time around, Asami had personally provided them all with private transportation down south, not wanting to endure the voyage on that awful ship ever again. Korra had shaken her head in dismay when Asami had told her about the private airship she had commissioned for the trip, but had otherwise chosen not to comment on her fianceé’s choice of transportation.

Asami was sparing no expense on this trip and subsequent wedding, knowing that this would be her only marriage in life. She wasn’t planning on ever letting Korra go and she had made sure to share this with her when they were signing the paperwork at City Hall. She was in it for the long-run with Korra, and this wedding was going to a symbol of their love no matter how rushed it was. She knew Korra wouldn’t care about the look of it all or how much they actually spent, but after everything they had been through to get to this point Asami was determined to make it a day they would never forget.

All that didn’t mean she wasn’t feeling nervous about facing Korra’s family once again. She hadn’t forgotten about all the lies and the way she had skipped out of town without so much as a goodbye the first time around. Simply meeting Korra’s friends again after the whole fiasco was nerve-wracking enough but now she had to meet the adult’s that meant the world to Korra and she feared what their disapproval could do to their relationship.

The closer they got to arriving, the more Asami couldn’t stop her pacing. She had excused herself from the main group as they all lounged around the main room of the airship, not wanting to dampen their own excitement. She was feeling nervous about facing Senna and Katara of all people. Korra’s father was more of an afterthought at this point, but that didn’t mean she wasn't feeling intimidated by the idea of meeting the man once again.

Just as she had decided to turn the airship around and meet Korra’s family some other time, she felt the same strong arms she loved so much wrap around her middle and pull her close to the warm body behind her.

“Yuan for your thoughts.” She heard Korra say softly. “You seem to be pacing pretty hard out here. I hope you’re not planning on making a run for it.”

“I guess I’m just nervous.” She knew honestly was probably her best recourse at this point. “I don’t know what I’m going to say to your family given what happened last time.”

“Babe, we talked about this already.” Korra said as she turned her around to face her. “My parents and Katara are just happy we managed to work things out. They don’t care about what happened.”

“Korra, no one’s parents are that forgiving when it comes to someone who left their child standing alone at the altar.” Asami argued. “If anything, they should’ve never allowed us to even see each other again! They’re probably just allowing us to make the trip down there so that when we arrive they can let me know exactly how they feel face to face, instead of yelling it over the phone. Oh, spirits this was a bad idea. Korra we need to turn back and…”

She was cut off from her rambling by a soft pair of lips pressing onto her own. When they pulled apart Korra took ahold of her face gently and said, “You need to calm down woman. I mean it when I say my parents, Katara and everyone else don’t care about what happened previously. They might be a little shocked that we’re having another ceremony so quickly when we’re already legally married, but they’re still happy for us. They know how happy you make me and they want to share this moment with us. Everything will be alright, ok?”

Asami nodded her head in response.

“Are you going to stop with the pacing now?”

Again, she nodded her head.

“Are you going to come inside and join us now?”

Another nod.

“Are you just nodding yes to everything I say?”

Asami chuckled before swatting Korra away and following the laughing alpha inside.

Maybe Korra was right and she didn’t have any reason to worry, but over the past month or so she had become so protective of her relationship with Korra that she didn’t want anything coming between them. Even if that something came in the form of Korra’s family.

She was ready to stand up to her previous mistakes and prove to everyone that she was the right omega for Korra.


As soon as they all landed onto the airfield of the Southern Water Tribe, the group was filled with excitement at being back, Korra especially. She was ready to see her family again but above all she was ready to get the wedding preparations underway and marry Asami in front of all of them.

The moment they were allowed to deplane, Korra was off like a rocket once again running to her mother’s arms. Senna welcomed her with a big hug, and unlike last time, Tonraq was there to greet them as well and he enveloped both of them in his arms. Korra had truly missed this feeling and she was glad she and her dad had worked things out last time she was here.

“Hey, old man.” She said teasingly addressing her dad.

“You’re gone for only a month and this is how you come back to greet your father?” Her father responded before laughing loudly, drawing the attention of the rest of their group.

“You know I missed you, too.” Korra said as she gave her father a big hug, much like the one she had shared with her mother. “Where’s Katara?”

“She had to help Kya out at the hospital today so she couldn’t be here with us.” Korra’s mother responded as she looked over Korra’s shoulder noticing Asami standing a few feet watching them closely. “But we’ll see her later tonight. I’m more interesting in seeing this wonderful wife of yours again.”

“Please don’t embarrass me, guys.” Korra spoke as she turned to motion Asami forward. She took a hold of the omega’s hand as she got close enough and gave her a soft smile before turning to address her parents. “Mom. Dad. I want to officially introduce you to Asami, my wife. She’s the one who’s crazy enough to accept me into her life.”

“Hello again.” Asami replied softly, not daring to look either one in the eye for fear of seeing anger or disapproval. Sensing this, Senna approached the omega and wrapped her up in a big warm hug, before Tonraq followed suit and held them in his arms, much the same way he had with Korra and her mother.

“Don’t you dare try to apologize to us on this trip, sweetie.” Senna spoke quietly once they separated, so only Asami and Tonraq could hear. “We don’t care what happened before. You hear me? We don’t care about what you and Korra tried to do because we know how much you two love one another.”

“Everything that happened is in the past now and as far as we’re concerned, your company is keeping a very fine CEO and we’re gaining another wonderful daughter.” Tonraq finished for his wife. Hearing Senna’s kind words made Asami tear up, but it was Tonraq’s words that made her tears fall uncontrollably. “We’re happy to have you, Asami.”

“I told you it was going to be ok, love.” Korra said as she pulled Asami into her, rubbing the omega’s back in the hopes that she calmed down.

“Hey, anyone that agrees to spend the rest of their lives dealing with our tiger seal automatically gets the stamp of approval from us.” Tonraq announced loudly. “Spirits know she needs someone to knock her down a peg or two.”

“Hey! I’m not that bad.” Korra protested with a pout, causing Asami to laugh along with her parents.

“You are a little conceited, babe.” Asami joined in on the teasing. “It must be the alpha in you.”

“I can’t believe it!” Korra continued to protest. “You’re taking their side on this?”

“Oh, Korra relax.” Senna tried to reason with her only daughter. “There’s only one side and that’s the right side. You are a little self-centered but that’s ok. We love you all the more for it.”

“Unbelievable, mother.” Korra muttured in defeat, crossing her arms and looking away. “Betrayed by my own family.”

It was the laughing of all those she loved around her that made Korra smile in delight, overjoyed at her family getting along with Asami and welcoming her with open arms.

It didn’t matter that their current happiness was coming at her expense. All that mattered was that Asami was officially a part of their lives and she couldn’t have asked for a better reunion.


That night, after everyone had gathered around for dinner and Asami was welcomed by all once again, she and Korra found themselves in a familiar situation of sleeping in the same room - only this time they actually shared the bed - with the Baby Maker being present.

Katara had dropped it off for them earlier, stating again that it had special powers and would help them get a head start of the family they both deserved. She and Korra had blushed bright red when the topic of a family was brought up, but thankfully they were saved from further embarrassment when Kya pulled her mother away warning the couple to behave because the walls were thin in the palace. Asami took note of Kya’s warning as she and Korra got ready for bed.

As she expected, Korra had tried to initiate sex with her but the omega warded her off, reminding her of Kya’s warning. However, that didn’t stop her from kissing her alpha to keep her quiet and jerking her off under the covers. She made Korra come in record time and she was feeling proud of that as she wiped them both down with a cloth.

After Korra regained her breath, she kissed Asami lovingly and bid her goodnight.

The omega stayed awake instead of following the alpha’s lead, knowing that by this time tomorrow she and Korra would be celebrating their wedding night and she couldn’t help but feel giddy about that thought.

It was only by a miracle that they were able to convince Senna and Katara to allow them to sleep in the same room tonight, arguing that they were already technically married. It was when Korra had brought up that reminder that the older women relented and allowed them to sleep together, Katara going as far as bringing in the Baby Maker.
She looked over at Korra who was sleeping peacefully and admired the strong woman she had decided to share her life with. She knew the circumstances behind their rushed marriage weren’t ideal, but it didn’t change the fact that this was what they both wanted. They were ready to be together and no stupid contract was going to make things any different. Although, it was thanks to that stupid contract that they had fallen in love so she supposed not all bad things came of it. Still, she was really hoping her high powered team of lawyers dissolved that contract by the time she got back. She did not want this marriage to be defined by anything other than their love and willingness to start a life together early.

She reached over to kiss her alpha’s cheek before turning around to face the other side of the room and allowing sleep to take her over. She just needed to get through this last night before she and Korra were officially married mates, and she couldn’t wait.


The following morning was a bustle of activity as Senna and Katara swooped in and took Asami away before she could fully open her eyes. Korra didn’t even get the chance to kiss her good morning before she was left alone sulking in her room. She wasn’t left alone for too long before Opal stepped in and directed her to get in the shower because they were on a tight schedule and she wasn’t going to allow Korra to be late to her own wedding.

Out of fear for the smaller omega, Korra rushed to take her shower before stepping out in her underwear not doubting for a second that Opal would have her outfit all picked out. More than that, she had a cup of coffee and toast waiting for her on the bed and Korra dove right in, attacking the toast with fervor.

“Alright, Korra listen up.” Opal spoke with a voice of authority. “Bolin is already rehearsing his speech in his room but he asked me to tell you not to get married again after this because he’s running out of speeches.”

They both took a moment to laugh at Bolin’s request, Korra assuring Opal that this was it. She was marrying Asami for real this time and it would be permanent if she had anything to say about it.

“Good. That woman is perfect for you and I would hate to see you ruin it.” Opal smiled in Korra’s direction before picking up again where she left off. “Mako and Lin are setting up the courtyard once again with everyone else’s help so you’re only responsibility from now until the ceremony is to get dressed in that suit and keep it clean until then. Think you can manage that?”

“Yes ma’am.” Korra responded with a salute. “I promise i’ll stay out of trouble.”

“Excellent. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a million and one other things I need to take care of so I’ll be back in an hour to take you down.”

With one last goodbye, Korra was left alone in the room to finish getting ready. She took her time carefully spreading out all the pieces of her suit - this time it was a white colored suit with a grey vest underneath - and admiring the simplicity of it. She started with the pants and buckle before finishing off with the dress shirt and vest. She struggled with the tie before finally adjusting it to her liking and completing the outfit with her white jacket. After having more time to select the perfect suit for her wedding, she and Asami had decided to go in matching white and Korra was glad to say that it was the right choice. The suit brought out her eyes even more and made her feel every bit the bride that Asami would be as well.

After pacing around her room - and getting a few moments to play around with Naga, who she had been missing dearly - Opal knocked at the door asking if she could come in.

“Ready to get married? Again?” Korra chuckled at Opal’s word choice before nodding yes and following the omega out the door.

As they made their way through the palace, Korra had a lot of people congratulating her for the wedding and for choosing someone as beautiful as Asami. Korra had to laugh at their thinking that she chose Asami when in reality it could be said that the omega technically chose her. Everything else just fell into place.

As soon as they made it outside into the courtyard, Korra was amazed at how different everything looked from the first time around. The chairs were now set up in an arch all facing the altar with a white carpet down the middle separating the yard. Flowers upon flowers decorated the rows and the altar. The altar itself had two curtains draping down, billowing softly in the summer breeze.

It was absolutely perfect in Korra’s opinion.

She turned to Opal, who she knew had a big hand in setting up and hugged her in appreciation. “Thank you for this. It’s perfect, Op.”

“Just do me a favor.” Opal spoke softly. “Actually get married this time around.”

Korra laughed before nodding her head and walking down the aisle to stand at the altar, waiting for Asami’s grand entrance. Soon, the wedding bells started ringing to alert everyone in the vicinity to take their seats as the ceremony was about to begin.

She started growing nervous when she noticed Mako wasn’t standing by her side at the altar as her chosen groomsman, but that worry was quickly displaced when she saw Opal dragging Mako down the aisle by the arm.

“Sorry, we’re sorry.” Opal exclaimed as they got closer. “I had to go looking for this one and I found him flirting with Wu out by the gardens.”

“I wasn’t flirting!” Mako protested, making Korra laugh at his denial.

“Whatever.” Opal glared at him. “Just go stand next to Korra.”

“I was not flirting.” Mako spoke under his breath making Korra laugh even harder.

“Sure, you weren’t buddy.” Korra teased. “Just like I wasn’t checking out my boss before we fell in love and got married.”

Before Mako could protest again, the wedding bells cut off and were replaced by wedding music. Korra stood up straighter and looked towards her parents who were sitting in the front row, looking to them for confidence. Their big smiles reassured Korra that she was doing the right thing, and she was ready.

She looked to the entrance where Asami would be walking in, holding her breath waiting for her appearance. As soon as she came into view, Korra’s heart started to beat out of her chest.

Her omega was just as beautiful as last time around. She wore the same dress and necklace that Katara had passed down to her, only this time it was her big smile that made the difference. Their eyes remained locked onto one another, refusing to look away.

Korra had tears in her eyes as she watched Asami walk towards her, but nevertheless her smile never wavered. She was so in love with the woman she was about to marry in front of her whole family that she didn’t care if she was ruining her image by crying. She could feel Mako’s hand on her shoulder, reminding her that she wasn’t just dreaming and that this was all very real.

As soon as Asami had made it close enough to the altar Korra walked forward and offered her hand, and together they walked the final steps until they were standing in front of Bolin - whose own tears were hard to miss. Behind Asami stood Opal, who had agreed to play the role of bridesmaid seeing as how Asami’s group of friends was non-existent, and even she had a hard time keeping the tears at bay.

“I want to welcome everyone as we prepare to witness the merging of two souls made for one another.” Bolin began, once again having a flair for the dramatics. “Korra and Asami - Korrasami as I like to call them - are two people who just weren’t supposed to work out and yet they’ve proven us all wrong. Their love is a testament to obstacles they’ve had to overcome and realizations they’ve had to contend with.”

Korra and Asami smiled at one another, doing their best not to giggle at Bolin’s speech.

“Now, I’ve been told Korra has her own vows prepared.” Bolin stated catching Asami off guard. She hadn’t known Korra had written out her own vows and Asami was left wishing she had time to write something out as well. “Korra, you have the floor.”

“Thanks. I appreciate it Bo.” Korra began nervously. She reached across to hold Asami’s hands in her own before continuing. “Asami, two months ago I wanted nothing to do with you outside of work. You were nothing more than the boss I couldn’t wait to get away from. So, imagine my surprise when you selected me to be your fake fianceé in order to keep your company. I was nothing more than your loyal assistant, and suddenly I was being thrown to the wolves. I was positive things would end badly and I’d lose any chance of working for you at Future Industries. But, things changed. We got down here to my home and through a series of events I was afforded the opportunity to get to know you better. Suddenly, you weren’t just a cranky boss in my eyes, you were so much more and somewhere along the line, I fell in love. I fell in love with your strength, your beauty, your kindness, and above all, I fell in love with you really are. Not just some woman behind a desk trying her best to keep her company, but Asami. I fell in love without regrets and if I can promise you anything today, it’s that no matter what happens from here on out, I won’t ever regret marrying you. You’re it for me, Asami Sato.”

Korra had been confident that she was going to get through her speech without crying, but as she finished speaking she could feel the tears falling down. She felt, rather than saw Asami wipe away the tears and Korra grabbed ahold of her hand, kissing her palm softly as a thank you. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her parents doing their best to wipe away their own tears and she was glad she hadn’t been the only one moved by the emotions of the day.

“Asami, would you like to go next?” Bolin cleared his throat fighting to keep his own tears from falling. “You can speak from the heart if you don’t have anything written.”

Asami took a moment to think about Bolin’s request before nodding her head in agreement.

She took a deep breath and said, “Korra, what can I say to you that you don’t already know? You came into my life and at a time where I was most alone and you remained loyally by my side. You’ve shown me that there’s more to life than just work and along the way you’ve shown me how to open up and have fun. I’ll forever be grateful to you for welcoming me into your family and group of friends. I can confess that our relationship didn’t start with the truest of intentions, but I can promise you as well that this marriage will never be something I will regret. You’re it for me Korra and I can’t wait to spend the rest of forever with you.”

As soon as she finished her own vows, Asami heard the crowd in front of them react by clapping loudly. Even Mako - who stood behind Korra - was nodding his head in approval.

She was glad Korra had thought to do their own vows; it allowed her the chance to speak from the heart in front of her family so they now understood how deep her feelings ran.

She could see Korra start to inch closer as if to kiss her but she was stopped when Bolin cleared his throat loudly and whispered, “Not yet, Korra.”

“Well, come on Bo.” Korra replied impatiently making their audience laugh quietly. “I want to kiss my wife.”

“Let’s just skip to the end.” Bolin threw a few notecards to the side as Asami shook her head at Korra’s impatience. “Ok, here we go. So it is with the power vested in me by the Southern Water Tribe that I now pronounce you married. Korra, you may now kiss your bride.”

“Finally.” She heard Korra whisper as she pulled her in closer and in front of their entire family - Asami was now officially a part of this family - she kissed her as if no one was watching. She was sure the kiss would’ve gone on for minutes if she hadn’t pushed Korra away but she didn’t feel like putting on a show for everyone.

As soon as they separated, Asami took a look around at everyone on their feet clapping for the newlyweds. Senna and Katara had not one dry eye and Tonraq stood proudly with a big smile on his face.

“Hey.” She turned to look at Korra who had a soft smile and was looking up at her with a dreamy look. “We’re married.”

“We were already married, love.” She replied as she reached out to caress Korra’s cheek. “This just makes it official now.”

“Come on.” Korra replied with a quick kiss on her lips. “Let’s go celebrate.”

And so they walked back down the aisle together towards the palace and to one of the ballrooms where the reception would take place for the evening.

They were followed by Mako and Opal as they made their way out to the sound of cheering and applause.


Later that evening, Asami stood off to side watching Korra dance with her mother and generally having a good time. She and Korra had shared a few dances after cutting the cake together and now Asami was taking a break from it all.

The reception had been non-stop fun for them both, but Asami especially. She had used it as a chance to get to know all of Korra’s family and friends from the south. They were all so welcoming to her and being introduced as Korra’s wife was not a bad thing.

“Asami?” She turned at the sound of Tonraq’s deep voice beside her. “I was hoping I would get a moment to catch you alone.”

“Yes, well there’s only so long I can allow your daughter to keep stepping on my feet.” Asami joked trying to ease her own nervousness.

“I’m sorry to say Korra got her dancing skills from me.” Tonraq joked along with her. “I apologize for that. I also want to apologize for being such a jerk the first time we met.”

“Oh.” Of all the reasons Asami guessed Tonraq would approach her for, this was the last one she thought possible. “Sir, you don’t have to…”

“Yes, I do.” Tonraq cut her off before she could finish. “I should’ve never acted the way I did and I’m glad I have such a headstrong daughter because it stopped me from committing a horrible mistake. I should have never tried to separate you two.”

“Sir, you were just doing what you thought was right.” And he really was. Asami couldn’t hold it against Tonraq for trying to stop his daughter from marrying for the wrong reasons. If anything, it showed just how much he cared for Korra. Still, he could’ve shown it in a different way. “Although, for future reference, don’t ever put Korra into a corner like that again. It will never end well.”

“Noted.” Tonraq laughed quietly turning to look at his family on the dancefloor. “For what it’s worth Asami, I don’t think my daughter could’ve found herself a better wife. Believe it or not, although she did talk badly about you 90% of the time, she always found a way to talk great things about you for the other 10%. It was always Asami did this or Asami did that. She really does look up to you as the great industrialist that you are.”

“I had no idea.” She knew Korra did her fair share of trash talking, but she never imagined she was being praised as well. “I always thought she hated my guts.”

“She did for a while.” Tonraq laughed at the change of circumstances. “But Korra can appreciate a hard-worker with a brilliant mind, and you were that to her. I imagine that even without the fake wedding, It was only going to be a matter time before you two connected.”

“Thank you, sir.” Asami spoke quietly, knowing that any second now she would start crying.

“It’s Tonraq, dear. Please, call me Tonraq.” Tonraq turned to place his hand on Asami’s shoulder. “I know I’ll never replace your father and I never could - just look at what a great father I’ve been to Korra for spirit’s sake - but you marrying my daughter makes you my daughter too. I know Senna is over the moon to have you as a part of our family now and I want you to know that whenever you’re ready, we would be thrilled to have you call us Mom and Dad, too.”

Asami’s only response was to nod as the tears fell from her eyes, pulling Tonraq in for a hug. Despite his size and strength, his hug was nothing but gentleness and warmth. When they pulled apart he helped to wipe her tears away and smiled down at her.

“Dad, I told you not to make my wife cry.” They both turned and laughed at the sound of Korra’s voice.

“Babe, don’t worry.” Asami said as she kissed Korra on the cheek. “These are happy tears.”

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Tonraq chuckled as he made his escape.

“Did you have a good time tonight?” Korra asked wrapping her arms around Asami’s waist to pull her in close.

“It couldn’t have been better.” Asami replied linking her arms around Korra’s shoulders. “Thank you.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Korra kissed Asami lightly. “You’re the one that agreed to marry me; I should be thanking you.”

“Thank you for a great wedding. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this night.”

“Mmm. The night’s not over, love.” Korra kissed Asami one last time before taking her hand and leading her over to where her parents were seated.
“Heading out already?” Tonraq asked the smiling couple.

“Yeah, I want to go before it gets too dark and I manage to get us lost.” Korra joked.

“Well, then I suppose we’ll see you two tomorrow.” Senna said as she stood up to hug each one goodbye. “Stay safe.”

“Oh, and don’t forget, your mother and I aren’t getting any younger so no pressure on grandkids.” Tonraq teased the couple laughing at his daughter’s red face.

“Tonraq!” Senna exclaimed while swatting her husband on the shoulder.

“Daaaad.” Korra groaned out loud at the same time as Senna.

“What? You know we’re in need of more pups in this family.” Tonraq continued with his teasing.

“We’re leaving now.” Korra stated as she led Asami out of the ballroom and away from Tonraq’s booming laugh.


“You don’t think we should’ve said goodbye to everyone else?” Asami asked as she helped Korra load their bags onto the truck they would be riding in. Korra had refused to let her know where they would be going, determined to surprise her.

“Are you kidding, babe?” Korra said once they were seated and ready to go. “We would’ve been there all night saying goodbye to everyone.”

“I guess you’re right.” She replied watching the landscape go by as Korra drove them to their destination. “At least we said goodbye to your parents.”

“That’s right.” Korra said reaching out to take hold of Asami’s hand. “They’ll be sure to give everyone our thanks. For now, all we need to worry about is enjoying our wedding night.”

“I’m sure we’ll think of something to entertain ourselves.” Asami teased. “So long as you don’t get us lost.”

“Don’t worry, Asami.” Asami was definitely worrying at the moment, noticing they were approaching a wide stretch of frozen tundra. “I know exactly where we’re going.”

They continued to drive in silence and right when Asami was positive Korra had gotten them lost, they approached a clearing into the woods where she noticed several other cars were parked. Korra found them a parking spot and rushed to get out and open Asami’s door for her, holding her hand out to help steady her on the ice. When they grabbed their bags, Korra started leading them through the clearing and onto the other side.

“One thing the Southern Water Tribe is known for is igloos.” Korra stated as they walked. “But not those tiny bare igloos that any child could come up with. No, these igloos are big and spacious, designed as a luxury retreat for couples on vacation or honeymoons, like us. They’re usually booked year round, but my parents were able to call in a favor and gift it to us for tonight.”

“So, we’re spending our wedding night in an igloo?” Asami had to make sure she had heard Korra right. “Won’t it be too cold for that?”

“The luxury aspect of these particular igloos means they’re usually pretty well insulated.” Korra assured her. “But if it gets too cold I’m sure we can think of an activity that’ll help keep us hot enough.”

“You are unbelievable.” Asami stated shaking her head in disbelief. She was actually pretty excited about seeing these luxury igloos and was beyond touched that it was something Senna and Tonraq had thought to gift them.

As soon as they cleared the grove of trees, Asami was instantly amazed at what lay in front of her. It was a row of at least twenty of the biggest igloos she had ever seen. Korra wasn’t lying when she said there was a luxury aspect to these.

“Come on, we’re in igloo six.” Korra said leading them further down the row.

As soon as Korra opened the wooden door - Asami was amazed at the fact that it even had a door to speak of - she was greeted by what was most definitely the most spacious and well thought out igloo she had ever seen. It was so spacious that it even allowed room for a big bed that was set up towards the back. What surprised her the most however was the many rose petals spread all over. They were on the floor and on the bed so someone had definitely been in here to set up for them, and it the Baby Maker on the bed was of any clue to her she could guess it was most likely Kya’s doing.

“So, what do you think?” Korra asked from behind her as she wrapped her strong arms around Asami’s waist. “Pretty cool, huh?”

“I’d say it’s pretty amazing.” She turned in Korra’s arms and pulled her in for a kiss.

“What do you say we go test out that bed?” Korra asked as she wiggled her eyebrows making her intent crystal clear.

“I like the way you think.” Asami replied as she pushed her new wife towards the bed. As soon as the back of Korra’s knees touched the mattress, Asami pushed her down and planted herself on top of Korra’s thighs. She leaned down to kiss her wife on the mouth and Korra responded eagerly, wrapping her arms around Asami’s shoulders to pull her further down. It was a passionate kiss that had the desired effect as Asami could feel Korra begin to shift. She pulled away from the kiss causing Korra to groan out loud.

“Why’d we stop?” She asked, chest heaving up and down.

“Because…” Asami murmured before laying another kiss on Korra’s lips. “I want you to know that I love you before we get lost in one another.”

“Babe.” Korra pushed herself up and flipped them over so Asami was now the one laying underneath. “I love you too, why do you think I married you.”

“I know.” Asami spoke quietly, alerting Korra to her wife’s nervousness. She wanted to ask what was bothering her but she knew Asami would speak up when she was ready. “I just wanted that to be clear because I want us to enjoy this night together. As mates.”

“You mean…” Korra pulled back watching Asami closely for any sign of doubt. “You want us to bite each other?”

“Yes.” Asami took a deep breath before continuing. “We’re already married and I know you’ll be by my side forever. There’s no doubt in my mind that I want us to become mates tonight.”

Rather than reply with words, Korra leaned down to kiss Asami once again. She pushed her closer to the center of the bed before pulling back to remove her own shirt. She leaned down again and started kissing Asami’s neck, already looking forward to sinking her teeth into the soft skin there.

Asami busied her hands by running them all over Korra’s strong back and helping her begin the process to unwrap her chest bindings. Once Korra was bare from the top, they worked on undressing Asami from her clothes.

Soon enough, Asami was left in nothing but her underwear and Korra wasted no time taking one of her breasts into her mouth. She worked Asami’s nipple to attention before switching breasts and doing the same to the other. Throughout all this, Asami was moaning wantonly, encouraging Korra’s ministrations. She gripped Korra’s hairs tightly pushing her closer to her chest before she felt tension rising in her stomach and before she knew it, she was shuddering and moaning out in release.

“Did you just…” Korra asked as she released Asami’s breast with a pop.

“Yes.” Asami replied breathlessly, chest heaving up and down. “Fuck, you’re too good with that tongue of yours.”

“That’s not the only thing I’m good at using.” Korra replied as she leaned down to kiss Asami once again. She pulled away to finish removing her own pants and underwear before reaching over to remove Asami’s underwear, leaving them both completely bare.

She was about to climb back on top of her wife when Asami surged forward and flipped them over, planting herself on top again.

“Nuh uh.” Asami replied kneading Korra’s breasts in her hands. “It’s my turn for some fun.”

She leaned down to take one of Korra’s full breasts in her mouth while massaging the other with her hand. She did her best to ignore Korra’s shaft sitting underneath her, no doubt getting wet by her own wetness dripping out.

“Fuck, Asami.” Korra’s panting chest only helped to encourage Asami and she enjoyed it for as long as possible, knowing Korra’s alpha instincts would soon take over. She shifted her hips just enough for Korra to feel the wetness of her pussy causing her hips to jerk against the motion. She could feel the broad head of Korra’s cock nudging it’s way between her lower lips and she did her best to keep her concentration on Korra’s breasts.

“Fuck.” Korra cursed again. “You’re so wet.”

Asami’s only response was to moan out loud and shift her hips again, gliding over Korra’s hardened shaft. However, just as she had predicted, Korra’s instincts took over and flipped them over once again. She was now on top, pinning Asami’s hands down with her own.

“I need to fuck you.” Korra murmured focusing on lining up her cock with Asami’s entrance. “I need to be in you so bad, Asami.”

Despite not using her hands to help her out, Korra had no problem lining them up and before Asami could react Korra’s cock was pushing in and stretching her out.

“Yeeeess.” Asami hissed out as her lower body stretched to accommodate her alpha’s thick cock.

Once Korra was seated all the way in, she leaned down to kiss her wife one more time before she held nothing back. She let go off Asami’s arms and moved hers down to hook underneath Asami’s knees lifting her legs off of the bed and beginning a punishing pace into her mate.

Korra’s cock pushed in and out, hitting deep with each stroke and once again Asami marveled at just how gifted Korra was when it came to her cock and knowing how to use it. After a few more strokes, Korra planted her hands on the bed on each side of Asami’s waist, effectively pinning the omega’s knees to her chest.

The new angle allowed Korra’s thrusts to hit even deeper and Asami was losing her mind. No one had ever fucked her so well and deep and she was glad she got to share this with Korra.

“I love how well you fill me, Korra,” Asami purred into her alpha’s ear. “So hard and deep.”

Hearing Asami’s praise caused Korra’s hips to jerk wildly, hitting the front of Asami’s walls just right. She continued talking in Korra’s ears hoping to get the same reaction out of her, and Korra didn't disappoint. She was fucking Asami as fast and as hard as she could, falling into a brutal rut.

Even better, the angle Korra had them in allowed her to feel every pulse of Korra’s cock and she knew her alpha was close to spilling.

“That’s right, Korra.” She gasped as Korra’s cock hit a particularly hard thrust, her tight abdomen grinding against her clit. “I can feel you wanting to come, love. Please come. Please. I want to feel your come inside my pussy.”

Soon enough, they could both feel Korra’s strokes becoming shorter than the others and they both knew why. Korra’s knot had taken form. It was a new experience for Asami as the previous times they had slept together the knot never made an appearance. This time around, Korra knew they would be completing a mating and her instincts had helped form the thick knot.

Asami knew this was the right moment they were waiting for and as Korra continued to thrust as deep as she could, she gripped Korra’s face and buried it on the side of her face where her neck was. She was in perfect view of Korra’s own neck, and she knew there was no better time than now to complete the mating and mark one another.

“Please, Korra.” Asami whimpered out as the knot hit her swollen clit. “Please bite me now.”

“Yes.” Korra groaned in response. It was obvious she had lost the ability to form coherent sentences but Asami couldn’t care less at the moment.

They both kissed the juncture of their respective necks before sinking their teeth deep into the chords of each other’s shoulders. Immediately, Asami was overcome with tears and her second orgasm of the night washed over her and she spilled all around Korra’s still pulsing cock.

As soon as her orgasm tapered off, Korra pushed forward with a hard thrust - holding Asami’s hips down to keep her in place - and pushed the rest of her knot inside. As soon as Asami’s walls held it in place, Korra was powerless to stop herself from exploding. A heavy shudder raced along her cock, and then she was coming, filling Asami with everything she had.

Thick, hot streams of come hit deep within the omega and she found herself falling over once again, hitting her third orgasm of the night. To her immense pleasure, her shuddering walls kept drawing out harsh jets of come from Korra's cock.

As the spurts became weaker and Asami’s contracting walls slowed to a stop, both looked each other in the eyes and shared a quiet laugh. Korra allowed herself to fall on top of Asami - her knot not allowing them to separate yet - and she found herself kissing her omega’s panting chest.

“Mine.” She says softly, kissing her omega on the lips. “You’re mine, now and forever.”

“Yours.” Asami responds. “We’re officially mated now. I can’t believe it.”

“I can’t believe it either.” Korra responded chuckling lightly. “You’ve resigned yourself to this crazy alpha for the rest of our lives.”

“Maybe, but you’re my crazy alpha.” Asami kissed Korra losing herself in the kiss once again. They kissed lazily, neither rushing through it but rather getting to know each other’s lips intimately.

They had the rest of the night and the rest of their lives together to enjoy each other’s company and they were determined to make the most of it.


The end.