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As if the world itself fell down upon our feet, I looked to the sky and watched the flames grow larger. So much fire. Why couldn't I stop it? Why did I cause this? You could've avoided it. I know. Dammit! Why is it that so much had to go wrong? A war that caused so many to die. Hunting me down like a fresh game deer. I fought as hard as I could but my injuries are taking a toll. The war on Magix….no….the war on me is all because I breathe the very same breath as the creator of this whole dimension. Never will I be free to be a normal teenager. A normal girl. Who I am is the last of my kind. My people perished long ago. Their ashes heavy on my wings. I'm so tired. I slump through my fallen colleagues looking up at the monster that did this. Why? Why couldn't we be left alone? Everything was so happy before….

Bloom?! I can vaguely hear Stella’s voice calling to me. She survived. Of course they all survived, they'd never leave me behind. I tried to find her but my vision is blocked by a large hand coming over my eyes. I can't see. I feel the blood in my lungs and breathing is getting increasingly more difficult. My head is pounding and I can taste even more blood on my tongue. Her ribs are crushed.

Well do something, Tecna! We can't lose her!

Don't you think I'm trying, Stella?! Girls. They need to run. They need to get to safety. That monster is coming. It's going to kill us if we don't escape. I can hear the growling. The air is thicker. It's here. Run, girls, run! I want to shout at them but can't. They won't hear me. My voice isn't going to work. I lazily part my eyes and try to will them to move but Stella takes my hand and holds it to her chest. “Shhh, Bloom, it's gonna be okay, we got you.”

“Musa and Flora are holding off the monsters but we have to get Bloom out of here. My body analysis shows that she has broken ribs and a serious head injury,” Techna exclaims. No. They'll be held back with me. They have to escape. They have to be safe. It all gets black. I don't know what's going on. All I can see is water. So much water. I feel like I'm floating. Did Daphne summon me? Is she going to reveal to me a way to defeat our enemies? To save our friends. My body is pulled into the blue swirling lights that guide the path. I can smell the ocean and hear a siren song. Daphne? Are you here?

Bloom, you mustn't speak only listen. You are in danger. Terrible danger. Beware. Be cautious. I cannot tell you what you will face. All I can utter is a name….Amazon.

A blinding light pulls me away from my sister. I cannot see her form but I felt her warmth. I heard her words. She warns me of danger. A danger named Amazon. The world feels heavier. I can feel the life drain from me. All my energy and strength zapped from my body. I feel like a lifeless husk. The darkness overwhelms me and I don't know what's up or down anymore. Is this death? Have I died? I'm sure Daphne wouldn't have warned me if I already passed, would she? She's have no reason to. Sky. Girls. I'll miss you.

The air is getting even more restrictive. I want to open my mouth and take a big gasp of air but I can't. My body won't allow for the expansion. What's going on? Why is her heart stopping?! Tecna, you said you could help her?!

I'm trying, Aisha! Look, I need help! Can someone find Timmy?! Or get me a doctor! She's losing way too much blood! Oh so I am dying. Alright. Well at least I got to see my girls one final time. Stella please run this team the way it should be. Without my unstable leadership, I'm sure the girls will go far. They can defeat any enemy. Musa, don't ever give up, please don't. I know life hasn't been good to you but you're a kind person. I hope on my passing she sees that. Flora has come so far and I'm happy that I watched that little flower dare I say bloom. Tecna….she didn't have friends or saw the necessity for friends until….well….us. Sky….babe….I hope he finds a wonderful girl who'll take care of him and be the perfect bride. Who knows? Maybe it'll be Diaspro? … It better not be Diaspro. Or so help me god I'll visit him as a ghost and kill him.

Guys, look Mike suggests we take her to a hospital! We should do that! This is something our magic can't fix! Did Flora say Mike? My dad’s here? My earth dad? When did he...are we on earth?! I need to know what's going on! I have to! Please, stop making the breaths so hard. Let me live! I have to live! Please. Let me survive. Please…


“Your friend is in a coma. She broke three ribs and has a severe concussion. She's lucky to be alive,” a doctor explained to a room full of anxious fairies and humans.

“So when will my daughter wake up?” Mike asks, hands clasped tightly around Bloom’s. She looks so tiny in the hospital bed with gauze around her head to cover an open wound. They lied and said she fell down the stairs at her home. Vanessa still hadn't recovered from the way the girls arrived. A portal opened up in the middle of their living room and Tecna crossed through first followed by Aisha holding a profusely bleeding Bloom. They laid her on the floor and both parents panicked as they ordered the magical beings to take their daughter to a hospital.

“Her injuries will heal. Only time will tell the extent of the damage. Hopefully she'll regain consciousness in the next few days. I'm honestly amazed that this happened from a fall from a flight of stairs.” The girls exchange subtle looks, they knew it'd be a stretch to sell a ‘falling down the stairs’ story. It seemed like the only reasonable option. Vanessa wanted to say she fell off a ladder out of the tree in their yard. The catch? There is no tree in their yard. Mike brings his daughter’s hand up to his mouth and kissed the knuckles. She's strong. That little girl survived a fire all by herself. She was kept in the hospital for a couple days for some lung problems which led to some childhood complications that she grew out of upon gaining her wings. She got through it though.

His sadness towards his daughter’s condition morphs into rage. Narrowed eyes glare down the blonde fairy as the angry parent rises to his feet from the chair he once sat upon. “What the hell, Stella? You said you'd protect my daughter,” an accent that Stella often heard say kind words was now angry and harsher than she ever heard before.

“Mike...we were attacked out of nowhere….Stella isn't to blame for Bloom’s injuries,” Aisha jumps up defending her friend.

“I don't care! I let my baby girl go off and do all this crazy magic shit and I made her promise she'd take care of her. Well this isn't taking care of her, Stella!”

Stella doesn't cry. She puffs up her chest to hold back her tears and looks Mike dead in the eye. He can see the regret and sorrow in her gaze even as she opens her mouth to speak, “Mike, you and Vanessa know I would do anything to protect Bloom under any circumstance. Today at Alfea we were attacked by what I couldn't tell you because even I don't know. Bloom, she, she rushed back in to save some fairies and while using her powers to hold up rubble, she allowed herself to be pinned when she couldn't hold it any longer. I couldn't stop her. I'm so sorry that this happened,” Stella squeaks.

Musa pulls the blonde fairy into her arms for a hug because she knew she'd break and cry eventually. Vanessa pulls her husband back and shakes her head. “She wouldn't let this happen on purpose, Mike. You know that,” she coos.

“I know, it's just why'd this happen. Bloom, she's so careful, she'd never just go into a fight and not be able to get out of it.”

“Bloom, she often took on challenges bigger than her abilities would allow,” the digital fairy sighs. “Mike, she still did whatever necessary to protect her friends.”

The sorrowful group all glance down at the fallen warrior, comatose on the bed before them, fear resting in their hearts.

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Stella’s blonde hair covers her face as the sun fairy snores loudly in her bed. Her alarm blares annoyingly under a pile of clothes, still not disturbing her. Flora slips into the room, chuckling when she sees the girl still hasn’t gotten up to get to her Potion Theory class. Palladium was already frustrated with Stella’s behavior in the class; her jokes; her laziness; her tardiness. Knowing that it would take a lot more than a piercing siren to wake her up, vines seep under the covers and wrap around the princess’ leg. “Sorry, Stella,” Flora sighs to herself before ordering them to yank her from the bed.

The older fairy shrieks as she’s pulled from the large bed and hoisted into the air above her sheets. “What the fuck, Flora?! Put me down or I swear I’ll---.” She cut off when she dropped on her butt onto the ground. “Thank you. Now, why did you wake me up?!”

“Stella, you have a potions class in 15 minutes,” the nature fairy starts. “And your alarm has been going off for hours.”

Without much thought, Stella jumps up from the floor and quickly uses her magic to get dressed. Still grossly upset about the outfit, she grabs her bag from the floor and glares at the brown haired girl before her. “What are you smirking about?”

“Nothing, sweetie,” Flora chirps. “Have fun in class.” She doesn’t say anymore to her friend and teammate.The blonde stomps from the room and out into the hall. The monotonous day to day of going to classes and training didn’t spark her interest like it used to. School has always been hell for her but Stella was smart. She loved to show her professors her smarts and how much they taught her but Alfea only got her attention when she could spread her wings and unleash her powers.

Bloom’s fiery red hair offered the blonde some respite when she enters the classroom….late. “Well, glad you decided join us, Stella,” Palladium chides. “Take that empty seat next to Bloom and try to catch up.” Disgruntled, the teen plops down into the seat next to her crimson haired friend and exhales deeply, shifting her bangs that lazily fell on her face. Bloom looks up from her notes, lips tightened into a thin line.

“Hey, I tried to wake you up,” she stage whispers. “What happened?”

“Brandon and I went out really late last night,” she explains. “I didn’t get in until really late.” Bloom rolls her blue eyes and turns back to her notes. Defense magic potions always peaked her interest and that was something that Stella appreciated about Bloom. She adored protecting people. Often she found herself daydreaming about her not knowing what to do. Brandon made her happy but Stella still had so many hidden feelings.

Bloom stop writing, eyes unfocused ahead of her. Her best friend could see the look of fear in her eyes. The red head flinches when she feels Stella’s hand on her shoulder. “Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah….I uh Palladium, I don't feel well,” the anxious teen stammers. “I should go back to my room.”

Before she could ask her friend if she could go with her, Bloom slams to the floor by her desk. The fairy’s eyes are wide open, reliving the same horrid nightmare that’s been plaguing her for the past few weeks. It hadn’t happened since she was a child. The small seizures always a direct result of seeing her people suffer replay in her head over and over again. She could smell the blood in the air and hear muffled cries and pleas for help. A slight ringing always kept everything from being perfectly clear. Stella rushes to her side, completely at a loss as to what to do.

“Stella get her on her side and Aisha use your morphix powers and put a cushion under her head,” the elf directs. “Musa, find Faragonda.”

That’s right, Bloom. Watch as millions of your own die before your very eyes. You will suffer for taking the dragon’s flame from me. You will pay for inheriting what was rightfully mine!

Stop! Make it stop! I don’t wanna see this! Stop it! Blue eyes pop open to meet with the worried glances of 5 other girls. Not including the sagely gaze that Faragonda is tossing at her from behind the girls. Bloom closes her eyes again to reorient herself and then she parts her lips to speak.

“Wha---what happened?” she groans, shifting in the infirmary bed.

“You collapsed in potions class!” Stella squeals, getting a nudge from Techna to relax her tone. “Sorry. I was scared and didn’t know if you would wake up. Then your eyes were open and you kept shaking. I didn’t know what t---.”

“We get it, Stella,” Musa exhales. “We’re just glad you’re okay.” The blonde fairy frowns and steps back from the group. She always felt like no matter what she said or did, it was the wrong thing. Her anxiety always shone the most when it came time for her to express her emotions through words. Rambling and speaking at a high tone, coupled with her “attitude” made it nearly impossible for anyone to notice. She was merely Stella. Yet Bloom always saw through that. She knew her better than any of the girls. Even better than her boyfriend. So when the red head caught her biting her lip and avoiding gazes, she smiles warmly and lets her know that she understands. Stella couldn’t be scared without being annoying and Bloom didn’t find her friend’s obvious fear and worry to be annoying. The door bursts open and Sky comes tumbling in, his hair pulled back from his face in a tight ponytail. He rushes pass the girls and pulls his girlfriend in a warm embrace, inciting some jealousy from the blonde. Why was she jealous? Wasn’t that her friend? She was happy for her….right?

“God, I was so worried about you,” Sky sighs, relieved. “Stella told Brandon and he told me. What happened? Do you remember anything?”

“It was just as horrible as the first dozen times this has happened,” she whimpers into his shoulder. “I really just wanna sleep.” On that note, Griselda kicks everyone out, everyone except Sky and Stella. Bloom nuzzles into her boyfriend but feeling the sun and moon fairy’s hand on her thigh eased her nerves as well. Faragonda finally steps forward. The elder woman suspected that when on earth and this happened, Bloom was most likely medicated. She also knows that a similar attack happened when Bloom first unlocked her powers with Faragonda present. Memories of Bloom convulsing on the ground still rocked her mind.

“Bloom, I know you wish to rest but can you tell me what you saw? Heard?” Faragonda asks, sitting gently at the foot of the hospital bed. No, she didn’t want to relive the moments from her delusion. Hearing all those screams; smelling the death in the air; feeling the pain of millions made her skin crawl. Why couldn’t Faragonda go into her thoughts and usurp the information? Why did she have to validate those memories with words? They would be nonexistent if she didn’t have to speak of them.

“There was….a lot, Headmistress,” Bloom murmurs. “I just can’t collect it all right now. If I could have a moment or two?” The kind and gentle old fairy nods, sagely before rising from the spot. Sending glances to both Sky and Stella, she frees the room of her presence. Silently, Faragonda wishes that Bloom, in her hour of frustration, would unload onto her friends.

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Stella gently takes her fallen friend’s hand, tears rolling silently down her cheeks. “Oh Bloom, we just want you to wake up,” the blonde whimpers.

Bloom’s blue eyes pop open, not completely understanding why she felt so anxious. Something was coming and it pissed her off that she couldn’t figure out what. Her meditation didn’t calm any burning storms and only increased her anxiety. The red head doesn’t notice her boyfriend slip into the room, holding a bouquet of red roses. “Hey you,” he smiles.

“Oh hey, Sky!” She chirps. “Why didn’t you tell me you were gonna show up?”

“A guy can’t surprise his girlfriend?” The blonde chuckles. “I was worried about you. How are you feeling?”

“Better than I did yesterday,” Bloom sighs, rising from her spot on the floor. Taking the flowers from him, she tippy toes to peck his lips. He usually made her feel better when the world got too hard to deal with. She had gone from being an average teenager to a fairy to the savior of the magic dimension all in two years.

“Did you have any more of those episodes Faragonda mentioned last night?”

“Uh no, not really,” the fairy shrugs. “Just nightmares again.”

“Well, what did you—.”

“Not now, Sky,” Bloom interjects. “It’s all too confusing right now.”

“Understood. Wanna go grab some food?” He offers, pulling his girlfriend into his arms. “My treat. The Prince of Eraklyon should get the chance to wine and dine his beloved.” A smirk rises to Bloom’s mouth before she chuckles.

“And the Princess of Domino happily accepts your invitation,” she teases, curtsying before him. Spinning her around on the balls of her tiny feet, Sky catches her in his arms, dipping her and passionately kissing her. “Mhmm. Looks like someone wants more than a dinner date.”

“Whatev—.” Stella falls out of the closet, along with Flora. The red head pulls away from her boyfriend and turns to the girls, arms on her hips in feigned annoyance.

“And what were you two doing in the closet?” Bloom chuckles.

“Nothing,” Stella quickly retorts. “I lost my shoe and Flora….Flora agreed to help me look.”

“Oh surrre,” the dragon fairy rolls her eyes. All three girls start laughing, finally happy to see their best friend feeling better and smiling. She hasn’t been herself for the past few weeks. Even Techna noticed the change. It left both Stella and Flora worried.

Look at that. Bloom, you wanna have fun? I’ll show you fun!

Flashes of citizens of Domino being blown to bits flicker in her mind. Her heart starts racing when she starts to feel the crushing of her own bones and the piercing pain of being stabbed. Gripping her head, she falls into Sky’s form behind her. Holding her up, the other two in the room try to figure out what was plaguing their comrade.

Do feel that squeezing, Bloom?! That’s me crushing your heart! Hard to breathe, isn’t it?!

“Bloom, what’s wrong, sweetie?” Flora coos, she tries to pry her hands off her head when she jerks back into her boyfriend’s body. Her head collides with his chin, causing a small cut on his lip when he bites down. “Stella, go get Faragonda and Griselda! Sky, put her down.”

Two in two consecutive days. That wasn’t right. Stella’s eyes couldn’t leave her friend’s convulsing form. How was she to leave her alone? Bloom meant a lot more to her than she was willing to admit.

I’m gonna take everything you love! Just like you took my power! You will never be free of me! You’ll never get away with stealing what was rightfully mine! You stole my title and my role! I will kill you, Princess Bloom of Domino! The last surviving heir to the throne of Domino, my ass! It should be me!

Sky couldn’t look at her eyes, they weren’t focused. The blue irises were eclipsed by her black pupils. The prince only wanted for her to wake up. He wanted her to get up off the ground and stop shaking. Sky just wanted for her to be okay. He cursed whatever demon was doing this to his beloved. Everything was normal; everything was fine and light hearted. Everyone was joking. Why did this new unseen enemy have to get involved?

How does it feel to have every breath burn your chest?! How does it feel to have the flames turn against you?! How does it feel to have zero control over your body?! How does it feel, bitch?! Tell me! I want to know how good it feels to suffer!

The headmistress is angry to see the teen still spasming on the floor. She kneels down to her side and puts a hand on her rigid arm. “Bloom, I don’t know if you can hear me, it’s Faragonda. You have to fight this. Whoever is taking control, you must fight back!” Once she sees that it’s not changing the situation, the older woman closes her eyes and slowly slips into Bloom’s mind.

The gasps and snorts that she expels disturbs her blonde boyfriend’s heartbeat. His beloved shouldn’t be in this state. She should be awake and fine. Her transformation is forced, her body glowing red before she ejects a fire burst at the ceiling of their dorm room. “Shit!” Sky curses moving out of the way of the balls of flame shooting about. Finally, Faragonda finds the girl. Bloom is curled up on the ground, crying hysterically as the ghosts of her home spiral around her.

Stop it! Please all of you, stop it!

Bloom, it’s me Faragonda! Take my hand and I’ll pull you out!

And she’s still.


Sky holds her close and his heart hurt seeing his girlfriend in such pain. What caused her to quake on the ground like that? Faragonda looks at the sleeping girl, an air of worry in her stare. Stella and Flora stood frozen to the side. “What the fuck was that?!” The blonde immediately pipes up when she breaks out of the fear that shook her.

“Stella!” Flora exclaims, nudging her friend.

“Sorry. I’m just….can someone tell me why my best friend just did whatever that was on the floor.” Stella had never seen a seizure in her life. So watching the red head convulse on the floor, shit she didn’t know what to do.

“How about we get Bloom into her bed and talk in my office. Sky, join us once she’s tucked in,” Faragonda directs. She leads the girls out of the room, leaving Sky with Bloom cradled in his arms. Hooking his arms under her legs, the tall blonde carries her through the side door to her room. Luckily Bloom had fallen asleep so he didn’t need to worry about getting her to relax. Knowing she’d panic if the girl were awake. Lying her down, he slowly removes her clothes and switches her into the pajamas the messy teen left hanging on her bed frame, later tucking her under the blanket. Pulling her hair into the messy bun she usually wore when she slept. Kissing her cheek, Sky exits Bloom’s room, a small tear rolling down his cheek.


“Okay, so before we even start a conversation I believe we should bring Mike and Vanessa here first,” Faragonda sighs, rubbing her forehead.

“Okay, use a summon spell or something,” Stella impatiently suggests.

“Stella, I understand you’re worried but your attitude isn’t helping anyone,” Griselda scolds. Caught off guard, the blonde crosses her arms across her chest defensively and looks at Faragonda.

“Sorry,” she exhales. “Perhaps, we could try a quicker method. But I think a simple summon spell will suffice.” Slowly the headmistress looks up at the group standing in her office. Nodding at Stella in agreement and opening the window to send the door to Bloom’s parents back on earth. They decided to plant one when the red head fairy had randomly been attacked during a vacation. Mike jumps up off the couch and Vanessa walks over from the kitchen to her husband’s aid. The door glowing in their tiny living room. “What the hell?!” Mike curses.

“Mike! Vanessa!” Faragonda calls through the entrance. “Step through the door.” Briefly glancing at each other, the couple, hand in hand, walks slowly over to the glowing archway, cautious walking inside. They are enveloped in the light until they appear on the other side. Standing before them was Stella, Flora, Sky, Faragonda and Griselda.

“Greetings, sorry for the abrupt invitation to Alfea but it concerns Bloom and we needed to talk with you,” the headmistress calmly explains.

“What’s wrong? Is she okay?” Vanessa asks, releasing her grasp on her husband’s hand.

“Was Bloom ever on any medication for anything during her youth on Earth,” Faragonda asks immediately.

“Well, I mean during elementary and middle school, she used to have these terrifying episodes. Doctors couldn't explain it,” Vanessa replies. “They gave her medication and then one day they just stopped.”

“She missed a lot of school because of it. Spent most days in a hospital,” Mike adds, frowning.

“Hmm. Interesting. Would she say anything about, during or after these attacks?”

“Bloom used to say that “a mean woman” was talking her, yelling at her too,” Vanessa details sadly. “My poor baby was always so frightened to have another.”

Faragonda took this all in. So did the rest of the room. Especially Stella. This happened in her best friend's youth? How often? Why? Did living on Earth and denying her abilities prevent her seizures? Did Mike and Vanessa do something to hurt her? All these questions and more ran through the blonde’s mind. Mostly Stella just wanted to know why. Why did this happen? “Did her medication inhibit her powers?” Flora pipes up.

“We don't know. Maybe?” Mike shrugs. During Bloom's initial first few days on campus, it was hard for the red head to use her abilities. It wasn't until all the medication was out of her system that she was able to shed her “human” form and unleash her strength. And now the 5’10 sun/moon fairy wanted to know if discovering Bloom was such a good idea.

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Bloom twitches in her sleep. The flames climb the walls of her nightmares. She wanted to escape; she wanted to torment this demon as it did her.


Maybe I should find the girls, Bloom thought for a moment. She was abruptly awoken and her mind takes her from the quiet dorm to the terrace. The sun is setting over the trees and the tall redhead grips the railing in her grasp. Fuck it. Transforming into her fairy form, she flies off the small outside space and out into the forest.

That's right. Just come right to me and we'll see who's the better wielder of the dragon's flame.

The trees bend under the force of the red head’s speed. Her wings move so quickly they can barely be seen. No one besides Faragonda knew that Bloom would fly around to clear her head. However, only Bloom knew where she was going.

The cracked stone of the wall appears in her vision and Bloom lands daintily in front of it. Her pale hands run along the uneven bumps. Made from her blasting fireballs at it in her rage. The Trix attacked, Bloom would unwind. Angrily, the teen blows up the stone without raising her hand from it. The dust clears from her vision and reveals a cavern.

Fluid dropped from the ceiling, an uncertain smell of death rising from the opening. Slowly, Bloom walks inside. Her boots squish under the mud and water on the ground. The teen groans when her foot gets sucked into a particularly deep puddle. Stomping through the cave, Bloom comes to a fork in her journey. How had she not noticed the depth of this location before? That's when she noticed the bodies. Skeletons of past explorers litter the floor.

Her wings flutter softly giving her a hover. Bloom didn't want to step on anyone's remains. Traveling deeper, her essence called something farther in. She couldn't help but follow the voice. And there before her blue eyes stood a fossil. It was an ancient looking thing but something about it seemed powerful. Bloom's slender hands grace the embedded being, wondering what their life had been like.

However, something made her want more from the artifact. The power of the dragon's flame reaches out from her body and surges into the stone. The fossilized being etched inside fills, Bloom pulling away from it and landing on the ground drained. A burst of cackling laughter fills the cavern, soon exploding outside and making the birds outside chirp loudly in the forest.

“What the--?!” When the dust clears, the Scarlet haired fairy steps back upon noticing the shadowy form in the unlit space.

“Well, look what you've done,” a dark voice cackles. “Hello, little sister.”

“You're not Daphne,” Bloom challenges, hands balled into fists. She steps forward into the light and forces the fairy to take a step back.

“No, I'm not,” with a flick of her wrist, the strong woman flings the redhead into the side of the cave. Her body pressing into the rock. Chuckling, she shifts the edge of the wall into short spikes piercing the fairy’s body. Walking up to Bloom, the turquoise-haired female laughs.

“Who….who are….you?” The dragon fairy weak from the pain.

“Ah ah ah….not yet, my dear, dear sister,” she teases. “For now, enjoy that pain surging through you. Because soon you'll be wishing for this pain to return.”


“Doctor! Bloom?! She's waking up,” Stella exclaims. Mike and Vanessa stand by the fairy's bed, her eyes opening.

“Wha?! Mom? Dad? How'd you get here?”

“They brought us here, sweetie,” Vanessa coos. “Because you started having seizures again.”

“It's fine. I'm fine. It's just uh….”

“Don't lie to us, Bloom! We found you covered in your own blood, barely alive outside our dorm room!” Stella shrieks. “Tell us what's going on?!” Bloom's eyes drift to the ceiling and a sigh escapes her lips.

“I don't know her name. I only know that she claims to be the rightful heir to the throne of Domino. She wants my powers and I know she is fueled by them.”

“What did she look like?” Faragonda asks. She had a sickening feeling in her gut and her mind wishes that it isn't who she suspects.

“Turquoise hair….she uh….fuck I can't really think at the moment,” Bloom admits, rubbing her temples. “I was so tired after I touched her prison.”


“Yeah. Or at least I think that's what it was? Maybe it was a fossil?”

“Okay, rest for now. We'll discuss it later,” Faragonda’s voice is soft and warm, but anyone looking at her face could see that Headmistress Faragonda is greatly concerned. She exits the infirmary, followed by Griselda.

“Headmistress….we should---.”

“Griselda, we can not speak of what we heard from Bloom. Not here anyway. The students don't need to know that a great evil seeking the dragon's flame was unleashed unto us. They'll blame Bloom and won't stick together.”

“But what if something happens? The students should be prepared for a possible upcoming battle,” the dean argues.

“And they will be. Talk with the professors and have them rework their curriculum for the semester,” Faragonda sighs. “I have to speak with a few people, stay close to the girls but don’t bring attention to them.”

“Fine. Anything else?”

“Yes, contact the king of Eraklyon.”


Bloom lays down in her room, her injuries were healing but it still hurt to move. Stella is making her tea and Flora is preparing an ointment to put on her wounds to help the healing process. “I still don’t get what kinda fuckwad would stick you to a wall with needles!” Musa curses as she enters the room. “It’s messed up.”

“She wanted me to suffer,” Bloom painfully groans. “She did her job but I am going to find her.”

“For now you’re gonna rest!” Stella shrieks, turning abruptly with tears in her eyes. Of all the girls, the blonde had been the most emotional when they found their dragon fairy friend. “I’m sorry but, that was a lot for me. Seeing you….you’ve never been that hurt before and I don’t want to ever see you like that again. So for now, no planning, stop talking about that...that bitch and let’s just relax. Focus on school or something.” Stella finishes and turns back to the sunburst she created to make a pot of tea.

“Stella…” Bloom sighs. “You don’t have to be afraid. Everything’s gonna be okay.”

Stella turns to respond when there’s a large bang outside their window. Bloom painfully gets to her feet and follows the girls outside to the balcony. A large hole stretched across the barrier and in poured hundreds of creatures rushed in. Quickly transforming, Bloom leaps into action forgetting her own injured body. “BLOOM!”

The others quickly go to join their friend that’s pulling students to safety before going for any of the enemies. They attack the structure of the school, leaving the others to quickly transform and assist in anyway they can. Bloom starts attacking the creatures, shooting fireballs in every direction. She grabs a monster, the black bear like animal with large teeth and claws swinging at her while she holds up a shield spell. “Fuck, you’re a big SOB, aren’t you?” Charging up, the teen sends out a burst of energy which knocked him back but drew all the attention onto her. “Shit.” She creates a hub, watching them all pile on top. They snap their jaws and claw at the barrier. Bloom opens her arms and closes her eyes, calling the dragon itself. That woman brought them here and she caused this.

A pulse releases from her, everyone is still and the world is quiet. The creatures all fly straight out of the shattered barrier, leaving the redhead exhausted. There are still creatures coming and they had to get the students to safety. Bloom hears a girl scream, looking at the other three fairies that are trying to help get her unstuck. She sees that one of the monsters is attacking the building above them. The wall falls and Bloom flies to catch it but her exhausted body bares it on her hands above the cowering girls. “Can you pull her out?”

“Yeah!” It’s a slow process but they get the girls out. A creature attacks them, Bloom trying to get the rubble off of her shoots a beam directly into it but doesn’t anticipate the rest of it and the pile crumbles on top of her. And then the world is dark.



The monitors beep, Stella waking up from her nap when she hears them. Going to Bloom’s side she presses the emergency button, scared that yet another convulsion has started. Nurses rush in, leaving her traumatized in the hallway. Why did this happen? Why isn’t she healing faster? Usually Bloom is up and ready to go after a battle but it’s been a week and nothing. Techna walks over with coffee the other girls went back to Bloom’s parents to get some rest. “What happened?”

“She had another one of those seizure things,” Stella whimpers. “Techna, I’m scared. She’s not healing like she usually does.”

“Her injuries are far more extensive. The rubble completely covered her body. Every bone was broken when we pulled her out. She’s lucky to have healed those injuries this fast.”

“I shouldn’t have brought her to Alfea,” Stella whimpers softly, walking away to find the nearest exit. Aisha catches her going out the back and immediately follows behind. The blonde starts sobbing in the parking lot, wiping her tears and a bit a snot all over her face.

“Stella, what’s wrong?” She asks, taking her tall friend into her arms.

“I—I shouldn’t have...have brought Bloom to Alfea. I wish she didn’t...didn’t find me in the park that day. This….this is all my fault.” Aisha shifts back, not knowing the true origin of how Bloom even got to their universe. The first time she came to earth it was a surprise that Bloom had been raised there. But never did Aisha think to ask how she got to Alfea. Seeing her friends, all of them emotionally distraught, Bloom’s family….everyone is usurped of energy from crying and praying that she wake up soon. Stella seems the be the one hurt the most. It’s not a contest but the blonde hasn’t left her side since they arrived.


“It’s not, Stella. It never has been and it never will be,” Aisha chides. “We have a new enemy. And that bitch bought those creatures, she hurt Bloom. Not you, never you.”

“Thanks,” Stella sniffles. “I just need to get to rest. I’m exhausted.”

“It’s okay. Go back to the house,” Aisha coos. “Use magic if you have to,” the curly haired fairy winks.

Stella nods and immediately transforms flying away towards the little townhouse that Bloom called home. Getting there rather quickly since her flight was meant for larger getting from place to place in Gardenia is far to easy by flight. However, it draws too much attention, so usually the girls take a car. Stella didn’t wanna drive and she wanted to just be home. She didn’t expect a little girl to walk past with her mother; she didn’t expect a little girl noticing her. “Mommy look, a fairy.”

Quickly, Stella powers down, hoping her clothes were something casual. Looking down the teen is in her pajamas, hair braided into two on either side. The woman turns around and sees her standing there in her pjs and chuckles. “She is a very pretty girl, Susie.”

“But mommy I saw, she had wings and she was sparkly,” Susie squeaks.

“Come on,” Stella watches with a smile as the little girl walked away, slipping closer to the door. Susie catches her eye one final time and Stella snaps with a smile. A large lollipop pops up in her hand, a spell Stella created herself in kindergarten when she wanted candy in the middle of class. Winking at her, the woman doesn’t even have time to figure out where her child had gotten candy from. She just glances back at the house with a smile.

Chapter Text

Am I floating? Where am I? This doesn’t make any sense. Where are the girls? Did something happen? Wait, Alfea?! It was on fire! I have to stop this! I have to.

Bloom’s eyes open but she’s not where she expected. Looking around, she can hear people, they’re rejoicing. Happily they all abandon their work to convene at the large structure that was settled on a high rise portion of the world. Bloom can only see the ceiling above. Not knowing what this could mean. She attempts to move but can only wave her arms. This is a memory she didn’t know she had. A moment in her life where everything changed. She could hear her father and mother speaking about the events that were transpiring in the palace. King Oritel goes to meet his beloved wife. Queen Marion lies in bed, trying to regain her strength after the hours of pain she went through. Her husband sits beside her and taking her hand. “My love, are you still resting? It has been a few days. Our daughter has even opened her eyes to look at the world, Marion.”

“Yes, well all she had to do was cry and keep breathing,” Miriam sighs, no longer able to feign sleep. “I had to do most of the work.”

“Of course, my dear,” Oritel chuckles. “Now, would you like to get dressed for the ceremony or should I tell the citizens that even though our princess will be bestowed with her given birth right power, her mother will be “resting”?”

“Ori, you really love being an asshole, don’t you?”

“Just to you, my dear. It is one of the things you love about me. You said so...remember at our wedding.” Marion chuckles and goes to get out of the bed, Oritel walking over to the bassinet to pick up the giggling baby Bloom.

“She is very excited to see her papa,” Miriam smiles.

“She has her mother’s beautiful red hair,” Oritel chides.
“And her father’s caring gaze.” Carrying the young baby to the window, he holds her up and little Bloom can finally see what’s happening. She reaches out to the glass and smiles brightly at the people approaching in the distance.

Is this a flashback? Where am I? Dad? Is that you? And mom? They looked so young. don’t have that one blonde hair that runs down the middle of your head and dad….you seem happier and not as jumpy

The door flies open and Oritel holding Bloom closer to his chest to protect the child from whoever just walked in unauthorized...without even knocking first. “What are you doing here, Amara?”

“I wanted to see the little shit for myself,” the blue haired teen snorts. “I wanted to see who was getting my powers instead.”

“You haven’t earned the dragon’s flame. A child is chosen and you don’t have the birthmark,” Marion sighs.

“Oh so because I wasn’t born with a fucking dragon swirl tattoo on my fucking ass, you’re just gonna give my birthright as the oldest to some fucking baby!”

“Amara! That is enough! Leave this chamber immediately!” The teen stomps off, shoving her way past her younger twin sister Daphne. The nymph glides seamlessly into the room and wonders quietly what could be upsetting her. She is the only witch born to a family of fairies, heroes and nymphs. Amara wanted the power of the dragon’s flame. It’s very essence is the soul to the magic dimension and instead of being bestowed that power, she is instead passed over. All because she didn’t have a birthmark.

“Father, the people have arrived for the ceremony,” Daphne announces. “What is bothering Amara?”

“She doesn’t appreciate who was chosen to bestow the dragon’s flame,” Oritel groans. “Take your sister and bring her to the pedestal. Your mother and I will be there shortly.” Daphne takes the small child starts traversing the halls, little Bloom coos and reaches up to grab her sister’s mask when a large explosion tears through the south wall.

“What the?!” The guards rush past her and she can hear the sounds of the forbidden calls of the beyond rushing through the trees. “Oh no.” Holding Bloom close, she rushes to the window. Amara stands atop a large beast of night, no face, no features, just a mouth full of sharp teeth and sharp claws that protrude from it’s black feet. “I want what’s mine!” Daphne runs away from the window but it caught by a blast from her sister. She falls the ground unconscious, Amara flying over to take out the tiny Bloom once and for all. The red head looks over at her fallen sister and then back at the evil form that slowly walks over and immediately starts to cry. The sound so loud that it shakes the very ground that Amara stands on. Oritel and Marion run over, the king holding his drawn sword.

“Amara?! Why are you doing this?!” Marion cries. “You were told to never call upon the Beyond Souls!”

“I was told so much mother. I was told I’d be given the throne until it was discovered I was a witch and a witch can never be a queen! My crown was given to my bitch of twin sister….but when she refused it, you gave my crown to that baby and you gave her the power which is rightfully mine! I AM THE TRUE HEIR TO THE THRONE OF DOMINO! NOT HER!” Amara shoots a dark energy blast at her baby sister and immediately time is stopped. Oritel looks at his wife and knows what they must do.

Sticking his sword into the ground, Oritel takes his wife into his arms. “I am going to miss holding you, my love. But we must protect Bloom. We have to protect the power of the dragon’s flame. Amara mustn’t get this power. We have to stop her before she can use it to hurt anyone else.”

“I know, my king. We have to protect our daughters, our people and our kingdom. We cannot let it fall into the wrong hands. I will miss hearing your voice and seeing that caring gaze as I wake up every sunrise.”

“We will miss out on our daughter’s life. She isn’t safe here. We have to get her somewhere safe,” Oritel remarks. He picks up the child and kisses her forehead. “My beautiful little Bloom, you will grow up to be very strong and one day you will face a great evil. Until you are ready this evil will remained locked away and only you can unleash it. Only you can stop Amazon before it is too late.” Marion calls on the dragon’s flame within her and the the birthmark that Bloom had on her left thigh, becomes a bright red, the tiny child falls asleep in her father’s arms receiving a final kiss from her mother before being sent through a portal onto Earth. A silent prayer that whoever finds her will protect her.

Picking up his sword, he holds the blade close to his face and recites the incantation he never hoped to use. Time resumes as stone crawls up Amara’s legs. “Dad? What are you doing?!”

“Amara, you have disgraced this family. You attack our people and you attempted to murder your sisters. For that you must be punished. However, this punishment will come at a price. To lock you away, we must imprison all of Domino in a stone slumber. Daphne will survive and will be able to take you someplace where no one will find you,” Oritel retorts, eyes closed. Marion attaches herself to the sword, watching her husband slowly be encased in stone.

Father?! Mother?! They did that protect me? But why, they could’ve given her the power.

And what purpose would that serve, dear sister.


Amara...Amazon, she would’ve destroyed Domino and the entire magic dimension with that power. You wouldn’t even be alive to complain about father’s decision. Father and mother knew that Amazon was unstable. Every fairy gets their wings by their 16th birthday, and her’s never came. She didn’t have fairy magic, instead her magic was dark and twisted. She liked playing pranks and tricks, even got into lots of trouble in school. She went to Cloudtower and I went to Alfea. She learned about witchcraft and I cultivated my skills as a fairy. The powers that lie within her are angry and vengeful. For years, she would threaten me or mother, but father started to worry when she first brought home that book.

Book? What book?

The Book of the Forbidden Souls from Beyond. Vicious creatures of night with no features. They were once used by The Prince of Darkness but the book was banished from existence and no one was allowed to look at it again. It was hidden in the archives of Cloudtower, the very same archives that our sister would hide in to find secret spells that she shouldn’t have been using. When father finally announced to the world that you had been chosen to bestow the power, she flipped. And now, now she wants revenge.

If I released her, does that mean father and mother are free too?

The King and Queen of Domino will not be free until The Dragon’s Flame is whole again. Until you have defeated Amara, our parents will remain imprisoned by the spell which put them there.

How can I stop her? She has control over things that I don’t understand. She could’ve killed everyone at Alfea and I am here….floating….with you.

My dearest little sister, you were injured during the battle. So much so that you must heal as a normal person would. You cannot fight this battle with your body. Bloom, you are a strong warrior but your mind has always been a trap for you. You are afraid of being vulnerable and you rush into every fight with no plan. This time you must concentrate and learn what it means to be a wielder of the dragon’s flame. Learn about the great dragon and learn about what her breath gave to Magix and gave to the magic dimension.

But what about Alfea? What about my friends? And is Sky alright?

Alfea is safe for now. Faragonda and the others were able to get everything under control. When the girls disappeared with you, the monsters retreated. Amara was not spotted at the battle. She did this to mess with you. Amara thrives on breaking people down until they no longer fight and just give into their primal urge of futility. You mustn’t stop the fight but the current battle does not require physical strength. When you released Amara, you gave a piece of the flame to her. Now that she has a taste, she’ll want more and will stop at nothing to get it. You have to focus Bloom, this is the end game and there are no do overs if you fail.

Okay, Daphne, will you be here with me?

Of course I will be here with you. I am always here. A nymph has to protect the nature of the people. I have to protect you and the very fabric of magic. I cannot let our sister do to you what she did to our parents. If she gets complete control of the flame, she will imprison you with our parents and will turn the world you know into a wasteland. Your friends will die. Your loved ones will perish and no one will be able to stop her.

Alright. Where do we start?

Stella watches as Bloom’s face twitches in her comatose state but she cannot come out of it. The blonde holds her hand tightly, praying that she’ll open her eyes and be that same girl again. The room was empty except for her. The group went to get food and take a moment to stretch their legs (or wings) outside of the depressing hospital room. The IV drip remains constant, depositing fluids into the redhead that would keep her hydrated and healthy. “Bloom, you gotta wake up. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. It’s been three weeks now and you haven’t even moved a finger. I miss you, I wanna tell you all about this really cheesy thing that Brandon did on our date but it wouldn’t be the same to just ramble to you while you take a prolonged nap. Please, just open your eyes. For me.” Sky is about to walk in but he stops when he notices Stella leaning in. She presses her lips to Bloom’s and can feel the warmth behind them. Her powers were still active, she was still alive. The sun and moon fairy leans back and sighs. Didn’t mean anything if she remained this husk of the girl that would risk everything to save those she cared about. The door opens and Sky slips in.

“Hey, I brought you some coffee and a sandwich. Gotta eat something,” Sky chirps. A pang of jealousy passing by. Stella really cared about Bloom and that’s all.

“Oh thanks, Sky,” Stella smiles weakly. “I uh, I wish she’d wake up.”

“Yeah, me too. Good news though, the doctors say her injuries are healing up nicely and she should be waking up soon.”

“That is good news,” Stella sighs. “I hope soon is like in the next couple hours.”

“Probably not but it’s good sign,” Sky shrugs, taking a huge bite of his food. “I miss her. She always knew what to say to make me laugh. And that smile of hers….it was perfection.”

“It is perfection. Bloom isn’t dead, Sky. Don’t talk about her like she is. She’s strong and she’ll pull through this.”

“I’m sorry,” Sky looks away sadly. “I just….I feel like this is my fault. If I had been there when she collapsed or stopped her from flying out there to risk her neck….I just want to see her blue eyes again and know that she’s okay.”

“She’ll power through this Sky. Have faith. This girl has seen worse and came out stronger. I believe in our girl...and you should too,” Stella stands up abruptly and leaves the hospital room, wondering who she was trying to convince, Sky or herself.

Chapter Text

Those blue eyes. Musa needed to see those blue eyes. Nothing made any sense, the team wasn’t this stagnant. It wasn’t like she didn’t have someone to talk to. The others stayed in the magical dimension. Timmy and the others had to stay. They had to protect the helpless. They were already at odds with both the Winx and Sky being gone. She held her phone tightly in her hands and waited patiently for Riven to call. He had to. What else would she do with nothing happening on earth? Aisha finds the blue haired fairy standing in the hall, unable to cry anymore. They all wished they could’ve done something. They needed to know Bloom would wake up. Turning to face her friend, Musa sighs. “Still nothing from the boys. I’m worried that something had happened to them.”

“I’m sure they’re handling things. They are heroes,” Aisha chides. “But good news, Bloom’s injuries are almost completely healed. The doctors think she’ll wake up soon. We still don’t know how to explain it.”

“I don’t think they care. She’s spent enough time in this place,” Musa groans. “Besides, how do we even prepare for the battle to come? Did you see those fucking monsters? Only Bloom knows what those thingsare and in case you didn’t notice, she’s in a fucking coma! This….this enemy isn’t like the others.”

“None of this is how it’s supposed to be. But until we can help, we are safer here. Magix can survive as long as we are here,” Aisha retorts. “Getting upset won’t fix it.”

“Well being positive sure as fuck ain’t helping either!” Musa snorts. “Bloom could’ve died and that was only because this enemy wants everyone dead. We left the boys back there, all those people are completely defenseless and we’re here...on earth.”

“Musa, pull yourself together. You think any of this is helping. It’s not.” Aisha, the voice of reason for the group. She often got hotheaded and that could be her downfall if she wasn’t careful but that didn’t change the fact that out of everyone in the moment, she had hope that things would improve. Techna’s logic was prohibiting her from seeing the possibility because the probability was holding onto her tightly. There was an 85% chance they’d fail. 15% wasn’t good enough; 15% was due to knowing nothing about the enemy; 15% was due to knowing nothing about the mystery ailment that plagued their leader.

Techna ran the numbers….she ran them daily. The numbers never changed because she knew nothing about their adversaries and she couldn’t see any chance of them succeeding. Her reasoning led her to failure. Absolute failure. She stares at the machines, all the machines keeping Bloom alive. Her eyes fluttered today, Bloom must be dreaming, Techna thought to herself. Her parents would be ashamed to know that she wasn’t strategizing a plan. There had to be some way to protect the girls, to save everyone. She steps away from her set up in the earth townhouse and glances over at Kiko cuddling with a stuffed carrot that Bloom made for him. He missed his fairy. His own wings sprouted from his back a few months after Aisha arrived and he missed flying around and messing with her. They had to keep Kiko at home because the humans at the hospital were already astonished at how quickly her injuries had managed to heal themselves. Techna picks the rabbit up from the floor and holds him close. This often comforted Bloom maybe it would do the same for her. Maybe she won’t feel as lonely. The door slams downstairs and Techna rises follows it down to the living room space. Stella is clearly frustrated with the situation but this wasn’t because of Bloom. There had to be something else.

“Stupid! Fucking! ARGH!”

“Stella, what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong?! I’ll tell you what’s wrong! It’s been two weeks. TWO! Faragonda isn’t giving us status updates. We can’t open any portals to magic dimension because that would literally give our location away, Sky is being an asshole, and I miss Brandon,” the blonde huffs. She couldn’t tell Techna that her feelings for Bloom were making her jealous of all the time Sky spent at her bedside. She couldn’t talk about how much she wished that Sky had been a better boyfriend and stood by Bloom’s side and stopped her from flying out the window. Her anger rose again because now she was pissed at herself. Damn it! Why didn’t she stop Bloom? Why didn’t she prevent her from flying to the rescue? She was closer. Fuck, she can actually fly!

Stella wants to attack something, she wants to light the house plants on fire but instead she punches the wall, causing several things to fall from the wall. Techna looks at her friend, wonder what could possibly be causing her this distress. Stella has always been the one that’s hard to read in the group. She wasn’t like the others, a princess that often didn’t want to be; a princess that didn’t even care about magic unless it was to make life more convenient for herself; a princess that preferred fashion and hanging out over her own responsibilities, yet in this moment, the most concerned and most mature anyone has ever seen her.

“I’m sure that something will change,” Techna smiles. “Bloom’s condition has improved. And Sky is doing his best. I’m sure he feels guilty about it too.”

“I don’t think he does. I haven’t seen him cry yet,” Stella snorts. “I don’t care about what ever macho man bullshit you’re gonna say either. A real man worries about his girl no matter what. If it were me, Brandon would be in tears. Actual fucking tears. Sky is just whimpers and hidden gazes.”

“Well, what if that’s how he shows his pain?”

“I don’t care if he doesn’t want us to think he’s weak. I don’t care if he’s scared that his toxic masculinity will—.”

“Stella, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve swore you were jealous,” Techna chuckles. The blonde hides her blush and turns away from Techna.

“Fuck you,” she grumbles, walking away to hide herself in Bloom’s room. She remembers coming up here, the red head first discovering her powers and being excited to use them for the first time. Of course they didn’t work, why didn’t they work? This is the first time Stella noticed any of the pill bottles on her dresser. All of them with Bloom’s name on them. They all had different names that she couldn’t identify. All different names that she hadn’t heard before. Why didn’t she notice any of this? Maybe because she didn’t think of her being human. How could she? Bloom saved her. No human would have achieved that.

Picking up the neon tubes, she decided that she’d make sure the fairy took her medication. Even if it meant stripping her of her powers. She didn’t want to see Bloom like that again. But what would she do if she forced it? Bloom would hate her, wouldn’t she? She would never forgive her for forcing her to take something she never wanted in the first place. But what if that kept happening? What if she kept having...oh what did her doctors and parents call it….seizures?

Those scary things that made her tremor and shake, blurbing out nonsense while her eyes focused on nothing. Absolutely nothing. Clutching the bottles, she turns to the door, noticing Techna had also joined her in the room. Why didn’t she notice her before? “Are you feeling alright? You seemed angry before?”

“I’m fine, T. Just….just upset that Bloom is like this and there’s nothing we can do. I hate being helpless. I’m a fairy! Fairies aren’t helpless.”

“Well, we all are, Stella. But sometimes patience is the only way we can help. And Bloom needs our patience.” The blonde breaks down and drops her weight into her friend.

“I—I ju—just...oh Techna! I just want her to be okay,” Stella sobs. The purple haired girl drops to the ground, holding onto Stella tight. Of course she ignored her own emotions, often called the robot of the group because she didn’t show her feelings but in this room, this memorialized space of their friend, both girls felt free to cry