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Boku no Hero Academia Oneshots

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The air is thick with the scent of coffee and although Izuku enjoyed to drink in the aroma like everyone else he had never handed over his wares for it. In his clay mug is green tea, those mugs would more commonly hold only bitterness and caffeine – a popular drug of choice. Without milk or sugar it must be beyond unpleasant, yet a line forms early at the stall and persists until the beans have run out. Even then some linger in the hopes of more to come.

His usual beverage of choice wasn’t giving the support that the young boy needed that morning. The routine that All Might had composed wasn’t showing it’s results soon enough, there was only a limited amount of time before the exam and his body was still not prepared to harness One for All. Midoriya caressed the empty porcelain mug in silence as he indulged in his self doubt.

“Would you like another drink, sir?” the females voice startled the young boy as he shot up in his seat. Eyes that mimicked the colour of zucchini now rose to meet captivating E/C eyes. A moment of silent passed between them, the girl simply smiling kindly down at the boy whilst the boy tried to calm his racing heart.

Soon her question sank in and Midoriya flushed from embarrassment, how long was he staring at her for? He should probably say something but that only sounded more alarm bells in the poor teens mind. He decided to thrust his mug into the strangers hands “black c-coffee! A large!” he squeaked. It was clear that the barista was shocked by the young boys raised voice but she accepted to mug nonetheless.

As her figure disappeared behind the counter again Midoriya finally took a deep breath again. When had he began holding his breath? It soon dawned upon him that he had just made a tall order of the bitter, caffeinated drug which he often avoided. The regret quickly settled but he knew that there had to be a silver lining, the astringent beverage would supply him with much needed energy.

...And the charming new barista would find him to be mature. Izuku quickly shook his head as he thought that he could physically shake his newly formed admiration for the girl out of his mind. He cursed hormones as he couldn’t resist but to glance at her, she was like a sculpture in motion. She was only a couple of years older than him, he presumed.

Not before long a tall cup was placed carefully on the table before Midoriya. His eyes focused on the intimidatingly large mug before offering the woman an grateful smile “thank you” he breathed as his awkward nature overwhelmed his thanks. A nod of acknowledgement was all his thanks received before she left to attend to other customers.

This was the first time that Izuku Midoriya handed over his wares for the pretty barista.

Months passed by. His routine was finally showing results, Izuku found his All Might pyjama shirt to be tight around his upper arms now. His strict routine meant that he was unable to indulge in simple luxuries but one thing that he always made time for was Y/N, the charming barista in his local coffee shop.

His previous drink of choice was now a distant memory as he submitted himself for the bitter beverage, coffee. Izuku had became convinced that his order impressed you as he felt that it was rather bold. The smile you offered never seemed to falter even if your next customer was to order a simple sweet tea or an espresso, you maintained that same customer friendly mask.

The familiar ring of the bell sounded Midoriya’s arrival to the coffee shop. His eyes danced across the faces who worked behind the cash register but he was disappointed to find that Y/N wasn’t one of them. His heart only sunk further when he spotted the back of someone’s head that peaked over the seat he regularly occupied. Today wasn’t off to a good start.

The disheartened teen dragged himself towards the cashier when his name was called. His emerald like eyes darted towards to voice and he found himself overwhelmed with immediate joy. There she was, in his seat. His legs moved on their own accord as he moved out of the queue and towards the female who had won his affections.

A genuine smile spread across his delicate features, this was the smile that cemented his feelings towards her. This was a smile that was only directed to him. He neared the girl and dropped into the armchair opposite of her, his eyes were drawn to the sweet yet sicken beverage that sat by her side.

The off duty barista noticed how his eyes were drawn to her favourite drink “don’t shoot me such judgemental looks! Not all of us can stand the bitterness of black coffee” she laughed whilst waving a dismissive hand.

Whilst her laugh filled him with joy, her comment also overwhelmed him with embarrassment. So for all these months he has been choking down the astringent drink... that disgusted her?

The boy twiddle his thumbs as his head lowered with shame “you don’t like black coffee?” he breathed. She nodded quickly in response before shaking her hands frantically “I w-wasn’t trying to make you feel bad! Everyone has different t-tastes” she attempted to cheer the boy up now.

A small laugh escaped Midoriya before he raced his flushed face to look into her eyes “you’re right” he found himself easing up now. This girl definitely had an unexplained affect on him, he loved it.

Only a few hours of conversation passed before the female found herself packing up her things, she unfortunately had to drag herself from the conversation to catch a train. Izuku watched with disappointment evident in his eyes as the opportunity to learn more about the girl was robbed from him by the local stations timetable. They stood across from one another in silence, reluctance hung heavily in the air as neither of them wanted her to leave.

Izuku opened his mouth to recite his goodbye but his words were soon lost to him as delicate lips grazed his freckled cheek. His eyes resembled saucers as they stared down at her, she giggled in response before squeezing his bicep lightly.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Izuku” the name rolled of her tongue in a way that contrasted with how she would call out orders, her voice held something more for him. It was sweet to the ears.

And with that she exited the coffee shop and the teen was left in his stunned state. The air surrounding him was thick with coffee. Without milk or sugar it must be beyond unpleasant, yet Izuku had submitted himself to the bitterness for her.

The sweet barista.

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The bar is overwhelmed with hundreds of conversations told in loud voices, all of them competing with the rock music that dominates the atmosphere. The crowd is young, students from the university for the most part. Y/N winds her way through the warm bodies to order a drink - the local, vibrant garnet wine. Before the drink is poured she feels someone melting their body to her from behind and she was immediately alarmed by the unwelcome hands on her waist.

E/C eyes darted over her shoulder to spot the intoxicated male who had chose to grab her. The girls eyes trailed across skin that was crumpled and wrinkled like butchers paper and down to his plumped figure that reminded her of a goose that was fattened for Christmas. In short, the man who resembled one of her father’s older friends repulsed her.

“Please don’t touch me” the simple request was laced with a tone that warned the man that this was a command. His nauseating smirk was still plastered across his face when he lowered his hands from the young woman’s waist, he was pleased to find that he had captured her attention. The man was no fool and wasted no time as he placed a hand on the bar by her side to trap her between his body and a hard place.

He gently grasped a strand of her H/C hair as he leant in close to the girls face, his intoxication revealed by the pungent aroma of his breath and glassy eyes. The female was unable to control her expression as her nose immediately scrunched at the offensive smell but before her disgust was voiced, the man finally spoke.

His damaged smile was enough to make her shudder and the slurred words that left his lips received an immediate roll of her eyes “what’s a pretty girl like you doing here all alone?” was what he purred.

Across from the female and the sleazy older man was a captivated red head. Kirishima had been keeping an eye on the alluring woman for the majority of the night which earned some remarks from his friend Denki who had been striking out with the bars female population. They had only been in the bar for a couple of hours but the chivalrous male rarely allowed the enticing stranger to leave his sights.

Her figure was enough to catch the attention of any male but what truly caught the hero’s attention was her eyes. She had eyes like bonfires, the flames threatened to burn those who approached carelessly and yet they bewitched many to disregard caution.

Throughout the night Kirishima had contemplated submitting himself to her burning gaze and yet he found himself incapable of leaving the safety of his bar stool. His eyes fell to the amber liquid before him as he mentally cursed himself for allowing his manliness to slip. The boy hadn’t expected to lift his eyes to greet the unnerving scene of a man now seemingly slurring in her ear, a repulsed look tainting her features.

The bars buzzing atmosphere now fell upon deaf ears as all Kirishima heard was the thumping of his heart. He wasn’t certain why his body moved instinctively upon seeing the situation in which you were stuck in but he didn’t fight it.

Y/N’s grip tightened on the fragile neck of her wine glass when the man continued to disregard her discomfort. The only thing that caused her to hesitate in throwing the crimson liquid into the obnoxious man’s face was the price of said liquid. Her painted lips parted to spit a venomous warning but she found the words catch in her throat when another unfamiliar arm wrapped around her waist.

Kirishima flashed a threatening smile towards the middle aged man before dropping his eyes to the girl which he had been silently admiring “I’m sorry for leaving you alone for so long babe” his words were laced with sincerity. The pet name had made the man visibly tense before he made some distance between himself at the female he had been previously preying on. He parted his chapped lips to slur his apologies but instead opted to remove himself from the scene sooner than later.

A silence fell upon the ‘couple’ once the unwelcomed third party made himself scarce. Kirishima met her gaze now, his heard skipped a beat when he found himself staring into those eyes which had intrigued him from across the bar. Those same eyes now narrowed before a warning shivered was given to the man. “Who the hell asked you to step in? Do you think I’m some damsel in distress or something?” was what she now growled as her aggression immediately fell upon him.

Usually the student would claim that his actions were in the name of ‘manliness’ but he wasn’t able to say this as he stared down at her. His heart was beating rapidly as his humiliation too the form of a rosy hue in his cheeks. A moment passed before his shoulders eventually slumped and he offered a sheepish smile.

“It’s not that... it’s just that I didn’t know how to approach you and my own anger got the better of me when I saw that sleaze making you uncomfortable” his voice was gentle as he slowly explained his reasons. He couldn’t help but feel shame settle within him as he realised that his actions were driven by selfishness instead off heroic intentions.

What followed his explanation had shocked him to his very core...

She laughed.

Already pink cheeks now flushed a deeper shade which more closely matched his hair. A delicate hand extended to grab a hold of his own which was like sandpaper in comparison. The handshake was surprisingly firm, he hadn’t expected a girl of her size to have such a firm grip.

“That’s too cute, I’m Y/N L/N” she greeted her ‘saviour’ with friendliness which greatly contrasted with her previous hostile tone. The boy was quick to offer his name which only caused her to gush further about how adorable, yet awkward, he was.

Y/N offered him the stool by her own and for the rest of the night the two were lost within conversation. Kirishima spoke of his experiences at U.A. whilst Y/N told stories of her encounters with international heroes which she had met during her career. Gradually the bar crowd thinned until only the regulars stumbled around the near empty bar.

Reluctantly Kirishima began to slide from his seat “I wish that we could speak some more but I better take Denki home” he sighed whilst glancing at the boy who was dancing to the white noise of a broke radio. He shook his head at the blondes actions before he felt something gently raze his cheek. Had she just kissed him? His heart began to flutter at the thought but her unchanged expression gave no clue to his suspicion.

She pulled on her coat before handing him a business card with her personal contact information scribbled on the back “I need to get home anyway but here’s my number, we should have a drink sometime” her wine stained lips spread into a drunken smile before she began to make her way towards the bars exit.

That night his desires had overcome his manliness but he now realised that it was okay to allow his manliness to falter on occasion.